Why is the American army bombing their allies in Syria?

Hi Ben,

I do not know, but it was you who wrote about Assange being pulled out from the Equadorian Embassy in order to get important information from him by the American military, right?

And also, Ben, please, could you ask your Pentagon sources why the American army is bombing their allies in Syria?  In the latest incident they bombed the legal Syrian army and killed about 100 Syrian soldiers.  How can this be an act of alliance?  Can you ask them what are they doing?

Thanks and sincerely,

Hi VP,

Like I said, the Assange psychological warfare operation has been taken over by the same people who put Trump in power.  He, or whoever is pretending to be him, now works for their agenda.

As far as the business in Syria is concerned, my understanding is that the U.S. military-industrial complex and their associated oil companies need the oil they get from the Middle East.  They have told me they decided that anything east of the Euphrates River was their territory, and anything west would be Russian-influenced or -controlled.  Clearly, they have chosen to ignore the arbitrary borders created by the French and the British after World War 1.  So they killed the Syrian forces who were trying to cross to the eastern side of the Euphrates River in order to guard “their” oil facilities.  At least they are being honest now and admitting it is about oil and not their fake IS army.

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No Ben, this doesn’t sound right. And it is not fair too, notice that they will openly call for Assad’s ouster, and also help stage fake chemical weapons attacks, then will go on to blame it on Assad, and now they also started to blame Russia, typical cabal/illuminati behavior. This is not acceptable. These oil and mili-indus. complex is the evil that is to be rooted out of this world, we cannot talk to them anymore or on their behalf.



So before it was covert & now it’s overt. How did they get authorization from UN (or Congress) to invade & occupy another country? Why can’t they just strike a deal with Assad & legally import the oil from Syria? Moreover, does Assad know about this that East of Euphrates is new imperial US colony?


Rule of law is the rule of war, might is right. Still rings true.