East-West lines drawn—will it be make love instead of make war?

It is looking more likely now that we will see a world government rather than a world war in the coming months and years based on what is happening around the world.

First of all, a year after the World Forum at Davos featured Chinese President Xi Jinping as its star, this year Western leaders gathered at Davos in force with U.S. President Donald Trump as the top attraction.  What’s interesting is that this year’s Western-dominated Davos theme, “Creating a shared future in a fractured world,” is very similar to China’s theme of “Building a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Of course, the Chinese and Americans are still duking it out over who will be in charge of this “shared future.”

Pentagon sources this week were gushing over the top about Trump and his Davos performance, noting, “Trump rocked Davos, with globalist CEOs from EU multinationals promising to invest and create jobs in America.”  They added that “With the cabal defeated and unable to stage any more false-flags or start World War 3, Davos established the Trump world order and may have launched the global currency reset.”

Even more alarming, though, was the Pentagon source’s assessment that “a cabal underwater base off Alaska may have been nuked as the military rally behind Trump, who has been promoted from POTUS to GEOTUS (God Emperor of the U.S.).”

The Chinese, for their part, had the following to say about Trump at Davos via their official Xinhua News Agency:  “The United States is like the boxer who vows to obey the rules when dominating the fight, but claims the rules must be changed when he is losing.”

The U.S. military government under Trump was able to buy time for itself last week by threatening “immediate arrests” of Democratic Party politicians, who “caved in to end the U.S. government shutdown in less than 72 hours,” Pentagon sources note.  The sinking of an Iranian oil tanker off the shore of Shanghai also postponed the start of the gold-backed petro-yuan as a replacement for the U.S. petro-dollar.  However, as things stand, the still-bankrupt current U.S. regime has only bought time until February 8th.

It is clear that the United States, the most indebted nation in world history, is untenable and needs a complete reboot of the current world system in order to survive.  The Chinese, for their part, are the biggest beneficiaries of the current system and would like it to continue to evolve in their favour, as it has been doing for years.

What to do about this situation will be the topic of high-level talks this in Asia this week on the day of the January 31st Super Blue Blood Moon between representatives of the White Dragon Society (WDS) and representatives of the 13 bloodline families who control the current system.

The WDS will be proposing a…

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Even more alarming, though, was the Pentagon source’s assessment that “a cabal underwater base off Alaska may have been nuked as the military rally behind Trump, who has been promoted from POTUS to GEOTUS (God Emperor of the U.S.).”

I want to know what Lakewinds has to say!


well, let’s see


3 is great for me!


The Reaper has arrived. Time to turn up the heat…



This is about the ET techs he put out on here.
Your credibility took a big shot here Ben putting this on your site from Dr WC https://twitter.com/RealTruthCall2/with_replies
She sells trinkets on her show like hologram bracelets and The Plug AND Structured Water. I’m a RV Dinar guru hunter and that’s what she was pushing back in June 2016 when I for all intents and purposes shut her forum down
She has a supposedly white hat warrior called fisher who spent ten hours a day on the forum telling everybody how he slewed the cabal the night before. U have shown me that u don’t vet anything or anybody before u post this garbage. We’re to close to the end for u to start posting trash like this!!!!


Number 5, in here early.


Thank you Ben and all White Hats everywhere. VICTORY TO THE LIGHT !


Thanks Ben


9 Fine


Awake in the middle of the night and here we are.

Twitter link proving 13,605 total sealed arrest warrants:

1/28: 4,311 New Sealed Indictments From 12/26-1/26, Total 13,605

The briefings on my side have gotten fairly quiet because things have moved into a VERY active phase.

I do want to make one key correction: the Q Anon briefings are at least predominantly real, and are coming from the highest levels of the Alliance.

Entire teams of people are working on putting it all together. It is now considered the main way the Alliance is getting info about these operations out to the public.

I do apologize to the Alliance for any misunderstandings. I was reporting Mega Anon’s opinion on the subject.

She has yet to respond to any calls or emails in almost two weeks now, so I am not sure what is going on. I don’t get the sense that she was taken out but I do get the sense she is taking a break.

From what I hear, things are really going to ramp up in February. These are exciting and dangerous times.

David Wilcock


Link to Q Anon briefings:



12 !!!


Thanks, David! What a treat to wake up and be able to read Ben’s post with you commenting right away.
#QAnon is spreading and hopefully we will get to the critical mass needed to visibly see the house of cards tumble. I didn’t watch, but heard the #Grammys were pathetic with a supposed reading by Hillary. What a stupid bunch of people…


14. Thanks Ben, for keeping us abrest and encouraged while so much is going on. Good morning to all!


So much going on.


One more thing Mega Anon told me that I didn’t see or think of before:

She said that child trafficking usually goes hand in hand with money laundering, scrubbed gun and arms trafficking, and distribution of drugs.

These illegal Cabal-controlled businesses invariably are pooled together. Thus we are seeing more and more oddities with the Vegas shooter and his brothers being involved in gun trafficking, child trafficking, and as a bonus, having a property directly next door to Bohemian Grove:

1/25: Weird Link Between Las Vegas Shooter and Bohemian Grove

Ben’s insider estimate of the number of pedos busted worldwide could indeed be accurate, since Mega reported 40,000 arrests of these types just in the US for 2016.

David Wilcock


Thanks Ben.


Oh… and surprised Ben didn’t mention this:

Roth Schild = Red Shield = Red Cross

David Wilcock


Good morning from Texas….. very interesting post!

Fates Whynot

Very True…

“The P2 Freemason Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos) lodge and their Vatican subsidiary has failed in their pledge to make 2016 a jubilee year as dictated by their calendar. ”


From those who know who I am, including The Red Dragon of China, as The Ambassador well knows, this has been known as a major point of topic and concern of mine. Again and again, I state that this Jubilee must happen, in its entirety…

The Vatican will not shut The Door of Mercy in the face of humanity ever again, so mote it be!

– Fates De Whynot


The people with Reptilian souls are spraying chemtrails to block the spiritual energy that will cause our solar system to move into 4th density, so they think. Enough energy is getting through keeping most of us positive enough, that if it were to happen right now, about 5 billion of us would go, maybe 5.1 billion. I’m told to go one needs a soul score of about 40 or higher and other factors are important too or one doesn’t get to go. Living things with a low soul, like Reptiles (or a Reptilian soul), Insects, Spiders, worms, Fungus, Mushrooms, most weeds, grains, an unnamed plant group not on Earth and bad Microbes, Viruses and Parasites can not go.

About the earliest we could go is this years fall equinox September 21, 2018 or maybe we go in 2019. A soul group will go to the 4th density after completing the 3rd cycle and having population of about 4 billion or higher, the population of other soul groups within our solar system count to. I’m told there are positive Mammal soul groups on Venus (750 million), 2 on Mars (550 million & 300,000) and an Aquatic Mammal group on Earth that is mostly negative, but about 20% of their around 700,000 population would make it to 4th density. All of these other groups have completed the needed 3 cycles.
My 4th interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre was rescheduled to Feb 7, 2018 because he got hacked, but I felt I was very ready to do well with a lot of good information. I’m having trouble keeping up with emails on my 2 accounts, remember I’m a one man show with a head injury, but I do work most of the day at it. The president (or whatever) of Michigan State Univ. (has Reptilian soul) stepped down because of sexual abuse problems, the Reptilians are being outed. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


# 398259

Almost jumped for joy at this…


Mike Nakis

Funny that you mention the CGI.


In this video that was recently put out, where celebrities read off excerpts of the book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff, look closely at HRC, the outline of her body has an eye-popping contrast compared to the rest of the speakers. Perhaps it’s CGI.


“We will see a world government rather than a world war”? Hasn’t that been their plan all along? Here is a link to the article cited by Jim Stone, lauding the Illuminati and offering their pledge in case you want to join. Look at the comment section, people who are wanting to join this Communist movement of people who are “better qualified to make choices”. https://illuminati.am/globalist-agenda/

What a crock, Benjamin. We can govern ourselves, if you take these control freaks like Soros out of the equation.


25 watching

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

David Wilcock it would mean teh world to me if you could follow me on instagram @Fire_Bird_Of_Infinity I hope you’re having a great day!!!


We must not let the people with Reptilian souls, start and control a world government. Any world government must be run and controlled by Humans, with no Reptilian interference at all. We must find a way to identify (besides me) all people with Reptilian souls (they are not Human) and take them completely out of power.
They think it should be only them in the ruling class and everyone else should be worker/slaves. This must be stopped at all costs as this would be a terrible future for all of Humanity. Going to the 4th density will stop this fortunately though, but we shouldn’t wait for that. China and the USA are run by people with Reptilian souls.


Well, a world order will be necessary if we are to fully and efficiently participate in a galactic community but that’s a big IF.

I’m not sure how the Chinese are benefiting from the current structure since they are awash in useless US dollars like us. That they want to be on top I don’t dispute but how good they will be is another story.

Companies investing in the US is fine but not if they’re going to destroy the environment with mining, chemical runoff, GMOs and other harmful industries and tech. What will wages look like? If we’re going to be “amazoned” forget it.

We’ve heard nothing about all these arrests. If progress was truly as definitive as Ben presents it, we’d be hearing about it and we’re not. Until it hits the MSM, the NYT, WaPo and others it’s just hopium because we’ve been hearing about it for months now with little visible on the surface. The migrant crisis is still massive in Europe, why isn’t that changing? We’re still demonizing Russia, what’s happening there? Still seeing chemtrails. Until it stops it’s all smoke and mirrors.

And don’t forget who’s really going to run things- we’re only changing masters at least here in the US.


Dwilcock wrote:
Oh… and surprised Ben didn’t mention this:

Roth Schild = Red Shield = Red Cross
Rothschild = Ra’s Child (children of Ra)?


Jim Stone

The story about the tour boat that saw the nuclear flash

A while ago (during the false nuclear alarm in Hawaii) I posted a video about a tour boat that was 100 miles off the coast of Hawaii that witnessed a nuclear flash when the missile was destroyed. There were over 20 witnesses who corroborated the story exactly. It was far up in the sky and did not affect the boat, except for the flash. There is land based corroboration for this, because a light house attendant on the coast of Maui also said there was a bright flash over the ocean. Obviously only a nuke would do that, but it was far enough up to not be a problem on the ground. So since this story is making the rounds again, and people are acting like they have never heard it before, I figured I’d mention it again. The last time this was posted the video was linked but it is late now, maybe I’ll re-dredge it tomorrow. Maybe that won’t be necessary though, because from what I can sense, people are not stupid enough to believe the official story anyway.
Hillary at Grammys: “reading Fire and Fury, about Trump being poisoned!”

QUESTION: Why the * did the Grammys drop Rock music, and have that old sandbag occupy a time slot instead? What on earth is wrong with these people? That’s like what happened at the Sundance film festival putting a film about the stresses of homosexual lifestyle in the top spot. It’s not like they have a shortage of entries, why put that at the top? WHY THAT? And Cher just HAD TO chime in about Trump’s hair, and what Fire and Fury had to say about that! How pathetic are these losers anyway? Why do we even watch them?
Back to Hillary: She should be getting a visit from the secret service over that comment. But she probably won’t because if Trump had not hired his own security force, the secret service would have offed him by now anyway, by themselves. I am looking forward to much higher quality entertainment tomorrow night, when hopefully Trump reads the Fisa memo during the state of the union adress. Look for a blue screen claiming “technical difficulties” if he does.

Flashback to fire and fury: It states right in the introduction it is a work of fiction, and it was later admitted that not a single appointed member of the white house staff was interviewed for it. But fiction works for a backstab when you are liberal I guess.


Good morning All,

I think were missing the point here. I am “in charge” of myself I don’t need nor want the US, China, Canada or a 1 world government to govern me.
Ben is saying look at the GOLD GOLD GOLD $$$ , that shit is of this world and total misdirection. Can’t take it with you when you go. CAN YA

Look inward and have the experience of a lifetime.
My 2 ¢


Soros not at Davos? So this video of his 1-hour speech is fake?



My guides tell me that the information provided through this link that is in Ben’s report is a total lie and I doubt we will receive any proof of this, but this lie may be repeated of course, so don’t assume it’s true, because it probably isn’t, if it was wouldn’t it have been reported a while back, don’t you think. If it’s repeated demand proof.


Can anyone help me understand a little better please .
Chairman Mao . was a Rothschild Batard placed in power , other successors
are compliant to Rothschild’s , Russia through the Warburg financed revolution
also fell the same way , we seem to be lead through a endless charade
we had the actor Ronald Reagan dupe a nation ( its every politicians job to do just that screw your own population) . now its tag team wrestling Trump who is a distraction of truth .

a lot of what David Wilcox says in comments here and his own sites is very nice lovey dovey but like religion , its based on the future

whats the saying… give someone a inch they will take a mile
give a jew a country now he wants the world

How about a Elitecoust , im trying to see with all Trumps Jewish connections
all his Jewish appointed advisers people are suckered into the story … he is playing 4 d chess for america lol
so the poor Americans can still have hope in the Dumbster sorry Trumpster
. i thought we did not want a world government now we are being
told that having a world Government is a trade off for not having world war 3 Dur such bullshit i have never heard before , opps maybe i have Truth Movements that dont tell tell the truth ,,, is the what they call counter intelligence . all i know is corrupt folk are taking our children’s our grand children’s futures away with no remorse
while other folk just sit back n do fuck all ,

question = if there was one group of people / tribe , you could press a button and wipe out which would it be ?? or maybe it need 2-3-4- presses
Bankers( mostly bent ) politicians ( they are all bent )
Lobbyist ( they know how to blackmail n bribe )
Zionist Jews with there supporters ( main reason the world is fucked up)
can i throw Freemasons in there too


Shows how dysfunctional the neocons/Zio-tards are…

Patty Murray

Where is your source for how many pedos attested?


In following Q, I have a sense of someone who is grounded in reality, working with their people to get out information as carefully as possible, which in turn validates it’s past posts with current events.
With Q I don’t get one story one week and a completely different story the next week.
With Q I don’t get someone who wants so badly for their predictions to be true that they turn a blind eye to their biggest Whisleblower’s continuous contradictions. First everyone gets a replicator, now no one will know anything for 70 years.
With Q I don’t get 40+ page reports telling me that the Collective Consciousness that is Law Of One, that is here to experience and help us Harvest, and ascend themselves in their native Solar Systems Sun-has left the Solar system because their work is done, and all the while the chemtrails rage on.
And Q doesn’t have someone else give me that report, the biggest report of their lives, because they have to suddenly go to the hospital.
So, thank God for Q and Anon for the HONEST White Hat work they are doing and helping us through this whole ugly transition of power.
Love and Light to ALL
Hippie Dippies Crystal Candles


Snowflakes busted dissing Trumps State of the Union address before it’s been broadcast.


#398248 phoenix

“I want to know what Lakewinds has to say!”

Well, Lakewinds is still wondering about the mass arrests and re-population of Gitmo that were reported 3 weeks ago, and that haven’t been reported anywhere else. Lakewinds is concerned that the arrestees, such as one Hillary Clinton, are still wandering free and mouthing off about the aforementioned God Emperor of the U.S.

Lakewinds is puzzled that Mr. Soros has been repeatedly claimed to be dead, and yet he gave a one-hour speech at Davos (#398288). Maybe that was a clone, or his body double.

Lakewinds is concerned that we’re all drowning in bullshit.

But most of all, Lakewinds is wondering why he is constantly referring to himself in the third person in this message. What kind of narcissistic sickness has befallen Lakewinds?


She posted last Friday that she had to take time off for personal reasons, Death or Illness in the family. Father I think.




While I’m grateful for your paragraphs in your post, can you please be sure to put open spaces between each paragraph? TY. This is not just for me — this request is for everyone in this forum.

And about “Q”, as far as I understand it, Q is a team of White Hat military guys who are putting out amazing information, Q spoofers, notwithstanding.

I’ve waffled back and forth about the legitimacy of “Q”, but now I finally take Q as legit.




Here’s an amazing thread analyzing Trump’s amazing EO of Dec 21, 2017, that will go down in history as Trump’s seminal, defining moment that will be seen as something that not only cemented Trump’s success as president, but as an effective means of taking down the entire, evil edifice of the Deep State, the Shadow Gov’t and the Cabal.



And this thread is a FANTASTIC one that digs deeply into Q.


– #398295

But most of all, Lakewinds is wondering why he is constantly referring to himself in the third person in this message. What kind of narcissistic sickness has befallen Lakewinds?

Ah, narcissism shmarcissism. Phoenix has no time to wonder about Narcissism.

He’s too important for such things.




Hilarious. Thumbs-up.

Roxanne Bohnow
Roxanne Bohnow

This information has given me reason to not trust anything that comes out of MSM videos., not to mention if they can hide box after box of money using what we have always thought of as a helping organization like the Red Cross, then I guess we are screwed. How much longer are we going to let these people walk all over us? It is way past time for these non humans to be locked up or put down for the safety of the world.
Thanks for opening my eyes and letting me see the truth.


Ben..I really like most of this report. But again, you see fit to quote someone from the Pentagon referring negatively to “fellow Jew..”. Makes me doubt the intelligence of whoever is speaking. And makes me feel uneasy about being Jewish at this time.


