Are Jews being falsely blamed?

Shalom Benjamin,

I have been receiving your newsletters from friends and associates for a few years now.  I must admit I was amazed that you had the chance to interview David Rockefeller, a man who rarely if ever speaks with any person outside the world he lives in.  Obviously you have something going on and many, as you know, were very suspicious when you got that talk, and felt that you are simply a plant and working for the Cabal and still do.

The purpose of this communication is to tell you that although some of your information is excellent and bang on, some of it is so left-field I sort of scratch my head reading or listening to it.

I am Jewish and orthodox 35 years, have lived in Israel, and have read the Torah (the actual script of God) 22 times from cover to cover.

I am also heavily involved in the Jewish religious world and know all of it well.  When you say that the Chabad religious community is trying to start World War3, I am just confounded.  You do make a distinction later between the religious Jewish community and this other group, but I must tell you that, for example, this idea that each Jew will have 2,800 slaves at their disposal is 100% complete nonsense and nowhere in any place does scripture speak of this.  There are some references to the Gentile people serving the Jewish nation after the final redemption, but this will be after the force of evil is permanently removed from the world.

For the record, the Torah is the only text in humanity’s possession that has God speaking directly to humanity in the FIRST PERSON, providing a full disclosure of how the universe was created, what happened with the first man and woman and the aftermath, a complete history of what has transpired since, a complete moral and ethical code of what God expects from us, and of course much information about the end of history which we are now approaching.

My concern is that there are millions of people who as you know are looking for someone to blame for all their misery.  The information you are producing, some of which, as stated, is completely not true, is pouring gasoline on a fire, and of course who do you think will be blamed for all the misery that is approaching?

Do not misunderstand me, I am not whitewashing the Jewish people and we both know that some of the worst people in history have been Jews, but I ask that you be very careful about this.  The exact thing happened in Nazi Germany and 6 million were incinerated.

I have met two grand master Masons in my life who admitted to me privately that the Jews are intentionally allowed to gain high-level positions just before the Establishment pulls the plug on a system they want to change.  Sadly, it’s happening all over again now.

The good news is that it’s going to end and God promises there will be divine intervention in a manner in which all nations will perceive God.  After this, God will remove the power of evil and destroy it forever; there will be a resurrection of the dead and a final judgment.  Everyone on earth will be judged.

The Torah provides us with many signs as to how we would know the end of history is coming.  All those signs exist today.  Are you ready for the greatest show on Earth?


Shalom Richard,

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have Jewish ancestors on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family.  I strongly believe I am fighting against the very same people who engineered the mass murder of Jews in World War 2.

My religious belief is that we did not create ourselves but were created by something else, therefore there must be a Creator.  The best way to respect the Creator is to respect the creation—in other words, to respect nature and other people.

As a journalist, my job is to get information directly via my Creator-given senses from the actual creation itself.  In other words, I rely on primary sources for my information and if it comes from secondary sources, I make that clear.

As far as Chabad is concerned, I am sure there are many good and devout people associated with that organization.

However, it is a fact, and I have recordings to prove it, that I was offered the job of finance minister of Japan and great wealth if I went along with a plan to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.  They said they would do this through disease and starvation, “because war did not kill enough people.”  The person who made this offer was sent by former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka.  This person told me the offer came from “the Elders of Zion.”  I have this on tape.

Since that offer was made, the regime of George Bush Jr. actively manufactured and spread biological weapons like ebola, SARS, weaponized bird influenza, etc.  This can be proven in a court of law.

Furthermore, massive subsidies were issued during the Bush regime to induce farmers to grow “bio-ethanol” instead of food, resulting in food crises in 33 countries.  This too is fact taken from the creation.

On a final note, the satan-worshipping pseudo-Jew Benjamin Netanyahu has been recorded on March 12, 2011 as threatening to use weapons of mass destruction to kill the 40 million people living in the Kanto Plain of Japan unless Japan signed over the rights to all foreign currency the country possessed.  Japanese military intelligence has the recording.

What I want to make clear is that the people behind this very real plot to create an artificial Armageddon are not Jews; they worship Set, Ba’al, Satan, etc.  They pretend to be Christian (like the Bush family), Muslim (like the Saudi Royals), and Jews (like Netanyahu), but they are not.

Our group is trying to remove them from all positions of power and expose the truth about these mass-murdering hypocrites to the world at large so they will never succeed in their fiendish plans.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

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With very great respect to the honest and pious Jews on this planet, particularly those who are not in the public eye and who are just trying to make a living, I have to endorse everything that Mr Fulford is saying. The Khazarians are sheltering behind the Jews, using the courtesy that society gives the Jews due to recent history, to continue their wicked plans.


