Japan’s puppet government is next, as the dominoes keep falling

The final defeat of the Khazarian mafia is now visible on the horizon as their world control grid continues to collapse.  This is being seen most recently with dramatic political events in Italy, Japan, Korea, and the U.S.  Soon we will also see change in the UK, France, Germany, and Israel, multiple sources agree.

The biggest news in the past week was the announcement of a planned summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un.  In fact, the two leaders already met in secret last November, according to Pentagon sources.  The public announcement just means that an overall deal has been reached for reunifying the Korean Peninsula, say these and Asian secret society sources.  The deal, which will probably win a Nobel Prize for Trump as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping, will ensure that no U.S. troops are allowed to move North of the 38th parallel in a unified Korea, the sources say.

In a related development, the Khazarian slave administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is about to be toppled.  Rothschild slave Finance Minister Taro Aso is expected to resign first before Abe himself is removed, multiple sources agree.  In a visible sign this is imminent, Japanese television and newspapers are now in full scandal mode, reporting on how the Japanese government sold land at a huge discount to a school connected to Abe, his wife, plus a whole slew of politicians, and then lied about it.


The real scandal, though, is that the Abe regime was building a bioweapons laboratory and factory disguised as the Kake veterinary school.  This means the regime is guilty of war crimes and not just corruption.  The school, by the way, was supposed to open this April but zero students applied to take its entrance exam.

Japanese right-wingers associated with the Emperor say the entire secret establishment in Japan, including the Jesuit-controlled Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), has turned against the Abe regime and thus it is doomed.

A member of the Abe Cabinet, who admitted his government was about to fall, was sent to meet with a representative of the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week to beg for the puppet regime in Japan to be allowed to continue to serve.  He also begged that a member of the Abe Cabinet be allowed to sit in on ongoing negotiations between the U.S. military and the Chinese government about Japan’s future “just to take notes.”

However, neither the U.S. military nor the Chinese want to have any representatives of the Abe slave regime anywhere near the negotiations, according sources involved.  The U.S. military is furious with the Japanese establishment because they have recently found out that Kobe Steel deliberately sabotaged U.S. military equipment by selling them faulty steel, Pentagon sources say.  This is not going to go unpunished, they say.

The WDS, for its part, said the Japanese government (minus Abe and his cronies) must agree to the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, free and fair elections, and the announcement of…

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Thank you for this report, Benjamin; be safe.
And gratitude to Kauilapele for the heartfelt
completion of his most recent Mission.
The Light has won. Victory to the Light.


Thanks Ben


Benjamin wrote: …secret negotiations aimed at freeing humanity are going on involving Russia, Iran, China, and the U.S. military. Thus, it is now just a matter of time before we have mass arrests and war crime tribunals, as well as a jubilee and a new meritocratic political and financial system controlled by and for the people.



Thank you BEN and ALL LIGHTWORKERS on and off planet….!


Hello BFC..


This is surreal, exciting. I can feel the change…


The wildly successful “Q” psy-ops ???


keep the dominoes falling


Following the 8Chan discussion board of all the Q drops, including the discourse in Merkel, was RIVETING this weekend. https://8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html

Compilation of Q drops can be found here. Updates automatically with each drop. https://qanon.pub

Direct confirmations showing that this High military intelligence is working right alongside Trump to keep us informed.

Q is almost up to 1,000 posts now since last fall.


Tomorrow’s interview and a few cool Youtube links about the Event!

Allison Coe
Published on Mar 11, 2018
Hi Everyone – Happy Sunday! Just bounced off the trampoline to give you a quick message about tomorrow’s interview and a few cool clips I’ve watched this weekend – hope you enjoy!

Suzanne and Ron QHHT Session (forgot to mention in video – Awesome!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4nw-

Simon Parkes interview (5 minutes in): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8OyF

Tolec Deep Disclosure: 20 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyzX6

Alba Weinman’s edited session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-O2t

Rising Phoenix Aurora: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVhmX

Invite for tomorrows interview with Candace:You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Mar 12, 2018 10:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Topic: “The Event” Update and Q and A with Allison Coe

HERE is the url for the meeting.


Thanks Ben your reports are appreciated


Amazing events keep coming… BTW, Q is considered highly credible by many…


13 may all b serene…

And MOST POWER FULL light to all behind-the-scenes good dragon work in process. fthgac.


I found out there are 2 more Illuminati presidents, Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce, so these two had a Reptilian soul. I also want to mention that Muhammad and Martin Luther King had Reptilian souls. People with Reptilian souls don’t do 100% bad, they accomplish some good stuff too. I’m starting to get caught up, from all the soul reports and past life readings that were ordered after my 2 recent interviews (go to home page to get links). I was close to 200 emails behind and now I’m close to 100 emails behind and they are coming in slower, but I’m still 10 days behind, because so many ordered Feb 28, 2018 as it was the last day at the lower price. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


” ensure that no U.S. troops are allowed to move North of the 38th parallel in a unified Korea, the sources say.”

Is this actually saying that any activity above the 38th parallel is off limits to be investigated? Sounds like move all of your uranium activities above the 38th parallel and have safety…


Good morning everyone, and thanks, Ben!


Clinton Charity Fraud Biggest Scandal in US History – Kevin Shipp


By Greg Hunter On March 11, 2018



a jubilee, including not only a cancellation of all debt but also a one-off redistribution of assets. As of this writing, no formal answer has been received to this request.

This is an interesting concept from a couple of angles..

1- many USA companies work their employees like dogs, 12 hour days being fired for being late a few times a year or calling off a few times a year. It’s no job or too much job in America right now. A redistribution of debt may mean that workers will say take this job and shove it…. The American dream never was work yourself to death and still live meagerly.

2- also– illegal aliens– not getting their fair share because they are illegal. Not getting anything from their own country because they aren’t there and not getting anything from the country they are illegal in because they’re illegal…

people should really think about this illegal thing because if we decide illegals are ok, then the illegal fallen angels are ok too along with all of the harm that came with them.

no doubt though, what has been stolen must be returned with interest. How does a cabal mob compensate for the deaths of trillions of people? Money will not be enough.


second thought– if the illegals don’t get a cut of the redistribution of funds then they definitely should visit their democratic representatives who should then be forced to give up their guns..


intruth #400319

Some of these videos have been taken down.


Good morning…. good news for the people? Thank you Ben!


Tolec, DEEP DISCLOSURE, Segment 2

Here is the link Allison was talking about. Start at 20 min in.

We start to feel it on Mar 15 – wave of energy peaks between 18-20th.


Thnx Ben! This is the tipping point!! 😃🙏❤️🙌☯️🌈🦌🎶🌹


JRS #88: Allison Coe digs deeper into The Shift with Kerry and Tiffanie


JoyRide Radio Show W/ The Metaphysical Moms
Published on Mar 8, 2018


I’m here! Number 25

So, did effing Podesta GET ARRESTED, or not?

There was so much noise about Podesta getting arrested by/on Sunday, 3/11, so, did that happen?


Thanks to Ben, I look forward to Monday mornings again.


Tolec, DEEP DISCLOSURE, Segment 2

This is the 7th time we have attempted Ascension, the others were too dominated by AI on the planet.

Tolec mentions he spoke to David Wilcok to emphasise that they should all work together more these days; DW then put Tolec in touch with Corey Goode who talked & then passed him on to his assistant, & after emailing has so far heard nothing. (No surprise there imo).

This group of Lightworkers were contacted by their ‘ET mentors’ because of the use of Looking Glass technology to look into the future to see how useful they would become in the transformation process that is currently in motion.

These mentors began to realise that we were not disruptive (in terms of future world order governance) but actually aiming for a higher frequency & that we kept on coming back after repeated setbacks, & so they began to see who they were really working for & so changed sides in our favour to then bring about more synchronistic circumstances to enable our speedier advancement.

They were looking for new DNA, the real reason babies blood is taken at birth & becoming standard procedure. New strands of silica based DNA crystalline strands were discovered. (Indigo children & others).

The very soon coming event is not the end of something but a beginning; in 2024 there will be a solar eclipse to further advance the waking up of humanity. So many will not be able to handle their belief system taken away from them. (BTW Marduk is dead apparently).

Pt 1, Aurora Channels Dolores Cannon On “The Event”, Solar Flare, Waves of Love

She also talks about the week from the 18th March. We are not ready for the full physical ascension. Only about 30-40% are fully or partially awakened; we must not forget our ‘Service to Others’ when the wave comes through our heart.

We are the anchors, this is why Gaia can remain stabilised, until the solar flares continue later.
Place your feet on the bare earth, connect to the wind & air. We should connect to all our collective hearts with Gaia’s heart to heal & stabilise her & ourselves. Do not be held back by the ‘mind connection’.


Since listening to alt. news commentators beginning several years ago my husband and I have worked tirelessly to get out of debt and sell off any big-ticket items and to preserve wealth for retirement and possible lean times ahead for the U.S. My husband draws the line at getting out of the stock market due to it’s “gains” however….
Sounds like we will just be totally screwed by the whole “jubilee” thing. We have worked ourselves to pieces so as not to owe anything to the banksters and to be fiscally conservative, in the end maybe we should have just followed the herd over the cliff into debt oblivion…..very depressing thoughts. I just throw my hands in the air and shake my head and wonder WTH!?! Can there be no justice in this somehow?


Major FBI News Breaking Monday at True Pundit

Because Twitter has tampered with access to our TLs especially @Thomas1774Paine, we are promoting breaking news a day ahead in order to help offset Twitter’s censorship to try keep True Pundit readers away from our news.

On Monday we will be breaking a major and disturbing investigative story on the FBI and additional related stories will remain ongoing for some time. We cannot divulge at this time any further details.



laylow1 #400337

We did the same thing. I think you were smart. Who could count on a debt jubilee?
It hasn’t happened yet either.




32 today will do. Let’s go readon.


33 this week. Thank you Ben! Everyone have a great week!


33 it seems. Encouraging but I do have issues with Ben’s enthusiasm. The zionist totalitarians are in full swing in the UK where you can’t question anything without being thrown in jail. They are constantly canceling David Icke’s sold-out talks. On his most recent video he explained how the local police are even involved and the number of “Z” organizations that pressure local townships. An even bigger ditto for Germany where you can barely say anything anymore without risking imprisonment for inciting public agitation even if no one actually responds. This level of power is disturbing if the crime syndicate is truly on its way out.

His support for China is very concerning since that government recently banned all versions of Orwell’s 1984 and is heavily censoring all social media and search engines for words like freedom, authority, and the letter “n”. That’s pretty scary and certainly doesn’t sound like a meritocracy to me. Icke reveals that China is practicing pre-crime tech and arresting people for dissident conditioning whether they’ve done anything or not.

Some Z totalitarian groups have set up base in Silicon VAlley to create a massive media surveillance system with the help of all the tech companies there including Amazon, Google, Tesla, FB and whoever else. I don’t see how these developments support the success narrative . Censorship is rampant. China and Russia use the same surveillance and censorship tactics as Israel in their own countries which is scary.

How do we understand the complete collapse of South Africa, a country that has been staunchly anti-Israel since Mandela came to power? I realize that these events are often labeled the death throes of the Cabal, but they are numerous and enforced.

I did cheer Cohn’s departure, the NK Olympics, and Kushner’s demotion but Trump owes the Chabbad group a ton of money and many of his real estate holdings are in serious danger. One wonders how long he can pursue the renegade Pentagon agenda. His refusal to reinstate the Jersey/NY Tunnel project is encouraging, since he would be awarding the work to Cabal agents, particularly operations owned by the CEO of Vornado.


And if the Cabal rout narrative Ben is promoting is true, how do we explain this tragedy?



comment image?w=1050&h=700


Couldn’t be more blatant than this….
Rep. Devin Nunes Warns Drudge: Twitter is Censoring Your Account!
March 11, 2018 by Cristina Laila 142 Comments
Tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are censoring conservatives by using many different methods from shadowbanning to overtly blocking content from users.

One way Twitter censors users is by marking content “sensitive” which blocks people from viewing the tweet. Users on desktops can click “view” in order to see the tweet, however; on iPhone app for Twitter, the content is unable to be viewed.

Twitter is censoring the Drudge Report by marking tweets with a warning that states, “This tweet is not available because it includes potentially sensitive content.”

On Sunday, Chairman Devin Nunes brought attention to the censorship.


Jeremy Corbyn isn’t he a globalist and hard core leftist?


FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link to Mandalay Bay Massacre

Posted on March 12, 2018

The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.

And now, after months of corporate-infused spin by MGM Resorts and outright lies from officials in the FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, federal agents and intelligence officials are spilling the beans about what really happened on and before the Oct. 1 massacre.

The major, shocking revelations include:

When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Paddock only. Even a key internal audio captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.
When FBI brass was provided the names of persons of interest who likely assisted Paddock, agents were instructed not to interview the individuals. One would-be target was never pursued despite pleadings from intelligence officials and agents that he was possibly the second shooter.

The FBI uncovered specific evidence showing that Paddock was anti-Trump and had an affiliation with ANTIFA, though it never was divulged to the public and agents did not follow such leads, per orders of their superiors.

When FBI brass was given evidence that the shooting was possibly linked to ANTIFA radicals working with an ISIS-linked terror faction — including the full identities of some of the suspects with ties to both radical groups and at or near Mandalay Bay the night of the deadly shooting — agents were never instructed to follow up on the investigation and pursue the suspects.

When intelligence officials approached the FBI and LVMPD with external evidence that Paddock was only one member of an organized terror cell — which included as many as five gunman who planned to fire from the Mandalay Bay suite — the compelling evidence was covered up. Never pursued.

When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence that Paddock’s death was not a suicide, the intelligence was never pursued by the FBI and LVMPD. FBI sources said Paddock suffered two gunshots. His autopsy report only details a single bullet to the head. FBI sources maintain Paddock’s autopsy was doctored and is a fraud.

When an ISIS-linked “businessman” from Turkey was pinpointed in the investigation — and found to be residing near Las Vegas at the time of the shooting — FBI agents were not instructed to follow up and pursue intelligence leads showing possible links to the massacre.

FBI and intelligence officials believe Paddock and associates chose to strike the Las Vegas country music concert with over 22,000 people because they likely supported President Trump. FBI agents said they were instructed to keep that key motive quiet too.
When MGM refused to share cctv footage from Mandalay Bay, FBI agents were threatened by superiors that any whistle blowers divulging such revelations to the media would lose their jobs. The FBI still has never been provided all the camera footage from the Mandalay Bay, FBI agents said.

When FBI agents and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives informed FBI bosses that Paddock didn’t start buying dozens of guns until after Trump’s election, they were told to keep that fact quiet and shrouded.
When FBI agents followed up on an ABC News report that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines shortly before the rampage they confirmed the report was untrue. Instead of disputing it, FBI bosses embraced the false story, saying it helped build the narrative the Bureau was constructing about Paddock. FBI agents believe the story was planted with ABC by their superiors.



Somebody said the tribunals were coming this Monday…& still nothing…I was thinking of buying bulk popcorn.


Jim Stone
March 12 2018

Package bombs in Austin Texas.

New rules to soon be announced for use of postal service:
1. You must be 21 years old to mail a package.
2. You must pass a background check to mail a package.
3. You must pass an additional psychiatric evaluation to mail a package.
4. If you are found guilty of any crimes, you cannot mail a package.
5. If you have ever had any type of domestic dispute, you cannot mail a package.

Packages kill. One, in Austin Texas this morning, killed someone, and injured another. Packages must be regulated today, not tomorrow, for the good of the children.

Q Anon 3/11 fail

I gotta say, I am pleased I never fell for the bullshit. Not one thing Q ever posted came true. And more: I generally do not post what I have not discovered or thought of myself. Yes, Q was a great story, but as it turns out, only a story. Not one 2017 prediction came true, and we are well into 2018. The Q 3/11 apocalypse came and went, without a sound. If you have been following Q, it is time to consider that.
Remember, if you flip a coin, it will answer with perfect accuracy 50 percent of the time. Q did not reach that level! I had a few people try to get me to follow Q, and I am glad I called B.S. so early on that this might be my most significant Q post ever.

EU threatens to sue the UK if Trump imposes steel tariff

You cannot make this level of B.S. up. No one is creative enough. The EU is threatening to sue Britain if Trump puts a steel tariff on the EU, but not on Britain! HA HA HA, how about having the EU sue Zimbabwe for Trump putting sanctions on the EU, but not Zimbabwe? My God what losers!! Those in charge of the EU are proving they are not fit to govern. I find it hard to believe anyone actually elected them, such types can only get into office with a little Soros magic. Anyway, I saw this on Breitbart


comment image


vijeetgv #400349

We are getting there. We’ve been waiting since 2012 when this announcement was first made.


Jim Stone
You Day?

Like the previous post, libs are getting so “out there” that you can’t make this stuff up.
Waitrose has started selling Mother’s Day cards that do not use the word “mother” to make the annual celebration more inclusive.

The supermarket said their cards, some of which simply state “Happy You Day”, would mean that transgender people who do not consider themselves mothers could still take part.

The posh retailer said the plan meant “broadening out who the cards can go to, whether it’s grandmas or transgender mums”. It will continue selling traditional Mother’s Day cards alongside the new range.See this.
My comment: Where is that vomit smiley when you need it? I can never seem to find the correct emoticon to embed when needed.

