Question about new world government

Dear Benjamin,

Since some time I am an interested reader of your website.

But today I was shocked about the last posted blog about this new world government.

It sounds like the New World Order (NWO) …and this is most scaring for me.

What is your comment about this?

And, what about the negotiations last weekend between the bloodlines and the WDS?

With kind regards,
WM from Germany


First of all, please understand that I report what is happening in the world, not what I wish were happening.

Having said that, I am very much against a New World Order-style centralized fascist world government.

However, we do need a minimum set of rules, such as exist in any town or village, to make sure we take care of the planet we all share and to make sure international criminals (like rogue corporations) cannot invade countries and steal resources with impunity.

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Good answer. I figured out quite a while back it was likely to be some sort of centralised control we were heading towards, fundamentally, it starts with the financial system. Secondly any talk of a “future planning agency” to “alleviate poverty” means that things are not going to be improved via the free market. I liken this in some way to growing up. When you are young you absorb all sorts of ideas but then you meet the real world Saturnian limitations and have to adapt. An example was my original plan after school was to cure my diabetes and… Read more »

Gudrun Haack

When I read the report, I was speechless. But I’m assuming that the supervising Asian intelligence agencies are careful that the P2 Masonic Lodge proves to be trustworthy before it gets a vote in a world government.
Otherwise we jump out of the frying pan into the fire.