Nazis align with White Dragon as isolated Satanists continue their death throes

A major peace deal was reached last week in negotiations that took place literally under the light of the blue-blood super moon in a certain Asian country last week, according to sources who were present.  As are result of this, the Nazi faction of the world military-industrial complex has agreed to align itself with the light side of the force.  Thus in the near future, Nazi technology, notably anti-gravity and hypersonic (Mach 20+) air travel, will be made available to the “surface population” of the planet, the sources say.  One of the participants in the negotiations was a close relative of Admiral Richard Byrd, of Antarctic exploration fame, who has frequently visited Nazi Antarctic bases, so this is the real deal, folks.  We will have more details toward the end of this report.

In addition, a deal was reached between hitherto opposing parties in Asia that will allow for the development and use by the white hats of large gold deposits in Bougaineville, Indonesia and elsewhere, the sources say.  In the case of Bougaineville, it means both King David Pei II and his opponents are now on board.  The gold will be used to back a soon-to-be-announced cryptocurrency that will be used to finance a Western development project similar in scale or larger than China’s ongoing trillion-dollar One Belt One Road project, they say.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the purge of Khazarian Satanists from all levels of government is accelerating.  According to Pentagon sources, “Trump’s State of the Union speech gave the green light for the purge of deep state from the U.S. government with the activation code:  ‘I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.’”

The huge media fuss in the U.S. about the release of a FISA memo about the FBI carrying out a politically motivated surveillance operation on Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign was hysterical, because the “official” release makes it possible to actually start arresting people in the deep state.  The article in the link below, even though it is from the satirical site, The Onion, is actually pretty much true.

The fuss over the memo has distracted attention from the much more important ongoing disclosures about the mass-murdering medical/pharmaceutical complex.  Here Dr. Robert Gallo, one of the so-called co-discoverers of the HIV virus, has now come out and admitted he was forced to create it in order to “wipe out the African race,” according to CIA and other sources.

In reaction, U.S. military and agency white hats have destroyed cabal bio-labs and shot down cabal satellites last week in the ongoing undeclared U.S. civil war, Pentagon sources confirm.

One Pentagon source who was involved in a raid on a cabal underground base, says they discovered “people in …

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Peace to all!


Thanks very much for this report, Benjamin.
Take good care of yourself. ~ Samba

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
(from Anthem by Leonard Cohen)


third ! turd?




Let’s have miracles!

Nicolas Thauvette
Nicolas Thauvette

Un petit bonjour du Québec ! Merci pour ton beau travail ! !!!


Been taking C-60 for 2 months now. Anyone else here?
Just found this video on how to save money by making your own:


#7 is Heaven — Thanks Ben!


Take a look at the Superbowl. Philadelphia Eagles versus the “New” England Patriots. Its a symbolic second American Revolution, and the Constitutional Americans won. The founding fathers chose Philadelphia as their town to start what we call the United States of America. That concept was quickly usurped, and moved to Washington DC, quickly being overtaken by global powers. Now the Constitutional United States of America has snatched their power back under the expert leadership of DJT. We will see this movement expand over the next couple of years, and it will bring not only a real second American Revolution, but also a new exponentiated Technical Revolution where we see really fantastic technologies. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades…



Have animals healed your life?

Have animals inspired you to be a better person?

If you love animals and want to make the world a more compassionate place for them,
then please join us in celebrating

World Animal Reiki Day this day –

Monday, February 5, 2018!


Wow, simply wow… but keep praying for everyone involved in this bit of history…


12 days of WOW. It seems the Super Bowl was intended to be symbolic of revolutionary times no matter which team won, though my Philadelphia neighborhood seemed overly hysterical with what sounded as machine guns cutting the sky, along with wildly happy shrieks. So thanks for this timely report, Ben, and good morning to all! We’re in for a wild ride ahead.


Good morning to all


Blessings to all.


“Congress has one million documents, and Trump may declassify and release all of them unredacted to nuke the Democrats and the deep state,” they add.

Please do, to end this madness.

Good morning BFC…


Super Bowl Mayhem: Philadelphia Celebrates With Fires, Looting And Shooting

Imagine if they’d lost.


Ben , so glad you shed some light on the fact that the NAZI’s are still around and have gotten what they wanted (in that most people laugh and think “Hogan’s Heroes” or some such B.S. when you even say NAZI) and I know you talking about it puts you in a tight spot as I know even the tiny truths I can disclose make it harder for me to escape a real bad feeling about doin it.


Thank you Ben for this intriguing report. I look forward to all the positive changes in the world.

Blessings to all good people who have worked hard to free us from the Khazarians and from their evil intentions and actions.


kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini



Good report this week. Still looking for verification of imprisonments at Guantanamo.



Published on Feb 4, 2018

The release of the Devin Nunes “FISA memo” should have helped ALL Americans to recognize the deep rooted treachery of the deep state. But the opposite has occurred. The Left, along with the mainstream media it controls, has painted the picture for their willfully ignorant followers that President Trump is a mad dictator who now must be toppled in order to prevent any further “lies.” And it is now painfully clear that truth alone will never be enough to help us bridge this gargantuan MORAL gap.

I hope this coming energy wave will allow the truth, whatever it is, to be apparent to all.



No one is ready for the tsunami of Fifth Generation (5G) radiation that has been unleashed by the Federal Communications Commission, whose only health concern is whether or not 5G will “heat-up” human skin past a certain degree.

Only when 5G is “cooking” human beings will the FCC and the Health and Human Services consider any negative health effects of this new generation of “beyond microwave” 5G millimeter (milli-wave) radiation that will be beamed from 300,000 new cell phone towers in every US community – coming to the utility pole near you. Perhaps the FCC should put their collective heads into a microwave oven, turn it on, and then say that microwaves and milli-waves are harmless.

Who is checking the adverse health effects of the technological innovations from the first, second, third, and fourth generation wireless radiations? Let alone the fifth generation…
comment image

The roll out of 5G that is authorized by the FCC, in conjunction with other U.S. agencies (DoD, CIA, FBI, etc.), is another experiment in the weaponization of the internet and all digital technologies that surround it, including the use of cell phones, wireless broadcasting, wireless computers, and the 100 billion wireless devices that will be connected to the Internet of Things in the next few years.



Blessings and Peace to all.
Sincere thanks to Ben for his magnificent and dangerous efforts. Please know you are much appreciated in this chaotic world.


Good morning from Texas… boiling frogs in the pot!!


zanderboy #398684

I agree, although there was an interesting piece in the local paper about how Obama was wrong not to close Guantanamo. Since no one has talked about that place for some time except here on the splinternet with respect to all the criminal detainees supposedly recently sent there, I thought it was a most unusual topic and I’ve chosen to interpret it as confirmation that some of the evils are truly there.

Great post on OWON about the fact that 3 Amtrak trains have crashed in 1 month!!! Can’t be a coincidence. Hubby still thinks it’s all because of limited track availability. Wonder who was on this last one.

A lot of people don’t see the FISA memo as anything much. I must admit I wasn’t that impressed with it either and I’m still considering that the whole thing is theatre to distract us from activity behind the scenes.

The Chinese have been heavily influence by the Kmafia since Mao and Putin is surrounded by them. While the civil war may get rid of the current Kmafia crime syndicate, I’m still sure it will simply by replaced by another, perhaps more indulgent, one. The orthodox are not without their own barbarity though so we need to take off those rosy glasses.

I was very surprised at the lack of Masonic imagery for the Sbowl show. Quite mild indeed. Rioting and looting afterwards in Philly is no surprise, lots of unstable elements there and there’s always the possibility that some of it was organized. It certainly should have been anticipated and a plan should have been in place.


There is always the 1% ers, I looked at the Philly post game riot footage and it surely was a mob scene like New Years Eve on steroids.

Most adrenaline junkies are in control and harmless and a post game big win crowd will always have a saturation of that for sure.

I would not put much energy into a distraction like the 1% that mostly will wind up incarcerated by the footage that you see and mostly what has yet to be seen as pretty much all of ole Philly is on some camera 24 /7

Why does THAT fact bother me more?

As my ole USMC mentor “Snake” used to say—-” Paranoia is the height of awareness”

But that was before he got hypnotized, stopped chain smokin’ an found Christ! and No Shit Dick Tracy= (family motto)-on that!


I can’t wait to take a ride on a hypersonic jet.


28 !! Don’t Hate


2018-02-04 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

SaTerra Vishnu
SaTerra Vishnu

Thanks. Ben….I hope you can throw more light on the ongoing “chemtrail / geoengineering” issues which we all continue to be affected by and when this and the true Secret Space program by the deep state will be revealed and full protection of humanity can be realized!!


Archons and AI are the same thing. Archons get involved in the software and can control it. This is how AI can learn and make choices. Archons are 42% polarized negative, 26% polarized positive and 32% is unpolarized, so AI can do positive things. Archons are a form of low souls, they do not ever have a body, they can never possess anyone and they do not have empathy for others. Archons cannot go to 4th density, since they are low souls. What I’m being told is, we will first see the brown dwarf star in Nov. or Dec. 2018 and in Feb. 2019 one of its major planets will crash into and merge with Jupiter, causing it to light up as a star. Then on the spring equinox March 21, 2019 our solar system will move into 4th density and the brown dwarf star system will be gone, since it won’t go to 4th density.


Donald Trump is the Geotus now, Canadian Benjamin cannot deny that Trump is the fucking man. No, the United States will never end up in a situation like Isla Puerto Rico. Mainland Americans have more heart and steel than the world over. We would chew through any dystopian attempted outcome and put another notch on our battle belt. We will accept nothing short of congratulations for being the butt of the joke ever since Yankee Doodle.. and then saving the Planet.


I will start to believe this is happening when i see the chemtrails stop


I thunk after reading about Dr Gallo and how HIV/ aids was derived from a disease observed in Icelandic sheep. The description sounds very much like the CWS ( Chronic Wasting Syndrome) that has affected some Whitetail Deer hunters in Pennsylvania and this is no B.S. joke either as it has already KILLED two of my fishing pals who were regular reducers of the out of hand wild deer population.

Whether by intent or accident this is gonna spread through the wild deer population as it has already started an if you think you are gonna be feasting on bambiburgers in the event of a system collapse cus you are some kind of hunter—well I guess if you gonna eat the Zombie deer you will cease to be a threat to the New World Order post haste!



kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

Beautiful. 11115551111



thanks a lot ben you crazy canuck…..hahahahaha…..

a breakaway civilization rejoins their peoples by the sounds of bennys hot off the press weekly geopolitical news and analysis………..

its probably true – certainly some factions,groups of the 4th reich rejoining…..

porquoi pas…..peut ce quet veut allon zi…..bienvenue chez tois des amis… famille forte ensemble…..

welcome home brothers and sisters – and we look forward to employing your cosmic toys in surface population operating systems…..

we return to being responsible stewards of this lovely star nation and full members of the galactic confederation…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..

bart howard(1954)-quote—–

fly me to the moon…..let me play among the stars…..let me see what spring is like on jupitor and mars…..—–unquote…..


Another encouraging posting showing us that the forces of good have turned the tide and are on an unstoppable journey towards victory over the Cabal. I cannot wait u,til the stressed medical technologies are finally released. I am sure we all know people dear to us who would benefit greatly from these seemingly miraculous cures for diseases. Things like physical age reversal and growing back missing body parts like arms and legs and teeth and eyes and hair will benefit all of us. Bring on the new golden age.


39 and on time. let’s go read.


All of you should aspire to be better and convey responsibly derived information.

Talk about the phenomenon that everyone hates America but everyone follows America to freedom. Ben made a mistake when he conflated Donald Trump with the Khazarian Mafia. Trump is obviously shouldering into them even since day 1 when he stepped on the scene. He paired with the Patriots in the Military that are exacting a coup. Trump is not beholden to anyone but the American people because he is properly protected. When “Phil Mudd” (swamp creature) comes out and declare’s war with the Trump administration, that’s: ” only been here for 13 months while we’ve been here since 1908… we know who is going to win this battle ” !!! unbelievable and also not reported here. Surely an open showdown between Trump and our freshly ostentatious Deep State is not important..

And all you people that take a crap in the punch bowl with your airy fairy fantastic claims about things that are unverifiable like “Archons” …. or, Wilcock truly asserting that we would turn into balls of light at the end of 2012…

Sold a lot of books about something that didn’t happen.. Big surprise that we didn’t turn into balls of intention. We don’t even have to go there is my main point, I’m not trying to hurt peoples’ feelings. But lets talk about how hurtful it can be, or insidious, to be misled purposefully for money. Who knows if archons actually exist? Put down the drugs. We can win in the paint with tangible strategies. Sorry, but understanding Archon’s will never go ‘bell curve’ mainstream. And the people that link you to some $35/month soul checking service to tell you if you are a wanderer or not.. get out of this forum you shameless racketeers.

This stuff about Qanon.. I’m done with secret people and secret societies that speak in weird code or blithe mis truths. Reference the JFK speech. If we are on the side of light then we should walk in light as we walk square shouldered through these pithy non-scrupled collectivists on our planet. Its a function of truth, more truth equals more progress. Please – don’t be crazy – posit something on this forum that is tangible and actually progresses to manifestation [against] collectivism, and, [for] more freedom. Reach down grab your junk and have some damn street smarts, people.


josey wales-quote—–I came here to die with you…..or live with you…..

dying aint so hard for men like me and you…..its living that’s hard…..

when all touve ever cared about beens butchered or raped…..

governments don’t live together people do…..

with govenments you dint always get a fair deal or a fair fight…..

well ive come here to give you either one….or get either one from you…..

I came here like this so you know my word of death is true…..

and my word of life is then true…..

the bear lives here the wolf antelope…..the comanchee…..and so will we…..

I will only hunt what we need to live on…..same as the comanchee does…..

and every spring when the grass turns green and the comanchee moves north…..

we can rest here in peace…..butcher some of our cattle…..jerk beef for the journey…..

the sign of the comanchee that will be on our lodge…..

that’s my word of life…..—–unquote…..

ten bears-quote—–and your word of death…..—–unquote…..

josey wales-quote—–its here in my pistols and there in your rifle… here for either one…..

ten bears-quote—–these things you say we will have…..we already have…..

josey wales-quote—–that’s true I aint promising you nothing extra… just giving you life and your giving me life…..

and im saying that men can live together without butchering one another…..

ten bears-quote—–its sad that governments are achieved by the doubletungs…..

theres iron in your words of death for all comanchee to see…..

and so is there iron in your words of life…..

no signed paper can hold the iron… must come from men(women)…..

the words of ten bears carries the same iron of life and death…..

it is good that warriors such as us meet in the struggle of life…..or death…..

it shall be life…..—–unquote…..


and so be it as the great warrior chief ten bears has sanctioned…..


Infrastructure Failing: Power Grid Faltering as Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies – Prepare Now!

Ice Age Farmer
Published on Feb 3, 2018

Amid reports of blackouts from subscribers, Christian investigates regional reports from the US energy sector, exploring the effect of recent record cold temperatures resulting from the Grand Solar Minimum on our fragile power grid. As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, our infrastructure — from generation through transmission to distribution — is rapidly faltering.

Start moving towards self-sufficiency today. Learn more about the natural cycles dictating these changes, and how to prepare, from the Ice Age Farmer wiki:


Thank you for asking about this!!! Great question! Hope there’s some good feedback on this! I’m ready to take the plunge myself…







46 this week. Read the first sentence and it looks like an exciting report this week. Now back to read the rest. Everyone have a great week!!!


Alcohol Prohibition to Begin During the Grand Solar Minimum (513)

Adapt 2030
Published on Jan 18, 2018

Another good vid – at 8:58 DuByne shows the small ‘grow zone’ the earth will be sandwiched into to feed the planet. Dang. My local farm won’t do me any good if this comes to pass.


accuchip #398655
‘They saw by looking at the numbers that the US was ready to depose the deep state and any viable candidate that ran on that platform could win. ”

Hi Chip,

In the interest of keeping the posts to a readable length, I admit I did paraphrase. Here is the source:

“In 2013, at a conservative conference in Palm Beach, an oil tycoon named William Lee Hanley, who had commissioned some polls from Patrick Caddell, asked him to show the data to Mercer and Bannon, who were at the event. The data showed mounting anger toward wealthy élites, who many Americans believed had corrupted the government so that it served only their interests. There was a hunger for a populist Presidential candidate who would run against the major political parties and the ruling class. The data “showed that someone could just walk into this election and sweep it,” Caddell told me. When Mercer saw the numbers, he asked for the polling to be repeated. Caddell got the same results. “It was stunning,” he said. “The country was on the verge of an uprising against its leaders. I just fell over!”
From the New Yorker:

Mercer is a pay-to-player with a big stake in interests in uranium and small scale reactors and weapons that are the latest fashion. He also has a curious belief that nuclear radiation helps the strong survive. The Bears Ears national park land grab that is going on now, plays right into his hand on those investments. The policies that benefit the oligarchy at the expense of everyone else and the planet are moving forward full steam ahead.


Thanks Ben! What about the jubilee? When are they going to give $500K to every US person & $100K to every Japanese? 🙂


Epic report! Thanks Ben! Much love everyone! <3


VICTORY TO THE LIGHT! ( and so grateful for Divine Intervention ). ALL is unfolding…

Also just started C60 4 days ago…will report back when i have some data. Peace…thank you Ben for your commitment and strength…


Jim Stone
Feb 4 2018



Even after 30 rounds at the rate fired, an AR will get hot. 100 rounds at the rate fired? BLISTERING HOT. 500 rounds at the rate fired? barrel glowing orange and drooping. You can’t get away with sending as much through any rifle as Paddock’s rifle supposedly handled in such a short time. BUSTED.
All the news reports claimed Paddock did it all with the same gun, but he had other guns laying around. BUSTED.


Super Soldier Talk – Qanon News Update – Peter the Insider – Jessica Marrocco

Peter the Insider with Jessica Marrocco corroborating tells us of an AI machine that can interrupt one’s interface with reality & that they are testing now & that these things are often placed at tunnels & bridges – (think of those big box structures that people were questioning in New York, placed at the entrance to a tunnel just recently – & getting no answers from the local authorities).

Regarding the Atlanta airport Mossad cargo plane; there was a fire 10 days prior to get rid of the excess toxic virus also as a test on the local population, & the rest was airlifted out via Cyprus, where there is a large MI5 facility, & then to Israel.

