The world is about to find out just how horrific the Khazarian mafia’s crimes were

The purge at the very tip top of the U.S. secret power structure is nearly complete, meaning a much larger purge is now about to take place, according to Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.  The top leadership of the White House, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and other U.S. agencies is now composed almost entirely of white hats.  This means that a systematic purge of the lower ranks is now possible.  The result will be that in coming months people are going to find out just how horrific the crimes carried out by the Khazarian mafia really were.

Let’s remember, these so-called leaders of the West were actively trying to kill off 90% of the world’s population.  They have been caught manufacturing and spreading diseases like SARS, bird flu, ebola, etc.  They have been caught trying to cause mass starvation by spreading crop diseases and paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food.  They have been trying very hard to start World War 3.  They were behind mass murder incidents like 9/11 and Fukushima.  This is all proven fact.  What’s going to happen now is that the bulk of the world’s population will learn of this.

In the U.S., about one million people were actively involved in the plot to kill 90% of their fellow Americans and enslave the survivors, according to Japanese military intelligence.  These one million—who pretend to be Jews, Muslims, or evangelical Christians, etc., but who actively worship Satan—have been seeking refuge elsewhere on the planet but have failed to find it.

They have also been trying to get off the planet, according to both CIA and Pentagon sources.  “The cabal is stuck on earth, since the CERN portal was destroyed,” a Pentagon source says.  “What they say about CERN is correct,” a CIA source who has access to secret Antarctic bases confirms.  “The earth is on lockdown—no leaving and no entering.  The Zionist Khazarian cabal is trapped here.  They are being taken down,” the source continues.

To understand how scared the cabalists are, take a look at this video of Prince Bandar bin Khalid, one of the top 9/11 conspirators, committing suicide on March 12th in order to avoid facing justice after he was denied asylum by the UK.

“Prince Bandar-Bush was really taken out.  It was him, not a double, that slipped on a banana peel and went over the rail.  The actual meaning of this statement is that Bandar was assisted in his attempt to defy gravity.  He was mind-controlled by some type of mind-altering drug.  There will NOT be an autopsy,” is how a CIA source explains the incident.

Now, former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, also having been denied asylum by the UK, is asking the…

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Thank you Benjamin, for your heroic efforts
for humanity, and your latest report.
May there be Peace on Earth !
~ Samba


number 2 for Roman




Good morning Ben, we hope that the definitive turning point against the Khazarian mafia and the Deep State will come soon


The wheel of Karma rolls round, and round… Thanks Benjamin…


(This) week. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Q


Benjamin wrote: ‘The above-mentioned CIA source with Antarctic base access, has a much more esoteric explanation for the hysterical cabal Russia-bashing. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shut down three “stargates” that were located in Syria. “Putin is in charge of the stargates there, and this is what really pisses off the cabal. He will not let them be used to escape Judgment Day,” he says.’
Interesting perspective.

Marc Boehler

I’d be interested on some more intel on what Chinas plan in the longer run is. Their social credit system is kinda scary and rife for abuse. The country seems to become more oppressive the longer time goes on.


Top 10, so far!


Good morning..


2018-03-18 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes March II


New Q

Mar 18 2018 02:17:42
Why are trips allowed?
Mar 18 2018 02:10:23
Panic mode.
Enjoy the show.


trudy #400640

Sorry Trudy – see you already posted Simon…


So Simon Parkes says the galactic wave hasn’t really started yet although some are feeling it. Says it s/b between 3/18 and 3/21 for the first wave – a magnetic type wave. The 2nd wave will be much more uplifting. ( he didn’t say when)


Not a Time to Walk in Fear – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter On March 18, 2018


16 My dreams indicate a form of laundering is about to be done. Laundering in bright white light that inflicts fear..

I wonder if it has anything to do with Boom Boom Boom ? and also this blog I am about to read.

The dream though– the house is small. I wonder if that has to do with how many white hats there really are?




Great Article Ben, yes it looks like the end is near but I won’t 100% believe it until I see the headlines ” 9-11 was an inside job”

The Rickles

FWIW, the scene of the man going over the railing occurred at Atlanta Airport on Feb 28. He was not a Saudi prince.


20 May well being n light emerge a plenty (fthgac).


I’m concerned about this article and would like to get the opinion of my fellow café members.
Enough proof from the past that the US and its allies are stupid enough to believe their own propaganda BS. The charade in UK parliament seems part of this. They miscalculate that Russia is too busy with elections.



All sounds like good news then.

So long as it happens but with Q lining up as well it’s looking pretty good.

All our little Democrat lawmakers/ Clinton and co. going to the guillotine?

Will somebody PLEASE think of the snowflakes?



Not a miscalculation… Possibly just desperate?


24. Everyone have a great week!


VICTORY IS OURS…..! The energy waves are pouring in ..BOOM BOOM BOOM



Always like to hear someones dreams. Mine are extremely personal at the moment. Although I do get memories from more collective dreams I have had synchronistically turning up. Like little puzzle pieces of clues.

I got those dreams when nothing was going on in my life but now the dreams are directed towards my personal life.


Yes, I too am a little disconcerted. This was a video from the States, and nothing to do with a Saudi Prince.


Seems to me that Hasidic Jews are no better than Islamists…..arranged marriages….Gentiles/Infidels will kill you….don’t integrate….need I go on?


Was displeased and told truth. Blamed a snow squall on a well-known Jewish banking dynasty.


Natural news: Chaos is a certainty: The lack of preparedness among city people is truly horrifying [link]

Interesting article if we are considering something happening soon.

Imagine hordes and hordes of zombi like people! Scary!


31 almost done. Shock and awe will be bar none.


The Final Battle II 432Hz

Or use Vimeo version if YT blocks it:


Wolfintimber #400631 (last week’s/ yesterday’s thread)

tku 4 bringing me back to R D Steele.
I think he is unrealistic in thinking that his ideas can be implimented by usa 2018 elections.

But “stuff” gets created by 1st picturing it/stating it. And his ideas r the best I’ve seen so far for systems that could really enable the “fair play world” we all long for.

So: “HO!” “GO” “Let it B SO” ..
In my AM spiritual ceremonies (until the next “even better” comes along), I’m gonna b “beaming” to Open Source.. Election Reform … “UnVoting” Dems n Repubs.. etc

How about you?



COBRA / 2012portal update:

Galactic Confederation forces of Light have decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation domain according to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2.

Not much intel about surface operations can be given to surface population for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that there is quite a high number of Chimera-controlled Draco and Reptilian hybrids that were incarnated into human clone bodies inside underground bases during the last Archon invasion between 1996 and 1999. After 9-11 false flag event in 2001, they started coming to the surface and infiltrating higher echelons of power inside human society. This situation is being addressed right now by the Light Forces as part of Operation Mjolnir.

Let me just say that the hostage situation on the surface of the planet is very difficult and liberation might take a little bit longer than expected.

This is the reason the Light forces advise against any speculation about the timing of the Event to avoid disappointment and suggest you rather start focusing on your mission and living your life to its fullest in the Now:


If you own a property that has a small flat area big enough for a small Pleiadian saucer craft to land, you can silently say the following decree:

“In the name of my I Am presence, I decree and I command a landing of a Pleiadian ship on the land that I own, and my physical first contact with the Pleiadians from that ship, as soon as possible in the best possible way. “

It is very important that you NEVER say this decree aloud and that you never speak about your decree to anyone, otherwise you can not become part of the Contact Dish project.

Combined free will of thousands of people making this decree worldwide will send a coherent contact signal of pulsating Light into the energy grid of the planet and to the Pleiadians. It will effectively turn the whole planet into a Contact Dish. The critical mass needed for this to happen is around 12,000 people. This will be an indication for the Pleiadians and the Galactic Central Race that the awakened part of the human population has reached a spiritual maturity that equals 0.75 on the Kardashev scale:


What are your thoughts?


Benjamin: Thank you. Will President Trump make the announcement disclosing UFO’s, ET’s, and the arrival of
Planet X (Nibiru)?


I got a little more on the people with Reptilian souls (RS). Only RS get Knighted, every pope (except the current one) and every Dalai Lama is or has been a RS. The current pope who took over when the previous one resigned is guilty of murder and closely aligned with the RS. Some famous people in history with RS are Isaac Newton (who stole the invention of Calculus), Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Martin Luther King, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Muhammad and many others. To be famous in history it really helps to be a RS, since the RS currently controlling history and MSM.

Now the evil RS that is running our planet is trying to spread “smart dust” everywhere, which is nano particles that connect everything and change our planet to a planet run by AI. They foolishly think they can pull this off and stop our solar system from going into the 4th density (5th dimension). I’m told however that there are positive ETs that will prevent this and our solar system will go into 4th density and an 80% chance it will happen within 13 months.

Eric Holder Sends Ominous Warning to Deep State DOJ and FBI Officials ‘Be Prepared It’s Going to Get Worse’
Seems to confirm what Ben is writing about this week…

The billionaire GOP mega-donor Koch brothers are continuing to oppose President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda, now calling his recent pro-American worker tariffs “crony capitalism.”
Koch (crack)Pot calling the Trump kettle black….


comment image

——-Why The Police Are Quietly Turning To Google To Find Criminals
The evils of Google and how it can be used against innocent people couldn’t be made clearer than they are in this article.

Facebook is facing its biggest test ever—and its lack of leadership could sink the company
Good riddance to these bunch of software pirates and thieves . The rats are jumping ship…

Probably a repost, but worth a read…


phoenix #400513
“I am considering doing a video on this UK- Russia warmongering stuff (First political video!) and thought it is good to look at the opposing perspective on Russia since I have a fairly pro Russian, pro Putin leaning, can you link me up?”

Hi phoenix,

Here is my thesis in a nutshell and a number of links for you. (sorry, long post)

Whereas George Webb is doing a fantastic job of exposing the collusion with mafia, oligarchs, mercenaries connected to the DNC, alphabet agencies, SES, congress, pay to play ratlines involving drugs, arms, oil/nuclear smuggling with the Navy logistics, human trafficking with DynCorp, etc. etc, I have been looking into following the money from the top down. The connections to the above ‘rat lines’ seem to come full circle back to the top.

Please note that Uranium One is entirely owned by Rosatom, the Russian nuclear corporation controlled entirely by Putin.

Robert Mercer, of Renaissance Technologies, is the primary financer of the Trump election. The most successful AI hedge fund money machine has connections to Russians and Cambridge Analytica, the mercenary election machine, that hacked facebook’s data:

I have wondered, but not yet dug into the connection to chemtrails. The thing the got me interested was in finding out at the beginning of RenTec they traded commodities exclusively. They said about their machine trading then that it relied on being able to “predict” the weather affecting crops. After Robert Mercer joined, they did better with the inside info on stock trading, and the mix shifted to that. But in ‘predicting’ the future, how much becomes controlling the future? It looks to me that line has been crossed.

At RenTec, Alexey Kononenko, rose suddenly up the ranks of scientists in 2004 to be one of the small handful of major owners of the Medallion fund (most successful hedge fund in the world). People with knowledge of the firm say Kononenko’s promotion was a significant event in Renaissance’s history and that the Russian had actually executed a power play,” according to Bloomberg. Renaissance does its banking with Deutsche Bank, the global oligarch bank. and parts 2 and 3, the same bank Trump has his real estate loans with. RenTec also has an IPO arm that has a specialty in Russian IPOs. Are some of these the ‘shell corporations’ that are involved in money laundering? Who knows?

Rebekka Mercer, Robert’s daughter, married Sylvain Michel Mirochnikoff, a Morgan Stanley broker. In 2012, he joined the board of the International Security Exchange, which buys and sell stocks electronically. The following year the ISE partnered with the Moscow exchange to “share information”. RenTec has made a lot of money from this connection:

Once Trump was elected, Bekah was named to the transition team and is believed to have influenced the appointments of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and maybe others.

Oleg Deripaska’s (major oligarch) influence is deeply embedded into Trump’s cabinet. There is a lot of meta data in these articles:
Mike Pence:
Wilbur Ross:
Jeff Sessions:

Here is a compelling case of hacked voter info from swing states being cross referenced with Spectrum Health Care data (owned by Betsy DeVos’s husband) from those same swing states through Alfa Bank (Putin’s bank) servers and Trump Tower servers:

My opinion is that clearing the swamp has to come from all sides. Trump appears to be on the receiving end of bank loans from laundered funds and influence from the Mercers who benefit greatly from their connections to oligarchs, mercenaries, and mafia rat-lines. We can all help out by clearing our own swamps, blockages and addictions to heal our body, mind and souls and recognize our connectedness to all of life.


Very detailed and documented report on Media Matters’ manipulation.

“Dangerous Leaked document! Share this before they suspend my account. This is the document I was working for 10 days”


45 … Forty Five … Trump’s number! Go 45th President!

John Langerman
John Langerman

Thank You Benjamin,
God Bless US All! Let the Good times Roll.
The Golden Rule Will Prevail.


Um…That isn’t Bandar Bush committing suicide.


Happy Birthday, Ben! 🙂

57 times Hip Hip!


I’m not convinced. Pompeo and his replacement have been front and center is some very disturbing events. Listen to the public David Icke broadcast for last week at Much is moving around but Trump has not declared against the efforts to curb free speech nor has he made any noise about stopping all wars. Some will counter and say he can’t, possibly true, but it does make you wonder.

We’ll see about his economic program. While the Mercer’s were heavily invested in Trump so was Sheldon Adelson it seems. What was curious was Hillary’s galavanting around in India when she was supposed to be uner house arrest. Is McCain still wearing his anklet? And we’re still in Syria. Prices and interest rates are rising, just as Jim Willie has been predicting. Have you checked the prices on clothing?! Sheesh!!

The more I read, the more it seems we take our orders from GB. We are the military muscle that advances the City of London agenda along with Israel and their lapdog- Saudi Arabia. Lebanon is next and there have already been rumblings. Time we demanded a return to total free speech and an end to all wars. Let’s see the kids march for that, they should since they’re next on the chopping block.


guac77 #400679. Interesting stuff; thank you. Which US presidents had RS? I saw addition of 2 presidents in a post by you last week but couldn’t find another list


#400693 I totally agree with you JuJubean. Way too much fluff being pushed our way with very little substance of proof to support it.

Action’s speak much louder than words, and very little ‘action’ support much of the words spoken thru the years, let alone, months and weeks…

Always some kind of ‘excuse’ as to way the delay… this is typical these days… really nothing new, and exactly why I don’t ‘allow’ myself to get too caught up in the fluff.

Best to you all


Thanks Benjamin for all the important info coming out.The planet really need positive news,change and peace.I am intrigue by the possibility of an actual Stargate existing where humans can travel away from Earth.Now this is the tricky part,ancient civilisation believed in a Flat Earthly plain with a slight curve at it’s edges.The flat Earth map illustrates the actual shape of the Earth being surrounded by a huge icy ringor wall and many scriptures in the bible highlighted many clues indicating something of a flat nature.

Hmm a crack in the glass ceiling or breaking the glass ceiling recently phrased by Hillary and on many occasions along with clues from Hollywood is believed by Flat Earthers as making fun or mocking creation.A Firmament is above us which we see as the sky and above the Firmament is another body of water.According to the bible,God made the Firmament & divided the waters below & waters above.Now what did they mean by dividing the waters that it resulted in 1 layer below and 1 layer above.This means outer space is actually water,and Nasa was created to control this alleged fraud which is why we have to take their word for everything they say about space hence a Monopoly.

All the other space programs run by other countries fall under one umbrella with a special logo such as a vector symbol used by all space agencies to signify unity and an oat to keep this agenda secret.What we see up in the sky is positioned there by the creator pinned with in the Firmament but it’s not the outer space that Star Trek make it out to be.The Firmament acts as a barrier that can’t be breach and i have heard of secret attempts by the military to test that theory like the famous “Operation Fishbowl” series of high altitude nuclear test in 1962 by the U.S military. I have been following the flat Earth theory for a few years and after i started to look into their many packages of illustrations online,i really started to wonder because they have some valid points even thou they will be labeled as crazy or conspiracy theorist.

I don’t know what to believe anymore and i think we can all agree that there are many secrets and technology being kept from mankind and hopefully we can get some answers into the shape of the Earth.If there is a Star gate,where does it go.Interestingly if the Earth is flat,that means there is Star Gate opening via the Firmament through water.If the Earth is round,then we are use to seeing movies like Star trek and how they travel through the infinity of outer space,lol.


It’s that time of year again when the powers that be ramp up their manipulation tactics on the minds of people everywhere.

Stillness is conducting an awareness campaign to help spread information about this critical time of the year.

We produced two original articles for this. In the first article, we provided an exclusive video to a presentation we did several months ago about the topic.

Enjoy the content and share if you feel called!

Season of Sacrifice Education: A FREE Presentation Brought to You by Stillness in the Storm – False Flags 101


False Flag Season is About to Begin — Research, History, and Analysis



55. This is all believable and wonderful news. Thank you, Ben!

Robert James

Curiouser and curiouser. Getting rid of a million or so psychopathic traitors is going to be interesting. But a great financial savings for taxpayers. As a Floridian, I can only hope that the million includes the current kleptocratic governor, Rick Scot, his AG Pam Bondi and a host of others.


