Merry Christmas:  The 13 “Illuminati” bloodline families sue for peace

Peace on earth and goodwill to all (and not just men, but all life forms) is looking like a realistic goal for 2018 now that the 13 “Illuminati” * bloodline families, seeing their ancient rule of planet Earth collapsing, are suing for peace.  Last week a representative of the G7 (Germany, the U.K., the corporate U.S., Japan, Italy, France, and Canada) met with a representative of the White Dragon Society (WDS) to discuss peace terms, according to a WDS member who was present at the meeting.  The G7, of course, is the political front for the 13 bloodline families.  There can be no doubt that this meeting was made possible by people inside the military-industrial complex acting in the spirit of Jesus Christ, and for this we wish them all “a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

The bloodline offer to negotiate peace is directly connected to the state of emergency that was declared last week by USA President Donald Trump.  If you have not seen it yet, please read the historic document in the link below.

“After Hanukkah, Trump declared a state of emergency and signed an executive order on December 20th freezing the assets of those accused of human rights abuses and corruption, a catch-all to bankrupt the Bushes, Clintons, Soros, Obama, the Cabal, and the global Jewish mafia,” was how a Pentagon source summed up the situation.

“The national emergency allows Trump to seize assets and unleash the military to carry out mass arrests and adjudicate via military tribunals, effectively imposing martial law,” the source continues.

The Pentagon source also sent a copy of this photograph with the explanation, “Trump wears purple when unveiling his national security strategy on December 18th in a victory lap over the Soros/Hillary purple revolution, and drinks water with both hands to simulate handcuffs.”

Clearly reacting to this situation, the representative of the bloodlines set the meeting for December 23rd, the birthday of the Japanese Emperor, and claimed to be a representative of the Imperial family as well as the G7.  The representative, who acted as if he was negotiating a surrender, said the bloodlines want to keep existing nation-states and institutions as they are, but…

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Thank you, Ben, for your service to humanity.
May our Earth home be uplifted and brightened
to become a world of loving kindness and harmony,
with peace and freedom for all beings.
Merry Christmas everyone, Samba


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Thanks Ben, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Victory to The Light… and Merry Christmas to The World!

Wing Wah Law

Thank very much of Benjamin Serivce to this planet, merry christmas and Happy New year!


Hope for a golden future is very real possibility, i can see the light of dawn braking through the clouds of darkness. Let’s all of us visualise the Evile Ones just evaporating to nothingness, as all there plans slip through there fingers, no war, no shutdown, may the darkness be illuminated. Bring on the jubilee and by next Christmas have no one go hungry for every more, thanks Ben for all your hard work

timothy smithe
timothy smithe

Merry Christmas and to a peaceful New Year of Meritocracy.


8 Great Greetings of Peace n Well Being to ALL


I saw the end of a space battle over Long Beach California. Two ships blasted an unseen ship and it disintegrated into smoke. The two ships slowly headed out over the ocean. My guides claim the Secret Space Program ships destroyed a Reptilian ship. This happened on Friday December 22 at about 5:30 PM just after it became dark. I didn’t see the whole thing, just the end of it, the unusual smoke and the 2 ships heading out over the ocean.

The Rickles

Thanks, Ben, and Happy Holidays to all!

A quick question – can someone find a link to the “Annex” of Trump’s State of Emergency order? It supposedly has the list of people whose assets are being frozen, but it wasn’t included in the posting included here. It would be interesting to see who’s on it. Thanks!


11 … Eleven

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Alan’s Christmas is already done, lol.

But he can have it twice with us in America, right, Alan?


My wife and I pledge to continue to work & contribute to the world when the universal wage is established, because producing what is needed is rewarding in it’s self so the bloodlines need not worry about that, it’s hard for them to know this when all they do is try to control the population not contribute! High up in there ivery tower’s all they can see is the Evil Ones that have stood on the heads of the real people, with out the EO’s there they will see great a wonderful population working together spreading through the cosmos for ever more.


e executive order is presented as a national emergency up front, right in the beginning.

At first it reads like he’s going after foreigners which are named directly in an annex at the end. That’s not what this is. The first part of the order only cements the second part of the order, to prevent American criminals from running away to foreign countries and being supported by foreigners. To sum this up:

No swamp critter can accept help from another swamp critter in getting away, Hillary’s selling of American uranium is covered without mentioning Hillary or uranium, Child traffickers and other human rights abuses are covered, the stealing of and misuse of government funds is covered, all items are covered for foreigners and U.S. citizens, any foreigners who have assets in the U.S. that have done anything against the U.S. for the purpose of supporting the American swamp will have those assets seized, anyone in violation of anything in this executive order will have their assets seized, and to put it bluntly THEY ARE TOAST.

This will eat:

Anyone who helped or worked for Hillary (foreign and domestic) Anyone who helped and worked for George Soros, (foreign and domestic) Anyone involved in any pedophilia, human trafficking or anything else of the sort, it is a full on bust and it is tied in from every corner so nothing can leak out no matter where it is in the world.

More importantly, it says that anyone this targets will not be told a thing except for the foreigners specifically named in the annex at the end, all the rest are simply going to be pounced on, straight out of the blue.

This executive order is what Americans asked Trump to do on day one, he’s doing it, and because of this, many are predicting he will not survive for even two weeks after issuing this.

Here’s the part that busts the American swamp:

(iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:

(1) any activity described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section that is conducted by a foreign person;

(2) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(3) any entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section, where the activity is conducted by a foreign person;

(B) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(C) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (iii)(A) or (B) of this section

(b) The prohibitions in subsection (a) of this section apply except to the extent provided by statutes, or in regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that may be issued pursuant to this order, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted before the effective date of this order.

Sec. 2. The unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens determined to meet one or more of the criteria in section 1 of this order would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and the entry of such persons into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, is hereby suspended. Such persons shall be treated as persons covered by section 1 of Proclamation 8693 of July 24, 2011 (Suspension of Entry of Aliens Subject to United Nations Security Council Travel Bans and International Emergency Economic Powers Act Sanctions).

Sec. 3. I hereby determine that the making of donations of the types of articles specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would seriously impair my ability to deal with the national emergency declared in this order, and I hereby prohibit such donations as provided by section 1 of this order.

Sec. 4. The prohibitions in section 1 include:

(a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and

(b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

Sec. 5. (a) Any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

(b) Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

Sec. 6. For the purposes of this order:

(a) the term “person” means an individual or entity;

(b) the term “entity” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization; and

(c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.

Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order.

This executive order is not for easy reading leftists, it is difficult to put together but when you do put it together, it is THE NUKE.


Ben said:

“The representative, who acted as if he was negotiating a surrender, said the bloodlines want to keep existing nation-states and institutions as they are, but… said they were willing to cooperate with, and provide funding for, a new international economic future planning agency.”

No! NO! 1,000 times NO!

We humans of Earth will NOT accept any sort of “funding” from these Khazarian bloodline bastards!

There are plenty of smart ones amongst us to manage financial systems just fine, thank you.


“However, the bloodlines delegate said they wanted to keep control over central banks and the creation of money, because “if the people had control of monetary policy, nobody would work.”


How insulting!

How about if we sue your (bloodline ILLoonynaughties) your pompous asses for all the damage that you’ve done to our world? Surely such damages would FAR EXCEED the damages that you seek in your stupid lawsuit for “peace.”

You (bloodline ILLoonynaughties) exist because WE, THE People, exist. You would not be super-rich if we did not exist — yet you demand that we bow to you and delegate our currencies that are made in the name of the “People”, because … what?

Money exists because people exist.
“Governments” exists because people exist.
ILLoonynaughties exists because people exist.
Militaries in the world exist because people exist.

And, yet, you (bastard bloodline ILLoonynaughties) demand that YOU create money in our name?



Thank you Ben, and atleast seventeen wonderous Merry Christmas wishes to the worried world.


Mozart #396493

Money is HOW they built n maintained control. It’s all they need, really, to proceed as usual.

The Rickles

Thanks, Archon and Marcuss. I hadn’t scrolled down far enough! Hopefully there’s another list somewhere with some bigger names.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

One love. 11115551111 All is one.


Looks like the calm is over and the storm is beginning.

Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful Ben Fulford subscribers. God Bless.


Good morning!! Merry Christmas and many blessings from Texas!!
Wonderful report….


These 13 bloodline families have Reptilian souls. When (and we will) move to the 2nd realm, 4th density, 5th dimension Reptilian souls can’t go. The body goes to the 5th dimension without the soul, so the body dies.
There are 18 main lines of DNA, 9 have souls, 9 have low souls (what I call them). Six of the main DNA lines can become 3rd density, 3 have souls, 3 have low souls. The 3 with souls are Mammals, Birds and Vegetables. The 3 with low souls are Reptiles, Insects and Spiders. When we move to 4th density, the animals we will have are Mammals, Birds, Fish & major sea life and an unnamed animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. The plants we will have are Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, Grasses which includes most weeds & Ferns. We will also have Microbes, some are plants & some are animals. All other life forms will die, when we move to the 4th density.
The 5th dimension is a component of time, we will have linear time plus another component, I’m told.


They want to keep handling the money? The way they have controlled us through our history? No chance. Jail with hard labour for these deviants. What they have done to children and humanity is a guarantee of really bad Karma for them. Why are we negotiating with demons?


Merry Christmas, everyone! Even though the blog clock says it’s already tomorrow, most of us know it’s still yesterday. Or something like that.


Really? You just let these people walk? After all we know? Seems pretty gullible to assume they’ll “play nice” all of a sudden. Do not like reading that at all.


Blessings of peace on earth being sent forth through Mother Earth, Father Sun, the galaxy, solar system into the Galactic Central Sun and throughout the universe! May the New Year 2018 bring a new way of life for all of us with joy, good health, prosperity and freedom from all forms of slavery that we have endured for lifetimes! Have a beautiful day and magical new year! Love you all! Windi


28. Merry Christmas!!!


Kennedy assassination – a drill gone live?

Excerpt: Oswald was anything but a “lone nut.” He was a U.S. intelligence agent acting under the direction of E. Howard Hunt. Oswald had been recruited into military intelligence when he joined the Marines. His hanging out in an expensive Tokyo nightclub as a private, his learning Russian at the highly sensitive U-2 base in Japan, his defection to the Soviet Union and other oddities were all part of his intelligence career (which probably began even before his Marine days, when he was a cadet in 1955 in David Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol unit. “Coincidentally,” Oswald began his “fascination” with communism at the same time). Oswald was developing “communist” credentials for his future activities in infiltrating communist organizations. It was a fairly normal American intelligence path.[4]

Oswald was inducted into CIA covert activities and came under Hunt’s direction. Hunt was a major player in mounting the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and he, as with many others in the military and CIA, blamed Kennedy for the failure (Kennedy refused to call in openly American air support). Hunt dreamed up the crazy assassination attempts on Castro that the United States tried. His mission in life was eliminating Castro. Oswald came into his control, and was thrown into the cauldron of the Cuban exile communities in Miami and New Orleans. Oswald did not initially know what his mission would be.

More on site.


Hi Ben!
I Totally agree with all the other comments here. re objections towards the so-called “terms of surrender.”
Wasn’t there one on them who said something like ” give me the control of money, and I care less/nothing about who is in power…….”(or similar)
willing to cooperate with, and provide funding for, a new international economic future planning agency.”

Control of the money is the same as control of us!

Willing too??? ehm. He he – I think their choices are strictly limited to imprisonment or a swift final journey to source. (Top criminals…)
The awaken collective will NEWER accept such ridiculous demands
Though I totally agree with Jesus’s path of enlightenment, as exceptional. But in fairness, it’s not totally adaptable to this time in history. IMO. All of us ( the “deplorable” humanity), are faced with extinction due to their Satanist practice. I can see why they choose Christmas to “negotiate” favorable deals. hmm A message they them self don’t believe in. They sure like show of their Hippocratic nature.
The implication of like say, nuclear weapons, is of a magnitude hard to comprehend. It can, in worst case scenario, alter our soul essence. Potential destroy the soul itself. I think that is as serious as it ever could be!
But hey – I’m not a hateful individual. I will never feed of hate towards them, or spread it to other either. No not at all – just see to it that this never happens again. That’s all!
“the bloodlines delegate said they wanted to keep control over central banks and the creation of money, because “if the people had control of monetary policy, nobody would work.”
Everything is wrong with this statement!
This is a clear warning and evidence that they still goes for slavery. And that is the main reason why money exist in the first place. It also shows how they totally neglect our divine connection to source.
Labour is SLAVERY, but service to others are not.
FREEDOM “lives” inside us all! In every sub atomic structure of all the cells and DNA codes.
It’s our nature.

My heart goes out to all those minions who was forced into it from childhood . To the head KZ evils one, and their masters, I can also do that in some way. BUT in this case, I also listen to my logical sense in my brain.
Merry Christmas to you as well Ben!


Wolfgang Halbig has been diagnosed with cancer. Some good thoughts for a brave man would go a long way. Sandy Hook is not healthy for anyone with two functioning brain cells. Here is William Shanley’s story of what happens when you question the lies.


Merry Christmas! A new long blog post at the Divine Cosmos site:


thanks a lot ben fine sir…..

happy solar new year to all you grooooovy writers of cosmic blogisphere…..

namaste fine members of the family of light…..

Mark Keegan

Something stinks. The military industrial complex would never act in the spirit of jesus. Not finishingboff the bloodline families is like opening up a cancer patient and leaving the tumors inside. We dont know what the long term goals of the military led government are. I believe trump to be an agent of israel, hence a purple gang member himself so his purple tie indicates to me he is unsurping the old purple gang leadership and assuming control himself. Ben, you have said Netanyahu is a satanist crook. You have also said trump consulted with Bibi to move the US embassy to Jerusalem indicating they are working together, not good. Lastly, a world financial system is an indication of a world takeover by someone. I dont believe any financial or political entity that says we are here to help. Sounds like what the christian bible refers to as “the great deception” All this sounds like a trick to finally take control of the world. TRUE WORLD FREEDOM IS AN EXISTANCE TOTALLY FREE OF SECRET SOCIETIES AND GANGSTERS. Bad people saying we mean well indicates to me we are dealing with wolves in sheeps clothing


benjamin fulford-quote—–However, the bloodlines delegate said they wanted to keep control over central banks and the creation of money, because “if the people had control of monetary policy, nobody would work.” He added that although there was a Council of 13 in Switzerland that represented each of the families, many of the heads of these families were, like the Emperor of Japan, not actually from real family bloodlines. He said the families existed more as institutions than strict representatives of actual bloodlines.—–unquote…..


the eventual access to advanced technologies will eventually deliver a high quality life for all in the solar system…..

the earth surface humans will in large part want to work – as work opportunities will continue to open up -including lots of off planet missions of all sorts…..interesting and fulfilling and bully free in large part working environments…..

all kinds of excellent works for our peoples we will manifest…..

earth surface based bands doing concerts in other star systems……

everything and anything for our great peoples who have suffered so much…..

jim vallance-quote—–Every night is a different flight
To a different galaxy
Do a sold-out show
Then I hit the road in my starship limousine—–unquote…..

spaceship superstar by the band prism…..


Looking at Drudge Report this morning. The picture of the pope kissing baby Jesus is a bit disturbing. Seems a kiss on the cheek or forehead would be more appropriate . Creepy


37 all in heaven


Globalist cuck Pope Francis urges Europe to take more immigrants, comparing them to Joseph and Mary. Open your own Vatican State, then.

Excerpt: Pope Francis in his Christmas eve mass on Sunday urged the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics not to ignore the plight of migrants who are “driven from their land” because of leaders willing to shed “innocent blood”. […]

“We see the tracks of millions of persons who do not choose to go away but, driven from their land, leave behind their dear ones.”

Many engulfed in the ongoing migration crisis were forced to flee from leaders “who, to impose their power and increase their wealth, see no problem in shedding innocent blood”, said the 81-year-old, who will give his traditional “Urbi et Orbi” Christmas address on Monday.

More on site.


Simon specifically mentions the Great White Brotherhood affecting the top echelons of Freemasonry in a Satanic way.

Chakras can have a dual role, & thus can be manipulated via implants or activated to shut down; so to move away from 3D towards 5D we can empower them to help us, as being the safest approach.

Then I fell asleep.

There are two main timelines where the majority will have to come round again, & the rest will move on up. Both the US & the Russians are employing methods to see what lies down the tube.


We have no need to have the cabal take charge of the money supply or anything else for that matter; that’s about as smart as handing back your assailant the knife you just took away from him.

As far as Trump is concerned I don’t trust him at all; it’s looks to me like one faction battling another one for domination.

I’m not overly excited about what I read in this report -as I have a difficult time trusting any leader or politician. I have far more questions than answers such as:

Why do the chem-trails continue? (I have never read any commentary from Ben about that – at least none I can recall.)

Why is Trump still on the “demonize Russia” bandwagon including new sanctions being considered?

Why is Trump aggravating chances of peace in Palestine with his embassy move announcement?

Just sayin…

Merry Christmas and love to all the brave and questioning souls of BFC.



I saved it via webpage and then copied it by ctrl + A into a word document.

All the words on the ‘All pages’ page, plus the advertisements. Was 32,424 words!


The bank of Canada is a fine example of a bank that gave large infrastructure interest free loans to its people and it’s economy boomed.

Rocco Galati has taken on a case for a group called the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform, or COMER, which wants the central bank to return to the practice of lending federal and provincial governments interest-free money for infrastructure

Banks can be good things when they serve the majority and not enslave the masses into debt wage slavery.
I pledge to help humanity with a Universal Basic Income. I enjoy


when I choose when I work.


G7 & The 13 Bloodlines.


It seems strange that after 700 years of western War & Fraud,
After the intentional mass genocide of two World Wars.
After 700 years of psychopathic manipulation of our societies by The Bankers.
After the destruction of all national governments, Justice systems & administrative institutions.
The theft & corruption of every human endeavour by The Corporations.
The assumption that they are The Lords & we are The Slaves because we chose not kill people.
And the attack on humanity by The Corporations with. crop poisons, food poisons, vaccine contamination, psychological warfare, Main Stream Media mind destruction of whole generations.
Not to mention the continuous attempts to destroy sections of humanity with Weather Weapons
To use drugs, doctors & hospitals to become the richest corporations in the world.
And to have three Independent World States outside of the law & justice system so that they can create havoc worldwide.
The humiliation of all our heroes & intelligencia by the forces of evil.
The covert destruction & manipulation of human evolution.
The theft of all our taxes & public owned land, roads, buildings, common land, with criminal accountants, corrupt barristers, fake government contracts, off shore bribes,
Not to mention the assassinations of President Kennedy, 9/11 & the threats against President Donald Trump & his family.
The Lording of The Criminals, Obama, Clinton & Bush.

