Financial mega-battle to escalate in late February, early March

The secret battle for the planet earth is entering a critical phase over the coming weeks, especially in the realm of finance, where an epic three-way battle is raging, multiple sources agree.  In this battle, cryptocurrencies and the Chinese yuan are fighting each other, as well as fighting to replace the current privately-owned Western central bank petrodollar, Euro, and Japanese yen-based system.

In the biggest move, the gauntlet has been cast by the Chinese as they challenge the U.S. petrodollar, with the formal announcement of a March 26th start for gold-backed-yuan oil futures trading.  Asian secret society sources say the Year of the Dog, which is just starting, usually brings volatility (in this case presumably in the financial markets) before things settle down into a new normal as the year progresses.  This means the Chinese are ready for financial war once they return from their lunar new year’s holiday this week and next.

This Chinese move against the petrodollar coincides with a Russian threat to withdraw from the Western-controlled SWIFT international payments system.  A CIA source in Asia says he was informed by his Russian counterparts that if Russia starts trade without using the international SWIFT trading accounts and completely switches over to the Chinese Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), “there will be at least a dozen other nations that make this switch within days.”

Meanwhile, a Canadian Secret Intelligence Service agent notes that “Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia is also the CEO of the Russian Federation, licensed to operate out of London.  So if the order is given to move away from the SWIFT system, the U.S. dollar simply dies and we will see huge inflation.”  What he means by this is that the London financial district, and by implication the 2.4 billion-member British Commonwealth, will join the Russians and Chinese in ditching the U.S. dollar.

There is also a big push to replace the petrodollar with a gold-backed cryptocurrency that could rival the Chinese yuan for influence, according to Russian, CIA, Pentagon, Japanese government, and other sources involved in this project, which we discuss in further detail below.

These developments are probably why senior members of the P2 Freemason lodge, the controllers of the existing dollar/euro/yen system, contacted the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week to sue for peace.  There will be more about these discussions with the P2 below.

Also last week, former CIA officer and co-founder of the Marine Intelligence Activity (the folks who recently buzzed CIA Headquarters) Robert David Steele showed up in Japan last week to meet with WDS members.  Here is a YouTube video of my live interview with Robert David Steele:

Remember, the top generals in the Trump regime, including Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, were all Marine generals, so the timing of Steele’s arrival in Japan can be no coincidence.

In Japan, Steele met with members of Asian secret societies, senior right-wing power brokers, members of the Japanese royal family, and others.  The discussions focused on…

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Numero uno


Good morning BFC….




Major news this week that Benjamin didn’t comment on was the ousting of South African president Zuma. I noticed an Interesting quote from the article below:

“History was waiting for him with a bouquet, $50,000/hour speaking engagements at Goldman Sachs brunches, and yacht time with Bono.”

Seems like he may have been a Cabal puppet?

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini



7. I mean gosh, there should be plenty of elbow room in our big world for 7×7 currencies to thrive and flourish! Thanks Ben, interesting report.


8 Grrrrrreat!
Wishing n praying… visioning n beaming LIGHT fthgac.. to all all all here: all reading.. all read about… all cared about, worried about.. wanted.. needed.. n feared.


nine is fine






All very interesting. Any news on Syria / North Korea, ?


Simon Parkes says the Russian plane crash was caused by a bomb. It took the Uranium One exec down (Ivanov – Sr exec from Uranium One that agreed to testify against the Clintons). Why not just take him out and not a whole plane of people? Clinton retaliation for the Russians passing info to Trump regarding the Clintons.. So the Clinton body count just went way up.


“Mr. Steele’s view is that the real cost of producing items must be included in the cost of a product. The example he gave was how the use of dangerous carcinogens in the production of smartphones would lead to cancer among the phone factory workers, and that the cost of this cancer should be included in the price of the phone. It was agreed by the various parties that certainly the cost of pollution, for example, should be paid in full by the polluters.”

AHO!! 💃🖒⚘💞🌿☘🌳🌴🌵💐


Here is my new interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre


“Here!” #16 Sixteen

Besides this “silly” game of numbers, another reason why we chime in with numbers it to announce our respective presences.

When I was a kid in high school, they used to do roll call every single damn class, due to the stupid Russian model of breaking up classes into 50-minute segments, so being a nearly-deaf guy, roll calls were stressful, as I’d seldom hear my name being called.

So, I solve the problem by simply reading books while they’d call out the names, knowing that I would not respond, but they’d look for me sitting near the front of the class.

It was always too stressful to watch the teacher closely during roll-call, then to yell out “here!” when my name would be called.

So, our “silly” numbers game is really a way of us saying that we’re “HERE!”

We are HERE and present to watch the damn Cabal do its fall.

It’s a MIRACLE that it’s falling AT ALL!


Good morning…. outcome to be decided….in our favor!


We must now orient ourselves to the miscellaneous “ordinary school shooting” because these are being foisted on us – state-sponsored terrorism. No one here yet calls it that, but that is what it is. We don’t know which “state” however. And, better to think of them as “ordinary” as at least one of them was utterly fabricated, and others appear to have been so (e.g., probably no one died at Sandy Hook and this can be verified through the careful research of Prof. Jim Fetzer and Co.).


19. Everyone have a great week!


18….i’m here. 404s on Q last night. Something big going down….” GOD and COUNTRY “ with pic of American Flag..

All Patriots thank you Ben for your service…


So Jerome Corsi starts out this interview with Lionel Nation saying that Q is still the original Q – a lot of validation of the change in site confirmed by the moderators at 8 chan that the IP# address is the same and the devises he’s using confirm it.
Q talk starts at 1:20

Contrast with Roy Potter who says the opposite – It was in one of his last videos.

One of these people is correct.

I was wondering if Corsi was actually responding due to Potter’s comment.


Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%

Massive layoffs, a cancerous fake news crisis, and the humiliating (and expensive) implosion of its digital platform, appear to be the least of CNN’s problems. Because on top of all that, when compared to last year, the far-left cable channel has lost -30 percent of its primetime viewers and -23 percent of its total day viewers.

The viewership problems for the anti-Trump outlet are breathtaking, especially when compared to its competition. Throughout the week of February 5, CNN could only scrape together an average 674,000 total day viewers. During the all-important primetime hours, CNN averaged only 888,000 viewers.

Those numbers not only put CNN in last place behind MSNBC and Fox News, it puts the 24/7 Trump-hating channel in last place by a country mile.

In total day, the openly left-wing MSNBC averaged 972,000 viewers (compared to CNN’s paltry 674,000). Fox News, however, nearly beat both CNN and MSNBC combined with 1.529 million average viewers


23 late for me; is any one here?




The newly imposed rates on US importation of South Korean products will go as high as 50%. The new importation rates are meant to punish the country when it decided to march along with North Korean athletes, which is of course a symbolic gesture of the peaceful desire to reunify the Korean peninsula after their Western instigated destruction in the mid-1950s.

Pres. Moon: “I want you to deal with unfair trade protectionist measures with confidence and resolution. Consider filing a complaint to the World Trade Organization and reviewing whether there are any violations to the Korea, U.S. free trade agreement. Make sure you argue its unfairness in the negotiations to revise the Korea-U.S. FTA.”


How did the 13 Russians go about sowing discord? Are you ready for this? They held political rallies posing as Americans and they paid one person (unidentified) to build a cage aboard a flatbed pickup truck and another person to wear a costume portraying Hillary in prison clothes.

One can conclude that Mueller and Rosenstein are fighting for their lives now that it is known that their spy requests for FISA court approval were based on deception. See:

Mueller has produced this silly indictment of individuals who are not the Russian government in the hope that it will keep the attention off the FBI’s deception of the FISA court.
As a special prosecutor Mueller has demonstrated the same lack of integrity that he demonstrated as FBI director.

For the week of February 19 – 25, 2018:

We’re coming out of a wild and crazy week of unpredictable shake ups and awakenings, and heading now into four solid weeks of powerful manifestation energy. That Aquarian New Moon/ Solar Eclipse served as a very potent interruption of the status quo that rebooted our consciousness to a much higher frequency. The content of the interruption itself wasn’t the focus, it was simply an unexpected interference that shifted our focus and allowed for something new to be instantly downloaded into our operating system. Now we get to manifest the results of that eclipse as we move forward into the new chapter.

Read More »



Hillarious!! Throw the book at them, I mean apparently they didn’t even vote!

And then multiply that punishment by 100 for the illegals that voted for Hillary and 1000 for the illegals that voted for Hillary more than once…

But what to do about the dead people voting for Hillary?? Dig them up and hang them? I don’t know.


Jim Stone says the Florida school shooting was another Sandy Hook!

I discovered an enormous horrible problem with the official story out of florida!!!
HA HA HA, CHECK THIS OUT Look at my search terms. It probably was a drill, and nothing happened at all. That would be a great reason to tear the building down, RIGHT?

No bullet holes in anything, no evidence, you got your psy op, TEAR IT DOWN SO NO ONE FIGURES IT OUT. Perfect. Just PERFECT!!! Simply not enough there for those rather direct search terms, am I right?! I mean like what? How many kids were running around with cell phone cams and THIS IS ALL WE HAVE?? Yeah, RIGHT. And when you use single words rather than the three I chose together, it drops to even less!

I am now going to declare it a hoax, and the kids who were fooled did not know what a crisis actor is! the only way no unique cell phone pics hit Google is if this was a controlled situation from start to finish. There is no question they Mk’ed the “perpetrator” into a controlled confession.

Medical price gouge!

A sleazy doctor ordered a urine test for a back surgery patient that should have cost $100. But rather than ask for what was needed, he tacked on testing for many different types of drugs, and the lab gouged the price of every single additional test by a factor of at least 20. Final bill? $17,800. Blue cross cried foul, and refused to pay, sticking the patient with the bill. This is precisely what is wrong with American medical – horrendous price gouging and corruption, rather than honest pay. See this.


The DNC refused to comply with a dossier-related Subpoena, they got hit with some REALLY BAD NEWS
Buzzfeed sued the DNC for evidence related to the dossier, and how it came to be. The DNC did not play ball, and now Buzzfeed has hired a former FBI agent to put things right. see this.


Very interesting:
911 cameraman found a safe that had been emptied prior to the attacks, and another with obvious signs of forced entry.
He filmed it all and never turned in the footage. He knew right away his footage would be destroyed so he kept it. His wife ended up dead less than a year later. He has been tried five times for killing her and was found innocent all 5 times. He is now in Argentina, and the U.S. wants him extradited to go on trial for the same thing again. This report by The Sun is well worth a read, see this


Speaking of “hillarious”, my landlord was laughing his head off this morning about the thirteen Russian indictments, and how stupid Trump is for not realizing this indicts him too. I said it shows no collusion at all, and he just shook his head at me. He’s so worried that I’ve become a wayward Democrat; rolls his eyes at anything I say. I’ll just have to be more agreeable then, to be heard at all…. It may take many faithful comrades decades to realize how they’ve been duped.


Fat Leonard probe widens – George Webb is all over this latest scandal. Benjamin always talks about the white hats in the military. Seems to me, the higher they are on the food chain, the more untrustworthy they are.

Excerpt: The “Fat Leonard” corruption investigation has expanded to include more than 60 admirals and hundreds of other US navy officers under scrutiny for their contacts with a defence contractor in Asia who systematically bribed sailors with sex, alcohol and other temptations, according to the navy.

Most of the admirals are suspected of attending extravagant feasts at Asia’s best restaurants paid for by Leonard Glenn Francis, a Singapore-based maritime tycoon who made an illicit fortune supplying navy vessels in ports from Vladivostok, Russia, to Brisbane, Australia. Francis also was renowned for hosting boozy after-dinner parties, which often featured imported prostitutes and sometimes lasted for days, according to federal court records.

More on site.


Give me love, give me life, give me Peace on Earth


cobra-quote—–Sunday, February 18, 2018

Power of the Goddess

As we have now entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation process, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet:—–unquote…..


low mid and upper earth orbit are now completely controlled by the lightforces…..

the below earth surface final purging of the dark forces is now in process….

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

heres a minute and a half film by the galactic confederation as posted by part of cobras recent writings on his blogsite…..

ruling counsel of the local galactic government(galactic confederation)-quote—–the remaining secret space program factions have accepted the terms of the galactic codex…..

and are prepared to contribute to the advancement of your people by releasing their hidden technology for civilian use in due time…..—–unquote…..


this supports bens writing last week about some of the 4th reich rejoining the surface population…..

the human family strays at times – but of course always eventually comes back home to rooooost…..hahahahaha…..

welcome home…..bienvenue chez nous….



Since my number today was 33, I give you the gift of Tarot #6 . This is the real deal Tarot, not the fortune telling Tarot. This helps one to avoid manifesting crap we don’t want through crappy thinking and feelings associated with separation/ignorance. This statement acknowledges the very vital role of subconsciousness in our daily lives. This statement helps to align the ego (self consciousness) with the image maker (subconsciousness) to create a unified grateful world, both internally and externally through Superconsciousness.

“From now on subconsciousness, you are no longer amenable to suggestions framed by my personal self-consciousness, unless those suggestions are confirmed by Superconsciousness.

You are free from the errors of the misinterpretations I have made in the past.”

Good Stuff!

An ancient, disguised way of acknowledging this trinity of One at work was/is;

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit….”

Peace on Earth


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Vegas Shooter Reportedly Warned His Brain was ‘Hacked’ and He Was Under Gov’t Control

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Inspirational: The Guiding Force of Love

David Wilcock Psychic Synchronicity Conscious Life Expo – Downloads, UFOs, Upcoming Events

Justin Deschamps

Stillness in the Storm

Ontological Zio-tards making themselves God(s). The goal of what Bro’ Nathanael Kapner calls “Holocaustianity”.

A backup piece to Gilad Atzmon ‘s article I just posted.


I just love the report. Lots going on. Parkland being the hospital that took JFK, most revealing, but who knows. The death throes of the old system will need to be worked out meticulously to avoid global economic chaos and there can’t be much in the mainstream about it or people will panic. I feeling buoyed. Let’s hope more reaches the surface.


If you want to dig a little deeper on the 13 Russians, here is some info:

“The Russian company that created the fake news generated for our 2016 election, the Internet Research Agency. From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities.

“The Columbian Chemicals hoax was not some simple prank by a bored sadist. It was a highly coordinated disinformation campaign, involving dozens of fake accounts that posted hundreds of tweets for hours, targeting a list of figures precisely chosen to generate maximum attention. The perpetrators didn’t just doctor screenshots from CNN; they also created fully functional clones of the websites of Louisiana TV stations and newspapers. The YouTube video of the man watching TV had been tailor-made for the project. A Wikipedia page was even created for the Columbian Chemicals disaster, which cited the fake YouTube video. As the virtual assault unfolded, it was complemented by text messages to actual residents in St. Mary Parish. It must have taken a team of programmers and content producers to pull off. “

“RBC reports (link in Russian) that over two years the agency spent $2.3 million on its US operations. Most of that was spent on Russian staff—around 90 employees (link in Russian) were working on the US at the height of the trolling campaign in 2016—but it also paid for 100 US activists to travel around America, organizing 40 rallies in US cities, and spent $120,000 spreading their message on Facebook. (The Silicon Valley giant has admitted that thousands of ads were bought under Russian IP addresses during the campaign.) The 100 activists didn’t suspect any Russian involvement in the funding, RBC reports.”

From wiki:
“The Internet Research Agency, also known as Glavset.
“Russian newspaper Vedomosti links the approved-by-Russian-authorities strategy of public consciousness manipulation through new media to Vyacheslav Volodin, first deputy of the Vladimir Putin Presidential Administration of Russia.[8][9]

“Internet Research Ltd. is considered to be linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the holding company Concord. The “Trolls of Olgino” from Saint Petersburg are considered to be his project. As of October 2014, the company belonged to Mikhail Bystrov, who had been the head of the police station at Moscow district of Saint Petersburg.[13]

“According to The Guardian, the individuals indicted by the FBI in February 2018 are “Mikhail Ivanovich Bystrov, Mikhail Leonidovich Burchik, Aleksandra Yuryevna Krylova, Anna Vladislavovna Bogacheva, Sergey Pavlovich Polozov, Maria Anatolyevna Bovda, Robert Sergeyevich Bovda, Dzheykhun Nasimi Ogly Aslanov, Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopaev, Gleb Igorevitch Vasilchenko, Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina, Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin and Vladimir Venkov.”[49]

“US investigators have long signalled their belief that Prigozhin, a 56-year-old billionaire businessman, is behind Russia’s internet troll factories.

“Prigozhin, who has also been linked to the Wagner Group, a shadowy Kremlin-linked private military contractor believed to be operating in Syria, was included on a US sanctions list in July.”

From wiki on the Wagner Group
“The Wagner Group (Russian: Группа Вагнера, tr. Grupa Vagnera), also known as PMC Wagner, ChVK Wagner, or CHVK Vagner Russian paramilitary organisation.

“Some have described it as a private military company (or a private military contracting agency), whose contractors have reportedly taken part in various conflicts, including operations in the Syrian Civil War on the side of the Syrian government as well as, from 2014 until 2015, in the War in Donbass in Ukraine aiding the separatist forces of the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Others are of the opinion that ChVK Wagner is really a unit of the Russian Ministry of Defence in disguise, which is used by the Russian government in conflicts where deniability is called for.

“The founder of the company is alleged to be Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin, who was born in Kirovohrad Oblast According to the Security Service of Ukraine′s statement in September 2017, Dmitriy Utkin used to be a Ukrainian citizen.

“The company’s name comes from Utkin’s own call sign (“Wagner”), which he allegedly chose due to a passion for the Third Reich.[23] In August 2017, the Turkish Yeni Şafak speculated that Utkin was possibly just a figurehead for the company, while the real head of Wagner was someone else.[24]

“September 2017, the chief of Ukraine′s Security Service (SBU) Vasyl Hrytsak said that in their opinion Wagner was in essence ″a private army of Putin″

Studies on Fake News:

“The World Economic Forum recently identified the rapid spread of misinformation online as among the top 10 perils to society. Prior research has found that social media favors sensationalist content, regardless of whether the content has been fact checked or is from a reliable source.

“When junk news is backed by automation, either through dissemination algorithms that the platform operators cannot fully explain or through political bots that promote content in a pre-programmed way, political actors have a powerful set of tools for computational propaganda. Both state and non-state political actors deliberately manipulate and amplify non-factual information online.

“Fake news websites deliberately publish misleading, deceptive or incorrect information purporting to be real news for political, economic or cultural gain. These sites often rely on social media to attract web traffic and drive engagement. Both Fake news websites and political bots are crucial tools in digital propaganda attacks — they aim to influence conversations, demobilize opposition and generate false support.”

“Samuel Woolley, who heads the Computational Propaganda project at Oxford’s Internet Institute, found that a disproportionate amount of pro-Trump messaging was spread via automated bots and anti-Hillary propaganda. Trump’s bots, they reported at the time of the election, outnumbered Clinton’s five to one.

“Pro-Trump programmers “carefully adjusted the timing of content production during the debates, strategically colonized pro-Clinton hashtags, and then disabled activities after Election Day.”

“Martin Moore, director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King’s College, told the Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr that Trump’s campaign “was using 40-50,000 variants of ads every day that were continuously measuring responses and then adapting and evolving based on that response.”

“These online ads were spread primarily through bots on social media platforms. The ads that got liked, shared, and retweeted the most were reproduced and redistributed based on where they were popular and who they appealed to.

“When you consider how a few thousands votes in a handful of swing states determined the election, this is no small thing.

“The technologies can capture what people are thinking at a particular moment,” Albright told me, “and serve it back to them over and over again.” And with the benefit of psychographic profiling, he adds, they’re able to deliver “content on an individual basis on Twitter and Facebook feeds where people are being grabbed and pulled in certain directions through certain types of posts and stories.

“I’ve called it an emotional leash,” Woolley said.


A philosophical point here on an area I had not figured out yet to my satisfaction:

Jordan Peterson:

Although I do think there are irredeemable people. The death penalty issue is interesting in that regard because I’ve read a lot about really terrible people; and I’ve also read a lot about what really terrible people said about themselves and many of them wished for the death penalty; and so it’s absolutely clear that there are things that you can do that deserve the death penalty. but that doesn’t mean the state should have the right to impose it:

Jordan Peterson – What We Still Don’t Know About Psychopaths

Florida School Attack Exposes
Pedophile Jewish Vigilantes
Americans need to expose and fight the political criminals who
are causing the violence against children…

By Yoichi Shimatsu


So Carol, there was intent & methodology to a significant degree emanating from civilians in St. Petersburg after all? So what are the questions here?

