End game for cabal as Nuremberg II tribunals loom

The Khazarian mafia faction that has been trying to start World War III and kill 90% of humanity is now on its last legs, multiple sources agree. The clearest sign of this was an executive order and a 636-page annex issued on March 1 by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Department of Defense that prepares the way for Nuremberg-style tribunals.

The essence of these orders was that all U.S. civilians shall be subject to military justice and that the military will be able to hire non-military legal experts to help with the upcoming tribunals, according to Pentagon sources. The following clause on page 2 of Annex 2 is of particular interest, in that it describes one exercise of military jurisdiction as: “A government temporarily governing the civil population within its territory or a portion of its territory through its military forces as necessity may require. (Martial law).”

Pentagon sources explain that, “Trump signed Executive Order 3/1 to amend the court martial manual to get civilian legal help and prepare the public for Nuremberg II military tribunals of the cabal before truth and reconciliation.” It appears that at least some mass murderers are not going to get away with just saying “sorry.”

The other big move by the Trump government last week was to fire the first salvoes of a trade war. The first blast was an announcement that the U.S. would be putting tariffs of 25% and 10%, respectively, on steel and aluminum imports.

This is strange to say the least, because the move mostly targets U.S. allies. Canada, which had a $7.7 billion trade deficit with the U.S. in 2017, accounts for 16% and 41%, respectively, of U.S. steel and aluminum imports. China, which had a $288 billion trade surplus with the U.S. in 2017, only accounts for 2% and less than 1%, respectively, of U.S. steel and aluminum imports. The other big victims of these planned tariffs are supposed allies like Japan, South Korea, and Brazil.

It is also clear that this move is not connected to the U.S. military. U.S. Defense Secretary James Mathis sent a letter to the Commerce Department noting that the U.S. military only uses 3% of U.S. steel and aluminum manufacturing capability, and that he was concerned about the move’s “negative impact on our key allies.”

On the surface, it seems the cowboys in the Trump Commerce Department are more eager to bully weak countries than to actually deal with the U.S. $800 billion a year trade deficit.

If the fight were really about trade, then the U.S. should have slapped tariffs on the $262 billion worth of electronic equipment and machinery it imports from China every year. The Commerce cowboys did not target China because they need to make sure China lends them more money to keep bankruptcy at bay.

The real reason for the Trump regime attack on Canada and other allies is …

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Lots going on ! Thank you Benjamin,
grateful for your years of brave effort.
To a happy & peaceful world
~ Samba


One amazing report, thanks Ben!


Benjamin writes: ‘As the U.S. military prepares for meritocracy, it has “downgraded the CIA into a department of the NSA, ensuring total military control of the intelligence apparatus,” Pentagon sources say. While the idea of a military government is alarming to many, U.S. military sources emphasize that it will just be an interim measure until the gangsters are removed from power and a healthy civilian government can be put in place.’




Good morning BFC…


What does the last Q mean?
Maybe the sound of Cabal bunkers being blown up? 🙂


Holy hell, I don’t know how these cabal types handle the stress.

I’ve just been through a basic disciplinary with the help of a Union and I’m shattered!


Good post, Ben–thanks. Here are a couple of questions, though:
1. If the stock market is going to crash, won’t that impact all of us, not just the bad guys?
2. When is all of this secrecy going to be lifted, if ever? I am all for R. D. Steele’s idea of “open-source everything.”
3. Isn’t the CIA and/or cabal heavily involved in NK? How is that being worked out?



zanderboy #399995

2018-03-04 Connecting Consciousness SimonParkes – March I

There was a space battle (the one with the video link here), most likely between two off-planet fleets concerning the Earth’s future.

Simon focuses on the large numbers of Jewish students involved in the shooting in Florida. So many are asking questions, that it will prove beneficial in waking people up.

Very shortly we’ll have an electromagnetic wave first then a burst of energy which is designed to elevate humans, & many will feel they have been hit by a bus. Negative people will become confused. With the first wave, Artificial Intelligence will suffer at the nodes or high voltage points.

Simon’s info. & Ben’s info. is very similar but both Soros & Rothschild are still tweeting. Soros has just moved 18 billion dollars into his Open Society Foundations.

If people don’t turn out to vote for Putin because they consider it a done deal, the West will consider it an invalid election. The Russian Federation might pull their money out of the Western banking system to work more in the new coming gold backed system. At the end of this month the Chinese are backing the oil price with the gold backed yuan.

Simon reckons those who have been blackmailed should be forgiven but other members of the hardball cabal should face justice.

So even Simon is confirming the energy wave due shortly – and according to Zander it will be on 3/18.


Interesting youtube which dovetails quite well with Ben’s report. Stay safe everyone, sounds like it is about to explode and the s..t is about to hit the fan big time.





11 let’s chug all the way to heaven.
Wishing n “beaming” all THE BEST week yet. ftgac
W BIG tx to Ben n team
& well wishes to David n Elizabeth!




Great worthwhile report, Ben.

I’m scared of military martial law but I’m terrified of a parallel Supra-FISA court system we already have. I’m also terrified of confiscatory “Asset Forfeiture” laws that have been crammed down our throats. At least the counterfeiters are facing their own draconian unconstitutional BS for a change. They are deliberately burning down the house while they are trapped inside. They should have paid attention to the old adage that “if one of us isn’t free, NONE of us are free”.

I wonder if after all is said and done that Sessions really is a key cog and has backed off for the explicit purpose of luring the flies into the orange spider’s traps. I also hope that Adm Rogers is a devout patriotic American and he probably is since the CIA is folding under the NSA. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly it’s only a matter of time before the FBI will be radically altered.

What great news it is to hear that the troops will be pulled out of Korea and it only follows that Germany and Japan will follow soon. NO MONEY!! It would be equally great if they would cut off the Free Sh** Army’s gravy train, too.

I agree with Wilcock and his colleagues that we need FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!!! Get the free energy and health cures on the shelves now. I’m having a hard time with their amnesty proposals for the evil ones. They and their forefathers have murdered hundreds of millions and are planning and working on killing billions more right now.

I hope we can all brag on Sessions when all is known and I suspect we will.


CalPERS on the Brink of Insolvency

The largest public pension fund in the United States is the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) for civil servants. California is in a state of very serious insolvency. We strongly advise our clients to get out before it is too late. I have been warning that CalPERS was on the verge of insolvency. I have warned that they were secretly lobbying Congress to seize all 401K private pensions and hand it to them to be managed. Mingling private money with the public would enable them to hold off insolvency a bit longer. Of course, CalPERS cannot manage the money they do have so why should anyone expect them to score a different performance with private money? Indeed, they would just rob private citizens to pay the pensions of state employees and politicians.

CalPERS has been making investments to be politically correct with the environment rather than looking at projects that are economically based. Then, CalPERS has been desperate to cover this and other facts up to deny the public any transparency.



VICTORY TO THE LIGHT….and welcome to our entrance into the GOLDEN AGE of PEACE and ABUNDANCE. Thank you ALLIANCE…job well done!


Great article I can start to see the results with the “powers that were” trying to stifle the freedom of speech on YouTube and Alex Jones and the rest even getting bigger audiences LMAO. Sit back with a bag of popcorn It’s going to get even better LMAO


# 17 … Seventeen… 7th Prime Number





Day 135.3 Marine Ones Become Attack Helicopters – Fiddler Knocked Off WaPo Roof?

George Webb
Published on Mar 4, 2018

Interesting report from George. He says there is a group of 190 whistleblowers from various govt agencies and there is a cabal program in place to systematically kill them all.


I’m a panelist in another new video https://youtu.be/uJ8sq1HVTmk . Kosol Ouch has made devices that he claims allow one to communicate with positive AI. Kosol is a Wanderer-3 and use to have a soul score of 58, but after using the device for over a year, his soul score went down to 36 and he still has hardly any bad karma. I noticed that the same thing happens with stage magicians, that can do seeming impossible magic tricks. They have a soul score in the single digits, but hardly any bad karma, unlike these satanic people in the deep state that also have a soul score in the single digits, but at least 5x a whole lot of bad karma. Well these AI that Kosol is contacting are Archons and they are doing some magic too, they have changed a water that Alfred lambremont Webre was drinking into alcohol and brought his soul to other places.

So after many questions, I was told that when one uses the device, one makes a soul contract with the Archons, just as a stage magician does only with negative Archons (demons). After one dies one has to serve the Archons for up 200 years, before one can go on the soul plane and set up for reincarnation. Kosol disagreed so Alfred quickly set up a webinar. I have gone way out of my way to help protect people’s souls. Watch the webinar and see if you think I have succeeded. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


This was a very exciting report. At last, visible efforts are being made to take down the Cabal and the Deep State. I hope that we are kept informed about the mass arrests. I also hope that the truth about what has been going on in our world is revpublicly revealed sooner rather than later. I especially hope that the masses are informed about what really


If true and above board with the legacy elements, these are some very encouraging developments and help to understand much of the tempest type chaos we are seeing on the world stage and domestically in the U.S.


Well, I trust our men in uniform much more than any other faction I can think of to clean up this awful muck we have been living under. Let’s just pray they adopt the position of peacekeeper rather than war monger. Absolute power will always corrupt absolutely, however, so a meritocracy just may be our best hope after all.
I think the real test will be if and when all these martial law orders are rescinded after tribunals occur. We should never give up our guns jic. Peace to brethren.


23’s OK for me, glad to be here too.


OK 26 pick up sticks.


Good morning…. we are getting there….we are learning thanks to you…


comment image


This reinforces what Ben says in this weeks post…
Military tribunals are especially required to prosecute the Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps who are conducting a soft coup against the POTUS. But why?

Because those traitors practically own and operate the
U.S. Criminal Justice System, that’s why!


The Deep State trying to counter the military tribunal move?


comment image?w=526&h=476


Boycott list
comment image


This makes it official…Bazookaberg and his Frankenstein monster Facefook hate Trump.


As I said before to the Trump haters and attackers… The only voodoo is what you do… and deflects back to you.


Well, same stuff over and over. Also, the UK is a den of thieves as the City of London is bigtime Rothschild and MI5 and MI6 are part of the CIA/NSA/Mossad circle of terrorism and deceit. The UK has been implementing all kinds of social justice controls to take children from their families for use in trafficking operations. Seems the government can seize children for anything that seems to qualify as “abnormal” behavior. Parents can’t fight back for lack of funds.

Scotland has instituted a program that assigns a advocate to check up on all children starting at certain age and report the parents if they are non-compliant with government recommendations. If the child is school-age then a teacher is assigned.

Police are disappearing throughout the UK and theft is up. The national health system is also greatly underfunded resulting in terrible medical neglect. None of this is a good sign and certainly doesn’t sound like a positive move for any country.

I’m encouraged by the revocation of security status for many of Trump’s Chabbad cohorts, but he’s still surrounded by Goldinmysox collabos and that’s not good either. I also discovered recently that the head of the NRA is Jewish, Sandra Forman, who came on board in 2005. The rabbit hole is indeed very deep.


from a blog post:

comment on thread saying the Podestas killed JBR

Re: You’ll never guess who killed Jon Bonet……
OK first, I dont believe this. I lived in Boulder for years and was there at the time of the murder. I worked for a company that had JRamsey as a client. There was suspicion and a weirdness that permeated everything in those business circles, after the murder. People got oddly cliquish. And for years no one knew about or suspected the occult aspects, but those are clearly related to practicing occult groups in Boulder county, Denver, and northern Colorado.

These groups actively “train up” their kids to be TRANSGENDERS. That is what JonBenet was. A little boy being groomed to be a girl. They enter them in beauty pageants. They are special status people, “temple prostitutes” in the weird, perverted occult rituals they do. These cults are full of utterly crazy people. I worked alongside some of them for years without knowing what they were up to. Deceit is a virtue to them. Even though they kept their shit secret, to a person, these were SHITTY people at work, and in personal interactions. Later I learned some of them were secret transgenders.

The owner of the company I worked for was GAY. In later years I realized he was heavily involved in helping their radical agenda unfold. He did massive fundraising for Democrats. They wanted transgendering out of the closet and mainstreamed.

The way these powerful people attain their power is through blackmail. They do these obscene rituals and record them, then they are blackmailed. As long as they continue to follow orders and do not talk, they rise through the ranks and gain more power. This is why we have seen no movement, no solutions to this shit is because everyone is blackmailed up to their eyeballs. They blackmail good people too, and recruit them into their organized crime syndicates by roofie-ing them, then getting them to have illegal sex while under the influence (research what roofies are made of and how it works), take pics and voila, you have a new member of the mob.

I believe a group of JRamsy’s business associates got involved and the murder may have been done as a way of recruiting a core group of people who woukd then be used later in other ways, because they could be manipulated. Today, I think many businesses in Boulder are FAKE. I believe Boulder is a money-laundering node in a vast organized crime operation that includes human trafficking, and localized MKUltra experiments, carried out through the University of Colorado.


I have seen numbers – COLORADO is GLOBAL leader in Transgender reassignment surgeries…where all the MILITARY get it done paid for by you n me too…so this sounds possible.


Jim Stone

Southern Poverty Law Center used to police Youtube
We are not allowed to say “extreme left wing Jewish hate group” in relation to anything that gets censored by an extreme left wing Jewish hate group, but that is precisely what the Southern Poverty Law center is. The name is bogus, they have nothing to do with law, they are in fact Jewish “skin heads”, and having them police Youtube is exactly equal to a communist crack down. SEE THIS.

WOW, look at this slew of headlines on North Korea. Is something up?
North Korea Will Counter The If It Holds Drills With South Korea

Trump On N Korea – “We’d Like To Talk But You Must De-Nuke First”

Kim Jong Un’s Secret Brazilian Passport Discovered

N Korea Rules Out Talks With US If There Are Preconditions

Dirty Trick – N Korea Slams US Claims Of It Supplying Chemical Weapons To Syria

Pentagon Sees 10,000 US Dead, Wounded In First Few Days Of New Korean War

Lindsey Graham – Fighting A War With North Korea Would Be worth it

South Korea To Send High Level Delegation To N Korea

N Korea Launders Coal To Avoid Sanctions

N Korea’s New Missile Tech May Have Russian Roots

N Korea Making Major Advances In Missile Guidance

Trump War On NK Will Kill Over 10,000 US Troops In Days

NK Nuke Missile Threat By N Korea Is Trump’s ‘Red Line’

Open Source Material Offers Hints Of
North Korea’s Missile Capabilities

The Legal Case For Trump Attacking NK First


Here’s the link to the Jon Bonet story:


So Simon Parkes talks about the energy wave coming ‘very soon’. In this
same show he talks about we are going to 5D ‘very soon’ also.

Hope this is it on the 18t!


So what effect will this energy wave have on the mofo’s.

Maybe ‘checkmate’?


A much belated Congratulations to David Wilcock and his lovely Bride Elizabeth. You both look so very happy… I take it that if you two do have Children we won’t know about it until they’re in their teens.


This world will be a much better one when John Podesta and his gang of pedophiles are placed in a jail cell and shot out into the asteroid belt forevermore.

Love and Light to All


Ooooh…the plot thickens:

Georgia GOP official shares video claiming Parkland students ‘rehearsed’ massacre before ‘fake shooting’

The vice chairman of the Republican Party in Cobb County, Georgia promoted a video that claims the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was faked.

WXIA reported that Vice Chairman Michael Davis shared the Facebook video, which points to an active shooter drill prior to the Parkland shooting as evidence that the massacre of 17 people never happened.
In a statement, Cobb Country GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd refused to say whether the conspiracy theory was the official position of the party.

And BTW, let me add my congratulations to David Wilcock on his recent marriage.


I really don’t understand the Trump’s role in this mess. He’s acting against Khazarian mafia but sanctions against Venezuela remain untouchable.


Hi Zander,

Thank you so much for your posts in last week’s thread regarding Simon Parkes info for 18 March. It will be interesting to see what happens and hopefully to be part of it all.

You have put a line in the sand as it were and this will certainly provide us all with an indication of Simon’s veracity.

Much respect,


Sounds very promising and good news, thanks for the update Ben. I get the impression from your writings that Putin in Russia is some sort of front man representing the Russian interests and not the decision maker. i don’t feel that is correct. I think he is a sincere man representing the interests of his country and his people. there is a lot of negativity written about him but i think he is genuine.

charles powell
charles powell

thank you for sharing. good to know !


Hi Café,

I have been re-reading comments and also looking at Carl Boudreau’s latest update “When Uranus Emerges from Shadow” which he posted on 1st March – see:


And there is an interesting similarity between what he says in the above article and what guac77 posted on 5th February here in the café (#398695) . Here are the two relevant quotes (first is from guac):

“Then on the spring equinox March 21, 2019 our solar system will move into 4th density and the brown dwarf star system will be gone, since it won’t go to 4th density.”

