It’s time to remind China of its place

The start today (March 26, 2018) of oil futures trading in gold-backed Chinese yuan is being widely seen as a Chinese victory in the ongoing financial war for control of the planet Earth.  It is also a good time to remind China that the world will NEVER swap Khazarian mafia control for Chinese mafia control.

The West will be eternally grateful for the help provided by Asian secret societies in its battle to free itself from the control of the satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia.  As we will point out, this battle is about to end in victory for humanity.

However, the Khazarians, who should never be underestimated, are appealing to the ego of certain Chinese leaders by promising them the role of Babylonian god-king of the planet Earth.  In exchange for Chinese support, many Chinese leaders are falling for this and dreaming of a Chinese dictatorship over the entire planet.

China thus needs to be reminded of a few things.  The first is that the West still has the power to entirely wipe China out of existence.  The White Dragon Society (WDS) and its allies fought hard to defeat a faction in the West that wanted to do exactly that.  Thus, instead of obliterating China, the West deliberately transferred its industrial and technical expertise in order to help China modernize and develop.  That’s because it was the right thing to do, and because the West wants Asian help in a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.  Also, China and other Asian countries were helped in their modernization because a deal between East and West for world peace is necessary to end the quarantine the planet earth is now under.  In other words, certain Chinese radical factions need to be reminded that the end goal is to achieve a win-win solution for everybody.

With that in mind, let us now look at the latest news in the ongoing battle for the planet Earth.  On this front, there is very serious brinkmanship going on between the U.S. and China in the run-up to the start of the Chinese Gold/Oil/Yuan (GOY) trading that is rightly being seen as a threat to the petrodollar and U.S. hegemony.

The U.S. reaction was to impose tariffs on $60 billion worth of Chinese imports and hire warmongering radical neocon John Bolton as National Security Adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump.  The U.S. message to China was clearly, “We will stop buying your stuff, cut off your Middle-East oil supply, and use North Korea as an excuse to start war.”  The Chinese reaction, in contrast, was to seek compromise and peaceful negotiation while reminding the U.S. side that it was fully prepared for any eventuality.

Despite the U.S. bluster, a quick look at the cards each side is holding makes it obvious China is likely to emerge as a pyrrhic victor in any trade war.  This can be seen by taking things to an extreme and imagining the U.S. stopping all trade with China, and China dumping all of its U.S. Treasury holdings.  Americans would see an immediate plunge in their living standards as they would lose access to cheap Chinese goods, while a plunging dollar would make imports from the rest of the world more expensive.  Also, it would take many years for the Americans to build factories to replace the goods it is used to getting from China, and the end result would be far more expensive.

China, for its part, would lose access to U.S. soybeans and grains, but would be able to replace these with supplies from sources like Russia and Brazil.  The loss of U.S. dollars earned through its trade surplus with America would also deprive China of a lot of the hard currency it has been using to enhance its power around the world.  However, it is likely that China has set up the GOY trading in part to have a ready substitute for the petrodollars it would lose in a trade war with the U.S.

It is interesting to note, by the way, that one of the most active traders in the first day of the Shanghai GOY trading was the Rothschild firm Glencore.  It is also interesting to note that “around 12 million barrels of Shanghai’s most-active September contract changed hands in the first 55 minutes of trade, more than the most-active contract for Brent.”

On the surface, thus it appears the Rothschilds and their Khazarian brethren were right to side with China against the U.S.  However, if you analyze things on a deeper level, a very different picture emerges.  In this one, the Rothschilds and their fellow Khazarian mafiosi face a catastrophic defeat.

In reality, Pentagon sources say the trade war with China “provides a cover for the U.S. military so that they can crash the stock market and …

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Peace to all! 🙂


Good Morning BFC, #2


2, [edit] well then, 3! Thanks Ben for your excellent analysis about China and Bolton, and good morning to all!


Thanks for the update Ben


Dear Benjamin, the times are more and more tense for the false falg, with ghost military exercises in France and England see spy Skipral and Carcassonne, khazarians in Europe and the continuous provocations of nerve gases in Syria, I hope that Trumpo jolts these criminals and make a well-coordinated total cleaning operation even with Putin


Good morning all! Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop?


So is there any news on Why the arrests have not happened yet and Syria seems to have gone quiet all of a sudden ?

kevin miller

We are slowly getting,the narrative to become free once again ,Ben may I ask you a question what are the views of when we can finally be free from the khazerian mafia and what would the WDS say of a person A vet becoming sovereign I am in the process of filling out my commercial law application and I wanted to know if I am able to get my TDA account back to me ? please help me in this question please e mail me at millertimek79@yahoo,com or phone me {720] 461-5423 thank you for your time and help in the march of being free once again I salute you sir and wish to thank the WDS


Great report let’s let it be the week that we’ve been waiting for for years, the take down of the cabal and no azure not the RV of worthless dinar and zim.


10 Thank you Ben.

And BIG LIGHT to all talked about, worried about.. hoped n prayed for here.
As well as the hopers… worriers… do-ers n waiters. fthgac.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

I am expecting the releasing of the prosperity funds by the end of the month. Let us see if I am right. 11115551111


SES is not ALL of the problem It is merely a symptom of a vastly GREATER PROBLEM

Seething Frog
Published on Mar 25, 2018


Jim Stone

Summary: Sorcha totally nails the gun confiscation, use of AI to steer the public, and a sinister rider embedded in the Omnibus spending bill. A great read.
March 25, 2018
Russia Warns “World Will Never Be The Same” After US Enacts Terrifying New Orwellian Law In Dead Of Night
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
A truly ominous new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that in the United States, where its citizens have willfully blinded themselves to the distinctly American internet saying “if a product is free, it means that you are the product” – its Orwellian mass surveillance and control system called Facebook has now been joined by an equally Orwellian, and terrifying, new law enacted in the dead of night this past week called the Clarifying Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD) – that is called a major threat to the freedom of the entire world—none of whose people will be will ever be the same again as they cower in fear of what it is soon to come. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, in the dead of night, on 7 February, “Deep State” aligned US Republican Party Senators Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham, along with US Democratic Party Senators Chris Coons and Sheldon Whitehouse, decided to put forth in the US Congress this Orwellian new law called the Cloud Act – and without “even one minute devoted to considering any amendments to this new law”, they worked behind the scenes to sneak it into the gargantuan Omnibus spending bill—and whose success at doing so was evidenced on Friday, 23 March, when President Trump signed it into force.

Described by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as both “sinister” and “dangerous”, this report details, this new Orwellian Cloud Act is the greatest assault on global freedom ever witnessed in history—as it now allows the American shadow government “Deep State” to access the contents of a wire or electronic communication and any record or other information about a person regardless of where they live or where that information is located on the globe—and even more insidiously, allows the US to enter into “executive agreements” with foreign governments that would allow each government to acquire users’ data stored in the other country, without following each other’s privacy laws.

Wedded to this new Orwellian Cloud Act law, SVR analysts in this report reveal, is another Orwellian attack on humanity devised by the long known “Deep State” operative to the US intelligence community Dr. Gary Margolis—who, while tens-of-thousands of Obama Brown Shirt Brigade high school students were marching to support communist gun confiscation in America, began the largest mass surveillance of US high school students ever seen in history.

Dr. Gary Margolis, this report explains, is the founder and CEO of the Orwellian mass surveillance company Social Sentinel – stand at the forefront of collecting, storing and using all social media data created in the entire world—whose fearsome artificial intelligence (AI) program library has accumulated over 450,000 “violent indicators” – and while the Orwellian Cloud Act law was being snuck through the US Congress without the American people even knowing about, was suddenly deployed against the high school students attending Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in the Boston bedroom city of Billerica, Massachusetts.


Lucky number 13 this week. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


more :

Though Social Sentinel innocuously claims that its mass surveillance of high school students is only “to detect signs of violent behavior”, this report warns, its secret AI controlled library of over 450,000 “violent indicators” shows its true evil purpose – as some of these “violent indicators” are those who support President Trump, those who support the Second Amendment, those who oppose abortion, those who don’t believe in climate change, those opposing homosexuality, those who read alternative media instead of the mainstream news—and thousands more examples like this – that liberal communists in America all say point to high school students being “at risk” of committing violence.

To how Social Sentinel was able to acquire its massive AI database of “violent indicators” to target for destruction what are, in essence, normal conservative, and mostly Christian, high school students, this report continues, is through the global Orwellian mass surveillance and control system called Facebook – whose over 2.2 billion users worldwide have no idea whatsoever that this vile tech company’s privacy policy “is a big lie”, and who literally knows everything about them.

Aided now by the new Orwellian Cloud Act law, this report notes, Social Sentinel is now prepared to unleash is massive AI database of “violent indicators” against the entire world – with the first targets being the billions of unsuspecting Facebook users who will be labeled, categorized and located as “dissidents” to “state authority” – and whose warnings of are now being voiced by even some of America’s top technology experts – such as Google’s AI “mastermind” François Chollet, who has just warned that “the problem with Facebook is not just the loss of your privacy and the fact that it can be used as a totalitarian panopticon…its more worrying issue is its use of digital information consumption as a psychological control vector – and who, also, begs to the entire world: “If you work in AI, please don’t help them. Don’t play their game. Don’t participate in their research ecosystem. Please show some conscience.”

To how terrifying these AI “psychological control vectors” used by Facebook, and feared by Google’s François Chollet, really are, this report grimly explains, was demonstrated by the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT) in their scientific research paper titled “The Search Suggestion Effect (SSE): How Autocomplete Can Be Used to Impact Votes and Opinions” – and whose shocking findings revealed that the now mandatory (since 2008) autocomplete suggestions used by companies such as Facebook and Google can totally control elections – without the people voting even knowing that they were manipulated.

The insidiously now mandatory autocomplete function used by companies like Google and Facebook are deliberately designed and controlled to NOT give you the information you’re seeking, but instead show you what your “overlords” want you to know.

Standing against the dystopia and tyranny being imposed on the world by the Orwellian mass surveillance and control system called Facebook, and its mass surveillance partner Social Sentinel – both of whom are now aided by the new Orwellian Cloud Act law to spread their evil across the entire globe – this report concludes – is the growing “#deletefacebook movement” that has now been joined by the American-Canadian billionaire Elon Musk who just ordered that his Tesla and SpaceX pages on Facebook be immediately deleted – and one whose most stunning unintended consequences of has seen thousands of Americans, after they’ve deleted their Facebook pages, join Russia’s most popular online social media and social networking service VKontakte (VK) – that aside from being beyond the reach of US intelligence agencies and their proxies, rarely changes it format and never floods its users with advertisements and is why the Department of Information Science, Heinrich Heine University, in Dusseldorf, Germany, in their case study titled “Acceptance and Quality Perceptions of Social Network Services in Cultural Context: Vkontakte as a Case Study” reported that VK users consider it to be the superior social media platform overall versus Facebook, and was considered to be more fun, easier to use, and more trustworthy overall.

This Sorcha report, which happened to be chillingly BANG ON is HERE. I don’t usually endorse Sorcha, but this was a good one.


Good morning – 3 to 6 weeks?


Greetings from cold Canada!


Here! 18 … Eighteen


vermithrax #400954

Agree with Melissa – this is a very interesting site.


Play nice children, LOL!


Jim Willie

Chinese Invade Oil Realm: PetroDollar Kill




If anybody still has doubts that a purge has already begun at the highest levels, they should stop and think about … the disappearance of people like George Soros and Bill Gates, etc.

Seems like Soros or his operatives are alive and well – still making signs and pushing the gun control narrative HARD.

And Hillary is alive and as well-as-can-be- expected for someone who trips and falls a lot. We’ve seen her travelling in India sans boot. What’s up with that?


Once again the information on the coming brown dwarf star (BDS) is changing. What’s changing is we are unlikely (10% chance) to go into 4th density (planetary ascension) to avoid it. A short while back I was told there was an 80% chance we would go into 4th density around the spring equinox March 21, 2019 which is a little before it is to go into the kill zone. The BDS solar system doesn’t go into 4th density only our solar system will, but when I don’t know, except it is to be before the ascension window opens, which is somewhere from 2021 to 2025. So I’m told we will likely first see the BDS in Nov. or Dec 2018 and it will likely go into the kill zone around April 2019. So get ready with food, water, supplies and fuel for your vehicle.


25 today


I hope that the new transitions will be relatively smooth and not adversely affect the lives of the good people of Earth. I hope that all disclosures are presented with irrefutable evidence to finally remove the scales from the eyes of the still blind steeple. I hope that the forces of good take control of the main stream media so that the people can hear the truth for a change. May good triumph over evil. May the long suppressed medical and technical sciences be rapidly be disclosed and implemented. A lot of good-souled suffering people deserve to be healed and restored.


Another excellent site:

Lots of good charts and reports like this one:

Lawmakers Want to Know Why OPM is Suddenly Withholding Federal Employee Salary Data

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, wants to know why federal employee salary information is suddenly being barred from release under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Committee sent a letter to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) last week pressing the agency for information as to why there seems to have been a policy shift with respect to what federal employee names and salaries are released.

Gowdy wrote in his letter to OPM Acting Director Kathleen McGettigan:

The Committee recently learned specific salary information previously released to Open the Books for the past eleven years was not released by OPM for fiscal year 2017. In response to Open the Books fiscal year 2017 FOIA request, OPM redacted 254,839 federal salaries, resulting in $20 billion in estimated payroll now lacking transparency. The additional redactions, which are significant, have been attributed to a data release policy update.


Another good site with good articles and links providing more clarity to the SWAMP:

Lawmakers Want to Know Why OPM is Suddenly Withholding Federal Employee Salary Data

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, wants to know why federal employee salary information is suddenly being barred from release under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Committee sent a letter to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) last week pressing the agency for information as to why there seems to have been a policy shift with respect to what federal employee names and salaries are released.

Gowdy wrote in his letter to OPM Acting Director Kathleen McGettigan:

The Committee recently learned specific salary information previously released to Open the Books for the past eleven years was not released by OPM for fiscal year 2017. In response to Open the Books fiscal year 2017 FOIA request, OPM redacted 254,839 federal salaries, resulting in $20 billion in estimated payroll now lacking transparency. The additional redactions, which are significant, have been attributed to a data release policy update.


Here’s the chart:

20 Billion Hidden in the Swamp: Feds Redact 255,000 Salaries
comment image?itok=He0sbVLM


Oops, sorry for the double post. I thought the first one was censored and gone. I didn’t see it come up.

ben marshall

What do you think of Q on 8chan?


The decision to redact 255,000 federal salaries for $20 billion in payroll harms oversight. The American people deserve to know who makes how much, in what position, employed by which agency.

For example, more than 6,600 salaries were redacted at the Department of Veterans Affairs. At an agency where hiring priorities have been repeatedly questioned, transparency is crucial. In recent years, just one in 10 new hires at the VA was a doctor. In FY2017, the VA hired 8,727 new employees and just 561, or 6 percent, were doctors.

Open the Books
In December 2017, our “OpenTheBooks Oversight Report – Mapping the Swamp, a Study of the Administrative State” found $114 billion in compensation paid to 1.35 million federal civil service employees (excluding the U.S. Post Office) in fiscal year 2016. We found 165 percent growth in bureaucrats making $200,000 or more; 30,000 bureaucrats out-earning all 50 governors at $190,000; and the average salary at 78 large federal agencies exceeding $100,000.

At, citizens have the tools to investigate their local piece of the federal bureaucracy. We have literally mapped the swamp, pinning all federal disclosed bureaucrats plus post office employees by employer location ZIP Code on our interactive map.


Cabin Talk: Elana Freeland Talking about (her book) Under an Ioized Sky.

I am listening to this….
There is the dastardly stuff snuck into the Omnibus bill.. that Intruth is informing us about.
And there is the dangerous stuff the Deep State/Lizzy-puppery is sneaking in with 5G… which Elana Freeland talks about here.

Grover Allen

Still surprised they let Bolton be National Security Advisor, hopefully they get him out quickly after they don’t need him anymore.

Mark Keegan

In an earlier column Ben identified trump as a p2 mason. That explains why a swine in a suit hangs around swine in cassocks


Robert Perry

I am a defense attorney with over 25 years experience; I began my legal career as a criminal investigator, so I know what constitutes evidence that would be accepted in a court of law.

Also, I know how real crime scenes are investigated; and each of these ‘mass shooting’ media events fail to follow police procedures or crime scene processing and chain of evidence protocols.

The FBI used to keep detailed records that the public could access so that you could verify whether anyone was murdered on any date in any city, now they compile yearly reports by state. They have realized that people, like me and Jim Fetzer, were using their records to prove that there were no murder victims. Check out Jim Fetzer’s book on Sandy Hook.

The Social Security Administration was another source to prove the ‘murder victims’ were not real. If there is no social security number for the alleged victim, there is no proof of a victim. They also have restricted access to what used to be public information by refusing FOIA requests under the pretext of maintaining privacy for the alleged victims. They changed their public information policies just like the FBI when people were using their data to prove that no mass-casualty crimes occurred.
Another way to distinguish these fake mass-casualty crimes is that there is no documentation of blood clean-up. Blood is classified as a bio-contaminant; and only certain companies are licensed to clean-up blood, and the technicians are professionally trained to handle bio-materials.

After a crime scene where blood is present has been processed for all physical evidence, then a team of professionals comes in to clean-up the blood, which is then inspected to verify that all traces of blood have been removed. There is a record of the bio-decontamination of any actual crime scene where blood is spilled. These false flag hoax shooting are proven fake since there is no record of blood decontamination; if there is no record of blood clean-up means no blood was spilled. The lack of documentation or records of blood clean-up proves these false flag shootings as fake. No documentation of blood clean-up, fake shooting: case closed.

The reason the armed school officers did not respond is that it was a fake false flag operation; no one was shot, and no live rounds were fired; they had to tell the armed school officers to ‘stand down’ so that they would not engage the ‘shooters’ and fire live rounds possibly injuring students.

But wait Cruz supposedly admitted to being the ‘shooter’.

Top two reasons why someone would plead ‘guilty’ to a crime they did not commit:
1) they are actors using a fictitious name and will never actually be taken to prison, and receive millions of $;

2) they have committed an unrelated crime such as child pornography and are facing life in prison, so they accept a plea agreement that grants them amnesty and allows them to change their identity like in witness protection, in exchange for admitting to be a ‘mass murderer’, again serving no prison time.

The supposed Charleston church ‘shooter’, Dylann Storm Roof pleaded ‘guilty’, which meant that there was no trial where evidence would be presented and where sworn testimony under penalty of perjury would be taken. However, the Social Security Administration has no records of anyone named Dylann Storm Roof; this fictitious name has no legal documentation to prove anyone with that name existed. The only way law enforcement did not make positive identification on this prisoner/character is that they were part of the gun control Psy/op.

Mass shooting casualty coincidences: 1) active shooter drills conducted, sometimes on the same day; 2) no trial where physical evidence and sworn testimony would be presented, the ‘shooter’ either dies or pleads guilty; 3) the identity of the ‘victims’ and/or ‘shooter’ cannot be verified with documentation such as birth certificates, social security numbers, death certificates, autopsies, or burial records; 4) FBI crime statistics for the date and city of the ‘shootings’ do not include the number of ‘mass shooting casualties’; example, the FBI crime statistics for 2012 in Newtown Conn. do not reflect the number of ‘victims’ of the Sandy Hook Elementary School ‘shooting’, FBI records state that no murders occurred in Newtown Conn. in 2012. 5) the same ‘witnesses’ appear conveniently at more than one mass-casualty event, who make statements about needing more ‘gun control’;

6) media coverage excessively employs pleas to viewer’s emotion, and paid commentators argue for more ‘gun control’; and 7) no wrongful death lawsuits by ‘surviving’ family members, where physical evidence and sworn testimony would be presented if any ‘mass shooting’ actually occurred. Pattern?


OMG. So Fakebook was stolen from the real inventor Leader Technologies.

This is the story and timeline of the theft of the invention called “social networking.” The thieves are a group we call the “Cartel.” and “Deep State.” Their motives are ancient. They yearn for money and power. Their goal is a “New World Order.” Theft of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies’ invention enabled them to unify their communications, monitor and control “the masses,” and fulfill their rapacious grab for your assets and your liberty.

The U.S. court-proven facts are that Columbus, Ohio innovator, Michael McKibben, and the company he founded, Leader Technologies, invented social networking in the late 1990’s. Prior to that, McKibben had re-built AT&T’s email system in record time for release with Microsoft’s much ballyhooed Windows 95.

In 6, Leader was awarded its first patent. However, once the Deep State learned about Leader’s invention from an unscrupulous patent attorney and adviser to IBM and the NSA, they wanted it so badly they broke many laws to get it. The invention enabled them to create “The Internet of Things” or “The Internet of Everything” where they could permanently control the digital economy in all its aspects: communications, banking, law, energy, finance, elections, defense, technology, communications, media, healthcare, education, entertainment, politics, guns, food, environment and news.

