Purge at highest levels of secret government spells doom for the satanists

A change of guard and a purge of secret power brokers is breaking the deadlock in the battle for the Earth, say Pentagon, Vatican, agency, and other sources.  This is expected to result in the official disclosure of 9/11 and 3/11 truth as well as the removal of several G7 leaders, according to the sources.  To kick off this process, Admiral Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA who “resigned” on May 4th, “will testify before Congress to deal death blow to the cabal,” Pentagon sources say.

A publicly visible sign of this change was the formal election of Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre as the 80th Grand Master of the Knights of Malta on May 2.

This is important because the Knights of Malta is not just a charity, but a military order whose members, the tip top of the Western elite, must obey orders.  At one point MI6 sent me a list of the members of the order and I saw that it included enough senior U.S. military officers and agency officials to control the military-industrial complex.  Unfortunately, somebody was so concerned about my having it that it was removed from my computer along with a removable backup hard drive I thought I had hidden away.  Nonetheless, other public lists show the order includes people like George Bush Sr. and Jr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

What is interesting about Dalla Torre is that he obeys Pope Francis, unlike his predecessor, Fra’ Robert Festing, who reported to Cardinal Raymond Burke.  This is what self-described satanist Leo Zagami had to say about this move:

“Our worst fears became real when the last traditionalist Order that poses a threat to Francis, the Knights of Malta, still immensely powerful within the military and intelligence community worldwide (including the conservative side of the C.I.A), have seemingly lost their battle for the defense of tradition and Christianity.”

Zagami has told this writer he has eaten human fetuses and participated in occult ceremonies to “summon demons” and other entities.  I suppose that it is this “tradition” that he is defending.  He also said Christianity was “a religion for the slaves.” So the “Christianity” he is defending is the continued enslavement of humanity.

In any case, these changes are not just connected to religion, but are also intimately linked to the highest levels of world finance and power.  This is because the Vatican secretly controls most world governments and leaders by giving them a choice between “lead or silver,” i.e. assassination or a large deposit in their name at the Vatican bank, confirmed by P2 Freemasons and other sources.

On this front, Vatican #3 and person in charge of Finance, Cardinal George Pell, has been removed from power ostensibly because he faces criminal charges for covering up sex abuse in the church.  Coincidentally, his trial began on May 2, the same day the Knights of Malta elected their new leader.

This means that the apex of Western finance, the essence of the Deep State, is under new management.

These changes coincide with a huge move by Pope Francis to use high-level financial instruments to finance …

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1. Thanks Ben for an encouraging report, and good morning to all!


Good report I always suspected US and Russia are doing something together behind the scenes and making a public appearance of antagonism toward each other.

Thanks Ben


What is the plan of the people with Reptilians souls, who are mostly controlling the world, now that many are getting arrested and taken out of power. If you think they are planning to give up power, you just don’t understand the situation at all. They would never think of giving up power. You must realize that the highest ones in the power pyramid are remaining secret (few [not me] know who they are) and they have contact with negative ETs.

I’m told that there are over a million people on Earth with a Reptilian soul and a Human body and only a few, way under 10% may get arrested. You can also figure that the Reptilian soul people that control the justice department will go easy on the ones that do get arrested (like they do with the European criminal immigrants that mostly have Reptilian souls) and if one does get a long prison sentence, how would you know if they were just moved to an underground military base, that they also control.

So what figures to happen is, the most publically evil ones get arrested and other people with Reptilian souls just move up and take their place. Isn’t it happening already Trump has a Reptilian soul and everyone he has appointed also has a Reptilian soul, will these people get arrested, many a few, but most won’t and they will be taking orders from the higher secret ones, that have negative ET contact.

So where are we now, almost nowhere. None or few of the stelf programs, like mind control, secret energy weapons, GMOs, H.A.A.R.P. etc. will be stopped. Maybe the chemtrails that are visible will be stopped, but the invisible ones probably won’t be. So anyway I just want to point out we have a long way to go and Trump is not and nowhere near the final answer, he and all his cronies must also be removed in the end. Maybe Trump will save a lot of children and that is good, but Trump doesn’t have empathy for others, which is shown in how he treats and talks about non Americans . https://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


4. More…. more….more….more….Light… WELL BE ing Trans Form Mation…
For The Highest Good Of All Concerned.

w. special gratitude n blessings to/for Ben.. his team… & all teamed up to ushee in the goodies!
Tail wagg pals!

Ericka Buechner
Ericka Buechner



6! now on to read….


Thank you Ben, always interesting


Found the ultimate proof of ‘Russians did it!’ 🙂


You’re welkame


Thanks for the update. I really look forward to reading this every week. I almost totally ignore the MSM lately, too much bias, and Trump haters. MAGA,,,


10 this week. Everyone have a great week!


2018-05-06 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes


Simon Parkes
Published on May 6, 2018

Another excellent show. At 49:30, Simon addresses what happens when we die. There are those that try to help us NOT be recycled here on earth..spirit guides and angels.
They try to beat the AI that keeps recycling us.




Well maybe, but these indictments have been around for a long time it seems and still nothing. So Pope Francis is a positive force? Who knew. I understood that nothing good came out of the Vatican.

Clearly something is up because the MSM just buzzes about the same stuff over and over and it does seem that the STormy story is petering out. Hopefully we’ll see something more positive in the very near future.


Does ” Zionism is in its death throes” mean we won’t see half our foreign aid dumped into Israel anymore? That would be the news I want to hear!


Wonderful news Ben thank you, roll on the roll-up and RV long overdue!


guac77 #402941

Very true. Trump is damaged which is why they let him in; his misogyny gives him away along with his taste for Roman Empire interior design.

Mandatory vaccines (whatever happened to Kennedy?) the militarization of school security, 24-7 surveillance, increased debt slavery through college loans and rising interest rates. Trump can only do what they let him do and it isn’t clear who he serves.


Orban Calls For Alliance to Save Europe From Soros, 2199


The Still Report
Published on May 6, 2018

Synopsis: Orbán told his audience:
“George Soros has an army of shadows working in Hungary. We want to unmask it. We want to show that migration is not a human rights issue but a national security issue.”
The EU is doing everything it can to make life harder or Orbán. The EU has threatened to cut funding to any nation that does not uphold so-called “EU values.”
Orbán claims this is merely Soros-inserted code for the EU’s continued push for the Soros invasion agenda designed to bring about a one-world Europe where most sovereign power is ceded to the E.U. and the indigenous cultural identities of the sovereign European nations is obliterated.


18 today


Everybody stop for a moment and thank Donald Trump! Especially you Ben


EMFs And RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is
Yay Canada!!!

comment image


comment image?w=768&h=563


22 ~~ TWENTY TWO ~~ 22 Archetypes of human experience that all incarnated in Earth go through…


Kilauea Erupts; Floods in Ankara & Israel; Deep Winter Greenhouse


Ice Age Farmer
Published on May 7, 2018

Lava in the streets of Hawaii, and rivers in the streets of Ankara. The signs of the modern Grand Solar Minimum intensify each day. Are you preparing?

At 3:38 in video, he covers the story of a PhD weatherman who mentioned global cooling and was then confronted:

Here’s the article:
A veteran Ph.D. meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) was physically assaulted by NWS Director Louis Uccellini for mentioning “cooling” during a talk about the Earth’s climate in 2014 according to an account provided to CFACT.

“Don’t ever mention the word cooling again,” the agency’s Director warned

The Director allegedly put his hand on the meteorologist’s chest as a warning and pushed the employee against the wall. The whistleblower, who spoke to CFACT on the condition of anonymity, described a culture of fear and ostracism at NWS and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) against those who dissent from the “global warming” narrative.

The meteorologist has peer-reviewed dozens of articles, has authored several peer-reviewed articles, and has over 40 years of meteorology experience.

“I was giving a talk to fellow NWS staff about the jet stream flow in the upper atmosphere. What it showed was large amplitude waves in both the northern and southern hemispheres. I explained that the only way the jet stream could get to be high amplitude is if the atmosphere was actually cooling.”

Director Uccellini told CFACT through his spokesperson, Susan Buchanan, that “this alleged incident never happened” and that he “has never had a physical altercation with anyone in his 40-year career. For this particular topic, both cooling and warming need to occur for the jet to intensify, not one versus the other. So the alleged disagreement doesn’t make sense from a scientific perspective.”

However, the veteran meteorologist backed up the assertion with details. “Right at the bathroom break, the Director of NWS, Louis Uccellini, put a hand on my chest and pushed me up against the wall and said ‘Don’t ever mention the word cooling again.’ He did not mean it in a ‘joking’ way, he absolutely violated my personal space and was dead serious. This was back in 2014.”

Buchanan stated that Director Uccellini, “encourages open discussion on all science issues and perspectives and has always encouraged a culture of robust scientific discussion.”

However, the meteorologist sees things quite differently and describes a culture of fear at the agency in which experts are silenced through intimidation. The meteorologist made clear that this was not an isolated incident.

“One coworker who is a fellow ‘skeptic’ and I have to be careful about what we talk about at our desks or the breakroom,” the NWS employee explained. “We can’t let the word get out that we aren’t buying into the whole ‘the climate is warming’ narrative.”



地下核施設があること 高圧線で遠くまで送電出来ないことを伝えているサイトです



comment image

Judge T.S. Ellis III holds a mountain of Facebook interests; Fenwick & West LLP compromised Van der Meer by representing both sides and tainted Leader v. Facebook; Deep State duplicity abounds



Unreal: New FOIA-released documents show Obama’s politicized FBI LOST custody of Hillary’s server for FIVE weeks


comment image



Growing number of lawmakers pushing for TERM limits after watching swamp creatures serve for decades



Spike in Support for Trump Causes Pollster to Reject Own Poll
6 May 2018
A poll shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating has spiked since April 27 — prompting the Reuters/Ipsos polling team to quarantine their data.
“Every series of polls has the occasional outlier and in our opinion this is one,” the pollster announced. “So, while we are reporting the findings in the interest of transparency, we will not be announcing the start of a new trend until we have more data to validate this pattern.”



Rosie O’Donnell Used 5 Addresses, 4 Names in Over-Sized Dem Donations


comment image



comment image


Jim Stone
It appears to me that sanctions on Iran have at least partially backfired

First this from Bloomberg.
Netanyahu Says Better to Face Iran Sooner Rather Than Later Israel will do what’s needed to block Iranian aggression, sooner rather than later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.
“Nations that didn’t act in time against murderous aggression against them paid a much higher price later on,” said Netanyahu, who often invokes European powers’ 1938 agreement to let Nazi Germany annex portions of Czechoslovakia. “We don’t seek escalation, but are prepared for any scenario.”