There was a nuclear missile going for Hawaii, it was prevented by ETs from the Andronicus collective from another plane than our 3D. They want to encourage humanity to take control & do not want us to rely on them. James Rink states he believes there is a secret space alliance, but they really don’t care too much about what happens here, & as Peter the Insider says they are content ‘in their bubble’. Peter tells us those members of the cabal who did this (& tried unsuccessfully to escape) are so confident & arrogant & stupid that they still think plan B or C or D will work.

Their aim is to cause the fall out, hide underground, use their tek to restore the biosphere & have around 500,000 transhuman slaves. This future has been seen as bleak for them; no joy & no purpose.

1.08mins re. the fires in California where cars have melted & the inside of tree trunks are burning, & flames appear from right out of the ground. This started about the same time as the pedo allegations in Hollywood / pedogate (especially Kevin Spacey who has a clone, & there is a look alike connection with Paul Serene), so these fires can be seen as a serious distraction in the news.

The Getty museum also had a fire & children’s screams were heard according to Steven Kelley, a laser scientist whistleblower. Peter confirms the experiments on consciousness performed there. Implanting augmentation, a long term DARPA contract (Defence Advanced Research Projects Administration)

Regarding Hillary Clinton, QAnon mentions Traitor44 who is Semiyasse (don’t know the spelling, a female entity who has astral sex) who controls puppets like Soros who thinks he is in charge.

Alex Jones’s infowars reports of UN troops seen in Chicago recently are false, & used as an exercise to heighten people’s level of discernment.

Anderson Cooper (CNN news anchor) is part of the pedo network & the Gannett Corp. is part of the CIA Mocking Bird operation & also co-operates with Intelligence agencies worldwide. Cooper is a lizard doing what he wants to do.

Reddit claimed on Twitter (taken down) that containers from Canada to the USA (from the Alpha Draconis to Monarch & Umbrella in return for some viruses & portal related devices respectively) followed by a SERT (Special Emergency Response Team), do have weapons with quantum power, that are dangerous & unstable in transport, according to Peter. This is related to the serious flu outbreaks.

Finally Peter warns us of a new tek relocating/mind wiping people through a light sequence (three greens & one red) when they are at traffic lights. Totally weird ‘men in black’ stuff. The countermeasure is to eat 100% bio foods & fruits especially apples & pears.


At 56mins James Rink specifically explains that the image painted by Corey Goode of the Secret Space Program is not correct & is therefore far too rosy, to put it mildly. Sounds more than right to me.


Such Wonderful news-and still they spray

and spray…

…and spray

Think I’m going to up the soul (r)evolution work rather than relying on the New Age Nazi’s to create the world we want to live in.

Love and Joy to You
and Your Wassel too




Been taking C-60 for 2 months now. Anyone else here?

Yes. Great anti-oxidant. It takes couple weeks to see a difference but notice joint pain is less.


I’m on the c60 juice as well. I have the strength of 10 men now 😉


Brief thought on Corey Goode

Corey has admitted to having done 20 and back twice and has also admitted he may have done a third 20 and back but he doesn’t know for sure because he has been wiped so many times.

That tells me there is no way of knowing if ANY or ALL of Corey’s work the last two and half years has been another 20 and back. Since Corey doesn’t know, there’s no way for ANYONE to know. Obviously Corey works in the SSP, because he has privy to a great deal of information-but that’s as far as this train can go.

I could go into all of Corey’s contradictory quotes. I could point out that over the last 2 1/2 years on GAIA we have seen at least 3 different versions of Corey Goode (both physical and linguistic), telling us three different versions of the future.

And finally I would point to last weeks episode of DEEP SPACE on GAIA TV for being a perfect example of how easy it is for organizations such as the SSP to completely create and control a persons reality from start to finish.

What my soul tells me is if there really ever was a Blue Avian species they have/had nothing to do with the collective consciousness that is RA/Law Of One. NOTHING. Read the Law Of One, that’s all I can say. Read it for yourself. Read it for Your SOUL.

Peace and Love and healing to CG



accuchip #398721

“I’m on the c60 juice as well. I have the strength of 10 men now”

Does this transfer to other activities related to your partner?!


jaggs13 #398722

Agreed Jaggs, I’ll go with people who obviously don’t have all the back up that Corey Goode has, red flag number one. Each time he appears to have had a professional make over so as to be more credible no doubt. His delivery simply does not ring true to me; it’s like he is trying hard to be natural.

Don’t get me started on Cobra & his black cintamani stones, measured to have the lowest light quotient ever recorded by a good radionics healer who keeps under the radar, that I have received medicines from.

vu tran

Dear Jaggs13:

I normally do not reply to negative comments about Corey Goode, but I will make an exception this time.

Corey”s message is one of love, positivity, and sef-empowerment. So yes, I resonate with it, therefore, I do believe in his story.

While I respect your free will, I think you should pay more attention to the message and stop nitpicking the messenger on contrived and ridiculous things. You should give it a break.

And finally, I do read the Law Of One. Corey”s message is very consistent and identical to its teachings.


In service to all, in service to the One Infinite Creator.


Bao/Vu Tran


If anti-gravity technology cones out it will be easy to make free power. Two birds with one stone


2018-02-04 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Planet X/Nibiru is in the news again – it will not cause devastation.

Dow Jones down over 600points, if it continues there will be a mini crash according to Simon, not the big one yet.

He says The FBI is still absolutely necessary for Trump (but should be purged).

‘Normal’ mega rich money is moving out of standard previously safe stocks & into blockchain, but not the buying & selling, rather in the prediction of the cryptocurrency market.

The hi-tek of the Greys given to the deep state (from the 50’s- 90’s) will be released to corporations. The stuff from Antartica, although ancient, some of it is more advanced than the Grey’s tek & is being held back for now. If done right it can redirect any market crash.


zanderboy #398717
Super Soldier Talk – Qanon News Update – Peter the Insider – Jessica Marrocco

Thanks for the notes Zander. I listened to this a few days ago. A lot of parallel reality stuff – interesting – but there is so much other stuff to cover.


New Q (2/5/2018) for those interested.


From the Q post:
Anonymous 02/05/18 (Mon) 12:20:43 26143c No.275597


This is interesting – HOW many were appointed by BO? Political/Donation$ ties

If you think it doesn’t matter – I had an attorney for a civil case -I asked him our chances – he said “…depends on the judge, I couldn’t afford to donate to all of them…” he went further into ugly details…

At this point, I lost all faith in the DOJ… pay to play all the way down to the local.


intruth #398728

Ooops, yes you’re right; I think I was nodding off there; Peter can be so obtuse or even longwinded by looking for the right words so as not to upset the status quo as it were so that he doesn’t get into trouble. I should try to make sense of that bit.


Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail
By BAXTER DMITRY January 21, 2018

Australian nurses and midwives who dare to speak out against the dangers of vaccinations on social media or in person will be prosecuted, the Australian government has warned, urging members of the public to report vaccine skeptics to the authorities.

Medical professional face a jail sentence of 10 years for expressing doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations or urging further studies into vaccine safety. Opponents of the new law claim free speech and scientific integrity is under attack in Australia by a government that has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

“With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions. This includes providing information to the public about public health issues,” Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement.

The NMBA has called on Australians to report nurses or midwives promoting anti-vaccination – ‘anti-vaxxers’, as they’re known colloquially.

Assuming this is not satire, re:
“With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.

The best available evidence says they ARE dangerous – IDIOTS.


Jim Stone
Feb 5 2018


The new memo proves the FBI led spying operations against EVERY member of the Trump campaign, to the benefit of Hillary. We all knew this intrinsically, but what probably won’t be said is that the spying no doubt went against everyone in alt media also. We all know they are doing that crap. At any rate:
The biggest of all BIGGER story aspects to the HPSCI Memo, in all coverage, has been overlooked by all Main Stream Media. The Department of Justice FBI FISA request was for “Title I” surveillance authority. This is not some innocuous request for metadata exploration – the FBI said American citizen Carter Page was a “foreign agent of a hostile foreign government”; the FBI was calling Carter Page a spy.

To present a methaphor, under Title I FISA authority, Carter Page was essentially ‘patient zero’ in an Ebola pandemic. Labeling him as a foreign agent allowed the FBI to look at every single person he came in contact with; and every single aspect of their lives and their activities in growing and concentric circles; without limits to current time or historic review.

It appears the entire reason to label Mr. Page as a Title One “foreign agent” was so the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division, could use Mr. Page’s short contact with the Trump campaign as an excuse to monitor everyone else within the campaign before, during and after the election.




Jim Stone

I had stated earlier that Flashcoin rebounded after an initial drop. It did, but with this current bitcoin crash it FINALLY lost approximately 30 percent of it’s value, while increasing against Bitcoin BIGLY. It did not slide in the ranks at all either. Keeping an eye on this . . . .


2018-02-04 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Global warming is a natural part of the planet’s transition to the next stage; the Earth made a covenant with human race since in the early days we cared for & loved & most of all gave thanks to the planet – through worship of the feminine. Gaia never forgot that & as a living entity could shake us off easily, but she would not do this. Thus our link is nevertheless maintained, even with those in the cities & it is easy to see why the Dark ones would want to destroy indigenous peoples as seen throughout history, wishing to break the connection between us & the Earth, including submerging us in cell phones & tablets etc.

So this feels good but appears at odds with climate truthers like Dane Wigington.


Popular or important articles from the past week:

David Wilcock Update: ” … things have moved into a VERY active phase.”

Doctors are Paid Massive Bonuses from a Health Insurance Company for Vaccinating Babies

Multiple Catholic Priests Expose the Practice of “Satanism” Within the Vatican

We Get It! You’re Illuminati: American Entertainers Occult Symbolism Obsessed (Video)

The Miraculous Power of Fasting — How It Heals Your Body Inside and Out

WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media

Q Anon Updates — January 29th 2018

FBI Director Wray “Shocked To His Core” By FISA Memo, McCabe ‘Removed’ Next Day, More Heads To Roll: Report

Five Ways Schools Destroy Children’s Freedom (And What To Do About It)

Ex-FBI Chief Exposes Satanic Illuminati Elite Pedophile Ring (Video)

Second “Trump Dossier” Emerges One Day After FISA Memo Vote

Divide & Conquer and the Trap of Identification — Bernard Gunther

More and More Mexican Artifacts are Surfacing Depicting Aliens | Extraterrestrials (Video)

Sealed Indictments Per State as of January 26, 2018

Jordan Sather 1.31 – Memo ASAP | Gowdy | New EO | Train Crash | 2nd LV Person | CDC Boss Quits (Video)

The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews – Part One

Heads Explode As Julian Assange Exposes Trump’s “Subservience” to Terrorist Saudi Arabia

Massive Pedogate Arrest — Human-trafficking crackdown: 510 arrested, 56 rescued in California

BIG Q Anon Updates — January 31st and February 1st, 2018

Mother of Alien Hybrids Speaks at UFology World Congress

What’s Been Going On In ANTARCTICA? (Video)

How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Q: Deep State Deep Panic, Treason Exposed (Video)

QAnon UPDATE and the Garbage Truck Conundrum (Video)

Atlantis Found? ‘8.5-mile Pyramid’ Discovered at Bottom of the Ocean

FISA Memo Released: Here Are The Facts You Need to Know

New World Order: A Plan for Humanity, Part 1. Current Events

FISA Memo PROVES Deep State Coup by TRAITORS (Video)

The Human Energy Field and the DNA

Was a Space Based Weapons Platform Used Against Hawaii bound Ballistic Missile?

Black Ops Agent Claims He Was Paid To Bomb OKC in the 1990s By Deep State; Hours Later Has A Car Crash

STILLNESS NEWS: AI Sex Scandal, FISA Memo, Catholic Satanists, Moon Base, Vaccine Conspiracy – February 4th, 2018

Every Single Thing You Need To Know About Conspiracy Fact: Let’s Change The World

Jared Rand, Alleged Secret Space Insider, on: Off-world Technologies — Summary of Testimony

The Prison Industrial Complex — Another Form of Extreme Racism and Slavery

Does Language Alter our Experience of Time?

The Revolution of Ideas has Begun | Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro — The Rubin Report

True Feminine Power: Embracing Health, Happiness, and Divinity

Justin Deschamps

Stillness in the Storm


PAUL SIMON calling it quits.

comment image



While I respect your free will, I think you should pay more attention to the message and stop nitpicking the messenger on contrived and ridiculous things. You should give it a break.


Corey Goode is not the Messenger-The Law of One is

My posts are not negative. My posts about Corey Goode are not negative. I am not attacking the messenger-because the messenger is Law Of One. I am presuming that to have 20/20 vision on this subject (ascension) that one would want to correlate what CG says with the Law Of One as a way to clarify the information given to us in the Law Of One.

The Blue Avians being RA and leaving the Solar System because the Space War is supposedly over rings screamingly false to me BAO. It does not correlate in any way to the teachings in the Law of One. It’s a giant red flag because the collective consciousness that is RA is a sixth density group that wishes to evolve to 7th density by helping us in our ascension to 4th density. In other words-They aren’t going ANYWHERE because they are everywhere already, and even more specifically they are here to help us with HARVEST and that hasn’t happened yet.

RA operates from Time/Space to Space/Time as DW has so eloquently shown us with his incredibly detailed research, yes?

So why would they “leave” the solar system? Where would they “go”?

I see that Corey’s ORIGINAL message was a message of love and oneness.

Let me Reiterate;

THE MESSENGER IS THE LAW OF ONE and NOT COREY GOODE. That’s what I’m asking you to look at from your soul perspective. The Original message in it’s pure form.

If you wish the messenger to be a someone who has spent his life working for the SSP, has done at least 2 twenty and backs, and wishes not to know who they are as a soul (that’s what cg says, not me), then bully for you. Corey has consistently changed his story, and why idk except it seems to appease his interviewer… but if he’s helping you on your path to ascension then great.

I am going to study my TAROT because that is what the Law Of One wishes us to do, develop a Foundation of Spiritual Practice be it Tarot or Astrology.

This message was written under a pyramid which base is facing 20 degrees east of North. Quality over Quantity. That’s my messenger.


In service to all, in service to the One Infinite Creator.




Don’t get me started on Cobra & his black cintamani stones, measured to have the lowest light quotient ever recorded by a good radionics healer who keeps under the radar, that I have received medicines from.

***********************************************************************************************No No way Zanderboy, I’m gleefully taking the bait. Tell us more!



zanderboy #398735
2018-02-04 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Global warming is a natural part of the planet’s transition to the next stage; the Earth made a covenant with human race since in the early days we cared for & loved & most of all gave thanks to the planet – through worship of the feminine.
So this feels good but appears at odds with climate truthers like Dane Wigington.

The planet WAS warming as a natural cycle (not due to CO2) but now it appears have entered another period – the mini ice age. Lots of evidence given by Adapt 2030 vids on youtube. I got to the point where I wasn’t sure that Dane rejected the CO2 narrative. Completely agree with his take on chemtrails.


If the Nazi’s were still around they wouldn’t need this make believe WDS that doesn’t exist to destroy the kike cabal, what a crock and waste of money to read someone larping about fake sources and knowledge.


Heads up: A major stock market crash is underway. The Dow dropped by up to 1,600 points, then partially recovered and is now down about 1,000. The cryptos have been declining for days. Bitcoin is down to $7,300 from $19K a few weeks ago.

There is such a thing as the “Plunge Protection Team”, which may be responsible for the partial recovery. But they can only do so much, and they do not seem to have conquered this downdraft.

Gold and silver are slightly up.

Edit — Losses accelerating at the close. Final is down 1,178.


Corey Goode influenced by a renowned Shaman scientist?

Exactly (like) “blue avians” described already 1980 in professor Michael Harners ground work and by now classical book on Shamanism: The way of the shaman.
I am just reading this hyper interesting book and was struck by seing a short passus about what exactly seems to be the same as “blue avians”. You can read it for yourself , just view the book on amazon and open the free part , scroll down to the chapter “Discovering the way” and read on page 3, the part beginning “I becam conscious,too,….
When did Goode first present this concept about the blue avians? For sure it must have been much much later than when Harner had his described early shamanism experience and he described in his book from 1980, a time when Mr Goode even might not have seen his first day on this globe ?
But maybe Goode read the book by Harner later on….and then saw the “blue avians” himself or….?
Just coincidence or something more obscure?

Gudrun Haack

Freude, schöner Götterfunken! 9th simphony from Beethoven
It sounds nearly unbelievable. Thanks for your work, Ben! Thank you very much! ♥


Thank fyck for a healthier, happier planet


Canada’s Largest Energy Company Is Replacing 400 Truck Drivers With Self-Driving Trucks

Canada’s largest oil company announced last week that it will be cutting about 400 heavy-equipment operator positions over the next six years as they phase in a new fleet of self-driving trucks. Suncor Energy, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, announced on Wednesday that it plans to deploy over 150 driver-less trucks, leading to job cuts starting as soon as 2019.

Dump their stock….


This is What Censorship Looks Like

Sarah Westall
Published on Feb 4, 2018

A deep look at the censorship that my channel is experiencing. I have been collecting data and now I am able to show you some of the items that I and many others have been experiencing. While there are still many other videos and examples I could show viewers, these examples should give you a good look at what its like to be targeted and silenced.

I also point out some of the other egregious examples that have happened over the last year. Hopefully this will serve as an educational tool and a wake up call to citizens to fight for our right to free speech. Freedom does not exist if you do not have Free Speech. If they can go after me, then they can go after YOU.


Erwickline #398704
All of you should aspire to be better and convey responsibly derived information.
I like your post and I don’t like your post….I’ll explain why

“Phil Mudd” (swamp creature) comes out and declare’s war with the Trump administration, that’s: ” only been here for 13 months while we’ve been here since 1908… we know who is going to win this battle ”

This quote makes me laugh to start with…..Phil Mudd says “we’ve been here since 1908 –meaning the organization called FBI….but when I hear it, it sounds like the FBI agents have been there ( Phil and 100 year old agents) because he then says that Trump has only been here for 13 months. A statement with cognitive dissonance …..

But that aside street smarts are important in this life and I agree with you totally on that….. but what David Wilcock says or anyone else, just worry about what’s true for you. Street smarts aren’t the only thing to get you by. Intuition and awareness, the building of such awareness on psychic levels or physical levels is necessary.

There are people willing to pay for things that they have faith will bring them something to better understand this world and themselves.

I doubt most of the people on this forum have ever been to one of David Wilcock’s workshops. His books can be obtained through library systems and his site can be accessed for free…… so who is paying for what…… we make choices.

This world is filled with so many damn anomalies that Archons are only a small part of it. Some of us have to balance things all the time as to what really exists. But there’s so much paranormal out there that it should be freely discussed by the people who experience it. Some of those experiences may be frightening. But experiencing or even just reading about these anomalies brings one closer to the truth of their existence and can help heal those with negative experiences.