An “oh my God” screen capture

Elizabeth Warren is being downright audacious with this claim, she is obviously upper class white elitist, NOT “Native American”, sorry, a headband fit for a 7 year old girl and toy arrows do not make you an Indian! I really think the elitists are that far out of touch with reality.


vermithrax #400350

Proof is always required…Ben may be on to something. .


The real reason for drug advertising.


Excerpt: Television viewers are inundated with drug ads from Big Pharma. It’s a flood.

Have you ever heard of these drugs? Otezla, Xeljanz, Namzaric, Keytruda, Breo, Cosentyz? Not likely. If you have, do you know what conditions they treat? Highly unlikely. But there they are, splashed in commercials.

Why? Who is going to remember to ask their doctor whether these and other obscure meds are right for them?

What’s going on here?


If Pharma can pay enough TOTAL money for ads, for ALL drugs, and dominate the allotted TV time for commercials, it can control the news—and that is exactly what it wants to do.

More on site.


deester #400355
The real reason for drug advertising.

Most outrageous to me is the side affects they mention. :Like serious brain infection, death and limb amputation. After hearing some of these commercials, I ask who would ever be foolish enough to take them?

We mute them all now.


Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp…

Kevin Shipp talks about Q. Start at 12:10. Kevin is suspicious but on the fence. and makes some good points. Like why is Q using the dark net and drawing people to it. He says he respects Jerome Corsi. Kevin has been exposing things in public. Why the encrypted messages?


Cracks in the Earth’s Shield.


Published on Mar 11, 2018


Jim Stone
March 12 2018

This is probably significant: Russians probably take out double agent working for MI6 with nerve gas in Britain

British Detectives have identified the unknown substance that left a Russian spy and his daughter fighting for life, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has suggested.
Rudd was told more details about the suspected poisoning of Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, during a Cobra meeting held earlier today.

Scotland Yard will release an update on the mysterious chemical used in the apparent assassination attempt later today, the Home Secretary said.

Rudd told reporters after the meeting: “We do know more about the substance and the police will be making a further statement this afternoon in order to share some of that.”

Meanwhile, counter-terror cops investigating the incident have today urged anyone who visited Salisbury town centre on Sunday to come forward.

Retired Russian colonel Skripal and Yulia remain in a critical condition after being exposed to the unknown substance in Salisbury, Wilts, on Sunday.

A blonde woman who was seen on CCTV walking alongside an older man while holding a red bag is being hunted by police, according to reports.

The footage was captured close to where Skripal – a double agent for M16 – and his daughter were found slumped and unconscious on a bench.

When the video first emerged yesterday, the pair were believed to be Skripal and Yulia, who had gone out for dinner and drinks in Salisbury.

But Yulia, who was visiting the UK from Russia, has reddish brown hair, not blonde, according to a witness who saw them hours before they were stricken.

Speculation the apparent chemical attack was orchestrated by the Kremlin was rife yesterday with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson branding Russia “a malign and disruptive force”.

Now investigators are exploring the possibility that Skripal – who handed Russian state secrets to M16 – and his daughter were spiked in the pub, the Sun reported.

Their suspected poisoning is believed to be an attempted assassination by the Kremlin, UK government sources told the Times – a claim it strongly denies.

This was posted by the Daily Star.
My comment: This type of event can spark wars. Russia does not take kindly to double agents, however, nailing them in the country they gave your secrets to is probably a no no. This is one to watch.


Benjamin, Nancy Lieder sometimes backs up assessments made by her information sources, the Zetas, with statements made by you. Are you in sync with the Zetatalk message re: incoming Planet X and a very disruptive pole shift for earth?

Also, when I read about Donald Trump’s accomplishments on your site, I see him as a brave and admirable leader. However, when I see him on TV, and see his tweets, he seems like an asshole. In your opinion, how do these differing versions of the president dovetail?


Thank you again for the good work that you do.


Hi there Ben and crew!

Thanks for report Ben. Somewhat skinny this time. And…. It feels so quiet…before?

On Mister Abe….. you have spoken of his replacement for many years now. He is still “their” choice. But does it really matter who leads there right now?!
If Merkel really IS Hitler’s daughter/son? surely the Queen must be of similar offspring….. May we remind ourself that the Royals by The Queen has taken children from a boarding school…and here is the witness:


“This is William Combes:

He said he witnessed “the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.”

According to Anonymous:

“In Canada, “government and church run ‘residential’ schools were used to systematically break down native communities over decades.”

“Sexual abuse was normal, and murders also happened.”
Should this come as a surprise to anyone? No – The Royals have been and ARE, involved in everything that is evil. IMO.


So …let me rise my own vibration a bit. And rest in the knowingness that all will come forward.

This may well seem as a huge contradiction, I’m first to admit. However, I can’t hold it back.

It’s so easy to see/feel if I myself has really “understood it”

Every time, again and again, in a perpetual repetitious modus of showing how cruel and hideous the elite rulers are towards us, we/I do them all a favour. Giving them to much attention and strengthen their power and prolong their reign over us

If a “problem” arise – proactive behaviour is always the solution.
Be aware – but I detachment from that what’s not “real” – is my way.

By now it must be obvious. It is WE who decide. The help we gets, and indeed truly welcome it is…., is mostly an outer manifestation, activation and realization of our inner work, dreams and intentions.

NEEDS always to BE REPEATED. cuz the memory of our true self is still controlled and held hidden from us. But not for long my friends.

If we get confused, distracted or overdosed by lies and propaganda, or hard evidence of the most hideous crimes, a huge neon light sign should be turned on. From within our heart-mind. That – LOVE will always win!
Showing us the direction “home”, as the darkest night creeps in…

No-one else can do this “effort” for us. (and best of all, it’s actually quite simple. Not a spiritual leader, benevolent ET or even God him/her/itself.
Only You and I decide what we want to experience, where to go, what to create, to do and with who…..he he
Freedom comes with recognitions of our greatness imo. Not by hammering at our/theirs flaws or rather “evilness” constantly, to justify our/my role as powerless victim… or by fall down on our knees in hopelessness and dismay….. will only serve the rulers.

Well – it was just my ordinary reminder for myself and those interesting. If so, but recognize there probably thousand ways to go about anything….., to remember who we are.
LOVE and forgiveness are always the fastest way imo


siggi  #400363

LOVE and forgiveness are always the fastest way imo
siggi 2018-03-13 5:45 AM

Hi Siggi,

Thanks for your post and I totally agree with your last sentence.

Best regards,


I know I’m not up to date so please forgive. Must read through a lot…but sorry right now.
To much 3 D work…if that is important at all? Just wanted to finish what I started…It takes most of this year..
I’m ready for ALL though, right now – just come with it please – the “goodies” we all have been waiting for..We have deserved it!
Thank you and so it is.
Here is a out of body experiences I had a couple of weeks back. I hope you will like it, if you decide to read it that is…he he

Wow – just had an awesome out of body experiences – long time nw since the last one .

I was eh. “floating/flying” around. My “mission” was to seek out a new place to live. A much better location. Were qualities of inner and outher peace, joy and serendipity is the norm. My heart was filled with excitement!. Would I be able find it?

After a short while I “landed”. I looked carefully around, but could not see any people. Was it a planet with no life?!

Luckily, when I got more grounded and adapted to the brighter light, lots of buildings appeared. This I knew. It was clearly a fisherman village. But all the sea houses had somewhat unfamiliar looks…. of bright new painted colours, White, red, yellow….and where is all the fishing boats, I asked myself??
Anyway – it was a beautiful settings. I had a distinct feeling I was in Ireland…. But still not sure this was on Earth…..??
I looked again, if to see and connect to people here, maybe I could ask them?

No people to spot yet….before hearing the sound of singing in a remote distance.
A clear strong women’s voice were drifting towards me. Carried by a fresh sea-salty summer breeze. Maybe all the fisherman with crew had land leave? Celebrating their last great catch?
But no, I felt something different….
I was totally hypnotized by this voice…., slowly being guided closer and closer its origin.

Next – I found myself standing outside an “older” reddish-grey stone building, with a venerable character by the looks and feeling of it.
It obviously had a distinguish feature of, what we normally would describe as a Tavern/Pub. (but just not quite…). I was approaching a small rectangular window, stopped there at the street corner. I couldn’t help myself…. looking down at a table where four young people in their early 20’s had gathered. In a magnificent cheerful joyous moment. They were all smiling and singing.
No drunken fishermen, sailors or regulars to be found. No beer or alcohol were served. No smell of cigarettes. No noise.

The “Irish” sure knows how to have a good time. Throw themself in a sing a long, including everyone. A dance or two… certainly always on the menu. Good humor and frequent laughter, goes without saying…

Still…it was the phrase she/they sung that caught my attention…, it deeply touched my heart.

“We have found a new place to settle down my Dear
and here – there are no suffering or sorrow
Only joy – and a bright new tomorrow”

I can only remember this chorus.
I never knew how long I stood there – totally captivated by their wonderful youthful inspiring message. And all so beautiful delivered.. My heart sang with them too.

So I hadn’t notice the twilight, the cooler wind or the soft-lighted rain shower, either. Slowly dripping down my cheeks.
When it reached my mouth, it had a strange taste of salt….

Had I come”home”? Or just passing by? To share this to anyone who need to hear it? So I hope – and reminded me of…. The first thought does not exclude the last.

My mission was a huge success I felt. Now I needed to take contact with these people….
Then I woke up.
I just want to say I was “floating” a lot ha ha ha, during my awaken hours afterwards as well., and still are in some degree.


Hi juju #400343, and siggi  #400363,
I’m with you. Trump is vulnerable to Deutsche Bank. Mercer/RenTec got him elected and does their banking, derivative trading, and IPO making at Deutsche Bank, along with the AlphaBank money laundromat for the Khazarian Mafia. What a coincidence. Oleg Deripaska, who is business partners with Nat Rothschild, is deeply connected to many of Trump’s cabinet members, as well as other KM oligarchs. Another coincidence?

VimpleCom/Veon is the google/facebook/twitter equivalent owned by Alpha Group, Putin and his friends, also connected to Alphabet, Google’s parent company and Facebook. The parent company of Veon is privately owned by an entity called the Crown Finance Foundation based in Valduz, Liechtenstein. Coincidence?

We may have slightly different owners of the media now, but not so different. The narrative seems to be more controlled, not less controlled, and individually served up now to push our hot buttons and keep us angry at each other rather that seeing the man behind the curtain.

The policies of Trump and his cabinet are very friendly to the oligarchs (no taxes for the richest, no regulations that serve and protect the people, planet, etc). I’m not seeing a take down of the oligarchs, but a more complete sat/nav take over by the oligarchs with different names. More arms dealing and wars, more drug and people traffic connected to the same kleptocrats. The Khazarians are originally from Ukraine, Crimea, Hungary, western Belarus. The word Ashkenaz means a country near the Black Sea.

This is not bottom up, but top down control getting not only stronger, but more insidious. My hope is that people are waking up. My fear is that they buy the distraction of division and spend energy aiming the take down at the “other” rather than the underlying controllers. I don’t see the white hats on white horses coming to the rescue, I think we have to rescue ourselves and each other from the illusion that is created for us.

Siggi, I agree with your way out of this mess. We must see it, rise above it, and see the way out though our hearts. Focus on it dissolving like the wicked witch of the west, or by spontaneous combustion with air and light. A pivot is what is needed and it can happen fast. The military and private police are not the way things will improve.


aneeson #400364
Thanks for your post and I totally agree with your last sentence.”
Hi Alan!
Thanks for last time, and your respond to me…
Hope all is well with you and that your wife feels better now.

best regard to you as well


James Gilliland’s newsletter article


The Art of InterDimensional War EXCERPT

by James Gilliland March 7, 2018

Many go through their daily lives oblivious to how what is happening on other dimensions has an effect on their daily lives.

This article will be dismissed by those trapped in social consciousness and the material because they have no reference points, yet when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Many go through their daily lives oblivious to how what is happening on other dimensions has an effect on their daily lives. They believe they are a body and a personality and, in most cases, follow the herd.

The big question is who is driving the herd?

Just as there are many forms of livestock and animals that would fit into herds, there are also many humans who also fit into herds. The herd mentality is part of social consciousness. The only way to truly understand what is happening is to step out of the herd, step out of social consciousness. The more one awakens to the multidimensional world around them and their own multidimensional nature the more one realizes how the universe works. It is not how you think, it never is and there is always more to the story. If you are fixed in your personality, your be lie fs, -“There is always a lie in belief-” you will not be aware of these other forces, thus you will be subject to them.




cornpoppin Re. #comment-400327

“the illegal fallen angels” ?

Aren’t we all illegal, too, as we were created from “Aliens” and the mud of Earth?


vermithrax #400359

Jim Stone
March 12 2018

This is probably significant: Russians probably take out double agent working for MI6 with nerve gas in Britain
………………………………………………Then Jim Stone’s comment:

My comment: This type of event can spark wars. Russia does not take kindly to double agents, however, nailing them in the country they gave your secrets to is probably a no no. This is one to watch.
Sounds similar to the Litvinenko case but then this came out in March 2016

Evidence proving that Alexander Litvinenko, was killed by US and UK special services


Someone trying to start war with Russia?
So what’s new? Agreed – one to watch.



vijeetgv #400349
Somebody said the tribunals were coming this Monday…& still nothing…I was thinking of buying bulk popcorn.

Grendizer #400352
As I heard it, the indictments were to be unsealed today. I think that and the arrests will be what precedes the tribunals.

Stay tuned……… And even the arrests may not be made public or announced outright.



Hi all! Just came across this channel… very well explained to an “in the world but longing not to be!” kinda mind…
Conveyed with confidence! Great explanation of the way our intention is manifesting … breaking down the hierarchies.

Never came across her before today, and wanted to share.


kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

Please watch this video, EXTREMELY VALUABLE INFORMATION. EXTREMELY. ∞ ♥️11115551111💚 ∞
∞ ♥️11115551111💚 ∞

Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro

Qanan also point out the secret meeting took place in forbidden city over dinner! Ben, can you confirm this.


Wolfintimber from last week: #400289



thank you max spiers for your excellent works for the light…..

rest and heal peacefully fine sir in the healing halls of the heavens…..”

THANK YOU soooo much for putting this up, Wolfy.
I took a look at the link posted and then grabbed some of Max’s last interviews that I had listened to at the time.

Whether it ‘s the “incoming” flow of heart/sun/expansion due in force next week… or just a heart expansion in my own development.. I am listening to these interviews today… not so much for the info (tho it still engages on that level about intent and “tech” the lizzy-pups use)… today I am listening realizing that all he talks about.. (Brazillian children being abducted and brought north to be tortured in rituals… that all big musical performers were/are programmed to be pawns of the lizzi-satanic ritual power….. etc)
………………….I am listening realizing all is true at this very moment all over this globe and all within the globe and beyond…

…… Whether or not as Ben reports the “end is near” for all this Lizzy-puppery at this moment m a n y BEings. SOULS are still “in it”… tortured… trapped… anaesthetized…
And at each moment of our now all of us with heart… all of us tapped into the BIGGER WELL of WELL-Being .. can beam all that goodness, compassion, healing, transformation to all these that Max gave his life to tell us about.
…… and so I listen and DO that. “BEAM” the goodness to them.
…………….BEAM the goodness to all those who struggle who are reported so faithfully about week upon week here.
…………………….BEAM the HEART and the GOODness.. the POWER of ComPASSION.. to all these brothers and sisters.
…………………………………… Of Course: For The Highest Good of ALL Concerned.

As i listen to Max .. to me.. i think it is like having a chair “down there” within the earth… and probably within 4D/5D/6? … with the ANSHAR… beaming up to us… those of us who can open to awareness of those trapped in the horror without having the horror swollow us up… all of us can BEAM to our brothers and sisters. We can do that. ANd it can make a difference. We do not need to just stand by.. read reports and wait. We can BE DOing the change.. by BEAMING.

I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine – Max Spiers

Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop – Max Spiers

Fractured The Mysterious Death of Max Spiers-BBC FULL Documentary




That moment when the person that is batshit crazy paranoid starts to become the accurate finger to the wind!

I’ve been getting dreams about prison etc. and in relation to the energies of my personal life. Whether me, or another individual (s), a group or a nation, seems to accurately line up with that symbology.

My psychic space has become so dark that the main way it feels that I have dreams is if I light a ‘Reiki charged candle’ specifically to do with dreams. This breaks in to the confusion and torment of those around me which my normal higher self dream state stays well clear of and in which I do not have dreams.

… The only thing to look forward to is Putin blowing us up.


“An “oh my God” screen capture

Elizabeth Warren is being downright audacious with this claim, she is obviously upper class white elitist, NOT “Native American”, sorry, a headband fit for a 7 year old girl and toy arrows do not make you an Indian! I really think the elitists are that far out of touch with reality.
An “Oh my God” ‘nother rant about liberals from just as narrow-minded as they complain about alt rightists!!

I am not a fan of Elizabeth Warren at this point. For me it is the “one note” scold she is constantly into about this or that.

BUT R E A L L Y!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES all those who can’t let go of her having believed her relatives when she put down (y e a r s and y e a r s ago) on school apps that she was of Native American Heritage.

She has LOOOOOOONG since apologized.. explained.. what ever.

And she is not of the AMERICAN Elite. She comes from an ordinary white working parent home. Not e v e r y politician is of the 1%.