This sounds like Hollywood fiction, but as you will read in these pages, it is all too real.
The Greatest Financial Crime in History:
Theft of the social networking invention

Brief summary of the MANY smoking guns in this collusion:

Oct. 11, 1996 False Statements Accountability Act—parties can lie to Congress and courts);
Nov. 29, 2001 IBM forms The Eclipse Foundation
Jun. 05, 2002 Chandler takes custody of Leader’s invention source code
Aug. 29, 2002 Leader’s invention appears in Eclipse version 2.0.1
Aug. 30, 2002 Chandler’s notes confirm IBM conspiracy to misappropriate Leader’s invention
Feb. 2-5, 2004 IBM EclipseCon 2004, Facebook goes live
Apr. 12, 2004 Anne-Marie Slaughter proposed A New World Order
Dec. 08, 2004 IBM”unable to locate” originator of Eclipse code—Leader Technologies
Sep. 02, 2008 A New World Order to “Fundamentally transform America”
Sep. 09, 2008 Eclipse boasts 191 members); Dec. 12, 2008 (FISA court gives Eric Holder dictatorial powers
Jun. 06, 2009 Facebook starts feeding user data to the NSA illegally
Jul. 09, 2009 Sidney Blumenthal writes Facebook into Hillary CFR speech
Aug. 03, 2009 Fenwick & West LLP disclosed Leader as prior art on Andreessen social patents, but not on Zuckerberg patents they filed
Apr. 2010 Zuckerberg refused to provide discovery in Leader v. Facebook
Jun. 24, 2010 Leonard P. Stark shoehorned into Leader v. Facebook 30 days before trial; and Larry Summers’ chief of staff, Marne L. Levine went to work for Facebook on the same day
Aug. 10, 2010 Leonard P. Stark confirmed as judge, just two weeks after the Leader v. Facebook trial
Feb. 17, 2011 Obama dines and toasts with Eclipse members in Silicon Valley
Jun. 26, 2012 State Department promoted Facebook use during public litigation that proved Facebook infringes Leader Technologies’ patent on 11 of 11 claims and no prior art
Jul. 18, 2012 28 Zuckerberg hard drives re-discovered!
Jun. 06, 2013 Edward Snowden exposed illegal NSA activity
Feb. 08, 2015 HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani exposed Facebook underwriter Deep State
Mar. 02, 2015 Obama met with Technology CEO Council at White House – All “IBM / NSA The Internet of Things” Deep State members
Oct. 10, 2015 Obama made mystery trip to Qualcomm
Oct. 12, 2015 Dell bought EMC – Both Deep State members
Dec. 01, 2015 Zuckerberg announces $45 billion of fraudulent conveyances

The summary above is not exhaustive, but merely representative of the massive fraud and racketeering that has occurred and continues to occur.


deester #400994
Robert Perry

Deester, is there a link?


Kim Dotcom wins case. This could be a big headache for the “justice” department.

Excerpt: On Monday, the Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the Attorney-General unlawfully withheld information from Mr Dotcom, meaning he perverted the course of justice.

The Government and Ministers have been ordered to comply with the original requests and supply all relevant documents to Mr Dotcom.

Mr Dotcom was awarded damages for loss of benefit and loss of dignity.
In a series of celebratory tweets, Mr Dotcom claimed this decision meant his extradition case is “over”.

More on site.


Jerome Corsi 3/25/18 – QAnon Analysis of Posts

Corsi does some great explaining of the history of the Muslim Brotherhood.


#400996 No link. This was posted on Ed Chiarini’s facebook page. I copied and pasted what was up there. I believe this information is probably pretty accurate, considering how one woman called Lt. Vance of Sandy Hook fame and asked what company handled the biohazard blood clean up. His response was, “What blood?” The way evidence is treated in these false flags is haphazard and does not bear any resemblance to the way evidence was treated in many court cases I sat through as a reporter.

Hangman1128’s videos were enough to convince me that Vegas was laden with lies. If anyone believes this is how evidence is treated, with a scant handful of “FBI agents” painting over chalk marks and walking all over an active crime scene destroying “evidence”, they need to go and sit through a trial of a serious crime.

Although there are a number of Robert Perrys listed as lawyers, I believe this one might be the guy who wrote the article as he took courses on investigation and worked as a prosecutor.


intruth #40097

Thanks Intruth. Ben is a little too rah-rah for me. There’s a lot going on under the surface and the Russia-China-US clash is more theatre than anything. I suspect Jim Stone is right about this one. Follows right along with Orwell’s 1984 which China has banned, incidentally.

Thanks for the Willie post too.

deester #40099

Great post, even if we’ve known about some of the incriminating facts. The disappearance or loss of access to what used to be availble to FOIA requests is pretty telling.

Gudrun Haack

Many thanks, Benjamin, many thanks! ♥


I have been watching Trump being pushed into another Russia narative again and again. It seems if the cabal can’t get him on collusion then they want him to hard hand Russia at any cost.
But I don’t see the same fanaticism with China, who is a much more substantial threat to us and the economy and xi said he would destroy Trump and the U.S.
I am sick of this Russia crap, esp since Russia has the same economic out put as Italy.


At the end of this last week I believe it was Vertimax that posted the same thing.
RE:Jim Stone (also in its entirety)

Summary: Sorcha totally nails the gun confiscation, use of AI to steer the public, and a sinister rider embedded in the Omnibus spending bill. A great read.
March 25, 2018
Russia Warns “World Will Never Be The Same” After US Enacts Terrifying New Orwellian Law In Dead Of Night….


#400994 I thought this was interesting from that alleged lawyer’s comment on false flags: “2) they have committed an unrelated crime such as child pornography and are facing life in prison, so they accept a plea agreement that grants them amnesty and allows them to change their identity like in witness protection, in exchange for admitting to be a ‘mass murderer’, again serving no prison time.”

This brings to mind Fadil Bajraliu, whose son, Mërgim, played (and continues to play on his facebook page) a witness to Sandy Hook. Mërgim is the lad in the grey USA jacket who was interviewed about the shooting. When you do a Google search for Fadil Bajraliu, a bunch of websites show up. This is one of them.

So here we have Fadil Bajraliu pretending to be a teenager online, offering masturbation advice to a teenage boy, and giving the kid his e-mail address, asking the kid to contact him. The kid had surgery on his testicles and was seeking advice. Try doing that as an average person and see how quickly the police come calling! (I do think it is funny that every time he googles his name, his predatory behavior is up there near the top!) He says he is 15 when another poster says he doesn’t believe the person writing is a teenager.

“Hey man,

“I’d recommend waiting a few weeks (I’d say 3-4). Trust me, this is going to be hard for you. I know that, I’m your age too, haha. It’s not easy going 1 month without masturbating because you WILL get urges. But keep yourself very busy for this next month and you should be good to go.

“And once you do it for the first time post-surgery, go slowly. Don’t do anything overwhelming because it may cause further complications.

“The only problems you’ll get with waiting are wet dreams. You’re body has to get rid of all that “stuff” somehow, so it’ll probably get rid of it in your sleep (which is fine).

“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate emailing me: and I can help you out from there!

“Good luck, bud”


“@Me Wieber: Haha, nah man, I’m 15. Not sure how you “can tell” I’m older…but alrighty!
Asker’s rating & comment
5 out of 5
thanks lots

“Here’s the one he added for:

“What i would do is yes wait at least 3 weeks probably 5 tops and then you should be good. I am a 14 yr old male too and i know how hard it is going to go with out masturbating because i used to every single day some times 2 times in one day and now i had to make my self quit bc i would be hard all day. That could happen. If you do just sometimes get like a massive ***** for a long time try holding it softly but firmly and just kinda relax a little with it, it help a lot. Believe me! Well good luck, and uhh the guy that left you a really long message then gave you his email address is prolly not really your same age, just to let you know. lol. You can kinda tell”

There are other articles about Fadil, which leads credence to the fact that he is a real person.

Here we have him letting a sick friend move in with him, written by the notorious Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee shill who allegedly took the photos of the kids in a conga line.

Here we have him lying about his daughter being in grade 4 at the closed school and flogging the gun meme, even though he wants to hang onto his own weapons.

Excerpt: Sandy Hook resident Fadil Bajraliu said he supports the commission efforts. “I hope it will do something really good for Newtown and the country,” said Bajraliu, whose daughter, Vanessa, a fourth-grader at Sandy Hook, survived the shooting. Bajraliu, a carpenter who served in the Kosovo Army and moved to Newtown in 1994, said he’s a gun owner who believes “we have to take the army guns out of the hands of the people.”

Assault weapons like the one police say Lanza used at the school are “made for the army” and not the public, he said.


Pulse nightclub shooter’s father has an interesting history. We have the “shooter’s” father being an FBI informant for years. Also interesting is the photo of the FBI doing a crime scene investigation. Like the scenario in Vegas, this doesn’t really look like a major crime investigation gathering evidence.

Excerpt: (D)uring a search of Seddique Mateen’s home in June 2016, investigators found receipts for money transfers to Turkey and Afghanistan in the months leading up to the horrific attack at the Orlando gay nightclub, which left 49 people dead.

“As a result of the discovery of these receipts, an FBI investigation into Seddique Mateen was opened,” the letter reportedly said. “S. Mateen has not been informed by the FBI about the investigation.”

The letter also stated that, in November 2012, an anonymous tip indicated Mateen was seeking to raise up to $100,000 in donations to contribute toward an attack on the Pakistan government, the lawyers wrote.

Salman’s attorneys argue that the revelations have a significant impact on the ongoing court proceedings.

More on site.


Release the free power technology, who cares about oil and oil futures. Oh well maybe in a 100 years or so.


mkddachs #401004
At the end of this last week I believe it was Vertimax that posted the same thing.

Yes, I saw it after the fact. Oh well.


Daryl Fisher: Any weapon that is designed for use by the military I think we should ban. You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands. (shrugs) OK.
This demoncrap has to be turfed out of office ASAP…


comment image?w=1274&h=912


Q Exposed as Psyop

American Intelligence Media
Published on Mar 26, 2018

Listening to this now.


from this article-quote—–The timing of the expulsions by the US, EU and Canada appears to have been coordinated between Washington and Brussels. Eight EU countries confirmed within 15 minutes of each other on Monday afternoon that they would expel a number of Russian diplomats. Canada’s announcement followed shortly after.—–unquote…..


very revealing to the world,all these countries involved in simultaneously kicking russian diplomats out obviously have so much sauvereinty(not)…..hahahahaha…..

the dark cabal is going completely retarted now…..

adieu maintenent des minion diable…..


Rothschilds & Rockefellers Need to Go Down to Free America – Dave Janda*
By Greg Hunter On March 25, 2018

Janda also says, “Right now, the good guys are 70% to 80% in control.”


jim dean-quote—–The issue now is one of accepting what is happening for all to see rather than absorbing the fake narrative sold the world. For those unaware, it isn’t just millions of Americans but government officials as well, who form their opinions and prejudices against nations, races of people, religions and even ideas themselves.

The are imprinted via fictional television shows like Homeland, whose writers and producers are in actuality as complicit in psychological warfare as those who run Cambridge Analytical, Google or Facebook, the groups now under the public microscope.


great article by big jimmy dean…..

of course vt is a big fan of monsieur drumph…..hahahahaha…..

monsieur drumph continues to be influenced by the dark forces and the light forces….

this shows every day in his decisions and such…..

I say hats off to the transitional leader-the donald,as power shifts into we the lightforces grasp more and more each flowing moment…..

and the donald plays a very difficult role,he is being exonerated and pardoned for a lot of things because of his cooperation more and more with the lightforces…..

of course what I know,i am an earth surface human,apparently we are all stupid,or many of us on the surface proclaim that about each other…..hahahahaha…..

the surface population is reducing its various forms of attacks on each other I figure though,thats very goooood for speeding up the manifestation of the event…..

this solar system and beyond has a very bright near future,absolutely 100 per cent…..

speak you mind lightforces(groudcrew) fine members,as the truth you believe to know in the moment holds much power-your powers are great and grand and your energies are most needed now…..



jim dean-quote—–The reason for what appears to be Israeli animosity toward Russia in reality originated when Putin cleaned out the oligarchs that looted Russia for two decades, plunging that nation into poverty and then fleeing to Tel Aviv or New York with endless billions of ill gotten gains. This is real history, not the history written down in books or reported in fake news.—–unquote…..


president vladimir putin,primo powerful brilliant lightwarrior…..

monsieur putin and his crew continue to work with some of the pleiadiuns of the lightforces…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


Rockefeller’s grandson, the construct Mark Zuckerberg, blames the Russians for what he did by mining and selling people’s data.

Excerpt: On last night’s show, I reported on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg selling his users’ private information, and blaming it on the Russians!

Zuckerberg claimed that Russian’s pushed “fake news” and hacked the 2016 election, even though that theory has already been debunked by Mark Goldman, Facebook’s own Vice President of Advertising.

Eliminating foreign influence and “fake news” isn’t Zuckerberg’s real goal. He really just wants to silence conservatives. It’s why he shut down 30,000 French Facebook accounts supporting Marine Le Pen.

More on site.


Trudeau wants civil servants to do away with mother and father, using the more “inclusive” parent. He also wants to do away with Mr., Mrs., Miss, MS. What a stupid person – he needs to shut his insipid mouth – Soros’ little, politically correct meat puppet!

Excerpt: If you thought Justin Trudeau learned his lesson from the #peoplekind episode, or the fact that his “gender” budget didn’t budge his plummeting poll numbers, or the revelation that staggeringly low numbers of Canadians actually call themselves feminists, then you were wrong. The Liberal efforts to do away with all gender-specific terminology in order to ingratiate themselves with the tiny segment of the Canadian population that actually cares about this “issue” have continued apace—and this time, terminology like Mr., Mrs., and Ms–as well as mother and father– are on the chopping block. From the CBC:

Service Canada employees who interact with the public are being asked to stay away from terms like Mr., Mrs., father and mother, and to use gender-neutral terms in their place, CBC News has learned. According to documents obtained by Radio Canada, the French-language arm of CBC, front-line staff must now “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language.”

“This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” says a copy of speaking notes prepared for managers and team leaders.

More on site.


Obama wants to make the youth in his image to save the world. Go away, already. Nobody wants to listen to someone who gave up his law licence, “create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas”. Great – so the US taxpayer can pay for transgender surgery so that the half million young Michelle Obamas won’t “tell-tale bounce” while dancing on Ellen Degeneres.

Excerpt: The trouble with making deities out of morally deficient men is that eventually they start to think of themselves as Gods. Such is the case with Barack H. Obama.

Barack Obama has said he would like to create “a million young Barack Obamas” to take on the baton of “human progress”, during a discussion in Japan about his post-presidential life.

“The single most important thing I could do is to help develop the next generation,” he said.

The former US president said his nonprofit the Obama Foundation could create a “platform for young, up and coming leaders” to exchange information with each other about projects they were working on.

“If I could do that effectively, then – you know – I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama told a conference in Tokyo. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.” The Guardian, Mar. 25, 2018

More on site.


Oh thou within, and without, where We live and move and share Our being,
Send the light from the North, South, East, West, Above, and Below,
to aid Us in becoming self-conscious instruments of Thy Beneficent Will.
Keep Us in the Light of Your Love, so that none will tarry by the wayside,
But instead that We may become the magnetizing force of Love, Light, Compassion and Understanding that uplifts and awakens Our Other Selves in this Grand Ascension.

Happy Harvest

Hippie Love


Just what you need – a pedophile Satanist wanting to reform the Catholic Church (why is this filth still walking about free?). They have enough problems without Skippy interfering.

Excerpt: Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief helped to create campaign groups to press for a “revolution” in the Catholic Church, according to leaked emails.

John Podesta, head of Clinton’s campaign, says he helped to found two Catholic organisations to press for change in the Church.

In emails from 2012 released by Wikileaks and alleged to be by Podesta, he responds to an email from Barack Obama’s friend and former boss, Sandy Newman, about an “opening for a Catholic Spring”.

More on site.


Hypocritical, much? You would like to get everyone’s guns, but don’t want to pay for the actions of one person?

comment image


Hi Ben – thank you for everything you do for humanity and planet Earth. The inside information you share with others is truly a blessing for all willing to listen. I have been reading your posts every week for years, but have never made a comment. Also, thank you to everyone who does share information on this site, for the benefit of others. Guac77 and others have repeatedly made comments on the Brown Dwarf Star in our solar system. Throughout history it has been called: Planet X or the 10th Planet by Percival Lowell, Nibiru or The Planet of the Crossing by the ancient Sumarians and Mesopotamians, The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin, Planet 9 by the Cabal, Wormwood by the Bible, The Dragon or the Red Dragon by ancient Chinese peoples, The Destroyer by ancient Egyptians, Frightener by ancient Druids and Celts, The Red Kachina by Hopi Indians and others, in some references Quetzalcoatl, the Winged Serpent or Winged Globe, the Nostradamus Comet or Bearded Star, Baal in one context, Marduk by the Babylonians, The Red Star, The Firey Messenger, The Red Planet, Hercolubus, The Deceiver, and countless others. The Bible also refers to Wormwood as the Great Star, the dragon, the great red dragon, the serpent, and makes many references to the dragon’s tail. It is understood that governments know all about it, and have been preparing for decades for this next passage – but even they don’t know exactly when it is going to pass. In the US, President Reagan silenced the subject by making it top secret by presidential order in 1983, after seeing it via the IRAS satellite. One can only assume all world leaders (in cooperation and agreement) at the time did the same as well. My best guess is that the last passage was 1628BC, based on considerable scientific evidence. For anyone interested in an over-simplified, brief account and analysis, you can Google “Minoan Eruption.” If it passes by Earth approximately every 3650 years, the next window of passage is approaching. 2022 would be exactly 3650 years, though it could pass early or late. MY QUESTION IS: are you allowed to comment at this time on the Brown Dwarf Star in our solar system? Major “Earth Changes” like mega-earthquakes should start prior to its passage – meaning they could escalate soon. I know exact timing is still unknown, but the scientific evidence is overwhelming. Is this topic still taboo or restricted?
Love & Light to all, j


How many elephants?

Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this astonishing rate they will be extinct by 2025. It is hard to imagine that 35,000+ elephants are being slaughtered annually simply to satisfy unfounded but deep-rooted traditions, myths and desires of some.

A survey carried out by the International Fund for Animal Welfare revealed that 70% of the Chinese, the most prominent ivory consumers globally, (and Roman Catholic Church for chotzies) did not know that ivory came from dead elephants. The Chinese word for ivory literally translates to tooth. This is a stark reminder that greater awareness and education is needed and quickly.

To situate this in a broader contextexotic and rare animal parts have been fetishized by humans as luxurious, highly prized and valued possessions for hundreds of years. We are striving to change this through greater education and awareness.

If we could all visualize the healing power of compassion for “the elephants and rhinos and whales”, and all others whom are facing their extinctions.

We can save these animals❣️

For those who like to color or collage, there are 10 or so elephants plates to download to paint 🎨 or color…

I carry with me a “heart” for remembering a loved one who has passed, and a small ceramic elephant as an omage to the many of these beloved creatures…🦍🐘🦏🦒🐅🐆🦓🦈



from this article-quote—–Grant Williams, an adviser to Vulpes Investment Management, a Singapore-based hedge fund sponsor, said he expects most oil producers to be happy to exchange their oil reserves for gold. “It’s a transfer of holding their assets in black liquid to yellow metal. It’s a strategic move swapping oil for gold, rather than for U.S. Treasuries, which can be printed out of thin air,” he said.—–unquote…..



its inevitable now-any internationally traded currencies will have to shift to an asset backed reality…..

very sooooon no more black magic filthy babylonian money to enslave the mass population,unless the dark forces can stop this(not…..hahahahaha…..)…..

hats off to kwan yin and st.germain for your most brilliant works ongoing…..le plus remercier…..



Thank you, Benjamin.
Good info from Veteran’s Today:
… Mueller’s history has been clear, he is a political fixer like Pompeo at the CIA, now elevated to Secretary of State, and the rest of the gang. What we see is simple, back to the ever so right quote Lenin:
“If you want to control the opposition is to lead it yourself.”
We saw it all early on, the use of algorithms by Facebook, Google and Twitter and their ties to the lie machines created in Macedonia, now “forgotten” and the think tanks that run Washington, all financed by the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, the Israeli-American gambling boss.

Now we know they not only kept files on 50 million Americans through Facebook, using the data there to profile fears and emotions, targeting and manipulating millions but when Google added their incredible mass of data, billions of illegally read emails and more, the American people became little more than pawns.
Again we reiterate, Russia didn’t do it. It was the tech companies, all working as is now being made public, for Israeli intelligence and the mob.

…Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, has long openly worked for Israeli intelligence and that evidence now exists that Israel not only ran the program to rig the American election, as many believe it did in both 2000 and 2004, leading to the destruction of Iraq, but that it did so again in 2016.
Few note the real policies of former Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama, the even handedness in the Middle East and their use of leverage against Israel. Obama never accepted wild claims made against Syria as Trump has and never attacked Damscus.

Evidence of Israel’s role in gas attacks in Syria was overwhelming even though Russia was blocked from presenting same to the United Nations time and time again.
But then we hypothesize, what are we speaking of when we talk of Israel? This is where so many back off as anyone who questions Israel is smeared as an “anti-Semite” though the Likudist extremists who run that nation are mostly former Russian gangsters and enemies of Russia’s current leadership.

