Future of world being negotiated in next two weeks as Super Blue Blood Moon approaches

The shutdown of the U.S. government over the weekend is likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations continue to discuss its replacement, multiple sources agree.  The Western old-world-order leadership is gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate this very issue, the sources say.

Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”  In addition, the sources say U.S. President Donald Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR).”

Furthermore, the sources continued, “The House may release the FISA memo, which will take down criminals in Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic National Council, the CIA, plus the Obama and Hillary Clinton organizations.”

“Trump may even read the memo at the State of the Union address on January 30th,” the sources added.

The sources also say, “Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.”  A gold-backed Zimbabwe dollar is being pushed by many as a new African currency to replace the current mishmash of Rothschild-controlled currencies.

However, it is still far from certain that the GCR will take place as envisioned by the people in the Pentagon and agencies, since worldwide, the situation is extremely volatile and slipping out of U.S. control.

The most important factor to bear in mind is that the U.S. government is the most indebted government in the history of the planet and much of that debt is owed to China.  If the U.S. unilaterally reneged on the debt, it would no longer be able to control the U.S. dollar system that allows the Pentagon to operate around the planet.  The result would be that U.S. soldiers, who are already not receiving pay thanks to the government shutdown, being forced to beg on the streets or else rob people at gunpoint around the world.  As if to underline this situation, the Chinese rating agency Dagong downgraded the U.S. sovereign and local government debt to BBB+ with a negative outlook, putting it below Peru or Morocco.

Here is what they had to say about the U.S. debt:

“The perennial negative impact of the superstructure on the economic base has continued to deteriorate the debt repayment sources of the federal government, and this trend will be further exacerbated by the government’s massive tax cuts.  The increasing reliance on the debt-driven mode of economic development will continue to erode the solvency of the federal government.”

Dagong probably does not realize just how deep the problem runs.  The Pentagon, in its first-ever audit using outside auditors, has already found that $21 trillion went missing between 1998 and 2015.  That is more than 35 times the entire official U.S. military budget for 2016, multiple sources report.

CIA, MI6, and Pentagon sources say the missing money was spent on…

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Peace to all!


Many thanks for this report, Benjamin.
May all change be for the Highest Good.


Thank you for the report. Peace to all.



ha finally close to the top but what a time to get up in the morning


WOW!! What a report! Sending much protection to those good people taking this action. It is looking the best chance to take the cabal down. Very exciting report.



Good article this week Ben


Good morning BFC…


Our criminal corporate government in South Australia has gotten into bed with Elon Musk. We need to take them all down!




#FEARTHESTORM: Q Reveals #MEMO Intel: 16 Year Plan to Destroy USA

You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 21, 2018

Today Q revealed the contents of the Nunez #ReleaSETHememo. Seth R murder and cover up revealed. Z_ckerberg, Schmidt, Bezos, @j_ck, Mockingbird Cartel warned. 16 year plan to destroy USA REVEALED.


13 — Thirteen — Let’s reclaim this number!


YES…..thank you Ben and WHITE HATS everywhere…..



We knew she was a traitor:

FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.



Still a little unclear about who has been causing the California fires. At least in the North, Deborah Tavares claims that is the bad guys. Are the North and South fires related or not?


Ben must live a really weird life.


Wilcock here. This was very interesting.

We have been waiting on some major briefings and haven’t gotten them yet.

However, we were definitely told to expect some major moves from the Alliance that would heavily damage the Cabal, and be considered serious progress.

It wasn’t clear whether we would visibly see the results of this or whether it would be more of an inside thing, but still very productive.

The time window was the two weeks beginning last Monday. After so many “deadlines” come and go without any visible results, I decided to sit tight and see what might come of this.

There were several “a-ha” moments as I read this for possible connections. I don’t think the shutdown is going to last very long. However, the idea that corrupt politicians could be arrested during this process is fascinating and seems plausible. The explanation for the very bizarre Reno quakes could also be accurate.

We are definitely looking into the idea that the Hawaii Defcon 1 event may have allowed sensitive data to be transferred to the Alliance on the mainland, due to the unique nature of what such an event creates in terms of data security.

It is interesting that the Clintons were provably there during this same timeframe. They may have been managing their last big “data dump” after the all-too-conspicuous house fire, and possibly getting ready to delete a lot more before this happened.

We did hear this house fire was the last straw for the Alliance as they were indeed destroying all sorts of incriminating data before their indictments become unsealed.

Also thank you, Ben, for finally starting to talk about the Secret Space Program seriously and without an air of ridicule. There are multiple levels to it and it is very real.

Of key interest is the mysterious payload that Elon Musk recently launched. This may have been done for the Alliance, as NASA was apparently Cabal-controlled and would prevent anything this useful from being put up in space. It could, perhaps, be of great help in identifying and taking out Cabal assets, such as with EMP-type strikes.

We are still waiting on the “Big Briefing” that will address these and other issues. Ben reports and you decide, and some of it is wrong but some of it is bang on the money. So this has triggered some interesting ideas!

Once we get more intel we will do another article. It is interesting that everyone has been distracted enough that the normal flow of intel has slowed to a trickle during the first half of this two-week period we were told to anticipate.

David Wilcock


Donald Trump Won a Rigged Election
BY IWB · JANUARY 21, 2018

The fix was in, the election was rigged- and Trump won anyway.

All hell is breaking loose in DC. The next few weeks will be the most shocking in America’s history. The revelations about to be made public will shake this nation to its core.

Liberals who only watch CNN and MSNBC probably haven’t a clue what’s about to hit them. Trust me, that light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed straight for the Democrat Party.

…It’s all coming down upon this cabal of criminals like a ton of boulders. Hillary, Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Huma Aberdin, and the FBI and DOJ leadership- they’re all looking at possible prison terms, as this massive, brazen scandal and conspiracy unravels.

Think of their goals. First to use the dossier itself to frame and slander Trump during the campaign. Secondly, use the dossier to get warrants and listen in on Trump. Third, to use what they found through surveillance to feed Hillary all the campaign inside info she needed to guarantee victory. Fourth, if by miracle Trump still won, use what they heard to frame his team and impeach Trump. This is Watergate on STEROIDS.

Second, there is a four-page memo just made available to the entire House of Representatives. Congressmen who have seen the memo call it “shocking” “explosive” “alarming” “mind-blowing.” They say it shows conspiracy and collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Clinton campaign, to stop Trump from reaching the White House.

Rep. Scott Perry said, “Is this happening in America, or is this the KGB? That’s how alarming it is.”

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said, “Part of me wishes I didn’t read it, because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country…”

Rep. Matt Gatetz said, “Not only will the release of this memo result in DOJ firing, but people will go to jail.”

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said, “Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems…the real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.”

Rep Steve King said, “I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in…it is worse than Watergate.”

This is a political earthquake. Before this is over, the Democrat Party will be in shambles. The legacies of Hillary and Obama will be in ashes. The FBI may never recover. And dare I say it, Hillary herself could wind up in prison- along with many of her closest friends and confidants.

But the most amazing part of all is, somehow…

Trump won a rigged election.


20 Plenty
woooah!!!! it feels like plenty already
so much up on here already

All Ready.
All Righty
Let’s roll up our sleeves and DO this!
Abundance in all forms to all involved in ALL ways here

ps.. Mpzart: i was born on a Friday the 13 so it’s all ready reclaimed 😄


siggi #397882
Don’t know what it is – but I’m so filled with lightness, love and Joy these last couple of days.
Anyone else?

Let it last, and let it blast….away all worries and pain, from the past!

Yes Siggi!! I’ve been feeling that way too! It’s been about a week! I also hope it continues!

Love and light!


I was reading over this article https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/06/07/twilight-of-the-american-courts/ about the police and court rulings. Well I get every time it’s the police and judge has a Reptilian soul, the law is changed for them. Every single member of the supreme court has a Reptilian soul, so forget about getting a fair ruling there on anything important. I’m sure they will do some things right to give us the illusion of them being impartial. It’s the same thing with the criminal immigrants they have a Reptilian soul and so does law enforcement, so the police are told not to arrest them. Someone needs to make a device that can see them, like in the movie “They Live” so the crowds can go serve them LOL. Many politicians have a Reptilian soul, so the law doesn’t apply to them. People have been seeing this but here is why, they have the same evil soul and they are both crooked. Humanity must find a way to rise up and stop them. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


22 It is interesting to me that the USA owes China in US dollars- then we have all of this talk about new currencies. The usa may owe China dollars that become totally worthless–in effect cancelling the debt by showering China with what amounts to Monopoly money.
The most important factor to bear in mind is that the U.S. government is the most indebted government in the history of the planet and much of that debt is owed to China.


24, and trouble posting with the dancing dot? I tried to post earlier and couldn’t, while logged in.

Thanks Ben, and peace and courage to all. What a momentous report!


We The People of The United States have enough money when confiscated by the Elitists and robber barons to pay off our national debt PLUS give every CITIZEN of the USA a $1,000,000 gift for raping and pillaging our country since at least 1913 so that’s where we are going to get the money Ben Fulford not making some BS currencies worth more than our currency!!!


Day 93.3. McCabe Destroys His Shared Dropbox Messages

George Webb
Published on Jan 21, 2018

Seems Hillary and co can’t destroy evidence fast enough.


cornpoppin #397909

Indeed and that puts a different perspective on that relationship. It basically forces China to take severe losses to shut us down, although I’ve heard that they’re mining bitcoin like crazy.

I can’t say why, but I’m fairly pleased with this report.


One thing is certain, we have never seen this level of action before. I have know there was a plan to root out the evil, and replace the corporate government with an honorable, organic governing body. It seems that switch has been thrown, and unleashed an immense amount of chaos. However the chaos is an effect of the action, and this is all very carefully controlled. If you compare this to other revolutionary actions, it is all very tidy, the dogs of war have not been unleashed. They are taking great pains to keep it orderly, and lawful, so as not to shatter the overarching rules that govern us overall, not laws. It is all really exciting, and not as scary as I thought.

Remember the Universe exists in The Mind of The All…
All is Mind… Goodwill to The All, for The All is One…


29 !!


perspective… In Mexico the weather is very hot, making physical labor difficult, making people feel lazy. In Canada the weather is colder also making physical labor difficult, making people want to stay inside and find entertainment at home. In the USA we have kindof a sweet spot where we have many good days for physical labor and ease for being outside. Now, — Canada influxes all kinds of what we would call illegals but their weather makes them easy to live around-the weather controls them to a point. We don’t hear of the rampant rapes coming from Canada like we hear about in Europe, even though they ask for all people to please come. What they experience in Europe is what we will experience in the USA if we don’t put the brakes on now. The rules that work well in Canada will not work as well in the USA because the conditions are different. I for one do Not want to be run by Canada and I see Canada’s proposal as more of the same old Clinton/Bush crapola as we so desperately need to be free of…


What an amazing report! A lot of things appear to be up in the air. May the outcome indeed be for the highest good of all. There are so many factions at play both known and unknown. Who knows where the dust will settle. I am rooting for the restoration of the Republic. I don’t see the majority of Americans accepting or going along with Canadian rule.


I don’t understand this: “Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.”
Why would this innocent person who contributed so much to Zimbabwe have to be killed to enable this?



Anti School
Published on Jan 21, 2018


“Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”

I am sooo tired of getting my hopes up… If I don’t see it, I cannot believe it anymore. Hillary had a boot, I thought that meant something, what did it mean? Nothing, nothing at all. Everytime I think of Hillary I hear her cackling laugh in my mind, she thinks she is invinsible and she finds it hillariuos….and it makes me sick. But, the thing that makes me the most sick is knowing people who either are too dumb to see what I feel inside about Hillary – like a terrible odor, that thing which my spirit inside me screams at the very sight of Hillary

or worse, the thought that maybe they really do see and smell her stinch but they are just like her….

Take down the deep state, don’t dawdle.

Make the “new day” the cabal thought was all theirs

a new day for all of the hard working, honest, fair and just persons on this planet.


FBI “Loses” Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents

Mon, 01/22/2018

Five months of text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been lost, according to a Friday disclosure from the Justice Department to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC), as reported by the Associated Press and the Daily Caller.

In a letter from Stephen Boyd, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Justice Department, to Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of HSGAC, the assistant AG writes that “The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI’s technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page.”

The explanation for the gap was “misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI’s collection capabilities.”

The missing texts conveniently span the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017 – the day Robert Mueller was appointed to take over the FBI’s probe of alleged Trump-Russia collusion, and during the period in which the FBI would ostensibly have been hard at work on their “insurance policy” against a Trump victory, alluded to in previous text messages between Strzok and Page.


No ones buyin’ it.


36 this week. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


Morning thought– I got off of this blog and started my routine. I saw POTUS on the tv and had a thought..

“They” gained control by using fear

“We” gain control by using genious

The Meek shall inherit the Earth.




Chilean Catholics Stunned As Pope Accuses Child Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander

Pope Francis is now attacking the credibility of child sex abuse victims in a shocking move made at the end of a trip to Chile in which he had hoped to “heal” the wounds of said abuse.

That’s right, Pope Francis ended his trip by publicly defending a bishop who victims have accused of covering up widespread pedophilia in the country.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Francis made the shocking comments in a discussion about Rev. Fernando Karadima who has been found guilty of sexually abusing a slew of minors as a member of the Catholic Church.

The pope’s remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims and their advocates. They noted the accusers were deemed credible enough by the Vatican that it sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of “penance and prayer” for his crimes in 2011.

A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn’t lacking.



I haven’t seen Zantor post for a while. Hello Zantor good to see you. “Wilcock here” haha. I love you man! Keep up the good work for the good guys. Thanks for the update here.


Silver As A Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar

Jim Willie
January 16, 2018

The arguments in favor of silver as an investment asset are growing rapidly. In the opinion of the Jackass website, silver is the most under-valued hard asset in existence, with the highest potential for price appreciation on the globe.



lucybean #397907
siggi #397882
“Don’t know what it is – but I’m so filled with lightness, love and Joy these last couple of days.
Anyone else?

Let it last, and let it blast….away all worries and pain, from the past!
Yes Siggi!! I’ve been feeling that way too! It’s been about a week! I also hope it continues!

Love and light!

YUP…. tail a waggin’ …. we just have to tune in the right direction and we can WHOOSH/BEAM ALL us ALL… right “over the moon” to the “promised land”, eh?



WE are ONE!!

Power to the PEOPLE!!!

Let’s DO this!


From Jim Willie’s source the Voice:

The Voice gave emphasis as follows. “Let me tell you something that you can take to the bank and the vault. The day is close when you will not be able to get any physical metal, and furthermore, its price will go into the stratosphere. Blockchain and crypto-currencies are here to stay. However, crypto-currencies will fall to the wayside, pushed out by crypto-money. There are people who are putting crypto-money structures in place that are based on blockchain technology. They will make precious metals fungible, along with other valuable commodities. This means a de-facto democratization of money free from government manipulation, but most importantly free from inflationary debasement. This will constitute the return to sound money. People who do not understand this concept, following the herds of whatever hype, will get their clock cleaned bigtime. The Bitcoin advocates must be careful to secure their exits in converting to spendable money. The recent crypto craze is a manifestation of the US$ being debased. What we witness is hyper-inflation. One is forced to spend more and more dollars to acquire the array of alternative currencies.”



truthearth #397926
The Space War 432Hz

Nice video Truthearth. I hope all those people in cages in the DUMBs were rescued.
Hope they got Aquino and all MkUltra handlers and facilitators. Released all MkUltra sex slaves and disbanded the MkUltra program just for starters. That would make my day.



George Webbs twitter account


J aimerais dire ceci a cette personne ((( en verite)))))). Vla trump a ete propulsé sur l impression de qui d apres vous? Mais tout simplement jared doit un milliard a soros d une dette il n y a jamais fumee sans feu comme l acceptation de sa confession juive subtilement accorder a sa fille ivanka juste avant l election qui a susciter une vague protestatere mais un sioniste de pur souche dans les pattes de trump moi je vois pas ca d un bon oeil autre approche a ma facon de penser ils ont ete decouvert ” kabale “ls le savent donc il vont reprendre le pouvoir emergement sous leurs nouvel concession ainsi ce sont les grand cycles de la vie qui s oppose une bete acculée penseras toujours a sa survit ce n est que mon point de vue Dieu vous garde!!!!!




those words handwritten on Dod memo I viewed dated Jan 19 in prep for shut down at midnight that day


Ascension Perspective – The Solar Flash from the Galactic Central Sun

The Lifting is the Moment of The Compression Breakthrough on Earth. The Return to full consciousness.

This cosmic Event Horizon is created by big solar waves reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central Sun causing the activation of “the Event.” When the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle, which is on the surface of the planet.

On the non physical plane: there will be a “big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet”. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) The energy from the Central Sun will stimulate a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.

Which we are slowly experiencing NOW. When this wave hits us in the next few days/this month…


So this article is saying the energy wave will hit in January.


Jim Stone
January 22 2018

This is priceless – INSTANT KARMA

Some Christians had a march for Jesus. Three communists with a huge bullhorn (way beyone the norm) disrupted their march.
The Christians were not doing anything odd, but the communists were screaming at them for “pushing their hate on the people” by having their march for Jesus. The communists went totally off the rails, saying Christians had no right to march and “push their values off on others and oppress others” – (Obviously hypocracy when homosexuals have their marches, which are a lot more pushy than these christians were being) and it was OBVIOUS, beyond the pale, that it was in fact the three communists who were trying to crush the rights of others, while proclaiming that in the near future all the Christians would be dead, and communism would be all there was.

So at 1:25 in the video, one of them went into total freak out mode, ran full speed into cross traffic and got hit by a truck RIGHT AS THE OTHER PROTESTER SCREAMED OVER THE BULLHORN “I AM RIGHT OVER HERE, YOU CAN COME AND GET ME IF YOU WANT!. INSTANT KARMA, this is worth watching.


No text that is real has been released with FISA

Do not be spoofed by anything that is out there yet. There have been numerous releases of “a page of the Fisa memo” or “a portion of the text in the Fisa memo” or whatever and I spent a fair amount of time going through it all yesterday and though some of it is probably similar to what is in the memo, none of it is actual text.
There have been a few commentaries that are good however and it is highly probable that people in high levels of corruption will hang. We will see, over the next few days, who is in a better position – Trump, or the deep state.


I have stayed off the topic of Q-anon because I did not believe anyone as openly unaware of the dangers of posting the way Q-anon did would be alive more than three or four days if they were legit. It is possible that Q-anon was legit however, because the nature of the posts have changed enough to make people question if the real Q is alive. People are speculating that either Q was a psy op to mislead, or Q was legit and is now gone, or Q is still legit but simply has not had any good stuff lately. I am still undecided with all of it, I went over a few posts weeks ago and was not really excited about them, they seemed to only state what everyone already knows, but would have inspired the hanging of Q if Q was in a position to get information as claimed.
One of the Fisa releases yesterday was done in the name of “Q” but was smoked out as a fake within hours. So who knows? I am still too skeptical to bite into anything Q posted, but at least some of it could have been real.

Drudge yet again failed the litmus test

After over 60 senators saw the Fisa report and said it was the end for Hillary and countless corrupted officials, CNN (to be expected) and Drudge (litmus fail) said absolutely nothing that I saw, and I paid attention to Drudge to see what he’d post. ZERO on Fisa, but he had his sex robots again. If it was not for Drudge, that topic would die.
California is automatically registering illegals to vote

Here’s a big problem that will be solved (bet on it)
California is allowing any illegal alien to get a drivers license, and then automatically registering them to vote because “they have a license” without any proof whatsoever they are a U.S. citizen. Now, one might think that’s the end. I DOUBT IT.