If Jim Stone and any one else cannot see that the png is a “mock up” to mock her.. I wonder what else I should believe that they are informing us about.

ok.. lil doggie trotting down off her “piller of soap box”!


deester #400355
The real reason for drug advertising.

from the ‘more on site’:

“Implicit in “ask your doctor if drug X is right for you,” is the message: “go to your doctor.” That’s the key. If the ads can put a viewer into the system, he will be diagnosed with something, and he’ll be given a drug for it.”

1. I tend to be a little disappointed with the non-integrative nature of the medical services at the Integrative Care Center I use for my annual (semi-annual at best actually)
physical. However, when my readings showed a tiny percent possibility that I might need
“blood pressure medicine” my PCP commented: “If I offered such a script to an ordinary patient, they might be fine with adding it to all the other medications they take every day. But, since you have NO prescriptions.. you might object to me writing one of these for you” .. which of course, I would have.

2. I arrived Friday at my part time community mental health job planning to have the usual “Big Pharma” free lunch (not nearly the quality of nutrition I feed myself with.. but, hey: “free” to all clinic staff… can’t pass that up , eh?). Luckily I wasn’t sure the drug reps wd be there.. and brought my own stuff.. cuz low and behold.. the psychiatrist had fired all those “Reps”… deprived us all of our free “bad for you” chow… by liberating himself from his only free hour being a brain-washing session by big pharma.. YES!!


intruth #400356

What are you finding of value on the “telly” between all those “dire warning” pharmalogs?

for me it’s Big Bang Theory… Mom (THE only show that presents what r e a l substance abuse recovery actually entails.. yeah!) and now that adorable “Young Sheldon”. A little THursday nite bonanza.
But that’s it.

Time spent better with you all.


suemail #400360

hey sue.. please email these questions to Ben.
We are pretty sure he ignores these comments but now-a-days he seems to respond to emailed questions and I’d like to read his answers to these.


siggi #400363

O siggi.. I was wondering where and how you were and.. THERE you are:

“Only You and I decide what we want to experience, where to go, what to create, to do and with who…..he he”
Just so.. so you… thank you.

………………. and T H A N K S for the Out of Body report!! Yeah! may we all go there.
and I resonnate w the floaties.. lots o that goin’ on for me these days… whee!!


A whole string of “littledog”s.

I’m channeling Caleb! 🍀 😉

And Caleb. where ever you are .. lite litey lite lite to ya.. fthgac.

Yuri gahan

Hi Benjamin,
“Freeing humanity” sounds great, but, what about 5G technology, AI and other destructive new technologies. My hope is that when all the Nasty mob (I simply call Khazarian, Illuminati, all evil people Nasty mob.) have gone from this physical world as well as spiritual world, all the destructive technologies, even including nuclear Power plants, nuclear bomb, HAARP, Chemtrail, destructive food etc, meaning anything to do with depopulation plan, anything Nasty mob has been behind all along are going to be gone with them.

And, I hope that humanity will have learnt to clean up the Earth and keep it clean, in other words, Humanity has become constructive beings before going out to Universe.

What is your thought?


PS: I sort of met you few years ago at your seminar in Setagaya, Tokyo while in Japan. I sensed very strong energy that I call Shinki energy (probably, constructive energy could be close enough in English.) from you. I asked you if you were human as I sensed you were not but were what I call Shinki being that’s human form has been taken over by Shinki energy. After few moment of hesitation, you said things that suggested you were aware of it.


Littledog #400378 and Intruth #400356 The drug warnings always reminded me of a really bad script from the dreadful Saturday Night Live show. “May cause death, falling off a cliff, infertility, yeast infections, etc., etc., etc., But ask your doctor about its suitability for you.”

Silly story, but I remember asking some of our tech guys when I was working (who were awesome at their job, and good buddies, to boot), “If one of the side effects of Viagra might be blindness, why would anyone take it?” “Well, it is only MIGHT be blindness, not actually will be blindness, so-o-o.”


For quite some time now I have been having asparagus on a daily basis – no particular reason – I just like it — today I ran across this article…it pleased me!!

Miracles of Asparagus
Throughout history, people have been searching for the fountain of youth. Far and wide they’ve traveled, seeking that magical spring flowing from the ground that will preserve good health. This source of youth is no myth, and it does come from the earth . . . it just happens to be readily available at the grocery store, too. That anti-aging wonder is asparagus…..
…………When we eat young asparagus shoots, though, their propulsive energy is transferred to us. Not only does that energy keep us young, it helps with recovery and prevention of neurological disorders and symptoms. Asparagus contains phytochemical compounds such as chlorophyll and lutein that act as critical organ cleansers. They get deep into organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys, scrubbing out the toxins they find there. Chlorophyll bonded to amino acids such as glutamine, threonine, and serine provides an avenue for heavy metal detox. What’s more, some of the phytochemicals found in asparagus are toxin inhibitors (a fact as yet unknown to science). This means that once toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals have been driven out of the organs, these specialized phytochemicals stay behind and repel new toxins from taking up residence there. This toxin inhibition makes asparagus an amazing tool for battling virtually every variety of cancer……


Jon Rappaport has another amazing article today…well worth reading the entire piece!!


Why does modern medicine have a big problem with natural health?
Well, there is the money, of course.

When millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when they rarely see conventional doctors; when they don’t receive vaccinations and don’t have their children vaccinated; when they opt for natural remedies; when, worst of all, THEY STAY HEALTHY, this is a hammer blow to drug-based medicine.

These “natural health” people are also going against The Plan, which is a cradle-to-grave system, whereby humans are diagnosed with 30 or 40 diseases and disorders during their lifetime—requiring large amounts of toxic and debilitating drugs—and then they die. Note: The effects of the drugs are labeled “diseases,” which in turn are treated with more harmful drugs, resulting in new diagnoses of “diseases,” and so on. It’s a self-feeding, self-replicating parade of destruction………

Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro

gooday Ben, what is really behind the Skripal poison thing? he works for MI6 doesnt he?


Jim Stone

March 12 2018


All over the MSM. But they will dredge something else up I am sure.
Don’t forget the memo!

They flushed it out of the news cycle beautifully with that fake shooting in Florida. Keep your eye on the ball folks!


Man Cited As Trump’s “Russian Link” Actually Works For The FBI

Felix Sater, the man at the center of a controversial email “tying” President Trump to Russia while trying to work a business deal, has come forward in a comprehensive BuzzFeed News Exposé, which if Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Anthony Cormier and co-author Jason Leopold hadn’t verified – nobody would believe.

Sater went from a “Wall Street wunderkind” working at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, to getting barred from the securities industry over a barroom brawl which led to a year in prison, to facilitating a $40 million pump-and-dump stock scheme for the New York mafia, to working telecom deals in Russia – where the FBI and CIA tapped him as an undercover intelligence asset who was told by his handler “I want you to understand: If you’re caught, the USA is going to disavow you and, at best, you get a bullet in the head.”




carolm #400366

Thanks Carol. All the global oligarchs are in this together. IT really is the lead up to 1984, which has been creeping along for decades. It’s definitely accelerating though and, I suspect, that’s due to significant advancements in AI and AI/human interface. The Russian interference in the election is just a smoke screen and they keep moving the pieces around but the overall blueprint for the NWO is settled, the fight is to see who’s on top in the end.

There is a part of me that still hopes there’s something to the Nibiru theory and Clif High did report that there was fear at the top of the pyramid about someone or something returning which lends creedance to the mad drive to destroy all the ancient tech in Syria and Iraq and Iran. But once Clif went mad crypto, I kind of lost interest.

Funny we haven’t heard a peep about crypto lately. Hmmmmm.


Day 144.1 What Could Be Finer Than A Winer in the State Dept Diner?

George Webb
Published on Mar 13, 2018


George goes through the MIT media group’s ‘Clinton circle’ emails – HRC/Podesta/DNC.
Lots of meta data on who’s was emailing who. – Mar 1, 1995 – Dec 13, 2014. Good tool for discovery in a lawsuit.


The Chinese Heavenly Palace in Descending.


Published on Mar 12, 2018

Tiangong 1 now only 155 Miles above the planet.

So there is a Chinese satellite that is falling to earth over the next 2-3 weeks. Too early to determine debris field – could be over US.


jujubean #400344
And if the Cabal rout narrative Ben is promoting is true, how do we explain this tragedy?

Out of everybody here I figured u would know that answer but I guess you’re not as awaken as u portray to be!! Every metaphysical source I’ve had has told me that at the end of a paradigm shift chaos will rein because if it didn’t we wouldn’t need the shift and it wouldn’t occur so try and be in a safe place and stay alert for FF and pray for the people who through their soul contracts said they will take the brunt of the pain so we can progress to the New Earth, that is why that is happening!!!


Here’s another take on the Chinese ‘space station’:

Freefalling 85 ton space station to crash into Michigan
Issued: 2018-03-11

An out-of-control Chinese space station with ‘highly toxic’ chemicals onboard that is currently hurtling toward earth may crash into lower Michigan, it has been revealed.

It is believed China’s first prototype station, Tiangong-1, will come crashing back to the planet around April 3, experts say.

US research organization Aerospace Corporation revealed that parts of southern Lower Michigan are among the regions that have the highest probability of being hit by falling debris, according to MLive.com.



George Webb is on fire on twitter



 #400375


wow coooool….thanks a lot for this and other recent primo writings of yours littledog…..

we are opening up more and more to our massive powers that prime creator – source has so freely given us…..

we are the gods – the godsparks…..


I just had a mental meeting with some nasty beaurocrats-im finished working the job I just had for many years…..

I cant speak of it much-other than im still on the payroll-full wages for another 36 weeks,while not having to show up for work there…..kind of like the guy in the movie fightclub who left his job with paycheques still coming in…..hahahahaha…..

and I will start a new job in a month or so making perhaps even more money,while collecting another full paycheque for a while from my now previous job…..hahahahaha…..


the lightforces runs this outfit now…..we sooooon begin to clean up our mess we have made at mother earths and all her creatures,floras and faunas etc expense…..

im very sorry mother earth for all the pollutions,poisons,toxins etc that we the surface humanoid and hominoid populations have inflicted on you – we will correct all our violations on you notre plus belle terre mere…..


as our fine blogger buddy has said…..

I love all you fuckers…..hahahahaha…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


Can anybody see a GPS boot on Killery here in this video?
VIDEO: Hillary slips down stairs in India — despite two men holding her up
MARCH 12, 2018
Even though Hillary Clinton had help going down a set of stairs in India today, she still nearly fell down.

While visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu, Clinton was attempting to descend about 15 stairs.

She was holding the arm of an aide.

With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down.

A man walking in front of her jumped to grab her as she reached for him.

Despite both men helping her get to the bottom of the stairs, she slipped again, nearly doing the splits.

Huma stopped to watch as Clinton attempted to regain her balance.

Hillary kicked off her sandals to get to the bottom of the stairs.

No one seemed alarmed by the startling display.

Alzheimer’s Discovery That is Leaving Doctors Speechless (Watch)
Vancouver Casino Expert Analyzes 5 Unbelievably Common Mistakes: Read to Win Big
Sponsored by Revcontent
Clinton was in the country promoting her book, “What Happened.” Yes, she’s still bitter about losing to President Trump.

NTK Network reports:

Hillary Clinton suggested that people who supported President Trump in 2016 did so because they “didn’t like black people getting rights,” or women getting jobs, during a discussion at the India Today Conclave on Sunday.

“If you look at the map of the United States, there’s all that red in the middle where Trump won. I win the coasts, I win Illinois, I win Minnesota, places like that,” Clinton said.

“What the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product,” Clinton explained. “So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards.”


Is this “IT”?

Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras

Nasa spotted a solar flare releasing a coronal mass ejection earlier this week
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a ‘G1’ storm watch
It coincides with the formation of ‘equinox cracks’ in the sun, which form around the equinoxes on March 20 and September 23 and weaken the magnetic field


amorchris #400372

Hi all! Just came across this channel… very well explained to an “in the world but longing not to be!” kinda mind…
Conveyed with confidence! Great explanation of the way our intention is manifesting … breaking down the hierarchies.
Never came across her before today, and wanted to share.
Grid Shifts | The Council of Light | Micheila Sheldan | 3.5.18

Excellent video, very concisely delivered, good questions, thank you!


Adronis – Unveiling of the Event | NewEarthTeachings.com

Between March 21-31 is the opening of the event, & not the event itself. One of several steps. Expect more emotional states, rich dreams, they are all accelerations towards lighter densities.

2018-2024 will encompass further stages & people will notice different hues & brighter stars.


lakewinds #400399
Is this “IT”?

Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras

Very interesting. Simon Parkes said and ‘EMF wave’ will come first and take out all the ‘AI’ nodes. Then the burst of galactic energy wave shortly thereafter I think.

He said he didn’t think the EMF wave would be as bad as some think. Hope he’s right.


vermithrax #400398
Can anybody see a GPS boot on Killery here in this video?

Definitely not. Wonder how she negotiated to get that boot off. What a whiner…still sore over the election even Soros couldn’t buy/hack for her.


QHwC Allison Coe “The Event” Q&A


quantum healing and beyond
Published on Mar 12, 2018

Allison and Candace answer questions about “The Event” from what they have learned from QHHT® and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Sessions, and even their own dreams.

Stay tuned about a worldwide coordinated Online and In-Person GROUP BQH sessions coming in April. Quantum Healers around the world will gather on a single day to provide sessions to groups!


We sooo need this to happen. Week after week we continue to see power groupings jockeying for position. No one can tell me Trump either has full control or is not compromised to some degree even if some moves are definitely in the right direction.

Mind Kontrol of the masses continues unabated, & for those it’s not going to be easy to have to begin to rethink their life beliefs.

I am thankful this comes from the galactic core through the portal of the sun & not from some form of interference albeit to deal with the Intervention of the hive mind of the fallen Draconis.

From this we will have to learn a vital lesson in how to deal with interstellar trading conglomerates – at arm’s length! If we lose our resources we lose our freedom. Those races that have achieved freedom and the collective awareness of Knowledge, have a responsibility to provide Knowledge and wisdom to weaker races and to emerging races, yet this provision must be undertaken without direct interference, just as the Intervention must use ‘persuasion’ & not force. Yet these rules have been blatantly transgressed.

But it seems to me I am talking from a 3D perspective & we’re going on a trip!


Donald J. Trump

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!
1:44 PM – Mar 13, 2018

59.6K people are talking about this


‘Psychic focus’ was asked a question on ‘Allison Coe’ and the ‘QHHT’
I like her grounded and down to earth analysis. Makes sense to me!



Trump ousts Tillerson as secretary of State, replaces him with CIA chief

This will please the Zionist lobby as Mike Pompeo, who will take over from Tillerson, is a well-known Iran hawk.


Canadian lamestream media posts a declassified video of a UFO and US Navy jet. Does this mean we are finally getting disclosure?


Excerpt: Once is a fluke. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

The U.S. government has declassified a third video showing an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) moving at high speed below a U.S. Navy jet, in a brief encounter recorded with a high-tech military camera in 2015.

The video shows an oblong object moving rapidly at an unknown distance from the U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet, which is flying at 25,000 feet above sea level. Data imprinted in the footage shows the jet is moving at Mach 0.61, and that the UFO is keeping pace below it and to the left.

More on site.


Seething Frog
Ongoing Mind Control in the US Government 13 Mar 2018


Jim Stone
March 13 2018

BOOM: Remember yesterday, when I said Russia’s attack on a double agent in Britain would lead to significant consequences?

Well, it did. Take a look at this.
From ABC.net.au
UK gives Russia 24-hour deadline to explain spy poisoning attack

“It is “highly likely” Russia was responsible for poisoning ex-spy Sergei Skripal with a military-grade nerve agent in south-western England last week, Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May says.
Ms May said should Russian state involvement be proven, it would be considered an “unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom”, and she gave the Russian ambassador until the end of Tuesday to respond.

Here is Russia’s salient response:

Russian Foreign Ministry: One does not give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power

“We have certainly heard the ultimatum voiced in London,” Russia’s top diplomat Sergey Lavrov said.
“The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry has commented on our attitude to this,” he added referring to Maria Zakharova branding of May’s appearance in Parliament as a “circus.”

Russia faces warning from Germany too, as Reuters reports Merkel and May spoke this morning about the nerve agent attack. Merkel condemned the attack and stated that she was “taking very seriously the British government’s view that Russia might be responsible.” Merkel then said Russia “needs to give prompt answers to the British’ justified questions.”

But then, Interfax reports Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova turne dup the heat dramatically, warning (or threatening):

“One does not give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.”

And then this: Russia warns UK not to proceed with cyber attack

From RT
Bad blood is continuing to rise between the UK and the Kremlin. The UK Russian Embassy has warned May’s government to choose its next step carefully as rumors swirl that Britain is planning a cyber attack on Russia.
The claims come as Theresa May’s midnight deadline ticks ever closer. On Monday afternoon, Theresa May took to the House of Commons to address the issue on everyone’s lips – the poisoning of ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his thirty-three-year-old daughter, Yulia.

May warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to explain why a Russian-developed nerve agent was used to attack a British citizen on UK soil, or face consequences.

On Tuesday, Russia’s embassy in London said it was deeply concerned about reports that the UK could launch a cyber attack against Russia. “Not only is Russia groundlessly and provocatively accused of the Salisbury incident, but apparently, plans are being developed in the UK to strike Russia with cyber weapons,” said the Russian embassy.