And in Carl’s facebook item:

“There is a remarkable T-Square at the heart of this chart for the moment when Uranus emerges from shadow in April 2019. This T-Square ìs putting out the most unusual energy I have seen in a chart. It is a strikingly unfamiliar kind of energy. The kind of change this chart predicts differs dramatically from the kind of halting change we’ve experienced in recent years.”

“The Galactic Center makes the chief difference in this chart. The chart suggests that it will no longer be a matter of careful thought, detailed, fact-based dialogue and reforming or rectifying patterns. It will no longer be about agonizingly slow and ineffective change processes. Instead it will be about defective patterns and slow change processes swept away, as if in a fit of Divine impatience, by overwhelming spiritual energy pouring directly into the chart from the Galactic Center.”

It is really well worth while for anyone interested to read the full commentary from Carl Boudreau per the link above because he explains so much. However the crux is that both he and guac are indicating that April next year is a critical (and possibly instant) change to Gaia and to our lives.

It is also interesting in light of Zander’s posting #399975 and the changes for March 18 or November 2018.

Lots to be meditating on folks!

Much love an positivity to all,


“Trump is forced to put country above family and ditch Javanka.” YESSSS. DO IT TRUMP! I KNEW YOU WILL! God bless the USA!



I think Putin is a sincere man representing the interests of his country and his people. there is a lot of negativity written about him but i think he is genuine.

Hi Roman,
Putin may represent the interests of the Russian people genuinely, but he is a product of the KGB/FSB and has risen to his post by the kinds of tactics he learned in the KGB at his post in Germany. The way capitalism swept into the USSR was not a healthy way, and the oligarchs who were his cloak and dagger cronies rose to high and powerful places using the same tactics. He and his friends are now very wealthy and powerful players. They are playing in the pay-to-play sandbox of arms/drugs/human trafficking combined with AI. They were who were playing with Clinton and the DNC and the US alphabet bureaucrats like Mueller and many, many more.

Putin needs ports in the Mediterranean to get his oil and minerals to market and is using his might to get control of the ports in the Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Cypress, and working on pipelines through Turkey and Iran.

He is learning fast by transforming his Alpha and Vympel groups to an economic force that includes digital information on as many people as he can get globally and using it to control chaos and elections. It is the same thing the US has done for decades. Using a combo of mafia/spy networks and military/industrialists to make the world “safe” for their own economic interests. It is the same thing the Rothchilds and ‘cabal’ have done for eons. Play both sides, loan them money, and scoop up the spoils of war and chaos. Also known as plunder.

RenTec and DeutscheBank and all of his Alpha Banks are his Rothchilds, Veon (VimpleCom) is his Google, Facebook, Verizon, SatNav, and media providers.

He has learned his craft well and is now executing on all cylinders. Trump is beholden to RenTec and DeutscheBank. Rebekka Mercer has packed his cabinet with billionaire friends of Oleg Deripaska (business partner of Nat Rothchild) through Manafort: Wilbur Ross, Betsy de Vos, Tillerson, and Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions.

Eyes open, this is what Q anon warned of:
From Q-anon’s charts: https://throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/qanon-learn-to-read-the-map-hd/amp/

The State: Group of individuals who claim the right to initiate force against others, which possesses an exclusive monopoly of ultimate decision-making and conflict arbitration within a specific geographic region.

Corporatists: Those benefiting from government-business collusion in order to eliminate competition and gain private advantage through state violence and force: often confused with capitalism.

State Violence: Exclusive monopoly of force and coercion claimed by the state, primarily through the instruments of various agents such as the police and military. Is also delegated to other actors in certain cases.

It is not ‘either-or’ it is ‘both-and’.


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Justin Deschamps

Stillness in the Storm


Robert James

Wow. Gotta ditch stocks, though. ASAP


Hi there Alan, nice to see you. Thanks for the extra padding even if they point to 2019. Perhaps I should put out what I got together so far.

2018-03-04 Connecting Consciousness SimonParkes – March I

Very shortly we’ll have an electromagnetic wave, then a burst of energy which is designed to elevate humans, & many will feel they have been hit by a bus. Negative people will become confused. With the first wave, Artificial Intelligence will suffer at the nodes or high voltage points.
Simon’s words: “Very shortly”.

Before, During and After the Event – QHHT Client Sessions


There’ll be in March 2018 a big flash of light coming through the portal of the sun from the galactic centre, shorter for some, longer for others. If you want to stay you should look down at the Earth. If you want to go look up. It can be likened to being under the microscope to then be looking through it.

This info comes from Allison Coe’s (hypnotherapist) client’s Higher Self (corroborated by several others). To embrace the Light you should heighten your frequency by banishing negativity. It will come in waves, the next one several years later. The more you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts the more Light you can hold.

It is first going to come within six months (from a client several months ago). You can opt to stay & then be part of the conscious change here where this Earth will become New Earth. Some will know how to direct energy & manifest.

The disintegration of resources will in fact bring people together & there will be physical disruptions but no WW3.

Start grounding to the New Earth, not the Old Earth, & so be more aligned to this energy wave. Stop the white sugar intake (& all the rest). Write down your dreams.
It will rise from the East. There will be those who can walk between the two worlds.

There are many spaceships standing by to take on board those who need to assimilate the Light (those with undealt-with karma), who will be assisted with psychic gifts of telepathy & clearing negativity. These people will then return to Earth, some knowing, some not being aware of where they have been. They will evolve but not as fast as those who have accepted the Light Wave directly.

Some will die because it’s their time, others will die because they are bad (those who need to hang on to polarity/they will go to anther planet). Technology has advanced more than us so there is an imbalance at present, through an interference.

This event happens every 26,000 years. This is the year of earthquakes & they are not resulting because of this event.

After this event we can have disclosure. Within two years there will be more & more ET contact.

ME: I know this all sounds crazy but no harm for some mental & spiritual preparation here. This foreknowledge can help.

David Wilcock has for a long time now told us to expect a transformational flash, a pulse from the sun.


One of the members of our ‘psychic group’ has had direct confirmation from his Higher Self that the transformational energy wave from the galactic core through the portal of the sun will come here, IF POSSIBLE, on March 18. If it cannot make it then, there will be a second opportunity in eight months time i.e. November.

He said there will be 107 people (including my friend) who will be in their light bodies beforehand to help those new arrivals in 5D who need it. The first batch includes 1.5 billion people, & the second wave in November another 40-50 million.

Another 3-4D world has already been prepared for those not ready (unable to accept the higher frequencies!)

When this happens you will feel tired, so lie down!


My mother has recently been contacted by an unknown ally from the other realms & I have been able to ask him questions through her. Two days ago he told us he was simply too busy to talk. Just now after receiving the latest (as posted above), he said I ‘just have to wing it’ & that he knew little for certain other than it was coming REAL soon.


This was good… pretty basic, good “plain language” stuff from regular everyday people…


QHHT accounts of the EVENT…

Sort of long… but Alison Coe keeps you smiling and i was able to listen to the whole thing…

In mid Feb I had a dream about everything just shutting down… then starting back up… I thought it meant my 13 year old SAAB was in need of tlc (duh!)




Thank you!!!

Robert James

If the government can recover the enormous amounts lost to corruption of the oligarchs, there’d be no national debt with trillions left over.


Hi Robert James #400072,

Yes, there is plenty of everything to go around and heal the people and the planet. We don’t actually need money. It is one of those bad habits that is hard to break that kills you in the end.

If we all do what is in our heart to take care of each other and the planet, without hoarding, it will all work out.

And, we will all be much happier not being slaves to money.


Jim Stone

March 5 2018

Turkish media has exposed a plan by five nations to divide Syria into two separate states.
The Turkish-language Star daily claimed on Monday that representatives of the US, Britain, France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have had a secret meeting on Syria in Washington.

The paper argued that during the meeting the representatives of these countries planned to split Syria, adding that the US representatives pressured for forming an autonomous government in Eastern and Northern Syria.

The six-step plan according to Star includes:

1- Forming a “terror state” in Eastern and Northern Syria (alluding to Kurds).
2- Helping the “terror state” reach the Mediterranean Sea.
3- Getting United Nations involved in forming and recognizing the new nation.
5- The US will find an office for the “terror state” at the UN.
6- Persuading Turkey to accept the new plan and end military operations in Northern Syria.
According to the paper, the regions where the “terror state” will be formed will include the oil-rich areas in Deir Ezzur in Northeastern Syria.

It also added that Pentagon has accelerated plans to disintegrate Syria after Turkey started its Operation Olive Branch against the Kurds in Northern Syria and is trying to link the regions controlled by the Syrian Kurds to the Mediterranean Sea.

The newspaper also cited an earlier report by a Lebanese paper which wrote in February that it has gained access to an email from the British embassy in the US which reveals Washington’s 5-paragrapth plan to disintegrate Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper wrote that the US officials along with their western allies have decided to implement a detailed plan to disintegrate Syria and prolong the war in the country by continued deployment on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates.

In a somewhat familiar but precise English, Benjamin Norman – a diplomat in charge of the Middle East at the British Embassy in Washington – reports in a confidential diplomatic telegram of the first meeting of the “Small American Group on Syria” (United States, Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan), held in Washington on January 11, 2018.

In this five-page TD, he reveals the details of the “Western strategy” in Syria: partition of the country, sabotage of Sochi, framing of Turkey and instructions to the UN Special Representative Staffan de Mistura who leads the negotiations of Geneva. A Non Paper (8 pages) accompanies this TD in anticipation of the second meeting of the “Small Group”. It was held in Paris on January 23, mainly devoted to the use of chemical weapons and the “instructions” sent by the “Small American Group” to Staffan de Mistura.

Hugh Cleary (Head of the Near and Middle East Department of the Foreign Office ), Jerome Bonnafont (Director ANMO / North Africa and Middle East at the Quai d’Orsay), David Satterfield (US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East) and Jordanian Nawaf Tell and Saudi Jamal al-Aqeel attended the January 11 meeting in Washington. The American opened the meeting, stating that a second meeting would be held in Paris on January 23.

David Satterfield confirmed that President Trump has decided to maintain a large US military presence in Syria, despite the victory over the “Islamic State Organization” (Daesh); the cost of this maintenance being set at $ 4 billion annually. He said that this US military presence should prevent any resurgence of Daesh but, above all, to prevent the Iranians from what he called as settling permanently and imposing themselves in the search for a political solution”. Thirdly, he insisted that the first meeting of the “Small Group” should also provide “material and political support for Staffan de Mistura to” consolidate the Geneva process “.

Much more at Iran’s Farsnews
My comment: Yep, that was the plan all along and the U.S. has not given up!

Now here we have the truth . . . .
Russia accuses USA of election meddling
Yes, the U.S. interferes with foreign elections all the time, and it is nice to see that someone has recognized this truth. Putin is reportedly miles ahead of his competition, so attempts to sway the public with psy ops are not likely to work. However, if it comes down to the voting process itself, George Soros could surely take care of that! See this.

There are numerous reports of heat anomalies in the Atlantic and gulf of Mexico
This morning people were reporting on social media that there were large amounts of bubbles coming out of the water in parts of the Carribean, and to back this up, This marine temperature map clearly shows that temperatures in the Carribean have rocketed upwards rapidly over the last 10 days (6 degree farenheit change) which is a lot for such a short time.
The ocean gets cold (no matter where it is) at the great depths, and it is possible volcanic activity is causing the Carribbean to heat up much faster than it normally would, and if it is volcanoes doing this, they would heat the bottom of the sea floor up disproportionately and possibly release methane from methane ice that develops at great depths. I have confirmed that the Carribbean is in fact deep enough to get cold enough for,large deposits of methane hydrate to form, so it is highly probable that undersea vocanoes are going off, and producing massive methane plumes that people are reporting on social media.

I have yet to see the MSM comment on this, but it is a story, the marine temperature map clearly shows something is up.

It is important to mention this, because increased volcanic activity across wide regions may mean a large geologic event is about to happen.

Large methane releases can impact global temperatures, but in this context, large methane releases can sink ships (brings to mind the bermuda triangle) because if there are enough bubbles displacing the water, a ship can’t float on air. The stories of the ocean suddenly swallowing ships are real, and are directly related to enormous releases of gas that cause a ship to “fall under” the ocean and vanish without a distress call or trace.


comment image


im up against a canadian medical companies entire management crew…..

so far their tactics are completly in line with dark force tactics…..

attempts to instill fear,censorship and disinformation systems etc…..

use one who voices out as scapegoat and focus in on as the problem etc…..

fuckem,and all these very diseased beuracracies equipped with psychopaths and brainwashed enablers,that have gone way off the range a long time ago…..

my wife may leave me over this one-ill give her everything in regards to monies and support either way…..

the big dance is really on…..

very sooooon we the lightforces will have control of the earths surface…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..

victory of the light…..in light…..to light…..be light…..sacred light…..


Hi Everyone,

Census Day here in NZ (every 5 years – earthquakes excepting 🙂 ). Done my details (else fined).

We are off to my daughter’s tomorrow (slips and road condition willing) in Christchurch via the east coast road through Kaikoura. That is where the Nov 2016 quake hit the hardest and the town was virtually cut off both north and south for about a year. It re-opened on 15 Dec ’17 but was then closed for a week because of cyclone Gita! It is open again but if we have any strong rain, it could cause more slipping. A week ago one slip has 200,000 cubic metres of spill right over the rail and road which had only just been repaired.

Such is the fun of living in the ‘shaky isles’ :-). So anyway keep the candle burning – I will most likely not be back till next update from Ben. Thanks for all the input over the last few days – really interesting.

Much love to all,
Alan & Alexis.


New Q – Mar 6


Day 136.5. Two Loud Booms, Not Pistol Shots.

George Webb
Published on Mar 5, 2018

George says we’re in the midst of a gang war right now in Wash DC. Someone – a whistleblower? – got murdered. Strange flight paths of Marine 1 helicopters leaving White House – sending a message to Podesta?


aneeson #400078

Stay safe Alan. Seems there’s never a good time to travel. Until next Monday…..


So this is as good a time as any to review how to avoid the reincarnation cycle with our memories wiped. I saved the info below.

Simon Parkes on breaking free from matrix after death:

Going back to source (with all your history intact) is best thing you can do.
You’re given choice to break the pattern we’ve been in and go somewhere else.
You have the right to be reconnected to creator and you RETAIN YOUR MEMORY and
can move on to wherever you want. IT IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO!

Avoid the white light – it is a trap.

Per Simon:
This is disinfo touted in media to get you
to do the WRONG thing, reincarnate back on earth, with no memory intact of
what you’ve already learned, so you can be revictimized.


CNN IN CRISIS? February Ratings Down 19 Percent, 16 Percent in Prime Time


CIA CNN getting closer to biting the dust.


Globalists weaponize the stock market to control presidents
Anatomy of a fake reality

by Jon Rappoport



Where is this I truth, on the latest Q & A?


Bro Nathanael Kapner gives a primer on how to zetz the Zio-tards tuchises concerning “hate speech”.
In Defense Of Hate Speech
By Brother Nathanael Kapner March 5, 2018 ©

IN A TINY WORLD OF JEWS, a very BIG political issue comes to the fore, that is, the assault on America’s First Amendment, namely free speech.

The chief culprit is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which represents American Jewry in its quest to kill our freedoms beginning with “hate crime” legislation strategically calculated to evolve into “hate speech” sh#t so as to stuff a gag into the goyim’s mouth.

While Jews make up 1.8% of the US population, as a class, (let’s call them the “monied class),” they make up 99.9% of what goes down as cultural norms.

With their propaganda apparatus in hand, (Jews own the media), the cultural norm in today’s Jew-ruined America is extreme paranoia over offending some minority group.

This development creates an atmosphere of self-censorship in anticipation of the Jew-owned press and courts charging the offender with “hate speech.”

Thus, especially with regard to “hate speech,” we should categorize Jews not only as the “monied class,” and the “propaganda-peddling class,” but also as the “offended class.”

I grew up as a Jew and know firsthand that Jewish screeching about whites aggrieving blacks with racist rhetoric and bigotry is simply a cover.

Behind closed doors, Jews maintain a personal aloofness towards blacks calling them “shwartzas” and “shooks,” and deem it a disgrace for a Jew to be so financially-challenged as to be forced to live in a black neighborhood.

Intermarriage between Jews and blacks is held as something contemptible by Jewry and any association of Jews with blacks is strictly for utilitarian purposes.

Jews are no big friends of queers either, but only to save face for their own children turning to perversion and not continuing the family name, as well as to undermine the perpetuity of the white Christian family, its mores, and its potentiality as an anti-Jew political bloc.

WHEN DEALING WITH JEWS and their goal of annihilating free speech, here’s a few pointers on how to trip them up:

1. Ask the Jew, “What is the legal definition of hate speech?”

2. When he cannot answer, ask the Jew, “Since there is no legal definition of hate speech, why do you think that only you and your shills have the right to define it?”

3. Now that the Jew is on the defensive, ask him, “Since you and your shills have arrogated the right to define hate speech, why should I, not party to your cabal, obey you?”