Dear BFC members,
Timelines, Density’s, Aliens, and the whole gambit of strange things that are shared here.
Here is the 2 ¢ I have come to realize.
Me + Myself = I. What a strange statement?
Me= The sole, spirit or ghost
Myself= the body (a glorious interface device for “me” to experience and operate in within this world)
I = the combination of me & myself that forms I.
If Me & Myself become separated I no longer exist. Myself becomes an empty carcass. Me departs this world for the next big adventure in uncharted territory.
The point of this ramble is: NOTHING IN & OF THIS WORLD CAN TOUCH “ME”
I just ran out of fear.


nzmc  #400677

COBRA / 2012portal update: ……


What are your thoughts?

2018-03-19 11:52 PM


I tend to read the cobra posts as background info and to date I have reserved judgement on its veracity. The ‘wait and see approach’. I agree with the positive outlook of his posts but am not completely convinced as to whether or not there is a ‘hidden’ agenda with the Pleiadians? By their fruits ye shall KNOW them – until I have had the opportunity to personally interact with ANY ET beings, I will not be able to form an opinion.

Your above post at least give a potential method to test the waters as it were – thanks for that.

By the way. does your login name “NZMC” indicate you are located or a citizen of New Zealand?

Kind regards,


Jim Stone
Ron Paul: If the economy is booming, why is homelessness skyrocketing

My comment: Like every report of this type, Ron Paul missed the mark. Here is what is causing homelessness:

1. Zoning laws, which control where people can live and what they can build. Zoning laws increase property costs enormously.
2. Environmental regulations, which restrict construction enormously and increase costs enormously.
3. Forced inspection and certification of homes. If the inspection process was removed, and the above two problems were removed, any old joe could throw together more than a shack for $5000. There should be two types of homes – state approved and inspected (which qualify for bank loans) and those thrown together by pissed off Joe, which are assessed at no value other than what you can get someone to pay for them if you decide to sell. These would be a lot better than tent cities.
They shoud be allowed to be built on public land and considered temporarily permanent.

The above 3 reasons increase housing costs by at least 10X. The state needs to butt out of peoples lives with this. In the past, people used to be able to build what they wanted, and up until the 1930’s you could build a house out of sod. For only the labor you put into it. No inspections, if it fell in it was your problem. That’s what a free country really is. In short, the problem with homelesness is state created, and caused by people giving up their right to live however they want.

A self driving car has hit and killed someone

A self driving Uber in Arizona struck and killed a J walking pedestrian at 10 PM at night. This may have been a case where most people driving would have hit someone, if you J walk at night it is your job to not get hit. There was supposedly a human assistant in the car, but with a car self driving I’d bet practically anyone would zone out after 45 minutes.
However, because a machine was predominantly responsible, this will no doubt delay the release of fully autonomous cars.

First eyewitness testifies on LIVE radio that she saw three unmarked flat black helicopters fly forcefully into the city on the night of the Las Vegas shooting as if the were running a mission of war


benjamion fulford-quote—–The above-mentioned CIA source with Antarctic base access, meanwhile, has a much more esoteric explanation for the hysterical cabal Russia-bashing. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shut down three “stargates” that were located in Syria. “Putin is in charge of the stargates there, and this is what really pisses off the cabal. He will not let them be used to escape Judgment Day,” he says.—–unquote…..


this is most probably accurate intel…..

it fits with the cabal going retarted still in regards to syria,unfortunately at the expense of the great syrian earth surface peoples…..

there are natural stargates all over earth of course,below,on the surface,and in low earth orbit locations etc….

syria and other locations have stargates that have been built by the galactic central civilizations,our big big brothers and sisters-the most technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations in the milky way galaxy…..

president vladimir putin and his crew continue to work with some of the pleiadiuns of the lightforces…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


The CEO of Cambridge Analytica was secretly filmed offering to entrap politicians with bribes and sex workers

Britain’s Channel 4 did a great investigative piece on this awful company. It’s 19 minutes well spent.


cobra-quote—–Galactic Confederation forces of Light have decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation domain according to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2.—–unquote…..
comment image



Here is something I hope you will all enjoy…it is a clip from Babylon 5 which features the Russian president calming the public after full disclosure of the previous presidents crimes against humanity…many more disclosure in this show which you can find here:

Julie Bezinque
Julie Bezinque

How does Trump or any of his “cabinet” qualify as white hats? You keep writing things that imply that democrats are Satan and the republicans who are the authors of so many crimes and blatant outright theft are good guys. Why why why when Potus is such a colossally reprehensible person, do you gloss over his actions and male him out to be a beneficient, well meaning philanthropist? You’re killing me.


Hi Julie #400708,

When Barack Obama was president, Ben called him a light worker. He seems to like whoever is in office lately. He does remind us to use our own discernment when he refers to Trump as a white hat. I think that is good advice.

It’s OK, we forgive Ben, and come for the local color and companionship.



OK, so how am I supposed to know the actual size of a small Pleiadian saucer? i.e. is my yard big enough?

Why can I not say these words out loud or to anyone else? (Don’t earth people need to recruit as you say, 12,000 people)

If a Pleiadian ship turns up on my front lawn, it won’t be a secret for more than 10 seconds!

I thought perhaps, that we’ve grown tired of 5,000 + years of secrecy. Instructions like this, are not adequate imo. Is there not a fakery school somewhere perhaps, where one can get assistance with postings and ideas like this?



COBRA / 2012portal update:
If you own a property that has a small flat area big enough for a small Pleiadian saucer craft to land, you can silently say the following decree:It is very important that you NEVER say this decree aloud and that you never speak about your decree to anyone, otherwise you can not become part of the Contact Dish project.The critical mass needed for this to happen is around 12,000 people.


Rob: #400700

I L O V E it! THIS is the REAL NEWS worth sharing!


newswatcher #400710

Ha ha… and … yes… true.

richard berube
richard berube

I have read before about the Stargate in the Middle East, and that was the reason for the war in Syria, the taking of the Stargate bye the west….


I’m listening to this.. .fascinating. And if you like it, check out his youtube channel … cuz he’s apparently beeh doing a whole series on the items discussed in this one.



Thankyou Carol, at the moment like most here I suspect I am so busy and have so many things taking up my mental attention the politics video if I am to do it has gone on the back burner a bit but you have definitely provided the information if I am to do it.

I just saw an article headline that Trumps trade war is effecting loads of different state actors. (Didn’t Ben say last week that Trump had gone rogue and was doing the trade war stuff to extort money? Is Trump good again this week? *innocent face*)

Anyway, I don’t know about you reading this but… I don’t have the time to read the article on the trade war and consider what it means in the grand scheme! There was an article at the top of the Daily Express page saying that the Labour leader is having trouble with his globalist comrades that are all resigning on the hiring of a so- called ‘anti semite’. UKIP is finished and going into bankruptcy because they received a massive bill for something. The Brexit deal is apparently nearly decided they just need to meet and sign the paperwork… Or something.

UK is still warmongering against Russia. One of the papers I went on didn’t have one of these stories apart from Brexit they filled their pages with other things!

Hop over to American news and Trump is firing a bunch of people. Something about facebook.

Aye – yae – yae.



 #400676


coooool littledog……

big bobby steele is an excellent intellectual braveheart lightwarrior absolutely 100 per cent…..

bobby is a fan of david ickes also,always grooooovy to see the lightforces on the surface unite more and more in the common plight…..

for victory of the light…..


vu tran

Dear Julie,

This is not about Republicans versus Democrats. This is about good versus evil. We welcome anyone who fights for the truth and a much better future for our enslaved species. Right now, the planet needs people who are pro-truth, spiritual, and sevice-to- others.

I know it is hard to accept Trump as a lightworker, I guess time will tell whether he is one of us. In the meantime, if you are confused as to whom to believe, then just work on yourself in raising your vibration and becoming a better and more forgiving being.

I wish you a lot of good luck and amazing experiences in your spiritual seeking. After all, we are all spiritual children in this third density existence due to the veil of forgetfulness.

In service to all, in service to the One Infinite Creator.

Vu/Bao Tran


Oooooh. 75!

colin greenfield
colin greenfield

WW3 seems inevitable because the Cabal are determined that it will happen.At present it appears that Trump is on board for this.The good things that you say are happening do not seem as yet to have reduced the risk for humanity of annihilation.


comment image


#400719 Comey down. Hillary falling down. People who are not fully awake asking about if she was healthy enough to serve. McCabe down (with no pension but, alas, he has piles of his own money). McCain faking brain cancer to garner sympathy. Obama going to Kenya, his home country. David Rockefeller allegedly dead. Media being exposed as liars (even friends of mine who think that the media tells the truth pointed to next to last year’s Superbowl and the come-back-from behind baseball games that go to 7 games say that, “It made the owners/league more money – it’s fixed.” More and more people picking apart Parkland shooting and actually organizing their own counterprotests, unlike the snowflake organizers who are funded, bused in to prearranged protests and being used as useful idiots. (Arrange a conference or even a Christmas party sometime. It takes a lot of time and energy. There is no way these kids screeching against gun control could have even organized a sock hop in that minimal period of time. The people counterprotesting them had to organically organize and show up, and they did.) People saying the Vegas narrative didn’t make sense. Kennedy papers partially released, talking about a front shot. Everyday people trying to shine a light onto these demonic frauds.

People on this forum, and countless other forums, speaking out against the obstacles the dark ones keep erecting, even though we know they have been watching and listening. Somehow, way too slowly, the truth is gaining a foothold. Look at Pizzagate. It attracted new minds, thinkers and researchers breaking away from the mind-numbing shackles. Every time they pull off a bad psy-op, they attract more people to the light and bright side. Look at the posts on this blog alone, and you will see the freedom that comes from thinking, analyzing and sharing.

Much is being done to prevent WW3. You can choose to resign yourself to a timeline that has that reality, or choose your own timeline that has freedom restored and abundance for all, but choice is required. So what are you, as a powerful entity, going to do about it?


OnetvJack #400700:

The way I see it, ( I think I got it from Dan Millman, The Peaceful Warrior), is we are ALL very ‘courageous’ light warriors to come to this planet at this time…I agree…it is not the cakewalk when we were told/programmed as children…

The peace for all comes from within ourselves.

Thanks for your contribution.


Anatomy of an agenda again, this time involving 5-year olds with no parental consent. Corrupticut, again, using (abusing) children in their walkout advertising campaign. Disgusting that they don’t think the parents have a right to know! They informed parents on Facebook? Really? Don’t they have to have written consent of parents now? My mother had to sign a form for the school every time we were taken out of school for any special event. Read what this shill parent has to say about how proud she was to let her kid be used as a deep-state puppet on an agenda many parents might not agree with. Q is right. These people are stupid.–477150673.html

Excerpt: “We love school! We love school,” children in New London are chanting in a video posted on Facebook.

While people involved in the walkout involving a group of 5-year-olds at Harbor Elementary School said the demonstration was about school safety, student safety and parent permission have been called into question. …

Vokolou, whose child participated, chaperoned what she called the “safety march” on school grounds. She said her child’s teacher let parents know on Facebook.

“My opinion as a parent, they do shooting drills so we also want to make sure they know we’re going to keep their school safe,” Vokolou said.

New London Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Tracy said he didn’t have a problem with the safety message, but he and the principal didn’t know about the march ahead of time and there was no written permission from parents.

“When you’re going to do something like that, in connection with something that, let’s face it, is controversial, you need to seek the approval of the principal and the parents before you involve 5-year-olds in something like that,” Tracy said.

Another parent, Marlinda Robinson, said she didn’t know her kindergartner was participating in a march but said she didn’t have any issues with the message.

“I would have liked to know, but not for the reason of what it stood for,” Robinson said. “More because I just didn’t know.”


Hitler pays a special surprise visit to the kids that had a school walkout in favor of GUN CONTROL.

comment image

You Are Free TV 19 Mar 2018
Call for boycott of Youtube end of Mar/Apr 1
3/19: Q revealed that Little St. James, the island owned by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, contains levels underground that house a temple used for satanic ritual abuse. This video is protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution and is the intellectual property of the owner of this channel.



Hi Deester

Wonderful piece.

Could I share it with my family and friends please, if you don’t mind?

Many are still on the fence. Hopefully this would help them to realize they need to do some research and find out what really has been going on. Heaven knows I have tried numerous times but they mostly look at me like I have completely lost it!

It is there to see if their eyes are open and they are willing to accept another reality other than what is fed to them by MSM.



Little dog #400711

I knew you would respond. If you wish, would love to talk further.


Incidentally, we have recently had the misfortune of a visit from Hitlary, both in Australia and also NZ. Now we are informed Obummer is about to lob here also.

Clones are definitely running around trying to find a place to roost.

Hopefully he gets sent on his way quick smart!



………..The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, stated outright “There is no alternative to the conclusion that Russia was responsible.” This was an order, not a statement of fact. An order to step in line and not court controversy.

It capped months of hysterical anti-Russian rhetoric and vilification, which in more ways than one, strongly echoed the George Bush and Tony Blair tirades of 9/11/2001. Tirades deliberately directed to make Saddam Hussein fit the role of the number one villain of that particular moment of time, as the unquestionable holder of non-existent ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Now Putin is being given the 9/11 treatment. A chilling reminder that this is a repeat of a direct incitement to war.

But those who control the political course of events so as to achieve their sinister goals, know that people forget. So Theresa May no doubt feels quite secure in proclaiming Putin to be the new Mr Evil, and the undoubted purveyor of this particular version of a weapon of mass destruction.

Quite secure in inciting arguments that the Country should be prepared to go to war with this ‘Russian monster’, all because some obscure Soviet double agent had been poisoned with a nasty organophosphate product on British soil.

And yet, ironically, and in direct contrast to buffoon politicians like Theresa May and Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin has emerged over the past decade, as the leading statesman on the world stage. A thoughtful, cool head and a genuine diplomat.

But the lather of House of Commons ‘rent a crowd’ fury directed against the Russian President, carried with it a warning that the Russian media outlet ‘Russian Today’ (RT) might be closed down in Britain, because it dared to ask questions that the British media dared not ask.

God forbid that anyone should raise their voice in suggesting that this might be a rather over-the-top response to an offense not untypical of things that go on in the obscure and shadowy world of secret agents. But someone did – and that someone happened to be the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbin, ……..


For me I’m starting to get really into music and, if it does not work out this time, i.e. political/ world change. It might be time to pay less attention to the area.

Since I seem to need music to discipline my mind properly. I need to do music per day. It would seem silly to pursue any attempt to change anything that does not include music. Lest my mental health unravel.

Dreams stated this very directly as well.

Caroll Dahl

I don’t know what to make of this, I almost can’t tell if this is an Onion article, starting with the “video of Prince Bandar bin Khalid” which looks completely ridiculous and even the youtube commenters can tell its not legit, and then the CIA source is quoted as saying:

“Prince Bandar-Bush was really taken out. It was him, not a double, that slipped on a banana peel and went over the rail. The actual meaning of this statement is that Bandar was assisted in his attempt to defy gravity. He was mind-controlled by some type of mind-altering drug. There will NOT be an autopsy,” is how a CIA source explains the incident.

This quote sounds like he’s pulling our leg, slipped on a banna peel really? and I guess the “mind altering drug” part was included to cover up how incredibly fake it looks, and the fact that it doesn’t even look like the prince, and he also says “there will NOT be an autopsy”. if it was real there WOULD be an autopsy.

And the idea that the Pentagon would need to use Elon Musk to launder money is preposterous. The Pentagon could literally launder trillions of dollars and has done so already, its a completely black box, they wouldn’t need to use a Elon Musk to launder a few billion, they already control trillions.

So I don’t know what’s really going on, but it’s almost like all these sources are in on the conspiracy and are simply putting out disinfo to keep the conspiracy on track.


My apologies to the rest of the world for having to deal with the follies of the United States.


carolm #400709
Hi Julie #400708 ,

When Barack Obama was president, Ben called him a light worker. He seems to like whoever is in office lately. He does remind us to use our own discernment when he refers to Trump as a white hat. I think that is good advice.

It’s OK, we forgive Ben, and come for the local color and companionship.

True enough. It concerns me though that Simon Parkes says he agrees with 90-95% of what Ben reports. That % seems REALLY high. Ben has posted some whoppers.


My sister in law has a friend who voted in Westmoreland County for Rick Saccone (Repub). After it was processed, she checked it. The vote had been flipped to Connor Lamb (Dem). She VERIFIED that and reported it at the voting station. They gave her a paper ballot.



Interesting update from Roy Potterqa, just a couple of hours old :



Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda.

comment image

Another look at how Obama enhanced the fuckover of Amerika.


filip4 #400736
Interesting update from Roy Potterqa, just a couple of hours old :

At 7:40, Roy talks about Field McConnell’s sister Kristine Marcy. She is the one who started SES back in the 70’s. Kristine contacted Field for the first time since 2012.
He sent here this tweet:

Abel Danger Global
19h19 hours ago
“Today my sister #KristineMarcy contacted me for the first time since December 2012….. too late 4 her”

– Field McConnell
19 March 2018


Rhonda (or anyone else), feel free to share anything I post with anyone. I don’t need or want attribution or credit. Just getting information out there to others is critical. I have printed off news articles which were released before the events happened (which there used to be plenty online before they were scrubbed) at various protests, carried one in my purse and showed complete strangers in supermarket lines, at the gym, etc. (Another good local story was a cop hacked severely by a machete-wielding lone wolf, without a drop of blood on him or on the EMT’s gloves. I have scratched mosquito bites and bled more profusely.) If we can just get people to see that the media have lied in a few instances, people might start looking closer and using common sense – plus relying on what they are actually seeing, rather than what they are being told to see. At least there are more and more questioning narratives every day. 10 years ago, Sandy Hook would have resulted in people begging to lose their firearms. It did work at staged Dunblane.