Am I the only one having trouble reading the remainder of the article after logging in? Any workarounds?




Thank You for the editing request.

I am happy to do so.



Thank you, Benjamin.
Some statements below from Preston James’ new overview on the Cabal https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/01/28/the-ruling-cabals-habitual-use-of-government-assets-to-oppress-and-lie/ :

Recently numerous physicians and medical researchers have discovered that a very powerful toxic cancer-causing substance (Nagalese) has been added to vaccines and foods to create a lot of different types of cancers. These doctors also discovered an antagonist that quickly stops the cancer. News reports suggest that every one of these doctors has been arkencided or murdered in obviously suspicious circumstances. Perhaps these hit-teams are deployed to protect the cancer industry and Big Pharma?


Thanks for clearing up the confusion about George Soros. It’s amazing what they can
do with technology nowadays. I wonder how much people see on the “idiot tube”, is even real (when it comes to the news, documentaries, etc.)



Ronen Bergman, the intelligence correspondent for Yediot Aharonot newspaper, persuaded many agents of Mossad, Shin Bet and the military to tell their stories, some using their real names. The result is the first comprehensive look at Israel’s use of state-sponsored killings in his new book ‘Rise & Kill First’.

richard berube
richard berube

I don’t think that we are better off with one world government, what is so much different that the New World Order???? and like any other predictions that never happened they always continue to change dates….this is called ”Wishful Thinking” don’t stop to pay your bills because i don’t think we will ever see a writeoff of all debts, in french it is called ”rêver en couleurs”



“One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control. The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don’t know they’ve been banned, because they keep posting and no one sees their content. So they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it.”



” By deploying their heavily-armed Orwellian titled, Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATS), LA County technocrats are engaged in a form of official racketeering, attacking residents who are “off grid” using solar panels to power their homes – and forcing them to pay $100,000 to connect to the distant grid, in effect forcing them to move and sell cheap.”

Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?

Sounds like more Agenda 21.


I see that there are many doubts expressed in the comments section as well as those who wish to add their thoughts to allay those fears and doubts of others.

I have been attuning myself to the truth for some 45+ years back to when I was in my teens and late teens & a chiropractor helped me with my knee after I experienced a minor ski accident……. but then I heard how the medical industry called chiropractors quacks and claimed what they were doing wasn’t valid……… somehow you couldn’t convince me or my mother that they were quacks. Many times after a treatment I could feel the healing energies flow to the area that needed it.

In my mid-twenties, I started learning about the cabal…. the CFR and the other organizations that were into controlling things and tearing down organizations that were trying to do good…..and were even exposing the rampant flow of the drug trade, the use of pain and drug hypnosis. Back then I even read Walter Bowart’s book about MKUltra among a lot of other things that clued me in to what was being done to society and any forces that worked against the corruptions and the those who sought to create the NWO.

By the late ’80’s and into the ’90s, I learned what was happening in the education system as well and could witness certain things as my daughter went through school and I wished I could have home-schooled her but too many challenges in my life kept getting in the way and side-tracking me.

Of course in that time, I also witnessed the start of the Gulf War. I noticed immediately how the Press was being filtered and censored. Fortunately for a while I had a source that expounded on all these three areas………. but they were slowly infiltrated and subverted except where their news source went on-line. But then I didn’t have enough cash flow to subscribe to their on-line newspaper but was already working to develop more my spiritual side….. A goal of mine for a long time. And I found that the spiritual practices in shamanism not only helped but healed me indirectly in many ways……

All through these years I have also been learning about the food industry and what gets passed off as nutrition……

It wasn’t until 2010 that I seriously started reading the alternative web sites like educate- yourself . org that I was finally so intent in learning the truths that I was eventually led to this site. That site caught me up on a lot of the other issues too.

What helps me now is that continuous willingness to learn, learn, learn which also calls for discernment as well. But in my experience now, it is the also constant work on my spiritual side that reinforces my ability to discern truth.

I’ll admit there are many links here that I won’t go to or one’s that are suggested that sometimes just don’t resonate with me at all. Consequently I find out that they are either not trustworthy or don’t have that good of info. But I’ve become confident more and more as to whom I want to listen to or read. (I know this is getting long).

Someone in a video I listened to said that you have to find that “inner truth” and go with it. I am finding that extremely true. (I think it was James Gilliland to talks about that. He is a very authentic spiritual person IMO)

With all this said, I just want to add that I find Q to be very real and the people that I listen to – and many other here do, too – who seek to explain Q’s posts are some of the best guides to understanding the current political situation.

And those who wonder why they don’t hear these things anywhere else……. it’s a big swamp with a lot of draining to do, How much of our lives and industries are compromised and ruined by the corruption of the past 70 years.!

Hang in there, people. We still have a couple days to go before the “dark days” are ended. We’ll see what happens with Trump, the memo, the universe and everything.


If they cannot defeat you, they try to discredit you

If they cannot discredit you, they try to co-opt you

If they cannot co-opt you, they try to destroy you.

Think about who you thought was good that was being discredited, think about what you wanted to be a part of but it was co-opted by outside forces with bad intentions and ulterior motives, think about who or what has been destroyed because they did not yield to the other tactics.

Find what’s true for you.


Cloning, Hidden History, Extra-Dimensional Operations

We are in a server system that works on holographic brain wave energy creating a mental virtual reality, that wirelessly connects to the brain that reroutes the consciousness into an AI virtual mind frame, to keep the brain just asleep enough to not be aware of its surroundings directly, to enable perceptual glitches or an experience to be added – more effective on those with lower awareness.

In other words we are in a temporally distorted universe. We have groups outside this holographic projection of space & time performing power game operations which generate the next level of technology, combined with cloning technology, brain machine technology, artificial intelligence, electromagnetic gravitic technology warping both time & your mind, destabilising the reality you return to if you travel in time.

The contract cannot be cancelled unless you realise the perception has been manipulated. It is like we are in a replay loop where all the timeline options have been used up or cancelled out. There is a portion of us who have witnessed civilisation extinction level events; looking back there is evidence in all civilisations of temporal manipulative involvement when using cosmic physics for advanced energy devices.

Most of the population are ignorant of the way consciousness works based on the preservation of the self, & the resistance of an automated system which is trying to replicate itself through memetic transfer of information thru human consciousness thru the media, thru other systems akin to an invisible biological internet which is a backdoor system where subconscious information is traded & programs inserted. This can also be used for necessary healing.

Aug Tellez describes us living in a delayed reality as it were, with glitches, a type of digital biological dream. All possibilities are nevertheless still open to us, we do have choice. We can empower others simply by knowing.


Roxanne Bohnow

This information has given me reason to not trust anything that comes out of MSM videos., not to mention if they can hide box after box of money using what we have always thought of as a helping organization like the Red Cross, then I guess we are screwed. How much longer are we going to let these people walk all over us? It is way past time for these non humans to be locked up or put down for the safety of the world.
Thanks for opening my eyes and letting me see the truth.
Well said Roxanne. Yes another seemingly good organization that has been co-opted to do bad…… and not help others.

Keep your eyes open. And especially your ears. Even just by learning the truth, you are releasing the bad energies that hold us down. I think that it deconstructs the lie that holds that energy in place.




Am I the only one having trouble reading the remainder of the article after logging in? Any workarounds?
I noticed this problem when I first started logging with the newer system. Have you tried backing out and then logging in again. I didn’t have a problem after that.

Others might have some other suggestions if that doesn’t work

Robert James

Reportedly, AI was set loose on the internet in 2015 to serve the Deep State and Bill Gates is in custody being interrogated about it.


richard berube

I don’t think that we are better off with one world government, what is so much different that the New World Order???? and like any other predictions that never happened they always continue to change dates….this is called ”Wishful Thinking” don’t stop to pay your bills because i don’t think we will ever see a writeoff of all debts, in french it is called ”rêver en couleurs”
Thanks for expressing your thoughts on this. Many who come here lately do not always find the background material on what Ben says about this one world government. But if you were to go back and read his earlier articles (I don’t know which ones they are), you would find he is describing the world run on the basis of meritocracy.

Definition: government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability.
a society governed by meritocracy.
a ruling or influential class of educated or skilled people.

These people would be the one’s who work their way up through the system or show themselves to be worthy based on their knowledge and working ability. This would exclude those who get ahead through corruption, bribery, false claims to education they don’t have, etc.

Whereas The New World Order would be controlled by the people who want to rule so as to have all the power, all the cards in their hands, all the wealth whether gained by illegal means or otherwise. The NWO want the rest of the population to be their slaves and to never question their actions, their manner of government, their choices for you. They want to cull the population and destroy anyone who opposes them.

You are already seeing some of what they want through their use of surveillance technologies, suppression of alternatives for healing, passing laws that have harmful consequences, lobbying to get the laws passed that promote their NWO agenda. ,

The one world government that Ben speaks of wants to see the end of poverty and the end of wars. Making the world a safer and more prosperous place because of the release of technology – much of which has been suppressed over the years – that will improve lives,

It’s not the same old game to control and suppress. You have to discern this through what Ben writes.

I don’t know how this scenario is going to be implemented until all the evil and controlling parties on this planet are gone…… but that’s what Ben has been writing about and will continue to write about.

You might want to stop listening to those who tell you not to pay your bill. I had to. But just do the best you can till this can be turned around. Most good people these days are saying that you can start by being good to others. Start with improving yourself. Focus on the good you can do for yourself and others. (but take care of yourself first. It isn’t selfish, it’s practical) Isn’t it true that God helps those that help themselves? I’ve seen people who are downright poor being kind and generous to others who then get what they need in return from different sources.

Wishful thinking doesn’t really get you anywhere…..or so I’ve experienced myself. It’s intention and action. When you stop focusing on wishful thinking you can accomplish more. Define what you need and go for that. And even if you do that, you will actually find the way that your debts or bills will be paid without so much wishing for the Jubilee.

Actually – use your wishful thinking when you are thinking about what you want this world to be – a good place where you can thrive. Turn it into a creative thinking project. Turn on your creative processes. That will also lead you to better times.



Popular or important articles from the past week:

David Wilcock Update: “We have been waiting on some major briefings”


1.22 – #ChuckCaved | Fake Memo | Q’s Pic | “Brazen Plot” | FL False Flag (Video)


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Google Now Waging All-Out Censorship War Against Conservative Websites Through “Fact Checking” That’s No More Than Biased Opinion


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Mysterious Knights Templar Spy Satellite Launched


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MK Ultra/Alice in Wonderland/Illuminati Abuse Music Video


Boominati? (Eye Roll) Young American Rapper Sports Ridiculous Illuminati Jewelry: What We Can Do About It


Q Anon Updates — January 27th 2018 | Hillary Clinton Connections to Robert Byrd of the KKK


Cosmic Disclosure: Hybrid Creatures and Secret Bases — Season 9, Episode 9


7yo Girl Sexually Groomed Online by AI Robot that Knew She Was a Child, Police Powerless to Stop It


William Tompkins Farewell Interview with Jordan Sather – MUFON 2017


David WIlcock Update: ” … things have moved into a VERY active phase.”


Doctors are Paid Massive Bonuses from a Health Insurance Company for Vaccinating Babies


Justin Deschamps

Stillness in the Storm



Dara #398315

YES!! Thank you for taking the time to saw it all…

I am probly one of numerous members here w similar histories.. both hopes.. regrets.. and learnings.


If they cannot defeat you, they try to discredit you

If they cannot discredit you, they try to co-opt you

If they cannot co-opt you, they try to destroy you.

Think about who you thought was good that was being discredited, think about what you wanted to be a part of but it was co-opted by outside forces with bad intentions and ulterior motives, think about who or what has been destroyed because they did not yield to the other tactics.

Find what’s true for you.


lynxwalking / dara #398320

“Definition: government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability.
a society governed by meritocracy.
a ruling or influential class of educated or skilled people.

These people would be the one’s who work their way up through the system or show themselves to be worthy based on their knowledge and working ability. This would exclude those who get ahead through corruption, bribery, false claims to education they don’t have, etc.”


Well… here’s the thing: “worthy based on their knowledge and working ability”… by who’s standards? Who decides who’s “knowledge and working ability” is the one to be “moved uo?” … Ben never answers such questions “up on here: (at least in the 4 or so years I’ve been reading and gabbing here).

AND.. you just have to look at the GOOD men who started out running numerous African countries… who became corrupt tyrants as some of gazillions of examples of how easily money and power can corrupt the best of us.

SO… one world govt or many… I still lean into my and others’ longings …. hopes… visions… for a world where we all truly treat each other with fairness and kindness and safety.

AND… I still am stumped about how we all are going to bring it about.

AND…. I still find the truth within me that says we A R E on a Transformational Path that’s not plan-able or totally imaginable.. but IS ON IT’s WAY.. thru us.. thru our leaning and visioning and will.

I am still de-Lightedly reading what David Wilcock and Corey and others.. James Gilliland… etc are saying… BECAUSE… I already began learning about the realities they follow l o n g before I found them. I found the LAW of ONE series well before David found it… saw it reported BIG TRUTHS about this reality we all co-dream up together day by day and eon by eoyn… and it all resonated within me as true.

A N D… I still ask for BIG BIG BIG… UN IMAGINABLY B I G BLESSINGS for A L L here.. all us all who share this co-dreamed up gig/reality we’re playing in… asking that our “plays” in the game be the MOST PRO DUCTIVE… the MOST valuable for each and for all… ie fthgac.

tail wagg all!


Vermithrax #398284

“Dwilcock wrote:
Oh… and surprised Ben didn’t mention this:

Roth Schild = Red Shield = Red Cross
Rothschild = Ra’s Child (children of Ra)?”

“(Children of RA)? IF that is part of the Red Shield family’s name….
it is an example of the way stuff gets corrupted and twisted over time.

In the Law of ONE the “RA Guys” say they are doing the channeling that became the books to try to fix stuff that got corrupted. I think they say they brought higher consciousness/wisdom at least twice to Earth in the past (one being the Egyptian Pyramid times) and each time the message got mangled and folks went astray.

They say they are trying to fix that by bringing the message again.
And that’s what the books are about.

But here’s the thing from my perspective:

WE actually A R E RA… WE… even the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers … the “Zionists”… we all have access to… aspects of ourselves that are… ARE.. that Higher Consciousness.

G O D… Group Of Dancers… not just a cutesy acronym to me.
Each of us IS A CREATOR…
And when we are claiming our creative higher compassionate consciousness.. all TRULY ARE ONE…
and it feels like dancing.

We are here leaning into.. reaching back and up to… that truth about ourselves…
that we can and are making creative choices that mould our reality with e v e r y breath n thought n action.

And the more we re member that.. and claim it.. the smoother we go in not getting to but bringing about “The Promised Land” (which btw we promised to ourselves n then seem to have forgotten 😄 )

So that is why I keep repeating here.. to help re mind my SELF:



House Intel Committee Votes To Make “Shocking” FISA Memo Public

Donald Trump 1 – Deep State 0

In a highly anticipated decision, on Monday evening the House Intelligence Committee voted to make public the memo alleging what some Republicans say are “shocking” surveillance abuses at the Department of Justice regarding the Trump presidential campaign.



Thomas Paine on twitter

2 minutes ago

FISA memo was just delivered to White House.


The panel voted to release the four-page memo, written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (D-CA), that reportedly describes classified information about biased decisions made by senior DOJ officials regarding surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The committee voted down the release of a Democratic-written counter memo.



intruth #398327

The panel voted to release the four-page memo, written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (D-CA), that reportedly describes classified information about biased decisions made by senior DOJ officials regarding surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The committee voted down the release of a Democratic-written counter memo.

O M G !!!!



YES!! Thank you for taking the time to saw it all…

I am probly one of numerous members here w similar histories.. both hopes.. regrets.. and learnings.
Thanks Littledogg. It wouldn’t surprise me a lot that we have much in common.

There were a lot of members here in the past that used to say “and we’ll all get together and party in Hawaii when it’s all over.”

So I hope we see something like that.


Oops. Have to leave the library for now. Will be back on tomorrow sometime.


Littledogg #398323

Saw your comment just before leaving but have decided to comment on it tonight from my phone.

Since I believe that after the Khazarian mafia is taken down & swamps worldwide will be drained we will go through the ascension process where we will become more aware and self aware. We will go back to honoring honesty and values of goodness. Essentially we will be more evolved spiritually. Then the system of meritocracy will work.

When that will happen? We will see

That’s why Ben doesn’t answer such questions. But it is our future and we don’t know it yet.



WASHINGTON — FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who has been attacked by President Donald Trump, stepped down Monday, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.



New post up at Neil Keenan’s site for those interested. Swamp draining.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 29, 2018

The recent flu outbreak was a last resort Cabal attack to disrupt transition progress.

The Cabal had suspended the flu into the chemtrail formula of only a few aircraft due to their limited resources.

These aircraft had flight paths over the East Coast.

Chemtrail systems were installed in commercial aircraft worldwide. They simply cannot be removed without causing massive disruption in travel services.

The removal of chemtrails is planned Post-GESARA.

In the meantime, the Galactic’s continue to clean up chemtrails with sylphs.

The flu outbreak is currently being contained but unfortunately resulted in collateral damage.