All California officials are doing is setting themselves up to be jailed, because if the state is allowing illegals to vote this way, it becomes a national issue, not a state issue, and the FED can rightfully crush them. All it is going to take is for Trump to finish his term, and California will be clean as a whistle. Figure this – If we have the Fisa memo, which will clearly cause a huge portion of the deep state to be jailed – if we have that right at the end of year 1, what will the end of year 4 look like? What will happen, if by some miracle, Trump does a second term? It now appears that anyone who broke the law at an official level and hid behind their positions to avoid jail will be GONE.


I was wondering if the energy wave would coincide with this Super Moon. Maybe…


What do the PC Feminist tards have to say about this? I remember an article on the net a while back where thes PC Femme-tards willingly donned hajibs and burkas as if to try to appease these misogynistic monsters.


Okay I changed the Cosmic timeline again and inadvertently returned the USA to a 2005 reality so the Eagles can atone for their sins of that time and kick the Pat’s asses like they should have back then, lol!

The memo I read was real and I did have a heck of a time getting it out as google=satan, lol all the way to my own hell!


mani #397933

J’ai lu et relu votre poste afin de le comprendre parce que la manque d’accents et apostrophes le rend difficile, mais, je suis avec vous. Trump a des liens très soupçonneux avec le bras orthodox de la communauté juive et il s’est bien endetté avec eux. On dit qu’il a vraiment vendu sa fille, Ivanka, et ça peut se voir dans la façon dont Jared la traite.
thenewnationalist.com soupçonne Trump d’être un cheval de Troie. On verra. Moi, je doute de tout.


Reunification of the Koreas, well, well. Who’d a thunk it?

The GCR is problematic because a base currency will be needed to measure all the others against and it will be gold-backed but big holders of US treasuries will need to get rid of them. While the purchase of cryptos gets rid of this useless paper I’m not sure how the cryptos can be considered a decent investment if you have to purchase them with the useless dollars in the first place. Anything the dollars touch is tainted with their lack of value and that’s what puzzles me. Can anyone explain?


I would love to provide the documentation I have seen from the Dod but I am far too close to them (sources) to drag them in the fire unless they really feel a need to burn down the old house and turn loose the rat-dogs as the rats flee the flames!

OK, enough waxing poetic- This really is it fellow Mousekeeters! The roof is on fire and my old Dod pals ain’t got a paycheck and the VA will rely on “Charity” but the kicker at the end of that memo was handwritten and that to me is a big deal!

STAY ALERT , yeah , when someone puts their hand in the fire and puts it on a Dod official memo, I would advise paying more attention to it than media entertainment!


SEC Charges KPMG Accountants in Scheme to Rig Federal Audits



Netanyahu Welcomes ‘Great Friend of Israel’ Mike Pence for Two-Day Holy Land Visit


We don’t need to know more…but there is a lot more.

That ‘You are Free TV’ lady mentioned Tory Smith. So I looked him up and I’d seen his videos before. It is believed by many that Tory Smith was murdered for doing videos like this one:


He called out Mike Pence quite a bit.


Just down the road from me, a guy has been jailed for child grooming recently. he ran a café that my sister worked in, but, luckily, she was too old for him… She’s 14.

I will be visiting her places of work from now on.

Nevertheless she has been acting a bit weird the past few months.

It’s not even in the local news as far as I can see. At least as far as a search engine is able to find.

Just a little evidence that it is happening on the ground. HoneyBee says that if you want to do something then start locally.


Uh oh … The Senate has reached a deal to end the shutdown (I’m writing this at 12:40 pm EST), and the government is about to reopen. Does this affect this week’s narrative?


Kenny, go suck it. You got pwn’d

In addition, the sources say U.S. President Donald Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR)


Awesome update Benjamin, thank you!
I recall in several previous posts over the years that a US corporate government shutdown would not affect the US military as the Chinese had guaranteed funding, hopefully that is still in place so as to not strand those people. I would love the funds to be cut off to cabal companies that run the mercenary forces however.

It is time for the folks in the US to stock up on a months worth of food, water and fuel, if you can afford it.
Hugs and love to all.


Jordan Peterson totally owned this leftist interviewer in this 29-min vid…


… that has now gotten over 2.5 million views in an amazing vid of a leftist constantly pushing/challenging Peterson, who responded to every single challenge with awesome responses, none of which had ANY sort of malice.

People have been roundly criticizing this interviewer, Cathy Newman, as being “stupid”, and worse. No, she’s not an idiot. She’s actually smart; however, she was pushing — as instructed by her employer, of course — a leftist AGENDA in an attempt to destroy Peterson’s POV on the wage/pay gap between genders, etc.

The interview was a debacle for Channel 4 and for Cathy Newman and a huge victory for Peterson, whose brilliance and facts won the debate, hands-down, attracting page views of millions of people who are appreciative of Peterson’s POVs.

So, what did the goddamn leftists do?

They reframed the whole, goddamn debate, making Peterson look like a vicious Nazi in this unfk’nbelievable article…


… making it look like that people who support Peterson’s POV were the bad guys with those on the left, like Newman, being the victim.

Pot calling the kettle, much?

Who is really doing the violence here? It’s VERY WELL DOCUMENTED that many, MANY leftists have been utterly violent towards those on the right, sending many to hospitals during and after Trump’s election.

How many cases of violence of the right on the left have been documented? Very few.

Starting at the 24-min mark, Peterson delivers the intellectual payload, utterly crushing the leftist narrative and lays bare their dangerous path to totalitarian ruin for anyone who follows such a path.

What amuses me is that the more Peterson gets attacked, the more his vids get shared, which helps spread his next-level genius arguments that utterly crush the vapid arguments that the leftists put out.

And why are Peterson’s arguments so good?

It’s because they are based on facts, evidence, logic, reason and truth — all of which are missing in the leftists’ narratives of wrapping tyrannical totalitarianism in the clothes of victimization.


Super Blue Blood Moon=Jan 30=10 days of darkness( from jan 20 shutdown )=State of the Union=JUDGEMENT DAY=THE EVENT

Thank you David Wilcock and INTRUTH for all your real time input. Waited all my life ( 70 +) years for this exposure of evil and the RESET.


Published on Sep 18, 2017

Dan undergoes a Hypnosis session administered by Lauren Hanson with a wide variety of topics discussed!

This was pretty interesting (already posted by me). One thing that was disturbing to me and the hypnotist, was that both she and Dan are being taken on ships. Lauren body is being used to help breed children that will seed the New Earth. Maybe Dan too.
The children are hybrids – human and ET DNA.

So how are these children being cared for? Nothing is more important than mom and dad. This seems maniacal to me. Not to mention humans being taken on ships while they sleep. So we must not have any sovereignty. Creepy. Actually the SSP supersoldier and the ACIO programs are run like this. People are inducted with no free will.

Peter the ACIO insider has said that certain athletes had their genetics tampered with to make them successful. He mentioned Sid Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and one other.

I do hope this new wave is the great improvement it is supposed to be.


1.22 – #ChuckCaved/Fake Memo/Q’s Pic/”Brazen Plot”/FL False Flag
live right now fro Sather


Rays #397940

“Okay I changed the Cosmic timeline again and inadvertently returned the USA to a 2005 reality so the Eagles can atone for their sins of that time and kick the Pat’s asses like they should have back then, lol!”

I am sorry to have to inform you Rays that our DOGGIE POWER up here in New England has just reversed your timeline maneuver…

New England Dogs have THE M O S T “PATriotic” Power around… and it CAN N O T be overturned!!! ruff!! ruff!!



From ben’s report!
“In any case, we have seen countless attempts by Khazarian mafia cabalists in recent years to set off nuclear weapons and start their “Armageddon,” only to have them stopped each time by often mysterious forces.”
Thanks so much for the Report Ben!
Are you alluding to ET ben? If so – I totally agree.!
And the fake Musk too, of course.
And the secret space programs..
And – Rothschild offshore banking” center, being bombed/cleansed…
But very sadden to see the struggled people in California..and elsewhere!

Great to see Wilcock here, enthusiastic as ever.
Thanks both for your great work!


lucybeann #397907 " class="ucm-comment-id">397907
Yes Siggi!! I’ve been feeling that way too! It’s been about a week! I also hope it continues!

Love and light!
littledogg #397929
lucybean #397907 " class="ucm-comment-id">397907
siggi #397882

YUP…. tail a waggin’ …. we just have to tune in the right direction and we can WHOOSH/BEAM ALL us ALL… right “over the moon” to the “promised land”, eh?

WE are ONE!!
Power to the PEOPLE!!!

Let’s DO this!
OH hi there Juju and littledog!- Great I’m not alone he he..
Hope all gets an upper boost in positive energy – it’s deeply needed to tackle all the spectacle.
So thanks for that Juju and Littledog

And littledog – that organic coconut charcoal powder I shared last week, is super effective. Have totally fixed my digestion. You just must try it! And everyone else too. + cc 60 of course. As said before, the powder remove toxin, parasites and all the nasty stuff, in a gentle, so gentle way. (just a slight constipation a couple of days, that’s all.)
Thanks all for sharing so uplifting energies!




thanks Ben



Hi Siggi

Have been a little busy of late but will go and check out your post re organic coconut charcoal powder. I do believe these sorts of supplements work very well. I am greatly impressed with the C60 so far. My knee is getting MUCH better with this and I am hoping I have dodged the bullet of knee surgery!

Re the constipation thing. I have found raw potato starch is great for this. It is a prebiotic and is not digested but arrives in the bowel in it’s original form. It is a carb blocker.

Word of warning…start off slow and build up as it can give you a huge amount of wind in the gut which can be very embarrassing if you are not alone LOL! It is quite cheaply bought at the local health store.

I have histamine intolerance. This causes irritable bowel which can swing either way. Raw potato starch really settles me down and I can say I am as close to normal now as I ever have been, which in turn really makes me feel well. This is in just over a week of taking it! I am greatly impressed.



Of course I know of Activated Coconut Charcoal!!!! I have it here! Thanks for the mind jog Siggi!

I will start taking it to work in conjuction with the C60.



getem #397961
getem #397962

Hi Rhonda!
Just sent those sharing I had on it – just in case.

Thanks so much for the good advice above. Yes I guess it can be a windy experiences he he
I remember my mother told me about this re. digestion. Thanks for the reminder.

I feel just fine after only taken it 3 times. One tee spoon in water. But I got incredible thirsty.
A good sign I would say?
That’s great to hear you feel this well Rhonda!


The will of the people…

“British Prime Minister Theresa May is to agree to the creation of a “rapid response” government unit to fight perceived fake news, it has been reported.”
“The team will aim to identify and challenge stories they judge to be misleading or damaging, and will be based in the Cabinet Office, claims The Times.”

“According to Alex Aiken, executive director of the Government Communication Service (GCS), they aim “build a rapid response social media capability to deal quickly with disinformation and reclaim a fact-based public debate”.

“In an article for PR Week, he listed the creation of the body as one of the challenges facing GCS.”

“We are seeing changes in the way information is being processed and shared – a tech-savvy but disparate audience hungry for information and influenced by a small number of dominant opinion formers in the public eye,” he said.”
and only 38 % of the Brits are in approval….
This Theresa May-hem, should be one of the first to be “sucked up” as suggested by one in this forum..


these 42 people are much smarter and talented and skilled and harder working than the rest of us,of course(not)…

from this article-quote—–The inequality crisis is worsening, according to a new study by global charity Oxfam, which found that the world’s richest 42 people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50 percent worldwide.—–unquote…..



enough of these supremely arrogant and greedy criminally insane luciferian filthy dregs of hell…..

while so many children slave in factories and comb garbage dumps trying to find something to stay alive for another hour…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Popular and Important Links for the past week. (To many to post here, so check out this compilation post I made)

SITS NEWS Roundup: Popular and Important Articles and Updates — January 15th and 22nd 2018


Justin Deschamps



Jim Stone

January 22 2018
A chartered vessel with 9 tour boat guides and about 13 tourists witnessed some type of explosion in the sky about 100 NM offshore of Maui at the time the nuclear alert went off in Hawaii. Witnesses that were in a light house 100 miles away also saw the explosion, which would mean it had to be huge and visible from two different vantage points at least 100 miles apart. This would likely have been a nuclear weapon used to take down another nuclear weapon. SEE THIS


CNN Reporter: Russia Is ‘All We Talk About At CNN,’ But Voters ‘Don’t Care’


siggi #39796

So true- Russia IS all they talk about, over and over and over. My husband is glued to it. I’m beginning to suspect that video addiction to the same story over and over may be a sign of encroaching Alzheimer’s or some other similar brain deterioration condition.

Fortunately he’s on vacation this week so I get a big break- a full 7 days of no CNN or MSNBC.

The child murder report was sobering although I was surprised at how he kept saying simply “children shouldn’t be treated like this”. Kind of implied there were other possibilities, but it may just be me reading too much into it. Glad he’s doing.

I read that in the Fire and Fury book Mike Pence was treated with kid gloves. We know the Koch Bros. have been grooming him for eons.

What interesting, if demoralizing, times we live in.


I found a compendium of Tory’s reports. Sorry I didn’t know about this guy, what a warrior indeed.


Youtube has disabled all Tory’s videos so you can’t search him there anymore. What schmucks!!!


DOLORES MARY O’RIORDAN-quote—–Another mother’s breakin’
Heart is taking over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken—–unquote…..

zombie by the cranberries




This is a good article that analyzes the debate between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman, showing how Newman constantly and persistently re-framed Peterson’s words into divisive, triggering words that pushed the toxic feminist agenda, rather than LISTENING to Peterson and working with what he was actually SAYING.

Goddamn liberal agenda — it’s the most toxic kind of POV that anyone could adopt.


Thanks Ben!

The condition of economies in the west is alarming, but according to a system autonomously created. We, humanity, can actually make different rules if we don’t like them, once we finally begin to have the power to do so. We don’t need anything or anyone to condone it. And, to make some kind of improvement from the current situation won’t take much.


Jordan Peterson himself comments on the debate between himself and Cathy Newman.


He described the article from the Guardian — the same one that I commented on and attacked in a previous post today — as “astoundingly reprehensible.”

I agree.

I noticed that I got one down vote on my comment about the Guardian article — no doubt an effing libtard being triggered.

Good. No love lost here.

You fk’n libtard clowns are going to get CRUSHED with the release of the memo that’s based on the data from the Inspector General, in the 2018 midterms, and the 2020 election … and you’ll never recover from this, unless you change and start to really represent people and not totalitarian, communist agendas.

But before we have ANY elections, it’s VITALLY IMPORTANT to reform the entire election system, from the top-down, bottom-up, shifting it to paper ballots, hand-count, full chains of custody of the ballots and FULL involvement of everyone, NEVER leaving the goddamn libtards alone to be in charge of any precinct, anywhere.

The libtards CANNOT be trusted. They’ve blown it.


siggi #397958

Tx siggi for the charcoal info.
I actually started some I had on hand last nite after I found tour post about it.
…not organic n probly not coconut.. but amazon reviewers liked it as much. And it muscle-tested strong 4 me 4 now.
will order the better version when I can later in the week.

AND.. Thank you for your steady presence here.. your smart head and roomy welcoming heart.

also… really resonnated w the post you put up recently re your personal evolution w relationships and experiencing the abundance/wellbeing inside.

Blessings to ya buddy

💓 🐕 n a doggie hug.


Hey Juju: I was watching the two minute last video he made two days ago. Xander and myself couldn’t figure what to make of him a few yrs back…Tory was posted but did not catch on – little did we know he would end up being murdered. There is a collection of over 200 videos still on YT under Tory Smith videos…only the best of intentions … B



Are you sure this rampant hate of leftism is doing anything for you?

When my sister has been acting weird recently I had put that down to her school being leftist and weird. But it was not that, I had misperceived her psychology because of the tendency to project psychological insanity onto them.

A lot of the worst cases we see on youtube videos and such are exactly that, most leftists are actually otherwise normal. They don’t actually want Sand- Muslims to rape random white girls or schools to have transgender programs.


littledogg #397975
siggi #397958
Tx siggi for the charcoal info.
Blessings to ya buddy

💓 🐕 n a doggie hug.
Hi littledog!

Thanks so much…. You’re just to kind littledog! – Have to humble return your wonderful word – with great joy, and state..It’s from you..all, I have learned, and still keep on learning….

I’m not going anywhere. So glad you also here – with your solid pillars of truth. Which always will be real. Because it was, and is shared with love, from love…. Through honest transparency, with no hidden agendas what so ever. No fear, anger or hateful remarks involved. Neither any green-eyed monster attitude, no no far from it….. or otherwise low energies, or hidden revenge like”play” – towards your fellow “human” family, brothers & sisters, – that is so common in every community now, at the very end of the dark days influences.

Just simply shining LOVE always! It’s all that is ever needed. And you know it.

Only the most brilliant Truther’s can manage this over time. They, as you truly are one of, are the true wayshower’s . Your/theirs words and actions, are only based upon….yes “purr” love he he, from within an authentic sacred heart.

It’s by holding this highest light of integrity… one really have shown how far one have come on ones journey here, my friend.
An immaculate example to follow for us all! Congratulations – Angels, your galactic friends and family, are all applauding – I can hear their beautiful voices easily.

Keep up your extraordinary excellent lovely work littledog- I’m so honored to follow your steps. In support and with gratitude!
namaste and a Big hug back to ya 🙂


Congress Quietly Pushing Bill To Require National Biometric ID For “ALL Americans”
By Matt Agorist

Earlier this month, Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6] introduced H.R.4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this 400-page behemoth of a bill are the details of a new biometric National ID card that could soon be required for everyone.

Not surprisingly, there is almost “no media coverage” on this legislation.

H.R. 4760 establishes a mandatory National Identification system that requires all Americans to carry a government-approved ID containing “biometric features.” Without this card, according to the legislation, you will not be able to work in this country.

The legislation was drafted under the auspices of providing a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

However, as Ron Paul points out, “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.”

Naturally, this bill is wholeheartedly supported by the anti-immigration sect and has gained 70 co-sponsors already in only a few days. As with most police state-promoting legislation, fear of illegal immigration is being pushed to garnersuch support. However, as Ron Paul points out, the bill won’t just target illegals—it targets everyone—and it will use your most private information to track you.

Under the statists’ National ID scheme, you’d be forced to carry around your National ID card, tied to this massive database, chockfull of biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retina scans,” Paul noted. “Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!”

Paul said there is a very good chance this bill will become law as the support for it seems overwhelming. He laid out three key factors that are detrimental to the freedom of all Americans.

Allow federal bureaucrats to include biometric identification information on the card, potentially even including fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used as a tracking device;
Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn’t obtain an ID card;
Require all employers to purchase an “ID scanner” to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know — and you can bet its only a matter of time until “ID scans” will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.
The control freaks in the US government have been trying for years to pass a National ID card law and it has been successfully resisted every time. This time, however, it appears that the Republicans—who used to be vocally opposed to such measures—are now fully on-board likely because of the bill’s anti-immigration language.


