Is Julian Assange free?

Dear Ben,

Sorry for bothering you again, but what has actually happened to Julian Assange when I am hearing in news that despite Sweden’s cancelation of the sexual accusations, Britain keeps the warrant in validity, which means he has to stay in the Equadorian Embassy in London?  What is the reality then?


Hi VP:

First of all, the original Julian Assange was a Mossad agent who denied things like truth about 9/11.  The fact that Zionist propaganda outlets like Time Magazine put him on the cover and he got huge positive coverage in the corporate media was a clear indication of this.  Also, the original Wikileaks did not really reveal anything we did not already know.

However, in 2016 Assange was most likely killed or else given an ultimatum.  In the news it was reported he was poisoned by Pamela Anderson.  In any case, since 2016 Wikileaks has actually been leaking real and important information, so it looks like the good guys took control of the Assange psy-ops.  So the Ecuadorian embassy thing is just a cover-up to keep the current psy-op going.


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Julian Assange
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As an experiment I am going to answer every claim in this thread, no matter how daft.


@solstice I agree with you more than Ben but both possibilities exist as long as I haven’t seen him in public. But that part is true that in 2016 big bombshells started dropping from wikileaks, Can be attributed to good guys partnering with him to save the republic (from Clinton coup) though


Ben is wrong three times on this one. First, Assange was never a Mossad agent – he never denied 9/11 truth he merely failed to cover it because it wasn’t his forte. In 2016 Assange was the victim of an attempted kidnapping that failed but it either triggered the release of certain sensitive information kept as insurance and/or alerted the White Hat ‘good guys’ to intervene on Assange’s behalf. There have been some road bumps but the truth is Assange is now free and in the United States and this is still being covered up for his protection.



Thanks Ben


Thank you again, Benjamin.