Frictions between Israel and Iran have escalated in the runup to President Donald Trump’s decision this month whether to quit the Iran nuclear deal, and Netanyahu’s comments reinforced concerns that the two Middle East powers might clash directly in Syria, Iran’s client. Other Israeli officials have suggested that a withdrawal from the accord and renewed U.S. sanctions could either bring Iran back to the negotiating table with a weaker hand, or even lead to regime change.

Housing Minister Yoav Gallant, a security cabinet member and retired general, said that if the U.S. ratchets up pressure, Iran will eventually relent.

“The U.S. is still the largest economy in the world, and when the Americans decide that those who do business with Iran can’t do business with America, countries will have to give up on doing business with Iran,” Gallant said in an interview. “There need to be economic sanctions and eventually there will be new negotiations, sooner or later.”

First of all, let me shred this, and then I’ll get on to why this attitude of sanctions backfired.

Nut Yahoo crazy point 1: “Nations that did’nt act against murderous aggresion agains them paid a much higher price later”
The problem with this? Iran never acted out against anyone aggressivley. Hezbollah is in fact a charity organization. There is no proof whatsoever the rockets being fired at Israel are not Israeli in origin, with the greatest proof being that they always too miraculously land in places only an idiot would point them. Empty fields, abandoned areas, never anywhere near a Starbucks. Not even in the right zones for that, and most damningly, they come in right before peace negotiations. Far too often. Sort of like those gas attacks . . . . .

The only place Israel has been legitimately fired upon from is Syria, which Israel itself “acted in murderous aggression against” before Syria did anything at all, and then only in defense. So Nut Yahoo can babble on shrooms with the “aggression rant”, it is either the speech of a mad man or some sort of trip. Or maybe he needs to get rid of the mirror, because he just sits there pecking at a reflection of himself, not knowing it is himeself he’s talking about. Or he could be an unabashed liar. Yeah, that’s probably it, the other speculations were too nice.


VIDEO: Hollywood actress attends anti-gun protest — with armed guards
Hypocrite Hollywood Star Shiksa With Her Armed Guards
At Gun Grab Rally To Take Away YOUR Gun Rights


So Mueller is still supposed to be a good guy?? Hard to swallow..


37 Bill Gates = injections/vaccinations
Bill Gates = Common Core/dumbing down America’s kids
and now
Bill Gates = Chemtrails



blueskies1750 #402975
So Mueller is still supposed to be a good guy?? Hard to swallow..

Hi blueskies,
It is hard to find any good guys. All of the ‘actors’ harvest money from the drugs/arms, human/organ trafficking, nukes/oil pipelines.

The best scenario I see is that Mueller plays his part to uncover that Trump is financed by mafia/oligarchs, and that opens up the can of worms to the DNC and RNC playing in the exact same sandbox with the same oligarch/mafiosos. Or, it might turn on the DNC/RNC first, and then the underpinnings of Trump’s dirty laundry will be flapping in the breeze.

If the militarization of the police is all that is left standing, it will NOT be a good sign. Just more fascism and economic slavery ahead.

Until there is a system that recognizes humans are creative problem solvers ruled by love, and local justice and common sense oversees global control, and money is only a means of circulation, not accumulation like a cancer, we and our earth will continue to suffer our oppressors.

Everything matters, as we are connected to all that is.


secondlife #402923
I hope that CarolM is okay… I know she recently lost her husband… I remember she shared in a NDE as well… if my memory still serves me?? Positive energy going her way!

Hi secondlife,
Thank you for thinking of me. I enjoyed you re-sharing your NDE. I would like to believe that sharing mine with my husband helped alleviate his fear of death, and allowed him to transcend his suffering here on earth. I miss him, but I’m hanging in there pretty well most of the time. Lots of muck this spring to muck about in, hoping something will take root for growth opportunities.

I LOVED the article on crop circles as energy vortex communications from the earth. I remember reading about the language of dolphins and whales through the cymatics of their sonar tubes. The songs they transmit all across the ocean are complex mandala patterns in a cross section of the sonar tube. To us they are only perceived as sound, but, the dolphins can ‘hear’ them as images according to brain scans. It makes our languages seem so mono-dimensional by comparison.

Thank you also for the links to the MODEL STATUTE: Banning Neurotech Mind Control Weapons – 2018 VERSION. I found this other link posted on the page was easier to follow the ideas: http://www.peaceinspace.org


Unless Popo takes action against the pedovores and pedos – he is not on our side..(did Popo change sides?). One cardinal Pell from Australia is being prosecuted for his alleged cover-ups of parents protecting children, and
Pell is not the only Head Cardinal Pedo.

They believe/justify they are right in their heinous actions because they say ‘I love You” (laffing) as they violate and multilate the child, no matter what race of red blooded humans or species (animals) they are killing by their horrid actions.

Aren’t There are more than enough disgusted lay people in the Church to help with prosecuting these heinous Pedo crimes against humanity and save the children and adults? Nothing but silence!

Living in fear of what they might do to us is just not good enough any more! The dark is doing exactly what they need to – to eradicate hu-manity / us.

Ghandi and his powerhouse of supporters were not afraid to die…taking a page out of history…for instance….

Plan A: If We are going to die at their hands might, as well as, die for what humanity stands for…we are perceived doomed,
unless we all come together if this race of earthly humans are to survive.

Plan B: Thanks for the rescue, where is it?
Oh, that’s right delayed again!

We swallow / read / publish all the propaganda that we are helpless against the Trumps and Ibozos and Clintscums, etc…just more hogwash!!!

I only can hope I am wrong and this is just another illusion imprinted on my mind due to chemtrails poisons that are daily in my world. And they? have won again!

Thanks for reading this rant, but this is just not going away, but we are one-by-one.

I guess namaste is only a word.


Medical establishment hates it when athletes and celebrities seek alternate treatment.


Excerpt: Mainstream doctors and sports teams’ medical staffs aren’t happy.

Their sacred words from on high are being ignored by their patients. In case you missed the memo, doctors don’t like to be contradicted and disobeyed. Their god-like status must not be jeopardized.—What will happen when a world-famous sports figure decides to reject a yearly flu shot and speaks out about it? Or announces his pregnant wife won’t take the vaccine because it contains mercury, a neurotoxin that could damage her baby for life?

Celebs—no matter what you think of them—are key figures in influencing the public. This is one reason Pharma enlists their aid and pays them well for fronting for medical drugs. Celebs must also be kept in line. The more of them who stray from official medical protocols, the more the public wakes up and realizes they are being corralled inside walls of “respectable” treatments.

Tom Brady is a headliner. He and unknown numbers of his Patriots teammates have gone outside the boundaries for help—to independent trainer/nutritionist Alex Guerrero (site). This move obviously raised conflicts with the Patriots’ medical staff. Coach Bill Belichick eventually restricted players’ access to Guerrero—the trainer could no longer fly with the team, stand on the sidelines during games, or treat players inside the New England stadium. Belichick’s dictum was apparently a mere gesture of good will to team doctors, because Guerrero has an office within walking distance of the stadium, where players visit. …

More on site.


The Zio-tards using logical fallacies and fudged stats to do their victimological fart-horning again…


Jim Stone

According to Farsnews, the U.S. is currently building large numbers of illegal military bases in Syria. It could be GAME ON soon.

WOW, look at this FarsNews report:
Massive buildup shows U.S. war on Syria getting bigger

Farsnews, Monday May 7
As is now under the Trump regime, the US military is dramatically expanding its operations in Syria, constructing new illegal bases in the war-torn country and doing whatever it can to sell as many weapons as possible to vassals. The new mission creep base marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial war for regime change in Damascus. The new expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive US military infrastructure development project in other parts of the region as well, including Yemen, that will see new US outposts built this year on the pretext of fighting terror and protecting America’s illicit interests.

The buildup coincides with an aggressive escalation by the Trump White House in their propaganda warfare against Iran as well, including a possible withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal Iran signed with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

While Trump claims the US is leaving Syria, the Pentagon regime continues to seek massive amounts of funding for its military operations in the country as well. This includes a request for $300 million in weapons to give to “partner forces” in Syria i.e., Qaeda-allied militants. This amounts to enough arms for 65,000 fighters. This is expected to center on the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which is to say, almost entirely the Kurdish YPG. The US has been arming the YPG for years now as part of its regime change campaign.

The $300 million in arms also comes with $250 million in so-called “border security” funding for Syria. Both are going into the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), which Pentagon officials can easily shuffle around to spend on virtually anything – including arming America’s favorite terrorists. While couched as “Counter-ISIS” funding, the funding looks more likely to be backing the YPG in fighting Turkey. While the US is unlikely to fund fighting against another NATO ally, it may also be this is just another excuse to grow the OCO for the ultimate push for Damascus.

It gets interesting when we hear that Saudi Arabia confirmed that they are considering joining an “Arab force” to invade Syria as well! They say this possibility has been discussed with officials from a number of different countries. This “Arab Force” would be from countries favoring regime change in Syria. The idea was proposed last month by the Trump White House, which sees the Arab force as a replacement for the US ground troops currently in Syria.

Clearly, such a deployment would not be endorsed by the Syrian government, and would eventually lead to direct military clashes with Syrian forces and their allies. While the nations involved in the Arab force aren’t all named, the Saudis involvement suggests it will mirror the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen. But that US-backed, Saudi-led invasion of Yemen has been calamitous, killing large numbers of civilians, and failing to achieve its military goals. There is no reason to think in Syria the outcome will be any different, specially considering that Syria is incomparably stronger that Yemen and already has a vehement army of allies in the sky and on the ground.

Which brings us to the conclusion that it is indeed silly to believe, given how bad Yemen has gone, that the Saudis and their friends have what it takes to consider throwing together another force to invade Syria. US officials see this as a way to affect regime change in Damascus, though it’s clear it will be wishful thinking all over again.

The problem with this new mission creep is that the desperate souls have lost the war and they will not return to the good old days when their terror proxies were roaming free across Iraq and Syria. But America’s new escalation of the war of choice tells us that a notably authoritarian Trump White House is likely to continue to intervene in the post-ISIL country on behalf of vassals who share its illicit interests, and it’s especially important for the world community to take this massive buildup by the War Party seriously.

The evidence is overwhelming that America is playing a very harmful role, an unacceptable role in the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and that playing at war with Iran is Trump’s way of helping the failing terrorist groups, appeasing disappointed allies, and also an effort to try to undermine in a significant way the anti-terror alliance of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia. The alliance is not, as they claim, a self-interest group relying only on its members. They are drawing support from the world community – unlike the War Party which relies on terror groups and despicable vassals.