My comment: The stakes are probably too high for any of this to go anywhere, at this point it is a big game of chicken. However, if Russia bombs the U.S. in Syria, this will surely escalate the situation. At that point, I’d say all bets are off.

Huge turnover at the White house

It all started with Jared Kushner getting a security clearance downgrade. Everyone assumed he got busted doing something, but as it turned out, the downgrade may have been due to a tightening of security requirements by white house Cheif of Staff John Kelley. Kushner got to stay, but was downgraded substantially.
Very suddenly, John McEntee – one of Trump’s closest assistants, which had been with him since early in the campaign was fired without notice, and was not allowed to collect his belongings before leaving. There are many more on the chopping block, including the already chopped Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The Wall Street Journal reported that McEntee was fired for a gambling habit, after first reporting he was fired for an undisclosed issue in his past. My guess is the new story is a lie, and that he really was fired for lying on his resume.

There are many more people on the chopping block, it appears Trump is cleaning house, and up to 35 people have been labeled as not fit to be serving under their current security qualifications. My guess is this is a case of Trump efficiency, where to cover up the real reasons, he’s going to purge the chaff on security concerns. That would be one big generic cover story to take out the trash with, because after all, if they are not loyal to the Presidency, they really are a security concern. There’s no better way to handle a scamming MSM, which would be harping constantly if Trump was firing people who were traitors, or concealed political opponents. Saying they are fired because they don’t meet security requirements works a whole lot better.

Repeat headline

We have all heard about how America is going to go to war with Russia over Syria. We have heard it many times. However, there is a totally new development. That developement is the fact that before, the United States was lying and in Syria via ISIS, which was really just disguised U.S. forces and mercenaries.
The new situation is that the ISIS ruse is over, and America is now openly stating American troops are present, and fighting in ways that go against Assad. If Russia attacks now, they will do so with full public knowledge that they attacked the United states. There’s little difference between two years ago and now, but the title of the target changed, and that can have enormous consequences.

So with that considered, take a look at this from Sputnik News:

Russia to Respond if its Military Threatened by Possible US Strike in Syria

After the false flag chemical weapons attack, the US planned to strike government held districts in Damascus as a “response,” according to the Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov.
Russian armed forces will respond if the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria are threatened, including in the event of a missile strike on Damascus, the Russian General Staff said.

“According to reports, after the false flag attack, the US plans to accuse the Syrian government troops of using chemical weapons, and to provide the world community with the so-called ‘evidence’ of the alleged mass death of civilians at the hands of the Syrian government and “Russia supporting it,” the chief of the General Staff said. In retaliation, Washington, according to Gerasimov, “plans to launch a missile strike on the government-held districts of Damascus.”

At the same time in Damascus, in the offices and facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Syria, there are now Russian military advisers, representatives of the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties and military police, Gerasimov stressed.

“We have reliable information about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians. In several districts of Eastern Ghouta, a crowd was assembled with women, children and old people, brought from other regions, who were to represent the victims of the chemical incident, ” Gerasimov said.

The report continues here


Mr. Fulford,

As a MAN who was taught to seek and acquire 360 degrees of knowledge by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I Tremendously appreciate and support your Work(s)!! But as of late, I’ve been conflicted with some information that you’ve posted in the recent past and it’s not making sense to Me…

How was/is Hillary Clinton(and for that matter George Soros) suppose to be on House Arrest with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet but currently visiting India?!? Is this her Clone or what do I believe..?? As always, be well and may God/Allah forever keep us and ours!!


I thought Jim Stone was smarter than that. Any poisoning was done by M16 in another attempt by the Cabal to justify a conflict with Russia


comment image


dangerb407 #400413

“I thought Jim Stone was smarter than that. Any poisoning was done by M16 in another attempt by the Cabal to justify a conflict with Russia”

Agreed, smacks of Litvinenko:


EXCLUSIVE: French Spec Ops Captain Paul Barril Reveals How Litvinenko Was Killed

Moon of Alabama writes: (can’t load the url)

– Novichok agents are claimed to be up to 10 times as toxic as VX. One drop of VX can kill a person. If the Skripals were poisoned with such an highly effective agent how come they are still alive?
– The Soviet Union, not Russia, developed such agents. The main work was done in Uzbekistan.
– Russia is likely able to reproduce such agents but so are many, many other countries.
– What is Russia’s “record of state-sponsored assassinations”? One British investigation which claimed that “Russia” was somehow involved in the death of MI6 agent Litvinenko is highly dubious. I am not aware of any other cases. There is a long-standing protocol to never bother spies that have been exchanged in a spy-swap.
– If Russia sees “some defectors” as legitimate targets why does it not immediately kill them? Skripal was living openly in the UK since 2010. Why would Russia kill him at all and why now?

Given the above, it is absurd to conclude that it is “highly likely” that Russia was responsible.

The real likeliness for that is just as high as the likeliness that Saddam could hit the UK with a chemical weapon missile within 45 minutes. That was a fraudulent claim another British government once made.


The Q cards are getting carried away…



Link between Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller and cancer ‘cannot be ignored’
Dear Melissa,

Last week eight scientists told two California judges that the evidence points them in one direction: Exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller can cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma (a potentially deadly cancer) in humans.

It’s now up to U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria and California State Court Judge Ioana Petrou to decide whether to believe the scientists and allow hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto go to trial—or deny cancer victims their day in court, based on Monsanto’s claims that Roundup is safe.

We hope the judges will do the right thing. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, time is running out for saner heads to prevail when it comes to how we grow our food, and how we manage our soils and waterways.

Unless we stop corporations from recklessly unleashing millions of pounds of Roundup and countless other pesticides and chemicals into our food and our environment, time will run out for us and for generations to come.

Our best hope is for you, the grassroots, to rise up and fight back.

Your donation will help fund a massive collaborative effort to build an alternative to Monsanto’s failing industrial, GMO-fueled factory farm agriculture model. Please help us reach our quarterly fundraising goal by donating today online, by mail or by phone—details here.

“Every time you look, what comes up? Glyphosate and NHL [non-Hodgkin lymphoma].”

That’s what Dr. Alfred Neugut told California judges last week. Neugut, a practicing medical oncologist, professor of cancer research and professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University, said that the consistency in study findings is something that “cannot be ignored.”

Sadly, the link between Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller and multiple diseases has been ignored. For decades.

And Roundup is just the tip of the iceberg.

A team of researchers in Quebec recently concluded that neonicotinoid pesticides don’t just kill bees, they also affect unborn babies during pregnancy. And they fuel breast cancer.

We know how to grow food without these dangerous chemicals.

But we need to support the farmers who can, and want, to do it.

How? By buying their products. By supporting politicians and policies that support organic and regenerative agriculture. By supporting initiatives that create stable markets and provide the infrastructure to help these farmers succeed.

We do it together. We do it by building an unstoppable grassroots movement.

Novelist Marty Rubin wrote: “The deep roots never doubt spring will come.”

We are the deep roots.

We must support the hundreds of people suing Monsanto for ruining their health and their lives.

We must use the courts to our advantage whenever and wherever possible.

Together, we must also fight for fair policies that level the playing field. For policies that support farmers who heal and regenerate the earth, not those who abuse it.

We must never doubt.

Still, in the end, it won’t be enough unless at the same time we are battling it out in the courtrooms and lobbying our politicians, we are also building the alternative.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today.

Right now, we are dedicating as much of our staff and financial resources as possible to disrupting business-as-usual by advancing an alternative that will regenerate our farms, our food, our health, our soil, our water, our economies, our communities—and even restore climate stability.

But we need your help.

That’s why I’m asking for your financial support today. Can you help us reach our spring fundraising goal? You can donate online, by mail or by phone—details here.

From all of us at OCA, thank you.
In solidarity,
Ronnie Cummins
International Director

P.S. Organic Consumers Association is the major funder of Regeneration International (RI). Our partnership with RI is critical to our efforts to end factory farming and advance a new, regenerative food and farming system. We need your help. Please make a generous donation to our spring fundraising campaign today, details here.

Organic Consumers Association
6771 South Silver Hill Drive
Finland, MN, 55603
Contact us by phone:


discusses how rock groups are connected with satanists


Jim Stone
March 13 2018

Just like I said, it is now happening
I did not expect them to target Natural News so quickly, (I thought sites of that size were going to be banned much later) but it has happened – the entire Health Ranger site has now been blown off Youtube.

Mike Adams-In the most egregious demonstration yet of outright tyranny and oppression of free speech, YouTube terminated the entire Health Ranger channel(“TheHealthRanger”) without explanation over a week ago. Since then, the internet has expressed increasing outrage toward YouTube for blatant censorship of a channel with over 350,000 subscribers, 1700+ videos and over a decade of video content covering natural medicine, home gardening, laboratory science and liberty podcasts.

The blatant censorship purge being carried out by tech gatekeepers like Google, YouTube and Facebook can only be called “techno-fascism,” and it’s rooted in radical left-wing ideology that has disturbingly morphed into an intolerance cult of totalitarian nut jobs. These people believe that censoring all political opponents is a “victory” for their twisted ideology, and they have now weaponized their power to censor into a campaign of oppression that’s so dangerous, even the creator of the World Wide Web is now calling for the tech giants to be urgently regulated to protect free speech.

But wait, there’s more!
Georgetown / CIA Sue Infowars, Openly Call For Conservative News To Be Banned SEE THIS
And all I can say now is I blew the whistle first, see the following.
I am not happy at all about being right this time!
Fox News: Manafort faces life in prison
What is the objective here? to “prove” the system can deal out “justice” while Hillary walks free? Yes, they have nailed Manafort with a lot, but NOTHING compares to handing out a single classified password, which Hillary did in droves, or Vince Foster X probably 300 by now. I guess Manafort was not royalty. What else can be said if Hillary never fries?


comment image


Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble on the oft bandied about claim that Hitler was a Rothschild agent.
By Mike King

Every few weeks or so, for the past five years and counting, a reader will ask for comment on the persistent false allegation of Adolf Hitler having been a secret agent of the Rothschild bankers. Dismissing the claims as retarded rubbish with a few sentences of clarification is generally all it takes to reassure Hitler fans that there is no cause for alarm. All one has to do is look at the level of never-ending red-hot hatred that is still being levelled at Hitler. Seventy years after Germany’s defeat in World War II, he continues to be vilified by the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) for one simple reason — to scare people into a “never do that again” frame of mind. The Great One was true blue — the real deal — the genuine article.

Contrary to the idiotic claims of patriotards and assorted trolls who are known to pose as ‘anti-Globalists,’ Hitler shut down the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild — a very peculiar action for a ‘Rothschild agent’, eh?
…..more on site…


Micheal Rivero ‘What really happened’ and his unique perspective on today’s news.


Hi Ben, you wrote:
“However, this writer has previously found that allegations against the Queen in relation to pedophilia in Canada were fabrications paid for by a member of the Rockefeller family. ”
There are enough proofs out there (from people that participated & later recanted, or from former victims etc…) that the British Royals have been involved in pedophilia Networks around the world just like other Royal families, high placed people in the judiciary, Police, Government, Banking etc…Systems, for a long long time! This has come out in daylight even through the “propaganda” media because it couldn’t be hidden any longer, especially after Jimmy Savile’ death, the obnoxious pedophile & necrophile who was providing children to the British Royals and was a very good friend of Prince Charles! (not to mention all the Satanist criminals & pedophiles such as Ed Heath among many others…) I will not go deeper into the subject right now as it is too disgusting & distressing. But I want to ask you Ben, why are you somehow always “covering” for the Queen of England? It’s like “taboo” to even justifiably criticize anything about her; Is it because years back Christopher Story scolded for having bad-mouthed her (I don’t recall what the subject was exactly). Or is it because you are a former Canadian, and Canada being (whether we want to admit it or not!) still part of “Her Majesty’s Commonwealth”, it is again “taboo” to criticize the Queen? Or, is it because you had to make a deal with those who are “protecting” you since the different things that happened to you in the past few years, that YOU could write and call a CAT for what it is, no censoring there, EXCEPT regarding the Queen? That’s what it looks like to me! And I also recall that you had a personal biff with the Rockefeller family because of what happened to your great grandfather right?
But look; they are ALL in it! The Royals, the Rostchild’s, Rockefeller’s, the Black Nobility Families (Borgia’s & Co., those you refer to as the “Ceasars”…), the Vatican, and of course all the Central Banks, Khazarian Zionists, etc…No matter whether they like to confuse us the “average people” and make it look like there is “infighting” between the Clans….They are all in it together. Except that now, the People are waking up & that wasn’t part of their plan…So yes, Chaos is ahead, before Stillness might? come.


Pandora, Ben is not always covering for the Queen. I have been reading his reports for years and I remember that he said there had been human sacrifices at Belmoral castle. I also don’t remember specific criticisms but he has included the royals as “bad guys” a lot over the years.


Hopeful to see this changes in my lifetime.


Grand Solar Minimum Update 2/6/18 – Dangerously Colder Than Normal – Are You Prepared? (I wanted to find one that was closer to our present date but this is relevant)


The sun has gone blank twice in June.This is sign we are heading for a mini ice age.


Jim Willie

March 12th: primary focus on numerous forecasts for the year 2018 as it unfolds, with the King Dollar losing its primacy as global currency reserve and trade payment standard, the acceptance of the Dual Universe (USD vs RMB), and justification from a central bank perspective that the Gold price must rise significantly due to their colossal pile of toxic bonds on balance sheets



In this video, ‘You are Free’ the lady gives a lot of info that I was unaware of – hopefully it will not be taken down by the censors. A few items were surprising to me.


It looks that virtual currency is a threat to elite.
Google Bans Crypto Ads: No Currencies, ICOs, Exchanges, Wallets, Advice.

Bank For International Settlements Distances Itself From Centralized Digital Currencies.


Stephen Hawking Dies … or Did He?

Stephen Hawking, the brightest star in the firmament of science, whose insights shaped modern cosmology and inspired global audiences in the millions, has died aged 76.

His family released a statement in the early hours of Wednesday morning confirming his death at his home in Cambridge.

… he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1963 at the age of 21. Doctors expected him to live for only two more years. But Hawking had a form of the disease that progressed more slowly than usual. He survived for more than half a century and long enough for his disability to define him. His popularity would surely have been diminished without it.


So that’s how they explain it. In any event, they don’t have to keep this psyops going anymore.


Something VERY Strange [& Scary] Is Happening in Georgia
March 14, 2018


Just viewing this now – very well done.


Day 142.5. Whistleblower Sunday at the Capitol


George Webb
Published on Mar 11, 2018

George talks about the 190 whistleblowers from the intelligence community whose report is being stonewalled. Says this info is the key to draining the swamp.


kenlejko #400394

I’m among the awake but I still have my doubts about the playout of it all. I wish I could be as convinced as you are of the outcome but there’s far more support on the surface for a more sinister alternative scenario IMO. Dismissing my concerns by claiming that the chaos will be necessary to allow for the shift is convenient. If the shift is inevitable and peace and happiness will reign why are all the archontics even bothering with their NWO agenda? They should know as much as you do. Final gasps, perhaps, but their machinations definitely appear to have long-range goals and that makes no sense if 5D is upon us.

Awake to me just means that you are aware of the Deep State, the Freemasonry, the CAbal, and the Vatican interference in world since the founding of Rome. It might imply that you understand the Archons and perhaps accept the presence of alien life on this planet, but I doubt that all those who are awake agree on every dot that connects all the possibilities. And never doubt for a minute that the Archon are aware of us and have all manner of frequencies in place to derail our confidence and send us off on wild goose chases. All the alt sites are monitored; AI is everywhere and powerful. WE were supposed to see 5D a year ago. I keep a journal and wrote it all down. I was excited, the Shmitah was supposed to be monumental. Nothing of surface impact occurred. I’m still waiting.
If the EMP event occurs anytime this week, I’ll be reassured, but understanding that alien tech has the power to subvert everything, the jury is still out.


All QHHT practitioners are not created equal…BEWARE

I had a QHHT session about 6 weeks ago. Very dissatisfied. My higher self never came through., I never felt like I got deeply into the hypnosis. It all felt contrived and forced on my part.. She told me to push aside my conscious mind (like it was all up to me?). When she asked me what I saw – I didn’t see anything. I was still just sitting next to her with my eyes closed..and told her so. She wrapped up the session after about 1/2 hour. She said QHHT doesn’t work 10% of the time. Really?…gee, guess I should have done my homework.

She offered several explanations about what happened.
I wasn’t ready to receive info from my higher self.
I didn’t do the work. What work? Didn’t know any ‘work’ was required.
I had a blockage.
10% of the time this doesn’t work – meaning the HS doesn’t come through.

Allison never said she had any session when the higher self (HS) didn’t come through – only that they would only answer questions they deemed fit. Like the HS would shut down after only 2 questions.

A snippet of a Dolores Cannon video came my way. She said people were coming to her describing sessions just like the one I had (and I’m sure they were complaining, but Dolores didn’t say that). Dolores said she only works at the ‘somnambulistic level. At that level the conscious mind is out of the way and there is a direct path to the HS.
So I learned something.

The practitioner I went to said she thought we knew each other in a prior life – her pendulum confirmed this was true. So I guess I burned off a little karma I must have had with her.


intruth #400431
Something VERY Strange [& Scary] Is Happening in Georgia
March 14, 2018


So Highway I-85 is a 666 mile long highway a portion of which was rebuilt as a result of the collapse due to the fire on a bridge. 666?! These people are sick.