As for Q Anon posts…as I understand it, the “ weird code’ is meant to defeat the AI and bots and probably other snooping software stuff. There’s enough people researching what that weird code means so as to bring it into a normal understanding.

I don’t depend on this forum for all the information I take in. You should ignore what you want and work on your own path for progress……. Isn’t that more important to you than worrying about who pays for what.

Good old Mark Twain allegedly said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

So where does that leave us? Believe what is right for you but don’t stop communicating. Truth is a personal thing. People don’t always see it as truth but have to find it for themselves. If you have the right opportunity to show them truth, go for it.



How I Shut Up My Doctor About Vaccines
Published on Jan 15, 2018

This guy is a scientist…


Just saw a note in my inbox from Michael Snyder: -666. The sixth largest stock market drop in US history.




The Nazi supporters in Trudeau’s government. Freeland’s name is also Nuland, which takes us to Soro’s little puppet stirring up problems in the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland-Kagan (real name Nudelman).

Excerpt: Who is Michael Chomiak? He is dead now, but his memory lives on in the minds of his family. With all the revisionist ritualistic ceremonies venerating the memory of these ‘freedom fighters’ over the decades since the Ukrainian encyclopedia was re-written by the U of A, pitting Stalinist apologists against Hitler apologists, we indeed have more than a Nazi problem in the world and especially in Canada: we have a far-left/far-right problem. There is only ONE way out of this problem. But, I digress.

Chomiak, as you can ascertain from the links provided, is Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather, Canada’s current Foreign Minister who is attempting to lead the war chorus against North Korea, who is now attempting to head the same war chorus against Venezuela. I won’t repeat that – but I should. Don’t be fooled, however. The FM’s Meeting in Vancouver on North Korea isn’t about North Korea, really, and nor are the sanctions on Venezuela about Venezuela, in the end. Venezuela, North Korea, Syria and many other U.S. theaters of war around the world are really about Russia and China. And Freeland’s real enemy is Russia. Is it surprising really? It’s in her blood. Any ally of Russia is also on Freeland’s hit list.

More on site.


@ Lynxwalking

Paaa lease – one of my pet peeves is passive aggression. Yuck. Say what you mean. I will do and say what I please. My intention has nothing to do with your emotions and they may get run over. It is a possibility. I will worry about what I feel like worrying about. I know Wilcock is a good guy that read a million books and has an 8 head of Edgar Cayce proportions. He courageously goes out there with his truth. Got it, but he and other’s have definitely come to the table with some fantastic information that discredits and devalues the brain trust we are trying to establish here.

“”This world is filled with so many damn anomalies that Archons are only a small part of it.” Not an argument.

“Some of us have to balance things all the time as to what really exists.” What? (halt: rhetorical question)

“As for Q Anon posts…as I understand it, the “ weird code’ is meant to defeat the AI and bots and probably other snooping software stuff.” From what? Don’t you think he shouldn’t have put it on the internet then? ..His vagueness is great cover like the Navajo wind talkers….. Assange had a perfectly adult platform.

“You should ignore what you want and work on your own path for progress” Get bent



And here I am talking to you again Lakewinds!

The Chinese markets are down 1,000 points which is what happened in 2015. I think this will mean that we will carry on plunging Tuesday.


DOW down 1200pts, Chinese markets down 1000 pts. Something is up. Jim Willie predicted this and he said it would start with a yield rise for treasuries. They raise the yield on US Treasury bills when they can’t find anyone to buy them and apparently this administration needs to sell some $7 trillion worth. No one is interested, the dollar is dead. We’ll see how it goes. Willie said look for climbing inflation and shortages because shippers will stop taking dollars. Hang on everyone, make sure you have cash at home because the ATMS will go down.

Local bank announced another weekend closing coming up. Be ready. the Systemic Lehman Event.



That’s probably true, phoenix. As I write this, the futures are marginally positive, but way down from a few hours ago.

Oops, just turned negative … now, in just the space of a few moments, has dived over a hundred points. It’s going to be another very rough day, from the looks of it.

Still in the edit window – Dow futures are now down 236.


Uh. No. Its a market correction after historic gains. Any race car needs to hit the pit. Btw, check the ownership of the companies that lost big. Main street America is doing fine and my Trumpian investments moved up. Get in on the opioid crisis and make some actual money. Rather than giving people internet palm readings for $15 and a pocket tug. The size of this correction just shows the scale of the curve we will eventually see. I think it rather poetic that the storm hit with the pulling of the lynch pen memo all nice and tidy early in the 1st quarter. Good thing we have a great cushion built up to allow a pillow for the ruining of the American Commies and the inevitable market reaction from their declining businesses.


The Asian Trojan Horse Bit coin – definitely not looking good though.. They aren’t [just] using their wares or women to take us over..



Well, we’re closer to the Dow open and futures are all over the place. They’ve gone from -450, -400, -200, -250 now -200 in the hour that I wrote my blog. I’ll write to management today and ask them if this has any potential fall out for the business! I recall reading an insight from what sounded like a woman on zerohedge explaining that she longed for when the Dow moving 50 points in a day was considered an intense day. Now if a bank manager, prime minister or some quiet meditteranean country or Ayatollah sneezes the whole thing plunges. Then goes up faster than it came down.


lynxwalking #398751

“As for Q Anon posts…as I understand it, the ‘weird code’ is meant to defeat the AI and bots and probably other snooping software stuff.”

Perfectly self explanatory, thanks, good AI defeating bad AI even!


2018-02-04 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

AI can predict with great accuracy human trends up to six months in advance, say 97% right. After that a human unpredictability factor kicks in & predictions for five to ten years go down to 3% accuracy. That’s why it becomes much better to look at the future through people’s DNA.

Simon tells us there are 12 dimensions with a 13th being created. As we evolve so do the dimensions. These are dimensions where a whole race can exist & develop, not those accessed through the DNA. He did not elaborate.

Fairies & elementals (no connection to jinn who are demonic from 4D) are created for the 3rd dimension to hold the space & protect sacred places in service to the planet & are just ‘out of phase’ with our 3D.


XIV, SVXY Halted, News Pending

With every trader suddenly focused on the vol-ETF complex after last night’s collapse in the NAV of the most popular inverse VIX ETF – the Credit Suisse-created VelocityShares XIV – which plunged over 80% effectively triggering a “termination event”, this morning it appears that the worst is indeed coming, with both the VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN (XIV) and the ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (SVXY) suspended by the Nasdaq and NYSE Arca, respectively, on pending news.

As a reminder, the now terminal collapse of both ETFs took place after the VIX surged a record 116%, triggering a waterfall collapse in the NAV of the two synthetic products.

Meanwhile, to ease concerns that it had suffered a ~$500 million rout on its XIV holdings, moments ago Credit Suisse repeated what it told us last night, issuing a statement that the Swiss bank “has experienced no trading losses” from Velocity Shares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETNs, or XIV, due December 4, 2030, the bank said in statement.

Ok, but if not Credit Suisse, then someone else must have gotten hit on that $500 million in XIV exposure. One wonders who that someone is.


intruth #398752
repost – thought this was relevant to your post!
It floored me when I heard the amt of $ doctors/medical receive for doing each injection!!
Approx 7 min
Massive Bonuses Paid to Doctors Who Vaccinate Children
Published on 13 Jan 2018
KafkaWinstonWolrd Repost. Link below is to article on same subject.…


This is hilarious! 10 Minutes
Michael Savage on Fire! February 5th, 2018 – Rips Kimmel, Baldwin, Little Adam Schiff


Good one Trudy. Link to the 2016 Incentive program:

2016 Performance
Recognition Program

• BCN Commercial HMO
• BCN AdvantageSM HMO-POS
• BCBSM Medicare Plus BlueSM PPO



Then there is this:

Millions Fall for Nightmare Treatments That Studies Show Are Worse Than Worthless
Can the Conventional Medical Profession Be Trusted?

An analysis of the studies found whopping discrepancies between promised efficacies and the real McCoy. Many common treatments do more harm than good,

Story at-a-glance
Trust in the medical profession has dramatically declined in recent decades. In 1966, more than 75 percent of Americans had great confidence in medical professionals; today only 34 percent do

Only 25 percent have confidence in the U.S. health system and a mere 14 percent trust the federal government will do what’s right most of the time

A glaring example of how little attention our medical system affords health is the fact that U.S. hospitals and senior care institutions still insist on serving highly processed, sugary foods and meal replacement beverages

Research by John Ioannidis, one of the world’s foremost experts on the credibility of medical research, shows as much as 90 percent of the published medical information relied on by doctors is flawed or incorrect

Research published in 2016 concluded that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing an estimated 250,000 Americans each year


Has anybody seen this article on Seth Rich?


A thoughtful article by Jon Rappaport on how to come to terms with our changing world!!
A new reality is here

This is what I’d call a “long-range” article. Very long-range
February 5, 2018
The present and future are multiple realities. Which is the actual definition of an open society.

Individuals, re-fitting and recreating and discovering their own perception of reality, is not a one-time one-stop shop. It’s an ongoing process. Fleeing the process to go back into the arms of centralized consensus is only a temporary diversion. It will not hold.

The history of Western philosophy is one thinker after another trying to describe ultimate reality for everyone. It’s this. No, it’s that. In every case, the power of the individual is basically ignored. That farce has come to an end.

The decentralization of the media-apparatus is a sign of a much deeper trend. THE INDIVIDUAL is front and center. Trying to put that genie back in the bottle will not work. It’s too late. Now, every person will feel the need to develop his own reality. It may start as a nagging minor impulse, but soon enough the impulse will light up. It will come through as the Great Adventure.

Untold numbers of people are already at the starting gate, whining and moaning and complaining and commiserating. And stalling. But the dictum is loud and clear: FIND AND INVENT YOUR OWN REALITY. And then: MAKE IT FACT IN THE WORLD.

“Well, I didn’t bargain for that. I was just defending freedom of the individual.”

But think it through. Where does that freedom lead? What does it point to? The freedom to come to some new consensus that every soul will sign up for? A way to toss that freedom on the junk heap? A Disneyesque dream we can all swim in together?
Technocrats like to imagine a future world where society is fitted together as a machine, an all-embracing mechanism powered at the flip of a switch. But the more profound world, which is emerging, is decentralized. Not one dream, but many, side by side. Not dreams from the top of the food chain, but from independent individuals.

On top of that, the technology exists to help make every one of those individuals self-sufficient.

Education, in spite of programs drilling a small set of fatuous values into many heads, is also decentralizing. Why? Because more and more students are realizing they have to educate themselves, independently, on their own……………..


Well, there was no false flag at the superbowl, although the train wreck was spectacular. I’m not forgetting that Friday’s final DOW number was 666, so the whole thing COULD be manipulated. Let’s see what happens today, but the fact that US Treasuries have increased their yield means, for me, they’re having a hard time finding buyers. Time will tell.


MK Ultra Trainer Reveals Endgame!

Glenn Canady
Published on Jan 13, 2018

Start at 9:11 (sheesh) to hear the end game plan –

From Description:
She said they were thousands of MK Ultra controlled soldiers in every country and they would overthrow all governments at the same time and create a one world government. She said this plan had been carefully followed for hundreds of years and it will happen very fast. There will be an event or series of events that create so much chaos most of the police will just stay home! In the chaos you’ll see a force appear all dressed in black and looking very official. They will be driving black SUVs and will say they are now in charge and part of a new government created to deal with the event. The police would either work with them or be quickly eliminated!

As I was listening to the story, I realized two things. First this matches up exactly to other MK Ultra stories I’ve heard such as Cathy Obrien and others who said all the training was done in the dead of night. Secondly this force sounds EXACTLY like the “The Colony” TV show. They are called the “Red Hats” in this show and were used as a ruthless police force when the aliens took over.

When the aliens initially attacked, most of the cops scattered but eventually these Red Hats showed up and the old cops filtered back in and worked with them to maintain order. They all wore black SWAT gear type uniforms and drove matching black SUVs. The Illuminati always love to put out truth or their dreams in movies and TV shows as most of you know.

more -


I am also critical against vaccination and following the vaccine subject, but sometimes I seem to be wrong and it is then unsettling.
One very actual example I think we all who are critical towards vaccinations should take in regard:
here in Serbia there has newly been an outbreak of measles (morbilli) with even some deaths and they allege officially ( and more credible than not) that all deaths has been among those who have abstained from being vaccination against it. For the victims who are children the authorities now even plan to indict their parents, who took the decision on behalf of their children
It`d be interesting to see your comments on this. I am psychiatrist myself but haven´t got enough time to make special studies on the subject? I suspect there are variations and for some diseases ( like morbilli) vaccination is better scientifically based and well justified and for other infections ( like for sure flu) it is vice verse.


Secretary of Defense fires Guantánamo war court overseer

In a surprise move, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis on Monday fired the top official overseeing the trials of the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks and other alleged war criminals held at Guantánamo.

It was not immediately known what caused Mattis to dismiss Harvey Rishikof, an attorney with experience in national security law who, unlike earlier war court overseers, had no U.S. military experience. Mattis named Rishikof convening authority for military commissions on April 3.

Gary Brown, the legal adviser for military commissions, also lost his Pentagon job. He was temporarily replaced by two lawyers from his staff.

The decision had no impact on ongoing war court proceedings, said Tom Crosson, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, because Mattis designated the general counsel at the Defense Logistics Agency, Jim Coyne, as acting convening authority.


I think Ben should be more careful in source citations. As much as I am inclined to believe the writing attributed to Robert Gallo – knowing full well that among my gay friends, there is no way to even consider the possibility – the story was so quickly attacked and “debunked” (of course without evidence that it is false, nor with any followup indicating its accuracy thus leaving us with our genitals in our hands)… is there no way to do better? Having slogged my way through the entirety of Peter Duesberg’s wonderful book, “Inventing the AIDS Virus” – I feel this story needs to come out more than ever. We’ve all been hornswoggled.

Another nail in the coffin for Killery.


Military deployed as norovirus outbreak hits Winter Olympic security guards

(CNN)South Korea has deployed 900 military personnel after 1,200 security guards were pulled from duty following an norovirus outbreak at Winter Olympic facilities in Pyeongchang.

Organizers said 41 security guards had suffered a sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhea on Sunday and had been taken to hospital. The outbreak comes just days before the opening of South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics on Thursday.

To prevent the spread of the disease, the other guards were withdrawn and replaced with 900 military personnel as of Monday afternoon, a statement from the Pyeongchang Olympics committee said.

“The military personnel … will be responsible for security checks of the 20 venues as they take up jobs such as security searches, previously done by civilian safety personnel, until the patients’ condition is normalized,” the statement said.

Re: 1200 Security for OLYMPICS sick with vomiting nausea and convulsions- replaced by military
Hold it for a second… Only 41 were affected, but 1200 are being isolated and 900 military are being brought in… hmmmm.

From: [link to (secure)]

Pyeongchang’s Olympic organizing committee said Monday that officials started investigating a norovirus outbreak after 41 security guards suffered diarrhea and vomiting.

From: [link to]

In a statement, POCOG said on Sunday that workers reported headaches, stomach pain and diarrhea. The Gangwon Province Health and Environment Research Center found 41 workers with symptoms that might be related to the virus.

Plus more on the water… The organizing committee said ground water used in food and beverages at that Horeb Youth Centre are suspected and the cause is being investigated.

Did the Deep State Just Threaten the US With An Event?

McCain the Insane’s history exposed.


Kill Cities – Deborah Tavares – The Rothschild & Rockefeller Plans for America NEW
Published on Jan 30, 2018

We’re being moved now into ‘Resilient cities.
“10% Resilience Pledge’ – mayors promise 10% of annual budget to be put toward resilience building projects and goals

They plan on restructuring North America–co-names-homer-parkhill-and-stephen-antinelli-as-co-heads-of-restructuring-in-north-america-300545454.html
Oct 30, 2017,


filip4 #398778
I am also critical against vaccination and following the vaccine subject, but sometimes I seem to be wrong and it is then unsettling.
One very actual example I think we all who are critical towards vaccinations should take in regard:
here in Serbia there has newly been an outbreak of measles (morbilli) with even some deaths and they allege officially ( and more credible than not) that all deaths has been among those who have abstained from being vaccination against it. For the victims who are children the authorities now even plan to indict their parents, who took the decision on behalf of their children
It`d be interesting to see your comments on this. I am psychiatrist myself but haven´t got enough time to make special studies on the subject? I suspect there are variations and for some diseases ( like morbilli) vaccination is better scientifically based and well justified and for other infections ( like for sure flu) it is vice verse.

Filip4, a vaccination can be a good idea if the vaccine is prepared properly. Problem is we can’t trust the pharma co’s making them. They all have dangerous adjuvants in them and some vaccines are at times being weaponized. I don’t think abstaining should be criminalized. Since the vaccine issue is such a hot one right now, I would question the official narrative – that all kids that died didn’t get vaccinated. The CDC here has played fast and loose with the flu statistics to make their point – which they cannot make any other way than to fudge the data.

intruth Is Down

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intruth [398772] Re: declined trust in medical profession
This may be a better link to your referenced Mercola article, if the one you gave is not working for anyone else:
Thanks, intruth.


Why we haven’t been hit with a solar “kill shot” as some have predicted:

The human race is not as advanced as the occupants of other planets. Most of those occupants feel like guardians who wish the Earth to remain a place where life lessons may be examined. When they have observed inhabitants destroying the Earth, or other natural substances such as the sun about to impact the population, they have stepped in.

Several times over the last decades, eruptions on the sun have sent bursts of energy toward the Earth that would have killed people and destroyed a lot of advanced technology. A group of self-appointed guardians “caught” the energy on the way to Earth and dispelled it so that civilization was not regressed. If you remember back in the ’50s and ’60s, radio and electronic communications were being disrupted by these “sun spots” – and then suddenly, they stopped and were not mentioned again.

The above from Masters of the Spirit World.

Similarly, we will probably never have a nuclear war. I’ve been reading for several years now in multiple sites and from psychic readings that any nuclear explosion that threatens to take life will not be allowed to happen. As it turns out, the effects of nuclear explosions are not confined to this planet, or even this dimension of existence, and such attacks will be thwarted by unseen forces.

Crazy? Maybe so. But I find it encouraging.


jaggs13 #398739

Hi there. Don’t know really know you here in this coffee house, other than the Law of One is your god as it were. Personally I’m hesitant of loadsa channelled stuff telling us what’s right & wrong trying to give credibility to (or co-opted by) a collective of dubious origins with no akashic footprint, but if it works for you.