Andrew McCabe was leaking information: Rep. Jordan

Facebook Chief Security Officer Leaving After Clashing Over “Spread Of Disinformation”

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
by Tyler Durden
Mon, 03/19/2018 – 20:22
Update 2: Minutes after Stamos’ tweet statubg he was still “fully engaged” at Facebook, Reuters ‘sources’ reported that he will leave the firm effective in August, and has already has responsibilities for countering government-sponsored disinformation taken away from him.

In short: a mess.

Zuckerberg, STFU
In another exchange leaked to Silicon Alley Insider, Zuckerberg explained to a friend that his control of Facebook gave him access to any information he wanted on any Harvard student:

ZUCK: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard
ZUCK: just ask
ZUCK: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns
FRIEND: what!? how’d you manage that one?
ZUCK: people just submitted it
ZUCK: i don’t know why
ZUCK: they “trust me”
ZUCK: dumb fucks

According to two knowledgeable sources, there are more unpublished IMs that are just as embarrassing and damaging to Zuckerberg. But, in an interview, Breyer told me, “Based on everything I saw in 2006, and after having a great deal of time with Mark, my confidence in him as C.E.O. of Facebook was in no way shaken.” Breyer, who sits on Facebook’s board, added, “He is a brilliant individual who, like all of us, has made mistakes.” When I asked Zuckerberg about the IMs that have already been published online, and that I have also obtained and confirmed, he said that he “absolutely” regretted them. “If you’re going to go on to build a service that is influential and that a lot of people rely on, then you need to be mature, right?” he said. “I think I’ve grown and learned a lot.”



Samantha Power, wife of Cass Sunstein (propaganda czar) issues ominous threat to Trump about not “pissing off” John Brennan. She should be more worried about not “pissing off” the awakening masses with her threats. Good wording (guess she learned that from Cass) as this is a “pissing” contest.

Excerpt: Samantha Power, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, warned President Trump on Saturday that it was “not a good idea to piss off John Brennan” after the former CIA director told him in a tweet that America would “triumph over you.”

Brennan was responding to news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a move praised by the president amid investigations that found McCabe “had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor − including under oath − on multiple occasions.”

Brennan, who served as CIA director under Obama, warned Trump on Twitter that when his “venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history.”

More on site.


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Ex-FBI Assistant Director: There Was A “High-Ranking” Plot To Protect Hillary; Brennan Leaked “Weekly”


comment image

resident Obama White House Responds To McCabe’s Firing – Lisa Monaco Interview…
Posted by sundance
Before becoming President Obama’s key Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco was the head of the DOJ National Security Division. You might remember the DOJ-NSD is at the center of the “small group” collaboration between DOJ-NSD and FBI Counterintelligence unit. Remember, it was the DOJ-NSD (via Sally Yates) who would not allow OIG Oversight. (John Carlin quit; Mary McCord quit; David Laufman quit)

During the 2015/2016 presidential election Lisa Monaco was one of the key WH figures doing the unmasking of raw intelligence provided by the “small group” collaborators (with Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes). Monaco was also one of the key policy strategists, heck, she was the architect, who utilized the compartmentalization of intelligence to hide the fingerprints of collaboration. This was the issue that initially stymied HSPCI Devin Nunes.

Many people have wondered if the Obama White House, recognizing the empirical risk represented by McCabe’s insider knowledge, would distance themselves from McCabe -leaving him to swing in the wind- or whether they would circle the wagons to defend him. This interview should answer that question. Pay particular attention to the angst expressed by Monaco of Trump creating transparency within compartmentalized IC.

After watching the video, and understanding what battles are to come from within the Obama IC, you understand why THIS GROUP has assembled. It is all interconnected. It is all related. None of these alignments, moves, maneuvers and shifts are happening arbitrarily. They are all done purposefully knowing the biggest political battle in the history of U.S. politics is now visible on the horizon.

From Fux News…joke of the day…Killery’s latest excuse why she lost the election…

Fooling American masses with false-flag terror no longer easy
Even though the Ruling Cabal controls the six Major Mass Media, it is no longer easy for the Ruling Cabal to fool the American People with their staged, engineered false-flag terror attacks.

By Preston James, Ph.D – March 19, 2018134246


I listened to a youtube, , of Deborah Taveras ( this morning in which she refers to a document that she says was published over 50 years ago, compiled by the US Airforce, the Rockefellers, international bankers and Harvard University. You can find it on her site here:

Here are some excerpts. I have bolded a few sentences for emphasis.

I apologize for the formatting. The copy looks clean until I hit “publish.” Then it gets all screwed up and impossible to edit. I’m sure you can all get the gist in spite of the technical jumble.

Political Introduction

In 1954 it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter
of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset
the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as
accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia.
The issue of primary concern, that of dominance, revolved around the subject of the energy sciences.


Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the
sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as
economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?

In 1954 this was the issue of primary concern. Although the so-called “moral issues”
were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.

Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided
to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of
permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and
irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.

In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new
weapons which, as it turned out, were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in
their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name
“silent weapons”.

In conclusion, the objective of economic research, as conducted by the magnates of
capital (banking) and the industries of commodities (goods) and services, is the
establishment of an economy which is totally predictable and manipulatable.

In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of society must
be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke
and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to
question the propriety of the matter.
In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.

The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the
moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains
incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower
class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot
in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class.

Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon

Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and
does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage,
and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained
observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are
being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the
technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way,
or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help,
and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality,
options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding,
manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical,
mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

BREAKING MAR. 20, 2018
Senior Executive Service flag
Senior Executive Service (SES) Flag with Nazi Waffen SS logo superimposed. Click here for new document collection emerging.
Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media are currently receiving a devastating collection of SES documents that prove the decades of treachery against the American taxpayer by our government institutions themselves. Since such documents have a way of disappearing magically, we strongly request that readers IMMEDIATELY download these documents and distribute them onto multiple computers so that they will not disappear. The site has a ZIP download button in the upper right hand corner. This is a compressed package of the entire set of documents in one file. Your techie friends will be able to unzip it, so download it even if you are not familiar with ZIP. The number of documents appears to be growing daily. The SES documents contain names, dates, titles and events—all actionable and potentially indictable evidence.

Download SES files
Download SES document folder as a ZIP fileDownload SERCO files!42ZngbBZ!0MHCT7ipQvCUNsjgUVjong
Download SERCO document folder as a ZIP file!w3pBmSRQ!3ht7gR_07rSLHnPUjUFR6xc4YA2AZlHoXby-go_QTZY
More on site



.the ultimate in insider trading….

Kristine Marcy Founder of SES Surrenders to Field McConnell
Jason Goodman 10,510 views
Published on Mar 20, 2018Field McConnell has described his sister Kristine Marcy as the most evil woman in the world. The founder of a dark Gynocracy has at last ended her reign. What are the implications of this major swamp draining development.


I knew about the two Greenberg kids, but not about Snowden. Thanks for the heads-up! #400750 Here is how they derived the “Zuckerman” construct.

Here we have Tony Greenberg, who plays many, many roles: Underwear Bomber, Omar Bin Laden and wife, a fake fighter allegedly in the desert.

More on phony baloney Tony and his reptilian family here:


Damn, a scary statistic… In Rotherham England. 1400 girls were raped/ tortured etc. The survivor accounts included a girl being raped by upward of 30 men.

The amount of Muslims in Rotherham in that period was 3500! So almost every single one of them had to be doing it!

From a Molyneux interview, you’ll see which one.


Jim Stone

They will never give up

Take a look at this new attack on Trump! They are trying to out do the fake Russia scam with something entirely new!

Exposed: Undercover secrets of Trump’s data firm

An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran ‘all’ of President Trump’s digital campaign – and may have broken election law. As the report went on air, the firm announced it has suspended chief executive Alexander Nix, pending a full investigation.
An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran key parts of the presidential campaign for Donald Trump.

The British data company was secretly filmed discussing coordination between Trump’s campaign and outside groups – an activity which is potentially illegal.

Executives claimed they “ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign and our data informed all the strategy” for President Trump.

In the third part of a Channel 4 News investigation into Cambridge Analytica, bosses also talked about:

The full scale of their pivotal work in Trump’s election win
How they avoid Congressional investigations into their foreign clients
Setting up proxy organisations to feed untraceable messages onto social media
Using a secret email system where messages self-destruct and leave no trace
Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the “Defeat Crooked Hilary” brand of attack ads

UPDATE: Cambridge Analytica have announced they have suspended chief executive Alexander Nix pending a full investigation. They said: “In the view of the board Mr Nix’s recent comments secretly recorded by Channel 4 News do not represent the values or operations of the firm.”

‘We ran all the digital campaign’

The company says their work with data and research allowed Mr Trump to win with a narrow margin of “40, 000 votes” in three states providing victory in the electoral college system, despite losing the popular vote by more than 3 million votes.

The election was plagued by allegations of fake news and smears on social media, along with the alleged attempt by Russia to influence the outcome.

Mr Nix boasted about Cambridge Analytica’s work for Trump, saying: “We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting, we ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign and our data informed all the strategy.”

Separately, Mr Turnbull described how the company could create proxy organisations to discreetly feed negative material about opposition candidates on to the Internet and social media.

He said: “Sometimes you can use proxy organisations who are already there. You feed them. They are civil society organisations. Charities or activist groups, and we use them – feed them the material and they do the work…

“We just put information into the bloodstream to the internet and then watch it grow, give it a little push every now and again over time to watch it take shape. And so this stuff infiltrates the online community and expands but with no branding – so it’s unattributable, untrackable.”

Cambridge Analytica’s senior executives were also filmed discussing a twin-track strategy to campaigning, putting out positive messages through the official Donald J Trump for President campaign, while negative material was pushed out through outside organisations.

Cambridge Analytica’s chief data scientist Dr Tayler said: “As part of it, sometimes you have to separate it from the political campaign itself. So in America you know there are independent expenditure groups running behind the campaign… Super pacs. Political action committees.

“So, campaigns are normally subject to limits about how much money they can raise. Whereas outside groups can raise an unlimited amount. So the campaign will use their finite resources for things like persuasion and mobilisation and then they leave the ‘air war’ they call it, like the negative attack ads to other affiliated groups.”

In a different meeting, Mr Turnbull described how the company created the “Defeat Crooked Hilary” brand of attack ads, that were funded by the Make America Number 1 super-PAC and watched more than 30 million times during the campaign.

Coordination between an official election campaign and any outside groups is illegal under US election law. Cambridge Analytica deny wrongdoing, insisting a strict firewall separated out their activity and that they were transparent about their work on political campaigns and PACs.

‘No paper trail’

In one exchange Alexander Nix revealed the company used a secret self-destructing email system that leaves no trace. He said: “No-one knows we have it, and secondly we set our… emails with a self-destruct timer… So you send them and after they’ve been read, two hours later, they disappear. There’s no evidence, there’s no paper trail, there’s nothing.”

Mr Nix also belittled representatives on the House Intelligence Committee to whom he gave evidence in 2017. He claims Republican members asked just three questions. “After five minutes – done.”

“They’re politicians, they’re not technical. They don’t understand how it works, ” he said.

Mr Nix further claimed that Democrats on the Committee are motivated by “sour grapes”.

He said: “They don’t understand because the candidate never, is never involved. He’s told what to do by the campaign team.”

“So the candidate is the puppet?, ” the undercover reporter asked.

“Always, ” replied Mr Nix.

He added that his firm could avoid any US investigation into its foreign clients. “I’m absolutely convinced that they have no jurisdiction. . .” he said. “We’ll say none of your business.”

The meetings involved Mr Nix, along with Mark Turnbull, Managing Director Political Global, and Dr Alex Tayler, the company’s chief data scientist.

‘Very disturbing’

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has told Channel 4 News how she faced a “massive propaganda effort” during the election – and questioned if Cambridge Analytica helped the Russians in their alleged attempt to influence the election outcome.

In an exclusive interview filmed in October 2017 to promote her book, she said: “There was a new kind of campaign that was being run on the other side – that nobody had ever faced before. Because it wasn’t just all about me. It was about how to suppress voters who were inclined to vote for me.

“When you have a massive propaganda effort to prevent people from thinking straight, because they’re being flooded with false information and you have people who are searching.. trying to make sense of it. But every search engine, every site they go into is repeating these fabrications. Then yes It affected the thought processes of voters.”

The former candidate also questioned whether Cambridge Analytica were involved in the Russia’s alleged attempt to influence the election, calling the possibility “very disturbing”.

Cambridge Analytica strongly deny any involvement and say any such allegation is false.

My comment: That was the most finely crafted piece of serpent speak I have ever seen, (outside of the speech Bush gave after 911). Simply disgusting! How about an investigation into how CNN helped Hillary?


scottfree #400754

Makes sense to me! Good find and thanks for posting!!!


So Kristine Marcy is ‘rolling over’. Is not under arrest. Looks like trouble on the horizon though.

So glad the SES has finallly come to light.


deester #400759
I knew about the two Greenberg kids, but not about Snowden. Thanks for the heads-up! #400750 Here is how they derived the “Zuckerman” construct.

Same here.



Hi Deester

Thanks. Will send it on.



vermithrax #400749

Interesting about the Zucker/Greenbergs. Currently doing lots of reading about the SAbbatean-Frankists. Homegrown psychos from the Ukraine/Poland/Lithuanian basin around 1600’s. Satanists in the end, lots of incest and inbreeding. They made major inroads into the Jewish community (Chabbad) but Catholicism as well. No surprise that the planet is awash in inbred bastards. I suppose our current situation should not surprise us at all. Bet there’s a great story behind Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and a slew of others, all connected at the hip.

Any thoughts on the massive US/ UK military build up in the Mediterranean aimed at Syria/Russia? OWON is buzzing with it and not much here. Are there still aliens on our side, can I sleep easy?


Trump declares California
In a state of rebellion vowes to replace Gov Jerry Brown . This is similar to what happened when the southern states wouldn’t let black students attend their schools so the guard was sent in to make that happen.

Trump can make California be more a republic .

I can’t put a link here but if someone checks the title on youtube you will find several videos that explain this.

One way Trump will get around California liberals


I was told months ago by my ex-GF about the connection between Snowden/Zuckerberg/Jacob, along with a pic, but somehow, I did not think of posting that info here.



Strange feeling in the air.


From a vid with Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux:

~A little English girl, 11, was branded on her back with a red-hot iron with an “M” on it, as if she was cattle, representing Mohammad, in England.


~Another little English girl had her tongue NAILED to a wooden table as a part of a Muslim grooming gang ritual, crushing her spirit, her will to live.


~Another little girl, 12, was gang-raped by 50 Muslim men, one at a time, with the men lining up outside the hotel room, taking turns in raping this little English girl.


~One girl, in Blackpool, was chopped up and strung on metal rods like beef kebab.


~OVER ONE MILLION white, English girls – preteen and teen – have been raped, beaten and DESTROYED by Muslims in the last several decades.



The Muslims are not doing it for pleasure AT ALL.

They are doing it in waging WAR, waging jihad, fully being cognizant in doing so.

Yet, the British police, the authorities DO NOTHING because of their irrational fear of being PC-incorrect and for being called “racist.” by leftist, Marxist nutcases.

All these little, English girls are mere “infidels” to the Muslims, and infidels are rated lower than animals to the Muslims.

The Muslims view ANY act of depravity to be sanctioned by their dirty, little book, the Koran, and by their pedophile prophet, Mohammad, may piss be upon him.

And the British government is PAYING the filthy, disgusting Muslims to not only LIVE in England, they are enabling them to RAPE AND DESTROY Britain’s most valuable asset – the English child-bearing females through whose wombs are the future generations of British are yet to be born, by yielding to the insanity of the goddamn cultural Marxism that’s incessantly pushed by the damn dangerous leftists.

Over 95% of Muslims who commit serious crimes in harming, raping and killing English people are let free, not being imprisoned by the British system.

There are over 2,000 mosques in England now.

And if you don’t think that we have a massive, existential crisis in England — and Europe — you have your head firmly wedged way up where the sun don’t shine.

I have been telling you guys for YEARS about the seriousness of the Islam/Muslim problem in Europe, and this vid bears me out, unfortunately.

Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel
Hang these treasonous bastards!!!


So putting together this:

This writer has long pushed for South African-style truth and reconciliation, but it looks like that will not be forthcoming for many at the top of this secret power structure. Their crimes were just too horrific.

and this:

In the U.S., about one million people were actively involved in the plot to kill 90% of their fellow Americans and enslave the survivors, according to Japanese military intelligence.

According to Ben 1 million people in America are going to be executed soon? Or just imprisoned.

Anyway, Q’s still putting out “shift is happening” stuff!

