Was Christianity invented?

Did the Flavian Caesars invent Christianity to control the people?

I know you’re an investigative reporter and come across all kinds of sources.  I’d love to have your opinion.

Yes, the P2 people in Italy told me they invented it to control the slaves.

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Robert Steele

Opened up a real can of worms here. It comes down to what do you mean by christianity? if it is the church, it is full of hypocrites and strange people indeed, especially the RC church in Rome. from what i can see, very evil people indeed but Christianity and the person who we refer to as Jesus Christ (which is not his name anyway) are not the same thing. This is evidenced by the many , many versions of so called Christianity – hundreds of them differing from each other and fighting each other. The real us is an… Read more »


You don’t have to come to Christ, we’re born with Christ in us.


Mankind will always look to profit from organized religion. Where in either the books included in the Bible or omitted (like the Book of Enoch from dead sea scrolls), profit potential will be all some will see.
The message is good but the motives of the messengers are always subject to scrutiny.
Christ is my role model- not the profiteering rah rahs that live in luxury and have alter boys for brides.

Hasegawa Soujiro

Dear Ben, Hasegawa Soujiro, and my FB page is Infowars China, I created years ago when i first discover Jones’s Infowars, found it inspirational, however til 5 years later one day I heard him blatantly lied about china and and he started the fear mongering red terror and yellow peril, I stop following infowars, but still kept on supporting the info that is the truth, but after your recent report that he is a controlled opposition, I finally got it. Thank You for that! Are there an email address I could forward some serious intel for you to examine? Its… Read more »


Ben, I have been following your posts for quite a while, and for the most part agree with your insight and understanding. Your info is straight forward with no B.S. But on this instance you missed the mark. It is true that in the 300s Constantine The Great started what became known as the Catholic church and has been deceiving the masses ever since. He convened a conference and they voted on what the Catholic Doctrine would be. They called themselves Christians to help disguise their intentions and misguide the majority of the people who could not read. This is… Read more »

Giancarlo Andrein

I would like to point out Dr. Mauro Biglino, an Italian researcher and translator from ancient Hebrew, whose translations were then published the bibles currently circulating in Italy. Dr. Mauro Biglino making the literal translation of the ancient Hebrew codes and not by applying theological interpretation, gives us the real vision of what is written in the ancient Hebrew codes. It emerges that indeed Christianity is an invention to control the masses, that in the Bible there isn’t the term god and gold is not even mentioned and many other things, but it is better that one reads them on… Read more »


I’m glad some spiritual traditions weren’t ‘invented’ like these.


I think the difference is between Christ and the religion. Rome invented the religion but one can not fault the teachings of Christ and His wisdom – love, forgiveness, using one’s talents and gifts, spiritual enlightenment etc. I believe in Jesus Christ but I do not follow nor believe in the Church, not of any denomination, they are all in bed with NWO. The whore in the Book of Revelation is the Church. There is lots the Church is hiding about Jesus Christ, keeping secret e.g. many believe He went to India and England. Yes it is a historical fact… Read more »


It is an historical fact that Christ Lived. His teachings are wonderful. I testify he lives. I have felt his cleansing power and love. I testify. Come unto Jesus. He is free to come to. I love him.


And it’s work just great for them

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