My comment: Fars News is one of the most credible news sources there is. If they are claiming the U.S. is doing a massive military buildup in Syria, it is not a question of if, but when there will be a U.S. initiated war.

Yes, Nut Yahoo did his Iran rant for a reason evidently, because the U.S. would not be putting illegal bases in syria without that reason.

The bottom line is that Syria is not over yet. The game may just be getting started.

U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to open in one week.

WOW, that was quick

How on earth did the embassy get put in place that fast? I thought this was years off. Guatemala got theirs in first though. But Guatemala just needs an apartment somewhere and they have it. U.S. embassies are not so simple, especially in that zone. I am very surprised it happened this quick. Israel probably had something to do with how fast it went in, they have wanted this for 70 years.
NO IMAGES OF IT ANYWHERE, IS THIS A HOAX? It does not appear that it should be, Yahoo has the report
Why would there be no pictures of it anywhere if it is set to open next week? All I can find is pictures of the embassy in Tel Aviv.
Gasoline prices in the U.S.

Why are pump prices averaging $2.81 per gallon when crude is at $70 per barrel? Let’s do some math.
$2.81 x 55 gallons in a barrel -20 percent refining and distribution costs and mark up for sale puts price Americans are paying at $123 per barrel. Not until oil hits that price should Americans be paying that much. And the problem is worse than this, because the pump prices were just as high when oil prices were at $50 a barrel.

Is there already a carbon tax in America? I have not checked this, but if so, it doubled the price of gas. There are also normal gasoline taxes that are always tacked on, but I can’t see that pushing the price past $2 per gallon. Americans are definitely getting the shaft (not quite as bad as Mexico, where it is $4 per gallon,) but the shaft no less.

At least I am driving a car that gets 28 in the city. That helps.

Janet Divitto
Janet Divitto

Dr. Ron Paul is on the linked list of The Knights of Malta. Hard to believe.


secondlife #402908

Thank you Secondlife for that wonderful share. I suppose you now have to make sense of why you came back into this world of pain & joy.


Ron Paul a Knight of Malta? Well those guys are more stealth than any secret society I know of. The Masons at least make their funny hand signs and the Cabal is all but discrete, but KofM? Probably a lot of people are in it. Have you ever seen a building for it, an add, public people who admit being in it? Nada.
Deester- fascinating info about the athletes who avoid today’s doctors. Sadly, they’ve got the money to go elsewhere; the rest of us don’t.


Janet Divitto #402983
Dr. Ron Paul is on the linked list of The Knights of Malta. Hard to believe.

Hi Janet, welcome to the BFC.

I don’t think that is hard to believe at all. Libertarians subscribe to the ‘useless eater’ idea that if you are not contributing dollars to the economy, you are part of the problem. So, anyone who is caring for their disabled family members, or is disabled due to our medical system that encourages illness to improve profits, anyone who served their country and ended up with PTSD or worse, anyone who does not have a bunch of economic slaves on their minimum wage payroll, or who is an artist, dancer or musician, or likes to spend their time restoring the planet, is someone who is not a valued human being.

When we can value people by the size of their heart, not their pocket book, or how hard they try to heal or contribute to the greater good of all and the planet, then those lists can start to shrivel up.


American Intelligence, Waldorf Schools and the Goddess Sophia

I did make a comment after this YouTube video:

“I think it’s a stretch to associate Rudolf Steiner with Satanism just as it is wrong to place H P Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society as a dark Luciferian where she really aimed to present him in his original aspect as the ‘harbinger of light’, in spite of what happened later with Besant, Leadbeater & Alice Bailey in part through the Lucis Trust which I believe is still affiliated with the UN, but not on the right side of the fence. It is interesting to see how some Waldorf schools have been co-opted by all accounts, but we should not tar them all with the same brush, since all is never what it seems any more than anything is all black or all white.”

The lady who does some research for Jason Goodman tells us one Waldorf school has a logo similar to Comet Ping Pong & Douglas Gabriel is also involved with one Waldorff school, & that they visited this pedo pizza place – if I got that right, the audio was bad. Definitely a lot more dots to join up.


Hillary: Michelle is right – she blasts women for not voting for her, saying women don’t like successful women. No, we don’t like child-killing Satanists and sore losers who blame everyone but themselves.


Excerpt: Hillary Clinton said on Monday in New Zealand that former First Lady Michelle Obama was “so right” over the weekend when she blasted women for not electing Clinton and said female politicians are held to a higher standard than men.
“The more professionally successful we are, the less people like us,” Clinton said. “Historically, people like me when I’m serving a supporting role… But the minute a women, at least in our country, stands up and says ‘I’d like a chance to lead’… everything changes.”

More whining on site.


vermithrax #402973
Paul Vallance posted on Prime Minister of Israel’s FB page:

Let’s look at facts. 1992 Netanyahu said “Iran is 3-5 years away from a nuclear weapon’ advocating to bomb them then.

In 1995, he said Iran was “3-5 years away and we need to bomb them now.”

In 2002, he testified in front of Congress that Iraq was in the final stages of building a nuclear weapon and we need to attack them now.

In 2009, he told a Congressional delegation that Iran was 1-2 years away and they needed to attack now.

In 2010 interview in the Atlantic, he emphasized that Iran was making nuclear weapons now and that an attack was necessary.

In 2012, he said Iran was just a few months away.

At the same time, Mossad Intelligence Chief, Meir Dagan, said in his final intelligence summary that, contrary to Netanyahu’s repeated statements at the time, an Iranian nuclear weapon is in fact not imminent, and that any military action against the country could end up spurring the development of such a weapon.

Suddenly, he now has documents that contradict the International Atomic Energy Agency findings on the ground in Iran. Although they had only intended to use nuclear development as an energy source, Iran had sealed all nuclear equipment and materials. This is the same International Atomic Energy Agency that was spot on while the world was misinformed and attacked Iraq (with help from Netanyahu).

So now Netanyahu is gong to recommend the United States and the world to attack Iran. This coming from a Prime Minister of a country that repeatedly refused international observers entry to inspect it’s own nuclear weapons programme, which even threatened annihilation in 1973 if the United States didn’t resupply them with weapons.


666 Monsanto and blocking the sun

Published on May 7, 2018
This has got to the point where we are in an emergency state and 96% of the country doesn’t even realize it or they refused to realize it they are blocking out the sun they are shortening the days they’re destroying the earth. And people don’t understand it it isn’t about money anymore they have all the money in the world this is about good versus evil this is the undoing of creation right before our eyes

OMG – Richie says Monsatan got bought by Bayer for $66.6 B. WTF!
Of course Reuters shows it as $62.5…


I cannot believe nor understand how the pope can be a good guy. i think he is the epitome of evil. I recall a while back when Putin was talking to him and stated that he ( the pope) is NOT a man of God. The vatican is a a very strange place full of strange things and the Roman Catholic church has a lot to answer for in terms of perverting the Bible and misleading its followers and enriching itself on their money. Similarly with some of the people listed as members of the knights of Malta. many of these were seen as good people but it makes you wonder. Then there is the “black pope” so called and many other untalked of things. This world is a very convoluted place indeed.


Israel Wins Second-Largest Number Of Cybersecurity Deals Globally
This speaks for itself…



To our friends in New Zealand…hold on to your wallets and children. Hillary is lurking around for speech money.


Response to Deeter
This picture shows bush wearing a control device as he has been cloned and that is how the clones are controlled. Same for Hillary. She has been terminated and what you are seeing is a clone of her.



Hi Vermithrax

It is hitting..literally.. Australia next!



Guac77. I don’t think you need to worry about reptilian souls. God will sort them out. When the EVENT happens, we have our vibrational frequency changed and raised. Those that are not suitable for an upgrade are no longer amongst those that do get that rise in vibrational frequency and will no longer share our world. Despite all of Trumps good intentions, ultimately he is not in charge of the world and higher powers will deal with these issues.
Like some of our world leaders have said, it is not my job to judge these people or what ever they are. My job is to send them to God and let Him sort them out.


Maybe the ‘shoe’ served to Nuttyahoo was not a mistak?



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Hey Alan… I sent you an email over a week ago… when Ben’s site went down. Please let me know if I need to send itagain, since I never saw a reply back? It was sent from my Yahoo address, titled – Secondlife.

Vote Up00Vote Down
2018-05-07 12:06 AM

Hi Secondlife,

I am back from a very pleasant few days visiting a friend with Alexis and toooo much shopping!!!

So I have just caught up with last week’s thread and saw your message. I have indeed got your request (and added you to the list). I sent a reply on 27 April to the email (Yahoo) address that accompanied the request and have just re-sent it again. If you do not receive it soon, please email me again to the benscafegroup email and I will send a ‘reply’ – it could be that my outgoing message got corrupted or that it landed in your ‘spam’ mail folder?

Best regards,


vermithrax  #402994


To our friends in New Zealand…hold on to your wallets and children. Hillary is lurking around for speech money.
2018-05-08 8:07 AM

Hi Vermithrax,

Thanks for you kind thoughts about us here in NZ (soiled by Clintonmania), I do see that she is here in our local press but I am not even bothering to read the reports of her visit and talks that the local press is putting out. The headlines are silly enough – but then there are always cabal flunkies even here at the ends of the Earth!.

Best regards,


Night all – I need to catch up on all the comments from last week 🙂


Iqbal Nazar

I always thought that USA/ Russia are the two sides of the same coin (UN). Russian arrest warrant of George Soros changed my mind a little but not completely.


You Are Free TV – today

7 May 2018
The Q wars have gone live with multiple people involved in Cicada 3301 streaming on Youtube and outing some of the Q background. Meanwhile, the Iran Deal will be decided upon by POTUS within 12 hours. Perhaps, John Kerry and BHO will be arrested for treason under the Logan Act! And, oh yea, France is running America now in the latest corporate takeover of US Inc by UN Inc..
Also for the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ investigators among you – after a period of silence – a LONG post by ‘Q’ late today.



Jason Goodman and David Hawkins discuss SES, Bureaucrats, patent secrets and a lot of behind the scene methodologies of the ‘bad guys’ and who is behind it.



Dems Officially Announce Plan To Impeach Trump And Ban Conservatives From Facebook



Portable Skin Printer Repairs Deep Wounds
New tissue applied in less than two minutes
University of Toronto | techxplore.com – May 7, 2018

University of Toronto researchers have developed a handheld 3-D skin printer that deposits even layers of skin tissue to cover and heal deep wounds.