Continued on site…Ron Paul has started a petition if you feel so inclined to sign and tell your friends and and family…I care not if it be left or right, red or blue states, which I find only divides/distracts from the reality of truth…how about purple states an idea already in motion…


Montage Keen’s Message
Sunday, January 11, 2018

A tough message to read, so will leave it to everyone to decide for themselves. As they say “don’t shoot the messenger” unlikely tho as history has shown otherwise.



Re; littledogg # 397956 Ok littledogg, I’ll bite, The PAT’s are a nice bunch of guys , but I’ll bet my soon to be much more valuable stash of buried .999 % pure silver ingots that both the paper dollar and Pat’s are gonna take a fall . A wild Eagle flew over my house yesterday too !

My cousin Nicole was an Eagles cheerleader back in 2015 and is on the back inside calandar cover if you are lucky enough to own one! How ya like me now!
Seriously , thank you for the uplift,


Re: siggi # 397955-
I agree with the link- that is not like any kind of Dod post either in context or format and I been looking at Dod memos like that for many decades.


Re: belle3 #397980- thank you for the link I think as this is my worse than death nightmare.
My old friends in VA hospitals have long been “encouraged” to prolong their value as assets ( hard to get the funding for the dead ones) by getting “chipped” since the machine we call the VA and the horror of its negligence to our vets who gave it all is our NATIONAL DISGRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: zantor #397889 Thanks for the link- it helps me so much in understanding all the negativity I felt in my old home area of Dutchess County NY during the “blessed union” that occured in the little town of Rhinebeck between Chelsea and the spawn of Zionism.

Thank our lord and savior that the union is barren and Victory to the light!


1/22, #STAYATHOME: Q WARNS Deep State Intelligence– We See/Know Everything


You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 22, 2018

Today Q dropped insider warning to team player to “stay at home” and that there is a clear satellite view of “letter” players. I give my opinions on today’s crumbs plus go further on the major intel dump yesterday involving Scalia, Huffman and the DARPA created Social Media. Meanwhile, P_nce is in Israel for two days for a visit with Netanyahu…more on that in the next video!

Please read this very informative article on Steve Huffman. The Silicon Valley Gestapo is on the run:

For some background on the Cibolo Ranch where Anthony Scalia “died”: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/p

To jump into Carbon 60 #HEALTHACTIVISM:
https: //www.C60PurplePower.com


An earthquake of magnitude 8.3 has hit Alaska an may have a Tsunami effect on the west coast this morning. Just caught that info and want to pass it to any west coast readers. 4:55 Am Pst is the time projected for Seattle area.


“The Whole Town Is Evacuating” – Tsunami Headed For Alaska After 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake detected in the Gulf of Alaska has triggered tsunami warnings in Alaska and tsunami watches across several Western states through British Columbia all the way down to San Diego…

Earthquake watches are also in effect for Hawaii

“Based on all available data a tsunami may have been generated by this earthquake that could be destructive on coastal areas even far from the epicenter,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.

The earthquake struck about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, Alaska, shortly after midnight in Alaska local time, according to preliminary figures from the United States Geological Survey. The quake had a depth of about 6 miles, according to USGS. That depth, meteorologists pointed out, is relatively shallow, raising the risk of dangerous tsunamis in Alaska.

In Kodiak, first responders drove through the streets warning residents to “evacuate immediately”…



Billionaires Stuck: Davos Disrupted By Massive Snowfall, Avalanche Alerts

Over 6 feet of fresh snow disrupted the Davos summit, smothered much of the Alps and unleashed avalanche alerts a day before the World Economic Forum gets under way.

That would be massive poetic justice.


Hi Benjamin,
What’s going to happen to us as all this goes down—the average citizens of the USA that have tried to control these maniacs with the little power we have, only to be shanghaied and manipulated/forced into their insane plans?


2018-01-21 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Published on Jan 21, 2018



You know what they need?
Some global warming!


When I hear wild shit on the net that seems true but incredible I try to give it a litmus test, is it acid or is it base?

While I really don’t recommend poking the bear for fun & games if you think google ain’t got it’s own agenda try this if like me, you just gotta know: Try setting up a password that has ANY kind of negatory tinge bias against either google or it’s highjacker Mark Zuckerburg, examples like; google+satan=slavery or MarkyZ=Zionistoverlord ,an tell me what you get.
Show me yours and I’ll show you mine
As the PEDO’s might say, “let’s play Doctor!”



The tsunami alert has been cancelled — thank you for thinking of us when you posted about the alert.

And I also want to thank you for your kind consideration in your efforts to put paragraphs into your posts — much appreciated by not only me, but others as well, I’m sure.


Day 96.1 Becerra No Friend To California Dreamers


George Webb
Published on Jan 23, 2018

George says one of his best researchers is in the hospital – no details yet. He hopes he/she wasn’t targeted.


What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren’t Saying (515)


Adapt 2030
Published on Jan 22, 2018

There is now a concerted effort to switch the narrative of global warming to global cooling in the main stream media. Along with that a shift from oceans were rising to now they are not rising, warming will stop because the mini ice age is coming, orbits of our planet are moving, Antarctic ice is not growing and a massive effort to make you believe because of a tiny amount of Arctic sea ice loss its now creating record cold across parts of the Northern Hemisphere. This is what scientist know is coming but are afraid to say, as it has drastic effects for our society moving forward.



We remain undecided on the current Robert Mueller investigation. We know his past which includes being sworn in as FBI Director exactly one week prior to the 911 charade. We know he protected Romney when he cut off Florida FBI agents from investigating the fraud perpetrated on Edward Falcone. We know he refused to extradite Michael Herzog after being arrested by German authorities with incriminating evidence of trading program contracts involving Bush 41. We know he has been running cover for the Bush crime family during his entire time as FBI Director.

Are we to believe he’s now changed teams and working against his puppet masters who he’s so loyally and submissively served his whole career?

Time will tell but we remain skeptical.


“This is why the West needs to fundamentally reform its governmental, social, and economic architecture. ” NESARA needs to be announced Now. It is the duty of all of the politicians to uphold the constitution and that is what NESARA is an extension of. It will systematically solve all of the current social & economic problems, but more importantly take us into the 5th dimension and the Golden Age.


belle3 #397976

I tried to search those videos on the site but Youtube wouldn’t display them. Search kept going to Torrey anything else so I suspect maybe they’re being ignored? Couldn’t figure it out.

Many thanks for the update on HR 4760. Let’s not go so easy on the repos, letting them off the hook because it’s about immigrants. The NWO agenda is global and both parties are in on it. Trump is passing lots of legislation that embeds many requirements of the 2030 agenda under the guise of free markets, security, MAGA. We will be tracked; there’s no way out. The orthodox are in on it as well; they just have some disagreements with the liberal Khazars but they’ve signed on. Secret space program, biometrics, stratification of society, population reduction- except for them of course. Heaven help us – PLEASE!

Well the government is back till Feb whatever. Who’s been arrested, anybody know? That wasn’t much time to round up all the people involved. Change in plans?

Russiagate is theatre for all of us. Many EO’s and other nefarious legislation floating around while we beat ourselves silly over it. Some of the Exec orders are encouraging like freezing assets of pedophiles but he also let the big banks off the hook recently as well. Evaluate every move on its own merit and take off the rose-colored glasses- the picture will be clearer.



Vermithrax #397941 Thanks for the links.

As for this Stephen Paddock character, if you scroll down, you will see the corpse they are pretending was him is not, and also witness him at two other protests, one wearing a pink pussy hat. At least he didn’t have to shave his eyebrows for those.

As for this pink pussy hat phenomenon, what are the odds that a pile of knitters spontaneously started making these so that their presence erupted at these protests right after Trump was elected? Even for a skilled knitter, making a pile of these would take time. The “Paddock” character’s presence tells me this is a continuing ad campaign, just like the spiffy graphics and slogans in Refugees Welcome, Koney, Save Our Girls, Black Lives Matter, and on and on. I have buddies on Facebook that are so proud that they wore their silly knitted caps and marched for equality recently. So none of these women ever commented to their friends about a guy’s butt or dick before? And Trump is right – being rich and famous attracts certain women. Ask any football star or baseball player about the groupies that throw themselves at them, even at the AAA baseball level. Although their are people who go to these as a legitimate protest, I smell funding behind them.


Jim Stone. More on the Intel processor debacle on site…
January 22/23 2018

A reader told me to set up a Gofundme for this site. ANSWER: I can’t set up a gofundme because the site is auto banned there.

After this latest processor debacle, I backed up to using a 10 year old AMD laptop to do this web site. It works GREAT with Knoppix, I am not having any performance issues at all, not even with graphics creation. I never got any dirt on AMD but am being careful anyway.

I am going to quickly go over the real reason Intel is having problems (again) for those who do not know.
I have mentioned how Intel intentionally put back doors into all their processors for the NSA numerous times over the last 7 years. Problem: Someone inside the NSA did a job 500X worse than Snowden, and released all the hackware that exploits these back doors to the general public 8 months ago. I did a short report on it and left it at that. The media stayed predominantly silent because it was not any sort of snowden game, it was real damage. All the world’s hackers have these tools now, and the “wrong people” are now getting hacked.

So a huge stupid reason that blamed all processors for the “problem” was made up and a dream story about some idiot reading “thousands of pages of Intel processor manuals” and finding the bug was made up. But I knew that was a lie (intrinsically simply knew) because I knew about the prior enormous breach at the NSA and know how much American intelligence lies and back stabs. They’ll drag AMD and ARM into this just to cover up a pet project they had going with Intel. I was waiting for this to happen, because it had to.

Low and behold, through a screwed up press release, they admitted that the problem was not how the processors write to memory, WHEN THEY STATED THE FIX MADE CHANGES TO THE BIOS THAT WAS NOW CAUSING ENORMOUS PROBLEMS WITH INTEL PROCESSORS THAT RECEIVE THE PATCH. if it was a memory caching issue, that would be handled by a patch to operating systems (as the original lie stated), NOT THE BIOS (which the “fix” actually ended up being for.) By modifying the bios they can instruct parts of the computer to not work, (thereby “fixing” the problem,) but the holes in the system are so huge that the processors can’t properly cope with closing them.

As it is beginning to turn out, the problem is not fixable, and any server, desktop or laptop anywhere can be raped on a whim. It will never be possible for me to secure the message window, Ebay can’t secure their stuff, NOTHING can be secured and the world is now at the mercy of not only the intelligence agencies, but now also random hackers. The following report explains how, and what the real solution to the problem is.


Not to worry cornpoppin . … I am Canadian, and (the way things are right now) I don’t really want to be run by Canada either. Like the song goes “He can’t even run his own life – I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine”.

Canada like all G7 countries, is a vassal of the USA and the USA is a vassal of Israel-Rothschilds. Canada won’t be running the USA any time soon (lol); that comment must be our host’s attempt at humour and much what is found in these reports should not be taken seriously – (sorry for pissing off a few people here – not so intended) – just expressing an unpopular view on this blog.

To all of you… may your week be in keeping with your hopes and expectations. Moe.
cornpoppin #397916
The rules that work well in Canada will not work as well in the USA because the conditions are different. I for one do Not want to be run by Canada and I see Canada’s proposal as more of the same old Clinton/Bush crapola as we so desperately need to be free of…



If you both are being truly honest with yourselves, both your teams are stacked with former Rams. And so that’s who’s really going to win the super bowl. Danny Amendola winning TD. Chris Long game saving sack, Nick Foles-Ok wait , Nick was an Eagle before he was a Ram, as a matter of Fact Jeff Fisher almost ruined his career, so I’m happy that we took Wentz out so Nick could win the big one. Seriously in the end GO EAGLES, you cheatin’ Pat’s stole the 02′ bowl from us and even though we were in St. Louis, never, will we ever forget the pain. EAGLES CRUSH 31-17!

Robert James

WOW!!!! At age 69, I never thought I would live to see this!!


newswatcher #398003
Canada won’t be running the USA any time soon (lol); that comment must be our host’s attempt at humour and much what is found in these reports should not be taken seriously – (sorry for pissing off a few people here – not so intended) – just expressing an unpopular view on this blog.

No worries. I’m here for the blog. Ben’s reports? They can be pretty crazy….


Here we go

“Jaw-dropping” Text Message By FBI Agent Suggests No Trump Collusion With Russia

And the hits just keep on coming.

Just hours after we reported that according to the latest batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI investigators, a “secret society of folks” within the DOJ and the FBI may have come together in the “immediate aftermath” of the 2016 election to undermine President Trump, another blockbuster text message appears to have emerged.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a radio interview that the FBI’s top agent on the Trump-Russia investigation, Peter Strzok, sent what Johnson called a “jaw-dropping” text message last year that suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion.

As first reported by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, in an interview with WISN-Milwaukee radio host Jay Weber, Johnson read aloud a May 19, 2017 text that Strzok sent to Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer and his mistress.

Here is the “jawdropping” text message that Strzok wrote just two days after Mueller was named special counsel for the Russia Investigation:

“You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.”


CNN. Ball’s in your court.


I looked at Russia Today and to my ongoing paranoia the NAZI’s are waving their yeller’ flag in the Ukraine again and we don’ giva rat’s ass for the Kurd’s no mo’.
Turkey has rolled into Syria to attack our traditional Ally the Kurd’s.

I know the NAZI’s were a big deal in WWII era Ukraine as many “White Russian” Christians did not dig the Kremlin boys but I guess



WATCH: CNN SHUTS DOWN Multiple Democrat Lawmakers Making False Claims
Blumenthal and Durbin did not see this coming . . .
What?? “twilight sone” as one in the comment section say.. The “Twins of Lies”…..got caught.
Blumenthal, who lied about his service in Vietnam and the Dick, Durbin , who’s a habitual liar.. for profit?..
siggi (with sharpen claws)


“Schultz said she was disappointed by the decision and what it might mean for illegal immigrants.”

“When Schultz was asked point-blank what the point of the government shutdown was her response left Baldwin’s jaw on the floor. “What one thing did [Schumer] get, you know, from Republicans, to justify shutting down the government in the first place?” Baldwin asked. DWS replied:”

“The one thing, I would say, that [Schumer] did get is the potential for momentum.”
Baldwin looked stunned and asked if the “potential for momentum” was “really worth it to shut down the government?”

“Wasserman Schultz responded, “Republicans should be asking that question because they shut it down. This is Trump’s shutdown.”

“Baldwin just looked shocked.”
I skipped two paragraphs here.



While bitcoin traders spend sleepless nights, drenched in sweat whether South Korea will unexpectedly ban the trading of crypto currencies on the country’s exchanges, sending the price of cryptos tumbling (it won’t any time soon as it just prohibited anonymous accounts while making real-name crypto trading mandatory, thereby confirming that no shutdown is imminent),

what is really taking place is continued growth to meet rising global demand for crypto trading, and as the FT reports, BitFlyer, the Tokyo-based operator of one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges, is expanding in Europe after it was issued a Payment Institution license to operate in the European Union.



In his seminal 1862 work House of the Dead, Fyodor Dostoyevsky suggested one could judge a society by how it treats its prisoners.

Britain’s reformatory population perhaps then offers ample opportunity for evaluating the wider country – the UK has the highest number of prisoners in the European Union in numerical terms (84,746), and per capita in Western Europe (143 prisoners for every 100,000 citizens). Were this total to rise a mere 1,000, UK prisons would be literally overflowing, for lack of space.

Judging how these prisoners are treated are Independent Monitoring Boards (IMBs) – groups comprised of ordinary members of the public who regularly visit prisons, monitor day-to-day life and ensure proper standards of care and decency are upheld.

Criminologist Faith Spear spent several years serving on Hollesley Bay prison’s IMB, including two years as vice chair and one year as chair. Her appraisal of prison conditions in modern Britain is unequivocal, and stark – they constitute a “national humanitarian crisis.”

“UK prisons are plagued by a lethal combination of severe overcrowding and lack of investment. This has created squalid conditions, leading to totally inadequate security. The Ministry of Justice spends more daily feeding sniffer dogs than prison inmates. Drug use has rocketed, and the death toll is rising, with increasing numbers of inmates taking their own lives and self-harming. The average age of inmates has shot up too, and staff aren’t properly trained to deal with that,” Faith told Sputnik.


somebody might have already posted this



When Dealing With Darkness … Drop Logic & Reason
When dealing with the issue of Lightworkers ‘attacking’ each other, you’re not really dealing with Lightworkers or ‘poor character’ … you’re dealing with darkness itself. Lightworkers attacking each other is nothing more than a RESULT.

And because you’re dealing with darkness, you’re dealing with CRAZY …

… you’re dealing with insanity
… you’re dealing with illogic
… you’re dealing with psychopathy
… you’re dealing with phenomena that doesn’t – and can’t – make any sense … ever.

And any psychiatrists or evolved enough spiritualists will tell you … you can’t reason with CRAZY.
Now you know what sort of a fight you have on your hands.

Now you know what sort of fight WE have on our hands.

For you … after a day of hard work fighting darkness, you get to retire to a 5 star resort & sleeping quarters on board some ship.

We get to go to our bedroom that we have to work hard just to pay the rent for, and have darkness as our constant companion.

We have the charming honor of fighting (oops, sorry … ‘working’) all over again on the non-physical planes during our sleep state.

You have the very best technologies to heal yourself with, when required …

We have to wait & save up for technologies only a fraction as good as what you have access to.

Try living under such conditions for 11,000 to 25,000 years … and we’ll see how easy it is for you to keep calm next time darkness jabs real hard on an unresolved wounding through what another Lightworker says or does, below the level of their conscious awareness.

The accurate physical analogy of all this is … if darkness manipulated me through my conduits to hold a red hot piece of iron to your skin … would you keep calm & refrain from taking a punch at me?

That’s what happens to our emotional bodies, when darkness works through one Lightworker for the deliberate purpose of attacking another, to break up the network & comradery.

Do you understand now?
Many good points – so never forget cleansing and protection at all times


Yes – Clinton crimes has been shared hundreds of times here over the years – this is just James Gilliland perspective and sigh from his heart. (if it was this you meant? never knows when link to profiles posts are not used, as I just did right now…)


WATCH: CNN SHUTS DOWN Multiple Democrat Lawmakers Making False Claims

Two Democratic lawmakers, who both have a history of making unreliable claims, were shut down on live TV on Sunday after they attempted to level false allegations against the GOP and portray their party as victims in the government shutdown mess.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who lied about his service record in Vietnam, appeared on CNN with host Wolf Blitzer where he falsely asserted that the Republicans were in control of the Senate.

Shortly after making the remark, Blitzer corrected him, “Well, let me interrupt politely. They’re not completely in control of the U.S. Senate as you know, they only have 51 votes, the Democrats are in the minority, but you need 60 votes in order to break a filibuster, so they’re not in control of the Senate when it comes to this issue.”

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who also has a history of making false statements, claimed that Republicans haven’t reauthorized the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and that Republicans have control of the Senate.

The CNN host interviewing Durbin immediately stopped him and pointed out that Republicans did include the reauthorization of CHIP in the bill and stopped him again to remind him that the Democrats do in fact have power in the U.S. Senate as 60 votes are needed.

comment image?itok=jWzgGNdz


The DEMS know how stupid viewers are, so their strategy is to just make stuff up.
I wonder if Blitzer is being chastised for making the DEMs look bad (as they should).


intruth #398017
Hi there Intruth!

Thanks for resharing? my link


Oops, sorry Siggi – missed it.


No worries – these things happen.


