Steel and aluminum

Hi Ben,
I recently came across this information and thought it may shed some light on the recently imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Japan:

Uh, I’m new at this, so I don’t know what the best way is to send you email without interception.  I don’t even know if this message will reach you.  Any helpful pointers for my future?

Your question was sent into my junk mail file but I retrieved it.  My understanding is that all the industrial “scandals” going on in Japan are simply part of a blackmail campaign to get companies with large cash hoards to fork over their money.

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Either u make up these questions or nobody emails u so u have to go in the junk mail to “retrieve questions” which I seriously doubt. I would think u would get 100s of questions in your primary acc so u wouldn’t need to go to your junk mail. It reminds me of TNT Tony Renfrow having staged callers call in asking staged questions. Hope I’m wrong but I have a pretty good nose for these things, not saying you’re a scam artist like Tony Turd but this question doesn’t pass the smell test.