The team believes it to be the first device that forms tissue in situ, depositing and setting in place, within two minutes or less.


AP Reports: Conservatives Are Better Environmentalists
New study finds climate alarmists more harmful to Mother Earth than skeptics

Americans who are skeptical about climate change engage in personal behavior that is more friendly to the environment than climate alarmists, who support increased government regulation, a new study has found. http://www.breitbart.com/



Medieval Tapestries Evidence A Hidden Planet…
Celestial body may lurk at edge of solar system
Tim Collins | Daily Mail – May 4, 2018

Trails of dust and gas in the night sky recorded by Anglo-Saxon astronomers may provide evidence of the mysterious Planet Nine, academics at Queen’s University claim.

Experts believe depictions of comets spotted in the Dark Ages will provide further clues on the whereabouts of the hypothetical celestial body.

Scientists have long debated whether or not a rogue planet, dubbed Planet Nine, lurks at the edge of our solar system.



#402989 Deester that whole picture is odd.. Some lady squinting her eyes just feet from Hillary but not looking at Hillary–barely hanging onto her purse while appearing to be in a heavily trafficked bus stop area.. Must be photoshoped.

also- captcha code- does anybody else have trouble posting due to captcha code?


I opened up this blog in a new window, it said I was not logged in. I logged in, came back to this window and my entry posted.


Study: Nearly 40 Percent of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No GOP Professors
Dem Sen: ‘Vindictive and Political’ for DOJ to Punish FBI’s McCabe via Pension A new study found that 39 percent of “top-tier liberal arts colleges” in the United States don’t have any Republicans on their faculties. The study by the National Association

Send your kids to a trade school instead of college! You’ll both save tons of money, and they’ll have more job security than their brainwashed peers!

Yet another reason to not go to college. I should know, I’ll be paying off my loan till the day I die, and so will most of the kids going today when most of them can’t even find a job in their chosen field. It’s become a scam, for real.



BREAKING: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program — CONFIRMED


Published on May 7, 2018

Deborah Tavares from StopTheCrime.net joins me for this emergency broadcast recorded tonight May 7, 2018. It is now overwhelmingly obvious that the 5G rollout is a Biometric weapons system and a mass sterilization and eugenics program. Please folks, stand up and DO something about it NOW.


Iqbal Nazar #403003
I always thought that USA/ Russia are the two sides of the same coin (UN). Russian arrest warrant of George Soros changed my mind a little but not completely.

They are also going non-GMO. That is HUGE!


mkddachs #403012

I didn’t know the colleges had gone off the rails until my daughter came home after 4 years a raging liberal – loved Hitlary. Her roommate thinks she is bisexual but has never dated a female – was going to the LGBT meetings. Truth his she was molested by her father. Lives with her long term boyfriend even now. I hope these kids can distance themselves from this crap and gain perspective.


roman #402995
Response to Deeter
This picture shows bush wearing a control device as he has been cloned and that is how the clones are controlled. Same for Hillary. She has been terminated and what you are seeing is a clone of her.

Very interesting. We know about the clones – didn’t know clones had to wear a control device. That would make them so easy to spot.


Re 5G – They know what they are doing. Why else would they continue to update the Deagel Report for 2017.

US pop declining 227 million by 2025 leaving only 99.6 million left!

So this energy wave that is coming – per Simon Parkes – will take out some AI.
Maybe it will affect 5G. IDK.


Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast



trudy #403004
You Are Free TV – today

7 May 2018

Wow. The collage of chaos.. Good description. I need to listen to this one twice.


You are Free TV lady outs Jerome Corsi – when he came out defending Kissinger – that pretty much did it for me too. He has a sketchy background.


Day 202.1 Does Trump Know About Kerry’s Illegal Gmail and Blackberry?


George Webb
Published on May 8, 2018



#403021 All I know about Corsi is that you can listen to him for an hour and learn nothing.


BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH, Blue light at night is killing you and it is all by design


The Fullerton Informer
Published on May 5, 2018

Blue light is a weapon, has one of the shortest wavelengths, cuts the body’s production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock.This disrupts other hormones, causing prostate and breast cancer and other hormonal cancers


comment image


Is Hillary Clinton wearing a back brace? Eagle-eyed Twitter users spot ‘weird protrusion’ coming from her back after she stepped out in New York’s warm weather bundled up in a coat and long scarf

The Killery clone breaking down or did they make her GPS a neck collar instead of an ankle bracelet?


Why is Killary allowed to trot all over the world continuing her treasonous acts and shill for Clinton Foundation donations I’m sure?



By Mike King

Ursula Havebeck / Monika Schaefer

NY Times: Elderly German Neo-Nazi Apprehended, Sent to Prison

Times of Israel (January 9, 2018): Canadian Holocaust denier arrested in Germany

Just by watching a few videos of Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer speaking from their respective hearts, we can sense, with absolute certainty, that these are two of the warmest, sweetest and most charming older German ladies that you’ll ever come across — the gentle type who would welcome a stranger into their impeccable homes for coffee, strudel and conversation. These adorable women each represent the very antithesis of the Frumpy Frau, that nasty, frigid, bossy Bolshevik bull-dyke currently presiding over the slow torture-murder of Marxified Germany.
As is expected in this upside-down world of ours, while Mamma Merkel roams free to wreak havoc and cause more rapes and deaths of Germans at the hands of her sainted and untouchable Turd World “migrants,” Ursula (89) and Monika (60’s) — with the gleeful approval of Jews all over the world — are condemned to waste away a few years in German prisons for their thoughtcrime of Holocaust Denial” ™. Boy-oh-boy, the “usual suspects” sure do make it difficult for decent people of good will not to “hate” them, don’t they?
Image result for haverbeckRelated imageImage result for merkel
1 & 2: Ursula and Monika — two sweet and innocent souls with hearts full of love — rotting in prison. 3: The Frumpy Frau — a nasty Globalist-Marxist ogre with a heart full of hate — running Germany and the EU.
Frau Haverbeck was actually convicted a few months ago, but failed to show up as scheduled to begin serving her 2-year sentence. Haverbeck maintains (100% correctly!) that the Bullschwitz internment camp Poland was simply a work camp, and even stated this on German TV. For this unforgivable thoughtcrime, the “Nazi Grandma” has been convicted several times, but avoided prison due to appeals.

You may sleep well now, boys and girls of occupied Germany! Mamma Merkel’s “authorities” have finally apprehended Ursula the Terrible (she actually returned to her home), and have transported the dangerous felon to prison to begin doing her time for “Holocaust Denial” ™.


intruth #403018

Interesting piece, but no surprise. All the devices emit EMR. I warn the kids constantly, but the schools are part of the reptilian revenue stream and NWO. Some superintendents know what they’re doing, others may be oblivious to the bigger picture. The ones who do know believe that somehow they and their children will be spared.

We’re so gullible.


Wife of U.S. Army soldier describes being digitally threatened by so-called ‘CyberCaliphate’


U.S. army wives targeted by Russian hackers posing as ISIS: ‘We know everything about you’
Bet you shekels to bialys that it ain’t the Russians masquerading as ISIS, but Zio-tard Mo’Sad-ass and CIA, etal vassals


From Bob Livingston’s newsletter.

Stagflationary crisis: Understanding the cause of America’s ongoing collapse

It is at times frustrating, but also interesting, to witness the progression of the mainstream’s awareness of economic crisis within the U.S. over the years. As an alternative economist, I have had the “privilege” of perching outside the financial narrative and observing our economy from a less biased position, and I have discovered a few things.

First, the mainstream economic media is approximately two to three years behind average alternative economists. At least, they don’t seem to acknowledge reality within our time frame. This may be deliberate (my suspicion) because the general public is not meant to know the truth until it is too late for them to react in a practical way to solve the problem. For example, it is a rather strange experience for me to see the term “stagflation” suddenly becoming a major buzzword in the MSM. It is almost everywhere in the past week ever since the last Federal Reserve meeting in which the Fed mentioned higher inflation pressures and removed references in its monthly statement to a “growing economy.”

For those unfamiliar with what stagflation is, it is essentially the loss of economic growth in numerous sectors coupled with a marked spike in consumer and manufacturing costs. In other words, prices keep going up while employment, wages, production, etc. decline.

I have been warning about a stagflationary crisis as the ultimate result of central bank bailouts and QE for many years. In 2011, I published an article titled The Debt Deal Con: Is It Fooling Anyone? in which I predicted that the Fed would resort to a third round of quantitative easing ( and they did). This prediction was based on the fact that the previous two QE events had not resulted in the kind of results the central bankers were obviously looking for. At that time, the stock market remained a dubious mess on the verge of a renewed crash, the U.S. debt rating was about to be downgraded by S&P, true employment growth was dismal, etc. The Fed needed something spectacular to keep the system propped up, at least until they were ready to trigger the next stage of the collapse.

In that same article I also discussed the inevitable end result of stagflation.

QE3 was a spectacular con, along with Operation Twist. The Fed got exactly what it wanted — an unprecedented bull market rally in stocks and temporary stability in bond markets. As stocks jumped higher and higher despite all negative fundamental data, the mainstream simply regurgitated the fool’s narrative that a “recovery” was upon us. But now things are changing and no illusion lasts forever.

The second observation I have made is that central banking elites and their cronies tend to give warning of great economic shifts, but only about a year before they occur. They do this for a few reasons. One, because they are the people that engineer these crisis events in the first place and it’s not very hard to predict a calamity you helped create. Two, because it makes them appear prophetic when they are not, while at the same time giving the public as little time as possible to prepare. And three, because it gives them plausible deniability when the crisis actually happens, because they can claim they “tried to warn us” but unfortunately it was too late.

The Bank For International Settlements warned of the derivatives and credit crash in 2007, about a year before the disaster struck. In 2017, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan warned of a “stagflation not seen since the 1970s.” In later comments, he and others attributed this potential crisis to the policies of Donald Trump.

It is important to note, though, that stagflation is entirely the fault of central bankers and not the presidency, though the White House has indeed aided the Fed in its efforts regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.

Now, years ago there was a rather idiotic battle between financial analysts over what the end result of the Fed’s massive stimulus measures would be. One side argued that deflation would be the outcome and that no amount of Fed printing would overtake the vast black hole of debt conjured by the derivatives implosion. The other side argued that the Fed would continue to print perpetually, resorting to QE4 or possibly “QE infinity” and negative interest rates as a means to stave off a market crash for decades (like Japan) while at the same time initiating a Weimar-style inflationary bonanza.