If this energy wave does come through, I hope the swamp draining will accelerate.

We had a special Congressional election here yesterday. Congressman Tim Murphy resigned after it was revealed he was having an affair. Seems strange he would have to do that since all the mofo’s in DC are up to something it seems.

So the election result was tied and no winner declared until all the absentee ballots are counted. As of now it looks like the DEMs took it winning by ~600 votes.

A huge amount of $ was poured into this election b/c the Repubs need more Congressional seats to vote in line with Trump to get any legislation passed.
Looks like he lost this one.


jujubean #400433

If the EMP event occurs anytime this week, I’ll be reassured, but understanding that alien tech has the power to subvert everything, the jury is still out.

According to Allison’s sessions, this wave is coming and NOTHING can stop it.
EVERYTHING IS READY, is what they say.


Outrageous chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants Mar
by Jon Rappoport

I really hope you understand this.

It is not a fantasy. It isn’t science fiction. It isn’t satire.

It is Brave New World, but not the Huxley novel. It’s happening now.

It’s a published study that appears on the website of the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.” (Reference: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Aug 29;114(35):9314-9319.)

Xenophobia is defined as: “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.” (Dictionary.com)

more –


AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC #AnOpenSecret


In light of the long awaited revelations of sexual abuse in Hollywood finally being reported ESPONDA PRODUCTIONS presents AN OPEN SECRET for free for a limited time . A film about the sexual abuse of children in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.


#400398 Hillary’s hooves must have slipped. Blame the sandals.


ARREST THEM ALL=> Illegal Aliens to Hold Protest March Against President Trump in San Diego Today
March 13, 2018 by Jim Hoft 148 Comments
Illegal aliens are holding a protest march against the US president today in San Diego.

These people sure have some nerve!
They obviously aren’t “hiding in the shadows” as the liberal open borders crowd suggest.



VIDEO: Georgetown / CIA , Using Taxpayer Money, Sue Infowars Openly Call For Conservative News To Be Banned



These are the people that are running a shadow government right under our noses. Get to know Senior Executive Services and urge the president to write them and this entire extra-governmental agency out of existence – the whole illegitimate operation, including Robert Mueller’s witch hunt.

They even fly their own flag as they operate covertly within our government to destroy the foundations of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and law and order. And Obama positioned his troops in a way that they can’t be fired. Just another reason why the entire program needs to be eliminated.

SES flag
Below are documents that you will want to see yourself so that you know we are reporting accurate information.

Executive Order 13714—Strengthening the Senior Executive Service




Seriously. While Trump appointees and employees are still waiting around for their clearances, SES employees don’t have to fill out the disclosure forms that a Trump administration employee is required to complete.



This is the standard questionnaire that any of the Trump selections must complete:

Questionnaire for National Security Positions

But Obama’s Army wasn’t required to answer the following questions – even for national security positions.

Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan preferable.

SERIOUSLY! SES Employees may not even be U.S. citizens!!


They could be illegal aliens or Russian spies.


Lived any place in the world – Iran, Pakistan, North Korea.


No need to disclose for national security purposes with whom you associate — could be the Muslim Brotherhood, Mossad, Hezbolah, or radical Van Jones.


Your mother might be like Huma Abedin’s mother — leader of the female version of the Muslim Brotherhood. Your daddy might be Putin’s uncle.

SES 10

SES 11

You could be a sociopath, psychopath, or mentally insane.

SES 13

Crickets. We don’t care what your foreign activities are to be a member of the shadow government and get your national security clearance. Too bad for Flynn, Manafort, and Gates who had to register their foreign activities.

SES 12


SES 14

Like Obama sealing his records….so can you.

SES 15

No need to disclose your payments from Alpha Bank in Russia.

SES 16

Criminals welcomed to apply. Who said felons can’t get a job with the government?

SES 17

No need to sign on the dotted line, but if you do, ok to use an alias. We won’t be checking. Wink Wink. Welcome to Obama’s Army.

Obama hired us and Trump can’t fire us.

SES 18



A message for Robert Mueller….to be extended to the rest of his corrupt entourage of traitors and criminals.


Obama’s army quantified. I can’t post this enough. From 340 million redacted salaries to 20 BILLION??!!***** WTH! OVER 250,000 actual salaries they won’t disclose. C’mon…
Let ‘er rip. Publicize the SWAWP. Then drain it!

comment image?itok=He0sbVLM


This abuse is another reason they HAVE to stop running the printing presses.


AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC #AnOpenSecret
In light of the long awaited revelations of sexual abuse in Hollywood finally being reported

I watched this whole thing. Sad of course – stuff we all know here- but highlighted a few families in real life that went through this.

Sad thing is punishments were light, one guy still works in the industry as a convicted pedo. One guy is working towards LIGHTENING laws related to pedophilia. One guy fled to Europe – they can’t get him. One guy that went to jail for 1 year still sells pictures of kids on ebay making $ off them w/o their consent. And parents of course keep putting their kids out there.


QAnon -BOOM- Connection? Must Watch!

John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Mar 14, 2018


Jim Stone
March 14 2018


The mask just came off. The New World Order is, as all expected, Jewish.

Stephen Hawking finally announced dead

His political usefulness must have finally worn off. Hawking most likely died 30 or more years ago. The puppet they had in his place did not have the same teeth, AT ALL. Face was different also. The real Hawking sort of looked like Bill Gates. Go back through the photos, in magazines if you have to. The real Hawking was a different man than the one announced dead today.
An actual Steve Hawking quote, given shortly before he died, 30 years ago: As for the universe, we know how it happened, but we do not know why it happened. To know that would be to know the mind of God.

The replacement puppet did not speak that way at all. And that reminds me –

This morning I walked into a church I had not seen before. As I approached the center of the church, I realized something – the spirit of God was there. I have not felt that spirit anywhere for a very long time, including inside any churches. Knowing my prayers would be heard, I prayed.

I will return to that church.

Yeppers, as I predicted, Russia/British relations have gone nuclear.

Theresa May expels 23 Russian diplomats in response to spy poisoning

They have just one week to leave the country, the Prime Minister has told the House of Commons.
The following selected text was found Here.
After the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, four Russian diplomats were expelled from the UK, the PM said. In her statement she also said that the UK was suspending high-level contacts with Russia. Dignitaries, including members of the royal family, will not attend this summer’s World Cup, she said.

We will freeze Russian state assets wherever we have evidence that they may be used to threaten the life or property of UK nationals or residents,’ said May.

‘There is no place for these people – or their money – in our country.’

My comment: It looks like Russia will not be having an immigration problem any time soon! The disease has parted.

But seriously – If Russia really did poison a double agent, which Britain was obviously very fond of, what else could Putin expect?

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/14/theresa-may-expels-23-russian-diplomats-respons-spy-poisoning-7386765/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/ Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/14/theresa-may-expels-23-russian-diplomats-respons-spy-poisoning-7386765/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/ Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/14/theresa-may-expels-23-russian-diplomats-respons-spy-poisoning-7386765/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/ March 13 2018


The Event – Allison Coe with Lisa M Harrison


Published on Mar 14, 2018

Today Allison Coe and I had an opportunity for an impromptu chat during a LMH members call which she allowed me to record.



Edward Snowden tweets

“The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order demanding the destruction of tapes to prevent them being seen by Congress. Incredible.

Interesting: The new CIA Director Haspel, who “tortured some folks,” probably can’t travel to the EU to meet other spy chiefs without facing arrest due to an @ECCHRBerlin complaint to Germany’s federal prosecutor.

Are these really the values the US should be promoting? The CIA might as well start issuing uniforms decorated with skulls and lightning bolts.”


“The combination of the Israel Lobby, the neoconservatives, and the military/security complex have proven to be too powerful for peace to be established between the two nuclear powers. If you look at Trump’s administration, the above three forces are those in charge.

Having served in Washington for a quarter century and having known members of the British government, I do not believe that any of them believe the Russiagate and Skripal poisoning stories. What is happening is that an agenda has taken precedence over truth.

. . Washington and its vassals persist in making violent and false charges and threats against Russia, Iran, and on occasion China. Russia, Iran, and China know that these charges are false. Confronting an endless string of false and hostile charges, they prepare for war.”


#400430, Intruth: Cloning technology is just not what it used to be…ha!

I wonder why the cloning process could not filter out his disease? I guess they missed Stargate’s cloning tech of (our savior race) the Asgard.

RIP Steven Hawking.



In Lisa Harrison video above- major Woowoo…

Says an entity she calls LeLu started talking to her through her computer in Oct 2016.
She highlighted dates of Mar 17-18, 2018. Lisa got a download saying it starts on March 4 and goes through March 17 in preparation for what happens on March 18.


Zerohedge: UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets, Suspends High-Level Contacts [Link]


Jim Stone
March 14 2018

Here’s a GOOD ONE!

Trump to change DHS rules to allow secret service monitoring of polling stations

Communists are calling the move “chilling” and “unprecedented”. What a laugh!!!
Do you think there will be much election rigging going on if the secret service is looking for it? Maybe, if they are corrupt. But if they are not corrupt, GAME OVER.

Civil rights advocates and top election officials are expressing alarm over a section in the Department of Homeland Security reauthorization bill that would allow the president to send Secret Service agents to polling places.

“Who in their right mind would give this vulgar talking yam this kind of power?” quipped Charles P. Pierce at Esquire.

The House passed its version of the legislation on July 20, 2017. It includes a provision that would amend the federal law barring troops at polling sites by adding the text: “This section shall not prevent any officer or agent of the United States Secret Service from providing armed protective services authorized under section 3056 or pursuant to a presidential memorandum at any place where a general or special election is held.”

My comment: If anyone calls Trump a “talking yam” and complains about him securing the elections with monitoring by the secret service, OBVIOUSLY they know the elections are rigged, and securing the election is not any sort of abuse of power. Why would anyone worry, other than if they fully intended to STEAL POWER by rigging the whole thing?

SEE THIS, and oh, by the way “chilling” and “unprecedented” have now been outed as communist trigger words!

They probably intend to spike us with hormones to make us accept globalism

ABSTRACT: Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection

Nina Marsh, Dirk Scheele, Justin S. Feinstein, Holger Gerhardt, Sabrina Strang, Wolfgang Maier and René Hurlemann PNAS 2017 August, 114 (35) 9314-9319. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1705853114 Edited by Bruce S. McEwen, The Rockefeller University, New York, NY, and approved July 10, 2017 (received for review April 7, 2017)
My insert – Oxytocin is a hormone that is released to enhance a mother’s love for a baby. That is where it fits in with nature. Now, get a load of this abstract!!!

In the midst of rapid globalization, the peaceful coexistence of cultures requires a deeper
understanding of the forces that compel prosocial behavior and
thwart xenophobia. Yet, the conditions promoting such outgroup-directed altruism have not been determined. Here we report the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment showing that enhanced activity of the oxytocin system paired with charitable social cues can help counter the effects of xenophobia by fostering altruism toward refugees. These findings suggest that the combination of oxytocin and peer-derived altruistic norms reduces outgroup rejection even in the most selfish and xenophobic individuals, and thereby would be expected to increase the ease by which people adapt to rapidly changing social ecosystems.


Never before have individuals had to adapt to social environments defined by such magnitudes of ethnic diversity and cultural differentiation. However, neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce. In a series of experiments settled in the context of the current refugee crisis, we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (ingroup). Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin. In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia generally failed to exhibit enhanced altruism toward the outgroup. This tendency was only countered by pairing oxytocin with peer-derived altruistic norms, resulting in a 74% increase in refugee-directed donations. Collectively, these findings reveal the underlying sociobiological conditions associated with outgroup-directed altruism by showing that charitable social cues co-occurring with enhanced activity of the oxytocin system reduce the effects of xenophobia by facilitating prosocial behavior toward refugees.




“Then something remarkable happened which the world mainstream media has almost entirely ignored. Despite Saudi sponsored adverts all over US media portraying named senior Qataris as terrorist sponsors, and despite strong Israeli pro-Saudi lobbying, Donald Trump suddenly called Bin Salman to heel. With Saudi troops massed on the Qatari border, on 30 January the United States signed an agreement with Qatar “to deter and confront any threat to Qatar’s territorial integrity”. This was a massive slap in the face to Bin Salman from Donald Trump, and a result of Tillerson recognising the real threat to the world from Bin Salman’s extreme ambition.”


I think the reason the Maybot locked up Brittany and co. is to distract everyone from whatever else they are doing.

Alternative youtube- celeb media hasn’t talked about anything else for the last few days huh? Interesting timing.


Dreams About The Event and Some Numerology/Gematria/Synchronicity (Not a Personal Post)




Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Posts Ominous Warning to Republicans on House Intel Committee After They Rule No Trump-Russia Collusion



RIGGED: Awan Judge Appointed by Obama Yet Again Delays High-Profile Imran Trial; D.C Swamp on The Run




comment image?w=768



Carl Sagan quote

comment image?w=768&h=361

comment image



Trump breaks with Pentagon leadership, calls for a new ‘Space Force’

by Steven Nelson and Travis J. Tritten | March 13, 2018 05:35 PM
President Trump told a military crowd near San Diego on Tuesday that he believes the U.S. may need to create a new military branch for outer space, providing a boost to an idea that has so far struggled to gain momentum in Congress as well as the Pentagon.


comment image?w=768&h=768



The latest Bro’Nathanael Kapner vid,Putin Confronts Megyn Kelly.


This is making the Zio-tard IDF very nervous…


Jim Stone
March 14 2018

Kim Jong really did state conditions for disarming nukes, and they are great!

The MSM said this was false a couple weeks ago, (obviously to undermine Trump). But it did indeed happen.
Here is the deal Kim Jong wants: End the 60 year long cease fire and officially end the war with a peace treaty, and he’ll hand over his nukes.

Here’s the deal America wants: Hand over your nukes, and the war will be declared over, and a peace treaty will be signed.

Who’s deal is better? Kim Jong’s, obviously, given America’s recent history only an idiot would hand the nukes over without the signing of a peace treaty first.

There was a full report by Bloomberg on this, but no one linked it. The actual Bloomberg report is the most clear presentation of this, by cross checking small strings of text I think this is it.

This is a partial snip from a longer report HERE.
Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants to sign a peace treaty officially ending the Korean war after meeting with US President Donald Trump, South Korean media has reported.

Kim is likely to raise the possibility of a peace treaty – a long-held goal of the North Korean regime — along with establishing diplomatic relations and nuclear disarmament, during a meeting with the US leader.

The report, in the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper on Monday, cited an unidentified senior official in South Korea’s presidential office. Trump agreed last week to meet Kim, although key details of the summit have yet to be decided.

Academic Koh Yu-hwan, who teaches North Korean studies at Dongguk University in Seoul, said the north wanted a peace treaty to end the more than 60-year-old ceasefire between the two sides and help guarantee its safety.

“There were agreements between the US and North Korea to open up discussion on a peace treaty, but they never materialised,” Koh said.

“The US wants a peace treaty at the end of the denuclearisation process, while for the North, it’s the precondition for its denuclearisation.”

Trump administration officials, meanwhile, have insisted the United States made no concessions to the North Korean regime in exchange for the meeting.

But the White House also left open the possibility that the talks, which South Korean officials have said would happen by the end of May, might ultimately not occur – particularly if the North Koreans conduct nuclear or missile tests in coming weeks.

“There’s the possibility,” White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah said of the prospects of the talks falling through. “If it does, it’s the North Koreans’ fault. They have not lived up to the promises that they made.”

Historic talks between the leaders of the US and North Korea will take ‘weeks’ to arrange and will not happen without the White House seeing ‘concrete actions’ from Pyongyang.

The conditions that Trump has set, according to administration officials, is that Kim would halt any nuclear or missile testing until the talks occur and allow joint military exercises between the South Korea and the United States to proceed. The regime has also committed to saying “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearisation” is on the table, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.

“These are real achievements. These are conditions that the North Korean regime has never submitted to in exchange for conversations,” Pompeo said. “Never before have we had the North Korean in a position where their economy was at such risk and where their leadership was under such pressure that they would begin conversations on the terms that Kim Jong-un has conceded to.

My comment: And there you have it. Substance. And it is real. If Trump makes this happen, it will mark him permanently as an amazing president, and there will be nothing CNN can do about that.


Sessions Poised to Fire FBI’s Disgraced Andrew McCabe Before He Can Officially Retire
Posted on March 14, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing a recommendation to fire the former F.B.I. deputy director, Andrew G. McCabe, just days before he is scheduled to retire on Sunday, people briefed on the matter said. Mr. McCabe was a frequent target of attack from President Trump, who taunted him both publicly and privately.



RUMBLINGS: President Trump Mulling Plan To FIRE AG Sessions, NSA McMaster
by Joshua Caplan

A new report alleges President Donald Trump has his eye on showing the door to both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

Vanity Fair reports:

And three sources told me that the next official likely to go is National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who, like Tillerson, had advocated for remaining in the deal.



FASCISM IN ACTION: Left-Wing Activist at WaPo Joins CNN – Calls for the Elimination of Infowars



Does anyone know something about bitcoin mining? and is it an actual valid way to make money. Is there software for this and which ones are best? Thanks.


Judge says Manafort could spend the rest of his life behind bars. I find it odd that a judge would comment before the trial. I also found the comment section interesting. Manafort tore down the Lanza residence for free? So he really is a swamp creature. I believe “mo up in the northeast • 21 hours ago
The Manafort family destroyed “Adam Lanza” house for free. I tried to tell their atty, Mr . Jenkins, that Manafort should spill the beans on the Sandy Hook hoax. He wouldn’t listen. I feel sorry for Paul, but maybe I shouldn’t” is the brave Maureen Crowley.