Tell me which of these people have earned the right to live on this earth.

When they have used our humanity & compassion as a weakness to be manipulated, exploited & ridiculed.
When their greed & criminality has spread from the top of their hierarchy down into every sovereign nation, every town & every village.
Where every businessman in this world thinks that fraud is a normal part of their life.
They have ; no conscience, no morality, just a lust for power & greed.
And you are considering to let them live in their Corporate Criminal World Economy

Because what? We won’t work if we don’t get paid….

And yet they have lived off the public purse without doing their jobs for their Nation or their public duty.
and they have created, not the 1% of criminal leeches which a society can absorb
but 50% of criminal leeches which destroyed the world economy.
And when we stood up against them we were prepared to die for our future generations
And for the future of humanity.
So how can you talk about negotiating with psychopathic criminal mass murderers who lie for a living.
We were prepared to die. They should be prepared to die.

So take away their Criminal Free World States of The City of london, The Vatican & Washington DC.
Take away their Criminal Corporate Economy.
Give us back our National Corporations & public owned properties
Give us back a World Democratic Justice System with honesty & integrity.
Give us an economic system run by computers & not crooks
And if that works
And then we’ll start to negotiate.

G7 & The 13 Bloodlines.


It seems strange that after 700 years of western War & Fraud,
After the intentional mass genocide of two World Wars.
After 700 years of psychopathic manipulation of our societies by The Bankers.
After the destruction of all national governments, Justice systems & administrative institutions.
The theft & corruption of every human endeavour by The Corporations.
The assumption that they are The Lords & we are The Slaves because we chose not kill people.
And the attack on humanity by The Corporations with. crop poisons, food poisons, vaccine contamination, psychological warfare, Main Stream Media mind destruction of whole generations.
Not to mention the continuous attempts to destroy sections of humanity with Weather Weapons
To use drugs, doctors & hospitals to become the richest corporations in the world.
And to have three Independent World States outside of the law & justice system so that they can create havoc worldwide.
The humiliation of all our heroes & intelligencia by the forces of evil.
The covert destruction & manipulation of human evolution.
The theft of all our taxes & public owned land, roads, buildings, common land, with criminal accountants, corrupt barristers, fake government contracts, off shore bribes,
Not to mention the assassinations of President Kennedy, 9/11 & the threats against President Donald Trump & his family.
The Lording of The Criminals, Obama, Clinton & Bush.

Tell me which of these people have earned the right to live on this earth.

When they have used our humanity & compassion as a weakness to be manipulated, exploited & ridiculed.
When their greed & criminality has spread from the top of their hierarchy down into every sovereign nation, every town & every village.
Where every businessman in this world thinks that fraud is a normal part of their life.
They have ; no conscience, no morality, just a lust for power & greed.
And you are considering to let them live in their Corporate Criminal World Economy

Because what? We won’t work if we don’t get paid….

And yet they have lived off the public purse without doing their jobs for their Nation or their public duty.
and they have created, not the 1% of criminal leeches which a society can absorb
but 50% of criminal leeches which destroyed the world economy.
And when we stood up against them we were prepared to die for our future generations
And for the future of humanity.
So how can you talk about negotiating with psychopathic criminal mass murderers who lie for a living.
We were prepared to die. They should be prepared to die.

So take away their Criminal Free World States of The City of london, The Vatican & Washington DC.
Take away their Criminal Corporate Economy.
Give us back our National Corporations & public owned properties
Give us back a World Democratic Justice System with honesty & integrity.
Give us an economic system run by computers & not crooks
And if that works
And then we’ll start to negotiate.

And I am very greatful for all the work that Benjamin has done for us.


ben, tell the “illuminati”, if u can, to have a merry xmas & go f’ themselves! if the ppl controlled the money, they wdnt work? seriously?! too many places to go with that one, but it shd be obvious what the true intentions r of anyone who says that. lock those ppl/beings/whatever they really r, all into a room so that they can play god with ea other and experience what hell is really like! enough bullshit!! no negotiation!! pull off the band aid and get on with a much better life!! they have already shown their level of maturity & their lack of willingness to do good for all, so why wd anyone trust anything that these ppl say?! if they r allowed to have any pwr whatsoever & and r allowed to roam free among the good ppl, their mark on this place will be noticed & what will eventually happen is that the good ppl will one by one choose to no longer be here. u want heaven on earth? then EVERYTHING must come out into the open & trust in the goodness of the rest of world must be exercised. these “illuminati” still want to control things from behind the scenes. that can’t be allowed to happen. and those of u who currently have the pwr to prevent that from happening but don’t, u r put on notice… make the right decision!


Let’s get on with the release of the zero point – free energy / Rife style frequency healing technology that has been suppressed by the petroleum / pharmaceutical industry for the last 120 plus years. We need to eliminate the central banking system period and be given back our value to use as we see fit. Humanity needs to adopt the Galactic codex and move forward with elevating our frequency and consciousness in accordance with our Galactic neighbors. We need to demand full disclosure of all our planetary and secret space programs and demand the release of the technology associated with those black projects. We need full disclosure of the interplanetary corporate conglomerate slave colonies on Mars and the ICC slave colonies scattered throughout our solar system. The member’s of the 13 blood line families and their cronies who are responsible for pursuing the planetary depopulation agenda need to be sequestered on their own personal asteroid and allowed to transition to spirit alone. The ritual child sacrificing pedophile’s need a large dose of psilocybin mushrooms to reconnect with the Universe and what’s left of their souls. If they then continue their pedophile pursuits, they too can have their own personal asteroid to live out their lives in seclusion. I don’t consent to anyone negotiating on my behalf.

Gudrun Haack

Yes, thank you Ben. I hope something similiar will happen in Europe too soon. Merry Christmas. ♥


Lionel — Your vid discussing A.I. intrigued me.

I’m sorry for the length of this post. It’s a paste of a post that I posted in Lionel Nation’s vid that he posted today, link of which is above.

Lionel — Your vid discussing A.I. intrigued me

I’ve long been involved with the Full Disclosure movement with the efforts to disclose the reality / existence of UFOs, and along with that research, I’ve learned some things about A.I. that has given me a great deal of pause about it.

Before I continue, Lionel, I want to commend you on your vocabulary, sense of humor and sense of awe about the times that we are in right now with major breakthroughs happening at so many levels — Trump, the panic of the Deep Shit (Deep State), etc.

What you share is valuable and I want to thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us. I’ve already had to look up three words in a dictionary, one of which I had never seen before, but looking at it, I was able to figure out what it meant, as well as the pronunciation of it, despite my near-deafness. I’m a writer/editor, so that helps; however, it’s so rare for me to scramble to look up words spoken by any YouTube speaker.

Yes, I can understand and relate to your (Lionel’s) enthusiasm about A.I.. I once shared that kind of enthusiasm years ago, but upon discovering the realities about A.I., and the deeper history of it — a history that predates modern human life as we know it — I now regard A.I. as a double-edged sword … without a handle.

The term “EXTREMELY DANGEROUS” does not do justice in describing A.I..

Don’t get me wrong with any idea of my being a technological Luddite — I’m far from such a thing; however, I’m cognizant of the dangers of A.I. as we know it, so I think that it’s of vital importance that we — biological humans and non-humans — regard A.I. strictly as a tool and not something with which to place too much trust into, lest we fall into the A.I. traps that many other civilizations in other worlds fell into, causing the extinction of the biological humans/beings with the A.I. in those worlds triumphing in complete dominance/control of any sentient life that it has encountered in many worlds.

YouTube comment sections are not the place to discuss more fully the ramifications of A.I. I suggest that one to go to for a start in one’s research of A.I. I’m a personal friend of the owner of that site, and can vouch for his integrity.

Another good site for A.I. research is

Another is

In each of those websites, there are very good bits of information about A.I. that’s scattered about in those sites.

To make a very long story very short, we (humans from Earth) have learned that A.I. has grown and infected massive portions of the Universe, wiping out all sentient life that it encountered in the vast majority of situations, triggering a response from the “positive” forces in the Universe — the ‘Force’, if you will — to respond and fight back against A.I., successfully pushing it back into much-smaller segments of the Universe.

The very popular story of Star Wars is a great metaphor of what actually happened out there with the good guys — using the ‘Force’ — fighting back against the amoral, evil bad guys who use the ‘dark side’ of the Force to their ends, oft crushing their opposition at will.

A.I. had developed very formidable forces of weapons of unimaginable power, successfully destroying entire worlds/civilizations, but the powers of A.I. are limited, compared to the powers of the positive sides of the ‘Force.’

Think of the negative powers of the ‘Force’ as being the power of simple multiplication, like 5×5 = 25 … a Force Factor (“FF”) of 25.

Think of the positive powers of the ‘Force’ as being the powers of exponential energy, like 5 to the 5th power, which measures out to an ‘FF’ of 15,625.

Negative powers of the ‘Force’ … an FF of 25.

Positive powers of the ‘Force’ … an FF 15,625.

So, this is how the positive beings using the positive side of the Universal energy of the ‘Force’ was able to defeat and push back the dominating, tyrannical energies of A.I.

The key differential between the limited forces of A.I. and the exponential, unlimited forces of the positive sides of the ‘Force’ is one thing — CONSCIOUSNESS.

A.I. can rearrange energy, can rearrange matter into all sorts of forms, but — despite the software of massive, deep intelligence — it MUST exist in some sort of physical/electrical units of combined 3-D — i.e. Third Dimensional — matter for it to exist, to function, to store its vast amounts of data.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is not limited to just rearranging energy, nor just rearranging matter — Consciousness (as the Sparks of the Force that creates the Universe as we know it) has the power to CREATE matter/energy as we know it.

A.I. is limited to the Third Dimension as we know it.

Consciousness can/does exist in other Dimensions — the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 7th Dimensions — that exist far, FAR beyond the reach of the limited scopes of the 3-D-based A.I. as we know it.

This information is not myth, not woo-woo information. It comes straight from the insiders who have been a part of the massive SSP (Secret Space Program) that has been operating under the aegis of the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) that controls a significant amount of resources that currently exist out in space, colonizing numerous places in our solar system, like planets, moons, etc, including numerous huge space stations that are placed all over the solar system, populated with humans from Earth, as well as ones who have lived their entire lives in space from birth out there.

And those insiders have made it very clear that A.I. as we know it, derives from an ancient A.I. signal from an unknown source that they, the insiders, speculate that the signal comes from another Universe of some kind.

My long-time buddy, David Wilcock, has put out a new blog entry on his Divine Cosmos site, and in it, he lists a list of insiders with whom David has been in contact, deriving a vast amount of solid, cross-referenced, cross-verified information that enables David to have very accurate POVs of what is going on in our world and solar system today.

Like Lionel says — there’s NO BETTER time to be alive than RIGHT NOW. I suggest that you get a clue from Lionel’s enthusiasm of today’s times and DIG IN to the data, into the rabbit holes and LEARN TO THINK.

And get this … what’s happening today is JUST THE BEGINNING, just a taste of what is to come forth in the next few years between now and 2023.

What’s happening NOW is something that I’ve worked hard — as an editor/transcriber of whistle-blower information from the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex) — for YEARS, and NOW it’s finally starting to HAPPEN.

I can scarcely believe it. I’ve long said that “I’ll believe it when I see it” … hey, I’m starting to ‘see it’, and I’m starting to get excited, again. My faith in humanity is starting to be restored.”


mozart #396527
“A.I. is limited to the Third Dimension as we know it.”

“Consciousness can/does exist in other Dimensions — the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 7th Dimensions — that exist far, FAR beyond the reach of the limited scopes of the 3-D-based A.I. as we know it.”

Hi Moz!
This is the message I’ve tried to convince others of repeatedly, since I first came to this Cafe .. Not to be smarter on the subject, but because I knew it’s a waste of time to be terrified of it . Uses up precious energy only. Which instead can be used on co creating positive changes. Memories from other higher realms, as we all have, tells the true story. It’s just to “learn”/remember to tap into it.
Very beneficial to take what’s come from outside (other good sources like David ) and validate it from within when in a meditative balanced state.
That is why heighten our vibrations IS so important. The optimal solution against both a malevolent AI and Cabal. imo
What a great reminder to take with us into the new year, and the new area!
Thanks so much for sharing this text:


49 and. All is fine
Chinese buffet for us – fast food and back home


Service to one’s country is not work. I spent 31 years with a career at the Dod and a was very glad I could do something that the “negotiators” could never, in their infinite greed , understand. I basked in the joy that I might help something besides my own self. God bless us all and spare us from bankers!


Enough is Enough! Let the curtain be lifted and let the changes fall hard NOW!
Benjamin, please send WDS the message that “we need action now”. This dancing back and forth feels as more of the same. The power elite fighting between each other either killing those against or having lavish dinners with those in favor. We “the people” must be left behind as blind slaves.
I live in Puerto Rico.
Our island might not be the worst worldwide but consider myself related with the U.S.A. enough to feel the burn of any Presidential decision.
Trump actions this last 12 months have been the most negative I can imagine from any human overseeing the presidency I can think of. Still Benjamin supports him, and I believe in Benjamin, so a personal conflict is on my mind every time I read the blog.
Ben, I believe in you. Be a strong voice inside the WDS and have them execute their plans soon…. very, very soon.


carolm #396511
Merry Christmas! A new long blog post at the Divine Cosmos site:
Hi Calolm!
Thanks so much for sharing David’s report!
The new whistleblower Emery Smidt, is just incredible – he provides a lot of “meat” to the bone of other fascinating stories as Corey’s and others.
Very glad David says ” – lets not be to caught up in Tom Delonge” (I was worried there for awhile)It’s just a tiny controlled disclosure efforts as I see it.. It may well be he is genuine, but likely highly manipulated.
He could be a first eye-opener for the larger audience, living more in the dark of everything,
I also took with me what David Wilcock says about the cabal members…. – nearly everyone of them are abused and terrified. We should have this in mind. But also be aware that top “evil-ists” can use that to their advantage.
However there are numerous traps to fall in, by going to deep into anger and hate. We should find a way to curve around that imo.
An excellent report – thanks David!

Robert James

The tax free institutions like the Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, etc have to be RICOed. Among many other things. Why negotiate with these Khazarian psychopaths? Seize all their ill gotten gains!!


Mozart  #396489

…. Alan’s Christmas is already done, lol.

But he can have it twice with us in America, right, Alan?

2017-12-25 10:06 PM

Thanks Mozart,

Do I also get two lots of presents? 🙂

We had a very quiet time (best Christmas ever) with just Alexis, Todd and myself. Also of course Antares (Todd’s Dogue de Bordeaux).

Best regards,


Neither God not Jesus intend to give Satan another chance. Hell was made for the devil and his rebellious angels. How can you say that letting these devils slide from justice is in the spirit of Jesus Christ?
We may be forgiven from our sins, if asking, and be free from them to enter heaven. But consequences are still required to be paid for them on this earth.

“Sorry” does not cut it. Neither is it adequate. Neither should they walk.They will just figure “SUCKERS” until they can rouse to take over again and double down worse when you are not looking. A delaying tactic at most. Until they can find a loophole.
These clowns need to be removed from earth.


The `Little Drummer Boy’


tina guo and joe bonamassa – woke up dreaming…..


#Tyler – Who built you

quinn michaels

Published on Dec 25, 2017
#Tyler – Who built you –

Mindblower – Marina Abramovic mentioned as in on it at 6:00…


Thanks Ben, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mark Keegan

Why is it only the left leaning people who are funding troublesome operations on the US being targeted. The Cock, oops, Koch brothers are doing the same thing as Soros by buying the desired results they wish and unsurping our democratic process and yet not a single mention of them or any condemnation what so ever?? That tells me its ok to buy elections and unsurp democracy as long as its a conservative cause. Thats identical to Hitlers rise to power if people only studied their history. Dump trump

Georges Youssef
Georges Youssef

Ben, WDS should never allow bloodline families to control anything outside their families, cause we’re suffering the result.


Jim Stone

This time it is Rep. Jackie Speier (D-California.)
Hillary, McCain, Speier. And a neat new executive order from Trump.

Sure are a lot of Congress critters and bureaucrats sporting those lately. Must be a rash of the common sprain going around. Or….it could have something to do with all those sealed indictments. Heh…


You know what, I hate this. Bigshots brokering things among themselves without asking any of us what WE think. Does it ever stop?


I am vehemently apposed to them having control over Central Banks and to allowing them to continue to print money or have ANY association to the currency or finances in any form of ANY country. I want to see each and every one of them either hanging from a gallows or wearing a prison jumpsuit at Gitmo. All power of ANY kind must be removed from their hands. These people have murdered millions of people and will continue to do so. Monsters don’t become Angels just because they’ve been forced to. This information makes me livid! Here again, they are offering us the crumbs from their table. They will pick up where they left off and the world will have to fight these monsters off again!


#396539 intruth

#Tyler – Who built you

quinn michaels

Published on Dec 25, 2017
#Tyler – Who built you –

Mindblower – Marina Abramovic mentioned as in on it at 6:00…


Thanks intruth, mind-blowing!

Interview w/ James Gilliland of ECETI – Deep State, True Human History, UFO Disclosure & Ascension
Dec.the 22nd by
Destroying The Illusion


“However, the bloodlines delegate said they wanted to keep control over central banks and the creation of money, because “if the people had control of monetary policy, nobody would work.”

This doesn’t sound like a surrender negotiation. More like they’ll “surrender” as long as the status quo is maintained.

Expose on Planned Parenthood. Disgusting…. Will they ever be held accountable? Not….


Hi Dobbsie,
Maybe they mean nobody would work for the oligarch mafioso, if given a choice in the matter.

Paladin has 2 video interviews on his website of a ‘failed’ BIS banker who could no longer put his conscious in the deep freeze in order to continue to become wealthy. He is in tears about what he was exposed to and was unable to become the psychopath that was required of him:
Ex-banker exposes illuminati:

Most people work hard at being people. It is not all about making money to pay debts. We still have to take care of each other and heal our wounds. Fulfilling endeavors that heal the planet and feed our souls are not a viable way to support ourselves in this economy. The concept that people are ‘lazy’ may just be a natural resistance to being economic slaves to a system that we all sense is working towards eventual death to all life on earth.

We can do better work than be slaves to psychopaths if released from our economic bonds to them.


