False images in the Barbara Bush funeral video

Hi Mr. Fulford,

I have been following your articles through Kauilapele’s blog.  Thank you for such incredible journalism.

I took a few screen captures of images from ABC’s video of the Barbara Bush funeral video you referenced.  As you can easily see in the clip you referenced (which are all stills), the Clintons are seated with Barbara Bush to the right in the row behind them.  I believe it is Jimmy Carter seated two to the left of Bill.  But according to the video, Carter didn’t attend the funeral.











This clip is obviously from another event a while ago, since Barbara Bush, Carter, and the Clintons look younger, HRC is wearing a different jacket/outfit in this clip than in other scenes of her seated in the chapel as well as in the group photo of her with Barack and Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, the Clintons, and the Bush family.

The tie Obama is wearing in the group photo is blue, while the color of this tie in the video is black or dark gray.  Weird.





















Below are other discrepancies with the casket….

In the overview shot of the chapel, there is no casket up front.  Usually the casket would be there during the entire service.











Casket of Barbara Bush, supposedly:












Also supposed to be Barbara Bush’s casket.  It doesn’t match.










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Lumina Webs
Lumina Webs
4 years ago

John Connelly, I think you’ve completely missed the whole point of this posting, which was to show the reports lacked authenticity.

4 years ago

that’s not Melania in the photo next to Barbara, this event, yes, this pic was snapped at the funeral of LBJ’s wife.

4 years ago

I’m surprised, our internet sleuths couldn’t find it’s a video from funeral of Lady bird Johnson from 11 years ago https://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/14/us/14cnd-ladybird.html

Melania has been photo-shopped in. lol

4 years ago

Kauilapele’s blog rips the entire report and reposts it, then Ben mentions it?

4 years ago

Well., well, well, the plot thickens. we are living in interesting times. Hard to know what to make of this, other than we are getting fed all sorts of conflicting information.

john connelly
john connelly(@jackito)
4 years ago

Benjamin, I advise you to confirm the authenticity of the material that you post aside from your reports. I am in accordance with Mr. SL’s comment on the B. Bush funeral. I also noticed the same discrepancies when I read the report.
These kind of mistakes can hurt your credibility. Have someone assist you ( since you are very occupied writing your reports) in confirming the extra materials.
Thank you for the hard and dangerous life threatning work. I Will keep you in in my daily prayers.
John Connelly Montesinos

4 years ago

As to her being portrayed attending her funeral… seems like shots of another occasion could have been “in” the live footage of the funeral.

HOW ever… I realized several years ago that one CAN attend one’s own funeral.. if one wants… I plan to attend mine…
…. think about it… maybe you’d like to attend yours too! 😉

However.. I don’t think a camera will be able to catch me there…
And I am not likely to take up a seat!

4 years ago

OK… well I looked at youtube shorts of the funeral. The casket was near the front and, frankly, I do not think their sort of church would display the casket at the front.

AND… in the church it had a fabric cover… outside.. (and at the visitation the day before) not. so seemed like the same casket to me.