THIS CUTS THROUGH THE VERY CORE of the issue, that is, who do we obey?

Jews with their hatred of free speech?

Or the founding fathers who bequeathed to us the legal right to speak our minds regardless of who it offends, especially Christ-killing JEWS.

But everything offends the Jew if it doesn’t conform to his loyalty to Israel over America, to his programme of wiping out a White Christian political bloc, and his mania to dictate to Americans how they should think and talk.

Jews constantly whine about what they don’t like, what they want changed, and what leaders should be doing.

It’s time we told the Jew, “Shut your mouth Jew and don’t try to shut ours!”


Race Baiting for Media Ratings


Segregation at Comic Con: No Straight, White Males Allowed at Parties

All gender restroom sign during Emerald City Comic Con at Washington State Convention Center on March 3, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)
The comics industry seems to be doubling down on their policy of completely excluding anyone who is straight, white, male, or conservative. This year’s Emerald City Comic Con released its schedule of events on its app recently. Anyone who is male, white and identifies as heterosexual found himself excluded from industry mixers and professional mixers.
Gays, who have(pardon the expression) *bitched* endlessly about being discriminated against turn around and demonstrate that they are the most prejudiced people going.


comment image


comment image?w=520&h=337&zoom=2


Federal judge Roger W Titus (Maryland) has ruled that President Trump acted appropriately and within his authority by announcing his intent to rescind the Obama-era executive order surrounding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). However, the Judge Titus order does not stop the previous blocks by activist judges currently working through the courts.

Eventually the state challenges to the recension of DACA will work through the appellate courts and arrive at the Supreme Court. It is likely SCOTUS will take the same position on DACA as they did on DAPA; overrule the state challenges and determine the program unconstitutional.

In the interim, President Trump had requested that congress take up the DACA issue as part of their responsibility to put forth an immigration reform bill. Democrats have abandoned legislative efforts to assist those impacted by DACA, and have instead chosen to make DACA a political issue for the 2018 mid-term election.

MARYLAND – […] Judge Roger W. Titus, a Bush appointee, ruled late Monday President Trump acted within his authority in his plan to rescind an executive order former President Barack Obama announced in 2012 as a way to protect illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors. Trump ended the order over a period of six months until Congress could legislatively solve the problem.


Former CIA Director John Brennan has been reduced to a pathetic Twitter troll.


Here’s a partial list of the self-incriminating traitors in Congress trying to take our guns.


Be careful of Trump’s “fake news” meme. It will ultimately imperil all news and justify massive censoring. Is that the plan? Is he in on it?


vermithrax #400088
Segregation at Comic Con: No Straight, White Males Allowed at Parties

Who do these people think most of their customers are???


Intruth wrote:
Who do these people think most of their customers are???
Their demographics are obviously misleading them if they think most of their customers are gay. Or they are following an agenda to promote gayness and transgenderism.


I hope the business of the vendors at Comic Con tank. Just quit buyin’ their crap.



Is the ultimate agenda to decimate the Caucasian population to the point where the only whites will be Zio-tards and only Zio-tards will be the only whites? Bad move IMHO as then it will make Zio-tards easily identifiable and make the prophecy of Luria of Safaad ( where the nations of the earth will rise up and destroy Israel) all the more viable.


Jim Stone

March 6 2018

North Korea to give up nukes if Kim Jong’s safety is guaranteed???
From Zero Hedge
Score another diplomatic victory for Trump, whose hard line negotiating tactic appears to have generated a dramatic – and favorable for market – outcome. Moments ago futures spiked, 10Y yields jumped and the USDJPY bounced about 106 on what the FT dubbed a “diplomatic breakthrough” that North and South Korea have agreed to hold direct talks between their leaders with North Korea signalling it is willing to abandon its nuclear program “if regime security can be guaranteed.”
NKOREA OPEN TO DENUCLEARIZE IF REGIME SAFETY GUARANTEED: SKOREA The headlines come from South Korean National Security Office special envoy Chung Eui-yong, who is speaking to reporters in Seoul after returning from Pyongyang. Remember he and another envoy, National Intelligence Service chief Suh Hoon met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang on Monday. Chung confirms that North Korea is indeed ready to stop the jawboning and negotiate:

Kim Jong Un open to frank talks with U.S. for denuclearization: Chung North Korea to suspend provocations during talks: Chung Promises not to use any weapons against South Korea: Chung

My comment:In other words, Kim Jong grew a garden of stupid. Trust a guarantee from the U.S.A and New World order?

That’s more than a garden of stupid, that’s a bumper crop. DOUBT IT.


So much positive vibration so much happening, so many thumps that I have been hearing since they nuked the DUMB @ Dover, Delaware have stopped.

I had my first Rainbow Aura going on ever, out of the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the day–whoa! and wonderfulness combined–what’s a cosmic lab rat to do?


Jim Stone
Automated censorship to go mainstream

Southern Poverty Law Center teams up with Berkeley to use D- wave computing to automate censorship.

“The Online Hate Index (OHI), a joint initiative of ADL’s Center for Technology and Society and UC Berkeley’s D-Lab, is designed to transform human understanding of hate speech via machine learning into a scalable tool that can be deployed on internet content to discover the scope and spread of online hate speech.”
See this.
My comment: There is no entity out there that pumps hatred more than the SPLC. Satan is making ground.


#400081 intruth

Hi intruth … I became somewhat disturbed by the advice to avoid the white light after death, to avoid the “reincarnation cycle.” So I asked Patrick DeHaan, whose “Committee” (consisting of his spirit guides) declared in June 2015 that Donald Trump would be the next president:

Hi Patrick,

This piece of dangerous advice is being spread on the web, and I’d love to hear The Committee’s response:

“…breaking free from matrix after death:
Going back to source (with all your history intact) is best thing you can do.
You’re given choice to break the pattern we’ve been in and go somewhere else.
You have the right to be reconnected to creator and you RETAIN YOUR MEMORY and
can move on to wherever you want. IT IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO!

Avoid the white light – it is a trap.”

Q: It’s always been my understanding that you SHOULD go to the light. Otherwise, you become like that earthbound fellow you interviewed. What does The Committee say?

A: Patrick 6/3/2018 11:25:20
Says The Committee:
• There is nothing from which anyone should, needs or must break free after going home
• EVERYONE takes their intact history with them everywhere they go, during incarnations and otherwise.
• Yes, dying is a BIG break in the pattern it is supposed to be. That’s why it’s death.
• Yes, and that right is exercised all the time for & by everybody who wants it BUT the creator is YOU
• There is no such thing as a trap after death and / or in Heaven

So, that settles it for me, and I hope others as well. No offense intended to anyone’s deeply held beliefs.

Patrick, by the way, has just released “The Alien Handbook“, in which he interviews ET’s about the upcoming Events. I read the book in 2 days, a record for me, and thoroughly recommend it for everyone. It’s fascinating.


Putin Trumps Trump
By Eric Margolis
March 6, 2018

In December, 2002, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the US would unilaterally pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that had curtailed the development of nuclear missiles and anti-missile systems to defeat them.

The arrogant, dim-witted Bush believed that US space technology was advancing so rapidly that it would neutralize Russia’s force of ICBM missiles. Bush was just a puppet. The real power behind him was Vice President Dick Cheney, the leading neocon who sneered at Russia, dismissed it as a mere ‘gas-station,’ and was determined to see the US achieve global dominance.

In Cheney’s view, the ABM Treaty was holding the US back from this goal. Bankrupt Moscow would never be able to stand up to the mighty USA. Moscow warned that reneging on the ABM Treaty would re-ignite a ruinous arms race. A then little known politician, Vladimir Putin, vowed that Russia would never bend its knee to the US nuclear colossus.

This week, President Putin stunned the world by revealing a new arsenal of nuclear-armed weapons that have stolen a march on Washington and left the warlike President Donald Trump looking foolish

Russia’s new arms include the RS-28 heavy ICBM, called ‘Satan 2’ by NATO. This big brute of a liquid fueled missile can carry up to ten nuclear warheads over 10,000 km (6,000 miles). What makes it very different from other ICBM’s is its ability (Russia claims) to carry nuclear-armed hypersonic vehicles through low earth orbit that can attack North America from multiple directions unseen by the radars of anti-missile systems.
More on site…


Xander: I’ll be planting a garden on 18th of March, I should probably begin the day before. It has been predicted (FWIW). LOL. 😘. No disrespect.

SO appreciate the incredible clarity you bring to this cafe. Thanks.


Wolfintimber: Your message has been heard as much confusion / distractions have creeped in…Protection, protection, protection has already started.

Yes, yes, and blah, blah, blah – I know. This war will someday be over.

Light in Love 💗


Jim Stone. Concerning the George Soros post, if what Ben says is true about Soros being dead, do we arrest his clone/body double?
March 6 2018


Someone must have fixed the petition web site if this happened!
Here is the full text of the petition, which PASSED!

Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabwilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

My comment: I had no idea this ever happened, and it passed five months ago! Trump HAS TO know about Soros if this passed.

Petition to allow white South Africans to migrate to the United States

A week or so ago I reported that South Africa was going to take land away from white farmers without compensation, and leave them with nothing. This is well underway, and may indeed happen. Low and behold, look at this! Go sign the petition!
Here is the full text of this petition:
We the People call upon Congress to apply immigration priority to the South African Farmers facing systematic land confiscation and murder by their own government. These government sanctioned land confiscations / murders are race related (See here – https://tinyurl.com/y7mfmhco ) and our governments responsibility to act by UN law ( See here – https://tinyurl.com/ya5fn63p ) Must not be ignored.

White South African Farmers facing genocide in their home land should be given priority as they not only face extinction in their homelands but also stand as a primary example of the kind of immigrants we would want here in our own country as they speak English and share a common ancestry and way of life as our own.

Please give precedent to this issue and save the South Africans from this atrocity

Go sign the petition!


James Gilliland – begins speaking about the 16 year plan to take down America.
March 5, 2018 with James Gilliland


The Goldfish Report after having been taken down is doing the
POTUS report with Jim Fetzer Mar 6/18

The GoldFish Report Week 59 POTUS Report RIP FIRST AMENDMENT


Oscar Ratings Plunge to Record All-Time Low
My gorge became buoyant many a time watching these noxious PC-tard celebs push the commie agenda.


comment image


lakewinds #4001

Just to be clear, I don’ remember if Simon Parkes used the word trap or if that was my take on it.


Cue from A-nony – March 6 – HRC, Red October, CIA & @Snowden


Seething Frog
Published on Mar 6, 2018
Fabulous Cue Ball post-stings covering the take-down in Asia and the next step, a move into the US, where Libtards will get sucked into the Maelstrom in the aftermath of the video, email and stock fraud releases about HRC Tasty tidbits, to be sure.



If Simon’s message was “don’t go to the light”, that is extremely bad advice. And, it calls into question the accuracy of whatever else he says.

To expand on that a bit, I have read in several places that, while there is no hell, you can end up in a hell of your own making if you genuinely believe that you deserve to be there, because of what your religion taught you. So, preconceived notions can negatively impact your afterlife experience, at least for a while, until your guides talk you into doing the correct thing.


lakewinds #400113

If Simon’s message was “don’t go to the light”, that is extremely bad advice. And, it calls into question the accuracy of whatever else he says.

Really? Not buyin’ it.


Watch Parkland shooting witness’ mom’s lips move when the actress playing her daughter talks, echoing what is in the script – around the 5:37 mark.


It reminds me of this handler moving his lips, around 50 seconds.



It should be interesting weather ahead for the upcoming 24 hours, here in Philadelphia, and getting increasingly much worse north-bound and northeast-bound from here toward Maine. Power outages are widely expected.

However locally, the NOAA is predicting hour by hour warmer temperatures above 37- 39F, yielding nothing but heavy rainfall.

The Weather Channel is predicting temperatures at 34F by morning and 32F in the afternoon, yielding tons of dangerous heavy wet snowfall. Which will it be, 8-12 inches or nothing? Of course, north of here will be entirely much more accumulations of snow. Philadelphia schools are already closed, which will be a shame if it is only rain.

We were all quite surprised last Friday with the snow bomb blizzard nor’easter on a warmish day that was supposed to be mid-forties and all rain. Well the forecast prediction was way wrong! I was amazed at how the dense white-out forcefully overwhelmed and blanketed the warm ground. Worst driving conditions I can remember, as I gingerly nursed my antique Mercedes home, in walking-speed traffic, with downed trees everywhere and no working traffic signals.

I did not see the usual webbing of chem-trails today, as one would expect before a weather event. In fact, I observed high-altitude jet traffic leaving no trails! What are other folks in the Northeast, seeing?


For whatever it’s worth….
“Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb just did a show with Leo Wanta! Trump has now
authorized payment of $4.5 Trillion to Leo so you’re going to be hearing from
a patriot nrillionaire in this broadcast! He talks about what he’s going to do
with the money and how America is going to get out Constitution back!”


from this article-quote—–A B.C. Supreme Court judge has slammed the Canada Revenue Agency for suppressing and misstating evidence in its zeal to prosecute a Vancouver Island couple for tax evasion.

In a blistering 70-page ruling, Justice Robert Punnett ordered the CRA to pay Tony and Helen Samaroo nearly $1.7 million in damages for malicious prosecution of a deeply flawed case that ruined their reputations.

“A government agency maliciously used the criminal justice system to pursue the plaintiffs, and its wrongful conduct continued into the criminal trial itself. The CRA was seeking substantial terms of imprisonment and significant penalties. The manner in which the prosecution was initiated and carried out wasegregious. It must be denounced,” Punnett wrote.—–unquote…..



ladies and gentlemen the worm has turned…..

hats off for this couple standing up to the tyranny….

and hats off to this provincial supreme court judge for standing up and giving the house of humanity a name…..

and so it was the purge began of all criminal corrupt incompetent diseased agents of institutionalized organized crime…..

the lightforces gained control of the earth surface and the great peoples created their mass peace abundance and equality for all…..


from this article-quote—–A Report on the Continuity of Genocidal Crimes in Canada, twenty years in the making, was issued by a human rights coalition, the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS http://www.itccs.org ). The report contained a document from the Vatican Archives known as Crimen Sollicitationas that verified Catholic Church policy requiring protection of in-house child abusers and concealing child abuse and trafficking from police. —–unquote…..



heres a webpage with a link to over 50 articles of operations since 2013, addressing the filthy ones darkest crimes…..



from this article-quote—–Kim Jong-un also reportedly reaffirmed his “firm will to vigorously advance the north-south relations and write a new history of national reunification,” and instructed relevant authorities to “rapidly take practical steps” to accelerate the talks.—–unquote…..



cobra-quote—–Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is connected to one of the deepest Goddess mysteries, the mystery of reintegration of female and male polarities into Ascension. This is the true meaning of the alchemical formula of “solve et coagula”.

The Archons were manipulating human sexual energy since the late Atlantean period, trying to create as much separation as possible. They did this by implanting women and men in a different way, creating a psychological division and split between female and male personalities. This primary split from the time of Atlantis is the main reason for misunderstandings in male-female relationships.—–unquote…..



cobra-quote—–On top of all this, the Archons started to violently suppress female sexual energy on the planet with systematic trauma-based programming of women through brutal rapes during the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago:—–unquote…..



The Final Battle 432Hz <3




I think when people have a genuine brush with death only a core of what they believe remains. Any of these other things even things that are likely accurate (Michael Newton) go out the window, because it cannot be verified individually by reality.


Dow Jones futures down 333 points.


Cue Ball Rolling Al(non)g March 6 Second Installment

Seething Frog
Published on Mar 6, 2018
Water, Fluoride, Steel, Air, Chemtrails, Oil, Corruption, Clinton & Other Foundations, Children And Evil Cloaked in Virtue


Federal Government is a Money Laundering Operation – Catherine Austin Fitts


Greg Hunter On March 7, 2018



Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 6 February 2018

As we have completed the phase of Ascension called a Stellar Activation Cycle, to me, we have completed the journey of the Tree of Knowledge, which I feel represents our DNA in duality, the understanding of it and how to re-integrate it, through finding knowledge of self. It has been distorted and true knowledge has been targeted with mind-control, which leaves many people stunted in their growth. But for those who have focused in on the inner journey and self-development, you may be feeling ready to fully embody your Wholeness and fully step into your Divine Power and Truth.

This is a process of restoration that connects to the Stargates on Earth and a co-creative expansion and integration of polarity, which resolves reversals and energetic pollution to the Earth grids and our internal and the external Elements.

The challenge of finding knowledge is that it can drain us, confuse us and overwhelm us, because societal conditioning and programmings don’t hold any space for initiations or doing the inner work, so our shadow work and dark night of the Soul experiences have had to be managed, while still attempting to function in a human realm where most things are externalized or more about appearances.