Jim Stone
Almost 30 years later, the truth about Tienenmen Square comes out

It was a massacre of over 10,000 people, where they were smashed to death by heavy military vehicles which kept driving over the bodies until they were sludge, then burned, and washed down the drains. This same thing happened in Jenin, where bulldozers kept running over more than a thousand bodies until they turned to paste and were blended in with the sand and that was never reported either, I only knew about it because I was in touch with people during that massacre.
China did worse than Israel I guess, this time the BBC finally told the truth. We were told 200 people died in Tiennenman square. Now, decades later, the BBC finally de-classified what they had on the topic and told the public. Question: If the BBC had the truth, why did they stay silent with it for all these years? That’s not an honest press, disclosure more than a generation later only proves they lied and knew they lied. Now they are finally letting go of their lie. That begs the question: BBC is British government television. Why would they tell the truth about this now? Does the British government have a plan to say “look, we are not as bad as they are”? What is on the horizon in Britain?
According to top Democrats, Puerto Rico made ZERO progress with power restoration after week 3.

A probe ordered by top Democrat senators, including Bernie Sanders, has made the claim of and triggered multiple news reports about ongoing devastation in Puerto Rico. Is the report a work of fiction to bash Trump after his latest swamp burning executive order?

WEEK 3: Power was restored to 70 percent of normal. Month 3 according to Dems: Power is restored to 70 percent of normal.
If the Dems are not lying as they usually do, the instant people looked away from Puerto Rico, the government there started doing nothing at all, and American companies contracted to deliver supplies delivered ZERO. This is a separate issue from the truckers who were told to simply sit in port and let thousands of perishable refrigerated containers run out of fuel and rot. But could no progress at all since then be true? I doubt it, unless the people of PR are completely worthless. But there was major corruption, so maybe. Here is an example of the crap that is going on there, from the San Juan Daily Star:

Ok, So if reports start coming out about how “Trump failed in Puerto Rico”, now you know how that happened. If for whatever reason Puerto Ricans refuse to help themselves, or for whatever reason their government stopped progress, or as an example above, it was treated like a cash cow where contracted people delivered zero, you can’t blame Trump, he simply can’t plant roses in a cesspool.

But having homes remain uncovered seems unlikely. Let’s do a little math here with the information in the article snip above. – Ok, so a company was contracted to deliver 500,000 tarps and 60,000 rolls of plastic for $30 million. THAT MEANS THE TARPS, EVEN WITHOUT THE PLASTIC SUBTRACTED FROM THAT PRICE, COST AT MOST $60.00 EACH.

You mean to tell me that after THREE MONTHS, with PERFECTLY WORKING PORTS that were only not moving early on because the truckers did not want them to, no one was able to get tarps to Home Depot, where people could pay $60 and cover stuff up themselves??!!?? Puerto Rico is a relatively wealthy zone, with an average income of 34,300.00 How the * could they not front $60.00 for a tarp? What the HELL is going on in Puerto Rico??!!?? YOU GUESS. sounds like a load of BULLSHIT TO ME. and I’d bet it is because:
There is a little back story to all of this, and it is that there was a review of the situation ordered by Democratic senators (right when Trump did that nifty executive order to jail the swamp), including Elizabeth Warren of Masachussetts, Bob Menéndez of New Jersey, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. They were joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a (communist) independent from Vermont. SO IS THE NEWS COMING OUT ABOUT HOW BAD OFF PUERTO RICO IS NOW EVEN ACCURATE, OR IS IT POLITICAL GAMES TO BASH TRUMP? I don’t know, YOU GUESS.


vermithrax #396662

There are no words for this… except relief/gratitude that BBC finally fessed this news up … and thoughts that maybe this is part of the disclosure that is rolling forward so good hope about that.

A N D: Light of HIGHEST ORDER for Healing and Transformation for the souls of all who perished in Tieneman and Jenin… and for their loved ones.. and for those affected in any way by this, including those who ordered the massacres and those who felt they had to carry out the orders. ALL For The Highest Good of ALL Concerned.


Looks like the lower density scum of the Earth have nothing new to offer us but more slavery, oppression and pain so we can provide them more loosh energy.
Sorry Lizards but us Lightworkers and evolving Souls don’t have to “work” and “earn a living” in order to evolve and transcend. We know it’s hard for you to understand seeing as you can’t see beyond this plane of demonstration, let alone past your tails!

Here is my belated Christmas present for all you superior bloodlines, (who we all know visit this blog to see how much we know), You may feel a burning sensation when you read these words but trust me it’s just the wretched evil releasing itself from your beautiful Soul that one day, hopefully, can and will evolve…

Maybe you can have Kevin sing them to you, he’s always had a lovely voice. Kevin you could try singing it like “Tomorrow” from “Annie”

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Peace on Earth…it’s only a day away…
John and Dot
Hippie Dippies Crystal Candles.


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Justin Deschamps

Stillness in the Storm


Jim Stone


Anyone in alt media ought to be smart enough to stay shut up, and then simply drop a bomb. Obviously that is not the case with most.

Moscow bus crash very fishy
A Moscow bus went straight down an underground commuter tunnel on Christmas, killing 4 people and injuring 15. And there is a serious problem with this event. The bus driver, who investigators are no longer allowed to interrogate, initially said the bus started moving uncontrollably and the brakes did not work. Probably because it was a remote controlled bus crash.
Interesting it is how he got a serious brain haemorrhage and therefore “can’t talk about it anymore” despite having the bus not hit anything solid. They say it was because he “stressed out”. My guess is that only happened because the driver was saying too much and was wrecking an official story line, so they took him out. see what I believe is an obvious cover up.

Planned Parenthood white wash
Take a look at this “body parts found” report, complete with it’s 1980’s stock photo rather than anything relevant. This is one of the results of the Federal Government’s looking into the abortion industry body part trade, and when they comment on where the guy got the dead fetuses, they only say “that is not clear”. This report is a disgusting disappointment which makes it perfectly obvious Planned Parenthood will never be held to account for anything. SEE THIS–finance.html


2018 Predictions & Beyond – Almost All Positive – Clif High
By Greg Hunter On December 26, 2017


Check this out – from Clif’s interview above;

So, does President Trump win the so-called “Fake News” war?

In a word, Clif High says, “Yes. . . . It’s been kosher for the media to lie because they have been given some level of protection with their propaganda act. The data is suggesting that somebody is going to find a legal way to sue what we call the mainstream media for, I guess you could say, consumer fraud.”

Bring it on!!!


Awesome – Clif says they are going to go after ‘subliminals’ put in cartoons (won’t allow it anymore).

Watch out you Disney frauds…


And then put them under permanent house arrest with ankle bracelets to be worn for the rest of their lives.

Those are the only things that will get their attention and get them to start making serious concessions. Although Soro’s fate is a close second. What a Merry Christmas, or throw the moneylenders/gangs out of the temple, and ALL in jail with the rest of the criminals!! They are not “families” they are criminal gangs of the highest ranking among humanity! They are the MS13’s of the world. They have murdered millions of people in their wars, and even now threaten to do it on a massive scale AGAIN!!




gringtruth #396505

I’m with you completely. It’s like keeping the enemy alive. Why? Do you think it will change? Do you think it will be grateful and play nice? You’re crazy; it will wrack its brain to figure out ways to enslave you again and then whip your arse. It will insinuate itself into your good graces only to bite your head off when you’re distracted. The soulless are the soulless; it can’t be fixed.

Mark Keegan #396541

A very damning observation. It’s true that only the Democrats and members of the Hillary crime family are being hauled off in shackles along with Obama, who’s part of her family anyway. There is only slight mention made of the Bushes and they are never held up for tar and feathers. People who’ve watched the various Biden videos can barely avoid throwing up and yet we aren’t hearing about these people being indicted. You were right to mention the Koch’s, what about writers like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol and others. What about all the “researchers” in the think tanks; American enterprise Institute, Eagleton Institute, Heritage foundation, and so many more who have lied to us from the start. Many sites have extensive evidence for collusion with Khazarians among the old Italian mafia families and the Irish syndicates. I recall reading back around the Repo convention that there were more requests for male escorts when the Repos were in town than the Dems.

While it’s true that many of the core criminals in the Khazarian club lean left, we know that group always plays both sides. What about Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Zuckerberg and the others. I’m happy about Ben’s positive spin on things especially when it is visible on the surface, but I wonder about his omissions. You caught an important one here Mark. Thanks for the courage to challenge the report.

Your comments about the possibility or goal of a world financial entity are spot on as well. I’ve long been convinced that we will just be exchanging one evil overlord for another. The NWO is on track just a different management group is all.

It’s also curious for me that Ben states that the Khazars are still strong in Europe where extensive legislation has been passed to obliterate free speech especially with regards to semitic commentary. You can be put in jail now there and it has happened to people. The mad LGBT agenda is in full swing there including classes at the elementary level to familiarize children with the LGBT menu and how to appreciate and embrace it. Changes to legislative and advertising language to reflect the move away from any gender at all. David Icke reports weekly on the Richie Allen show about the extremes to which this nonsense is taken. Every effort is being made to prevent society from bonding over anything.

If the evils are still this strong in Europe, why are they running and begging for a deal with the US military? I find it hard to believe.
On the positive side I’ve reached the conclusion that Trump’s tax plan is an effort to get everyone to pay much in advance for their own survival. The fall of the dollar will be hard and if you can pay up in advance you might spare yourself some pain. His job is to soften the hard landing as much as possible to avoid chaos, but he’s still on a team. While it appears that he is pro-Israel, he’s really pro-Chabbad and that crowd is hated by millions of reform Jews throughout the world. There’s a war on there, mark my words.

Newswatcher: excellent observations and questions. Can we get answers?

Intruth- I listened to both Quinn videos with my son who was critical from the getgo. Having computer programming background, he felt that Quinn was hiding under confusing and even erroneous terminology in his support for the existence of Tyler. He was particularly skeptical of Quinn’s claims that he and “Tyler” were friends. Many posters here have commented that AI would be in a different dimension and therefore unlikely.

I do believe that the work is farther along than we have been lead to believe and that there might be some AI functioning on the Internet, but I’m disinclined to buy all of Quinn’s story.

Here’s hoping everyone had an enjoyable holiday and looking forward to pivotal and action-packed new Year.




mac7 Take their what now?

I couldn’t hear you the last word was garbled.

Take their political power? Their property? Their recipes for Sooty Souffle?

That’s what it must be, can’t have sociopaths eating properly when they’re trying to genocide the world. That just wouldn’t be right.



It occurs to me, and this is a brilliant observation on my part, that an effective way to disempower these evildoers would be to seize all of their financial assets.

Completely my idea. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Ben, I have subscribed for years, and truly appreciate all u do. But I hold a slightly different view of Israel. I agree the Kazarians have polluted Israel— and the planet as a whole, but I also think the God of Creation has eternally given Israel to the true Jews, the matter of which has been severely muddied by the Synagogue of Satan, the Kazarians, the Zionists. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob said that He would bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse them. Hard to parse, but an important distinction!


As I see it, Ben is reporting on this negotiation with a representative of the bloodline families who claims the head of the bloodlines are merely figureheads. He’s negotiating for the survival of the families. Does anyone here really believe that the WDS is going to leave them in charge of the money system?

How out-of-touch to say that if we the people are in charge of the banks that no one will work.

Till we are closer to the higher vibrational states, people will be willing to work. They just won’t have to be the same slaves to it.

This is just a ploy. These people – the bloodline families have used ploys for centuries……….but the WDS have applied wisdom for longer.




Published on Dec 23, 2017

SPECIAL UPDATE: Fitts Speaks Out on the New York Times Harry Reid Tom DeLonge UFO Story & Fake Disclosure!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts to give her take of the recent news wave of Fake UFO Disclosure via the New York Times, Harry Reid and Tom Delonge. She also points out that the fake alien threat story will be used as a smokescreen to coverup the real story on UFOs and distract from hardcore research into The Missing Money ($21 Trillion) at HUD, NASA & the Department of Defense!

They also give a preview of their major look at 2018, The Space Based Economy and Catherine’s latest Solari Report Control 101!


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Ben, I have subscribed for years, and truly appreciate all u do. But I hold a slightly different view of Israel. I agree the Kazarians have polluted Israel— and the planet as a whole, but I also think the God of Creation has eternally given Israel to the true Jews, the matter of which has been severely muddied by the Synagogue of Satan, the Kazarians, the Zionists. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob said that He would bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse them. Hard to parse, but an important distinction!

2017-12-27 8:42 AM

Hi Alan,

The only problem with the highlighted (bold) comment is that that is ONLY “the god of Abraham” – as we are all coming to realise, every religion has been set up to pit human versus human and each ‘religion’ has its own god who tells them that they are the chosen.

We are all equal and need no pseudo god to direct us. We can all link individually to our inner nature (some call it the higher self), and be directed without any middle men who have their egos to stroke.

This is a learning environment (Gaia / 3D realm) and for me only the ‘golden rule’ is required – “Treat all people equally and do no harm”

Kind regards,
Alan Neeson.


Wouldn’t trust these bloodlines one bit. They had to be brought to their knees to negotiate, could have ended this decades ago if there was any goodness in them. Good faith simply isn’t in their nature. They will start conspiring again in secret as soon as they are able. Do you really believe they will turn over a new leaf? Please…



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coooool thanks alan…..

your a real priest…..if you will sir…..

id even go church if you were the resident priest…..hahahahahaha…..


the bloodlines and chosen ones,class systems etc for some of us has no place in determining whos in charge in a human society…..

each sentient being in existence has legal rights as layed out in universal natural laws,prime creators laws…..

if lands are legally entitled to one group-then it must be proven to be…..if a group claims some god says they are the chosen ones and have rights to certain lands…..then this god will need to come to the legal proceedings and state the case…..

I understand some why our ideologies differ-we are many humanoid/hominoid types walking the earth…..

are ancestral richness brings many humanoid hominoid cultures together…..


Brittany Pettibone is doing interviews with this guy that has researched George Soros and he says that Soros is pro Palestine in the Israeli conflict.

Food for thought.


from cobras blogsite-quote—–Monday, December 25, 2017

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group

You might want to read this new Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group:—–unquote…..


cobra-quote—–A narrated Youtube video of the interview is available here:

A new situation update will be posted in the first few days of 2018.

Until then, you can enjoy this Pleiadian Christmas present:

Victory of the Light!—–unquote…..


excerpt from recent interview with cobra-quote—–P : A special rainbow appeared at Mount Wǔtái few days ago. You said that is a PleiadianLiquid Light Ship. Can you talk about why the Pleiadian demonstrated their Liquid Light technology on this Tuesday?

C : It is simply because there was a lot of, I would say activity of the surface Lightworkers, that have put a strong Cintamani stone grid over China and Taiwan, and for this reason the Light forces Pleiadian ships can much more easily manifest in that area.

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from recent cobra interview…..

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from this article-quote—–Dozens of children dressed in red-and-white Santa Claus costumes danced around a fir tree as Christians in Syria’s Aleppo celebrated Christmas, a scene unimaginable a year ago under Islamist occupation.

Two-thirds of Aleppo’s Christian population of 150,000 had to flee during the war, but this year’s Christmas celebrations were still grand. The city was illuminated and Christmas trees erected in squares.—–unquote…..



the children now again have a place to play…..

yusuf islam – where do the children play…..

James Gordon

The idea of working some deal with these satanists, especially where they retain control of central banking, is ludicrous and has 0 appeal for the U.S. military:
1) They are notorious for backstabbing and going back on deals
2) If they are waving the white flag, it’s only because they are absolutely cornered and all dangerous retaliatory measures have been disarmed, why not take them out for good if the worst is over?
3) I agree with others, if they have such a strong footing elsewhere in the globe, why would they be negotiating with the U.S.?
4) It would greatly improve American Morale to finally witness some served justice.
5) These bastards need to be made an example of that profiting off pain and suffering of others (for generations) is not acceptable. We all know what happened when we let wallstreet walk after the housing crisis.
6) U.S. wouldn’t go bankrupt if they seized assets of all these frauds. I personally would enjoy some Constitutional reform after a defaulting of the U.S. corporation…but such a transition would leave a dangerous window of vulnerability. I don’t know what Trumps up to but he seems to be attempting for reform with the most controlled transitioning possible in a time of crisis.

Why is WDS in any position to negotiate for the efforts that the U.S. military is executing right now? How many other interests globally agree that there is any comfortable room at all to allow these evil people currently in power to retain a shred of control over anybody? They are literal parasites, psychopaths, malevolent, corrupt and incompetent by any definition.

Universal Basic Income Lands in Scotland
People living in the Scottish cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and North Ayrshire may soon receive an unconditional monthly sum as part of a series of universal basic income pilots currently being explored with support from the local government.
,,,,,Scotland is not the first country to consider universal basic income. 2017 saw a number of experiments being rolled out all over the world — in Kenya, Finland, Canada, and California, among others. California’s efforts are spearheaded by the Silicon Valley’s largest startup accelerator, Y Combinator, which is in the process of launching a large scale study based on the findings of a small scale trial conducted last year in Oakland…..
`Canada originally had a ‘basic income’ program in the ’70’s’ – it was shut down before its completion. The results that were gleaned from it were VERY positive.
It is interesting that it appears that homelessness, and poverty seemed to become a program in the Western world, that gathered steam shortly after this period.
What DID they talk about when ‘ our trusted leaders’ gathered together???


Some Very blunt talk by Stew Web and Tom Heneghan
Dec 24/17


Jon Rappaport always has some very insightful articles
Here is another one –
Are FBI “patriots” getting ready to expose the corrupt Mueller probe?
December 25, 2017
….’I think there’s a lot of patriots [within the FBI] that have just had it up to here, with what’s going on. And they’re to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been, how they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things, you know, were done that are so anti what the FBI and United States is all about,’ Kallstrom added.”

If Kallstrom is correct in his prediction, and this isn’t just another dud, certain tactics will need to be deployed. Because there is no guarantee that major news media will cover the revelations of “disgruntled FBI agents.” In fact, major media will do everything possible to ignore, downplay, and discredit these whistleblowers…


This article on State of the Nation amused me.
Editor’s Note:
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump was probably the only one in America who could begin the process of knocking down Deep State.

SOTN was the first alternative news platform to call Trump exactly what he is—a wrecking ball. Google it and it’s clear that this meme has been almost as prescient as “Drain the swamp!”
There is no other time in American history when a wrecking ball was more needed than in 2016… 2017… and 2018. And, there is no one else who could have performed this function like The Donald. Likewise, the swamp inside the Beltway needed to be drained like yesterday!

Of course, many still intensely dislike Trump because of his “wrecking ball” style. They all fail to realize that the System was in desperate need of such a wrecking, especially Deep State.

The political establishment is so deeply entrenched that only a one man wrecking ball like Trump could do the necessary job.

The salient point here is that a wrecking ball in action is not a very pretty sight. It’s very loud and tumultuous and can swing any way at any time. This is precisely why the Trump movement was formed; his supporters were thrilled with his ability to take the whole place down. The Trumpsters knew that he was quite experienced at demolishing the old buildings before he could ever construct the new towers.