Judge Thomas Ellis III, who is presiding over the second prosecution of Paul Manafort, wrote in a new order that the deposed Trump campaign chief may well spend the rest of his life in prison.

Ellis imposed restrictive bond conditions against Manafort in the new order, concluding the severity of his alleged crimes and his considerable assets incentivize him to flee the country.

More on site.

Here is Maureen Crowley in action.



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

VTX recovery in progress, hyperphase recovery in progress, peak phase 0.71



We should not forget about this moving forward:
“The Race for 5G” includes bailing out the telecom industry and allowing them to install small cell towers everywhere
By B. N. Frank, Activist Post – from Nexus: March 15, 2018

If you weren’t aware of it already, “The Race for 5G” promotes state and federal legislation that allows for small cell towers to be installed in front of American homes, public rights of ways, historical districts, pretty much everywhere. This has become such a highly debated topic all over the country that Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show, February 9, 2018

Telecom analyst Bruce Kushnick has been instrumental in alerting the public to all the ugly details and shady dealings that are behind the marketing of “The Race for 5G”. From his March 8, 2018, article “5G Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal” he cites that 5G requires a $130 to $150 billion dollar buildout of fiber. No one is jumping to pay for that.

“Wait a second … If 5G requires a fiber optic wire and, regardless of the hype, there are no companies that are going to be rewiring America, especially in the more rural areas, with fiber optics … Then, what the … this is a serious bait-and-switch—promise them tech to get rid of regulations …

“In short, this is a regulatory play to a) remove all regulations b) allow the companies to take over the state utility wired networks, c) i.e.; have customer-funded networks handed over for private use for whatever they want and d) the FCC’s proposed rules will block any city or state actions.” (emphasis added)

You’re probably asking yourself why our elected officials would need to “bail out” one of the richest industries in the world. Follow the Benjamins and you’ll find that “Big Tech” has been donating money to U.S. elected officials for many years now.

There have been many scientists who have been speaking out against “The Race for 5G” because of the potential for harm from new and barely tested technology. (See links at the end of the article.) However, some scientists are still taking a “wait and see” approach to research regarding new technology, including 5G.

They do not promote the “Precautionary Principle”. Instead, they talk about there “not being enough research”. Or they talk about research not being “conclusive“. Or they talk about how research falls within current federal guidelines and laws. They are basically “Spin Masters”.

Deceiving the public with science is nothing new in United States. We’ve been through this already with asbestos, tobacco, lead paint, Agent Orange, countless pharmaceutical drugs including opiates. The list is long and depressing.

According to many, including Dr. Oz, “The Race for 5G” is to enable Americans to “binge-watch, surf, and post online” at faster speeds without our screens freezing up or being disconnected. This is exactly what humans did during all their waking hours in the movie Wall-E. Eventually they also decided this wasn’t the way they wanted to live.

Even if you aren’t concerned about the potential for harm from small cell towers being installed everywhere, this could still harm your loved ones including your pets. Worth noting, tech inventors have been deliberately keeping devices away from their own children for many years now.

Small cell towers installed in front of your home or in your neighborhood will also reduce your property value. “I want reduced property value,” said no one ever.

“The Race for 5G” also includes promoting “The Internet of Things” or IoT which has already been a disaster in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Maybe 5G supporters aren’t thinking clearly anymore. That doesn’t mean the rest of us should just lie down and take it.
For additional information, contact the following organizations:

Center For Safer Wireless
Citizens for Safe Technology
Environmental Health Trust
In Power Movement
National Association for Children and Safe Technology
Parents for Safe Technology
Scientists for Wired Tech
We Are the Evidence


vermithrax #400421
“All one has to do is look at the level of never-ending red-hot hatred that is still being leveled at Hitler. Seventy years after Germany’s defeat in World War II, he continues to be vilified by the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) for one simple reason — to scare people into a “never do that again” frame of mind. The Great One was true blue — the real deal — the genuine article.”

I’m not quite sure what your source meant by that. Hitler was not a bottom up kind of guy. He was a top down dictator with a globalist, imperialist plan. He was supported by many of the industrialists of the time, like Ford, the Harriman Bank that Prescott Bush married into, the Rockefellers sold him oil, and many others to re-tool the war machine in Germany after WW1. Meth was developed to develop the perfect soldier, the killing machine that didn’t need to sleep or eat.

Fascism is a government controlled by corporations, Socialism/Communism are governments that control corporations. Hitler managed to be some conglomeration of both. It was top down all the way. The people of Germany were grateful to build the war machines after their country was devastated from the Kaiser. Germany prospered with all the investments from the industrialists and expansionism.

Big pharma was spawned there and so was our fascist medical system we inherited from the paperclip guys. No matter how many people died in the camps, they were horrific by all accounts. Plenty of documentation.

Is the argument that just because Hitler closed the Rothschild banks, that he was a good guy? He had plenty of support and financing by others in the Predatory Ruling Class.

His paperclip guys came back here to build the atom bomb, put their nerve gas into pesticides for our lawns and medications, and otherwise filled the environment with toxins and various insidious weapons of destruction. He has the same support Putin does with his oligarchs. Just because Alpha Bank is not Rothchild, is not a reason to support the mafia that brings drugs and arms trafficking to our door steps and mutually assured destruction. Please wake up.


Is this about reforming the stuff that made us debt slaves???

I think so…



Simon Parkes

CERN Update
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It has proven extremely difficult to obtain any further information regarding any explosion at the CERN facility.

All that can be said is that the device is presently shutdown.

Until further evidence comes my way, I must conclude that the collider is still in an operable condition.

Very many thanks to all of you who undertook research to find the truth, including those of you who travelled and spoke to some of the leading scientists there.




I believe David Wilcock stated that Hitler started off as a Rothschilds agent and then flipped and went with the Rockefellas (their enemies) instead.


Very good post Carol. I thought because you wrote it I must disagree with it, but no!

It’s hard to draw a straight line between Communism and Fascism IMO, perhaps that is a good definition. Because it always seemed to me the ‘fascist’ element is the propaganda and brainwashing but if you look at the Communist television under Stalin it’s clear that both sides have the brainwashing.


Hitler, in my findings was not the big baddie that he has been made out to be. Compared to FDR, Stalin and Churchill and how they kowtowed to the Zio-tards, Hitler is creditable for standing up to them. You may want to read at Mike King’s The Great Tomato Bubble website the book called “The Bad War-the Real Story of WWII”. It is available as a pdf. The facts in this book come from the NYT’s own archives. There are many other pdf books that are offered as well on what is referred to as “alternative history”.
As well, there is a controversial video series called “The Greatest Story Never Told-the True Story of Adolf Hitler” available for viewing at this url. This backs up pretty much everything Mike King says. https://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/
Hope this clarifies things.



This fk’n Q link is dead — no new updates since the 10th, all the while, there’s lots of commentary on “new” Q posts.


But it Q legit, or not? Fg if I know.



from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – March 14, 2018

The Ides of March (15th) is tomorrow.

Multiple sources are claiming the stock market will collapse tomorrow The RV is supposed to begin prior to the collapse.

The collapse will be gradual in order to give time for the RV exchanges/redemptions to complete.

Once the RV exchanges/redemptions are completed, the indictments will proceed with a nationwide lock-down.

NESARA will be signed into law and the gold-standard announced.

The rest of the world will follow with a global gold-standard monetary system followed by GESARA.

China has agreed to no longer wait for the rest of the world. The gold-backed RMB will begin trading on the 26th without exception.

Zimbabwe’s amnesty extension on externalized funds is an ultimatum to force-start the RV before the 16th.

The Alliance is determined to get the show on the road before the 26th.—–unquote…..



Klaus Meine-quote—–The wind of change
Blows straight into the face of time
Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
For peace of mind
Let your balalaika sing
What my guitar wants to say

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams
With you and me
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change —–unquote…..

the scorpions – wind of change



accuchip* thanks for my comment’s aknowledgement…I have also read Ben’s reports since the beginning, and I do know him personally as a matter of fact, since I also reside in Japan….Yes, he has mentioned “Balmoral Castle” and “bad Royals”, but he somehow refrains lately to directly blame the “little old Lady”, and rather presents her as non-consequential entity (within the “Illuminati”), in wordly affairs, when it is quite the opposite! Perhaps her ranking among those bloodlines is not as high as one would think, I agree with that, but she is still the Top of the Committee of 300 !!
In some of the books he has published here in Japan (in Japanese that is…), he always presents her as a “benign” person…And I know why he has no choice but to do so here.
Anyway, at this point in time and where this world system is at and is becoming, it doesn’t even matter anymore, does it?


Regarding Stephen Hawking’ death: Jim Stone posted this comment with which I totally agree.

“Stephen Hawking finally announced dead
His political usefulness must have finally worn off. Hawking most likely died 30 or more years ago. The puppet they had in his place did not have the same teeth, AT ALL. Face was different also. The real Hawking sort of looked like Bill Gates. Go back through the photos, in magazines if you have to. The real Hawking was a different man than the one announced dead today.

An actual Steve Hawking quote, given shortly before he died, 30 years ago:” As for the universe, we know how it happened, but we do not know why it happened. To know that would be to know the mind of God.”

The replacement puppet did not speak that way at all.”


Hello OLP, “Order of the Lemurian Plug” I just wanted to tell you about an addition to the website. I was able to put a map of where The Plug has been shipped around the world. It is such an honoring feeling to be carrying on Geoff’s legacy. Thanks to you, we have been able to spread the word of The Lemurian Plug’s many capabilities and the frequency is now global! The map is current through July 2017 and many Plugs have been shipped since. This will be updated periodically as time allows. I also think we are starting to see an increase in positivity throughout the world. Together we are contributing to slowly oozing change that is welcome and very exciting to see!
Carry on.
Janet. The Lemurian Plug


many have seen this before prompting buying of devices, pyramids, organite etc.
so this is where that rush for alternative protection started.. Melissa

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower


wooha! this is worth the short listen it takes Melissa

“Obama Did NOTHING For This Country!” – Trey Gowdy RIPS Into Obama’s Stupid Lawyer


A black man goes undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson/Ted talk

In an unmissable talk about race and politics in America, Theo E.J. Wilson tells the story of becoming Lucius25, white supremacist lurker, and the unexpected compassion and surprising perspective he found from engaging with people he disagrees with. He encourages us to let go of fear, embrace curiosity and have courageous conversations with people who think differently from us. “Conversations stop violence, conversations start countries and build bridges,” he says.



Please read this article that addresses the massive clamp-down on conservatives, etc, by the goddamn, deranged leftist lunatics that are hell-bent on destroying America — and the world — as we know it.

How can leftists be so fucking, goddamn stupid?

Off with their heads!
As the queen would say in Alice In Wonderland.

What a fucked-up, curious and curiouser world that we now live in.



So, a shameless plug from the Lemurian Plug folks!


I’m going to order three of the plug, BTW, asap.




Liz Crokin
Published on Mar 13, 2018

Liz Crokin’s unedited show that ran on Liberty One TV discussing Q Anon, spirit cooking, Chrissy Teigen’s strange video from Hong Kong claiming her credit cards don’t work and the Deep State’s desperate attempt to get ahead of the Hillary Clinton and other damning tape(s) that should be leaked eventually.


Mozart – this link still works:

I don’t think there has been an update since 3/10. If I see one I’ll post it.


#AntiSchool March 14 2018


Isaac Green
Streamed live 17 hours ago

2:55 Crazy Susan Wojciki
14:00 skip monologue/Trump working to end Human Trafficking
21:00 Divisive Hillary
30:00 news cycle
38:47 Andrew McCabe faces firing
40:08 Al Gore climate billionaire
43:00 Amazon deal with CIA
43:45 Youtube Conspiracy Theories
49:22 Prayer



“Today, more than a thousand of combined NATO and US military bases are encircling China, Iran and Russia. But all of the latter is considered to be the aggressor. This baseless rhetoric from the CIA-controlled mainstream media will be enhanced further now that Mike Pompeo is broadcasting directly from inside the White House.”


Thank you…
Read and started listening to the “hope is a scam just like authority piece” from last week… hit home w. that one.


Posted over at http://www.supersoldiertalk.com
It would be wonderful if ANY of this is true:

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE” 3/14/18

We are currently in an Intel Blackout…which indicates how close we are to ‘The Event’ occurring.

Positive Forces can not disclose details of ongoing operations without compromising their missions.

Clearing of Deep Underground Illuminati Secret Complexes continue as we speak.

There have been 6,000 arrests since Saturday. (3/10/2018)

Another 190 chose suicide.

4 high value targets were arrested in LA and had to wear Kevlar vests, helmets, and a hoodie.

All of this is being kept quiet to prevent riots and destruction.

All past timelines are being placed into the ‘Akashic Records’ for posterity. (historical records)

The records are the “Book of Life” or a ‘Universal Supercomputer System’ for all Thoughts, Words and Actions since time began.

You will be able to go back in time and attend historical events to see what really happened in real time.

The purified waters of Antarctica will be used to ‘turn the deserts green’ and ‘restore mineral life’ to all plants and living things.

These rains will have a silver to copper color when they fall to earth.

The future will be unbelievable complete with Cards for our own Personal Credit, Replicators (suppressed) that can make everything and ‘a new awareness’ of the ‘power of our minds’ to ‘manifest’ our needs.

There are 3 types of Med Beds available soon (suppressed) to make you healthy…regrow limbs or organs…or reduce your age by 30 years.

The cabal is on the ropes and some of the new (suppressed) technology that is being released goes back 70 years or longer.

Suppressed technology is ‘New’ to us…but very ‘Old’ to ‘Off Worlders’…some of it going back millions of years.

‘Paper Money’ (and banks) will eventually disappear…’Coinage’ will not.

Money and banks are tools of the cabal to control us with…along with their debt based economy which can never prosper.

Eventually we will not need any form of money because of technology and our ability to barter or mentally create / manifest what we want.

Expect to see Galactics on TV later this year…and prior to that will be friendly global lightship displays for all to see.

In the future we will join ‘The Alliance’ and then we will live among other world races…trade with them (which the SSP / secret space program has been doing for decades) and travel to other planets inhabited with human or alien life.


STUNNING: Jeff Sessions Cited the WRONG LAW when He Recused Himself from Russian Witch Hunt – Took Advice From Obama Lawyers

This is not a law, but a regulation and one that Trump can get rid of – totally dismantling the illegitimate special counsel theater- with his single signature and a change in Executive Orders. Gabriel and McKibben explained this in their audio Obama Hired Us. Trump Can’t Fire Us. There is no special counsel law….just some subversive regulations that Janet Reno cooked into the corrupt shadow government system.


Nikki Haley warns: Russia could use chemical weapons in New York
Nutty Nikki hinting at a future false flag?


Day 145.3 Billions To Pak ISI in USAID Was Typical SES

SES per George Webb:

1. No vetting
2. Secret salaries
3. Secret bonuses
4. Union loyalty oath
5. Reprisals
6. Drug money



Day 145.3 Billions To Pak ISI in USAID Was Typical SES


Stephen Hawking was replaced a long time ago. I don’t know what their purpose was in keeping this fiction going for so long.


Excerpt: I have written several papers critiquing Stephen Hawking, including a long one on his Brave New World series for the BBC. But this is my first paper really linking my science research with my faked events research. I will use simple photo analysis and facial analysis to quickly show you the current Stephen Hawking is not the same person as the original Stephen Hawking. This should not surprise you too much, especially if you know something about ALS. ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We are told Hawking has had ALS for over 52 years, which is a record by many decades. Jason Becker is the only person I have heard of who has lived more than 20 years with the disease, so there is about a three-decade difference between the longest survivor and the second longest survivor. That is a more than 100% difference between first and second place. It would be like Justin Gatlin running the 100 meters in 9.8 seconds, and Usain Bolt beating him with a time of 4.5 seconds. In other words, statistically it doesn’t happen.

The average survival time for ALS is four years. When Hawking was first diagnosed in 1963, doctors gave him two years to live. And yet here we are, 52 years later and counting. Should you believe it? Well, no. Like Becker, it appears the real Hawking did beat the odds and live for about 20 years. But at some point he was replaced. I have no proof he died, but I assume that is why they replaced him. He was a very useful public relations entity for physics, and they didn’t want to lose him.

More on site.


lemurian-plug #40048

Janet- will the LP help with 5G? What’s your take on that?

The highest levels of national security are like the NFL these days- the more violent and unbalanced you are, the more useful you are. They can drug you when they need calm and speed you up when they need action, relying on your natural tendancies for blood and mayhem. Normal guys don’t get very far up in that system, and those that endanger the system disappear in black ops without a trace.


No doubt there’s another major Gladio event on the horizon. It’s the only way they’ll be able to get people to buy into a war with Russia and we’ll never hear the Russian side. The departure of Tillerson, Ente (sic), and others is great news maybe, depends on who replaces them. Tillerson’s replacement doesn’t seem to be an improvement. I was tickled by Kushner’s downgrade but he is STILL there after all. Now if McMaster, Sessions, and Mattis go- THAT would be something but again, depends on who comes in.