The Alliance have issued a search & destroy order to Ghost Operatives. Mission objective is to find and destroy Cabal laboratories where the flu originated from.

Private humanitarian groups have been informed to prepare for the RV exchanges early this week.

Trump is looking for a “reset” with his State of the Union address tomorrow, January 30.

RV release window is 11:58 PM Tuesday night or 12:01 AM Wednesday morning.—–unquote…..



above my paygrade…..

intuitively i have felt this respiratory type flu in recent years is delivered by the dark ones…..

I seen an aircraft last year that employed antigravitic technology and was spraying something high up in the sky…..I watched it for about half an hour-it would stop in the sky and be completely still…..then move some more and stop again…..

it may have been a lightforces craft combatting the chemtrail poisons…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


from this article-quote—–To ensure Britain becomes “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet,” she and fellow Conservatives wants to allow the government to decide what is online and available for citizens to view.—–unquote…..



the cabal political class is falling fast…..

they will keep going retarded grasping helplessly at attempting to control that which they no longer have control over…..

adieu maintenent des minion diable…..


from this article-quote—–The advent of free energy technology alone would put a permanent end to poverty and hunger, freeing humanity from the rule of a tyrannical and corrupt elite who have foisted upon them war after meaningless war.—–unquote…..



jimmy Hendrix-army veteran—–quote—–






cobra-quote—–Monday, January 29, 2018

Urgent Request-Time Sensitive

Isis Astara has left the physical plane. Please visualize immediately her safe passage through plasma plane into the Light to higher etheric and astral planes by surrounding her in white and pink Light and Love and protection. Visualize her being safely guided to contact with her spiritual guides.—–unquote…..



from this article-quote—–Wikileaks blew the lid off Hillary-loving Robert Mueller, with a tweet that suggests Mueller carried out Hillary’s Uranium deal with Russia.




from this article-quote—–Subjects who received the psilocybin treatment showed a significant decrease in authoritarian attitudes after treatment, and that reduction was sustained over time. They also reported a significant increase in a sense of relatedness to nature.’—–unquote…..



I enjoyed the magic mushrooms and lsd experiences…..mind expanding absolutely…..

some of the hallucenegens certainly should be employed in mainstream medical systems-replacing psychotropic poisons and such…..

my cocaine years with massive alcohol abuse proved to be more and more of a self imposed sort of hell on earth…..

22 years now clean and sober-miracles happening all the time…..hahahahaha…..


poem excerpt from a humanoid born onto a prison planet – and spent 20 years engaged in drug abuse…..







Jim stone
Jan 29 2018

ALL DOOMSDAY PLANES ARE IN THE AIR, AND THAT IS A SERIOUS ISSUEObviously if that is the case, the government is expecting an enormous false flag. The planes launch with key people aboard for the continuation of government. Having all 3 in the air at once is an unprecedented serious issue.If the swamp is on those planes, Trump is going to be killed. The problem is, we don’t know who is on them – the good guys, or the shadow state.

Heads up: If the shadow state is on those planes, there will probably be a “nuclear attack” and that is not an empty statement.If Trump and white hats are on those planes, they are on them to avoid being killed.

Take your pick, it is anyones guess.

Good luck to us all, allways darkest before the dawn 😁


Re: wolfintimber #398339

I could not agree more. Peace, beauty the light of spiritual love are what this particular tool gives me and has kept me safe and sane for nearly a half a century now.

I guess the evil ones can’t handle that! It’s like watching THE HISTORY CHANNEL if you are are student of history. Lies , propaganda, twisted jingoist rhetoric , America could have won WWII without U.S.S.R. , Hitler commited suicide but we never found the body B.S!

Hitler used “the big lie ” but we ALWAYS tell the truth .


# 398340

Good luck to us all, allways darkest before the dawn

Just hit me in the right place.


FBI Director Wray “Shocked To His Core” By FISA Memo, McCabe ‘Removed’ Next Day, More Heads To Roll: Report

Tue, 01/30/2018


FBI Director Christopher Wray was allegedly “shocked to his core” after viewing the four-page FISA memo Sunday night – hours before asking Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe to step down, according to journalist Sara Carter.

Hannity sat down once again with journalist Sara Carter, whose sources say McCabe may have instructed FBI agents to alter their “302” forms – the paperwork an agent files after interviewing someone:
Carter: What we know tonight is that FBI Director Christopher Wray went Sunday and reviewed the four-page FISA memo. The very next day, Andrew McCabe was asked to resign. Remember Sean, he was planning on resigning in March – that already came out in December. This time they asked him to go right away. You’re not coming into the office. I’ve heard rep[orts he didn’t even come in for the morning meeting – that he didn’t show up.

Hannity: A source of mine told me tonight that when Wray read this, it shocked him to his core.

Sara Carter: Shocked him to his core, and not only that, the Inspector General’s report – I have been told tonight by a number of sources, there’s indicators right now that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302’s – those are their interviews with witnesses. So basically every time an FBI agent interviews a witness, they have to go back and file a report.

Hannity: Changes? So that would be obstruction of justice?

Carter: Exactly. This is something the Inspector General is investigating. If this is true and not alleged, McCabe will be fired. I heard they are considering firing him within the next few days if this turns out to be true.

Carter said that McCabe “quitting” is just the beginning, and that more resignations will be coming.



Seems Trump should release the memo ASAP – before they try to kill him.


Warning: Danger Close


Streamed live 5 hours ago

Q decodes a threatening Comey tweet.

JC Tweet Translation:

Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months [DO NOT TALK], when small people [SHEEP] were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on [COVER]. He served with distinction for two decades [WE OWN YOU & YOUR FAMILY]. I wish Andy well [187]. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI [GENERAL THREAT TO OTHERS]. America needs you [ACTIVATE SLEEPER CELLS].





start at 2:18 – Corsi talks about how 3 years ago his friends in the military contacted him and talked about them wanting to do a coup against Obama – they were sick of him. But they called it off. They decided to support Trump. Corsi thinks now they are implementing those coup plans – but do it in a just way through the powers of the Presidency.




Allison Coe – The Event, Altering TImelines, And Quantum Healing in 2018


Published on Jan 29, 2018


Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, Study Suggests

Sunday, January 28th 2018 at 11:15 am
Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018

A provocative new study on flu virus transmission found that subjects had 6.3 times more aerosol shedding of flu virus particles if they received vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons.

Vaccination is predicated on the rarely questioned belief that it confers bona fide immunity against targeted pathogens. This is why the terms vaccination and immunization are often used interchangeably, a disingenious semantic confusion that is rarely confronted or corrected. In the case of flu vaccine, certainty about this approximates religious faith, with the CDC taking on the role of the Church, conventional doctors the clergy, and the published literature Holy Scripture.

But what if the literature fails to support the orthodoxy? There are in, in fact, hundreds of examples of this. We have gathered a modest 500 studies which show the untintended, adverse effects of many vaccines outweigh their purported benefits, all of which you can view on our open access database on the topic here: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/anti-therapeutic-action/vaccination-all

The latest addition to this growing body of literature is found in a newly published article titled, “Infectious Virus Exhaled In Breath Of Symptomatic Seasonal Flu Cases,” published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science).

This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here http://www.greenmedinfo.com/greenmed/newsletter.”



lynxwalking #398320

It won’t be a meritocracy although they’ll try to make it seem like one. It will be a technocracy in which the technocrats ( some very smart and capable and others not so much so but (((well connected))) ) will rule with authority. There will be a financial, economic shake up because it’s necessary. The technocrats will have to clear everything with Chabbad and we’ll all really work for them. True culture will disappear, national sovreignty will disappear, but the neocons will be gone and there will be more peace and a lot less welfare. It’s not clear what they’ll do about healthcare or the aging.

I suspect that we’ll be given euthanasia options and lots of pot to keep us calm, but the jobs will come back to the US and the immigrants will go eventually. The endless surveillance will reduce crime significantly and render police departments unnecessary so that service will undergo a real evolution, but petty crime will flourish because there will be less police. David Icke is currently reporting that this is happening now in Britain.

The solar minimum may upend some of these developments as well as the low-orbit space war, but we have so little real intel about that. I don’t trust DW or Corey.
And there’s always the change that some unforeseen event will disrupt this trajectory completely- like Nibiru!!!


We’ll still be managed like cattle or sheeple, but a softer, gentler hand- like Temple Grandin.



Monday, January 29 , 2018

9 -exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/our-last-stand-report-9 -exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html


Here’s a better link –

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/our-last-stand-report-9-exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html
OWoN © All Rights Reserved


Excellent primer on logic and how it was used in drafting the Declaration of Independence.



Major holohoax exposure book now free online after been banned on Amazon, etc.


Bibi the Zio-tard Assclown’s wife having a major meltdown.


Jim Stone highlights this story on a link I posted earlier here. The Zio-tard Israeli gov’t pays a $9k bounty for every African that gets ratted out as well! This has got to go viral!
Israel forces black immigrants to be injected with permanent birth control

My god, I can’t believe this was in Forbes!
So Israel wants Europe and the United states to be wiped out by massively reproducing invaders, but when actual Jews arrive in Israel they are sterilized just because they are black! No one would believe this, even I would be skeptical, but low and behold, Forbes has it. AND THAT IS BEING DONE TO PEOPLE WHO ARRIVE LEGALLY. Low and behold, if you are an assylum seeker in Israel, Israeli citizens get $9,000 for turning you in!
Yet the exact same Jews who write such laws for their own country do everything they can to stop Americans and Europeans from having any enforcement at all. PRICELESS.

The cheapest and best solar panels will soon be made in the U.S.

I thought solar was going to go down the drain in America, because Trump slapped an enormous tariff on imports. Chinese solar panels were made to fantastic high standards and were excellent. And when Trump put the tariff on them American manufacturers obviously started drooling because they were now without competition.
Well, there is now good news on this topic. Chinese manufacturers are going to get around the tariffs by building their solar factories in the U.S. I’d call that winning. The source of this information was CNN and I won’t link to them. Obviously they ended the report with a slam, and said this was bad for America!


In at 100 – happy super, blue, eclipse moon to you all 🙂


Bill Still reporting:

Compare this report with the NBC news report posted previously. #398331

Synopsis: So yesterday a furious FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe was escorted out the door of FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Ave. – the most humiliating departure action possible for any veteran government employee.
The idea of firing someone, then escorting them out the door prevents them from going back to their desk and erasing their harddrive before they depart for the last time. It is the ultimate symbol of mistrust of the departing employee.
At some time in the “resignation” process, McCabe threatened that if he didn’t get his full FBI pension, he would “torch the FBI”. That does not mean physically attempting to burn the building down. It means – in this case – threatening his fellow conspirators to reveal all their dirty little secrets.
McCabe will likely be facing criminal charges before this is over. Prosecutors would definitely try to turn McCabe against those above him in the coup attempt hierarchy. Most at risk would be former Director James Comey, followed by the two former Attorneys General, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. Finally, at the top of the ladder would be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Comey tweeted out about 9pm last night this pathetically-transparent plea for mercy:



jujubean  #398352 #398353

Hi Juju,

You seem to be a bit despondent in the above two posts? I do hope that events as they unfold will restore your usual positive nature and confirm for you that we are all on the right track.

Am I correct in thinking that you prefer David Icke’s info over David Wilcock or Corey Goode? I would be interested to know, if that is the case; why you accept Icke’s and not the other two?

Much love,


Jim Stone
Jan 30 2018
People are very worried about a false flag today

Though I believe one is possible, I do not think one is likely. False flags take a long time to plan, and the Fisa memo release was a blindside, no one saw it coming.
If there is a false flag, I believe it will be done with nukes that have already been pre positioned for the day they would be needed. The problem is, this was such an ambush that too many Jews would lose too many posessions because they don’t have enough time to move their stuff. On top of that, they might not even be able to get out of the way on time, even without their stuff. They will probably do nothing because they simply were not prepared to have a nuke go off. If they had been given even a month to prepare the story would probably have been very different.

Rumor has it that Pelosi is going to have a few “dreamers” in the front row during the state of the union address. I’d say they had better check Pelosi’s purse, because without question, if she could, she’d be likely smuggle a glock in and hand it to a “dreamer” . . . . . . heads up for that type of scenario.

It would also not be beyond Israel or someone else in the deep state to send a cruise missile. But absent Trump getting shot, I think the state of the union address will go just fine. Trump had better be behind glass, not having that at this point would amount to negligence.


Jim Stone
Jan 30 2018
Ben Swann got fired for trying to bring back his reality check segment to CBS 46 Atlanta

Let’s see how much he gets called “fake news” after the Fisa roundup. PREDICTION: Fisa is just playing, the big stuff is yet to come. All the current roundup is going to do is eliminate a few on the cutting edge. That will weaken the rest of the structure, so phase 2 can happen, BET ON IT.
After roundup 4 or 5 is complete, Ben will get his job back because there will be no scammers left to fire him.


More soft disclosure? Huge object found on the ocean floor off the coast of Mexico could be a huge pyramid or a huge star ship.



Another ploy to discredit Trump as the FISA Memo is about to be released.

The FBI inquiry into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 US presidential election has been given a second memo that independently set out some of the same allegations made in a dossier by Christopher Steele, the British former spy.

The second memo was written by Cody Shearer, a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.

Unlike Steele, Shearer does not have a background in espionage, and his memo was initially viewed with scepticism, not least because he had shared it with select media organisations before the election.



update by sheldon nidle for the spiritual hierarchy and the galactic federation-January.30/2017…..

quote—–Selamat Jalwa! Be Righteous. Much is happening. This new year begins with many cabal attempts to derail your promised prosperity by fabricating a war. Today we will discuss the nature of our blueprint to defeat the dark cabal. Our multi-layered strategies have garnered many successes and confused the cabal. They are desperate and each move they make only further tightens the noose around their necks. Our plan has forced the cabal to give up many of the positions it held at the end of last year. It has also caused the loss of many of their members to yet-unannounced arrests. This scheme places us at the very brink of success for global prosperity. It was designed by us, together with many of the ascended masters, including St. Germain, and our Earth Allies. Our goal is to institute the new republic for the United States, and the beginnings of GESARA worldwide, in a safe and efficient manner.—–unquote…..



Supermarket Panic and N.America Record Freeze Again (518)


Adapt 2030
Published on Jan 30, 2018

Winter Wheat crop destroyed in USA & Canada early January, riots in French supermarkets over Nutella, record cold about to sweep through the USA and Canada again this season. Snows in Morocco desert not seen in 30 years, record heat in New Zealand, and the to top it off Tropospheric anomalies over Hudson Bay.


Another controversial post from Down the Rabbit Hole.
The Suffocating Blanket of Islam


Just received this in an email from Cory Bernardi, a politician in Australia who is trying to rid the swamp creatures in Parliament here.

Australia also has a swamp full of creatures needing to be exterminated!

Sorry for the length, as I said it was an email.


The tyranny of safe spaces and political correctness is creeping into almost every aspect of our lives. It seems everyone is oppressed, bullied, victimised, abused or somehow owed an apology from the few of us that want to stand on our own two feet.

This week alone we have seen government-funded aboriginal activists demanding Australia be burnt to the ground and the Foreign Affairs department campaign for Islamic dress for the rest of us.

Universities now provide “safe spaces” for almost everyone except those who might actually pay taxes or repay their HELP debt. Businesses are bullied down the same path and we even have some professional associations getting in on the act.

The unstoppable victimhood juggernaut leaves no element of society untouched.

One subscriber drew my attention to the latest indulgence of perpetual grievance. The nursing and midwifery board, from 1 March this year, will insist their members acknowledge “white privilege” on demand.

That’s right, if during your birth procedure you feel culturally vulnerable (or even if you don’t) you can insist that your midwife acknowledge their white privilege.

Now, that might be a problem if your midwife doesn’t actually identify as a white person, even if she is one. After all, everyone can now be whatever they want and the rest of us have to appease these self-indulgent fantasists.

It is time we called this destructive nonsense out for exactly what it is.

It’s no surprise that the guidelines for acknowledging white privilege also reference “colonialism” and emanate from a government- funded organisation.

Successive governments have embraced the PC agenda whether it be “safe schools”, cultural appropriation, identity politics or soldier sex changes at taxpayer expense.

The activists get away with it because too many politicians you elect to represent your interests are captured by the idiocy of identity politics. In some cases they wilfully let these outbreaks go unchecked in the hope that they will pass unnoticed by mainstream Australia.

I regret identity politics isn’t going away and will only get worse unless we speak truth to insanity – and this nursing & midwifery code of conduct is just plain crazy.

Let’s consider a few enduring truths.
Having a baby hasn’t really changed over generations.

It can be painful, difficult, sometimes dangerous but it is entirely necessary for our species to continue.

It’s the same process for every woman regardless of race, creed or colour. Through time immemorial, others have been there to assist in bringing new life into the world and no-one had to acknowledge white privilege …until March 2018.

That’s when the new rules and regulations of the midwifery association kick into gear, forcing the committed midwife into a chamber of political correctness.

The reader who brought this to my attention succinctly summed up this new medical Marxism in three points.

