Is there another side to the Nazis, and is George Soros really gone?

Hey Ben:

In your 2/5/18 report you state that the Nazis are aligning with the light side.

These Nazi Rh-negative Luciferians are not going to sincerely change their spots, their beliefs, their attitudes!  Who are you kidding?

That’s about as true as your story on the death of George Soros.

The secretive, lying Nazis are committed to a creating a breakaway civilization to advance their hideous fascist totalitarian transhumanist agenda.

I don’t believe your assertions on this matter are accurate.  If I am wrong, please comment.

First of all, Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he planned to kill all Jews, and first enslave and then kill all the non-white races.  This is why Nazism has been equated with pure evil.

However, the Nazis had another side.  They came up with the idea of paid holidays, health insurance, cars for the masses, superhighways, and other things that greatly improved the standard of living for Germans.  They were also great scientists, inventing things like jet engines, television, anti-gravity, and space travel.

Above all, Nazis were human beings, and human beings are light beings even though they can be enslaved by the dark side.  The new generation of Nazi leaders renounces the genocidal plans of their fathers and grandfathers and wishes to share their wonderful technology with humanity.  As such, we should welcome them, and hopefully their secret space program will not have to be secret any more.

As far as George Soros is concerned, I stand by what I have written.  Why would his family announce his foundation has been distributed among his children if he were still alive?  I have seen articles attributed to George Soros since his death or disappearance, but if you read them carefully, you can see they are regurgitations of earlier work by him.  There were reports that he was at Davos, but the reports came from San Fransisco, not Davos.  If he was really there, then multiple independent videos from multiple angles of his speech should be available.  Do not be fooled by computer graphics and agency disinformation.

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Cheryl Wenzel
Cheryl Wenzel(@cherylwenzel)
5 years ago

I’ve heard that crypto currency is a method of the cabal to get everyone using digital currency as the first step toward getting us off physical money, as well as move us ever closer to being chipped so that we only have to swipe our hand over the scanner to pay for things.

5 years ago

Your article got me thinking about Willy Otto Oskar Ley– a man I call my “Uncle Willy” and the press called “the prophet of the space age” at that time (1960), at least in spirit, and like his pal Wernher Von Braun , Willy had a NAZI background that was “pardoned” or whatever so he could aid the space program to beat Ivan to the moon. Willy was a German Engineer that I met in 1960 when he lectured at Texaco Research Center Labs in Beacon , N.Y. I met him after the lecture and he autographed my copy of… Read more »

5 years ago

Thanks Ben

5 years ago

Thanks Ben

5 years ago

Thank you, Benjamin