Both sides were wrong because they refused to acknowledge the third option — stagflation.

The Fed clearly found a way to direct inflationary pressures into certain parts of the economy while allowing deflationary pressures to weigh down other parts of the economy. They also are not sticking to their previous strategy of holding interest rates down while pumping up markets with talk of further QE.

Deflationary proponents used to sarcastically argue that if people really believed that inflation would be the consequence of Fed activities then they should jump into the housing market because they would make a mint on price increases. Well, this is exactly what has happened. Home prices have continued to surge despite all fundamentals, including dismal home buyer stats which hit an all time low in 2016 and have barely recovered since.

I use home prices as a prime example of stagflation because the housing market constitutes around 15 percent to 18 percent of total GDP in the U.S. Since items like food and fuel are not counted in the calculation of the CPI index, housing should be the next consideration. Signs of stagflation in housing are a sure indicator of stagflation in the rest of the economy.

The manner in which housing is calculated in the CPI and GDP is a bit odd, of course. Housing is not included in these stats in terms of home purchases annually. In fact, home purchases and improvements are treated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as an “investment” and not as a consumer purchase, which means they are not considered a measure of inflation. However, home values in terms of their “rental cost and change in cost” are counted in CPI.

As we all know, rent prices across the country have been skyrocketing in the past few years along with home prices, while at the same time home buyers have dwindled and the millennial generation is staying at home with mom and dad rather than paying out monthly for homes and apartments. That is to say, in a normal economic environment fewer buyers should result in lower prices, but this is not what has happened. The question is, how has the Federal Reserve and QE contributed to this example of stagflation?

First, the Fed’s artificial support for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac after the derivatives debacle allowed for continued propping up of the housing market when bad debt should have been allowed to cycle out of the system and house prices should have been allowed to fall.

Second, the Fed’s bailout funding of Fannie Mae directly benefited companies like Blackstone, which has become a partner with Fannie Mae and one of the largest buyers of homes in the U.S. Blackstone has not purchased tens of thousands of homes for resale, but for conversion into rentals. Blackstone’s vast purchases of single family homes has artificially boosted home values across the nation and given the false impression of a housing recovery that does not really exist.

Third, a very interesting discovery; while the central bank under Jerome Powell has become more and more aggressive in its balance sheet reductions, a move which has directly contributed to the recent decline in stock markets, there is one asset class that the Fed has been ADDING to its balance sheet — Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).

MBS represent around 40 percent of the Fed’s total balance sheet, and the Fed’s continued fiat support of the MBS market helps explain why home prices refuse to fall despite negative fundamentals. It is also interesting to me that the Fed has chosen to dump certain assets that appear to be causing a downward reaction in stock markets and other sectors while maintaining assets that keep housing prices high. It’s almost as if the Fed wants stagflation…

Finally, while the Fed’s interest rate hikes do not traditionally have a direct correlation to home mortgage rates, there is an indirect correlation. Fears of inflation sometimes ironically create inflation, and while the fed raises interest rates, mortgage rates tend to track. In 2018 mortgage rates have spiked, climbing 48 basis points since the beginning of the year.

This contributes to home prices as well a perceived rental values according to the CPI.

The source of almost every instability within our economy can be tracked straight back to the Federal Reserve and the “too-big-to-fail” corporations they bailed out after the credit crash. The current stagflationary development is no different. Stagflation will ultimately result in extreme price increases on necessary goods and services far beyond what we have already seen while the public’s ability to keep up with those prices will falter.

The fact that this issue is finally hitting the mainstream should be concerning to everyone. For when a crisis development is discussed in the mainstream, it means we are already on the verge of that crisis reaching its nexus. In June the Fed will raise interest rates yet again despite failing fundamentals. The Fed will continue to cite inflationary pressures, and the Fed will continue to cut its balance sheet. There is no room for delusion on this anymore. In the meantime, central banks will continue to blame external forces such as trade wars and Trump era policies for stagflation while ignoring the trillions in fiat they have expertly poisoned our financial system with.

All bubbles collapse, but not all bubbles collapse in the exact same way. I believe the Fed has created a perfect storm of combined deflationary and inflationary factors; an economic bomb to surpass all economic bombs.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith


Another one bites the dust – NY attorney general quits amid allegations of sexual misconduct.


Will not let me cut and past an excerpt.


Broward Deputies’ Association target Broward Coward Sheriff Israel with billboard campaign stating no confidence.


Excerpt: A union has paid for a huge billboard expressing ‘no confidence’ in the embattled Broward County Sheriff months after he was heavily criticized over the Parkland massacre.

The yellow sign on Interstate 95 just north of Sunset Boulevard tells Florida Governor Rick Scott ‘there is no confidence in Sheriff Israel‘.

It was funded by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, which in April passed a vote of no confidence in the Democrat supported by 534 of the 628 of voting members.

More on site.


Here ya go, Deester…
Eric Schneiderman Resigns as New York Attorney General Amid Assault Claims by 4 Women

Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York attorney general, had assumed a prominent role in the #MeToo movement.CreditDrew Angerer/Getty Images
By Danny Hakim and Vivian Wang
May 7, 2018
Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general who rose to prominence as an antagonist of the Trump administration, abruptly resigned on Monday night hours after The New Yorker reported that four women had accused him of physically assaulting them.

“It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as attorney general for the people of the State of New York,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement. “In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.

“While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”

His resignation represented a stunning fall for a politician who had also assumed a prominent role in the #MeToo movement.



In addition to claiming that Mr. Brennan is aiding a Kremlin plot to deepen America’s partisan divide, former CIA Clandestine Service Officer Daniel Hoffman says the former CIA director has actually jeopardized national security by publicly insinuating that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be blackmailing Mr. Trump.


DOJ Buys our personal info from social media and takes advantage of user interaction with their social media accounts to to farm more.

I accepted a long time ago that they illegally spy on us, but to know they actually spend Citizen paid taxes, on a company that has committed probably the largest violations of privacy on citizens we’ll ever see, that they are currently investigating, so they TOO CAN VIOLATE OUR PRIVACY…..

That’s just mind blowing, brazenly, no shame at all, top tier disregard for our Constitution and the people.

comment image

comment image


Remember Jade Helm, the military exercise that our alternative news sources all started talking about back in 2015? Well, that was a Russian disinformation campaign that was outrageously successful, at least from their point of view.

Here’s the story:

Panic over Jade Helm conspiracy theory was fueled by Russians, former CIA director says

A former director of the CIA and NSA said Wednesday that hysteria in Texas over a 2015 U.S. military training exercise called Jade Helm was fueled by Russians wanting to dominate “the information space,” and that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott‘s decision to send the Texas State Guard to monitor the operation gave them proof of the power of such misinformation campaigns.

Michael Hayden, speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe podcast, chalked up peoples’ fear over Jade Helm 15 to “Russian bots and the American alt-right media [that] convinced many Texans [Jade Helm] was an Obama plan to round up political dissidents.”

Abbott ordered the State Guard to monitor the federal exercise soon after news broke of the operation. Hayden said that move gave Russians the go-ahead to continue — and possibly expand — their efforts to spread fear.

“At that point, I’m figuring the Russians are saying, ‘We can go big time,’” Hayden said of Abbott’s response. “At that point, I think they made the decision, ‘We’re going to play in the electoral process.’”

Jade Helm 15 was a planned military training exercise that became a fascination of conspiracy theorists before it even began. The exercise, which spanned several states, began in Texas in Bastrop County in 2015 and was described by federal officials as routine. But some conspiracy theorists speculated that the exercise was a covert effort to institute martial law. Hayden was not CIA director at this time.

Weeks before the exercise began, Abbott wrote a letter to the State Guard asking them to keep an eye on the operation so “Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.” In the letter, Abbott added that he had “the utmost respect for the deep patriotism of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to fight for and defend our freedom.”

Read more by clicking on the headline.


Hi all!
Rhonda is in Hospital – she fall and broke her right arm today. Perhaps surgery tomorrow – it’s “PLATES AND SCREWS OR SHOULDER RECONSTRUCTION.” – so it’s not a simlpe fracture, it seems.

Please send her much love, protection and healing.


Hope your surgery goes well Rhonda! Sending you healing energy and positive thoughts.


Michael Hayden, speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe podcast

OMG, really? The fake news ‘debunking’ something again?


2018-05-06 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Why would we go from the 3rd dimension straight to the 5th dimension? A good answer would be because our control system emanates from the 4th, it has been made from outside of our 3D where we interact with the unpleasant energy from 4D so that when we make our ‘transfer’ (as Simon has been told), we will not need to continue our ‘4D re-cycling’ because it has been done for so long now we can bypass it or go through it without staying there.

When referring to density we mean the quality of the energy around them. Whether it is light or heavy it is nevertheless a dimension. There are 12 full & true dimensions with a 13th being built, but within each dimension there are sub dimensions. Within each dimension are separate realities.
(Is that clear now?!)

AI is the holographic policeman; everyone has their digital spreadsheet so as to enable the manipulated reception when you ‘die’ that you will recognise & expect. As a good Christian you can expect Jesus or Mary or Michael to lead you forwards to the ‘light’, but actually you will end up being re-cycled through the re-incarnation grid. (Nice one Simon!) There are spirit guides who will advise & support so as to help you overcome the predeliction to go to the ‘light’ & instead return to Source or your star family. There are also true angelic beings who if present will lead you away from the re-incarnation grid.

Ergo, beware of the false light beings . . .


#403040 intruth
The fake news ‘debunking’ something again?

We know now that Jade Helm was nothing out of the ordinary as a military exercise, so there’s no “debunking” to do. This is the explanation as to why the Jade Helm conspiracy appeared as a threat so suddenly, and across virtually all of the alternative news sites.

It seemed strange at the time, as though the military was deliberately taunting us. But, it was the Russians, whose constant barrage of disinfo has impacted all of us, and not for the better. A side effect of this campaign is to get all of us to consider professional journalistic sources as “fake news.”

They’ve been quite successful, and we can expect more of the same going forward.


Lakewinds, he might be right but how can you be so sure that what an ex CIA director tells us is the truth? I thought spreading fear & loathing was the speciality of the deep state.


Help me help Rhonda. Sending all loving & healing vibes.


#403043 zanderboy

Well, this is hardly spreading fear and loathing. He’s explaining why this conspiracy theory started and played out the way it did. It was always unlikely that Jade Helm was any kind of a threat. After all, if the military started arresting and detaining people as was “feared”, especially in Texas, it would spark a civil war. And to give “advance notice” as was done?

