Message to the People Who Censor My Hotmail Account

I saw the one about people being used as collateral for financial instruments around the world before you deleted it. To the person who sent it, please phone me at +81-90-3439-5558 so that we can talk without the idiots (who will soon be in jail) censoring us. FYI a friend of mine has also seen bonds in Singapore that were backed by US prison slave labour. We will not be free until we end the system of Babylonian debt slavery run by the privately owned central banks.

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Please use encrypted email systems…like tutanota or protonmail. You know these evil war mongers want to eradicate all freedom for everyone else than themselves.


Fuck these shit eating idiot libtards at hotmail

James Gordon

Hi Ben, Tried calling you. I think i know who you are looking for, even though I didn’t send the email personally. Look into Anna von Reitz. She’s a constitutional judge that explains how US citizens are claimed and copyrighted by the incorporated United States via birth certificate and the 3-day abandoment “stay” at hospitals, then collect on their own life insurance policies when their “corporate assets” die. According to her, this scheme is what started the Nazi genocide, a mass collection on insurance, and a similar scheme was planned for American citizens but stopped. She really puts into perspective… Read more »

Philip Melnick

As to the video provided by the Russians? It looks like it came out of Star Wars or Alien. I’ll attach some authentic footage from my non-profit video company.

Philip Melnick

You are right on, Mr. Fulford. I want to get to know you. I am a fighter against the Khazarian Mafia and its brothers and sisters in the Illuminati.