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Andrea Westfall
Andrea Westfall(@alaskanandie)
5 years ago

To me, the ship doesn’t look logical. The way it’s made, the shape doesn’t look like something that could fly at incredible speeds? You would think a ship that needs to fly so fast you can’t see it… would be shaped more like a frisbee or a plate?!?
Very cool video tho!

5 years ago

Benjamin, here is something that far more real.
Check it out!

5 years ago

Listen to the background noise. Don’t you think if something that big showed up, people would run screaming down the street? Cars crashing, etc.?
Operation “Blue Beam” would come up with something like this, however. Still, the lack of response in the background gives this away. There have been some really weird things, (one looking like a Borg cube) captured live on peoples cell phones.

5 years ago

Yes, it is.

5 years ago

I’ve seen a dozen verified real UFOs. I’m disappointed Ben needed to ask if this is real.
It looks very much like the x3 video games from Egosoft.

Margaret Davis
Margaret Davis(@magdavis12)
5 years ago

The portal looks real. I have seen craft creating wormholes and going through them and disappearing- poof . GONE.

5 years ago

Having learned After Effects in detail, I can say with no hesitation that this is fake. First of all, there are any number of motion-capture programs out there like Mocha, where you put reference points onto fixed areas (like clouds in this case). Then you can insert an object in that virtual space and it will move precisely with its background. This used to be more difficult and required complex and expensive software, but now it is standard stuff. Secondly, there are untold thousands of versions of downloadable CG (computer graphic) models of spaceships like this. Many of them have… Read more »

5 years ago

Hey Ben, big question, 14 comments odds are you will read this. Tiffany who is Horge?
Is it fake? Ha,. More importantly who sent it to you? and why? Front page of the NY Times. If this is happening those who left the Guidestones will be right as I expect.

5 years ago

Yes, this is indeed incredibly fake.

Philip Melnick
Philip Melnick(@gopyaka)
5 years ago

This looks like a fake. I’ve seen dozens of real UFOs (Ovnis) but never anything like this. My wife and I have videotaped at least 100 in Arizona, California, and Yucatan. This is bullshit! Why would the Russians produce something so obviously computer generated. It may have something to do with their efforts in the Arctic. You can call me at (928) 514-4466. We can talk quite securely. Keep up the excellent work. (Philip Melnick, Gopyaka Films International)

MARCUSS LEE(@marcuss)
5 years ago

Has Ben been hacked??
I agree on the typical craft design is smoth rounder profiles; spherical, cylindrical, tea-drop, ect – so this a new visitor! A Terrestrial design? Looks very fake, 90’s tv special effects fake, but Ben has allways been smarter than that!!
He wouldn’t put something so “hollywood” up if it didn’t come from a trusted source!!
Something not right any way you look at it.

5 years ago

What a joke

5 years ago

IFO expert here: the above video is Fakey McFakeyPants. It’s actually quite terrible in its fakeyness; an insult really.

5 years ago

I agree that it’s probably fake.

The elaborate shape (with lots of “designer holes”) seems to serve no purpose, and let alone the maneuver it performs … that could be done in a fraction of a second, no? I guess it’s not being 3D-printed here, but flying through a “gate” of sorts.

You can hear voices, and they seem perfectly fine. No excitement, no commentaries by the people filming … and from what I am hearing, real UFOs do not yet come this close for security reasons.

Also, those meaningless video cuts …

5 years ago

There would be a minimal amount of deviation beyond a basic shape, when it comes to UFO structure. There is a practical reason for this.
This could not be subjected to extreme pressures or speeds.

5 years ago

So Ben – are you bored??
If this is real I will eat… cryptos…….
This is CGI, I think it’s called, made by a 12 year “nerd”, or a pro most likely. I’ve seen better fake ones.
Please prove me wrong!

Here’s a REAL one shared by tippy and me two weeks ago!
James Gilliland, ECETI

5 years ago

See, a real facial portrait video, if there is a video glitche or disturbance will show it in one line… however, if you have an edited version of the face, like a nose or brows, the disturbance may twitch or shake independently from the background as this spaceship does.

5 years ago

That video looks like CGI.
However these two ET’s 1 and 2 are real.

Here’s Steve Boucher’s amazing experience with these very nice people.

5 years ago

Fake. Look closely at the “UFO”. The flat surfaces have a completely uniform color and texture. Dead giveaway for CGI. Superimposing it on a real video of the sky is easily done even with free software like Blender.

Monica De La Torre
Monica De La Torre(@indigoky)
5 years ago

I’m no expert – but do have animation experience. I can’t say definitively, but the handheld feel and those distortion lines are often used to make it feel “authentic”, but are one of the more obvious giveaways. With that said I’d be curious to see a real analysis by an expert validating or debunking this.

5 years ago

If fake whoever did it took a lot of time and $$$ using a professional motion picture quality animation/graphics program like Maya to render it.
That, or this is a black ops earth made UFO using back engineered ET technology.

5 years ago

This, sadly, is likely to be a fake. The best information on the Internet suggests that the way to tell if a UFO is real, is that if the UFO is jagged or clunky, then it’s fake. Real UFOs are seamless, never have jagged edges, and have to be smooth because of the electromagnetic motors. They never have rivets, noticeable seams or spikes on the outer casing. Sorry, Ben. I would have been over the moon if it looked like being the real thing.