MZ. RT. Big meeting. Cell phones left at door. +8 5 political 1 former intel dir Mask & Spin IDEN friendly ‘insiders’ MSM support +talking points Shift narrative FAIL We hear you. We have the algorithm. Thank you @ Snowden. Learn chess. Down she goes. Nobody escapes this. NOBODY. Q

[My emphasis].

AUSTIN BOMBINGS: Deep State Carries Out False Flag Attacks To Terrorize Texas
Posted on March 20, 2018 by State of the Nation

Operation Gladio C
Menaces and Terrifies
the Lone Star State—Why?


State of the Nation

“These unending black ops in Texas are designed to intimidate the
Republican Governor and GOP-dominated legislature. TPTB need
compliance from Austin real bad. Without Texas playing the globalist
game there’s no way the NWO wins. Can’t happen; won’t happen,
never happened. Where California is the Left coast liberal paradise,
Texas is the Right’s last real bastion of courageous patriotism.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former Military Officer

Operation Gladio C (OGC)is in full swing through these not so United States of America. Deep State has been regularly using OGC strategy and tactics to counter the “Patriot Movement” that elected Donald Trump.

This ongoing nationwide series of black operations is being conducted under the rubric of NATO’s Operation Gladio so the true perps can claim plausible deniability.

Not only has Florida been under unrelenting assault via false flag mass shootings and a recent engineered bridge collapse, the capital of Texas is now the target of a very purposeful bombing campaign.

Yes, this is war! A war by way of government-sponsored terrorism being waged against the American people.

HANNITY FIRES WARNING SHOT at Crooked Hillary: “You May Want to Stop Talking. There’s a Lot of News Coming in Your Direction” (Video)

SGTreport 66,343 views
Published on Mar 20, 2018INVEST in your HEALTH! Try CBD Now:

Q posted something very significant on March 17th. “Their biggest fear”, referring to the treacherous Zionist cabal, is a “public awakening”. In this micro-doc I explain how their worst fear has come true. And as fate would have it, the great awakening is due in large part to their biggest illusion, the events of 9/11. Ironic. “”So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Matthew 10:26

The storm is coming.


comment image


“Google refuses to discuss the methods or frequency with which it engineers its algorithms, even though it’s understood it makes changes all year long, perhaps even thousands of times. Despite demanding transparency and openness from all, Google crouches behind its firewall, operating always in dark and powerful secrecy. There is no oversight. There is no audit. There is no announcement — or even an expectation of one


comment image


2018 NEW Dulce Base Alien Top Secret Document Exposed

Pulsar project . form 1990 THE USA GOVERNMENT IS BANNING FREE SPEECH THIS DOCUMENT MIGHT BE TAKEN DOWN. dulce new Mexico air force base. Here’s download link

Found this over at I only got 3 minutes in. I can’t take any more horrible news that is most likely true.


#400775 Maybe another or an additional reason for the bombings – Judge decides Texas has the right to punish sanctuary cities. Austin is a sanctuary city (don’t like Rivera, but I was just after the info about the city’s status). Q quote BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (there have been five blasts – maybe Q missing one; maybe Q not referring to this at all.)

Excerpt: In a resounding victory for the State of Texas, the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has thrown out almost all of a preliminary injunction issued by a lower court that was preventing the Lone Star State from enforcing a state law going after sanctuary cities such as Austin, the state’s capital.

This is the right result, both legally and morally. Not only does the state law not violate the Constitution, as was erroneously claimed, but it’s intended to prevent the state from becoming a sanctuary – a safe haven – for criminal aliens who endanger the public.

Texas certainly has a right to be concerned about aliens who commit crimes in the state. The Texas Department of Public Safety recently released a report on the 245,000 criminal aliens who had been booked into local Texas jails from 2011 through the end of February of this year. Those criminal aliens, 66 percent of whom were in the country illegally, were charged with more than 650,000 criminal offenses. They have been convicted of almost 600 murders; 30,000 assaults; 3,300 sexual assaults; 9,000 burglaries; 20,000 thefts; 38,000 drug crimes; and 274 kidnappings.

More on site.

Excerpt: GERALDO RIVERA: Austin, the capital, very different politically speaking than the rest of Texas, Austin for example is a sanctuary city. Maybe the guy’s got a beef about that. They style themselves as let’s stay weird, cool town.

More on site.


Alice in Wonderland S4 Area 51 Looking Glass Project, MKUltra, Monarch Program, Lazerus Project, & T

Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
Published on Mar 18, 2018

Ileana Kapulnik narrates.


Trump Prepares To Declare California “In State Of Rebellion”—Then Establish New Government?


truearth thankyou I found this to be relavant:

The truth is, people are much kinder and beautiful than the news makes them appear. Deep down everyone wants and needs the same thing, LOVE. It is what makes the world go ’round.

One of the most important things you can do for the planet is to work on yourself. This is not just an empty phrase but a call to action for the benefit of not only your brothers and sisters here, but most importantly YOURSELF. If I asked you to list all the people in your life that are important to you, how long would it take you to mention yourself? At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. There may be loved ones and friends around you that help you, but the person that each of you depend on the most is yourself.

Invest in yourself, learn to appreciate/love yourself, pay attention to your health, take note of the beauty of your existence, express gratitude for what you already have now


“I looked into man’s heart, peered deep within,

Appalled at his capacity for sin.

I looked again, amazed, I breathed a prayer

Beholding depths of love and beauty there.”


#400762 Trudi

Glad that you found the document to be eye opening, Trudi. When one realizes that the Globalists have been planning our present state of affairs for over 50 years, then one has to question how many “silent weapons” are deployed that haven’t been discovered yet.
Yes, I know that “they” have been planning for millennia, but the advent of computers has opened possibilities that were never before available.

The document, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” demands our attention, I sincerely believe.


What We Know About Austin Bombing Suspect Mark Anthony Conditt


Police were able to locate Conditt using a variety of tactics, including coming up with a list of phone numbers and individuals that were in the area of the bombings when they occurred, using cell-site analysis and high-tech computing systems that can find patterns of callers in certain areas.

Hours before police attempted to pull Conditt, he turned on his cell phone, which allowed authorities to track his location.

The unusual batteries used in the explosives were the signature trait that allowed investigators to so quickly link the various explosions to the same man, sources said. One senior law enforcement official said the batteries came from Asia.

“These weren’t your store-bought Duracells,” one official said.

Meanwhile, the Austin American-Statesman reported that Conditt expressed a range of political views in blog posts he wrote for an Austin Community College course:

On the blog, Conditt described himself as a conservative. He wrote that he was against gay marriage and abortion and in favor of the death penalty.

He also wrote that he supported doing away with the sex offender registration system.

A cautionary tale for you would-be serial bombers out there: Leave your cell phone at home, and only use ordinary batteries you can buy anywhere. Better yet, blow yourself up at the outset, and save everyone else the bother.


Sentient World Simulation – The DoD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual “nodes” to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR. Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a “synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information”, according to a concept paper for the project.

“SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP),” the paper reads, so that military leaders can “develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners.” SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.


EM fields and Hidden symbols – DARPA is revealing programs, which have existed for years, to develop methods and techniques to incept thoughts and ideas into the mind. They reveal how once a mind has been programed with the memory patterns, words and symbols can trigger the programing without the need of the original device.

Mind Control Project – The aim of this program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields. The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. This research aims to literally induce or disrupt the operation of narratives within the brain. In other words, this research aims to stop individuals from thinking certain thoughts and make others believe things they normally would not believe.


“The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. To put it bluntly, whoever controls this technology can control the minds of men – all men.” Nexus Magazine 1998

Real-time Contextual Overlays for Live Streams – A system and method for contextualizing and live-updating overlay data for live media streams. Overlays can be generated in real-time and in response to live events. US 20130311595 A1 November 21, 2013. Google Inc.

Method and Apparatus for Remotely Determining Emotional States – A waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a subject. Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and perspiration level are measured for evaluating criminal intent in security sensitive areas. US 5507291 A – April 5, 1994

Sounds of Silence – The Silent Subliminal Presentation System (SSPS) – Silent Subliminal Presentation System was developed for commercial use in 1992. A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low (ELF) or very high audio-frequency (VHF) range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude – or frequency- modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement in to the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener. US Patent#5,159,703


Ok, folks. Just one more excerpt from this article:

And I’m sure that you get my point. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars are being deployed against Humanity and we don’t know what we don’t know.

So what can we do?

Defensively, meditation and Lemurian Plugs come to mind. Meditation restores the coherence of the brain and while in the meditative state our High Selves can cleanse our minds of detrimental information, information that we aren’t even aware of. The Plugs will neutralize much of the EM weaponry that is being thrown at us.

Pro-actively, let’s not give them our power through Fear. Why do you think DARPA allows information about their nefarious programs to be published? It is to induce fear, which is a very low frequency emotion that drags down our Consciousness.

Oh, here’s that excerpt:

This article shows that Google was funded throughout its inception by the CIA. Google was created as a weaponized war-tool as indicated by the many new inventions that DARPA and In-Q-Tel are focused on.

Nafeez Ahmed explains the Google-CIA connection in this excellent article:

Essentially, the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by U.S. intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’


I certainly wish that this narrative is true.
We’ll see…


A most curious event in Princeton, NJ the other day. Seems an armed man walked into a Panera in town. Somehow the police were summoned and tried to talk to him- 4-5 guys in near SWAT gear and they ended up killing him. Somehow they also managed to evacuate a lot of the surrounding area. All very strange.

Figured the roadshow had to come to Jersey sooner or later, should hit New York soon. Philly, tragically, has these incidents for real so no need to stage anything.


If bomber blew himself up in the vehicle, where is the blood and tissue spatter?

comment image?fit=640%2C391


the new cosmic disclosure episode on gaia tv-with david wilcock and emery smith……

organic spacecraft-bioships…..

emery smith-quote—–the craft are made in space,their made by harmonics,frequency and sound…..—–unquote…..

emery smith-quote—–you have a good conscious connection with this craft.lots of craft can be made from your own dna,and have a piece of your dna in it.and that allows you to consciously assist with the know speak to the craft telepathicly,and also move the craft without doing anything…..—–unquote…..


crazy stuff…..its a true story…..hahahahaha…..

there has been some testimonies of organic type craft by others,now emery begins to introduce to the surface population some introductory information in regards to this science…..

cosmic disclosure on gaia tv – some of the best dope around these days…..

no need for the surface population to torque on the demon minions poison rocks(crack,crystal meth etc…..) burning hot in the pipe anylonger…..

enough of our great peoples being pipe monkey victims,chasing toxic rocks and spitballs and such,to burn in pipes that feed the dark underlords heartless agendas…..

no disrespect intended towards the great monkey populations of lovely mother earth of course…..

hahahahaha…..I digress of course…..

welome home fine members of the family of light-we the gods awake into our mansions of cosmic mind expansions…..



If bomber blew himself up in the vehicle, where is the blood and tissue spatter?

comment image?fit=640%2C391

Triton Towing is listed as Round Rock, TX. From their listing, there is this:

Serving Pflugerville and surrounding area
1204 Lincoln Ave
Pflugerville, TX 78660

Round Rock/Pflugerville area is listed as 39 minutes from Austin. There are a pile of towing companies closer than Round Rock.

Why use Triton? Is this the same as using Maneeley’s Catering in Sandy Hook, even though they are in South Windsor, CT, 1 hour and 5 minutes away?

Anyhow, the lack of blood and other bombing related human artifacts reminds me of the Calgary cop, Bloodless Joe, who was seriously attacked by someone with a machete.


Here is another photo of the pristine vehicle in which someone was (or not) blown up. Oo-oo – big surprise, Getty Images. What comes next? Austin Strong t-shirts and banners?


scottfree #400793

I wholeheartedly agree that meditation, spirituality and actively connecting with our Higher Self are vitally important and can be seen as a defense. I do see the Lemurian Plug as being asset, a big one, in that regard.
I also see that they could be an offense against what we are facing.

Could I also suggest ‘C60’ be used for that purpose.

There are many articles on how it corrects the assaults that have been aimed at our physical bodies. I have found it to be very grounding, and while it is early for me still, it appears to moderate the impacts on the neurological system that the towers, and EM weaponry appear to be doing.


from this article-quote—–

The Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts begins trading on Monday, the 26th.

The trading of the Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts will force the U.S. Petro Dollar to die out.

The fall of the U.S. Petro Dollar is a major blow to Cabal finances and control over the global economy.

China (under the direction of the Chinese Elders) will lead the world to return the gold-standard with their de facto gold-backed Yuan.—–unquote…..


Major Solar Storms causing Anxiety Fatigue and Powerful Energy Shifts March 15th through 26th


>> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.
>> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.
>> Having difficulty focusing, experiencing confusion, or having a “foggy mind.”
>> Feelings of intense hunger or thirst.
>> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns.
>> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, and overwhelm.
>> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, having insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.
>>Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares.
>> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as, flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.
>> Frequent anxiety, stress, or feeling panicky without clear reason.
>> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.
>> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, noticing energy warming the palms of hands.
>> Appreciation that all life is sacred.
>> Noticing synchronicities, i.e., certain number patterns reappearing.
>> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.
>> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.






Did anyone have problems logging on to Ben’s site yesterday? I had just a blank page for several hours. Went to bed and this morning it is back to normal.

Was Ben’s site hit?

There is so much censoring, they are trying to plug the hole to stop disclosure. It is coming out daily and they can’t stop it!




Hi Dara

I too can identify with this list!



From Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars:

Diversion, the Primary Strategy

Experience has shown that the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand.

This is achieved by:

* disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental activities; providing a low-quality
program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design and economics;
and discouraging technical creativity.

* engaging their emotions, increasing their self-indulgence and their indulgence in
emotional and physical activities, by:

unrelenting emotional affrontations and attacks (mental and emotional
rape) by way of constant barrage of sex, violence, and wars in the media –
especially the T.V. and the newspapers.

giving them what they desire – in excess – “junk food for thought” – and depriving
them of what they really need.

* rewriting history and law and subjecting the public to the deviant creation, thus being
able to shift their thinking from personal needs to highly fabricated outside priorities.

These preclude their interest in and discovery of the silent weapons of social automation technology.

The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions.


#400804 This site was down for over an hour (that I am aware of) early this morning.


Interesting parallel – someone pointed out that the Austin bombings are a way of painting QAnon in a bad light and as either dangerous, or fake news. The media avoided talking about Pizzagate, then sent in a fake gunman to Comet Ping Pong to discredit the info about Podesta’s e-mails. The distraction playbook appears pretty similar here. They also pointed out that “fake news” became common parlance within the media itself (not from Trump, but from mainstream) around the time Pizzagate buzz was hot and heavy.

Hate to break it to the whitewashers, more people are waking up and remembering what we saw, not what you are telling us we saw.


Court Rules in Favour of Case Against Fluoride – Fluoridation Could Be BANNED!


Top Scientists/NASA Can Now Control Consciousness, C60 Blindness Study
Sarah Westall

I ordered the 5 bottle pack for me and on their dog site I got two for my small dogs. But i haven’t been very consistent and plan to take a bottle a week for 6 weeks. My joints felt better when I started to take it and when I stopped they started to kill me again.
Just another tool in the tool box to live life better.


Agenda 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—An Invasion Has Kicked Off!

Here’s the link that goes with the video:
Pat’s Website:
Book Technocracy Rising:


This is Field McConnell’s notes added to a George Webb video exposing Kristine Marcy and the SES. An intricate look we’d never know about otherwise.

Senior Executive Service (Kristine Marcy) – George Webb

Abel Danger
Published on Feb 7, 2018
Mirrored from George Webb:

Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell)

• “[Revised July 5, 2012: Kristine Marcy is a Matrix 5 principal and the 1979 founder and de-facto president of the Senior Executive Service (‘SES’); she allegedly stole a time-lapse key to NetJets and Federal Bridge Certification Authority prior to the 9/11 attacks; she allegedly set up a KPMG auction where ‘dirty’ Libor lenders bought the stolen key and gave the Bin Laden Group liquidation rights in SBA borrowers’ assets deployed during a 9/11 continuity-of-government exercise, Global Guardian; she allegedly used the Federal Bridge Certification Authority to give the U.K. Ministry of Defence an electronic warfare backdoor into SBA mentor-protégé programs for ‘Gore Hammer 9/11’; she allegedly linked the U.S. Small Business Administration’s HUBZone Settlements to an E-Comm command center in British Columbia where 9-1-1 operators learn how to stage a murder during the production of a horror film production with unwitting (?) actors or extras; she allegedly used SBA 8(a) mentor-protégé companies to modify an EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft carrying General Henry Shelton and support a Uranian attempt to overthrow of the United States government on 9/11; she allegedly set up a revolving fund (# 15X4275) with bona vacantia – ownerless goods – in a joint venture with Star Chamber insiders, the Treasury Solicitor, Permira (Schroder Salomon Smith Barney in WTC#7) and organized crime groups to finance modifications of NetJets fractional-ownership aircraft for the 9/11 attacks; she allegedly procured ‘Con Air’ Lear Jet aircraft for use by Bombardier’s homicidal EW pilot, Russell Williams to support the SES Speckled Trout chain of command and the decoy-and-drone maneuvers of 911; she allegedly used USIS files and Canadian Privy Council insider and NAPA vice president Lena Trudeau to create virtual ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives; she allegedly auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs just before the 9/11 attacks and assigned patented-device incendiary liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at Canary Wharf; she allegedly holds proxy keys to the FBCA which give Barack Obama distance from contract hits such as the Fast and Furious assassination of ATF agent Brian Terry; she, and co-recipients of the Gore Hammer awards, allegedly used Clipper chips and the Nortel-developed Joint Automated Booking Station (JABS) in the spoliation of evidence of a home break-in and torture murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado, and Gareth Williams some time in August 2010 in Pimlico, London, U.K.; she allegedly developed JABS for David Blood and Al Gore to authorize serial and/or mass murders of ‘Mindless Breathers – Useless Breeders’; she is allegedly rewarded with other JABS users for the management of evidence at Blood & Gore crime scenes with money laundered through the Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund; she was the 1996 recipient of Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award for Reinventing Government Programs for her work in creating the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS – nick named ‘Con Air’); she allegedly organized the theft of PROMIS and its translation into a French version of JABS for La Sûreté du Québec and Francophonie 9/11; she and co-recipients of the Gore Hammer awards, allegedly used the Nortel JABS system in the spoliation of evidence of a home break-in at the former Glyndon property of her brother, Field McConnell; …….


mkddachs #400810
Top Scientists/NASA Can Now Control Consciousness, C60 Blindness Study
Sarah Westall

Truly mindblowing interview. These 2 scientists are good guys. By manipulating insects behavior – maybe you could get away from using pesticides. Possibly after the deep state takedown including big AG pesticide co’s- if that ever happens. They understand this can be weaponized to use against us but that isn’t their agenda..


