Bad Guys into Good Guys?

Dear Ben:

I heard in your talk with Robert David Steele that you think we should pay the bad guys off and change things to turn the bad guys (NWO mafia) into good guys.

I guess you don’t realize these bad guys are not Human–they have Human bodies and a Reptilian soul.  I’m sure of this although I can’t prove it, but my work is at

I have a God-given ability to read souls by the use of a pendulum, and almost everyone that has used my services agrees with my findings.

These Bad Guys are polarized evil and their souls come from the Draconian Reptilians, so they almost can’t change!  If we were to pay them off and take them out of power, so to speak, what’s to stop them from continuing funding their evil corporations and keep up chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, wars, and many other evil activities.

These Reptilian-soul people will not stop, and they intend to have just them in the ruling class and everyone else be a worker/slave.  We must take these evil people out of our society while we still can.  What say you?

A Long Time Subscriber

My view is that the true criminals will face justice, but the ones who went along because it was a choice of “either go along or die” should be allowed truth and reconciliation.

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There are classic experiments in psychology that involve a panel of motivated people who get to “educate/punish” peers via what are told to them to be “harmless” electrical shocks.

Then the roles get switched and the “victims” now get to “educate/punish” their previous tormentors.

The results of these experiments are well documented and quite funny/sad and say much of the way we can be manipulated to do what we are told is “good for them”.





My view is that the true criminals will face justice, but the ones who went along because it was a choice of “either go along or die” should be allowed truth and reconciliation.

I don’t make this distinction. There are no ‘true criminals’ in this regard I don’t believe. There are those that, for whatever reason, will remain a committed witness against god even when there is no, obvious to us, reason why they should remain so.

Here is yet another insight by Mr Peterson:

Youtube: Jordan Peterson – Appetite For Mayhem

Interesting point in this video is Mr Peterson argues the Nazi’s did not have such a ‘top down’ structure as is believed. In a lot of cases there was very little force brought to bear on people in order to convince them to commit these deeds so in my view any justice needs to be applied from top to bottom, not just those that the guilty have ‘projected onto’ as the leftist rails against the Jew.


THey all are going to behave ‘nice’ but then back stab at the next chance.


You better not trust bolsheviks……I heard somewhere that the only language they understand is cutting their head four square.

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Draconian Reptilians perhaps, but many Dragons from Alpha Draconis Serpentina are benevolent… Ask Cobra…

Justice in Truth, Compassion is the flag which the Righteous man shall hold…

– Fates


This what i think of icheckyoursoul.

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