Rob Kirby: Trump to Deliver ‘Showstopper’ At The ‘Globalist Den’

Rob Kirby tells Silver Doctors that Trump’s speech from Davos will be a “show stopper” that will be the ultimate slap in the face to the globalists…





1.23 – EQs/Secret Societies/Memos/40% vs. 100% Disclosure
Jordan Sather


A last look at 3D reality from another point of view, from two great actors.

The Famous Restaurant Scene from Heat(1995)..Al Pacino vs Robert Deniro
robert niro 1,557,028 views



Wonderful chaos!

The Directed Actions of Chaos – Bruce Lipton – Network Tribute


Moving from pattern ‘A’ to pattern ‘B’ – cymatics. Opportunity!! A new world – a new civilisation … we are … on the move!


tippy #398024

Hi typpy!

Absolute NICE! We all needed that one I think
Thanks so much for sharing.



Hi Jo

Wonderful, very uplifting in these troubled times!



intruth #397997
What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren’t Saying (515)


Thank you intruth, very interesting source.

What do you think Rhonda, dwelling in 44 Celsius? Can you imagine Adelaide under ice?

What on earth is happening over there!! Your next few days are all over 40C!



Phil Ochs: Ringing of Revolution

‘We were hardly aware of the hardships they bared for our time was taken with treasure!’


SGT Report – latest Q post



Re: belle3 #397981 Alternate POV but well received, thank you and I won’t shoot!


Q. #PRAY: “Nobody Can Imagine The Level of Evil” 1/23 #FISAMEMO Released?

You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 23, 2018

Q returned today to warn the world that the level of evil of the Deep State is beyond our worse imaginings. Q team says it is at the highest levels and that we “cannot rest until the guilty are held accountable”. William Binney appears on InfoWars to discuss the #MEMO POSTED on the Director of National Intelligence website.

To understand the enormity of the full spectrum control created by the Deep State and that could be exposed by full disclosure of the documentation behind #RELEASETHEMEMO, please watch this excellent expose by Thomas Payne of aim4truth.org:

My blog with detailed links for the information in this video:




Over the years, we’ve had readers and supporters ask us how they can get involved. At the time, the political climate was not right to engage the public in such matters as it would only get them put on a list and the future was too uncertain. We did, however, solicit the public’s involvement when we disclosed in White Hats Report #38 that “Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC, a New York based multi- strategy fund manager, has just launched a new fund with criminal conspirator Michael Herzog as a Portfolio Manager”. We asked our readers to contact Davidson Kempner’s New York office with questions and objections to this hire in addition to providing information to contact the Office of Whistleblowers of the SEC.

The response from our readers was overwhelming. You all rose to the occasion and not soon after, the Bush crime family’s bagman and thief, Michael Herzog was arrested in Germany. Of course Merkel will not allow him to be extradited to the US to rat out his puppet masters and provide earth shattering evidence of global financial fraud on a grand scale.

Our next series of reports, the White Hats storm, will again solicit assistance from readers and supporters all over the world. We will be providing evidence of fraud, theft and deceit on such a massive scale it’s almost beyond comprehension.

The exposure of the Deep State/cabal/shadow government began on November 8, 2016 and has continued unabated until the present and has ratcheted up in both intensity and volume in the last few months. Soon, we will see the infamous FISA memo which will expose the criminal, unconstitutional surveillance state that has infected the world. The IG report that is circulating will further expose the minions in the FBI, CIA and DOJ who are simply the minions, gatekeepers….the worker bees who are compromised and blackmailed to run interference for their cabal Masters. The fraud, corruption, theft and murder cannot be covered up unless the law enforcement agencies are complicit. This will all be revealed in the upcoming storms.

The White Hats are generating our own storm, one that targets the upper levels of the cabal: the MONEY CHANGERS.

Money created and controlled through Trading Programs is how the cabal blackmails, funds and pays off the lower level enablers Cut off those funds for the secret space program, black projects, political payoffs and blackmails and the world is different. Expose the criminal banksters for what they are and recovered stolen funds and the world’s debt gets erased in the blink of an eye. They have sequestered funds off balance sheet for too long and its time they were outed, arrested and put in prison.

We ask all our readers to formulate a battle plan utilizing their social media accounts, friends, contacts and family to help get the information we are about to release in the coming weeks all over the internet. Email lists of media, representatives and associates should be formulated. Twitter and Facebook accounts primed to spread the links to the reports that will come unabated over the next few weeks.

And most importantly, your representatives in Congress, Christopher Wray of the FBI, Jeff Sessions of the DOJ and Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA need to be deluged (storm) with emails demanding action be taken against the Federal Reserve thieves.




Forget Freddy Kruger- someday “Hillery-Killery movies will make ole’ Freddy look like a ‘F…n” Mouseketeer
Q Anon has confirmed my ongoing nightmare horror show with children thrown in the God-awful mix-
We are all going to need a LOT of healing to get past this one!



Hi Tippi

Goodness knows what is going on. It’s not natural that’s for sure. Time to hibernate once again.

I heard on the radio in the car today re electricity. We paid the cabalist Elon Musk millions of dollars to build his battery in the north of SA which was going to turn our electricity woes on it’s head. Well, they said that during the last recent heat wave 30% of electricity came over the border from Victoria and only 1% came from the battery.

Another SSP project our money has been siphoned to I recon! What a rort and a huge waste of money!



It’s Bio’s vs. Robots War and I say ” No DNA=NO WAY’ I ain’t ever buyin’ a Robot cat , Robot Dog, pseudo-human Robot thing with no SOUL and the ability to program my kids and report ALL to IBM WATSON !
Why do humans do such things?
I do not in any way shape or form understand this nor do I want to be “reprogrammed” to accept such a monstrosity!


You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You


Lionel Nation (interviews Thomas Paine)
Published on Jan 21, 2018

WARNING: THIS WILL BOGGLE YOUR MIND. Completely and permanently.

Wetware is defined as “humorous: human brain cells or thought processes regarded as analogous to, or in contrast with, computer systems” and (chiefly in science fiction) “computer technology in which the brain is linked to artificial systems, or used as a model for artificial systems based on biochemical processes.” No. This is here and now. This is not science fiction.

The front man for government Big Brother has been identified and he holds the most disruptive patent ever facing civilization and human evolution. I interview Thomas Paine who along with Betsy Ross explore the corrupt U.S. Patent Office and how it has laid the digital web over the entire planet. No one will be able to escape unless we act now to sever its hydra-head.

These are critical pieces that accompany and supplement the items discussed and referred.



Thank you siggi. It’s amazing how much awakening has taken place. Not always clear but there are moments 😄of realising it’s really true.

What a place to live!! Joy and freedom (currently enduring a tug of war).

I try and judge myself by whether I would willingly watch the Godfather series or not. My sons an actor who had never seen the three of them so I watched them with him, sort of. They tether a person’s soul to the organic realm. But, you know, classics. Excellent, well played drama and social history, not part of the new world.

I’m glad you love the spirit to soar siggi.



getem. #398026

It was uplifting wasn’t it, I loved what I was hearing/reading; moments of the freedom of ‘in the moment’, a bit more realising what it is.

Like the light touch of a butterfly.

Power is another matter 🤯🤯

Tasmanian hydro electricity is sold to Victoria by cable under Bass Straight to Victoria, someone was telling me this week that you can hear the turbines starting up (north) so they know when it’s being generated. That is with Tas dams only reading a 70% capacity for the most part, so why we sell electricity is mostly a moot point. Victoria seems to mostly have wind power having pulled down their coal power plants.

I hope for more weather balance for you and SA.





Streamed live on Jan 22, 2018

Williams says there is going to be an economic BOOM in the US economy for next several years.. as long as Trump is in office the ‘PANIC’ will not be taking place. PANIC = final takeover by the NWO crowd. Elites are making money in all markets while they wait for Trump’s time to be done. BILLIONS will be made in cryptos. The US will become the largest oil supplier in the world and will be energy independent.

No mention of the USD. I guess it just continues as the world’s reserve currency?


A very good show with Drake and Kent on the Sam Mugzzi show.

Gets very good when they speak of the tech coming soon. They say the golden age is beginning with the super blue moon at the end of the month!!!!

Also interesting what they say Trump is going to be doing very soon. He is going to pop over to the Hague and bring in the American Republic.




“Release the Memo”! hits MSM… GO GO GO!!

This is the story on NPR in process when I awoke this am…

Of course… “The Memo” and a n y thing other than “Trump colluded with the Russians!” is framed as something the Republicans are doing to hide from “the truth”…. … but they are talking about “The Memo” folks!! 😉
Part of what they “poo poo”: that it may be of wrong-doings WAAAAY BIGGER than Watergate.

“Republicans want to release a memo prepared by Rep. Devin Nunes about alleged abuses by the intelligence community. Also, President Trump is heading to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.”



And now for something TRULY DIRE… .also reported on NPR: PLANTS in the thawing permafrost!!! The dangerous CO2… be afraid!!… be v e r y afraid!!

Is There A Ticking Time Bomb Under The Arctic?



getem, So Interesting to read about the other side of the globe. My American magazines (Time, Rolling Stone) are totally enthralled with St. Elong who cries for humanity and can do no wrong!
Alt POV’s are soooo important in a one dimensional media screen world!


CNN’s “Beme” News Comes To California To Cover Climate Engineering Issue ( Geoengineering Watch )


Dane Wigington
Published on Jan 23, 2018


Mainstream media’s near total failure to tell the truth on any subject is a primary reason populations are still so completely disconnected from reality on countless issues with climate engineering at the top of the list. This short on-air morning news interview covering the climate engineering / geoengineering issue was recently recorded in Northern California at the KQMS radio station. Present at this brief interview were a reporter and her videographer who work for a startup branch of CNN News. The pair from CNN were in Northern California to investigate the critical issue of climate engineering (though the questions posed by the CNN employee near the end of the short interview indicated a bias toward the official narrative of geoengineering denial). All available data conclusively confirms that climate engineering programs have long since been fully deployed. Legitimate investigation is an obligation for any who claim to care about the future of our children and the web of life. This 12 minute video documents the geoengineering discussion and debate that occurred on the Northern California live news broadcast.
After the radio broadcast exchange, the CNN interviewer and videographer spent the whole day with me to continue their “investigation” of the geoengineering issue. The expected “official geoengineering denial” bias of the CNN reporter was evident at many points of questioning during the day. Due to this factor, a member of the anti-geoengineering legal team (working with geoengineeringwatch.org) requested reasonable assurance from CNN that my responses to their questions would not be edited out. The CNN group refused to offer any assurance of objectivity in their film release agreement. For this reason, I have refused to sign the release. Given the rapidly increasing desperation of the power structure to falsely discredit any who dare to speak out about the climate engineering atrocities, we will have to wait and see what they do now. Reaching a critical mass of climate engineering awareness with the population is absolutely essential, this is the only way forward in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. This effort will take all of our efforts, it will take all of us working together. Sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective and efficient way to wake others to the geoengineering assault. Help us to sound the alarm, make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington


So I guess CNN’s ‘Beme’ is a new youtube channel.

Isn’t one failing fake news channel enough?

The CNN interviewer in Dane’s post rattled off all the standard lies that are being told by universities/other sources. Never once does she question anything. Once again Dane comes through with his encyclopedic knowledge on the topic. No response of course.


Laura Eisenhower Jan 14, 2018 Eclipse of Disclosure Mt Shasta 2018


Interview begins with a information from a channeling by Kurt Mollison? of
Dwight D Eisenhower. Laura says he’s still working with us….

All lightworkers need to come forward at this time. We’re at the tipping point.


I don’t know if I’m going mad or something but looking at the transits, nothings happening that could be. Moon conjunct Uranus … Nothing… Mercury conjunct Pluto… nothing.

Tbf though it is happening in my PERSONAL life!


re: intruth # 398037

Wetware ? To be fair, I was warned. Mind (what remains) boggled like a mega wet willy shoved in my cerebellum!

I warn others to grab a coffee or a bottle first ’cause I am trying too warn them too!


WW3 Preparations? Amidst Drought, North Korean Officials Raid Homes And Farms To Feed Army

North Korean officials are ransacking homes and raiding farms in order to feed their starving army.

Not only has the drought taken its toll on the nation, but this newest harsh seizure of food is causing internal clashes between the civilians and the army.



Anybody make anything of the reports of numerous rockets headed into space recently? Classified payloads, observation. 3 from US in last 2-3 weeks, 1 from China and recently 1 from Japan. Lots of sightings of “meteors” , red beams and big, charred holes appearing in strange places. Sounds pretty supportive of the low-earth orbit war.


Jim Stone
Jan 24 2018

America is approaching failed state status

People in other nations cannot understand how the President can give an order, and then have state governments and cities openly defy the order and the law. There are three great examples right now:
1. Oregon State has told the DMV to not cooperate with ICE in arresting illegal immigrants who show up there.

2. The democrats had a huge open women’s march in Las Vegas, where they had Canadians register to vote in Nevada elections. This can’t possibly happen in any nation that can still function.

3. In defiance of all federal orders, California is now handing illegal aliens drivers licenses, and then accepting them as proof they can vote.

Add to this the sanctuary cities, which are totally violating national law, the fact that when the elite have been busted people who try to publish it get attacked only to have the evidence be completely and successfully flushed out of public sight, and the writing is on the wall. We had all better hope Trump has a magic ace up his sleeve, because the United States is now so overcome by corruption at so many levels that the authorities will not even enforce the rule of law, even at the level of state governors. That’s really bad.

And I did not even mention the intelligence agencies, which have gone totally rogue, and the inability of the state structure to have major influence over Google and Facebook, because they have become so powerful they can just shrug it off, and then destroy whoever went after them with censorship and other forms of information warfare. We have easily approached the point where the military is needed to clean the mess, but Obama screwed the military ranks over so badly by firing all the generals who actually care about the United States that it will be impossible to do anything that way either.

And all of this is going on while unspeakably evil elites are wiping out the next generation with tainted vaccines, after having successfully mortally wounded the last one the same way. The list is endless. What a mess.

Asset forfeiture on steroids

Dutch police now confiscating clothes from kids who appear to be “dressed above their level”

This is just like African countries, where the police take anything they want. Plain fabric clothes are then given to people so at least they are not naked. If this persists, it will evolve to one thing: If you are not in the elite class, you’ll be stripped by police.
“Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam have launched a new pilot programme which will see them confiscating expensive clothing and jewellery from young people if they look too poor to own them.

Officers say the scheme will see them target younger men in designer clothes they seem unlikely to be able to afford legally – if it is not clear how the person paid for it, it will be confiscated. See this, at the Independent
My comment: This is a slippery slope if I ever saw one. Just like asset forfeiture in the U.S., the police will develop a taste for what they take, and will escalate this to full blown stealing. It will not stop with “kids”, it will eventually evolve to taking things from anyone, just like the police do in African countries. Who carries receipts with them to prove they own everything they have on or are carrying?



Hi Rays

That is why this blog is so good. True accounts of what is happening and also real perspectives from people who are living in all corners of the globe. Can’t rely on the MSM for any truth.




At first, this article might make you mad as hell.

Then some of you might feel stupid, betrayed, gullible, used, sorrowful.

The Anonymous Patriots ask that you face the LIES you have been told your entire life about energy, wars, banking, and life in general. Then educate yourself on the amazing solutions that we could begin to use immediately to bring, literally, a free energy revolution to the world.

As we emerge out of the sea of lies, let’s BELIEVE that we can change the world. Please take your time reading this article, then share this insight with everyone you know in a way that they can best understand the message. Patriots, let’s break out of this prison planet.

The big oil and petrochemical industry has perpetrated LIES to enslave humanity to oil consumption by making us believe that it is the preferred and best energy source available to us. So important is the oil business to banking and the military-industrial complex that millions of soldiers have died in wars in the Middle East while profits for big oil and big banks continue to soar.

The reality is that war is necessary to drive the U.S. economy with fossils fuels that benefit only a few and destroys the environment while killing millions in the process. The big lie is that none of this is necessary because we already have, and have had since the mid-1800’s, sufficient technology to circumvent burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, propane, etc.). These technologies have been stolen by the U.S. Patent Office and given to the military and a few select corporations to develop.

35 U.S. Code § 181 – Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent provides that the government can take any patent and make it secret and use it at its discretion, or just make sure that it never gets developed. There are strict penalties if the inventor even speaks of the patent after it has been “confiscated.” Members of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and In-Q-Tel provide the Defense Department and the CIA with these “secret” patents so that they might first be “weaponized” for military purposes. Often, patents are then given to fake companies, supported with U.S. tax dollars, who bring the patent to market.



new york city mayor bill de blasio-quote—– “Big Pharma helped to fuel this epidemic by deceptively peddling these dangerous drugs and hooking millions of Americans in exchange for profit,”—–unquote…..



ladies and gentlemen – the worm has turned…..



 #398054


thanks intruth for posting this primo article…..

comment image


Re: This year’s flu strain causing cytokine storms?

Don’t know–BUT, there are two death methods usually-cytokine storm for those with strong immune systems, and pneumonia for those with weak ones.

For cytokine storms, you don’t want to take natural products like Echinacea and especially elderberry-as it BOOSTS immune function.

I’ve been researching it a bit-there was a 30% death rate for the 1918 Spanish flu if you went to the hospital.

Homeopathic had a 1% death rate! Look into the homeopathic remedies-such as Oscillococcinum, Gelsemium, this is what they used in 1918. Also, influenzinium, is their version of a flu shot, but I assume it actually works.

Also, extreme anti viral treatments are oil of oregano. Also, buy garlicbulbs, eat some raw if you can. Honey is also a good antibiotic, expecially manuka Honey which is rated at least 15 UMF. its a special factor they use for manuka.

Manuka honey is the only substance known to kill ALL bacteria, even antibiotic resistant ones. MRSA etc.

So get oil of oregano, garlic, oscillococcinum, gelsemium and the other natural stuff.

Stay away from Elderberry, Echinacea or any of the “immune boosting” herbs, they add to cytokine storm.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74989921

If you went to the hospital you were given newly formulated Bayer aspirin – in quantities 100 TIMES TODAYs dose – they bled to death.



The Daniels papers:
Here is a list of –daniel’s papers from most recent to oldest…
About “timelines, the density and dimensional structure of our reality, UFOs, extraterrestrials and extradimensionals”


The Change (Ascension) 432Hz



Good night all and thanks for the wealth of information.



Another agenda revealed. I believe the Ablechild group is well-meaning, but they still flog Sandy Hook and Boston as real. They do uncover a lot of the agenda, though. (Sorry for the shouting caps; not my post.)

AblechildLike Page
January 20 at 8:36am ·



Parents should have the right to refuse this type of dangerous political bias education. Warning signs! Ha!

What a joke the state of Connecticut is refusing to release the mental health records of Adam Lanza and Nancy Lanza’s Diary.

The press fails to report actual facts regarding the gathering of evidence, the corruption of evidence, and the lack of verification of eye witnesses who last saw Nancy Lanza alive.

Police reports indicated that Adam had a head injury prior to the event.

Consumers and all voters should question a whitewashed investigation by the State after the FBI busted several Newtown police officers in a massive corruption sting, called Juice Box, where similar weapons were being sold that were found at the crime scene.

Ask plenty of questions of Sandy Hook, this political organization is attempting to enter our public education system.

Be alert don’t be shamed into silence for even asking one question of such a horrible crime that has so many unanswered questions.

Stand up, be strong, say NO “warning sign” screenings for children in the public education system sponsor by anyone from Sandy Hook or Newtown, Connecticut.