I have decided that if Hillary is not in jail permanently before the next presidential election I will not vote Trump. I am a weary American.


Although the use of a tow truck company from Pfluegerton might not be suspicious as the alleged victim lived there, it has been difficult to find out who actually has the contract for Austin Police towing services now (there should be public records that are much easier to glean). I have been checking articles to see the location of his blowing himself up. Unless another set of eyes can find it and inform me, it is not really clearly stated it was in front of his house or in his home neighborhood. Police usually would tell the media, “There was an episode in the 500 Block of Lark Lane early last Thursday,” or something similar. They seem to be content with telling the media he lived in Pfluegerton.

Looking into the towing contracts with Austin City and the Austin Police has been … interesting. The Austin Police towing contract has a rather storied history. Bids were held twice, then compromised back in November, 2014.

This appears to be the crux of the Texas Towing Compliance article, and is backed up by copies of letters on the site: “In an email dated November 11, 2014 to the purchasing officer (Erin D’Vincent) with the Finance Department recently, which has not been answered as of date:

“Has the bid tabulations been revealed on this contract?

“If not, can you explain how Bobby New, President of Southside Wrecker, Inc knew to tell his employees, that Southside will be awarded the contract, because of “Bobby’s Magic Powers” with the COA, when the City Council has yet to vote to award the contract to anyone?

“Even Southside’s heavy-duty tow truck operators are telling other tow company owners/drivers they are being awarded the contract and the contract has not even been awarded.

“If Bobby New’s influence is that great, then the citizens of Austin and other companies will never be allowed to succeed in any COA contract for services or afford to get their vehicle released when impounded under the direction of APD..
In the eyes of those whom known for years, after Southside has retained the APD contract for more

“30 years, CORRUPTION and INFLUENCE PEDDLING is alive and well within APD, Purchasing & Finance departments and City Council, especially after the bid amendment dated 8/27/14 mysteriously disappeared from the rebid file.”

This Youtube offering elaborates on some of the background of the New family.

The video poster has this to say: “Southside Wrecker Inc located in Austin, Texas is owned by the New Family, which consist of retired APD police officers, who are primarily responsible for the abuses by local tow companies, rather it be cleaning up accidents, knowingly towing vehicles in violation of State Law from parking lots and soliciting bribes to property managers to terrorize their residents and guests. …

“Bobby New, the president of this company is also president of the Austin Towing Association and a proud member of the Southwest Tow Operators, but your lives mean nothing to this company, as all they want his (sic) your vehicle and money!”

Like the fact that Newtown’s Town Lawyer (Monte Frank) was also the head of the Bar Association, and is now running for Lt. Governor, it seems that being part of a “questionably connected” organization pays richly down the road. Frank was involved in Sandy Hook and is still flogging the nonsense.

Texas Towing Compliance encouraged people to show up at a March 2015 Austin City Hall meeting to speak out against abuses by Southside Wrecker and the Austin City Police, including “high fees” and APDs towing of vehicles.

This article shows documentation that although Austin City Police Spokespeople said they didn’t know who was going to be awarded the contract, they apparently did. The first internal document states: “Impound tows … will go to three VSFs based on geography: Southside, South; Austin North, North; Lakeside, Northwest.”

The article opines that: “The latest release of documents from Auto Return, the Austin Police Department’s Preferred Choice for the REBID of the APD Towing & Storage contract to which the City Council has not awarded yet, is working behind the scenes already determining who will get what. Corruption at it’s finest!

“Based on ongoing conversations with council members, we expect the first bidder to be rejected in favor of the second bidder and the revenue generator be eliminated so all proceeds return to the local tow companies and vehicle storage facilities instead of just a few who are already millionaires because their 50 year relationship with APD.”

In May, 2015, the city awarded the contract to Auto Return.

The article continues: ” Just to give the public some idea how corrupt this ongoing pay to play tow conspiracy to defraud the public, the current APD Storage Facility Lot is electronically mailing the notification letters via a rural post office in either Nome, Alaska or Little Rock, Arkansas to delay the vehicle owner or lienholder finding out where their vehicle are, to drum up an extra $250 in storage fees.”

“Pay to play” and Arkansas appear too often to just be random words.

It should be easy to find out who has the current contract and if they are allowed to subcontract to other towing companies, just by doing an Austin City search. There is no date on their rebid scope of work, nor is there a closing date, which is unusual, given that these forms are done electronically now and a date could easily be changed down the road for another bidding process, plus items in the scope easily changed or deleted, as needed.

I haven’t found any more recent towing companies than Auto Return, but that doesn’t mean they are the current operators. Perhaps this company has subcontracted for towing to the most close area, unless the truck is busy, then the next closest would be dispatched.

Although the use of Triton to tow the alleged bomber’s suicide may not be fishy, there is an interesting history between the police, towing, and a towing company owned by ex-police.


Jim Stone

STOLEN ELECTION: Saccone concedes to Lamb

How are Democrats sweeping every election now, in Republican strongholds? The answer is easy: Hyper ramped up election theft. If we let them get away with this, we are all doomed. Saccone caught an enormous amount of election theft and could not do anything about it. So he conceded to an opponent who recently resigned over a sex scandal. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I don’t believe it. SEE THIS.

Redistricting + voter fraud = DEM win.

A friend who lives in a heavily REP area was redistricted OUT of being able to vote in the election. Another woman I know voted REP – but it registered DEM. She reported it and was given a paper ballot. So this stunk to high heaven.

Jim Stone is WRONG about one item above. The guy who won was not involved in a sex scandal – the guy who resigned was and this is what lead to this special election in the first place.

Yes, I do believe we are ‘fooked’.


Elections aren’t even rigged; they just tell us the results they need. How can we trust any stats these days. All illusion. Remember the words of Mark Twain:

If voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it!


cornpoppin #400814
I have decided that if Hillary is not in jail permanently before the next presidential election I will not vote Trump. I am a weary American.

I’m frustrated as hell too. We’re still learning just how deep the DEEP STATE is.
If there is no better candidate, I’ll still vote TRUMP.


Day 154.1 Bannon Sets Up Jared With Child Molester and MBZ

George Webb
Published on Mar 22, 2018

MBZ is defacto leader of UAE.


Allison Coe – The Event – New Earth & More

Unbiased & On the Fence
Streamed live 21 hours ago


#400749 vermithrax

I must state as one who professionally closely studies faces (and I’ve been recognized with numerous prestigious national and international awards for my portraits), the meme that the three young Greenberg relations, are in any way better known as Edward Snowden, Jacob Appelbaum, and Mark Zuckerman, is patently absurd. Anyone with a discerning eye can readily see they are not, no matter how much they slightly “resemble”. This is put out to muddy the waters and discredit us as a truth community. Be aware of that!

There’s a reason the author of this falsehood does not show genuine images of Snowden, Appelbaum, and Zuckerman, alongside for comparison. Their head structures and features simply do not match! Take a better look one by one. Eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and head structures are fundamentally different. These would be quite obstacles for any plastic surgeon to overcome.

I cannot claim to be Jewish in any way, but I have lived most of my life within predominately Jewish communities. I even attended the same high school as Bibi Netanyahu, and his brother. I’ve known countless others who even better resemble the three young Greenbergs, and countless others who better resemble their alleged AKA’s. There is nothing special or unique here. Perhaps Zuckerman is a twelfth cousin……maybe. Someone is having a really good laugh at our gullibility.

What year was this Greenberg photo taken anyway? Jacob Appelbaum was born in 1983.


Jim Stone
March 22 2018

The following was posted at (I have edited this down substantially)

The truth about the “six million

I have posted similar explanations of this in the past. Here is the real deal behind why the Jews want the six million number to stick in the public concience. This is information I picked up during my experience with the Jewish community.
Jewish scriptures have in them a foretelling of an enormous holocaust, in which six million Jews will die. They want to avoid this at all cost. In conjunction with this prophecy, the Jews also believe that you can affect outcomes and fool prophets who see into the future, by seeding the public conscience with lies. If enough people believe any lie, they believe that any prophet that looks forward will see public perception and record it as if it really happened, true or not.

The six million figure has been thrown about many times before Hitler, where many Jewish owned papers in the past published that six million Jews died for reasons other than Hitler. You have probably seen these posted before. None of them stuck.

I had an uncle who actually freed the prison camps. He said they had orders not to throw people candy bars because if they got any food that strong after starving for so long, it would kill them. He said the big problem was starvation because the allies cut off Hitler’s supply chain and there was no food for anyone. He said they did not realize there were gas chambers and that “they must have discovered them later” because it was not any sort of theme when they liberated the camps. The big issue was starvation, and that they had to start all the prisoners on very mild foods until their systems could handle more.

The “six million died in gas chambers” figure became implanted later, when Jews finally got a stranglehold on the media and other forms of information. And they quickly discovered that victim status afforded them by having the public believe it opens a gate through which they can in turn victimize, subvert, and take advantage of anyone via the sympathy they get.

Islam has the same prophecy about a massive Jewish kill off. It does not mention the number six million, but it explains that the Jews corrupted the world so badly and got all people so angry with them that they became hunted, and “even the rocks would speak, to reveal there was a Jew hiding behind them”. This prophecy is still in place – a prediction of what will happen in the future. And it is very important to note that 5G technology is supposed to be able to connect with “smart dust”, which is basically nanotech microprocessors that are thrown everywhere as dust, to monitor everything in the environment. If the Jews lose control of their current tyranny, smart dust is exactly how the Islamic prophecy of “every stone speaking to reveal hiding Jews” would actually come to pass. The kill off is supposed to be total. At any rate

Kurt Schlicter: Don’t go to college

“Higher education” is terrible.
Please note the quotation marks, you doofy liberals who will no doubt fill the comments with high-pitched typing about how “Conservatives hate knowing stuff.” What passes for “education” today is nothing of the sort, and what calls itself “academia” is really just a venal trade guild packed with mediocrities desperately trying to keep fooling people into forking over $60,000 a year – usually obtained via ruinous borrowing that ties a financial anchor around the defrauded grads’ necks for the rest of their lives.

Today, academia’s product is largely garbage – gender studies, twisted history, and pointless sociology spin-offs like communications and political science. Yeah, we need more students studying politics when they don’t even know that the Constitution says they can’t shut people up because their feelz has got the hurtz.

What’s worse is that most professors are not so dumb as to actually believe the nonsense we hear coming off our college campuses – well, some of them are, but most aren’t. They know it’s poisonous baloney. They’re just too scared to stand up to the sophomore bully boys, bully girls, and bully non-binaries who scour the countryside for witches to burn. Academics are the Ivy League version of that Broward County sheriff’s deputy, knowing they should put themselves in harm’s way to protect their students from this ideological assault, but being too cowardly to do it.


Contemporary college is a scam, and if you fork over your money blindly you’re the mark. A quarter million and what do you get? A piece of paper that memorializes your indoctrination plus cirrhosis of the liver.

When West Point is knowingly commissioning open commies it’s clear that it’s chosen not to meaningfully differentiate itself from the civilian four year resorts. Well, that’s not quite right. At least after you graduate from one of the academies you will get a job – hell, it doesn’t seem the Army can even summon up the cojones to can Comrade Lieutenant yet. But you can’t say that for the rest of academia. Here’s your Feminist Theater Theory degree; welcome to funemployment! I guess being a barista with a $150K student loan debt is a kind of a career.

Open environments? If you want a sneak peek at the kind of nanny state regime the liberals dream of for all of America, check out your local college campus. An unaccountable ruling class of overpaid administrators controls every aspect of the proles’ lives – yeah, you students are the masses, and if you think they’re going to let you lose your chains you’ve been taking too many bong hits back in your dorm room. Justice? That comes pre-determined based on whatever ideological label they pin on you. Remember, evidence is a bourgeois conceit, while due process is racist and misogynist. Free speech? You’re free to say whatever the grim gargoyles of the Social Justice Stasi approve of, but remember – you can never be woke enough. You’ll always be wrong somehow, because it’s by declaring you a wrongthinker that they gain their power.

Luckily the college as booze cruise model is collapsing under the weight of its infinite expense and finite returns, as well as under pressure from technology that allows people who really want to learn to use the same machine you are reading this on to find pretty much any knowledge they seek. The academic monopoly is slowly breaking apart, and that’s good. So let’s hope this is the last generation that has to spend the rest of its life paying off a grift.


Jim Stone
Ayatolla Kahmeini: U.S. created ISIS, Iran destroyed ISIS

From Fars News
TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the US-led West is standing against Iran’s regional power because Tehran has defused their plot by killing their monstrous child, the ISIL terrorist group.
Addressing locals and pilgrims at the holy Shrine of Shiite Islam’s 8th Imam, Hazrat Reza (AS), in the Northeastern city of Mashhad on the first day of the Persian New Year on Wednesday, Ayatollah Khamenei hailed “Iran’s crucial role” in beating Takfiri terrorist groups and restoring security to the region in the last Iranian year, and said “the Islamic Republic could hoist the Iranian nation’s flag of honor and might in the region”.

“And with this major move, the Islamic Republic defused the Americans’ plot in the region,” he added. “All nations of the world, in some manner or degree, compromise with domineering powers. The only nation whose opinion is not influenced by any other nation is the Iranian nation.”

The Leader further blasted the US and its allied western powers for opposing Iran’s strong partnership in regional politics, and said, “The international powers that always meddle with the domestic issues of different world regions are now objecting to the Islamic Republic and ask why Iran is interfering in the issues of the region.”

“In reply we say this issue is not related to you,” he continued.

The Leader reminded that Iran’s deployment in certain regional states has taken place at the official request of the same nations and their governments, and said, “We have neither done bullying nor interfered in the countries’ domestic affairs; they requested help and we just did that and we have rendered this help in pursuit of logical drives and on the basis of very wise calculations and not out of sensation.”

He further accused the US of creating various terrorist groups, including ISIL, to disintegrate nations and wear off the power of the regional states, saying, “Americans intended to create devilish, cruel and offending groups such as DAESH (also known as ISIL or ISIS) to keep the regional nations busy with internal war and take their minds off the occupying Zionist regime, but we managed to defuse this plot, thanks God.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also slammed the US for lying about its fight against the ISIL, and said the terrorist group was created by Washington in pursuit of its regional designs. The US claims about suppressing ISIL “is a lie, because the US policy entails maintaining DAESH and similar (terrorist) groups, of course in a way that they could be harnessed by the Americans to serve them”.

My comment: Anyone with an ounce of awareness knows this is the case, but it was still good for a chuckle to see this come out of the top levels of Iran’s government, stated so directly. Iran has a chance, because Iranians are not clueless.

Former FBI director goes on the record on FOX:

Former FBI director James Kallstrom went on the record and exposed the Clintons, and the upper management of the FBI, including Comey and more, for being totally corrupt and attempting to destroy the 2016 electoral process in favor of Hillary. He also called Hillary a pathological liar, and said “God Forbid if that ever got into the white house”. He called the Clintons a crime family and exposed the Clinton foundation for the cesspool it is. He then praised Trump and said he is a great man and a patriot. He also said the media is complicit in Hillary’s crimes. Good stuff.

All of this is on this 8 minute video, well worth watching.


MGM releases security footage of Stephen Paddock (remember MGM’s roots). If this was a real or a genuine false flag where people were killed, wouldn’t the fact the staff helped leave MGM open for massive negligence lawsuits?

Excerpt: The New York Times obtained surveillance video of Stephen Paddock before he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history on the Las Vegas Strip.

The video footage was obtained exclusively by the New York Times from MGM Resorts.