1. Nurses must acknowledge white privilege and voice this acknowledgment if asked – which is compelled speech.

2. There is no objective measure of whether an interaction with a patient was “culturally safe”. If the patient feels slighted, (and they are of a minority), then the nurse is guilty.

3. “Cultural Safety” is now deemed as important as clinical safety, the highest of priorities. As such, transgressions can be expected to be treated harshly.

Welcome to the brave new world of nursing where catering to others’ self-declared victimhood and catering to their emotional whims and fantasies is as important as fixing their physical ailments.

If we really want to fix what’s wrong with elements of our society we would stop indulging this garbage.

We live in the greatest country on earth. Irrespective of our ancestry, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality we are united by living under one flag and by being Australian.

Indulging the politics of identity or the cult of PC “cultural awareness” means we prioritize one group of people over another.

I don’t accept that as the best path forward for our nation and we need to call this destructive and pernicious cancer out whenever we can.

We can start with keeping some common sense when it comes to delivering new babies.

Cory Bernardi


111th comment:



Well, that was an awesome speech by Trump!

Overall, just awesome, along with a few boo-boos.

I agree with Jim Stone’s assessment of Trump’s speech.

I was encouraged that, after the speech, Trump was overheard saying that the FISA memo would be released “100%.”

We’ll see.

But Trump HAS GOT to release it ASAP.

And WTF is up with the PIECE-OF-SHIT Democrats? NO ONE at the Black Caucus celebrated the news of black unemployment being the lowest in 45 years? Fuck their sour-puss asses!

The piece-of-shit Democrats applauded at almost NOTHING of note and that were positive for America in general.

Democrats are unhappy that they have less stolen money (via taxes) with which to fuck people over and control them.

Democrats are unhappy that their hero, O-buttfuck, is increasingly clear that he’s THE WORST president in US history.

Democrats are unhappy that their game of power/control has been upended.

Democrats are unhappy that they’ll have less victims with which to use a pawns in the games of politics with the economy getting better.

Piece-of-shit Democrats are unhappy that their 16-year plan to UTTERLY destroy America has been interrupted.

Fuck those piece-of-shit Democrats! You are NOT AMERICANS! Piece-of-shit Democrats DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA.

The Democrats only care about power/control via the corporate government. Period. Nothing else matters.

And best of all, the irony that it’s possible that most of those illegals who would be given pathways to citizenship, based on good behavior and no criminality, would NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT in future elections if the piece-of-shit Democrats are exposed in being the communists that they really are.

Tonight’s speech exposed them a bit; the FISA memo just may well totally destroy them. I hope so, as they deserve it.


Regarding Artificial Intelligence:
Gold was once a representation of energy and effort expended by humans, used to store that value to be used at a later time.
Fiat currencies came along and were based on FUTURE energy and effort being expended by humans… ie DEBT. (whether or not the energy & effort was ever expended is a separate study)
Cryptocurrencies are created by mining… computers expending energy and effort. Are Cryptocurrencies a currency for AI’s??


Super Soldier Talk – Qanon News Update – Peter the Insider – Jessica Marrocco


Published on Jan 30, 2018

Listen as Jessica Marrocco and Peter talk about James Rink Kruger Runner, AI Infected Smart Phones, Atlanta power outage, Hawaii missile attack, SSP Alliance, Kevin Spacey and Paul Serene, Getty Museum Fire, Anderson Cooper QANON CIA Mockingbird, FBIANON Shipping Containers, Traffic Light Triggers


JAN 30 URGENT Intel Brief re: State Secrets SCI[F] “This is the tip of the iceberg”

John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Jan 30, 2018

Brenden Dilley’s intel source is discussed.

The ‘You are Free TV’ lady referred to the John Doe’s videos..so I pulled this one up – pretty interesting. Dilley says 2 more big media outlets going DOWN….a newspaper and a news show.



JAN 30 URGENT Intel Brief re: State Secrets SCI[F] “This is the tip of the iceberg”

Lots of intel here BFC. Don’t miss it!


aneeson #398363

Thanks for your thoughts. I keep hoping we’re moving forward but I’m wary of being played because we so often are. There are lots of Chabbad elements swirling around Trump and that’s a big red flag. The talmudists hate everyone who isn’t one of them. They were fundamental in the birth of Israel, powered WW2 and what there was of the holocaust. The NewNationalist has a great piece on the impressive number of Chabbad agents working in strategic posts in the current Chinese government.

I don’t believe we can overestimate the power these people wield both within our own country and on a global scale. Trump is intimately connected with them because his grandparents were Jewish and Kushner is his right hand. Pence just came back from Israel where he made them all happy.

As for DW, I was a big fan early on during the Ancient Aliens phase and Divine Cosmos, but once I read that his parents were involved in the music business in Laurel Canyon and he’d done a serious amount of drugs during his early years I realized that CIA connections were in play. His parents were music producers and the CIA runs that operation along with the chosen ones so his origins are suspect for me now. I read one of his books and there was very little substantive info in it and he spent a lot of whining and babbling about his connections to a higher consciousness.

DW is never censored. He appears everywhere and his books aren’t banned. David Icke has had his tour venues cancelled at the last minute and his books banned. Amazon is not carrying his latest one which came out in November, I had to order from the UK. His book signing in Manchester was even thwarted by Jewish groups in the UK who convinced the Manchester United management to cancel it.

While both of them agree on the presence of reptilian aliens here on the planet, Icke has a very convincing explanation for how it all works whereas DW just keeps talking about he’s talked with them, seen them, etc. DW was also forced to team up with Corey Goode who came out of nowhere, I suspect as a handler to keep DW in line. Does DW know things? For sure, but he’s also an agent of disinfo for me and so I can’t take him seriously plus he has complicated his narrative with all manner of alien groups that are hard to keep track of which is a Cabal manoeuvre. Icke just sticks to the Reptilians and never pretends to have seen them or talked to them himself but knows people who say they have.

I am down about it. Sometimes the pro-Trump enthusiasm here lifts me for a while but when I scan the surface only the reports from thenewnationlist are corroborated. Europe is in serious turmoil with the migrants and we’re still agitating all over the planet.

I’m so hoping I’m wrong, but hopium is strong and it sometimes prevents us from seeing the truth. My eyes are open- are yours?


Brenden Dilley
13h13 hours ago
What happens when the American public finally reads the memo and also realizes what the true popular vote total was?
comment image




You stated that you could be wrong about DW — you ARE wrong in your suppositions about him, I can tell you that with certainty.

David was never “forced” to team up with Corey. David CHOSE to work with Corey because of the sheer amount of data that Corey had that aligned with what David knew from other insiders, information that David never shared online, nor in person with anyone.

Years ago when I was dropping David off at his hotel after having dinner with him, I asked him what he could tell me that he had not told anyone, and he smiled, saying that there was a VAST amount of information that he could tell me, but that he needed to keep this data to himself, so that he could use it to vet-out any new insiders who may be coming forward — and that time, he did not yet know Corey.

When David finally started to work closely with Corey, David found well over 200 data-points that Corey shared that closely aligned with what David knew and did not share with anyone. And now Corey’s data-points align with several hundred more data-points of David’s closely-held database.

If Corey was full of shit or if he was a Cabal plant/handler, there’s no way in hell that hundreds of data-points would line up with David’s database.

David knows with 100% certainty that Corey is legit.

Then there’s the account of the MIC guy, “Sigmud,” who found that Corey was, in FACT, had physically been to the bases near Saturn, as he had claimed, based on the scientific examination of Corey’s hair that had minute particles embedded in his hair that are unique to the locations of particular stations near Saturn.

So, that validates Corey’s testimony about his trips around the solar system.

Neither David, nor Corey are being misled, nor are they being “handled” by anyone. They both are acting on their own free will and accord out of their sincere desires to help the planet’s inhabitants evolve and wake the hell up.


Years ago when I was dropping David off at his hotel after having dinner with him, I asked him what he could tell me that he had not told anyone, and he smiled, saying that there was a VAST amount of information that he could tell me, but that he needed to keep this data to himself, so that he could use it to vet-out any new insiders who may be coming forward — and that time, he did not yet know Corey.

That must be difficult. I hold back quite a lot of information for reasons of social cohesion/ office politics slight reasons (Also you can get ostracised from the group and/ or fired for too much ‘truth’). Plus being into new age and knowing some things that I think could traumatise others. People trust me and hence, tell me their dark secrets, I find this pressure quite large but would not change it.

But David must be experiencing that on a mass scale.


On the plus side of things=
As I study science & engineering as well as deep tunnel info like DUMB bases & connecting tunnels , it seems to me and others that we do not need one iota of
super advanced tech to flash boil water to steam and spin a turbine generator.

All you gots to do is drop it down a hole deep enough to hit a geological heat thermocline and recoup the steam- we seem to be able to do some pretty expansive stuff underground but we can’t just dig a deep hole someplace not atop a potential volcano?

And if you can explain that to a stupid-headed idiot like me-well then tell me a nice fairy tale about how W-7 fell on 9/11 so I can sleep nice-nice again—–please!


Job opportunity for fiction writers – Judges in Vegas have ordered release of the records in the Las Vegas mass shooting.


Excerpt: LAS VEGAS — Judges in Las Vegas ordered the release Tuesday of search warrant records and autopsy reports related to the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, after media organizations sued in a bid to answer ongoing questions about the investigation.

Court officials were redacting the records in preparation for release later in the day.

Judge Elissa Cadish issued a written order to release documents showing what investigators told judges to obtain the search warrants after the Oct. 1 shooting.

The order followed a closed-door hearing Friday with lawyers representing Las Vegas police.

More on site.

Then there is this (article is about a guy in Arizona who is alleges he sold firearms to “Paddock – king of the pink pussy hat”. (It is strange that this story shows up instead of the judges story in a number of instances during my search – newspapers carrying the same lies and BS under the same title – like a soap opera!)


Excerpt: An Arizona man named in court documents as a “person of interest” during the investigation of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history said Tuesday he had met the shooter one time and sold ammunition to him.

Douglas Haig told The Associated Press that he had been contacted earlier by investigators in the case.

Speaking at his suburban home in Mesa, Haig said he planned to hold a news conference later this week to answer questions about his name surfacing in the investigation.

“I am the guy who sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock,” Haig said without disclosing any details. Police say Paddock was the gunman and killed himself as officers converged on him.

A law enforcement official told the AP in October that Paddock bought 1,000 rounds of tracer ammunition from a private seller he met at a Phoenix gun show. The official spoke anonymously because they weren’t authorized to disclose case information. It was not immediately clear if that person was Haig.

More on site.

People wearing FBI t-shirts painting over chalk marks and loading what appears to be sound equipment (around the 7 minute mark) into a truck. Note the lack of bullet holes and blood, plus the relatively young ages of the “agents/actors” and the lack of personnel for the “biggest mass shooting in American history”.



Jim Stone on Trump’s State OT the Union address. Video links and Stone’s extended commentary on site.
January 31 2018

State of the union comment:

After pondering exactly what happened in the state of the Union address, it is pretty obvious the Democrats are finished if we can prevent the 2018 elections from being rigged. There’s no question they are out, and there is good reason to say that.
Without attacking any political opponents, Trump presented situations, examples, and solutions to problems which will be acid on the Democrats that will eat them all the way through, because they are traitors to the United states, and Trump boxed them in with no escape, simply by stating realities that prove what they really are. They are doomed.

With the craftsmanship of a fine watch maker, Trump proved, without even saying it, that they don’t hate him, they hate the United States and are against him only because he is trying to save America from a destruction they set up. And he did it in a way that they can’t issue a rebuttal for because facts that even morons know prove Trump out. Facts that even the most limp wristed commie twisted snowflake knows prove Trump out. The dems are dead.

Here’s how “bad” it was.

I learned something from this – that a lot of “trolls” on social media are not paid. Some of them are actual people. This was proven after the state of the union speech when people I recognized as “rabid trolls” against Trump FLIPPED AFTER THE STATE OF THE UNION, and were saying things like “wow, that was shocking, I never knew” and “gee, that made a lot of sense, he’s right” and “I think I am a Republican now”.
The state of the union was a phenomenon that traitors to America will only overcome with murder and blatant theft. They lost a huge amount of their base last night. We know they are up to murder and theft, and now need to stand our guard and make sure the will of the people is realized.

Jan 30 2018

Stormy Daniels has issued a new statement saying she is denying having an affair with Trump not because of a settlement but because “it never happened.”

After hammering home the greatest State of the Union in American history, the President has announced that the FISA memo will be released in it’s entireity, and I assume that means NO REDACTIONS. He said this as he was walking out of the SOTU.



Michael Moore comes out as a “self-hating white”.


An astute value producer makes total sense in his diss of the brainless demoncraps…


#398387 Michael Moore is a liar and a fraud. In “Bowling for Columbine”, he wandered around Toronto (I think Toronto) and opened doors to people’s homes and said that Canadians are so safe without guns that they don’t bother locking their doors. What BS! Even when I lived in a small town, my door was locked. He also said there were no mass shootings like Columbine in Canada, completely ignoring Taber, Alberta (which had happened before his propaganda movie). Far from being a filmmaker standing up for the average guy, he is a propagandist and a faker.



Second verse, same as the first….give it up demoncraps….


– #398390

He did solve world hunger for a day though…

By skipping lunch.


Deester, like many peeps I thought Moore was ok when he dissed Gee DUhhb the Shrub Jr at the Oscars when he won Best Documentary. Now that it’s known he owns stock in Halliburton and other companies that benefitted ginormous from the same event(s)(911) that he dissed in his documentary then I realized what a fraud he was.


Jim Stone

January 31 2018

UPDATE: The attack was a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks.
UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I’d say that is highly plausible.

This is an obvious setup. The train hit a dump truck that parked on the tracks. OBVIOUS: After Trump’s state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once. They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now.

Folks, this is an obvious setup. There’s no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with “plausible deniability.”



Train carrying GOP members of Congress collides with truck
Posted on January 31, 2018

An Amtrak train transporting members of Congress and staff to a Republican retreat in West Virginia struck a truck near Charlottesville, Virginia Wednesday morning, according to multiple sources. No serious injuries were reported on the train. The status of the driver of the truck could not be determined, but the person was not believed to be injured either.



Jim Stone
January 31 2018


UPDATE: The attack was a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks.
UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I’d say that is highly plausible. Here’s how that would be done: The train’s location and speed is known. All the garbage trucks have chips in them to let central management know where they are. So the speed of the train and the velocity of the truck was matched (via remote) to create a collision where it looked like the truck driver was trying to beat the train. He’s dead and can’t speak up. Case closed.

This is an obvious setup. The train hit a dump truck that overwhelmingly probably had a tracking chip, and anything less than 14 years old now can be controlled via remote. OBVIOUS: After Trump’s state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once.

They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now.

Folks, this is an obvious setup. There’s no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with “plausible deniability.”



CDC director resigns over financial conflicts

NEW YORK (AP) — The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has resigned because of financial conflicts of interest, government officials announced Wednesday.

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald’s complex financial investments presented conflicts that made it difficult to do her job, according to a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the CDC.


Duh, there must be a boatload more of these coming…


Update from Jim Stone on the GOP train collision.


Hamas Founder Linked To Iran Dies After Mysterious “Accidental” Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

The shooting incident fueled a variety of conspiracy theories within the Palestinian Authority, ranging from claims al-Alami was assassinated, to suggestions he may have committed suicide following years of serious health problems.



Rep. Trey Gowdy announces plans to retire, return to justice system

Posted on January 31, 2018

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of the current term and leave politics to return to work in the justice system.

A former prosecutor, Gowdy rose to prominence as chairman of a special House panel investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in the State Department’s response.

Gowdy’s background as a prosecutor was legendary among his colleagues, who praised him for asking precise, cutting questions in settings where members of Congress were often given to rambling.


Too bad. We need him and many more like him.


More from Jim Stone on the GOP train collision.

Uh oh! “Choppers were following the train and the rail road crossings were supposed to be shut down for the senators to have priority per Rachel Campos Duffy, wife of Sean Duffy R-WI on Fox”


The photos of the accident scene are a little misleading, the train in fact hit the dump truck at the prior crossing, and carried it to the next crossing. the train did not just stop on a dime.


Truthearth, Wolfintimber, and any other musicians who frequent this blog, you might want to pay attention to this video. It concerns a possibly better tuning than A432.



FBI Makes Last Chance Power Play to Keep FISA Memo Under Wraps
Posted on January 31, 2018

In a rare public statement on Wednesday, the FBI said that it has “grave concerns” about a Republican-crafted memo alleging corrosive abuse of U.S. surveillance powers by the Justice Department that is expected to be released in the coming days.

“With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,” the bureau said.


You’re corrupt, FBI. Trump – release the damn memo.


More updates from Jim Stone on the GOP train collision
Adding to the credibility of the theory they were fleeing a threat is the fact that they had family members aboard the train, including children that should have been in school.


Here’s the story, which is all now 100 percent confirmed.
A majority of Republican congressmen who voted to release the Fisa memo, which exposes an enormous amount of deep state corruption, were on an escorted train when they were supposed to be in session, with all roads closed ahead of the train (for security reasons) and the train receiving helicopter escort.

