ET technologies: Benefits for all humanity

Hello Ben:

A man has recently come forward with much information to impart to the people of the world.  Of course, some of it is what you and others have also been speaking of for some time now.  He sounds like he is involved at the coal face of getting this tech manufactured and out to the people and we thought it would be a very good idea to send this information on to you. He has requested the word go out to all people who are in a position to help make this technology happen quickly.   A couple of other blog members and myself thought it would be a good idea to forward this information on to you as we thought you were in a very good position to contact relevant people who could get involved or find out more of what is required and get the ball rolling.

Of course, it is also very possible you already know this man or at least know of him.   His name is Jared Rand and his contact email is:
[email protected]

Here is what another blog member has written, which will explain much to you.

Thank you for all you are doing;  it is so very much appreciated.  We are so close now to the changes occurring.  It is amazing to see how far we have come thanks to wonderful people such as yourself, Ben.

We all thought you were an obvious person to forward this info to, Ben.  We are not in a position to contact relevant individuals/organizations, but we know you have contacts who may be in the right fields for just this purpose.

We also appreciate just how busy you are, Ben, so hope you don’t mind us passing this on to you at this crucial moment in the takedown of the cabal.  We felt it was very important to pass this information along ASAP.

Thank you, Ben.

ET technologies – Benefits For All Humanity
We forward this information to you in the hope you get a chance to look closer at it.  Benjamin, we see you as a man of great vision, with a good heart and an open mind.

This call, which took place on January 23, 2018, contains information concerning new “off-world” technologies, like “Med Beds” (which heal all illnesses, rejuvenate the body, grow new limbs, restore failing organs, support anti-aging, etc.)  Also, replicators (as seen in the Star Trek series). Of course, free energy machines are also in the mix of technology he mentions.  All are being offered to humanity by different benevolent ET races. However, these need to be produced and distributed by humanity, which is a huge undertaking.

At 13 :50 Jared Rand urges us to spread his words in order to come into contact with good-hearted people who are closely connected to the financial and military areas/professions.

To get this huge project up and running ASAP, they need financial, technical, and distribution support and funds to start production of this technology.  As soon as these products are manufactured, they will be available for the benefit of all humanity, with priority for the most needy.

Three members of your wonderful blog

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Thomas Secky

I realize the news reports what they want us to hear. You wrote Trump had 11 people shot during the riots? What is the proof of this?


Unacknowledged 2017 – Full Movie
Dr Steven Greer. 1hour 24 mins


One takes what resonate, always and leave the rest. If you can’t stand pudding – then never eat it.


HI Ben! Thanks SO much for bringing this forward to us.! My feeling, for what it’s worth….. – this is sincere efforts by MR Rand. He show true empathy for humanity here. Also his wider knowledge on so many topics presented through these calls, are all good indicators of truth imo. We know through numerous wistleblowers that these technologies already exist and are used by secret programs in the military, and others… No secret there…he he As such – this can also be seen as an effort to force the hidden hand to deliver what truly was meant as a… Read more »


Jerome Corsi: Hidden Secrets of Q-AN0N Unleashed (Part 2)

Operation HAL
Published on Jan 29, 2018


FBI Deputy Director McCabe Steps Down, Forced To Retire Early

…McCabe was reportedly forced to step down. According to Fox News, McCabe was “removed” from his post as deputy director, “leaving the bureau after months of conflict-of-interest complaints from Republicans including President Trump.”

In both cases, his early departure suggests that he was forced out.


Embattled Andrew McCabe Stepping Down from FBI Effective Immediately
Posted on January 29, 2018

Reports in the Beltway confirm FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down from the FBI.

But he will try to receive full retirement benefits.

But he won’t need those benefits in prison…


This Jared Rand is bunk. He also pushes the fake Zimbabwe currency that’s supposed to make people trillionaires that Ben told us was already fake. Check this stuff out first. Yes.. messes up your cred.
Aspartame is death and misery. I drank a ton of this crap in a sugar free lemonade drink and now I have horrible headaches..


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Nuclear Bomb Memo is About to Explode – Mark Taylor
By Greg Hunter On January 28, 2018



You Are Free TV
Published on Jan 28, 2018

Q is warning journalists and whistle-blowers that the Cabal is a real and present danger and warns the public to understand that everything is a reversal within a reversal. It’s critical that we not be #SHEEP any longer as the fight to Make The World Great Again is in full play.

To view Julian Assange’s tweet on Biden at CFR:


John Kerry In Secret Communications With Palestine For “Alternative Initiative” Circumventing Trump During the middle of last week a bombshell report hit Israeli media but was largely ignored in major international press. According to the Jerusalem Post former Secretary of State John Kerry has been actively undermining President Trump through his own back channel communications with representatives of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. This reportedly included Kerry telling Abbas to “hold and be strong” and to not “yield to President Trump’s demands” until Democrats are able to kick Trump out of office, and even included the suggestion that Kerry himself… Read more »


Grammys: Bitter Hillary & Triggered Celebs Read Excerpts from Anti-Trump ‘Fire and Fury’ (VIDEO)
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Wow….Looks like they are trying to beat him off at the pass before he gives his State of the Union address. Hope he reads that memo….




Thanks Ben


Your credibility took a big shot here Ben putting this on your site from Dr WC She sells trinkets on her show like hologram bracelets and The Plug AND Structured Water. I’m a RV Dinar guru hunter and that’s what she was pushing back in June 2016 when I for all intents and purposes shut her forum down She has a supposedly white hat warrior called fisher who spent ten hours a day on the forum telling everybody how he slewed the cabal the night before. U have shown me that u don’t vet anything or anybody before… Read more »



HI Phoenix

Exactly! By building this tech we ARE helping ourselves, with a bit of help from off worlders!

We must do our bit to spread this info far and wide!




Hi Rays,

Yes it can be quite enthralling! It is absolutely gobsmacking what he talks of.



#398234 This is a problem with this sort of defeatist ideology. “We should not rely on anything outside ourselves we have to save ourselves” 1 solution comes along. Say for instance supporting Trump “We should not rely on anything outside ourselves we have to save ourselves” 2nd solution comes along, working on free energy. “We should not rely on anything outside ourselves we have to save ourselves” 3rd solution comes along, ad infinitum. It’s like that parable of the man that is drowning and prays to god. Then a buffolo comes along and asks him if he wants help and… Read more »


Sharing the Vision and desires of all good people-LOVE


My my how lucky, “med beds & replicators” all they need is help spreading this “off world tech” and of course money, opps “financial support”. Don’t you need just one replicator device to make, well what ever you need ? Sorry seen too many of these saviour predictions over the year’s. I hope i am proved wrong but it is up to us to build a better future not wait for someone else to save us. We have already found the cause & cure for most illnesses over the last 150 years(they have just been suppressed), we have discovered how… Read more »


getem Thank you for the Jared Rand link

Last week I never even heard of Viktor S. Grebennikov or Jared Rand
but I see them spending time in my future thoughts as I have been elated by the beauty of their minds!




Thank you for posting this, Benjamin.


Good stuff!

I find it very interesting that so many of the people who are legitimate, often military linked contacts have names like ‘one- light- for- all’ and ‘victorius liberatus’.