So, I think it’s vastly more likely that he’s right. Russian-sourced disinfo is a huge problem. They have created a culture, which is observable here in the Cafe, in which all “inconvenient” news is Fake, however factual it might be, while “convenient” news is true, even when it’s Fake.

The Russians must be loving all of this.


Sure & by sparking that sentiment in Texas the department of Deep State gets to gauge the reaction & monitor all those potential ‘ringleaders’.

Furthermore it ain’t the Ruskies who have created this fake news culture but the increasingly deranged from reality MSM, as in over-ripe CIA Mockingbird or are they also controlled by those guys in Russia? Did you read that . . . CIA.

Oh yeah, liked what Simon Parkes had to say about what happens when you pass on for good; a little bit of synchronicity there!


I haven’t found Simon Parkes to be right about anything, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s on the soul-trapping, free-will-denying, Reincarnation Grid bandwagon.

Your soul cannot be kidnapped or enslaved. That’s just the truth.


I received this in an email this morning from a friend.

Japan forcibly sterilized tens of thousands of ‘inferior descendants’ in a massive eugenics program

A Japanese government program to prevent the birth of so-called “inferior descendants” that saw tens of thousands sterilized, often without their consent, under a law not revoked until 1996.

Most were physically or cognitively disabled. But others suffered from leprosy – curable, and now known as Hansen’s disease – mental illness or simply had behavioral problems.

Now the victims of forced sterilization arestarting to sue Japan, where attitudes about the disabled still lag other advanced nations even as it prepares to host the Paralympic Games in 2020.

TOKYO (Reuters) – One day when Saburo Kita was 14, he was taken from an institution for troubled children to see a doctor. Despite protesting that his health was fine, he was ordered to strip, lie down on a table, and was given a local anesthetic.

Then the surgery began.

He was left with a thick, v-shaped scar on his lower body and questions about what had happened. Months later, talking with a friend, he learned that he had been sterilized. So had two others from the same institution in Miyagi, northern Japan.

“There was no explanation, ever,” said Kita, now 75, who uses the pseudonym in media to avoid questions from his late wife’s family. “I was left with a body that couldn’t create children.”

But he did not realize until January that his surgery was part of a government program to prevent the birth of so-called “inferior descendants” that saw tens of thousands sterilized, often without their consent, under a law not revoked until 1996.

Most were physically or cognitively disabled. But others suffered from leprosy – curable, and now known as Hansen’s disease – mental illness or simply had behavioral problems. Kita had been sent to an institution for fighting at school.


Continued on site….Do you think Killary & Gates would have done this to all “deplorables”. 😳


Xander: I remember reading ‘jade helm’ was manipulation covering last years’ hurricane areas in southwest and all flooded states last year. The rest was just disinfo to strike fear … this was no accident! Just as fires in Southern and Northern California last year…were not natural…just follow the map coverage of areas affected…

Of course, I not able to locate source…


Lakewinds: you need to take off your rose 🌹 colored lens. I’m not buying it. Always have to look deeper.

I was told the same thing when I used to believe and trust all sources. It’s called discernment. Russians are always to blame-it’s the meme since Trump came to office…

Just suck it up and refocus.


Digging: Hope you are okay. If we post here we are targeted…but nonetheless, glad you are posting…you know it’s true…

As you say:

Protection, protection, and more protection.



So it’s “who do you believe?” I’m applying discernment, including information I’ve received elsewhere, and concluding that in this case, this guy’s telling the truth. I don’t know what else to do, since my own contemporaneous observations support what he said.


Digging should be Siggi…so sorry.


Getem: Ouch, oh that hurts!

Good vibes and healing coming your way.



Lakewinds: We have not been able to trust the CIA since JFK’s, RFK, and Martin Luther’s assisinations, neither Isrealia.

I fear the world together will have to revoke Nutyy’s life force, as prophesied. He’s is a very bad, bad guy – not Russia. Of course, they all play games on each other over secret cocktails parties.

I would love nothing more to trust these guys, (since it’s all we have) but right now most doubtful.

There’s no reason to believe me, but you ask for guidance and it shows up, in one form or another…and questions are answered, whether we accept the complexities of our world today…

Just another deplorable’s opinion.


What do 1984, Gulag and the AI & 5G Driven Deep State have in Common?


Seething Frog
Published on May 8, 2018

The trends across the World that we see today are easily predictable based on past events, if we compare them. And the outcomes will be vastly worse. We must respond, act now and reverse what has been, for hundreds of years, planned for us.


lakewinds #403037

I remember Jade Helm, what a dud, but it wasn’t Russian disinfo because there really were military vehicles driving all over the place and we really saw military takeover of some of the warehouse stores across the country. Now whether or not the military were ever going to do anything, who knows.

That line from both the NSA and CIA sounds like a whitewash of a failed psyop event. They don’t know what to say about it because they never pulled it off and now they can weave that failure into the Russian infiltration of US internet meme. I don’t buy it. I think they botched up and are trying to cover it up while smearing Russian. Why did we see all the vehicles? I remember the local newspaper even talking about it and telling everyone not to worry it was just a military exercise. Do they control our newspapers too now?

Are we all aware of all the bombing going on between Syria, Lebanon and Israel at this moment? Seems it all started as soon as Trump pulled out of the accord. We knew it would. Can’t imagine how it will end? Macron, Trump and UK are apparently prepared to bomb in support of Israel. How tragic. Something about protecting the FED against goldbacked oil payments by Iran. Really, this is what we’re killing people over????


#403057 jujubean

Hi Juju … Remember, Jade Helm was a valid, scheduled military exercise, so the military activity was normal.


Test & logging off for today.

Best regards top all,


Found on Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s website-in an article about the substandard educational systems—


X22 Report
Connecting The Dots, The Plan Of Plans Is Now In Motion – Episode 1563b
date: 05.08.2018 North Korean Kim Jong Un met with Xi Jing Ping for the 2nd time to discuss the peace deal. Lebanon elections did not go the way the deep state wanted.Haftar continues to destroy the IS and he takes control of more of the country. Trump makes his move to go after the deep state, he is cancelling the Iranian deal, Israel says its preparing for war because it believes Iran is ready to attack. Syrian army destroys the IS base in Yarmouk. Q drops more intel, Q connects the dots and discusses the plan to take down the deep state. The deep state is now on the run more government employees are resigning, CEO’s are resigning and Q says the investigation into the Iranian deal is moving forward to catch those who are using it for other purposes.


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Betsy and Thomas call out Daniel Jones for leading opposition research funded by Russians and George Soros to continue the impeachment attacks against Trump – all lead by conspirator Robert Mueller.


….if Soros isn’t happy, then it has to be good for America.




Pay attention to the legal bottomfeeders in the swamp. They are all there to protect their scummy existence. Don’t be fooled by this corrupt judge. He is laying legal groundwork to exonerate Hillary and give Mueller an exit door.



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Russian Oligarch Who Allegedly Paid Michael Cohen Is Linked to Clinton Foundation and John Podesta



Eric Schneiderman’s stunning fall puts aggressive anti-Trump legal agenda in jeopardy


This confirms much of what Jim Stone has written about for years.

Brendon O’Connell 136,034 views
Published on Feb 2, 2018Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US.

That “American” you see “controlling” something? He or she is an American Jew or Zionist, dual national Israeli American citizen.

Israel rules. Until we target specifically this control of the high technology sector and specifically The Talpiot Program, we will all continue to wonder how Israel gets away with all it does.

It is a racist state of the most odious kind. But who will stand up to them?

From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical – Israel runs them all.

This is Israel’s false flag nuke.



Drones vs stones: Palestinian takes down ‘Israeli UAV’ with rock & slingshot (VIDEO)
The irony of this David and Goliath reversal is mind-croggling…


vermithrax #403068
Russian Oligarch Who Allegedly Paid Michael Cohen Is Linked to Clinton Foundation and John Podesta

Hi vermithrax,

That is the point. The same oligarchs that came up through the alphabet agencies KGB, FSB, CIA, FBI, etc, etc. from Putin and George H Bush are supporting both the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, the Trump election and his cabinet. We have not had a choice in quite a while.

It is silly to think that the Dems/liberals are bad and the Rep/conservatives are good. Divisiveness and false flags are ALL financed by the deep state. We have to UNITE against the deep state that is now fueled by AI and find what it is we AGREE on to get rid of this plague upon the earth. I don’t see the white hats yet. We all have to put on the white hats and stop giving away our power and responsibility.



WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of “love

(Natural News) The rapid rise of anything-goes liberalism – the idea that absolutely nothing is off-limits, so long as it defies conventional norms in some way – has driven at least one self-identifying feminist to ally with the unlikeliest of bedfellows: a prominent Christian magazine.

Natasha Chart, a 43-year-old board chair of the radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front, recently spoke to The Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter about some of the growing divisions within leftist circles. One of these divisions centers around the legalization of child sex trafficking, to which Chart is diametrically opposed.

One would think that wanting to keep young children out of the sex trade would be something that everyone supports, extreme leftists and devout conservatives alike. But Chart apparently found out the hard way that child sex trafficking is one of the left’s newest “virtues,” and that opposing it, even as a far-left feminist, simply won’t be tolerated.

In a nutshell, Chart says she was fired from her political advocacy job at a company known as RH Reality Check, now known as Rewire.News, for expressing opposition to the growing push to legalize allowing children to sell their bodies for sex.

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, Chart says she’s well-versed in cult-like behavior and manipulative tactics, insisting that all of this is present in the feminist circles where child sex work is supported. Those like herself who oppose it either have to keep it to themselves or else face ostracization and other repercussions.
….more on site…..
Terminal Madness of the Lib-tards…throwing each other under the bus on the issue of child trafficking.


Differences between Karl Marx
and Fyodor Dostoevsky
One is a being of light and one is a being of darkness
Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. – Karl Marx



Trump fans freak out on right-winger Matt Drudge for warning against president’s ‘fake news crusade’

Right-winger Matt Drudge, who has long been a booster of President Donald Trump, seems to be concerned about the long-term consequences of the president’s “crusade” against the “fake news” media.


Jade Helm con’t. Eventually the military revealed that it was an exercise, but reports of it surfaced way before the military acknowledged it and the military don’t usually tell us about their planned exercises. I’ve never seen a warning or schedule, maybe in the southern and central states you’re updated regularly?