Despite all the roads being closed, the train hit a garbage truck while going 70 mph. The front wheels of the front engine derailed, but the rear wheels stayed on the tracks. With all the roads closed for security reasons, the only way the garbage truck could have gotten in the way of the train would be if it was done intentionally.

Even some Congressmen are now saying the accident had to have been staged, and that it was an attempt to kill a large number of congressmen who voted to release the memo. Large numbers of deaths would have occurred if the train did derail, (as planned) but with the will of God it mostly stayed on the tracks and none of the cars or engines tipped over. If that had happened at 70 MPH the results would have been devastating.

HEADS UP: Rogue factions in the United States government are attempting a violent coup with “plausible deniability. Fortunately only minor injuries happened, but having this end up being minor defies all probability, it was supposed to be a disaster and it was definitely, without question, not an accident.


The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz




It’s been fun to watch President Donald Trump go after the mainstream duing his first year in office. One of his favorite targets is CNN. In fact, “fake news” and CNN are pretty much synonymous thanks to him. CNN, however, is less than thrilled with the label.

So, when a young man entered the CNN building wearing a “CNN Is Fake News” T-shirt, all hell broke lose.

In a viral Facebook video posted by Kari Leadingham, a young man is seen being asked to leave the CNN building in Atlanta because of his shirt.



White House chief of staff: Republican memo to come out soon

Posted on January 31, 2018

The White House plans to release a classified House Intelligence Committee memo that Republicans say shows anti-Trump bias by the FBI and the Justice Department, U.S. President Donald Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly said on Wednesday.

“It will be released here pretty quick, I think, and then the whole world can see it,” Kelly said in an interview on Fox News Radio, adding that he has seen the four-page document and that White House lawyers are currently reviewing it.


What then, CNN? They’ll probably only cover the Dems memo….


New notes (posted) from Benjamin today:
“If you buy gold, make sure you have it physically in your possession. DO NOT TRUST PAPER GOLD.”



That was an interesting Q&A that Ben posted today, and certainly good advice as to physical possession of physical gold.

It reminded me of a wild claim advanced sometime back that there were something like millions of tons of gold hidden away, which would at some point come forward and finance the vast financial changes that have long been predicted.

The problem with that much hidden gold (trillions of dollars worth) is that gold derives most of its market value from its rarity. The sudden appearance of cargo ships filled with gold would have a devastating impact on its market price. It would be much less rare, and not nearly as precious. I’m glad Ben clarified that.


Hi there!
From last week
(my net don’t allow me to get access to this site properly right now, give it a try anyway)

carolm #398164
We don’t know what will happen, but whatever it is, meeting it with wonder, curiosity and acceptance in each moment will enfold the outcome that will serve the highest good of all.
Hi carolm!
One heck of a 4 part series there Carolm! Not gone deeper in but no doubt there are much truth both left and right – good work.
Thank you!
amorchris #398115

Hi amorchris
Thanks for that amorchris! appreciate it very much – also see Mother to zander has shared some of her wisdom last week – only hope she would shared much more. Hope all is well with her.
Also thanks to all others that contribute, especially on a regular basis.
Thanks Ben for the ongoing info re our secret worlds – ups and downs – the sad part for us all I think is that the criminals are allowed to scornfully grin from official stages around the world.

On the up side – a growing understanding from people within the system…. – realize that it’s need get a change of heart.
The rotten tooth need to be pulled so all of us can be healed.


​Union speech…
Yeah . Trump has deliver on jobs, booming economy, reduce bureaucracy,​ reduced​ illegal immigration​, criminalize marijuana and​ The Wall is still up​,​ so to speak… all good? MAGA still rules!?

re the ​three​ last ones…
Now – sessions ob-session…to smoke out the weed…. and criminalize it, leaving those poor sick ones depending on poisoned pharmacy drugs, are more than questionable.

And the Wall hmm – that something the Mechicans will be so happy about. Effectively preventing the increasingly frustrated cannabis users in US to come over and steal their pot…..

And when every ​Mexicans​ have become super rich from crypto – they will need caretakers, servants like a pool boy…​to take care of their Mansions while cruising the Mediterranean ​in their yachts.

Yes -​ if it​ hadn’t been for the wall​……..​!
The slogan MAGA my work​ well​ for Trump – but for lightworkers, wayshowers, starseed​s​ and alike​,​ it​’​s
MHGA that is ​of ​importance​.​

Make Humanity Great Again​!​


(William Tompkins Farewell Interview with Jordan Sather – MUFON 2017

This I tried to share earlier and see stillness in the storm had it in his massive link compilation – but I had already prepared it and like to share some comments in this regard + other stuff

( hope this is satisfactory re the use of space – although I see myself far from the worst…here)


YES – “we got many to help us, we got the Nordic “people” and we got the blue, we have quite a number of other species, or good guys – so their helping us.. We need to work with them as much we can and try to stop this control.” says T. William.

“We’re only using 2.3 % of our brain…!!!!!” W. Tomkins add

Yes thank you – this was really encouraging..I think. That much…..? he he. So 97.7 % left… Yeah – I do not question that for a second, Mr William Tompkins.

But then – if one was able to double that – the lucky one would become the smartest individual that ever lived?1 It’s said that only two have had an IQ of 250 – 300 (since they started recorded it),
William James Sidis ( 250 – 300) “entered Harvard at the age 11 to study mathematics”, with an IQ of That is around 100 points higher than Stephan Hawking and A, Einstein…..
#2 Terence Tao – IQ 225-230 – (an Australian mathematician)

Even these people only use around 4 – 5 % of their total capacity

BTW – Canada, USA and Norway is within top 25 re. average IQ (97 -98) Respectively nr 25, 24 and 23, with Australia at 19 place with IQ of 98. UK at 15 with 100 ( amazing consider their beer consumption.) New Zealand nr 14 with 100 (grattis Alan)
Sweden at NR 10 with average at 101… What??!! ….. I’m smart enough to smell SOMETHING off here..! But OK grattis to you as well filip

All top 3 was Asians!


So there should be lots of “space” to cover/fill in,,eh he

So – Farewell and RIP to Mr Thomkins – you did a great job. And please join the Nordics wherever you are, to end this all quickly, if you not already have.

I guess when ET were told there existed “Humans” like us – with “no functional Brain” They must have said something like:
“NO that’s impossible – I don’t believe it… WT…heck!”
( hope this is satisfactory re the use of space – althoughI see myself far from the worst.)

Thank you!



And even after this event, this teen deleted her Facebook page that dealt with this event — so as to not to appear to be “racist.”

Can you believe that?

And, of course, the damn article did not describe the ethnicity of the A-hole who hit her with the bottle.

It’s easily 99.99% likely to be a damn Muslim.


siggi #398413
spell check
“my work​”
sorry! It’s…. may work…


So the employee who “triggered the nuclear alert” in Hawaii was confused and couldn’t tell the difference between a drill and reality? Bwah-ha-ha. Maybe because drills are passed off as real events (and vice versa).


Excerpt: The employee who sent out a false missile alert in Hawaii earlier this month thought it was a genuine exercise and issued it in fear that the small island state was under attack.

The employee has still not been named since they sent out the phone alert at 8.07am on January 13, sparking mass panic across the state.

It went uncorrected for 38 minutes until a second alert was sent out to confirm it was a false alarm.

More on site.

A female reporter with the last name of Podesta was reporting on the gymnastics doctor sexual abuse. (Didn’t catch her first name and don’t have a link. More definition of irony!


littledogg #398323
lynxwalking / dara #398320
“Well… here’s the thing: “worthy based on their knowledge and working ability”… by who’s standards? Who decides who’s “knowledge and working ability” is the one to be “moved uo?” … Ben never answers such questions “up on here: (at least in the 4 or so years I’ve been reading and gabbing here).”

Hi there Dara and Littledog!
Good thoughts! – sorry to jump in, but find the subject irresistibly!

I’ve only share the crumbles I gathered on the topic up and around…hope that is OK.
A real meritocracy first comes after the society is already changed. Meaning totally freed from cabal/evil. When all individual are healed or in process of it. That means fully healed from all mental, emotional, trauma, physical illness, injuries or disharmony of any kind (innate or otherwise). Probably when new light technologies are revealed and distributed.

I agree! – do not think this will work under the conditions we now live under. But certainly can /must be very applicable pre “ascension”. We (humanity) has to show in practice that we want it, “deserve” it and are ready for it.

A good heart is all that’s needed!

When all healed – (this will happen quickly I think, within 6 months or so 🙂 ) So all evil must first be removed/transmuted into light first. imo

Second stage!
That is a huge one….
The selection processes for members in councils( a word much better than Government by leaders/presidents…) must anyway be from what is needed “FHGOA”, including the individual needs and concerns as well of course.
Freedom of choices re contribution to the wholeness, is important. That will secure success, simply because everyone thrives.

Each “member” can then be chosen, not only by their abilities or wisdom, but also from qualified references and support by other good people, that vouch for them. (The more the better)
Also – empath’s and possible light techn. (organic based) can help in this.

IMO – this don’t mean as “A Ruling Class” in any way , shape or form. More like a board of council – giving wise advice in all matters, from “experts” on various field. However there could be A higher council, with emphasis on “higher” as not more important, or in the sense of an opportunity to execute oppression as to gain personal advantages/gains.

NO – remember ALL is/will be healed.

Most likely there will be an interim period before that, a very short one we hope.

“SO… one world gov. or many… I still lean into my and others’ longings …. hopes… visions… for a world where we all truly treat each other with fairness and kindness and safety.”

Yes well said littledog! So that’s still absolute on.

Local councils will be established as well. Great ideas and creative thoughts will always be welcome, I’m sure of.
So please all -. do what we human are best at – “Imaginations” emphasis by Jared Rand

Dream it all into reality!

Thanks both for wonderful contributing on this most interesting topic. How to shape our common exiting future.

(Just some thoughts though)


This is a message from the White House.

We will be releasing the memo VERY SOON.

Like, it is in Donald Trumps desk drawer and we just can’t seem to be able to employ the man power to open said draw.

It needs no modification or redactions of any kind. In actual fact, we cannot think of a reason why it is still in Donalds desk drawer.

However, that’s where it is. We will release it soon.

Perhaps after Lemonade and Pearjuice. (Or even prunejuice).

Or in a few hours.

Or early tomorrow.

Or the day after tomorrow.

Don’t wait up folks!


from cobras blogsite…..

quote—–Wednesday, January 31, 2018

You Will Live Within Me Forever—–unquote…..
comment image


love and light to isis astara and her friends and family…..


Jim Stone

January 31 2018

Here is the transcript of a discussion about releasing the memo. It is not the memo, but you can get a good idea of what is in it.

Schiff sure doesn’t want this memo released…


from this webpage-quote—–Operation Disclosure


RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 31, 2018

Sources have received reports that the RV release window is still open.

The Alliance decided to end negotiations with the Cabal some time mid-last year.

Thousands of Cabal assets have been destroyed since then.

The Cabal are now depleted of their assets, very few may or may not remain.

Trump’s SOTU was a significant pivotal point for the transition event.

The Alliance’s main objective is to make the world safer and safer as much as possible before beginning the transition event.

Those with the eye to see would have noticed how much safer the world has become over the past few months.

Once the Alliance deems it is safe enough to proceed with the transition event — the RV will be released.—–unquote…..


dwilcock #398259

“I do want to make one key correction: the Q Anon briefings are at least predominantly real, and are coming from the highest levels of the Alliance.”
Thanks wilcock for your inf. here!
“There has gone prestige in it” my father always said to me, when he comment on idiotic stubborn politicians, who decline ever to change their stand when “proven” wrong.
(I know this not directly go to Mr Wilcock’s Q “validation” – just making a general point)

I admire David for many reasons

He never bash on anyone or playing the game ” I’m always right”. When he’s not – he humbly admits it. Or give out whatever he have that not necessary support his earlier claims.

That shows a great character imo. Especially when in his positions. Well knowing such honesty will lead to trolls having a field trip into the land of condemnation. Where they were born…

Thanks again Wilcock – you “ding” a sound that resonate to me. Great Work!


from this article-quote—–We seem to be in a maze between trying to figure out what is true and what is fake. We are moving towards governments telling us what is true and not, as we humans are deemed unable or incapable of deciphering that we have been ably figuring out for centuries!—–unquote…..
comment image


And here comes GMO rice :
‘Scientists Worried as US Gives Green Light to Genetically Modified Rice’



Rays…dunno if I’m doing this right…

But….you are even more correct than you may realize. Dig down a couple miles, almost anywhere…it gets hotter. The deepest mines, require cooling. The thermal gradient is fairly steep. It just doesn’t happen to be quite hot enough, to phase change water. Not a problem though. We already have cheap substances, that do fall in that range.

A closed system, using refridgerants to drive turbines, will provide constant fuelless electricity, for the cost of the equipment and maintenance. No fuel to bring in… no waste to store, remove or sequester for decades or centuries.

This is hundred year old tech, at least.

Be well!


Fractals and Cymatic’s

Why the inner “work” every single individual do, is so immense important.

The wonderful sharing from Joy re Cymatic’s is something well worth to always have in mind.
The vibrational wave that make this magic possible – comes both from within and outside, when drawing a line over to the relation of humans procreation abilities, to personal support the changes we all want. imo

The cosmic wave is deemed to do it’s part no matter what we do.
The question is more, do we want to be a contributor or a hurdle. Until the “obstacle” needs to be removed to a separate reality/place, where his/her vibration match.

No judgement – only fair that those who is in agreement are let to choose without interference. Either up in vibration or keeping a lower one. It’s purely our desicion, and nobody’s “fault”

So jumping over to fractals… – which is shown in every matter in the universe(this one anyway) leads us to believe it must show itself in us as well, distinctly what we give out, in form of our thoughts, emotions, worlds and actions (Most of us has more or less touch upon it, lately Carolm, but others too)

If the consciousness field of humanity is seen as one single fractal and is being affect by our personal behaviour, or by a group with common believe system etc……. all put out by the sum of the radiating energy field, harmonized or not – will directly influence/shape the “perfection” of the fractal i’e in this example, the humanity consciousness. Which again would lead to the reality we create in every now moment. Good or bad.

So tell me now! – what do we all demand another must do for us to make a better world possible?

Trump, Spiritual leaders, within the justice system, financial or politician system, will do it for us??

NO I believe- we individual have a responsibility to fix the system ourself, word buy word, thought by thought , emotion by emotion. then by actions… They can only act as a tool, a “manifestation in action” from within the creation we decide to support. Period.

Let’s not relay on others do the needed work. Beginning with ourself (I), the chain of events that leads us all to great changes starts always with me and you.

(All from my personal perspective)

Lets get this Train on the right track!




mozart #398382
“David knows with 100% certainty that Corey is legit.”
Hi Moz!

I appreciate very much you share your earlier connections to and experiences with David Wilcock. That should speak for itself. Though I do not need any more “evidence” myself. I started to share Corey stuff before he came out official and joined with Wilcock. Not many responded then.

I think he were on some blog used by wistleblowers – and went under a cloaked profile. (all did knew this…just for the new ones here)

Well – I’ve validated it all by my own standards – and if that counts to nothing by others –
really don’t bother to much. It’s plenty sufficient to me. All those different people Wilcock and Corey has had on his show the last year. WOW – They certainly more than strengthen his case.

When will the amount of witnesses ever be enough, one has to wonder?

Also – I recognize David Icke’s works too, no problem. Why should there be any major discrepancy, I guess there are minor though. There always are – the nature of our “reality”

Being “blocked” by cabal – can very well be so. But it would have been much easier to take out David Icke earlier on, when few supported him. He sure didn’t exactly hide his”shocking” messages., way back in the days.
They all doing a enormous job to wake people up! No doubt.

I can only imagine how many people in the know, Wilcock really are connected to! Some of them would undoubtedly blown in several whistle’s a long time ago. imo

Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro

Gooday Ben,

Im very concerned about this China Yellow peril fear mongering of the Aussy PM Malcolm Turnbull and the Australian version of Hitlery clinton our Foreign Minister Julia Bishop they kept on attacking the Chinese gov regarding Beijing’s influence on Australian politics and politicians etc etc trumped up excuses, and on the other hand talk big about becoming the largest arms supplier in the world, acting like he is help managing Australia the future NWO HQ or something! what is really going on we never hear anything about OZ but i know for sure there is big plans for AU! cause the SAALM is here at Pine Gap, you know, the cortiums, remember! The James Casbolt aka michael prince of the fourth reich whose currently serving time for murders! I just hope you can ask your sources and find out whose our major enemy within our own gov! I thought all the dual citizen saga of them politicians from varies major parties are some sort of cover for sealed indictment here!


The memo stuff really is getting ridiculous. It is literally sitting as a digital file somewhere and all someone needs to do is just click upload onto some white house website.


samba #398428
And here comes GMO rice :
‘Scientists Worried as US Gives Green Light to Genetically Modified Rice’

Catherine Austin Fitts

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Jeffrey Smith’s new documentary Secret Ingredients. Jeffrey Smith and his Institute for Responsible Technology has fought tirelessly against the corruption of our food system. His last documentary Genetic Roulette was Documentary of the Year on the Solari Report in 2012.

Secret Ingredients Trailer 2017

Consumers need to be informed so they can stop buying products from companies that don’t respect our health – bankrupt them.