The Public Should Reject this bias nonprofit organization’s political educational agenda!

The Psychiatrist who treated Lanza is only now facing charges of having sex with his former patient. The psychiatrist destroyed records, failed to comply with State laws regarding notifying former clients he was closing his practice after receiving a sweetheart deal from the State to surrender his license 6 months prior to Sandy Hook.

Warning signs? How in the world can this organization or any associated with Sandy Hook know how to spot warning signs in your child.


About this article
Sandy Hook organization to work with BPS schools
A new partnership between Boston Public Schools and an organization founded by the parents of children who were killed in Sandy Hook aims to prevent school violence by teaching instructors how to spot warning signs and creating…


getem #398041
Hi Rhonda!
Thanks so much for sharing Rhonda – all set to go!
I wonder if Kent’s “slip” at the end was deliberate…. I remember all the Electrolux (Oops…. – there I mention it too, unintentional of course… please forgive…..) apparatus we had when I grew up. They were consider the best then, maybe still are.
intruth #398054
Hi intruth!
Thanks so much to Intruth for bringing a compilation of free energy solutions. Was Mr keshe’s free tech there? I wonder what happen to that one.. Compressed air to run Motors, invented by an Australian two decades ago or about… is worth to put in the mix. It’s over 10 – 20 (or more) years old now. Means most all motors could already be running on air!
Impossible to put a price on air.
Thanks again for that!


Just a random comment here, I don’t agree with the 432 Hz stuff. I played since I was about six learning the violin and when I heard, for example, E at 432 Hz it just sounds flat.

It all seems a little farfetched the theory of how they changed it. You would need a mass support for 440 Hz which is apparently an out of tune frequency, I don’t think that would be able to happen. 440 Hz ‘breaking instruments’ etc.


You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

Thomas Paine is the spokesperson for a conclave establishing facts for conspiracy ‘theories’, as seen in the intelligence news at https://aim4truth.org/

https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/ – every indictable offence of the cabal is listed. The IBM Eclipse foundation stole Leader Technologies patented base code for social networking.

It was George H W Bush who originally set up Uranium One to import uranium from Russia, that was when it all started.

James Chandler taught Hillary Clinton (the daughter of a mob boss from Chicago) who worked for Rose law firm, learning to control all the patents for the coming big technology as an infringement patent lawyer.

1993: Robert Mueller, John Podesta, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, George H W Bush thru the Carlyle Group, later Larry Sumner, David Capper – the totally corrupt head of the patent office creating the Eclipse Foundation controlling the technology that ‘controls the world’.
ie. the Silicon Valley gov’t controlled companies. So we have the counterfeit titular heads like Zuckerburg.

They want to control everyone on a 24/7 basis, tracking & controlling cars, planes, anything that moves, full spectrum.

There is a patent for the internet of things that is so vast & all inclusive, being the longest patent in history with hundreds of extra hidden pages. Patents means large amounts of money put into development companies.The Patent office is now controlled by CERCO. CISCO controls all the servers – it was the NSA’s golden egg, it was always militarised/weaponised.

At first it was the military DARPA net & DARPA went to universities to develop their projects. Unchecked information on that level becomes a weapon, it was always a weapon; is it propaganda, is it manipulation, is it true or not etc. So when it was released to the public thru Steve Crocker who controls the numbers for the IP addresses, it all changed & now DARPA works thru the big corporations.

QRS11 is a complicated crystal/gyroscope that controls moving direction, ie. it’s in missiles to planes to cars to cable cars. Knowledge of the patent allows it to be controlled – enter Hillary Clinton.

Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) are the people who control/check on all types of broadcasting.

When the NSA were spying on the rogue CIA at CERN, Geneva (where there is in reality only one synchrotron not three), they found out that they were connected to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). The US Gov’t had to shut down their Swiss accounts so they turned to gold bullion. At that time it was Berners-Lee who supposedly came up with the world wide web, & this was used as a distraction from investigations into the rogue CIA faction.

Economic war is is where the real damage can be inflicted.

Richard Walker is one very real face of ‘big brother’. We are considered ‘wet-ware’ – to be controlled, so humanity can be weaponised – ‘aggressive remote control’. Richard Walker’s patent could not work without Leader Technologies’ social networking invention, so they stole it. While this patent focuses on aircraft, it is written so broadly as to encompass all kinds of equipment and devices, including people, defined as “wet-ware.” Our hunch is that they are derived from the illegal Highlands Group that has been secretly convened since late 1994 by the Department of Defense to begin coordinating the Deep State takeover of the Internet.

While the patent was issued on Nov. 15, 2005, it incorporates filings going all the way back to Dec. 2, 1996.

Trump has withdrawn from the United Nations, has curtailed/highlighted the rogue intelligence community, has destroyed the heroin from opium producing labs in Afghanistan (according to Thomas Paine), has told NATO to pay its way & then sold them arms, has called out China for breaking sanctions with oil deliveries, & has withdrawn from the fake climate debate at the Paris accords.

Most of the climate agencies are owned by the Rothschilds – constructed to form a new currency from ‘carbon footprint’.

Trump has also stopped the stock market from crashing. In the past all stock market crashes were engineered by the US Treasury. The Exchange Stabilisation Fund has infinite resources; recently it gave several trillion to the Federal Reserve who proceeded to call it ‘off ledger’.
Trump has stopped the Plunge Protection Team (part of the ESF that works out of the NY Fed.) that has caused the continuous rise of the stock market thru creating every manipulated downturn.

Trump is also nullifying the necessity of the IMF.

Apparently Trump told the Saudis to stop funding Islamic terrorism. The real issue between Qatar & Iran is the liquid oil between them; the real reason Israel has come to Saudi Arabia’s help concerns the oil deposits off Lebanon.

The USA has constantly given the Russians hi-tek secrets so they can keep up so they can be the competitors where we had the cold war & now it is sanctions, as part of the necessary dynamic.

Eric Schmidt was responsible for the ‘Template for the re-election of Hillary Clinton’ which ended up being able to control the voting machines.

Leader Technologies, Inc. and founder Michael T. McKibben sent a Tier I Miller Act Notice to  the White House. A “Tier I” request allows unpaid subcontractors to get paid. A “Tier II” Miller Act Notice allows unpaid subcontractors of subcontractors to federal projects to also get paid. Leader’s shareholders supplied financial resources used to help McKibben and Leader invent social networking in the late 1990’s—while Mark Zuckerberg was just leaving junior high school.
Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government.


Zanderboy #398064
Wow! That’s quite a summary! Thanks for posting.
Can this be true?? Have heard about this incredible amt of money for years – going back to Reagan and the Soviet Union. Is it really coming back????
France Bringing $475 Trillion to Trump! Tom Heneghan (1-24-18)


This week seems pretty potent – this is the Cosmic Path interpretation – Sat and Sun seem worthy of notice.

…..Saturday 1/27 is a Mars Varuna manifestation and a Venus Ceres Light Bridge. Continuing the theme of Living and Embodying Namaste, we are physically manifesting from divine higher vision, allowing us to see the the possibility of a new reality. Venus and Ceres form a breathtakingly beautiful Light Bridge that delivers us all to the awakened and pure heart, shining brightly like a star. This is a potent day to calibrate ourselves to that crystal clear frequency of Light, the power of the newly awakened divine feminine.

And Sunday 1/28 is off the charts… Mercury and Uranus form a stepping stone, Mercury and Chiron are in a resource, Mercury is manifesting with Sedna, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Haumea, intersecting the balance point of the Haumea Eris Light Bridge. After yesterday’s activation of the Divine Feminine Light Bridge, Mercury (the divine masculine archetype) is stepping up, awake and crystal clear. When the divine feminine awakens and rises, the divine masculine steps up like a lightning bolt of consciousness. This jolt of energy has the potential to refine mastery, to heal old wounds by elevating the frequency to the remembrance of wholeness and Oneness. There is no feminine without masculine, and vice versa. Yin exists in relationship with Yang, and the evolution of both requires the empowerment of both. We each are the embodiment of Yin and Yang, regardless of gender. It’s time to honor the fully empowered and fully awakened wholeness within ourselves, and collectively as One……


Re;phoenix #906210
Just like you I learned to tune my stringed instruments to 440hz and tuning to 432 hz sounded flat .
432 hz is the resonant frequency of Planet Earth (all astral bodies have a signature frequency) and if you use your own playing as a mantra to get you in that “cosmic” mood you might find better results in your meditations.


Notification of termination of unsigned contractual obligations:

1) Vatican, Roman Catholic Church and Vatican Mafia
I did not ask or agree to Baptism and I was under 21 at Confirmation and I NEVER accepted the knife your agent offered me.
2) Illuminati Blood ties, Story, Storey, Sloss , Bruce and clan Boyd
My DNA is not owned by you.
3) Department of Defense, United States Navy
I did my time for you and so did my father and grandfather and greatgrandfather
This is a legal and binding statement and witnessed by at least two other citizens in good standing with the Creator of Planet Earth.

Can I get a witness or two?


I was thinking while listening to the most recent wisdom teachings about hybrids etc.

These people, these Illuminati types and all their secret projects etc. What mental age do you have to be to think it is cool to create a human- cat hybrid?


I can witness what you have written.

My family name is Boyd & we have our own tartan n’est-ce pas?


Belle #397980

I am repeating this post from Belle… adding some bold because I think it is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue at the moment… for USA folks anyway. I think we need to contact our House Representatives about this and tell everyone who might be sympathetic to do the same:

………Congress Quietly Pushing Bill To Require National Biometric ID For “ALL Americans”

By Matt Agorist

Earlier this month, Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6] introduced H.R.4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this 400-page behemoth of a bill are the details of a new biometric National ID card that could soon be required for everyone.

Not surprisingly, there is almost “no media coverage” on this legislation.

H.R. 4760 establishes a mandatory National Identification system that requires all Americans to carry a government-approved ID containing “biometric features.” Without this card, according to the legislation, you will not be able to work in this country.

The legislation was drafted under the auspices of providing a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

However, as Ron Paul points out, “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.”

Naturally, this bill is wholeheartedly supported by the anti-immigration sect and has gained 70 co-sponsors already in only a few days. As with most police state-promoting legislation, fear of illegal immigration is being pushed to garnersuch support. However, as Ron Paul points out, the bill won’t just target illegals—it targets everyone—and it will use your most private information to track you.

Under the statists’ National ID scheme, you’d be forced to carry around your National ID card, tied to this massive database, chockfull of biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retina scans,” Paul noted. “Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!”

Paul said there is a very good chance this bill will become law as the support for it seems overwhelming. He laid out three key factors that are detrimental to the freedom of all Americans.

Allow federal bureaucrats to include biometric identification information on the card, potentially even including fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used as a tracking device;
Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn’t obtain an ID card;
Require all employers to purchase an “ID scanner” to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know — and you can bet its only a matter of time until “ID scans” will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.
The control freaks in the US government have been trying for years to pass a National ID card law and it has been successfully resisted every time. This time, however, it appears that the Republicans—who used to be vocally opposed to such measures—are now fully on-board likely because of the bill’s anti-immigration language.


Continued on site…Ron Paul has started a petition if you feel so inclined to sign and tell your friends and and family…I care not if it be left or right, red or blue states, which I find only divides/distracts from the reality of truth…how about purple states an idea already in motion”


To find your representative:




What do you think about the vocalisation in relation to the different tunings. For instance, do you prefer the term ‘river’ from Leonard Cohens ‘Stranger song’ at 440 Hz or 432 Hz in Em? Why?



I posted this on Facebook a year ago– I probably posted it here also. I thought it was interesting considering the paper that is supposed to be released soon.

January 25, 2014 ·

I had a visual I wish I could put on a You Tube video, but I am not an artist–so I am posting it hoping someone else will be the artist.

I visualized an illuminatti pyramid like on the dollar bill. I visualized an eye develpoing on the bottom half of the pyramid. The eye looked up at the illuminated top, and the top eye looked down, realizing in shock it could be seen. The top of the pyramid shattered from fear and slid to the ground. The pieces grew little stick hands and stick feet and scrambled to reclimb the pyramid but slid off. The main body of the pyramid now has two eyes and a smile. The pieces of the old top of the pyramid now make campfires at the pyramid’s feet and shiver in the cold. When the rains come the base of the pyramid lives under the comfort of an umbrella, the “people” who were once the illuminated ones at the bottom of the pyramid now drip with the raindrops as they fall…..WE are the base of the pyramid, our labors are the foundation that kept that upper few comfortable and well fed with OUR labors. WE now see the “game” they’ve been playing–yet WE are the foundation they have build their scheme upon–and we now are free from that scheme because we see it…. We are the champions my friend–and we’ll keep on fighting to the end.


Oh– I guess it was 4 years ago…??



We are the champions my friends!


Thank You!
Love it!



Hi! I’m thinking TruthEarth may be just the friend to get this vision produced into a short film! Who knows? You may have a hit on your hands!

Check out the URL’s on this gif.


United Launch Alliance- anyone ever hear of it? Funny no comments to my previous post.


Oui mon ami, c’est beau (an’ kinda cosmic)


The following is the first segment of fearless eight parts exchange between German Left voice Clara S and ex Israeli Jazz artist Gilad Atzmon. We spoke about Israel, Palestine, the Holocaust, peace and delusion, Left and Right, the meaning of the past and the prospect of a future within the context of the current identitarian dystopia.


Reported by Gilad Atzmon

According to Times of Israel former British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks helped US Vice President Mike Pence write his Monday address to the Knesset.

A source with knowledge of the speech-writing process said “Rabbi Sacks provided input and editorial suggestions on various drafts throughout the writing process.”

As we are learning from the American press that the White House has lost contact with the Palestinian leadership, maybe the Palestinian should save time, cut the goy in the middle and just negotiate directly with Rabbi Sacks.


Stephen Lendeman’s response to the Zio-tards rebuttal of the incident reported in my earlier post of Bro’Nathanael Kapner’s, “The Slap Heard Round the World”.


On the surface it seems to be a divine slant to justify more white bashing, but aren’t a lot of the East Indian gods depicted with blue skin?




I’m looking on and Im full of admiration


Jim Stone
Jan 25 2018

BOOM: Cover story released for why we won’t be seeing Assange now that he’s free!

Fact: 1. Pamela Anderson brought him lunch, and later stated that after eating it he was “not feeling well”.
2. That night, a black van pulled up in front of the embassy and sat there for 3 hours, while Assange was talked out of the embassy most likely for medical care to save his life. This ALL WENT OUT OVER PERISCOPE, AS IT HAPPENED, LIVE.

3. THE VERY NEXT DAY, ASSANGE HAD NO INTERNET BECAUSE “THE EMBASSY CUT IT”. Gee, maybe he really was not online because he was not there anymore!

4. No legitimate balcony appearance has happened ever since, Assange has only been interviewed since, which could be faked with ease.

5. At the same time Assange was obviously poisoned, ALL (every single one) of the other top people at Wikileaks died.

6. And now, just in the nick of time, they are claiming assange has heart problems to explain why he’s not going to be seen by anyone, even though he is technically now “free”. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP – LOOK AT THIS REPORT FROM THE GUARDIAN: “JULIAN ASSANGE HEALTH IN DANGEROUS CONDITION” YEAAAAH, RiiiiiGHT!


Happy Bobbie Burns Day to all those of Scottish ancestry among us…


Remember – the shift is not really outside of you!

“Kiss from the sun” ( a conversation by Sophia Love with her HS re. the energy shift on a personal level)
Some excerpts:

“What does that mean?”
“(As I write this now, I am reminded of Cobra’s term “compression breakthrough”)”
“It means access to your core. This energy from the sun is meant to alter your entire
being. Think you not that you would feel it’s effect? You – who has been connecting with
the outer realm for many years? What did you expect?”

“This change, event and ascension will not be able to be ridden as “business as usual” –
this is a most unusual business! It has not happened on earth and you get closer each

“You are feeling the energy and like the canary in the coal mine, (Well, not exactly, as this
will not prove fatal), you are showing signs.”

“Know that each of you will experience it differently and express its effects differently.”

“What is happening is you are submitting to cellular/DNA alteration. It is what is causing
everything for you – the trembling, the lack of appetite, the “high alert” status.”

“Of course, you are on “high alert”! Everything that touches you in your world is altering
right now.”

“Up until this moment, you were able to “GO 3D” for periods of time and successfully
interact in mundane business of your prior existence. The changes were gradual enough
that you were able to.”
Also imo compression breakthrough should also involve compassion heart through. he he


Warnings to all lightworkers!

My email box were filled with strange things and anomalies this morning.. hmm

A new CIA psyop storm have been launched lately – similar to the one that tried to take down Truther’s like David Wilcock and Corey Goode last year.
Social media, communities and blogs are now filled with these paid trolls, phsycopats, sociopaths and fake profiles.
Stay calm and do not interact. That is the absolute best option.imo Don’t use your precious energy on such lower entangled communications, that only result in being drained – which is exactly their goal.
This is actually good news. As we enter the final hour of the shift/sun sneeze… etc. the more crazy and wild it will become.

Stand tall and be proud – we have already won!



I might have to check out the traditions of Scotland having some Scottish genetics (that are very dominant in ones make up) and sort of reaching out to find support somewhere.

Although I am putting together some astrological ideas to give me comfort in bad times but they do not yet provide any sort of code of behaviour that makes sense. Although the idea of ‘this shall pass’ is reflected in the chart. Everywhere we might have a problem that planet or set of them will move on.


Juju: Anytime we can hold our politicians feet to the fire is a good day…

Tory Smith had no problem holding them accountable / and witnessing the heinous and unspeakable crimes against HU-manity … In my part of the world, I can still view his YT vids. I apologize to the memory of this man and I didn’t take him more seriously…RIP, TORY… we won’t let you down again…!!!

Intruth, Rays and Xanderboy: Need to thank all of you for explaining we are the “wet works”. I had a very vague picture. NOT now.

Rays: Thanks. I had posted too much re: negative posts, and just couldn’t do it again by the time I touched on Montague’s Message. Veronica’s Illness can change one’s perspective, of not enough time to finish one’s mission on this earth .. I still enjoy those two…

All kind of PAIN in this world is EVIL. And I’ve caused my share, and will not doubt do so – knowingly – again or not..

I also am so in awe of the fearlessness and love “truthearth’s videos”, and look forward to the inspiring wonders he brings…and send protection healing often, as this is always
💗 LOVE, he shares.

Much Love and Protection too All 💓


I guess Ben was wrong on Soros being in Gitmo, as he is being broadcast live from Davos right now.


Jim Stone
Jan 25 2018

If you want to see what a Soros/NWO future looks like, this is all you need to see.

I have vetted this as completely accurate, it is for real folks.

6 month prison term for offering anyone a straw without them asking.
Ian Calderon wants restaurateurs to think long and hard before giving you a straw.

Calderon, the Democratic majority leader in California’s lower house, has introduced a bill to stop sit-down restaurants from offering customers straws with their beverages unless they specifically request one. Under Calderon’s law, a waiter who serves a drink with an unrequested straw in it would face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.
My comment: Obviously I thought this was spoof parody fake news from a humor section somewhere. PROBLEM, THIS IS FOR REAL. Oh my GOD!!! SEE THIS.
Hey hey hey! Let’s pack the prisons full of slaves! Six months sounds short, until you realize by that time your car and home will be reposessed, your job will be gone, and everything you have will be lost!