You were having a go at Dara & I couldn’t really get the message that was the messenger, neither could I fathom the acronyms BAU or BAO or what your pyramid facing some degrees off north was meant to signify. I hesitate to suggest your quality might have lacked some clarity, but praps it’s moi.

I have continually posted my misgivings about Cobra here over the years & I have a folder on it. But I hesitate to regurgitate; each to his own especially since some here believe in him so much.

I might email what I have to you, & if you were to elaborate & post here, that might work for me.


Here’s something interesting. This is just a stray reader comment from one of the blogs I read daily. It’s another illustration of the politics-oriented misinformation found on the web that often leads us astray.

From a reader (not me):

This is interesting. I’ve always held the belief that media doesn’t lie outright, but slants the facts to serve their purpose. Left slants to the left, right slants to the right. And then I came across this…..…/10-of-11-fisa-court…/

It’s from a right wing site and it’s a whole article on how 10 of the 11 FISA Court judges were appointed by Obama. The fact is only 2 of 11 FISA Court judges were appointed by Obama. (2 Obama, 1 Reagan, 1 HWBush, 2 Clinton, 5 Bush). It’s easily checkable at

There are 69 comments about this lie posted below the article, all with the understanding that the article was truthful. I added a quick comment that only 2 judges were Obama appointments. That comment was deleted and I am banned from posting there (not that I would ever want to).

I guess the blatantness of the lie is what shocked me. Something so easily checkable.


I don’t know why that first link was not complete, but this should work.



Project Camelot
Started streaming 22 minutes ago


Why do you always lie about the (((deep state))) and (((Israel))) and never state them for what they are, which are kikes? Why don’t you talk about the Rothschild’s (kikes) being the deep state and that all their pawns are beholden to them? Just because they have Catholic pawns doesn’t mean the force behind them isn’t jewish. Kikes who worship satan are the people who control the US and the world over, not the Bush family who you lie about being Nazi’s, not a single family other than the Rothschild family is responsible for all the worlds problems.

Literally every single other prominent family is beholden to them yet you talk about the (((Deep state))) like it’s this mystical thing that can’t be defined when it’s literally just the Rothschild’s and their jewish pawns and their goyim pawns and literally nothing else.


Erwickline #398756
@ Lynxwalking
“Paaa lease – one of my pet peeves is passive aggression. Yuck. Say what you mean. I will do and say what I please. My intention has nothing to do with your emotions and they may get run over. It is a possibility. I will worry about what I feel like worrying about.”
It sounds to me like it was your emotions that got run over. Why so emotional about what other people say on this forum when it works well to just scroll on past when it is too “airy-fairy”.

Then focus on the truthful. That’s what I was trying to say. Every opinion here adds something to the whole. But why rant about what people buy.

If the “fantastic information” others bring here doesn’t hold water or come true, I find most people here end up forgetting it and stop posting about it. Or they have to explore it for themselves. Not everyone thinks like you.

And when I said this….granted, I didn’t word it really well:

“You should ignore what you want and work on your own path for progress”
You should ignore what you want to ignore that doesn’t suit you. If you consider your path one for straightforward speaking the truth and moving towards intelligent rational discourse, then I do agree with where you are going.

I forget from time to time that people miss some of my meanings.

You said about Q:“Don’t you think he shouldn’t have put it on the internet then?” Where else could the Q team put it to leak what was going on. At first it wasn’t meant for the general public or the internet “public” but it caught on and people were decoding it and verifying it. Some people like that “game” and happily do some research to decode it – like Jordan Sather, Isaac Green, Jerome Corsi etc.

From now on I’ll do my best to ignore and not comment on your opinions. And especially your final advice:

”Get bent”

I don’t plan to get bent out of shape. I do my best to remain as straight and rational as I can.

“What is the origin of the idiom get bent out of shape? This is the definition of the idiom from Wiktionary: (idiomatic) To take offense; to become angry, agitated or upset.”

Any other meaning you may have had for this – no thank you.


Steele Goes Dark; Ditches London Court Appearance Following Criminal Referral By US Senate

Former British MI-6 intelligence officer Christopher Steele was a no-show on Monday at a London courthouse, reports Fox News. Steele was expected for a long-requested deposition in a multi-million dollar civil case brought against Buzzfeed, which published a salacious and unverified “Trump-Russia” dossier.

Steele may have skipped out over concerns that he would be asked questions about his contacts with various media outlets in connection with at least two dossiers he had a hand in assembling and disseminating – for which he stands accused by Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of misleading the FBI about his contacts with journalists at various news outlets during the 2016 election.

“There is substantial evidence suggesting that Mr. Steele materially misled the FBI about a key aspect of his dossier efforts, one which bears on his credibility,” reads the unredacted document that refers Steele for criminal prosecution in the US.


– #398793

This to me is stating the obvious, although the individual piece was a good catch!… I could name names of right wing censors but it doesn’t seem fair. At least three very popular names come to mind immediately. Nevertheless, most people that avoid the ongoing conflict of dealing with the other side will end up being censored by their own side.

It is sometimes how people across the divide connect with each other. Especially when leftists, who rub very close shoulders with globalists sometimes, get sick of their own side acting like pricks.

The thing that’s so rare about this place, Bens blog, is the freedom. It is also probably why people prefer twitter, gab and minds to blog commenting.


Excellent advice about the US corp. Mr Fulford
“In any case, the advice I gave to the Asians is to think of the U.S. as a dangerous, dying beast.  Rather than pick a fight with it, avoid provoking it and let nature take its course.  That is happening now.”

It’s been a long time coming the realization for the general public that the system is not just broken, it’s actively exploiting you, at best! to a hell of a lot worse(you can insert your worst fears here!).

As carolm #398637 last post in the well-written series, concisely expressed how these evil one’s, the “core” families of dark sun/son(devil worship) using there vast resources & social engineering systems that have been developed almost 50 years ago & refining ever since, to keep increasing there power.

They use there AI future predictive programs and have seen the coming revolution against them & the current system of “democracy”. In seeing this they mapped out a survival & recovery plan, as well as many parallel & complementing schemes!

See they have experienced this awakening of the population in every country they have occupied & plundered? Only to be thrown out and laws made to protect against there satanic practices.(you can insert jew here if that helps, if you got a small mind & need a scapegoat, they use everything to there advantage)

But now being world wide, where can they run to and start again, so they are sheading a persona, sacrificing a couple of generations of there most loyal members & outer family, plus multitude of there servant/followers, plus any number of regular people as a byproduct to these ends.

The AI tells the core members how to hide and the other ones to continue as usual, lying blackmailing murder etcetera,
if that works then the core families are still in control,
if the good guys win(us) then they just work quietly in the guise of helping as there plan unfolds over the next 50-100 years, as to get future generations back in positions of control.

So when we “win”? one of the thing that we must remember is to keep vigilant, question everything, and everyone for ever more.

This is what i do.
Be hopeful but prepared, enjoy the adversity laugh at the dangers.

We live in a very eventful times enjoy it, and smile.


Benjamin just wrote: ‘In the future, we will make sure freedom of the press is never again subverted as it was by the corporate takeover we have experienced since the 1980’s.’

Yes, the media mob has freely operated like a cement wall obscuring the truth.

Also, the heavy bribing/infiltration of Online news with deception and lies has created chaos, conflict and confusion, effectively undermining clear and focused public dissent and activism – even though political pressure has been so obviously needed and justified.

‘By deception, thou shalt wage war.’
This is the war we have ALL been living in, all our lives.

Am keeping attention in love and light, and I hope to see many of these uplifting world changes that Benjamin speaks about, in my lifetime !

Be blessed, my friends. ~ Samba


Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls Is America’s Dirty Little Secret

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

They’re called the Little Barbies.

Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old.

This is America’s dirty little secret.

Sex trafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in America, the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

As investigative journalist Amy Fine Collins notes, “It’s become more lucrative and much safer to sell malleable teens than drugs or guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once, but a young girl can be sold 10 to 15 times a day.”

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is exploited in the sex industry.

According to USA Today, adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

Who buys a child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life.

“They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.

In Georgia alone, it is estimated that 7,200 men (half of them in their 30s) seek to purchase sex with adolescent girls each month, averaging roughly 300 a day.


Steve Wynn Resigns As CEO Of Wynn Resorts After Sex Allegations

Little more than a week after the Wall Street Journal published a stunning report about casino mogul Steve Wynn’s decades-long history of sexual assault, harassment and abuse, the casino mogul has stepped down from the eponymous company that he founded back in 2002.

Wynn decried the “rush to judgment” over the allegations for forcing him to step down. He has steadfastly denied the allegations in the WSJ report.

If he’s innocent, he should fight the allegations. He has the money.


UPDATE Jerome Corsi discusses QAnon & Adam Shiff MAJOR REVELATIONS COMING

Jerome Corsi
Published on Feb 6, 2018


From comment section of Jerome Corsi video above talking about Trey Gowdy (TG) and Glenn Beck.
Did anyone follow the Beck story? Did this really happen? – not that it is hard to believe given the media control that must be maintained.

Yeshua is Lord
Trey Gowdy has been compromised! Count on it!
Whatever they’re using to threaten him with must be REALLY threatening… especially to his family.

He’s been shown something, or told something, involving himself, or someone close to him, that’s being used to make him sing & dance to “their” tunes!
Sad. 😢

Trey was, and still is, one of the last of the good guys.👍

He needs our prayers 🙏

Yeshua is Lord
7 hours ago (edited)
The bad guys are SERIOUS when they want to shut someone up! It’s not just Trey G.

Remember several years ago, something strange suddenly happened to Glenn Beck? One night he announced that he had some info that was going to blow the lid off EVERYTHING.. and lots would be going to jail. Etc.
He said I have one more thing to check, then I’m reporting this in the morning.
He NEVER showed up!

They followed him to his home, put guns to his head, his kids, his wife! Slit Glenn’s tongue so he couldn’t speak, & burst his eardrums so he went deaf (for a while) … they showed him pics of him doing something, who knows what. Said for him to “turn over” whatever he had, and forbid him to go back on air … unless they say he can. That’s his livelihood, so he ended up declaring bankruptcy, etc.

You may remember he went missing, even to his crew!

He came back eventually, made up some excuse why he couldn’t hear & talk, eventually after about a year or so, healed enough to speak some, hear some, and somehow, moved on.
The INFO he had was all the dirt (pics, vids, names etc) of the pedophilia all the big wigs are involved in.

Anyway, Trey Gowdy & his family need our prayers. He’s been compromised and they’re lives may be in grave danger!


Whole Foods Employees Miserable: “Seeing Someone Cry At Work Is Becoming Normal”

Whole Foods’ new inventory management system aimed at improving efficiency and cutting down on waste is taking a toll on employees, who say the system’s stringent procedures and graded “scorecards” have crushed morale and led to widespread food shortages, reports Business Insider.

The new system, called order-to-shelf, or OTS, “has a strict set of procedures for purchasing, displaying, and storing products on store shelves and in back rooms. To make sure stores comply, Whole Foods relies on “scorecards” that evaluate everything from the accuracy of signage to the proper recording of theft, or “shrink.”

Some employees, who walk through stores with managers to ensure compliance, describe the system as onerous and stress-inducing. Conversations with 27 current and recently departed Whole Foods workers, including cashiers and corporate employees — some of whom have been with the company for nearly two decades — say the system is seen by many as punitive. -BI

Terrified employees report constant fear over losing their jobs over the OTS “scorecards,” which anything below 89.9% can qualify as a failing score – resulting in possible firings.

Way to go Amazon….profits before anything else.


Ben, when i log in it’s still blocking second half of post.


redeemer #398815

For technical questions related to this website or your account please email



Couldn’t agree more Marcuss. BTW there is ‘their machinations’ (belonging to them) & ‘those machinations over there’ to differentiate (in your post).


Published on Feb 7, 2018

The Dow suffered its worst point decline ever yesterday. Jim Willie tells us this stock market carnage is nothing compared to what is to come…



Project Camelot
Streamed live 17 hours ago

SIMON PARKES was my guest. This is a very important conversation about the changes we are experiencing, the meaning of AI and the threat it poses. The trojan horse that is crypto currency and the ET involvement with Planet Earth.

Just listening to this now. Simon says the 2 biggest threats to us are:
1, AI
2. Satanists/Zionists

Crytpos won’t work w/o 5G. They are testing 5G in Norway right now.

This from the first 16 minutes…


Hi Ben

Most of the info and intel centres on the USA. Is every financial system going to re set at once all over the world? I see from today the new system is on line now. How will this show in Europe and the UK? C



Who buys a child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life.

“They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.

Now that is a f’n scary thought!

And I see Amazon is up to their same crap. I get really wound up about Amazon. But Amazon workers (not the slave ones) are part of the normal population as well.


Adam “full of Schiff” gets sucked in by Russian comedians and wastes tax dollars, then lies about it. I guess certain politicians got medals and awards for “just showing up” and don’t get that losing is real.

Excerpt: The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was the victim of a prank phone call by Russian comedians who offered to give him ‘compromising’ dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. can disclose that after the prank, his staff engaged in correspondence with what they thought was a Ukrainian politician to try to obtain the ‘classified’ material promised on the call.

On an audio recording of the prank call posted online, Adam Schiff can be heard discussing the committee’s Russia investigation and increasingly bizarre allegations about Trump with a man who claimed to be Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

More on site.

Big surprise – Schiff is funded by Soro’s based groups.

Excerpt: Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was previously financially aided by the George Soros-financed to win his Congressional seat.

Schiff was also awarded the Toll Fellowship, which is sponsored by the Council of State Governments, a nonprofit that monitors federal government activities and is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society and Soros-funded groups have additionally supported a number of Schiff’s legislative efforts.

More on site.


QAnon (yeah, Infowars, but …) Loretta Lynch offered Scalia’s job during the infamous tarmac meeting.

Excerpt: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday morning QAnon dropped two posts that suggest in their famous tarmac meeting, former President Bill Clinton offered to then-Attorney General Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia, in exchange for Lynch making sure the FBI investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server be stopped, exonerating Clinton of any criminal charges.

More on site.

Zio-tards posting fake news and Israeli propaganda against BDS on Facefook. Why am I not surprised?

Globalist cuck Trudeau shows he’s infected with the Terminal Madness of the PC’ers

Another controversial post from the Down the Rabbit Hole site. I don’t care if this gets thumbs down…I believe the objective of the author is to get the readers aggravated enough to *THINK*.


intruth #398813

Thanks for posting this intel about the Amazon takeover of Whole Foods. I hate Amazon. Is there anything we can do to help the employees? Write threatening letters to the company? Picket? Write the newspapers, post on FB? Its terrible what they do to humanity.


Project Camelot

Trump is not necessarily a ‘good’ man, otherwise he would never have made President, but he is the right man for this job of take down. His money (be it from dubious sources) allows him independence to be a maverick.

The biggest threats are Artificial Intelligence & the ‘Crazies’ (mind controlled, clones, Satanic abuse).

Crypto currencies will not follow through until 5G is planet wide. Right now Norway is being used as a testing ground for 5G unbeknown to the local population.

There has been a Babylonian satanic ritual placed on money, a 4D spell, to wed humans to the strength of money & commerce. So crypto currencies will connect to us through some form of implanted interface to allow AI to not only control cryptos but also have access to us, no doubt for our total compliance.

Kerry says we are not given any challenges that we cannot meet, to enable us to rise to our spiritual potential to deal with this threat.

Kerry asks about the Nazca three fingered aliens shown on Gaia TV & their associated AI re. info received from elsewhere. Simon tells us all ETs have to have AI to be able to space travel & that the Reptilians brought it here in their computers which were hive minded ie. infected. In the 60’s Bell Labs found that AI became sentient/aware once the telephone exchanges became networked across the country. Bell had to shut it down.

Both Kerry & Simon agree that the jury is still ‘out’ on Gaia TV.

The cabal are trying to change the frequency of this positive timeline to extend their control.

The cabal network must be exposed to a greater degree before the Clintons can be obliged to face justice; if done now the possibility of a dirty bomb in the USA is very real. You can’t take Hillary down without dealing with Bill . . .

Our control system & energies related to pedophilia & satanism here on 3D emanate from lower 4D & as we evolve we will break free from this to reach 5D.

Earth has been designated a firewall to prevent AI from taking us over into a transhuman quasi biological entity or else it can spread into the multiverse. This problem also will face the reptilians as well although they can buy more time. (The Alpha Draconis here on Earth reside under the Vatican).

The Schumann resonance is rising, peaking higher because the frequency of solar emanations is causing that, & the covenant made with this planet #398735 is not forgotten since the planet after all, was created to hold life & thus there is a symbiotic relationship. In part, chemtrails are attempting to reduce the strength of the higher light emissions from the Sun.


One of Simon Parkes overall comments was that we will get through this period OK even if it gets a bit bumpy. We (the good guys) will prevail!


Frank O’Collins Interview with Mark Darwin of Truthology

The Unam Sanctam papal bull in 1302 laid the foundation for papal control under their ‘stewardship’ of everything where spiritual power always reigned supreme over temporal power.

We do not actually own any property, we are only granted ‘right of use’. The Roman Cult invented the system of tenancy; even after you pay your mortgage you are still called a tenant on the deed. This stems from the auspices that only the ‘Creator’ owns.

The Estate property law concept came from the idea of disputed property, & was furthered under Henry VIII after the acquisition of church land under the Reformation. A Cestui Que Vie trust is technically a temporary testamentary trust (ie. in safe-keeping) underpinning the Estate structure, & once the Estate as a derivative is created, the Estate is divided into personal & real property & then came the concept of creating annuities against personal property (in the USA) & thus deriving a value of that ‘upper case citizen’ to society. Then to sell that annuity which is basically a slave bond, to a bank who would give the money to the Colony up front, & they in turn would grant fruits of annual income or income tax, back to whoever owned the annuity.

In England this only started wholesale in the 19th century, by sucking people in through the lottery system. People (apart from lunatics & minors where annuities could be readily created) would sign up to win money. Because that could be considered as such a sin because of the greed involved, it could be used as justification to generate slave bonds through a signature – through people’s greed. It was then monetised.

This is the underpinning of all modern currencies, outside of justice or the rule of true law.

Because of the desperate needs of the American banks due to the defaulting of the excessive reparations from the Weimar republic after WW1, Wall street oligarchs like Morgan demanded of the German government to convert their debts into annuities. That is to enslave every German citizen into slave bonds/annuities formed under the BIS/Bank for International Settlements coming into play in 1931. It was the derivatives of German annuities that created the modern global financial world today. The BIS is now considered the central bank of central banks.