The reason for what appears to be Israeli animosity toward Russia in reality originated when Putin cleaned out the oligarchs that looted Russia for two decades, plunging that nation into poverty and then fleeing to Tel Aviv or New York with endless billions of ill gotten gains. This is real history, not the history written down in books or reported in fake news.


its not a brown dwarf,
it is and will be a comet which we have been convinced is a dirty snowball
when this arrives it will be easy to see, it will light up the sky and its electrical tail will form connections with the sun and planets
the electrical energy this will discharge to earth, and will cause immense disruptions here


Poll Shows Americans Now Suspect Unelected Shadow Government in Charge


intruth #401013
Rothschilds & Rockefellers Need to Go Down to Free America – Dave Janda*
By Greg Hunter On March 25, 2018

There is so much in this Dave Janda interview I’m going to have to take notes.
57 minutes and I’m only 19 minutes in.


QUICK POLL: Do you Support the March for Our Lives?
Anti-gun activists are marching on Washington, D.C. today to push for gun control.

Many of these activists have disparaged reforms like arming teachers and additional security measures, showing the only thing they really care about is destroying the Second Amendment


From Monmouth University poll:

“Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term “Deep State;” another 24% are somewhat familiar, while 63% say they are not familiar with this term. However, when the term is described as a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy, nearly 3-in-4 (74%) say they believe this type of apparatus exists in Washington. This includes 27% who say it definitely exists and 47% who say it probably exists. Only 1-in-5 say it does not exist (16% probably not and 5% definitely not). Belief in the probable existence of a Deep State comes from more than 7-in-10 Americans in each partisan group, although Republicans (31%) and independents (33%) are somewhat more likely than Democrats (19%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists. ”


Published on Mar 24, 2018


Samba just put that up although you put it up with more info which I always
think is better. Also different sources so I guess that is better.



Wow! Thank you!
I read it to the end & agree completely!

(ps… what’s facebook?)

love and light and all the “good vibe” you can handle !


All of this Russia,Russia talk is really getting to me and am really confused.If Russia want to get along with everyone and have world peace but is being frame and blamed by every brain wash puppet and their dog!.Then why is the U.S, or is it the Deep state attacking Russia with sanctions and expelling diplomats.Trump preached since the primaries that working with Russia,should be considered an advantage instead of a doom and gloom scenario.Perhaps the Khazarians who are still trenched inside the Federal government,can still control the sanctions against Russia on one hand and then on the other hand,they can’t force the Military to attack.Russia.The military would prevent and would not enforce any military response against Russia.Then comes the Fake Puppet Porn Media that will give a false perception that Russia is now the new Iraq and must be stopped.It will be interesting to see if the Dumocraps will retake the House because if they win and try to sabotage Trump and remove him.What will happen then since the Vice President is on the pedophile list to be arrested.What could be soo damaging to Trump where he can be blackmail.Somebody or Something will need to find a way to neutralize this threat so Trump can do what is necessary to clean house.Who would really lead us out of this nightmare,i hope that divine intervention lend it’s blessings just like the miracle we witnessed when Trump won and literally saved the America if not the world from an uncertain doom and gloom nightmare.So many questions,not so many answers but what can we do but Stay Tuned.


This is a bigger story than Pizzagate or Uranium One:

Stillness in the storm: China Moves to Destroy US Dollar As They Launch the Gold-backed Petro-Yuan [Link]


Can’t say anything good about anything Trump has done in the last 30 days. Omnibus really diabolical. $700 billion for the military, this isn’t about pay raises people. Military amassing off the Jordanian Coast, expulsion of Russian diplomats throughout NATO, $15 billion DEVELOPMENT MONEY FOR CHINA!!! and Pelosi and Schumer love the bill.

No one’s been arrested, no pedos rounded up, no great deals for the middle class, no defense of second amendment. He’s caving, perhaps he was always going to cave. Pompei and Haskell are Gestapo terrorist interrogators.

What to believe?


So their real asset is our ignorance. They assume anything can be done with us as long as they don’t tell us. Our ignorance for them is their strongest asset.

Question is: Who will be the first to provide a version of the truth that is compelling enough to disrupt peace of mind?


Judicial Watch files FOIA lawsuits against the Justice Department – is this the sound of dominoes starting to fall?

Excerpt: (Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today that it filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the Justice Department for records about top Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr’s involvement in the Trump dossier authored by Christopher Steele (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No.1:18-cv-00490)) and (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No.1:18-cv-00491)).

Until his dossier-related demotion, Bruce Ohr was the fourth ranked official at DOJ and a contact for Steele. The House Intelligence Committee memo released by Chairman Devin Nunes on February 2 says that Nellie Ohr was “employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump” and that Bruce Ohr passed the results of that research, which was paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the FBI.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuits in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia after the Justice Department failed to respond to two separate FOIA requests in December 2017.

More on site.


Did Stormy Daniels’ lawyer also work for Rahm Emmanuel?

According to this Reddit Poster: “Stormy Daniel’s Attorney Worked For Obama’s Chief Of Staff – Attorney Michael Avenatti has deep ties to Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden – Worked at The Research Group, run by Rahm Emanuel and took part in more than 150 campaigns in 42 states, including Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate campaign.”


A marvelous human being from Nigeria wrote this:

Let us look for a vision of the world that is much more alive than we think it is. This is what we loose when we are converted to a Single way of knowing. We are being slowly hollowed out from the inside by relying on “experts”.

When things are urgent, let us SLOW DOWN. Sit still. Slowing down is a function of awareness. It brings us to the place of connection and the web of life. It enables us to take the less obvious path. Wait and give time for the world to align itself with us. Practice joyfulness, be alert.

In the dark is where everything is possible.
Decentralize how we think about power.
Power comes from within.
Smallness first.

What if our knowing is our greatest asset, and our un-knowing is just as important as our most practical insights? That the un-known is just as important as a resource rather than an inconvenience?

Be at peace when we are lost. See how entangled everything is. Stop pretending to be human and dissolve into being a tree…(for instance)… What the whole of entanglements can do, is magic, and how we recognize ourselves again.

Transcend the fear that we are alone, and the fear that if we don’t do, nothing matters. See Compassion as a resource. The question to continually pose to the universe is WHAT MATTERS?

– Bayo Akomolafe, Ethnopsychotheraputic researcher from Nigeria


Jim Stone
March 26 2018
David Hogg is in I Pet Goat II

He was born from an egg an evil television serpent had, and lives with this evil television snake attached to his head, which is empty and brainless, other than the snake which has the last part of it’s tail coiled inside of it. He appears several times. Very interesting. It is all symbolism and says a lot if you can figure out what a “lot” actually means. See this (7 minute video)



Confirmed: Everyone elses pupils were normal. Only Stormy’s were this way. That’s a problem folks, BIG TIME, it means the deep state got Stormy, and in this interview she is simply executing a program.
The police state was carelessly desperate with this, you don’t put ANYONE on the air like that unless you are desperate, NO FREAKING WAY.

UPDATE: It looks to me like Stormy spent a little too much time erasing memories on Samsung’s “Unspoil me”
Don’t forget this old report:

Saudi Arabia admits to funding Hillary’s campaign
Yes, go after Trump for Russia collusion and whatever else, but all the way back in 2016 Saudi Arabia bragged about funding Hillary’s campaign with millions of dollars, an act so illegal Hillary should have been put in that space launched Tesla instead of a dummy (that’s how far “outta there” Hillary should have been.) But if the ziopress does not report it, it did not happen, RIGHT? SEE THIS.


comment image


I posted a comment earlier, but apparently it “disappeared”! How strange isn’t it?
So here it goes again…Regarding the “innocuous” meeting you were invited to at the “Freemasons’ Lodge” in Tokyo! Benjamin, out of all people you should know better! The different lodges around the Western countries seem to be doing that lately; showing the “un-initiated” how good their intentions are towards humanity right? This in turn will help discredit all those “pesky truth seekers” called “conspiracy theorists”! They did that even at the “Grand Orient de France” a couple of years ago…But, Ben, are you that naive? I can understand that an investigation journalist like yourself could be curious in seeing what a “freemason lodge” would look like, but as you well know, you only saw the lower “ranks” ritual & ceremony, and nothing much is taught there to the “initiés”…And these truly think they are doing something good for humanity…But the highest the ranks, the more is demanded of the “brothers & sisters”; just like in all the different “secret societies”! Because, don’t be deluded; Freemasons’ Lodges ARE “Secret Societies”! 33Rd degrees & above, do the bid of the Illuminatis & Bloodlines; and are sealed & protected in secrecy, until an individual decides to leave the order…And is often “disappeared” or totally left to rot! (remember Mozart??) The high ranking member HAVE to participate to human sacrifices and other “stuff”…And they are made to believe that THEY are God; and Lucifer is the bringer of light; so it has to be worshipped….Yet the gullible recruited new members don’t know about that! They also don’t know that the goal of Freemasonry is what is called: the “Universal Republic” ! (aka: NWO). Look, one only needs to understand from where it all started; all this occult symbolism, riuals etc…To see that it is not for the “good of humanity”! What a “Perception Deception” world we are floating in!!


Mike Adams: “Gun control, it turns out, simply means the corrupt regime controls the guns. Any call for gun control is a call to concentrate absolute power in the hands of the most corrupt, power-hungry people in every society: Those who seek to rise to the highest levels of government and rule over everyone else.

By definition, government is the most dangerous entity when power is concentrated in its hands. That’s precisely why gun control is so dangerous and so often leads to genocide. It’s also why governments have murdered 262 million people in the 20th century alone, dwarfing all other causes of death, including disease.


“I just want listeners to realize that in the last 40 years, 52% of all wild animals, all nature on the planet have disappeared, over half of it was destroyed because human numbers are so great.” ~ Alon Tal


#401033mkdachs- Great post- it to me is the core of what has gone wrong- a secret policy determining agency that we fund , can’t be fired, and Randy Bill an Obummer picked em- OMG , clean this mess out now


Jim Willie post is superb. China is making inroads all over the planet. I am, however, a little worried about them as they have banned Orwell’s 1984 there. That’s not a good sign no matter how much tech and infrastructure they provide.


Why Walmart wants to patent robot bees

BY ALAN BOYLE on March 19, 2018

Robot bees have hit the big time.

In the 10 days since Walmart’s patent application for “systems and methods for pollinating crops via unmanned vehicles” came to light, the idea of building drones to do what bees do has gone viral.

The piece de resistance came on “Saturday Night Live” when Walmart’s concept got a mention on “Weekend Update” (around the 6:30 mark in this video clip).

“What is Walmart now?” comedian Colin Jost asked. “It’s a department store that became a grocery store, and a firearms dealer, and now they’re just building an army of robot bees?

“I miss the good old days, when Walmart was just a place where I saw my third-grade teacher punch a greeter on Black Friday,” he said.

CB Insights says the patent application is one of six that Walmart filed for farm automation applications, including crop monitoring, pest identification and pesticide spraying.

On one level, the applications are the result of Walmart’s efforts to keep pace with Amazon’s drone development program. Last year for example, Amazon won a patent for a flying warehouse that serves as a drone base, and Walmart filed for a similar patent.

On another level, CB Insights speculates that Walmart’s farm-related patents may be related to a long-term goal of increasing control over its supply chain for produce.


Robot Bee Endgame; Seneca Effect; Supervolcano [IAF 3/26/2018]

Ice Age Farmer
Streamed live 14 hours ago

The elites are seizing control over food, from production to distribution. Are you preparing for the Grand Solar Minimum? Livestream PACKED with info. Check it out.

Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro

Dear Ben,

Then same standards to everyone then, I am not saying you are double standard because you are american, but the chinese are also victims of the western blueblood elites and their atrocities, they instigated the invading murderous Japanese army to go in to china and consolidate all the priceless artifacts and GOLDs, and the aftermath you saw it, right! family ruined, women raped like they are sex fixers for the japanese soldier boys, too many life lost! So you blame CHinese rise up and follow Mao and resist the enemy and rescue the nation back? And ever since then they are trying so hard to appease and please the Western 5 eyes alliances, they are human beings under such suppression under an aging paranoid mao that started the unforgivable cultural revolution to get rid of and purge all the pro-right wing chinese leaders! so many people suffer and dies again! that inclusive of my grandpa got the Public prosecution exercise where they criticized and tortured him to death on a fking bench in front of many that dont even know wtf they were doing! my dad copped it too JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE A FAR AWAY RELATIVE IN HK AND AMERICA! SO when they do wrong i condem them, but when they do right, the west still bashes them, its like when it suits the Alex jones, he condem the NWO, but when it doesnt suit him, he blames china commie do this and that to america, but its the Elites behind whose pushing this narrative of yellow peril and red scare commie, its like the brain washed Americans to hate the chinese all because they commies, but commies saved their asses during the WWII, did they or did they not! you know, thats why i get fken pissed off when they double standards on the chinese, WE ALL BLOODY VICTIMS OF THE BLUEBLOOD ELITES ATROCITIES AND ANNIHILATION, why dont you let the WDS to mass awaken the chinese about this hidden truth?!!! THEN WE CAN ALL BLANK SLATE AND WIPE OUT ALL THE BAD MEMORIES AND START FRESH! YOU SAID to remind China that the world will NEVER swap Khazarian mafia control for Chinese mafia control. GOOD, WE WONT SWAP KHAZARIAN MAFIA CONTROL FOR PREDATORY CAPITALISM TRUMP MAFIA CONTROL TOO! IT WILL BE A MERITOCRACY WaY FORWARD!

Until one day when asked upon by the Elites whether west or east, “What do you want? Who is your leader?” and The answer would came telepathically, but it wont be coming from one being, but from all of us, simultaneously. The message would be: “We have no leader. We are all leaders and don’t need a hierarchy. We are here to tell you we are protesting what is happening here on this planet, which belongs to the god source prime creator/creatrix and which you and your ancestors have hijacked and changed to your own liking. However, your liking is not compatible with ours. The wonderful animals we used to herd and guard have become nothing but beasts who eat the flesh of each other, just like you eat the flesh and drink the blood of your own creation. Furthermore, you trap and eat defenseless animals, and you have made our cousins into slaves down in the mines and on the plantations and lowered the frequency to such a degree that it is hard for us to stay here even if we wanted to. You are changing, and interfering with, what once was set into motion for a purpose that goes beyond your limited comprehension. Don’t you see that there is consciousness involved here, and you think you are for more than the species you create and master? Your food source is fear and terror, which you induce in others. But after all, who is living in most fear, the slave driver or the slave? If you are masters of your reality, why then do you need to seal off this planet and hide in a density where few may be able to find you? Whom do you fear?”

“We have seen your intentions and we know your journey, Lords of Sirius. We grieve what you have done to Mother Terra, and we grieve what you will do in the future, and to the life you have helped creating. Still, we are not here to judge you; we are solely trying to make you see your own dilemma. For a dilemma it is; one that will be harder and harder to resolve the longer you wait.”


jujubean #401038
Can’t say anything good about anything Trump has done in the last 30 days. Omnibus really diabolical. $700 billion for the military, this isn’t about pay raises people. Military amassing off the Jordanian Coast, expulsion of Russian diplomats throughout NATO, $15 billion DEVELOPMENT MONEY FOR CHINA!!! and Pelosi and Schumer love the bill.

No one’s been arrested, no pedos rounded up, no great deals for the middle class, no defense of second amendment. He’s caving, perhaps he was always going to cave. Pompei and Haskell are Gestapo terrorist interrogators.

What to believe?

Jujubean, I urge you to listen to Dave Janda’s interview with Greg Hunter.

Dave has his own sources and puts things in perspective.

There is a new report by the Inspector General on the DOJ. It is 1.2 million pages (this is not a typo). Congress has copies, and it outlines and proves fraud and criminal activity at the FBI and Department of Justice. It will likely be the foundation that sends many in high office in both departments to jail for their crimes. Radio host Dave Janda says, “You have to understand what the Inspector General’s report is all about. The Inspector General’s report is about the restoration of the rule of law in our country that has been missing for decades. This is why they are so petrified of that report. All these players–low, middle and high–took over the system to the point where the rules of justice could be directed toward their opponents and be blinded to their criminal activity. What scares the living daylights out of this syndicate is the restoration of the rule of law. . . . When there is a full restoration of the rule of law, I believe this is what blows this system apart–this globalist syndicate system.”

Janda also says, “Right now, the good guys are 70% to 80% in control.”


Media Reporting on New GMO Safety Study is Deceptive: Flawed Meta-Analysis Debunked

March 22, 2018


The Newsweek article by Dana Dovey carrying the headline, “GMO Corn Is Safe and Even Has Health Benefits, Analysis of 6,000 Studies Concludes,” is plainly deceptive. And “The Environmentalist Case In Favor Of GMO Food” by Omri Ben-Shahar for Forbes, is a lavish attempt to heap praise on GMO crops and disparage non-GMO foods and the advocates of non-GMO foods. After thoroughly examining this “meta-analysis”, it becomes clear that the writers in mainstream media promoting it either lack research skills, have an insincere agenda, or both.

Numerous issues including the use of only a small number of studies, geographically limited data, biased studies, outdated studies and studies which used isogenic and near-isogenic lines that are rarely commercialized, make the data from this ‘meta-analysis’ and the conclusions drawn, weak and highly unreliable.

Details at


10 anonymous donors that March for Our Lives is hiding.

“Is anyone wondering how a group of high school students managed to pull off a huge, highly organized, multi-million dollar rally involving hundreds of thousands of people across the country, all in a matter of weeks?

“Saturday’s March for Our Lives event, which was supposedly organized “for kids and by kids” is a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization, which means they are not required to disclose their donors — and there’s a reason why they don’t want people to know who’s pulling the strings.

“On today’s show, Glenn chalked up a list of at least ten far-left donors known to be behind the March for Our Lives movement, including:

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Mark Kelly & the Gifford Foundation
Michael Bloomberg & Everytown for Gun Safety
Planned Parenthood
George Soros & Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation, Women’s March, Louis Farrakhan
Friends Committee of National Legislation
American Federation of Teachers
Jeri Rhodes & Greenpeace
Friends Committee on National Legislation
“They’re list of donors reads like a who’s who of radical leftist organizations,” said Glenn. He later added, “The last thing that they want is for names like ‘Soros’ or ‘Farrakhan’ … to show up on their tax sheet. But we’ll never know the full extent because big progressive donors don’t want you to know who’s really in charge here.””


David Swanson: “Perhaps the most powerful tool for altering habits of thought about groups of people is role reversal.
Let’s imagine that for whatever reasons, beginning some seventy years ago North Korea drew a line through the United States, from sea to shining sea, and divided it, and educated and trained and armed a brutal dictator in the South United States, and destroyed 80 percent of the cities in the North United States, and killed millions of North USians.
Then North Korea refused to allow any U.S. reunification or official end to the war, maintained wartime control of the South United States military, built major North Korean military bases in the South United States, placed missiles just south of the U.S. demilitarized zone that ran through the middle of the country, and imposed brutal economic sanctions on the North United States for decades.

As a resident of the North United States, what might you think when the president of North Korea threatened your country with “fire and fury”? Your own government might have gazillions of current and historical crimes and shortcomings to its credit, but what would you think of threats coming from the country that killed your grandparents and walled you off from your cousins? Or would you be too scared to think rationally?”


Heck, no! We won’t give it back. We empower women, dontcha know!

Excerpt: The Clinton Foundation will not return contributions it received from a major donor who is accused in a $30 million lawsuit of coercing his employee into sex, citing the non-profit organization’s work in “empowering girls and women.”

According to a lawsuit filed in January, Jess Ravich, managing director for TCW Group Inc., repeatedly coerced a female employee into sex over the span of ten months.

On top of his prominent role in the finance community, Ravich was also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Ravich is listed on the Clinton Foundation website as a donor in the $50,001 to $100,000 contribution range. He also gave $2,700 in individual donations to Hillary for America in both 2015 and 2016 and contributed an additional $2,700 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

More on site.


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vermithrax #401059

Vermi, you’re on fire! Hahaha,…..


Day 159.4 Our SES Love Triangle – AIM, Q, and Me

George Webb
Published on Mar 27, 2018


Record Rains, Early Snows Southern Hemisphere & Newest Cosmic Ray Count (562)

dapt 2030
Published on Mar 27, 2018

Just weeks after David Taylor forecast record cold for Australia this year, early snows and frost appear, 8 weeks ahead of schedule. Record rains now confirmed for Brazil and Dominican Republic in March. Floods and Freak Storms during the dry season in eastern Thailand. Newest cosmic ray counts by Carlos Ramirez.


