Warning about possible Super Bowl false flag events

Got sent some information that could be relevant to 2/4 and another possible false-flag in retaliation for the FISA Memo:

Far-leftist protest in Minneapolis on 2/4, culminating with a march on the stadium.

The “Next Waco” is on Trump.  Sounds like the FBI black hats have something cooked up in retaliation for the FISA Memo.

Nicolle Wallace: “Let me paint a bleaker picture. From a former national security official, the next Waco that they are killed in the line of duty, that is o…
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waldheim 2—-time to crisco up the lamp posts again

littledog—- I am the lucky guardian of a little rat-terrier named Rascal

I don’t let my little dog Rascal out in the yard unleashed because the skies over my house have large magnificent EAGLEs that fly freely over my head -thank the lord!


Be safe, everyone! Now that the Super Bowl is over, it sounds like a gleeful war has begun out my window, with machine guns shooting upward at the sky, sirens everywhere, and happy shrieks! I’m reporting from Philadelphia.


I feel sorry for 85% of the population that cannot read the tea leaves… it is getting so predictable.


I been reading that we are behind Russia in Hypersonic ( mach 5+) missile technology. I find it hard to believe.

I think of all the years we flew secret stuff like the SR-71 Blackbird or the F-117 Stealth and how well pilots who stumbled upon that stuff kepted it zipped until we wanted to show the world our new/old stuff.

This ain’t rah rah, I saw them test what I am pretty sure was one out of Stewart AFB (name back then) Newburgh NY in the mid 60’s .

It looked just like the pictures that they show now in Russia almost but w/o the twin tail. I am an aircraft nerd who spent two years working on the ground mostly at a local Air Taxi Service and that thing I saw that day started out level but then lit up and took off leaving a faint vapor trail over the Hudson Valley.

Even though it elevated, accelerated, and took off out of sight at a 20 degree angle the newspaper said the next day that it was meteor.

The RT News said that at mach 5 a plasma field caused communication problems.

My addled brain wonders if adding Aluminum in some form to a chemtrail might somehow abet communication?

Stewart Air National Guard Base is right at the intersection point of the flight paths of both the tower crashing planes on 911 so hanky panky still goes on there it seems too!

I talked a fews months ago with and old friend who was working right by Stewart on 911 and when I told her she excitedly told me that on her way to work her attention was drawn to a unsully low flying jumbo over the base that morning just prior to strike one that looked (she wasn’t certain) like a tower slamming plane when those clips were shown up close.


Thank you deester- I am sure that both you and intruth will enhance my positive Superbowl vibe–

Fly my birdies and rewrite it right this time–


3rd – is this this week’s post from Ben (early) or just another update?



I am reposting intruth’s 398619 comment about another predate.

Here’s a weird one concerning Jeffrey Lurie owner of the Philadelphia Eagles:

Re: He’s not dead…but his Wiki page said he was…killed at Super Bowl tomorrow night..

Here’s the links to the actual Wiki edits. It may be someone sick joke, but it’s not some playing with photoshop. The edits were made. We’ve seen this stuff before.

January 25th Wiki: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

Death date added: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

Death date deleted: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]



Thank you, Benjamin. Be Safe, everyone.