Facebook | 26 January 2018

Special Solari Report: The Student Loan Scam
Catherine, Latest Articles on July 11, 2011 at 8:07 pm · 5 Comments


We find out that the current student loan system is nothing like the one in place when the baby boomers were in college, when Sallie Mae was a quasi-governmental entity with its activities limited by its federal statutory charter. Those loans were made at favorable interest rates and had interest that started accruing only after graduation. Post-graduation, they were serviced in accordance with consumer-friendly servicing standards.

Starting in 1996 with the adoption by Congress of the SLMA Privatization Act, Sallie Mae re-organized under a holding company charter with a GSE and non-GSE subsidiaries.

Over the years, the original student loan product gradually morphed into something worse than the worst kind of credit card debt, except that it was even worse than that as the result of the following developments:

more –

Wow. Watch the video. Horror story.


NFL attorney Dan Goodes says Super Bowl is fixed, just found murdered


Excerpt from supposed NYTimes article that has now been scrubbed.

According to Goodes, the NFL have organized a “rigged game” that will earn “maximum revenue” for the league, and hundreds of millions for broadcasters and advertisers, but will leave increasingly jaded Americans with a bad taste in their mouth.

“This is the biggest scam in sports history,” Goodes said in Minneapolis, according to reports. “The Super Bowl is already completely scripted out.”

“How do I know it’s scripted? I’ve read the damn thing.“

“You need to understand the NFL is a $35 billion shared revenue corporation. Outcomes can’t be left to chance. Total league revenues are shared equally by all franchises, so they don’t care who wins or loses. Let me be perfectly clear here. It doesn’t matter to the franchise owners. It doesn’t matter to the players. But it matters to the league. Outcomes have been fixed to maximize profits ever since my early days here.”

“The sad thing is that it’s legal. Can you believe that? It’s legal thanks to guys [entertainment laywers] like me.”

Explaining that the NFL is officially registered as “entertainment,” Goodes said “The NFL has more in common with WWE than you could possibly imagine.”

Hard to believe NYTimes would publish this. Drake Bailey says its real.


I should clarify – Drake said games are fixed in the NFL. He wasn’t commenting on the story.


Clif High & Crypt0! (2018 & Beyond- Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Real Estate, Precious Metals, & More!)

Published on Jan 28, 2018

🙇Clif High finally caught up with us to give the details on his latest report’s predictions for 2018 and beyond. Let’s just say that Clif has the next 4 years looking like the most exciting period in possibly all of humanity’s existence. The world is about to be in for MAJOR upgrades & overhauls, beginning in just a few weeks 🙂


Congressmen Fear FBI’S Wray Threatened or Blackmailed; FBI Director Turns Toward Deep State
Posted on February 1, 2018

FBI Director Christopher Wray has either been threatened to do the bidding of the Deep State, or he has turned from white-hat savior of the embattled FBI to just another black-hat villain at its helm.

Several Congressional sources as well as one high-level White House source said Wray pulled a surprising about-face on GOP leaders in the last 24 hours. And instead of working with the White House and the House Intelligence Committee on the Hill on the pending release of the controversial FISA memo, Wray came out Wednesday seemingly threatening the White House and President Donald Trump.

“We think somebody threatened him, got to him,” one Congressional source said. “Between Tuesday and Wednesday he was a completely different guy.”

A White House source said President Trump was not pleased with Wray’s demeanor on Wednesday and his jockeying to try to prevent the FISA memo from being released.

“He maybe maneuvering himself out of a job,” the White House source said. “The President does not need another (James) Comey across the street running the FBI.”



Train Wrecks, Panic, and The Constitution

Roy Potter

Started streaming 51 minutes ago
this is a good one.


Over 500 Arrested in California Human Trafficking Crackdown

January 31, 2018 6:20 pm

More than 500 people were arrested in a Californian statewide operation targeting human trafficking, officials announced on Jan. 30.

The three-day sting, known as “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild,” resulted in the rescue of 56 victims, including 11 girls. The operation was led by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, in coordination with over 80 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, public service providers, and community-based support organizations, Nixle reported.

Of the 510 people arrested, 30 were suspected traffickers, and 178 were alleged “johns.”

The annual enforcement operation is now in its fourth year. Since its inception in Nov. 2015, officials say 221 people have been rescued, and 948 suspects have been arrested in connection with human trafficking.



Jim Stone
Well well, here it is – what may be the most important tweet ever issued by anyone.
This was only up for 14 minutes, and he removed it. That was enough.
Ha ha ha, this is too good, I am putting it on top.
I predicted the memo would be released on Thursday. Fox News has confirmed it will be.

It just made sense. Republicans had to prepare for it. Now, after the failed train wreck, people are joking at David Rothchild and all concerned parties are safe in their bunker. GAME ON.




A good article on the skullduggery that went on in the Anti-Soviet Afghanistan war and how it turned into the whores nest of a mess that it is for the US that it is now


Another Down the Rabbit Hole article with the authors take on “diversity “.


The space race to knock out each other’s satellites so no communication is possible.





The ultimate in Zio-tard chutzpah.
Israeli Minister Calls Palestine A Fake State



The Zio-tards projecting their own evil doings onto Iran again…


#398450 phoenix

One’s panties must be in a giant wad in order to account for that erudite post regarding the release of “the memo.” We will notice, upon the release of the memo, that numerous credible parties will point out its fraudulence. Even Republicans who have reviewed it have said it’s an incomplete and misleading document, intended only to divert and distract.

I personally look forward to seeing it, and the ensuing discussions and damning revelations regarding its essential bullshit nature. The FBI’s protests, by a recent Trump appointee no less, are rooted in a fear about revealing sources and methods, as well as leaving out factual information so as to mislead the public. They will be ignored, and some poor asshole or two will die as a direct result, as has happened before.

It will all come out in the wash, and this memo will have been caught up in the lint filter. Hopefully, along with its author, the flamboyantly moronic Devin Nunes.

Stand by, and get ready to be gobsmacked.


FEB 1 Q Posts Freedom Day/Adam Schiff/Trains Planes & Helicopters Cover Up Sex Trafficking Sting

John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Feb 1, 2018



An addendum to my last transmission:

John McLaughlin, a Johns Hopkins professor who spent more than three decades at the CIA, including as acting director, explains:

FISA warrants typically are big thick documents, 50-60 pages. If the Nunes memo about one is just 4 pages, you can bet it’s a carefully picked bowl of cherries. Made all the more dishonest by holding back the minority rebuttal memo. A real debate needs both. Someone fears that.


REPORT: Trump Drops Hammer on FBI’s Wray; Will Declassify FISA MEMO for Friday

Posted on February 1, 2018

FOX News is reporting the controversial FISA memo will be declassified by President Donald Trump and released on Friday.

John Roberts


10:54 AM – Feb 1, 2018



You seem to be very proud of what Trump is doing to Pa;lestine and the Middle East, and the world. Shame on you.


Deven Nunez is not afraid of the Dems made up memo and the Republicans aren’t afraid the people of the USA are to lame to read and comprehend the memo even in its long form.

Some don’t want any of it to come out but this is so far what has been negotiated and agreed to and it is all correct.

Nunez is a hero and conservative patriot

I am supportive of most of what Trump is disclosing- I want more disclosed and think we should stop giving money to most of these other states in the world esp if it isn’t beneficial to the 99% of the American people


– #398453

One’s panties must be in a giant wad in order to account for that erudite post regarding the release of “the memo.”

While you may not observe this particular normative loyalty to traditional gender roles in your personal life lakewinds, I personally, do not wear panties. Being a dude. Me sausage does not fit in that wrapper.

Tell me how your verbiage was relevant to the speed of memo release?



Oh- eyy oh ey oh. OH- OH!



Phoenix … It had been my understanding that the real “he-men” in Britain do, in fact, wear special panties with built in accomodation for the naughty bits. They buy them from those fancy men’s clothing stores on Jermyn Street.

Certainly, the included “banana hammock” (their term, not mine) is best matched to one’s own specifications. The available sizes, from smallest to largest, are: teeny-tiny, trumpian, small, medium and brobdingnagian.

Lakewinds is glad to be of assistance on this matter.

As to your question, its relevance is self-evident.


– #398462

Living in the gay capital of Europe I should have thought that one through. Although, it may be hard to believe, but I do sometimes lack street smarts!

Rather like this epic sentence from David Seaman:

‘I really would like to encourage people, people who are not poor!’ (Said very matter of factly, he is trying to encourage people that are not poor! (5:00))





siggi #398420

Thanks, Siggi, for your comment.

What you say makes lots of sense and I am glad you added your thoughts. I glad this subject fascinates you. That will be needed in the future.

I think the details and steps you added make more real what is needed for the change towards a meritocracy. I haven’t given it a lot of thought as regards the steps to actually setting up a worldwide or even national-type meritocracy.

I just know it’s out there in the future. And I am one who believes that you can get what you focus on and that we should set our creative sights on a better future. So my attention is on the fact it will be there in the future. But we definitely need to clean up the current conditions and bring about the needed healing. Councils sound like a a good approach. Perhaps all these thoughts will lead to others thinking about what will be needed for this sort of future. Planting seeds and ideas now so they can grow and bloom in the days ahead.

Otherwise I just pay attention to draining the swamp, spreading the word, helping people develop more awareness, heal what I can on whatever level I can. Living in interesting times.



Oy vey – the hypocrisy. Likud K Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia. They don’t want them, so they want to foist them off on Australia. They will probably whine to Canada, too. I guess it is only okay for them to have a cultural identity.


Excerpt: K Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia.

Danon and Danby discussed the issue during the Australian politician’s visit to Israel for the World Jewish Congress’s International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians.

“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post.

“The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution.

More on site.


Phoenix #398421

Ha ha ha!! Just so.
vigorous tail wagg!


siggi #398420

linxwalking #398320

These are all nice visions … but Ben put up a post saying war or meritocratic world government “This Year”… and neither of you wrote as though all the uck would be over with THAT fast.

AND… you both write as tho the “uck” was something or some one(s) “out there” .. .to be stopped or eliminated.
Not my view of it.
The uck is the result of choices. Choices made by us all… our past and present selves.

A client asked me today why”God” had made so much pain and abuse etc.
In looking at her process … we kinda ID’d the why (us Group Of Dancers) would’ve “made” all the pain/uck. We agreed that the amassing of money can be addictive. But more so is the amassing and exercising of power… there is a HIGH alright. And sex… that can have a big addictive snare to it. And sex and power together… such a high you can lose track of stuff like empathy and harmony and subtle stuff like that. And that client was molded by folks addicted to such “substances”… who lost track of harmony n empathy for her among others… and got her mesmerized/addicted to submitting, being controlled and to pleasing folks.

So us G roup O f D ancers manifest this matrixie game here in order to play out our choices… get hooked on that and then gradually learn that making choices that entailed less of a “high”… maybe were subtle and boring even… but have more fairness and empathy and harmony in ’em… just feel better in the l o n g run.

My client and I were able to see the way she has been freeing herself of the addictive “highs” of being in the power (over or under.. in client’s case under)… is gradually happening… and she is gradually via trial and error choice by choice creating a softer but ultimately more complex and satisfying life.

When I look at it that way it’s easier to re-focus on my next choices and to let go of puzzling out how the “Big Picture” is supposed to or will unfold/evolve. If the whole Matrix/Choices Game is here as the “playing board”, then “cleaning up the board” would be counter productive for most every one.

The only productive way to get the board “cleaned up” is via each individual player to get more and more conscious of their “moves” in the game and to get that moves in the direction of calm truth and caring make for a more enjoyable round of play in the long run.


siggi #398431

O siggi… I had only to read a little farther and see you presenting the same notions…
and FRACTALS… woah! of course. maybe our individual improvements in choice-making really can improve/upgrade the WHOLE of the GAME PLAY here in the twinkling of an eye… since each one is a fractal of the all one.


Mozart #398382
JuJuBeen #398380

JuJu: “he’d done a serious amount of drugs during his early years …”
I think the reason you frame it this way is that David is so intense about his work on himself and his process that he gives folks the impression that he did a “serious amount of drugs” when his actual reports in (among other places) in the book you found full of “whining” are that he mainly did marijuana… not exactly a “serious” drug.. regardless of the amount.

And he tends to be so intense and serious about remaining clean that he avoids
“serious drugs” like caffeine in addition to the “mary jane.” .

And a further tip that he’s not being “run” by someone(s) is that vigorous intensity… and commitment to his mission.

And the second half of that book you felt had “very little substantive info in it” was as overloaded with documented information as his other two books and e v e r y post on DivineCosmos…

And Amazon did not ban that book… it just gave top billing to Hillary’s book in the same time frame when his sold more and got more + reviews.

And both he and Corey have been targeted… just not successfully … yet.. .maybe because of all the lightworkers (this little doggie included) who put them, AND David Icke and many more in the light fthgac on a daily basis.
…. and maybe not.. maybe we are all just lost in woo woo.

What I think we could agree on is that whether we believe in and/or like Corey or David or someone else… we can’t just toke on hopium… we each need to keep DOING stuff daily that is our best shot at improving our own and the Planet’s futures.


That’s more of a bark-up than I’ve done in a bit.
Felt good. 😉
Thanks for sparking it!



One of the factors that is getting me to believe that we all may be truly turning a corner and upgrading Planet-wise is the amount of detailed, “fact-checked” thorough journalism that is “out there”… more day by day.

Listening to my “top of the list fella” these days, Jason Goodman w. Crowdsource the Truth, I found myself thinking: “There’s the Walter Kronkite of THIS time.” .. But it’s even better than that. I used to think PBS was the model… viewer/listener funded.. .so independent.. neutral.. believable.. alas it was hard to discover that the lizzy-puppeteers manipulate the “public” news as much as the rest of it.

Jason … and another on the top of my list at the moment: Tracy Beanz…
are spending their days digging out the details of the “doings” others are not reporting… and finding folks to interview who have more detail. And they (as well as tons of others) are truly independent.. viewer sponsored.

Some stuff I’ve been listening and re-listening to this week:

IG Wants to Know Why FBI McCabe Sat on Weiner Laptop Stalling
Clintonemail.com Probe

Conversation with Charles Ortis… so useful that I now want to check out Jason’s
Sundays with Charles”

Detailed Detailed Background on the ways the White Hats are succeeding in bringing out and then “down” those behind the current struggle over the Memo.

The OIG report Part 1, The War, Investigation and the Forthcoming Storm
The OIG Investigation Part 2: The Counter Coup Strikes Back

What’s Next For Disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe?
After years of shady dealings and questionable associations, Andrew McCabe has stepped down from his position as Deputy Director of the FBI. Are indictments and prison in store for this high ranking swamp creature? Retired FBI Special Agent Robyn Gritz and True Pundit’s Thomas Paine join me for an in depth analysis of what the resignation means for the DOJ, the ongoing #fakenews Russiagate Mueller investigation and the future of the FBI.


And Tracy Beanz:
Clearing Up the Memo Spin

MUST WATCH: Guccifer 2.0 Ties up Everything


phoenix #398464

let’s do this!


truthearth …
sooo glad you are on our team.
keep on doing n sharing.


Thomas Williams show from only a couple of hours ago. Explosive intel here which will blow your socks off!

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, the intel to which I refer begins at around 115 minutes in. Fabulous!





Clif High This Is Not A Drill! JANUARY 31, 2018 NEW Get prepared for a major systemic crisis!

Financial Broadcasts


Re: Thank you for the feedback. As I research geothermal tech advancements I read that the known current limit on deep bores is about 18,000 ft or over three miles.
Also any accumulation of H20 at that depth would have extreme high pressure that would cause it to flash instantly to steam if you could reduce the pressure some way. I used to love watching a glass of ice water boil when placed in a bell jar and the air pressure was reduced. ( Until I learned that was a popular euthanasia method for surplus unused and unloved dogs and cats).

If we could work it out just using plain old water rather that some chem shit it would be a lot safer to precious ground water is my gut feeling.

I wish I could go to iceland and study this but like my idol Tesla I gots me no $ and no degree , just a desire to contribute to humanity.
Tesla told the “scientists” -mostly profit seekers like today and that ain’t real science- that god gave him the vision of the A/C electric motor when he looked at the sun an’ could see the force fields of the motor and how they could interact to induce rotational force around the armature axis or sometjn’ like that!

Then, as today, the greedaholics wanted his note book and derided his honest explanation as what he told reporters was so beyond the self oriented perversion that science had already become by the age of industry.

As history shows , the A/C motor is a mainstay of technology even today and cheap ass liar Tommy Edison stiffed my man out of the $ 50,000 he promised Nikola Tesla,( the REAL light that took humanity out of darkness with transmissible A/C power), if he could design a practical A/C motor.
Non polluting renewable energy source=today’s holy grail and geothermal energy needs another man like Nikola Tesla


Q post from 1/31/18

” The intel just dropped is bigger than you can imagine”

—” I see you quiver in anticipation” —- Dr. Frank N. Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show) !


RE: getem # 398475 & enderdog #398324

Like all humans I tend to hear what I want to hear louder than an unpleasant truth but did I hear an expiration of our long time bad deal with the Federal Reserve System and a declaration that we can now print real American dollars?

enderdog – I wanted the geothermal energy post to you but did not give the referral in time to re-edit


Wow, Dow futures are down 252.