REALIST NEWS – “Alright let’s see what Web Bot Has to say…

Published on Mar 27, 2018


More truth bombs

American Intelligence Media
Published on Mar 27, 2018


JUST IN=> Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Rushed To Hospital For High Fever

March 27, 2018

Tal Schneider

PM @netanyahu arrived at Hadassa Hospital following days of severe coughing & high fever. His personal physician Dr. Berkovitz, decided that he should undergo a series of tests at the hospital tonight. He may have not fully recovered since returning from the US (2 weeks ago)


Hasegawa Soujiro

 #401052


thanks for the writing hasegawa…..

ben is a canadian…..

the dark forces have inflicted so much harm on all earth surface humans absolutely…..

some groups of course much more than others,depending on what century we would be speaking of-

its a war between dark and light,not between the west and east absolutely…..

all major earth surface wars are ultimately proxy wars delivered by the chimera/draconians insatiable blood lust,through their Jesuit and other dark cabal/unilluminated slaves..

potentially as we unite more and more,the best things of western cultures and the best things of eastern cultures on the earths surface dance nicely together to make a high quality civilization for all…..

the opening up of china to westerners,and the west more to mainland chinese peoples is a huge help in the family of light connecting/uniting more each day… quickly buiding effective networks in the ongoing neutralize the dark ones…..

let us unite and afford each other healing and love and kindeness,our true nature that resides in all family of light members…..



from this article-quote—They are experts at convincing the public that black is white, and white is black, good is evil, and evil is good. And the worst part is that they have apparently gained control of the most of the earth’s riches by hijacking most of the Monetary Production and Distribution Systems under the luciferian power of the Draco ancient Babylonian Money-Magick or applied Black-Magic Arts.—unquote…
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from this article-quote—By hijacking a certain key and select group of top Khazarians who are believed by numerous insiders to be remnants of the “Synagogue of Satan”, the men were projected to be Illuminati or Top Policy-Makers of the European Old Black Nobility that formed an alliance with lucifer through interconnected occult or Black-Magic circles. Once these top policy-Makers of the Old Black Nobility were anointed with the Draco’s pure luciferian power, they were able to use their Psi-power and Black Arts to hijack the British Banking System and use this as a springboard to take over most of the world through their fiat based pretend money system based on Babylonian Black-Magick.—unquote…
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wolfintimber #401068

Loved the secret space war link. We’ve had inklings of the ionosphere battle from time to time, even video. I’m totally on board with alien involvement in our planet, both good and bad. The nordic whites remind me of the Norse gods and a bit of the Asgaard from the Stargate series, but why not. Pilots have reported seeing missiles and rockets beam shot out of the sky or disintegrated in mid-air. They’re not supposed to share. One of Musk’s projectiles was shot down and they claimed some malfunction.

There are lots of ancient and definitely REnaissance and 16th cent paintings with images that look seriously like spaceships. There’s the fabulous War over Nuremburg from the mid 1500’s. So they’re here. Dracos, for sure. Somehow I got the impression that the recent Shape of Water was a lot about our being able to mate with them without their having to take human form. It did hark back to the legends of a race of master teachers that came from the sea, healers. Jesus was one- Ashaya, I believe, Phoenician.

We are all acutely aware of the horrific toll exacted by US Khazarian military actions throughout the globe, China, India, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, and across the Balkan countries and the Ukraine. There’s no defense possible of what we have done and I accept that the world no longer pardons the American people as if we are incapable of reining in our own government. The kids shut down Vietnam in the 70’s and we could have done the same en masse, but we are too cushy here, too distracted, too afraid and too easily manipulated. It’s sad, but true. The CIA “conspiracy theory” label has stuck hard and fast and it’s nearly impossible to get others to see the propaganda and convince them that the media lies.

We’re due for a giant spanking, and we deserve it.


Jim Stone
March 27 2018

Hogg busted completely
This is from various reports I have read –

Many of you probably remember the video David Hogg released of himself at the shooting, while the shooting was happening, where he was interviewing people during the shooting. CNN aired that. It was actually quite major until alt media picked it apart, and discovered he recorded it at around 9:40 AM, and the shooting happened in the afternoon. So once that was discovered, that became a banned video and no one could keep it on Youtube. But you may have seen it.

So all this time, Hogg has been saying he witnessed the shooting. He was there for the shooting, and OMG so many friends sisters BLAH, and whatever. Well, the Hogg genie finally left the bottle. you see:

On March 24, Hogg screwed up and said he was at home when the shooting was happening and he rode his bike 3 miles to the school to interview people. See this
Question: Would the police let him into a real “crime scene” to start interviewing? What about the video where he was “there” when it was going on? This boy done screwed up his lines. He’s not fit for the job!!! And ABC did a trascript of this exact video, and the trascript does not have the same words! COVERUP!

Two American intelligence assets on a “classified mission” were busted in a Boston hotel room with the following weapons:

Lots of ammo, an AR-15 with a bump stock and grenade launcher, and VERY IMPORTANT: These chaps had the audacity to call the police to report an attempted break in to their hotel room. . . . . while on a “classified mission” . . . . . with these weapons . . . . REPEAT: THEY HAD THE AUDACITY TO CALL THE POLICE. Guess what that means? Obviously it means they were on a government sanctioned mission, and they believed they had nothing to worry about. No genuine terror attack setup would ever call the police for anything.

This is clearly a fortunate bust of THE EASTER MASS SHOOTING. In Boston. Here is a portion of the Masachussetts news report:
Texas man who allegedly had weapons stockpile in Boston-area hotel says he was on a classified mission
A Texas man who was arrested Sunday after police said they found a weapons stockpile that included an AK-47, AR-15 and bump stock in his hotel room told investigators that he was on a classified government mission, The Lowell Sun reported.

Francho S. Bradley, 59, and Adrianne D. Jennings, 40, were taken into custody after Bradley called police to the hotel room to report that someone was breaking in. Police responded and found the weapons, the report said.

Bradley called the police while away from the room and informed authorities that he had a firearm in his hotel room.

Tewksbury police noticed rifles and said they later found smoke grenades, walkie talkies, cell phones, laptops and dozens of rounds of ammunition. Some of the weapons were reportedly recovered in a nearby vehicle.

Bradley reportedly told investigators about the secret government mission but refused to go into detail. The couple had allegedly driven from Texas to Massachusetts with the weapons.

Police obtained a search warrant for the room and Bradley’s vehicle, and ended up finding eight large-capacity guns, including an AK-47, and an AR-15 that was equipped with a bump stock, a grenade launcher, and a silencer, according to a police report.

Officers also found 19 large-capacity magazines for various guns, dozens of rounds of ammunition, laptop computers, cell phones, walkie talkies, tactical vests, and smoke grenades among other items, according to a police report.

FACT: The “Easter false flag” has been busted. The story line was going to be a black man and his wife opened fire on _________________. The patsy knew it was a government mission which gave him the audacity to call the cops to report a break in, but was quite scrambled in the head and now rather than execute the final program of blowing his own brains out, he’ll sit in a jail cell, where he will eventually be poisoned (or whatever) to shut him up.
From the weapons stache, they were going to frame up ordinary .22 rifles, all types of assault rifles, hand guns, totally ordinary deer rifles, THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX. And it is very revealing that the patsy must have lost his programming and said he was on a classified government mission. What did he do to break it down that far? Drop Ecstacy? Acid? Those drugs would probably screw up programming.

It looks to me like this particular patsy was not drugged or programmed as well as Stormy Daniels!


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Belle #401024

So lovely to hear from you and… yes… I am joining the Elephants.. etc Abundant Life Visualization Team..
Let’s DO This!!


Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christoper Wylie, appearing before a committee of British MPs on Tuesday, said that Facebook has the ability to spy on users in their homes and offices.

The British parliament is investigating Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the Brexit election. MP Damian Collins, who chaired the committee, asked Wylie whether Facebook has the ability to listen to what people are talking about in order to better target them with ads….

Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro

Gooday Galactic Wolf, your comment is truly and deeply appreciated. totally agreed! like the 2012 pleiadian message delivered to humanity by barbara marciniak, What we want more than anything else, is to assist you, as members of the Family of Light, to succeed in liberating the humans. Focus on the dance of yourself. To what tune will you dance, and to what magic will you perform, and to what heights will you be willing to push consciousness, to give it a new definition of possibilities?
Members of the Bringers of the Dawn, or Family of Light, work in teams. You don’t go into systems alone. You need each other to do this work, because you cannot hold the frequency by yourself. By going in as teams, you increase the odds of successfully carrying out the plan. You are like rays, and Light spirals of the central Sun that are very intelligent, and you are guided by a great intelligence inside the central Sun.

The members of the Family of Light are much more than human. Characteristically, you are supreme achievers in the multi-dimensional realm. One applies for a position in the multi-dimensional realm, as a member of the Family of Light. If you were to have a business card printed up for yourself, when you are in full memory of your identity, it would say something like:
‘Renegade member of Family of light, system’s buster. Available for altering systems of consciousness within the Free Will Universe. On call’.
We speak to you as if you are not human, because to us, you are not. To us, you are members of the Family of Light. We know your multi-dimensional Selves. We speak to you about dealing with humans, because it is your assignment to integrate with them, soothe them, and awaken a spark of Light within them, so they are all not destroyed, and so this place can house a new species, in a new realm of activity.


And this was originally published in 1958?!? Amazing…
Old-Thinker News | March 27, 2018

By Daniel Taylor

“Imagine yourself if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions. Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a moron, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others…

Every vigilant human being should be concerned with several important factors involved: The methods or means by which it is possible to change man’s characteristics as easily as the animal’s. Man is a warrior by nature, the protector of his family, and his own rights and privileges; an individual, a free man… A being who has wrought great things and who, if not interfered with, will do even greater things. This being is to be turned into a lesser female; unable, even unwilling, to defend himself, much less his family or country; becoming a slave…”

Is this the latest ravings of Alex Jones and his gay frogs? No. It is an excerpt from a 1958 book called Your Health and Sanity in The Age of Treason, authored by Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer. It is one of the first books to document the openly admitted plan of elites to poison mankind.

Dr. Clymer was in many ways a man ahead of his time, and most certainly controversial. He was attacked by the medical establishment for connecting diet with disease and mental health in his 1917 book Dietetics. Dr. Clymer received his medical degree in 1902 from the College of Medicine and Surgery in Chicago and began practicing Osteopathy. Accusations of fraud surround Dr. Clymer’s career, including this 1923 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association which claims that, “Our records fail to show that this man was ever regularly graduated by any reputable medical college.” What Clymer had to say more than likely had something to do with the denouncement that he received from the medical establishment, which was created with Rockefeller money.

Though Dr. Clymer may be surrounded with controversy, his 1958 book Your Health and Sanity in the Age of Treason exposes toxic food additives and fluoride with documentation – the majority of which are mainstream scientific studies – that can be verified many times over. What makes this book unique is the fact that Dr. Clymer was one of the first to point out that statements by the elite indicated that these toxins were to be deliberately released “…for the mental deterioration and moral debasement of the mass…”


California AG: ‘It Is Illegal’ To Ask People If They’re Citizens On A Census; Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin

Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making. (Video)


New Q anon posts today, up to # 971


re: California AG: ‘It Is Illegal’ To Ask People If They’re Citizens On A Census; Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin

this has been on Fox alot in the last day or so and there are only two states that are filing suit – Trump is tearing California apart like Obama tried to tear Texas apart . Tx was attacked so many times in the last 8 yrs its incredible that it still is a Right leaning state. Tx had a good economy unlike California, so it could withstand it, although I don’t think it could have made it through another 8 yrs of Hillary.

I thank god people felt the urge to dump the cabal when they did.

California has so much internal strife now and such a load from taxes due to illegals that it will be so diminished if not broken up in 8 yrs that there won’t be much of a economy at the end. Unless the right leaning part of the state secedes from the coast.

Where would they get their money then and when this census question is approved – and it will be, they will loose representatives in both the house and senate. And with the new tax bill going thru and not allowing them any more than $10,000 mortgage interest being deductible it will hit anyone with a house that goes over that amount.

Trump isn’t done hitting California – the rat representatives they have will be running from the sinking ship. Although I did see that the Trump admin was going to bail out their workings funds. ???? anyone see this or have any info on this..


Act Today! Stop This Disastrous EPA Nominee!


Peter C. Wright is a lawyer who has spent his entire career helping Monsanto and Dow avoid cleaning up their toxic pollution.

Now, Trump wants to put Wright in charge of—guess what?—forcing companies like Monsanto and Dow to clean up their toxic pollution.

TAKE ACTION: Please tell your Senators to stand up for the environment by voting against Peter C. Wright.

With all the drama around Trump’s tweets, his latest “you’re fired” or his most recent #metoo, it’s easy to miss the dramatic policy changes the Trump Administration is making—changes that directly affect your daily life.

Here’s the latest: Trump has nominated Wright, a guy who has spent most of his career defending polluters like Monsanto and Dow, to help lead the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Land and Emergency Management—the office that oversees the Superfund hazardous waste cleanup program.

Wright’s current employer, DowDuPont, is listed as the responsible party for more than 100 toxic Superfund sites that the EPA is trying to get cleaned up across the nation.

What are the chances that Dow will have to clean up its mess, if the Senate approves Wright to oversee the cleanup of Superfund sites?

TAKE ACTION: Please tell your Senators to stand up for the environment by voting against Peter C. Wright.

Thank you!
Alexis for the OCA team


Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook

What we’re hearing: Trump has talked about changing Amazon’s tax treatment because he’s worried about mom-and-pop retailers being put out of business.

A source who’s spoken to POTUS: “He’s wondered aloud if there may be any way to go after Amazon with antitrust or competition law.”
Trump’s deep-seated antipathy toward Amazon surfaces when discussing tax policy and antitrust cases. The president would love to clip CEO Jeff Bezos’ wings. But he doesn’t have a plan to make that happen.

Behind the president’s thinking: Trump’s wealthy friends tell him Amazon is destroying their businesses. His real estate buddies tell him — and he agrees — that Amazon is killing shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Trump tells people Amazon has gotten a free ride from taxpayers and cushy treatment from the U.S. Postal Service.
“The whole post office thing, that’s very much a perception he has,” another source said. “It’s been explained to him in multiple meetings that his perception is inaccurate and that the post office actually makes a ton of money from Amazon.”
Axios’ Ina Fried notes: The Postal Service actually added delivery on Sunday in some cities because Amazon made it worthwhile.
Trump also pays close attention to the Amazon founder’s ownership of The Washington Post, which the president views as Bezos’ political weapon.


Amazon shares tumble on report Trump wants crackdown
Amazon slid 6% after market open on Wednesday ….


Immigrants who accept public benefits could be denied citizenship

The Department of Homeland Security is considering denying citizenship to immigrants who accept welfare, popular tax deductions or any other public benefits such as food stamps, according to a draft of the proposal obtained by the Washington Post. ..

A DHS spokesperson told Axios they are “committed to enforcing existing immigration law” and “ensuring that foreign nationals seeking to enter or remain in the U.S are self-sufficient.”


ANALYSIS: Constitution Compels Sessions Dismiss Mueller From Non-Campaign Cases
(lots more info in this article and again this shows how Mueller hung himself)

Paul Manafort‘s legal team brought a motion to dismiss on Tuesday, noting that Rosenstein could not appoint Mueller to any investigation outside the scope of the 2016 campaign since Sessions did not recuse himself for anything outside the campaign. I agree with this take on Mueller’s authority. If we follow that argument that would mean Sessions himself has exclusive authority to appoint a special counsel for non-collusion charges, and Sessions has taken no such action. Sessions himself should make that clear to Mueller, rather than await court resolution. Doing so would remove three of the four areas of inquiry from Mueller’s requested interview with President Trump.

Sessions formally notifying Mueller that he does not have authority to act outside of campaign-related cases and cases related to obstruction of Mueller’s investigation would be doing what the Constitution compels: enforcing the Appointments Clause of the Constitution. ….


Sormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti Says She
‘Would Consider’ Settlement With Trump
by Aidan McLaughlin | 8:57 am, March 28th, 2018



I’m not in the habit of agreeing with this president, and I am an Amazon fan, but Trump is right on this sales tax issue concerning third-party sellers. It is unfair competition with local merchants, and changing the situation would have no negative impact on the Amazon business.



You’re right about this EPA appointee, but almost all of Trump’s appointees, to all Departments, are equally flawed and conflicted.

I agree that we dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary. But, in dodging Hillary, we seem to have stepped into the path of a rocket-propelled grenade, which is blowing up our shit, perhaps worse than the bullet would have.

Tired of “winning”. Please make it stop.


Be strong, be silent, be humble, be kind, be patient, have faith, have trust, do nothing evil. Wait..


Hasegawa Soujiro

 #401075



thanks Hasegawa…..




 #401069

what a mental article for sure jujubean…..mindblowing intel over recent years delivers more and more juicy esoteric writings from the earth surface populations wild warrior large emotional band width of operating realms…..

oh ya the maniacal yet mostly large hearted earth surface humans will make a good addition as full members of the galactic confederation…..

special forces…..hahahahaha…..



johnny coltranes drawing…..

from this article-quote—–“Thelonious Monk once said ‘All musicans are subconsciously mathematicians.’ Musicians like John Coltrane though have been very much aware of the mathematics of music and consciously applied it to his works.”—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–In a canadian military family, parents watched their sons die slowly, unable to conquer the trauma of war—–unquote…..

the anderson brothers-highly decorated combat veterans-royal canadian regiment…..comment image?imwidth=720


New Q post # 975 is of interest.


RE:I agree that we dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary. But, in dodging Hillary, we seem to have stepped into the path of a rocket-propelled grenade, which is blowing up our shit, perhaps worse than the bullet would have.

I think its all the shit that is happening right now – the apple tree is being shaken to its roots and so yes it probably seems like a rocket grenade has been thrown in our paths but in reality we dodged the worst bullet in Hillary. At least we have a chance to change things for the better now. With Hillary that wouldn’t have happened. It would have been the end.

Trump totally surprises me and he is entertaining. He has been totally assaulted in the last yr, like no one has been assaulted and he is still walking around and alive and raising hell with the cabal. The chickens are coming home to roost. yeehaaaa

CABAL ON THE RUN — Bill Holter
Published on Mar 27, 2018


well I’m a full fledged paying member of BFC again – just started today again – so now I can see the whole article Ben publishes. yippee…

Also RE: Q = I don’t think we can throw the baby out with the bath water regarding American Intelligence Media calling out Q and SGTreport and others they are dissing. I am just learning about Amer Intel media and right away they attack everyone we have some amount of trust in. So I think you have to just take AMer int media with a grain of salt – just to slick – to much info to cover.

I don’t know but this all shakes out eventually. We don’t have to listen to one and not the other. Just breath!!!!!!!!!!!!



comment under the “cabal on the run” with Bill Holter: Re Amer Intel Media
I was surprised by them too… then I found this… it actually says a lot about them spiritually, anyone that starts a new Religion is highly suspect to me, especially now that I know that Douglas (Thomas) has deep Jesuit roots… I hate judging but they are definitely creating divisions in the truth movement –


Disease X coming and the cabal knows thats why they are leaving:

Dr. Group Exposes The Danger Behind Disease X
Disease X just a cover story for a DEPOPULATION bioweapon


Everyone should read the protocols of Zion. This is the playbook for the New World Order… Nearly every protocol has been accomplished except disarming the American citizens…. That’s why they are having so many false flag shootings… Problem reaction solution this is all part of the protocols.


from this article-quote—–North Tonawanda, a town located in western New York, instated a new rule on Oct. 1 that allows parents to be fined $250 or be sentenced to 15 days in jail if their child violates city laws two or more times within a 90-day span.

City laws include rules against breaking curfew and bullying, which means—you guessed it—parents in North Tonawanda can now go to jail for their kid’s cruel behavior in school.—–unquote…..


this is fu#$ed,or maybe its just me,im a little fu#&ed up at the least…..hahahahaha…..

someday this war is going to be over…..




Hi there Alan & others, good to be back here. I’ve been in London & Paris getting visas & seeing friends & family. London is sooo expensive now & the newspapers are full of anti Putin propaganda & facebook apologising for failing to stop Russian Brexit election engineering, with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson looking more & more like a buffoon over the Skripal poisoning. Chemtrails abound at least in southern England it would appear. Some people are still on the fence though & my friend on the same page says there are not enough of them, & my Mum was not overly impressed with Simon Parkes’ London group – she found them too bound by concensus thinking. People generally I found polite & helpful. Bought some Paul Smith designer clothes at a half price sale, am still a sucker for outward appearances!

Blue skies in Paris this morning after days of grey & rain, chilly though. My friends seem to appreciate Macron for his energetic approach in getting things done in a hurry after Hollande’s lacklustre performance. He is now taking on the rail unions to reform some post WW2 out of date allowances & so there will be strikes next week. Paris appears to be benefitting from firms wishing to relocate because of Brexit.

I will be leaving China this year especially now Beijing wants to deny VPN service to individuals. Now that is Orwellian, in a state that now bans Animal Farm & 1984. I will teach elsewhere & will ‘recce’ Romania in May.


quote from “Q” post today……… “You elected us to keep you safe.”

Hmm–does Mike Pence have a Q clearance? We elected Trump/Pence.


#401097 Don’t you wonder if disease “X” is a combination of something in the flu shot plus something in the environment? Like something GMO maybe?


“I will teach elsewhere & will ‘recce’ Romania in May.” Recce might mean resettle? For how long?
Anyhow , in Romania we will be neighbours, as I am in this country just with a short walk!


‘Recce’ with c’s pronounced as double k like rekki, is a shortened form of reconnaissance, to check out the land. So you are in Serbia? If I stay we can meet up eventually why not, & I will give you my email.


waldheim2 #401093
New Q post # 975 is of interest.