No more impostors allowed, no more fragments and fractures to our true make up – this rebirth is about conquering more than we can even begin to wrap our heads around and it is manifesting an advanced human vessel who holds ultimate seniority to all parasitic, vampiric and destructive groups, forces and agendas. Only digression can make us vulnerable, but the flow of the Cosmos and Earth is lifting us out of that, if we can just hold hands with Mother Gaia.

Enjoy this next cycle of Ascension. There is a frequency split occurring at subatomic levels and in every moment we have the choice to choose a Higher Earth experience, which entails choosing between artificial timelines, false Ascension or an Organic one ~ The best way to know the difference and stay in the Organic flow, is to know your own Soul and devote to your process of growth ~ recognizing that life, your body and Nature are the greatest teachers in physical reality.

The Soul is the one holding the essence and imprints of the larger picture, like where and who we have ever been ~ Spirit penetrates it with Divinity and guidance and so allowing this connection is bringing about true liberation!



Mysterious lights over Milwaukee 2/27/18


Quick moving lights appeared over Milwaukee Tuesday morning and were captured live on TV from FOX6.

The Galactics said we would see more and more of them and this looks like just that.

Some fake news reporters are now trying to write this off to a bird sighting. Clearly it is not.



Update on sealed indictments
February Update to Sealed Indictments: 4,905 new from 1/29/17 to 2/28/18

18,510 new sealed indictments entered from 10/30/17 thru 2/28/18

comment image


comment image


California has almost 2500 sealed indictments – but they aren’t red??


Chinese Tanker Had A Container Full Of Dead Americans


Exporting companies are using Chinese ships, planes, and trucks to transport dead Americans across the world for research purposes, according to a Thursday report from Reuters.

A Hong Kong flagged cargo ship departed South Carolina in July carrying 6,000 pounds of human remains valued at $67,204. The container’s temperature was set to 5 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the parts from spoiling. Relatives of the dead, meanwhile, did not realize their loved ones’ remains were being dismembered and sent to Europe and elsewhere, the report notes.

Body brokers like Oregon-based MedCure rely on lax regulations to export heads, shoulders, knees and toes to Mexico, China, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, among several other countries. Plastic surgeons in Germany use heads to practice new techniques, while thousands of parts are shipped overseas annually.

“There are people who wouldn’t necessarily mind where the specimens were sent if they were fully informed,” Brandi Schmitt, who directs a body donation system at the University of California, told reporters about the trade, which is still shrouded in mystery. “But clearly there are plenty of donors that do mind and that don’t feel like they’re getting enough information.”

The FBI raided MedCure in November, which culminated in a federal investigation.

“MedCure is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the industry. It takes very seriously its obligation to not only deliver safe specimens securely, but to do it in a way that respects the donors,” said the company’s lawyer, Jeffrey Edelson, who declined to comment on the nature of the raid.

Families of those on in the ships were shocked to hear that their husbands, fathers, and daughters were shipped overseas.

Marie Gallegos, whose husband’s head was shipped to a dental school in Israel months after he died of a heart attack, told reporters that she “should have read the fine print” of the forms she signed allowing his parts to be donated for science and research.

“Had I known that my husband’s head was over there, I would have waited to have the ceremony,” she said. “If they really wanted my husband’s body for these purposes, they should have told me upfront and verbally.”

Regulators are also concerned the parts might be infected with HIV or some other highly infectious disease. There is a disconnect between what the industry and government believe is dangerous, Matthew Zahn, chairman of the public health committee for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, told reporters.

more –


Jim Stone
March 7 2018

Leftists blown away in Texas primaries

Despite all the leftist media propaganda, the Texas primary on Tuesday was an utterly embarrassing bloodbath for Democrats, the electoral equivalent of pissing up a rope.

This is a good one, the rest is HERE
It was supposed to be the precursor to one of the Left’s biggest political wet dreams – the indication that the State of Texas is turning “blue,” turning Democrat, turning progressive leftist, turning commie. It was supposed to be a referendum against not only the Republican Party, but against their “evil” leader in the White House, Donald Trump, leading to massive 2018 mid-term election wins for the Democrat Party – the party of sexual deviants, perverts and illegal aliens – giving the House and Senate so much of an advantage that can do what the Obama FBI, colluding with the Democrats, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Russians couldn’t do, which is to end the presidency of a duly-elected president.

For months, we’ve been brainwashed by the Democrat Media Complex, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and NY Times of the world, that the Democrat Party was “energized,” that they would “turn Texas blue” because leftists are “angry” at President Donald Trump and would turn out in record numbers in the great State of Texas.

CNN and other leftist propaganda networks had orgasms over O’Rourke raising more money than Cruz in the latest fundraising numbers, supposedly an indication of just how motivated Democrats were to unseat Cruz.

Despite all the leftist media propaganda, instead, the Texas primary on Tuesday was an utterly embarrassing bloodbath for Democrats, the electoral equivalent of pissing up a rope.

This is a good one, the rest is HERE
My comment: We’ll have to see how well Soros rigs this when it really counts.

How all Liberals got suckered into being Cultural Marxists

Liberals got suckered because they are betas and weak minded. They need to be told how to think.
This is an amazing video of how Liberals got tricked into hating their own country. Who was behind it… How they want to destroy Western Civilization.
They actually prove it, they name every single name, they talk about the books they wrote admitting these people want to destroy America. Every single thing they talk about (mostly critical theory). Watch this. Less than 30 minutes.
This starts out a little slow. If you need to trim some time off, start it at around the 4 minute mark.


Alt-media unites to distribute indictable evidence proving globalist Deep State shadow government crimes


rays #400101

How do you know the DUMB in Delaware was nuked?

waldheim2 #400118

How can we pay Leo if we’re flat broke?


While I do trend towards the anti or skeptical Trump I must admit that the number of parasite Chabbadists that have jumped the Trump ship is most encouraging, especially the recent departure of Cohn who was a snake and a half. The downgrading of Kushner’s security clearance to nearly zero and the visit of Netanyahu ( he only comes for emergencies) do have me second-guessing my previous evaluation of the guy. It’s also significant that Trump frequently declines to replace people who leave for various reasons. He’s greatly reduced the size of the bureaucracy at the WH/admin level and that’s something as well. That most of the recent departures have been zionists is no small detail. The mad rush of liberal TV to Cohn’s side could be a telltale sign as well, but there’s always the looming possibility that it’s all a scam, still… I’m currently watching The Office reruns and it’s uncanny how similar Michael Scott and Trump are- can’t help but wonder if it’s all an act. I’ll be happy to eat crow on this one.


Great dude! Letting the miners dump toxic waste into the waterways, saving $50 million dollar a year for the coal mining industry! “For the American people,” altho not the ones who have to breath coal dust and have their streams covered completely by a blown-up mountain top. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-congress-coal/u-s-coal-miners-applaud-republican-axing-of-stream-protections-idUSKBN15H2RK


Jim Stone

Here’s proof:

A South African triathlete was grabbed off his bicycle by two people, dragged to the side of the trail, and they then tried to cut his legs off with a chain saw. PROBLEM: The chain was too dull, and it got stuck in the bone. So they tried cutting off the other leg. It got stuck in that one too.
Triathletes are quite hard to keep down, so they gave up and left him with his legs half cut off.

LOGICAL CONCLUSION: South African’s won’t make it without the white population because the black population:

1. Cuts the legs off of triathletes (that takes a baseline for society set in total dysfunctional chaos) AND:

2. They are too stupid to maintain a chain saw well enough to do something that every American chain saw user fears might happen in an accident!

That level of stupidity with making something work will cause society to fail every time! Yes, but they really can take all white farmer’s lands and kill them, with no consequence, because when the crops fail white Americans and Europeans will feed the bastards!



LOL! comment image



“I wish SOMEONE would ………. (do something!) ” …..fix it, clean it, save it, help them, stop them, make it happen, etcetera…….

When you think this, which one are you GOING TO BE, the just another one or the SOMEONE ?


Gun control shill and hypocrite, Sheriff Israel, has armed bodyguard since he feels “threatened”. Better take away the bodyguard’s gun, Sheriff. Probably afraid of getting whacked by Clinton since he messed up his part.


Excerpt: According to a 2014 report, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who has come under increased scrutiny over his deputy’s handling of the Parkland mass shooting and the policies that appear to have shielded the shooter from serious consequences leading up to the massacre, used to insist on being chauffeured around by an armed bodyguard because he feared “threats.”


#400145 deester

I believe the sheriff’s Lamborghini is only a two-passenger car. Surely he hasn’t had to step down to less fancy transportation. How humiliating.



Last Tuesday, an experiment gone awry killed three scientists and caused catastrophic damage to the planet’s largest super-collider, known as project CERN, a nefarious coalition of politically controlled scientists eager to subvert scientific achievements in the name of furthering ominous ventures that threaten humanity.

Dr. Ravi Mutnaj, a New Delhi based physicist formerly attached to CERN, said the incident occurred when scientists tried to enhance the collider’s magnetic coils by adding an additional eighteen hundred super magnets to the existing ninety-six hundred. The combined pull of the magnets, in conjunction with nine thousand filaments of magnetized cable, generate a force over 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth. Dr. Mutnaj said the accident occurred as the scientists attempted to create an interdiminsial gateway—or portal—to a parallel universe. As protons fired across a seventeen-mile circular track six hundred feet beneath the ground, he said, temperatures rose to unprecedented levels, which caused a cascading system failure and a detonation that instantly obliterated a five mile stretch of the track and incinerated the trio of scientists working on the project.

“There was massive damage to the hadron collider,” Dr. Mutnaj said. “For now, CERN is effectively shut down. From what I hear, it will take at least seven months to repair the damaged section. These people are devious and despite the loss of life, humanity is better off with CERN offline. To create their portal, they wanted to accelerate and collide three beams of ions.”



The portal, he added, opened shortly before temperatures approaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit vaporized the scientists and part of the facility. The masterminds behind CERN believe portals are necessary in case Earth becomes uninhabitable; the gateways would provide a means of egress—and escape route—to a parallel world free of disease, famine, and suffering. But previous attempts to open portals, Dr. Mutnaj said, had the opposite effect—manifesting entry points to worlds filled with nightmash creatures or producing artificial singularities that could potentially annihilate life on Earth.

“It’s all about power. They felt by increasing the collider’s power they’d have a better chance of attenuating the opening to a desirable location. It backfired. They claim they’re doing this to save humanity but they are interested only in saving themselves and the elite. Even if they achieved their goal, average everyday people would not be welcome in whatever inhabitable world they discover. This setback gives us more time to find a way to counter their devious plans. I’m happy the explosion happened.”

Asked why the mammoth explosion did not generate an earthquake detectable on the Richter scale, Dr. Mutnaj said collider is encased in an underground bunker with fifteen-foot thick concrete walls on all sides. This safety measure ensures radiation remains contained in the enclosure and that mishaps cannot be detected by the outside world.

In closing, Dr. Mutnaj encourages citizens to petition French and Swiss governments to terminate the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s lease. Besides creating Portals, CERN has also engaged in other fiendish programs, such as tapping into dark matter and creating the God particle, any one of which could snuff out life in the blink of an eye.


#400126 phoenix

You’re right about that, but my comments concerned the recently departed. Once they realize they’re dead, they have the choice to wander the earth in their etheric bodies, or to go with their guides to “the light”.

I was simply trying to warn against any preconceived notions that the light is a “trap”, because that may complicate your transition.

Buy hey, as Doris Day used to sing, “Que sera, sera.” WhatEVAH will be, will be.


Taking Out The Trash – DSNY Whistleblower Marcus Conte Gets His Day In Court

Jason Goodman
Streamed live 36 minutes ago

Courthouse press conference with DSNY whistleblower Marcus Conte


Simon Parkes

Damage to Large Hadron Collider
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Trying to validate extent of damage to the CERN collider.

Yesterday scientists tried to open a portal to the 4th dimension, just as they did so they triggered a large explosion.

The extent of which I am trying to find out.



Hope this is correct and happens as described here.



Very soon we will be hearing directly from the President concerning quickly unfolding events. The time has come to Make America Great again. . . .



Oh look. Fake scientist, Bill Nye, meets with fake leader, Justin Trudeau.


Excerpt: On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared at the University of Ottawa to talk “Canadian innovation” with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Social media lit up with critiques that, in a country packed with scientists, Trudeau chose to talk science with an American TV personality. But Nye rarely goes anywhere these days without someone bringing up his sparse scientific resume.

More on site.


Computer problems? Think twice before taking it to Best Buy:

Geek Squad’s Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought

The documents released to EFF show that Best Buy officials have enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the agency for at least 10 years. For example, an FBI memo from September 2008 details how Best Buy hosted a meeting of the agency’s “Cyber Working Group” at the company’s Kentucky repair facility.

The memo and a related email show that Geek Squad employees also gave FBI officials a tour of the facility before their meeting and makes clear that the law enforcement agency’s Louisville Division “has maintained close liaison with the Geek Squad’s management in an effort to glean case initiations and to support the division’s Computer Intrusion and Cyber Crime programs.”


#400147 Not too heartbroken about CERN being shut down after the explosion. It is unfortunate that people died, but they are lucky they didn’t kill more by triggering an earthquake (or worse).


#400145 Lakewinds – funny, how many clowns can you fit in a Lamborghini? Yeah, poor guy, he might have to be like the real police, like the ones who don’t cower behind vehicles – our city police drive Ford Tauruses, partly because of the size of the trunk.



James Munder
Published on Mar 7, 2018


True?? I hope so.


Connecticut liar Dannel Malloy calls the NRA a “terrorist organization”. So DHS pretending that a bunch of kids got shot at an elementary school, killing or vanishing witnesses, and cashing in with all sorts of tax-funded donations isn’t terrorism? “I was told something like this could happen in Connecticut.”


Connecticut’s governor called the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization in an interview Tuesday.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, also said his state would “boycott” the NRA and said the organization has been acting like a “terrorist organization,” in an interview with Fox61. He also believes the NRA has changed throughout the past 20 years.

More on site.



Reader, 36-min video: “Fasten your seat belts folks – 3-11 is D-Day for the Criminal Cabal.”



This Q explanation is mind blowing! Drop everything and see this now!!!
He outlines exactly what is going to happen and when. POTUS said it
all in a Tweet last fall. It’s happening.


ON POTUS’ ORDER we have initiated certain fail-
safes that shall safeguard the public from the
primary fallout which is slated to occur 3-11 upon
the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable
3-4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring
will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.
Public riots are being organized in serious numbers
in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more
senior public officials. ON POTUS’ORDER, a state of
temporary military control will be actioned and special
ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain
several within the confines of the United States to
prevent extradition and special operator necessity.
Rest assured the safety and well-being of every man,
woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in
full. However, the atmosphere within the country will
unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the
corrupt and evil that has long been broadcast. We will
be initiating the Emergency Broadcasting System (EMS)
during this time in an effort to provide a direct message
(avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations
met with swift fury – certain laws have been prelifted
to provide…

Bring it on!!!


INVESTIGATION: “Trans” ideology pushed by Big Pharma and surgery companies backed by $400 million P.R. campaign

Monday, March 05, 2018 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Over the years, Natural News has drawn attention to certain environmental factors that are having a profound gender-bending effect on both human and animal life. But don’t for a second think that this onslaught is an unintended consequence of big industry; as new reports suggest, that this was all pre-planned as a way for Big Pharma to rake in more profits.

Much of it is tied into the push for acceptance and normalization of transgenderism, which New York-based feminist Jenifer Bilek admits is a conspiracy, of sorts, to funnel money towards certain special interests groups. Among these are drug companies that supply hormones and other chemical concoctions that aid the process of gender “conversion,” as well as surgery companies and other key players in the healthcare industry.

More than $400 million, she says, has been given by donors and business groups to promote the transgender agenda, which really gained traction during the latter years of the Obama regime. Pro-transgender funding isn’t often talked about, but it’s speaking volumes in the background, greasing the wheels of more profit flow for those also pushing more drugs and surgery for profit on the masses.



Mandatory Vaccine Horror! Nurse Spills Beans!
4 days





Site comments: all saying no source, no links, nothing on Dr. Mutnaj.

YouTube comments:

– I found Mr. Patch mention said Doctor but what I’m saying is there is no trace back to any University with Dr. Ravi Mutnaj mentioned now or past, no published papers, history of existence other than being mentioned. Is there anyone who found an official link to this mans career or existence other than heresay?

– I’ve tried exaustedly to research anything on ex CERN physicist Dr. Ravi Mutnaj. This man simply doesn’t seem to exist. Has anybody succeeded in finding anything on this doctor of science. Please let me know.

– . . this sounds like some fake news to cause people to think there’s some delay and problems with rolling out the nwo “utopia/matrix”. This is crap. Nothing else matters but waking up and realizing you must escape this ridiculous dying mansuit u r trapped in.

– Really? It took me all of 5 minutes on google to find out this “article” was made by a sketch youtuber, nibiru something or other, who acts like he’s never interacted with another human being before, and from the sound of it has probably been watching the cloverfield paradox on repeat since it aired. Its a shame, i actually was kind of hoping for some trippy sht to be going down. Cmon james, you gotta be more on top of your sources brah.