Does interference in an election make it invalid? How can it be actually proved that they affected people’s voting? Is there a trail back to Trump? All very hard to prove I would have thought. It probably ties in with his Russian oligarch bail out cash from earlier.

If they did successfully manipulate I say well done to them! We know how the voting machines have been rigged before by the cabal. Anything to keep Killary out.

What an effing mess! So what’s Mueller’s game? A stab in the back or a downplay of events?


‘Yet no one cried a single tear, and the (pharma-funded) news didn’t even mention the tragedy.’

We are sure living in crazy times, hypocrisy on a huge scale in all spheres.


Zander #399366 ,

I’m not thinking they look like civilians at all, the Wagner Group is anything but civilians. The rat’s nest goes deeper and deeper. It is becoming a part of the AI we encounter every day. It is meant to change our behavior to siphon the resources to the oligarchs.
More to come…..


Robert Mercer’s Renaissance Technologies and some Russians

As you may remember, Robert Mercer, a brilliant AI programmer from the most successful hedge fund ever contributed to the Trump campaign after abandoning Cruz. He brought in Cambridge Analytica, through Steve Bannon. The parent company of Cambridge Analytica is Strategic Communication Logistics, from the UK. What they say about themselves on their own website:

“SCL Group provides data, analytics and strategy to governments and military organizations worldwide. For over 25 years, we have conducted behavioral change programs in over 60 countries & have been formally recognized for our work in defense & social change.”

SLC has its own ties to the Russian oligarchs and I’ll go down that rabbit hole later, but I have found some interesting connections from the quant fund itself.

“In 2001, Renaissance hired a Russian scientist who, like many of his peers, came west after the collapse of the Soviet Union: Alexander Belopolsky. Patterson was against bringing him aboard, he says, because he had recently worked on Wall Street, where he had job-hopped. His fears proved prescient.

“In 2003 he and another Russian, Pavel Volfbeyn, announced they were leaving for hedge fund Millennium Partners, where they’d negotiated healthy bonuses and the right to keep a large part of their own profits. Renaissance sued them and Millennium, worried the researchers would take the firm’s secrets with them. All parties later settled out of court.

“Around that time another of Renaissance’s Russian-born researchers, Alexey Kononenko, who received his Ph.D. from Penn State in 1997 and had also done a brief stint on Wall Street, was promoted within the equities group. Senior staffers ended up discussing Kononenko’s advancement during one of their regular dinners at Simons’s house. One person familiar with the situation says the scientists were just questioning why he had moved ahead of colleagues who had been there much longer, much the way an academic might complain about a younger colleague getting tenure. Other people with knowledge of the firm say Kononenko’s promotion was a significant event in Renaissance’s history and that the Russian had actually executed a power play.

“Whatever the reasons for Kononenko’s advancement, the outcome has safeguarded the well from which Renaissance’s wealth flows: Medallion has averaged more than a 40 percent return, after fees, since the dinner.”

Here are some excerpts from an article:

“What can be pieced together is RENTEC uses quantitative models to buy and sell millions of stocks a year based on statistical ARBITRAGE strategies. Statistical ARBITRAGE attempts to make money by buying one security and selling another. These securities could be similar stocks in the same industry, or the same security trading in different markets.

“In 2017 DEUTSCHE BANK was fined $425 million by the US government for laundering $10 billion out of RUSSIA using a scheme known as MIRROR TRADES. The scheme involved a customer in Moscow ordering DEUTSCHE BANK to buy shares for Rubles and then to immediately sell an identical amount of the same shares in London for Dollars. (14)

“The money used in the scheme belonged to Igor Putin (cousin of Vladimir PUTIN) and the ROTENBERG brothers who are old friends of PUTIN. Investigators speculated that MIRROR TRADES where a part of a much larger money laundering operation but to date no additional evidence has been made public.

“RENTEC is currently under investigation by the IRS for using a similar financial engineering structure to MIRROR TRADES known as BASKET OPTIONS (an option containing many different securities). Congressional investigators have claimed BASKET OPTIONS were used to avoid taxes and limitations on leverage, but they could also be used to facilitate money laundering. On behalf of the MEDALLION fund, RENTEC purchased an option from DEUTSCHE BANK and then sold the option one year later and claimed the long-term tax rate (24%) applied. In reality RENTEC exercised full control of the contents of the option, and executed hundreds of millions of high frequency transactions a year, most lasting only milliseconds. (16, 17)

“If the IRS finds that RENTEC should be charged the short-term tax rate (44%), the fund will owe $6.8 billion. 2017 McClatchy reported on the investigation and specifically linked the possible tax bill with the increasing investments in political candidates made by RENTEC executives. Two weeks after the report was published the author Scott CHRISTIANSON died from massive head trauma at his home. (16, 18)

“Evidence presented to US Congressional committee investigating RENTEC show that DEUTSCHE BANK allowed RENTEC to JOURNAL assets between sub accounts, thereby avoiding market transactions of buying and repurchasing the same security that could be interpreted as manipulative trading. Other evidence included emails from William BROEKSMIT, the DEUTSCHE BANK employee charged with managing the BASKET OPTIONS for RENTEC where he went into detail how the scheme was executed. In 2014 BROEKSMIT was found dead in his London apartment as result of hanging. (16, 19)
All the footnotes are at the link from Medium above.


This is an awesome 17-min vid that describes Trump’s overall strategy.

Highly recommended, especially if you are impatient with the mass arrest process.

Nicolas Thauvette
Nicolas Thauvette

Merci pour ton travail!!!


jaggs13 #399355

# 33
Give me love, give me life, give me Peace on Earth


Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from birth
Give me hope
Help me cope……….


Hmmm,so when are they going to start making it public that the Fake News Networks have being lying to the brain wash sheeps.It has reach to the point now that Democrats are actually becoming mentally ill trying so hard to bite on any phony accusation that can help impeach and remove Trump



Welcome to the BFC.

Watch that vid that I posted…

… that will answer a portion of the questions that you asked in your first post.

2018 will likely be a phenomenal year with a great deal of revelations that we’ve long clamored for in terms of media deception, gov’t corruption, etc.


I don’t think I’ve seen Valtony here in awhile….?

Glen Smith

This was a very good article which consoled me somewhat and gave me a little more patience and confidence that these matters were not stalled, but moving along. I realized I should have thought more of the sacrifices of many civilians / military groups and individuals being given on behalf of us all. God bless them All.


Didn’t see that this has been posted here. I’m enjoying listening to Alex and David Icke together


That video is

David Icke February 12 2018 David Icke & Alex Jones We Need To Stop The Reptilians!


Florida shooting rehearsal??
David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines When Interviewed for Florida school shooting
EXPOSED: School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist David Hogg’s Father in FBI, Appears To Have Been Coached On Anti-Trump Lines [VIDEO]

In less than a week since they survived a mass murdering gunman attack on their school, two student who quickly became media stars of the Parkland, Florida school shootings are now media obsessed to the point they say they are snubbing an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump this Wednesday in favor of appearing on a televised town hall with CNN’s Jake Tapper. […]

One student, in particular, David Hogg seems articulate and highly skilled at setting a new anti-Conservative/anti-Trump narrative behind the recent school shooting. Few have seen this type of rapid media play before and when they have it has come from well-trained political operatives and MSM commentators.

Immediately, these students-turned-activists threw up some red flags.

In what seemed initially as an incredibly odd move for a high school student, Hogg’s vehemently defended the FBI and placed the blame squarely on the President’s shoulders…. before admitting that his father was in the FBI.


More background on SCL the originators and owners of Cambridge Analytica.

Sorry for the long posts, but I have been digging into this rabbit hole and I think it is important to know that all the stuff George Webb is digging up on the alphabet agencies here setting up pay to play with nuclear, arms, drugs, and human trafficking is connected to the the same stuff on the other side of the pond. The oligarchs in charge are still in charge. Eyes open.

Strategic Communication Logistics – SCL Part 1

Cambridge Analytica’s press releases refer to it as “the U.S. subsidiary of SCL Group.”
Who is the parent organization and what do they do?

What they say about themselves on their own website:
SCL Group provides data, analytics and strategy to governments and military organizations worldwide. For over 25 years, we have conducted behavioral change programs in over 60 countries & have been formally recognized for our work in defense & social change.

Their customers are divided into categories of Defense, Intelligence, Federal/Civilian, and International.

We have provided data analytics to Global Combatant Commands (GCC), Theatre Special Operations Commands (TSOC) and partner nations since 2009. Our methodology has been executed in programs commissioned by NATO and Sandia National Labs,

Counter State Influence:
The information environment has become the new modern battlefield where state and non-state actors employ sophisticated propaganda and disinformation against the US and its allies. SCL is at the vanguard of this fight employing advanced data analytics to identify the misleading campaigns and incorporating our behavioral tools to counter their messaging. Our deep understanding of how maligned propaganda is circulated and consumed allows us to provide alternative narratives and credible perspectives.

Our industry-leading data scientists use this data to build predictive models using machine learning, so that analysts are able to focus their time and tools on the right data subsets.

Digital engagement (Bots)
Because digital engagement employs such powerful metrics, it is possible to use feedback to refine the messages for each group.

Ukraine campaign:
SCL was contracted to collect population data, conduct analytics, and deliver a data-driven strategy for the Ukrainian government in pursuit of their goal to win back control of Donetsk. SCL’s data and analytics revealed that the Ukrainian government’s credibility was extremely low with target audiences. Findings were applied to design localized communications campaigns to erode and weaken the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

SLC From Wiki:
After an initial commercial success, SCL expanded into military and political arenas. It became known for alleged involvement “in military disinformation campaigns to social media branding and voter targeting”.[5] According to its website, SCL has participated in over 25 international political and electoral campaigns since 1994.[2]
SCL’s involvement in the political world has been primarily in the developing world where it has been used by the military and politicians to study and manipulate public opinion and political will. It uses what have been called “psy ops” to provide insight into the thinking of the target audience.[4] SCL claims to have been successful to help foment coups.[5] According to its website, SCL has influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago.[2] While the company initially got involved in elections in the United Kingdom, it ceased to do so after 1997 because staff members did not exhibit the same “aloof sensibility” as with projects abroad.[4]

Microtargeting from wiki:
Microtargeting is a modification of a practice used by commercial direct marketers. It would not be possible on a large scale without the development of large and sophisticated databases that contain data about as many voters as possible. These data are particularly illuminating when portrayed through a Geographic Information System (GIS), where trends based on location can be mapped alongside dozens or hundreds of other variables. This geographic depiction also makes it ideal for volunteers to visit potential voters.

These databases are then mined to identify issues important to each voter and whether that voter is more likely to identify with one party or another. Political information is obviously important here, but consumer preferences can play a role as well. Individual voters are then put into groups on the basis of sophisticated computer modeling. Such groups have names like “Downscale Union Independents”, “Tax and Terrorism Moderates,” and “Older Suburban Newshounds.”


Who Owns SLC? Part 2

Board members and executive leadership of SCL:

Julian Weatland, Chairman of the Board, Capstone Innovation is an employee of Vincent Tchenguiz, Capstone investment advisors delivers volatility and options-based strategies and solutions for hedge funds by developing and maintaining a variety of volatility analytics across global asset classes. Capstone’s approach is model-driven with a qualitative overlay and consists of specialists in each asset class understanding and navigating the nuances of the evolving global markets.,

Mr. Nigel Oakes serves as Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communication Laboratories Ltd. He is also the owner of Cambridge Analytica US, In 1990, the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDi) was formed as a centre of excellence and a research facility for strategic communication. In 1993 he set up Strategic Communication Laboratories and, using the new communication methodology from BDi, ran election campaigns and national communication campaigns for a broad variety of international governments. Published clients include South Africa, USA, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Grenada, Nepal, Pakistan and Switzerland.

Dr. Alexander Tayler, also known as Alex, serves as the Chief Data Scientist at SCL Group Limited. His primary focus is the development and implementation of models that combine theoretical psychology with big data analytics to enable highly accurate predictions of human behaviour.

Mr. Oliver Philips serves as Head of Operations at SCL Group Limited. Mr. Philips is a Leading Member of a major Canadian Political party and an expert in the field of voter engagement and political strategy.

Phil Taylor BA, PhD serves as a Member of the Advisory Board His research interests are government-media relations, public and cultural diplomacy, propaganda, psychological operations/warfare, information operations/warfare, military-media relations, international film, radio and television (international communications) Prof. Taylor is Associate Editor of The Journal of Information Warfare. He has published 10 books, including War and the Media: Propaganda and Persuasion in the Gulf War, Munitions of the Mind: a history of propaganda from the ancient world to the present day Global Communications, International Affairs and the Media since 1945, and 70 articles and book chapters. His PhD was an examination of the Foreign Office News Department between 1914 and 1939. He is the propaganda expert.

Here is a good graphic of the complicated ownership connections on each side of the Atlantic:


A short History of SLC – Part 3

According to its website, SCL has participated in over 25 international political and electoral campaigns since 1994.[2]

Excerpts below from:

By 2004, SCL had worked on some elections, in a few war zones, and for the Pentagon over the years. SCL carries a Secret clearance as a ‘List X’ contractor for the British Ministry of Defence and had always portrayed themselves as experts in the field of behavioral dynamics and psychological warfare, but had no known background in the algorithmic data processing with which they are now associated.

“Vincent Tchenguiz was the single largest SCL shareholder for a decade, owning 23% from 2005–2015. After Tchenguiz divested his shares, SCL Group Chairman Julian Wheatland, who is also one of the company’s four directors, is a Tchenguiz employee.

“In the space of less than a year SCL’s timeline looks like:
• SCL worked somewhere in the middle of the famed Orange Revolution, with Russia on one side and Ukraine on the other
• SCL acquired a new 23% major shareholder, Iran expat Tchenguiz, injecting big cash flow
– Tchenguiz was hanging out with who is now the most infamous modern-day Russian spy, hero, and pro-Crimean-rebel mascot in 2005–6
– Tchenguiz did a little business in Libya with Orange Revolution antagonist and accused Kremlin/Bratva intermediary Firtash in 2005–6
• SCL relaunched the company as a psyops-focused defense contractor, touting “The Most Powerful Weapon In The World”

From the wayback machine, Dec. 2005: (nice photo on site of wrap-around multi-media command center, like we see in movies, SCL was selling to governments to monitor and command)

“OpCentre for Global Defense Systems “Having worked on numerous projects throughout the world with Strategic Communication Laboratories over the last decade, we were SCL’s first and obvious choice when it came to helping them create a working model of one of their Opcentres (The Most Powerful Weapon in the World) for this year’s DSEi show at ExCel (Defense Systems & Equipment International).”

“Throughout the five day show SCL ran scenarios detailing how the Opcentre would deal with such events as they unfolded. Creating the detailed high resolution graphics for any one of these scenarios was equivalent to what we create for the average motion picture, but as SCL ran three different scenarios twice a day, we in effect created three films worth of content!!”
Excerpts below from:

“Tchenguiz used the same Guernsey holding company, Wheddon Ltd., to invest both in Cambridge Analytica’s parent company in the U.K. and in another privately held U.K. business whose largest shareholder was the Ukrainian gas middleman Dmitry Firtash.

“Firtash, indicted in 2014 by the United States in a complex bribery case, is under a sort of house arrest in Austria, free on $175 million bail, while the U.S. continues to attempt, unsuccessfully, to extradite him. He has already been stripped of some of his Ukrainian assets by prosecutors there.

“Firtash’s direct ties to several well-placed UK Conservatives is a curiosity. Despite his heavy baggage, Firtash has stayed active in politics via his BUS, and he donated a truck full of cash to help establish Cambridge University’s Ukrainian Studies school. Perhaps his open checkbook and loose lips have allowed him to avoid extradition to the USA, instead roaming free in Vienna while out on US$125,000,000 bail from long-unprosecuted charges. Without speculating too much about his actual place in this tale, Firtash’s story in particular is reminiscent of the days of Reagan-Thatcher-Gorbachev era Cold War double agents.

“In March 2011 the Tchenguiz brothers were arrested in dramatic predawn raids as part of an investigation into the 2008 collapse of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing. Just before its collapse, Kaupthing’s loans to the Tchenguiz brothers totaled 40 percent of its capital. It has been charged that Kaupthing—which had a far-from-transparent ownership structure—was effectively the Tchenguiz brothers’ bank and that they looted the bank, leading to its collapse. Various Kaupthing executives ended up in jail.

“Kaupthing’s largest shareholder, owned 25 percent of its shares, had ties to Alfa Bank, the largest Russian commercial bank; Alfa chairman was “deep state” figure Mikhail Fridman, chairman and co-founder of Alfa Group, the parent of Alfa Bank. Meanwhile, Trump adviser Richard Burt is on the “senior advisory board” of Alfa Bank.“


Part 4 – SCL Joins the US State Department

Excerpts below from:

“In a nutshell, things like your credit report, voting record & address, purchasing habits, harvested internet interactions, and stolen social media histories are compiled into highly personalized, actionable demographic & psychometric profiles detailing how your specific brain works, which become very useful to advertisers or electioneers should they desire to guide your opinion or intent.

“Importantly, it seems apparent that bot account networks & hashtags, cookie-cutter websites/blogs, and secret social media “dark posts” visible only to curated individual citizens were deployed — often based around disinformation aka “fake news” — in order to alter opinions but also to manufacture trending topics, commandeer political narratives, and manipulate the larger sociocultural dialogue of the entire populace.

“If these tools — intrinsically linked as they are to the social media providers that near-exclusively inform the opinions of the entire world — were to be honed & deployed as part of a military-grade campaign using systems designed to identify, track, and suppress individual dissenters around the globe, we could be looking at a nightmare scenario en route to dystopia.

“SCL Group, which shares personnel with CA, has a history of involvement across the globe in military operations, training NATO forces, marketing databases, and election rigging. Based in the UK, SCL carries a Secret clearance as a ‘List X’ contractor for the British Ministry of Defence; has worked for private contractors in Iran, Libya, and Syria; and though they had conducted surveys in Iran and Yemen for the Pentagon in the past, they’re now legit bigly players.

“Commander Steve Tatham served with 15 POG in Iraq, but commanded its Afghanistan regiment for years. He also plied his trade as Director of Communication Research at the UK Defence Academy, and was the UK’s longest continuously serving Influence Activities officer. Upon retirement he became Director of Operations at IOTA-Global, a UK company owned by Nigel Oakes, the founder of SCL and its research arm, Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDi).

“Tatham is currently Director of Defence Operations at SCL Group.

“Iraq work under Mark Turnbull was only revealed in a October 2016 report entitled “Fake News and False Flags” by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a UK nonprofit devoted to extended and unbiased investigations.

“Five years previous, the Bureau conducted another well-publicized investigation into Turnbull’s BPPA, in which B-PC executives were caught on tape boasting about their unique “dark arts” ability to initiate political change via their deep infiltration into the highest levels of UK government. The execs also boasted of their skills in hiding bad PR by manipulating Google results with juiced-up ‘Google bombing’, and how they had a team devoted to Wikipedia reputation management, which is common now but was rather cutting-edge at the time.

“One might think it would be a difficult time for defense contractors, as existing intelligence agencies have come under attack since Trump’s first day in office. There is certainly ample reason to criticize even the basic concept of strategic intelligence gathering and operations, but there is a school of thought that suggests his administration is merely attempting to manipulate the intel agencies in order to control them, or else weaken them to the point where they can be replaced with preferred private vendors (that serve to profit oligarchs)

“According to the Post, SCL has successfully secured a contract with the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC). Formerly known as the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC) — first established via President Obama’s Executive Order 13584 in 2011 — it was rechristened as the GEC by President Obama in 2016, first via Executive Order 13721 on 14 March and then as part of the Congress-passed 2017 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) on 23 December. Obama’s executive order also merged with the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act on the way into the NDAA’s final version.

“Essentially, the CSCC was the State Dept’s social media & meme squad. It’s no surprise the CSCC was quietly renamed, as it received a fair amount of press attention for producing a range of online content aimed at “actively trolling terrorists,” most of which seems to have failed miserably.

“It’s eminently reasonable to assume SCL will be fulfilling some of their contracted work by providing the same techniques Cambridge Analytica claims to have employed in recent elections. We can also infer the $160M is still in play despite no GEC leadership, what with SCL receiving a contract in mid-February, so the Department of State brass must be directly involved in the contracting.