One thing for sure is that Trey Gowdy is NOT part of this group:


I’m not spending any more time on Q. What actually happens is the only thing that matters.


jujubean #401069
There’s no defense possible of what we have done and I accept that the world no longer pardons the American people as if we are incapable of reining in our own government. The kids shut down Vietnam in the 70’s and we could have done the same en masse, but we are too cushy here, too distracted, too afraid and too easily manipulated. It’s sad, but true. The CIA “conspiracy theory” label has stuck hard and fast and it’s nearly impossible to get others to see the propaganda and convince them that the media lies.

We’re due for a giant spanking, and we deserve it.

I see your point but don’t quite agree. A lot of us have been getting up to speed on things ourselves and have tried to share with others – who are unwilling to ‘get it’.
And the deep state has gone into ‘overdrive’ with their fake ‘Ops’ bombarding the MSM every day with new fake crap….an avalanche. The are also using other methods – chemtrails, food, frequencies through cell/gwen towers, drugs, vaccines, TV subliminals etc.

I don’t think we deserve anything but a big fat breakdown of this matrix along with a giant red pill of the entire population that is still asleep along with a public ‘perp walk’ of the criminals (doubt that would ever happen).


mkddachs #401098
Everyone should read the protocols of Zion. This is the playbook for the New World Order… Nearly every protocol has been accomplished except disarming the American citizens…. That’s why they are having so many false flag shootings… Problem reaction solution this is all part of the protocols.

Yes, scary as hell. While we post all day and night. they keep marching on with their plans unabated. Deb Travares point this out frequently with what they have accomplished in California. The plans and people to carry out their vision is in place…everywhere. We (Trump et al) have to cut the head off of the snake and work downwards.


mkddachs #401097
Disease X coming and the cabal knows thats why they are leaving:

Dr. Group Exposes The Danger Behind Disease X
Disease X just a cover story for a DEPOPULATION bioweapon

Must be why Discovery Channel has a new documentary on viruses that is meant to scare us and surely make people line up for any ‘vaccine solution;. It’s all so transparent.


intruth #401107

I understand you and I realize that there are many who are aware of our diabolical role in world chaos, my point was simply that since too many Americans seem enthusiastically prepared to defend every military foray on our part, we are no longer beloved as we used to be. Anti-American sentiment is rife throughout the world and the age-old excuse that we didn’t know isn’t acceptable anymore.

Unfortunately those of us who are enlightened will have to suffer along with the ignorant multitudes. I’m not sure a breakdown of the matrix would actually sway the neo-democons segment. They are what they are.


The Real Thomas Paine of True Pundit Speak Out

Jason Goodman
Published on Mar 28, 2018

There are deluded operatives who enjoy co-opting the credibility of others to at once take advantage of, and then in turn destroy those credible people. I believe Douglas Gabriel has attempted to do this with True Pundit. For REAL information from the REAL Thomas Paine, log on to

Anatomy of a PsyOp Vol 1 – White Hats, Black Hats & Ass Hats (Fake Thomas Paine Threatens Jason)

Jason Goodman
Published on Mar 28, 2018

New Age freak show Douglas Gabriel is the latest double talking charlatan to attempt to infiltrate the Alternative Media world. Why would we trust an “ex–NSA” officer? Is he still active? Is he just a dope? Among other ridiculous things, he threatens my life in the video, and now it is evidence. As I move forward pursing criminal charges, any attempts at privacy or other strikes on this video could be seen as an effort to obstruct justice.

So Douglas Gabriel is OUTED as disinfo troll. Gabriel took the name of Thomas Paine to confuse those who follow the real Thomas Paine and True Pundit.


Ok, some serious Woowoo…including Rudolph of Germany stepping into her apt when the event was advise her ‘she can handle this;…..

Experiencing “The Event” [FleurBrun]

Published on Mar 24, 2018

FleurBrun was in The Bronx – New York when she was hit by “The Event” on Monday March 12th, 2018. She comes on the show to break down her experience!

FluerBrun talks about being ‘visited’ for some time by Andromedans. Beings were trying to prevent her from going to get her young children asleep in her house to experience the event with her. Lots of interesting stuff here…


Jim Stone

Here is what I believe is the answer. And this answer needs to be spread far and wide.
Whatever you think of Kennedy, on the day of his death he was America’s last hope. No President since has been anything other than a puppet for an enemy infiltrator, The enemy is not only inside the gates, it has been taking a paycheck from the American people for over 45 years.

Consider this: America’s government intentionally put in place policies that de-industrialized America. That’s an act of war. The American government put in place policies that intentionally destroyed America’s schools. That’s an act of war. And I consider forcing via mandate the buildup of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of nuclear warheads worth of perfectly good reactor fuel just waiting for a disaster to be an act of war as well – Only an enemy would intentionally mandate the creation of such a threat, who on earth would, other than someone who hated America? Not only did America lose a marvelous clean virtually free energy future, that future got converted into a threat that could very easily destroy the nation and take much of the world with it. All it would take to kill America, with America’s nuclear facilities drastically overloaded with 5% spent fuel, is 150 smart bombs. One successful bombing run and it is over. And that’s not even taking into consideration other disaster scenarios, such as earthquakes and computer virus attacks.

The enemy of America is now in complete control of the nation
Ever since Kennedy’s assassination America has not had a true representative government, especially starting with Carter. When I worked for the NSA, I saw a few computers which were identical to the early vote counting computers, and they could be set to loop a single ballot over and over again. With a scammed vote, America got over-run by outsiders who wanted the country destroyed. Prior to 1973 America was only going upward, and anyone who wanted to see America destroyed or enslaved would never permit Americans to get virtually free energy. The enemy would lose oil profits. They would potentially lose control of energy, leaving the financial system the only means of forced social compliance outside of a hot war and the enemy wanted control options. True clean energy had to be stopped.

The enemy of America is a sinister enemy. It is a small group of religiously “elite” people who weaponize everything. They have weponized sympathy, victim status, water systems, vaccines, genetically modified organisms and even terror – anything they have been able to think of, and have used these things and many more to cause destruction. And the nuclear industry, now blocked from a dream come true technology, can be used as a weapon.

The truth in this is undeniable
There is plenty of proof. No shill can stop people from checking out the history of other nations, such as Germany, France and Russia offering America BILLIONS for this not so “spent” fuel, which can only sit as a hazard after a political decision banning technologies which allow for it’s purification at the same time additional political decisions have banned it’s export. This hazard has been unnecessarily and intentionally accumulating for years. It’s the equivalent of keeping a 5,000 gallon tank of petrol in your bedroom. Better hope all is well with it.

I honestly feel that banning this miracle technology; you should have heard the sparkle, the awe in the old man’s voice when he said they closed the “nuclear loop”, and the sadness, despair and anger expressed at it’s being banned; I feel it was an act of war against America. There were never any accidents associated with this technology, according to this engineer everything negative said about it was a bold faced lie spoken by people of ill intent. America’s nuclear waste problem is not scientific, it is political.

I believe this nuclear engineer opened up and told me about this because I was the first journalist he ever encountered that actually understood nuclear technology. He knew I would understand what he said and subsequently bring this story to the public. But outside of making the public aware by telling his story in an article such as this, what more can I do?


Jim Stone
Skripal poisoning: Blonde lady TOTALLY BOGUS

Early on in the Skripal affair, Britain published footage of a blonde woman walking past Skripal on a public bench, and blamed her for the poisoning. As it turns out, a slow acting nerve agent was found on Skripal’s front door, and both him and his daughter touched it. It slowly worked it’s way into their systems, and they died on the park bench.
This proves Britain is in fact clueless of what really happened, anyone could have done that, and they have no clues whatsoever as to who. But they are still saying Russia did it. See this.
And to see what they were originally saying, See this.
It is obvious they only spewed if they blamed the blonde woman at first (for spraying them with the poison as she walked by) when now they know it was on the front door of Skripal’s house, and entered through the skin. -SO- With no evidence at all, blame Russia. That has become a great general purpose claim.

U.S. setting up new military base in Syria

From Farsnews
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Army has started establishing another large military base in the Eastern part of Deir Ezzur province to further gain control over Syria’s energy-rich regions, a senior representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Wednesday.

Mehdi Kobani, the SDF’s press secretary in Deir Ezzur, said that the new US military base is being built in the vicinity of al-Omar oilfield – the largest oil reservoir in Syria.

“The US is building a large military base in the oil-rich al-Omar region of Deir Ezzur province. Due to security concerns we cannot provide information about the acreage of this new installation. There is currently construction machinery working in the vicinity of the base, and security is being provided by SDF forces,” he said.

Field sources said earlier this month that the US had established a base in Southeastern Deir Ezzur and dispatched weapons and military equipment to the region as Russia warned of American forces’ possible attack on Syrian army positions.

The sources said that the US forces built a new and advanced military base in al-Omar oilfield in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, adding that they also transferred a large volume of arms and equipment, including missiles, military vehicles and bridge equipment to the regions of their deployment in Koniko oilfield, al-Omar oilfield and al-Jafreh.

Meantime, the Washington-backed SDF sent a number of their forces to the regions near the Syrian army positions in the villages of Jiya, Salehiyeh and al-Tabiyeh.

Moscow had earlier warned the Syrian forces of a possible US assault on their positions.


comment image


comment image

Trump Supporters Call For Boycott of Netflix After Susan ‘Benghazi’ Rice Appointed to Board of Directors
by Cristina Laila March 28, 2018 334 Comments
Netflix doubled down on their support for Obama corruption by appointing Susan ‘Benghazi’ Rice to the board of directors.

As previously reported, Barack Obama, the worst economic president since 1949 with the worst foreign policy record who sent racial tensions to the stratosphere, is in talks with Netflix to push his far left blathering, fake news and junk science.

The propaganda never ends.

Unbelievable how this demagogue Erica Thomas ( a Georgia “ lawmaker”) uses every logical fallacy in the book to push the libtard agenda of disarming the US population.


Let’s Call Jews ‘Jews’, and Not Use Silly Euphemisms Like ‘Globalist’
“They clearly show that you are afraid to write the J word. And they know how to deal with frightened persons.”

Israel Shamir Mar 26, 2018

The original title of this article was: ‘The “Globalists” Love Gefilte Fish’. The author is Jewish.

Despite media narrative, study says teenagers made up just 10 percent of March for Our Lives crowd
Alex Pappas By Alex Pappas | Fox News

Bryan Llenas reports from New YorkVideo
Thousands gather nationwide for March for Our Lives rallies
Bryan Llenas reports from New York

A university professor studying large-scale, Trump-era protests in Washington says the media is giving the wrong impression about who made up the crowd during last weekend’s anti-gun March for Our Lives demonstration.

“My research tells a different story about who participated in the March for Our Lives — and it is more complicated and less well-packaged for prime time,” University of Maryland sociology professor Dana R. Fisher wrote in a Wednesday story for the Washington Post.

Fisher’s study indicates that — while news coverage focused on the teenagers marching for gun control in the wake of last month’s shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — 90 percent of the crowd was actually adults. She said the average age of adults in the crowd was just under 49.


Mega Bucks, Human Hunting & Death Pool Betting – Are Globalist Elites Playing Our Lives as a Game?

Jason Goodman
Streamed live on Mar 16, 2018

Field McConnell and David Hawkins Abel Danger, together with Ole Dammegard join me to discuss the game being played out on the world stage.

This is 2 weeks old – just listening to it now. We’ve talked about being in a computer simulation – but not the Illuminati card game actually being played out. Stellar panel.

Exclusive: ‘Redirecting’ extremists away from radical content

A bunch of arrows on a screen
Illustration: Sarah Grillo / Axios
This story is from Codebook, the new Axios cybersecurity newsletter that launched today. Sign up here.

It’s no secret that the internet is a fertile recruiting ground for extremists of all types. But a five-month effort trying to combat extremism shows promise in getting would-be white nationalist and ISIS sympathizers to click away from radical content.
Quo Warranto….by what right do they have to label “extremists “?


Whether or not Hell exists is becoming increasingly moot to me as a person of gnostic beliefs. Most likely what we call “hell “ is just a lower dimension of the astral realms that, like this matrix/fiction/hellcesspool we live in as 3D shells, will be transmuted into primordial nothingness. Anything non-viable will eventually be transmuted back to primordial energy so it can be sufficiently neutralized to be used for the process of creation again.


Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt caught living in prime DC condo owned by top energy lobbyist’s wife: report

President Donald Trump’s environmental chief has been living in a townhouse co-owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist.

I know there is no shortage of Trump supporters here, but surely that support does not extend to all of the swamp creatures he has hired for important jobs. Among the worst is Pruitt, who seems intent on making America’s air and water dirty again, all to favor his pet special interests. Let’s hope this most recent exposure of Pruitt’s blatant corruption gets him kicked out of the cabinet.



Again you are looking at it in a left leaning view and also political. Trump is from the business community so he is willing to use people from both sides to get what he wants with one eye open to what is being done in those roles. Like a patsy similiar to what the Dems did with people who weren’t aware of what the big picture was or didn’t comprehend the whole view.

Trump does use people, he does troll folks from the left and I believe he has his eyes closed to things that he hasn’t viewed from a business view point. So once he opens his eyes to some of this crap he takes a stand.

I don’t know about Pruitt but I feel this is one of those assignments that may not last till the end of this admin because people tell him they will take a certain stand and they don’t, instead they work against him. so he gets rid of them. I see him giving people plenty of rope to hang themselves and then points out the shortcomings so regular people pick up on it and become aware of that. Its like he is running a seminar and explaining while engaging the little folks so they feel they are part of what he is pulling.

JMO of course.
totally a different way of looking at it and I didn’t need anyone else to help me get to this.


can you give me more information on this topic!
(Among the worst is Pruitt, who seems intent on making America’s air and water dirty again. )



And Melissa, I don’t think it’s “left-leaning” to express alarm and outrage at the self-serving and destructive antics of Trump appointees, when their policies and actions work to the detriment of the country.

FWIW, I am a Republican and am registered as such in Florida. I stopped voting for their presidential candidates starting in 2004, for reasons I hope are apparent, if only in hindsight.

And also, Trump promised to bring only “the best people” to his staff and cabinet. There is no cabinet position whose appointed secretary can support that claim.


Why not, just give me your email and I we will get in contact!

Possible good news for Firefox users?
Facebook Condom’? – Mozilla Launches Firefox Extension To Avoid Zuck’s Spying Eyes

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
by Tyler Durden
Wed, 03/28/2018 – 14:11

In response to the Facebook data harvesting scandal, Mozilla has launched an extension for its Firefox Browser which helps you segregate your web activity from Facebook’s prying eyes by isolating your identity into a separate “container.” This makes it far more difficult for Facebook to track your activity on other websites using third-party cookies.
You can get the extension here.


Group Drumming Better Than Prozac, Study Suggests!


Magnesium found to treat DEPRESSION better than antidepressant drugs: New science


Very very hopeful info and updates from obviously credible source. Greg Hunter with guest Dr. Janda


So sad that my native country seems to be soon mentioned as the first islamic state in EU. Becauase it is “sooo political correct”


To the same very very sad conclusion as my foregoing post comes this brittish expert Paul Weston about Islam and Eu and especially Sweden in this bone chilling prophecy.


For God`s sake do take at least a couple of days total electronic detox day per month!!


Filip, xanderboyd at hotmail dot com; do please drop me a line when you have a moment.


Tell Organic Regulators: Protect Native Ecosystems and End Fraudulent Organic Imports

Comment to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) by April 4

Regulatory loopholes permit destruction of the environment in pursuit of profit, and lack of enforcement by the USDA allows fraudulent imports to pollute the organic marketplace.
Source: St. Paul Girl

Although organic agriculture is intended to promote and enhance biodiversity, organic regulations do not explicitly protect sensitive native ecosystems from being converted to organic production—in fact, they incentivize it!

Unlike farmland which has to forgo agrichemicals for a minimum of three years before transitioning to organic production, investors can take wild forests, grasslands, and other native ecosystems and plow them up, turning them into agricultural land that then qualifies for organic certification immediately.

Now the NOSB is considering some additional regulatory language that will help stop organic producers from destroying valuable native ecosystems. This move is both needed and overdue; these additions to organic regulations are important to prevent more valuable wild ecosystems from being turned into agricultural lands.

Encourage the NOSB to adopt these changes because:

Organic producers and their certifiers need clear regulatory guidance to support transitioning the right land into organic production; and,

Native ecosystems provide valuable services to society, including flood control, water and air filtration, and habitat for wildlife, including beneficial species.

Tell the NOSB to support the addition of clear language in the organic regulations to eliminate any incentive to convert native ecosystems to organic production.

The Nakagawa

Recent investigations have shown material flaws in the USDA’s oversight of imports of organic grains, undermining confidence in the organic label and harming domestic organic grain farmers. Now the NOSB is seeking input on what actions would increase integrity in global organic control systems. This move to stop bad actors from destroying domestic organic grain markets—cheating us all out of the organic food we pay a premium for—is long overdue.

Loopholes in current import regulations include:

Exemptions for several types of operations from organic certification, including some importers, brokers, and handlers.

No requirement that the USDA test large imports of bulk commodities shipments from high-risk countries.

No directive that certifiers or the National Organic Program collect, report, or reconcile data on organic acreage and yields for grains grown overseas (one important method that could identify fraud).

Tell the NOSB to support clear language in organic regulations to eliminate the entry of fraudulent organic imports by requiring certification of all entities in the supply chain, targeted testing, and rigorous reporting requirements.

Post your comments online today—deadline April 4, 2018.

Go to the comment form at

Write directly in the space provided, cut and paste your comments, or attach a separate document. Sample bullet points, which you can customize and paste into the website, can be found here.

If you are an organic farmer, or are professionally involved in the organic industry, please be sure to mention that! Comments from organic consumers are vitally important as well, especially if you tell regulators why you care.

To learn more about these issues:

Read The Cornucopia Institute’s Fall 2017 comments to the NOSB supporting the Wild Farm Alliance’s (WFA) efforts for preserving native ecosystems;
Read The Cornucopia Institute’s current comments on the imports issue;
Read the WFA action alert regarding native ecosystems; and,
Find the full proposal and NOSB meeting materials

Please tell the USDA that you support The Cornucopia Institute’s comments encouraging enhanced regulatory oversight of imports and the protection of high-value lands.


I quit using ibuprofen at least 5 yrs ago and replaced it with Turmeric – it seemed to work but what i eat really makes a difference. melissa

Vindicated! Ibuprofen IS a Tool of Agenda 21
The Daily Sheeple
Published on Jan 9, 2018

How to eliminate EMF from your environment with ease


The Dangers of the 5G Wireless network.

the comments are good because one engineer got on and refuted the info.
1 month ago (edited)
You know….beamforming in modern wireless drastically reduces exposure and power, the frequencies are going way up which bounce right off of people or any other obstruction. I have no skin in the game, but I am an engineer that understands the power levels involved – extremely low. So low that instruments specifically designed to receive these fields through an optimized antenna struggle to make heads or tails of the signal. Our body is a horrible antenna.

My take – a cell phone and WiFi router are not microwave ovens.
Not sure this guy has enough understanding to listen to.


zanderboy  #401101 2018-03-29 5:04 PM

Hi Zander,

Great to see you back online. Good that you had a holiday and saw your mum and friends. My son and family from Woking, England have just visited – nice to catch-up but he is died-in-the-wool establishment and thinks I am an idiot. He doesn’t say that but outright states that he does not believe anything I comment about on the alt news.

I showed him the Gaia TV item on the 3 fingered/toes alien at Nazca and he thinks it is a scam. He works for a multinational network/systems provider and has had contact with some alphabet organisations and is completely ‘sold’ on their points of view. Anti Brexit and all in favour of strong military and regulations to stop the Russian threat etc. etc.

One can only wake up those that want to be alive and not blinded by the system. It’s a pity, but I do advocate for freedom of choice and being who you are so in the long run, we are at where we are at!

I hope you find alternative work soon.

Kind regards,


Reducing Your EMF Pollution — Exploring Practical Solutions

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. [AV and event video provided by].

Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. He has a leading website on the topic and consults with individuals, families and organizations around the world to implement solutions that reduce and eliminate EMF pollution.

Jeromy has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years. After becoming what medical doctors call “Electro-hypersensitive” (EHS) in 2011 after extensive exposure to EMF radiation, he embarked on a journey of regaining his own health and educating others to critically evaluate theirs.


Nearly a World War, America Threatened Russia Over Israeli Underground Terror Base Deep in Syria

Veteran’s Today reveals widespread secret Israeli bases, Our Tax Dollars at work:

“A huge underground secret Israeli base has been found in East Ghouta, outside Damascus, including 40 tons of chlorine gas, tons of ammunition, American made tunneling equipment and, worst of all, a US supplied poison gas plant.

Strange reports flooded the news. The area outside Damascus called East Ghouta had been home to terrorist groups that had barrel bombed the city for years. The giant shells rained down on civilians randomly, killing a hundred or two hundred a week. Damascus never reported the real numbers. I have seen it personally.

Then it became precision guided munitions with satellite targeting, not just barrel bombs and the Syrian government backed by Russia moved in to stop it. That’s when reports of gas attacks by Damscus began flooding in, mostly fabricated by George Clooney’s “White Helmets,” terrorists by night, phony heroes by day, faking attacks or killing kids themselves for the films they make.