Oklahoma’s Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal and Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow

You know it just had to happen! Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent—not consensus—science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters damage health and “The OCC [Oklahoma Corporation Commission] is to understand by this legislation that they work for the consumers and citizens of the State of Oklahoma and not the utility”! [1]

Applause, applause, applause and many kudos to Oklahoma State House of Representatives legislator Dale Derby for introducing House Bill 2872 that would provide many legislative means of relief for utility consumers who reject AMI Smart Meters, including removal at no cost to consumers, plus many more exemplary legislative provisions sorely needed by those individuals who are compromised by and suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI).

Oklahoma House Bill 2872 is the most comprehensive bill I’ve seen to date dealing with the horrendous draconian totalitarian AMI Smart Meter implementation against supposedly free people’s rights and/or objections to causing them problems and/or damaged health!



vermithrax #398087
Jim Stone

So it is likely Assange was killed, like the other Wikileaks folks it seems?


comment image


Prana108 wrote:
I guess Ben was wrong on Soros being in Gitmo, as he is being broadcast live from Davos right now.
That, or it’s a clone or body double.


“Ontario Tory Leader Patrick Brown resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct”
Ok – here it is!

“Ontario’s Opposition leader is stepping down amid allegations of sexual misconduct Brown initially refused to step down after two women came forward with graphic allegations, prompting his top staff members to quit But within hours of a tearful news conference where he categorically denied the allegations, he issued a statement saying he was leaving as leader His resignation is a severe blow to his party just months before the province heads to the polls Brown has vowed to defend himself in court.”
Was live 30 min ago – but got no access!


“Hyper ​financialization”!
The rich men’s game!
“Carillion with 43 000 employees Globally is a victim of finanCIAlization (eh) and just like many companies in UK and around the world where private marketeers buy up lots of stocks then load these companies up with debts, and while extracting equity…… then they let the companies collapse under the weight of its own debt” says Kaiser’
(the usual scheme)
The “fall down” of the UK constructions giant Carillon, and some of its repercussions, are here been highlighted by Stacy and Max
“……….which is involved in a host of major government projects and vital public services when slumped into compulsory liquidation”
The same story all over again – “Pay packets awarded” to the big ego bosses in an already collapsed firm – while everyone else has to pay the bill through taxes.


siggi #398100
Was this a set up! – what you say Deester?


JIm Stone
Jan 25 2018

Here is the DOJ’s excuse for not releasing the memo.


State of the Nation – never fails to capture my attention!

Trump has been warned about the Chicago Supermob, aka the NWO Globalist Mafia
January 25, 2018
Deep State setting up Trump just like they did to President Kennedy … but it’s the Shadow Government that’s really calling the shots.
There’s no question that Trump is in the crosshairs like never before.
He really needs to really watch every step he takes. His people also
need to watch their every move. No screwups can be tolerated.
The same people who took out Kennedy will not hesitate to take him
out. And they’ve had 55 years to perfect their assassination plans.

— Former U.S Military Officer & Intelligence Analyst

State of the Nation

Very few people at the time were aware but the above flyer(see link) was widely disseminated by the C.I.A. within law enforcement and intelligence circles throughout Dallas in mid-November of 1963. The following caption describes the seditious content of that document in more detail:



Just a random comment here, I don’t agree with the 432 Hz stuff. I played since I was about six learning the violin and when I heard, for example, E at 432 Hz it just sounds flat.

It all seems a little farfetched the theory of how they changed it. You would need a mass support for 440 Hz which is apparently an out of tune frequency, I don’t think that would be able to happen. 440 Hz ‘breaking instruments’ etc.

———————————————————————————————-My understanding of how the hz 440 tuning was established is that with the growth of large ensemble groups, a standardization for all instrument tuning was put in place to save time during performances which required constant retuning between pieces being performed. It was a time saving feature…… being a musician all my life it makes rather good sense altho in the energetic framework, it is an issue. MTT in of SFO tunes to 443hz as it is a brighter sound, and the Russian orchestras tune to 438 as they like a darker sound.


For those following the Q anon phenomenon, you can go to http://www.sribd.com and put in the search term “Qanon decode”. This will reveal documents made by Jerome Corse (if you have spent any time in infowars.com you know who Corsi is. If you haven’t, look him up. He has the background and credentials to be an authority on these subjects.)

Corsi does his best to interpret Q anon’s cryptic posts made at https://8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html , which is Q’s dedicated board on 8chan.

Here’s an example. It is Corsi’s interpretation of the post Q made regarding the infamous Memo that the “we the people” are clamoring to access. #ReleaseTheMemo



Ben has a new post up.



When this week’s newsletter of January 22, 2018 went public, the following link had mysteriously stopped working. Now it is working again. It refers to the underground base in Nevada that is now apparently under attack.


Further to my previous post, here’s Bill Still doing his usual excellent commentary; this time on the MEMO, and mentioning that Obama has retained defense attorneys in 9 different countries in anticipation of the Storm raining on his parade.



scottfree #398111

Wow! I love how Bill Still puts summaries in his vid descriptions too.


#HAMR #ODINSEYE: Q Warns Deep State The Big Dump Cometh, 1/25, #SNOWDEN #FISAGATE


You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 25, 2018

While Trump dominates at Davos, the Senior Executive Service Deep Staters have nowhere to run as #FISAGATE exposes their dirtiest secrets. Treason, espionage, a domestic coup d’etat revealed! Odin’s Eye software sees and hears all. #HAMR Q says the full spectrum dump is coming soon, right, Snowden?


# 398089

Thank you for sharing!

and for you’re presence… always feels good to see your posts!

Kiss from the sun …

Hugs all around!




Report: QAnon describes plan to destroy America, reshape world
Jerome Corsi | Infowars.com – JANUARY 22, 2018


This is the article Bill Stills mentioned. This s/b handed to every American.




Why did HUSSEIN travel ahead of POTUS?

“Trump would not be in office for long, suggesting he could be out in a year.”

Re-read crumbs.

Future unlocks past.

John Kerry – you’re on the record now as a traitor. Guilty. Punishment – death by hanging.


George Webb is on fire on twitter



Jan 24
Perhaps Trump should read the four Page Memo at the State of the Union Address. It would end the endless speculation of the press for the Pee Pee Dossier and Pee Pee FISA?

Good idea. The networks couldn’t cut him off then.


Haley Barbour’s Firm Lobbied For Uranium One, Failed To Register With US Government

JANUARY 24, 2018

In a story out today by Hattiesburg Patriot, Haley Barbour and his lobbying firm, the BGR Group, may be in hot water. The BGR Group, founded by Barbour, lobbied on behalf of a Canadian company, Uranium One, which is owned by Rosatom, a company owned by the Russian government.

This is the exact same dirty deal that Hillary Clinton approved that gave Russia control over 20 percent of American uranium in exchange for contributions to the Clintons and their foundation.

In order for an American lobbying firm, like BGR, to lobby on behalf of a foreign government, the firm must register under the FARA law (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Failure to do so can result in fines of up to $10,000 and up to five years in prison.

Incidentally, the recent federal indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, two Trump aides, carried with it a count of failing to register as an agent of a foreign power. The charge is considered a conspiracy against the United States.

In a November 2017 letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote of his concern about Barbour’s firm, as well as two others, one being the Podesta Group, which, incidentally, held a fundraiser for Thad Cochran in his 2014 campaign against Senator Chris McDaniel. These firms, writes Grassley, “lobbied both houses of Congress and the executive branch.” Barbour’s group specifically “provided strategic counsel and assistance” for the Uranium One deal.

Senator Grassley is seeking answers on why the Department of Justice did not require BGR and these other groups to register under the law and what actions have been or will be taken in the future. Read the full letter here.

Thomas Jefferson once said that “merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” Perhaps he had Haley Barbour in mind.



No disrespect to David Wilcock here he is just relaying the information but just a comment. Thinking about it I realised the post David WIlcock made was quite significant because he rarely, in fact almost never, makes date based predictions.

However, the response to this, after all the false dates have passed is not very much. Not much excitement!

I just watched a very dour Stefan Molyneux video: President Trump’s Immigration Proposal: A “White Supremacist Ransom Note”

In my personal life I wonder if I have hit a kind of ‘bottom’ but at the same time I have had a massive positive breakthrough. So, work problems forcing me to perhaps move (move house as well as move jobs) and I can play music again for the first time in years. The problems with work colleagues is emotionally draining to a huge extent. Only going into the personal because it is relevant… If I were to leave I would feel like the last semblance of inner warmth and life has left me I think. This is a dark time. But I definitely could be wrong… Get a job that is not too bad and perhaps a girlfriend from elsewhere?

So, is this a reflection of what is going on in the world? People (one such person is David Seaman) are starting to give up? Not be able to take it anymore? Or is this just a low mood and we can and will continue to tolerate this decline with only minor improvements for the next few years?


phoenix9061210 #398123
… If I were to leave I would feel like the last semblance of inner warmth and life has left me I think. This is a dark time. But I definitely could be wrong… Get a job that is not too bad and perhaps a girlfriend from elsewhere ?



You sounds very alone, I’m sorry you feel that way. You are not alone, we are all connected.

You’re facing huge changes, and it’s hard. Sometimes even when things are not good for you, they are hard to let go of.

Letting go of a job or acquaintances and coworkers who aren’t bringing anything positive to your life is a first step. What you can’t see now is the opportunity for positive experiences to come into your life with a change. It won’t be easy, but once you get out of the situation you are in now, you will have the chance to create a new life for yourself.

I get frustrated with the lack of any noticeable progress with deadlines and dates being passed too. It is difficult to stay positive, but I know eventually everything will be ok.

I’m sending you love and light,



Thanks. When I write these things there is some semblance of a meaning. I deleted the more personal stuff and when I wrote it I was trying to say basically… If I am experiencing x, y and z then others must be also, because the global and personal, astrology is the same. This is how I do accurately calculate other peoples behaviours in my life.

But perhaps with the wider world I don’t have such an accurate psychic connection.

I do… feel… fear, that if all the positive energy that has gone into this workplace does not bear fruit then I will have lost polarity and the next place I go will be without any sort of hope. The same might go for a girl that is there, i.e. long term chemistry but it does not seem to be working and there are barriers to it working… Will I find those feelings with someone else?

It has seemed like, to me and probably to many others, that the game is somehow rigged against me winning!

It is a perception that I would think others would share and it is a perception that reinforces itself through different thoughts I might use to have the same perception but perhaps they do not. It seems David Seaman has experienced a similar thing, all his talking of ‘pizzagate’ has returned very little.

I continue to have insights, perhaps it will be that music and/ or other avenues will begin a process of moving up vibrations.


Jim Stone

More crazy:

In the name of “women’s rights”, a French legislator has proposed legislation that would fine men $350 for asking for a girl’s number. This also extends to asking her name, or talking to her at all. There is no other precedent for the fine, all he has to do is ask for her number, ask for her name, or try to talk to her. The legislation is worded in a way that makes it appear to be “fighting sexual harassment” or “ensuring equality”, but the real reason is obvious:
There would be no reason for this law, other than to separate the sexes by making men too afraid to approach a woman at all. The next step would be for the state to arrange all male/female partnerships. Tyranny wants that, imagine the worst level of control anyone could possibly take things and you’l be closer to understanding why the state has brainwashed everyone into being a “victim” to justify laws like this. They are claiming that 100 percent of women questioned have been sexually harassed, and that justifies this law. BULLSHIT. It is all about state regulation of relationships and nothing more. see this at RT.
The missing text messages the FBI lost (and are now found) will be a big nothing.

They will be FULLY expunged, and have nothing of value. The only way to ever get anything incriminating on the FBI is to get it BEFORE IT GETS “LOST”. I predict, for a very good reason, that the newly found FBI texts will have absolutely nothing useful in them. You cannot expect the FBI or anyone associated ANYWHERE IN GOVERNMENT, no matter what side they claim to be on, to be honest about anything. The texts only surfaced after a team of people deleted every trace of sedition and treason.
Jan 25 2018


A couple weeks ago, Google announced that it’s chrome browser would start blocking malicious ad types, if a “truth agency” determined them to be malicious. At that time, I specifically stated that this meant Google was going to start blocking ALL ads to alt media if alt media sites found alternative ad servers after, simply because of what they reported, Adsense denied them ads. I WAS RIGHT.
THE LIE: Google claimed they would only use Chrome to block ads that 1. Locked the screen or mouse, 2. Made you click them before you could see site content, or 3. Started up audio automatically.

GOOGLE LIED (but at least I knew it was a lie RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING)

Fact: It does not matter if the ad is only a static Jpeg that does nothing at all, IF IT COMES FROM A COMPETING AD SERVICE, AND A “TRUTH COUNCIL” HATES YOUR WEB SITE, CHROME WILL NOT ALLOW THE ADS TO LOAD. HERE IS PROOF!
The “hate” article that had it’s ads blocked was about a Target security guard who got fired for catching a Sheriff’s deputy shoplifting, and reporting it! AND CHROME BLOCKED THE ADS! WHAT A FARCE!

Ahh yes, but the Google parasite slurps this web site once every five minutes or so, (to see what the AI needs to auto ban elsewhere) so it will see the words “google” and “smart bomb” associated with each other, alert a living troll who will read the associated report, and they’ll fix this ONE SINGLE LONE INSTANCE so they can continue to go right on being the scammers they are.


Zio-tard kingpin Hungarian gulash pot calling the orange Yankee kettle black…


Trump Leads At DAVOS


A quick 5.5 minutes


More ranting from the zio-tards kingpin Soros…or his clone.


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner interviews a Canadian bishop who knows Vladimir Putin very well.


Bakla O’butt-f*ck busted in a pic with Muzz-tard racist Farrakhan.


Siggi #398100 I don’t know if this is a set up or not. I am not familiar with him. However, I am more familiar with Kent Hehr, and don’t like him as a politician. He is like a buffalo (being western Canadian, let’s use a better analogy) in a china store, and has repeatedly alienated people with his ridiculous faux pas. He resigned from Cabinet, but chooses to stay on as Calgary Centre Member of Parliament (WTF!).


Excerpt: Federal Sport and Disabilities Minister Kent Hehr has resigned from cabinet pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement from Davos, Switzerland, saying he had accepted Hehr’s resignation, calling it a “leave of absence.”

“Harassment of any kind is unacceptable and Canadians have a right to live and work in environments free from harassment,” he said.

“As a government, we take any allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and we believe that it is important to support women who come forward with allegations and that is exactly what our government will do.”

More on site.

Excerpt: Kent Hehr says he’ll be staying on as MP for Calgary Centre after he resigned from cabinet pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

“Throughout my career I have always tried to conduct myself with respect towards others, and I understand the most important thing is how each individual feels,” said Hehr in a statement on Thursday.

“I have been informed that an investigation into these allegations has begun and I welcome and respect this process.

Source: http://ca.pressfrom.com/news/canada/-61233-kent-hehr-to-stay-on-as-calgary-mp-after-he-resigns-from-cabinet-amid-sexual-harassment-allegations/

One thing that makes a lot of people happy (other than the local politicians who are intent on having the Olympics as a legacy), Calgary had been planning on an Olympic bid for the winter Olympics, even though polls showed that Calgarians and Albertans overwhelming did not want to host them, due to a struggling economy in the province. This was on Hehr’s plate. A lot of Albertans I talked with said they hoped this would trash the whole spending tax dollars on Olympics plan. Although Calgary hosted a successful winter games in the 80’s, that was before “9/11” and the security logistics would drive the costs through the roof. Old article, but it shows how politicians put their egos above the current economic reality in the province.


Excerpt: Kent Hehr’s eyes light up when he talks about a potential Olympic bid coming from the city in which he was born and raised.

As Canada’s minister of sport and persons with disabilities, Hehr is working behind the scenes, looking into what Calgary needs to move forward with a bid.

“I know an Olympic bid, deep in my heart, would be something that would be extraordinary,” Hehr said in an interview with CBC Sports. “But you have to balance it in a real way.”

More on site.

Calgary City Council approved millions to look into whether they should bid or not. They want to drag Edmonton into the fray to help alleviate costs. In the meantime, Calgary City Council has mothballed part of a rapid transit system and other projects, citing lack of revenue. They have also attracted dissent as there was a push for a new hockey arena and fieldhouse. The Olympic bid would enable them to do this. (Edmonton has a new downtown hockey rink; people were upset that tax dollars were being used to fund Daryl Katz’s dream.) A lot of them said if tax dollars were used, the concession sales and other merchandising profits should go to the city, not the Oilers.




Davos WEF Record Snow Elites Paralyzed, Climate Groups Shiver (517)


Adapt 2030
Published on Jan 26, 2018

Elite heading to Davos for the World Economic Forum have been hampered by record snow blanketing the area from Zermatt to Davos. Although CO2 is supposed to cause global warming they have flown in thousands of private jets and private helicopters for the event. The town of Davos is paralyzed by incredible snows that there is no more space to pile snow in the city. So much for Al Gores warming us that there would be no more snow. Record snow doubling records in USA as well and Japan sees record snow and coldest temperatures in 50 years.

ADAPT 2030 Awarded #12 position in top 60 climate channels to watch on YouTube.


Love it when the average citizen fights back! How desperate. Adam Schiff says American people are too stupid to understand the FISA memo.


“Remember Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), 57, who said the House Intelligence Committee (on which he is a ranking member) should not release the FISA memo to the public because the American people simply can’t understand it?” …

“On Tuesday, January 23, Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) actually sent a letter (see below) to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding a forensic examination into the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign being the work of “Russian bots” or fake Americans.”

Now people are phoning their offices and saying they are not bots, and being hung up on.

“News of the Schiff-Feinstein letter unleashed a tsunami of phone calls to their respective offices, from American citizens confirming they are not Russian bots. One Twitter user said Schiff’s office is now hanging up on American citizens calling to say they’re not Russian bots. LOL”

Here are the numbers to call, even though, cowards that they are, it doesn’t sound like they are allowing voice messages. I’m not American, but would certainly either email or phone these two jackals if I were.

““My husband just got through to Schiff’s office. Told them ‘Censorship is Communism!’ That he was an American Citizen and didn’t eat Borscht and drink Vodka! We the People Want the Memo! Schiff is a Mental case and should resign!”

“Call Schiff and Feinstein and tell them you’re not a Russian bot!
Adam Schiff: (202) 225-4176
Diane Feinstein: (415) 393-0707”

Here is where you can e-mail Feinstein.


Here is a full list of Schiff’s offices, phone numbers and fax numbers:



200,000 Year Old Levitation Technology – Michael Tellinger

An electron is simply a coherent resonance in a toroidal field, displaying the fractal multi dimensional toroidal nature of reality.

God said ‘let there be light’ which is a sound, & this frequency of moving sound creates a toroidal field, which then generates magnetic toroidal fields & moving (counter rotating) fields can then create electricity.

It is the ‘sound’ of the Earth that creates our toroidal magnetic field, not some non existent molten core. So it makes no sense that our planet is an incomplete magnetic field with only a North at one end & a South only, at the other; complete toroidal fields have both at each opposite, with a usually flattened accretion disc thru the centre – mimicking the elliptical plane of the planets around the sun ie. the complete toroidal field of our solar system.

Magnetic torus lines viewed under a ferrocel lens are similar to the magnetic lay lines on our planet. We can now begin to understand how these forces play such a vital role in the designs & shapes that we see in Nature.