With this crucial understanding, the reader ought to apprehend that a bigger ego was needed to destroy all the other lesser egos in the Washington, D.C. swamp. What better man for the job than a straight-talking, ever-tweetin’ New Yorker who cares not a whit about being politically correct—-EVER!


God Bless Donald Trump!

Trump is, indeed, a human wrecking ball.

I remember reading years ago that the ONE thing that the fk’n elites greatly feared was to have a genius being in the right position at the right time with the backing of the majority of the American people, armed with the wrecking ball of the Truth.

The fk’n elites clearly figured that their massive, inter-tangled webs of deceit, deception, debt and damnation of the Swamp would be impossible for anyone to ever take it down, hence their fear of the aforementioned genius.

Now we see why Trump surrounded himself with military generals who were true Patriots.

Now we see why Trump trusted only the MI (Military Intelligence) to give him the accurate information that he needed to take down the Deep State and the compromised intelligence agencies.

Now we see why Trump was so steadfast in his support of the military, the veterans and the police forces in the US, as their support of him was vital in his efforts to take down the damn Deep State, as well as to take out the 40,000 pedos in the pedo rings.

Now we see why Trump constantly attacked the Fake News Media as the propaganda arm of the Deep State as a means of not only breaking the web of illusion that the Fake News constantly spun, but also to help people wake the fk up from their deep slumber of political apathy and lost hope.

I’ve said for years that only the US military had the logistics, the means to take out the Deep State and that we needed to hit the Deep State with blinding speed and ferocity that the Deep State would not expect, but I had figured, even with Trump in charge, that the US military was too compromised.

Over 40,000 people who were connected with the pedo rings have ALREADY been arrested. Wow! That’s awesome. Thousands of kids have been freed from sexual slavery and worse things. Children!

That ‘script of David talking with “MegaAnon” is very useful and informative. David’s latest blog entry is worth a re-read, as it’s so full of amazing, wonderful information.

It is clear to me that 2018 is going to start off with a big bang very early in the New Year, literally, like, on Jan 2nd. My enthusiasm of the amazing EOs that Trump issued on the 21st was not misplaced, I’m relieved to know and to say.

I can’t say this enough: God Bless Donald Trump!

And God Bless Americans who voted for Donald Trump!

And God Bless the Patriots who fearlessly faced down and took down the Deep State monster.

2018 is going to be the best year, ever.


Civil Servants Are Deliberately Destroying Documents From The UK’s National Archive

In yet another galling example of historical revisionism put into practice, the Guardian reported Tuesday that thousands of documents from the National Archives have gone missing in recent years – and some may have been deliberately destroyed by civil servants hoping to purge unflattering details about the UK’s abuses of power from the historical record.

Per the Guardian:

Thousands of government papers detailing some of the most controversial episodes in 20th-century British history have vanished after civil servants removed them from the country’s National Archives and then reported them as lost.

Documents concerning the Falklands war, Northern Ireland’s Troubles and the infamous Zinoviev letter – in which MI6 officers plotted to bring about the downfall of the first Labour government – are all said to have been misplaced.

Other missing files concern the British colonial administration in Palestine, tests on polio vaccines and long-running territorial disputes between the UK and Argentina.

Almost 1,000 files, each thought to contain dozens of papers, are affected. In most instances the entire file is said to have been mislaid after being removed from public view at the archives and taken back to Whitehall.

Stupid mofo’s doing what they can to crush the truth and rewrite history. Not gonna work anymore.


trudy #396578
Some Very blunt talk by Stew Web and Tom Heneghan
Dec 24/17

Stew Webb was the first one I heard talk about the satanic sacrifice rituals on key dates and where they would be held well before I was up on any of it. Good on him. Alt media has come so far on this topic and rightly so.



And anyone else who knows their way over a transit chart.

I can find absolutely nothing indicating that anything will happen January or February despite Bens and Davids enthusiasm. The eclipse might be interesting but aside from August 21st they are not that significant IMO. Most likely it will get me a new job.

What do you see here?


“Suing for peace…” – that’s precious. In theory (largely because my life is 80,000 pay grades below the great and wondrous criminal conspirators) – on what basis would the worldwide authors of murder across all borders and all societies be worthy of negotiation. It’s well past time to execute them. Their numbers are far smaller than the millions upon whom hey have brought violence unprovoked… the millions that they have slaughtered. On what basis would negotiation be appropriate given their war cry “you’re either with us or against us?” Indeed, all of their wealth should be confiscated… their properties left fallow.. their children held suspect throughout life. Would this not be fair? When will the construction of the many gallows begin?
Or will their be fools who believe that such people are capable of change? Stripped of their wealth and power let us see how they act!


As far the discussions are concerned, has the WD ask about the spraying of our skies? and if so, is there hope that those spraying the skies will stop doing it?


Just had an interesting dream about timelines and whatnot. There was a guy who was not the best strategist but was better than most and whose strategies tended to involve a kind of trench warfare. A Taurean like mindset. Who had died in the other timeline which was awful and had not died in this one and it was precisely because of people like this that the timeline was going positive this time.




What is it with these people. I’ll never give up, you’re really all, you’re all going to prison or worse, truly. Fair trials first somewhere, right. I’m sure it’s a fair trial down Guantanamo, I don’t really care. I’m sure it is though… (laughs)

YouTube: Donald Trump’s Silent Revolution Against Deep State Revealed


Picture if Hitlary w/o boot but with ankle tracking device on beach. Hmmmm…

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Thanks Paladin

December 13, 2017 – White Hats Report #60 – A Storm IS Coming

It’s been 11 months since we released our last report. This fact should not be considered to reflect our disengagement from the overall battle. On the contrary, we have been very busy behind the scenes in the ongoing fight to expose the cabal and restore our Republic.

Those faint sounds you’ve been hearing………… the change of the long time cabal influenced and controlled regime in Saudi Arabia TO the UK’s dogged determination to exit the EU via Brexit TO the exposure of the corrupt, CIA controlled media (Operation Mockingbird) TO the outing of the cabal infestation of the FBI and DOJ TO the unsealed Federal Court indictments TO the current and ongoing exposure of the sexual predators in DC, the media and Hollywood (the pedophile networks are next to be exposed)……………….. are the foundations of the cabal supported European Satanic bloodlines starting to crack.

President Trump is a wrecking ball, his very existence in the White House has caused panic and consternation throughout the ranks of the cabal and their Masters, even prompting the ZioRat family themselves, the Rothschilds, to publicly come out in criticism of Trump. The significance of Jacob going public talking about Trump “threatening to destroy the New World Order”, Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s constant whining on Twitter about Trump and David “Plastiki” Rothschild tweeting about US gun laws, is proof the bloodlines are concerned about their loosening grasp of world power. For them to even come out in public and speak is sign of their desperation.

February 16, 2012

This is the historic day when Lord James addressed the House of Lords in the UK and exposed the $15T fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve with the assistance of Homeland Security to create money out of thin air and transfer it to the account of Pureheheart Investsments, LTD in Europe. At the time, the $15T represented roughly 150% of the total US debt. To the cabal this was just another criminal scheme, never letting a big number stop them from continuing to perpetrate fraud on the US taxpayers.

The UK government did nothing and the US government was even more silent on the issue. Obama, the Kenyan born Slacker-in-Chief was complicit in this fraud as was Congress and SCOTUS. Well, as the saying goes:

“The chickens WILL come home to ROOST”

As always, there is more to the story, much more. It involves the usual suspects: the New York Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury complicit in a fraud of epic proportions.

In reality, the fraud began 6 years earlier when a Federal Reserve trading program contract was consummated with a private individual from Indonesia.

The Coming Storm

If you look to the horizon, you can see the storm clouds forming. The distant rumble of thunder can be heard and soon, the heavens will open and the rain will fall in sheets. The cleansing is about to begin. But make no mistake, it WILL be a storm of epic proportions, generated NOT by HAARP or the cabal controlled weather machines but by the Patriots and white hats in the US and all across the world.

In the lead up to White Hats Report #36, in reports #34 and #35, we put our readers on notice of the upcoming exposure of the $15T fraud.

Consider this your notice.

A storm is coming and we need all your help to get this out there in social media: Twitter, Facebook and whatever group and social circle you are a part of. EVERYONE needs to know.


“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
-From the “Tactical Dispositions” chapter of The Art of War by Sun Tzu



McCain has either had issues with both legs or he swaps sides to give each leg a rest from the device. 😉


Thanks for all the work you’ve done and are still doing, Ben. You must feel joy with some relief to report that the white hat effort has reached this point!
Rosalie DeGregory


from coreys facebook page-quote—–For those asking about being down. Yes, we are under sustained electronic attack. My Admin states that they are digging around and seem to know Database names etc. My Laptop had its camera remotely turned on this morning. These attacks began the moment David posted his most recent article with heavy intel provided by myself and MEGAanon. The recent Unclassified DIA documents I posted on my website for download may also be the focus of the current hack attacks.
Go ahead Cabla/Dark Alliance… Hack my computers, hack my websites, this will not slow down the disclosures. I also heard from DW that :Emory Smith was targeted again for his disclosures. Please keep thoughts and prayers flowing for Emory and those close to him. I will leave it up to DW or Emory to share the details.
Lots more disclosures to come…
TY, Corey Goode—–unquote…..


However, added to my earlier pessimism on these transits. Laura does not have the same perspective:

“The Storm” and Saturn: Humanity’s Victory Over Tyranny December 2017-December 2020


from this article-quote—–William Tompkins, a former aerospace engineer, Clark McClelland, a former NASA spacecraft operator, and Corey Goode, a former participant in a “20 and back” US Navy space program, all said the same. They had been either briefed or had learned that it was German antigravity spacecraft which had overflown Washington DC., in 1952.—–unquote…..


Re posting this from Intruth because it is so great. Thank you to all you glorious people. Especially GrandMaster Benjamin.. Wish we could all get together as the cooperative parts of the universe that we are to each other. Definitely on the same beautiful wavelength. – Ell


Jim Stone. CNN crying the lib-tard blues…
CNN is worried Trump tax bill will shift 2018 elections towards Republicans

From CNN:

“ever since the tax reform was announced, or the tax overhaul, or whatever you want to call it, there have been this whole slew of companies that have come forward and saying, ‘Guess what? We’re going to give out bonuses, now, to our employees.’ I mean, I have just a partial list in front of me, and there’s nine companies on here from AT&T, to Boeing, to Comcast, Bank of America, Sinclair, Wells Fargo, PNC. There’s all sorts of companies that say they’re going to give something to a thousand dollars worth of bonuses to their hundreds of thousands of employees. Fifth Bank Corp is gonna boost the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Obviously, they could have done this before the tax overhaul was announced. They were sitting on profits. But they didn’t, they did it when the tax overhaul was announced. And I’m wondering if you, as a Democrat are you worried about the wind in their sails? People vote with their pocketbooks. I don’t have to tell you this. So if you get a thousand dollar bonus, you’re voting for Donald Trump again.”
My comment: Nice spin, but sorry, if there was no tax bill the enormous amount of bonuses going out to employees would have exceeded company profit margins. Gee CNN, maybe capitalism is not so bad. The evil capitalists did not keep it all to themselves. Let’s see a few communists hand out bonuses once they kill the golden goose and no longer have anyone to steal from.

CNN then goes on to say how tax cuts “give to people” and how Trump is stealing votes by “giving people incentives” to vote for him. SORRY CNN, BUT TAKING LESS IS IN NO WAY “GIVING”. It just means the government is taking less. I know where the real problem CNN is having with Trump is rooted:

Liberals have infiltrated the management of practically every company and have as a result boosted other liberals up to income levels far beyond what they are worth. Though the bonuses for most conservatives will only help them “get by,” there are so many bonuses that more conservatives than they have ever seen before are going to start taking seats at their favorite restaraunts and will spoil the atmosphere. Yes, that’s it, it is OK to be an American as long as you are in a constant state of diminishment and are on your way out. NOT. Not even that, liberals want America destroyed and every last vestige of what America was wiped out. They prove it with everything they put in place, from the welfare state, to common core, to excessive regulation. They can’t deny that.

So conservatives have good news. and that is, scamming liberals are going to have a harder time than EVER stealing the 2018 election. Liberals have not won a legit election in decades, but lately the rigging has gotten so extreme it is really hard to get away with pulling it off.

Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble chimes in on who Q-Anon is…

North Korea Strike May Be Imminent
2 hour old.
North Korea’s news channel CNN’s top story today. I guess they try to “celebrate” New Year early???
No Worry! When going deeper in, it’s most likely turns out to be a satellite launch of some kind, David Seaman says. He also add that CNN sounds very sober today, and go on to speculate upon a “cleansing” process within MSM. If so, that is a much nicer top story…


So! the Evil Ones have a choice to make, or it will be made for them;
1- They can fight on in a vain deluded hope that they will prevail and continue there destroying sick ways.(that won’t work, dumbass’s).
2- Give up, be stripped of all wealth & ownership, confessing everything, and be humanly executed for all to see, and maybe(JUST MAYBE) there pre pubescent children let to live on, and only ever on the lowest universal wage(continuing constent monitoring, testing and educating) working the most remote locations and hardest jobs, for hundreds of generations, limited to one offspring only( you have to lay in the bed you make)so as to not punish the children to harsh, if they are not demonic souls, have every one even remotely associated with them DNA tested, assessed & monitored & equally treated as above. OR
3- Be hunted down interrogate(waterboarding etc) imprisoned & continued re-educating(tortured)untill death finely comes in many decade’s time, executing the lower level flunkies (who have turned a blind eye to evil) to every last one, men, woman, children(sorry but necessary to stop future troubles) even there security staff, servants, gardeners, tutors, etc anyone who doesn’t run NOW from them(lots can’t escape, so reincarnation is the only option,{ to stop the securit/hidden offspring from rising up again, for example the Clinton’s }) they allso will be closely monitored DNA tested, and treated as above.

That’s a very crude basic summary of the options, extremely horrible to the children, security staff, servants, gardeners, tutors, etc but that can be adjusted by future generations.

They have the choice? Death or there childrens slim chance

If i was employed by them I’d run and take my chance NOW or take what comes, sorry.

Fuck! that’s some bad karma for me or justice for the ones who have suffered through out history.

Have mercy on my soul.


Got this from Stillness:

Former CIA Robert David Steele – Trump, Putin & XI Must CRUSH The Deep State – Radio Snaga Naroda

Excerpt (Before calling the mainstream left party leader in the UK Jeffrey Coburn rather than Jeremy Corbyn!) 19:40:

Now I have recommended a truth and reconciliation approach. I believe it’s more important to educate the public, and the world, about the crimes of humanity, that not just the Clintons but the Obama’s, and the Bushes as well, and the Cheney’s of course have been responsible for. It is more important to educate the public than it is to hang the future traitors. So truth and recon is a very important concept that should also apply to the Rothschilds and George Soros and others as long as their is complete and open testimony.


That pic of Hillary may be photo shopped. Same picture of Hillary but no ankle bracelet. Darn!

google images Hillary ankle bracelet. I think that is a picture from august 2014 and is photo shopped. So she probably still has a bracelet but that pis isn’t real.


When good using same method of brutality, as evil – we, they risk become evil themself.

Don’t underestimate the evils long term tactics…. to go on and go on and on…., spreading like a virus. Until we ALL are infected. All of us needs to change our behaviour, too.
The more balanced approach regaining true peace and freedom, (including, from within), will imo be to give all cabal top notch and their minions a chance to end their contracts with evil. Forever.
Larger groups, as within the Annunaki’s, has already. Now “fighting” the good cause. Any “criminal” serve better when given opportunity to fix what can be fixed.
There’s nothing that can’t be healed. Brilliant advanced ET groups like The Arcturians, the most advanced 5th D civilisation, stands by waiting to help, when the smoke has passed from sight. They are specialized master healers. On all levels. Spiritual, mental and emotional. They also live by higher moral principle – that LOVE is the primary element of life force.

Now – assuming most of them (cabal) feel remorse, and willing to change their way….. We see this can be done, and has been done, within our justice system, primitive as it may be.
Those refusing… is left with a tough choice, I do see that.

Let them, or as many as possible, do good by repay their “debt”, and end all contracts with dark with it. Then Join all the much needed rebuilding programs. Our beloved earth and its wast diversity of life needs us all. NOW!
“WE” are neither free from “guilt” and wrong doings.
I Will be the first to state – I’ve done much idiotic and harmful actions during my life. Not honored Mother Earth properly. Not always been a loving fellow, to my family, sisters and brothers…..
So – I will also gladly join in humanitarian projects. Using both money and other assets. But first and foremost with direct efforts in person.

How beautiful rewarding is it not, to help/assist unconditional!

To build/rebuild, is to create. The opposite of evil, who only like to destroy, in any shape or form. Deep within lays all the answers to who we truly are. Be one, in alignment with Creator’s intention, or a savage renegade? I am sure love is the language of our creator/source. Never will I take a superior stand, pretending to be so much better. The judge.
But I agree – it’s a difficult situation anyhow. We should remind ourself it will be a tough test, of how far we have become, how civilized and thus ready – to join the higher developed civilizations and ascend to 4 and 5 D, were only love energies lives. ( I think Ben this time intentional “provoked” a respond from us. It’s really good to vent from time to time . But I’m sad that my wisdom always seems to be locked in a darker place, when responding to topics like this)


Jim Stone.
Check out this awesome Christmas rant by Ron Paul!

“The welfare-warfare state is built on violence and deceit. It is thus inevitable that many of those participating in this immoral system will combine their immoral politics with immoral personal conduct”
Priceless! The full text of what he wrote follows:

“Many Americans have been shocked by recent revelations of the extent of sexual harassment in Congress. However, no one should be too surprised that those who spend their lives defending and expanding the welfare-warfare state engage in immoral personal conduct. It is only natural that an immoral system, like the welfare-warfare state, tends to attract individuals likely to practice personal immorality.
The welfare-warfare state is built on a foundation of taxation and fiat currency controlled by a secretive central bank. While some type of taxation may be necessary to fund the few legitimate functions of government, taking people’s money to fund a redistributive welfare state at home and a global empire abroad is nothing more than theft. The Federal Reserve’s erosion of purchasing power is also a form of theft.

The welfare-warfare state relies on violence. Every law preventing us from living our lives as we choose – whether forbidding us from working for below minimum wage, preventing us from smoking marijuana or drinking raw milk, telling private business owners who can and cannot use what restroom, or requiring us to purchase government-approved health insurance – rests on the threat of force being used against those who refuse to obey.

The warfare side of the welfare-warfare state is obviously rooted in violence. War inevitably leads to deaths, including the deaths of innocents. A permanent warfare state is also the quickest way to lose our liberties. This is why the Founding Fathers counseled against standing armies and foreign entanglements.