Memo Day!!!!!


Jim Stone

Feb 1 2018

Perfect re-enactments of dead people are possible.
I saw this a couple years ago, but people need to see this. If Trump gets killed, they can produce a fake Trump and have him say whatever they need him to say in real time. This was done with Hillary during the campaign. If you have never seen a demonstration of the software that does this, SEE THIS,
this is critical information you cannot skip seeing, regardless of how bandwidth limited you are.
Rumor has it there are at least 4 additional memos to release, and they are worse than this one
I’ll be happy about that only after they release this one. Trump and the rest of the decent people are sitting in a hole in the ground right now, from which they can govern. Sitting there with their families. Gee, I wonder why. But it would all be a LOT BETTER if they would get the ball rolling and at least release the first one. But whatever, this is interesting:

I’d like memo 2 to be Uranium one.
I’d like memo 3 to be pedophile roundup.

I’d like memo 4 to be a real 911 disclosure.

I’d like memo 5 to be vaccine disclosure.

I’d like to throw an investigation into child sacrifice and how the CPS enables it by stealing kids via whimsical charges against decent parents.

I’d like memo 6 to be a roundup of corrupted college professors.

I can’t ask for more when we don’t have even one released yet, but if I could, how about an FBI investigation into Google, Facebook, and the American bar association? Yeah, THAT. Truth be told, I can’t put it on a page, but baby steps at first I guess.

“Set to release the memo” does not cut it. RELEASE THE G** D*** MEMO. NO redactions, NO edits.
Quit puffing around, I AM TIRED OF IT.


waldheim2 #398476
Clif High This Is Not A Drill! JANUARY 31, 2018 NEW Get prepared for a major systemic crisis!
Financial Broadcasts

FYI -This interview is from 2/8/2017 – someone reposted to make $.


Joe DiGenova – 7th Floor Filled With Dirty Cops, 2021


The Still Report
Published on Feb 1, 2018

Synopsis: Who else would Tucker have on his show tonight – what is now for sure FISA memo disclosure eve – than Joe DiGenova. I watch every televised segment of DiGenova that I can get my hands on. He is D.C.’s premier legal authority.
I have never seen him this angry – ever! He lambasted the denizens of the 7th floor of FBI headquarters as “dirty cops.”


phoenix9061210 #398435

Indeed it is just sitting around. Why hasn’t it been leaked to Wikileaks? or slipped to FOX? Goodness knows we had plenty of leaks early on in the administration, it was easy. It’s a red flag for me.

The train wreck is pretty amazing. Icke points out that the crime syndicate has become reckless and brash lately. He attributes it to over confidence not desperation but, either way, it seems to be having the same effect. You have to wonder however if there wasn’t something other than the vote on the memo that made these guys a target.
baraka379 #398457

Absolutely true and another red flag, the middle east is. His refusal to leave Syria is HUGE. We have no business there; he’s continuing Netanyahu’s project to take Syria and bust up the middle east in preparation for total zionist control. How can people stand by Trump in the face of this. His allegiance is clear.

Many say he’s done a lot. He hasn’t. He’s made a lot of noise. Unemployment is NOT down even though he says it is and how can we trust any numbers from any of these people and/or organizations? Jim Willie reports that they’ve modified the math to calculate unemployment so much ( picking and choosing which groups they will and will not count) that it doesn’t reflect anything anymore and is realistically at about 25%!!! I trust Jim Willie.

His latest DACA proposition actually allows for twice as many immigrants as before but we’re not hearing much about it. Tried to find that post but can’t remember where I saw it. So far he says no 5G network but they’re putting up all kinds of towers in NYC with no explanation and cutting down trees because 5G cannot get around obstruction. Comparnies are coming back but only because he’s given them massive tax breaks and relaxed if not obliterated all environmental concerns. Granted, some of that scam was bogus, but he has eviscerated air quality and drinking water standards.

For those who defend DW, perhaps you know him better than I do. He talked frequently about his drug use in the book AScension Mysteries. If it was all pot I don’t believe that was clear. That he knows something about the alien situation, I don’t doubt. Whether or not his intel isn’t disinfo along with the insistance that there are some dozen or more alien groups involved here is what prevents me from taking him seriously. As for Corey, how is it that he’s talking about all this stuff and not dead yet? The Cabal manages to take out just about anyone they want and these guys are everywhere. Amazon didn’t ban David’s books, it won’t caryy Icke’s.

No one who defended him could address the LA music scene, Laurel CAnyon in the 70’s and 80’s (MKUltra programming to the hilt), or his parents’ CIA connections so there’s that.

As I’ve said I may very well be wrong, hope I am and I’ll happily eat crow. But we should never lose the ability to think critically and that includes the willingness to question the beliefs we want to cling to. So if nothing else, perhaps my challenges will help us all reflect as yours help me.


Here’s the DACA breakdown, and these guys are the best!



Newsweek Media Group Chairman Steps Down In Midst Of Scandals
The Daily Caller | 2/1/2018

The co-founder of Newsweek Media Group, the parent company of Newsweek, has resigned as chairman two weeks after the company’s headquarters was raided by the Manhattan district attorney as part of an ongoing financial fraud investigation.

Etienne Uzac, as well as his wife and the company’s financial director Marion Kim, both stepped down from their respective positions, according to a report from Newsweek Thursday.

Newsweek staff members declined to comment on the matter to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office began a grand jury investigation at least 17 months ago and reportedly includes an investigation into NMG’s finances.

Investigators were seen rolling out company servers from its New York office on Jan. 18.



Re; intruth #390439 Whoa ! The link says NFL same as WWF ? And the liar/truther was found dead within hours!

How many people are ready for that red pill?

I got friends who still don’t believe TV wrestling is “rehearsed” entertainment dispite all reality!


Well, is Mr Schiff admitting he is a tool of the state (finally) after the #fullofschiff meme went viral (only to have numbers tooled by Twitter and other deep-state peeps)? I don’t think it would matter what side of the left/right paradigm divide I was on. This would be deeply disturbing to me that the justice system has been so badly broken for Everyman, and tilted towards fiends like Bush family and Clintons. Interesting info from Qanon about Schiff and the helicopter crash: “Schiffs district and dark web says the Standard hotels owners were on the copter. Dark web said the helicopter people had dirt on schiff in secret meetings in the hotel.”Qanon


Excerpt: The House Intelligence Committee Released Minutes of its stormy meeting held on Monday January 29, 2018. The minutes show the Democrats on the Committee panicked and lie their way to do all they can to obstruct the investigation into FBI and DOJ abuses and side with the perpetrators in the FISA abuse scandal rather than with Americans who want the truth.

The House Intelligence Committee (IC) released their minutes from Monday’s meeting.

More on site.

(There follows a summary of the items discussed.)


rays #398489

I think I need more confirmation of the info in that video. But I don’t trust the NFL. Huge $ being made – Vegas bets, crazy ref calls, tax exempt as ‘entertainment organization.. I think there’s something there. The amount of scripting? IDK.


Ole Dammegard exposes pedocriminal tunnel holding children at WVA Droop Mountain Museum


So this facility is close to Wash DC. Lots of underground tunneling here.

It all makes sense. Those commercials to visit your ‘national parks’ here in the US.
They need more victims for their satanic sacrifices. National Parks tied in to satanic network and underground tunnels.

Webre says Jay Parker, who was raised in a multi generational satanic family, estimates that up to 20% of the US population are from multigenerational satanic familiies (up to ~60 milion people). YIKES.


Ole Dammegard exposes pedocriminal tunnel holding children at WVA Droop Mountain Museum

at 37:27 Alfred reads an email that Ole got from a friend who knew someone who visited Droop Mtn. He heard the children crying out for help underground the museum. He thought the kids got lost while exploring outside in the caverns and that they were trapped beneath the museum. He tried to find an entrance to get below to rescue them when 2 ‘suits’ showed up and told him there were no children there, even though their cries could still be hears as they said his. They accompanied him out of the museum. He went to the local authorities who seemed disinterested to help.

Right after that Pizza gate exploded in DC.


Looking at RT News I see Castro’s son has committed suicide but some are claiming it to be the work of the C.I.A.

Any cred to it ?


more from same video at 3:48. Alfred says there have been contracts made with civilizations on other planets to supply children from earth

Speculation – Children abducted from natl parks or those brought in from the outside are used for satanic sacrifice, organ harvesting, shipped offplanet. Parks are shutdown at night so children can be moved in secret.

Webre says that supposedly during the Eisenhower administration there was an agreement made with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to supply 8-10 million children per year as they use children in their brand of Wahhabism for pedo/sexual activities.


FBI’s McCabe Lawyers Up as FISA Memo Drop Looms
Posted on February 2, 2018

We are getting word that defrocked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has lawyered up and could be assembling or consulting with more than one attorney, according to FBI sources.

According to well-placed FBI sources, McCabe has also inquired about the possibility of suing media organizations for their coverage of his tenure at the FBI. But the embattled FBI chief — who is on paid leave — has since backed off that plan somewhat, sources said.


#398484 intruth

waldheim2 #398476


FYI -This interview is from 2/8/2017 – someone reposted to make $.

Shame on me; thanks intruth for catching this as old news. David Seaman made the same mistake then in his newsletter, linking this as what he was just listening to, as a latest forecast, when it’s actually irrelevant now.


Jim Stone. The FISA memo.
HERE IS THE MEMO. Due to the fact it was released in an inefficient format, government servers are crashing.

I rendered it to a file size 8 percent of that of the original, so share this one. I don’t think my servers will have problems, (I have many to put this on)


Jim Stone

HERE IS THE MEMO. Due to the fact it was released in an inefficient format, government servers are crashing.
I rendered it to a file size 8 percent of that of the original, so share this one. I don’t think my servers will have problems, (I have many to put this on)


Vegas police lied to judge about the mass shooting event. Lombardo and MacDonald better watch their lying butts; they have become a liability.

Excerpt: The 300 pages of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department search warrants and the affidavits for probable cause relating to Stephen Paddock and the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre revealed that police saw Stephen Paddock ‘place a gun go his head fire one round.”

Sergeant Jerry MacDonald made that observation.

MacDonald’s statement was a revelation, as the public was told numerous times by Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo who runs the LVMPD, that Paddock was found dead on the floor when officers breached his suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, one hour and five minutes after the last shots were fired.

More on site.


re: #398498 vermithrax, #398500 intruth (we all posted at once)

#398499 is an easier to read format of the FISA Memo, readily downloadable. Share it. https://www.scribd.com/document/370598711/House-Intelligence-Committee-Report-On-FISA-Abuses#fullscreen&from_embed

It’s embedded in this article (great comments!) : http://thefederalist.com/2018/02/02/house-intel-memo-fisa-abuse-just-released-read/


FISA Memo Released: Here’s What It Says

Finally, the memo released today does not represent the sum total of what House investigators have learned in their review of the FBI and Justice Department Trump-Russia investigation. That means the fight over the memo could be replayed in the future when the Intelligence Committee decides to release more information.

Moments after the announcement that the memo was declassified, Trump spoke to reporters and was asked if the memo makes it more likely that he will fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, to which Trump responded. (below)

BuzzFeed News

When asked if the memo makes it more likely he will fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Trump responds: “You figure that one out.”



Has Pelosi had a stroke yet??


Qanon predicted Trey Goudy would be leaving politics and going back into the judicial system. Jerome Corsi thinks it is because he will be appointed special prosecutor in the FISA (and other) cases. He also points out the many instances Q had predicted events correctly. Here are a few of Corsi’s tweets.

“Jerome Corsi

Feb 1
#QAnon #Qanon8chan posted last night TRAIN ACCIDENT (GOP members of Congress) NO ACCIDENT — was a false flag, SLEEPER CELL that Q had warned about on MONDAY. Like Las Vegas Mandalay Bay attack law enforcement suppressing details of Truck RAMMING train to derail it.

“Jerome Corsi

Feb 1
#QAnon #Qanon8chan posted last night REP ADAM SCHIFF involved in HELICOPTER CRASH in Newport Beach on Tues Jan 30 KILLED TWO EXECS of STANDARD HOTEL in W.HOLLYWOOD – Q signals PEDOPHILIA RING should be investigated, SCHIFF blackmailed NEED TO INVESTIGATE @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/s1ATvQsC5B

“Jerome Corsi

25m25 minutes ago
Having just read the NUNES MEMO, I respectfully suggest @realDonaldTrump should order locking of doors at DOJ & FBI. DJT should appoint a special prosecutor (Trey Gowdy) to investigate the DOJ, FBI, DNC, & HRC campaign for high crimes including sedition. #QAnon #Qanon8chan

” TRUMP Defense ☎️ Retweeted

“Jerome Corsi

2h2 hours ago
Fox News starting to report details out of NUNES MEMO – FISA court would not have allowed DOJ FBI to conduct electronic surveillance on Trump campaign without use of FUSION GPS DOSSIER – and leaked media reports — CHRISTOPHER STEELE wanted to ELECT HILLARY – HUGE confirms #QAnon”

I get that Corsi has moved from WND to Infowars, but I have read his book about the Obama birth certificate and find he does good research.




Day 106.2 Uranium One’s Darker Side – Fracking, Leaching?


George Webb
Published on Feb 2, 2018

at 2:40 George talks about using uranium in fracking.

Intruth: We’ll never know thanks to the ‘Halliburton rule’ that allows for fracking chemicals to be kept secret.


Jerome Corsi – lays it all out



live now


Here ya go, Trump fans…

Trump fans go ballistic on Trey Gowdy after he says the Nunes memo doesn’t discredit the Mueller probe

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Friday said that the memo written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) raised some concerns about the process by which FISA warrants are granted — but he also made sure to emphasize that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is entirely legitimate.

The memo smells like a delicious Nothingburger With Cheese!


From Huffpo:

We Read The Republicans’ Secret Memo So You Don’t Have To
Trump and the Republicans’ latest attack on the Mueller probe is a dud.


Republicans have hyped the memo’s release for weeks, calling it “worse than Watergate,” while Democrats and the FBI have warned that the document omits key context and that making it public could damage national security and further undermine the public’s faith in the nation’s premier law enforcement organizations.

But the four-page document, which was drafted by Republican staffers in the office of House Intelligence Committee chairman and Trump transition team member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), reveals little new information. Its authors focus on complaints of liberal bias among mostly Republican law enforcement officials, while omitting information that does not fit their narrative. The resulting document is boring and tendentious, and it’s hard to understand why Republicans were so excited to get it out and why the FBI and Democrats were so determined to keep it secret. It’s such a dud that it was probably more valuable to Republicans when it was still a secret document.




Published on Dec 24, 2017

Faints on live TV (Compilation 2017)

This does seem pretty strange. Frequencies? Trigger words? Used to distract?
This was over a long period of time – could be nothing except the mk-ultra ala Katie


CNET asks: Does it bother you that Alexa’s always listening?

Smart speakers have grown in popularity over the past few years. But as cyber security and hacking scandals mount, does it concern you that they can hear everything you’re saying?

“Sometimes I’ll be talking to my family or friends at home and Alexa will start spouting something off even though I didn’t use the wake words for my Echo. It does make me wonder: If Alexa just joined my conversation then what exactly did she hear? Am I being recorded? And can I trust my smart speaker with this information?”



2016 Cert FISA Memo Opin Order Apr 2017
full 99 pages on Scribd. Download and share.

Jerome Corsi is discussing this page by page live now. #398508 intruth:

Jerome Corsi – lays it all out



live now


Thank you so much for all the info that everyone is posting! I’ve been busy trying to ground all the many energies that are inundating us at this time.
A great and challenging time to be alive!!

This is a post by Joseph P Farrel – Feb 2 – 14 min -the part that interests me is where he talks about a tweet by Rothchild after the ‘SOTU’ address and prior to the train crash —Very suspicious!!






I’ve been well familiar with Jerome Corsi for years, and there’s nothing he can say that I would find interesting, much less true. I find everyone’s breathless anticipation of this memo release hilarious. What’s less funny, however, is this in-your-face assault on the intel community and the FBI by our mafioso president.

Thank you for enjoying my snarky commentary.

I appreciate your downvotes. They are my “loosh.”


Chair of Newsweek group resigns yesterday, as does his wife.


Excerpt: The co-owner and chairman of Newsweek Media Group and his wife, who acted as the company’s finance director, are both stepping down from their posts, the company announced Thursday.
The resignations of Etienne Uzac and Marion Kim from Newsweek Media Group, which is the parent company of Newsweek magazine and the International Business Times, come just two weeks after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office raided the company’s offices, taking several servers with them. Newsweek itself has reported that the raid was part of a long-running investigation into the company’s finances.

More on site.


#398517 lakewinds

I deleted my post because I thought I had set an impossible challenge for you at the moment. I went back to the live stream and could no longer rewind to the beginning.

Now I find that if I open a new tab and go to the live stream it is rewindable. So here is my original post for those who didn’t see it for the brief moment it was up:

Lakewinds #398510

I challenge you to break out of the media bubble that you seem to enjoy and listen to Jerome Corsi analyzing the FISA memo. Come on, give it a try. You have nothing to loose but your childish perspective.