I believe there was more to Jade Helm than we knew and the leak was disruptive. Now, is it possible that the Russians were testing out their internet sabotage capabilities? I suppose but in view of all the lies our own government has told us I’m far more inclined to believe that the deceit was on our side, not Russia’s. What would have been the point of it all anyway for Russia? Anything that demonizes Russia these days is highly suspect for me, especially 2-3 years after the fact.

vermithrax #403073

The pressing need to legalize or decriminalize pedophilia is growing because it seems a large number of our political class suffer from the condition and are therefore facing jail time. If you notice, many of our new female stars appear much younger than the ages they portray, largely by being small and thin, thus giving the impression of prepubescence. The promoters begin by grooming us with the images they want us to normalize so we won’t be appalled when they propose the new reality. That tendancy will continue with male stars as well.

The gay community came out against this trend way back after SSCOTUS ruled on gay marriage, but it was hushed up. Then we had the transgender theme and how children as young as 10 knew about their sexuality, another effort to prove they were conscious enough to choose. It doesn’t seem like that really caught on. If you watch closely, you can catch them trying the new frequency over and over.


Bob Livingston’s latest newsletter….
Netanyahu’s dog and pony show

The unseen adepts that rule the world are masters at understanding human nature.

Throw a few visual aids up littered with code words like nuclear and holocaust and attack and Iran, and the people lose their minds. So the mainstream reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent dog and pony show about Iran’s nuclear “ambitions” was entirely predictable.

Standing before a screen showing his visual aids, Netanyahu claimed Mossad agents had pilfered hundreds of thousands of documents and mounds of other evidence indicating “Iran lied” about its nuclear intentions when it signed a deal with President Barack Obama in 2015. It’s a deal President Donald Trump has called the worst deal in history.

The show provided great fodder for the war party, which has been itching for war with Iran for almost 30 years. Iran is one of the countries targeted for “clean-up” by globalists in the George H.W. Bush administration as far back as 1991, according to retired General Wesley Clark, former commander of the Supreme HQ Allied Powers in Europe and one-time Democrat presidential candidate.

With North Korea peace on the table, the war party has amplified its venom toward Iran, which is partnered with Syria (and Russia) in a fight against CIA-backed Islamic State terrorists and “moderate” — and al-Qaida-linked — Islamists.

American politicians run to Israel’s side like dogs to fresh meat. As we told you in a recent letter, the pro-Israel lobby pours millions of dollars into campaign coffers on both sides of the aisle and controls most U.S. mainstream media and the think tanks that distribute foreign policy papers and lobby the American people through the mainstream media for more foreign wars.

This is not the first time Netanyahu has tried to stoke the embers to drive America into war with Iran. In 2015, before Obama signed the Iran deal and while Netanyahu was embroiled in a bitter re-election campaign, Netanyahu went to Congress and spoke in apocalyptic language about the danger Iran poses to Israel and the world.

When we questioned Netanyahu’s motives for ginning up war with Iran, the long knives came out. One would think that it was legitimate to question whether sending U.S. troops to Iran to fight for Israel’s interests was in America’s interests. But it is apparently not, according to conventional wisdom and a number of commenters, for that question immediately drew the expected and mindless knee-jerk charges of anti-Semitism and dozens of promises to drop us from their reading list.

But modern Zionism has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism. Therefore, criticism of Zionism is not anti-Semitism, though Zionists have long used the claim of anti-Semitism to quell all criticism. There are Jews who are not Zionists, and there are Zionists who are not Jews.

In an interview in 2007, Joe Biden, a Catholic, claimed to be a Zionist. During the interview with the Jewish Shalom TV, Biden said, “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

He presented himself as a great friend to Israel and referred to it as the United States’ greatest Middle East ally. Then he followed that with one of the most important questions he’s likely ever asked: “Imagine our circumstance in the world were there no Israel. How many battleships would there be? How many troops would be stationed?”

Imagine indeed.

As Lillian Rosengarten of Mondoweiss, pointed out: “The Israeli Zionist ministry of propaganda has successfully blurred the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. With clever adeptness and manipulation they have succeeded in spreading a form of domestic terror to Europe and the United States. This form of terrorism as defined by the Thesaurus is ‘the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to civilians in order to attain goals that are religious or political or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation, coercion or instilling fear.’ Use of the Holocaust as propaganda invites fear and hysteria.”

But Netanyahu need not have even played the “Holocaust” card because just questioning whether America should put its interests first makes the neocon right and fundamentalist Christians lose their minds. The neocon American right, fundamentalist Christians and most politicians have become Israel-firsters because of Zionism, propaganda and false teaching.

There are different reasons for blind support of Zionism among the people and the politicians. For the politicians, it mostly boils down to money and their devotion to the new world order. For many of the people, it comes down to a misunderstanding of or a misinterpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

This is something I will write more about in future letters.

In the meantime, please hold off on calling us anti-Semites. We harbor no grudge nor hold any animus against Israel or its people or Jews wherever they may be.

I do take issue with the decisions of some of Israel’s leaders, its agencies and its foreign policy, just like I do with America’s leaders, its agencies and foreign policy. But criticizing Israel’s leaders or foreign policy is not anti-Semitic any more than criticizing U.S. foreign policy or its leaders is un-American.

I love my nation, but I fear what my government has become and where it wants to take us. My efforts are devoted to helping us all break the bonds of conventional wisdom and find the truth… no matter how uncomfortable.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™


Jim Stone
Iran nuclear deal reports

This one is worth looking at just to see the picture of the British foreign secretary after he messed his hair up. The rest of the report is also very good.
This one is worth looking at just for the picture of the inside of Iran’s parlaiment building. WOW. Unbelievable. The rest of the report is pretty much an angry rant.
This one is worth looking at, because they set fire to the American flag inside that fancy parlaiment building.
This report gives a pretty good run down of Europe’s reaction. Here’s how it goes: The U.S. has claimed it will put sanctions on any country that circumvents U.S. imposed economic sanctions on Iran by trading with Iran. PROBLEM: That means that if European countries trade with Iran, in defiance of the U.S., Americans won’t be able to buy Mercedes and Volkswagen. FAT CHANCE that will happen, Europe wins that one. So Europe is trying to get Iran to calm down, because they will render America’s move largely symbolic if Iran sticks to the deal anyway. The deal was not only between America and Iran, lots of Europe was in on it also, and they will help Iran as long as Iran keeps the agreement. So the good move for Iran would be to say “too hell with the U.S. if Europe will in effect keep things business as usual. Airbus instead of Boeing then, and the Sukhoi Superjet is working out fine everywhere it is used . . . .
The bottom line is that if the U.S. gets out of hand with this, it is the U.S. that will be cornered because absolutely everyone else kept the deal. If the U.S. enforces the pull out by sanctioning the world, it will be the U.S. that ends up economically isolated. The only thing that can possibly happen is the U.S. stops doing business with Iran. If Russia, China, Europe, and everyone else is still in the deal, that won’t hurt much.
Possible Iran pullout fallout:

What is Kim Jong going to think now that the U.S. violated the Iran deal? Only an idiot would believe America won’t violate a deal with North Korea, and what will Kim be able to do about it after the nukes are gone? destroying the Iran deal was a really bad move by Trump. It hurt America’s negotioating trust BADLY.
Wikileaks slander B.S.

When it all boils out, who do you believe? Wikileaks, or The Daily Beast?
As I call it, Assange is not even at Wikileaks anymore. He has not been to the balcony since 2016. But the Daily Beast, a communist liberal rag, who’s buddies always get attacked by whatever Wikileaks is now (and was then) somehow got ahold of a “defector from Wikileaks” who said all the right things about Assange, to bash Wikileaks into oblivion. I doubt their tattler is real, the onus is on the Daily Beast, not Wikileaks, SEE THIS.
FACT: I have been disappointed by a few Wikileaks releases, but never saw a lie. The Daily Beast LIES ALL THE TIME. They are as bad as CNN. FAT CHANCE their “Assange bash” has any truth at all. No explanation for why Assange has not been to the balcony lately either, because their “whistle blower” is BULLSHIT. IMPORTANT NOTE: Drudge linked this. What was he trying to accomplish?


Jim Stone

Wind down operations NOW!
TRUMP: “German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately.”

Richard Grenell, US Ambassador to Germany, told Berlin to “wind down operations immediately” in the hours after the US President pulled his nation out of the agreement.
His comments are set to ruffle the feathers of Germany, where its Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed “regret and concern” over Mr Trump’s decision.

Mr Grenell tweeted: “As @realDonaldTrump said, US sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran’s economy. German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately.

My comment: Now we will see if the much hated Merkel can keep her word under threat, or if she really is just a useless b***. If she keeps her word it will be the ONE thing I don’t hate her for.


A very useful comment from Benjamin today: “The ruling cabal needs fear and hate in order to stay in power. I assume you are in the United States, where fear and hate propaganda are the most intense. Please understand that seen from the perspective of the world at large, love is winning. The situation in Iran will lead to some histrionics for a while, but it will not lead to World War 3. The good guys are winning, so please relax and enjoy your life.”


Hawaii Volcano: New Fissures Open Up, Prompting More Evacuations


Published on May 9, 2018

Kilauea is the youngest and southeastern-most volcano on the island of Hawaii. It is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and has been in continuous eruption since 1983. Hawaii Governor David Ige has told the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) that the state will need help dealing with the volcano.


Your Food Source Diminishes by the Numbers, Get Ready Prices Up & Up (600)


Adapt 2030
Published on May 7, 2018

The newest reports coming out of the US and international crop review by the USDA show dismal figures for the US, and I do mean dismal with 4x less than normal for spring wheat plantings and corn, barley, oats are not much better. Expect massive food price increases beginning this year and the situation of our crop yields will only decrease in the future. Prices up. 35,000 cattle perished in snows and cold throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Things have degenerated quickly sad to say.


Trump Sets a Trap for Mueller, 2202


The Still Report
Published on May 9, 2018

On Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller rejected President Trump’s offer to answer questions in writing. This is no surprise to anyone with the letters Esq. appended to their names as the totally Democrat composition of the Mueller team can only mean that this is the most titanic setup for a perjury trap in the history of the republic.
The Trump team has now set a May 17th deadline to decide whether or not the President will commit prosecutorial suicide, or force the Supreme Court to decide whether a lot like the Mueller investigation can interrupt a duly-elected President any time they lose an election.
Even Judge Andrew Napolitano is warning Trump on this one:
My opinion, and it is not informed by any insider information, is that Trump is a chess player. He’s playing the long game. He’s determined to take down the Deep State. He knows he will win in the Supreme Court, and wants to goad Mueller into taking that route.
Trump will tell Mueller, “Nope, so sorry, go away. If you are brave enough, subpoena me to testify.”
The Supremes are just waiting to pounce on this obvious coup d’état.
Not just for his personal victory – not just for his victory over Deep State – but team Trump wants to set in stone that sore losers cannot assemble a team of rogue prosecutors do this to an American president ever again. An example must be set and this precise question has never been decided by the Supremes.