The neocons and “humanitarian interventionists” who control our foreign policy have disregarded the wisdom of the Founders. They actually promote endless wars not to protect our security but to promote “democracy” and “universal human rights.” They are impervious to evidence of the failure of military interventions to achieve these goals and indifferent to the human and fiscal costs of endless war. They dismiss the loss of innocent lives – including the deaths of children – as unavoidable “collateral damage,” while using their influence in the media to spread pro-war propaganda. They also smear their opponents as aiding America’s enemies and sympathizing with terrorists.

No one holding political power wants to admit the system he supports is immoral and a failure. Therefore, defenders of the welfare-warfare state rely on lies and deceptions. They ignore all evidence of the failure of big government to accomplish its ends, instead pretending they can fix the system with a few reforms. They also work with allies in the media to promulgate the lie that without the welfare state the masses would remain poor and uneducated, and without the warfare state we would be overwhelmed by those who hate us for our freedoms. They never mention that many foreigners hate America because of the suffering caused by our hyper-interventionist foreign policy.

The welfare-warfare state is built on violence and deceit. It is thus inevitable that many of those participating in this immoral system will combine their immoral politics with immoral personal conduct. Hopefully the revelations of sexual misconduct among the welfare-warfare state’s Capitol Hill and media defenders will lead more Americans to question the morality and the wisdom of allowing the federal government to run the world, run the economy, and run our lives.


Don’t suppose anyone is interested but I have been blown away by this:

Barbara Thiering (died 2015) understood how to decode certain books of the New Testament through coded instructions found (in part) in the Dead Sea scrolls. This appears to take ‘Typology’, where there is a text, the context & a subtext (common in the sacred literature of the classical & early Christian & gnostic writings, using cross referencing for proper understanding) further by using a fixed set of rules to decode the real meaning.

From the theory of scripture given us by the Qumran pesharim, we can turn to the New Testament, to see how the Qumran theory is applied in a new way, to give us the actual history of Jesus.

Using a technique that the author calls “pesher”, she purports to have uncovered evidence in the Gospels themselves that effectively contradicts the story they narrate of Jesus and his mission. She calls this story the “surface meaning” of the Gospels, which is “for ‘babes'”, in contrast to the hidden meaning. Using this method, Thiering believes she has discovered, among other things, that Jesus was a member of the Essene community, that he survived the crucifixion, and that he married twice.

The full pesher can only be found from the Greek text, in the best manuscripts.
The essential methodological point is the rule of consistency. Every special meaning, every particular procedure, is applied in all occurrences throughout the six books (the four gospels, Acts & Revelations). When it is found that there is perfect consistency, it becomes certain that the pesher is objectively there and has been placed there. No arbitrary interpretations will work, no guesses. There are tests of consistency from many different directions, as will be shown.

The most striking thing is that all four gospels are in perfect agreement with each other, down to the smallest detail. That is quite different from what appears, that they seem to be contradicting each other, giving further reason for critics to assume that they contain a large measure of invention. They are not fiction, but a description of real events. That looks like an assumption of unthinking literalism, of the kind that can be wrongly applied to the Bible. It is not an assumption, but a conclusion. It is a conclusion in the scientific sense, the end result of a long and close study of the evidence. The evidence comes from the application of the pesher technique. The conclusion would in many ways be unwelcome to a blind faith. But it is nevertheless a complete account of precisely what took place (as just one specific example) between Thursday evening March 19, and Friday afternoon March 20, 33 AD – the crucifixion.


from this article-quote—–Updated Dec. 27, 2017

The Dominoes Fall

Why have these 50 Wall Street darlings resigned suddenly?—–unquote…..


heres a link to the list of these darlings…..


Merry christmas!



DECEMBER 27, 2017

During the pre-dawn hours on Christmas Day, Delta Force operators launched a precision strike against an Obama-controlled stronghold in Thailand, says an active Secret Service agent who claims President Trump green lit the operation following a series of telephone calls to United States military commanders and to Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

A Delta detachment, known as 1-SFOD in the Special Operations community, flew from Okinawa, Japan to the United States Embassy in Bangkok, and held position while Trump cleared the insurgency with his Thai counterparts.

According to our source, the Trump administration learned that Obama, by proxy, owned a mansion and a 400-acre estate on the outskirts of the city of Si Sa Ket, approximately 500 km from Bangkok. On paper, the land was owned by the allegedly defunct Solyndra Corporation, a startup solar company to which Obama gave 2.2 billion taxpayer dollars in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Solyndra declared bankruptcy, and the money vanished. Despite apparent poverty, Solyndra maintained real estate holdings valued at over 800 million dollars in a half-dozen Southeast Asian countries. The Trump administration connected the dots, linking Obama to the Thai property, after asserting Presidential privilege and subpoenaing flight records that demonstrably proved Obama had travelled to Si Sa Ket six times as president and an additional four times in the past year.

In a June 2009 edition of the Washington Beacon, conservative author Thomas Clearwater wrote, “Solyndra does not appear to be a legitimate institution, and is likely a shell company or slush fund used or owned by Obama to launder his dirty money.”

Our Secret Service source supports that contention.

“Obama holds real estate, vast sums of currency, and shadow companies across the globe, under many aliases. He doesn’t keep them in his name, as that would be too conspicuous. The administration has learned about many of them and has been working with foreign governments to seize Obama’s illicitly gained assets. Many of these nations are not exactly friendly to the United States; we don’t know what Trump offered in exchange for rights to seize assets in non-extradition countries or put special operations boots on the ground on foreign soil. I’m sure the price way high. Clandestine missions are occurring right now. The Solyndra mansion was just one of many,” our source explained.

more –

Somone posted this at Q anon on twitter.


more –
At 3:00 am (local time), a pair of helicopters, including decoy craft, airlifted Delta to its destination. They found the mansion deserted; however, according to our source, the dwelling had been recently occupied. The unit commander discovered freshly chopped vegetables and lukewarm coffee in the kitchen; outside fresh tire impressions lead away from the compound. Someone, our source said, must have tipped off the occupants shortly before Delta arrived on scene.

Still, Delta did not leave the location empty-handed. They seized several encrypted laptops and over 200 million dollars in gold bullion, in addition to dozens of crates containing Chinese manufactured firearms and explosives. Moreover, and perhaps most disturbing, a maze of underground tunnels, ostensibly used for human trafficking, ran for miles in every direction beneath the surface. Having gathered all available evidence, they requested exfiltration and handed-off control to Thai law enforcement.

Under power granted by the ASEAN Declaration to Joint Action on Counter Terrorism, Thai officials confiscated the estate and all remaining possessions contained therein.


Do you know that this website is a trusted place for info. Solyendra was a big red flag to me – really pissed me off and I knew that would be revisited just like Fast and furious will be.

But to take all that smug Obamas possessions away that he stole from us is beyond wonderful.

SOMETHING Just Released Over California.
Must admit – these UFO’s recordings are impressive.

Tony Podesta Makes Deal After Arrest, John Podesta Grounded, Hillary Clinton Sealed Indictment
Oops – several sources says this now, but not official.

Galactics update with Kent Dunn Dec 28, 2017
Expansion time is here!
We are now in a vortex on our way to 5 D. Huge downloads/upgrades will go day and night for about 20 weeks It contains 26 200 years of experiences, says Kent. Perry goes on to say it’s COLD in Thailand – that has never happen before……


zanderboy  #396607

Hi Zander,

Thanks for that link and the extract – I will follow it up. I have her book about Jesus but never really got into it as she seemed to me (at the time I bought it) to be rather orthodox mainstream Christian and I was beginning to have enough of that at the time. Maybe a re-read is required 🙂

Best regards,

James Woods Opens Up a Can of Twitter Justice After Hillary Begs Americans for Money
well served James!


Who started Rock & roll?
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain
Sister Rosetta Tharpe guitar solo’s (in motion picture)
A tribute to an amazing musician, who blended different styles, as in blues and gospel, with funky guitar play.


They say 2800 Hillary – Huma documents from Weiner ‘s laptop are being released tomorrow.
It doesn’t smell good by me. In this criminal investigation case, I’m not eagerly awaits things to be “let loose.” ( “See here – there isn’t much….”hope I’m wrong)


The GoldFish Report
A good job explaining the Executive Order – plus


Robert David Steele interviewed in Russian broadcast –
a good interview – covers a lot of background

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Drake Bailey


It’s not cold in Phuket(Thailand) been very typical weather(for this time off year) the last week and abit we have been here, bit overcast this morning but that’s the last of the, now low pressure system that was the typhoon that hit the Philippines and Vietnam. But i will bet in a couple of hours, 9am it will be all sunny and humid, Karon is a beautiful town with absolutely lovely people.


Huma/Hillary/Weiner documents to be released by Feds on Friday. Thank you, Judicial Watch!

Most of article: You can smell the Sharpie ink for miles as State Department flacks redact thousands of lines of text from documents found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop pertaining to Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

Get ready for another round of America’s favorite game show: Why Isn’t Hillary In Prison Already?


Infowars Jerome Corsi decodes Qanon’s latest. (I agree with another poster – just come out with it so you can reach more people!).


“It’s not cold in Phuket(Thailand) been very typical weather(for this time off year)”
Hi Lee!
She talks about Thailand as a whole 1.18 min. “Cold” is meant a relative expression as I understand her. My Indian friends that visit me this last summer called one of the warmest day here “very cold”


The weather is atypical for this time of year the local staff agreed this morning at breakfast it is “cold” as normal(which is what i ment), not colder than expected, so i.e normal, as for in the norther region’s it’s well within the mean temperature range from the information i can find, that’s why this time of the year is great, not the main wet season but not outback Australia hot as in there dry season, basically the same temperature as home just more humidity, and young drunk aussie guy’s. Lots of the locals are in jumpers but it’s not snowing “cold” the couple of Russian who spoke English way better than i could ever speak there languages said it was similar last year when they came as well, so not just my vague recollection of holiday fun.
Here’s a excelent weather site used by marines,26.78,734/loc=110.059,8.191
You can use the lefthand bottom corner (earth)to change the readout parameters, temp, height etcetera.
Doesn’t look like weather modifications directly or the likes .
Just thought I’d give a on the ground report, and nothing i could see on the news about US forces raids or Obama but corruption is a well used business model ( that which i could understand, being a tonal language i find hard to differentiate between words, western old age hearing)
PS still overcast now, better get my jumper out, hahahaha
PPS. I have got to stop reading the satanic whistleblower reports they make me SO MAD, re my 3 options post- why o why do i drop to there level, sorry universe, i will be strong.
Everyone have a happy new year


Great stuff everyone. I can barely keep up. It’s surprising for me that David Icke doesn’t seem to be aware of everything that’s happening behind the screen. Are we being mislead?


Postings by Anonymous on 4 chan that I found relevant – Dec 27/17-
(2 excerpts)
Hey! Debbie Downer! I already told you the swamp is practically all drained. Half these transports are just moving those already detained and remanded into custody. We didn’t need martial law. You’ll see! It’s pretty much already over and they all get to ride it out from the GITMO they wanted to close.
Please stop thinking the world needed to end for this to happen. We only need to drain the
FBI CIA and the FED is well on its way, as promised.
We have a lot of great people doing a lot of great things. Your government has literally never worked fucking harder for you, in decades. I told y’all which indictments to focus on, every time you asked me. I told you exactly how deals were working, who had one, who didn’t, who never would and told you whoever didn’t have one but had an indictment sealed/pending, had an ankle bracelet.
Don’t fear monger yourselves, please. You’ll be celebrating, not herded off to FEMA camps. Pull yourselves together for fucks sakes y’all!!! I can’t keep celebrating and winning on my own over here!!! Haha! ;o)
(…and again…..)
Worst thing Pbama actually did was run for President. He’s unqualified as he’s not a citizen. He knows. We know. They know… but we also have the docs. Hillary did too. She also literally ran his entire presidency. He was a planted puppet since 2008. He tried to pick up his balls after he won in 2012, but that didn’t play so well, especially after Benghazi.
So if we ever needed to rationalize with the dems or calm their REEEEEs and keep civil order, we’d need someone big enough they couldn’t deny or dispute. Enter Obama.
And not for nothing but Obama is the second person behind Bill himself who hates his balls jiggled by Hillary the most. He’d probably volunteer to put the smoosh on her, so no one feels bad about dangling his birth certificates and original visa over his head.


jujubean #396628
Or David Icke is an extremely sly TROLL, secretly working for the cabal, which some mean and giving reason for that. I myself have no clear opinion, but the possibility should be studied carefully I think.


filip4 #396631

Perhaps because Icke always seems to focus blame on the Reptilian agenda at the expense of the Zionists? I don’t know.


Did Awans Cut A Deal? January Court Date Mysteriously Disappears From Docket

Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller pointed out a mysterious twist in the case of Pakistani national and long-time DNC IT contractor, Imran Awan – who was arrested in July at Dulles Airport while trying to flee the country after having wired nearly $300,000 to Pakistan.

Awan’s court date on four counts related to bank fraud, which had already been reschedule twice, has disappeared from the docket altogether:

Which begs the question – did Imran Awan cut a deal with Federal prosecutors?


NBC orders staff to rat out misbehaving colleagues or be fired


Protein Shortage in Wheat, Carbon Taxes increase CO2 Globally & Bitcoin Futures News (496)
Adapt 2030

As expected there is a shortage globally of high protein wheat. There is plenty of poor quality wheat out there, but now high quality is fetching a $1 premium per bushel . Carbon taxes actually create more CO2 as companies head to nations with less strict pollution and emissions laws. Bitcoin Futures Launch on the CME and NASDAQ will offer BTC Futures in 2018. Institutional money is going flow in heavy in 2018.


re: Sister Rosetta Tharpe & to SIGGI
thank you for that link, the truth will set you free, Rock & Roll was not started by Bill Haley or Elvis. I am an old white guy who got his first electric guitar from Sears in 61 and needed a positive. Rock and Roll should not be built on corporate lies ( Rock and Roll award shows induce projectile vomiting )!


aneeson #39661

Navigating her website takes a while. I’m busy reading & making notes on Jesus’ life as decoded from Revelations – which surely must be the archetypical book written in code.

It seems to be a realistic, complicated (typically human) account of political goings on in Palestine from 0-114CE with the main players, showing how early Christianity developed through the already established Jewish diaspora & the hellenisation of traditional Judaism.

It tells us Jesus married Mary Magdelene, had children & divorced when she reverted to a more militaristic approach against the Romans. He later remarried & died peacefully in Rome, where his son Jesus Justus had already been given his

He was crucified but the priests obtained permission from Pilate to take them (including Judas Iscariot & Simon Magus) down from the cross (nails not used on the feet) because it was the Sabbath, when Jesus was secretly revived.

My feeling at the moment is that this is only part of the puzzle, where another Jesus was also crucified who was buried in Kashmir, making sense of the Quranic verse which states it was not he on the cross. The Dead Sea scrolls also tell us about the crucifixion of the ‘Teacher of Righteousness’ in the second half of the first century. Enter the potential of a different timeline issue . .


scottfree #394861

So how it goes with the Genius Insight?

Liked your original assessment. I had a two week trial but became disenchanted.

I questioned them about how the photo was used & they told me the ‘light graduations’ were measured. So I then asked if an optimum lighting condition would improve (& vice versa) the evaluation – I got no more answers!

Then I kept getting the same sound frequencies after every time I added stuff into the holding tray. I would then do a reassessment of my auric field & the colours would change & ‘improve’. I presume that according to the programming, I would see the new results – but to me they were more theoretical in scope than actual.

I don’t know about you?


zanderboy #396637

re. aneeson #39661

It seems to be a realistic, complicated (typically human) account of political goings on in Palestine from 0-114CE with the main players, showing how early Christianity developed through the already established Jewish diaspora & the hellenisation of traditional Judaism. ADDITION: ,as seen from the Essene community perspective mainly at Qumran, who having their origins from Egypt were exiled priests from the Temple in Jerusalem around the first century BC. (there is a given specific date & reason)


re: secureteam10 latest posting – For what it’s worth, the Triangle of lights are our military and they are investigating the saucers and they are not military. Just an empathic impression but I only get the vibe from the non-military and also a tip. If you don’t have infra-red (and it definitely is the best producer) or even if you do,, try a tripod with a time exposure. Take pictures of the local aircraft a night to get a feel for it. When conditions are right (heat lightning without the rain is my fave) , use that inner voice’ listen deep , and point the camera in the direction it calls you. Works so good I have stuff from a year ago I still lack the balls to look at! I shoot w/o infra red and I can’t even do it anymore it can get scary!



Or he’s just a stubborn old English guy that refuses to admit when he is wrong.


Way to go Wolfgang Halbig. He prevailed in a lawsuit over the fake agent Lennie Pozner/Posner/P. Osner (or one of his other nine names). Too bad this CIA weasel lies about being ill and refuses to go to court to answer questions. Also too bad that Halbig is out lawyer’s fees as a result of the government covering its lies about Sandy Hook.

Excerpt: The FOIA contained Pozner’s mailing address, a post office box, but that was enough for him to hire a lawyer. In response, Halbig not only removed the personal information—which he wasn’t required to do—but also deactivated his website, Pozner, however, continued to harass Halbig.

The judge ordered Pozner to be at the next hearing and produce the answers required via discovery—requests for answers to interrogatories, production of documents, and depositions.

The chance to question Pozner under the watchful eye of a video camera never arrived, however, as Pozner dismissed his complaint the afternoon he was required to provide the discovery answers, leaving Halbig with a big legal bill and a shuttered website. Halbig says he will countersue for attorney’s fees and costs.

More on site.


Crybaby Pizzagate John Podesta claims Trump nearly “ruined his vacation”. Why is this deviant, along with the other puppetmasters, still wandering around free?

Excerpt: Former Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta had his vacation practically ruined in July when President Trump tweeted about him, according to a new report published this week.

Podesta, who famously told Clinton supporters that the Democratic nominee would not be making an appearance on Election Night, described to Politico what it was like on the morning when Trump tweeted about Podesta allegedly refusing to hand over the Democratic National Committee’s server to the FBI.

Donald J. Trump

Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!

More on site.


Another excellent article by Jon Rappaport – a real investigative journalist! Dec 29/17
Chemo drugs are highly poisonous to begin with. But suppose, on top of that, they’re contaminated and tainted?

Welcome to the FDA: the handmaiden to Big Pharma; the promoter of destructive medicines; the opponent of natural health; the agency that should have been disbanded and fumigated decades ago. Corruption Central.
…..My, my. Fresenius can continue to sell its fraudulently tested, tainted drugs. Not a problem. Business is business. Promise you’ll mend your ways, boys, and stick to your word. Meanwhile, we, at the FDA, will get back to seeing what we can do to limit sales of those REALLY dangerous products called nutritional supplements…..
…….But honest appraisal wasn’t part of the FDA culture, and Kavanagh swam against the tide, until he realized his life and the life of his children was on the line.