Thank you Benjamin, for your clear and uncompromising response.
Your cause is the most honorable, and the most urgent on this planet.
In gratitude, Samba


Hi everyone,

Not that many café members will be reading this thread as most tend to stick with the main weekly thread. But I do have a comment to make about Richard’s post – he is just like all other religious fanatics and bigots – theirs is the only “true” religion or so-called word of God!

Well Richard, you are welcome to your belief system – and system it is; for it binds you to a paradigm of control and manipulation. You do not need to think for yourself because a “third party entity” has told you what to think and what to do.

To me it is just another form of divide and conquer and it has worked oh so well for the last 6,000 years or so (or what fundamentalists have been fooled into believing is the sum history of the planet).

Those entities behind the scenes of all religions have cleverly manipulated humanity into believing their version of reality so that we are indeed slaves to the systems that abound. I hope that I am past that and look forward to the transformation of Gaia and a future of peace and direct connection to Source (by whatever name one wishes to use), so that I can express my Divinity and live in harmony with all that is.

Divine peace to all,


Thank you for speaking up, Richard
Thank you, Ben, for responding to Richard with clarity, detail and respect.

Thank you, other commenters.. particularly Justin (Stillnessinthestorm)… the article provided useful info.

If we all can raise concerns and dialogue together with respect… as demonstrated here…well ..
I think we can use this process to undo whatever mischief sneaky “evil doers” are attempting…

My “2 cents”: When I read (as in the article Justin linked to) that Feminism… more flexible norms re gender and sex… etc are matters concocted by the “evil doers”, and then inculcated into the culture: ‘ I think this is diminishing real and important values that I and many other individuals have. I am not in favor of more flexible norms because I have been duped into my views. I think others would say the same.

So I think the process of creating a world that works for all… is for each of us to advocate for values that matter to us… and allow others to do the same.. which necessitates room for all to thrive… with all our differences.

If everyone truly got to know themselves and had the courage to do what is in her/his truth: the “evil ones” would cease to have any puppets to manipulate.


You are not to be trusted either Richard, since you mention the most repeated lie (disinformation, propaganda…call it as you like!) of: “The exact thing happened in Nazi Germany and 6 million were incinerated.” The Zionists (so, not particularly the true “practitionners” of the jewish “faith”), have participated with the so-called “Nazis” into making Jews scapegoats for implementing through the newly created UN, the creation of Israel! Yes, many people died in concentration camps, including many innocent Jews, but NOT only Jews! Yet it sure wasn’t the “6 millions” figure as the majority of “goyim” have been brainwashed to believe OK? 6 millions couldn’t have died “incinerated” because it was physically, technologically, impossible OK? the so-called “gaz chambers” were added at places like Auschwitz by the Soviet Army right after the war. The prisoners in those camps died mainly of diseases such as typhus, and malnutrition (during the last few months of the war, all the bridges and roads had been destroyed by the “allies”, and food couldn’t reach those camps or any other places! THAT sentence alone makes you a liar and obviously a “pawn” of the system, or a totally disinformed slave.
You should start by reading the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”….The group who actually wrote those, of course dismiss them as “fake”. But in our time and date, everything written has moreless happened and iS happening, so those who wrote them were in the know. And ever since then, whoever has tried, or tries to question or defy the “official narrative” is being lambasted as an ” anti-semite”!! Which in itself is a meaningless term, since over 90% of those who claim Jewish ancestry, originate from Central Asia, that is the Khazarians who at one point in History chose to “convert” to Judaism, or some form of Judaism, to serve their own purposes. So, these people, perhaps like yourself, are NOT even semite ! They are not the “Hebrews” of which the Torah, or OLd Testament speak about.
Anyway, do your research and your homework…


This is just mock indignation, politely done.


Pandora – well said and thanks for writing what you said as it saved me a lot of time having to write similar myself


Hi Ben,

I immediately cut to the chase, sorry, lack of time and space.

Ben, you shouldn’t call “them” Khazarians. First off, because NOT ALL the Khazars are/were satanists. By the same token, not all the Jews are Kabbalists (or Talmudo-zionists), not all the Jews follow the Talmud, let alone read it. The Talmud is a huge collection of books that Jesus called “Tradition of men” and not a single one has read them entirely.

You/we should call them KABBALISTS. It is much appropriate of a term to call them so.