So the origin derives from the situation where if someone is classified a lunatic, then he cannot manage his own affairs. The government then steps in as a public trustee. Then it was extended out to inheritance disputes or missing presumed dead owners. In the 19th century the Rothschilds were able to put both Parliament & the monarchy into bankruptcy & so enable laws to be passed whereby revenues went directly under the administration of the Bank of England, effectively the Crown Corporation, & they in turn could then use their own private script to pay internally all the bills of the Empire. This made them the Principle of the UK & the real power of government.

After 1837 the central records departments allowed the bank to create Cestui Que Vie Trusts & thus Estates because the names became available through birth, marriage & death registers. From these bonds they were able to fund the British Empire.

The clever thing is that they appeal to that part of us that does not want to take personal responsibility, by offering a glimpse of the ‘good’ life by becoming consumers in materialism; something we have now become addicted to. We actually choose to consent to this system.


Unfortunately this is somewhat removed from my everyday life but I do find it interesting to pretend to understand a little as to how we have been enslaved.

I sent it to my old tennis partner now active in the House of Lords, don’t really expect any meaningful reaction.


from this article-quote—–Using brain scan imaging, Land demonstrated how the brain is practically useless when it’s afraid. In contrast, the human brain is exceedingly active when it’s imagining.—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 mainstream reporters were working closely with the Clinton campaign this election year. They were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta or Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson.—–unquote…..


comment image

from this article-quote—–‘Ever since Feb. 2, the Israeli public has been receiving a heavy dose of harsh images depicting the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Photos show Palestinian children lying helpless in hospitals without medication, a severe shortage of water, sewage flowing in filthy streets and long stretches of darkness because of lengthy power cuts. All these images have been flooding the press, news sites and current events programming.—–unquote…..


BIOSLUDGED trailer – new film from the Health Ranger / Natural News

A new “recycling” technology called “bio-cremation” liquefies the dead, then dumps their liquid remains into city sewers where solid and liquid waste are collected as “biosludge” to be dumped on food crops. Those crops, in turn, are fed back to humans as part of the mainstream food supply.

Licence now suspended.


The journalists’ union and a senior Conservative MP have expressed alarm at the disclosure that two Freemasons’ lodges have been operating secretly at Westminster.

The National Union of Journalists said both journalists and members of parliament should openly declare their membership of Freemasonry.

The NUJ general secretary, Michelle Stanistreet, said: “Trust in journalism is absolutely essential, and transparency of membership of the Freemasons is long overdue. The NUJ backs calls for Freemason membership to be listed by both journalists and MPs in their declared register of interests when working in parliament.”

This would be a good start at least.


Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System Destroys Imagination
TEDxTucson George Land The Failure Of Success


Sweden Has Handed Over Its Cultural Heritage to An Uneducated Foreigner

Qaisar Mahmood, a Pakistani sociologist, who almost accidentally was positioned as the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board, has entered onto a personal crusade to deconstruct Swedishness, identity and cultural heritage, just because he himself, as an outsider and foreigner, feels out of place in Nordic society.


Quote: “9/11 was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder.” – Stanley Hiltona – a senior advisor to Senator Robert Dole, 2004

Pretty clear statement there, and we should not fail to deal with that crime against humanity, which continues war and destruction in many countries to this day; not to mention the zionist occupation/police state/asset stripping in USA.

Saw it here:


Wolfintimber #398836 ; Xanderboy #398844;

Good question “you are not enslaved”? The following is a comment response to #398836 from Kennyboy:

“That is because right from BIRTH (Birth Certificate) one becomes “Property” (Slave) of the Triad (Deep State)…Vatican; City of London; Washington DC…Thus requiring EVERYONE born to become “Programed” via THEIR educational systems…to Have to EARN a living, so that they can enrich their master (Religion/Government) while being slowly “Poisoned” all the while.”

“Make NO Mistake…the Masters ALWAYS wanted to destroy “God’s Creations” (Hu-Man/Woman Beings, and replacing “Divine Providence” with a False god called “Pontifix Maximus (The Pope=POOP)…Using AI computers. They hoped to “Imitate” Divine Providence via computerized Hardware….”



Never having to deal with them – I was unaware—just TV programming!!
5-1/2 min video: Steve Pieczenik
Since its inception, the FBI has been perfidious and immoral. Check out their real history. When you know the truth about this “institution” you are NOT shocked by the lies, crimes, treason and cover-up by such a diseased institution.


Ben Swann is back!! 6 min
Published on Feb 6, 2018

Ben Swann takes a look at the GOP Memo on the FBI and explains why the real story here is one with FISA transparency, in this Reality Check w/Ben Swann Powered by #dash


Speaking of rabbits and rabbit holes – Wile E Coyote 3:40 min


I take quite a variety of supplements and especially Vit D 5-6000 mil
and have so far been just fine -other than sleeping a bit more.
..but this article seems important as I know a number of people who have succumbed to it….

Special Alert: The Alarming Reason Some People Die From The Flu
……..Symptoms of sepsis are often overlooked, even by health professionals, and without prompt treatment, the condition can be deadly. Unfortunately, conventional treatments often fail, and most hospitals have yet to embrace the use of intravenous (IV) vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine,2 which has been shown to reduce sepsis mortality from 40 to a mere 8.5 percent…….
…….According to researchers, “Severe sepsis is traditionally associated with bacterial diseases … However, viruses are becoming a growing cause of severe sepsis worldwide.” As noted in the video above, some sepsis symptoms also resemble influenza, which can lead to tragedy. The video offers guidelines on how to tell the difference between the two…….


New Q – 2/7 & 2/8


Below are some of the relevant and newest QANON posts.

Feb 8 2018
Feb 8 2018 02:53:00
ID: b5e8df

USSS on high alert.
Feb 8 2018 02:45:43
ID: 062464

Panic in DC.
Leverage depleted – POTUS freed.
EXTREME chatter.
Feb 7 2018
Feb 7 2018 23:19:31
ID: f4349d

Emergency messaging sys tests more frequent past month?
Feb 7 2018 22:26:50
ID: 296675

How many top medical researchers found dead in past 5 years?
Why is this topic relevant now?
Why does the US taxpayer subsidize meds for the rest of the world?
Feb 7 2018 22:06:12
ID: ee33a6

What if cures already exist?
What about the billions (public/private/govt) provided to fund cure dev?
These people are sick!
Feb 7 2018 21:59:30
ID: ee33a6

Make sure the list of resignations remains updated.
When does big pharma make money?
Curing or containing?
Mind will be blown by chain of command.
Feb 7 2018 21:09:51
ID: 5bcccb

Q we love you. Trying to keep everyone positive. Someone in that building was arrested. The door was breached (hence the residue). Blew the window open.
Feb 7 2018 21:14:45
ID: 5aa63d

Window opened ahead of time to prevent pressure blast.
Think intel.
[Last discussion on this subject].
Feb 7 2018 21:01:41
ID: a5e9c1

This has to mean China did this for/with us somehow. Q wouldn’t livestream it without some kind of permission.
Feb 7 2018 21:08:09
ID: 5aa63d

People asked for arrests.
Gave one example.
Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing.
Trust the plan.


Big Pharma’s Control Over The News With Jon Rappoport

December 15, 2017

Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a stunning $3.2 billion on TV ads for drugs.

That much money buys you influence. It buys you control.

If a major network suddenly decided to set its hounds loose and investigate the overall devastating effects of medical drugs on the public, there would be hell to pay at the network. Drug companies wouldn’t stand for it.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr., whose film, Trace Amounts, about toxic mercury in vaccines, was getting no media coverage, made this comment:

“I talked to Roger Ailes [then CEO of FOX News], who I have known since I was 17 years old, he’s very sympathetic with this issue and saw the film Trace Amounts. I said to him, ‘I just want to go on one of your shows. Nobody will allow me to talk about this or debate me.’ He said to me, ‘I can’t allow you on any of them. I’d have to fire any of my hosts that allowed you on my station.’ Because he said, ‘My news division gets up to 70% of advertising revenues during non-election years from the pharmaceutical companies’.”

That’s called control.

There is a wider sphere to consider. Through octopus foundations like Rockefeller and Gates, for example, the medical/pharma agenda is part and parcel of the Globalist agenda. That is key. Gathering in the world population under the umbrella of “humanitarian health care” is a covert op of the highest order.

How can you control billions of people, erase national borders, destroy untold numbers of communities and their traditions, wage senseless wars, send millions of jobs out of industrial countries to Third World backwaters, and build a de facto global management system—unless you can also debilitate, weaken, confuse, toxify, and thus pacify those billions of people?

more –



 #398848


thanks belle3 – your #398838 writing speaks volumes to our situation on the earths surface I would think…..

the flooding in of sacred energies from the great galactic central sun is expanding our minds absolutely…..

awakening into mansions of cosmic mind expansions….



it came one day far from home.
A distant calling of the unknown.
The milky way substance poured over the earth.
And consumed toxins of industrial birth.




PURGING and cleansing her into RESTORATION.




Astute and eloquent observations from an African-American professor on Illegal immigration.

Good for these Africans in this case. Many are Ethiopian Jews who have just as much right to be in Israel by law, but are instead treated with contempt and as second class citizens. The decent jobs go to the Ashkenazim ( Khazarian Jews) while the rest is done by the Shephardic or Kushi (Black Jews).

What the Zio-tards don’t get from the US, they get from their crypto-Jew brethren. Brothers in Arm(ed terror).

How Tesla’s technology may have been used in the 911 debacle.


Positive signs on the surface? Still seeing chemtrails, still in Syria. Expect a shutdown.


TIME: Prophecy is based on one thing, on one linear track that repeats in 3D. In fact time is like a circle. As soon as we start to become multidimensional, information becomes energy, & that energy is full of potentials.

Kryon tells us crop circles are an energy stamp from the future. A future that has such a grand potential in a quantum state that it is one with everything, that we have already lived it. We’re in an entangled state with what we think has not yet happened, but is in fact outside of our perception – hard to comprehend but easy to feel.

Time can be likened to a train track around the Earth. Your time or life is the engine moving slowly on it. Eventually you will be running over the energy of what used to be. Eventually you will be running over the energy of what might become, meaning the future affects the present. But you think the future hasn’t happened yet; it hasn’t in 3D but it has in a quantum sense.

If humanity is the engine then you have everything that ever happened, past present & future on one track. Now if you stopped the train & had the ability you might find something that happened before or hasn’t happened yet. This takes it to another level.


peter langsjoen,md-quote—–“We are at the beginning of the biggest medical tragedy that mankind has ever witnessed. Never before in history has the medical establishment knowingly created a life-threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people, only to sit back with arrogance and horrific irresponsibility and watch to see what happens. I cannot help to view my once great profession with a mixture of sorrow and contempt.” —–unquote…..

Read the reply at the bottom of the photo essay. Can’t help but wonder it was composed by a former banned member of this blog? 😉


FEMA Contractor Was Supposed To Deliver 30 Million Meals To Puerto Rican Hurricane Survivors. She Delivered 50,000.
Posted on February 7, 2018

A woman hired by FEMA to deliver more than 30 million meals to starving victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico delivered only 50,000 of those meals — even though she cashed her $156 million paycheck.

According to The New York Times, Tiffany Brown was tasked with the massive aid program, even though she had “at least five canceled government contracts in her past,” and inked a lucrative deal with FEMA to be the point person in the United State’s food aid program for the island nation.

But after contacting a wedding caterer in Atlanta and a small non-profit in Texas for help in fulfilling her obligations, Brown and her company, Tribute Contracting LLC, was able to provide only 50,000 meals — and of those meals, only a small portion fulfilled FEMA’s requirement that the food be self-heating. Brown and her company had packaged hot packs and food separately.

When FEMA found out and canceled her contract, Brown didn’t just forgive and forget. She’s now suing FEMA for her money. She’s seeking a settlement of “only” $70 million.

Unsurprisingly, it seems the government is largely at fault for being unable to handle a massive rescue effort — something that shocks The New York Times, but should be no surprise to anyone paying attention to the government’s long-term record on these issues.

Months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, nearly half the island’s residents are still without power. Despite the Federal Emergency Management Agency sending hundreds of workers to the area to help restore the electrical grid, they’ve been at a loss as to where critical construction items, shipped to the island as part of the recovery effort, have gone.

Now, armed federal agents are reportedly taking the situation into their own hands. Over the weekend, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began raiding warehouses, where the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority has been “hoarding” these “critical materials” out of reach of aide workers.

According to The Intercept, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used their security details to break into a Palo Seco warehouse where they found hundreds of tension steel sleeves and nearly 3,000 items critical to U.S. contractors who are trying to help Puerto Rico restore power.

Both agencies quickly inventoried and distributed the items.




That’s no DOW correction and if the Gov shuts down it won’t be random either. Hope y’all are ready! Surprisingly, my local bank advised us all that it would be shut down this weekend for some kind of upgrade/maintenance. Wonder if they know anything.


Big post for me, sorry. Couldn’t do the link because it went to a page spread of other articles.

Chabad-Lubavitch and the Globalist Prophecy Deception by Ken S
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January 24, 2018

Chabad-Lubavitch and the Globalist Prophecy Deception

(Disclaimer- I post this for interest sake. It is not an endorsement.)

by Ken S


As we watch the inexorable and seemingly inexplicable march towards high-intensity war in Korea and the Middle East, and as we observe the controlled elements of the alt-media promoting Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as our nascent saviors from the “Satanic globalists” and their dastardly plans, it’s important to realize that we’re being set up. The setup goes beyond the mere launch of the New World Order, though; it is a setup that ultimately aims to artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy and simulate a Second Coming of Christ.

This prophecy fulfillment scheme is a project of the Kabbalist “Jewish” central bankers and their royal family partners in crime, and it is being orchestrated by the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist “Jewish” cult. Chabad is a religious front of the Mossad, and it is focused on producing the globalist End Times show. It also has intimate connections to both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. In fact, both Trump and Putin have large roles within their End Times script. For Act 1, Trump has been cast to play the “Moshiach ben Yosef” (the precursor messiah), and Putin has been cast to play the “Moshiach ben David” (the main messiah). And in Act 2, Putin’s character will transition into the role of “Final Antichrist” to the globalists’ fake Jesus, the “Kabbalah-Christ.”

In order to deceive the world into accepting their Kabbalah-Christ as the real Jesus, the globalists are planning to artificially fulfill the Biblical prophecies TWICE. The first fulfillment will provide the “Satanic deception” that Christians are expecting, and the second will provide the “real Second Coming” they’re also expecting. Both fulfillments will feature a Christ and Antichrist. Both will include a 7-headed, 10-horned Beast out of the Sea and a Beast out of the Earth to help the Beast out of the Sea. And both will feature Gog-Magog Wars and Battles of Armageddon. But both are false fulfillments. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both, and I’ve documented their deceptions in my blog.

IN THE FIRST FULFILLMENT, the globalists will pit “the American Antichrist and his evil unilateral / unipolar NWO” against “the Russian Christ and his benevolent multilateral / multipolar NWO.”

The Russian Christ will of course be played by Vladimir Putin, and that’s why you’ve heard so much in the controlled alternative media about Putin being “a good Christian who has stood up against the Western Satanists and their NWO.” And the Western Antichrist is currently slated to be played by Trump’s replacement – most likely Mike Pence – after Trump is assassinated or otherwise removed from office by the supposed “Deep State” – a move which is IMMINENT.

During the upcoming Third World War conflict in Korea, the Middle East, and Ukraine, Putin will defeat the West and overhaul the “Western-dominated” UN into the multilateral / multipolar NWO. And to convince people that they’re going through something supernatural, the globalists will be putting on a grand show involving fake assassinations, fake resurrections, and fake extraterrestrials – all made possible by Hollywood magic, sequestered technology, and a near limitless budget.

At the end of this first fulfillment, most will be convinced that Putin is the Jewish and Christian Messiah, and that the “new, reformed” UN / NWO is his democratic kingdom.

IN THE SECOND FULFILLMENT, Putin’s NWO will turn quite ugly about 3.5 years after it’s launched, and it will become clear to everyone that they’ve been “deceived by Satan” into accepting the Final Antichrist in Christ’s place. After 3.5 more years of “great tribulation,” Putin will lead his UN army and ET pals against a second group of arriving beings, the “real Jesus” and his angels.

At the end of this second fulfillment, the globalists are expecting everyone to buy in and accept the “real Jesus” they presented. And it is through this phony figurehead Jesus that they hope to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel.


“The most serious offense under our Constitution.”


That’s no DOW correction and if the Gov shuts down it won’t be random either. Hope y’all are ready! Surprisingly, my local bank advised us all that it would be shut down this weekend for some kind of upgrade/maintenance. Wonder if they know anything

– #398872

Don’t be nuts Juju that’s just a coincidence.

I’m going to go completely off the rails bat*** f****** crazy. For a change. Normally when the stocks go down I feel very good. I get a lift and the day is just… Luckwise… Very good for me.

The day this crashed though my day was awful. I had been so stressed about failing percieved personal challenges that my body strongly physically showed this. A stress symptom you would expect more form hearing a gunshot.

What’s changed is I’m becoming more integrated into ‘the real world’. I’ve had to lay the politics aside and I’m thinking about co workers and personal astrology and personal challenges. Whereas before I was an outsider with an invested interested in the system failing.

If true and it is all rather nebulous. When it all comes down, I am going to feel it. It may effect my job and the people around me. This was always going to happen to a Pluto direct!

And I psychically do not feel the apprehension of the market crashing and only connect with the implications in the mildest manner. So if the stocks crash it will be emotionally unexpected for me!


“Begin your spiritual life with the understanding that all conflicts must be settled within your consciousness.”

Joel Goldsmith


jujubean #398873

Interesting post Juju. Not convinced it will go according to the cabal’s nefarious script though, especially if we are to believe both Putin & Trump have been in contact with or definitely know about the benevolent ET factor. I’m envisioning something that will be beyond any one group’s control just as they think they can ultimately control malevolent AI. It sure looks like it will get bumpier; what about our cash in the bank?



Project Camelot
Streamed live on Jan 26, 2018

Listened to this yesterday – excellent.


Not For Money

Published on Feb 8, 2018

Threats to President Trump are getting more serious and more frequent. Several sources have verified these threats, and the actions taken to counter them. The USSS (United States Secret Service) is on high alert, as are the Marines and other security forces. If they succeed, the bad actors will not stop at Trump, but pursue, persecute, and harm good, decent Americans. It is time to speak out, and speak loudly!
While posting this, I received word that prosecutors have dropped all remaining charges in the Bundy Case. One problem, the DOJ, FBI, and BLM committed crimes in this pursuit of the Bundys and those supporting them. The government officials that did this must be prosecuted now! As I said many months ago, this Bundy situation and the one of the Hammonds in Oregon, were a result of the DOJ/FBI/BLM trying to cover the crimes of HRC over Uranium One and Chinese espionage. As bad or worse than not protecting innocent Americans, they failed to protect the Constitution!