“If that happens, CA and SCL will be applying their “magic sauce” to a huge swath of [insert oligarch here] active measure information operations and strategic communications, both inside the USA and around the world.”


Taking apart the Mueller’s indictment- Thomas Paine…………….

Published on 19 Feb 2018
The Global Engagement Center, America’s Truth Ministry, was behind the Russian election trolling that Mueller’s indictment failed to mention as he and his team created an outlandish report naming 13 Russian spies as the enemies.


So this SCL group is a global version of a transnational corporation run ultimately by the bloodline families going with the profiling trends from data mining to manipulate election outcomes to then co-opt through the already in place shadow state, except that Trump is also a wild card.

That said, he nevertheless is part of the anti Iran agenda where the globalists are simply playing off the increasingly delineated sides of North America & Western Europe + Israel against the Chinese & Russians who are now getting Iran into the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.


David Icke February 12 2018 David Icke & Alex Jones We Need To Stop The Reptilians!![UPDATE]

According to Alex Jones CO2 levels are the lowest ever recorded, & HAARP is punching holes allowing in harmful cosmic radiation.


We’ve covered this topic, but this video is good. The NFL entertainment lawyer lays it all out….before he was shot gangland style. Can’t have that TRUTH out there now can we?

NFL Lawyer, Who Claimed Super Bowl Is ‘Rigged’, Found Dead

“This is the biggest scam in sports history,” Goodes said in Minneapolis, according to reports. “The Super Bowl is already completely scripted out.”

“How do I know it’s scripted? I’ve read the damn thing.“


At 1:05, Jalen Ramsey Jaguars QB, tweets they were told to throw the game.
This was covered by MSM.

So the jig is up.


Medical Board Ordered to Pay Millions for Harassment

Story at-a-glance
Medical boards have gained tremendous power over doctors’ ability to practice medicine, and while standards are needed to protect patients, medical boards frequently misuse that power

License revocation and other career-ending punishments are being used to stifle free speech, free thinking and the open-minded investigation that should be a cornerstone of science itself

Dr. Mark Geier, a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in genetics, lost his medical license in 2011 for using a controversial chelation therapy to treat autistic children

After the Maryland Board of Physicians published a list of medicines prescribed to Geier, his wife and son on its website, Geier sued the board for harassment, and won

Montgomery County Circuit Court awarded Geier $2.5 million in damages, calling it a significant breach of medical privacy; half of the damages must be paid out of pocket by the board’s appointees

I can hear CNN making a kosher “DOOOH!” sound a’la Homer Simpson.

The Terminal Madness of the PC-tards run amok on our campuses.

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018 Targets Free Speech, Conservatives, and White People


Hi Zander,

I think what we are looking at is by using machine learning and AI coupled with PhD level propaganda and micro-targeting, coupled with the best hedge fund in the world multiplying every $1000 into 13 million in a few years, you have a system that can do what it wants with us and the planet. It can paint the picture we want to hear, or the picture we most fear and aim it at each and every one of us specifically. I have another few layers of what it is and who the players are to come when I can get it collected and digested.

What this money/influence machine is missing is a heart and a connectedness to all the dimensions of existence that each of us possesses. Machine learning is no match for our abilities to connect to all of wisdom and knowledge that really matters. The oligarchs are unabashed in this administration. There is a veil, like the man behind the curtain, but we have the ability to peek beneath it when we follow our intuition. That is where this research is leading me, and leading George Webb.

In the meritocracy that Ben talks about, where is the filter to filter out the psychopaths? That is the most important filter to get in all the systems from local all the way up. Our current system of rewards is aimed at rewarding the psychopaths and handing them the fruits of our labors of love. If we want a system that is different, we have to invent a way to filter them out and heal them, or recycle them.


Well, Russians spreading disinfo through bots. This is news? Don’t we do it all over the planet? Heck, we’re worse, our military shows, arms rebels who then massacre and terrorize the indigenous population sowing chaos throughout the country and then WE claim we helped overthrow despots and install democratic leaders who are favorable to our economic plans for their nation.

Honestly, I can’t pay attention to it anymore. LIke we don’t have operatives in Russia? UK? France? Germany? Africa? Southeast Asia? How many governments have we toppled in the last 20 years? The amount of pro-Trump vs. pro-Hillary propaganda hardly influenced people. Trumpers voted for him for a reason and many of them were/are alt-right. There was plenty of anti-Trump prop out there all thoughout the election campaigns. It’s all BS. And what will it do anyway? Will Russia let us extradite them? Heck, Exxon probably paid for it all they’re losing a fortune in oil drilling projects that have been on hold since the sanctions.

The shooting? Well timed I guess, but who believes these things anymore. Lots of young people don’t, especially the ones out of high school. The high schools keep the fear alive talking about it all the time. Somebody posted a link, I believe, 20 events in 45 days. I try to point out to people that this is statistically impossible. I tell them that growing up in the 50’s it was far easier to get your hands on guns and no one ever shot up schools, not the communists, not the socialists, not the nihilists!. People were doing lots of drugs then too and still no one was shooting up schools, churches, whatever. It’s the same scenario over and over, rogue outcast, mentally disturbed, ISIS recruit or anti-gay or anti-anything but always anti- goodness. How can people believe this nonsense?

I can barely talk about it anymore. We’ve got kids, (((actors))) on CNN now begging Congress to do something and that something seems to be more stringent background checks. I often wonder, how would the sinisters pull off their regularly scheduled domestic terror incidents if no one could get any guns anymore? How would they explain it once they’d taken all the guns? Trump will huff and puff and there will be some pandering but none of it will be enforced.

I was surprised when the media initially went after the FBI as lax and inept since supposedly the school had warned the FBI about Cruz, but that line has been abandoned. I wondered if they were feeding into Trump’s plans to dismantle that agency. Maybe it was an effort to justify busting up the FBI, if so it’s been hijacked by the usuals. Too much involvement by (((certain))) groups for me to take it seriously.


What the hell happened to the latest Q-dedicated website? Shit!


This was the latest link for Q — it now does not work. Ugh.


anthony hall-quote—–Now you have joined in that attack too, Premier Notley. You have allied yourself with the position of B’nai Brith Canada, the organization that recently interfered in the leadership race for the new leader of the federal NDP. The NDP federal leadership candidate, Niki Ashton, was attacked by the same organization that set in motion the trial-by-media campaign aimed at bringing about my professional and personal ruination.—–unquote…..


“A foreign agent here would need only encourage you to do what you have been doing all along—for practical reasons, to maintain wealth and power, to maintain your nation’s stability and to maintain its predominance over other nations. These agents will provide this advice to your leaders, and especially to the leaders in commerce, who always will seek profit and advantage.”

That’s where the power (greed) of the multinational corporations come in.

Sounds like what Trump is obliged to deal with. It’s all about planetary resources in the end, from a controlling off-world perspective. So they sow the seeds of conflict – anything to prevent a humanity that is united that can then deal with this Intervention.

In the Greater Galactic Community, biological resources such as blood, plasma, DNA, bone marrow, skin and body organs can be used for their chemical substances. From these, medicines are made. From these, new life forms are bred – including hybridisation with humans providing a melding allowing a ‘legal’ dominance over mankind by also being amongst us.

In other words just like the way we treat our animals.


“The steep measures in South Korea, once a global hub for bitcoin trading, triggered a plunge in the entire cryptocurrency market, which lost nearly half of its value earlier this year.

This week, cryptocurrencies recovered significantly after South Korea confirmed there would be no ban. Seoul pledged to oversee transparency in the crypto market, starting with a crackdown on anonymous trading accounts.”


anthony hall-quote—–I was pulled from the classroom in mid-term and banned from stepping foot on campus. This purge took place entirely outside the terms of the collective agreement between the university’s faculty and administration. Are you even aware of this central fact in the academic freedom case at the University of Lethbridge?—–unquote…..

not all the academics in place are bought and paid for and brainwashed by the controllers of course…..

anthony hall and kevin barrett are a couple of fine intellectual lightwarriors…..

bravo mais frere de la lumiere…..


victoire de la lumiere…..etre lumiere…..dans lumiere….pour lumiere…..sacre lumiere…..


26 minute video on Victurus Libertas VL:

Robert David Steele In Tokyo, Trump – Deep State Update, Benjamin Fulford & Princess Kaoru Nakamaru

Published on Feb 19, 2018

We had a 30 minute sit down with RDS to discuss his trip to Japan, his meeing with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and Benjamin Fulford, Sustainable societies using Open source technologies, Trump and the deep state
gives an explaination for “one world currency” Ben has talked about along with other things .
or for a synopsis with the pictures Robert David Steele mentions in video:

& much more

More videos on this site as well



#WWCS Ep 2 – Crypto Blood & Clif High Talk C60, PLR, EOS, PPT, LN Failing, Tesla’s Starman & More!

Crypto Blood
Published on Feb 19, 2018


Jim Stone

I am still sick. I do not know what it is.
10 grams of vitamin C per day and no bowel tolerance problems, whatever this is it is eating vitamin C like crazy. Anyway, I’ll post this:

From tweet:
The Phelps family from Sandy Hook sure looks a lot like the Sexton family from Florida – maybe its just me.


#WWCS Ep 2 – Crypto Blood & Clif High Talk C60, PLR, EOS, PPT, LN Failing, Tesla’s Starman & More!

Clif High talks about 5G starting at 30:35


Crisis actors take happy happy selfie before going on camera with their scripted lies in Florida.


Clif says DNA is destroyed after being scanned by 5G terrahertz waves. The DNA is no longer usable. That is why they are getting rid of the full body scanners at the airports.


Thanks to the Q hashtags on Twitter, I found the latest Q link that works, listed above.


intruth #39941

Not sure I understand, but I didn’t listen to the post. Are the current full body scanners 5G, or do they want to install 5G scanners, or eliminate scanners altogether. It’s really going toward fleecing the traveling public by coaxing us into buying these various fast-track boarding ID’s like Pre Check and others. We knew it would end like this.


cobra-quote—–Now it is time for us to understand that caring, loving, soft energy is the energy that will ultimately transform our planet and assist the Light Forces in removing all darkness from the planet. Being soft is NOT a weakness, it is ultimate power:—–unquote…..

comment image


Florida GOP staffer fired after accusing Parkland students of being ‘crisis actors’ who travel to shootings

Republicans are ramping up attacks on survivors of the Parkland school massacre who have asked for new gun control laws.

Journalist Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times reports on Twitter that he received an e-mail from Benjamin Kelly, an aide to Shawn Harrison alleging that Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg were “actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.”

An aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison, using state email, sent me this: “Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.”


Preston James comments:
The SS was originally a part of the US Treasury, but was transferred to DHS to become under the control of the Dual citizen “Israeli-firsters” like Chertoff so that they could be more directly controlled, be unwittingly used as City Of London Establishment tools, and help keep the Israeli attack on America on 9-11-01 covered up forever.

President Trump’s closest protectors are ex-NYCPD detective tough guys who are experienced elite. They know that a certain percentage of SS agents are unknowingly mind-kontrolled and some actual Cutout agents. Most SS are well trained but some have been messed with and have drank the COL koolaide.

When JFK was assassinated most were out drinking till dawn and two volunteer firemen were left to protect JFK in his hotel room. During the actual shooting, the SS had been ordered back, the driver who was in on it completely stopped the car when the umbrella man gave the signal and waited for a kill shot before driving off.

Other SS were in on it too, but most were just ordered to stand down or back off and were confused at all the violations of well-established protocol such as securing every building, welding man hole covers shut, setting the motorcycles alongside JFK’s limo, no slow-downs, no big turns, etc. These requirements were not done that sad day when the GHWB run OP40 CIA Cabal took over and began to take America down a path to Globalist Hell for the COL RKM Banksters.

Cautionary read: “Can the coming Sovietization of American Dissent be stopped? ”
by Preston James – The USG is now attempting to adopt and utilize Soviet tactics to suppress the new American populism which is emerging from the Internet’s Alternative Press.


Jim Stone
Look who wants you disarmed

The following is making the rounds on social media in various forms. Here’s my take, with my tweaks.
Criminals want you disarmed

Globalists want you disarmed

The UN wants you disarmed

AntiFa wants you disarmed

Rabid Feminists want you disarmed

Fema wants you disarmed

Brainwashing leftist professors want you disarmed

Tyrants (who intend to RULE you like subjects) want you disarmed

The Red Chinese want you disarmed

The Jews want you disarmed.

Old world Bolshevik communists want you disarmed (and they killed millions)

The Leftist racists (the REAL racists) want you disarmed

The Propaganda centers (MSM) want you disarmed

The children who have no life experience, no knowledge of history, and no understanding of the Constitution want you disarmed

The Leftists pushing civil war want you disarmed

So, do you think it’s a good idea to make yourself weak and helpless, now that the whole fucking WORLD has been brainwashed into hating you?

That would be suicide.


This was recorded on February 15, 2018

Benjamin Fulford Meets with Robert David Steele In Japan February 2018

Spider-Man Frozen Elsa
Published on Feb 18, 2018


A follow up to your post Waldheim2 – Robert David Steele being interviewed re his mtg w/ Fulford and… I found it VERY uplifting, exciting and informative!

Feb 19, 2018
We had a 30 minute sit down with RDS to discuss his trip to
Japan, his meeting with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and Benjamin Fulford, Sustainable societies using Open source technologies, Trump and the deep state


Disclosure about Corey Goode, Roger Ramsaur, Smart Suits,

According to Ileana (super soldier, SSP asset), Emery Smith corroborates her info. about smart suit technologies.

Ileana emailed Cory about her experiences at different Mars bases, seeing different body parts made into cyborgs, holographic medical pods etc. He did not answer her questions about the Mars ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) base locations, but instead asked questions about her & then said she was not in the SSP (Secret Space Program) after he had ‘vetted’ her through his superiors.

After she had given detailed knowledge of four Mars orbiting communication & defence stations he then became really interested asking for all her personal details. He said he found no files relating to Ileana’s time there & proceeded to call her a fake on his sites.

Instead he said Ileana was abducted earlier & not an asset where Ileana’s memories beg otherwise & are very detailed. She did combat training but opted for a communications job.

Roger Ramsaur Richards then contacted her to not attack or disbelieve Cory. Basically Ileana believes she was too naive in providing Cory with her personal details & some experiences, information that he would later use against her.

Ileana had also sent links on info. about smart suits & wet room torture to David Wilcock well before Emery Smith did his presentations on Gaia tv/ Cosmic Disclosure – further proof of her experiences matching up.

Ileana talks about her encounters with EL beings & with a 14ft Guardian Sentinel being where she had to provide correct genetic sequence codes to enter the holographic gateway portal to enter various outposts – same as what Emery Smith has been talking about.

Cory Goode has never talked about his experiences with smart suit tek. These smart suits produced by the ICC are bio-living polymers with nano tek that adheres to the molecular structure of your body that provide food nutrients, & take care of your body wastes by not allowing the body to produce waste in the physical. It can generate what looks like clothing & enable you to walk through walls. You interact with it telepathically, & it also can heal you & protect you against bullets, also amplifying your abilities. They also enable space flight using zero gravity drives, programming it with your mind.

Ileana goes on about how they can reanimate the dead. She tells us she has been on the Moon, Mars, Venus & Antartica & has knowledge on soul retrieval, past life regression, quantum healing hypnosis, basic counselling, psychic development courses, akashic reading.

Both David Wilcock & Emery Smith (whom she believes) have not replied back. Ileana has no handlers or a business manager or someone telling her what she can & can’t say or to script her show. She is preparing YouTube presentations & it is all not for profit & receives no donations.

Ileana simply calls bs on Cory from day one, along with the associated mind kontrol. Corey Goode is also not part of the closed Secret Space Program facebook group – where Ileana posted info. from remote viewing about the boarding of the cigar shaped craft before Corey Goode/David Wilcock posted two weeks later. Her date stamps prove all this. Corey Goode even said she was a danger to children, then deleted it on his facebook group.

For me Ileana rings x10 more true than Corey Goode. By association this must bring into question David Wilcock’s deeper integrity.


Twitter is doing a MAJOR purge of conservative/Trump/Republican followers, BIG-TIME, right now.

Fk’n, Goddamn Twitter!

It’s time to go scoop up the human shit that’s laying all around in downtown SF with a dog-tennis-ball-throwing device and start to FLING that Democrat-inspired, Libtard-inspired human shit upon the windows of Twitter’s headquarters!

FK you, Twitter!


Sinabung Eruption Signals Year without a Summer Cycle, Are you Prepared (534)

Adapt 2030
Published on Feb 20, 2018

The awakening of Sinabung among other volcanoes awakening on a multi century cycle, indicates that the grand solar minimum intensification of intense eruptions has begun. This latest eruption of Sinabung has sent ash 17KM/55,000ft into the atmosphere which reached the troposphere and will spread across Asia. Iceland awakens as well and the world is not ready to handle another “Year Without a Summer” which this signals. Good luck in your preparations.


Ileana is the real deal. Interesting post Zander. This Roger Ramsur dude is bad news.
Wonder if Jordan Sather has any association with him now.


New Q just popped up here – 2/21


intruth #399429

Agreed, she most certainly is. Even the YouTube title & especially the way she speaks & rebukes Corey Goode from a position of kindness, patience & hurt all rings true. It is all just further confirmation from many different valid people now. Ramsaur! What a name, what a give away!

This site gives a comprehensive list of links & people questioning Corey Goode.
Here is a James Rink comment:

“Corey Goode’s Blue Avian ET’s approached the ACIO and offered to help humanity in exchange for experiments in changing the laws of physics in this section of the galaxy, their offer was flatly turned down. What agenda is behind Corey Goode is yet to be revealed but it doesn’t appear to be a good one. Also David Wilcock is not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, that belongs to a woman in Chicago. David Wilcock sometimes gets information from the same spirit guides that guided Cacye but they are not the same reincarnation.”


Oh & it doesn’t include Simon Parkes who says there is no Akashic footprint of the blue birds or space chickens as Clif High would say.


This site gives a comprehensive list of links & people questioning Corey Goode.
Here is a James Rink comment:

“Corey Goode’s Blue Avian ET’s approached the ACIO and offered to help humanity in exchange for experiments in changing the laws of physics in this section of the galaxy, their offer was flatly turned down. What agenda is behind Corey Goode is yet to be revealed but it doesn’t appear to be a good one. Also David Wilcock is not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, that belongs to a woman in Chicago. David Wilcock sometimes gets information from the same spirit guides that guided Cacye but they are not the same reincarnation.”
zanderboy #399432

WOW…..I missed that James Rink comment. Very telling.


Jim Mattis refutes the « Fake News » from Israël and NATO
by Thierry Meyssan

“No, I don’t have any proof, not specifically. I don’t have proof. What I’m saying is that other groups on the ground, NGO’s, soldiers on the ground, have said that sarin was used. So we’re looking for proof. I have no proof, either credible or non-credible.”

Only in Newsweek: “Now Mattis Admits There Was No Evidence That Assad Used Poison Gas On His People”.


Q-ANON or CORSI, which is it? CORSI is full of CRAP

Seething Frog
Published on Feb 13, 2018
I invite you to compare my comments with those of Dr. Corsi on his video:

I never got back to this video but Seething Frog has.

I don’t think Kissinger is a good guy in any way possible. If it ever would appear that way – its a trap/con/deception.


zanderboy #399433
Oh & it doesn’t include Simon Parkes who says there is no Akashic footprint of the blue birds or space chickens as Clif High would say.

So this says Blue Avians don’t exist. If so, how could they go to the ACIO per the James Rink comment? Or was that some rumor James was reporting?



Info. also confirmed by Tory Smith apparently she tells, who was murdered for uncovering pedo satanic abuse.

It was Flynn who told Trump about Pence & that was why he had to go.


So ‘Seething Frog’ says Corsi has an evangelical (narrow unenlightened) view of things when he interprets ‘Q’. He says this mutually assured destruction approach has got to go and so does Kissinger.

Intruth: Amen!


intruth #399438

zanderboy #399433
Oh & it doesn’t include Simon Parkes who says there is no Akashic footprint of the blue birds or space chickens as Clif High would say.

So this says Blue Avians don’t exist. If so, how could they go to the ACIO per the James Rink comment? Or was that some rumor James was reporting?


It says that the blue birds are a construct with no indelible ties to Earth’s past present or future. To Corey et al they surely look real, that’s not difficult. So they would be able to contact the ACIO & put some cards on the table, not prove their authenticity – which must have been doubted, at the very least.