All assassinations, poisonings, armed robberies, gas attacks and other terrorist activities are not to be believed. Do we even know for sure if ANYONE was killed in the UK? I mean seriously, authorities can say anything they want. They broadcast images that are from other events even years old. They’ve got the media sewn up. I never believe a word of it. At best, another ritual killing with gematria and historical connections.


comment image


comment image


oh wow the president of russia has ties to the kremlin….hahahahaha…..

president vladimir putin primo powerful brilliant lightwarrior…..

monsieur putin and his crew continue to work with some of our most excellent peoples of the Pleiades star system…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


david wilcock and winston shroud speak of admiralty law…..


any who may not be familiar with admiralty law-maritime law – check out jordon maxwell also…..



Well, the Internet at large is somewhat overrated as the best source for breaking news. This is being covered on MSNBC right now, but not yet on Drudge, Huffpo, or even MSNBC’s web site. From Miami:

FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped underneath

The FIU pedestrian bridge across Southwest Eighth Street collapsed Thursday afternoon, trapping an unknown number of people and cars underneath.

The bridge was installed at Southwest 109th Avenue Saturday morning, intended eventually to provide pedestrian access across Tamiami Trail from FIU’s main campus to Sweetwater, where thousands of students live in off-campus housing or in FIU’s newer dorms.

Before Saturday’s installation, FIU said the method of overall installation significantly reduced the risk to workers, walkers, drivers and minimized traffic disruptions for construction.

Oh, the irony in that last paragraph.


The new Face of Construction 1984. Walk at your own risk.



I am considering doing a video on this UK- Russia warmongering stuff (First political video!) and thought it is good to look at the opposing perspective on Russia since I have a fairly pro Russian, pro Putin leaning, can you link me up?


Jim Stone
March 15 2018

PA voting machines “miscalibrated” to favor Democrats!

Remember this?

Well, they are doing it again in the Pennsylvania special election. Interesting it is how these “calibration errors” miraculously always favor democrats!

From the Washington Free Beacon
Republicans are citing numerous problems at polling sites in Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania, which remains too close to officially call but appears to be trending toward an extremely narrow victory for Democrat Conor Lamb.
Lamb currently leads Republican Rick Saccone by just 627 votes and there are still absentee and provisional ballots that have not been tabulated, but Republicans are already preparing for the likely recount and even a possible lawsuit regarding issues at polling sites, according to a Republican source familiar with the deliberations.

“We’re actively investigating three instances and likely to file court action on them,” the source said.

Among the listed concerns are “miscalibrated” voting machines in Allegheny County, the only county of four in the district that went for Lamb, according to the source, who said there have been many reports of voters who intended to vote for Saccone ending up casting a ballot for Lamb.

Furthermore, Republicans say their attorneys were ejected from polling sites as the absentee ballots were still being counted and that due to confusion caused by the Pennsylvania secretary of state website people were directed to the wrong polling locations.

Republicans have demanded that all ballots and voting machines be impounded in preparation for the likely recount.

My comment: This is EXACTLY how the Dems are going to take it back, they can’t win honestly, and honesty is the absolute last thing any gun grabber or Bolshevik communist would ever consider abiding by. Democrat “pride” is rooted in how much they can steal, not the fruits of honest effort, or in giving the people what they actually asked for.

Vote rigging should be automatic death penalty. I have zero doubt this is exactly how Merkel did 4 terms, and LePen lost in France. We still have our guns, if we don’t use them to stop this crap we will lose them to this crap.
ISS Astronaut returns with 7 percent DNA change

This may actually mean the end of future space travel if it cannot be addressed. You cannot have a 7 percent shift in 340 days without serious consequences.
From the New York Post:
Astronaut Scott Kelly had an identical twin brother when he ventured into space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in orbit, but not anymore.

In a groundbreaking new study, NASA scientists found that Kelly’s DNA had been altered upon his return to earth – with 7 percent of his genes experiencing an “unexpected change,” according to the agency.

Research teams from around the country had been analyzing the New Jersey native’s condition and genetic makeup following his year-long stay aboard the International Space Station as part of NASA’s “Twins Study.”

My comment: They need to have the new space station spin, to simulate gravity, to find out what is going on. If the DNA changes happen in a simulated gravity environment, chances are it is game over for deep space travel because something happens that we have no understanding of whatsoever.


wolfintimber #400483

Klaus Meine-quote—–The wind of change
Blows straight into the face of time
Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
For peace of mind
Let your balalaika sing
What my guitar wants to say

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams
With you and me
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change —–unquote…..

the scorpions – wind of change



I love that you posted this……how appropriate.
They also recorded and sang the song in Russian & Spanish.
The lyrics were always inspiring to me and it brings back some of the memories of the changes after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I love listening to the song.



comment image


Re: Stephen Hawking

This was how the article I posted above whitewashed his disease:

he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1963 at the age of 21. Doctors expected him to live for only two more years. But Hawking had a form of the disease that progressed more slowly than usual.


vermithrax #400514
Jim Stone
March 15 2018

PA voting machines “miscalibrated” to favor Democrats!

Yep, stinks to high heaven but no DEM would ever admit it. They redistricted too. My friend and her husband went to their usual voting site only to learn it had changed. For whatever reason they didn’t go to the new one and vote.


Intruth wrote:
Yep, stinks to high heaven but no DEM would ever admit it.
And remember yesterday the Demoncraps were all going ballistic over Trump’s proposal of having government agents monitoring the stations. This proves the veracity of that proposal.


#400516 deester

Looks to me like a malfunctioning clone.

In the other picture, it seems that Hillary is having a bad day.


#400486 lemurian-plug

Janet, thanks for showing us the birds eye view of the distribution of the Lemurian Plug.

Map is here.

It’s great to see that Citizens in North America and Europe are buying Plugs, since these geo-political areas are the source of so many of the world’s woes. I think that the return of sanity will be directly proportional to Plug distribution.

Not that the Plug is a panacea for madness, but it sure is a positive influence since it mitigates much of the mind control frequencies that are propagated through the cell phone networks, as well as protecting our brains from all forms of electro-magnetic pollution.

As to Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, it would be great if the readers of the Ben’s blog would first get a Plug or two for themselves and then share their good results with family and friends in those regions.


Thank you for carrying on Mr. Radford’s mission.



America First Media Group attorney files papers against the Justice Department on the Seth Rich murder. “Make an example of the leaker” Podesta and the hideous Wasserman Schultz should be sweating it.


Excerpt: America First Media Group’s Attorney Ty Clevenger has filed a Federal Lawsuit today against the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Per Attorney Ty Clevenger:

“This morning I filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that asks a federal judge in Brooklyn to order the FBI and Department of Justice to release records concerning the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich.

More on site.


Guylain Lactot MD-quote—–“The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are changing our genetic code through vaccination.”
–Guylaine Lanctot M.D., author of the best-seller ‘Medical Mafia’


Q-anon updated with 7 more posts on March 15, to number 951…. “Boooooom”




So, the Q site automatically updates, it seems.

I do see that there’s 7 new posts as of right now.




I love Lisa Mei’s threads delving into Q.


Here is a very good TED presentation about how “liberals” and “conservatives” can break out out their respective echo chambers and embrace human diversity. 18 minutes




Quick on the uptake is Mozart :).


wolfintimber #400524

I read her book (Medical Mafia -perfect title) back in the early nineties – I found it an incredible read at the time! I understand that she closed down her practice in Quebec and left the area (country) prior to publishing. Thanks for reminding me!


I think she was prettier before the plastic surgeons invaded her face.

comment image?auto=compress&fit=crop&h=750&q=55&w=750


trudy #400533


coooool trudy-this lady is a real doctor absolutely…..

hats off to doctor guylain lactot…..


RIP Stephen Hawking– I think there are two different kinds of geniuses ; there are the intuitive kind and the number cruncher kind. Guys like Nikola Tesla or George Orwell (intuitives) and the ones that can’t figure out Christ or God but are great at getting attention like Albert Einstein or his ole roomie/mentor Fritz Haber ( a real gas of a guy but a Noble prize winner who fed millions and yet a true pioneer in the poison gas warfare field as well-both attention junkies & number crunchers).

I think ole Steve was in end, unfortunately more the number cruncher kind and so could not find what was always inside of every atom of his being- GOD !


#400521 Scott, that is exactly what we were thinking that South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East could sure use The Plug’s positive frequency. That was an exciting statement you made, ” I think that the return of sanity will be directly proportional to Plug distribution.” perhaps needs to be our mantra!


For a while I have scratched my head re: California – this article explains most of it —


Governor Jerry Brown Will Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned…
Shadow Government Owns and Operates
California Under Governor Jerry Brown
“The California Governor currently works for a criminal cabal of foreign globalists, not the residents of California. He may not even know whose giving the orders,
or care, he’s such a New World Order fanatic. Not only is Gov. Brown Jesuit-trained, he’s also a zealous frontman of the Global Warming scam. He allowed his state to be geoengineered into a disastrous drought, and then terrorized by
catastrophic manmade wildfires.[1] Brown knows that climate change is the latest bogeyman that his masters will use as the new control mechanism for the planned
One World Government.[2] This Guv is such a hardcore globalist they probably
don’t even have to bribe and/or blackmail him to carry out their transparently
anti-American NWO agenda.”
— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer………

………Special Note: There are very good reasons why California is effectively owned and operated by the Shadow Government. First, there is the unrivaled information technology power center of Silicon Valley. Secondly, there are the Motion Picture Industry and TV Programming Institutions of Hollywood. Thirdly, there are the many military installations and secret testing sites statewide associated with the Department of Defense, especially the many covert operations overseen by DARPA and the C.I.A. Under no circumstances would Deep State ever lose control of these extremely important government-corporate enterprises which are vital to the full-spectrum dominance of the world…..more……


This feels right to me:


Laura Eisenhower, March 10th, 2018

The most benevolent being that is assisting us with planetary Ascension is our Mother Earth and Higher self.

“The more we anchor our higher self into the physical, the more we raise the vibration of the planet.

The more we embody all that has been compromised and targeted, the more the weapons and assaults will be dismantled and neutralized.”


Discussion on The Event, Government & Trump with Agent Marcy (Abel Danger)


Published on Mar 15, 2018

Agent Marcy from Abel Danger stops in the studio today to have a discussion on The Event, Living an Alcohol free life, Government & Trump.

Host:Dan Hohlfeld
Guest: Agent Marcy

Follow Abel Danger At:

So at 25:15 you can see a ‘rainbow cloud’. It was on ABC news.


Day 146.1 Senior Exec Service – A Random Sample – Navy Yard Police

George Webb
Published on Mar 15, 2018

George does more deep diving into the SES Swamp. Infuriating.


George mentions that the CIA has been known to send USD currency printing ‘plates’ to North Korea to print $100 bills for their offbook transactions.


EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Massive Layoffs To Hit Tomorrow, VA Secretary Shulkin & Chief Of Staff Gen. John Kelly FIRED
March 15, 2018, 7:17 pm

A source close to multiple senior White House officials has exclusively told the Gateway Pundit that massive layoffs within the Trump administration are slated to hit tomorrow.

Speaking anonymously but on the record, The Gateway Pundit was informed the layoffs will not just affect senior officials but entire teams:

“Many staffers were being told not to come to work tomorrow, they are still finalizing the full list of people who are out.”

The press will try to spin this as a president in scandal and under fire, but this is really the president continuing to streamline his administration with the best individuals for the job, hopefully with this shake-up the administration furthers its ability to push forward their agenda as efficiently and robustly as possible.

Among senior officials on the chopping block is chief of staff John Kelly and VA Secretary Shulkin.

Our source explained that these moves will help put power back in the hands of the president: “Trump wants to take back control of his administration, that means more allies come in for the first time. Even the people who don’t end up getting fired, he’s looking for plan Bs on everybody at this point. I’m curious to see how Muller responds…”

When asked further about VA Secretary Shulkin, it seems that his failures and lavish use of taxpayer money for a European vacation is what finally set the president off:

“He was an Obama appointee, he had bipartisan support but then he got caught. Trump has this combination thing – if you’re embattled in scandal and failing him then you’re gone. Shulkin was not doing his job well and he was f***ing up generally.”




Published on Mar 13, 2018

UPDATE: After being delayed 12+ hours on Spirit flight 184 and two days of talking to Spirit representatives, Spirit Airlines they gave me in total:
– refund of me the cost of the ticket
– $200 in vouchers for future airfare
– $150 reimbursement toward compensating my family member for his trouble of having to pick me up, stay at his place overnight, and drop me back off at the airport.
– $14 in food vouchers
– large seat on the flight.

So if you have problems at the airport – youtube it!


Today I tried to pull “Q” up on my cellphone. Immediately I go a virus warning popup from google….couldn’t read the posts. I am sure this is not unexpected and will not work out in “their” favor, but still it is a pain.



ublockBetsy was thrilled when Jonathan, the youngest Conclave member, dropped by today and gave her a huge tip on how to block all ads — Google, Facebook, YouTube, Chrome … you name it. Not just an “ad block” system you may be using currently, but one that totally removes all ads – like a power scrubber.

Since Silicon Valley Tech Lords have taken away ad revenue from many of our great alt media sites, let’s hit them back and turn off every single ad that comes to us. This product is totally free.

Easily turn it back on to reward your favorite media creator with advertising revenue. Then off again when you start browsing.

Betsy thinks we have a patriotic duty to tell everybody we know about this great product. You don’t have to go into all of the politics. Just show them how easy it is to install and how clean and nice their computer screen looks.

Jonathan describes how to use uBlock Origin in the video below.

To click on the product for instant installation, go here:





Stop pretending you’re a feminist’ – White House’s Conway berates Clinton


WATCH: Susan Sarandon Tries To Call Rangers-Penguins Game. It Didn’t Go Well At All
Posted on March 16, 2018


Susan Sarandon’s appearance as a guest broadcaster on NBC Sports Network’s coverage of an NHL game Wednesday night completely bombed with the fans.

Her commentary mostly consisted of lots of moaning and repeatedly saying “ooh” and “woah,” according to the New York Daily News.

The 71-year-old actress stood rinkside, between the two team benches, alongside NBC analyst Pierre McGuire for the first period of the New York Rangers-Pittsburgh Penguins game.


Seriously – who came up with this idea? Surely, not an NHL fan..


zanderboy #400540

Excellent piece about the poisoning. Will post on FB


Jim Stone ‘s take on the Florida bridge collapse.
Florida bridge collapse

This is big enough news to report, my style I guess

A brand new (not even opened yet) pedestrian bridge at a university in Florida collapsed early today. There are numerous rumors about why it collapsed circulating, which include “it was placed temporarily, waiting for the final central support to be put in.” But the bridge was in fact supposed to be ready to go.
From the looks of the photos however, it appears to me that it was a common core design, with stylistic rather than working truss members. If an old schooler had built this, all the columns between the top and bottom sections would have been in perfectly symmetrical V shapes, rather than what we have here. And if you look at the first and second ones in from the left, they provided absolutely no strength, and that is where the bridge failed. It is a mystery how this ever got approved, it means the bridge architects and engineers were unilaterally incompetent, with fully incompetent state inspectors, the entire decision chain at the company, state, and local level was completely incompetent. This should have been rejected the second it hit the state inspector’s desk.

The woman in the black car on the far left in the photo below said she heard pieces of the bridge falling on her car, and then suddenly the back seat was gone. This cinches it, the bridge failed right where the trusses were so stylized they did not provide any support at all, and after failing at that point (total failure preceeded by falling pieces as the bridge started to split up), it pulled itself off the support on the right side of the road. This is common core pure and simple folks, here we have the two photos that prove it. This bridge was designed to look “good” on paper, with no consideration whatsoever given to engineering at all. All you have to do is look at the top picture and you can clearly see why this bridge failed. It could not possibly be any more clear why giving advantage to certain groups of people in college should not be allowed, because it allows dangerous diplomas to be issued to people who never really qualified at all.

Fashion over form, with no care at all given to form!

Yes, but all those “angry white males” were stupid. Change is good!




“I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation. The Russians were allegedly researching, in the “Novichok” programme a generation of nerve agents which could be produced from commercially available precursors such as insecticides and fertilisers. This substance is a “novichok” in that sense. It is of that type. Just as I am typing on a laptop of a type developed by the United States, though this one was made in China.”


comment image


Hi mozart in post #400554 all i get is blank post box, is it me not being able to to see anything using my phone ?? Or is it a blank post.🤔

Thanking you Marcuss😁


Adding to what Zander has posted, here’s some more info on novichok:


a couple of EXCERPTS:

Back in 1999, it emerged that the Pentagon might gain access to one of the chemical plants that reportedly produced ‘Novichok.’ The New York Times reported that the US military was going to spend up to $6 million “to demilitarize the so-called Chemical Research Institute” located in the Uzbek city of Nukus. “Soviet defectors and American officials say the Nukus plant was the major research and testing site for a new class of secret, highly lethal chemical weapons called ‘Novichok,’ which in Russian means ‘’new guy,’” the piece said.

another excerpt:

How was it proven to have been Russia, if nerve agents can be produced anywhere?

‘Novichok’ is said to be a “binary agent,” meaning that it could be stored as two, less toxic chemicals. To produce the active toxic agent, the two must be mixed, and be allowed to react. This makes the ingredients easier to transport, as they only become fully toxic when mixed.

Anton Utkin, a Russian chemist who worked as a UN inspector in Iraq and developed technologies to destroy Russia’s chemical weapons, says it’s unclear “how they [Britain] could establish that it was produced in Russia.” He said that anyone familiar with the technology could have produced it. “You can’t find out who manufactured the chemical weapon – the content of the substance will be fully identical while using the same method,” he said. “There is no way to establish with full accuracy that a chemical comes from this or that country.”

