Exopolitics article may be of interest, plus the video “Missile attack was via a “renegade” China military sub”

A contributor wrote in with this:

Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org   1-17-18
“Was a Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii Thwarted by a Secret Space Program?” (and was the missile from a “renegade China military” sub?)

This article by Dr. Salla includes an important update which is via a Greg Hunter interview with Dr. Dave Janda, an orthopedic surgeon based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who also has strong contacts in …

Related:  A Greg Hunter program where Dr. Janda’s sources said the attack was via a “renegade” China military sub:

Ben says:
There seems to be a great effort to kill the Israeli submarine version of this story, but if it was rogue Chinese, the Chinese know how to contact me and tell me this.  My sources say Israeli submarine, so I’ll stick with that.  Also, the only people on this planet who have been consistently trying to start World War 3 are the Armageddon-obsessed Zionist fanatics.

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Thanks for this follow up, Benjamin. I have felt this Chinese story may be another distraction/deflection/cover story by the rogue Israeli mob. They got away with 911… we should all be losing patience.


2 agree w Samba
more light … more light fhgac to zionists attempting ww111… chinese… msm … all researching… risking… worrying…. reading…. hoping.

ps… I like the way Ben’s extra.. midweek posts are creating more dialogue: you Ben n us readers.


Absolutely Ben! It has been attested that Israel is missing one of its submarines!
They really are trying so hard to start WW3…


[#397739] agree w Littledogg
but what does fhgac mean ?
~ Samba


samba #397741

For The Highest Good of All Concerned


littledogg #397745
For The Highest Good of All Concerned

Of course…
You always inspire me the way you persist in your Loving.
Thank you, Littledogg.


The changes seem upon us at last. The light of truth is growing and darkness only needs fear to still win. The only thing to fear is fear itself. I know FDR said it but I cannot give anyone credit for saying what we all know inside to be an absolute truth. F— the liars and stand in their faces and shine a light!


cobra-quote—–The Hawaii missile was a secret space program weapon directed to Hawaii that was removed by the Galactic Confederation before it entered the atmosphere. —–unquote…..



Agree Ben, samba, littledog and all! It’s the Zionist. Thanks for the mini report.
No worry – Good ET is on extra high alert.


A co-worker said that Cory Goode was a guest on Coast to Coast AM and attributed the attack to the C.I. a whom he claims have their own secret navy including one or more subs with nukes. I think China would be an unlikely source of the attack especially since it was unprovoked. Jim Stone pointed out that Israel is the only country that has been able to attack the U.S. with no consequences (e.g. the USS Liberty).


Another thought about a rogue Ci.A sub. What American sub Captain would knowingly launch a nuke at an American State? Also, doesn’t it normally take two people to launch a nuclear missile?


I was just checking RT news and Turkey has crossed the border into Syria and false news is Erdogan’s motivator. Don’t hang it all up looking at Asia- shit is going down as the Kurds get hit again and more suffering in Syria!


I need to purge my memory but i will try to be concise and honest as possible as this is the stuff that has me reaching for the melatonin (plant based only) at night so i can dream all right.

I used to be partnered up will a very smart fellow who I considered somewhat of a mechanical genius like Browning or Kelly Johnson or Bill Lear.

We would fix HiVoltage Electric stuff for my dear Uncle Sam at the now defunct Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

“Lefty” (my courtesy to his survivors, no it’s not a real name) and I were paired up often to fix worn out HiVolt switchgears because he could fix most anything and I am an empathic faker who picks the brains of those I love, mostly because I can. “Lefty ” was quite hyper and I was often used to help keep useful people calmed down enough to do some very important things.

Lefty was a fellow motorcycle rider and salt water fisherman so we usually got along pretty good and got lots of” attaboys” from the U.S.N. and never an “oh sh…”.

One long H.V. cable repair job we talked a lot. He used to be one of the guys who sat in a missle silo with a pistol and a key. The pistol was for a brother in arms who was not thinking right.( My Dad was in charge of a LCAT and was issued a Colt 1917 .45 revolver during WWII for the same basic reason-command & control in a bad situation .)

If there is any way, on God’s green earth, that a long crank handle or something else could be used to turn both keys at once, I am certain he would have figured it out. As for the other Dude, a determined person just has to cold blooded kill em first.

Over 20 years ago my dear friend wrapped a towel around his head and put a .45 round from his Colt 1911A1 behind his ear I was told.
Something this weeks events make me think about.
I really don’t think my friend should have been in a delicate position like the DoD placed him in.


Good morning! Events are perking….thank you Ben!


Interesting. An unimpeachable group I work with has independently CONFIRMED that there was no sub and no missile, and yet this story keeps getting floated both in the MSM and alt.media… and of course by Ben, though we suspect this is because Ben continues to listen to some “Pentagon source” that has shown that it either knows nothing, is being played, or has been compromised. Why does this fake missile/fake sub story continue to float? To do what the whole missile fakery was to do in the first place: foment fear that someone is then trying to funnel into some sort of future confrontation, fear that is also BEING CONSUMED by beings that eat fear. I’m totally serious. Let’s all grow past this, shall we? There’s literally nothing to see here. Concentrate on the FISA memo.