Indeed, and I quote Wikipedia :

“In Morals And Dogma, Albert Pike states that “Freemasonry is a product of Kabbalah”. The theme of Kabbalah (Kabbalism / Cabalism) has also been taken up by many new religious movements, including the Kabbalah Center, which since the 80ies has enjoyed a certain degree of notoriety among some personalities of show business, notably the most emblematic Madonna, but which is denounced as an imposture by the traditionalist rabbis.”

Therefore, if Freemasonry is the product of the Jewish Kabbalah then the latter is the offspring of the Talmud, if not the other way around, but anyway, let’s call all that SATANISM. Even by the time of Jesus, the Pharisees were only a tiny minority, not all the Judeans were religious, first, and second, the religious ones were divided in many factions, the main ones being the Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Essenes, not to forget the Nazoreans like Jesus and the saints.

[The Essenes believed in the absolute sovereignty of God in all matters. The Sadducees believed in absolute free-will in all matters. The Pharisees stood in between the two views, saying that SOME things were fore-ordained, while other things are done by man’s free will. Each of these views is reflected in various denominational teachings today.]

Now, it is true that Khazaria converted to Judaism in the 7th Century A.D. (roughly between 620 and 740). But not all of them, first, and second, the majority followed the Torah and a minority followed the Talmud.

You know what a cabal is, right ? So, it is no exaggeration to say the elite are waging a true cabal against the rest of humanity. So, let these Khazarian mafiosi be called at least talmudo-zionists, but more appropriately kabbalists.

Because these pseudo-elite folks are all satanists. The average Jews have been lied to. They are utilised as a cover by a faction of multi multi billionaires that run the entire global show, that’s all. Jesus warned us against them that they pretend to be Jews but are only a “Synagogue of Satan”, I quote Rev.2:9 and 3:9. You already know that obviously. Sad thing is, when the population of the world will open their eyes, it’ll be once again the average Jews (and Joes) who will bear the brunt of the worldwide anger, NOT the elite. The ordinary Jews don’t have a clue, really. They don’t know who they are, the westerners alike. It’s all Babylon, confusion that is.

Ah yes, let call them BABYLONIANS for a change. Because that’s what they really are, Babylonians. Never heard of the Rothschild’s worldwide banking system called “Mystery Babylon” ?

I could develop further by saying they (the ordinary Jews) have been lied to to such an extent that they are not even Israelites proper, none of them. Indeed, not a single one of them are descendants of Jacob (Israel) but ALL OF THEM are either Khazars or Edomites, that is, descendants of Esau (Edom).

I encourage you to read Dr. Stephen. E. Jones’ “The Struggle for the Birthright” and all he has to say about “The Controversy of Zion” and you will understand. No time and space here to develop further, sorry, but you must know the ordinary Jews are being played big time. BIG TIME.

Karl Kaiser
Karl Kaiser

Zionists use World Jewry as their moral human shield, by claiming that any criticism of their racist-supremacist ethnic cleansing project is antisemitic.

To the extent that unthinking people buy this falsity, Zionists DO increase animosity towards Jews. But Zionists prefer to promote antisemitism, to justify their misbehavior as a form of “defense”.


The Evil Ones have many names, personae’s, labels. so call them what you will. Just fight what they do.

“You will not know them by name, but by there actions there nature will be known ! “


Hey just want to in put
over the years things have been blessed and cursed but progress is being mademost of us here seem well versed in knowing this groups and sub groups in this community. Living amongst most of my life there is a us vs. them perpetuated and inflamed by the sick criminal ongoings that blow it up.
I would like wds bf and anyone in the J community to help seperate and protect themselves who hide amongst them causing problems.
So we all know where some groups stand.
oh if anyone tried reaching on this or other posts post in reply.
heavy interferance…of communications
also cracked how to stop mass brain washing attacks and right your being subjected.


Thank you Giggedy! And I shall also ad this link from Henry Makow’s site…In case people and especially this “Richard” would want to really get informed about the way this world has been run until…Now.
Best wishes.


XUartema- Babylonians- I like that. I’ve been looking for a good label for a while. I did like Sabbatean-Frankists because it brings up that subject, but it is rather long. Thanks for the idea.