Trump threatened war with Russia unless the terrorists were allowed to continue unabated, even sent in two carrier battle groups.
Russia told Trump they would put American aircraft carriers on the bottom if they launched a single plane against Syria. War has never been closer and no one really knew why.

Similar Israeli command posts, including suicide-drone bases exist in Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kurdish controlled Iraq and Syria and Cyprus. In Africa, look to Libya, Mauritius, Mali, Chad, Niger, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda.
It isn’t just America that has bases around the world.”


You people are are some of the most positive forward thinking people , that I am aware of.


Although this has been posted before, it is a good thing to look at the faces of evil here. (These women are married?) Scott Israel – does it get more blatant?

comment image


#401141 I quit ibuprophen as well. I started using curcumin/tumeric. It takes a bit longer to build up in the system, but it works just fine. I was using it for muscle soreness after running. I know distance runners who pop ibuprophen during training runs/races – not a good idea.


Anyone who thinks this 20-something year old twerp is not funded needs to give their head a shake. Go away, Hoggwash. We are sick of looking at your 20-something face trying to act like a high school student.

Excerpt: In a sparsely-furnished office in an “undisclosed” strip mall, the #NeverAgain students and ShareBlue, a progressive liberal media group, have teamed up to declare a meme war.

Realizing their movement’s success was largely built on social media, Hogg & friends have dedicated themselves to dominating the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Their strategy? Out-memeing the right.

Dylan Baierlein, a recent graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas says, “I came out the womb memeing.” Baierlein, 18, is still finishing psychology classes at Florida Atlantic University, but working full-time for the #NeverAgain movement. Baierlein noted that the NRA, the Alt-Right and users on 4chan have been his biggest inspiration for using memes to promote the group’s message. Pepe must be flattered.

More on site.


Found this posted in the comments section of a George Webb – this isn’t new info.
The DOD even got an extra 7 years to get their shit together before an audit. So that will keep their staff plenty busy trying to legitimize billions…or even prove it isn’t ‘missing’.

Pentagon Announces First-Ever Audit Of The Department Of Defense
December 8, 2017

“The Defense Department is starting the first agency-wide financial audit in its history,” the Pentagon’s news service says, announcing that it’s undertaking an immense task that has been sought, promised and delayed for years.

Of the tally that is starting this week, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said, “It demonstrates our commitment to fiscal responsibility and maximizing the value of every taxpayer dollar that is entrusted to us.”

“Beginning in 2018, our audits will occur annually, with reports issued Nov. 15,” the Defense Department’s comptroller, David L. Norquist, said.

The Defense Department has famously never been audited, despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars annually and having more than $2.2 trillion in assets.

For the Pentagon to get to this point, it has been, as they say, a process. The U.S. government established requirements for each agency to present financial statements back in the 1990s. But for more than 20 years, the Department of Defense has lagged other agencies that were following modern accounting standards, reporting what they received and spent.

In 2010, Congress included a requirement in the National Defense Authorization Act that gave the military “an extra seven years to clean up the books and get ready,” as Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa said last year. That set a new deadline to be ready for an audit by September 2017.

In late 2016, reports emerged that Pentagon officials had “buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget, as The Washington Post reported.


Pathetic – attempting to keep the Sandy Hook fakery in the news. “Say Something” hotline? I am saying that Mark Barden is a fraud and a liar.

“Sandy Hook Promise has launched a national, anonymous reporting system to root out school violence. It’s the Say Something crisis hotline. Co-founder Mark Barden says 80 percent of school shooters told someone about their plan before they carried it out. The call center is staffed 24/7 with trained experts who can then vet and prioritize information and then report to authorities. This builds off the organization’s Say Something initiative. The free school-based program teaches students the warning signs that a peer is about to commit violence. Barden says he’d rather have 100 false alarms if means 1 tip leads to an intervention. Students can submit an anonymous tip online or by phone.”


Jim Stone
March 29 2017


Two Israeli F-35 fighter jets entered Iranian airspace over the past month, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Thursday. The act is a signal of heightened regional tensions, especially in light of recent Israeli military attacks in Syria, including against Iranian bases in the country.
Sources quoted in Al-Jarida stated that two stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, and even targeted locations in the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz.

The report states that the two fighter jets, among the most advanced in the world, circled at high altitude above Persian Gulf sites suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program.

It also states that the two jets went undetected by radar, including by the Russian radar system located in Syria. The source refused to confirm if the operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army, which has recently conducted joint exercises with the IDF.

The source added that the seven F-35 fighters in active service in the IAF have conducted a number of missions in Syria and on the Lebanese-Syrian border. He underlined that the fighter jets can travel from Israel to Iran twice without refueling.

My comment: Now the precedent for war is set. Interesting it is that an Israeli paper is quoting an Arab paper, for “plausible deniability” perhaps? Then again it is the Jpost, which is total Israeli MSM. SEE THIS.


David Hogg’s sister whines to Melania Trump that her brother is being “cyberbullied” by Laura Ingraham. Is there a microphone these demon-seed offspring of Kevin Hogg don’t love? Ingraham pointed out that David Hogg was rejected by some universities.

Excerpt: “HEY @FLOTUS MY BROTHER IS LITERALLY GETTING CYBERBULLIED BY @IngrahamAngle. ANY COMMENTS?” Lauren Hogg wrote, referring to Ingraham’s tweet about her brother.

More on site.

This has backfired, as the propaganda has increased membership to the NRA. I guess they aren’t getting their money’s worth from the little actor and wannabe CNN anchor.

Excerpt: A more accurate headline: Donations to NRA tripled after #GunControlNow crowd goes after NRA. Great job kids!

From NY Post: Contributions to the National Rifle Association’s political action committee tripled in February amid public attacks against the organization following the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Supporters of the Second Amendment donated about $779,000 in February to the NRA’s political arm, the Political Victory Fund, according to recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) data.

The figure marked a more than threefold increase compared to January, when the PAC received nearly $250,000 in donations, and was the fund’s second-best month over the last year.

More on site.


this is a source for jerome corsi that doesn’t include adds – Corsi discusses the Qnon identity and how it is protected on the 4chan. This starts at 42 mins but the whole interview is very interesting. Of course Corsi and Qnon would be attacked – they are over the target.

Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – with Special Guest Dr. Jerome Corsi


pam #401141
I shifted from ibuorophen a yr or 2 ago when I learned the leading cause of a buddy ending up w 4th stage kidney disease.
tumeric w bromwlain (pepper) work better 4 my inflammation 5 fibromyalgia etc



“This guy should be going to jail… not this…

Eric Holder would never be able to live down “Fast and Furious” events -plus
many more – I hope he does run and Biden because they will just push more people
toward the conservative view point. These have to be empty words they are just
throwing out to see if they have enough support. This is where the country is going.

even if they meet each other just in the Democratic Primarys you can see their weaknesses.


you can use Devils claw with Turmeric and curcumin , I also take ubiquinol Coq10 with resveratrol (i just started that) . They work better if you use more than one.

I stopped taking them for a month or so and all the aches and pains came back and made it almost impossible for me to start to exercise again. I fell off the wagon during the primary elections – now the runoffs are happening in Late april and early may and I vow to keep it up during this time.

It gets pretty intense esp if I am judging – judges in Tx actually are chosen for what they know and can do. Only the best are usually chosen although when someone just starts there is a huge learning curve because of the amount of information people in those positions need to know including all the equipment and methods.


Day 162.2. Clinton Executive Services – 111 8th Ave NY, NY

George Webb
Published on Mar 30, 2018

Very interesting discussion including Q (Q1,Q2,Q3) towards the end.


Re:Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – with Special Guest Dr. Jerome Corsi

This is something you shouldn’t pass up because Corsi backs up all of what he says
with actual points in history and organizations. Not about Q more about what will be happening and due to what and why… corsi’s has books on all the subjects he covers. when you have to research for a actual book you have a tendency to really know the subject. His recent book called “Killing the Deep state”(Ebay/BarnsNnoble)

I will have to read the Geo webb article…


(without alot of commercials)
Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates About What Is Going On In The World
Published on Mar 28, 2018


Jig Is Up for the Dollar – Andrew Maguire
By Greg Hunter On March 27, 2018

Iran Israel Conflict Coming, More Voter Fraud, Dems 2018 Lies
By Greg Hunter On March 30, 2018


Is Canada’s love affair with Justin Trudeau over? Prime Minister sees his lead in the polls fall and his disastrous trip to India and focus on gender is being blamed

Prime Minister has been ahead in polls since unexpected 2015 election win
He was seen as a breath of fresh air compared to traditional leaders
Expert said Trudeau’s India trip hit polls with focus on gender also to blame
The self-proclaimed feminist has lost a third of male voters since 2015

Read more:


mkddachs #401141

I quit using ibuprofen at least 5 yrs ago and replaced it with Turmeric – it seemed to work but what i eat really makes a difference. melissa
And to the rest of you who have quit ibuprofen…… Well done.

My daughter is the one with the pain problems. I will recommend Tumeric and other suggestions (She is only 33 and has problems with pain for years now).

I had problems too for a while when I was young. Not now. I rarely take an aspirin if I get a rare headache or something like that. It does have a lot to do with what you eat. Keep eating rich anti-oxidant foods too. They will help your vision too.

I look forward to fresh fruits vegetables and herbs in the summer. I have been adding a lot more herbs & spices to my food.



mkddachs #401141
I quit using ibuprofen at least 5 yrs ago and replaced it with Turmeric – it seemed to work but what i eat really makes a difference. melissa
And to the rest of you who have quit ibuprofen…… Well done.
In 1990 I fell and broke both my ankles and was put on Ibuprofen for pain. I took it for several months while recuperating and during that time period I began to suffer from severe jaw pain and changes in my color vision… and papaledema in my eyes.

Come to find out… the ibuprofen was the culprit and in the Physicians Desk Reference it specifically states as a side effect … jaw pain/spasms, color vision changes and papaledema. (Spelling is likely wrong)

My dentist treated me for two cracked molars due to the spasms from the Ibuprofen. He also reported that he had four female patients with the same jaw spasms that were on high doses of it. When he stopped the meds their jaw pain stopped. Hmmmm… Inflammation instead of anti-inflammation. More folks should wake up to the dangers of all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products out there trying to kill us.


DC Police – March for Our Lives planning took place months before the Parkland “shooting” – they applied for a permit.

Excerpt: Correspondence received via European political researcher Ole Dammegard with the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department suggests that the “March For Our Lives,” enthusiastically promoted as a spontaneous event organized by Parkland student activists and held in the the nation’s capitol on March 24, 2018 to pressure political leaders on gun control, was in fact planned “several months prior to the actual event.” These are the words of Officer Scott Earhardt of the Special Operations Division of the DC Police.

Days ago several alternative news outlets questioned seeming contradictions in Parkland gun control student activist David Hogg’s recollection of the February 14, 2018 events-specifically whether Hogg was on school grounds during the shooting or lounging at his residence.

Several months of planning to organize an event of this scale is common. This admission calls into further question the underlying veracity of the Parkland shooting, as attested to by law enforcement authorities, and vigorously promoted throughout corporate media.

More on site.


Judicial Watch goes after FOIA documentation about Samantha Power and her unmasking spree.

Excerpt: Judicial Watch sued the State Department after it failed to respond to an October 31, 2017, FOIA request seeking information about Power’s unusual unmasking requests, including:

All requests for information submitted to any Intelligence Community member agency by former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power concerning, regarding, or relating to the following:

Any actual or suspected effort by the Russian government or any individual acting on behalf of the Russian government to influence or otherwise interfere with the 2016 presidential election. The alleged hacking of computer systems utilized by the Democratic National Committee and/or the Clinton presidential campaign.

Any actual or suspected communication between any member of the Trump presidential campaign or transition team and any official or employee of the Russian government or any individual acting on behalf of the Russian government.

The identities of U.S. citizens associated with the Trump presidential campaign or transition team who were identified pursuant to intelligence collection activities.

On September 20, 2017, Fox News reported that Power unmasked over 260 persons in her last year as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in an attempt to uncover associates of President Trump. She “was ‘unmasking’ at such a rapid pace in the final months of the Obama administration that she averaged more than one request for every working day in 2016,” even seeking “information in the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration.”

More on site.


Rep. Steve King: Big Pharma is paying families to keep quiet about the role of medication in mass shootings

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Thursday alleged that medication is partly to blame for mass shootings–and that “Big Pharma” is paying families to keep quiet about it.

Speaking at a “politics and pizza” event, King told constituents they shouldn’t focus on gun control amid growing calls for legislative solutions to school shooting in the United States.

It isn’t the gun,” King argued. “There’s a whole series of things that are part of it.”

King insisted mass shootings like the one last month in Parkland, FL are “in our culture now.”

“We are medicating our children with Ritalin from kindergarten on up and other medication that’s there,” King said, “When they’re going on that medication, they’re more dangerous than before when they started. When they get their medication stabilized, it’s OK in many cases, when it’s balanced these pharmaceuticals are good but when they stop taking them, when they’re going off of those drugs they’re more dangerous than they were before they started to take them.”

As the Des Moines Register reports, “King alleged ‘Big Pharma’ pays families to keep quiet, but he’s heard through back-channels about the role prescribed drugs may play in shootings.”

Pretty significant outburst on the part of the generally idiotic Steve King, who must be getting much more money from the NRA than he is from pharma.


Littledogg: #401073

As Always, I look forward to joining you…

I too often enjoy imagining the planet where civilization has moved beyond eating and the killing of these
magnificent creatures…
and, everybody is cooperating with
each other
to better the lives of all animals,
thus bettering the lives of ALL animals by using
Abundant Life Visualizations. 😌

Thank you again for your unwavering support❣️


The Montague and Veronica Keen Foundation

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Cabal is so desperate to hold on to power, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent the inevitable. They were given every opportunity to come clean, change their ways, and ask forgiveness for their appalling crimes against humanity, but…


These are dangerous times for those who try to awaken others to the truth. The ordeal my dear wife was put through on the 5 March was horrendous. She felt she was being raped again.

I was brutally raped by a priest when I was young. It felt like I was being raped again. I am having problems with TalkTalk, my ISP, so I complained to them. Then I had a phone call from a manwho said he was from TalkTalk and that he would deal with the problem. I believed him. He told me to go to my computer and I did so. HE WAS ALREADY ON MY COMPUTER…

Continue reading on site.

For those who feel guided, posting the total message here is long, so here is the link to this excellent message.


URGENT! TIME SENSITIVE! Meditation with Goddess to neutralize negative rituals today, March 30st 2018 at 8 PM UTC
3/30/2018 05:36:00 pm. (This a long one, sorry, but I hope some will find useful.)

Today is Good Friday, which is the day when Crucifixion of Jesus occurred.

It is also a traditional time when the dark forces carries out dark rituals, such as the re-emerging of crucifixion in Philippines.

To neutralize the dark/negative rituals, we are going to a special meditation today, March 30st at 8 PM UTC. By doing so, we can also help the Light forces to anchor the Light of the Goddess on the surface of the planet. You are very welcomed to join if you feel so guided.

We Love Mass Meditation

A blog for organizing mass meditations leading to the Victory of the Light!

It is also a traditional time when the dark forces carries out dark rituals, such as the re-emerging of crucifixion in Philippines.

It would also be very helpful to do this meditation as many times as you feel guided within the next 12 hours, as well as the Goddess Meditation over the Easter weekend which can be found in the link below:

Here are the instructions for the Meditation with Goddess to neutralize negative rituals:

1. Visualize bright pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body into the heart of Gaia. Then visualize one other pillar of Light going upwards from the center of the Earth through your body, through all points of Light in our solar system and in our galaxy back to the Central Sun. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, Light flowing both upwards and downwards.

2. Now visualize above your head, inside of that brilliant pillar of Light, Goddess in a shape of beautiful woman embodying energies of divine feminine: unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, peace, harmony, grace, beauty and healing. Feel her energy.

3. Descend the Goddess into your body while singing mantra OM. You can do at the same time mudra with your hands
above your head, then descending them and laying them gently on your Heart. Feel the Goddess energy entering in your body and anchoring into your Heart.

4. Call on presence of the Goddess Dou Mu, presence of all ascended Goddesses like Isis, Maat, Hathor, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, White Tara,.. to help with nullifying all ongoing dark rituals on the planet and to restore divine Light and Justice

5. Extend your hands in front of you and send the divine feminine energy through your hands towards all negative rituals neutralizing them, making them harmless and ineffective, losing all their power. See all dark rituals fading away, dissolving in the Light and Love of the Goddess.

6. Now visualize Galactic Central Sun pillar of Light expanding into the soul star chakras (situated 20cm above the head) of all beings involved in those rituals reconnecting them with the Source and inspiring them to desist from doing them. See them beginning working for the Light.

7. Thank all goddesses and all Light beings and feel gratitude for this being done.
Goddess wants peace and peace will be!

Guided audio for this meditation can be found here:

I found this link posted on SITS:

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | March 30th, 2018


The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

Victory of the Goddess!


Thank you people who warned of the side effects of Ibuprofen- I stopped taking them in August of 2016 when my “watchers” as I call em told me to an have been on an upward climb health wise ever since.

I have a long time empathic relationship with a friend that spans over three decades so I talk of someone I feel I know well. Her Dr. started her on Lyrica for back spasms/pain after spinal surgery. After 6 mos. she was up to the full recommended dose.

When this beautiful always happy person started talking about suicide I fought with both her and her Dr. but said “The ads say that stuff can make you suicidal-it’s the F’…n Lyrica.”
She stopped a year ago and is back to the same happy person I always knew.

I noticed the filthy scum that push this poisonous crap don have to post the suicide disclaimer no mo! BE WARNED


Secretive group’s leader charged with sex-trafficking

Mar. 26, 2018
NEW YORK (AP) — The leader of a secretive group in upstate New York turned female followers into brainwashed “slaves” who were branded with his initials and coerced into having sex, authorities alleged on Monday in a criminal complaint charging him with sex-trafficking.

Keith Raniere, co-founder of the group called Nxivm, was arrested in Mexico and returned to Texas Monday, authorities said. He was to appear in court on Tuesday in Fort Worth on the charges filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

According to the complaint, Raniere — known within the group as “Vanguard” — oversaw a barbaric system in which women were told the best way to advance was to become a “slave” overseen by “masters.” They also were expected to have sex with him and do menial chores for masters, and to keep the arrangement a secret or be publicly humiliated, the complaint says.

“During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film while the other held down the slave being branded,” the complaint says.

Investigators said Raniere preferred exceptionally thin women, so “slaves” had to stick to very low-calorie diets and document every food they ate. As punishment for not following orders, women were forced to attend classes where they were “forced to wear fake cow udders over their breasts while people called them derogatory names,” or threatened with being put in cages, court papers say.

Raniere left the United States late last year after The New York Times reported the stories of some women who defected from their secret sorority and the government began interviewing potential witnesses. He sought to cover this trail by using encrypted email and ditching his phone, court papers say.

Sounds like some of the principle’s of MKUltra. Cathy OBrien and Sue Ford talked about being limited to 600 calories/day and often didn’t eat anything when on ‘assignment;.


then there is this:

The Hollywood Followers of Nxivm, a Women-Branding Sex Cult

From a Smallville actress turned alleged top recruiter to heiresses and billionaires, the cult Nxivm has cycled through a host of famous and influential followers.


John Pilger: Blocking internet access for Julian Assange is a war on freedom of speech

Published on Mar 29, 2018
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had his internet connection cut off, and isn’t being allowed visits at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Australian journalist and documentary film maker, John Pilger shares his opinion about the issue.


winifred #401163

Wini: I am sooooooooo glad to find your post! 💕🙌
I have been thinking of you these days.

How are you? How is your recovery going?

💕 💓😄🐕


mkddachs #401156

Melissa, are you running to be a judge?


Day 163.1. DIA Covers Rollouts Of NSA/NGA Surveillance Tools Worldwide

George Webb
Published on Mar 31, 2018

George does a nice recap with perspective.


Not a single obituary for the Parkland kids and teachers. The youngest are two 46 year olds, but neither died on February 14. Only an Alice Levenson died on February 14. The majority of obituaries are for elderly people. Maybe they should have faked this at a nursing home instead.–

Here are the alleged victims. Nobody cared enough to run expensive obituaries for any of them.



Around here most obituaries are not in newspapers–they are online instead under the funeral home’s sites. I did a search and found this list.


gallas #401035
“Then why is the U.S, or is it the Deep state attacking Russia with sanctions and expelling diplomats.Trump preached since the primaries that working with Russia,should be considered an advantage instead of a doom and gloom scenario.”
Hi gallas!
Just wanted to welcome you into BFC – if you’re new here?
I think I’ve seen you before – when I went to the earlier years of this Blog to have a peak. Sorry if wrong.
Thanks for contribution and please continue.
I’m not to much into politics these days – yes absolute, the US Military have no plan whatsoever to go against Russia. That was Hillary’s wet dream.
I somewhat think the expelling of Russian diplomats can be/is a gameplan by Trump, and now Putin follow up the new “cold war” approach, by expelling exactly the same numbers of diplomats. Ha ha…. Usually these are miner importance employers like clerks, assistants, drivers, cleaning staff…
It’s important for Trump to maintain a sort of “balance”, provide that is what he really does…
On the other hand, it can very well be it’s the “deep-shit” state that did force his hand.
Nothing what comes out to us the people official re politics is ever “real” I think.