It shows Paddock over and over in the clips leaving the Mandalay Bay, in a minivan loaded with suitcases. After entering the property valets take his keys, bellhops take his luggage and help him transport numerous bags to his room filled with his arsenal of weapons and ammunition to his room over the course of seven days. As they take the service elevator he could be seen cracking jokes as he tips the bellhop.

More, plus video, on site.


A sign of the ‘take down’??
‘Nicholas Sarkozy is arrested’


Psychic Focus – Wed Mar 21/18

Murder, Maryland School Shooting, Texas Bombs.. What’s Next?


Jim Stone
March 22 2018




Someone claims to have shot a clandestine video of him gambling at Hurrah’s in Atlantic City New Jersy on October 6, and I gotta say, this deserves some attention.
His brother slipped up on national television and said he is alive. THAT COULD BE A SLIP UP, BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS:

CONTEXT: A man at the same gambling table with him noticed who he was and carefully recorded a crystal clear 18 second video of him gambling with his philipino girlfriend. “Paddock and his girlfriend” were seated side by side, across the table from him at an angle. I’d say that philipino chick next to him certainly adds some perspective. The guy shooting the video was smart about it, and at the same time got the Casino’s activity schedule with a date of October 6 in the video also, to tag a known date on the video. I was skeptical about what people were posting until I finally got ahold of the video, and I have to say, this should be posted.

So how deep does the rabbit hole go? YOU DECIDE I GUESS, I have also cached this video on this web site to keep it from getting green pilled. You can right click it to save it yourself.

Ok, first take a look at this video.There are better copies of this out there, but this will do when I have already burned a pile of bandwidth this month.
Then take a look at this photo and explain it.


WARNING: FBI asking for people to “help them” in Las Vegas

Want a quick ticket to finding out what happens after you die? The FBI is asking for any and all people who know anything about what happened in Las Vegas the night of the shooting to contact them to “help with the investigation.”

We already know they are lying about everything. WE ALREADY KNOW THEY HELPED MAKE THE NIGHT HAPPEN, AND THEREFORE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY WERE INVOLVED. Even white hats in the FBI want to run a parallel investigation to circumvent the black hats and were shut down. Therefore, the FBI asking for people to “contribute” what they know can only possibly be TWO THINGS:
1. A nice looking fake face.

2. A WAY FOR THEM TO TRACK DOWN ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH THAT COULD GET THEM IN TROUBLE, SO THEY CAN DETAIN AND KILL WITNESSES. Make no mistake, the FBI’s pants are on fire and they absolutely will murder ALL witnesses to put that fire out. If you were a witness in Vegas, especially any of the other hotel shootings DO NOT CALL THE FBI, if you do, you’ll be dead.

This is not a joke or assumption. They are already known killers, having set up numerous false flags and are now known to be aiding and abetting what went on in Vegas. If you can’t understand “how they missed the story” THEY DID NOT MISS THE STORY, THEY WERE THE STORY, I guess people should try to spread what they witessed as much as possible, but with regard to the FBI, it is SHUT UP OR DIE.


cobra-quote—–Thursday, March 22, 2018


Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light. Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist.

But they do. In fact, beings like that are the majority in this Galaxy. And Pleiadians are among them.—–unquote…..


comment image

cobra-quote—–The Pleiadians have been contacting the surface population for millennia:

In order to break the Quarantine status of this planet, they have contacted the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) to start the German secret space program:

After the dark forces have hijacked the German secret space program, the Pleiadians have rescued the Vril girls from the surface of the planet in 1945 in a secret project codenamed “Niemand bleibt hier” (nobody stays here).—–unquote…..


cobra-quote—–This is not a joke, this is a serious war in which I have given to a noble cause far more than most people have, and I have lost far more than most people have. Therefore I deserve respect.—–unquote…..


now is the time for more of the surface population to stop attacking each other,in our ignorance and fear…..

this will speed up the manifestation of the event…..

look at it as a science-we don’t all have to like or agree with each other-leave the dark work to the dark ones-let us liberate ourselves and begin the massive needed healings of our great peoples…..

we sooooon drink of the nectars with our galactic families…..

namaste fine members of the family of light…..
comment image


mkddachs #400811

Agenda 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—An Invasion Has Kicked Off!
Melissa, I am glad you found & posted this video. I’d watched it late the night before last. I knew it would be good to post but forgot about it by the time I got on the computer yesterday.

I found the Red Pill Expo to be a great idea.
Wondering, though, what will be happening by June.
Lisa Haven finds some very interesting people to interview.



Time to Act

Seething Frog
Published on Mar 22, 2018

Lots of talk, lots of videos and posts. Where is the action that might change our world and country? My invite to engage and participate. Join us.

Can’t argue with this.

432Hz Miracle Tone – Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing Frequency 432hz | Positive Energy Boost


I hated H R McMaster, so I’m happy to see that A-hole go.

But John Fk’n Bolton — warmonger NeoCon — replacing McMaster?


Just WTF is Trump up to with this shit?

And signing that horrible, Democrat-infested, budget-busting and MAGA-destroying Omnibus bill?


Maybe Trump is pulling some Sun Tzu moves with all this shit, but I’m having a hard time with this shit!


mozart #400843

I came here looking for some gabbing re the McMaster / Bolton switch and.. Bang there you are!🙌
I agree re Bolton.
Would b interested in info re your (anyones) dislike of McMaster.

And… overall.. looking for a n y ‘splainin’s about the dance “Our Dear Leader” is doing.

I just do not see that guy as a chess player (too restrained n nail bitey of a game.. in 1 layer… much less 3 or 4).

… So HOW is it that he can be seen as the “great Savior”?
…. Seems more like the Great Satan …. ‘s chess pawn.

But… truly… I’d like to hear from other Cafe-istas on what you think this POTUS guy is up to.


For anyone out there that is pro drug legalisation that might enjoy the Shaudenfraude of a pro drug criminalisation and enforcement proponents arguments being absolutely shredded this is for you!:

BitChute: Stefan Molyneux: Should America END or INTENSIFY the Drug War? [Link]


comment image

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Obama Campaign Official Admitted Democrats Sucked the “Entire Social Network in US,” Kept the Data, Still Use It (VIDEO)

Video: Kids forced to protest in gun violence protest or be suspended!


Wow. Ok.

I may have overreacted to the Bolton issue.

Firstly, I read this unrolled thread from Twitter:


Then I watched this YT vid of a dude, whom I follow on Twitter, talking about Bolton.


Ok, maybe Bolton ain’t a NeoCon, afterall. He’s a hawk, yes, but not a NeoCon, it seems.

We’ll see.

But I sure as shit hated McMaster, as he was a dyed-in-the-wool GLOBALIST.


from this article-quote—–The country has just been flooded by an ocean of colorful blossoms, which should stay vibrant through April.—–unquote…..
comment image


An update from Adam Riva with ‘insider’ named ‘Arthur’
Mar 22/18


Day 154.6 Drilling Down On the Fake Lawyers in the SES Core

George Webb
Published on Mar 22, 2018

A must listen imho…


lynxwalking #400831
mkddachs #400811

From the video – this is a good news site to keep tabs on:



Hi Trudy

Here is the transcript of this interview. Very interesting, hope they pull it off!



Thanks for the transcript Rhonda. Looks like this weekend some big stuff is supposed to go down. God I hope so….


Per Arthur:

The Star State, the people I work for, they are the white hat, constitutional, Christian patriots crowd, including the Military. The Star State had all of this data a long time. They wanted Trump to run so that they could get it all out into the public domain. This is all orchestrated. If you cross the Star State, you won’t be alive for long.”


Arther again:

Last we spoke, you mentioned something about bridges in the water. Was that metaphorical about their escape plans being thwarted?

Arthur: “How exactly it’s going to play out, I don’t know. Obama’s army is the Deep State that he enhanced. He put in four levels in seventeen government agencies. It depends on how foolishly they react. The FBI has had enough of the stupidity, the CIA has had enough, they’ve already been surrounded by the Marine Corps and told “you’re going to come under UCMJ or the Marines are going to smoke your building.” The CIA is under control for the first time.

The best thing you can do is not watch the TV or read a newspaper for the next year. Has Trump found a way to take the media away from the Dark State? With his tweets, he’s reaching about 200 million Americans directly. They want to shut it down because he’s using their tool for control against them.

We’re going to come out on top. Yes, there is evil in the world and we can talk about some of those dark things. But we’re going to win. That’s how simple it is.”


Once again my effin’ comcast email isn’t working. This is the 3rd or 4th time.

Grover Allen

How do you explain Bolton being named National Security Advisor? He’s a war monger. Seems off script for Trump.


209 I haven’t researched this guy yet but this video is interesting. Stage 5 this weekend.


So I wonder…is it possible those in the know on our side are timing their takedown to coincide with the energy wave that is supposed to hit us in March – or at least those of us on that timeline.


intruth #400844
Day 154.6 Drilling Down On the Fake Lawyers in the SES Core

George Webb
Published on Mar 22, 2018

So it looks like Defango has some kind of hit piece on Jason Goodman. George stands up for Jason and says Defango is ‘disrupt and diffuse’ – don’t listen to him.

We’ve already covered that here. Defango is disinfo. He’s been outed already.


mozart #400841

ok … well we dsagree about Bolton, now that you’ve grabbed more info on him.

You’re 1st link had me at:
“in favor of invasion of Libya”

I’m in transit 2 work so can’t fish out n post interview til later today. It’s “boots on the ground” about how invasion of Libya ruined that paradise, just as invasions of Afghanistan… Sarayevo… Iraq… ruined those.

Right there is enuf 4 me to conclude Bolton is either naieve.. dumb.. a lizzy-puppet or all of the above

and btw..lite highest light ftgac to ALL involved in or concerned re those events.


Day 155.3 Rosenstein’s Big Announcement at 10 AM

George Webb
Published on Mar 23, 2018

It’s 9:19, so don’t know what announcement is yet.


I am posting the above link for anyone who is interested in watching and learning more about how to help their pets. The preview looks informative, hopefully it is.


Julian Assange Sounds the Alarm After Media Advisory Reveals Rosenstein to Make Major Cyber Law Announcement Tomorrow

Heads up.
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is going to make a major cyber law announcement Friday.

Something else to take note of before tomorrow’s press conference…

The Daily Beast is reporting Special Counsel Robert Mueller has taken over the investigation of Guccifer 2.0.

The Daily Beast is now reporting that it is a “fact” that Guccifer 2.0 was an officer of Russia’s military intelligence directorate (GRU):

Guccifer 2.0, the “lone hacker” who took credit for providing WikiLeaks with stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee, was in fact an officer of Russia’s military intelligence directorate (GRU), The Daily Beast has learned. It’s an attribution that resulted from a fleeting but critical slip-up in GRU tradecraft.

Be prepared because they are taking this Russian collusion hoax to the next level with this announcement.

Julian Assange sounded the alarm late Thursday evening.


Julian Assange ⌛
DoJ appears it will issue indictments against state backed hackers tomorrow. Deputy Rod Rosenstein announcing. John Demers, head of National Security division. Treasury’s top intelligence official and US attorney for Southern District of NY also present.

9:22 PM – Mar 22, 2018


So it looks like they are doubling down on this Russia, Russia, Russia narrative.
CNN must be giddy.


Guccifer (Marcel Lehel Lazar) Says Guccifer 2 was a Creation of the NSA and US State Department and at Least 10 Groups or Individuals Breached Hillary’s Private Server!

Crooked and corrupt Assistant US AG Rod Rosenstein is holding a cyber law enforcement announcement today where’s he’s expected to announce that the corrupt Mueller investigation is taking over the Guccifer 2 investigation. But Guccifer (1) says that Guccifer 2 is a creation of the NSA and US State Department!?!



Obama hired them. Trump cannot fire them. So they say.

“No wonder the Mueller gang is so haughty. 500 unelected DOJ lawyers control all federal pay for their corporate overlords”

Donald Trump threatens their seditious corporatist gravy train.

Newly discovered (and cleverly hidden) Federal Register reports (Table 1) identify 500 unelected DOJ lawyers who control the pay for all federal workers in the United States in total stealth mode. These SES members include Bruce Ohr, the now disgraced former associate deputy attorney general who arranged the fake “dirty dossier” in collusion with British spy Christopher Steele to discredit and depose President Trump.

Now we see why. If President Trump learned about the DOJ SS 500 stranglehold on the American economy and way of life, he would surely fire them and undo their many decades of effort to take over the American Republic. With their power over federal salaries, these 500 unelected DOJ officials control the country—from inside just one agency of the U.S. government.

President Trump can end this reign of terror by lowering the pay of every member of the SES to $1. Some of these people need to go to jail. The involvement with Steele, a foreign agent, by the DOJ SES 500 makes these actions possibly treasonous, with even harsher possibilities, according to our treason law.

Table 1


Magnetic Reversal Speeding Up | S0 News Mar.23.2018


Cat News- (Nazi) Pugs Are too Extreme For The UK

The Truth Factory
Published on Mar 22, 2018

But 1400 kids being raped over a 40 year period by a grooming gang is Telford is no big deal,


Broward County teachers indoctrinating kids to walk out and “raise hell” with Trump. The prize is to meet with the hideous owner of Goat Hill Pizza pedo palace, Nancy Pelosi, and actress Gabby Giffords. All this on the taxpayer dime! (If I didn’t think the school shooting was fake before, I certainly would now!)

Excerpt: A meeting between Parkland students and anti-gun activists mobilizing for the highly anticipated March For Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. this weekend was captured on hidden audio Tuesday evening [March 20] in Broward County, Florida and provided exclusively to DANGEROUS.

The meeting, which was described as a non-partisan briefing for students, parents, and staff members from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are attending the #MarchForOurLives, was quickly exposed as being hijacked by Democratic Party top brass and fraught with extreme anti-conservative bias, misappropriation of school resources, and heavy-handed coaching for students when dealing with the media.

Held at the Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs, FL, the meeting was organized by Debby Miller, who teaches at Beachside Montessori Village, a Broward County Public School. Miller introduced herself as a representative for the Giffords Foundation, which has decided to fund and sponsor over 200 students, staff, and parents from Parkland, Florida to attend the march in Washington. Miller stated at the beginning of the meeting that the meeting space was donated by the Marriott Hotel.

The Giffords Foundation, a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) non-profit founded by Gabby Giffords, the former Democratic congresswoman from Arizona, describes its mission as, “We research, write and propose policies that make Americans safer and mobilize voters and lawmakers in support of safer gun laws.” …

“We’re also going to have things that are not on the agenda that are kind of top secret. So all of the press here just pretend like you’re not hearing this. We will be introduced on Capitol Hill by Nancy Pelosi, so that’s kind of cool. And it’s quite possible we are going to have a private meeting with Joe Biden. Don’t say anything to anyone,” Miller said.

More on site.

Giffords officially joins the “Bloodless Joe” brigade. No blood on Giffords, on the hands of the ambulance workers (who aren’t wearing gloves), just a little moulage blood on the bandage.


Many of the demonstrations about Parkland are coerced, why is anyone surprised. I am disturbed that Trump isn’t denouncing them.

The McMaster/Bolton switcheroo is curious since Bolton has a bloodthirsty reputation but we’ll see. Many of T’s latest moves do make you wonder. Trojan Horse after all?

Revealed: Mark Zuckerberg Wants to ‘Trade’ Free Speech for ‘Safety’ And ‘Having an Informed Community’
This tells me what Zio-tard Zuckerberg is all about. Remember Ben Franklin who said something to the effect of:”Those who trade their freedom for safety deserve neither freedom nor safety.”.


comment image


Jim Stone
March 23 2018

PRESS CONFERENCE AT 1 PM EST TODAY: Omnibus spending bill

The Democrats attempted to ram a bunch of public surveillance and welfare programs into the Omnibus spending bill, which is basically a 1.3 trillion budget bill that HAS TO pass. It is everything Americans voted against. The President is under enormous pressure to pass it. However, today at 1 PM EST he is going to hold a press conference to discuss this bill, and if he vetoes it, he is going to be very popular for it. Lets hope he does.
I waited on even mentioning this because everyone was so doom and gloom that Trump was going to pass it, issuing disaster reports and how Trump betrayed us. Those who said this are not necessarily fake opposition because he already publicly said he intended to. However, it is possible that at the final hour the Dems rammed a bunch of stuff into it that Trump did not agree with. Saying publicly you intend to pass something, and then backing off when you realize it is sabotage is not turning back on anything, let’s hope the press conference is a big exposure of corruption and a BIG FAT VETO.

Schools now telling students they can’t say no when asked to dance by someone they don’t like

A sixth grade girl came home from school, complaining she was forced to dance with a boy she did not want to dance with. The mom did not believe it, but the girl kept insisting she was forced to dance with a boy she did not want to dance with, so the mom talked to the teacher and found out it was true.
In an effort to mix races, disguised as a campaign of “inclusiveness”, school students are now not permitted to say no to students of different races at dances, or any boy they don’t like, regardless of race. I am not talking classroom dances where they are taught technique, this is for school dances that are social. The girl is now confused, beliving she can’t say no to a boy. You can bet the schools will enforce this, all the way to sex eventually if they are not addressed and stopped from progressing society straight down a rat hole.