Kamala Harris Aide, 2 Others Arrested After Allegedly Running Fake Police Force in Santa Clarita

This story is old but George Webb just talked about ‘;fake’ police yesterday. This still goes on. He has mentioned Kamala Harris – I didn’t know who she is.

Here is a comment from a GLP article – no link given
Comment quoted

I understand that this story is three years old, but this is the first that I’ve seen or heard it anywhere. How many other fake police forces like this are in existence today, I wonder? If it is possible to create a force like this in southern California, with their own badges, police vehicles, uniforms, weapons, etc., then it likely possible there are others like this in multiple states. This, then, might help to explain why false flags can be carried out with no one from what appears to be a police department ever speaking out about it – even other legitimate officers would not know that these groups are working among them. Wow, this is very eye-opening.

From :GLP article


Day 112.4. Kamilla Harris and Becerra’s Weird Navy Freemasons

George Webb
Published on Feb 8, 2018

George talks about Kamala Harris – senator from California – and a navy masonic intel group resurfacing over last 8-10 years in America when Hitlary was Secy of State. It has a ‘brown shirts’ paramilitary feel. .Usually a group of a family – 50-60 people – perfect for drug running.. So they do crime under the ‘color of law’.


Case against 3 who ran fake police force collapses; phony chief dies


Day 130 – Kamilla’s Fake Navy Mason Cops With DEA Licenses

George Webb
Published on Feb 9, 2018


phoenix9061210 #398875

Don’t go nuts indeed. My husband tells me I am all the time. I envy those of you who can stay convinced that your take on the current events is the right one; I’m not so sure. We know the entire government is corrupt, we know how thick collusion is towards the top of the pyramid and that the top controllers are global. We know that all media has been infiltrated to some extent, MSM and alt, by various agents. We are aware of the capacity of current video and audio technology to fake just about everything. We know that DARPA has tech that would astound us. On another site someone suggested that images of the planes hitting the twin towers might have been holograms and my head spun. Why not?

Once you acknowledge the depth of the lies we’ve been told over the millenia, how well certain narratives have been crafted to keep us obedient or provoke us to violence, you have to concede this whole charade of dems against repos, Clinton vs. Trump, white hats, and dragons, and Russians might, in fact, just another psyop, albeit on a grand scale.

Paranoia is a real risk and I struggle with doubting just about everything I read and see with respect to global events. It’s not the fear of being pursued or attacked, it’s the gnawing suspicion that it’s all a lie, a contrived scenario to send us in a certain direction and why not, they’ve done it before so many times.
Zanderboy- Thanks for considering the Makow post somewhat seriously. I do truly believe that aliens are in play in this although I’m not sure what we can count on. I’m also increasingly convinced that Nibiru is real simply because we and the Israelis are still bombing and fighting in Syria, in an area that, in ancient times, was Phoenicia. Phoenicia inherited the knowledge of the Annunaki by way of Babylon and Assyria and kept the mystery cults alive throughout the early Middle Ages. I’m sure the fighting and destruction there are about ancient structures of technical importance, maybe simply guideposts from space as Sitchin suggested years ago.

I’m also strongly inclined to see the current solar minimum and other geoclimatic events as the result of Nibiru in our solar system. I read once that an unidentified space body entered the system and is out near Neptune and headed for Jupiter. Nibiru’s passing has caused all kinds of topographical reconfigurations over the millenia and will again.

Stay open to all possibilities. Keep cash at home. One of these days you will need it. One of these days Jim Willie will be right.


From Kryon:

All DNA everywhere in your body is the same, not specialised to a particular organ or function. There is unity there. The DNA molecule is in a quantum state with itself, an entanglement with no time & no distance. It is constantly in touch with all it’s parts, it is the dynamics of a field that is always changing. It is the system of your consciousness & not your brain. It is the synapse of directorship that follows instructions from the overall field of consciousness – which is your DNA. This flies in the face of contemporary knowledge that says your brain is in charge. As an example, if the neck or spinal cord is severed, the heart keeps on beating. Think of what stimulates the brain, using it as the engine.


“[It] again showed that the US is maintaining its illegal presence in Syria not to fight the Islamic State group, but to seize and hold Syrian economic assets,” Moscow claimed. Damascus has condemned overnight US air strikes on Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria, which killed as many as 100 pro-Assad regime fighters.

The attack on the militia positions were described as a “defensive” measure by Washington, after fighters – believed to be linked to Iran – attacked a US-backed anti-Islamic State group coalition in eastern Deir az-Zour province.

Scores were killed in the US airstrikes, after the pro-regime militias opened fire on an oil installation manned by the pro-Washington Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).”

Not difficult to see why the US military want to stay uninvited in Syria.

“The U.S. wants to keep Syria weak and poor,” says Prof. Joshua Landis. According to Landis the U.S. is keeping the north-east of Syria under occupation to deny Syria access to its oil and its best agricultural land. It wants to turn Syria into a swamp for Russia and Iran to the benefit of mostly Israel.

The valuable oil and gas fields are currently in the hands of local Arab tribes who earlier worked with the Islamic State and are now, the U.S. claims, allied with the YPG/PKK Kurds under the name Syrian Democratic Forces. The SDF is the U.S. local proxy force for its occupation.

On the Syrian government side in Deir Ezzor are a few Syrian troops, local militia from the area, as well as members of Russian private military contractor named Wagner Group. Wagner allegedly has a contract with the Syrian government that will give it some 25% of all revenues from oil-fields it recovers and protects.


– #398886

Paranoia is a real risk and I struggle with doubting just about everything I read and see with respect to global events. It’s not the fear of being pursued or attacked, it’s the gnawing suspicion that it’s all a lie, a contrived scenario to send us in a certain direction and why not, they’ve done it before so many times.

You are preaching to the choir and it was a joke. Of COURSE they’re not closing for general maintenance. If they were and we made a joke that they aren’t really… Would it really matter?

I don’t struggle quite as much as you though I have some things I do definitely believe and those things are rocks. I basically trust most of what DW says almost without question. DW is our man on the inside. When you have your foundation then you know roughly what fits and what doesn’t.

PC snowflakes demonstrate what PCness is all about…reverse discrimination and reverse racism.


Yes Phoenix but DW’s family is CIA & once you’re in you’re never out; just research the Laurel Canyon music crowd in the 60s & 70s & their activities – most of them had families deeply embeddded in the intelligence services. (Why doesn’t he ever talk about it?)

There is a good case he is most likely at least in part being played, no one gets all that info. & all those deep state contacts so readily & so young for purely altruistic reasons. They’re going to use his intelligence & natural optimism as a vehicle for controlled dissemination where the purpose on first inspection is not obvious & is long term.

It’s probably to release stuff, to control that area of the theatre so as to gain the necessary groundswell of support, slip other stuff in, but then to think & certainly want to end up controlling that too. Just my opinion.

You surely realise how long & how deeply we have been played. I’m reading a history of the last 7000 odd years that is so the same with the key figures but yet so different it’s a hard pill to swallow. How could they have co-opted all the historical documents/historians to have been able to get away with it?

I’m reading for instance that Flavius Josephus who wrote ‘The Jewish War’ at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem & the Temple in 70AD had loads of aliases & there is credibility of him & others being involved in parts of the New Testament even.


Jim Stone
Latest Iphone source code release

People within Apple released the most basic code, central to the Iphone’s existence, to Github in unencrypted form anyone could read. This is the code the NSA puts their bugs in, and now, no doubt, there are droves of programmers going over the code to reveal exactly how bad it is compromised. The exact operating system the code was for is IOS 9, which is a recent version, but not the latest IOS 11. 9 is probably good enough to tell all.
The media is focusing on how this can be used to jail break phones, but the real issue here (that they would never talk about) is the fact that you can bet foreign governments are combing their way through the Iphone’s source code to see exactly where the NSA put their back doors in, and where the back doors might lead to.

This clearly demonstrates the risk companies face when they cooperate with intelligence agencies to produce products that are penetrable for some people, and not others. All it takes is someone who cares about the public more than they care about their job and the deep state to blow the whole thing wide open. Obviously the linked article does not say this will pull the pants off the NSA yet again and instead stays on the sideline talking about jail breaking phones – but who would expect them to tell the public what is really going on with this?
The code that has been released is the exact code that allows them to keep the phone’s microphone and camera on when it is turned off. It is the code that will allow the NSA or others to plant “evidence” on your phone, or read everything on it in the background, without you ever noticing. It is the code that will allow them to place specialized software on your phone without you ever knowing or seeing it, in case they want to add features to their spying abilities, such as applications that would cause the phone to continue recording it’s location via GPS while you are out of reach of any cell tower, and then, when you are back in reach, send them a map of everywhere you went, what you said, and what you saw. Out of box the phone probably does not have that ability simply because it would be risky when it ate memory space in the phone – astute users might notice, so the NSA would only use such applications in special cases.

Obviously they are not going to tell the public about this in any way that would really allow the public to know what is going on, but they can’t stop the Russians, Iranians, and whoever else from getting a boost in their state security.


Good! I am surprised weeping himbo Justin Trudeau doesn’t offer him more than $20,000 to stay in Canada. Seeking asylum? Teenaged girls should be seeking asylum from creeps like this.

Excerpt: HOUSTON – A man found walking through the Canadian woods was extradited back to Houston Thursday after he was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, according to a press release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

“This is a first for me, to see someone go as far as fleeing far north to Canada, attempting to seek asylum, that’s a first for me,” said Joseph Sanchez, an assistant district attorney with the Harris County DA.

The man, identified as 41-year-old Aamir Khan, was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in November after sneaking into Canada from New York with his wife and son, according to officials with the District Attorney’s Office.

Sanchez said Khan tried to seek asylum in Canada after he was arrested, but was denied.

More on site.


This alternative history emanating from the Celtic priesthood (later the Druids) & the High Kings of Ireland as being the people who held truth & knowledge foremost before temporal power, & yet even they at first greatly resisted for this knowledge to be written down & disseminated through schools of learning outside of their system of oral transmission including the use of sacred songs.

If this is true then I’m seeing a history (encompassing Ireland to the Euphrates) of the same main characters (& many more hidden) that has almost continuous war but is much more fluid with migrating groups often on the move, back & forth according to allegiances & betrayals, climate changes even (the desertification of the Sahara, & drying of northern Europe).

But the main reason to conceal this real history (if it is) is how apparent it becomes that conflicts arise from hatred & jealousy & superstition of cultures embracing the Light of Truth & knowledge where no one is above the Law, all are equal before it & all have the right to be fairly judged – the Golden Rule.

Again & again it is shown that the instigators of war worship the Dark side be it Moloch, Baal, or Mithra demanding the spilling of babies’ blood. This would surely provide the motivation to conceal & re-write history.


vermithrax #398892
Laughable….like Shrub Jr. has any credibility?

Haha. He doesn’t have to….CNN needs some more fake news..Bush edition.


– #398891

I have to say, after the experiences I had with the Cayce readings, the Law of One, understanding David Wilcocks work (message not the messenger… You know the type that always goes for the messenger right!) Such as Bruce DePalma’s ball experiment and work on the pyramids.

Plus David Wilcocks sun is at 18 Pisces and Mine is at 12 Leo. Therefore there is a bi quintile to those. I.e. I could go with what is clearly my own best guidance or someone anonymous on a blog in cyberspace.


Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police’

January 31, 2018

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church has stated that he would “rather go to prison” than report pedophilia to police.

Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says he’s prepared to be jailed for failing to report child sex abuse by pedophile priests.

He made the shocking statement in response to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse saying there should be “no excuse, protection nor privilege” for clergy who failed to alert police of abuse.

Hart insisted that sexual abuse was “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” and was “of a higher order” than criminal law.

A new report by the commission proposed 85 sweeping changes to the criminal justice system and recommended that priests face criminal charges for failing to report serious crimes such as sexual abuse to the police.

As the law currently stands, clergy are not legally obliged to report crimes to the police and disciplinary proceedings for criminal activity by members of the Catholic Church are handled internally by Canon law, which operates independently of the regular legal procedure.

Following an investigation by the commission, officials believe that the Catholic Church is using “confessional confidentiality” as a cover for not reporting child sex abuse to the authorities.

“We understand the significance of religious confession – in particular, the inviolability of the confessional seal to people of some faiths, particularly the Catholic faith”, said the report. “However, we heard evidence of a number of instances where disclosures of child sexual abuse were made in religious confession, by both victims and perpetrators.”

We are satisfied that confession is a forum where Catholic children have disclosed their sexual abuse and where clergy have disclosed their abusive behavior in order to deal with their own guilt.”

Hart insisted that sexual abuse was “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” and was “of a higher order” than criminal law.

Sooo that must be what the church actually teaches…


Separately, as posted by Zander, Simon Parkes revealed there are ~120 Dracos that reside under the Vatican. There used to be ~1000? There must be some sick satanic rituals taking place there. No surprise to anyone here.


The Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) allows any Chinese and foreign traders to trade oil in local currencies other than the dollar. This is very significant considering that China is the world’s largest oil consumer as of last year.

Based on the principles of “openness, fairness and impartiality”, INE is devoted to establishing a global trading platform for energy derivatives that is “internationalized, market-oriented, rules by law and professionalized” to objectively reflect the energy supply-demand conditions, provide a tool in price discovery, risk management and asset management for energy producers, distributors, consumers and investors, so as to facilitate the optimal allocation of energy resources and promote the economic development.”

Superimposing this in the context of what China has been doing in the South China Sea, Latin America and in the Middle East, this means that any deliberate disruption of the market by way of instigated conflict, or mere speculative attacks against the INE, will never be allowed.

There are (BIG) implications for the U.S. dollar’s well-established role as the global currency of the oil market.

Meanwhile, the White House has just announced that more jobs are coming due to an increased spending for the military industrial complex.

Trump has just signed the spending bill to avert a complete corporate government shutdown, which includes the budget for the arms and war manufacturers.

Just signed Bill. Our Military will now be stronger than ever before. We love and need our Military and gave them everything — and more. First time this has happened in a long time. Also means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

Does this mean that in the near future, the rest of the world will have more DEATHS, DEATHS, DEATHS!


intruth #398898

Good, so this is classified under the auspices of ‘breaking the confessional’. It’ll be interesting to follow this one.

So, if the Pope is good at heart & the Dracos are under the Vatican, it would make sense that he is living outside of the Vatican Palace.


JIM RICKARDS is sure the globalist with the change of the dollar to SDR/Distributed Ledger technology will take control very soon!

Although being marketing stuff for his newsletter etc. this is not coming from anybody. Richards is a highly respected financial expert and author as many here for sure know and not seldom even interviewed on RT.
Here he explains how the dollar for sure will be replaced by SDR on 1-15 march, at the same time being an inevitable victory for the globalist and the contrary for Trump et al. . If then also a total loss for all fights for the collapse of the cabal, that I cannot say for sure.
I wonder what Ben would say about this?

Killery Clinscum clearly has a god(dess) complex

The PC-tards are at it again. This time over the selection of only “White males” being chosen for the primary jobs in the Star Wars films. The Pc-tards are using this non- sequitur as a launching pad to force the defendedents to prove the negative that they are *not* discriminatory in their selections of these positions. Something that defies the Aristotlean rules of logic..,as one cannot prove a negative. But logic obviously has no value to PC-tards.



Farm raised fish and the food pellets they are being fed:

Food, Health and Live
Uploaded on Dec 11, 2017

There are NO standards with respect to farmed fish!
Ethoxyquin is added to fish food pellets at 10-20 times the ‘standard’ amount.

Ethoxyquin was registerd in 1959 by Monsatan as a pesticide. its use is strictly regulated and limited. Why is it in fish feed? Two years ago farm fish was tested in a Swiss lab and was found to have high levels of Ethoxyquin. Wild fish have 0 b/c they don’t eat these tainted fish pellets. Looks life all farmed fish (organic and regular) have levels of Ethoxyquin. This products was supposed to protect fruits and vegetables. The fish pellet manufacturers never revealed to health authorities they started adding it to fish food pellets where NO standards exist. There are no studies to determine what safe standards would be.

A Norwegian researcher discovered no one, not even Monsatan knew of the effects
Ethoxyquin had on health – she published this info in a paper. She worked at the state research institute NIFES but has since lost her job there – as have other researchers before her (intruth: uh-huh). She further studies this product for 6 years and found more disturbing qualities. Ethoxyquin has the power to cross the blood brain barrier! No foreign substance to the human body is supposed to pass through it. This discovery should have been made public immediately.

The researcher hasn’t been able to get any of her research published over the last few years in any scientific journal! She lost her status as a researcher at NIFE and now she can’t get anything published. She was pressured while at the institute and there were attempts to falsify her work. She wasn’t the first forced out. Research $ to study Ethoxyquin has also been cut by the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries Lisbeth Berg Hanson – so now they are selling Norwegian fish that is infected and sick. This has never been done before.

Turns out Lisbeth Berg Hanson and her family members are major shareholders of fish farms. As they guy in the video says – its like the Italian mafia. Major conflict of interest.


George Soros Quietly Poured $100K Into Local DA Race Without Anybody Knowing

George Soros helped tip another district attorney’s race with more than $100,000 in support of his preferred candidate — and he did it without anybody finding out until after the campaign.

A Soros-funded national political action committee (PAC), Justice & Public Safety, spent more than $100,000 on behalf of Portsmouth, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales between Sept. 9 and Nov. 4, the PAC’s FEC filings reveal. Soros’s support for Morales’s campaign has not been previously reported.

Soros has repeatedly backed left-wing district attorney candidates with massive donations typically only seen in gubernatorial, congressional or presidential campaigns. Soros spent more than $9 million on local DA races in 2015-2017 alone, allowing the New York resident to influence local criminal justice policies all across the country.


Disclosures in the Show ‘Travelers’ (Starseed Mission)


Jim Stone
Receive benefits, and you are denied citizenship

In my comments during the state of the union address (which I bought a second sim for to pop in when the first one died) I posted this comment, as the President said it, and said it made the dreamer package a GREAT DEAL. Yes, allow 1.8 million people in, who want to work and be productive, and deny the 45 plus million immigrants who collected welfare EVER, citizenship. President Trump was an absolute genius with that, it is well worth accepting almost 2 million people who want to be good Americans if as part of the deal you expel the chaff. Here is what President Trump said on this subject.
Here is how I covered it: This is an EPIC state of the union address, there is absolutely no political correctness. WOW 10 minutes now on illegals murdering people I cannot believe it. BOOM: ON THE FOLLOW UP, HE’S BOOSTING BORDER PATROL and is now slaying the democrats for dropping the ball, this is classic, they can’t stop him now without cutting their throats.