Trumps secret meeting and “peace” negotiations with N korea’s strong man Kim Jong-Un, when visit China, is a good example. And why they got so much attention in the Olympic games too, I believe.
Also a deep he he stab into the dark hearts.

Now who is the villain? The excuse the cabal need to start wars.


As usually many many good informative comments. I say you all up to the task and well informed.
Thanks so much



Thank you for asking about me, littledog. I am doing pretty good but have had many challenges over the past year… and especially the past 6 months. I will be getting monthly injections x 3 into my left eye starting on the 10th of April for clogged vessel causing hemorrhaging and partial vision loss. I am driving now but have to be careful merging onto highway. Just hope that this is over soon. I am so tired of physical problems… and emotional ones.

Planning on moving to Arkansas in the next year to be closer to mom and middle son/family. He lives in Branson, MO so will be close to the Arkansas/Missouri line as medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas and I need it for blood pressure treatment as I am allergic to all allopathic b/p medications. Also for pain though I am doing much better with fibromyalgia pain in remission for the past couple of months. Wow! That is indeed a blessing not to have the pain that I have endured for 30 plus years. Hope all is going well for cafe! Love, Windi


#401177 Those are like no obituaries I have seen (and I used to have to proofread them at some of the smaller papers I worked at). I quote three at random. These are similar to the ones I looked up after Pulse and a few other events. I went to a bunch of websites for the funeral homes, and only a few listed a funeral service for one of the victims. Most of the Pulse victims didn’t have obituaries, just news blurbs. Out of all of those who died, not one family bothered with the more formal, standard obituary? Also, why are these families posting on Legacy quoting various news outlets? Wouldn’t they know about their kin than the Miami Herald or Sun Sentinel?

1. Gina Montalto died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. She was 14.

Gina was a member of the school’s winter guard team.

The Sun-Sentinel quoted Gina’s mother Jennifer’s Facebook post: “She was a smart, loving, caring, and strong girl who brightened any room she entered.”

“She was the sweetest soul ever,” Manuel Miranda, her former middle school winter guard instructor, told the Miami Herald. “She was kind, caring, always smiling and wanting to help.”

2. Carmen Schentrup died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. She was 16.

Carmen was one of the school’s 10 National Merit Scholar semifinalists.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, she was also a piano student.

The Miami Herald quoted a social media post by a friend: “Rest In Peace Carmen Schentrup, your family is forever in my thoughts and prayers.”

3. Martin Duque died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. He was 14.

“He was a very funny kid, outgoing and sometimes really quiet,” his brother Miguel wrote on a GoFundMe page. “He was sweet and caring and loved by all his family. Most of all, he was my baby brother.”

“More details appear at the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald.”

I looked up the Miami Herald, and it had a few more anecdotal quotes and we get to find out how successful Miguel’s GoFundMe page is: “Miguel later created a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses that generated nearly half of its $10,000 goal in the first 12 hours.”

I looked at others, and they are similar anecdotes, all with the same first sentence, all with feel-good quotes about the victims rather than any hard facts about these people. Where are the “survived by” names? Where is the legalese that dominates a real obituary? Where are the “in lieu of flowers” donation markers? Where are the funeral arrangement details? (Sun Sentinel did have funeral information for Luke Hoyer, but the others?)

I pulled one at random from Legacy, thinking it would read like the victims’, but it reads like the family wrote it. (Names removed).

“XXX passed away on March 3, 2018 surrounded by loved ones at the age of 71. Mr. XXXwas a native of XXX. He grew up in XXX and graduated from XXX High School. He was preceded in death by his son, Don XX; sisters, Dot XX, Sarah XX and a brother xx, Jr. He is survived by wife, xx; sons, xx, Logan xxx; grandchildren, Michael xx, Taylor xx, Johnny xx, Madison xx; sister-in-law, Peggy xxx, as well as a many nieces and nephews. XXX was loved by his family and friends and will be will be greatly missed. Services for Mr. XXX will be on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at Sacred Heart Church in XXX. A rosary will begin at 11:30 am. A visitation will be held from noon until 1pm with mass beginning at 1:00pm. XXX Funeral Home and Crematory contact info


Jim Stone
Forensic proof of Deester’s post about the March for Our Lives being planned months in advance.
March for our lives planned MONTHS in advance
Further confirming the Florida shooting was fake, we have the following:
How much more obvious can it get when the march, which was “inspired by the shooting” was actually organized and prepared for months in advance? I originally found this on The Memory Hole


Jim Stone
Palestine land day protests rumors of massive numbers of dead
There are rumors that during the recent land day protests (during which Palestinians protest land taken by Israel) that there are a lot more than the now reported 17 dead. It is aknowledged by Israel that their snipers shot over a thousand, but they are not admitting how many they actually killed. Even the definitive source on Palestinian issues – The Palestine Chronicle, is still saying only 16 people were actually killed. If Israeli snipers wanted injuries and not deaths, they could accomplish that, but I doubt they would have wanted to. SO, as a precedent, to get closer to the actual number of dead, let’s reference Jenin.
The Jenin massacre was what really woke me up to the truth, including 911 truth and the rest of it. I already had some info but I had not completely broken out of the disinfo shell until Jenin happened.

Prior to Jenin, I had gotten in touch with an Yugoslavian named Mladen Mjatovik, who sent me photos and told me what really happened during America’s assault on Yugoslavia. Revenge for the Yugo aside, he confirmed that it was in fact a war on Yugoslavian Christians, and he gave plenty of detail. That was a serious wake up call, that got me digging for more. A few years after that, Jenin happened and I was onto it early on.

I managed to crack into Jenin and get into contact with someone on the ground there who managed to keep a brief outside connection with a cell phone typical of the day (back then all cell phones were crappy) but at least he got pictures out. The Israelis were lining people up face down in the street and killing them, then they took the bodies to the main center of destruction and ground them into the dirt by repeatedly driving over the bodies with bulldozers. The stench was reportedly unbelievable, but there were “no bodies to be found” because they were one with the dirt, dust, and rubble. I had estimated that at that time, Israel in fact killed between 2,000 and 5,000 people in Jenin. They reported something like 47 dead. The hard drive his unique photos were on suddenly overheated and died (gee, I wonder why). So how does Jenin math match the latest Land protest day? well, there are factors that need to be considered with this.

First of all, they did not have bulldozers to eliminate evidence this time, by smashing it into the dirt until it vanished, (In Jenin this process took about a week and a half, for them to really mix it good and vanish the bodies good) but this time they had no bulldozers to do this with. So how many are really dead?

We know they were not honest with Jenin. So as logic would have it, they are not being honest with the numbers now. But with a lack of a way to totally destroy all evidence, they can’t be quite as dishonest this time. My answer to how many are dead with over a thousand shot? More than 17, you take it from there.

UPDATE: They are claiming they only shot people who were “about to make it over the fence, into Israel. FENCE??!!?? WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??? Israel does not have a “fence”, they have a 30 foot high solid concrete wall that has AI controlled guns that shoot automatically. No one would ever get over that, there was never a need for actual snipers to shoot anyone!
Read that linked report, which talks about how India is installing the same system Israel has, and since it is India, they got away with describing how Israel’s system really is. The reports coming out of Israel regarding these protests are proven ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.
It cannot have happened the way they said it did, there is no way any sniper legitimately shot anyone who “was about to breach the fence”, the automatic systems would have done that job if that story was true!


Hi Ben – thanks so much for your ongoing reports and deeply commitment on behalf of all humanity.

Hmm – so the boys club secret societies has opened their doors…I’m quite sure the “hatches” to their secret underground basement (chambers?) – more like the one I live in myself ha ha ha… are not revealed.
But seriously……Of course – not all are bad for sure. Indeed.
Okydoky – we move on.

I was relief when Session finally showed some spine and fired mr Mc “Cabal” from FBI – that’s something Wow. now he’s joined as an honorable (read dis…) guest/ contributor to Washington ComPost. They all gather on the sinking freight ship of garbage..So nice. he he

But then WHY appoint National Security Adviser John Bolton??!
And then CNN mock his appearance!! The/a personification of Cabal itself. phew – well this must again be some “great” move to to please and ease the opposition.

Perhaps it’s to calm Israel? or at least all their war hawks agents occupying the puppet chambers in Washington DC
The Iran “liberation” will never turn out as they ( fill in ) thinks anyway imo. liberated yes, but not by a rat pack of lying stealing gangster.
Mr True-Mp?! – if he means business, better hurry up. Get them behind bars instantly!

And Pope says “Hell don’t exist anymore??

What is this world/underwordl coming to……?
Perhaps it was his worst nightmare,…and now he need to con convince himself that it’s not real..he he


Ok – we slaves need to free ourself
Why wait for anyone?
We can do it.

And these energy waves are really really helping.

I don’t know about you…but
I’ve never felt more down..he he. Ache, no sleep, urinating impossible (sorry just had to inform..), discord in family matters, (as that is something new), confused, constantly tired……heart palpations going on for weeks,
Well this all is only 2 – 3 past week or so.

I’m sure you all must have picked up on it?

But hey -Some brilliant elegant smoothing energy were building up since yesterday, when I felt a huge warm vibration in my whole heart area (strangely this was felt radiating into my working field) called LOVE – that reminded me …all is perfect and well. Just need remember to connect deeper to heart. Allow everything nasty to melt away or transmute.


What’s also important now is
Protection, protection and protections.
(I feel an urge to share this although I’ve talked about it many many times before.)

To all lightworkers -starseeds-warriors-wanderers…………..To all feel it resonate.
Oh – it’s so easy to get paranoid these days, for a good reason one would think…

Everyone’s being watch, spied upon, mind controlled (but not if sufficient protection is up), gene samples taken(stolen) from. Mapping our “inherit” master abilities. Possible used to mutate and create super soldiers..or worse. Then to finally dispose of our original sacred vessel..

The Orwellian eye in the sky is so so invasive. It can spot an infection starting at the subatomic levels….., long before you ever sense or see it with you eyes. Or they could start one, as well
Just to mention one.

But Hey – down eh with all the doom and gloom.
(I’ve touched upon it before but it’s of utmost important now, so please forgive)

Put up A silver ray to shield/protect you
incredible effective when it comes to these all intrusive AI surveillance programs, dark suppressive technologies or/and any other thinkable control mechanisms. Even when it comes to assassination attempts/murders by energy weapon beams.

In fact I use 6 to 7 different layers of color’s, constantly protecting all my bodies + aura. Every single one with it’s unique signature and properties.

So No worry – here’s how we deal with it all:

First visualize and connect to the energy of a golden ray. See a bubble around you. Then followed by…Platinum, violet, silver, crystalline, opalescent and finally Diamond.
Remember to add a Diamond shield around your whole aura to close the session. Should stretch wide outside of you, several meters or much more.
It takes less then a few minutes to do this protection exercises. Just DO IT!

I use to tell myself…if anyone/anything bad comes true that, – well – then they wouldn’t be able to stay that for long…..Only to be witness of an instantly transmutation (the preferable) or eliminated i.e sent to source. (less inspiring perhaps..?)
And I do mean that!

Decree this – with an sincere emotional attachment to it…Must be done one time Every day.

I demand that all evil dark entities, and their energy be cleaned/cleansed from me that

try to connect, or already have attached to me,
in any shape or form,
within or throughout my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and causal bodies. And working fields of these bodies….
from past, present or future,
from the smallest part of myself to the largest,
from the moment I was created, until infinity,
in all timelines, all dimensions, parallel universes and throughout time ad space in the entire creatiion…
in and at the power of my sovereign souls authority,
through and from my own Christed self (Crystal embodiment)/ God self

Now and forever are being transmuted into light…
And so it is!
(personal adjustment can of course be made – this is only a suggestion, but most important…..)

This is how powerful you are, my friend.
So you can whole heartly participate in our liberation as a “physic warrior of light” – just as any freedom fighters on the ground, in the skies or under the ground of our beautiful Gaia.
Good luck.


Filip- indeed about magnesiulm for depression. I had a pretty scary case of it several years ago and told my chiropractor that I was feeling tired and listless. He looked up some remedies for me and recommended Magnesium. I got some supplements and felt much better within days. Take it regularly now.

A lot of foods that used to contain Magnesium and Borax and other minerals simply don’t. Bread used to contain Borax but doesn’t now. We’re all missing nutrients that even organic foods can’t give us. So sad.

OLP report. fell at school the other day. On my bad, torn ACL knee, on cement!!!!
I was scared. They did an xray, no break, well that’s not usually the problem. It’s all the smashed meniscus damage and twisted tendons under the patella that are the issue.
Anyway, went to sleep with the Plug up against it and couldn’t believe it in the morning,- no pain!!!!. Moveable, walkable, almost didn’t believe it happened except for a twinge or two.

Today was trickier, but I didn’t use the plug last night and I may have sat a funny way. It doesn’t take much to shift a tendon or ligament once you’ve done the damage. I am also taking MMS which I think has contributed greatly especially for clearing up hematomas.

Anyway- wanted to share.


To the Ben post of mine.

Who was predicting the peace coming to North Korea a decade ago, or more?

And – who did he say come next?

All Goddesses and Gods want peace
and so it will be.


Magical Abilities of Crystals Most People Don’t Know About
Some keynotes Quotations:

1 “Crystals have a consciousness “Crystals is a living being” said Tesla

2. Crystals can communicate messages to you. “Especially in your dream state” (My own experience)

3 Crystals can be a portal to access higher dimensions”

4. Crystals can travel -( I definitely witnesses that)

5. Crystals can change colour.”
Remember our lightbody are crystaline. So under Paragraph 2, so lets be conscious what we communicate to our bodies, mind and heart.
Be well and prosper on all levels.


I am a election judge for the Republican Party – so I handle any voter problems at the the precinct I am assigned to. There is more to it and I have been doing this since 2008.


littledogg #400991
Cabin Talk: Elana Freeland Talking about (her book) Under an Ioized Sky.

I am listening to this….
There is the dastardly stuff snuck into the Omnibus bill.. that Intruth is informing us about.
And there is the dangerous stuff the Deep State/Lizzy-puppery is sneaking in with 5G… which Elana Freeland talks about here.
Hey Hi Hi!
How are you doing these of days/Holiday weekend littledog?

I say – lets transmute the 5g by our 5D vibration.
What do you think?
With your beautiful high vibration – No Problema!
Besides – the 5g have been secretly used since the 80’s is what I heard.

Also remember – The Lemurian Plug, is protecting you fully at home. This is her/his specialty. imo No worry.

Its “A Walk In The Park.”
Thanks a lot btw my great ET friend?? he he 🙂

Have a lovely weekend now littledog, with your family, dog…and cat, and also too all others in here contributing. Keep it up and up and up.


jujubean #401188
“OLP report. fell at school the other day. On my bad, torn ACL knee, on cement!!!!”
Hi Juju!
Sorry for your injury there – that must have hurt. So nice you didn’t break anything. Bone structure must be strong, perhaps helped by LP?
Glad to hear you actively use The Lemuriam Plug. and I personally would never been with out it. EVER..
Thanks so much for sharing

Here’s a site who has devoted some space for this remarkable technology.

The importance of this device cannot be overstated. For those of you that understand Ascension and the fact that “it is what it is”, will never ask as to HOW this works…it just does.

This technology although millions of years old, was brought to us in order to change the negative frequencies that surround us into positive ones. Therefore allowing us to raise our vibrations naturally…………”
and some more.

This’s why I’m so excited of it. When the vibrational super-wave hits us, it’s how High you can go…that decide the immediate result of the impact, personally. In a balanced integrated, normal way that is – not superficial.

These last days…even the scientists admit they can’t explain/understand what kind of strange energy “beams” now just came from our sun. I think – without the Lemurian Plug if would be much harder IMO.
I say it again – It came to us here and right now for a particular reason


Oh forgot.
When we become Super-luminous beings, we will cast no shadow….(shadow side. Make sense? he he)


siggi #40192 and #40193

Hey siggi…. lovely to c u here!
And thanks sooo for the reminder re the plug.. and the new site w more info about it.

I like your ideas about the plug and about 5G in general.

Think I’ll get plugs for my muggle sons and just tell them to stick em into an outlet and forget about it.

We are basking in the heat we have “passed over” into here in New England. Was about 50 today and totally trail-free sky… wowee! A Holiday Gift/Miracle/Mistake? 😉

There’s only a tiny spec left of the snowie mounds we’ve been buried under for the past weeks. (my sweet Lily dog is a little down about it cuz there were tons of rrrreally interesting odors in all those snow piles!).

Happy Passover… Easter… New Year.. Foolin’ Day… Spring ALL!!



Melissa #401191

An “election judge”… woah! I didn’t know there were such folks.

Thank you for your service.



A reminder… out my paws/keyboard in my head/heart… and shared in case mite b useful to others.

This community is v e r y healing to me… those I gab with directly and all you good-hearted lurkers… you are a very nourishing bunch of pals to me… a real “pick me up” when these challenging times get me a little knocked-down. Thank you all for this all.

AND… a HU UUU GE reason to read about all this all.. all these doings.. all those doing the doings.. is to do my best to remember to ask my higher pals… draw on the connections I have (and we all have connections.. some more aware of them than others.. but I am old enough now to have seen even my Atheist Son has connections to consciousness/healing/transformation of a VERY HIGH NATURE (he just hasn’t figured it out yet.. so you may have and may not have.. doesn’t matter… if need be: just “pretend”…make up some “Higher Pals” and ask ’em for help… this very instant I “guarantee” they are “up there” waiting for you to ask 😉 ).

So THE MOST important, useful thing we each and all (well me anyway) can be doing as we read about this and that here.. is to be inviting our HIGH connections to BEAM MORE and MORE and MORE transformative and healing and creative P O W E R to all.. to all doing all.. to all doings … cuz we are playing a really important tournament here and I’m pretty sure us CAFEistas want it to be a win/win outcome.

And the more beams we channel to each and every one in all this real and fake news the more our fondest dreams will materialize before our eyes.

(of course.. do include the intention that all that take place be FTHGAC.. For The Highest Good of All Concerned)

Nitey nite loves …

…. ps.. .don’t forget to include yourself as a recipient of the “beamery” fthgac)



I just had to come back to say… thinking to put up that comment number, I had a BIG SORE in my belly missing VALTONY…

So V: if you’re lurking.. here’s a “net hug” from a lil doggie to you.

And If you are off elsewhere.. same.. same.. using my HIGH Pals to send you that hug.


Maybe those pals can help me w the sore belly part.

ok.. now.. nitey nite “for real”


The best weapon you can have in the Second American Revolution is the ability to think clearly and critically. The Deep State has been working hard to keep Americans from real truth–from the inside job of 9-11, to the human trafficking and blackmail operations that keep our elected officials in tow, to the U.S. Patent Office theft of hundreds of patents from social media to free energy. What many people do not know is that it is legal to propagandize and terrorize Americans thanks to the NDAA, about which we have written extensively in this article:


mkddachs #401191
I am a election judge for the Republican Party – so I handle any voter problems at the the precinct I am assigned to. There is more to it and I have been doing this since 2008.

Melissa, how do they handle vote switching at the voting booth? As I posted, I know someone who voted in the recent special election if Pennsylvania. They voted repub and it came up Dem. She verified it after her vote was cast. She got a paper ballot to cast her proper vote, but what happened to the original vote that was cast for the wrong guy?


I posted this on the Ben’s new post, but am sharing it here, too. Why not combine Easter and April Fool’s Day?

comment image

comment image


I wonder if Hoggwash and family invested in these clear, plastic backpacks.

comment image


deester #401206

I’m adding the link you put on the other thread.. .cuz it is tooo KOOL.


Jim Stone
April 1 2018
Trump drank the Honduran marcher kool aid

Well what can I say? He follows the MSM. According to the latest fakery, they are six days into their journey now. Let me do a comparison here, to prove this story is BULLSHIT, as I earlier claimed. During the settler days, the Oregon Trail took 5-6 months to travel and was 2200 miles long. This trip the Hondurans are taking, if measured EXACTLY AS THE CROW FLIES, is 1950 miles long. But reality does not work that way, even if they walk Mexico’s version of the interstate (they are not) by the time they deal with roads that are not perfectly straight, and walking extra to accomodate how the roads connect, their trip will be 2,700 miles long (longer than the Oregon trail.)
That means, at the earliest possible time, they should be arriving in October. Since news media cycles don’t last that long, they are going to have to arrive in a week or two to satisfy the story line. And that is flatly impossible. The story is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT, there is no way out of it. The media is going to depend on your ignorance to get you to believe this story. They will try to get you to believe Mexico is short enough to walk so quickly. But the reality is that the distance these people have to walk is a LOT longer than the Oregon trail, and they will have to deal with walking up and down mountains the ENTIRE WAY, all of Mexico in the portion they are claimed to be walking is mountainous. Just get a map and take a look.
More importantly please note that the time I listed for traveling the Oregon trail is the time it took a wagon team, walking on foot was WORSE. It is real easy to huff out 50 miles in one day walking, for the first day. You might even go a distance the second day. After that, you’re TOAST, and what happened on the Oregon trail proves it.