Here is my prediction of the future if schools are allowed to proceed the way they are: Sex education will evolve to actually forcing kids to have sex, they won’t be able to say no to who they have sex with, and when girls get pregnant, abortion will be the answer, forced by the schools. This may sound preposterous, but the first step has already been taken, with SIXTH GRADE girls being taught they can’t say no to any boy that wants to have a very personal experience with them, (which is precisely what dancing is.)

See this (Fox News)

The bridge in Florida did not fail where I expected it to

It in fact failed on the other side, while it was being worked on, at the location it was being worked on. This is still common core results however, there is no way the bridge should have been placed at all until it was supported.


Jim Stone
March 23 2018

BOOM: Rense got hit with Paypal tampering the same time I did!

Without announcing anything, Paypal cut him off.

As I suspected, it was against all of alt media. On the same day I got hit, Rense did too. This was a centralized attack on alt media.
Rense and I are anything but pals because Rense thinks I shill for Tepco. But we do fight the same common enemy, as was proven when paypal whacked both of us on the same day!


I CONFIRMED PAYPAL STEALING MYSELF: To clear a “deficit” they created by stealing, I tried adding money with the Visa card. Paypal took $80 off the Visa. The bank here recorded them taking it. And Paypal never credited it to the Paypal account, they just put up a screen saying they would not permit me to put money in PaypaL with the Visa, took the money in secret, and sent it out the back door. Three days later it is still not showing in Paypal as them getting anything. They also did this with payments people tried to send earlier in the month, accidentally captured by Gmail. They can’t sue me for tattling because this is documented. They are stealing outright. We have the bank record showing Paypal taking the money, and never acknowledging it in Paypal.


The above will be appended with the bank record proving they took the money (I do not have that with me right now for this rant)

Paypal is a corrupted scam now, it is no wonder why Ebay is going to ditch them before 2020. I always thought they were integrated, but they did maintain separate identities and corporations frequently cast off subsidiaries that go to hell. If Ebay wants to survive, they are going to have to ditch Paypal like a gangrenous leg before the infection destroys the whole body.


Intel Drop from Veteran’s Today

“The rigging of the American election was real but from a source none of us suspected, MI6 in Britain, representing the “bloodline” gangsters who rule the City of London financial markets.
Skripal, the White Helmets and Syrian gas attacks and the propaganda war against Russia are all MI6 projects.
Cambridge Analytica is an MI6 front, managed by political fixer/stooge Steve Bannon, working with Google, Facebook and the mob controlled DC think tanks, Heritage, Jamestown and propaganda fronts who manage the mainstream media through fake news clearinghouse PJ (Pajama)Media.
There is so much more, consider this a “teaser.”
Please note that we are certain that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Putin himself received all of this with reams of documentation hours ago and will act.
Boris Johnson is their “monkey boy,” selling a war on Russia the same way the greatest fraud of all time, Winston Churchill, sold World War II.
Then again, remember Lady Di? Same folks. Ouch.”


Comment erased


well folks….Trump just borrowed from the bank………suicide videos……Russia did it and the EU slaves agree……Scotland charges a comedian (Liberal leaning comedian that is) for making a Pug dog do a Nazi salute……anyone else think were being played by all sides?….


Jim Stone
March 23 2018


I do not know where this fits into any game of 3d chess. This looks bad folks.

This is clear proof Trump is either replaced, drugged, or perhaps under threat of nuclear blackmail.
UPDATE: The second I posted this was probably a nuclear blackmail event, the computer I was using logged me out! HA HA HA HA HA, Precious.


3/23 Q

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/23/18 (Fri) 13:09:02 No.459
Tripcode update.

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 03/23/18 (Fri) 13:09:37 No.460
Updated Tripcode.

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 03/23/18 (Fri) 13:14:06 No.461
Clock activated.


The Initiation 432Hz


Stock market plunged 1100 points in last two days!:

Zerohedge: Carnage… Everywhere [link]


Jim Stone
The following was posted to a popular forum:

Research the laws, the 1974 law and statutes.

It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’. It’s an Omnibus bill…not a Budget…He outsmarted them again…Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget…

Per the Constitution…the President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

This is another one of those big Porkulus Bills, like they gave Obama for 8 years. This is not a Budget.

An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent…but Obama ignored them. He spent the money, or didn’t spend it, however he wanted to. And Congress didn’t do a thing about it! Because they couldn’t.

I think our President observed how this happened, year after year. He is bound to realize that those ‘appropriations’ for different things in these Omnibus bills are merely ‘suggestions’.

So like Obama, Pres Trump can spend this money on whatever he wants to. Or not spend it.

Planned Parenthood? What if our President decided to tell the Treas Dept to ‘slow-walk’ that money to Planned Parenthood until the Senate gets off their ass and confirms his appointees?

Sanctuary Cities? What if our President decided to ‘slow-walk’ that money too…until those Sanctuary Cities assist ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens?

Splodey heads? From the Dems and the Enemedia? Why yes. There would be a colorful display of splodey heads.

But what could they do about it. Hah.

Our President could just say ‘What! Congress should’ve passed a Budget.’

Again, that is why Obama never had a Budget in his Presidency, Congress did continual Omibus’s and he just took the money . . . for 8 years . . . and no one seems to know where it went.

Addendum: I’m not taking credit for this, someone sent it to me and I’m sharing it with you. I don’t know ‘who’ actually deserves the credit for putting it together.

My comment: Well, that’s interesting.


So Trump signed the omnibus bill and there is a lot of knassing of teeth on both sides but they are both wrong.

The first thought I had is that Trump needs to fund the military because they have to be available to arrest and take down the cabal- he made a hard choice and it upset him but he used this mess to point out to the DACA SUPPORTERS that the Dems actually don’t want to become legal here.

We all can’t comprehend why he wouldn’t put up a fight at least a large number but this isn’t going to work out the Cabal and Dems and Rino’s think it will.

Be patient grasshopper


Vertimax wow
I put my post in and then saw what you posted about Jim stone / wow I don’t have the big picture but it just seemed unrealistic to have it go down like it did.

Oh goodie now let’s just watch in
Anticipation -(remember the song from Rocky Horror picture show)


#400878 Good post, Vermithrax. My heart sunk when Trump did not veto this “omnibus” piece of garbage. (Tired of politicians hiding piles of agendas in thousand page bills – deal with the important ones one by one and give the pols a chance to read it!) This actually makes a lot of sense.


Re: intruth # 400862- More people should read your posting as the consequences of the earth’s magnetic field decline cannot be overemphasized!

Yo- puttin it in a nut shell-nothing is gonna be comin’ in over yer power grid fer about ten years or more if nothing changes an I don have to be Noah to tell you wha NOAA won’t but should.
Without that field we are so f’….d to the grid frin’ effects of even little solar flares that most people can’t imagine
As a former Civil Service Hi Voltage sparktrician for the Navy I know a little about what it takes to repair damaged power grids and Distribution systems.
Sorry bout me dialog but I tryin to mess with Googlezilla Evil AI- so don listin cause me stoopid.

Don believe the rat-boy but check out intruth’s link cause we should really be stockpilein High Volt XFMR’s not nukes cause many are sure to start fryin soon as this pole shift is REAL & ACCELERATING RAPIDLY !



Precisely. Those prisons and manpower involved in mass executions (and martial law) are not going to pay for themselves.


One more note on High Voltage Power Systems; Even in NORMAL times it takes the Navy (and the NAVY always gets what it wants- ASAP) about 6 months to get a new replacement for a fried small (think size of a large refrigerator) because it must be engineered to specs and tested first and our once world class manufacturing is no longer responsive to rapid change in productivity levels.

Now imagine an event that wipes out every single Transformer in service around the entire globe at the time- think I am B.S. ing you-think again!


#400861—sorry, intruth– i referred the wrong number to your post on magnetic field degradation of our planet in my commentary.


Cosmic Rays During Last Reversal | S0 News Mar.24.2018

Published on Mar 24, 2018


Jim Stone

March 23 2018

I hate Roseanne, but this is good:
Roseanne ripped into Kimmel:
“I’m still the same… you all moved. You all went so fucking far out you lost everybody. A lot of us, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail. Because we don’t want Pence! Are you fucking kidding me? You want Pence?

You want Pence for the freaking president? Well then, zip that fucking lip.”

My comment: So someone who could only be described as a former far leftist leftie is pissed about how much more left the lefties went. Precious!!! Start this at 4:00

I have never followed Rosanne as far as her politics went. But I did note that y/t clip that has made the rounds where she identifies the role MK-Ultra plays in Hollywood. I think that was in RT. Kudo’s to her!


rays #400884
Re: intruth # 400862- More people should read your posting as the consequences of the earth’s magnetic field decline cannot be overemphasized!

…Don believe the rat-boy but check out intruth’s link cause we should really be stockpilein High Volt XFMR’s not nukes cause many are sure to start fryin soon as this pole shift is REAL & ACCELERATING RAPIDLY !

I’m sure our govt knows about this. The question is, would it be intentional NOT to stock them b/c all the rats plan to run to their hideouts and leave us to die. If the grid went down for any significant time frame – I’m out. I’d be waaaayyy too cranky.


The DNC Just Took Out A HUGE Loan, Leaving It $6 Million In Debt

Posted on March 23, 2018

The Democratic National Committee reported Wednesday that they took out a massive $1.7 million loan in February, bringing their total debt to a staggering $6 million, The Daily Caller reports.

According to paperwork filed with the Federal Election Commission, the DNC requested — and was given — an extended line of credit from a New York financial institution, bringing their total cash on hand to approximately $10 million.

The DNC has had a difficult time raising money since losing the presidential election in 2016. Even as progressive groups — including “Resistance” groups — have found themselves flush with cash, as donors enraged by president Donald Trump have opened their wallets, the DNC managed to raise a mere $6 million in February, half of what the Republican Party raised.


#400884 -intruth- Exactly- they know but my Uncle Sam ain’t don a thing to prevent total systemic collapse of the power grid.
Me- I got my own Solar, Wind , a one lung Diesel Generator that can run off my 275gal fuel oil tank and a pony generator that runs off Propane Power. Sandy was my dry run and a local wind shear event took out my power for a week two years after Sandy so I had a couple test runs.
Also forget those silly overpriced M.R.E’s an stock up on dried beans and rice cause the WaWA will be closed! So forget gasoline generators and buy an Electric Bike to get around with saddlebags for foraging expeditions. I did.


If the rats go into their hidey-holes cause the rest of us got no juice, well now I believe the technocrats have totally out -smarted themselves.

These bastard capitalists have, in their infinite greed, sold us the instruments of their own destruction as we can find these holes via the images from their jogging counters that have already shown the aboveground world an underground world most people were unaware of. We may have missed a couple of the more sedentary ones but they are probably too weak to be effective anyway.
Victory to the light!


Liking the original posts rays.

Also liking these posts -> #400877… Little pick- me- ups in these dark times! I like your posts a lot.

I don’t agree with the idea stated in one of your posts that the “mass arrest” shift will be harmonious and conflict free, neither do I think it will be end times stuff.

I think there are a lot of people that are violent or are very close minded who will go through some sort of trauma. I don’t tend to think there will be ‘mass casualty events’ but I can’t think that arresting a million people in just the US, and all the beliefs that might infringe upon is going to be a peaceful transition.

In the UK, there was a Muslim riot because a Qur’an had been found in a dump!

So I think for a lot of us here it will be a bit stressful and crap but ultimately survivable. Perhaps as well to some extent we have been primed for it over the past few years… For me I am taking a step back from the news to pursue music BUT, I know everything that is going on and can explain it to others. Which is ideal if I can keep away from the stress but explain this stuff to others.

You also are working in a hospital!



Hi Intruth~

As always, I really appreciate the numerous, informative posts that you share with us.

As far as Roseanne goes, I followed her on Twitter before she got called up to do a second round of her show, so I got a sense of who she is via Twitter.

The production dudes told Roseanne that she could not do anymore tweets, save for a rare one, or two, but none being political.

She’s a solid Trump supporter, a solid 2A supporter, a conservative, not a damn Hollywood liberal and she knows all the dirt that goes on in Hollywood.

Roseanne fought for and won the role of her portrayal of a Trump supporter on the show, making good arguments for that kind of role that the producers could not refute, so they went with what she wanted in terms of portraying a Trump supporter on the show.

Roseanne’s head is right and she adores her grandkids. No doubt that she’s a great grandmother.


vermithrax #400878

Jim Stone
It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’. It’s an Omnibus bill…not a Budget…He outsmarted them again…Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget…
Thank you Vermithrax for continuing to post from Jim Stone.

And that’s why many of us read Jim Stone……there’s lots more views and info to learn and discern coming from another inside-type post.

Hmmm….an Omnibus bill vs. Budget. Learn something new every day!



Some of you might want to know about this company:


Invented by the founder of KOHILO, the “VORTEX” wind turbine yields the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and highest Capacity Factor in the wind energy market. This increase in power production is made possible by a diffuser system that stabilizes turbulent airflow. These precision diffusers channel wind into the core of the “VORTEX” turbine thereby increasing the velocity of this harvested wind by compressing a large volume of flow into a small channel; this channel directs airflow perfectly into the blades of the turbine.
The “QUANTUM” is a powerful and complete clean energy system consisting of a 3-kilowatt turbine atop a 12 foot tower. The entire system breaks down into its base, creating a safe and convenient shipping capsule with all electronics pre-installed at KOHILO’s manufacturing facility, ensuring the highest standards of quality control. The system may be grid-tied allowing for net metered applications and because of the exoskeleton encased turbines, cost-effective system expansion may be realized by stacking additional turbines.
KOHILO’s goal is to preserve the environment and empower people towards change by offering affordable green energy solutions that are built to last for generations.
Not your “same old wind turbine” and scam. I don’t think he is getting a lot of attention because it would hurt the other big wind turbine companies


There are positives and negatives to all changes but as the earth’s magnetosphere weakens during pole shift and we lose our electric due to solar Mass Coronal Ejection, the first casualties will be the orbiting transmitters of Evil AI technocracy. A chance to get control back? if we are ready it could be that.


Rays, et. al.,

Ok, I’d like to chime in about the talk about mass-casualty events — on the scale of millions of people killed quickly — triggered by events, such as the solar flash, etc.

I’d like to make it clear that the HEB (Highly Evolved Beings) who are watching closely over Earth will NOT allow such an event to happen prior to the ascension event, which is the central pivot point of time that is supposed to happen fairly soon, like by the year 2023, roughly.

As always, the time window for this ascension event could change, given the dynamics of the development of people in, on and above Earth.

The HEBs, otherwise known as the Council of Saturn, have vowed to keep Earth as stable as possible, in terms of physical stability, in terms of keeping masses of people alive — which means that they’ll prevent huge events that would wipe out millions quickly, such as nukes, CMEs, etc.

Smaller negative-greeting events will be allowed to happen, of course, as both positive and negative events have to be allowed to happen, but not to the scale of massive numbers of people being killed at once, like nukes, CMEs taking out power grids, etc.

For evidence of the Council of Saturn’s ability to stop mass-casualty events, I’d like to point out the TWO live nukes that were launched at Hawaii and at Japan a few months ago. Not one live nuke — TWO OF THEM.

It was SO serious and real that the Pacific Command had issued an alert to incoming missiles, via cell phones, TVs, etc. This was **NOT** an “accident” of some idiot pushing a wrong button. That was just a cover story.

In order to issue such serious alerts, the “buttons” to push are 8 feet apart, requiring two people to turn the keys and set off the alerts.

Just the fact that Pacific Command had issued such a real alert to a real incoming nuke missile goes to show that they had failed to stop the nuke.

A similar thing happened in Japan on the same day with similar results.

The shoot-down of one of those missiles was witnessed by people out on the sea, seeing a huge explosion happen high in the sky.

Who shot down those missiles?

I’d have my money on the good guys in the Secret Space Program, as they’d have the abilities to shoot down such rogue missiles with the blessings of the Council of Saturn.

So, I’m not worried about ANY mass-scale event killing millions, or turning Earth into a Mad-Max scenario, world-wide.

Some localized Mad-Max scenarios would be allowed, such as Venezuela, etc, but not entire continents at a time.

Any negative event that happens would be allowed by the Council of Saturn to be a part of the slap-in-the-face catalysts for further awakening of people on Earth.


rays #400894

Victory to the light!

That’s really more of what I’m thinking too.


Thanks for the positive vibes Mozart.

Regarding Rosanne, it irritated me that Kimmel portrayed her as socially liberal and tried to dump her in with the wacko left. Glad she set him straight. I never watch any late night TV shows so I never would have seen this. I don’t plan on watching Rosanne either.


mozart #400900

Thank you for that! I am completely with you!

I like the compilation that you did.
A great reminder of some of the help we actually have!

comment image?w=768

I’m skeptical about Musk’s actions here….this still doesn’t put him in my good books…


A repeat, but with good emphasis from Assange…
comment image


Jim Stone

It is “replace Paypal time!
Paypal actually stole (at least) $520 outright this month (including a portion of the Flashcoin purchases) and this does not mean charge backs, they actually STOLE that much, outright, with no mention of why or where it went. It either came in and was not added to the total, (two cases of this) or was stolen en route, (five cases of this) or was subtracted from the VISA with nothing ending up in Paypal (two cases of this) and they also stole one outgoing transfer. They are compromised totally. This is the month someone at Paypal flipped the switch on alt media. Rense noticed also. SO, ADIOS Paypal! You cannot be called a legit service anymore. They have messed around before, but it was survivable. Not anymore.