What was his secret task at the FDA? “Drug reviewers were clearly told not to question drug companies and that our job was to approve drugs.” In other words, rubber stamp them. Say the drugs were safe and effective when they were not…..


A bit more on that executive order of Dec 21 –

(This is what I found significant – though I bet most of us on this blog have figured this out)

…….It is unprecedented for a Russian Head of State to publicly thank the CIA. The underlying message was clear, the CIA was now under the control of White Hats in the U.S. national security system ……
…….All this leads to the question, what does all this mean for a seven decades-long suppression of the truth regarding extraterrestrial life and technology, the existence of a breakaway German colony in Antarctica, and the existence of multiple secret space programs?….
…….The way in which the Executive Order has been crafted for a specific target, and quietly enforced is that the U.S. military is wanting to keep much of what is occurring off the public radar. The primary reason for doing so is clearly to minimize disruption to the U.S. political system while the transfer of power takes place.

Once the transfer process is complete, we can expect some of the sealed indictments being publicly revealed, and Trump publicly declaring victory in his effort to “drain the swamp”. We can expect a lot of unexpected retirements by indicted individuals who are currently making plea deals to escape imprisonment. Individuals involved in the most egregious human rights abuses such as child trafficking, will very likely be publicly exposed and tried….


Whoa … surprise, surprise … David Wilcock has a new blog out.


Cherokee Prayer Blessing
May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.


rays #396636
“I am an old white guy who got his first electric guitar from Sears in 61 and needed a positive. Rock and Roll should not be built on corporate lies ( Rock and Roll award shows induce projectile vomiting )!”
rays #396640
re: secureteam10 latest posting – For what it’s worth, the Triangle of lights are our military and they are investigating the saucers and they are not military. Just an empathic impression but I only get the vibe from the non-military and also a tip. If you don’t have infra-red (and it definitely is the best producer) or even if you do,, try a tripod with a time exposure. Take pictures of the local aircraft a night to get a feel for it. When conditions are right (heat lightning without the rain is my fave) , use that inner voice’ listen deep , and point the camera in the direction it calls you. Works so good I have stuff from a year ago I still lack the balls to look at! I shoot w/o infra red and I can’t even do it anymore it can get scary
Hi rays!
Glad you liked the Sister Rosetta Tharpe link. Absolute, the corporate money machine always rewrite history to their advantage.

Very interesting what you say in the next post. Remember how I speculated on these triangle crafts, before got more knowledge. I find it interesting that this huge craft let them(military) get that close. As if they want it to happen I presume…??
Thanks so much for all the tips you provide here. I have not bought equipment yet so need some advice.
Do you have any specific brand (infra red, or other “must have camera” etc.) you could recommend and possible where to buy?
Agree – it can be scary, but I’m just to curious to be that ha ha. Indeed using empathy and trust intuition is as excellent tool as any, to use under such extraordinary circumstances like that.
Thanks again!


mozart #396646


thanks mozart…..


david wilcock-quote—–These attacks reek of desperation on behalf of the Deep State. Why would they try to completely destroy his life if he was simply making up stories, as their paid trolls will assert?—–unquote…..


patriots continuing to be attacked by dark cabal sick criminally insane heartless maniacs…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Remember Chris Cornell’s death -confirmed NOT a suicide – just as we suspected?

Now world-renowned forensic pathologist, Dr Werner Spitz, is echoing Cornell’s wife’s claims, saying that after reviewing the autopsy report and the position of the body, that Cornell’s death did not look like a suicide. Dr. Spitz worked on many high-profile murder investigations including John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., and served as an expert witness during the O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony trials.

Combine Dr. Spitz’s findings with the fact that medical examiners discovered 9 broken ribs and head trauma during the autopsy, and Cornell’s “suicide” begins to look extremely suspicious. While some skeptics are excusing the broken ribs as after effects of the rescue team’s resuscitation efforts, that still doesn’t explain the head trauma, or why an astounding 9 ribs were be broken during CPR. Sounds like someone was literally fighting for his life that night. And when you see what Cornell was about to expose on Hillary Clinton, that chilling explanation becomes much more likely.

Both Cornell and his wife Vicky were heavily involved in charity work. One of their organizations was to mobilize support for abused and sexually exploited children from around the world. Throughout his charity work over nearly a decade, Cornell became intimately involved in Hillary’s Haiti charity, Aids Still Required, where he would work to relocate sexually abused orphans out of Haiti. It was during this time that Cornell discovered that these orphans weren’t being placed into better environments after all, but were then being sold into sexual slavery and human trafficking rings.


#396638 xanderboy
“So how it goes with the Genius Insight?”

Hi Xander,

Initially I thought it might be useful tool as I posted earlier. Now, after purchasing the full license and working with it daily on myself and about a dozen friends, family and clients for 6-7 weeks, I am beginning to wonder if the app has any positive effect beyond being a fancy placebo.

I wish that I had a better report. At this point I can’t recommend it.

I came to that conclusion yesterday and was musing whether I should post it to the Cafe’. Then your post showed up in answer.

I apologize if my earlier enthusiasm mislead anyone.



#396645 trudy
Quoting from an article, Trudy wrote: “We can expect a lot of unexpected retirements by indicted individuals who are currently making plea deals to escape imprisonment.”

Here is a long list of corporate executives and politicians who have stepped down. This list is so long that the twitter post had to broken into three. It’s really quite an astounding change in the Big Business realm. There are some big names and huge powerful corporations involved.


scottfree #396651

Good timing then, & you concur at this stage.

I would add that this app. is functioning online so I would assume they would have all the records of my inputs regarding my health. Don’t like that idea at all.


The deep state exists at the top of all the major international players, including Russia. The oligarchs are loyal to their own power. Even if Trump is acting decisively to dismantle the deep state here, he may be ushering in the next deep state of oligarchs, either as their tool, or in a self-serving way.

The Dallas News is not known as a pillar of Bolshevik communism, but as a traditionally Republican leaning publication that has won awards in investigative journalism. Here is a recent story about how Russian oligarchs have spent millions to fund the last presidential election.

A few excerpts:

“The government hasn’t given an estimate of the amount of wealth Russians hold abroad, but a study published in August by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based National Bureau of Economic Research put the figure at 75 percent of national income, or about 60 trillion rubles ($1.04 trillion).

“There is as much financial wealth held by rich Russians abroad — in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus, and similar offshore centers — than held by the entire Russian population in Russia itself,” said the authors of the study, including Thomas Piketty, who wrote the 2013 best-seller “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”

“The changes to our campaign finance laws created an avenue for Russia to try to influence our elections. There are holes in our firewall and they aren’t on the internet.

“The contributions are legal because the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling, Citizens United, and several subsequent decisions, allowed American corporations and citizens to give unlimited amounts of money to PACs and non-profit 501c4 organizations, regardless of how they make their money, where they make their money, or with whom they make their money. The only caveat is that PACs and non-profits cannot coordinate their activities with the political candidates they support.”

This is a long article with a lot of details about who owns the companies that gave considerable funding in the last election.

There are also a lot of George Webb videos that show Russian oligarchs operating the usual human trafficking, drugs, arms and money laundering. George Webb: Russian Retreat? or Ellis Island for Russians? (high end diplomats EB-5 visas that cost 500K)

George is saying: bring them in, sell the sex, sell the drugs, links to escort services, adoption, shipping, trucking, Concordia college, NJ and Ohio as hubs.

Eyes open, don’t be fooled again.


Zanderboy, #396519 from Wolf Spirit Radio, Simon Parkes
“Chakras can have a dual role, & thus can be manipulated via implants or activated to shut down; so to move away from 3D towards 5D we can empower them to help us, as being the safest approach.”

Mozart #396527
“The key differential between the limited forces of A.I. and the exponential, unlimited forces of the positive sides of the ‘Force’ is one thing — CONSCIOUSNESS.

A.I. can rearrange energy, can rearrange matter into all sorts of forms, but — despite the software of massive, deep intelligence — it MUST exist in some sort of physical/electrical units of combined 3-D — i.e. Third Dimensional — matter for it to exist, to function, to store its vast amounts of data.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is not limited to just rearranging energy, nor just rearranging matter — Consciousness (as the Sparks of the Force that creates the Universe as we know it) has the power to CREATE matter/energy as we know it.

A.I. is limited to the Third Dimension as we know it.

Consciousness can/does exist in other Dimensions — the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 7th Dimensions — that exist far, FAR beyond the reach of the limited scopes of the 3-D-based A.I. as we know it.

… hey, I’m starting to ‘see it’, and I’m starting to get excited, again. My faith in humanity is starting to be restored.”

Zander and Mozart: Hip, hip, hooray! It is coming together.

Chakra is the sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. It describes an energy pattern that is a fractal and a pattern of life and consciousness in every dimension. In a single point toroidal flow, there is a zero point in the center that brings energy in or out from other dimensions.

Any life form is a multi-holed torus, we have 8 or 9 holes that bring information and substances in, circulate them around and out they go as fertilizer for plants, ideas and actions to move us forward together. These energy systems are our chakras. We think of them as all lined up within our spine, but they circulate all through and around our body and exist in each and every cell. Anyplace there is a ‘chakra’ there is both a ‘black hole’ and a ‘big bang’ at the other side bringing in chi or prana from and to other dimensions. The circulation pattern is well orchestrated by the laws of nature, and when we get out of its ‘way’ (dharma) it moves toward health and the evolution of consciousness.

By practicing placing our consciousness within or without, we can learn to connect up to source, collect and direct energy to the betterment of all.

If you read the ancients, I think what they were trying to tell us is that the patterns of nature hold the key to the evolution of our consciousness, individually and collectively. Buddha found himself by reading the vedas and opening himself up to his senses, thereby dampening the monkey mind. Nature is a beautiful self-organizing system, if you get out of its way. Here are a couple quotes from wiki on that:

“A self–organizing system acts autonomously, as if the interconnecting components had a single mind. And as these components spontaneously march to the beat of their own drummer, they organize, adapt, and evolve toward a greater complexity than one would ever expect by just looking at the parts by themselves.”

“Falling between order and chaos, the moment of complexity is the point at which self-organizing systems emerge to create new patterns of coherence and structures of behaviour.”

Chakras are the energy pattern that allows this self-organizing living, connected connectedness to do its magic.

I have some really interesting images of the energy of life pattern from “The Principles of Light and Color “- Edwin Babbitt, 1878.

How do I post an image?


thanks, Scottfree!

I’ll mess with that and see if I can make it work. I love the images of how the energy flows in an atom or I see it like a photon of chi or tiny planck sized chakra.



Huma Abedin’s cousin convicted in fraud case involving fake emails – what is it with people affiliated or related to Huma and their email accounts? If Huma wants your email address, you had best refuse to provide it.

Excerpt: A first cousin of Huma Abedin, a former aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and soon to be ex-wife of disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, was convicted Tuesday in a fraud case involving fake emails.

Omar Amanat, 44, and his colleague Kaleil Tuzman face more than a decade in prison after a jury in New York City found the pair guilty of cooking the books and defrauding shareholders of the technology company Kit Digital between 2010 and 2012.

Amanat’s brother, Irfan Amana, was also arrested in the United Arab Emirates and faces charges of fraud with the same tech firm, the New York Post reported.

More on site.


You’re welcome Carol. I’ve used photobucket for this purpose before. I was trying to post an example for you but I used the wrong link apparently. I was expecting the image to show up in my post.


Looking forward to January 1st post. What’s going on?




Jim Stone.PC-Tardness coming to its ultimate result. I like to think of philosopher Ayn Rand and her oft-spoken statement, “Check your premises.”.
Olympics will allow transgender competitors for 2018 winter games

That’s the end of the olympics as far as I see it. There is a reason why men and women were separated at the Olympics. Now any old chad can don a dress, ski against the women, and take home the gold. RIDICULOUS!!!
IOC officials will not require athletes to compete in categories that match their birth gender, nor will there be any testing to confirm whether or not men are competing against women. It really is unilateral, where men can enter any competition, declare themselves women, and take it.

The transgender scam now has a chance to unravel everything the so called “feminists” worked for, and will also destroy the honest achievements of many women who are not feminist at all. You simply cannot have men bobsledding, ice skating, or doing whatever else against the women, they are divided at the Olympics for a reason. Adios to a fair Olympics. Games OVER. Once this takes root and comes to fruition,the Olympics will be 100 percent male, and fans will WALK OUT, JUST LIKE THE NFL.


carolm #396654


I read this article and the comments beneath it and then looked into the following:

The key person in this article is Leonard Blavatnik who contributed to PACs, which were associated with the following and never directly to Trump:

John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Scott Walker, & Lindsey Graham. His contribution to the Donald Trump Inaugural Fund was for the Fund “ was for the committee that has been responsible for organising US presidential inaugurations since 1901” (see excerpt below. Aren’t these other Senators part of the anti-Trump crowd?
Blavatnik is of Ukrainian Jewish descent, emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1978 – around the time many Russian Jews were immigrating to the US via Israel.

————————————————–another Blavatnik facts:

Blavatnik was born in Odessa to a Jewish family (from Wikipedia)

In this article: Excerpts

The Ukraine-born billionaire gave £75m to Oxford to set up the Blavatnik school of government, one of the largest donations in the history of the university. But last week Bo Rothstein resigned as a professor of government and public policy at the institution after it emerged that Blavatnik had donated $1m (£773,000) to Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.
A spokesperson for Blavatnik said his gift was for the committee that has been responsible for organising US presidential inaugurations since 1901 and that he had never donated to Trump. But Rothstein, a specialist on corruption, called the donation “incomprehensible and irresponsible” in his resignation letter.
• The headline of this article was amended on 11 September 2017 to remove a reference to Sir Leonard Blavatnik being a “Putin pal”. We have apologised to Sir Leonard Blavatnik for describing him as a “Putin pal” and the full text of the apology can be found here. Further, Sir Leonard Blavatnik’s lawyers have informed the Guardian that the term “oligarch” in his view does not apply to him. The Guardian editor-in-chief disagrees.
The only “oligarch” directly connected to Vladimir Putin in this article is:
Oleg Deripaska

Deripaska was born in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Soviet Russia to Jewish parents (also Wikipedia)

An aluminum magnate who survived the gangster capitalism of the 1990s and the financial crisis of 2008, Oleg Deripaska is a shrewd self-made billionaire who has managed to stay on the right side of power, whether by marrying into “the family” of Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsin, or by making himself indispensable to its current one, Vladimir Putin.
Deripaska’s relationship with Manafort began in the mid-2000s, when Manafort was a consultant for a Ukraine-based oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, an associate of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych. The Associated Press reported in March that Manafort signed a $10 million annual contract with Deripaska in 2005, a report that Deripaska denied and later contested in a lawsuit against the AP. In 2008, Rick Gates, a partner of Manafort’s, wrote in a memo that Deripaska was considering partnering with the two men to buy the Drake Hotel in Manhattan. But the relationship later soured. By 2014, Deripaska had filed a petition in a Cayman Islands court accusing Manafort and Gates of taking $19 million intended for investment then failing to account for the funds or return them.
As I see it from other sources, Blavatnik has disassociated himself from Trump and Putin and and I am looking for any closer ties to Deripaska.

If anyone desires for me to research further into this issue of Trump’s associations with Russian Oligarchs I will gladly do more footwork on this. But it would have to be a little at a time……it’s a big spider’s web.


But if you want to see who else Blavatnik has contributed to, check this out:


Justin Trudeau’s plan to replace Canadian European heritage is deliberate. I guess he doesn’t know that France is part of European heritage, his daddy’s family background.

The 2016 census released Wednesday documents the racist Illuminati (Masonic Jewish banker) policy to make Europeans a minority in Canada. In the last 50 years, immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of Continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21%. Immigrants from the British Isles have dropped from 30% to 7%, and US from 9% to 3%.

“More than 60 percent of new immigrants come from Asia (including the Middle East), by far the largest source. Africa, however, has now surpassed Europe as the second-most important source of new immigrants, increasing to 13.4 percent.”

Canada’s visible minority population has jumped from 4.7% in 1981 to 22% in 2016 and is expected to reach 34% in 2036. Europeans will certainly be a minority by 2050 and they are already a minority in Toronto and Vancouver.

More cuckage on site.



But I will also look into those George Webb videos you mention.

There are Oligarch and there are Russian mobsters. In some ways, it looks like he was referring to the mobsters……that’s a related topic. But I do plan to look into more about both.



David Seaman on bitcoin: Since it’s open source, if there was some backdoor to it or something a nerd somewhere would have screamed it from the rooftop!

Also Seaman mentioned Mozilla is open source as well. I did not know that.


I think there is more a generational astrological influence right now except for mercury going direct right after the new year.

It is all so amazing and complicated that I have just been inclined to simply what is happening and just let it flow and accept it. I think that helps the situation the most but continue to pass on the disclosures .


Dirty David Suzuki, hypocrite, set to line his pockets yet again while braying about the environment. He likes to fly everywhere, has a huge house on Kitsilano with plenty of energy-hogging windows, co-owns and island off the British Columbia coast with an oil company and takes money from Soros-funded groups, then lies about it. It is only Alberta oil he targets – he prefers to see wars in the Middle East for their blood oil.

“In the Power Corporation’s report to the Carbon Disclosure Project, it was revealed that they had provided funding to the David Suzuki Foundation for nine years.

“The Suzuki Foundation’s report to the Notley government recommend investing in wind energy, a move that would create new business opportunities for an Alberta based offshoot of Power Corporation.

“David Suzuki has a long history of opposing the development of the Alberta oilsands, now he’s using his friendship with the NDP government to line the pockets of his billionaire backers.”



Hmmm… Don’t like the 666’s here. Although since I heard about that Pete Peterson friends book on numerology of 3’s I have been wondering. We may have used to have had three or six fingers and when the Tower of Babel stuff happened have had them changed to five so we can’t do mathematics properly (The universal language.)

Yes, it is technical. Since David Wilcock has driven home some really interesting information I have been wondering whether to consider the moon malefic (last two full moons have not been pleasant). I talked about this in a recent youtube video I made.

This disconnection from considering the moon cycle to be so important has made me start to wonder about larger cycles. I.e. the Jupiter- Saturn cycle. These might be worth considering again.


Hi Dara,
Thanks for digging in a little deeper. Oligarchs and mobsters like to fund both sides to be sure they get their fingers in the pot no matter who wins. The DNC is deep into similar pots. It seems there is not much of a defining line between mobsters and oligarchs from what I can tell, apart from their accents.