Michael has been finding these cone shaped tools in South Africa & also sees them in Egypt, England, Australia, & Sumer. Dragon flies wings do not have what we thought were veins; they are tubes which vibrate & at the bottom of these tubes are tiny cones emitting what creates the magnetic fields to enable flight.

Viktor Grebennnikov made a levitation platform made of insects wings, also with pointed hairs on the underside. Ed Leedskalinin at Coral Castle reputedly used cones to levitate huge blocks into place.

Along with the cone shaped stones Michael has found torus shaped stones which can be described as toroid vortex field generators, able to emit up to 3400dB of sound (we can hear up to 140dB). They seem to suck in & amplify sound in a form of scalar technology. At the zero point of the toroidal field is a point of infinite density out of which everything can manifest.

It was a crystalline/silica based torus stone in Michael’s luggage that crashed the airport security system.

Saser technology is a new type of laser, generating ultra high frequency waves instead of light.

So the torus stone creates the energy & the cone can harness & focus that energy thru the tip.

It all mimics the make up of our retina & cones in our eye connected to the rods & cones in our pineal gland.

The stone remains found in southern Africa are cymatic representations (sound frequency patterns) of that location. Some of the flower shaped patterns are magnetrons (creating micro waves), & they all seem to be sending their energy to Adams Calendar where measurements of over 375 Ghz have been measured.

The right stone is an energy source, carries information & has storage capacity.

Ancient structures, aligned with the sun where the sun beams hit the standing crystalline stone to activate the structure or machine, as a resonator energy device. What is the real purpose? Even though Stonehenge has been reconstructed there are powerful symmetrical interference patterns photographed, so is the case with the pyramids at Giza. All these places have been built on the crystalline grid nodal points. Rather than temples these structures are templates akin to a giant circuit board if seen from above, macroprocessors for vast amounts of energy. Classic example is the Buddhist temple at Borobudur.

Are these structures also used to shoot energy into the sky to maintain the prison grid?

Paul Greyvensteyn has found the energy matrix grid above & around the Earth, digitally composed of ones & zeros, which instantly repairs itself if torn.

Gravity as described does not exist, it is in fact an aspect of magneticism.

It should be called the magneto-electric universe not the electro-magnetic.

Finally, the Michelson-Morley Experiment in 1887 wanted to prove the Earth moved thru the aether. They could not find the aether but did find that there was no movement thru space. According to Michio Kaku the Earth does NOT move thru space.

The Aether was replaced with the bs of particle physics & before that gravity. Einstein’s theory of relativity was the final nail in the coffin.

Max Tegmark of MIT tells us in the documentary called The Principle that from our perspective Earth is at the centre of creation & the Universe, & other galaxies appear to be moving away from us.


Vegas police forced by Baltimore Post to answer questions about “Stephen Paddock’s” locked hotel room door. Guess they didn’t get the memo that nobody should be looking into anything to do with this event. I wonder if Podesta relative and FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse (former head of Counterintelligence division) was there to glare at Sheriff Joe Lombardo.


Excerpt: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s responded Thursday to a request filed on Monday by the Baltimore Post-Examiner for an explanation of the locked adjoining room, 32-134 to gunman Stephen Paddock’s suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

LVMPD spokesman Larry Hadfield told the Baltimore Post-Examiner, referring to the 81-page preliminary investigative report that was released last Friday, “Take it for what it’s worth.”

The preliminary investigative report I contend provided ample evidence that Paddock was responsible for the murder of 58 people and the wounding and injuring of 851 others. However, about room 32-134 that adjoined Paddock’s suite and was locked and secured according to that same report, the report leaves that unanswered. It was a loose end that should have been explained.

On January 10 the Baltimore Post-Examiner published, Neither the police or the FBI have explained the locked door in Stephen Paddock’s suite.

More on site.

Here is Rouse, right hand of the photo, demonstrating the adage, “If looks could kill”.



#398136 zanderboy
Zander, you frequently post long summaries if good articles and videos. I want to commend you for making that effort for all of us. I was never good at taking notes so I admire your ability to boil down the information that you glean from your research.

I read about Viktor Grebennnikov and his research/inventions many years ago. His flying platform is a product of creative genius of the highest order. Here is an article that contains a chapter from his own book that describes how he happened upon the anti-gravitational effects of insect wings. There are pictures of his flying platform. Absolutely amazing!



Can you tell us how Intelligex works?

elon musk-quote—–This revolutionary formula works by enabling your brain to process everything more efficiently. It energizes the tissue and functions deep at a celluar level. It connects regions of the brain that were once seperated, and allows them to begin speaking to each other. It does this by reducing any kinds of mental fatigue or weakness, allowing our brain outout to be performing at higher speeds.—–unquote…..



I have been taking 2 capsules of inteligex a day for several weeks now…..

I think its excellent also…..

my overall brainfunction has improved substantially for sure-and am maintaining thought processing levels in a more stable and efficient operating mode…..

if any are interested in intelligex-they offer a free first bottle,just pay the shipping…..

this comes with afreement for a a monthly supply sent to you…..

once you get the sample bottle all you need to do if you like is call them,and they will sell as many bottles as you want,without the need for a monthly prescription sort of set up…..

if one buys 5 bottles the price is about 30 dollars a bottle…..


elon musk is with the lightforces…..hahahahaha…..

that’s definitely a goooood thing…..


le plus pouvoir pour lesprit bientot pour notre gens…..

pour savois vive…..

por quoi pas…..peut ce que veut allon zi…..


I often check in with ‘Psychic Focus’
– I like her grounded, short analysis of many of the questions we all have. Today she had a question about Benjamin Fulford which you might appreciate.

Q. Hi Lynn, I’ve looked up ancient posts and was surprised nobody ever asked. Who is Benjamin Fulford? Can we trust his intel?
A. When I tune into him, I see him as an honest and sincere person that was always fascinated with the truth and sharing. He was a journalist even before he WAS a journalist (so to speak). Reading and finding interesting information feels like it was a hobby. As he became more and more connected, he had access to privy information, and started to release it.

I get he has been threatened, and at times really scared, which had caused him (at times and when confronted) to smooth the edges of an abrasive story, but for the most part shares concepts and news that does have facts supporting it.


Jim Stone
Jan 26 2018
Quick comment:

Considering the flaws in Intel processors, crypto is probably DOA now that the NSA’s secrets got out. All the hacks against crypto traders are probably (most definitely) happening via exploits that can never be sealed up. If you are not going to lose your butt, it might be a good idea to at least partially pull out.
Bitcoin was a good idea until Intel screwed it. Zero security is zero security and that is that. If you think you can trust the NSA to not rob you, when they can just blame hackers, you will be among the losers.

NFL: No Football League

The NFL one upped itself by denying an ad in support of veterans during the super bowl which asked people to please stand. If you were among those who thought it was karma that no teams with kneelers made the playoffs, and were going to gleefully watch the superbowl, consider this – the ENTIRE LEAGUE is anti American, kneelers or not.
They absolutely suck.

SOROS at the World Economic Forum: Trump building a mafia state

“Trump is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state” – George Soros
MY COMMENT: That’s all I need to hear to know:

George Soros is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state. This is exactly what his ilk does – a mind twist called “displacement”, where you take your own evils and place them on others with baseless empty statements.

In addition to this statement, Soros also said Democrats were going to win the next U.S. election and will put the world “back on course” in 2020.

I’d call that a threat, which will be an empty one if Trump manages to secure the election process. The only way Soros and his ilk will EVER win again is via successful mafia style fraud – they committed failed fraud in the last election and it was not enough, Trump had better plug enough holes to make sure it is not successful next time.

I guess we all know who Soros is, so ranting is pointless, but I gotta say – if anything could show what a naked fraud that old vulture is, his speech at the world economic forum was definitely it.


If it was white people doing this to black farmers, the media and politicians would be all over it. This is very sad and should be better known to protect these farmers who go back generations.


Excerpt: Three days earlier, his father had had surgery to place stents for his heart. He’d only come out of the hospital on Wednesday. Perhaps, Bernard thought, he wasn’t feeling so well. He headed for the garage door – partly open just as it always was to give the dogs shelter from the sun – to look for his dad.

He reached down to pull open the door.

That was the last thing Bernard did before life, as he knew it, would end. Before a gang of men desecrated everything he loved the most.

Eight men were waiting for him inside the garage. They threw him to the floor face-down into his father’s blood and a scattering of empty cartridges. Bernard thought his father must be dead. They bound his wrists with thick steel wire, tied his feet together and up behind him. They closed the garage door back to the usual level so no one outside would ever suspect what was going on inside the garage.

More on site.


Oh my word. Trudeau speaks gibberish at Davos. For a man who says he is “pro-feminism”, he sure wants refugees to pour in, men who treat women like second-class citizens. Ezra Levant pointed out in another article that this type of class-dividing rhetoric is very unlikely for companies to want to come to or invest in Canada.


Excerpt: The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is the annual jet-set conference. It’s a mix of celebrities, corporate executives who want to be celebrities, and every imaginable social climber, all talking in buzzwords, about “stewardship” and “thought leadership”.

It’s Justin Trudeau’s natural habitat.

And he gave a “word salad” of a speech in Davos yesterday. Here’s a sample:

“Too many corporations have put the pursuit of profit before the wellbeing of their workers. The gap between the rich and the poor is staggering. All the while, companies avoid taxes and boast record profits with one hand, while slashing benefits with the other.”

That might be true, somewhere. But in fact, in Trump’s America, it’s pretty much the opposite, isn’t it? So Trudeau is just reheating the same rhetoric that his socialist dad had in the 1970s.

A bit more on site.


Remember : False-flag event may be planned for Super Bowl
The article linked above is in line with Benjamin’s earlier warning (Jan 19) that :
G4S, a security firm that has a history of being accomplices in false flags such as the Pulse night club shooting in 2016, has been hired as the security firm for the stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play.


Strzok and lover Page leaked correspondence. (Video link doesn’t work, but there is text explaining the correspondence.)


“Senator Chuck Grassly’s office released a stunning text message today between lovebirds Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page during the 2016 election.

“Strzok was the lead investigator on the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

“Lisa Page was a top FBI attorney.

“Peter Strzok and his lover Page exchanged this message in February 2016:

“Page: One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?

“Strzok: Agreed. I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same.[2]

“UPDATE: It could have been Strzok was referring to E. W. Bill Priestap who was his boss at the time and assistant director of counter intelligence.

“What this shows is they was no impartial investigation. These partisans were not interested in getting the truth. They were interested in keeping their jobs if Hillary Clinton won.

“This reveals stunning corruption in the FBI.”


Consumer Alert: Air Fresheners

Posted on: Thursday, January 25th 2018 at 10:30 am
Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018

An astounding 19 pages of chemicals go into making one commonly used brand of air freshener, representing just how poorly regulated and toxic this increasingly popular class of consumer products is.

Consider for a moment, the toxic chemicals an average urban dweller is exposed to each day upon leaving the home. Limiting scope to just airborne toxicants, it’s still easy to produce a long list of offenders: exhaust fumes from vehicles, chemicals used in manufacturing, emissions of dry cleaners, common cleaning products including the greenwashed brand “Simple Green,” second-hand smoke from passersby — and that’s not counting the sneezes and coughs of people on the subway. This is just a sampling of the many vectors of toxicity affecting air quality; most of which emanate from sources that are largely beyond our control.

Now think of an average home. All surfaces are cleaned once per week with a name-brand spray cleaner. Carpets are sprinkled with freshening powder and vacuumed (the vacuum cleaner bag gets changed every few months). Fabric-covered sofas and chairs are spritzed with Fabreze™ to mask pet odors. Finally, the scented plug-in in the bathroom keeps it smelling guest-friendly at all times. To make sure the house stays “fresh”, the windows are sealed tight to keep the polluted outside air from entering. Sounds really clean, right?

It may shock you to learn that the EPA found levels of common air pollutants to be up to five times higher inside homes than outside, even in highly industrial areas.[1] In homes like the example illustrated above, indoor air can reach levels up to 100 times more toxic than outside air.[2] And it’s the effort to create “freshness” that is largely to blame.

This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here http://www.greenmedinfo.com/greenmed/newsletter.”






Article with good statistics about “Dreamers”. Collapsing the mythology of illegal immigration, plus a good breakdown of how language referring to illegals has been weaponized.


Excerpt: There are 700,000-800,000 DACA recipients, though no one knows the exact numbers. Nor is there a clear definition of who constitutes the population of the “Dreamers,” other than arriving into the United States illegally as a minor. It is an ossified concept, one frozen in amber, given that the average age of a so-called “Dreamer” around 25. When a Dreamer reaches 40, is he still defined as a Dreamer? Or have his “dreams” already come true?

Naturally, minors should not be penalized for the transgressions of their parents. But a large percentage of the DACA cohort is now six or more years into adulthood. Yet upon turning 18 apparently, most have made little effort to obtain either green cards or citizenship.

College graduation and military service are often referenced as DACA talking points. In truth, some studies suggest that just one in 20 dreamers graduated from college. One in a 1,000 has served in the military. So far, about eight times more Dreamers have not graduated from high school than have graduated from college.

Dreamers represent less than 10 percent of all illegal aliens residing in the United States. They are also a fraction of the ignored millions of foreign students from all over the world who seek, often in vain, to study in the United States or are skilled applicants for green cards. Such depressing statistics about DACA might not matter—if supporters of open borders did not always cite incomplete or misleading data.

More on site.


Thomas Williams show this week is very good. I have only listened to the intel which begins after the “How Did You Love” song. Great intel. They have been given 24-72 hours….now 24 -48 house as a full day has elapsed since the show.





men who treat women like second-class citizens.

considering the reliability of these feminist slags to choose guys that beat them I would say that is a good description of a feminist. In fact, maybe a guy who treats a woman like a SECOND class citizen is the equivalent of royalty to them.


USAF Begins Massive GPS Blackouts In The Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill

The United States Air Force is launching its largest-ever three-week premier set of air war drills, called Red Flag 18-1, starting on Friday and will conclude February 16, said the 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs.

On January 26, the air war drill, known as Red Flag, officially kicked off at Nellis Air Force Base, 20-miles outside of Las Vegas. Base officials have warned residents of increased military aircraft activity due to aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base twice-a-day to conduct war drills on the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1,” said Col Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander. “It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness.”

The drill involves a variety of attack, fighter and bomber aircraft as well as participants from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and Marine Corps. Foreign participants include Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Air Force.

According to The Drive, the air war drill is the largest of its kind in the 42-year history, as the United States prepares for a possible conflict on the Korean Peninsula.



Flying.com reports the drills at the Nevada Test and Training Range will cause rolling GPS blackouts for the vast portions of the Western United States from January 26 through February 18. All GPS-equipped aircraft operating in the Western United States should be prepared for possible navigation failure in the region.



Galactics update with Kent Dunn Jan 25, 2018
“we are closer to nuclear war than ever” says the corrupted lying cabal media.
“We are closer to peace on this Planet, than ever, EVER before” says Kent Dunn


PART 2 (recap from part 1: #397825 )

Renaissance Technologies has developed and OWNS the AI that runs the global financial derivative markets and can predict and attempt to control the future, including the psychological profiling and BOT/spam message targeting that is aimed at the election process around the globe.

Renaissance’s flagship investment vehicle is called the Medallion Fund, and it’s legendary for two reasons. First, it never fails. Since the mid-’90s, it’s had one negative quarter, and has averaged an unheard-of 40 percent return. Second, it possesses a secret mathematical formula that computers use to troll at high speed for hidden patterns

After subtracting fees, Medallion reaped a 98.2 percent gain in 2008, the year the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index lost 38.5 percent. For the 11 full years ended December 1999, Medallion’s cumulative returns are an eye-popping 2,478.6 percent. Among all offshore funds over that same period, according to the database run by veteran hedge fund observer Antoine Bernheim, the next-best performer was Soros’ Quantum Fund, with a 1,710.1 percent return “Medallion is No. 1,” says Bernheim. “Ahead of George Soros. Ahead of Mark Kingdon. Ahead of Bruce Kovner. Ahead of Monroe Trout.”

This is a PRIVATE hedge fund owned by a handful of employees, the scientists and mathematicians that developed the AI that runs the fund.

“[Renaissance] won the [Labor Department]’s permission to put pieces of Medallion inside Roth IRAs. That means no taxes – ever – on the future earnings of a fund that averaged a 71.8 percent annual return, before fees, from 1994 through mid-2014.” Way more than Soros earned in that time!

The uranium pay to play is much deeper than the Clintons. According to what George Webb has uncovered (day 91.1 and many earlier) Steve Bannon is the high level naval intelligence person with clearance way above Q. Bannon was funneling this intelligence about where to profit from the latest nuclear /military technology investments to the Mercers, who had been making billions from inside info coupled with genius level AI programmers, mathematicians and scientists for years.

more on Robert Mercer coming…


Part 2 continued
Who is Robert Mercer?

He is an uber-programmer who ran Renaissance from 2009 until recently. He and his daughter Rebekka, are deeply embedded in the Trump administration and placed both Bannon and Kelly Ann Conway in their positions.

Mercer appears as a director of eight Bermuda companies in the Paradise Papers, some of which appear to have been used to legally avoid US taxes.[17]

What do his colleagues think of him?

David Magerman, was an early Renaissance employee since 1995. He said of Robert Mercer, “In some sense, people inside the company looked down on people who were not making a lot of money and not super-intelligent.”

Bob believes that human beings have no inherent value other than how much money they make. A cat has value, he’s said, because it provides pleasure to humans. But if someone is on welfare they have negative value. If he earns a thousand times more than a schoolteacher, then he’s a thousand times more valuable.” Magerman added, “He thinks society is upside down—that government helps the weak people get strong, and makes the strong people weak by taking their money away, through taxes.” He said that this mind-set was typical of “instant billionaires” in finance, who “have no stake in society,”

It is also the philosophy of the NWO genocide program of the ‘useless eaters’.

It is important to notice that these people who believe in the “useless eater” philosophy are neither right nor left. They will use both Fascism and Communism, as long as they can control the population of the earth. Anyone who supports their goals is richly rewarded, but beware the one who stands in their way. http://rense.com/general78/philo.htm

Mercer, for his part, has argued that the Civil Rights Act, in 1964, was a major mistake, he believes in capital punishment and is considered “an icy cold poker player” who never recalled having a nightmare. Some have called him worse, a sociopath. (Since he would prefer to never have to speak to anyone, I might suspect more than a touch of Asperger’s).

Magerman told the Wall Street Journal that Mercer’s political opinions “show contempt for the social safety net that he doesn’t need, but many Americans do.”

Mercer is also a passionate critic of a central element of the modern financial system known as fractional reserve banking. It’s unclear how Mercer’s views on the banking system square with his hedge fund activities; Renaissance, to boost returns, sometimes sought leverage of as much as 20 times the value of its assets from giant banks such as Barclays.


In his essay for the Inquirer, Magerman notes that Mercer “has surrounded our President with his people, and his people have an outsized influence over the running of our country, simply because Robert Mercer paid for their seats.” He writes, “Everyone has a right to express their views.” But, he adds, “when the government becomes more like a corporation, with the richest 0.001% buying shares and demanding board seats, then we cease to be a representative democracy.” Instead, he warns, “we become an oligarchy.” (We already are/were)

He published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer, accusing Mercer of “effectively buying shares in the candidate.” He warned, “Robert Mercer now owns a sizeable share of the United States Presidency.”

You’re saying rich people don’t spend on individual needs like poor people do, but on personal projects? “And so the excess wealth becomes depriving other people.”