I am currently setting up with a legit service. All I need is the CVV off the Visa and it is done.

March 24 2018


There is a shitload of this compromised hardware still out there, being used by totally unaware food.

The enormous “gun control rally” in DC today is not totally for gun control!

It has a large gun rights presense. No one from Florida was there and it was not organized from Florida. The media is not portraying it accurately. It was indeed staged by people younger than 18, but it has SOROS fingerprints (or should I instead say scratch marks) all over it. CONSIDER THIS from Hitler’s Mein Kampf:
“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. ” -Mein

I am at a loss as to why Trump signed the Omnibus bill

Ok, Ok, I admit, I do have the article posted below titled “For those doubting Trump, do your research”, However, that could just be a false hope. I hope it is not a false hope. But then, there is this:
My comment:

there is a very good reason why Mein Kampf is basically prohibited reading. It is because the professors and other educators in America do not want anyone in Western civilization to realize how much they and others in government are working from Hitler’s text!


Jim Stone

Israel’s nuclear deterrent method exposed. This information was discovered as part of my fukushima report
Israel is keeping a dirty little secret . . . . .

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Jan 8 2012

There is a reason why the U.S. government is waging war all over the world, even obviously against the good of the nation.

There is a reason why the U.S. government rapidly rolled over and did the banker bailout without question, in an amount which exceeded the value of every mortgage in the country by more than 3x, and every mortgage in default by over 15x; an amount which will destroy America once the ripple effect is finished.

Many of you are no doubt scratching your heads, wondering why every elected president turns back on his campaign promises the second the inaguration is complete. Believe me, the corruption of American elected officials is not that deep. You cannot elect several presidents in sequence, and have them all perfectly screw the country, ESPECIALLY the way Bush and Obama did; they had their reason, and it is called NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL.

What if they never wanted to renig (at least not so completely)? What about Obama? And what about the other countries, which also screwed their people the same way? Why is it seemingly a universal truth, that all governments around the world are simultaneously going against the will of their people, in favor of the Jewish bankers and Israel?

I believe I have figured it out, and I have documented it.

I am going to tell you the hows and whys of Israel’s dirty little secret – how they got their nuclear offensive capability in place, why they decided on the chosen method, and how they ended up using it.

Israel had a serious launch dilemma

Israel is in a unique predicament. It’s small land mass and hostile neighborhood have made developing a space program and ballistic missile defense system all but impossible.
Geography matters. Most nations are priviledged to have vast tracts of land suitible for space launches, or friendly neighbors who will permit the use of their airspace during a space launch. Israel is not one of them.

If a rocket is to be put to its most practical use, it must launch toward the rising sun to make use of earth’s rotational velocity and add it to the speed of the rocket. If a rocket is launched towards the setting sun, it must first accelerate to the speed of the earth’s rotation, and then an additional 1,000 mph just to get to where zero would have been with an eastward launch. Though it can be done, it wastes fuel and after launch another problem then presents itself – your payload will be traveling opposite to all the many thousands of other satellites and space debris in orbit and an eventual catastrophic collision is virtually assured. This has made westward launches both taboo and difficult. Westward launches are considered unacceptable, though Israel has done it.
More at the links and on site…


from this article-quote—–First, coconut oil is a well-known anti-microbial agent, and may have direct anti-bacterial properties due, in part, to its lauric acid content.—–unquote…..


ladies and gentlemen the blooming of a golden age includes delivering real medicines for real peoples of course also…..hahahahaha…..

this is a primo real medicine company – including monolauren – a monoester of the lauric acid from lovely mother earths coconuts…..


from this webpage-quote—–Monolaurin is a 12-Carbon fatty acid, derived from Coconut’s, however prepared into a mono-ester of lauric acid. Many people who use Coconut Oil consume Conconut Oil to get the benefits out of Coconut Oil. The Lauric Acid found in Coconut Oil is this benefit. Lauric Acid attacks viruses and bacteria by destroying the lipid coating that surrounds them which then destroys them. So a person would now think Lauric Acid from Coconut Oil is the answer right? Wrong!! Monolaurin is the mono-ester of lauric acid and research has proved Monolaurin is Many Times more biologically ACTIVE then lauric acid at destroying viruses, bacteria, and fungi. So what does this mean. It means by taking Cleopatra’s Monolaurin Professional – it can give you MUCH MORE effect and results than taking any Coconut Oil or Lauric Acid product on the market. Why take something much more weaker than the Power House – Cleopatra’s Monolaurin Professional.—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – March 24, 2018

Signs of the major correction are showing up with Dow dropping below 1,000 points in two days.

All in timing prior to the 26th when the “golden alternative” to the Petrodollar goes live.

Another timely event was the passing of the omnibus spending bill (gold-standard?).

All recent events are alluding to a “new financial system” which will result in a global currency reset (GCR).

The RV release is currently on an any moment basis as of the 17th.

Some inactive 800#’s have been preemptively given to a selected few.

Redemption centers in the U.S. are ready to go.

Banks, not so much.

Some banks say they aren’t ready, other banks are cutting last minute


Many bankers have been arrested as the result.

The RV exchanges/redemptions must be worldwide.

All must go or none go at all. —–unquote…..


all good or none…..

tout bien ou rien…..

victory of the light… light… light…..for light…..sacred light…..

victoire de la lumiere…..

parce que nous somme le meilleure…..hahahahaha…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


comment image?w=768


comment image?itok=Li7sz1Qr


Day 155.6 SES Baby and Bathwater – Throw Spies Out, Not Talent

comment image?w=672&h=378


MK-ULTRA Personality Assessment System
Here is the screening and Physiological testing protocols for SES members. They take this Psychological test- tells the handlers who will blindly accept instructions, and who’s easy to black mail.


Bill offers this information on the Institute:

Yes, there are several “Senior Executive Institutes”, as shown in my recent messages. But, they are “not-for-profit” 501(c)(3) organizations. They are not part of the Federal Government, or agencies thereof. They exist to organize seminars, provide training, facilitate networking, and fund lobbying efforts in support of the Federal SES Program. But they are not the program. They may, however, be contractors, partners, or grantees of the Federal government, Office of Personnel Management, & Federal Executive Institute.

On the other hand, the Federal Executive Institute is a government organization within the Office of Personnel Management [ OPM ]. It was created in 1968 to provide executive training for senior Civil Service Employees, grades GS16, GS17, & GS18. In 1978 or 1979 it became the premier government training facility for the newly created SES, which replaced the Civil Service senior grades of GS16 to GS18 under President Carter. Thomas correctly describes this part of the FEI history, as told by Field McConnell.

The several non-government, not-for-profit, Senior Executive Institutes did not come along until later – since the 1990’s, I think. Some of these were created to expand the Federal SES concept into municipal and county governments, such as the International City / County Management Association [ ICMA ]. Other Senior Executive Institutes were created by academic institutions, such as the University of Virginia Welton Cooper Senior Executive Institute and NACAS, or by professional disciplines, such as the Senior Executive Institute of the American Council of Engineering Companies. These Senior Executive Institutes are NOT your tax dollars at work, although they may receive grants & contracts from the Federal government. The Federal Executive Institute claims it does not receive funding from Federal budget appropriations, but is funded, instead, but the training fees it receives for it’s services.

This can be easily confirmed by checking their website address suffixes, dot org vs dot gov. This can also be confirmed at



from this article-quote—–According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner, the police raids were necessary because the church was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into a torrent of sexual abuse allegations.—–unquote…..
comment image


ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Stage 5 Will Start by This Weekend”


Q ANON 3-23 Best of the Boards ACOE and The Wall


This “alleged” Alliance insider stated ‘Stage 5 begins this weekend’ (1 day to go then!), tracing it back to its source it was posted on 21st of March. Q posted this on the 23rd of March:

Clock activated. RED_CASTLE. GREEN_CASTLE. Stage_5:5[y] Q

Still can’t pay attention to this politics too much though. Higher self has really done a number on me.

Former members of the ‘Deep State,’ have formed a supergroup to expose illegal government surveillance and support President Donald Trump. The group, led by William Binney, who was part of an ‘elite NSA team which built an intelligence-gathering system to collect data on terrorism threats,’ is made up of former Justice Department, FBI, and intelligence community officials that call themselves ‘JTFMAGA.’


Lots of handwritten signs today at the protest, however …

Let’s see. Reverse text? Check! All caps? Check! Sans serif font? Check! Soros really needs to widen his stable of graphic artists. All his stuff looks exactly the same! At least the one in the background looks like a different person (or agency) designed it!


Jim Stone
March 24 2018


Trump must have had a few plants in the team that drafted this bill.

HA HA HA, hide that on page 639. That’s about right. And what will happen when Planned Parenthood suddenly claims they need $500 million for birth defects, rape, and incest?

Update: Search the bill. “No funding for abortion” is in it countless times. It is sabotaged beyond belief.


Alarm Sounds After EU Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell


This article (Alarm Sounds After EU Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell) appeared first at Common Dreams and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. (Photo: The Greens–EFA/Twitter)

By Jessica Corbett
After weeks of speculation, chemical giant Bayer and biotech behemoth Monsanto have cleared a significant regulatory hurdle in their bid to consolidate into one company through a multibillion-dollar deal that critics are calling the “merger from Hell.”

“This merger will create the world’s biggest and most powerful agribusiness corporation, which will try to force its genetically modified seeds and toxic pesticides into our food and countryside,” warned Adrian Bebb, a food and farming campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe.

“The Commission decision also allows them, together with BASF, to become data giants in agriculture—the ‘Facebooks of farming’—with all the pitfalls that entails,” Bebb added. “The coming together of these two is a marriage made in hell—bad for farmers, bad for consumers, and bad for our countryside.”

“The Commission ignored a million people who called on them to block this deal, and caved in to lobbying to create a mega-corporation which will dominate our food supply.”
—Nick Flynn, Avaaz legal director of the online campaigns group Avaaz, told Reuters.


More on Fakebook:

Julian Assange ⌛
What to see what Facebook has on you (at a minimum)?

1. Goto
2. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
3. Wait for automatic email from Facebook
4. Download the ZIP file link in the email
5. Extract it and open ‘html/index.htm’

3:30 AM – Mar 24, 2018

Check out the example in the article when someone did just this:

Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file
Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner’s mum

a historical record of every single contact on my phone, including ones I no longer have

metadata about every text message I’ve ever received or sent
spoiler: I don’t use messenger for SMS

and the metadata of every cellular call I’ve ever made, including time and duration 😬😬


George Webb is on FIRE:

Day 157.1 Three Layers of SES – Awan Contra Unfolds

Day 156.12 John Barnwell Knows Who St. Germain Was

Day 156.11 All SES Is Divided Into Three Parts, Caesar

Day 156.10. Debate Challenge Accepted From AIM (3min)
Nice summary – Navy sponsorship of the Awans???


Oh, dear. Hasn’t his 15 minutes of fame run out yet? Hoggwash! (Nice reverse text, sans serif, all caps font advertising lapel button, BTW! The staging background, because you need that for a protest, don’t-cha-know, has the sans serif font, all caps, but would have used too much ink to print in reverse, so they kept the background on the “paper” setting. White/light ink on a dark background is trickier to print – why take chances when you need snappy graphics? )

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Anatomical drawing, also reverse text, sans serif font, all caps – tee hee.

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What the march really was – attempt to get young adults to vote democrat. (Note the t-shirts. Ad campaign!)

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Not too subtle who they are targetting – no wonder the “big guns” like Wasserman Shultz, Winfrey, Clooney, etc. were in on it like dirty shirts! (Topher Spiro? Name is a giveaway.)

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#400900- mozart- I pray to the Divine that your correct-you read me well as the mini-Mad-Max thing haunts me so.

#400901-intruth- As the old song goes–” Power to the people right on” – I be an old-timer fer sure an it shows I know.

#400909wolfintimber- Distracted by Evil “Onstar” AI , I “totalled” a new 2017 Chevy Equinox into the side of a semi, and walked away. When the ambulance attendant recognized me from having hauled my supposedly “dead” ass away 20 years prior we had a nice chat. It’s a crazy family trait on my Mom’s side and I won’t bore people with details but machines keep pronouncing people dead on that side of my family {multiple times in my own case along with the Dr. embarrassing trait of waking up and talking to them , 2x- once during an appendectomy an once during bunion surgery-lol)

My point being -I don’t always trust Dr.’s and the digital toys that they dildoe themselves with but I do think both coconut oil and lion’s mane mushrooms helped me with the concussion the airbag deployment during that accident gave me as coconut oil. lions mane and God’s love were my chosen treatment .

Google to begin bribing journalists with cash to parrot establishment news narratives that are often fake news
Duhhh….you mean they didn’t do this already??


rays #400930…..quote—–My point being -I don’t always trust Dr.’s and the digital toys that they dildoe themselves with but I do think both coconut oil and lion’s mane mushrooms helped me with the concussion the airbag deployment during that accident gave me as coconut oil. lions mane and God’s love were my chosen treatment .—–unquote…..


oh ya rays-ive been taking the monoester of lauric acid from the coconut for a few years,from the menu of grooooovy medicines,they have good diatomaceous earth capsules among many others…..

when I have stopped taking the coconut based monolauren or the diatomaceous earth they call the abyss,i notice a difference for sure,I begin to become more toxic and poison ridden in this very poisoned construct…..

have you checked out a tachyon healing chamber yet,im going sooooon for some sessions and will report back my perceived thoughts of the experiences….on this grooooovy cosmic blogisphere…..


at exactly what would have been midnight in china-march.26/2018,the gold backed reminbi now in motion entered my frontal thought processer,like it was flowing strongly through the energy fields of earth and entering sentient beings brains for contemplation and such…..

an historic day for the delivering in of the new financial system,absolutely 100 per cent asset backed currencies now manifest everywhere on lovely mother earths surface…..

now that big china opened the floodgates to enable mass wealth to become available for poverty elimination,cleaning up lovely mother earth,delivering in the new fair and just operating systems for the civilization etc…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..



Who is the person of interest, Brian Hodge, and how is he giving interviews about the event at the same time that it is happening.

Excerpt: The hushed FBI investigation unfolding inside the FBI’s public Broadway show version of the Las Vegas shooting investigation started when a witness claimed he hid outside Mandalay Bay in the bushes for hours after the stream of gunfire started raining down on concert goers on Oct. 1.

The same man also claimed he was inside the room next door to the shooter when gunfire erupted on 22,000 country western fans — mostly Trump supporters — at an outdoor concert in the shadow of the MGM resort’s sprawling Mandalay Bay resort.

The same man who said he saw shooters gun down a security guard outside the hotel suite he shared with Stephen Paddock, even though that information was never divulged at the time.

The same man who described to news media — minutes after the attack — in detail the tools in Paddock’s suite used for the attack days before such physical evidence was released to the public.

The same man who went to great lengths — using techniques few would know or employ absent training — to mask his phone and social media accounts to shield his location before and during the attack.

The same man FBI agents were never allowed to interview and told to forget about, despite pleadings from intelligence veterans that this individual was an imperative person of interest in the shooting investigation. …

The FBI source said Hodge described details of the attack and tools Paddock used that were only known to a handful of federal and local law enforcement official at the time.

“We were still processing the crime scene and Hodge was discussing evidence no one else could have known about,” the FBI official said. “He was giving interviews to Australian media literally while this scene was unfolding. I’m talking minutes after Paddock’s body was found in the suite, Hodge was live on air on his phone.”

With the difference in time zones between Las Vegas and Australia, Hodge was being piped into homes during prime time, approximately 9 pm to 11 pm which was literally at the same time the Las Vegas mayhem was unfolding. Strangely, FBI agents noticed, Hodge never spoke to any media in the United States.

More on site.


This is one of people I gave money to in Austin – she is the one that made it possible for those in Austin to use the digital meter rather than the smart meter because she has done so much good research. We did talk on the phone about how the elections are being altered , not at the polls but at the main place where all the votes went into to be tabulated for the final count. This is what they did to Ron Paul as well but we didn’t quite fig it out to such an extent at that time. This could just as easily happen in your area and it can be stopped almost immediately by having several people go down and watch those big computers and isolate the main computer after the vote. She explains it much better. Please take the time to educate yourself. Melissa

Landmark Voting Fraud Case to Change U.S. Elections

Laura Pressley joins the program to discuss her landmark on voter fraud in Texas. The case has reached the Texas Supreme court and has been ignored by the mainstream media. Her case is the first of it’s kind in the country and will undoubtably effect the entire nation as the ruling will bring legitimacy to one of the most important issues facing our nation today, mass election fraud. Many are trying to fix the system, but if the elections are not honest, no matter what citizens try to accomplish, it will be short lived without honest and legitimate elections. You can learn more about Laura Pressley and her current case at


“Organic” protest, my eye! If this was a real protest instead of propaganda, why would you be telling anyone to ask reporters for ID? Those idealistic kids who weren’t paid to be there would be horrified to know who they were working for. Good on you, Project Veritas. They helped bring down the Democrats by having big-mouth Scott Foval bragging about how he paid mentally challenged people and the homeless to be bused to Trump events to stir things up. He lost his job and turned against them, Tweeting insider info until he was kicked off Twitter.

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