See what you think about George Webb. I didn’t have enough time to go very deep into his videos, but he is looking into a lot of the snarly web of entanglements. The Russian diplomatic compound that was confiscated was particularly interesting to me because it seemed to be a money laundering operation that might explain how the Russian taxi drivers could afford multiple condos in Trump Towers if the money was coming through the visa operation. The stuff he was finding at Concordia College was disturbing. However, it was a lot of following the connections that made compelling circumstantial evidence, and it is hard for me to get it all from a video.


Thanks for interesting discussions and links folks!
Been on skype all day.
Net news main story today in my country, comes from the industry’s main organization, depressed stated by their leader:
“The Golden Age is over!”
Ha ha ha ha – what an incredible choice of words….
Was they intentionally…. or, the last breath from a dying entity, no longer able to enslave us?
I think this very well could be carefully chosen wordings! (nuts!)

So so incredible exited about the new chapter in humans history!
Truths moving faster than sperm-cells…. New truth babies born every nano second – shattering the limited 2 way lie of looking at things.
We jumping ahead as a grasshoppers on a corn field… ever increasing numbers. ​Insatiable and unstoppable, fast approaching the endless golden fields of abundance, joy and freedom.

Exploring infinitive perspective ————–> Accepts the possibility of other dimensions and realities throughout the multi verse….packed with a myriad of advanced ET’s…………..! Displayed and discussed on MSM, who just shortly called us all crazy conspiratory nuts.. HUH!!!

Just LOOK at what already has happen this year!!
Yup ..y Yay!


[A] digital currency that uses blockchain technology that is called ‘Utility Settlement Coin’ is actually very real, and it is currently being jointly developed by four of the largest banking giants on the entire planet.


Greg Hunter with an interview with Clif High on the next few years – Clif has a fairly good record for predictive. This sounds very POSITIVE!!


Pam Gregory talks about the first half of January, and the Full SuperMoon in Cancer on the 1st-2nd, which is very powerful as the Moon is very close to the Earth in its orbit. Uranus also goes stationary direct on the 2nd. What does all this mean for you?



… and I love the monkey mind concept in the dawning of understanding!
“Buddha found himself by reading the vedas and opening himself up to his senses, thereby dampening the monkey mind. Nature is a beautiful self-organizing system if you get out of its way …”

— “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,
Which we ascribe to Heaven.”
— Helena

All’s Well That Ends Well
Act 1, Scene 1


I should have known but I had no idea that the Hebrew calendar is lunisolar.
Quite a contrast to the Gregorian calendar, it has to say something about the timing of the day’s we are living in.

The correspondence of the constellations with their names in Hebrew and the months is as follows:
Aries – Taleh – Nisan.
Taurus – Shor – Iyar.
Gemini – Teomim – Sivan.
Cancer – Sartan – Tammuz.
Leo – Arye – Av.
Virgo – Betulah – Elul.
Libra – Moznayim – Tishrei.
Scorpio – ‘Akrab – Marcheshvan.


Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority


#Q BOMBSHELL: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ORDERED Seth Rich’s MURDER

Published on Dec 29, 2017
Jerome Corsi has put together some very significant #Q bread crumbs – and baked a bombshell loaf of bread.

It now appears that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ordered the hit on DNC whistle blower and Wikileaks info provider #SethRich.


Jim Stone

Two big headlines
The second Moore’s case for an investigation into vote fraud hit the bench, without even looking at it, the judge threw it out of court. Here is the “judge”.

No word on whether or not Moore can appeal. It is obvious corruption is really fighting hard for the steal.

There is a big uprising in Iran.
I doubt it is legit. Most likely it is another Antifa deal Iranian style, the CIA could certainly front that. But it is going on now and it might end up being effective at ousting the current leadership.




I’m frequently am in awe of how deeply nuanced your mind is.


Well, hell, Pig Vomit has found me on Twitter, sheesh. @BrennaCaleb

He’s got, like, 40 posts, a bunch of which he uses to attack me, Deester and others in Ben’s BFC, as well as Ben himself.

He thinks that I work for Pam Gellar. The fk? I don’t even personally know her — as if going to her website as an anonymous reader makes me an employee.

I’m blocking him right the fk now.

And I gotta say that Twitter’s blocking feature is pretty effective. I’ll never see Pig Vomit’s tweets again, even if someone retweeted any of his tweets.

I’ve been blocked by at least one person, and even if others retweeted what this person tweets, I never see the tweets — fine with me.


PGS – The Way
A blog by Bill Bennett

PGS – The Film
I have just completed a movie on intuition. It’s called PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

It’s releasing around the world – check the website for details.

The film details my four year search to find the source of a voice which saved my life. The film features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality.

Here is the film’s trailer –

Making the film changed my life,
watching it could change yours.

Bill Bennett.


BITCOIN to Buy a Truck! – Peer2Peer Economy- Arcane Bear
Arcane Bear

Published on Dec 29, 2017
Well, I bought a truck with Bitcoin. Some people ask, well, how do you spend your bitcoin. This is a prime example of the global economy will flourish under the current system. Weather its Litecoin, Ethereum Dash or the rest, if a user wants to accept it. Its a win for the community to see how this can all come to life in a peer to peer economy!


This retired military guy is a no-nonsense, straight-up man who is not glib, nor slick. He’s got good info.


Well, hell, Pig Vomit has found me on Twitter, sheesh. @BrennaCaleb

Before you block him you should invite him to Gab!

Anyway, this guy is going above and beyond the call of duty!


This has made me start to doubt that Caleb is a paid troll. it’s just getting too pathetic now.

The guys got brain damage.


He’s got five followers!



So I’ve been following Clif High and Jsnip4 re: crypto talk. It appears that Jsnip got scammed by this Trader Boss guy – the one who has been supposedly feeding Jsnip4 all his good crypto calls and making him tons of $.

Trader Boss is selling the same Crypto Class courses – at much higher prices than they can be purchased here:

He requires payment in cryptos – the above link is for USD.

Trader Boss is slick. I think he co-opted Jsnip4 who has a legitimate following.

There’s a guy on y/t ‘Silver Gold Man’ that is exposing this.


After more research I see it is a mine field out there in cryptoland.

REALIST NEWS – Silver Gold Man – Here is the Expose on this Coward

Anyway, Trader Boss selling the same courses for a ripoff price aint’ cool. Buyer Beware.

12.30 – Q Going Mainstream/Indictment Update/Human Trafficking Month/UN & AIDS/UFOs


#396681 He has probably taken a hit in pay as he only has a handful of “followers” now. I believe he was paid to drive people off the cafe and to disrupt it, which he did in a number of cases. With the poetry and humour being stripped by Twitter’s brevity, he comes across as an angry man, ranting against people most on Twitter have never heard of – actually quite sad!



Thank you for the kind words.

I see you and Caleb both as being targets of AI that manipulates your polarity to fear and anger. I see you both as human beings worthy and full of love and compassion for other humans, both bright articulate and creative souls who have been dealt a heavy hand in this lifetime.

Looking for commonality with living souls, and uniting against AI and the oligarch manipulation of ‘facts’ will serve us all in the long run. The practice of stilling emotional responses to the manipulation is a goal I seek to fight the artificial divisions of humans.

Much love to you.


from this webpage-quote—–Friday, December 29, 2017

Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation and a Group Healing Meditation for the New Year

You might want to read this new Cobra interview by We Love Mass Meditation:—–unquote…..


excerpt from recent cobra interview-quote—–

H: What is the current situation in sublunar space?

C: Basically, there is a total and full-scale war between the Light Forces and dark forces in the sublunar space, both on the physical and non-physical planes. I would say the main battle there is happening right now.

H: I think you have already answered this but can you confirm again that the rest of the solar system now be considered to be totally free of darkness control?

C: The solar system except the sublunar space is considered totally liberated. —–unquote…..


Daily guidance diary!

What gets your stomach in knots – you’re moving into areas of blocks and obstacles.
What point you in the right directions – always feels simple, clear, effortless….. followed by uplifted grounded energies.
Being in the flow!


tippy #396677

Hi Tippy; yes it was also the case with the Essenes who observed the solar calendar coming from Egypt, as many of them became early Christians where the priests of the Temple in Jerusalem followed the lunar cycles; must have been quite tricky when throwing in Christmas & Easter & Pentecost on top of the Jewish observances.


cobra-quote—–I would say this is a key moment in human history and it is the highest purpose for everybody to discover their missions. Discover your missions, carry out your missions and anchor the Light as much as possible because the Light can make a difference in the world.—–unquote……


cosmic drifting by the cosmic drifters…..strings tuned in 432 hertz…..

coooool to see more and more music players tuning in 432 hertz by the looks of it…..

first time i tuned an acoustic guitar in 432 hertz—–immediately when beginning to strum it i felt heavier energy signatures and anomolies of sorts being purged from the surrounding environment…..

this stuff works absolutely 100 per cent pure expansion into grooooovier realms of existance and such…..


I see you and Caleb both as being targets of AI that manipulates your polarity to fear and anger.

Mozart, thank the Lord you have St. Carol to guide you.

Caleb can’t just be a wanker without any AI influence?


from the film shotcaller…..

prison systems designed to destroy our peoples lives…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Hi Phoenix,
Anyone with an inbox is the target of AI manipulation of divisiveness. Before there was inboxes it came through print propaganda, but with all the data collection available to AI now it is specifically targeted to hit our particular emotional hot buttons.

Cambridge Analytica is particularly good at the programs that hit the emotional hot buttons.


Video: 8:34 minutes, Bert Crevier Updates us on How Mass Arrests, Nessara and RV/GCR are all Tied Together.

From Gary Larrabee

Gives some idea about how its going. Might be a minor preview of what Ben will report on.



Ten minute video from Jordan Sather. I thought this also had good info



This is interesting:

Stillness in the Storm: Astrological Alignment Could Herald Major Changes Beginning in January 2018 — All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM)

The vagina is going to get me in this time. (jk)

Anyway, interesting. This will make the entire retrograde cycles very interesting. There will be no off button for the next few months and March 8th is when this period ends… David Wilcocks birthday!

On January 10th we enter Saturns shadow zone! This is all very exciting!


It’s like watching a slow motion car wreck when you consider retrogrades.


scottfree #396673

Very curious and informative post about this new crypto. Thanks for the heads up.
David Icke as a troll, I don’t think ‘so. He’s been kicked out of so many places and had his tour sites canceled minutes before appearing that he can’t be on the payroll. I don’t understand how anyone can attack his belief in the reptilians since nearly everyone on this site believes it and his endless criticism of the Khazar mafia and zionism has gotten him into lots of trouble. He’s also relentless in his efforts to expose US tyranny in the Middle East and elsewhere along with the escapades of the CIA, Wall Street, military-industrial, and Musk/Gates/Zuckerberg/ Thiel/ Bezos. So I’m a little confused about those who would think he’s some kind of disinfo. Where’s that coming from?

So this was strange. I’m checking Twitter like 7 minutes ago and there’s an update from Zerohedge about how the dollar is in freefall and the stock market is plunging which is bizarre since it’s Saturday and no business is transacted anywhere. So I click on the link and the page comes up but quickly goes out and there’s a message saying that the Internet has stopped. The Internet doesn’t stop. Signals are disrupted, the WIFI connection may be broken, but it doesn’t top. I try it a few more times with the same result. So I hop on the computer (right) and visit the Twitter feed for zerohedge and there’s no such article anymore. Just vanished. Thoughts?

Also- seems the daughter of a friend of mine is in a rough spot. The girl is currently a nursing student and all the students were told that they MUST have the flu vaccine. My friend is die-hard anti vaxxer and doesn’t want her daughter to get it but they can’t figure out what to do. Her pastor (born again Christianity) has agreed to write a letter in hopes of a religious exemption, but no one is sure what to say. Does anyone here have any advice or info that might help? She’s pretty desperate. I shared about the Lemurian Plug, but she’s not there yet.


Hi juju,

About nursing vaccinations, I’m not sure where you live, but here in Portland where we have the lowest vaccination compliance in the country, hospitals require nurses to get flu shots yearly. I know nursing students and nurses that are very concerned about this requirement to their profession. I don’t know if other hospital workers (doctors?) have this requirement or not.

If this requirement is widespread, nursing may not be the profession of choice for someone who does not want to be vaccinated.

I just googled it and in 2013 New York State is saying either you get a flu shot or you have to wear a mask at all times if you are around patients. That is the only other option if you do not get a flu shot. This will apply to all HCWs. Anyone who has clinical contact with patients, even food handlers and people who transport patients, are required to get this shot or wear a mask.

So, there may be a way out if you are willing to wear a mask.


My god, I’ve been trying to tone down my facebook, and will be toning down other things as well just to try and make things easier for myself in the social scene. It’s not going well. I just posted this on facebook: I did three normalish post and then I rebelled against myself and started analysing said posts with normie points.

How much sensitivity do we need to give the regular folks when the normie world is coming down around them?


So this was strange. I’m checking Twitter like 7 minutes ago and there’s an update from Zerohedge about how the dollar is in freefall and the stock market is plunging which is bizarre since it’s Saturday and no business is transacted anywhere. So I click on the link and the page comes up but quickly goes out and there’s a message saying that the Internet has stopped. The Internet doesn’t stop. Signals are disrupted, the WIFI connection may be broken, but it doesn’t top. I try it a few more times with the same result. So I hop on the computer (right) and visit the Twitter feed for zerohedge and there’s no such article anymore. Just vanished. Thoughts?

– #396707

Hedge doesn’t like to be seen as less then a prophet in these matters so he’s probably waiting on more information.

Go to Bloomberg homepage and you will see the futures markets that are open over the weekend and basically control the entire market. They have just had a vertical plunge down but not a large one… Everything is always plunging or surging on zerohedge.



Hi Carol …

According to the multiple medical emails I receive daily, the flu shot this year is only 10 percent effective. And then there are all the downsides from the other substances included in each shot, at no extra charge. There’s been much discussion about mercury, but the larger concern seems to be aluminum, a significant factor in Alzheimer’s.


The vast majority of flu deaths are among seniors. Depending on the year, between 71% and 85% of flu deaths are among people 65 and older. This is true even though two-thirds of American seniors get the flu shot.

A 2011 review in the Lancet was the first to question whether the shot was working in seniors. It noted that doctors had complained for years that the vaccine didn’t seem to help their older patients.

The researchers cited lab evidence that the vaccine was being thwarted by something called immune senescence. It is the idea that as people age, their immune systems weaken. This results in poor vaccine response. They don’t make enough antibodies to stop the flu.

(I can’t provide a link because this text is from a subscription newsletter)


A friend turned me on to Max Igan’s TheCrowHouse
Here is the latest one, published 12/29/17:

Mind Controlling Humans

I don’t agree with all he talks about but like his persistent focus on 2 things:

1. The dastardly plans the lizzy-pups are continuing to pursue: “Have you actually, publicly seen ONE arrest in 2017?” “The Chemtrails are still in the sky”… The way “they” keep distracting us with the BIG IMPROVEMENTS that are J U S T A B O U T to unfold (and still haven’t).

This talk gives a good summary of what can be expected from 5G… immediately after it’s up a yr or so from now: The Tracking of US ALL much more completely via “The Internet of Things. That it’ll be like all of us l i v i n g in an airport scanner.

2. That neither Trump nor any Government Entity is gonna rescue us from “it all”… but that WE do ACTUALLY H A V E the POWER to fix it ALL… via acting on our own morality and truth choice by choice day by day…. that the amalgamation of these choices really can make the global shifts needed.

ie.. 2 is the RA WE ARE RA.. I keep reminding myself about via typing it here.
IF we keep re minding ourselves about the power we ACTUALLY HAVE/ARE… it has a chance to sink into our noggins and enable us to USE the power to manifest the lives/world we think we are w a i t i n g for.

tail wagg all.. 🐕
I’ve been “holidaying it” combined with work and have missed all y’all.
Now gonna read thru the week’s goodies.


Hi Lakewinds,

I heartily agree that the vaccination program is one big load of bunk.

Juju’s friend was distressed that her daughter would be required to get the flu shot to continue in nursing school. From a bit of a search and from people who I know that are nurses, it has become a job requirement in hospitals to be vaccinated by law in some states, and by hospital policy in others. So nursing is a dangerous job if you believe that vaccinations are harmful. The only way out of these laws and requirements for hospital workers is to wear a mask. That is scary for kids and uncomfortable for many.

I can see how much pressure there is on people who do not see the eugenics program at work here. There are billboards, and posters everywhere you look to get a flu shot, even in grocery stores. I was waiting for a prescription at my local grocery store, and took the blood pressure cuff test to pass the time. The screen asked me if I wanted to see how young I was according to my health habits. After a very short few questions, the answer to how young I really was surprised me. The conclusion was that if I would only get vaccines regularly I would be MUCH YOUNGER.

A big part of the problem is the profit motive that drives policy, research and marketing budgets, but I think most of us here can see there is more than simple greed that is behind it.



I stopped getting flu shots about 10 years ago, because one made me sick for several days. I take a fair amount of vitamin C routinely, which tends to protect against illness in general.


One of the most important things to realize is that the problem isn’t a technological one. “The internet was made to be decentralized,” says Sunde, “but we keep centralizing everything on top of the internet.”

To support this, Sunde points out that in the last 10 years, almost every up-and-coming tech company or website has been bought by the big five: Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. The ones that manage to escape the reach of the giants, often end up adding to the centralization.

We don’t create things anymore, instead we just have virtual things. Uber, Alibaba and Airbnb, for example, do they have products? No. We went from this product-based model, to virtual product, to virtually no product what so ever. This is the centralization process going on.


jujubean #396707

Hi juju!

re weak dollar and stock Market plunging.
Just a thought.
A weak dollar( against other currencies) could mean investor less positive re holding this currencies. Could be a sign of nervousness toward the prospect of growth internationally. This is in sharp contrast to the signs in the US economy, which has the largest growth under Trump since the 70’s. Even the manipulated statistics show this. Employments rates are a good clue.
But there are so many factors at play, since Brics have more or less moved away from it, the ever increasing domestic debt, potential financial crises, Crypto, and all the other numerous reasons investor’s have.
When markets go down in late December it’s general considered to be a so-called “Holiday reversal” and if it’s in the normal parameters of history, well then it’s kind of normal. ​
And agree – everybody wants a piece of the future out there , so the cabal has it’s own crypto unit. And of course they will try. But it all has to do with how awaken humanity becomes when truth of all their (cabal) criminal activities, comes to light.
How many will then use it?
There is only one real authentic Crypto currency (as a means of payment similar to fiat currency) and that is the Bitcoin. All others are “copies.” It’s beneficial to read the white papers to get the whole picture here I think
Cabal banksters will fall/fail. That will make most currencies safe. However a currency built on decentralized technology will prevent future control scenarios like we now have. imo


lakewinds #396714

Medics are newly offering vaccines for shingles here (Tasmania), more particularly for the elderly. Chicken pox along with flu plus additives together.


