What role does usury have in the world we are moving toward?

Hello Benjamin,
I am really grateful to see you engaging so directly with questions by subscribers; thank you!

What role does usury have in the world we are moving toward?  Usury and the grip of the central banks have allowed organized crime to take over the world.

When the Satanists are neutralized, or weakened and controlled, going forward, how could they be kept from regrouping and continuing the dark behaviors they have repeated throughout human history?

Thank you for your bravery and service to all, Benjamin.

Hi JE,
My understanding is that even if there is a jubilee and all debts are eliminated in a one-off event, people will start lending and borrowing again.  However, there will be guarantees in place to make sure there is never again debt slavery like we see in the West these days.

As far as the dark side is concerned, we live in a dual ying/yang universe. When things are in balance, they complement each other like male and female.  When they are out of balance, dark forces emerge and the light must fight them.  Hopefully we will be able to maintain harmony for a long time, maybe even forever, once the new age starts.

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Usury should be as small as possible, and ya, a simple interest maybe better than compound interest. And govt loans or loans to non-profits should be interest free.


Good morning….. useful info… thank you Ben.


Am grateful for your response, thank you Benjamin.


I think a usury is fine as long as it is not compounding interest and has a expiry date (ie. seven year cycle then the debt is wiped clean, as in biblical style), and the leanding party is not privately owned ( government/ non profit, for humanity idea)so it benefits every one.