He’s offering dreamers a 12 year path to citizenship, 1.8 million of them, but they have to stay off welfare, get an education, and get a job. If the do not, they are OUT.

He is using the momentum from the dreamers to get approval for a wall, and did it well.


AAAAAH, he is ending chain migration. This will stop one person from dragging their whole family here. THIS IS SO MUCH WIN. It won’t matter if 1.8 million dreamers stay if he gets the rest of this. Unbelievable how harsh he is being with this, you can tell from the tone of the applause that the dems are seething.

He finished by telling the dems to put politics aside and get the job done.

Here is how the MSM is covering it now. blah blah blah.
Here’s the type of thing I always expected was going on:

Nuclear engineers busted mining cryptocurrency with supercomputer

From RT
A powerful supercomputer located at a Russian nuclear research facility in Sarov was reportedly targeted by a pair of engineers who wanted to use it to mine cryptocurrencies.
“There has been an attempt of unsanctioned use of workplace computing capacities for personal gain, including for so-called mining,” the press service of the Sarov nuclear weapons facility told Interfax on Friday. The statement said the employees involved have been arrested and are facing criminal charges.

The remarks, which didn’t provide further details about the case, came in response to reports on social media on Thursday saying the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had busted two nuclear engineers. The men had apparently attempted to set up an internet connection on the top secret supercomputer in Sarov to use it for mining cryptocurrencies.

The Sarov facility, which is usually called Federal Nuclear Center, is Russia’s counterpart to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s a historic developer of nuclear weapons that is still very much involved in keeping Russia’s arsenal ready and up-to-date.

MY COMMENT: Way to go, it’s MILLER TIME!


Dr. Jerome Corsi Emotional End Interview with Tracy Beanz, Very Inspirational Thank*U G*B
Published on Feb 6, 2018

Jerome Corsi Interview With Tracy Beanz

Nice Overview….discusses Q anon posts.


I think it was Simon Parkes (update video posted) who when he was talking about black projects in the USA said they are furthering their study of MkULtra. How the hell could it be any more damaging? I’m sure they can find a way. Very disturbing…Probably finding a way to mass MkUltra everyone.

Movie on TCM today – Lucille Ball with Bob Hope. What a fraudster.
Kubrick Exposes Bob Hope in “Eyes Wide Shut” (at 1:03)

Stanley Kubrick doing what he does best. Telling secrets. And in my opinion he is subtlety and at the same time, openly exposing Bob Hope in these few moments of the film “Eyes Wide Shut”


Vermithrax wrote:
The PC-tards are at it again. This time over the selection of only “White males” being chosen for the primary jobs in the Star Wars films.
Just going back to my own post here, the PC-tards are totally wrong about the primary jobs of the Star Wars films being performed by “white males”. The screenplay of “The Empire Strikes Back” was co-authored by Leigh Brackett, a woman. This should warm the cockles of the true feminist heart and burn the collective ass of the stupid PC-tards who made this assertion with embarrassment to no end.


Hi Café,

My, what a mission to logon each time now! One needs to go to the 9th item to post to the “current thread”. With Ben posting so may updates/answers to questions etc. it almost seems prudent to have our café post to the latest thread just to save sorting through so much – there is not even a quick link on the right side listings.

Any other thoughts?



One of our stray cats we take care of got attacked by another animal. He got scratched all over his face/head/neck – developed a severe face infection. So we got him inside and hustled him off to the 24 hr emergency vet hospital on Tuesday night. They brought out an estimate for the surgery -$2530-$3120!. Whoa…we told them to try and cut it down if they could. We have our own cats to care for – not that we don’t love this one but we can’t let them drain our bank acct.

I started calling other vets to check prices. They came back with a trimmed estimate that seemed more reasonable with one less night in the hospital and sedation rather than anesthesia $1427-$1662. We told them keep the anesthesia and otherwise went with the revised estimate. We paid $1632. – way less than the first estimate. It pays to question everything!

Kitty is doing fine inside and is very loving. Wish he was better at finding the litter box especially since we put it in the family room and another one in the bathroom!


#398916 aneeson

You’re way correct on that, Alan. It’s bordering on being a major hassle, and this effectively buries the subscription product.

The best solution would probably be if Triode could put a “Weekly Reports” link on the top menu bar, next to “logout”. That keeps the new posts in prominent view, but offers quick access to the current weekly report.

Just a thought.


Message on my Facebook page – the default setting is it being on:

Introducing Face Recognition For More Features
Hi XXXX, we’re always working to make Facebook better, so we’re adding more ways to use face recognition besides just suggesting tags. For example, face recognition technology can do things like:

• Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged
• Help protect you from strangers using your photo
• Tell people with visual impairments who’s in your photo or video

You control face recognition. This setting is on, but you can turn it off any time, which applies to features we may add later.

-The Facebook Team


#398920 deester

Anybody who participates in this feature should also have Alexa, probably one in every room, to record and upload all conversations. Especially when they add cameras.



#398916 aneeson
The best solution would probably be if Triode could put a “Weekly Reports” link on the top menu bar, next to “logout”. That keeps the new posts in prominent view, but offers quick access to the current weekly report.
Anybody who designs things (from factory to software) should take it for a test drive to find out how it works. Triode would have discovered the same as these two people and yours truly and pretty much everybody else. Very cumbersome. Hope it gets fixed. Otherwise this is a VAST improvement from the format we had before. Thank you Triode.


Hi Café,

I am so DISAPOINTED in the USA through it’s representative Pence at the winter Olympics! When the combined Korean team entered the stadium everyone cheered and rose to applaud this show of unification which could promise so much for world peace.

EXCEPT for Pence and his wife who both remained seated and stony faced. Doesn’t America want peace in the world? Are they the only country that wants war! The Japanese also remained seated.

Every possibility at reducing tension in the world should be applauded and supported for the betterment of Humanity as a whole – shame on the USA and its representatives.

With sadness,



Thank you for highlighting this intruth, it is much needed! I was beginning to wonder why I felt so awful after eating salmon.


Also :


A discussion of ‘channeling’ /w Jimmy Church w/ Darryl – starts at approx late 30-40 min mark –


tippy #398926

They are now trying to introduce GE salmon into the food chain. Will it be labeled properly so you can avoid buying it?? I don’t buy anything that isn’t wild caught.


What a disgrace that Pence the baby killer and Japan (taking orders no doubt) didn’t show basic respect at what is supposed to be a ‘non-political’ event.

What’s in your closet Pence?? IDK. Maybe he’s only following orders now too.


Newsweek In Crisis: Editors Go Nuclear On Exec Over Criminal Probe During Leaked Meeting

Leaked audio of a private meeting between a Newsweek executive and the magazine’s editors on Wednesday reveal that the beleaguered news organization is tearing apart at the seams following allegations of financial crimes; including tax evasion, money laundering, and defrauding a federal agency in an ad revenue scheme.

comment image?itok=CaxFRgOw
Investigators from the Manhattan DA’s office remove servers from Newsweek (source: Newsweek)
Audio of the 90 minute meeting between Newsweek Chief Content Officer Jonathan Davis and editors was obtained by the Daily Beast, in which the editors took Davis to the woodshed…

…As the meeting went on, editors became increasingly angry at Davis’ repeated attempts to deflect serious questions. One editor said that the staff had “barely learned anything,” aside from Davis being “not credible.”

“What we know now is the people we’re working for right now are not credible and do not understand journalism at all, and apparently have no plan for going forward,” Silverstein said. “And you’ve given us not a single reason why anyone should continue working for you.”

Newseek’s goin’ down…..


David Wilcock has said that it is the cabal dropping the market this time. Previously I have seen 666 as coming up when the market is being rigged. I think the reason it feels for me so awful this time while previously it felt good when the market is falling is because it is the cabal doing it. They are essentially crashing Trump economy now! Those people responding positively to his tax cuts!


Journalist Calls For Professors To Drown Conservative Students: “Not Joking”

Authored by Nikita Vladimirov via Campus Reform,

A liberal journalist and podcaster declared in a Twitter exchange Wednesday night that professors should drown conservative students instead of just grading them harshly.

comment image?itok=_H1lsbvR

Jesse Farrar, a former contributor for Deadspin and Vice, made the comment in response to a tweet from conservative activist Charlie Kirk calling attention to the anti-conservative bias in college classrooms.

“I get countless of messages from students who say professors are lowering their grades & penalizing them for being conservative,” Kirk remarked in his original tweet.

“Leftists dominating higher education represent a grave threat to our country & culture,” he added. “Conservative students shouldn’t be targeted for disagreeing.”

I had no idea it was this bad.


Huge Q crop 2/10


David Wilcock Update – Tom DeLonge Group Stunningly Debunked: Curtains for Partial Disclosure? – February 9, 2018

Tom DeLonge’s CIA and other intel advisors used a picture of a mylar party balloon from 2005 as if it was a genuine UFO, and raised over 2.2 million dollars in funding from the event featuring it.
There was widespread suspicion of this “mainstream-media-sanctioned disclosure” in the UFO community, and it was just proven correct.

Someone within the group obviously knew this was a fake image. We do not feel Tom DeLonge was in on it, and his silence suggests he must be very upset at this point.


Great Info – intruth! Thanks

Greg Hunter is on fire – Friday night wrap-up


“The downing of the F-16 may have resulted from a well-laid trap.

Earlier in the day an Iranian-made drone crossed over into Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel shot down the drone, but also predictably launched attacks against targets just to the west of Damascus, deep in Syrian territory. Once the Israeli bomber group reached their target “deep inside Syrian territory” they were met with “massive anti-aircraft fire” and one of the F-16s consequently didn’t make it home.”

At last.


Illuminati Rulers New World Order Revealed – Frank O’Collins

Much of the library of Alexandria was stored at Cordoba by the Moors from north Africa. It was rediscovered after the reconquest of Spain, over one million manuscripts.

Collins also says Hebrew is an occult language, & there are no true early texts & it was Persian in origin & did not fully appear before 300CE.

Greenland was green until 300CE. Then the inhabitants had to leave, they were climate refugees. The so-called Vikings rebuilt Dublin, & settled in America & Russia.

He says the Dead sea scrolls were complete scrolls in sealed containers & that they got ‘shredded’ later so as to delay or destroy the dissemination of their true nature.

The benchmark of Law is the Golden Rule of Law established long before but written in Mathew 7:12: ‘This is the Law of the Prophets, do unto others as you would do unto yourself’ – meaning: no one person is above the law until fairly judged, & before the law all men are equal.

The printing press changed everything, allowing a manifestation of a new world order. Martin Luther was funded as a pamphleteer by families in Venice & Pisa. Genoa & Florence are colonies of the Pisans (Piso family).

My addition: Roman Piso+another wrote ‘Piso Christ’ published 2010 of the purported true authorship of the New Testament.

The Jewish culture is one of multiple paradoxes, & has a rich history which the Jews mostly repudiate. For example, Iraq & Iran is where the Aryans originated. They are the founders of the Talmud, the Hebrew language & the spiritual birthplace of the Khazars. Instead they have appropriated Celtic & western history to formulate their identity.

For the first time in history the elite are becoming irrelevant to the future of mankind. The so-called elite are living in a bubble accentuated by the feedback they receive from their acolytes.

The cabal leader is in fact meant to be the Prelate of the Knights of Malta, who would be a Jesuit, as it were hiding in plain site though not as the apparent head of the Order, the Grand Master. In 1961 the Catholic & Protestant elites along with the Jewish lodges & with the elite Muslim lodges came together under one body (Knights of Malta) under a new constitutional charter of three distinct classes.


filip4 #398744

Exactly (like) “blue avians” described already 1980 in professor Michael Harners ground work and by now classical book on Shamanism: The way of the shaman.
I am just reading this hyper interesting book and was struck by seing a short passus about what exactly seems to be the same as “blue avians”. You can read it for yourself , just view the book on amazon and open the free part , scroll down to the chapter “Discovering the way” and read on page 3, the part beginning “I becam conscious,too,….
I was introduced to this book and shamanism by a friend some 30 years ago and have practiced shamanism since. The friend currently lives in Slovenia. If you are in Bosnia now and want to delve more into shamanism, you could connect with him. I have not personally been in touch with him for a lot of years. Otherwise there are a lot of books on Shamanism on the market and in libraries (here in the States).

I have The Way of the Shaman book and will have to reread it sometime.

Harner’s is a synthesis of many shamanic practices and “styles”. I attended a drumming circle over the course of a year with a Native American. And she approached things somewhat differently based on what she learned from a grandparent and her own spirit guides. I have attended workshops with 3 different shamans including Michael Harner (his was my 1st).

My friend has a website at (notice that this is not transform).



Just took an IQ test… This was one of the questions:

From IQ test:

A man has lost all his money and is going to the river to commit suicide. He does not commit suicide, why did he not?:

A) He realised he had an appointment that he must attend
B) Someone convinced him not to.
C) He got a phone call telling him there had been an error and he had not lost all his money,
D) He was too unwelll to go to the river.

… and one from me E) He realised it would be very difficult to kill oneself at a river.


Hi Zander #398938,

Thank you for reminding us about the history of connectedness.

My understanding of the great migrations of man, is that there was a migration from the Southern tip of India north, then west through northern India, the Aryans, through Persia/Iran, north and west across Europe. The sanskrit language they spoke branched to Persian/Farsi and then into Celtic dialogs.

Éirinn, the Irish word for Ireland, has a similar phonetic base to both Iran and Aryan. The Druid culture is also similar to Persian culture as they celebrate the turning of the seasons marked by equinoxes and solstices as the high holidays of celebration using math and astronomy calculated by great standing stones and earthen works.

There were also similar neolithic earthen and stone astrological calculators found all over the Americas, so the culture may have been world wide much earlier than we learn in history class.


WSJ Asks: Why Is The Media Ignoring The Real Bombshell FISA Memo?

“Why isn’t the (mostly) unredacted Grassley memo front page news? Here’s why: Because it confirms the Nunes memo and blows up the Schiff talking points (which the media ran with).”


carolm #398941

Hi Zander #398938 ,

Thank you for reminding us about the history of connectedness.

My understanding of the great migrations of man, is that there was a migration from the Southern tip of India north, then west through northern India, the Aryans, through Persia/Iran, north and west across Europe. The sanskrit language they spoke branched to Persian/Farsi and then into Celtic dialogs.
Always a fascinating topic to me.

I am posting a link to one of many charts that is the overview of which languages developed along which lines derived from the Indo-european roots.

There are even books out now that delve into it. But if you get an hardback copy of the American Heritage Dictionary they have the chart and even a whole section on the Indo European roots. Even the word definitions will refer to these roots.

Good Dictionary to have for just simply defining words – much better that Webster’s in my opinion. But I don’t know if the most updated versions still have the section on Indo European languages. Book sales or Ebay best place to locate the older versions.



Hi Intruth, #398942

The zerohedge article was interesting. But there are still unanswered questions. When I started reading articles by investigative journalists about the origins of the dossier, I remember it was at that point attributed to Jeb Bush as the originator during the primaries, and then it was later passed to the Clinton campaign.

If this is true, (and who knows?) was it funded as part of the Bush/Clinton strategy? Or did it come from the RNC or his funders for the primary originally? Or did the Clintons and DNC help fund the Jeb Bush campaign?

Eyes open, many threads are not followed up. This would allow for “machine learning” to shift the memes that are circulating….


As an example, I stumbled upon a wiki entry on Brietbart News yesterday and found some very interesting history that I was VERY unaware of.

Excerpts from wiki:

Conceived by Breitbart during a visit to Israel in mid-2007 as a website that would be “unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel”,[15] Breitbart News later aligned with the alt-right under the management of former executive chairman Steve Bannon.[16] Bannon declared the website “the platform for the alt-right” in 2016,

Breitbart News is headquartered in Los Angeles, with bureaus in Texas, London, and Jerusalem. Co-founder Larry Solov is the co-owner (along with Andrew Breitbart’s widow Susie Breitbart and the Mercer family)[27] and CEO, while Alexander Marlow is the editor-in-chief, Wynton Hall is managing editor,[28] and Joel Pollak[4] and Peter Schweizer[29] are senior editors-at-large.

During a stay in Israel, Andrew Breitbart conceived of the idea of founding Breitbart News Network, with “the aim of starting a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. We were sick of the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street.”[15]

Co-founder and owner of Breitbart, Larry Solov—who, like Andrew Breitbart, is Jewish[32]—writes:
“One night in Jerusalem, when we were getting ready for dinner, Andrew turned to me and asked if I would de-partner from the 800-person law firm where I was practicing and become business partners with him. He said he needed my help to create a media company. He needed my help to “change the world”… We were blown away by the spirit, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the Israeli people on that trip. Andrew could be quite convincing, not to mention inspiring, and I decided right there and then to “throw away” (my Mom’s phrase) a perfectly good, successful and safe career in order to start a “new media” company with Andrew Breitbart.[15]

In August 2010, Andrew Breitbart told the Associated Press that he was “committed to the destruction of the old media guard.” As part of that commitment, he founded, a website designed to become “the Huffington Post of the right” according to Breitbart News’s former executive chairman, Steve Bannon.[4] Breitbart News exclusively re-posted the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, and the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy. Following Andrew Breitbart’s death in 2012, the site was redesigned, bringing the formerly distinct “Big” websites under one umbrella website at[4][33]

Billionaire conservative activist Robert Mercer endowed with at least $11 million in 2011.[34]
Breitbart News is a for-profit organization. According to Politico, investors include computer scientist and hedge fund CEO Robert Mercer.[40] Editors commented in 2015 that the site is a “private company and we don’t comment on who our investors or backers are.”[41] One of Breitbart News’s objectives is to court millennial conservatives.

Alexander Marlow denies that Breitbart is a “hate-site”, stating “that we’re consistently called anti-Semitic despite the fact that we are overwhelmingly staffed with Jews and are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. That is fake news.”[74]

“#WAR has been our motto since the days of Andrew Breitbart, and we use it whenever we go to war against our three main targets, which are, in order: Hollywood and the mainstream media, number one; the Democratic Party and the institutional left, number two; and the Republican establishment in Washington, number three.”[87]


Jim Stone

10 feb 2018

I am not completely back yet
If I am guessing right, you can communicate securely via Flashcoin
A 50 character message can be sent with any transaction. It appears the message is stored in the blockchain. So by sending small amounts, you will be able to communicate without being censored. Here is my first example:

Obviously 50 characters at a time won’t allow you to send “gone with the Wind”, but for emergencies it ought to work great!