Excellent comments by aneeson and xuartema. What is a “jew” Jews appear to associate themselves with God’s promises but these promises were for Ephriam and Manessa, not Judah. but when you think about it. the term Jew came from the name Judah and the tribe of Benjamin associated themselves with Judah and somehow became Jews. What about Israelites ? The rest of the 10 tribes of Israel. if you look in the bible, Judah was at war with Israel. Then of course there were the Khazars who adopted the “Jewish” religion who had no roots in Israel or descendants of Abraham who make up the majority of the people in modern day Israel and think they are God’s chosen. Then within these people who live in Israel are the Zionists who are hell bent on war and use the USA to be their big brother to go and fight their battles. I am NOT antisemitic. so i am not slandering anybody but there is a LOT MORE to this than most people are aware of. Interesting subject. Good response Ben !


They rule the planet






So resonate with cfnisbet & anneson. As nice as the letter is the religiosity is so apparent & how hard it is to come out of such no matter what religion. Religion is for me a totally human construct & has NOTHING to do with Creator/Source.


Lest we forget…..who were the perpetrators of Usury in Biblical times…….Khazarian, Kabbalist, Synagogue of Satan or whatever…..they were deemed as Jews, the Money Changers…..and apparently they got a whipping from some guy who shall remain nameless


21 again this week. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


Whoops! Just realized this isn’t the report. I guess that’s what happens when you post before reading the article. LOL!


About the “Jews”:
It’s a very complicated matter. It took time to me to sort it all out but it’s crystal clear now as to know who is who. If you really want to understand, start by reading Dr. Stephen E. Jones’ “Struggle For The Birthright” about the “Controversy of Zion”, to me THE cornerstone of all books on the subject:, 7th on the list.
Incidentally, “Who is a Jew?” and “Who is an Israelite?”, also good eye-openers.

About Mystery Babylon:
Revelation (or Apocalypse) speaks of two Beasts. The first one who comes out of the SEE is the Vatican (the “Holy See”) but this one has been supplanted by the second Beast, the one who comes out of the earth. And this one is none other than the Rothschild’s World Banking System that we call “Mystery Babylon” or at least the financial side of it. The religious side being the Vatican and the very fact of religion in itself (God is not religious, the real Jesus is not christian). The political side is freemasonry and finally the military side is Washington DC. What do they all have in common ? An obelisk, all of them. The financial center of Mystery Babylon is the City of London, obelisk. The religious center of M.B. is the Vatican, obelisk. The political center of M.B. is Paris, obelisk. The military center is Wa. DC, obelisk. And finally, a place which much too often overlooked is Geneva which is the center of operation, the real HQ, the real HEAD of the Beast. Think of it: 50+ world organizations have their base in Geneva (or around), great and small, the European HQ of the UN and countless others (WTO (ex-Gatt), WHO, WMO, Wipo, ILO, ITU, UNHCR, etc., not to mention the Red Cross (a freemasonry creation), not to mention the CERN also, for sure an important part of the cabal.
Want to kill the Beast ? Aim at its head.
You may say there is no obelisk to be seen in Geneva and I’ll tell you yes there is, under the form of the fountain jet or water-jet called “Jet d’eau” there in the bay area. As they were not allowed to install an obelisk in this hardcore protestant place of all places, they installed this: as an ersatz.

Marcus Lee: True, “you will know them by their actions”. One judges a tree by its fruits.
Karl Kaiser: Zionism is the militant part of Mystery Babylon, a political movement. The purpose was/is to rid Europe of all its Jews. Theodore Herzl (the founder) was the most anti-Jew of all, just read his biography and all he has to say about the Jews, his contemporaries; he hated them to the core but nevertheless is highly regarded (go figure!) in this nation that falsely call herself “Israel”, which I call pseudo-Israel. I told you, they are played big time.
Giggedy: read the Controversy of Zion and you will understand WHO were those Money Changers. Not all Judeans (much later called Juden in Germany, Jews that is) were money changers, far from that.

We absolutely MUST stop blaming ALL the Jews for ALL evil on this planet. As K. Kaiser says, the satanists use them as a shield, “sheltering behind them” as cfnisbet puts it. They pretend to be Jews but are a “Synagogue (assembly, covenant) of Satan”. Traditional Judaism is not worse nor better than any other religion. It is just a religion. Period. On the other hand, I call the Talmud “the bible of Satan”. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a good summary of it. Not all the Jews practise the Talmud, let alone read it. Far from that. But all those who practise Talmudism are satanists.

Let’s call these psychopaths of all kinds, satanists, rapists, pedovores, 33rd degree freemasons, etc., BABYLONIANS because that’s what they really are. The system they set in motion and which they are part of is spiritually and allegorically called: Mystery Babylon. Bear that in mind.