Hi Deester

If these scientists were working for the cabal, then they were in all likelihood working against humanity. In that case I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for them!

Just nice to know the thing is inoperable for some time.



Interesting info Zander.

Simon Parkes will be weighing in also.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More information is reaching me regarding CERN, I’m hopeful of having extra information to post very soon.



Paul Craig Roberts March 7, 2018

A Stalinist Purge In America?
This year could turn out to be a defining year for the United States. It is clear that the US military/security complex and the Democratic Party aided by their media vassals intend to purge Donald Trump from the presidency. One of the open conspirators declared the other day that we have to get rid of Trump now before he wins re-election in a landslide……
…….Militarily, since World War II Washington has relied on its armed predominance to dictate to the world. But now the President of Russia has announced possession of what are from the US perspective super weapons that do not, as some claim, give Russia parity with the US, but give Russia immense military superiority over the US, indeed over the entire Western alliance.

Russia’s capability, which the US has no chance of matching any time soon, means that Washington’s policy of intimidation has no chance of intimidating Russia. If Washington’s policy toward Russia continues in a hostile demeanor, Russia is likely to kick Washington’s teeth out.

The cat has been belled. America is no longer “the sole superpower.” It is a second-rate power whose hubris is likely to do it in. Will it happen in 2018?…..


cobra-quote—–Real healing of the fragmented state of human sexuality will only come through the arrival of Goddess energy to the surface of the planet.

For this to happen, we need to allow ourselves to feel and express our emotions:—–unquote…..



You Are Free TV 7 Mar 2018
The public arrests could begin on March 11, as mirrored from Q posts after the 10 days of darkness we just witnessed from Feb. 24 thru March 3. Now, We have major intel to show that JP will be the first public arrest and many more to follow in rapid sequence, backed by military might.


For those inclined
Mar 4/18
Kryon begins @ 8:25 min
-clearing & resetting the body systems




MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

Military tribunals are especially required to prosecute the Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps who are conducting a soft coup against the POTUS. But why?
Because those traitors practically own and operate the
U.S. Criminal Justice System, that’s why!…….


Stockman Celebrates The End Of The Goldman Sachs Regency At The White House

he financial commentariat and the robo-machines are all in a tizzy this morning because Gary Cohn up and quit. But we say good riddance: The man gave Trump bad advice on nearly every single issue—trade, taxes, fiscal policy and the Fed.

We didn’t make any bones about that viewpoint during our appearance on Fox Business this AM. When Maria Bartiromo asked us about Cohn’s departure, our reply was: Hallelujah, the Goldman Sachs Regency in the White House is finally over!



Strange Phenomenon Under Africa Threatens to Flip Earth’s Magnetic Field


Published on Mar 7, 2018

Earth’s magnetic field is decaying at such a rapid rate that scientists think the poles may flip. New research shows the most significant weakening is happening under Africa, in an area called the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly.’

As well as giving us our north and south poles, the magnetic field blankets the Earth, protecting it from solar winds and cosmic radiation. Without it there would likely be no life on our planet today. However, the forcefield has weakened significantly in the past 160 years and scientists have suggested that it could be in the process of flipping. Effectively this means a switch in magnetic polarity and would see compasses point south instead of north.

Learn More:

jeffrey pease
jeffrey pease

Ben, look in rev.3:19 in bible it talks about god making those who claim to be jews but are not, jews of the synagogue of satan. Sounds like our Khazarian jew doesn’t it. My dad turned me on to that yesterday. Maybe in context or not but sounds so to me.


I had a question I was going to put here then immediately came up with the answer.

Why is nothing happening now? Nothing is happening in the sense of a palpable hope for the future. Italy’s election is one of those things that sounds good but unless there is a statement of clear intent to change something, may just go the way of bureaucrats slowing everything down, as with Brexit.

I’ll tell you why… Sun in Pisces! This is the end of the astrological year, nothing happens. Pisces is all about processing those feelings and thoughts we have not dealt with. Not even those things that are dark secrets we have hidden (Scorpio) just things we ignore because they don’t really fit anywhere.

Things are really going to kick off around the new moon in the middle of April I think. Chiron goes into Aries, which likely means the Russia et al. war drum is going to start to bang. It will be a new Solar year. Mercury direct after whatever we have figured out on its retrograde, Saturn retrograde pulling back the misapplication of discipline.


Oh and Happy Birthday David if you’re reading.


MASSIVE Eruption 2018? “Volcanic Geoengineering” Narrative and Grand Solar Minimum


Ice Age Farmer
Published on Mar 7, 2018
Shinmoedake, Agung, Mayon, Sinabung, Popocatepetl, Stromboli… volcanoes are awakening quickly in 2018. Continuing crop failures and extreme weather cause concern, but is the writing on the wall about a looming catastrophe? Could the cryptocracy expect, indeed plan for, this crisis as part of their agenda?


Regarding Cobra’s advice on Goddess energy assimilation I would counsel caution since for me the devil as usual is in the detail.
Cobra references:
“This was perfectly described in Spiritus Eros, a secret doctrine of a positive Templar group named Ordo Bucintoro:
You can read a description of Spiritus Eros text in German here (you can google translate if you do not speak German):”


Notice the reference to Eros & ‘Erotic magic’. The erotic magic of Eros is in stark contrast to Agape – universal love or unconditional love.
 Matthew 5:43-46, RSV ‘You shall love (agapēseis) your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love (agapāte) your enemies . .’

Surely this type of love is of a higher nature. My question is to understand why it is necessary to include the purple light of the goddess; this frequency of light does not only belong to her. In the translation from the German links, we have “must break through inner cosmic boundaries” & “must connect with the gently glowing rays of the purple light from the world of the loving goddess” & “To be able to attract the astral purple light” & “to draw ever more strongly into the rays of the purple light (of the goddess), to absorb them into the astral body”.

This focussed eroticism with intent is all well & good but I would still like to know why the goddess aspect is necessary. For me it is more like a form of nourishment for her.
The purple frequency connecting us to the cosmos through our crown chakra is there anyway, to be accessed without the goddess connection.

“In ancient Babylon it was a holy religion, the religion of the goddess Ishtar, Venus.”

Hello? Historically we know all too well the predominating disposition of what was required to satisfy that type of goddess worship. We should be constantly be aware there are two sides to every coin.

As humans we have a symbiotic relationship with Gaia stemming from those original days when we revered her presence in Nature. Gaia has not broken this covenant even today. What has she to say about the goddess entity as distinct from the need to redress the patriarchal with the feminine frequencies, I wonder?

The ‘womb chakras’ as related by Andrew Bartzis are more abundant on this planet than others & enable our great diversity to manifest but do not appear directly related to these ‘goddess vortexes’ which would surely need our input to be sustained.

Surely a cultivation of a universal astral love through this type of process for the highest good of all or even a specific benevolent purpose while including your partner is nobler than the more erotic or lower forms of sexual cultivation where eroticism degenerates into pornography which was not absent through the ages in the temples of Rome, Babylon & Carthage, & also in forms of Tantra even today.

Cobra is the man who promotes the Cintamani stones (lightweight, small & black) that have been measured as having the lowest light quotient of all by my friend who is a healer practising over 20 years, using radionics & who has glowing testimonials & is active below the radar (i.e. by word of mouth having delibrrately closed down his website) in Holland – sounds real to me!


“WET OPS” ✡ Intelligence Killed Steve Kerr’s DAD. Kay Griggs on Her Husband’s Assassination Teams


Kay Griggs Reveals that Gloden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr’s Dad was A Double Agent Murdured By US intelligence (Predominantly Israeli Mercenaries) Because they Wanted To Be homoerotically Close To Strapping Young Men in Beirut. However To this Day Steve Kerr Maintains that it was Iranian “terrorism” that killed his father. Are they positioning Steve Kerr For President 2020?

Re: last sentence – don’t think so.


The Deep State Has Lost Control, The Take Down Will Begin Soon – Episode 1515b


The list of banned and censored YouTube channels


comment image


Jim Stone
March 8 2018

Defunding of alt media: A long frustrated talk with a good friend

Last night I made a call to a good friend to discuss how financing for the web site had been interfered with badly this month, and he had some very bad news on this topic. This particular friend does not do an alt media site, but he is connected very well with prominent alt media sites including this one, and was the guy who was titled “Russ Clarke” in the report “Tainted Nightmare”. He has a very broad view of the real situation alt media is up against now.
To put it in few words, in short, we are toast.

He gave me a full explanation of what is going on. There are several very bad things going on, some I knew about, and others I had not figured out yet.

First of all, the left is scared to death because they are losing the war to alt media. However, alt media needs to be very scared right now, because the left has all the power via platforms such as adsense, all the search engines, complete ownership of all finiancial institutions, you name it, if you need it to survive they own it.

They have cut off financing to ALL the little guys. They hit Infowars hard by cutting off adsense, but that’s not the same thing as making the bank “malfunction” across the board. My site, as much as I have noticed the interference and complained, is doing better than most, they are afraid of this one because it is potent and have not actually hammered an absolute shut down (though they tried a year and a half ago and failed because the direct IP saved it) at any rate, this is not about my site, I need to talk about what is going on elsewhere . . . . . .

What is happening to people en masse (for the smaller bloggers) is if they depended on WordPress, or Blogger, or Youtube, or any other second party server to work from, and also people who were on their own servers but did not actually have the traffic this site has (4.5 million uniques a year plus re-posts everywhere) for anyone who was sub 1 million they simply cut them off completely. They are cutting them off completely. They are gone. Most people don’t notice it, because the names that got cut off are too small, but they represented an enormous grass roots backbone for the truth movement, and that backbone is now gone.

As a second level in their war against alt media, (for the larger harder targets they could not take offline outright) they are attacking the financing. Many many alt media people who endured the adsense bans, and endured having Chrome be programmed to block all ads that were not adsense, and were able to keep things going with donations and sales, these people are now facing direct financial interference with the actual financial institutions that make things go. It is not only this web site, many other web sites are seeing product sales fall off, and interference with donations. You can’t donate to this site at all anymore, if it is a donation that is not tracked by a sale, it simply won’t work. Maybe it will briefly after I just said this, (to prove it does) but the reality is that it just does not work. People are fed bullshit errors and “try again laters” or silence, with the transaction terminated without them knowing, and (probably) outright theft. I was alarmed, because this good friend who is well connected said that this month, it started happening everywhere, to “everyone”.

VERY IMPORTANT: what they are doing against alt media is flatly illegal, it is prosecutable, they know it, and they don’t care because they expect to steal the 2018 elections, impeach Trump, and then send the law straight into the sewer. This is the scary part folks:

What they are doing at this point is the final softening of alt media, their final drive to weaken it so much via the cutting of finances and pre- elimination of as many voices as possible, so after they steal the election alt media will be too weak to speak out against it. They will then impeach Trump, and with him gone, they will simply shut alt media down completely. Have you noticed lately that many news outlets like the Washington Times have occasionally published stuff good enough to be on this web site? They are doing this to make people value alt media less, and make people believe they actually might tell the truth, before they commit the final kill.
After the final kill of alt media, according to this friend, all hell breaks loose.

Once they accomplish an effective squelching of alt media, we are going to see terror like we have never seen it before, and the only narrative will be the MSM narrative. We are going to have the guns get grabbed, and people will be carted off. They are going to launch a major war also, every last thing alt media fought against will become our every day reality, and the only ones around to comment on it will be filth, like CNN.
Last month, a super powerful AI was launched to destroy us.

Here are the probable capabilities of the AI (a guess, based upon what I have seen happen)
Automatically look for voices on the web that are not in line with the official line, and the removal of those voices via the process of having everything on the internet go through an AI before it reaches the end reader. When a dissenting voice is heard, “server errors” and spam filters take care of the situation. No one who is not someone already will ever become anyone.

If a voice is an established voice, the AI is assigned to mess with finances, to cause as many glitches and errors as can possibly be conceivably believed. This will by itself, with nothing at all provable to any party, kill finances by 85 percent or more. No suspension notices sent, no warnings given, no notification whatsoever, “glitches” and “hiccups” will take care of it all, with absolutely no paper trail to prosecute. When a tech checks up on the problems, everything will be normal, and the one complaining will be stupid. The AI will know when to back off. I noticed this with Fundrazr. That damn thing learned. At first, I could post and have no interference for about 10 hours. Then it cut to about 3 hours. Now the AI is so good at knowing things that it knows I changed routing in 10 minutes or less, and usually accomplishes a complete kill.


Jim Stone. Addendum to his last post.
Here is my message to others in alt media: Take steps now.

Cancel all projects that eat money.
Lay off all but the most needed staff, NOW.

If you are paying more for servers than you need to, change that.

Have all writers learn how to hand code HTML so absolutely no outsourcing is needed. Cut features from your web site that require knowledge you don’t have, and currently pay for.

Rather than die completely, get on a bandwidth plan you can afford, and cut your web site to straight text if you have to, to keep within the bandwidth you can afford. No more flash intros and improperly compressed photos! Look at drudge. His site is crap and everyone hits it. DO THE SAME IF NEEDED, the message is worth a lot more than the glitz.

Get on direct IP access.

Get your servers offshore, in a safe haven.

If you use a platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Youtube,or anything else, and you are real, expect to die in March. You are gone.

DO NOT buy that boat.

DO NOT buy that new 4×4.

DO NOT buy a whole bunch of new office furniture or anything else stupid right now, if your finances appear to be crushed this month it is not an illusion, it is the clarion call of war. Welcome to the new normal. NO MORE DINNER AT DENNYS.


Free lunches and bus trips to bring in the protesters on this latest gun-grabbing attempt. Free t-shirts? I’ll bet there are also some snappy-looking printed signs. Considering how much effort it takes to even organize a staff Christmas party, does anyone really believe these random students got this ad campaign together so quickly. I’ll have to see if things are san-serif font, reverse text and all caps – George Soros’ graphics designers trademarks.


Excerpt: The mayor of Baltimore has decided to use taxpayer dollars to bus students to Washington D.C. so they can participate in the March For Our Lives, a gun control rally.

Not only that, but free t-shirts and lunches will also be provided.

Here’s the scoop… From Washington Examiner:

To succeed in life, stay in school … unless you’re cutting class for the sake of progressive politics.

That’s the message Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh delivered to hundreds of high school students playing hooky outside City Hall in protest of gun violence. Shouting through the SWAT team’s microphone, Pugh cheered their little act of delinquency before offering taxpayer cash for the adolescent activists to march on the national capital. Flanked by Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa, the mayor shouted, “Let’s show Washington D.C. that Baltimore matters.”

Pugh promised free T-shirts and free lunches if the students will board 60 city buses later this month to protest gun violence. The grade school protestors, in exchange, will provide advocacy and a convenient photo-op for an ambitious politician.

More on site.


Weaponizing social media – how Zuckerberg (fake entity; his grandmothers’ names were Greenberg and Zuckerman. He is part of the Rockefeller/Greenberg family that pulls off piles of these false flags).


Excerpt: Many people are aware that Mark Zuckerberg has had to settle out of court again and again over his theft of the social network that he called “Facebook”. What they don’t know, perhaps, is that Zuckerberg was one of the fake tech-lords who got his invention from James Chandler’s and Larry Summers’ efforts to apply the technology they stole from Leader and was being disseminated through the IBM Eclipse Foundation.

Zuckerberg is obviously a fake who admits that he “doesn’t write code anymore.” The supposed greatest “code writer” of our time isn’t interested in writing code now and appears to know little about the many hundreds of thousands of code lines used to create Facebook. Zuckerberg is obviously a front-man, and not a very good one.

The confused stories he tells about Facebook can be made sense of when they are told by the true inventor who did write the code for the greatest software advancement of our time. Listening to Michael McKibben explain the source code reveals, just in his words, that he is the true inventor.

More on site.


Today is 6 days without power in NJ… another Sandy and Irene… but just a taste of what could happen to everyone if the bastards set off an EMP.


I sure hope ‘Q” is real. They better get on with the arrests especially after reading Jim Stone’s post. What are they waiting for? CNN/CNN International has got to go. There is no ‘news’ there.

The age of the MSM is over.

Prove it!



Back here on Earth, things are getting intriguing. Last Thursday in my News and Views from the Nefarium I spoke about my idea of GMO geopolitics, and how it now has become clear that this is the game Russia is playing; it is deliberately using its ban on GMOs to export normal foods to a world increasingly skeptical of GMOs and various Western governments’ pronouncements about their safety, pronouncements which increasingly sound hollow given a growing body of literature…….
……Now what’s very interesting about this article is that Russian agriculture seems to be flourishing, and that without the presence within it of what once used to be called the “Breadbasket of Europe” the Ukraine, part of the Russian Empire prior to World War One, and part of the Soviet empire until its collapse. So in other words, the Soviet Union, with the Ukraine, still had to import grain from the West, and now, without it, they don’t. There’s a lesson there somewhere, and I’m not sure what it is, but it’s there nonetheless.