James said they went to the ACIO, no rumour. So he must have heard it probably from Peter. But if he is prepared to put that out there, that’s good enough for me, concerning this at least. It’s only another part of an increasingly clear pattern of credibility re. the accusations of lies about the blue birds.


zanderboy #399433
It says that the blue birds are a construct with no indelible ties to Earth’s past present or future. To Corey et al they surely look real, that’s not difficult. So they would be able to contact the ACIO & put some cards on the table, not prove their authenticity – which must have been doubted, at the very least.

Thanks for the perspective. Separately, Clif High said his data files are almost completely back to normal after being altered by all the Blue Avian stuff. He’d be able to do his old reports again if he wanted to.


US 9 mins ago
The Rev. Billy Graham, prominent Christian evangelist, dead at 99, Fox News confirms
Fox News

The Rev. Billy Graham, the Christian evangelist whose worldwide crusades and role as adviser to decades of U.S. presidents made him one of the best known religious figures of his time, has died, Fox News confirmed on Wednesday. He was 99.



zanderboy #399433
It says that the blue birds are a construct with no indelible ties to Earth’s past present or future. To Corey et al they surely look real, that’s not difficult. So they would be able to contact the ACIO & put some cards on the table, not prove their authenticity – which must have been doubted, at the very least.

Thanks for the perspective. Separately, Clif High said his data files are almost completely back to normal after being altered by all the Blue Avian stuff. He’d be able to do his old reports again if he wanted to.

Really? Didn’t know that. Yet more confirmation.


#STUDENTPOWER: Florida Students Call For Nation-wide Walk-out! #GUNCONTROL

You Are Free TV
Published on Feb 20, 2018

We have the opportunity to create real change in this country if we can promote the wishes of our youth for safety and freedom. Let’s give our all to promote the truth and provide guidance for restoring the Constitution, while ensuring that all Citizens are protected from violence.

Ok, the ‘Your are Free TV’ lady just lost me in the first 2 min of this video. She says the high school students are calling for a nationwide walk out of the schools in April to demand safety in schools and GUN LEGISLATION.

She doesn’t address that this was an OP and gun control legislation won’t do a thing to control these CIA ops. OMG. Did anyone actually die in this one? If so, that’s ok with the CIA. We need to disband the CIA and bad elements of the FBI and more.


A brief review:

The former director of the FBI has assembled a “dream team” of investigators for his Special Counsel probe and concluded that 13 Russians and 3 entities tried to meddle in the election after an entire year of investigation.
Those efforts had zero impact on the election
Facebook’s VP of ads is on record saying “I have seen all of the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main goal
The same FB Exec noted that most of the ads were purchased after the election.
Suggesting that the real, underlying narrative is one of US media propaganda, he was then made to walk back his comments and apologize for his “uncleared thoughts”
CNN is rooting around in the trash outside the troll farm.

And for all of this, Obama and Congress slapped sanctions on Russia, evicted two diplomatic compounds, and launched several Congressional investigations over.

But at least the US Military Industrial Complex is happy, while the stock of Boeing has never been higher.


A recent post on crazy days and nights concerning a death of an investigator who was killed while investigating child porn ring. Apparently in Haiti and connected to 2 other Hollywood deaths and possibly Clifton Foundation.

http:// www.

Posted on Q anon board.
▶Anonymous 02/21/18 (Wed) 01:57:09 d619a2 No.448452


Jim Stone
Feb 21 2108

Twitter purge of Russian bots: False flag media hoax?

The following appeared in The Metro. But a follow up with the facts does not appear to make any sense.
The Metro, in a mocking tone, published the following:
“Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the #MAGA brigade, as they howl in despair after half their Twitter followers vanished overnight. The reason? Those ‘cruel leftist libs’ at Twitter just purged a load of Russian bots, it seems – leading (hilariously) to right-wing Tweeters losing their sh*t. They think it’s some kind of left-wing conspiracy, whereas in fact, Twitter appears to have just deleted a bunch of non-existent fascists controlled from St Petersburg.

Not seeming to realise the irony, many are sharing their agony online with the hashtag #TwitterLockout. Try not to laugh, please, now is not the time to gloat.” My comment: That is exactly how the text will be worded when conservatives actually are kicked offline, but my question is, did it actually happen? There are a few cases the Metro quotes where Twitter users are asking where their followers went, but in relation to Trump? I don’t see it, Trump has always had (in recent months) 47,000,000 followers. It looks like this purge did nothing at all to Trump, so did a purge even happen?

If nothing happened, but the media can plant in the public concience that Trump got wiped out 50 percent by a bot purge, will it hurt Trump even if there was no purge at all? YOU BET, spread this, the public needs to know this is probably a fake false flag “purge”.

You don’t need a shooting, you just need to say there is a shooting and you can accomplish an agenda.

You don’t need sexual harassment in the work place, you just need to say it is happening, and you accomplish an agenda.

You don’t need a Russian bot purge, you just need to say one happened, and it wiped out the President by 50 percent, and you accomplish an agenda. This game has been played in one form or another for a long time now, this does not surprise me at all.


vermithrax #399450

This is America now. Nothing has to happen at all, MSM just has to say it did and everyone believes and falls in line. I ask people all the time, how do we know this is true? What evidence is there? Isn’t it strange that so many surface dots don’t connect the way they should? But people get angry. Our programming is very tight. Some are waking up but many are heavily influenced by repeat episodes of the same event. We are designed this way for a reason.


comment image

AIM4Truther Gus writes:

False Flag Secret Recipe:
1) Blackmail/Bribe all actors
2) CIA provides MK-KooKy Crazy Patsi
3) SJW Mayor and Police on site
4) Crisis Actors (manufactured crisis stage set)
5) Federal Reserve Central Bankers and Foundations provide off shore payments to all participants.
6) Participants include MS13/Mossad/MB/CIA/FBI/SS/NSC etc.
8) Patsi and his AR-15 gets the blame
9) MSM covers only CIA talking points of patsy only…pushing Gun Control.
10) Crisis actors freak out and blow it reading their lines and fake crying.
11) FBI/CIA/PD/MAYOR all destroy footage and control autopsy.
12) No investigation allowed and those who don’t agree with Cabal narrative is murdered
13) Video footage confiscated and buildings, parking lots get bulldozed.

The end. Hope you like this recipe…Deep State Pizza will be the next recipe.

“Russians” did not hack the DNC system. However, Russian named Dmitri Alperovitch is the hacker and he works for President Obama. In the last five years the Obama administration has turned exclusively to one Russian to solve every major cyber-attack in America, whether the attack was on the U. S. government or a corporation. Only one “super-hero cyber-warrior” seems to “have the codes” to figure out “if” a system was hacked and by “whom.”


WARNING: long post!

The Russian connection?
As we all know, Putin came up from the KGB, in a similar way Bush used to run the CIA. As the rise of the alphabet agencies in both countries is related to the rise of corporate policy making, we see the oligarchs harvest the money from the have-nots into their already deep pockets. Here it was done under the auspices of making the world “safe for Democracy” and bestowing on the world the “freedom” to extract resources to pay their ‘debts’ for these services.

In Russia it was called “Glasnost” which meant openness and a loosening of government control to permit private control by oligarch/mafioso.

Alphabet agencies from A to V
The origins of Apha and Vympel are in the KGB as special forces groups:
Alpha Group, an elite stand alone sub unit of Russia’s special services, is a dedicated counter-terrorism task force of the FSB. It primarily prevents and responds to violent acts in public transportation and buildings. Over many years, Alpha Group has acquired a reputation for using ruthless methods in response to terrorist acts. Alpha Group was severely downgraded during the dissolution and collapse of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Alpha veterans became active in legitimate businesses (such as the private security company Alpha-B, co-founded by Col. Golovatov in August 1993[30]) in organised crime, as well as in politics.

Vympel is officially tasked with protecting Russia’s strategic installations, however it is also available for extended police duties, paramilitary applications, and covert operations in Russia or abroad.

In 1995, the FSB RF Special Operations Center (TsSN FSB RF) was granted control over Vympel. The group regained its original name and was reintegrated into the Intelligence Service structures. The emphasis shifted from covert and clandestine sabotage operations to counter-terrorism and nuclear safety enforcement. Vympel operatives undergo special training related to improvised or special explosive devices, permitting them to use “terrorist-like” tactics to carry out their operations.
The profile and capabilities of both units have increased, and they have taken over and consolidated roles and personnel from other organizations.

Alpha Group and VimpelCom (now Veon) rise as the mafia state emerges with control.
Alfa Group Consortium (Russian: Консорциум «Альфа-Групп») is one of Russia’s largest privately owned investment groups, with interests in oil and gas, commercial and investment banking, asset management, insurance, retail trade, telecommunications, water utilities and special situation investments. Alfa Group’s portfolio of companies includes Alfa-Bank, VEON (formerly VimpelCom), X5 Retail Group, A1 Group, Alfa Capital Management, AlfaStrakhovanie Group, Rosvodokanal Group, and Morginsuisse Holdings, Rosatom.

The group was founded in 1989 as Alfa-Eco by Israeli-Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman, the second wealthiest man in Russia, in partnership with German Khan, Alexei Kuzmichov, Alexander Kushev, and several other partners. In 2006 they signed an agreement to become the first private Russian bank with which Rosatom, Russian Federal Agency for Atomic Energy, has become a strategic partnership. ROSATOM brings together over 300 enterprises and organizations, including Uranium One, and the world’s only nuclear icebreaker fleet. ROSATOM is tasked with implementing the uniform state policy on the uses of atomic energy.

Alpha Group is kind of like merging our “Federal” Reserve banking consortium with all the biggest corporations and machine trading hedge funds and calling it the Bank of the CIA.

Vympel to VimpleCom to Veon
VimpelCom, is the namesake of Vympel, the special forces group. It is speculated that the unit is authorised to act under the direct control and sanction of Russia’s top political leadership, similar to its sister unit, the Directorate “V” (Vympel), which is also available for extended police duties, for paramilitary operations, and for covert operations, both domestically and internationally.

Open Joint Stock Company “Vimpel-Communications” (“VimpelCom” or the “Company”) (NYSE: VIP) today announced the closing of a $175.44 million investment in its regional subsidiary, VimpelCom-Region. VimpelCom, affiliates of Alfa Group of Russia and Telenor each invested $58.48 million in VimpelCom-Region. Documents consummating the closing were signed in Oslo today in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is paying an official visit to Norway, and the Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik.

The VimpelCom Group’s license portfolio covers approximately 79% of Russia’s population (115 million people), including the City of Moscow, the Moscow Region and the City of St. Petersburg.

As of 31 December 2011, the company had 205 million customers across 20 countries.[8] After several divestments and a business transformation, by summer 2017, (now called) VEON had a combined subscriber base of more than 200 million across 12 markets.[12]

In the summer of 2015, the United States Justice Department claimed that VimpelCom used a network of shell companies and phony consulting contracts to funnel bribes to a close relative of the president of Uzbekistan, in exchange for access to that country’s telecommunications market.[16]

VimpelCom Limited and Unitel LLC Enter into Global Foreign Bribery Resolution of More Than $795 Million; United States Seeks $850 Million Forfeiture in Corrupt Proceeds of Bribery Scheme Companies Agree to Pay $230 Million U.S. Criminal Fine in Connection with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Resolution; Largest Case Ever Brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative Thursday, February 18, 2016

On 27 February 2017, VimpelCom renamed itself VEON, named after the messaging platform that it had developed. The company explained that the re-branding was part of a shift towards marketing themselves as a technology company and social media producer, and not solely a telecommunications firm.[21]

On 19 July 2017 Veon announced launching Personal Internet Platform named VEON in major markets: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Georgia. The platform provides contextualized, personalized internet experiences and opportunities, enabling customers to call, chat, read, watch, listen and share media, manage accounts.
Veon Shareholder Structure:[24]
• 47.9% of voting rights (56.2% Economic rights) owned by Altimo (Alfa Group)
• 43.0% of voting rights (33.0% Economic rights) owned by Telenor
• 9.1% (10.8%) – Minority Shareholders
• Altimo Group is privately owned by Crown Finance Foundation is based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, no more info than that is listed.

Altimo (alt. Alfa Telecom International Mobile) is the telecoms investment arm of Russia’s Alfa Group Consortium, controlled by Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman. Altimo investee companies operate in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Turkey, and Beirut, Lebanon; it holds stakes in VimpelCom, MegaFon, Kyivstar, and Turkcell.[1] Together, Altimo’s investee companies have more than 150 million mobile phone subscribers. Altimo Holdings & Investments Ltd. is a British Virgin Islands company. A majority of its shares are owned by CTF Holdings, a Gibraltar limited liability company, whose sole shareholder is Crown Finance Foundation, a Liechtenstein foundation.[2]

Since its formation in 2004, Altimo has been involved in numerous conflicts with all its main partners in each of the four companies which form the backbone of its investments. These conflicts have resulted in what Judge Lynch of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York described as a “brazen history of collusive and vexatious litigation . . . used to avoid compliance with their legal obligations”.[3

Renaissance technology is one of the few shareholders of VEON
COMMUNICATIONS 1,776,300 $ 7,425,000 Q3 2017 13F 2017-09-30 2017-11-13
RenTec just bought 1.7 million shares this September, traded since 2013

VEON is “a revolutionary mobile internet platform that integrates powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence to finally put the user in control.” That sounds like a PR parody, but they’re also partnering with Mastercard and Vivendi, and “VEON will integrate [’s] AneedA, a device-agnostic virtual assistant with a conversational interface to the internet, apps, streaming music and other services.”

Guess this means Mercer will make bank when Alfa serves up a “personal internet revolution” to global audiences, so here’s another version of media & music being corrupted.

Veon, the evolution of VimpleCom is like a Russian state owned version of Verizon, Google, Facebook, etc owned by the “Feds”(Alpha Group) and traded with High Frequency Trading of RenTec algorithms.

Rule by Thieves

Both countries are calling themselves democratic capitalist countries, but are moving rapidly towards a kleptocratic hierarchy. What is this? It literally means Rule by Thieves.

From wiki:

Kleptocracies are generally associated with dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or other forms of autocratic and nepotist governments in which external oversight is impossible or does not exist. This lack of oversight can be caused or exacerbated by the ability of the kleptocratic officials to control both the supply of public funds and the means of disbursal for those funds. As kleptocracies often embezzle money from their citizens by misusing funds derived from tax payments, or engage heavily in money laundering schemes, they tend to heavily degrade quality of life for citizens.[
In addition, the money that kleptocrats steal is diverted from funds earmarked for public amenities such as the building of hospitals, schools, roads, parks – having further adverse effects on the quality of life of citizens.[5] The informal oligarchy that results from a kleptocratic elite subverts democracy (or any other political format).[6]
Here is the current top dozen listed:
1. The Russian president Vladimir Putin is alleged to be the “head of the clan”,[13][14] whose assets are estimated at over $200 billion.[15][16][17][18][19] A list of Russian and Ukrainian politicians associated with “kleptocratic style” has been published by the Kleptocracy Archives project.[20] See also: Corruption in Russia and Corruption in Ukraine
2. Former Indonesian President Suharto ($15 billion – $35 billion)
3. Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (at least $10 billion by 1986,[8][9][10][11] equivalent to about $21.6 billion in 2014 dollars[12])
4. Former Zairian President Mobutu Sese Seko ($5 billion)
5. Former Nigerian Head of State Sani Abacha ($2 billion – $5 billion)
6. Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milošević ($1 billion)
7. Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier (“Baby Doc”) ($300 million – $800 million)
8. Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori ($600 million)
9. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko ($114 million – $200 million)
10. Former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Alemán ($100 million)
11. Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada ($78 million – $80 million)
12. Sources have also alleged that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stole up to $70 billion.[21]

I wonder why the US is missing from the list?

The Mafia State
US diplomats viewed Russia as “a corrupt, autocratic kleptocracy centred on the leadership of Vladimir Putin, in which officials, oligarchs and organised crime are bound together to create a ‘virtual mafia state.'”[20][21] In his book titled Mafia State, journalist and author Luke Harding argues that Putin has “created a state peopled by ex-KGB and FSB officers, like himself, [who are] bent on making money above all.”[22] In the estimation of American diplomats, “the government [of Russia] effectively [is] the mafia.”[23][24][25]

It is pretty similar to what George Webb is uncovering in regards to our alphabet agencies, FBI and CIA higher ups owning uranium companies supplying Uranium One, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom, the giant nuclear/energy company privately owned by Putin and his friends, as well as various companies involved with drugs and human trafficking, etc.


Gun laws- I am concerned that if they write new laws about the mentally ill then all people coming out of the military and all retired police officers will be labeled mentally ill. Basically everyone trained to use a gun will be labeled mentally ill.


Jim Stone
Feb 21 2108

Shooting took place at 2:19 yet Hogg interview of students during shooting happened at 9:32 AM?

There are no videos left on Youtube of Hogg interviewing students during the shooting. They have all been purged. I just searched for them at length and cannot find a single one, and did not save any because I did not realize I ought to. Well, I should have.
Evidently Hogg (the idiot in the other videos here, CNN stooge), while “interviewing students during the shooting” said the actual time he was filming and it was 9:32 AM. That would not be possible if the shooting was real, and happened at 2:19 PM.

So what we would have here (if this pans out) is a major continuity glitch in a scripted plot for an event that never happened, and as a result all the videos of Hogg in the classroom with the kids during the shooting have been pulled offline by Youtube, (which is your enemy, don’t kid yourself with that for a minute) while the videos are either sent to the memory hole or “fixed.”

Unfortunately I did not save that particular video. I will be trying to get my hands on it throughout the day.

You can bet the fat man is going to be singing about this if it is legit, keep an eye on Alex also.

Well well, it looks like the official story is springing leaks everywhere:

Fox News: Florida House aide fired after claiming Florida shooting survivors are ‘actors’

An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired Tuesday after he said that Parkland students who were speaking out on gun control after Wednesday’s mass shooting were paid actors.
Benjamin Kelly, the aide to Republican Rep. Shawn Harrison, emailed Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary to claim that two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who appeared on CNN weren’t actually survivors of the attack.

An aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison, using state email, sent me this: “Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.” Kelly reportedly emailed the newspaper. When the Tampa Bay reporter asked for proof, the House aide sent a follow-up email claiming the same student who appeared on CNN, David Hogg, was in another state hundreds of miles away.

My comment: If Fox reported this or even mentioned actors at all, the wheels just fell off. The rest of the Fox report, (very detailed) is here.


From Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, the moderator has kept in touch with Wolfgang Halbig. These are the similarities between Florida and Sandy Hook: Some similarities between Sandy Hook and Parkland Shootings:
“A few things to note after speaking with Wolfgang today:
“1) No Trauma Helicopters
“2) No EMT allowed to enter the school
“3) Triage area set up 300 yards away from school
“4) Ambulances set up 300 yards away from the school
“5) Bodies left overnight in school”

Also, it looks like Sheriff Israel is palsy-walsy with Hillary. Guess he should give up his guns, too.

Excerpt: Investigative journalist Laura Loomer revealed Saturday that the sheriff in Broward County, Florida pals around with prominent Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.

The sheriff, Scott Israel, is throwing objectivity to the wind and making a full-throated plea for gun control, which is earning him plaudits from national media including The Washington Post.

More on site.


from this article-quote—–In this Buzzsaw interview (below), filmmaker Sean Stone interviews Tammi Stefano, the Executive Director of The National Safe Child (NSC), and exposes much of the corruption happening within Child Protection Services and Family Courts. This might be one of the few interviews currently available on the Internet that gives this much information on the child sex trafficking business that exists in LA County, and across the nation. Tammi Stefano reveals some very shocking information about the child and human trafficking business currently operating in the United States, which is a huge illegal business that brings in more money than the illegal drug trade and illegal arms trade combined.—–unquote…..

David Clarke: Fla. students’ gun control push has ‘George Soros’ fingerprints all over it’


Jim Stone
Politically correct snow flake storm ruins winter Olympics

Yes, their own liberal crap bounced back and bit, “Inclusiveness” and snow flake mentality produced lackluster athletes.

The original report on this is HERE. Keep hitting “read more”, this article is a real treat. Still laughing.
Here is another report that describes just how bad it was, clearly, without question, liberals have entered America’s olympic selecting process and utterly destroyed it. There is no question the truly qualified people were blocked by a wall of “political correctness”.


David Hogg, survivor of the Florida shooting, has links to an organization, Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta, pedophile. The purpose of this organization is to stop sexual assault. Here they are asking for funds and support.

He also taped an interview in January, long before the event.

