What should young people do to prepare themselves?

Hello there, Mister Benjamin!

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to trouble you with something relatively unimportant at the moment;  however, seeing that you take time to answer questions you get by email and even use them to educate others, I decided to ask a question or two of my own.

What sort of skills should young people learn to secure their place in the post-reset society?  Which languages?  Should they focus on IT (artificial intelligence, possibly)?  Should they relocate, or will the state borders be abolished?  Is there anything else you would consider beneficial to know?  In general, what sort of advice would you give the young?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Hi S,
My general advice to young people is to spend at least a year living in a totally different country and culture and learn a different language.  Doing so will expand your mind and your horizons.

Otherwise, my advice is to follow your heart and do and learn things that you are interested in and passionate about.  Do not learn a boring, mind-numbing skill just because you think you might earn money from it.

The other important thing is to learn self-discipline.  When I was young I made lists of things to do and then crossed them off one by one as they got done.  After a while, I started doing things automatically even without the list.

Remember, you only have one life, so live it well.  Good luck.

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balsalobre gonzalez
balsalobre gonzalez(@jokert)
5 years ago

hello mr. benjamin fulford, I am subscribed to your page and follower faithful to your weekly bulletins. I would like to ask you if you can tell me and tell me about the Aryan society, in fact it is being said in different alternative media that donal trumps belongs to the secret society Aryan, antiluminati, if this is true that so much is being said in many media or is false ? thank you therefore a hug of light for you and all the team that make up this great battle for the liberation of humanity.

5 years ago

The list is always there for each of us but writing goals is very good discipline to get you down the river of life as time tends to make you drift. I would listen to Ben on this – ole timer, rays

May the force be with you and truth is the force most powerful, though often elusive!

5 years ago

This is exactly as I have done w my life and I T O T A L L Y agree!!
tail wagg all!! ? ?

5 years ago

Perfect advice Ben! Thank you!

Glen Smith
Glen Smith(@shaker33)
5 years ago

Another false flag school shooting this time in Florida Is it about conditioning young people and gun control? So did some intelligence agency really kill some students or was it fake. Either way it is not a good example of behavior for young people to experience. Fewer and fewer people are taking these events at face value. I looked at footage and some people are acting in fear while there are other bored individuals in the same scene One witness allegedly was speaking to the suspect just before and just after shots were heard I guess she will be eliminated… Read more »