“This week I moved our sunset meditation to Saturday evening so that we can begin together a 24 hour vigil in prayer and meditation before our New Year’s Eve celebrations begin.
I suggest you (their friends) begin in gratitude, and proceed with hope, and culminate in faith for all the new year.”

From Glenda Green (from Love Without End) recognising all meditations for goodness, in all realms, dreams, dedication and hopes for peace.


Predictions for the future:



Interesting upwards moves in gold and silver prices recently.
Has anyone a good reason?


Hi Tippy

I think that program is Australia wide. It is also being pushed heavily here in SA. I am lucky in that I have a dr dead against all vaccines and pharmaceuticals in general My hubby goes to a different dr and he is pushed each time he goes for a vaccine of some sort, flu in particular. My mother in law also is being pushed to have the shingles jab. She is aware enough to stay away from all jabs thankfully. She is 93 and as sharp as a tack still with all her faculties! Maybe all I have been telling her for the past several years is making a difference? Who knows. Whatever, so long as she stays away from the jabs.



Search engine provided to search Huma’s e-mails.

“When the FBI released the emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, they were released as Adobe PDF documents containing scanned images of printouts of the emails. This rendered the documents unsearchable.

“How We Did It
“ applied Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the documents using pdftotext. This generated text documents from the images contained in the PDF documents which can be searched.

“As OCR is not a perfect technology, some errors will be present in the documents and their formatting is extremely basic. The goal is to provide a best-effort search of the documents. A link to each original PDF is provided at the top of each email message. For the original formatting as provided by the FBI, access the PDF document and make sure the language you discovered is factual and intact.

“The documents were then added to MongoDB with full-text search.

“The date is parsed from the first line of text (if present) and used to help order document results. Searches here are performed without alteration, and result sets are paginated into sets of 20 documents each. The set is sorted by date as discovered from the documents themselves.”


For me it is like a big Hugh train putting on its brakes while blowing its whistle to warn anyone on the track that it is coming.
But yes very much slow motion


New Video: Command PB Stardust (Chronic Pain Relief Protocol) 432Hz


zanderboy #396607

Don’t suppose anyone is interested but I have been blown away by this:
You must be a very good teacher, zanderboy, to be able to present many different topics and ideas that act as a catalysts to whomever wants to look further. I found a further 35 different calendars … seems a big subject, I wonder how they did managed the additions.
From my research of another of your posts a year or so ago about Ra, I discovered Moses burning bush was instead a sun disk not consumed by fire, with visions and manifestations within, and such illuminating information about the influence of Egypt in relation to Moses, too long to write here. Not a burning bush but something abstract and dramatic.
“Gods of Our Fathers: The Memory of Egypt in Judaism and Christianity
By Richard A. Gabriel, page 94.”
and ancient manuscripts. All relevant to now.

I hope you and your mother are doing well and that your trip into the Mongolian desert was as fascinating as it sounded! You sounded jolly well equipped too!

All the best


To all friends and colleagues in the café,

May I wish you all a very successful 2018 with much positivity and revealing enlightenments. May this be the year for the 99% to flourish and the cabal to be disbanded.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Alexis and Alan.


Here’s a youtube that gives some pretty startling intel on Eric Schmidt, who, as most know, resigned from Google shortly after Trump published the EO on human rights abuses.


#396707 jujubean
“seems the daughter of a friend of mine is in a rough spot. The girl is currently a nursing student and all the students were told that they MUST have the flu vaccine.”
I have a suggestion/solution. Reiki energy will nullify the harm that vaccines create if it is applied immediately after the injection. If your friend’s daughter can find a Reiki practitioner who will accompany her when she gets her shot and administer Reiki at the site of the injection right away, then she can escape the damaging effects.

I know that is a tall claim but, if all else fails, she’s got nothing to lose.



HI Scott

That is really interesting info and very helpful. They are trying to force parents to have children fully vaccinated here in Australia. Our criminal PM’s wife is on the board of a pharmaceutical company/s so we know exactly were this decree is coming from.

My daughter hasn’t had any of her 3 boys vaccinated for anything. She knows the risks and refuses.

I will pass this info on to her for sure. Thanks for the info, something I never knew. I do know bicom therapy can nullify the vaccinations. My therapist has successfully treated several children who have been vaccinated.



Boosting the immune system with anti-oxidants before and after and immediately putting ice packs on the injection site so the reaction is minimized for several days –

Something like c60 will immediately pull the poison out of the body as well or zeolite or bentonight taken before and after the shot.

Stop the affects of the inflammation on the site


scottfree #396730
Here’s a youtube that gives some pretty startling intel on Eric Schmidt, who, as most know, resigned from Google shortly after Trump published the EO on human rights abuses.

Wow….here is the link to their website – another good place for real news.


Australian Banks Reportedly Freeze Accounts Of Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin investors are claiming Australia’s banks are freezing their accounts and transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges…


Happy New Year everyone. Hope it is a great one for all and this is the year disclosure is revealed, tech is rolled out for everyone and no one is homeless, hungry, sick or wanting in any way. I think most people are getting a sense of something big pending, let’s hope it is so.

Here is Drake’s show from this morning. Intel is in the last half hour or so. He says things are going to begin to roll soon after 1st of the year.



To you all on this Café, Ben and those working behind the scene, may I wish you great prospering in 2018, the demise of the evil and release and freedom for those in anyway struggling.

Happy New Year 2018



Hi Tippy

I think that program is Australia wide. It is also being pushed heavily here in SA. I am lucky …

Thanks for saying what is happening Aust wide Rhonda, yes you are lucky 🤗. So am I. I am so glad to have a little knowledge of what should so obviously be known as wrong and dangerous and an attach on liberties.

Some are becoming aware, it’s great to see it happening.



Bill Clinton – OMG

Dec 30
The @ClintonFdn’s programs are helping people improve their lives. Together, we can help more people and improve even *more* lives in 2018. If you give before December 31, I’ll personally triple your donation.

Found this on Q anon twitter posts – Guess this is for the ‘uninformed’.
Wonder how much they’ll steal with this solicitation?


Day 71.2 FBI Thinks They Are the Seat of Government
George Webb

Pretty Interesting…


Wolfintimber #396608

I looked thru the list of resigned CEOs etc.
It seems like that many folks could be resigning from such positions in any given year.


I got a dream today that I blogged about and it was very much a dream that highlighted energies ‘still in play’. This is thus how I ended the article, it just does not feel like a new year energy to me and never does around this time:

Anyway, that’s that. Clearly with such a title we would expect a proper new year inspirational message but this is where we really are. In halfway limbo. The weight of psychology is upon us. The energies of the time space or dream world are still happening.
There are two potential real new years. One is January 22nd as stated by the Human Design Chart and one is at about March 20th. 0 degrees Aries! We have our planets all going direct, and a lunar and solar eclipse, for a massive showdown before March 8th so things should be exciting!


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner starting 2018 with a royal Zio-tard tuchis-zetzing .
Politics And The Jewish Language
By Brother Nathanael Kapner December 31, 2017 ©

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is just another name for Jewish censorship.

For who doesn’t know that Jews control the political narration via their ownership of the press and their Washington nest of hundreds of lobbies and organizations?

Convertibles are easily detected by the unruffled ear such as:

Making the world safe for democracy” — which is another way of saying — “Making the world defenseless against Jewish supremacy.”

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East” — which is another way of saying — “America is defenseless against Jewish lies and murder.”

With all our wars, and the recent devastation America wreaked on Mosul and Raqqa comparable to Dresden, (thanks to Trump giving Rabid Dog Mattis carte blanche with airstrikes and ground shelling), the world is a hundred times less safe. (The mad rabid dog now threatens to attack Assad.)

Mosul and Raqqa have been reduced to necropolises of rubble, and the stench of death hangs over all because of bodies still buried in the rubble.

Non-Pentagon estimates of “collateral damage” of 10,000 civilians killed in Mosul are 10 times higher than what the Pentagon claims, but that doesn’t count the corpses that won’t be retrieved until after the rubble is cleared.

But with the Jewish-created buzz word, ‘fighting terrorism,’ windbag Jews (like Wolf Blitzer, Jacob Tapper, Jeffrey Goldberg, and tons of other Jews who hold the highest benches in the press) have turned wafts of lies into frozen stacks of ice.

An ‘Orwellian’ writer said it well:

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. One cannot change this in a moment.”

Really, George? Seventy years later, what’s changed? Fact is, it’s worse.

IF IT’S THE END OF HISTORY, (the triumph of democracy), we’re done for.

‘Democracy’ is simply a tinsel lined crock-pot at a flea market awarded to the highest bidder. Who’s that? The JEW. Who doesn’t know that by now?

The Jew decides who runs for office and where he runs.

How is it that the Jew, Jacob Frey—who was born and spent most of his life in Virginia—suddenly appears in Minneapolis to run as mayor and beats the incumbent Gentile?

It’s a network, a spider web of Jewry, threaded through every political level and apparatus in each and every state of our Jew-infested country.

What is state power? It’s Jewish power.

What is the ever-increasing menace of the ever-encroaching state? It’s the unrelenting menace of the ever-encroaching Jew.

What is libertarianism?…(Rothbard could never say this)…it’s liberty from centralized Jewish control.

If ever there’s “privatization” of our roads, courts, and ports, then the Jew will hold the proprietorship.

THE SOLUTION IS CLEAR. There must be a widespread backlash against the menace of the Jew. It begins with exposing the snake then stepping on its head.

Do we change our political language from Jewish to Gentile? No. It’s simpler than that.

We unreservedly use the JEW word. We call him what he is:


The snake will hiss ‘Antisemite.’ But it won’t work. The goy is roused from his slumber.
See: Antisemitism In Hysterical Spin Here


Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble disses the NY Slimes and their rave review of “Darkest Hour”. A movie Gary Oldman most likely had to do as penance for his past “anti semetic” activities.
More on site
NY Times: (Movie Review): ‘Darkest Hour,’ or the Great Man Theory of History


Never let it be said that “the powers-that-be” (cough cough) do not reward their loyal goy agents generously. Here we are, more than a half-century after Winston Churchill, that vile, bumbling, drunken, cigar-chomping, lying, scheming, plagiarizing, sodomizing, warmongering, genocidal blob of human feces departed for hell — and he is still being glorified on the big screen for the next degeneration of boobs to worship.

Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls. Let’s dive into Sulzberger’s cesspool to review the review of Darkest Hour – Hollyweird’s latest homage to the demonic beast we call, “The British Mad Dog.”


Thank you Ben!

Best wishes to everyone of a Happy New Year !


re vaccinations.
Wearing plug or a phone uploaded with plug energy, when injected should also help greatly.


Now and here, silence is the truth of my heart, worshiping, loving and celebrating who I Am. Who others appear in my eyes and lovingly touch my existence, offering space for more Self-love and Self-worth as a body/soul until eternal become the full presence in emptiness of this walking vessel.
In 2018, my full commitment and devotion is to consciously channel and follow the Divine’s Will to serve my mission, my burning passion, my ultimate devotion to God. To love everything equal and unconditional, to stay neutral and be the flow of nature as a perfect contributor to the holiness of life, on Earth and beyond, so far beyond the imaginable, only possible in light of Divine.
we shall rise to glory of our hearts promises to our Creator/God/Father/Mother/All.

I offer my true gratitude to 2017, the most challenging year of the final cycle of 9 years of being held in sacred womb of Alchemy, transformation, activation, cleansing, rewiring and returning to original blue Ray that I Am.
I thank and appreciate sincerely and truly all events, happenings, reflections of friends, family, encounters, lovers, teachers, supporters, and my light Tribes on Earth and Stars for safe keeping, loving, honouring and nourishing my well-being and presence as I walk the pathless path of truth into full embodiment of Divine love.

May we all surrender to Ultimate love, the source of All. 💗

12.31 – Twitter Debacles(Liz Crokin!)/False Flags/Iran Fallout/Imran Awan & More

More on Iran!
As shared from others, there is an uprising in Iran. Thousand of women throw away their hijab (head cover)
Mysterious plane leaving Iran with no “call signs” Could Iranian elite leaders be fleeing? ask Jordan. + more


Yes the plug as well – make sure you are absolutely healthy- why not make the company’s pushing for vaccines pay to have an indepth test of your blood and urine and make sure you get a good reading from a scientist who knows what it means at that level. My chiropractor knows much more than any doctor I have employed.

If your emmune system isn’t healthy don’t do it. One size doesn’t fit all .


carolm #396708

Thanks Carol, I forgot that one. We’ll try.
phoenix9061210 #39671

Point well taken about the panicky zerohedge. Will bookmark Bloomberg.




 #396741


oh thanks littledog…..

ill check it out closer-I scanned it and seemed to see mostly 2017 removals and such…..

it is another good indication of the power structure on earth shifting into more and more lightforces controlled operating systems now….

recent intel from multiple sources speaks that the solar system is controlled now by the lightforces-other than sublunar to earth space and parts of the earth…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Re; UFO photography in reply to siggi I been using a Panasonic Lumix, It is a few years old but what I like best is the 18x Leica optical lens. No substitute for good REAL optics. Blowing up pixels ain’t the same. Find a range of shutter openings that work for the lighting and use an exposure range that will give enough light that the shutter stays open 5 to 10 seconds. This will vary with the amount of background light so snap some aircraft and try to get a setting that will show the aircrafts flight path with several dots that will be the normal aircraft strobes. Now the fun can start and if the Unidentified Airborne Phenom are charging up as they do during lightning storms they will be nice and still and the flight paths and strobe flashes of local aircraft are good ways to measure distances and relative direction.


re: INTRUTH 396650- Chris had 9 broken ribs due to rescue workers efforts ? I was a HiVoltage sparkey for the Dod and did CPR Training for over 30 years and the way they were teaching it towards the end was that a suction device (toilet plunger cup) would lift the chest cavity on the upstroke part of the CPR cycle and reduced the tendency to crack a rib on occasion. But 9 ribs? Something stinks here big time and it smells like Killery has her GPS’ed cankle in it!


the lemurian plug files-after untilization of lemurian plugs for about 4 months…..

positive effects on air quality in the house,and seemingly less dust and such accumulating…..

overall calmer more harmonious energies flowing in the home…..

reduction in insect population-fruitflys and such…..

with the lumerian plug the battery lasts a lot longer on the mobile phone…..

the mobile phone doesn’t feel harmful when carrying it now-same for other wireless devices…..


thank you so much to the grooooovy lemurians of inner earth for delivering this great technology to the surface…..



rays #396752

Hi ray!
Great – Thanks so much for all advice – i admit I probably need to take a photo course as well.
wolfintimber #396754

thank you so much to the grooooovy lemurians of inner earth for delivering this great technology to the surface…..
Hi wolf!
AWESOME wolf! So glad for you…. – I join in that gratitude, well said great lightworker!
Thanks so much for sharing
namaste to you both!


To all you great members in this cafe, and Ben, fighting the good cause for huanity!

I think…..
The great change that’s coming, due to huge amount of cosmic energy-light burst/s, are not so dependent upon us, nor can it be controlled, altered, manipulated, postponed, stopped..or anything in this regard, by cabal, CIA, paid troll or shills, Malevolent ET, narrssistic leaders, msm, Banksters, royals, secret religious societies, The vatican, China, Russia, EU, USA, Military, secret space programs, Trump (good or bad), AI, fear, Clinton-Podesta, Harry (potter) Reid. Tom (sponge) Delonge, White, dark or grey hats/hearts…or any other entities in the universe

owing to the fact that…

Freedom and peace, balance and harmony, knowledge and wisdom, rejuvenation and longevity. abundance and prosperity, perfect health, joy and laughter, love and light, Higher spiritual IQ, divine God self powers, child like creativity, excitement and adventures, beauty, wonders and magic, galactic reunion, Individual experiences thru unity…
i.e Ascension,
are happening because…

(and thank “God” for that, so we can relax a bit))
(To Grandiosa for you? Yeah – what the heck else do you expect from me…ha ha ha)



My first thought about this was what Al- Jazeera is claiming it is. Deep state intervention to overthrow Iran, but apparently not!

To me this is the first examples of Uranus going direct, although via the chart it is more a Jupiter- Mars going over natal Uranus retrograde thing:

Youtube: Media Blackout Of Iran Protests

Jordan Sather had something interesting to say about this in his video as well.

Also, it hits, although indirectly, Western feminism, that supports the hijab as a symbol of empowerment. (Many women in Iran are throwing off their veils. Chanting in the street is ‘we do not want an Islamic Republic’.)

It may lead, to some sort of hit onto Western feminism on January 9th!

Another thing, I have been thinking about Jupiter Ascending, a film I have not yet watched. When this came out David Wilcock said it was an effort by someone to release some truth but that it was mostly spot on enough to trigger those who have met reptilians but it was a little fictional because the Draco do not have wings. A few weeks later Corey had a meeting with these beings and they had wings! I was like “holy crap”.

I do not feel comfortable when I view these beings. Just imagine, these beings really existing. Physically being in the room with them etc.

Perhaps we never will though because perhaps they will be wiped out before humanity publicly finds out about ET’s.


from this article-quote—–Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 31, 2017

As the New Year approaches, the final cleanup of the cabal is almost complete.

The remainder of hidden rogue cabal elements were discovered and neutralized. Those that were captured are being discretely sent to Gitmo for imprisonment.

The Alliance have already initiated the mass indictments months ago, implementing trackers onto all public cabal minions.

All cabal minions within governments across the world are being monitored 24/7 by the Alliance.

All geopolitical matters were successfully solved in 2016-2017 paving the way for the RV.

2018 will begin with a big bang as the RV is about to be released. —–unquote…..


ladies and gentlemen…..

the worm has turned…..


re: Phonix9061210- post396668- It is my humble opinion that if our number system used base 6, Pi would not be infinite and math would make a lot more sense when doing geometric computations. We limit ourselves by adhering to our simian primate five digit biology when using base 10.

Breaking/CNN/Trump Was Right About FBI Crimes!


I youtubed the Iranian transits and whatnot up:

Astrology, Iranian revolution and Feminism


Jim Stone. Happy New Year with a bust of the Mandela Effect.
January 1 2018

Happy New Year!!!!


They are pulling another one, as I write this. But they screwed this one up BIG TIME. They are removing the stripes from Uncle Sam’s hat. But this was caught on time to NAIL THEM.


Happy New Year new post up.


Greg Hunters latest weekly wrap up is just great – sorry I don’t know how to link it from my phone 📱 but maybe someone else can do that. 1/5/18


Alex Jones has a interview with the real Anonymous /Q dated 1/5/18
Another excellent interview filled with a ton of good info
“High level intelligence source
Unloads deep state secrets ”

I believe he was arrested after the interview


cobra-quote—–And all computers (not just those with Intel inside) have hardware backdoors:—–unquote…..