He has gotten piles of media attention going on rants against Trump.


Jim Stone
Feb 21 2108


Graphically placed bullet holes on a computer screen!!!


Carol, are you quite alright? You seem to have blown a fuse!

Mega news on twitter of people having their followers purged. It seems like the real deal! People independently saying they’re losing followers.

OMFG, look at the bullshit spin the LSM is putting on the Florida shooting false flag psyop and the justification Ytube made for pulling it.
YouTube removes conspiracy video claiming Florida school shooting survivor is an actor

By Rebecca Joseph National Online Journalist, Breaking News Global News

David Hogg, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, speaks at a rally calling for more gun control, three days after the shooting at his school, in Florida.
YouTube officials have removed a video that claimed a Florida school shooting survivor was an actor, calling the content “harassment and bullying.”

READ MORE: Florida lawmaker’s aide fired for calling school shooting survivors ‘actors’

David Hogg has described the scene after a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14.

The video, called “DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR,” was removed Wednesday after it became the top trending video on YouTube. It showed a local TV news report of an altercation between a lifeguard and a surfer in Southern California.

Hogg, who was a friend of the surfer, spoke in the report according to CNN.


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David Hogg, survivor of the Florida shooting, has links to an organization, Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta, pedophile. The purpose of this organization is to stop sexual assault.



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from this article-quote—–The new US Republic takes America back to the original Constitution and their own asset-backed currency controlled by a benevolent AIIB system of the Chinese Elders.—–unquote…..


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The newly imposed rates on US importation of South Korean products will go as high as 50%. The new importation rates are meant to punish the country when it decided to march along with North Korean athletes, which is of course a symbolic gesture of the peaceful desire to reunify the Korean peninsula after their Western instigated destruction in the mid-1950s.”

It’s this sort of thing that gets me leaning into the idea that Trump is the Lizzy-Pups’ “Trump Card”…. all the Q psyop getting folks thinking he;s a White Knight genius wizzard.. while those lizzies just “play” him in their direction of chaos and cruelty.

AND.. out my fingers in my gnoggin: what ever Trump is.. The Lizzy-Pup deep-staters and more are… A L L lil doggie. ie all manifest is expressions of consciousness.. all on the play board in this “up-level-the-consciousness g r a n d game.

Soooo lite litey lite lite lite fthgac to alll the lil doggies.. all the me s.
And may I keep upgrading myselves in the game.. all the Trump-me s and all the Lizzy-Pup me s… all the cafeista me-s .. all us all.


Root and Tendril.. belly and paw
… We are a Team .. WE GO TO-Gether!


Oh my. Local network covering Alex Jones, saying he has made statements that 9/11 was an inside job and Sandy Hook didn’t happen, and sticking up for this David Hogg character, son of an FBI agent. Good. I don’t particularly like Jones, but by complaining about him, more people will go to his site. He is okay for introductory Conspiracy 101. Guess lamestream is getting defensive if they are covering infowars during evening news.


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That was great- posted it on Facebook.


Cornpoppin- So true. That’s the endgame. Anyone who’s ever taken a sleeping pill or a muscle relaxer or even hinted at being depressed will be labeled, but especially the police and the military. Why can’t people see where this is going?

Thanks Deester for your info. Posted excerpts of everyone’s Florida shoot out contributions on FB. Great work.

Kudos to So. Korea for linking arms with NK to avert a military or diplomatic incident. With the support of China and Russia, SK will survive and flourish. Sending positive energies their way for sure.


Think You Know How Americans Feel About Gun Control?

Americans’ views on gun control are shifting, with a record percentage saying they support stricter rules, according to a Quinnipiac University poll taken in the wake of last week’s Florida school shooting.

“American voters support stricter gun laws 66 – 31 percent, the highest level of support ever measured by the independent Quinnipiac University National Poll…Support for universal background checks is itself almost universal, 97 to 2 percent, including 97 to 3 percent among gun owners,” the poll finds.

“If you think Americans are largely unmoved by the mass shootings, you should think again. Support for stricter gun laws is up 19 points in little more than 2 years,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“In the last two months, some of the biggest surges in support for tightening gun laws comes from demographic groups you may not expect, independent voters, men, and whites with no college degree.”

So, there is a cumulative effect from the long succession of school shootings, as we might expect. Public opinion is shifting towards tightening the laws. That way, only the criminals can get guns.


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Carol: You are “THE MAN”!! 🖒💃


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O O O O: VALTONY… if you are lurking.. please speak up to grab a little doggie hug.

If you are elsewhere.. please feel this doggie b e a m of adoration!
💕💖💓💙 🐕


BTW… for all u usa sports fans.. and anyone else who wants to partake…
my fave new exclamation:

Dilly Dilly!


I googled North Korean Tax on USA imports and came up empty handed. All of this talk about punishing the Koreas with taxes made me wonder if the tax is really balanced. How much does North Korea tax on US imports?? For years other countries have taxed US products higher than the US has taxed their imports. It is time for change, the USA should tax imports the same as other countries tax the USA products they import.


For those looking into these data mining and AI computers that are gathering data from all our activity on the web, social networks etc., the research goes back aways.

Sentient World Simulation and NSA Surveillance – Exploiting Privacy to Predict the Future?

Last updated on August 11, 2017 by Daniel Faggella

Excerpt: The program based out of Purdue University’s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation Laboratory is titled Sentient World Simulation (SWS). This 9-page PDF released by Purdue itself describes the project in adequate detail. (dates from 2006 – my note)

The simulator has taken the spying that Snowden publicized, one step further. The program has amassed databases so profound they can now look so deep into a person’s life they can predict their thoughts and future actions with relative certainty. Although this system is incredibly intrusive and raises many moral concerns, it provides valuable insight into questions which could be extremely beneficial. It’s unclear as to weather all the private-sector efforts towards transparency (including some noteworthy AI projects at Microsoft) will have any effect on the direction and intensity of public-sector surveillance.

And his article relates to an earlier one Which goes back to 2010 :

The Last Roundup By Christopher Ketcham,%20Radar%20Magazine.pdf

In the spring of 2007, a retired senior official in the U.S. Justice Department sat
before Congress and told a story so odd and ominous, it could
have sprung from the pages of a pulp political thriller. It was
about a principled bureaucrat struggling to protect his country
from a highly classified program with sinister implications.

Rife with high drama, it included a car chase through the streets of
Washington, D.C., and a tense meeting at the White House, where the
president’s henchmen made the bureaucrat so nervous that he demanded a
neutral witness be present.

The bureaucrat was James Comey, John Ashcroft’s second-in-
command at the Department of Justice during Bush’s first term. Comey
had been a loyal political foot soldier of the Republican Party for many
years. Yet in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he
described how he had grown increasingly uneasy reviewing the Bush
administration’s various domestic surveillance and spying programs.
Much of his testimony centered on an operation so clandestine he wasn’t
allowed to name it or even describe what it did. He did say, however,
that he and Ashcroft had discussed the program in March 2004, trying
to decide whether it was legal under federal statutes.


Another well-informed source—a former military operative regularly briefed by members of the intelligence community—says this particular program has roots going back at least to the 1980s and was set up with help from the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has been told that the program utilizes software that makes predictive judgments of targets’ behavior and tracks their circle of associations with
“social network analysis” and artificial intelligence modeling tools.
“The more data you have on a particular target, the better [the software] can predict what the target will do, where the target will go, who it will turn to for help,” he says.

This kind of research has been around for a whilie………then they had to develop Facebook and all sorts of other technology to make it all work for their data gathering in the government.

I hope some of you can spend time reading these articles.

And when reading any articles, discern discern discern
And check who they are and who their sources are if possible


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Carol: You ARE THE MAM!!!


zanderboy #399433
It says that the blue birds are a construct with no indelible ties to Earth’s past present or future. To Corey et al they surely look real, that’s not difficult. So they would be able to contact the ACIO & put some cards on the table, not prove their authenticity – which must have been doubted, at the very least.

O my goodness!! What “auhenticity”?
E V E R Y thing here is a “construct”.

the authenticity that matters to me is that which assists me to BE more honest, loving, centered, full of joy, compassion and fun.

ben just confirmed that Christianity was created by the Roman Lizzy-Pups… I’ve heard that before… and that “Issa”(Jeheshua/Jesus) is recorded to have visited Tibetan Monasteries and they L O V E D him…. and, of course that the crucifixion was faked … well that he died in it was faked and he was sneaked to Southern France where he and his wife Mary lived our their lives w their offspring.

To say nothing of all I’ve read over time about the Bible and the politics of why which book says what and why this was left out and that left in.

I am just using this particular religious/spiritual christianity “construct” as an example of my experience of the phenomenon. The Bible.. old and new sections contain some stuff that seems negative/dysfunctional to me.. AND a ton that inspires me.. gives me that authenticity to BE a BETTER ME.

To decide who is “real” and not in these layers and layers of this 3D game is to me a trap.
It can be fun to try to decide what and who is who and what… that gets me some of that authentic fun I am looking for.

But.. out my fingers into my gnoggin/heart: Time spent deciding who is valid and who not… does not get to the authentic goals for me anyway.. the goals of upliftment and an experience of teamwork with the bits and pieces of all us all beings/consciousnesses who are here now in this matrixie game… cuz all us all had the advanced wisdom to realize 2018 and onward on Planet Earth is THE PLACE/TIME to BE.. So ALL us ALL had to have some pretty valuable bits and pieces of ourselves to recognize that and go thru whatever stuff we had to crawl and stumble over to get here to this 2018. For me.. I just need to remember to keep looking for the authentically useful bits coming through each one of us WISE ONES.. including the Lizy-Pups.. cuz they must have wisdom.. they scrambled and got here too.

Okay.. climbing off my little doggie soap box and going to curl up for the night.

I so love all ‘yall.. and all the interesting gabbing and questioning and sorting we do together here.

Come to think of it.. maybe we are a teeenie piece example of the meritocratic respectful teamwork Ben and us all are trying to dream up/

Nitey nite.. all.


#399456 carolm

Carol, I’m telling ya, the stuff you are posting deserves a wider audience. While we are all entranced by the all the stories in the media, mainstream or alternative, with all of the attendant contradictions that keep us in a state of cognitive dissonance, you are digging down to the real nitty gritty.

Kleptocracy !!! What a great word. I didn’t even know it existed.

As national leaders go, I used to think Putin was a cool guy. Now my eyes are open a little wider thanks to you.

Politics is just bread and circus for the cyber age; a grand distraction while the kleptocrats continue to build and strengthen their global webs. With their use of advanced computer technologies and their completely amoral methods to advance their agenda, We The People don’t stand a chance at recovering our planet and a peaceful, co-operative way of life unless we are aware of the information you are revealing.

Please consider publishing your work somewhere so that it has a URL that we can share with others.

I don’t generally wear a hat, but I’m putting one on now and tipping it to you.



Email from David Seaman today after being banned from YouTube:


Details of my ban from YouTube/Google services:

I’ll be on INFOWARS tomorrow to discuss my ban from the platform. The ban came minutes after doing a video on David Hogg, and his father, former FBI agent Kevin Hogg. Since my ability to upload has been restricted, I cannot be expected to update the public on what we know about HOGG’s father. At this time, I do not believe he is the same Hogg who sold a financial services company to AmEx for around $300mm. Hopefully the public will correct this for me; subscribers receiving this. This serves as public notice, therefore, and correction that former F.B.I. agent Kevin Hogg is, in my view, not the seller of a fintech company to AmEx… however, I stand by our research team’s claims about his son, David Hogg. None of this adds up. It pisses me off.

Let me call the Clintons Luciferians all year on your platform, no worries, but minutes after mentioning David Hogg and his former FBI agent deepstate daddy, and my 10 year old YouTube account is permanently shutdown.

Not very nice, Susan Wojcicki. You horse faced piece of subhuman garbage, I’ll keep things very peaceful and friendly when I confront you in person soon with a camera crew and legal team present, for my protection and comfort.

In the meantime, the Internet should look into every dollar that has ever exited and entered the Wojcicki Troper Foundation. Is her foundation helping people out? Or is it a tax dodge? We need to know a lot more about her husband, Dennis Troper. Something… does… not… add… up. Or, rather, it does – and for legal reasons – I’ve been advised not to share it publicly.

Also, it’s worth noting that days before this ban, YouTube requested (and received) my personal home address as a requirement for keeping my account ‘in good standing.’ Should anything happen to me, authorities should immediately look to Susan Wojcicki and her husband Dennis Troper as probable suspects.

Here we go, folks. All ops active. The real ops (FULCRUM Europe), not Q’s noise.

You never fuck a dragon this hard. 🙂


littledogg #399485

Good one! On another level all that happens serves to propel us to make choices for growth. So even artificial constructs can be seen for what they are by enabling our higher discernment imo.


I have a fairly small group I follow, I’m sure others can add to this list:

Bombards body language: Banned for two weeks from youtube, previously demonetised.
The Honeybee: losing followers (twitter) artificially
Cassandra McKelwain: losing followers artificially,
David Seaman: Banned from youtube indefinitely
Jordan Sather: losing followers artificially, demonetised on youtube.

Somethings going down.


Got Jim Willie’s newsletter today. Here is one article he referred to:

ALLIANCE INSIDER: “There Will be No Civilian Trials for the Illuminati”

I hope this is true.


Here’s the video:

ALLIANCE INSIDER: “There Will Be No Civilian Trials for the Illuminati”


The Federal Government Can’t Account for $21 Trillion. Does Anybody Care?

Catherine, News & Commentary on February 17, 2018

[CAF Note: This article was submitted by Terrence Leveck for publication. It was so substantially edited by the Journal that published it that we decided to publish at Our readers really want to know where the missing money went and how we get it back!]


Jim Stone is WRONG about the Twitter purge.

Of course Trump’s own followers of his own Twitter acct did not get purged — but the accts of his followers, of conservatives, of Christians, etc, got purged BIG-TIME.

I was there right in the middle of it, witnessing it, seeing the comments being posted in real time while it was happening; furthermore, my own Twitter acct, tiny as it is, got hit as well.


2/22/2018: “The Frigid Golden Age” / Perfect Storm for US Crops? / Vietnam Farmer Mass Migration

Ice Age Farmer
Published on Feb 21, 2018
As PEAK FOOD [ ] uploaded yesterday, a map was released showing massive areas of EARLY BLOOM. These areas are now extremely vulnerable to cold — which, given the polar vortex’s instability, is quite potentially an issue. ALSO: Vietnam mass migration, new/returning diseases, and “Little Ice Age” in the headlines again as a professor releases a book, “The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age, and the Dutch Republic.”


Does anyone have any links available that show the history of American companies supporting and investing in Hitler’s war machine? I seem to have lost some of my history from switching computers around. I had one that named companies like Ford, and Standard Oil… and even how they were all going to be prosecuted, but because of the recent Depression, it was decided that for the sake of the country’s recovery, they let all the CEO’s off the hook. I am trying to help educate some newbies to ‘real’ history, but need a little help here… if anyone still has any great links handy?? Thanks… best to you all.


Oops. David Hogg taped his anti-gun rant before the alleged shooting.

Excerpt: For those unfamiliar, David claims to have pulled a fellow student into a small closet during the middle of the attack on Stoneman Douglas. Here in this moment, instead of fearing for his life and trying to stay as quiet as possible, he instead grilled the girl on gun restriction laws. While for some reason the media hasn’t taken issue with the inherent strangeness to be found in that decision. It’s even more frustratingly not mentioned a far bigger problem with this story. That David appears to have shot this footage a full five hours before the attack actually began.The footage in question, which the media has portrayed as being filmed while the school was being evacuated, features David clearly stating the time as 9:32 AM on February 14th. How then could this have been filmed during or even after the shooting, which police have confirmed started at around 2:32 PM that same day. It’s an obvious red flag that would be almost embarrassingly amateurish if not for the fact that the media is so controlled now that it will never be addressed or brought to the attention of most Americans.

More on site.

Sheriff Israel – professional ass kisser.

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According to a post on Mike Tokes on Twitter, David Hogg graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015. There was an included yearbook picture of him. He also was hanging out at CNN before the shooting.

More info on this lying mole (who has the media crying about how he is upset people are calling him a crisis actor).

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has ties to the School of Rock in Sandy Hook. A youtube researcher went there (he lives nearby) and saw her there. He called himself crisis actor on Youtube – his videos are now removed.


Here is more on what Putin thinks about the media from things he’s written and interviews with people close to him and excerpts from the Moscow Times a year ago on the evolution of the troll factory. It is not that he is a bad guy, but his training was KGB and it is embedded in him like it was in Bush Sr.

Putin and the media

Excerpts from articles from both the Western Press and the Russian press and on what Putin thinks about the media:

Excerpts from Putin’s first person self-portrait review in Great Charlie:
“The Russian president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said, “Putin has sought the assistance of a small group of men who served alongside him in St. Petersburg during his KGB career.

“Putin’s grandfather was a spy behind enemy lines in WW2, and a cook for Josef Stalin.

“Putin explained: “What amazed me most of all was how one man’s effort could achieve what whole armies could not. One spy could decide the fate of thousands of people.”

“Putin has resurrected the old systems to control the populace with which he grew up with and is most familiar. That has essentially dragged systems in Russia back to a simulation of the Soviet-era domestically and Moscow’s sort of neo-Cold War approach geopolitically.”

From the Atlantic:
“As a former KGB officer and head of the KGB’s successor agency, the FSB, Putin knows the value of information. His concept of the media, however, is a far cry from the First Amendment. For him, it’s a simple transactional equation: Whoever owns the media controls what it says.

“There should be patriotically minded people at the head of state information resources,” Putin told reporters at his 2013 annual news conference, “people who uphold the interests of the Russian Federation. These are state resources. That is the way it is going to be

“Alexey Venediktov, editor in chief of Echo of Moscow, Russia’s only remaining independent radio station, told me during a December visit to the Russian capital. The war in Ukraine has solidified Putin’s view of the media: “It’s not an institution of civil society, it’s propaganda. Early in his presidency, Putin told him how he thinks the press works: “Here’s an owner, they have their own politics, and for them it’s an instrument. The government also is an owner and the media that belong to the government must carry out our instructions. And media that belong to private businessmen, they follow their orders. Look at [Rupert] Murdoch. Whatever he says, will be.”

“What’s happened in Russia would be like Fox News taking over the airwaves in the U.S., booting MSNBC from cable TV, and reducing liberals to broadcasting online from a small private apartment in Brooklyn,” Klishin (an opposition leader) said.

“His press secretary said, “We feel like we’re at war,” she said angrily. “What are we supposed to think? That’s exactly the opinion of many Russians—that the conflict in Ukraine is a result of American meddling.”

“Big decision-making in Russia is big money,” she added. “When you have a monopoly on media, on advertising, on everything, then you have all power.

“In the Soviet Union, she explained, at least there were rules. Now, in Russia, “there are no rules. You never know where you step and what can happen and what, yesterday, was not a mistake or breaking the rules, it can be tomorrow.”

“For Putin, controlling the means of mass communication domestically is crucial in establishing a single, unchallenged narrative to unite the nation. Internationally, however, the Kremlin has taken a different approach: RT doesn’t need to monopolize its version of the truth. It simply has to undermine the viewer’s faith in the Western media and inundate them with a tidal wave of “alternative” information.

“But he said he saw a dark side to the growth of electronic media: It had turned news reporting into “a formidable weapon that enables public-opinion manipulations.” Certain nations, Putin argued, were attempting to monopolize the truth and bend it to their own interests. Under these conditions, “alternative information sources become especially needed.” RT, he said, is that alternative.

“Yet inside Russia, a real variety of viewpoints is fast disappearing. The shocking assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in February, on a bridge beside the Kremlin, has unnerved the shrinking band of independent journalists still working in Russia.

“Meanwhile, unofficial estimates suggest that the Russian government now spends close to $1 billion on international broadcasting, much of it on RT. Peskov called that figure an exaggeration, but added: “As a matter of fact, we would be happy to spend more, and we would be happy to spend billions of dollars, because the whole world is a hostage to information.”
Excerpts from the Guardian:

“Vladimir Putin perfectly understood the power of the media that helped propel his famously unpopular predecessor Boris Yeltsin into power in 1996. So the first thing he did after assuming the presidency in 2000 was to force all the major TV channels – still the most powerful medium in the country – to submit to his will. Oligarch owners were either co-opted, jailed or exiled, and by 2006 most major Russian media were either directly or indirectly under Putin’s administration’s control.