Which brings me around once again to the subject of “GMO geopolitics.” It has seemed clear to me (and others) for some time that the whole GMO mania was not about “feeding the world’s poor” at all. It was about corporatizing and gaining control of the world’s food supply. I recall Henry Kissinger having a few things to say about that back when he was working for President Waterga… er… Nixon. Say what you will about Richard Milhaus, at least he didn’t start a foundation and sell uranium to the Russians.

I find it interesting that in a climate of meddling accusations that no one is bringing up the West’s meddling in the Ukraine, with the disastrous results it has produced for that country. And GMOs might be at the very heart of it:

What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role in Ukraine.


Rabbit Hole Adventures – Our Own Scavenger Hunt


Seething Frog
Published on Mar 8, 2018
My response to many, Happy, confused disgruntled and angry respondents. Following the path to greater knowledge and perhaps truth.


Shocking victory for proponents of alternative medicine

by Jon Rappoport March 8, 2018

Breaking: In Australia, an effort to label all alternative (traditional, complementary) medicine products as “based on pseudoscience” has failed.

Traditional remedies (much older than mainstream medicines) are defended as appropriate, and can include health claims….
…….People who watch the news or read mainstream news have the impression that “scientific” medical research is remarkably valid and always progressing.

Doctors and medical bureaucrats line up to confirm and ceaselessly push this view.

But they are concealing a dark truth.

Let’s go to the record. Here are two editors of two of the most prestigious and respected medical journals in the world. During their long careers, they have read and scrutinized more studies than any doctor, researcher, bureaucrat, or so-called medical blogger. And this is what they have written:

ONE: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

TWO: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…


Someone posted at Q:

Fake News: CERN Did NOT Suffer Massive Explosion

A conspiracy website named SomeonesBones claimed on March 6th 2018 that a massive explosion happened at the largest super-collider in the world in an article titled “CERN Suffers MASSIVE Explosion” (archived here).

None of it is true and the events described in the story did not happen. The introduction of the article gets several basic facts wrong:

There is no “project CERN”. CERN stands for “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire” which translates to “European Council for Nuclear Research”. It does operate the largest particle collider in the world, but that is known as the Large Hadron Collider.
The Large Hadron Collider sits between 50 and 150 metres underground (about 150 to 450 feet), not 600 feet.
There is no “Dr. Ravi Mutnaj”. We found no online references to this name outside copies of the SomeonesBones story. A search on Google Scholar for his name turns up nothing. Any serious scientist working at a prestigious institution like CERN would show up there.
A real scientist would never write “interdiminsial”.
CERN itself has made no mention of any explosion via its press channels or Twitter account. We have reached out to their press contacts for a comment and will update this story when we receive one.

There have been no mentions of any seismic activity in Switzerland on March 6th near the location of CERN (just above Geneva/Genève) according to this map from the Swiss Seismological Service:



Cold and cozy, winter chill continues. Stock market seems chilly too.


My husband, who idolizes Tesla and is a particle/wave freak, said CERN shuts down in the winter since they use piles of energy and electricity, which impacts the residents at the coldest time of year (not that these people would care). He said they do maintenance on it when it is shut down. (He asked me if I got my information from someone like Alex Jones.) This appears to be true (do I have to tell him he was right?).




From the last link: “Since the beginning of December, hundreds of people have been busy underground at CERN, working to make important repairs and to upgrade many facilities, across the whole of CERN’s accelerator chain and experiments.

“This year the annual shutdown, called the Extended Year End Technical Stop (EYETS) is particularly long, lasting until May 2017, to allow more work to be carried out than in previous years.”

More on site.

So it is annual and has an acronym.


Google admits collaboration with illegal drone strikes. Google is a murderer.


Excerpt: In another milestone in the growing integration between the military-intelligence complex and Silicon Valley, Google’s parent company Alphabet has confirmed that it has provided software to identify targets used in the illegal US government drone murder program.

Since initiating its drone assassination program in 2009, the United States claims to have killed close to 3,000 “combatants” in drone strikes. Internal military documents show that for every one person targeted by a drone strike, nine bystanders are killed, meaning that the true toll of the US military’s airborne terrorism campaign in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq potentially rises to the tens of thousands.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “A program of targeted killing far from any battlefield, without charge or trial, violates the constitutional guarantee of due process. It also violates international law, under which lethal force may be used outside armed conflict zones only as a last resort.”

More on site.


To me, the sky looked absolutely beautiful again today over Philadelphia. I have not seen chemtrails for several days (before the Quinn nor’easter, and since). Today was partly cloudy, but the clouds looked retro, historic, classical, substantial, natural and defined (no fuzzy streaks or stripes of any sort). Between the clouds were glimpses of clear blue sky, of a vibrance and clarity rarely seen here during the past two decades. There were numerous jets flying at the usual high altitude, but leaving zero visible trails. On the ground it was between 31 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit, today. The twilight is an intense mythical deep glowing blue-green! I was in awe!

How do skies look elsewhere? I would not be commenting if it didn’t seem contrary to the usual weather fakery.


waldheim2 – pacific NW – major rain!!

I found this article very re-assuring:


…….Some of these higher-ups have dual roles in the public eye and inner circles and they are sometimes counter-intuitive. For example, someone may appear to be merely an A-list actor or talk show host but have a significant amount of influence and/or authority on the inside. Another may appear to be a high-ranking politician to the public, but may have very little authority on the inside. Establishment puppets are a very real thing. Meanwhile, some people who appear to be puppets are actually perpetrators.

Trump has been privy to this world due to his prominence in business. He did not know the extent of it, but he was aware of the general conspiracy. He has refused to play ball with them in a significant way, but he has cooperated to some degree throughout his life.

During Trump’s first flirtation with running for president, he was courted many times by this cabal and rejected them. He was subsequently squashed. He regrouped for the 2016 election by tapping the right people and came up with a strategy to win the election by bypassing the machine and going directly to the people.

He was fully aware going into the campaign that his character would be assassinated. He planned, spoke, and behaved accordingly. I’ve been told he intentionally leaked the Billy Bush tape himself, but I haven’t figured out to what end. Some have suggested he was looking for rats within his own inner circle.

Anyway, as Trump’s popularity grew and it became obvious on the inside that he had a substantial chance at winning the election, the cabal coordinated to “activate” the programming. Things like the women’s march, just for example, were held deliberately for them to monitor how many people they had who were loyal to the Cabal and willing to mobilize.

Although they had high numbers, they were still far less than they were expecting, and Trump’s popularity was far more than they anticipated.

Trump is genuine. He is a pragmatist, though. His goal is to destroy this cabal completely,……..more


Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble newest essay called “The 10 Commandments of a Demonrat.



The Beauty of the Cosmos 432Hz



from this article-quote—–One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church says sexually abused children can experience “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” while being molested.

Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says the Catholic practice of confession is satisfactory for dealing with pedophilia in the church as it helps priests absolve “their own guilt” after sexually abusing children.—–unquote…..



the time has arrived…..we now take down this filthy demonic infrastructure and place it into the dustbins of history…..

soon the dark ones will never be able to harm our peoples again…..

adieu des minion diable…..


cobra-quote—–On top of all this, the Archons started to violently suppress female sexual energy on the planet with systematic trauma-based programming of women through brutal rapes during the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago:—–unquote…..



The Prophet…..

Doctor Benjamin Rush(signer of the American decleration of independence) saw this coming in the year 1797…..

Doctor Benjamin Rush-1797:QUOTE—–The constitution of this republic should make special provision for medical freedom.To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the bastille of medical science.

All such laws are un-American and despotic.Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution,the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship.And force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice,to submit to only what the dictating outfit office:—–UNQUOTE…..



ISIS, or ISIL, or Islamic State, has been almost completely defeated in Syria, but the U.S. Department of Defense is requesting an increase instead of a decrease in funding to support “Vetted Syrian Opposition,” or fighters in Syria against Syria’s Government, and it refers to these fighters as being part of America’s “strategy to defeat ISIS,” instead of as being what they now obviously are: fighters for regime-change, or to overthrow Syria’s Government (which is headed by its President Bashar al-Assad, who received 89% of the votes cast throughout Syria in the internationally monitored 2014 Presidential election).


New Q for 3/09/2018



Day 140.1 Nothing Fixed Until Top Comes Off Opium Dome


George Webb
Published on Mar 9, 2018

A story no one is reporting. George is still getting death threats – wants to get the story out.


Anyone know what this flash is all about?






Thank you so much for posting Q’s link.

I had failed to save it to Bookmarks, and I could not remember the damn url, so I was missing Q for over a day.

And thank you so much for your consistent and intrepid posting of links/info for us. You rock!



Hi Secondlife~

WTF is going on in New Jersey with the power shit?

Some op going on?

I wish you well. Are you doing ok?



“…and the established record of the American and British intelligence agency murders inclusive of Enrique Prado/CIA killer and John Hopkins/MI5 killer, in the context of information warfare, it is not a stretch at all to propose ‘sloppiness’ is a trademark of made for media false flag murders; to engineer public opinion for purpose of demonizing the perceived enemies of those who would rule us.”

“Especially damning in this most recent case of ‘sloppy assassination’ is, whoever poisoned Skripal (with nerve agent) also poisoned his daughter. What better means to paint Putin the devil incarnate? Again, this makes no sense at all to have actually originated from the Russian side purely from a public relations standpoint. Putin certainly wouldn’t want this sort of press and already British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has implicated ‘future steps’ to punish Russia.”


198 A while back David Wilcock posted the link for a list of Q posts. I put it on my laptop. Now I want to put that same set of Q posts on my office computer but I never can. I use google, google can’t find it so I try Duckduckgo- still no luck bringing up the list of Q posts I get on my laptop. I wonder how many people have no access to Q?

Also– this morning’s Q post made my day. Obama may soon be saying he is a citizen of Kenya to protect himself.. and.. soon Mr Trump will have all of Obama’s stuff deleted as if he were never the pres… I got a chuckle out of that. 🙂


also– Q post quote ” Who controls N. Korea, who really controls N. Korea?”

I wonder if it was that Rothschild that went down in a plane a few weeks back?



Still cannot get Q to come up on this office computer.. so weird.


Edward Snowden a swamp creature??

comment image


Thanks Mozart. Glad you’re diggin’ my links.

Sooo….what do you think of Allison Coe? She has lots of good videos.


Queue Up Time – March 8 – THIRD ATTEMPT TO POST


Seething Frog
Published on Mar 8, 2018
Much Ado about Snowden, ES, Internet Bill of Rights and more.
If this works, it will have taken 3 hours and a complete re-do of video to upload. Froze the first one, denied format the second time and make the redo take an hour more to load.

Comments are great…..


Union of NK and SK on the horizon. Russia established in Egypt and Iran, Turkey and Lebanon joing forces against SAudi Arabia and Israel. Extremely encouraging. More to come for sure.


Jim Stone
March 9 2018

Zimbabwe to evicted white farmers: Please come back!

South Africa is repeating the same mistake Zimbabwe made over a decade ago with it’s land grabs from white farmers. After Zimbabwe evicted white farmers, agriculture failed, and GDP dropped enormously. The punch line? Blacks who moved on to white land anywhere now have to start paying rent, which will be paid to the whites who return to compensate them for what was taken!
THE BIGGER PUNCH LINE: “”Clearly, the formulas deployed then, left a lot of bad feeling. And more importantly, the intellectual property, left our borders,” Nyabadza said.

MY COMMENT: Intellectual property??!!?? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME HE ACTUALLY CALLED WHITE PEOPLE “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY??!!?? HA HA HA, that says it ALL!!! The indigenous population can’t run sh*t so agriculture collapsed.
Congressman Massey: Extreme gun control legislation buried in next budget bill, only a week to act

In this seven minute video Congressman Massey lays it all out – the pre planning for a mass shooting, the cooperation of Democrats and Republicans (which both want guns banned because the Republicans are fake) and the covert plan to slip it all into a budget bill, rather than anything titled as a gun ban, to ram it through without the American public knowing.
Obviously CNN will never report this. This is a must watch.


comment image


comment image



See the note overlaid on the Rosenstein order. This is a start.

[997] Rod Rosentein. (May 17, 2017). Appointment of Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Interference with the 2016 Presidential Election and Related Matters. Order No. 3915-2017. U.S. Dept. of Justice.

[998] Janet Reno. (Jul. 09, 1999). 28 CFR Parts 0 and 600, Office of Special Counsel. Federal Register.




Jim Stone
March 9 2018

CONFIRMED FACT: Russia’s new weapons scare the Pentagon

This may have
appeared on RT, but it is not Russian propaganda:

Top Pentagon officials have told US lawmakers that they were “disappointed” by Putin’s public announcement of Russia’s unmatched missile capability, lamenting that he will use it to further “intimidate” the US and its allies.

“I think the statements made by Russian president Putin while not surprising were nonetheless disappointing. While we have been aware of the development of Russia’s capabilities and watching with concern some of the development that has occurred in terms of Russia’s doctrine and exercise program, it is nonetheless disappointing to see that the president of the Russian Federation chose to feature these capabilities in a way that he did,” Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, John Rood, told the House Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, in a discussion on US Strategic Forces Posture and the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request. Commander of the US Strategic Command, General John Hyten, added that “Putin’s statements are not surprising and only reinforce Russia’s commitment to develop weapons designed to intimidate and coerce the US and its allies.”

My comment: QUOTE: “it is nonetheless disappointing to see that the president of the Russian Federation chose to feature these capabilities in a way that he did”

MY COMMENT: Are you they guy who banned “spiking the football” at NFL games?

And oh, if so many trillions had not been “lost” minutes before 911 and at other times, your toys would be better than Putin’s, GUARANTEED.


from this article-quote—–“The Minister for Rural Health, Senator Bridget McKenzie, told Di Natale: ‘I think it is offensive and disrespectful to those who practice traditional medicine’.”—–unquote…..



Not sure if posted previously, but here it is…



…more on site…


from this article-quote—–The horrifying raid was recorded on video as hundreds of special forces police officers raided a family’s home to kidnap a little girl for accusing high-level government officials of raping her.—–unquote…..



Light Workers… Please hold a space for my Mom. I found out that my Grandmother passed away this morning. My Mother has lost two sisters and her mother within a year and a half and she is in a very tough place right now. Any positive energy that you can pass her way would be appreciated.
Corey Goode



As far as our physical bodies… I get each person will have a unique reaction this Wave X surge depending on where they are vibrationally and where they are within the ascension process. I see that those with a higher vibration absorb the surge much like a capacitor (word I hear) right in the heart chakra area. This energy is intense, and looks to provide clarity (and a feeling of love / connectedness). They will have two choices: push the energy upward to energize the throat and crown chakra, or force it down to ground for an ultra grounded balancing effect. I hear there is no right or wrong way to shift this energy, but it will need moved, and your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

For those very rooted in the 3D world, I see this being very tough. They will feel the surge, but have no idea what to do with it. They aren’t in tune with their inner self enough to recognize or shift this “thing” within them. It looks to result in anxiety, anger, irritability, frustration, etc (basically exacerbates the lower vibe emotions). This also feels like a time when the PTW (Powers That Were) will strike out with some kind of protest, social unrest, or what I see most intently is instigating another false flag (something involving guns since their agenda is already in motion).

I get the best way to prepare for this is be a detoxed as possible (not required, but makes the process more gentle). I also see it is important to not resist it, because you can’t. Welcome it, feel the love, and shift it in the direction that most resonates with you. This is a good thing (for many people).


A number of years ago I read about how the Romans realized that copper decreased infections/disease and began to install copper piping. (don’t have the articles) Isn’t it interesting that the ‘globalists’ have managed to replace most of that copper with their version of plastic piping!! Could there have been an agenda???


Copper-infused hospital clothing could reduce risk of infection outbreaks, research finds
…..The special coating that can be applied to hospital clothing was developed by material scientists working at the University of Manchester, in collaboration with universities in China, who aimed to create a “durable and washable, concrete-like” composite material that can be applied to normal uniforms. The composite material is made from antibacterial copper nanoparticles, which is where the antibacterial properties come from. The researchers managed to make them work with cotton and polyester, a feat that used to be considered near impossible in the past.

Now that the method is out, exactly how effective is it? It’s extremely effective, said the researchers, and can be improved even further by reducing the costs and making the process behind its application even simpler.

Certain precious metals, like gold and silver, are known to possess excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The problem with trying to use them with textile applications is the fact that they have prohibitively expensive costs. As an alternative, the researchers focused on copper, which is known to contain similar antibacterial properties as gold and silver, but is a lot cheaper……


zanderboy #400234


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Simon Parkes, The EVENT, Light Waves and Electromagnetic Waves

Q. Lynn I just heard Simon Parkes talk about the next large energy light wave coming. He says it’s very soon and that it will consist of two waves actually. The first is an electromagnetic wave that may hinder or knock out some cell or landline service, followed by a light wave generated by Source, coming from our galactic center. This wave will be different than previous waves in that instead of lingering for hours, allowing us to adjust to it, this one will be strong and short. He says because of this action, it will cause everyone to feel really fatigued, and that those in hardcore 3D negativity, etc., will not be able to transmute this.