What about the chemical watchdog confirming Russia destroyed its stockpiles?

In autumn last year, the OPCW confirmed that Moscow – a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention – had completely destroyed its stockpiles. The organization’s inspection teams verified the destruction at seven chemical weapons destruction facilities in Russia, and, on September 27, 2017, the last of these facilities officially ceased its operations. The six other facilities were closed between 2005 and 2015.

“The completion of the verified destruction of Russia’s chemical weapons program is a major milestone in the achievement of the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the organization’s Head Ambassador Ahmet Uzumcu said at the time. He praised countries that assisted Russia with its destruction program, as well as OPCW staff who verified the destruction.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – March 16, 2018

According to recent developments, the Alliance is waiting on Trump to clear the White House of all Cabal-MIC agents/actors.

The clearing of the White House is an essential step to securing the Republic.

Once the White House is secured of all remaining Cabal-MIC agents/actors, the event will proceed.

The RV is expected to begin before the 26th.

According to rumors, the collapse (a.k.a. major correction) will occur on the 24th.

Sources claim the RV is to be released before the major correction.

Current window for the RV begins tomorrow, the 17th.

GESARA will be announced once the RV exchanges/redemptions have completed. —–unquote…..




Mr Fitzpatrick’s anxiety has summed up the unintended consequences that followed what police say was a targeted assassination attempt. Despite its small-town feel, Salisbury is a hub of British military expertise and home to current and former military experts.

Salisbury Plain outside of the city is the British Army’s largest training area. The nearby Boscombe Down is a military aviation centre where defence companies have secured contracts from Boeing and maintain Apache helicopters, said the city’s council leader Matthew Dean.

Porton Down just eight miles from Salisbury, is home to the secretive chemical and biological testing centre where scientists have been working to isolate and identify the agent used against Mr Skripal.

“The city has a high proportion of military people living here and I think there’s been a slightly more relaxed view about what has happened because of that,” said Salisbury councillor John Walsh. “People have a certain amount of knowledge from this sort of thing from their previous experience in the military. If this had to happen anywhere, then at least here there was less chance of people getting really worked up.”

more on site….


from this article-quote—–To be sure, Mexico is not alone in pursuing complex large-scale innovation. In the last few years there are similar development projects helping cities stay viable in the future. In India, the 100 Smart Cities Mission, focuses on urban renewal in existing cities with a focus on technology. The Konza Technology City in Kenya outside of Nairobi will become a $14.5 billion software hub for Africa’s Silicon Savannah. Companies including Chubb will continue to use their expertise to manage additional full-scale development partnerships across many sectors and markets.—–unquote…..



ladies and gentlemen – our lovely golden age continues its bloooooming of magnifique colors of the multiversal rainbow…..

the lightforces run this outfit now…..hahahahaha…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


look at the opposing perspective on Russia , can you link me up?

Hi Phoenix,
I’m sorry it is taking me a while. My husband of 47 years died yesterday. He was a wonderful human being and partner, and suffered greatly from his final decision to go with pharmaceuticals for “relief” a few months ago.

I am processing and dealing with a lot of contacting people that brings on waves of grief, even though I am happy for his final peace, and exciting transition. Let me have a few days before I can dig into my research to pull out links for you.


comment image

from this article-quote—–You see, Hubl was a quilter. While some people make quilts as an afternoon pastime, she made them to communicate her love for her family.—–unquote…..




Hi Carol

My deepest sympathy to you and your family! So sorry to hear this news. Love to you and your daughter.



carolm #400561

My condolences to you and your family.



Carolm my sincere condolences for your loss & your husband’s gain. I send you my love & support.


OMG, CarolM!

My condolences to you and your family.

May your husband RIP — Rejoice In Peace.



Watch this vid!

Here’s my tweet about it:

Here are the #STUNNING #FACTS about the #Muslim #invasion.

#Watch this #vid. 6 min.

Audience’s reaction — stunned silence.

Europe in lieu of USA.





Sending you heartfelt Love, Light and support during this time of your grieving.



I would like to extend my love and condolences carolym to you and your family of the passing on of your husband…..

may your husband make the transition engulfed in much love and light for a smooth and safe voyage…..



Dear CarolM,

My deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to you and your family.



Carolm, sorry for your loss.


Dear Carolm, I’m so sorry for your loss! My wife and I have also been married 47 years, so I can begin to feel your loss.



No bother if you’ve got other things going. I just donated money to a military charity and it seems to ‘scratch that itch’ a little bit! I don’t feel ‘quite’ so powerless in the face of this military nightmare that feels so similar to the Iraq War!

and suffered greatly from his final decision to go with pharmaceuticals for “relief” a few months ago.

Were there complications with this? Why would this cause suffering? I hear morphene is not always ideal.

Are you grieving the person he was when he was happy or the one he was when he just left?

I think music can provide real aid in times like these! Tears in Heaven, Yesterday.

If I were to do the youtube vid I’m probably not going to do now… But I might. The only thing I would include would be at the end ‘and the opposing viewpoint on this is’. After I’d evaluated sources. So that’s what I meant not going to go into attack on that or anything.

For the entire group here is Godfrey Blooms perspective on the UK- Russia conflict!

Youtube: Godfrey Bloom exposes Christopher Steele(Peegate)links to nerve gas attack [link]


I join with the rest of family here, in sending condolences and loving energies to you and yours at this time!

Lots of love and light your way!


Interested in views & opinions on this topic – fact or fiction the way you see it?
Newswatcher Moe
wolfintimber #400557
GIANT Skeletons Story


Oh Carol
I am so sorry for you – I don’t know what I would do without my man pal here. we do rely on each other. Maybe I do him more but I act like I am independent.

May the blessings be to you and your family


Greetings I’ve been at this a few years…
I have ideas and info for you and wds.
We actually met at a party either I was hosting or someone working with or for…
We spoke about martial arts and your judo injury…
I told you my plans to better the world you gave me your card,however even then my phone was being tapped like my online presence…constantly ministered
The attempts on me by technological witch craft known as psionics have failed, a few days ago.
I have engaged in full esoteric battle&want back up and share strategies.Asking you&
Wd’s contact me asap


Dearest Carol,

Our deepest condolences and love to you and your family on the loss of your life partner.

May you all be surrounded by many helpful energies and may your husband be in a place of peace and wonderment.

Much love,

Alexis and Alan.


from this article-quote—–It is no secret that the opioid addiction crisis was well orchestrated by giant pharmaceutical companies. However, it turns out, that the doctors prescribing the opioids were not just that of pharma’s puppets, but more their profiteers.—–unquote…..



Carol, sending you much love and comfort during this time of grief. Blessings from our Mother Earth should fill your heart during this major transition. You are in our prayers. Love, Windi


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. Community does help in these difficult moments. We are all connected.

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s after 3 open heart surgeries 10 years ago. He developed a strong practice of QiGong a few years after his diagnosis and worked hard to overcome it with his mind, body, and soul.

However, it was difficult for him to reduce his use of sinemet, which is what the symptoms are treated with. It allowed him to move, rather than be in a wheelchair drooling, but it have him horrible dyskinesia, sleeplessness and hallucinations which he called his ‘tribe’. He met it with humor and grace, but was also addicted. It is dopamine in a very pure form. The dyskinesias were torture to watch and there was a withdrawal of painful stomach and diaphragm contractions every 2 hours and a small and smaller ‘relief’ each cycle. The sinemet also damaged his heart’s electrical system. I’m happy he is at peace, but the waves of grief are not stilled by that vision.

This is how he set the Chi field:

Hair touches sky
Feet stand on earth
Body relaxes
Mind expands
Be respectful and quiet
Heart is clear
Appearance is humble
Let go of all thoughts, all thinking
Mind expands into infinity space
Feel your entire body within
Your entire body is harmonized with Chi
Harmonized with Chi
Harmonized with Chi

Here is an article about him: http://www.orartswatch.org/bill-bulick-arts-agency-architect-has-died/#more-60392


Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018

By the time President Trump’s presidency is over, one of the biggest pieces of fake news we will look back on is when we were told by the media that Trump was good for the media business. According to what is happening in a place called the real world, the truth is that business for the media is horrible.

We will start with the Denver Post, which announced Thursday that, between April 9 and July 1, 30 jobs will be cut from its newsroom. That is a massive 30 percent cut of its current staff of 100 journalists. Just 10 years ago according to the far-left Washington Post, the Denver Post employed 600 journalists. That is close to a 90 percent reduction in only a decade….

Alternately, this same media missed completely the biggest political story of the last 60 days — Trump replacing his secretary of state with his CIA director and choosing a woman to lead the spy agency, a historic first…..

Consider the fact that the media that protected Bill Clinton — a man who as president committed perjury to cover up his sexual affair with a young intern, an affair conducted just a few rooms away from his wife and daughter in the Oval Office — is now obsessed over a porn star’s story that she might have had a consensual affair with Trump more than a decade ago.


When women credibly accused Clinton of rape, groping, and harassment, our media joined the White House in destroying them as liars. But this same media hoping to turn a 12-year-old consensual relationship into a national scandal….

To protect Barack Obama’s anemic economic “recovery,” our media tried to convince us that unemployment in the Obama era, was really “funemployment.” When the working class, those our elitist media despise, lose their jobs to illegal immigrants, unfair trade deals, and oppressive and unnecessary environmental regulations, the media have dismissively suggested that they all catch up with the times and learn computer code.

So let me be the first to wish all of these “journalists” a Happy Funemployment and wish them luck all the luck in the world with their new careers as computer coders…


Dauntless Dialogue 16 Mar 2018
Pharmaceutical Takeover of Healthcare & the Suppression of Natural Cures (Blood Money) A history by Adam Riva




Widely Reported Haspel CIA Torture Claim Was Fake News; Retracted By ProPublica

Virtually the entire media complex megaphoned a 2017 report by Soros-backed news outlet ProPublica, and to a lesser extent a similar report in the New York Times, claiming that Trump’s new pick to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, oversaw a “clandestine base” in Thailand where she participated in, and mocked the torture of suspected al-Qaida leader Abu Zubaydah.

The claims were retracted by ProPublica in an embarrassing correction…….


Obama’s Secret Army FOUND!

Thomas Paine & Michael McKibben found some hard to find (and decipher) documentation of what most of us have never heard of. A government organization of HIGH LEVEL positions with super authority called the Senior Executive Services (SES). 8 thousand Leftist foot soldiers INSIDE government whose sole mission is to thwart Trump’s agenda. We can finally SEE in the light of day, with actual names, who this “Shadow government” is we’ve all heard about. Seperate from what we call the Deep State.


one of the comments:
J. Patterson
I’m a civil service employee. An engineer. I actually do work. The SES people brought in after odumbo was installed have caused havoc. A lady, of particular color, with a mail order Ph.D. now runs the show where I’m at. She came in to my directorate and began causing chaos. Moving managers from job to job to job. Demoting white males, promoting minorities as they are called and females. After she trashed my directorate she was promoted to director of the entire operation. All I’m going to say is this is US Army. It’s a VERY important area. She will derail the whole base if left in place. Since there is zero stability in management via rotations happening every 3 to 6 months, it is hell on earth and we are stressed to the max. So you are both right. They are traitors.



My father was almost immune to Morphene and I met a guy once that would get put to sleep when he had it and felt the pain as normal in his dreams, so he had to come off it. They work for a lot of people but it’s the media that puts forward these things as a cure all.

It sounds, to me, like your husband was in a lot of pain and is probably quite happy to be swimming through tunnels of light.



So sorry for your loss of your wonderful husband. Sending loving energy waves your way.


mkddachs #400585
Obama’s Secret Army FOUND!

So glad this is being exposed. Now Trump HAS to do something about it.


Hillary Clinton fractures wrist after slipping in India resort bathtub, report says

Hillary Clinton’s visit to India suffered another setback this week as the former secretary of state fractured her wrist after slipping in the bathtub at the five-star resort where she was staying, according to a report by DNA India.

The website reported that Clinton was taken to a hospital in the city of Jodphur at around 5 a.m. local time Wednesday. Clinton underwent an X-ray and a CT scan that confirmed a hairline fracture of her right wrist.

The Times of India reported that Clinton had been given a plaster bandage and advised to go for another checkup in three days. The injury does not impact Clinton’s ability to travel.



PAYBACK: Trump Celebrates McCabe Firing in Vicious Take Down of Former FBI Boss; “A Great Day for Democracy”

Posted on March 17, 2018

One year ago True Pundit published a story where FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe pledged to his inner circle at the Bureau:

“F*ck Flynn, then we F*ck Trump.”

Late Friday night, it was President Trump who was delivering payback.

Donald J. Trump

Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

12:08 AM – Mar 17, 2018




Hi Intruth

Seems to be very accident prone doesn’t she/it. The clone isn’t doing too well it seems. Wonder, as others also have, where the boot has gone and why she/it was allowed to leave American soil.




Hi Getem,

Exactly. And why India?? Are there children there????


Simon Parkes

President Trump’s Space Force Disclosure
Friday, March 16, 2018


President Trump gently discloses secret space program.



#400589 So , let me see if I’ve got this right..

Hillary is photographed in India almost falling down an old worn set of stone steps–with people wearing broad hats. She is protected from falling by two men, (one with a bag over his face) while being photographed from across the street. She has no ankle monitor. Then she falls in a bathtub and breaks her wrist.

In other words–she enters an old building, thick with stone walls and removes her ankle monitor-the monitor signals cannot be heard through the stone walls. She escapes but has been trailed by state marshals who photograph her stumbling. She does her “blame the white women” interview in India because she was the perfect candidate and if she didn’t get the votes and it’s not Russia’s fault it must be the white women’s vote..

and then she gets a new monitor but this time it is on her wrist. Hopefully if she tries to remove it, it gets tighter…


Jim Stone. The Zio-tards practicing apartheid again…

It is obvious the Jews are trying to ban all religious schools, because Jewish schools will stay open! All others will be shuttered. Can it possibly be in your face more than that??!!?? What kind of idiocy do the Jews expect from the general public when they have the audacity to shut down all religious schools but their own?
The ban is proposed by Sweden’s social democrats.

The ban seeks to shutter all non Jewish religious schools.

The ban seeks to keep all Jewish schools open with an exemption.

From the Daily Mail
Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation after taking in a record number of asylum seekers

Sweden’s main governing party proposes a ban on all religious schools It follows reports of gender segregation in some Muslim free schools Jewish schools will be exempt from the new ban, politicians said

Sweden could be set to ban all religious schools, following a proposal from the leading party ahead of this year’s election.

The Social Democratic party, which currently leads a minority government, has pledged to ban all religious free schools to tackle segregation in the country.

LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: You mean to say that all Christian, Muslim, Bhuddist or whatever else schools get closed, but the Jewish schools stay??!!?? TALK ABOUT SAYING DIRECTLY WHO THE ELITIST CONTROLLERS ARE, IT JUST DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!

They are not even keeping their aggression secret any more. So they are doing this because they want unity, and no segregation, AMONG THE GOY, while they sit in their elite enclaves fully segregated??? This is laughably transparent elitism, that clearly and unquestionably says exactly who is driving Sweden into the shitter!

No identity for you, and a rich culture and history for us!

You can’t make this stuff up! SEE THIS.



Democrat Propaganda Group Shareblue Has Ties To Chinese Government, Host Of Foreign Special Interests


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest tuchis zetzer…an interview with a Russian church head about the poisoning incident in the news currently.


Re; Carolm– Sorry to hear of your loss. I am always sorry to hear when people who have helped maintain our musical heritage leave us. I watched Pete Seeger play at my school as a child and have spent a considerable part of my life in the company of Guitars , Banjos, Basses and Ukes as a result. The people who promoted that scene are precious and your husband seemed to have done that with honors. The Folk Music of our people is what defines us as a people culturally and so your loss is our loss too.


Carolm, I’m so sorry to read of your husband’s passing. An impressive man, and a life well lived. Be well, our prayers are with you.


from this article-quote—–The Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use subatomic particles called tachyons as a basic source of energy: as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes, for healing, information transmission and for other purposes. And now there are tachyon chambers in North America, Europe and Asia that will help us heal body, mind and spirit.—–unquote…..






Published on Mar 15, 2018

China and Russia are preparing for a global reset within months, Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors.

In this interview, Jim Willie answers viewer questions!
– When the stock market crashes sufficiently do you think we’ll see panic buying of gold, silver, and cryptos?
– I’m an American expat who’s made China his home. I own $150 K worth of gold and silver and have a decent holding of CNY. After the USD loses its global reserve status, how do you see China’s economy being affected?
– How did Jim immigrate to Costa Rica and how hard was it? Does Jim feel safe there?
– If Venezuela, Qatar, Iran, China, Russia…have decided not to use the dollar,how is it the dollar hasn’t crashed yet and the interest rate gone thru the roof?
– How long before the interest rates catch up to the lag in the default of debt in the private sector, causing the cascade of defaults throughout the banking sector?
– Who is buying the bonds? Is the U.S. financing their own debt?
– How do you think it is going with the flipping of Germany to the east in a economic sense if not political. Do you still think this will happen?
– Please ask Jim what he thinks about JP Morgan stashing so much physical silver. Are they doing it to profit from higher prices or to cover their naked shorts when they short the paper market?