“”Members of Putin’s administration – today it’s his deputy chief of staff Alexey Gromov – control the political coverage and decide both what foreign and domestic policies are to be covered, and how and, more importantly, what is not to be covered.
Today, Putin and his press managers still seem to think that the world’s media works the same way as it does in Russia: subservient to corporate owners who are in turn controlled by governments.

“Putin’s office has become expert at manipulating the agenda. Bits of trivial information are spoonfed to reporters through “informed sources familiar with the matter” – and even critical outlets end up promoting the Kremlin’s line by reporting what is essentially non-news.

“However, one thing is clear: both in the US and in Russia, the media are often distracted with outrage over absurd behaviour and nonsensical public statements while ignoring what those in power want to be ignored.

Excerpts from the Moscow Times:
March 24 2017 – “Russia’s infamous troll factory — the most successful weapon in its information war arsenal — has rebranded itself as an emerging media conglomerate, an investigation by the Russian news website RBC has revealed.
The hub of these media operations is a website called FAN (Federal News Agency) whose offices in St. Petersburg are just a stone’s throw from the troll factory’s original location on Savushkina street.

“Today, FAN forms the core of a media empire consisting of 16 news websites. Collectively, they employ over 200 full-time journalists and editors whose content attracts more that 30 million pageviews every month.
The monthly cost of running FAN and its sister sites is in the area of 20 million rubles ($350,000), RBC estimates. The source of the funding is unclear too, but most of the websites in the empire attract little if any ad revenue. Allegedly, the group has a mysterious sponsor, believed to be Yevgeni Prigozhin, who also known as “Putin’s Cook.”

“RBC reports that FAN reporters embed with the so-called the “Wagner Group,” a private military company — also reportedly funded by Prigozhin — that is covertly employed by Russia’s Defense Ministry to buttress its Syria operation. This allows FAN’s reporters to file their reports from dangerous frontlines faster than state news media.

“At least one popular pro-Trump, anti-Clinton Facebook group called Secured Borders, says RBC, is managed from the St. Petersburg troll factory.

“Secured Borders boasts 140 thousand subscribers, and just one of its posts published at the height of the election campaign and heavily advertised on Facebook, reached 4 million people on Facebook, was “liked” more than 300 thousand times and shared more than 80 thousand times. RBC also reported that a right-wing Twitter account called Tea Party News, which is followed by 22 thousand other accounts, is also run from the St. Petersburg hub.

“All in all, RBC’s sources say that at the zenith of the U.S. election campaign, the troll factory’s accounts across different social media platforms would churn out as many as 50 million posts a month, with anti-Clinton messages getting the most attention.

From the horses (asses) mouth… SHOCK VIDEO — Eric Holder: We Have to “Brainwash People” & Kids With Anti-Gun Curriculum in Their Classrooms


No doubt some people are coming around to more gun laws but I wonder if that enthusiasm stays. As long as the stories are in the MSM, the support is there, but does it fizzle once the stories are gone? And it has taken nearly 4 years to get them to this point. Do they have another 2-4 to reach a fever pitch? Trump will move faster and faster now and he will need to accomplish a lot of his agenda before the mid-term elections. Heck of a movie!


Why did the treasonous Sandy Hoaxers use a photo of a porn star for the alleged hero, Victoria Soto. (She has also been seen with the notorious Greenberg/Sexton/Whale families). They started with a different Victoria Soto, then used this woman, widening her nose a bit in Photoshop.

Excerpt: Why would they use a pornography model’s photos for Victoria Soto?

Teacher Victoria Soto didnt exist, like so many other Sandy Hook actors. And now someone is researching the non-existent - no birth certificates - "Students" at Stoneman High? We already see the same patterns as Sandy Hook developing.

... The Sandy Hook school parking lot indicated the school hadnt been used for 10+ years since there were NO oil stains in the lot. Add the students who were actually 11-12, singing at their own Eulogy – their 5-6 year old photos were used as the fake “dead” children. To make the story complete they needed fictitious parents, and the dead school teacher heroine, and the fictional shooter; Adam Lanza, and the David Wheeler guy who played both a parent and FBI gun guy – Humorously, he didn`t even know how to hold that gun! And he hid from the cameras! And then “crying” actress; Cali Soto. Add a bunch of other actors; i.e. Jennifer Greenberg [Sexton]. Supposedly the PAY for acting in this was $250,000. or your house in Newtown – the mortgage paid off. The Bank stayed open on a Sunday to make all this happen secretly. What a DEAL!

More on site.

Sheriff butt-kiss Israel denies allegations that his police force were called to the alleged shooter’s house 39 times. Wants more police control, so he can grab guns and have police be able to put anyone into a mental health facility – please feel free to check in yourself, Israel. Anyone who does this to his fellow citizens needs to be drugged and put into a strait jacket.

Excerpt: One of the questioners was Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who argued that police officers need more control to be able to take away weapons from people and put them into mental health facilities.

(NRA representative Dana) Loesch wanted to know why 39 visits from law enforcement to shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz’s home and reports that he was threatening people were not sufficient evidence. Why did Florida authorities miss these red flags?

Where did the statistic come from?

Israel denied that law enforcement could have known that there was a problem and questioned the “39 visits” number. Ironically, it was CNN that reported last week that Broward Sheriff’s deputies had been called to the Cruz home 39 times since 2010.

More on site.

A “survivor” of the Florida psyop refuses to read a scripted question from CNN at a town hall meeting. “Good on ya, mate!”, as the Aussies here would say.


comment image
comment image

District Will Suspend Kids Who Leave Class To Protest Florida Shooting – ‘We Are Here For An Education And Not A Political Protest’
A glimmer of hope in a seemingly impending PC dystopia.


Jim Stone. The “next post for good humor”, was posted yesterday. Go to the URL below to read it if you missed it.
Frantic media:

The MSM is in a panic because this shooting in Florida fell apart. There are two types of people with this now – totally awake, and idiots who will never see the light of day. The media is resorting to slander against alt media types who figured it all out, to an extent they have not taken this before.
Trump information bubble

Trump is supporting a ban on bump stocks, and it is hard to know if he is just throwing the left a bone (bump stocks are simply not important) or if he’s actually fooled by the latest psy op. It is hard to know because of how he plays.
Left wing going nuts

I have no doubt the left knows this shooting was fake, but that’s not stopping them from trying to milk it to the moon. Senator Bill Nelson introduced legislation that would ban 200 different rifles. That’s not going to happen, but it definitely shows where the left wants to take things.
Even I knew Hogg was fake, it did not take a youtuber.

All I needed to see was the testimony of the girl with Cruz while the “shooting” was happening in a different building. All I needed to see was the Hogg out takes. ALL I NEEDED TO SEE WAS THE GRAPHIC FAKERY, WITH BULLET HOLES IN A COMPUTER SCREEN SHOWING UP WHITE, LIKE GRAPHICS OFF THE INTERNET, YES, THE COMPUTER ITSELF PRODUCED THOSE BULLET HOLES, SEE THE NEXT POST FOR GOOD HUMOR!!!


A couple of articles by Yoichi Shimatzu about the recent school shootings. He believes these are real events (they aren’t above actually killing people – witness how people are still dying with cancer over 9/11). His premise is that this was done as a distraction from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s upcoming court case over the Awan brothers. He has a lot of information about the background of the alleged shooter.

Excerpt: The congresswoman from Broward Country, Florida, had this to say in the wake of the school massacre in her district: “We must do something about this senseless epidemic of gun violence and we must do it now.”

Her message is clear: Gun control is the prime issue for the midterm elections in Florida where 11 Democrat-held seats have been up for grabs due to the Imran Awan spy scandal in the U.S. House of Representatives. The main sponsor for the Pakistani computer service team that gained real-time to classified files was this same congresswoman from Browder County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee at the time of the gunshot murder of Seth Rich and mystery death of lawyer Shawn Lucas, along with the killing of several other DNC foes.

The modus operandi behind the Parkland school shooting casts further suspicion onto DWS, heiress of the retirement home of former Murder Inc. bookkeeper and mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Broward is mob country, site of the Gulfstream race track and casinos and recruitment ground for Lanksky’s attempt to regain control of his Havana casinos in that ill-fated adventure known as the Bay of Pigs invasion.

More on site.

Excerpt: As stressed in my first two articles, South Florida is Little Israel, where the mainstream population has ignored these same tactics being deployed repeatedly against the ghettoized African-American community by Broward SWAT teams under its notorious former commander Scott Israel, who is now Sheriff. The only difference in the Parkland school attack is that, this time around, the victims are not just blacks suspected of dealing crack to minors, but also your average whites, Hispanics, Arab-Americans and liberal Jews, everybody except ultra-Orthodox cultists who attend gender-segregated Hassidic private schools.

More on site.


David Hogg interned on CNN and was allegedly on the high school radio. Pretty good, considering he graduated from high school in California a few years ago. His mother posted his pic on her facebook page in 2016.

comment image:large

comment image:large


Deester 399508
So, like the shooter(supposedly an ex-student, but from another school ), it begs the conspiratorial question. Why was Hogg there?

Also, thanks for posting bits from the Shimatsu article. I had posted it earlier, but didn’t post any quotes. It definitely needs a wider audience.


Justin Trudeau ridiculed for his fake outfits by Indians.

Excerpt: Justin Trudeau has been ridiculed on social media by Indians for his ‘tacky’ and over the top outfit choices while on his first visit to their nation as Prime Minister.

While many praised his clothing during the first two days of his trip, patience was wearing thin by the time he attended a Bollywood gala on Tuesday night, before the tide turned against him on Wednesday.

Ministers, authors, journalists and ordinary Indians lined up to mock him on Wednesday, saying his wardrobe was ‘fake and annoying’.

Perhaps taking note of the criticism, the Canadian leader donned a suit on Thursday as he visited Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest mosques.

More on site.


Mocking the Mockery. Harrison Hanks, humorous and talented, but with the initials HH (=88), some point out the fakery of his name, and suggest this video was put up by the deep state itself to mock us. Who knows, but it is true mockery to what we are experiencing in crisis actors, and it’s funny. From 2017.

Harrison Hanks | The Ultimate Crisis Actor!

Dustin Gollehon


wolfintimber #399471 DAVID ICKE – fighter jet comment
tried to paste the jet photo in for fun – didn`t work.
America’s MOST EXPENSIVE fighter jet according to:

was the F-22 at $250,000,000 (million).

And now … a little math:
$250,000,000 / $600,000 per homeless person = 416.67 which is the number of homeless people in the USA that an amount equivalent to the cost of one fighter jet would provide a home for. There might be a few more homeless people than that in the USA or anywhere else, methinks.
Premier Moe


secondlife #399496

Does anyone have any links available that show the history of American companies supporting and investing in Hitler’s war machine?
Secondlife, Here are a couple links to articles that I’ve saved in the past:

How Bush s grandfather helped Hitlers rise to power

Anglo-American Money Owners Organized World War II
by Valentin Katasonov

I’ll look to see if I have any others and post the links


comment image:large

NEW DELHI — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted Thursday that a convicted Sikh extremist had been invited to dine with him in New Delhi, just the latest controversy to dog his visit to India.

Trudeau said the invitation to Jaspal Atwal — who was found guilty of trying to assassinate an Indian minister in 1986 — had been revoked and those at fault had taken responsibility.

“Obviously, we take this situation extremely seriously,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

“The individual in question never should have received an invitation and as soon as we found out we rescinded the invitation immediately.”

Find out more at


The Richie Allen youtube channel has been deleted!

Actually felt a shiver of fear a second ago about this. This is now pretty serious.

Bombard, normally somewhat skeptical of the idea of “false flags” seems to have come around a little on David Hogg.


Tucker – Fed Courts Are Out of Control, 2071

The Still Report
Published on Feb 22, 2018

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Tucker – Fed Courts Are Out of Control, 2071

Synopsis: I just can’t say enough about this great, great piece by Tucker Carlson last night on the ever-growing abuses by federal judges of proper role of our three branches of government.
No one – and I mean no one else – on network television would #1 dare to take a critical look at what’s going on with federal judges; and #2 have the intellectual resources to put such a topic in proper perspective.
For years, I’ve heard that federal judges are out of control. They are rewriting laws as petty dictators would. We’ve seen this problem explode with the ability of federal judges anywhere in the country to cancel laws made by Congress – the people’s elected representatives – and even the President performing his perfectly Constitutional responsibilities of keeping us safe.
What in the heck is up with that? Well, Tucker digs into this topic, with his reliable and prodigious research into this little known topic that is stealing power from the Congress and changing our system of governance in a way that for some reason has not raised any effective alarms.


Just a note Jordans second to last video did not appear on my subscriptions. Have to go through to his youtube page.


Californians Promise Massive Handout to Get Homeless to Leave Tent City

video at link


Jim Stone
Feb 22 2018

Vegas an air assault? I’d say yes!

After the FBI did it’s BS (not even a white wash) independent investigators have walked around Vegas looking for evidence, and have clearly proven it was an air assault, simply by the impact directions of the bullet marks the police did not find to cover up. They clearly show the bullets came from an aircraft because the slope is simply too downward for any ground fired bullet or anything fired from the buildings, which simply were not tall enough to account for such a slope. I’d have to say I agree with this. SEE THIS and I’d have to say that anyone complaining about the public not eating the media lie is an absolute troll. Glad to see some really damning evidence that proves I and others were right.


The narrative gets even more absurd. Camera malfunction – how very convenient.

Excerpt; The Florida school shooter was able to walk around in public after his massacre — completely undetected — for nearly a half-hour thanks to a mix-up with the security cameras, which caused cops to think he was still on campus, when in fact he was already gone.

“He went from the third floor to the second floor … They’re monitoring him on camera,” an officer can be heard saying over radio transmissions, which were reviewed by the Sun Sentinel.

“We’re on the second floor, we don’t see him,” another cop said.

More on site.


Strong argument that CNN lied about scripting questions to survivors.

CNN Caught Lying After They Themselves Accused Florida Survivor of Lying.

Tim Pool
Published on Feb 22, 2018


A couple of days ago, I checked out ‘Angel DemocracyLesson#1’ a very psychic intuitive. I have found her to be extremely accurate in previous readings.
She stated that in the Florida shooting, the boy had a controller who kept trying to get the boy to shoot, but he refused and the shooting was done by others not him.

Today, that u-tube has been removed due to ‘harassment and bullying’
“The truth about the Florida Shooting-Deep state planning”

She must have been pretty accurate!!


Feb 2017
Very In depth and concise expose’

EXPOSED: CIA – Swamp Monsters Three Factions that Control the World


Talking about swamp creatures…..from Feb 2017
Whore of Babylon Revealed: The Dark Secrets of the Vatican Exposed


Wolfgang Halbig at his best, a new interview by Jim Fetzer. He has recently talked with some of the 20 children who were supposedly killed at Sandy Hook. Uploaded five hours ago.



 #399520

Jim Stone
Feb 22 2018

Vegas an air assault? I’d say yes!
Interesting I was just in Vegas two days ago. Our waitress at the MGM said the night of the shooting people were taking cover in her restaurant and they were claiming shots were being fired from all over the south end of the strip. They were confused about where they were coming from. That would seem to go along with Jim Stone’s theory.


teal swan gives testimony on her massive many years of defilement at the hands of cult members,and satanic criminally insane murderers of children…..


Thomas Paine….

Vatican Refugee Program Exposed

American Intelligence Media
Published on Jan 17, 2018
The American Intelligence Media pushed out a detailed report last year on some unsavory topics about the Catholic Church and the refugee crisis. Frankly, if we write the words in our description box, Big Brother Google-YouTube will slam our site. Best thing to do if you want to know what we couldn’t tell you, is to look at the articles below:

The articles that support this audio:

Here is the Jesuit vow in case you have never seen it before:

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he’s considering pulling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers out of California.

Why? Because he feels the state is giving his administration “no help” in targeting the violent MS-13 gang, especially in Los Angeles.

“We’re getting no help from the state of California,” Trump said from the White House. “Frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California you would have a crime nest like you’ve never seen in California. All I’d have to do is say ‘ICE and border patrol, let California learn.’”

Michael Savage: Trump Should ARREST SOROS For Meddling In Foreign Elections

Strike sinister chord here…Bakla O’butt-f*ck is at it again…
Obama Posts Chilling Message to Teens Marching and Organizing For Gun Control ‘We’ve Been Waiting For You’
February 22, 2018 by Cristina Laila 577 Comments
Barack Obama posted a chilling message to his Twitter account Thursday to the teens marching and organizing for gun control.

He told the youth fighting for gun control ‘we’ve been waiting for you’.

The Gateway Pundit was the first publication to question the media’s agenda in only propping up students who push the anti-gun narrative. We took a lot of heat for it, but we stand by our reporting.

CNN and other fake news media organizations refused to allow pro-gun students to voice their opinions.

It was also revealed CNN scripted their Wednesday night anti-gun town hall.

The left is going for broke. After all, never let a crisis go to waste, right?

Obama tweeted, “Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve got your backs.”

Remake the world as it should be? Chilling.

Obama also signaled to the youth that the liberal elites with deep pockets ‘have their backs’.


comment image


vermithrax #399539

What is this?


I know they are pushing anything that is not the norm. LGBT, mixed marriages in just about every commercial, sister wives…WTH.

So what is the deal with sister wives? So do these people not legally get married? Is this a religion? I see commercials and think these women are idiots. But TLC just can’t help itself. Anyone know what the deal is here with multiple wives and ever
expanding families with one father?


It is a pic of globalist cuck Canadian PM Justin Trudeau dressing up in East Indian garb on his visit to India. It was taken by the natives as patronizing, condescending and insulting. Like his commie dad before, he has a penchant for making an ass out of himself and tarnishing the image of Canada as well.


Jim Stone
Feb 23 2018

Trump bashing in full force

Trump was put under a lot of pressure with this hoax shooting, it was a catch-22. If he knew it was fake, he could not come out and say it, he’d be skewered. If he thought it was real, he had to do something so he threw a bone. But that is not what this post is about. There’s a new type of bashing going on.
The latest baseless Trump bash: Chips in U.S. currency.

This is making the rounds in alt media now in various places, and it is bunk The story goes: Trump’s federal reserve pick wants to put tracking chips in bills to make it easy to tax everyone. Here is my perfect, complete efficient response:
This is already in bills.

Someone is like what? 20 years behind with this?

Put $10 or larger in a microwave and see what happens. It will cost you whatever amount you put in to receive your answer.


#399545 vermithrax

I think it is safe to assume that Trump is unaware of the false-flag status of the latest shooting. Why? Because his natural candor (yeah, that’s a good way to put it) would have brought it to the surface in his various public appearances in the wake of the shooting.

Similarly, I don’t think Obama knew that Sandy Hook (or any of the others during his time) were hoaxes, either. He was clearly devastated after his meetings with parents and survivors, and in his public pronouncements after each event.

This is not praise or condemnation for either president. And it just makes sense that they would not be told.


Justin Trudeau paid over $30 million to three men imprisoned in Syria without following due process and letting the courts decide, yet he is taking Canadian veterans to court, saying that they are asking too much. This Soros-funded meat puppet is a fool and a joke who consorts with Muslim extremists and brings unvetted immigrants into Canada. He has done more damage to this country than the last three Prime Ministers combined.

Excerpt: As you know, Justin Trudeau’s townhall a few weeks ago went shockingly wrong.

Yes, he said “peoplekind,” the gaffe that went around the world.

But that story drew attention away from something else Trudeau said at the same gathering, something much more important.

I’ll show you the part when a Canadian Forces serviceman asked him about funding for our veterans.

See, Trudeau is fighting veterans in court. Because they’re “asking for more than he can give.”

He didn’t fight Omar Khadr in court — Trudeau paid him $10.5 million. And he paid out three other people accused of having links with terrorism — $10 million each.

More on site.


Further to Carol’s posts re kleptocracy, here is an expose’ of Jeff Bezos:


Jim Stone
Feb 23 2018

Bill cooper after Columbine – “Watch for the rose presented at a future school shooting, it is then that the NWO will make it’s move”.

Here is Bill Cooper’s broadcast after the Columbine shooting. There is no wonder why he is dead now. In this (two hour) broadcast, he talks about “the rose”, and when we see it in a future school shooting that it was a symbol that the New World Order was ready to make it’s move. We saw this rose come forward with the “valentines day shooting” in Florida, but everyone thought it was simply done because it was valentines day. Not so, the rose, according to Cooper, is the symbol of the New World Order, the birth of their new world order, when it is finally realized. Cooper also goes over how the shooting would be used to take our rights away. Keep in mind Cooper said this 20 years ago. Quite the warning I’d say, this truly is time to lock and load.
The file is an .mp3 that is 14 megabytes in size, and just short of two hours in length.
Right click to download and save, double click to have it stream instantly (some systems won’t stream instantly)

The file is here. This is well worth a listen, take two hours and do it. 14 megs is not too much for anyone to download considering the value of this.