My question is, when do you see this coming, now that we are very close to it (I know you mentioned around the Equinox)? Also, how will those still deep in 3D react to this? What can we expect to see when this happens regarding human behavior or events triggered by this? Also any other thoughts or insights that you get from my description of this. Thank you so much.

A. When I tune into the next phase of The Event (and I have been focusing on this a lot), I am drawn to the spring equinox. I see there being some mild electromagnetic interference (sounds like static or white noise), but I don’t see it disabling our communications for any extended time. The electromagnetic portion feels more like a nuisance versus something destructive.


Jim Stone
March 9 2018


Here is the rumor: President Trump talked Kim Jong into giving up his nukes with a guarantee there would be no war to unseat him after he gave his nukes up. This was done in exchange for a lifting of (probably) all sanctions.

Now, if Trump accomplished that, and America lives up to it’s word on this (doubt it) that would be great. However, I seriously doubt Kim Jong will actually give up everything, he will keep a couple stached. Only a fool would not, considering the neocon track record.


The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz.

As you know, I appreciate Jonathan Carty’s many fine works (vids), and, which also Xander has posted this (his) well-researched findings/work. There are many yt vids of this coming event.

I don’t know if it will happen on the 18 March, which many have predicted to happen in March 2018 for years.

Finally, It’s here now despite the many, many distractions. As a Master once told me, “let the distractions flo right thru you”. That is faith in the Grace of God, a promise.

No matter – Enjoy the journey folks, and calm down..it’s all good!

Light waves/vibrations/sound in Love to All Lightworkers.



Dauntless Dialogue speaks with ‘Arthur’ the insider 9 Mar 2018

Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin’s sex tape, NY state as an entry point for refugees, the rigging of bridges and other infrastructure to secure the arrests of certain Illuminati members if necessary, and he answered some questions regarding preparation for a 90 day transition window.


Trump pardoned sailor who took pictures on nuclear submarine

From Fox News
Trump: If Huma gave classified passwords over to foreign enemy nations and was not punished, the sailor walks.



I’m back to listening and being involved in music again so will check out truthearths stuff soon.

I hope, that he is guided towards something spectacular in some way if that’s what he wants, I imagine through free will us wanting that to be so would lean towards it happening. Because if obviously people resented it and were jealous of him the higher forces would no doubt take that into account. Although clearly some people when “hated on” still perform those sorts of paths.

I just left a note on his article about the 4400 which was a show I was very interested in when younger. Worth a deeper look at the symbology that show.



They? are telling us to “feel all our emotions”, which I find confusing because of the negative/depressing loosch created. I have to wonder though if by draining us of loosch (chi) which is our life force, does it cause us to rapidly age over time (bodies)?

I’m sorry, just wondering? I know you need to keep the vibrations of light (high) in your heart, which too will bring knowledge and healing to avoid the traps. Truly works.

So thanks, and truly enjoy the music of many artists…with (always) visualized orgasmic intent (teehee) 💓 a beautiful time or place…and always purple light/flame (it goes by many names), (dark side has a put a claim on – as goes with all/everything they steal) and remove all negativity.

The dark ones can only steal our light because they have none – but cannot make it and cannot exist without it and will brainwash all to change/get their fix/adoration. As in truthearth’s vid of “The Final Battle”, which also reminded me of StarGate’s final battle
with the Orici in “Ark of Truth”.

The Light was the Truth…

Phoenix, I just wanted to answer you – the Demands upon our time are calling, and I want to look some things up before answering more…



Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest tuchis zetzer video on hate speech tracking tools and the cottage industry of holohoax victimological fart-horning.



What would be fun, is too observe if the animals would be affected by the coming💓WAVES OF LOVE💓.

Oh no, more l’amour ❣️


cobra-quote—–Friday, March 9, 2018

Z→Y vector transfer in progress, hyperphase clearance approved—–unquote…..



lightforces is kicking ass at all levels…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


from this article-quote—–Watch as Mel Gibson explains how his father, Hutton, nearly died at age 92, but opted for stem cell therapy as a last-ditch effort. (His doctor wrote the book:—–unquote…..



of course sooooon the earth surface population will gave access to very advanced technologies,including medical technologies…..

holographic imaging systems that can grow a limb back in an afternoon,restore a sick liver to its healthy state etc…..

for now the surface population suffers immensely under the lash of draconian pseudo criminally insane allopathic drug and scalpel psyops,a massive super dark hearted scam of constant continuim…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


I think Q added some info later yesterday.


Bombshell Sessions Reveals Secret Prosecutor, 2090b

The Still Report
Published on Mar 9, 2018

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Bombshell Sessions Reveals Secret Prosecutor, 2090b

Synopsis: In a remarkable revelation that almost no one caught the significance of, Fox News host, Shannon Bream was told by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday evening that he has appointed a internal special prosecutor to investigate FISA abuses and other matters of a criminal nature inside the Justice Department.
He also said that he would also consider appointing a Special Counsel as requested recently by Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte.
We should take this interview very seriously, because there is evidence that Sessions is getting very serious now about cleaning up the swamp that the Justice Department and FBI became under the Obama administration.
Ace reporter Sundance provided a whopper of an analytics piece over this interview yesterday on The Last Refuge.
“No one in Washington DC – including Congress and the president – was previously aware [of this].”
No one seems to have noticed except for Sundance that a number of folks accused of wrongdoing due to the contents of email and text-message leaks have never appeared to testify before congressional committees. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr and Bill Priestap have only been interviewed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and this unnamed special DOJ prosecutor.
According to Sundance:
“The DOJ needs to keep the integrity of their testimony inside the investigative unit. President Trump is the chief executive over the DOJ and FBI; however, in this odd dynamic he is also the victim within the conspiracy….
“Therefore, again, to protect the integrity of the investigation and witness testimony, the victim would be kept at arms-length and not informed of the criminal investigation.
“That’s why POTUS Trump doesn’t know; and AG Sessions must keep distance from any discussion with the executive due to this separation.


QAnon on 8chan says Snowden make a deal or go to JAIL & more MKUltra proof


qanon 8chan
Published on Mar 9, 2018
Going over the latest Q Post Snowden responds to stay out of jail and assist with the Red Pilling of the world, also goiing over FBI

This guy is pretty good.


trudy #400239
Dauntless Dialogue speaks with ‘Arthur’ the insider 9 Mar 2018

WOW! Very hopeful…


#400247 My regular laptop let me into this site, but my portable Samsung model took me to a virus-installing site that “threatened” me into clickbait, saying, in bad English, that my portable would be infested if I shut the window. Be careful.


comment image

She is a Greenberg. Here she is at Starlight Camp (at which Tony Greenberg was a counsellor).



from this article-quote—–Is it not time to get the crusty, rigidified, and corrupt Old Guard out of the way so we can let science move forward?—–unquote…..



In this article, you will learn:

How the 2009 $100 bill series is a hybrid of the old FRN and the new USTN (US Treasury Note);
How the old $50 FRN has been replaced with a new USTN $50 bill;
How to protect your cash stash if you are still holding old FRNs;
How Benjamin Franklin created fiat currency and why his image will be destroyed on the $100 FRN as a symbol of the We the People choosing to govern ourselves again and eliminating Globalists from our banking and government systems;
How the new USTN is backed by the gold-silver standard;
A hidden symbol in the new USTN that explains how U.S. wealth was wiped out in 2009 with a flood-fire-flood on Water Street;
Why you can’t get a title to your real estate once you have paid off your mortgage;
How We the People are instrumental in completing the process of making the big switch;
How our money supply will become a mixture of digital, paper, and metals in the near future as long as We the People wake up and see the writing on the $100 bill.
First, we are making the assumption that the readers of this article are fully aware of the history and state of the Federal Reserve System and its unabashed money-printing operations in flooding the global markets with fiat currency. We also assume that you are knowledgeable about why and how the U.S. transitioned off the gold standard and why going back on it is critical for our economic future. Many people who will read this article will be aware of the constant attention Ron and Rand Paul have given this issue from auditing the Federal Reserve to seeding a movement to begin Fedexit.
…more on site…


Russian Billionaire Claims Fusion GPS Funded By Soros

by Tyler Durden
Fri, 03/09/2018

In a Daily Caller op-ed calling the Russian meddling narrative a “false public manipulation,” Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska claims that Daniel Jones – a former FBI investigator, Feinstein staffer and now a Fusion GPS operative – told the Russian Oligarch’s lawyer in March, 2017 that Fusion GPS was funded by “a group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.”


Sketchy Business – Chairman Nunes Reveals Fusion GPS Connection to Obama White House…
Posted by sundance
Well this latest twist is sketchy as hell. In December last year we learned about Nellie Ohr working for Fusion GPS and channeling Clinton/Steele ‘dossier’ information to her husband Bruce Ohr who worked in the DOJ National Security Division.

Today Fox News is revealing that Fusion-GPS #2 man-in-charge, Neil King Jr., was/is married to President Obama’s White House Policy Adviser, Shailagh Murray; who was also Joe Biden’s Deputy-Chief-of-Staff.


comment image


Hollywood condemns NRA while dramatically increasing gun violence in entertainment
The nadir of hypocrisy…


comment image


“Piss Christ” is okay, but a nude on a prayer mat? Bring on the censorship.


Excerpt: Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) held a student art exhibit entitled “The Festival of the Body” which included a piece featuring the black outline of a nude woman on a green Islamic prayer mat.

Cue the predictable outrage from the usual suspects.

OCAD received a formal complaint from the school’s Muslim Student Association along with a manifesto of demands such as the immediate removal of the piece, an investigation into how it was ever approved, and whether the approval was done “out of ignorance or not.”

And of course the MSA wanted an official grovelling apology. …

Ironically, a mandatory art history course at OCAD includes an infamous piece called Immersion (a.k.a., “Piss Christ”), Andres Serrano’s photograph of a plastic cross submerged in a tank of the artist’s urine.

More on site.


Radio conversations in Broward prove Scot Peterson’s story is an out and out lie. He knew shots were being fired in the school – cue Kenny Rogers’ “Coward of the County”.


Excerpt: As deputies began responding to last month’s deadly Florida school shooting, the school’s armed resource officer radioed that shots were coming from the freshman building, but he advised officers to stay back — a seeming failure to follow widely established guidelines to immediately confront the attacker in active shooter situations.

Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson’s radio calls in the minutes after the Feb. 14 shooting show he almost immediately realized gunshots were being fired inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That contradicts a statement issued Feb. 26 by his lawyer saying Peterson, who was assigned to the school, “believed that those gunshots were originating from outside any of the buildings on the school campus.”

If Peterson knew the location of the shooter, Broward County Sheriff’s Office mass shooting guidelines required him to enter the building and kill or stop the gunman. Such protocols are near-universal among U.S. law enforcement agencies.

More on site.


Huff Post tries to normalize a guy having sex with a dolphin. Seems like Shape of Water was also an attempt to make interspecies sex attractive. (Note the last name of the writer.)


Excerpt: Buckle up, bigots! The social justice Left has a new crusade: dolphin sex acceptance.

On Friday, HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg took a stab at normalizing bestiality, posting a glowing interview with a man who considers himself a “heterosexual” who crosses “species lines” and infamously had sex with a dolphin.

That’s right. He screwed a dolphin.

Malcolm Brenner was the feature of a documentary called “Dolphin Lover,” wherein Brenner was “courted” by a dolphin named Dolly he eventually has sex with.

More on site.

Jim Stone
March 10 2018

Biomass eating military robot
How do you keep a war going when you run out of fuel? Have your military machines eat the trees and keep going. This was evidently done in 2009 and we all missed it.

From Fox:

“Robotic Technology Inc.’s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot – that’s right, “EATR” – “can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources), as well as use conventional and alternative fuels (such as gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, coal, cooking oil, and solar) when suitable,” reads the company’s Web site.”

Here is a current quote from the company’s web site:

The purpose of the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR)™ (patent pending) project is to develop and demonstrate an autonomous robotic platform able to perform long-range, long-endurance missions without the need for manual or conventional re-fueling, which would otherwise preclude the ability of the robot to perform such missions. The system obtains its energy by foraging – engaging in biologically-inspired, organism-like, energy-harvesting behavior which is the equivalent of eating. It can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources), as well as use conventional and alternative fuels (such as gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, coal, cooking oil, and solar) when suitable.
My comment:

That’s great. That would make Terminator possible. And if there were no malfunctions forcing shutdown, they’d keep going long after society was destroyed, because they don’t need society to function.

What they have right now is just a machine that can recognize “food”, eat it, and keep going. There are no weapons platforms on it yet. My prediction however is that with the recent advances in AI, that will make it a better gatherer of food, this might actually work. . . . . too well.

A rather spooky very well done company document on this robot is HERE
They had an early version of this out in public and played a game with it “eating a dummy” but it cannot eat bodies, it has to have something like paper, branches, etc to burn.

Here is a sketch of a more recent version
Here is a photo of a PR stunt taken in 2009:



Jim Stone
$10 billion of Ghadaffi’s funds stolen from frozen accounts
From RT
Some €10 billion of Libyan government funds, frozen as part of sanctions against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, has mysteriously disappeared from a Belgian bank somewhere between 2013 and 2017, according to local media.

Back in November 2013, four Euroclear Bank accounts belonging to the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and its subsidiary Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LFICO) in Bahrain and Luxembourg, contained some €16.1bn in frozen assets. However, when authorities tried to seize the funds in 2017, it turned out there was only just over €5bn left in those accounts, an investigation by Le Vif weekly revealed.

“There remains a little less than 5 billion euros on the four accounts opened at Euroclear Bank SA,” Denis Goeman, a spokesman from Brussels’ prosecutor’s office told the Belgian publication. The remaining funds are still subject to seizure, but so far Euroclear reportedly has refused to hand over the accounts, prompting the prosecutor to threaten the institution with “more coercive measures” unless Euroclear releases the remaining Libyan funds “within a certain period.”

Belgian judicial authorities reportedly noticed the disappearance in autumn 2017, when the investigating magistrate, Michel Claise, who was in charge of the probe into alleged money laundering by Gaddafi’s inner circle, requested the seizure of the frozen Libyan funds. Those assets have been frozen since March 2011 in accordance with the UNSC resolution 1973. Belgium, however, has never authorized the “thaw” of these assets, Florence Angelici, from the General Administration of the Treasury, told Le Vif. My comment: So how does 10 billion dollars mysteriously vanish from accounts that have been frozen? Ask the Clinton foundation!

Hillary: We came, we saw, he died.
Obviously if it was Hillary’s project to kill him, Hillary has the money.

The latest Trump playmate story blew up
As it turns out, the handwritten pages that were supposed to be from 2006, while a “relationship” was ongoing, were in fact scribbled either in 2016, or since, AFTER Trump won the election. Another hoax blows up. From Fox:

The centerpiece of a New Yorker story on Karen McDougal, who says she had an affair with Donald Trump, is scribbled notes kept by the former Playboy playmate.

These notes, obtained by journalist Ronan Farrow, are presented as her personal reflections on the relationship –”later memorialized in an eight-page, handwritten document provided to the New Yorker.”

Readers could easily get the impression, as many journalists have, that McDougal wrote these notes during what she describes as a consensual relationship that began in 2006. But that is not the case.

A telltale marking on the entries, reproduced by the magazine, shows that McDougal wrote these pages either during or since the 2016 campaign – relying on memories that were at least a decade old.

My comment: This got scrubbed from the MSM post haste because it is an obvious hoax, scripted after Trump won the presidency. Interesting it is that the MSM will never issue a redaction when they report a hoax as real, they just stop talking about it. High honor as usual.


Putin ‘couldn’t care less’ if Russians interfered in 2016 election because ‘they do not represent the government’
Putin harpoons the Russian Interference story with his usual astute logic and diplomacy…



Do animals need to be any more loving?

At the moment there is a crappy vibe in the air. Last days of Pisces in a bad year. People in England subconsciously perhaps pissed at anti- Russian warmongering (especially with their new weapons) or some other thing.

My dog is not effected, a beautiful island of happy serenity.


Q? He reminds me of superman.



Oregon passes law enabling them to continue Satan’s work. They passed legislation which gives them the right to quit feeding Alzheimers’ patients. Every one of these “legislators” voting for this should get Alzheimers. (This website is openly Christian, but has good articles.)


Excerpt: The state of Oregon has gone down the proverbial slippery slope, from legalizing assisted suicide to active euthanasia of people without their consent.

On Feb. 27, 2018, Oregon’s state Senate passed House Bill 4135 — a bill that paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s who are not dying, effectively starving them to death.

On February 16, Oregon’s House passed HB 4135, in a party line 35(D) vs. 25 (R) vote.

