What are they preparing us for?

Ben: The efforts to numb the minds of the people have increased dramatically.  I can feel it happening to me so I know it must be happening to others.

What do I mean?  Basically, bizarre events happen with much greater frequency now THAT ARE MYSTERIOUSLY NEVER EXPLAINED.

You report on them better than anyone.  Such as:

  • the “attacks on the brains and health of government personnel in Cuba”;
  • ship collisions that cast doubt on the competence of our Navy;
  • ship collisions involving other nations that seem intentional;
  • passenger airplanes disappearing and that can never be found;
  • alternative health practitioners murdered by the dozens;
  • “suicides” that cannot possibly be suicides, such as death by multiple nailgun shots;
  • a California drought that defies all scientific meteorlogical explanations;
  • a California firestorm that defies all known prior knowledge of such things and seems obviously targeted with high-energy beams from space;
  • hurricanes that make unexplainable right turns to destroy American cities;
  • and, of course, the 9/11 coverup that any thinking person knows was an inside job.

and more…

Big Brother hears your conversations, reads your emails and even can read your mind…

The results of this deliberate campaign?

The people become increasingly fearful and convinced they are not safe, even in their own homes when even the local police are implicated in murder coverups and the pedophilia epidemic being exposed throughout government, Hollywood, etc.

And just to be sure we are prepared to meekly accept something too horrible to contemplate, movies displaying rotting corpses and insane vampires attacking communities flood our theaters.

Whatever “they” are preparing us for, they are pulling out all the stops.

Any high-octane speculation as to what that “what” might be?

All the best,


Hi D:

My understanding is that they have controlled us through fear since time immemorial, and they are losing that ability to control us so they keep trying, with limited success, to turn up the fear volume.

It was because they feared losing control that they planned to kill 90% of the population.  Fortunately for us, the military and agencies of the world refused to carry out this task and instead are now turning on the controllers.

There will be turbulence as they are removed from power, but rest assured, even if they pull off a few more Las Vegas-style incidents, they have lost the war.

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frank ferguson

every day that the ozone is not restored means that tens of thousands of death from UVC induced cancers.


Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.


Helas jared le beaux fils de trump est un satelite a soros ca devient compliquez les turcs a present il fait tuer tous cette kabale satanisme comme dit pourine l.a paix sur terre ne viendra lorsqu on aura tuer tout les rautchild au fet raut site pedophile


Bonjour. Voila avec tout ce remue menage on ne comprends plus rien avec ce qui ce raconte et ce qui ce passe breffff il est vrai que j etais un anonymous mais de mes sources j ai appris a ne pas leurs faire confiance je suis l ingerence du deuxieme tours francais presidentielle normal et l esclavage des enfants sur attalis mais la bete a tisser ses toiles dans le mecanisme et la vision des gens et leurs facon de vivre on dirait bien que s il le perdent le deep state on croirait les voir perdu tellement ils sont… Read more »


Hey aneeson I don’t think these updates count on these comical #1 #2 #3 especially when only 7 or 2 people comment but on to the subject I believe everything is becoming more seethrough as the veil is getting thinner and u realize these are FF. I don’t like watching sports anymore because I can see how phony it is like that CB for New Orleans jumping ahead of the receiver knowing nobody was there to stop the TD. That’s the reason why the ratings are down so much is because u can see it’s fake now even though I… Read more »


Know your enemy, know his assets and weaknesses and know your own. Our enemy is limited by the speed of light and internal electronic and digital circuity which at best is still at the speed of light. As our early empath experiments with even the Steam-Punk NASA of the Media demonstrated, cards read by astronauts were NOT subject to radio wave (speed of light) limitations but were absolutely real time as in instantaneous .

We are faster than the Antichrist AI. Know how the tools in your bags work and use them now.


rays #397768

I am taking a course focused on abundance.. and gratitude… I found I could read your list with delight… at the beauty and creativity of your references and of you.. the one who created the comment.



It seems like the world has become inverted like going through a pinhole lens of a camera obscura or like the Bizarro world of the old superman comics. American Newspeak is the official version of the English language and Franz Kafka’s nightmares are my daily reality. Truth is tough to find too!


I found this just after I took another step to find centeredness and clarity in the midst of such divergent realities: 1. What us rabbitholers are seeing more clearly all the time. 2. What my friends … family…. neighbors still see as “what’s so”. Reading here.. and from other rabbithole researchers.. as Ben says here: The war is almost all won… lizzy-pups going down. But neighbors r still enlisted in nyt/post/msnbc/nitely news reality… know nothing of the behind the scenes war. or zionist/khazarian lizzy-pups. or pizzagate… think the storms n fires n meteors n earthquakes r all acts of “god”…… Read more »


Good overview piece on the Google problem, by Gordon Duff, VT;


The results of this deliberate campaign?

Yes, Ben I would say all of this is a deliberate campaign.


First 🙂

Boy are we getting disclosure!