I reprocessed the sound file to remove the annoying intro, get rid of audio artifacts to make it much more clear, and remove one song that I figured was out of place. All of the speaking and phone calls are here, as William Cooper did his original columbine broadcast.


CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead
February 22, 2018

The CDC doctor who controversially warned this year’s “disastrous” flu shot may be responsible for the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the country, has been reported missing and is feared dead.

Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, a team lead with CDC’s Division of Population Health, has been missing for over a week, according to Atlanta police, with family and police desperate for answers regarding his sudden disappearance.

“He’s a scientist, so he has a very methodical mindset and an outgoing personality,” a family member said.

Dr. Cunningham was last seen by colleagues Monday the at the CDC office in Chamblee, Georgia. Colleagues said he was feeling sick, so he left work early and said he was going to finish his work from home. That was the last time anyone saw him and he hasn’t been heard from since that day.

In January, Dr. Cunningham shared his opinion that this year’s flu shot was behind the deadly outbreak of the flu, while warning that if his name was attached to the widely-circulated quotes, he would lose his job – or suffer an even worse fate.

Understanding the dangers involved in speaking out about vaccines in the current climate, we granted him anonymity in the article. However Dr. Cunningham told us we should go public should anything happen to him.

Dr. Cunningham was an expert on contagious epidemics, having been deployed by the CDC to work on the Ebola and Zika crises in previous years. He knows a suspicious outbreak when he sees one, and this year’s flu epidemic raised serious red flag’s for the CDC doctor.

“Some of the patients I’ve administered the flu shot to this year have died,” the doctor said in January, adding “I don’t care who you are, this scares the crap out of me.”

“We have seen people dying across the country of the flu, and one thing nearly all of them have in common is they got the flu shot,” he said.


From Arthur the Insider per article in Jim Willie’s newsletter:

The recent FISA memo, I think, was the final nail in the coffin for the Russiagate narrative, and I’ve heard that there are many more memos soon to come.

“Arthur: Well here’s what’s coming. There’s going to be a truth act that’s going to come through the FCC and you’re going to lose your license if what you print is not evidentiary fact because it’s a threat to national security. Remember how I said most people don’t understand what a military tribunal is?”

If something like this truth act came out during the Obama administration I would be very worried. He tried something similar in late 2016 – the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, I think it was called. But since Trump is pushing for this, I have a strong feeling that they would use it legitimately.

“Arthur: Net Neutrality, that’s all going to get flushed. You’re going to see the internet go to self-regulation. You’re going to see a lot of laws for the criminal shit that goes on, like the Dark Net for instance, and it’s going to be treated just like bank robbery. Our enemies are now are China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.”

There have already been mass arrests in Saudi Arabia of princes and kings, which was exciting to see.

“Arthur: It’s all on the stove right now. It’s all cooking. It’s all boiling. There’s a lot going on, but it’s just like I said before, protect your spirit, shrink your perimeter, prepare for a 90 day window where you can take care of yourself. Withdraw. Don’t expand; withdraw. You can’t teach a mouse to sing, so don’t try to teach some people how to think. Respect what you see. Don’t cloud your perspective by what you want to see. See everything.”

I have a mantra that you’ll appreciate. It’s just something that came to me while I was falling asleep. I’ll tell you what it is first, and then I’ll explain.

Meditation, preparation, investigation, conversation.

Spend more time in meditation for the spirit than you do in preparation for a disaster. Spend more time in preparation than you do in investigation of conspiracies. Spend more time in investigation than you do in the conversations with what others think is going on. That’s your hierarchy of priorities.

“Arthur: You left out something that you’re very knowledgeable about. I would add “intuition” for the universal form of energy. I think of meditation as the mental practice, and intuition as the connection to the higher self.”


Thank you!
Have you received any information on The Manna World Holding Trust? If so, what is your take on it…


Regarding Florida school shooting:

JohnnyBravo on Twitter: “My name is John Bouchell and I am not a bot. I was in school administration after spending a stint in the military. Let me explain: As usual, I was a teacher, a coach and later became an administrator. I worked at all three levels of public school in administration.”

Never did I hear from, receive information from, or was contacted by, read any publications, or gathered statistics from the United States Secret Service. Not once- EVER. Yet, 3 weeks prior to the shooting in Florida, the USSS was not only at the school, they held training.

This guy pulls it all together. Some points I hadn’t heard/read before.


#399554 Intruth – Good post. USSS doesn’t work with Donald Trump, but they still guard past presidents – guess we know who was responsible for the latest dog and pony show. Your post about Arthur/Jim Willy said Trump hired his own, selecting from the military. It is interesting they trained there prior to the “shooting”. Eric Holder (we need to brainwash them about guns) paid a visit to Sandy Hook right before the “event”. Governor Dannell Malloy had said, during an interview, that he had been spoken to that something like this would happen in Connecticut. When confronted by Wolfgang Halbig about it, he lied.

This guy is as credible as Wolfgang and puts his points together well. Hoping he stays safe as there have been 11 people (that we know of) who went against the official story in Vegas who are no longer alive.

Another good source is Steve Poppa. He thinks these shootings are real, but he was a former cop and gets what protocols need to be followed. He has been ragging on the Las Vegas police department since October.


Jim Stone. Check out the demonic countenances on these African “leaders” at the link.
PREDICTION: Massive famine to hit South Africa in 3-5 years

South Africa’s new President wants to take all land away from whites and give it to the blacks, with no compensation to the whites. PROBLEM: 100 percent of the people creating food in the country are white. If you take their land away, no food will be produced.
In Zimbabwe the same thing was tried, and food production fell to 11 percent of what it was pre-land grab, because as it turned out, the black population had no idea how to use the land to produce food for a large population. You could not simply hand them the land and say “have at it, support yourselves”.

The new president claims it will be done efficiently and responsibly with no ill consequences, and I’ll in turn claim he’s an IDIOT. SEE THIS.
Here’s what’s going to happen: There will be glee. Tractors and other assets will be looted and sold, and as a result rendered inoperable. The first year will go by and things will sort of be OK. By year two, irrigation systems will be fully looted. And then, all downhill from there. If the UN does not send food shipments, they’ll all starve.


Now Trudeau is trying to blame “rogue Indian operatives” for his recent shameful trip to India. Unfortunately, Liberal butt-kissing CBC is going along with it – shame my tax dollars pay for that dinosaur media shillshop. At least his party is not blaming Russia.

Here is the child who is destroying Canada. Unfortunately, I don’t think many of these were on Halloween.

comment image:large


#399555 Actually, his name is Doug Poppa. My bad.


deester #399555
#399554 Intruth – Good post. USSS doesn’t work with Donald Trump, but they still guard past presidents

And Bill Clinton ditched them when he went to Epstein island.


The Secret Service were actively involved in the Mk Ultra sex slave trade per Cathy O’Brien and Sue Ford- carting them all over the place to their ‘assignments’ and retrieving them in whatever disheveled condition afterward.


Hi Phoenix,

Yes, perhaps I’ve blown a fuse. I have been digging around and shocked and saddened by what I’m finding by scratching the surface a little. I admire George Webb for getting that going at a deeper level for me. He may seem disorganized, but he is finding so many coincidences in proximity and stated intention that it becomes impossible to ignore the depths of depravity that is being done with our taxes, and thereby in our names. I’m seeing a lot of collusion across the pond.

I’m flummoxed as well, so I’ve been thinking about what to do. Those of us at BFC come from the right and the left, the red and the blue but we are united in seeing that there is a cancer on the earth that has been here for a long, long time and it is time to shine the light upon it so it will shrivel away.

And yet, in a short few years the divisiveness has grown, not united us in a collective mission. The Berniecrats and Trumpublicans are united in seeing graft where ever they look by the alpha-bet agencies and spin off corporations all over the globe raking in money and exploiting the citizens of this planet. So, why do we label each other, even old friends who basically agree, with cruel and mean names?

What might a new system look like that does not reward psychopaths?

Assuming that the law of one has insights, and there are two basic types of people in the world: those that serve themselves, and those that serve others. I think it is less likely that psychopaths are in service to others, so let’s start with rewards based on those that serve others.

If we are all sovereign individuals, then the choice is ours to make. But currently, our corporate structures and tax laws reward those that are the most greedy and the least altruistic towards life on earth. How could that change?

Let’s start locally. As sovereign individuals, our labor belongs to us. If we agree to exchange it for money, it is a fair trade, so it should not be taxed as ‘income’ as it is now. If ‘income’ comes in from the profits of other’s labor, or from exploiting the resources we all share, that income should be taxed to pay for services to others and to restore the damage it causes to life on earth.

On a state level, business entities like corporations or partnerships could also be rewarded if the fruits of the charter benefit life on earth. If it is chartered to benefit only those who are members at the expense of life on earth, it should be taxed to make up the balance. This would reward organizations that are currently called “B” corporations, those that have a mission based on improving life on earth and tax the corporations who benefit only those at the top.

One of the ways we have gotten so out of balance is by the idea of compartmentalization. Silo thinking and silo work structures allow individuals to avoid seeing where the fruits of their labors are going. We need to have transparency everywhere to understand the deeper layers to make choices that serve life on earth. How can we reward transparency and truth over manipulation?

Within the system of life, there are self-organizing principles that allow for evolution. Healthy souls have an inner light of connectedness, and find their happiness and joy is doing what they do best as service to the greater good. How can we support and nurture that deepest wisdom of inner knowing?

We must realize that each of us is MUCH more powerful than the AI that runs the world. AI is based on rudimentary manifold learning in its larval stage. But each of us is a manifold of wonder to behold. Each of our sense organs brings in a vortex of knowledge into the tiny space of our heart for processing. That tiny space is connected directly to all the dimensions of infinity. Machine learning can begin to simulate it, but we are millions or perhaps billions of years ahead in our evolution of the wisdom and power that exists within our eternal souls.

We can create our reality together. We just have to see and feel what is right for us here, now, and move away from that which hurts life on earth. Let’s ignore the divisive tactics of fear and distraction that AI is bringing to us on social media. Let’s recognize our power and step into it TOGETHER. Look for truth and speak your truth. Be wary of repeating manipulative memes that trigger fear and reaction. It is usually NOT in your best interest in the long run. It is the way abusers abuse you.

Biologists know now that the herd does not follow the stag with the largest horns. One by one, a doe looks up and sniffs the air. Each one points her head in the direction of safety. When the majority point in the same direction the herd takes off in an instant. If we are the herd they think we are, let’s move together towards safety away from the psychopathic wolves. They know where they want to lead us like lemmings, but it is NOT in our best interests.

We possess the power of self-organized learning. It is way more effective than AI. Our bodies know how to heal and so does the earth. We can move towards health and vitality if we choose our true paths together and help each other to move in that direction.

The Newest World Order can start from the bottom up and self-organize. Just like healthy, alive soil is full of communicating microbes transporting the just-in-time nutrients that grow beautiful and vitally alive plants that nurture us. Let’s use that as our new metaphor as we move through this morass.


from this article-quote—–

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – February 23, 2018

On the 19th-20th, removal operations of underground Cabal outposts around Idaho and Wyoming were occurring.

Sources reported that Cabal-MIC military formations were moving from Idaho to Wyoming.

These military formations were intercepted by the Alliance’s SSP fleet over Nevada as seen below:—–unquote…..


hats off to the ssp lightforces for ongoing primo works…..

namaste fine soldiers of the light…..


FOUR Broward County deputies did not enter the school during Parkland shooting: report

Three more armed officials have been accused of not entering Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during last week’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

CNN reported Friday that three additional deputies of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office are implicated along with the armed resource officer who was revealed earlier this week for not entering the school. Their actions reportedly shocked police from Coral Springs, who joined the sheriff’s deputies soon after they arrived.

“Some Coral Springs police were stunned and upset that the four original Broward County Sheriff’s deputies who were first on the scene did not appear to join them as they entered the school,” the report continued.


Q posted that photo of Hillary and Sheriff Israel with the caption: “Do you believe in coincidences?” Sheriff Israel is blaming the FBI and that school security guard when his own department is culpable – multiple complaints about the perpetrator and no action. His own guys refuse to go in and defuse the situation. He is probably blaming Trump and the NRA. He wants to be able to seize guns and put people into mental institutes. Just what we need – more illegal acts from power hungry police. It will be nice when this blows over and I don’t have to see him or the Hogg boy plastered all over the news.


WTF!!! Kevin Ralph Hogg. Works at: Cubic Simlulation Systems Weapons Simulation Company Pompano Beach, Florida.



This was a very interesting and positive response and it struck me, how, ironically, despite me previously beating you over the head with talk of the free market etc. your energy is actually quite a grounded one, you care about real world things, whereas real world things slip through my fingers quite a bit.

I think I’ve said a few times I can get on with left wingers now a lot more and do make quite an effort to make peace with them where I would not have before. When things work out well for me I am very into music, which has to be kept mostly free from politics in a kind of ‘channeling’ sense. It’s very much a live and let live politically.

If we are all sovereign individuals, then the choice is ours to make. But currently, our corporate structures and tax laws reward those that are the most greedy and the least altruistic towards life on earth. How could that change?

For years now I have been becoming more ‘myself’ and it strikes me that a lot can be explained by looking at the etheric… An example from my personal life. I am making a lot of positive headway into a place I had a lot of positive energy with but while the energy patterns were still not working I remember taking my sister there and carefully explaining why I had had a problem with the place before. I had a dream shortly after where the girl who had caused the problem (the feminist I rail against!) was convincing my sister that her side of the argument was true. I felt quite overwhelmed at this point but… the situation seems to be clearing up further. (Longer term service to others and desire to be so can seem to slowly unhook this karma. Of course we’re looking for the ‘slowly at first… then all at once!’)

I’m trying to look at the future by calculating my own. It seems to be the only thing I can control… Via astrology I think Uranus in Taurus, May, will be big and is why Youtube is acting funny all of a sudden. They have more data and act on things that we do not see. Data of which I suspect is telling them they are losing.

Regardless of how correct this metaphor is it is how I see things. Things will change when the pure negativity of a lot of these structures is suddenly whipped out in ways we can’t quite calculate by looking only at the physical, or more correctly, I cannot. Someone who works in those areas and has that energy would be better placed to do so.


BTW, just a small additional point, I don’t like the word psychopath/ sociopath/ narcissist and a whole bunch of others. A lot of these diagnosis are dependent on the person having done some horrendous crime but it’s silly to diagnose people like that. Why are they not just called murderers?

When Stefan Molyneux said something in a recent video along those same lines it just clinched it for me.

I actually blogged this up before showing how an astrology chart can show someones nature far better I will perhaps have to dig out for future reference, the theme is coming up again.


i thought I had posted earlier about the security officers who didn’t go into the building in Florida, but I can’t find it. They weren’t cowards at all. The whole thing was scripted. They were not supposed to go in so they wouldn’t get in the way of the true assassins. The kids weren’t targeted. Real victims were brought in and they were shot. Apparently one of them was that Hixson fellow who had even warned his wife that he might be shot during a school shooting event. Ex Iraq Navy. Wonder what he knew,

Of course now we’ve got the very convenient explanation that security had delayed footage of what was going on and didn’t know about the shooter or where he was. Isn’t that convenient. But someone will be a scapegoat, or at least appear to be. And he will be fired and others will be reprimanded but the question truly is, were these people even bona fide security officers? Did the school actually have them? Why didn’t we hear about them before? What a coincidence that their existence came to light only because Trump suggested officers in schools and training teachers.

This event was a mass murder but if you were listening, they never said they killed children; it has always been people. Sometimes they’re criminals, sometimes vagrants, sometimes people who are politically inconvenient, or business adversaries. They kill them, another human sacrifice ritual and the kids are part of it.

That piece about the rose being a sign that the NWO is about to emerge is intriguing. But we’ve seen roses at shooting events before. They’re always on graves and in bouquets. Trump doesn’t seem inclined to take our guns and everyone goes out and buys more guns and ammo everytime this happens. Of course is it reverse propaganda to increase gun sales? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Win-win for the confiscators and manufacturers and we’re being played on both ends. I’m inclined to think that the assault on the 2A is real though. These events happen too frequently. And they always tear down the building in the end. Talk about wash rinse repeat!


Actually, with the Florida shooting, it looks like the psy-op has turned. I don’t know who funded this latest crapfest, but it has people questioning the police departments under Shit for Brains Sheriff Israel, his guys who are trained for this (but stay outside), the FBI, the school armed guard staying outside, etc. This might be a Trump plan to discredit the scenario, the FBI, the crooked Sheriff (and, Lakewinds, Obama knew about Sandy Hook and his tears are as fake as his birth certificate. Tears come from the inside of the eyes first).


Well, that means Trump knows about this one, and is being clever and cagey. And is NOT pretending to cry.

This does seem to be unraveling. It’s turned messy, like Vegas.


jujubean #399570

This event was a mass murder but if you were listening, they never said they killed children; it has always been people. Sometimes they’re criminals, sometimes vagrants, sometimes people who are politically inconvenient, or business adversaries. They kill them, another human sacrifice ritual and the kids are part of it.

Wow…I don’t watch MSM – are they claiming students were killed? Fake Facebook postings? Funerals? Anything else to discredit the official narrative?


From Q post 2/23:
Who do you think is leaking the info?
Take a wild guess.
Analyze shooter (pawn).
Voices in his head?
We know.
We are taking action behind the scenes.
CNN was set up.

Libel laws.
End of MSM.

This should be high priority. The end of MSM will red pill many if it is replaced by credible news organizations like we have in alt media. George Webb is the #1 intrepid reporter and Crowd Source the Truth – what an incredible idea.

I couldn’t stand Fox News for years after the Iraq war stuff. They were so pro Bush Jr. it was sickening. Now Hannity and Tucker Carlson are doing some truthful stuff.


comment image

My take is that these have become so badly scripted and routine that people are either starting to question them (nobody badmouthed the police or FBI at Sandy Hook), or the asleeples have heard this so much that they no longer get angry or upset by this, much less to demand anything. I feel that they have overplayed the same script too often. Canadian media covered how the RCMP set up two drug addicts and entrapped them with a similar script (Victoria bomb scare in the Legislature on Canada Day – RCMP bragged about thwarting a plot, demanding more funding. Judge saw through this and called it entrapment).

As for the Obama adminstration, Eric Holder was in Newtown prior to this occuring, and Creepy Joe Biden was bragging that Americans would be begging to give up their guns by January, 2013, a month after Sandy Hook – that is how much importance they placed in that very badly played-out event. More guns were sold after SH. Their plans are not working because they have made too many too complacent to demand change, and other people are waking up. Soros has to fund protests now.

The Anonymous Patriots have written extensively about Comey and Mueller’s crimes, but this is the first time we are listing crimes they have committed under the protection of “National Security” which were, in fact, crimes against America.

With this internet posting, We the People are officially charging them with these crimes and we demand that military tribunals be set up to prosecute these traitors.

After you read this, please make your own official charge to the appropriate authorities for those listed in this citizen intelligence report. Make sure to send a copy to the Department of Justice and the White House. Please forward this link through your social media networks to wake up other patriots.

The Act and the Fifth Amendment order the federal government to pay for property it has confiscated

Leader Technologies proposes a Win-Win-Win solution

Miller helps reestablish a truly Free Press

OPERATION HOGG WASH: Phase I of Deep State’s Psyop to Impose Draconian Gun Control Laws
Posted on February 23, 2018 by State of the Nation

H O G G g a t e:
The Inevitable Consequence of

Just like Hillary Clinton was the notorious villain of Benghazigate, the CIA’s MKUltra mind control program has produced the new star of HOGGgate—David Hogg.

How does a trained crisis actor from Hollywood show up at Stoneman Douglas HS after graduating from a California High School and lead a new student movement that has already changed gun laws in Florida?

Answer: Deep State

Florida Governor Caves, Orders New Gun Control Measures
….more on site…

A month later, mystery shrouds case of federal prosecutor found dead on Hollywood beach

Read more here:


IMDB (Intnernet Movie Data Base) – really? CNN has some explaining to do.

comment image


On Micheal Rivero’s show, Fri edition
they stated that ‘gun sales are up by 30 percent’ since the Florida shooting.

Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble blasts the NYT on their hit piece on Trumps “America First”slogan.


Sheriff Joe Lombardo wants people to move-along-nothing-to-see-here-folks and not seek answers in the Vegas shooting. And he uses that Agenda 21 word of resilient – a huge “tell”. So, only one member of his SWAT team shows up, there are reports of multiple shooters, witnesses are committing suicide, car crashes or dying of mysterious illnesses, but you don’t want to provide answers? I’ll bet you don’t. Contrast this with a real murder investigation which can last months or years, with police asking the public for information.

Excerpt: “The frustrating thing for me as the head of the law enforcement is the keyboard bandits the guys who sit at their couches at their home and Monday morning quarterback everything you do and that are smarter than you. The pressure that we are put under to do the right thing and I believe we did the right thing and I am not hiding anything from anybody. You know what I know.

“The reason why I say that it is just as important for you to be comfortable living here and have an understanding to prevent another event from taking place, for you to know what exactly happened. So, you know what exactly happened so far. I anticipate a press conference here in about a week to give you more information and to provide the media with more information associated with that event.

“But there will not be a keystone or an important piece associated with Mr. Paddock and why he did what he did, so it’s important for us to forget that and move on and be resilient.”

More on site.

Hundreds of Teachers Request Concealed-Carry Classes
– original class intended for 50-now cut-off at 300!!
Richard K. Jones


I am going to offer free concealed and Carry class free 2 teachers in butler county. Limited number. Details coming soon on line. Also training on school shootings.
8:55 AM – Feb 18, 2018

..“We have reached our limit. We had to cut it off at 300,” he told Newsweek on Wednesday. “But the responses have been incredible.”


I am most interested in the photo that Alex Jones used. This looks like it was taken at night and is a floodlight, not sunlight. The event was supposed to take place after 2 p.m. Look how sharp the shadows are. When you stand outside on a sunny day (which I just did), there is a bit of blurring, not that clarity. This photo does not line up with other photos in the media. The other photo was taken during the day at a different location. They aren’t doing the conga line thing in this pic.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/high-school-shooting-parkland.jpg


Scott Israel allegedly had an affair with a 17 year old girl a few years ago, yet claims he is happily married.

Then his wife goes on the defensive and says someone hired an actress to discredit him.

So, it’s okay to hire actors and actresses to defraud Americans, but not if it is against you? The comment section is interesting because people are not believing this and calling the shooting a drill. They have thrown Israel and his department to the wolves to protect the Clintons. Why no slander lawsuit?


Q-Anon Feb 24 Drop. Schools, Russian Spies, Poisoned Water

Seething Frog
Published on Feb 24, 2018
New Drops with references to earlier posts, to spies, CNN, Sandyhook and more



Deester … That photo was clearly taken at night. Not just the sharp shadows, but the dark areas just outside the spotlight’s illumination area prove it.

The answer to “but why?” is tougher. It’s almost as though they believe that wee the peeple are too damn dumb to notice and analyze these numerous anomalies, and they’ve gotten sloppy and arrogant in the conduct of these false flags.

The photo reminds me of the famous (and fake) photo from Sandy Hook, with the teacher leading a line of students to safety.



Are we going to consider Bens perspective on this… No?

Why would we do that? Here of all places?

What Ben posted solves something for me about the magickal aspects of these false flags! I always wondered why these perpetrators were always so globalist- left when it would be so much better for the Deep States agenda if they were Trump supporters.

I wonder if there is a magickal aspect to this where if they are doing something evil and symbolic with these events they have to have the perpetrator to be similar to them.

I wonder if this one is an Alliance one (Trump supporter – Alliance), and no one died in it. The symbology here is that it was at a school where the founder headmistress is famous for having refused to drain a swamp and it was in a JFK hospital. The sloppiness is then deliberate, they even reused crying brunette!… Q stated that CNN was ‘set up’.

Perhaps this is why they are so scared of the alternative media all of a sudden. They are fearful of something powerful and obvious the alternative media will discover that they are either aware of or believe they may have have missed!


Anti School was banned from YouTube. All his videos deleted. This has been done to others including Natasha.

Natasha of YouTube channel: Truth Will Never Disappear – We Are Awake explains the current censoring on YouTube. Ten minute video:

YouTube Censors Anti-School , Q Message To Anti School, Fight For Our Rights

She was previously known as Trump News Truth Natasha.

Also watch 43 minute video put put by Jordan Sather Destroying the Illusion with Isaac Green discussing the situation & what Isaac Green of Anti School is doing to counter act:

Anti-School x Destroying the Illusion – Social Media Censorship Can’t Stop The Great Awakening

Deep State is going after the truth-tellers. Who else has disappeared or been banned from YouTube.

Seething Frog is having trouble uploading his videos. Roy Potter was being attacked as well.




Published on Feb 21, 2018


intruth #399593

Q-Anon Feb 24 Drop. Schools, Russian Spies, Poisoned Water
Seething Frog
And he is talking about creating an alternative to youTube. He’s a former attorney. Wow, it’s getting “curiouser and curiouser”!

Thanks kauilapele for posting Jordan’s video w/Isaac Green on your web page as well.



#399595 phoenix

Ben posts updates weekly, and the news is continuously updated, so opinions are refined with new info coming forward. I’m believing my lying eyes, first and foremost.

And the initial word was that this Patsy fellow was a white nationalist. That was later withdrawn but not refuted. If true, that’s the kind of thing that could give white nationalists a bad name.

I’m a bit disturbed at the reports about CNN being involved. I haven’t trusted CNN for some years now, and do not watch them.



Published on Feb 21, 2018



Police guard house of deputy who didn’t go in. I wouldn’t be surprised if that idiot Israel has police guard, too. I’m glad they are living in fear. This has really backfired on them. It is just as shoddy as Sandy Hook! Notice how they have quit yapping about Las Vegas – more holes in that than all the golf courses in Arizona. Now they get to live their lives looking over their shoulders. Funny how they used Alex Israel as the name of a friend of Adam Lanza. (They changed her makeup and hair part for the role of Katie Foley, sister of beheading victim).

Excerpt: A number of Palm Seashore County, Fla., law enforcement officials are guarding the house of the previous faculty useful resource deputy who stayed outdoors Marjory Stoneman Douglas Excessive Faculty as final week’s bloodbath unfolded, Fox’s WSVN-TV reported.

Deputy Scot Peterson, of the Broward County Sheriff’s Workplace, was armed and stationed on the college’s campus when a suspect recognized by authorities as Nikolas Cruz opened hearth with an AR-15 rifle, leaving 17 individuals lifeless and others wounded.

Peterson resigned Thursday after video surveillance confirmed he by no means entered the college, regardless that he “clearly” knew there was a taking pictures going down, officers mentioned. The revelation prompted widespread outrage.

When a WSVN-TV reporter tried to method Peterson’s Boynton Seashore house for an interview Thursday, he mentioned he encountered a contingent of six law enforcement officials standing guard.

More on site.


Sheriff Israel has a long history of corruption. Note the elitist attitude – wolves and sheep. He obviously believes his association with Wasserman Schultz and the Clintons have made him bulletproof. He is now a liability.

Excerpt: Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, currently under fire for his department’s repeated failures to stop Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, is no stranger to controversy.

Israel was criticized in 2014 after a political action committee supporting his re-election campaign for sheriff accepted thousands of dollars in donations from a convicted felon.

The donor, Yoram Izhak, was indicted for allegedly being part of an organized crime ring known as the “Cuban Mafia” that “was allegedly involved in cocaine trafficking, arson, gambling and murder,” according to Local10.

The sheriff has also faced corruption accusations: department employees routinely attended campaign events while on the clock for their taxpayer-funded positions, a Local10 investigation found in 2016.

A Sun-Sentinal investigation the same year found that the sheriff had routinely handed out taxpayer-funded jobs to political supporters. The sheriff’s response at the time: “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

More on site.


Petition to remove Sheriff Israel. If he wants to keep his job or not get Arkancided, his only option is to come clean and say it was a drill. Funny, that!


Lakewinds #399594 there is another similarity to Sandy Hook with that photo. Note the cars all look really similar. They look like DHS or FBI government issue. There were piles of similar-looking cars in the parking lot at Sandy Hook.

comment image


#399606 deester

You’re right. It just stuns me that they would put that picture out there, since it is impossible to fit it into the timeline of the event.


Q-Anon Inspired Ways to Keep Channels Open From Redpilled Phrog

Seething Frog
Published on Feb 24, 2018
Patriots demand access and the Voice of Free Speech. Some Suggestions here. Try to get other channels to join us.


#399606 deester
#399607 lakewinds

Very similar to Sandy Hook. Why on earth does the drill involve sixteen-year-olds going out in a chain? Wouldn’t they just run for their lives in a real situation?

Anyway, it looks to me this photo still from a video was heavily vignetted in Photoshop, and it was actually shot in daylight and made to look like night, modified this way. Who knows why? I saw a video clip of this scene and they were definitely moving in evenly-lit sunlight.


Whoa. This guy was looking into the Trayvon Martin case and came across some stunning revelations that apply to the alleged school shooting. Shows how the criminals quickly learned to use high school students for crimes, as they usually got off. Also shows how this guy who was on the outside not doing his job was probably helping to set kids up with criminals. This is awesome research. (I removed his numbering system on paragraphs.)

Excerpt: What I stumbled upon was a Broward County law enforcement system in a state of conflict. The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent, entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.

The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.

So police officials, the very highest officials of law enforcement (Sheriff and Police Chiefs), entered into a plan. …

Again, over time, the most corrupt police officers within the system became the police inside the schools. These officers were those who are best skilled at identifying the political objectives and instructions.

Those “School Cops” also have special privileges. It’s a great gig. They get free “on campus” housing close to the schools they are assigned to etc. They’re crooked as hell and the criminal kids how just how to play them. It’s a game. Also an open secret.

A lot of it came out during an earlier *internal affairs* investigation. Unfortunately the behavior never changed because the politics never changed. It’s still going on

More on site.


from this article-quote—–Again, babies are being given mind-altering drugs before their first birthday.—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – February 24, 2018

(Note: All info that is leaked already occurred unless stated otherwise.)

The Cabal underground outpost/facility near Torc Mountain has been destroyed.

Evidence found of other possible facilities is classified at this time.

Upon the destruction of the facility, many of the facility’s personnel have scattered across Kerry County.

Alliance Ghost Operator Teams have went incognito searching for these remaining Cabal escapees.

Local Alliance members in the country’s law enforcement and military were contacted and have agreed to help.—–unquote…..


Jim Stone.Repost of something he posted before Xmas 2017 with updates. Long post
Feb 24 2018
The following is well worth a re-post because apparently not many people know about this.

This was originally posted to this web site on Dec 21 2017. If you did not see this, it is well worth a read.
Trump issues a swamp killing executive order

This is what everyone waited for, Trump is officially draining the swamp.

Here’s the deal. Eric Schmidt of Google resigned from Google after Trump signed an executive order giving him full power to seize all assets, property, and money of anyone involved in child molestation and human trafficking. It also allowed him to go after Hillary for Uranium One while it prevents foreigners from helping, because if they do, their American assets will be seized.
This is exactly what we needed, but there is concern that the swamp within the white house will kill him very quickly now. (an update here – Mueller is now going bonkers trying to take out Trump one way or another and is in the process of trying to set a paperwork trap) None of the MSM outlets have been honest about this and I ended up hearing about it from a friend I got ahold of to get instructions for making turkey stuffing for Christmas. Anyway, it checks out. The executive order is legit. Here it is.
Ok, it is complex, so let me point out the key items.

The executive order is presented as a national emergency up front, right in the beginning.

At first it reads like he’s going after foreigners which are named directly in an annex at the end. That’s not what this is. The first part of the order only cements the second part of the order, to prevent American criminals from running away to foreign countries and being supported by foreigners. To sum this up:

No swamp critter can accept help from another swamp critter in getting away, Hillary’s selling of American uranium is covered without mentioning Hillary or uranium, Child traffickers and other human rights abuses are covered, the stealing of and misuse of government funds is covered, all items are covered for foreigners and U.S. citizens, any foreigners who have assets in the U.S. that have done anything against the U.S. for the purpose of supporting the American swamp will have those assets seized, anyone in violation of anything in this executive order will have their assets seized, and to put it bluntly THEY ARE TOAST.

This will eat:

Anyone who helped or worked for Hillary (foreign and domestic) Anyone who helped and worked for George Soros, (foreign and domestic) Anyone involved in any pedophilia, human trafficking or anything else of the sort, it is a full on bust and it is tied in from every corner so nothing can leak out no matter where it is in the world.

More importantly, it says that anyone this targets will not be told a thing except for the foreigners specifically named in the annex at the end, all the rest are simply going to be pounced on, straight out of the blue.
This executive order is what Americans asked Trump to do on day one, he’s doing it, and because of this, many are predicting he will not survive for even two weeks after issuing this.
Here’s the part that busts the American swamp:
(iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:

(1) any activity described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section that is conducted by a foreign person;

(2) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(3) any entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section, where the activity is conducted by a foreign person;

(B) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(C) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (iii)(A) or (B) of this section

(b) The prohibitions in subsection (a) of this section apply except to the extent provided by statutes, or in regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that may be issued pursuant to this order, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted before the effective date of this order.

Sec. 2. The unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens determined to meet one or more of the criteria in section 1 of this order would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and the entry of such persons into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, is hereby suspended. Such persons shall be treated as persons covered by section 1 of Proclamation 8693 of July 24, 2011 (Suspension of Entry of Aliens Subject to United Nations Security Council Travel Bans and International Emergency Economic Powers Act Sanctions).

Sec. 3. I hereby determine that the making of donations of the types of articles specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would seriously impair my ability to deal with the national emergency declared in this order, and I hereby prohibit such donations as provided by section 1 of this order.

Sec. 4. The prohibitions in section 1 include:

(a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and

(b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

Sec. 5. (a) Any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

(b) Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

Sec. 6. For the purposes of this order:

(a) the term “person” means an individual or entity;

(b) the term “entity” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization; and

(c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.

Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order.

This executive order is not for easy reading leftists, it is difficult to put together but when you do put it together, it is THE NUKE.


Sheriff Israel’s wheels (and other Broward Cowards). Glad to see he rides around in a Lamborghini on tax dollars. Good on whoever Photoshopped the new department slogan in this image.

comment image


#399581 I like pitchforks – they are very useful for weeding.


Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

• Chinese authorities will no longer have to use the U.S. courts to seek information on iCloud users.

• They can instead use their own legal system to ask Apple to hand over iCloud data for Chinese users.

• Human rights activists say they fear the authorities could use that power to track down dissidents.

Human rights activists say they are also concerned about such a close relationship with a state-controlled entity like Guizhou-Cloud Big Data.

Warned customers

Apple has given its Chinese users notifications about the Feb. 28 switchover data to the Chinese data center in the form of emailed warnings and so-called push alerts, reminding users that they can chose to opt out of iCloud and store information solely on their device. The change only affects users who set China as their country on Apple devices and doesn’t affect users who select Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.
Read more:


Lots of info I did not know – good presentation!

#Q #CONNECTTHEDOTS: Coward County FL FF, S_RCO, The Internet of Syns
You Are Free TV 24 Feb 2018
BC FL continues to be an endless reveal of DS intel and it is populated with the entire spectrum of DS players, B-OPs operations and is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to exposing the (pedo) Web in FL and the BIO-SYN Spider that lays in wait at the center of it all.


Did somebody ask for Manna World Holding Trust ?

Interesting to know/learn that Judge Anna von Reitz
Anna von Reitzinger was the former disgraced Pope Ratzinger’s personal attorney.

So websites listed are pros and cons re Manna World Holding Trust.


That is certainly interesting re: Anna von Reitz! Ya just never know!

This is Bernie from Truth and Art, TV – with the latest Q

2-24-18 As Q anon goes so goes the storm and we wrap up this week with huge Q bombs pointing us to “sick organized events” when describing school shooting “events”.


Messages From The New Earth (EVENT) [Angela Gabrielle]

Published on Feb 24, 2018

Angela lost her son Christopher at the age of 26. After a few months she was contacted by her son before going to sleep. He told her about the new earth, Mandela effect, Nibiru, Trump and the coming event! Are great changes coming our way? Tune in and listen to this amazing story!!

Host: Dan Hohlfeld

Just listening to this now. Can’t wait for the coming energy wave.


Toyota sponsors the Special Olympics. It tweets, ” #StartYourImpossible is trending

Toyota Motor Corp.

Verified account

Feb 22
As the Worldwide Mobility Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota wants to help everyone move freely. So nothing stands in your way. #StartYourImpossible
Learn more at .”

Apparently, it really means “mobility for all”. Toyota, “Let’s Go Places”.

comment image

comment image


Judicial Watch goes after Comey (who is being rewarded for his complicity with a new book deal – watch his Amazon ratings skyrocket like Hillary’s book). $2 million payout for this Satanist liar?

Excerpt: Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Justice Department for FBI records about former Director James Comey’s book, which he signed to write in August 2017 and is set for publication in April 2018 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice, (No. 1:18-cv-00220)). The suit also seeks records of communications between Comey and the FBI prior to and regarding Comey’s controversial June 2017 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Judicial Watch filed suit on January 31 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Justice Department failed to respond to an August 14, 2017 FOIA request for:

All records of communications between the FBI and Comey prior to and regarding Comey’s testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on June 8, 2017.

All records of communications between the FBI and Comey relating to an upcoming book to be authored by Comey and published.

All records, including but not limited to forms completed by Comey, relating to the requirement for prepublication review by the FBI of any book to be authored by Comey with the intent to be published or otherwise publicly available.

Comey reportedly received an advance in excess of $2 million for his book, Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, reportedly set for publication on April 17th. Former FBI agents and officials intending to write books concerning their tenure are customarily required to submit the entire transcript for pre-publication review.

More on site.


From Gab, Andrew Torba:

‪Just this week: ‬
‪Cerno, Posobiec, and Loomer banned from Medium.‬
‪Baked Alaska banned from streaming for 90 days on Youtube. ‬
‪Thousands of conservatives falsely labeled as bots and locked out of Twitter.‬
‪Infowars Youtube “strike”‬
‪Facebook censoring florida activist memes/videos.


cobra-quote—–Saturday, February 24, 2018

Directed Energy Weapons

Directed energy weapons are NOT plasma weapons, they are NOT scalar weapons. They are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation:

They are used by the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population:

By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:—–unquote…..


Delusional Sheriff Israel says he has provided “amazing leadership”.

Excerpt: …”I’ve exercised my due diligence, I’ve led this county proudly as I always have,” he said. “We have restricted that deputy as we look in to it. You know, deputies make mistakes, police officers make mistakes, we all make mistakes, but it’s not the responsibility of the general or the president, if you have a deserter. You look into this. We’re looking into this aggressively, and we’ll take care of it and justice will be served.”

“Are you really not taking any responsibility for the multiple red flags that were brought to the attention of the Broward Sheriff’s Office about this shooter before the incident?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, I can only take responsibility for what I knew about. I exercised my due diligence. I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency—” Israel started.

“Amazing leadership? Tapper asked incredulously.

“Yes, Jake. There’s a lot of things we’ve done throughout this—this is—you don’t measure a person’s leadership by a deputy not going into these deputies received the training they needed—” Israel said.

More delusion on site.

In the meantime, the Democrats in California refuse to endorse the hideous crypt-keeper Diane Feinstein.

Excerpt: In a sharp rebuke of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the California Democratic Party has declined to endorse the state’s own senior senator in her bid for reelection.

Riven by conflict between progressive and more moderate forces at the state party’s annual convention here, delegates favored Feinstein’s progressive rival, state Senate leader Kevin de León, over Feinstein by a 54 percent to 37 percent margin, according to results announced Sunday.

Neither candidate reached the 60 percent threshold required to receive the party endorsement for 2018. But the snubbing of Feinstein led de León to claim a victory for his struggling campaign.

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Ooh – this one pays $1,000. This ad was pulled shortly after twitter feed started asking questions. Yep – Houston, we have a problem.

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Another vote, another free will decision, March 4th:

Youtube: Black Pigeon Speaks: Electoral New HOPE: Italy STRIKES BACK at the EU


Student Reveals Broward Sheriff Resource Officer Hid Behind Staircase, Pointed Gun At “Nothing” During Shooting (VIDEO)

Lawmaker asks Gov. Scott to remove Broward Sheriff Scott Israel after Parkland shooting