You see a difference between tangible and intangible enterprise — factories good, finance not so good? “Yes, when you have a trading company or a hedge fund, you have a few dozen key employees at most. There’s no one involved other than a few other rich white people. You are pulling money out of the economy. ”

Robert Mercer is a ‘show me the numbers’ guy. He saw the poll numbers that the PEOPLE are angry at the elite power brokers (including Mercer!) and want a revolution. Trump fit the description well enough, it could have come from either party, but Mercer was a Republican, and Trump fit the bill. He was rich, so he had value, and he liked to tweet which fit into way AI works.

Be wary of this investigation becoming partisan! The deep state IS embedded with the pay-to-pay Uranium deals, drugs/arms, human trafficking, etc. etc. This goes for the DNC, alphabet agencies, Congress, etc ON BOTH SIDES, INCLUDING TRUMP’S FINANCIERS AND ‘HANDLERS’. He may be a wild-card on some levels, but his whisperers are using AI to get his tweets in line with the prevailing sentiment to further their own pockets, at the expense of the ‘useless eaters’, which are the rest of us.

part 3 coming later….


Continued from Part 1#397825 , and Parts 2 #398161 and #398162

Part 3

What is Cambridge Analytica? How did it influence the election?


Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Our smartphone, Kosinski concluded, is a vast psychological questionnaire that we are constantly filling out, both consciously and unconsciously.

Above all, however—and this is key—it also works in reverse: not only can psychological profiles be created from your data, but your data can also be used the other way round to search for specific profiles: all anxious fathers, all angry introverts, for example—or maybe even all undecided Democrats? Essentially, what Kosinski had invented was sort of a people search engine. He started to recognize the potential—but also the inherent danger—of his work.

A company made an offer to buy his work and the money would benefit the university he worked for. SCL, or Strategic Communication Laboratories. Kosinski Googled the company: “[We are] the premier election management agency,” says the company’s website. SCL provides marketing based on psychological modeling. One of its core focuses: Influencing elections.

SCL is the parent of a group of companies. Who exactly owns SCL and its diverse branches is unclear, thanks to a convoluted corporate structure, the type seen in the UK Companies House, the Panama Papers, and the Delaware company registry. Some of the SCL offshoots have been involved in elections from Ukraine to Nigeria, helped the Nepalese monarch against the rebels, whereas others have developed methods to influence Eastern European and Afghan citizens for NATO. And, in 2013, SCL spun off a new company to participate in US elections: Cambridge Analytica.

Mercer was very disappointed in Obama’s 2012 win after spending many millions to defeat him that year. After Obama won, Rebekah Mercer joined the board of the Government Accountability Institute, a nonprofit group, based in Tallahassee, which Bannon had recently founded. The Mercer Family Foundation contributed several million dollars to the institute.

The G.A.I. billed itself as a nonpartisan research institute, but in 2015 Bannon told Bloomberg Businessweek that its mission was to dig up dirt on politicians and feed it to the mainstream media. A G.A.I. staffer called this “weaponizing” information. The group reportedly hired an expert to comb the Deep Web—sites that don’t show up in standard searches—for incriminating information about its targets. The plan was to exploit the mainstream media’s growing inability to finance investigative reporting by doing it for them. The strategy paid off spectacularly…..

In 2012, one area in which the Republicans had lagged badly behind the Democrats was in the use of digital analytics.

What is clear is that Mercer, having revolutionized the use of data on Wall Street, was eager to accomplish the same feat in the political realm. He screened many data-mining companies before investing, and he chose Cambridge Analytica, in part, because its high concentration of accomplished scientists reminded him of Renaissance Technologies.

But Jonathan Albright, an assistant professor of communications at Elon University, in North Carolina, recently published a paper, on Medium, calling Cambridge Analytica a “propaganda machine.”

Part of the arsenal of tools used by Cambridge Analytica to geolocate American voters and harness American’s real-time emotional sentiment includes Instagram targeting. This is how the weaponizing of information happens. https://medium.com/tow-center/cambridge-analytica-the-geotargeting-and-emotional-data-mining-scripts-bcc3c428d77f

Until Election Day in 2016, Mercer and Hanley—two of the richest men in America—paid Caddell to keep collecting polling data that enabled them to exploit the public’s resentment of élites such as themselves.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications for Income Distribution and Unemployment https://www.nber.org/papers/w24174

AI will make the rich richer – and the poor poorer https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/11/ai_automation_risks_amplifying_wealth_gap/


Continued from Part 1#397825 , and Parts 2 #398161 and #398162 and Part 3 #398163

Part 4

We need to make the shift from the idea that humanity is only good for harvesting money, to acknowledging that evolving our consciousness and the larger fractal of collective consciousness is our purpose of being here on earth at this time.

AI + Libertarianism (useless eaters philosophy) = Eugenic programs; weather control, crop control, pharma/healthcare, etc. There is no accountability to humanity in this philosophy. Or the evolution of consciousness, or healing the planet that supports us evidenced by our ‘controllers’. Trump works for the people that bought him, he is no savior of anyone but Trump.

Are the whistle blowers real or mind-controlled? Are there really off-world helpers in the wings, or is this an AI ruse to keep us patient while they ‘harvest’ our energy/worldly goods and peace of mind, as the support systems crumble around us?

Trump fit the profile Mercer was looking for when he expressed anger at the ‘deep state’ just like the polls were showing, and was ‘hired’ to be president by moneyman Mercer. He and Soros both make their money by making bets on inside info and leverage it with derivatives that mutliply it exponentially. Info and messaging has now been ‘weaponized’ and can be pin-point, psychometrically targeted to get people to REPLICATE THEIR TARGETED MESSAGING to others of ‘like mind’.

We’ve come a LONG WAY from the Madison Avenue ad guys of the 50s. We are now living marks for loosh and manipulation.

This administration is going backwards away from the shift we all are involved in. Our best hope is that this sham becomes so transparent that it crumbles in on itself as we make our own internal progress that will move the ‘herd’ forward, and leave the AI behind.

Three cheers for George Webb, may he help the crumbling with his horn, as the walls of this illusion come a tumbling down. But, we must be careful NOT to avoid the ideal that we are all connected and everything matters. Taking radical responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions as well as uber responsibility to help each other heal will win this war. I see Trumps role as playing the part of looking deeper into the deep state, as we look deeper into our own selves.

We don’t know what will happen, but whatever it is, meeting it with wonder, curiosity and acceptance in each moment will enfold the outcome that will serve the highest good of all.


Looks like the coup/war is heating up with the “war games”- Red Flag 18-1, in Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base.

So is Nellis Air Force base, one of the good guys or bad?


Well, Canada’s equivalent of the FBI, notorious for setting up false flags, has rampant charges from female members about harassment and discrimination. I actually believe that part of this is true (don’t know how many) of these because of the female members I personally know through working in the media.


Excerpt: New figures published online show as many as 2,400 women have begun the process of opening a sexual harassment or discrimination claim against the RCMP. This figure is more than double the initial estimate of 1,000 claims put forward in October 2016 when then-RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson tearfully apologized for the bad behaviour of a “potent minority” of RCMP members.

In total, 952 women employed by the RCMP have successfully filed a claim of sexual harassment, discrimination or intimidation since the claims process began in August, according to the same online data.

More on site.

Canada’s shameful past of setting up patsies.


Excerpt: Two people found guilty of terror charges will walk free after a British Columbia Supreme Court judge ruled they were entrapped by the RCMP in a police-manufactured crime.

Justice Catherine Bruce said police instigated and skillfully engineered the very terrorist acts committed by John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who believed they were planting pressure-cooker bombs that would blow up at the legislature on Canada Day in 2013.

“The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people,” Bruce said in a landmark ruling Friday.

More on site.

RCMP officers killed in Moncton. Look at these losers posed behind the portapottie.


Have to pee, boys, after all those doughnuts and coffee?


scottfree #398138

re. #398136 zanderboy

Thanks mate. He is certainly asking some big questions, I had better look at Michio Kaku & Max Tegmark to cultivate that ‘from our perspective, we are at the centre’ stuff.


First I want to thank the people that post the info here. I think that I am of the same POV as Jim Stone of vermithax in that I read this now more for the input here in the chat room than Ben’s findings!
You open so many doors that sometimes I feel like a old episode of the ‘Ernie Kovacs Show” that ended in 1956 but even though I was only 6 it burned in my mind the concept of alt-realities.
One of his characters , “Eugene” would walk down a hall with many doors, as he looked in the doors , many strange, funny and crazy stuff was behind the doors.
You are now those doors for me and I am as awe -struck as I was at age 6

Secondly I want to report a real increase in the synchronicity of events around me. I think this is real and even though my empathic perception levels have taken a quantum shift of late, I think it is just an increase in the number of synchronistic events and a good over all vibe enveloping this sad ole planet of tears.


scottfree #398138

That chapter was compelling. He doesn’t give the genus of the insect with the wings that defy ‘gravity’ – I can understand why. Certainly makes me think of the Egyptian scarab depictions. Inside this bubble which has levitation & motion there is a time dilation, a slowing of time. He talks about Cavernous Structures Effect (CSE) of many different things.

Will send this to my friend who is working on anti-gravity, who knows?


Re; MARCUS LEE—- I gotta tell ya this one then.
I have a couple of guys I worked with that were closet empaths. One had it genetic, (red hair-usually a clue) and one had it induced (former boxer-head injuries can go either way, they can make ya lose empathy or gain it).
One day on a rooftop job at the Navy base that I was workin’ at , I heard the awesome sound of four synchronized piston engines and looked up to see a B-17 bomber do a fly over of the base. I was with the boxer and told him that he would be more likely to see a flying saucer than one of those rare birds again.
One year later I was in a HiReach Ariel lift platform and got that vibe again and looked to see a flight of three silver saucers cruising over Rising Sun Ave in Philly
About an hour later I see my co-workers the boxer and the redhead looking a bit agitated so I got a vibe and went over to chat. Well, it turns out that the boxer seen ’em from a roof -top and the redhead did too (separately) and they were conspiring (comparing notes in civilian-speak)!
Being a friend as well as their work leader on occasion I told them, ” No, you did not see a thing, don’t report it as I will throw you both under the bus if you do. The Navy knows already and most likely they were Navy ( I lied , they were not, I don’t get the vibe from our stuff). If you report this shit the Navy will have each of us working someplace far away and soon, like right away and you will be made to sign a non-disclosure statement and will be watched carefully for the rest of your career if you stay Navy”
Just after I said it another coworker came up and told us this about Nellis AFB.
I will refer to him as “piano man” as he is my musical brother in arms.
The piano man was retired Air Force and at one time was stationed at Nellis AFB and he was on some work detail out by the airstrip when a saucer type UFO made a visit and hung out near his work area.
Dutifully he reported it to his Sgt.
I asked him what the results were and he told the three of us that after being de-briefed he was reassigned the next day.
My coworkers never said a thing officially but I’m telling you now.


zanderboy & scottfree

Thank you both for introducing me to Viktor Grebennikov, a new cosmic friend and someone I will try to channel when the time is right as he seems to share my obsession with insects.
It is an obsession I have always had. I can’t stop myself from being pulled into the apolitical world of insects.
In the late 70″s I did a bad thing out of my ignorance and belief in what I was told and trained to think. I was in love with a very beautiful Russian woman who told me she had been abducted by a team of grays led by a Mantis looking overlord who was in charge of torturing her and subjected her to horrid “experiments”.
I was at a very weak point in my life and I guess I just could not accept that even though my vibe told me she was being honest with me, such things even existed.
I moved to NJ and we drifted apart.
Of all the baggage I try to forgive myself for, that one is the heavy baby!


#CHEERLEADER Trump @Davos: “I Love Our Country!” #WEF18 #RELEASETHETEXTS


You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 26, 2018

President Trump gave a heart-felt America 1st speech at the World Economic Forum at Davos today, in which he asked world leaders to make the world great again and get rid of crony capitalism and global monopolies that serve only the few. Meanwhile, Assange and #SNOWDEN have been silent on twitter for two days #ALMOSTTIME. Stateside, released texts between Strojk and Page spell out massive FBI corruption.


Clinton, Podesta And Others In Senate Crosshairs Over Dossier; Given Two Weeks To Respond

GOP Congressional investigators have written six letters to individuals or entities involved or thought to be involved in the funding, creation or distribution of the salacious and unverified “Trump-Russia dossier” believed to have been inappropriately used by the FBI, DOJ and Obama Administration in an effort to undermine Donald Trump as both a candidate and President of the United States.

Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SCS) wrote six Judiciary Committee letters requesting information from: John Podesta, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robbie Mook, the DNC, and Hillary For America Chief Strategist Joel Benenson.



Jim Stone

Mexican media gave the President a fair shake

Here is what really happened at the World Economic Summit
Donald Trump stole the show and blew everyone away. He was BY FAR, orders of magnitude, more popular than and more well recieved than anyone else there. The European cameras had the colors set right (from what I could tell here) and he was not orange. But the American cameras were tweaked to show him orange, and they screwed up because anyone Donald was with showed up orange also.
Donald Trump is not orange. I was fortunate enough to have an education good enough to cover Communist tactics, and what they do to smear people. If you ever see anyone show up orange it means the communists hate that person. Orange is the worst color you can possibly put on a face, and all the old communist posters always showed their opposition with orange tinted faces. It was really interesting to see the Mexican newscast switch between different cameras, where about half of them showed him with his true colors – (he is perfectly normal) and the other half showing him orange, with obvious juvenile quality fakery where everyone else was orange also, (but you are just supposed to think Trump is orange and not notice it is really a poorly tweaked camera)

Anyway, the Mexican media did not show Trump deceptively (at least on the Imagen network). They showed the “boo” episode and it was B.S. They showed all the top world leaders and people treating Trump respectfully, he was the major center of attention for everyone and he was very well liked. There was one media source that made the comment “My god, he’s like a rock star” but that does not mean he’s liked, lots of people hate rock stars!!!! I kid you not, they actually said that!

They showed enough of his speech to clearly prove he absolutely OWNED, AND I MEAN OWNED the economic summit. It was amazing. They then showed how the American “three rat” media portrayed Trump in a very biased way. It was really noteworthy and gave me a good chuckle, I was very surprised the Mex media said it like it really was.


Jim Stone

SOROS at the World Economic Forum: Trump building a mafia state

“Trump is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state” – George Soros
MY COMMENT: That’s all I need to hear to know:

George Soros is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state. This is exactly what his ilk does – a mind twist called “displacement”, where you take your own evils and place them on others with baseless empty statements.

In addition to this statement, Soros also said Democrats were going to win the next U.S. election and will put the world “back on course” in 2020.

I’d call that a threat, which will be an empty one if Trump manages to secure the election process. The only way Soros and his ilk will EVER win again is via successful mafia style fraud – they committed failed fraud in the last election and it was not enough, Trump had better plug enough holes to make sure it is not successful next time.

I guess we all know who Soros is, so ranting is pointless, but I gotta say – if anything could show what a naked fraud that old vulture is, his speech at the world economic forum was definitely it.



200,000 Year Old Levitation Technology – Michael Tellinger

Zander, this is absolutely & incredibly fascinating. I can hardly stop watching but will for a few moments to post a thank you for this link.


And I’ll watch more of his videos and other similar ones


Just caught an RT article that says the 1/31/18 super blue blood moon eclipse that is over America last occurred in 150 years ago. That would be 1868. The end of the civil war 1865 and the US corporation was started in 1871. During reconstruction era. This looks like a great time for the cycle of oppression and illegal tax collecting to end. Yep. A great sign if you ask me. W.



January 31 rapidly approaching. Can’t wait to see what happens.


#398164 carolm

You authored this 4 part report, right? I can’t find any contrary indications, so I am assuming that it is your work. If so, I am awed by your writing and research. This report needs to be published elsewhere on the Web so that it is accessible by more than BFC denizens and so that others can share the link to the report. Steemit.com comes to mind.

This guy Mercer has been flying under the radar. More attention to him and his activities is warranted.

I had formed the opinion that Trump was selected by the positive US military to be the wrecking ball of the shadow government. While not perfect by any means, Trump has the notoriety, the personality, and the political orientation to be the foil that they need to head the counter-coup against the Bush/Clinton/Obama conspiracy.

Now you expose an entirely different, jaw-dropping layer of intrigue. It’s a masterful report. I’m guessing that you don’t have the intention of being an investigative journalist, but you obviously have the talent for it.

Please consider annotating the report with references and putting it up somewhere more accessible to the world. For instance, I would love to know where you found the info about Bannon.


Former Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic Speaks Out After Being Fired for Questioning Flu Vaccine

Last January, the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, medical doctor Daniel Neides, was fired due to an article he wrote questioning vaccine safety.

Dr. Neides became sick after receiving a flu shot, which caused him to examine more closely the ingredients included in the influenza vaccine.

I, like everyone else, took the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – the government – and received a flu shot. I chose to receive the preservative free vaccine, thinking I did not want any thimerasol (i.e. mercury) that the “regular” flu vaccine contains.

Makes sense, right? Why would any of us want to be injected with mercury if it can potentially cause harm? However, what I did not realize is that the preservative-free vaccine contains formaldehyde.

WHAT? How can you call it preservative-free, yet still put a preservative in it? And worse yet, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Yet, here we are, being lined up like cattle and injected with an unsafe product. Within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine, I was in bed feeling miserable and missed two days of work with a terrible cough and body aches.

Dr. Neides was almost instantly branded as an anti-science heretic, promoting “harmful myths and untruths about vaccinations,” in spite of the fact that he made it clear that he was not anti-vaccine.

So how does one rise to the position of “Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute” while being a heretic and anti-science?

more –


Steve Wynn Resigns As GOP Finance Chair

Confirming speculation from Bloomberg – which this morning published a piece entitled “Harassment Allegations Could Topple Wynn As GOP Fundraising Chair” – Politico is reporting that Wynn has indeed decided to step aside following reports about his decades-long history of settling dozens of accusations of rape and sexual harassment that was first reported yesterday by the Wall Street Journal.


another one bites the dust…


carolm the nexus magazine news feed might like your article, i certainly did. https://nexusnewsfeed.com/#!/1


Further to my previous post #398180:

Carol, I read through your report once again just now and realize that I missed the “forest for the trees.” So George Webb is the source of most of the info you exposed?

I would be curious to know why you trust him? I ask this, not to challenge you, but because you are a rational person that I respect and I would simply like to know.

Didn’t Webb admit to being a former Mossad operative?

If Webb is your source for all the Mercer/Bannon info in your report, couldn’t that whole narrative be a controlled opposition distraction?

Once again, I’m not challenging you. We are all in this together and I am genuinely interested in your opinions.


Exploring the mysteries of Ancient Technology:




 #398166

excellent ongoing works deester fine madame…..

hats off to the canadian woman standing up and giving the house of humanity a name…..

canadian woman – bigger champions in ice hockey on the world stage than the canadian men are also of course…..hahahahaha…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Hi scottfree #398180,

George Webb is the source of the Bannon info, in video day 91.1 he talks about his conclusions about Bannon, and the relation to Mercer’s investment intelligence. But it was earlier videos that detailed out Bannon’s profile history of Georgetown, Naval operations, and alphabet agencies. I don’t have good notes on which videos those were. I wish he or someone would do an index. George does a lot of profiling, and it may not all be accurate, but he does an amazing job of connecting the dots in space and time and money and motivation.

At first, I wondered about who was George, and wa