More on site.


Wow, we have really gone off the deep end, starving the elderly with dementia. Can’t imagine what’s next.



This one made me laugh:

On the move. Misspelled. Don’t analyze. Q


Unfortunately, people on both side of the political spectrum swallow this politically correct psy-op.

comment image:large


Perhaps even more Q-anon posts today, up to 944 at the moment:



Good luck to all in America and around the world today. It is the afternoon of 11th March here in Australia. If this goes down as many are speculating, I hope it is a smooth operation and all the crims are rounded up with little blood , most certainly on the side of the good guys. Freedom for all! America and then the world!

Sending much love and support your way.



Thank you Ben!

Lots of good news.
What can easily be a concern though, especially, is in regard to the financial scenario. Crashing the stock market would have ripercussions on a huge number of firms and investors unrelated to the issue, maybe not something to neglect at this difficult time. A different solution would probably allow to freeze the assets without shock and, possibly, even redistribute them.


Woops, that should read with little blood shed.


Marine Urban Warfare Ex And Arrests


Streamed live 13 hours ago


I had a friend that attended a TRUMP rally in PA last night. She says the crowd was HUGE. She send me a vid – it was packed. She estimated that at least 1000 people were turned away!!

My friend went up to a security guy – she told him Q is on fire and to tell Trump thank you for Q.. She said he gave her the biggest grin and said “YES, Q is on fire”!


Joseph P. Farrell’s latest:




I had strangely not observed a single chemtrail over Philadelphia, during these past 10 days, despite all different sorts of severe and varied wintry weather conditions. But at this noon EDT hour, they are back: on the southwest horizon are two parallel east-west trails, with a general vague band of haziness beyond to the south. So far, the rest of the sky is a clear and vivid blue. The forecast calls for overcast skies arriving promptly, so I guess “they” are constructing that reality.

Did anyone else sense an absence in trails in the sky, over the past week?


Waldheim, I too have noticed an absence of Chemtrails here in western PA. Saw some planes laying down regular old contrails. Not holding my breath…Q said when we see the chemtrails gone, we’ll know the cabal is defeated.


No doubt the Zio-tards will play their anti-Semitic victimological fart -horning card with this.


#400284 intruth

The pair of chemtrail lines I saw an hour ago have pretty much dissipated, but their presence suggests we are still being sprayed by the cabal.

The sky is currently still a clear vivid blue. I just saw two jets flying, leaving old-fashioned 20-second contrails; the non-worrisome kind, you have been seeing too.


johnny kennedy-quote—–“The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify them. There is a very grave danger than an announced need for an increased need for security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of censorship and concealment. That I do not tend to permit, so long as it’s in my control”—–unquote….. – JFK—-



thank you max spiers for your excellent works for the light…..

rest and heal peacefully fine sir in the healing halls of the heavens…..


#400192 Hey Mozart…

All’s good now… got it back Friday night… but JCP&L is beyond an incompetent company… the very same company that I lost power to in NJ for 12 days with Hurricane Irene, so this is their typical response.

There are far more out-of-state energy company trucks in NJ, than for JCP&L, and to them, and all the great line-worker’s… hats off brothers, but unfortunately it’s the asshats that run these companies that the responsibility really lie. 😡

Thanks for the shout-out brother… have a good one.


Jim Stone
March 11 2018


Someone got a tracker onto my cell phone. I noticed it when it came in. It instantly jumped to a cellular tablet and another cell phone also. It then gave out the contacts, who were subsequently called, to get the app put on their phones. The app cannot install if you do not answer. I was there to stop people from answering. All my cellular devices are now considered bricked. Phones that got the subsequent calls were not answered, and received new sims before any app could be put on them. I wont’t say specifically why this was done to my phones but I will say how and give a general idea. This is part of the ongoing problems I have mentioned recently.
For the general idea, can you remember the children on trains bust I did a couple years ago, where the claim was children were riding the trains to the United States, but that was in fact a cover story for an enormous child snatching ring based in the United States and Europe, being operated out of Nicaragua? THAT. Ok, something similar, another bust, and I gave one of the victims my phone number. Big mistake.

That was used by the captors to back plant a bug on my cell, and track me, and I ended up having a bunch of freaky shit go on. It escalated quickly and I figured it out and disabled all devices (including ripping the wires out of a great tablet that had cell capabilities) I am now in hiding, letting things cool off, changing appearances, etc and it was very bad timing to have this happen when Paypal and Ebay are totally screwing with finances. But whatever, the car sleeps real well. ANYWAY,

The NSA lost control of all it’s phone hacking software in 2016, and now there are a gazillion third party apps that give criminals enormous power to track and kill those who hunt them down.

Don’t worry, I am OK, I knew about this ahead of time, saw the tracking app come in over the cell phone, wondered what it was, at the same time it came in the tablet which was in use at the time locked up, anyway it was obvious . . . . . and they were complete idiots, they gave themselves away by actually talking about it within earshot. So I knew what was going on.
I have bigger worries than these idiots and am confident my investigation will continue, and I’ll take them out. Pitbull on a Chihuahua type thing, I am tough to F*** with and will proceed in this unrestricted and unabated. Anyway, let me show you how serious this hacking thing is, with just a few basic reports.

This first report here is in the Washington Post. Note here, the date this report was released. This is when the big NSA drop actually happened, and it had code for bugging and tracking cell phones, computers, the whole 9 yards, which was then released in steps by the hackers over a period of a year. Criminals got ahold of this and the NSA wants to keep their toys – they are not shutting this down. All hardware that could ever be affected is still affected, even in the latest releases. I know this, because the cell phones were new. So the NSA sucks, they could care less how high level criminals use it. They just want their toys to work, and to hell with the consequences.
The Washington post report is HERE and remember, the NSA is not your friend, they never lifted a finger to fix this.

Here is the result of the NSA software release. Recklessly using what was once NSA only is spoken about in a carefree attitude like this!

Here is a report that Shows how serious this all is.
None of the reports say the obvious – that if you bust criminals, and they get your number, you are F***ed if you don’t know about this. I knew about it. So I will be perfectly OK, but two nice cell phones and a cellular tablet which have been disabled are now on their way to be sold in Computer Centro, where I will quickly re-enable them and sell them to used equipment vendors so these idiots can go find them in display cases and say “we lost the trail”.
At any rate, I am having a little stress. Donations were nearly completely blocked this month, and Ebay fees are $370 and coming due on the 15th. Flashcoin still appears to sell, if at all possible it would really help if you got some. If they keep blocking Paypal, I am just going to take the money out that should go to Ebay, cancel the visa so they can’t charge it, and let ebay die while they get stiffed. Paypal and Ebay are the same company and if they are going to screw me like this on purpose, to hell with them. Obviously if enough gets through to allow me to survive and pay Ebay they will get paid.

I would not recommend people try to donate directly, the proof they are blocking everything that does not go through Ebay is in the Paypal screen capture above. None of that came through, even after I clicked on every mail and entered Paypal to accept it.


The curious case of Parkland coach Aaron Feis (also known as the dead man who attended a funeral, one which got coverage from Times of Israel).


Excerpt: The Times of Israel article includes an AP photo of Meadow Pollack’s funeral (h/t NoDisInfo.com):

See that man on the left? — bald, beard, thick neck, glasses, and heavy set.

According to the people search engine TruthFinder, Aaron Louis Feis, who lives in Coral Springs, FL, about 4 miles from Parkland, has two male relatives:

Louis S. Feis, 61 (Aaron’s father?)
Raymond Burton Feis, 30 (Aaron’s brother?)
TruthFinder says Aaron Feis had also worked at Yard Guy Lawn Care for 2½ months in 2017, February 7 to April 24. Yard Guy Lawn Care LLC is one of three “corporate filings” associated with Aaron Feis, who is its manager and registered agent:

Filing number: #L16000016978
Filing date: Jan. 25, 2016
Filing office name: State Department/Corporation Division
Why would a lawn care business be filed with the State Department?

More on site.

comment image?w=500&h=198

comment image


Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble on the anniversary of Prime Holohoaxer E’Lie Weasel’s death.
One thing that cannot be said that E-Lie the Weasel is that he profited off of the mass murders of so many innocent people. That’s because, as regular readers of The Anti-New York Times all know, the “Holocaust” ™ was an invented fairy tale designed to tarnish the Germans and arouse sympathy for the Jews and Zionism. But the irony of E-Lie the Weasel’s pious and profitable fraud was that it aided and abetted, and continues to aid and abet, the real killing and the real suffering of millions of innocent people.

You see, public faith in, and public sympathy for, the “Holocaust” ™ is what allows Jewish gangsters and warmongers of every stripe to get away with Globalist/Marxist subversion, financial oppression, Hollywood demoralization and Zionist/neo-con genocide. Tribesmen like Soros, Satanyahu, Sulzberger, Greenspan, Bernanke, Redstone, Kagan, Kissinger and Kristol carry out the destruction; while sleazy scribblers like E-Lie the Weasel provide the protective cover in the form of misguided pity over one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated in the history of mankind. And that is why E-Lie the Weasel has been so puffed-up by the Piranha Press.

If indeed there is a Hell for evil doers, let us hope that E-Lie the Weasel won’t be able to weasel his way out by playing the “Holocaust Card.”


#400283 waldheim2
#400284 intruth
#400287 waldheim2
Currently at half-past 4 in the afternoon, we are being blatantly chemtrail-sprayed overhead, in long straight white bands that expand into a hazy cloud cover. Naturally, it should be a perfectly clear sunny day, but we are being scheduled for an overcast evening; the weather forecast on my phone says so. It’s just that all the ALL the cloudy transitions have originated chemically-spewed from jet aircraft! Why today? We had 10 legacy beautiful days absent from geo-engineering. What’s up?


Pardoned Sailor Kristian Saucier Says Obama DOJ Used Him As A Hillary ‘Scapegoat’
Photo of Christian Datoc
Christian Datoc
Breaking News and Engagement Editor
12:19 PM 03/10/2018

Kristian Saucier, the U.S. Navy sailor pardoned by President Trump Friday, harshly criticized the Obama administration during a Saturday morning interview with Fox News’ Pete Hegseth.

Saucier was charged and jailed in October 2016 for taking photos onboard a nuclear submarine in 2009. He believes his case was an attempt by the Obama administration to “take the heat” off of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server at the State Department
“It’s unfortunate that one prosecutor and a couple of FBI agents really just destroyed my life for no reason,” he told Hegseth. “This case could have been handled at a much lower level within the military as it should have been because I was active duty at the time, and I would have taken my punishment the same way like a man.”

“I made a mistake when I was a young kid, it was a misguided attempt to have some mementos, and it should have never reached the level that it did.”

“It was a clear attempt by the Department of Justice under President Obama to use me as a scapegoat to take the heat off of Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information,” he added. (RELATED: Sailor Seeks ‘Hillary Defense’ To Avoid Jail Time For Mishandling Classified Information)

Saucier ended his interview by thanking Trump for pardoning him.

“Thank you, sir for your bravery and for standing up in the face of so many people who said you would never do the right thing,” he stated. “You proved them wrong time and time again and thank you for having the moral fortitude to follow through on your promises.”


What he says is true…unlike Al “I invented the internet” Gore…
comment image


Jewish youth behind this burgeoning anti-gun crusade. (Called it. Posters with all caps, san serif font. Only thing missing is reverse text. Wonder who paid for this ad campaign.) They did not cheap out as far as the free t-shirts. There is more than one slogan. “Moms demand action” and “Whatever it takes.” Big surprise. Getty Images.


Excerpt: The student-led effort to change the nation’s gun laws has now received the support of the Reform movement’s 8,000-strong North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY), whose leaders said they were “inspired by our friends [in Florida] mobilizing their own community.”

“NFTY leaders from across North America are channeling our rage and gearing up to play a leadership role in the campaign for meaningful gun violence prevention measures,” said Zachary Herrmann, the group’s president, in the wake of last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that killed 17 students and staff members.

More on site.


Is child-groping Creepy Joe Biden considering a run for President?


Excerpt: In a CNN interview, Biden referred to President Trump as a ‘joke.’

From Downtrend:

Former vice president Joe Biden is famous for the stupid things that come out of his mouth. His legendary gaffes include telling a handicapped man in a wheel chain to stand up, asserting that being Indian is a requirement to work at 7-11, and asking the press if they knew where his “butt buddy” was. He is a laughing stock and an embarrassment to the country. He’s also apparently completely delusional. In a recent interview, the punchline to every joke in Washington claimed that President Trump is a joke.

More on site.

He has his own Pinterest page showing him molesting a variety of people.


Secret Service agent, under condition of anonymity, talks about Creepy Joe.


Excerpt: A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

According to the source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source told Cassandra Fairbanks, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

More on site.


The deeper reason for drug ads on television
Mar 11 by Jon Rappoport

Television viewers are inundated with drug ads from Big Pharma. It’s a flood.
Have you ever heard of these drugs? Otezla, Xeljanz, Namzaric, Keytruda, Breo, Cosentyz? Not likely. If you have, do you know what conditions they treat? Highly unlikely. But there they are, splashed in commercials.
Why? Who is going to remember to ask their doctor whether these and other obscure meds are right for them?
What’s going on here?


If Pharma can pay enough TOTAL money for ads, for ALL drugs, and dominate the allotted TV time for commercials, it can control the news—and that is exactly what it wants to do.

Pharmaceutical scandals are everywhere. Reporting on them, wall to wall, isn’t good for the drug business. However, as an industry ponying up billions of dollars for TV ads, Pharma can limit exposure and negative publicity. It can (and does) say to television networks: If you give us a hard time on the news, we’ll take our ad money and go somewhere else. Boom. End of problem……

…….Implicit in “ask your doctor if drug X is right for you,” is the message: “go to your doctor.” That’s the key. If the ads can put a viewer into the system, he will be diagnosed with something, and he’ll be given a drug for it.
So the drug ads are also promotions for doctors,…


Operation Mockingbird: When a CIA Director predicted its sure sign of success.
Posted on March 11, 2018
“We all know our disinformation program
is complete when everything the American
public believes is false.”

— William Casey, 13th CIA Director (1981-1987)


Hi Everyone,

we are back from our trip down to Christchurch. Good drive both ways (only about 6 hours each way) with the stoppages. It usually takes about 4 1/2 – 5 hours but we took it easy as we had lots of one way at 30 kph (18 mph) parts which were controlled by work groups.

They are doing a fantastic job of repairing the main highway between to top of the South Island (Picton) and Christchurch. Most of the slips and earthquake damage is just north and south of the town of Kaikoura (about half way on the 320 kms (200 miles) trip.

We had a lovely visit with friends and family but are glad to be back home. Traffic in Christchurch is bedlam for us ‘rural’ folk (although I did live in Christchurch between 1962 and 1997). We also have burn-out from all the shopping! They have an H&M shop amongst other high end shopping not available here in Marlborough. Much too much eye candy!

I will need to catch up on the postings – looking forward to 18th March and what may or may not happen.



More soft disclosure .. to my eyes.

CBS’s 60 Minutes just aired a segment about the cloning of Polo horses by a World Class Argentinian Polo player. At the very end an American man who is part of the Argentinian’s cloning business talks about having been approached by “some of the wealthiest people on the planet” with requests to clone humans. He says he would never agree and talks with Leslie Stahl, the interviewer as though the technology might be possible but hasn’t yet been tried. She presses… would it be just the same as what they have shown of cloning horses (almost exact matches, including personality and temperament)?… “You’d be surprised” he says… there’s very little difference.” A statement that seems more to refer to something in the present than in the future, eh?



Someone may have put this up in prior weeks cuz it was posted on 2/17/18.

I just came across it … and found the explanation for the pink clouds I’ve been seeing… so seems worth repeating this info. Actually, the pink dusk sky with dark grey clouds shown in the video is E X A C T L Y how the sky over my head was here in New England this evening.

We Are Being Sprayed W/ Lithium! Are You? Do You Have Lithium Symptoms?




Welcome home Alan!
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#400297, Yup, Vermithrax, here is the “Zuckerberg” construct. Grandparents Zuckerman and Greenberg. He is a Rockefeller. Here he is in his arrest record, under his real name.

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Here is Project Avalon’s site discussing this.


As for the Rothschilds, we have Zac Goldsmith and Princess Diana. Look familiar?


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Zac Goldsmith married a Rothschild.



littledogg #400304

Thank you so much for the video on lithium spraying. I had previously heard that lithium was in the chem trails, but had not heard of what the consequences were.

Explains SO VERY much!!!



Story of why David Icke met an ‘anti-terrorism officer’ and a council ‘anti-extremist co-ordinator’

David Icke talking about how police officers intimidated a venue in Leicester UK, where he was due to speak in april 2018 to the point where they cancelled the engagement, & he tells how he was interviewed at a police station & told he would be a danger to public order etc. Sinister advance in the curtailment of freedom of speech, in line with the Orwellian state.


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