Whistleblower (now deceased) from 2011 Explains California Fires

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Mr. Fulford: Would you please elaborate on Deborah Tavares’ death? I cannot find anything that states she has passed.


carolm 395941

Indeed Carol, Trump’s connections are a major concern. You are left wondering if the wipe out of the Cabal is simply paving the way for another voracious cannibal syndicate. Sometimes I convince myself that he must work with some of the reptilians to get anything done and the balancing act isn’t easy, other times I’m not so sure. Will say this about DeVos, transgender bathrooms are gone in the schools. Blackwater and it’s latest skin-shed avatar are frightening and Prince is diabolical as are all security firm founders. They did in Chris Kyle because he wouldn’t play along with Craft International.

The whole thing is very suspicious when they start explaining how people are buying up the damaged land like crazy. That definitely smacks of a set up. A different pack of wolves descending on abandoned Cabal land? maybe. Maybe Cabal wolves in different clothing. Who can tell? Thanks for the reminders about Prince.

Belle- that bit about the orchards was most revealing!!!


Ben thank you…yes, Deborah has been missing for a year or so, but we have assumed she went off grid, and/or have been hit with mysterious illnesses.

Just a few thoughts, Many distractions are occurring at a much higher rate, here, in this area of the world…

The many insurance companies are paying 50 cents on the dollar, (fault of brokers who sold you policy). And many have left area because they cannot afford to rebuild. The powerful land brokers are buying up whole parcels of properties, Agenda 21. In 1964 or 1969 ️same pattern of fires when maps are over-laid upon the October 2017 fires, with 70 fires started that night…In those forgotten days there were prune, Apple, and orange orchards. Replaced by vineyards. Now just memories,

More scars upon the land…this too will pass…home rentals crooks are charging as high as $5,000/mon…(building of bubble) and there is no chance of opportunity for opportunities…homeless crisis is overwhelming…Geoengineering trails (complete sky/sunlight blockage) have been spraying two weeks before and during fires, inclusive with all smoke from fires…Now, the smoke from San Diego fires has covered our skies…just a few bullet points. I wish I could be more uplifting…


As it’s the only way towards any change. Sadly, in This county many have “drunk the koolaid” as 941 has spoken.. As if living in the land of the body snatchers…with much collateral damage to the innocents…

(If this is true – where’s oobit), RIP Deborah- your legacy of service to humanity will not be forgotten…and you are the Love and Light We All Need To See…

As reminders of a John Denver songs “We Are One” as dancing on the wind.

Love is only dream I know.

Love and Light to All you Brave Heroes…??

Thank you Littledog and Siggi and Xander much love to you …and to all.


Here is the smoking gun! Finally an explanation of why and how weather manipulation and climate manipulation is planned and working.

For those of you who are drinking the cool-aid about Trump being a force for the good guys, please note the Blackwater implication in all of this. The founder of Blackwater is Erik Prince, the brother of Betsy DeVos, a member of Trumps cabinet. More smoke and mirrors.

Here is a blurb on him from wiki:
Erik Dean Prince (born June 6, 1969) is an American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL officer best known for founding the government services and security company Blackwater USA, now known as Academi. He served as its CEO until 2009 and later as chairman


Thanks for your coverage, Benjamin. Western Canada burned this summer. Sorry for Californians who aren’t cabal losing homes.


Yes, that strange sense of anger that means they punish those that rebel against them. I remember they did that once when animal rights activists won a victory against them in the UK, The Tory party passed some really cruel legislation to do with how dogs can be kept.