Also, I noticed in the pictures that they are walking on side roads (as would be needed for a photo op) and not the autopista, which is Mexico’s equivalent of the interstate. Once you hit the type of road they are claiming these people are actually on, your trip from North to South will be at least 3,500 miles because that type of road does nothing but wind through mountains in Mexico, and never just goes “north”. Mexico is practically ALL MOUNTAIN along the route they are claimed to be taking. This is truly another false “children on trains” episode, my original report on this follows.
March 31 2018

RUMOR: Army of Central American illegals marching North through Mexico

Come to think of it, I may be debunking an april fools joke here, but Drudge, Infowars, and all the forums and blogs have this story. So if it is an april fools joke it got taken seriously.

There is a rumor that over a thousand central Americans are marching North through Mexico to enter the United States. I doubt it, but since I have seen this posted a zillion places I might as well mention it.
Unless Americans are violent or caught committing serious crimes, they almost never get deported from Mexico. They bring too much cash in, and are liked because of that. However, if a horde of Central Americans who don’t have a dime were walking through Mexico, they’d be busted post haste. I suspect the story of a thousand plus Central Americans walking all the way North through Mexico is another “children on trains” episode, there are only a few north/south routes that can be used, and mums the word in Mexico, I have not heard anything about this. How about some logistics?

The story is they are walking in one big group, north. That they crashed the Mex border and nothing was done to stop them. NOW LOGISTICS:

1. Men women and children are supposedly doing this, and they are WALKING. QUESTION: How far can a kid walk in a day, and when that is done, mom or dad have to carry the kid. How far will that go? 30 miles MAX, per day? on unfamiliar roads, where Mexicans hate these types far more than Americans are annoyed by Mexicans?

2. Miles are miles, and you have to eat. Assuming these are poor people, well, if you are expending energy you have to eat. In Mex, that will, if you have no support and have to eat out, it will put you back at least $7 a day. Where did these people get the money to buy 15 food items each from Tamale Juan? Add water and whatever else. Aint happening. NOPE. Mexico is really really long from south to North, look at it! It is more distance than the Mex border in Arizona to Canada! What group of 1000 could possibly just up and walk that far with nothing? If they had enough money for food, they could take the bus a LOT CHEAPER than paying for that much food, howcome they did not? Anyone can take a bus in Mex, just buy a ticket. It is that easy. AND A LOT cheaper than walking! By the time anyone walked 300 miles, which would take about 10 days, a ticket for a 2000 mile bus ride would be CHEAPER than eating while walking that far. On that merit alone, the story is B.S.

3. Where are these thousand people going to sleep? The pictures of these people just show a crowd walking, not a caravan with massive back packs for blankets and whatever shelter they’d need. Just plain clothes people walking with NOTHING. YES, BULLSHIT. Another fake children on trains episode,

4. Here’s a huge logistical problem with the story: They are trying to claim that Angelica with a blister on her foot was waited for by race horce Pedro, because he was really patient, and really cared that the entire group of 1000 plus stayed together, because, well, they liked each other. But they all are going to arrive at the U.S. border at the end of a 2000 mile journey like one giant high energy flash mob and storm it. YEP. BULLSHIT.

Here’s how such an event would really take place: 1000 Hondurans made it to the southern Mex border as a group. (plausible). They then storm the border successfully, while noticed well enough to make the news. (Implausible.) Now they are in Mexico. Folks, for the most part, Mex is similar to the U.S. – as soon as they hit that border they’d have discovered a relative fairy tale land. Then Angelica got a blister on her foot in central Chiapas, and the group did not wait for her. Monza and Enrique had a kid step on a thorn, and the group did not wait for them to pull it out, they continued. 150 miles into Mexico, the group is now fragmented and unrecognizable, because for whatever reasons, they split up. Some had cash for a bus after they figured out what a crappy idea walking was, others found work, some turned back, and the story ends 100 miles south of Mexico City, with the group totally broken and spread out so much no one, not even a local, would know anyone crossed the southern border at all.

There is NOT a group of 1000 people walking from the southern border to the Northern border of Mexico, without a dime in their pockets, children and all, with no blankets or anything else. They have to eat, they have to sleep, and if the locals saw them walking in a mob, identified well enough to know who they were, they would be hated and attacked. Especially in the drug lord zone, which they’d have to somehow make it through. IMPOSSIBLE STORY FOLKS. April fools? Perhaps.

Bro’ Nathanael Kapner zetzes the tuchis of Zio-tard pawn John Bolton…

COLD, CALLOUS, CALCULATING, with an aspect of vicious intent, the study of John Bolton’s face leaves one with a sense of edginess.

Coupling this with his pursuit of committing more war crimes by the US in pursuance of Jewry’s interests (not America’s), the study of John Bolton’s scowl proffers an emblem of America’s enslavement to Jews.

Take another look at Bolton. (The mug shots of criminals offer a happier presentation):

What do we see?

Hostility, Vengefulness, Mania, Arrogance, Nastiness, Insolence, and Cheekiness.

Through the looking glass of a matzah ball, Bolton’s quirks fit right into Jewry’s agenda.

Bolton’s hostility, for instance, will be channeled by Jews into malice toward Iran…which poses NO threat to America. Iran poses a threat to Israel for being opposed to Zionist expansion and its malignant actions toward the Palestinians.

What of it? Why should Israel’s adversaries be ours? Why should Israel’s hysterics become our neurosis?

There is NO END to Jewry’s antagonists. Should America be forever caught in Jewry’s web of confrontation and enmity?

That’s where Bolton’s insolence comes in.

Jews will direct his impudence toward ignoring every single argument why America should NOT entangle itself in Israel’s complaints, squawks, and eternal whines.

Surely, this is why countless Jews are donors of Bolton’s Super Pac. One glance unveils a Guest List to a Bar Mitzvah. (A bloody Bar Mitzvah.)

Names like MOSKOWITZ, SINGER, FRIEDBERG, MARCUS, LEVY, and KADISH, tell a tale of Jew money for more wars for IsraHell.

A great man once said, “the Jews are our misfortune.” Their shills are ten times worse.

The real face of David Hogg….a lib-tard , commie-tard oinkasaurus…

illary Clinton Calls for ‘National Commission’ to Investigate Election Meddling
I wish this was an April fools joke, but it ain’t….

Heard this one before….look what happened with all the other alphabet soup agencies that were set up to “protect the people” like the BATF, CIA, FBI, IRS, EPA, etc…


Hi Vermithrax #401213,

The biggest donor to to the John Bolton Super Pac in the 2016 cycle and the 2018 cycle was Robert Mercer from RenTec. The people that still remain in the administration’s cabinet are there by Rebekka and Robert Mercer’s influence.

Is this a good thing? I think not.

Here is a link:
You can poke around on the website to see it was a way for Mercer to fund Cambridge Analytic and a web advertising firm specializing in political ads, CDI:


Jim Stone
April 1 2018
Update on the group of Hondurans moving north

The official word is that they will arrive in Tijuana with a total travel time of a month. That equals 125 miles a day, walking on the types of roads they will be walking. The walk is much longer than the Oregon trail. FOLKS, THE BOSTON MARATHON IS 26 miles. The world record time was over two hours for the Boston Marathon. So we are supposed to believe a group of men women and children are going to do the equivalent of five boston marathons a day, for an entire month!!! It is such patent bullshit I’d be laughing if they did not expect us to believe it. GRASS ROOTS? MY @, this has George Soros written all over it!


Will be interesting to see if the Honduran migrants make it this far. While it’s clearly a Soros funded adventure, there will be many twisted and greedy people along the way working hard and exploiting the Hondurans to make sure that the greedy get a piece of the pie. Sadly, we’re sure to lose more than a few. Heaven help the women and children who will most likely disappear. So sad for them.


#401220 and #401223 Back on January 29, 2014, Federal Business Opportunities put up an ad looking for Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children. This ad pre-dated the invasion of unescorted minors from El Salvador, Guatamala and Honduras. (Info on the migration “crisis” here.)

I had attached a link back in 2014, but the PDF document is no longer available. I had copied and pasted the document into Word. This shows that these “invasions” are planned and funded, with the complicit deep-state planning for contractors well in advance. It is long, but since there is no link, I am posting the whole thing, including the contact information on the ad. If you aren’t interested, I apologize and get your scrolling finger ready.

Here it is: Procurement Type: Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought

Title: Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children

Classification Code: V- Transportation/Travel/Relocation

NAICS code: 561612

Primary POC: Rachel Ali, Contract Specialist/

Secondary POC: Tony Ross, Contracting Officer/

A. Introduction

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States. ICE is seeking the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport. The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air. Escort services include, but are not limited to, assisting with: transferring physical custody of UAC from DHS to Health and Human Services (HHS) care via ground or air methods of transportation (charter or commercial carrier), property inventory, providing juveniles with meals, drafting reports, generating transport documents, maintaining/stocking daily supplies, providing and issuing clothing as needed, coordinating with DHS and HHS staff, travel coordination, limited stationary guard services to accommodate for trip disruptions due to inclement weather, faulty equipment, or other exigent circumstances. In emergency situations, the Contractor shall be called on to provide temporary shelter locations (such as trailers) with shower facilities for juveniles who are pending placement with HHS when bed space is unavailable nationwide for extended periods of time. The Contractor shall provide temporary guard services and other support as necessary during these emergencies.

In addition, the Contractor shall have personnel who are able to communicate with juveniles in their own designated language(s). While this may not require each employee to be fluent in all of the encountered languages, personnel should have access to and knowledge of translation services.

B. ICE Standards/Special Requirements

The contractor is required to perform in accordance with the ICE Performance Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS 2011), all ICE policies related to the transportation of juveniles (see the ICE Family Residential Standards at as well as the Flores Settlement Agreement, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, and the Homeland Security Act of 2002. In cases where other standards conflict with DHS/ICE Policy or Standards, DHS/ICE Policy and Standards will prevail. ICE Inspectors will conduct periodic inspections to assure compliance of the aforementioned standards.

Personnel shall have the knowledge and experience to transport individual children with special needs. Often times, children with special needs may require a transportation method that is time saving and direct, i.e. by commercial airline. Contractor shall also provide for accompanying medical care. Additionally, due to exigent circumstances, the Contractor shall be required to transport juveniles via ground to HUB airports or other staging areas that are not located within the area of initial apprehension.

The Contractor shall follow a fully developed training curriculum and transporting staff shall have the highest level of competency possible. Areas of training shall include, but are not limited to the following: Airport rules and regulations for travelers, crisis intervention, child development, working with and transporting youth with special needs, transporting youth with behavioral problems, CPR & First Aid training, non-secured UAC policy and procedures and the implementation of contingency plans in the event of a crisis during transport, which include de-escalation techniques.

• Background Investigations and Suitability Screenings will be conducted on all Contract Employees by the Office of Professional Responsibility and Personnel Security Unit (OPR-OSU).
• The Contractor shall agree that each employee working on this contract will successfully pass the DHS Employment Eligibility (E-Verify) program operated by USICS to establish work authorization and U.S. Citizenship.
• Employees must reside in the United States.

C. Contract Type

The Government anticipates awarding a five (5) year Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle consisting of a one year base period, and four (4) option years. The Service Contract
Act is applicable to this acquisition. All required clauses, provisions will be included in the solicitation and resulting contractual instrument.

The anticipated release date of the solicitation is March 3, 2014. The solicitation closing date will be thirty (30) days after release of the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Projected Set-Aside: All business sizes are welcome to participate; however, ICE is trying to determine small business interest, particularly HubZone companies. All information received in response in to this notice will be used to determine the appropriateness of any small business set-aside for this requirement.

D. Place of Performance:

Service Area: Throughout the Continental United States (US)

The area(s) or region(s) serviced may occur either with a phased approach over a period of several months to a full year. Alternatively, the Contractor shall perform the entire transportation function upon full funding. For example, the following two circumstances may occur: (1) The contractor could initially provide transportation services only in the Southwest Region of the U.S. for those juveniles who are apprehended in the state of Texas; or, (2) The Contractor may be required to provide transportation services for all juveniles who are in DHS custody throughout the continental U.S.

E. RFI Purpose/Requirements

The purpose of this RFI is to obtain market information and capabilities for planning purposes and to determine appropriate strategies to meet the Agency’s requirements. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a commitment for an RFP in the future. Responses to this notice are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are advised that the Government will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this announcement and information submitted in response to this RFI will not be returned.

Interested parties are instructed to submit the following information: (Note: Please do not exceed 5 pages per RFI submission)

• POC information (name, title, phone number, address, email address, etc.)
• Socio-economic status
• Brief Company Capability statement (to include addressing all special needs as stated above)

F. Submissions and Point of Contact Information

Submit written or electronic submissions via email to by 1:00pm EST on Monday, February 19, 2014.

End of RFI


Ew-w-w! Hogg and Miss Piggy!

comment image


States use different methods- in Texas I would be more concerned about the central computer messing with the vote and at thT point you wouldn’t see who the voters are as much as they would be broken down In numbers.

We have combo sheets for only Republicans and Democrats and they get a number that designates what specific questions are covered depending where they live. So in the primary’s and runoffs they have to decide what party they will choose- no crossing lines .

True the vote has been getting dead folks out etc out for yrs. so it is hard to cheat- even if we allow them a provisional vote they have to come back within 10 days and prove they are who they say they are.

At the end of the night there is a list of both Rep and Dems that the judges take home so if we want to check the list against who they have voted for before – you can.

But if the computers don’t start with a zero number and they use fractional voting then it can mess up and give one side or the other an advantage illegally.

There is a women who is bringing this case to the Supreme Court at this time. Laura prissily has a interview about this and explains how it works . I will find it and put it up.

The best one on YouTube is with Sarah Westfal and pressley discuss it. I can’t post a link because I am on my phone. She was cheated and taken to court but didn’t give up , decided to go on to the higher courts and now it is on the state level and being supported by the AG here . If your state is run by the Dems you probably don’t have a chance but this will change all of the states methods.


Landmark voter fraud case to change U.S. elections with
Dr Laura Pressley
with Sarah Westall (correct spelling)


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Thank you for asking about me, littledog. I am doing pretty good but have had many challenges over the past year… and especially the past 6 months. I will be getting monthly injections x 3 into my left eye starting on the 10th of April for clogged vessel causing hemorrhaging and partial vision loss. I am driving now but have to be careful merging onto highway. Just hope that this is over soon. I am so tired of physical problems… and emotional ones.

Planning on moving to Arkansas in the next year to be closer to mom and middle son/family. He lives in Branson, MO so will be close to the Arkansas/Missouri line as medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas and I need it for blood pressure treatment as I am allergic to all allopathic b/p medications. Also for pain though I am doing much better with fibromyalgia pain in remission for the past couple of months. Wow! That is indeed a blessing not to have the pain that I have endured for 30 plus years. Hope all is going well for cafe! Love, Windi
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2018-04-01 6:47 AM

Hi Windi,

Sorry to read about your health problems – I do send you much healing and loving thoughts for a speedy resolution to them all.

Could you please let me know what strain of medical marijuana you will be using for your blood pressure? Also what daily quantities?

Here in NZ the government will be looking into allowing the use of medicinal cannabis but only for the terminally ill (within 1 year of death!) and allow them to grow up to 4 plants. Chronic pain sufferers will need to wait for the importation and prescription by doctors – any those are hard to find (doctors who approve of cannabis).

Kindest regards,


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cobra-quote—–Saturday, March 31, 2018
Peak phase 0.87, hyperphase recovery complete, minimum hyperphasic requirements met, n=1—–unquote…..


Here’s how cold it has been lately at my place.

Everyone needed to put on their skates to manage to come to and fro the store, since the gasoline in our cars got frozen….
I had to gather ice and snow and boil it to get water at all….., if it hadn’t been for the darn electricity on the main supply high voltage power lines also got frozen…..
So I just had to eat snow and ice for weeks…

Every morning I woke up (thank God) – I had to use a icepick to get out of bed. ( when thinking of it, this could also explain my urination problem lately. Pipe frozen…?

Oh my – it have been so cold…….so I needed to open my doors for the wild sheep’s…..
Awful Stinky! – but warmer.

One day even part of the air freeze too!!!
But luckily there were a few pockets…, and so I could study all the chem trails that stood parked in the sky…I tried to use my pick to climb up there…….hadn’t it been my fear of heights.

Yes – This has been an extremely cold winter.
But really nothing compare to the one in 68…..


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from this article-quote—–The research, which was conducted by Harvard scientists and CNN, discovered that in 2014-2015 thousands of doctors were paid over $25,000 from opioid manufacturers and hundreds more were rewarded with six-figure sums. Also, the more opioids that were prescribed, the larger the reward.—–unquote…..


Alan, Hello old friend ,your eye needs Chelation Therapy, it removes plaque and heavy metals from the capillaries in the eye, then after 10 or so you will find you blood pressure and circulation is spot on, and the heavy metals we all have are purged, As for you can order the Cannabis extract CBD for pain period, you can legally get it by mail it even works better joined with THC. I watched a 75 year old lady professor who had been turned away for her drivers license because of macular degeneration. 5 chelations and she improved her vision and got her license, I witnessed this myself , NO MORE OCULAR BLEED OUTS
I used medical cannabis We grow great medicine Personally I used it for PTSD since 1969 and beat colon cancer with it’s help, If you can’t get chelation from NZ medicos’ Fly up to visit me and I’ll get you plugged in and treated. 800.00 US can get you 5 treatments also recommend hyperbaric tank, I know NZ has
those, check them out.

Alan, the Cabal goes down soon in NZ, GB, Cdn, US,Kim Dotcom is your Island hero for sure …. I’ll e-mail more pertinent non public info if you need it . Best to you and yours and a great ALOHA


Thank you, Alan, for asking about the medical marijuana treatment for b/p elevations. I take Rauwolfia Plus every morning and rauwolfia tablets when I am stressed. I smoke cannabis daily and usually strains that we have grown organically ourselves. I don’t know THC or CBD levels on our homegrown but it is clearly high as it will lay you down if you smoke too much.

The higher CBD levels seem to assist with lowering b/p though I am unsure of the needed levels to work. When my b/p goes up I will smoke… usually in the PM (when I have increased pain levels or stress.) I cannot say that I use it on a schedule… just as needed. I have found it will lower my readings from 160/100 down to 116/78 after taking about 3-4 hits on my little pipe. It will stay down for a couple of hours then may creep up to 130’s/85 range. I will take another couple of hits to keep it down until bedtime. I also take hemp oil each night for sleep/pain.

There are sativa and indica strains but I believe the indica strains work best for b/p. Also sleep. The sativa helps with appetite and pain…and the giggles. I believe I have that right… and I invite anyone to correct me or add to my answer to Alan’s questions.

Have a wonderful week! Love, Windi


Fabulous interview with Sarah Westall. What an amazing woman this is, wonderful message she has. Interview is 1 hour.


Worldwide Awakening or Mass Extinction, Norie Huddle



WOW…Hi Merek

How are you? Wonderful to see you here again! If you see or hear from Michael send him my regards too please.



Hi Merek #401238 and Windi #401239

Thank you both for your responses re medicinal cannabis.

Merek, it was Windi who has the eye problems and I am sure your advice will help her.

My question was relating to Blood Pressure as I have been on beta blockers etc. for the last 4 years since my heart attack. I stopped the Statins about 18 months ago and have weaned myself off the other tablets. As of today I am still on 100mg Asprin daily and a 0.4mg Tamsulosin HCI (for prostrate issues). By the week after next I will be off everything just to see what the effect is for me.

The doctors can’t seem to get my blood pressure down at all – even with extra tablets. Back in mid February I was on 25mg Carvedilol twice a day, 5mg Enalapril once a day, 20mg Pantoprazole twice a day as well as the Tamsulosin. My BP is regularly around 150/70 or above with the worst at 184/89 and the best 135/71 and I find that physical work outside seems to drop it but not doing much seems to keep it high.

The funny thing is that the pills themselves seem to do nothing at all in reducing the level no matter how active or inactive I am. So I was interested in the cannabis as a possible source of lowering it.

I do know about the Sativa and Indica strains as they are common over here on the ‘black market’ (which I am NOT interested in). Those guys grow hydoponically and have hybridised to very high levels of THC. I am more interested in natural “bush” cannabis with high CBD and very low THC – I suffer no pains at all so have no need for pain medication. All I need is the old fashioned cannabis for general health maintenance and heart functioning.

Anyway I will monitor myself and maybe slowly try one or two of the above drugs if the BP gets too high to see what the side effects are using just one at a time. Until the government changes the law on cannabis use it is rather risky to source it locally and importation is also heavily monitored by our customs guys.

Many thanks for all the advice and I will have a look at the sites you mentioned.

Great respect to you both,


Whoa – aloha, Merek! (Waves!) Good, no, great, to hear from you again. 🙂


Hi Merek,

I too am really glad to hear from you and add my voice to Rhonda’s – please pass my love to Michael if you are still in contact with him. He is sorely missed in the café.

Good news is certainly on the way and I am keen for the changes to happen ASAP.



Hi Alan re- aneeson #401242

Try this site for hemp related health information

May everyone journey to good health be swift.

Robert James

BTW, Benjamin, PLEASE CYA if the khzars ordered their murder squads to go after you. They are very proficient as shown by many fallen heroes.