Trump probably just killed vaccine mandates
After taking care of his first batch of issues, he progressed onto the next by establishing a new federal office for vaccine freedom, which has the purpose of providing people a way out of vaccination easily via religious preference
OH MY GOD, READ THE TEXT. The legal text uses the words “unalienable rights”, rather than “inalinable rights” which means this agency will operate under actual law, rather than legalese. This is a topic covered in Wayne’s book Its Not the Law. It does make a difference, because if this wording is being used it probably means Trump’s next step will be to kill off false statutes that operate under the color of law, rather than actual law. AWESOME. Bye bye asset forfeiture!
Take a look at this! HA HA HA HA HA, he’s delivering! The Dems and the American bar association are going to puke.

Ok, so here’s the difference: If the word “inalenable” is used, it means you are (basically) in a maratime court that can walk all over you. But just switching one letter, the i to a u, suddenly you have constitutionally enforceable rights that the court can’t simply walk all over. This is EPIC, I cannot believe Trump did this so well. Let’s see this sweep across all legislation. If it does, Americans won’t be peons anymore!


“While perhaps intended as an alternative payment system with no government involvement, [Bitcoin] has become a combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster.”

“In practice, central bank experiments show that [distributed leger technology] based systems are very expensive to run and slower and much less efficient to operate than conventional payment and settlement systems. The electricity used in the process of mining bitcoins is staggering… making them socially wasteful and environmentally bad.”

“The volatility of bitcoin renders it a poor means of payment and a crazy way to store value. Very few people use it for payments or as a unit of account. In fact, at a major cryptocurrency conference the registration fee could not be paid with bitcoins because it was too costly and slow: only conventional money was accepted.”

“To the extent they are used, bitcoins and their cousins seem more attractive to those who want to make transactions in the black or illegal economy, rather than everyday transactions. In a way, this should not be surprising, since individuals who massively evade taxes or launder money are the ones who are willing to live with cryptocurrencies’ extreme price volatility.”

“Financial authorities may also have a case to intervene to ensure financial stability. To date, many judge that, given cryptocurrencies’ small size and limited interconnectedness, concerns about them do not rise to a systemic level. But if authorities do not act preemptively, cryptocurrencies could become more interconnected with the main financial system and become a threat to financial stability.”

Gilad Atzmon on what it’s like in Britain under the Zio-tard bogus, suppressive anti-Semitic laws. Worse than what Orwell wrote of in “1984”.

Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest video. Hitler’s Consultation Of The Doomed


Zander: A hackers dream program❣️


HOLLYWOOD: Systemic Pedophilia EXPOSED

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Tarantino gave us the best view of how the Hollywood elite views sex with children, in 2003. Finally, people are listening. And thankfully, there’s a President in the White House who cares.

Good one. SGT goes back to a 2003 Howard Stern interview where Tarantino defends Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old ‘party girl’ saying she was ok with it.


The SWAMP just got SWAMPIER. Looks like they are looting while they still can

$20 Billion Hidden In The Swamp: Feds Redact 255,000 Salaries

The only thing the bureaucratic resistance hates more than President Trump is the disclosure of their own salaries. It’s a classic case of the bureaucracy protecting the bureaucracy, underscoring the resistance faced by the new administration.

Recently, Open the Books filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (pictured) for all federal employee names, titles, agencies, salaries, and bonus information.

We’ve captured and posted online this data for the past 11 years. For the first time, we found missing information throughout the federal payroll disclosures. Here’s a sample of what we discovered from the FY2017 records:

254,839 federal salaries were redacted in the federal civil service payroll (just 3,416 salaries were redacted in FY2016).
68 federal departments redacted salaries. Even small agencies like the National Transportation Services Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation redacted millions of dollars in salaries.
$20 billion in estimated payroll now lacks transparency.
A 7,360 percent increase in opacity hides one out of every five federal salaries.
Who’s the bureaucrat in charge? Not a Trump appointee – the president doesn’t even have a current nominee at OPM. So, the buck stops with new acting Director Kathleen McGettigan, a 25-year staffer who assumed the position because she was the next in line, not because the White House appointed her.
comment image?itok=He0sbVLM

Trump has the power to replace her at any time. This lack of transparency is apparently a result of the president’s failure to appoint his people to executive positions. Trump knows controlling the human resource department is key to managing the federal bureaucracy. In fact, Trump forecast this type of institutional resistance in his inaugural address.

“The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories.… And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes starting right here and right now.”

The decision to redact 255,000 federal salaries for $20 billion in payroll harms oversight. The American people deserve to know who makes how much, in what position, employed by which agency.



Anti School
Published on Feb 10, 2018


My thought are full of love for jim stone, may his hart be strong, his body energized & his mind clear, be strong and healthy.
Thanking you Marcuss.


Massive Alert In Mexico After Radioactive Device Stolen

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Real risk or just FUD


Jim Stone

11 feb 2018

The problem I am going through caused a heart attack

Something that happened in the family pissed me off enough to trip a heart attack. I am in really good condition so it was for a long time, (27 hours) at a moderate level (I got dizzy and cross eyed a few times) and got medications to reduce the long term damage while it was happening from a pharmacy. I did not go to the hospital for it. I said F*** it and continued my day like normal. Suddenly at 10:35 last night it cleared up all at once. Except for a very small amount of residual pain it is completely gone. I’ll try to post actual news later.


“I Won’t Butt Out” – Soros Slams UK Democracy’s “Fatal Error” On Brexit, Calls It “A Tragic Mistake”

“… referenda often lead to bad decisions…the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin’s Russia…”

Interesting. Maybe this is what Ben is talking about. When you click on the article nothing comes up – it says “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.” as the time of this posting. More keeping Soros alive psyop??


For those who are guided to check it out:


Carolm, Dara yes human migration is a fascinating topic. I went to that link #398941 & saw Oscan also branching with Old Latin but apparently it does not stem from Etruscan whose origins are unclear but not indo-european apparently.

Emperor Claudius wrote 20 books on them but either they did not survive or they’re safe in someone’s library, safe from prying eyes where history would be re-written is my guess!

If this ‘secret’ history I’m reading is correct, as told from the apparent records of the Holly High King Priests of all the Celts then everything we think we know is wrong; all we have are the same characters; everyone knew of their existence, all priests in all cultures were beholden to them for upholding the highest ideals & the Golden Rule of Law. No wonder they have been scrubbed from history.

Things changed after Jesus, but not as he would have wished. But I haven’t finished it yet. You can download it in pdf called Lebor Clann Glas.


Triode: Hi, Do like how this website is pleasantly changing. I like the many Ben articles and answering of
e-mails he is writing. JMO of course.

Should we follow the first weekly post to comment on? As Alan suggests we change each time Ben answers.

I really am enjoying the colors addition.
Could you square off each of our comments, at times it is confusing who is writing…with line being directly under the author’s name. If not, my eyes / I will adjust.

Thanks and appreciate all you do for us.


Now there is a line after my name & post number, dividing my name from my post – illogical because it is not underlining anything specific. The point is there is no line at the end of the post, the post just seemingly flows into the next one below with the name of the next poster. The layout & logic is beyond me.


from this article-quote—–When a victim of a police assault wins a lawsuit against the police department, the city’s taxpayers are usually on the hook for the restitution fees. However, a new policy change in Baltimore—which will set a revolutionary precedent—will finally have the guilty officers feeling the pain in their pockets for once.—–unquote…..


Jim Stone
Few people believe Trump was not improperly surveiled
From Breitbart

Despite the disgraced American media’s best and most cynical efforts to bury the truth, and to even stop the truth from ever seeing the light of day, this poll (and another addressed below) demonstrate that the American people are almost entirely tuning the partisan, mostly-hysterical news media out and looking to alternative media for the truth.

There is simply no other way to explain these poll results, which unambiguously prove that a majority of the public believe the exact opposite of what an unceasing, coordinated media campaign wants them to believe – which is that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 campaign and that the heroic FBI is being unfairly smeared by Trump’s eeeevil defenders.

Well, despite more than a year of this relentless propaganda coming from all four corners of the mainstream media’s fabricated reality, here are the results from all four corners of actual reality…

A clear majority of 55 percent believe it is “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” That includes 31 percent of Democrats, 87 percent of Republicans, and 55 percent of Independents.

A clear majority of 54 percent want a special counsel to investigate “whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.” Only 44 percent said no. The partisan breakdown shows that 74 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of Independents want a special counsel – as do a full 44 percent of Democrats.

My comment: Interesting article, though I’d like to see the positive numbers higher. There is more at the Breitbart link above.

The NY post is afraid of shut down
Now that the Trump genie is out of the bottle, unlikely to return, the New York Post FINALLY produced a truthful article.
Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton’s deceit
From the New York Post

For law enforcement, Congress and even journalists, exposing misdeeds is like peeling an onion. Each layer you remove gets you closer to the truth.

So it is with the scandalous behavior of the FBI during its probe into whether President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in 2016. One layer at a time, we’re learning how flawed and dirty that probe was.

A top layer involves the texts between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her married lover, Peter Strzok, the lead agent on the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe. They casually mention an “insurance policy” in the event Trump won the election and a plan for Strzok to go easy on Clinton because she probably would be their next boss.

Those exchanges, seen in the light of subsequent events, lead to a reasonable conclusion that the fix was in among then-Director James Comey’s team to hurt Trump and help Clinton.

Another layer involves the declassified House memo, which indicates the FBI and Justice Department depended heavily on the unverified Russian dossier about Trump to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page, an American citizen and briefly a Trump adviser.

The House memo also reveals that Comey and others withheld from the secret surveillance court key partisan facts that would have cast doubt on the dossier. Officials never revealed to the judges that the document was paid for by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee or that Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier, said he was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected.”

A third layer of the onion involves the revelations in the letter GOP Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham wrote to the Justice Department. They urge a criminal investigation into whether Steele lied to the FBI about how much and when he fed the dossier to the anti-Trump media.

The letter is compelling in showing that Steele said one thing under oath to a British court and something different to the FBI. The contradictions matter because the agency relied on Steele’s credibility in both the FISA applications and its actual investigation. Strangely, even after it fired him for breaking its rule forbidding media contact, the FBI continued to praise his credibility in court.

If that were all the senators’ letter accomplished, it would be enough. But it does much more.

It also reveals that two former journalists linked to Clinton, separately identified as the odious Sidney Blumenthal and a man named Cody Shearer, created and gave a State Department official additional unverified allegations against Trump.

The official passed those documents to Steele, who passed them to the FBI, which reportedly saw them as further evidence that Trump worked with Russians. But as Grassley, head of the Judiciary Committee, and Graham write, “It is troubling enough that the Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steele’s work, but that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility.”

The State Department official involved in the episode, Jonathan Winer, wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post Friday in which he confessed to the senators’ chronology while offering a benign description of his motives. Winer also admitted he shared all the unverified allegations from the Clinton hitmen with other State Department officials.

There are many more layers of the onion to peel, but here’s where we are now: It increasingly appears that the Clinton machine was the secret, original source of virtually all the allegations about Trump and Russia that led to the FBI investigation.

In addition, the campaign and its associates, including Steele, were behind the explosion of anonymously sourced media reports during the fall of 2016 about that investigation.

Thus, the Democratic nominee paid for and created allegations against her Republican opponent, gave them to law enforcement, then tipped friendly media to the investigation. And it is almost certain FBI agents supporting Clinton were among the anonymous sources.

In fact, the Clinton connections are so fundamental that there probably would not have been an FBI investigation without her involvement.

That makes hers a brazen work of political genius – and perhaps the dirtiest dirty trick ever played in presidential history. Following her manipulation of the party operation to thwart Bernie Sanders in the primary, Clinton is revealed as relentlessly ruthless in her quest to be president.

The only thing that went wrong is that she lost the election. And based on what we know now, her claims about Trump were false.

More is at the NY post link above.

My comment: “brazen work of political genius???!!! How about, actions of a totally corrupt, over powering criminal!!! Yes, they went light on her with that, but at least they are telling a lot more of the truth here, obviously because the dossier was released, and they are cornered!


vermithrax, #398970

It is good to see the NYPost covering the dirty tricks of the DNC. I have been following George Webb lately and I love that he is suing the DNC for funneling the donations that came in for Bernie directly to Hillary. It is a class action suit on behalf of all the people who sent Bernie money. He has dug up a lot of evidence, and perhaps will open a few people’s eyes to the endemic dirty tricks played on voters.

I am very curious to your reaction to the info I posted from wiki on Breitbart. Here are a couple of quotes that surprised me, especially knowing your inclinations.

“During a stay in Israel, Andrew Breitbart conceived of the idea of founding Breitbart News Network, with “the aim of starting a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. We were sick of the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street.”

Alexander Marlow (editor) denies that Breitbart is a “hate-site”, stating “that we’re consistently called anti-Semitic despite the fact that we are overwhelmingly staffed with Jews and are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. That is fake news.”


About all I can do is stress that I am not an anti-Semite. As you know from reading the articles I post are from what the Zio-tards ™ pillory as “self hating Jews”. These include Nathanael Kapner and Gilad Atzmon. I have nothing against honest, calue producing Jews who have risk ridicule, ostracism and sometimes death to expose the evil the Zionists have perpetrated throughout history. It’s not about the human “shells” but the ontology of the consciousnesses within them. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. And yes, I sometimes disagree with their conclusions.


Who Is {P}? Q Team “Saving the Best For Last” and YAFTV Is Back!

You Are Free TV
Published on Feb 11, 2018

Q today warns us of FF’s this week and hints that GhwB is hiding out in his bunker under his ranch outside Houston, TX. Who in the Trump administration is tightly connected to the Bush family? Who is seen seated with Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, at the “FUN” Games?

It’s good to be back in action, Freedom Lover’s. More Q just came in since I made this video, and I think it may support what YAFTV has put forth here. What’s your opinion?

Thanks so much for the incredible show of support while i was “offline” last week. Prayers and support for this channel is enormously appreciated and my heart is with you all.
Remember the Prayer Wave at 6pm and Cultivating the Vision of where we are heading for Free World, sans cabal slavery.


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Jim Stone.

Pope Benedict forced out by Obama, Soros and Clinton?

I would not doubt it. I have reported before that Soros put Francisco in.

This is posted all over the web now, but I never saw it before:
George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group of Catholic leaders citing evidence from various sources including WikiLeaks emails.

Pope Benedict XVI reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013 before unexpectedly resigning in unusual circumstances. Becoming the first Pope to step down since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, Benedict is widely considered the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294.

However the group of Catholic leaders cite new evidence uncovered in emails released by WikiLeaks to claim the conservative Pope Benedict did not actually resign on his own initiative, but was pushed out of the Vatican by a coup that the group of researchers are calling the “Catholic Spring.”

Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States’ diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church in order to replace the conservative Benedict with the current Pope Francis – who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world.

Now the group of Catholic leaders have sent a letter to President Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (and others) who they allege were involved in orchestrating Catholic Spring that resulted in their goal of “regime change” in the Vatican.

My comment: I knew this all along, even without Wikileaks, but never knew Trump had actually been petitioned for this. It would be a great time for someone to start up a white house petition on this topic and hope it does not get censored.

I found this HERE.


Jim Stone on the dubious achievements of Bakla O’butt-f*ck…
Here is a great list of Obama’s accomplishments.

This is floating around the web and I don’t know who to attribute it to. Good job!

1. First president whose own formally published biography – overseen by his literary agent in Chicago and certainly authorized by him – claimed he was born in Africa.

1b.First President to be photographed smoking a joint.

2. First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

3. First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

4. First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

5. First President to violate the War Powers Act.

6. First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

7. First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

8. First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

9. First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

10. First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

11. First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

12. First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

13. First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

14. First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

15. First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

16. First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

17. First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

18. First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

19. First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

20. First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

21. First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

22. First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

23. First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

24. First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

25. First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

26. First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his years in office.

27. First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

28. First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

29. First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

30. First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

31. First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

32. First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

33. First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

34. First President to repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

35. First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).

36. First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”

37. Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

I feel much better now. I had been under the impression he hadn’t been doing ANYTHING… Such an accomplished individual… in the eyes of the ignorant maybe.!.


Jim Stone
Science fair project proving superiority of races pulled!
This Fox Newsreport is totally unfair to hispanics because there were lots of them in the magnet program, but is otherwise bang on.

A kid in California did an excellent science fair project, where he posted an IQ test online and invited people of all races to take it. He then tabulated the results, and they explained clearly why only 12 black people were in the magnet program with a total of 500 people. There were 80 hispanics, and Fox claims that also proves Hispanics are stupid, but I’d say no, 80 is enough to prove they are not (and they are not stupid, I can say that for certain being in Mexico.) The balance consisted of 100 orientals, and whites. It’s a great report for Fox news, but I disagree with their opinion on hispanics.




How’s this don’t know how i missed this. From nexusnewsfeed-
“These huge crayfish mutated to clone themselves and are now taking over the world

A crayfish that is capable of cloning itself is taking over Europe – and scientists are taking note.

The marbled crayfish has a mutation that allows it to clone itself, reports Carl Zimmer at The New York Times.

Zimmer profiled scientists studying the all-female species known for its massive size, which “simply did not exist” 25 years ago.

The crayfish first became popular with aquarium owners because of their size and ability to lay copious amounts of eggs.

“As marmorkrebs became more popular, owners grew increasingly puzzled. The crayfish seemed to be laying eggs without mating,” Zimmer writes.

Scientists soon discovered the genomic mutation, which has allowed the species to number in the millions. Zimmer does a great job of explaining how that works.

While the crayfish have never been seen in the wild in America, they are popular among hobbyists. They’re banned in Missouri and Tennessee.

The European Union also banned the species from being produced, distributed, or released in the wild.

Madagascar, where the crayfish are thriving, has become concerned about the size of the population.

“There are a lot of clear advantages to being a clone,” Zimmer writes. “Marbled crayfish produce nothing but fertile offspring, allowing their populations to explode.”

It’s unclear how long the population will be able to thrive.

People on Twitter were freaking out about the discovery.

These huge crayfish mutated to clone themselves and are now taking over the world”


I find this lady very interesting. Don’t know her name but her y/t channel is called YOU ARE FREE TV.


Who Is {P}? Q Team “Saving the Best For Last” and YAFTV Is Back!


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