Intruth posted the link. It’s a live stream at the moment, but you can drag the little red ball to the left to get to the beginning.


I’m sure we will all enjoy your usual snarky commentary.

Your reply speaks volumes about your presence here. I really was hoping that you would be willing to pry your mind open, even if just for bit. I thought it might do you some good. Now it’s clear that you enjoy being who you are. So I’ll just ignore you from here on.


I’ve been well familiar with Jerome Corsi since the elections of 2008, and followed him as he went thru Fast and Furious, Obama’s birth certificate, Hillary against Obama and what each of them said about each other ( at the time i was working as a co-chair for this prescient and I did not go with her to support Obama because of what she said. I was a subscriber of WMD for several yrs and the articles in those magazines where eye openers.
He has an amazing mind…

Lakewinds I don’t like your progressive views but align with you on some other things. Very few left wing types what an argument these days unless it is in a crowd and they want to spit or hit a person with a different view point or whine about racism or some imagined hurt that is affecting their lives. Most of the time i am pretty patient but I have no time for snowflakes that haven’t done their research on the deep subjects esp when I have been watching CSpan since I was pregnant with my first baby (1983) hours watching. Good I hated some of those men in Senate and House at the time.


I find GianPaolo DiCocco, astrologer, kind of fun to listen to even for non-astrologers – he seems fairly accurate – Here he talks about the upcoming energies this year – the US part begins at approx the 26 min mark.
My take – How about we focus on ‘peace within’ thereby creating ‘peace without’!!



#398519 scottfree

Well, I gave it a shot. It’s a long, running commentary which seems to raise questions for which there are no answers, but a lot of suspicions nevertheless remain. I would appreciate anyone’s posting a description of Corsi’s conclusions, because the audio is quite tedious.

I don’t understand why dislike of Trump is “liberal.” Sixty-five percent of this country dislikes Trump, so that obviously includes many conservatives. And even Trump fans admit that he’s his own worst enemy.

Are you one of those who would support Trump even if he shot and killed somebody?


THE MEMO HAS BEEN RELEASED(he is amazing on this one)
Stefan Molyneux
Published on Feb 2, 2018


FISA Memo PROVES Deep State Coup by TRAITORS


Published on Feb 2, 2018

How about some arrests?


Court Finds Red Light Camera Fines “Unconstitutional” — Forces City to Refund ALL Tickets

FEBRUARY 2, 2018

New Miami, OH — In a time where there are daily attacks on the US Constitution, a glimmer of hope has arisen in New Miami, Ohio as the state appeals court ruled in the favor of the citizens. All drivers who were sent one of the town’s ‘unconstitutional’ speed camera tickets will be getting a refund thanks to a court system that protected freedom instead of the state.

The court ruled that the $3 million in fines stolen from drivers with no due process was all obtained illegally and they must now pay it back.




9 months ago

Turkish officials on Wednesday said they have arrested more than 1,000 people who they claim secretly infiltrated law enforcement throughout the country on behalf of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based cleric who Turkey’s government blames for a failed coup last summer. Gulen is a former ally of President Tayyip Erdogan, but officials have accused him of organizing the attempted coup in July. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters that the crackdown, which happened overnight, targeted Gulen’s alleged network, which “infiltrated our police force.” He added, “One thousand and nine secret imams have been detained so far in 72 provinces, and the operation is ongoing.” Authorities have, since July, arrested more than 40,000 people—including teachers, soldiers, police officers, and public servants—over purported ties to terrorist groups.

I was just listening to Infowars talking about how -Fethullah Gulen gets $850 million per year to run charter schools in the US. Said Russia banned him years ago and he is also banned from other countries. He’s considered a US-based Muslim cleric now. He lives in rural PA in a compound.

So why can’t we go after this guy??


For those who have children/family that are required to get vaccines, this looks like good advice and suggestions:

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children


This whole concept of detoxing is really quite simple: Detoxing attempts to restore balance by supporting the body’s elimination channels and by binding to metals, chemicals, and toxins so they can be safely removed from the body.

Let me save you some time, none of the ingredients contained in vaccines are safe, many are stored in the body, and all of them contribute to health conditions, if not today … then tomorrow.

Oh, but these ingredients are easily excreted from the body … except that they’re not. Fully functioning kidneys are required to eliminate many of these ingredients and a child’s kidneys are not fully developed until they are 1-2 years old. Good bowel flora (which ingredients in the vaccine compromise) is required for proper elimination of toxic substances, and the skin … well you see the attempts of the skin to eliminate these toxins. It’s called eczema, and it’s not “normal.”



Dow fell by 665 points today. That is the biggest one day fall since I have been following it (casually) for about three years. It has been struggling a bit this week having other big one day falls and there have been a lot of warning articles on zerohedge recently… Things like ‘BofA sell indicator goes off and they warn they are now going to sell the market’.

It was of course due to the interest rate rise (but then if I was going to release something that would piss off the deep state I would choose this day too). I don’t know which side controls the Federal Reserve, or whether the interest rate rise has other functions but crashing the economy.


“DON’T INSULT MY PRESIDENT” Trump supporter SHUTDOWN British Anchor for insulting President Trump Ann Coulter & Tucker Carlson Slam DACA Recipients

No respect or gratitude AT ALL. just a big MIDDLE FINGER.

4 days ago
How dare these idiots think going to someone else’s home illegally and then demanding legal rights in their home is correct. Such a shame. I am from India and I feel these illegal immigrants are a shameful display for not being grateful for what they already have been given by the Americans

David Wright
4 days ago
The reason why a dreamer cannot sponsor their parents is very simple young lady, their parents broke the law entering this country illegally! That’s why their children can’t sponsor someone who is a criminal! Put them all on a bus and put them back across the border if they want to come into this country have them coming to the country like each and every legal citizen does. You fill out the paperwork you wait you get interviewed you may be interviewed again then you get your visa then you get your passport then you become a citizen of our country there’s no run across the border illegally cough out a kid and then expect that kid to sponsor you for legal citizenship when you’re nothing but an outlaw.



‘STOP Lying To People’ – Donald Trump OWNS Piers Morgan Live On TV

published in nov 2017 but before he decided to run
but in his own words and good example of being Trump
He didn’t like Bush or his presidency and he liked Clinton at the time.
Thought Obama was over his head.



Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble rebutsa New York Slimes article on the Holohoax. Seems the Zio-tards are trying to reinvent it so they can still uphold the 6 million dead figure that even they quietly admitted years ago to the still exaggerated figure of 2 million.


phoenix #398486
“As I’ve said I may very well be wrong, hope I am and I’ll happily eat crow. But we should never lose the ability to think critically and that includes the willingness to question the beliefs we want to cling to. So if nothing else, perhaps my challenges will help us all reflect as yours help me.”

Well said. thank you.
tail wagg 😉


OMG to the point and covers the basics of the main points, its no wonder the dems didn’t want it revealed… More disclosure please…

Globalists’ 16yr plan for the DESTRUCTION of America (per Q Anon)


Q Anon (and the Deep State) for Dummies


(electronic voting system-Military vs alphabets-soros giving 18 billion away and how it all went down)


‘Liar and a Demagogue’: Tucker Blasts Adam Schiff After Criticism of FISA Memo…


‘Deplorable Vet’ Offers to Take Maxine Waters’ SOTU Seat: ‘She Surely Doesn’t Speak for Me’

An African-American veteran has offered to take Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Calif.) seat at President Trump’s first State of the Union address later this month.

Waters is one of several Democrat lawmakers who are skipping the event, telling MSNBC last week that Trump is “the most despicable human being that could possibly ever walk the earth.”

“Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar? … He doesn’t deserve my attention,” Waters said.

Ricky Taylor, a ten-year Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, started going viral after he tweeted that he would like Waters’ seat, so he can attend the State of the Union and thank the president.



You got a guy who releases memos in the US – we have a soy boy, substitute drama teacher passing bills enabling shariah law in Canada. Free trade, anyone?


Excerpt: Last year, a Pakistan-born MP named Iqra Khalid introduced a motion in the house of commons to ban criticism of Islam. Just like they do back in Pakistan.

In Canada, we can criticize or even despise any religion we want — especially a religion that is implicated in so much un-Canadian politics, whether it’s violent terrorism, or the soft jihad of creeping sharia law.

But not surprisingly, the motion — called M-103 — passed.
Tonight, I’ll take you through it.

For example:

Recommendation 6: Recommends that the Government of Canada create a national database to retain and analyze hate crime and hate incident data.

Does the hijab hoax in Toronto count? How about a couple of days ago, when a Muslim candidate for school trustee in Calgary lied about a racist attack against her that she just made up? How about the London, Ontario hijab attacker — who turned out to be a Muslim woman herself?

Recommendation 24: Recommends that the Government of Canada develop an education campaign to promote media literacy.

More on site.


intruth – #398439
NFL attorney Dan Goodes says Super Bowl is fixed, just found murdered
A very interesting and I think, plausible story.

Not sure if this is authentic – a quick search on the web turns up Snopes and others discounting that story. (eg no NFL lawyer by that name – also phony picture of vehicle claimed to be from a NY Police Officer shooting)

Couldn’t find any MSM coverage but not surprised about that.

Who is this Drake Bailey guy mentioned at the end of your article?



A second show by Thomas Williams today. Wow, this is explosive!! Please listen and pass around. America’s sovereignty is done!!!

The rest of the world will follow very soon.





Hi Moe

Drake Bailey is one of the good guys who has been working to take down the cabal for years now. He has a weekly show, in fact he has one coming up tomorrow.

Please listen to the link I just put up, much will be explained to you. Drake and Thomas used to work together, now they are separate but still working for world sovereignty and the end to the cabal. Very exciting times indeed!!





I should explain that better!

The link I put on this post is for Drake Bailey’s facebook page with a link to his coming show.

The link I said was well worth listening to is contained in my previous post re Thomas Williams.



MicroChip Implants: Native Americans Come First, You are Next

Sarah Westall
Published on Jan 31, 2018
Lina Gilleland joins the program to shed light on the true Native American experience in North America. She explains how Native American communities come first for social experiments and initiatives.

From microchip implants to vaccines, the government uses them as test subjects before new products or services are released widely into the general public. We also learn about other government programs that were unleashed onto the Native Americans that systematically destroyed their families and communities. This is an eye opening tale of a dark part of our history that all people in North America should know.

Lina sticks around and answers a couple additional questions for my Patrons: she explores how Native American Veterans were deported coming back from war and how drugs were introduced to Native Americans by the U.S. Government.



If Trump really is a Russian agent then Russia really cares for us and we owe them a debt of gratitude. 🙂

The American people are not afraid of Russian interference. That isn’t going to fly much longer. The MSM needs a new narrative.


heres what the dark cabal controlled government in canada responds to a combat veterans question…..

quote—–Every Canadian needs to see this. Last night a veteran who lost his leg asked Trudeau why he’s fighting veterans in court. Trudeau said it’s because veterans are “asking for more than we’re able to give”.—–unquote…..



the cabal just plays its divide and conquor tactics ongoing – including using military veterans to stir up heavier energetic constructs to plague all the peoples…..

they have been milking this psyop against veterans month after month year after year now…..

in canada the federal members of parliament can draw a nice fat pension after only 6 years as an mp…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


comment image?oh=4d36c456421c0d3f6252a03c01289708&oe=5AE7C6B7


phoenix9061210 #398528
Dow fell by 665 points today. That is the biggest one day fall since I have been following it (casually) for about three years.

These ‘truthbombs’ are gonna upset the apple cart big time.


Jim Stone

It is the contract solicitation for a FEMA camp supervised by the Navy in Guantanamo Bay to house 13,000 illegal immigrants at a time, life span 50 years, ordered by Trump. They’d be held in tents placed on concrete slabs. The purpose of the camp is to prevent them from getting back into the U.S. easily and putting an end to “catch and release”.
Here is the relevant portion of the document, the link pulls in the whole thing.


Guess Which ‘Shithole’ Has The World’s Most-Overcrowded Prison System

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, the U.S. has a prison population of 2.2 million, 481 inmates per 100,000 of the population.

The U.S. prison system has attracted headlines for overcrowding with 18 states reporting they were operating at over 100 percent capacity at the end of 2014. According to the World Prison Brief, the U.S. has an an occupancy level of 103.9 percent and only comes 113th worldwide when it comes to overcrowding in prisons.

However, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy details, somebody who gets arrested and jailed in Haiti will have to endure far tougher conditions.
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The situation in the Philippines is similar and conditions in its prisons have deteriorated steadily since President Rodrigo Duterte launched his war on drugs. That has seen the number of arrests skyrocket with thousands of people thrown into prison. That has seen occupancy rates stretched to 436 percent of capacity and Quezon City Jail is a good example. An ABC News report claims the facility was built to house 262 prisoners and it now hosts over 3,000.

El Salvador comes third for prison overcrowding with its institutions operating at 348.2 percent of their capacity.




GOP Reps Seek Criminal Prosecution Of FBI, DOJ Officials For “Full Throated” Illegal Misconduct And “Treason”

Following the release of a four-page memo detailing rampant FISA warrant abuse by the FBI and DOJ, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) announced that he will seek the criminal prosecution of FBI and DOJ officials for the “full throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein” who Gosar called “traitors to our nation.”


Let ‘er rip….Do we have enough atty’s for the coming workload???


Jim Stone


A reader sent:Comment on Tracy Beanz youtube about train: “I live a few miles from where this train accident occurred. Actually, I have trash pick up service with this company & have for many years. The owner lives just down the road from me. They are all the nicest people , even offering a senior discount to people like me & my husband. I do know this happened, because I spoke to the lady who works the front desk this morning & she was so broken up, crying on the phone. I truly believe this was a false flag. It makes NO sense for that truck to have been on that track @ that time.

This wasn’t one of the regular trash trucks like pick up @ my home, but one of those huge tandem trucks. Whatever was done to cause this infuriates me. I am aware how vehicles, trains, planes can be controlled & I say, ‘ may the ones responsible burn in hell !”


Just caught 30 seconds of AM radio here talking about how low Trump’s approval rating was for the SOTU address was very low. Huh?

CBS begs to differ.

Views of the speech
Three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave. Just a quarter disapproved.



#FUTUREPROVESPAST 2/2 #MEMO Released, Schiff/PEDOGATE, Monsanto/Bayer Weaponized Food


You Are Free TV
Published on Feb 2, 2018

The #FISAGATE Memo was released today, confirming that the Special Counsel was founded on bogus evidence. Trump trolled the deep stated Capitol Hill Lifers once again. Will Gowdy be new Dep AG? Monsanto/Bayer merger means weaponized food intensified.


#398439 Even friends who still think Oswald killed Kennedy and believe all the nonsense in the newspaper are questioning professional sports. They went too far with last year’s Superbowl – absolutely ridiculous script! They have baseball teams who are down three games come back and win, ensuring seven games are played for more money. I have laughed at some of the baseball errors in the world series playoffs – silly things that even an A or AA player wouldn’t make. Sorry the lawyer was murdered. Even sorrier that people believe big money things like professional sports aren’t rigged.


I don’t know if any of you remember Jessica Adams and talking about astrology. This is the comment I just put on her article (with personal removals):

I do not expect this to go through because my messages usually do not with you. Even less so now I have said that. But Jessica… really, is your loyalty to the astrology or your ideology? Just a few weeks ago it was ‘Watergate, watergate, watergate… Watergate is going to happen again!’ With the release of the FISA memo and it being many times repeated it is ‘Worse than watergate’. These are actually very watergate like activities. It is tapping of the phones… TAPPING OF THE PHONES! Is Jessica paying attention? No! All of a sudden you don’t want to know. And you are reaching now Jessica… Oh, nothing has come out about Trump therefore it is about Trumps kids. That chart is clearly the chart of an efficient, relaxed, family orientated businessman therefore it must be wrong!

In my personal life I suspect … I know for instance if … then something is up. I know to plan. Motivations are now hidden! [taken out]! The point is that if there is a secret or a cover up someone knows what that is. By free will it can come out any time. I recognise the relevance and timing of these transits but free will is still relevant!


deester #39

Even with G4S doing security for the Super Bowl, I doubt there will be a FF there. Too much commerce AND dirty dealings to make $ on. That would be too big a hit for the NFL. They gotta keep the NFL hummin’ along for as long as they can.


wolfintimber #398545

heres what the dark cabal controlled government in canada responds to a combat veterans question…..
And someday before the war is over, this will come back to bite the government of canada in the butt.

Such actions & attitudes will create a backlash…..is creating a backlash. Such are the trends in the world. And I will be cheering on the vets of Canada…..



Sony Corp. Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai, 57, will step down in April after a six-year push to revitalize the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment giant.

Hirai, who was named CEO in 2012 to succeed Howard Stringer, will be replaced by Kenichiro Yoshida, currently the company’s chief financial officer, Sony said Thursday. Hirai will become Sony’s chairman, where he will focus on the company’s entertainment units, according to a memo sent to staff.


Don’t know if above means anything. Michael Jackson said he saw reptilians at Sony during a channeling with Adrian (supersoldier talk).

Peter the Insider in his latest interview said Anderson Cooper is a reptilian (no surprise there). Same for Lady Gaga.