Catholic churches burned as mass protests greet Pope in Catholic Chile

This went right under the radar:  11 Catholic churches were burned as mass protests greeted the Pope in Catholic Chile.  A harbinger of things to come?

Dear Friends,

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Not everyone is happy the Pope is in Chile.

In Chile, pope met by protests, threats, burned churches

Church burned to the ground in Chile after Pope’s visit

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The Catholic Church is a criminal organization and should be forbidden and closed down. Do I need to mention their crimes? I think not.


I sympathize totally and pray for the Mapuche people who will no doubt (they will be the target, sadly, ) be persecuted as much as a closed press nation can get away with.


Good that they have started to question the “integrity” of the people running the Catholic Church, the pedophilia and hypocrisy of those who “represent” God.


If the burning was a statement on the Roman Catholic Church hypocrisy, pedophilia and mass fortune whilst telling us to give to the needy then I welcome it… fact it doesn’t matter why…..the cult of the RC needs to burn…..wish Nero was here to watch it….might bring back some memories for him….”pass me my fiddle”