Ever Wonder Why the Left
Hates Russia so Much?

During the late 20th century, the Democrat Party was supposed to represent the working class in the US and it claimed to protect working people from the ravages of corporate Fascism. This was the era when the Democrats got their “Good Guy” cred; this was the Civil Rights Act, the Kennedy branding that they’re still trying to trade on, as their Tech Overlords shadow ban our free speech and coerce us to correct our thinking with dopamine-driven, social validation feedback loops.

The dire antics of Tricky Dick, Ray Gun, Poppy Bush and Dubya played perfectly into the Democrats’ characterization of Republicans as the “Bad Guys”, cementing the idea of the Democrats as the “Good Guys” in the minds of millions of Americans – indeed, for billions of people all over the world.

But you live long enough and you see the craziest things, like the Democrats’ hysterics over Russia, which is a total analog of the 1960s ravings of the radical Far-Right John Birch Society! What a topsy-turvy world we live in!

People have been calling this Neo-McCarthyism except that it’s not anti-Communist anymore, it’s just Russophobic.

But anti-ethnic bias would be prejudiced now, wouldn’t it? It’s not very Leftist to be hating on the folks who gave you the global Marxist Revolution now, is it? This racist attitude doesn’t hang with whatever the Neo-Liberal-Nobel Laureate-O’Bomber Left says that it’s supposed to stand for, now does it?

The Left is totally incoherent. They’re a bunch of bloodthirsty Bankster-controlled Corporatists, just like the other guys in the Uniparty.

The US’ Two-Party system is dead.

So let’s unpack this Russophobia, shall we? What’s it really about? Why is it, again that the Left hates Mother Russia, from whose loins sprang the original Worker’s Utopia?

The Banksters hate Russia because it survived not just the imposition of – but the collapse of – the Soviet Central Government that the Central Banksters devised and that they wish were in place globally today.

Russia represents a kind of “Patient Zero” in the inevitable domino effect that will be the collapse of their globalism. And that’s why I, for one love Russia.

Running Time: 14 mins



2017-11-03 AFTU Special Disclosure Edition – Peter The Insider


Published on Nov 3, 2017

An older interview with Peter the ACIO insider I missed.


28,937 #SealedIndictments #MassArrests – Updated for April 2018

Update provided by @damartin32 aka StormWatcher


comment image


comment image


vermithrax  #403067

2018-05-09 11:30 PM

Hey Vermithrax,

A great summation of the legacy from Obama!



White House: Nancy Pelosi responsible for waterboarding policy, not CIA pick Gina Haspel
Not sure where this is going to go…


May 9, 2018
Judge Ellis Must Recuse Himself in the Manafort Case

comment image



It’s Official – AG Jeff Sessions in California Presser Divulges He is a Part of the Deep State – He Absolutely Must Go!


Who Built The Matrix? David Icke



scottfree #403098
An excellent summary by David Icke – re-affirms my info!! Thanks

Does this explain why things are not going in the “same ole’ same ole’ ” way anymore? from my e-mail:

“Kryon recently gave some important information in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (April 14-15). During the very first channeling, it was stated that we have moved off of the timeline that we have been on for centuries. If you don’t follow physics, or haven’t read Gregg Braden’s book “Fractal Time,” this may mean nothing to you. So to simplify it, it means that we are no longer in a “repeating cycle” of an old energy system. Instead, we have stepped off of that cycle into a fresh new one.

For futurists, psychics, mediums and readers, it means that predicting the future won’t be as it has been in the past. Many attributes that allow these predictions are embedded into the “old track” of time – the one we just left! This creates many predictions that don’t happen, even from those who are good at it. It also creates a fresh new future for many who have felt “stuck” or victims of the old energy.

Look around you. Are things changing radically? Indeed! Your choice is to fear it all, or celebrate a time where there simply is no precedent that might define who you are.

These are the times Kryon spoke of 29 years ago – LET’S GO FOR IT!


Bernie’s latest from Truth and Art TV May 8

Q- “Today Evil Lost Control … Suicide Watch”


X22 has a good analysis of present moves – I found the last half esp good! I also like their title as in ‘Evil has lost it’s control!!’ May 9

Evil Has Lost Control, The Deal Silenced Everyone – Episode 1564b



While you can’t put a price on the innocence of a child, you can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic Church has paid out in lawsuits over the never-ending epidemic of child molestation wreaking havoc in its ranks.

According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who decided to research this particular topic, since 1950, the Vatican has spent a disgusting $3,994,797,060.10. That’s nearly $4 billion to keep things hush hush. That number may even be a bit conservative, as we cannot know for sure the agreed upon “under the table” amount.

The figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, which includes a review of over 7,800 articles from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases and information from BishopAccountability.org. Reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were also used.



For some reason khazaarians do not trust their military support from US anymore. https://www.rt.com/news/426356-europe-us-protection-merkel/


Jim Stone
Israel launched major attacks overnight

There are no hard facts I can find, other than that attacks were launched against Iranian assets in Syria, and Iran took a major hit. Since nothing is hard fact yet, I’ll just say what I think happened (from several reports)
It appears Russia gave Israel the green light to do whatever Israel wants, and Israel successfully hit approximately 50 different locations in Syria that had Iranian assets, including air defense missile arrays. Syria did not have an effective response, and apparently took major damage.

It appears Assad himself was not targeted, however it also appears Russia is no longer providing tactical support. However, it may only be appearances, it is also possible that Israel got really good intelligence from the United States and that Russian defenses have been neutralized, pending an upgrade that will make them work again.

The only solid fact there is, is that Israel attacked, and attacked hard

On that note, RT had an interesting Assad comment:
Assad: Why talk to Trump if he doesn’t control the US?

Meeting with Donald Trump would be pointless because the deep state – not the president – controls the US, Bashar Assad said in an interview. He noted that the agenda of the deep state is to create conflict aimed against Russia.
In an exclusive interview with Athens daily Kathimerini, Assad said there was no reason to meet face-to-face with Trump, since the US president “says something today, and does the opposite tomorrow,” and is likely not even being in control of policy decisions.

We don’t think the president of that regime is in control,” Assad told the paper, referring to Trump. “We all believe that the deep state, the real state, is in control, or is in control of every president, and that is nothing new. It has always been so in the United States, at least during the last 40 years, at least since Nixon, maybe before, but it’s becoming starker and starker, and the starkest case is Trump.”

Assad also dismissed the possibility of a third world war breaking out in Syria, telling the Greek newspaper that Moscow’s levelheadedness has so far prevented a catastrophic escalation – even as the US aims to expand the conflict. Asked directly if he was concerned about the possibility of a third world war, Assad replied: “No, for one reason: Because fortunately, you have a wise leadership in Russia, and they know that the agenda of the deep state in the United States is to create a conflict. Since Trump’s campaign, the main agenda was against Russia, create a conflict with Russia, humiliate Russia, undermine Russia, and so on,” the Syrian president said.
Assad ended the interview by vowing to reunify Syria and restore its sovereignty, adding that the US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are ultimately responsible for the seven-year war and must be held accountable for supporting “terrorists” fighting in Syria.

My comment: Loop back to the top, where I stated it is rumored that Russia helped Israel target Iranian assets in Syria. If Russia wanted to stall world war 3, such cooperation might be a wise move. Because by doing so, Russia played the “compliant helper” at the same time no strikes against Iran happened directly. And the word is not fully out yet, maybe Israel got fooled into hitting a bunch of old cattle trucks. Time will tell.

Germany will not pull out of Iran nuclear deal

Iran should therefore continue honoring the deal, (it makes the most sense) because if Russia, China, and (at least) Germany keeps honoring the deal, then they can give Iran everything they need.
From the usually worthess New York Times
Germany’s VDMA: Deals With Iran Legal if EU Sanctions Not Reactivated

BERLIN – Germany’s VDMA engineering association said on Tuesday that as long as the European Union does not reactivate sanctions against Iran, German companies can legally do business with Iran and the VDMA will support them in that.”
My comment: So the U.S. can do whatever, and if Europe is not on board it will be ineffective. Sanctioning Europe would effectively sanction the U.S. in return.



An older article with an updated audio commentary at the end.

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TREASON: McCain Admits He Gave Trump Dossier To Comey, Launching Witch Hunt


comment image?w=768



Iran Seeks to Wipe Out Israel?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

For years, Netanyahu, other Israeli hardliners, and US Iranophobes falsely accused the Islamic Republic of wanting to destroy Israel.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was often misquoted. He never said Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

He once said “(t)he Zionist regime will be wiped out soon, the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom.” He referred to Israel self-destructing, not “wiped out” by Iran or any other country.

Yet US and Israeli officials, along with supportive media, falsely misquote him and other Iranian officials.

In 2007 at Columbia University, Ahmadinejad was asked “(d)o you or your government seek the destruction of the state of Israel as a Jewish state?”

He responded saying “(w)e love all nations. We are friends with the Jewish people. There are many Jews in Iran, leaving peacefully, with security.” He said nothing about wanting to destroy Israel.

Iran is hostile to Zionist zealots wanting its country destroyed, saying time and again it’ll defend itself forcefully if attacked. The right of self-defense is inviolable.

AIPAC repeatedly and unjustifiably calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism” – the dubious distinction applying to America and its Israeli junior partner most of all.

AIPAC: “The United States must confront Tehran’s aggression, take firm action to support regional allies, and fix the flaws of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to ensure that Iran can never obtain nuclear weapons” it abhors and wants eliminated to save humanity from the threat of annihilation.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu repeated the long ago discredited canard about Iran wanting to wipe out Israel. It’s the other way around, the Jewish state wanting the Islamic Republic eliminated.

Netanyahu sounded like raging hawk Nikki Haley, roaring Tehran “has a terror network that is spread throughout the world. It is now seeking to implant very dangerous weapons in Syria to be used against Israel for the specific purpose of our destruction,” adding:

“Iran openly calls daily for our destruction, the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth, and it practices unmitigated aggression against us and against anyone else in the region.”

It’s hard believing anyone takes him seriously, other than recognizing he’s a dangerous rogue actor at war on Palestinians and Syria – nuclear armed and dangerous unlike Iran and other regional countries.

Netanyahu’s remarks came hours ahead of Trump announcing he’s withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal – a gift to Israel and neocons infesting Washington, a threat to regional and world peace.

If Iran resumes its pre-JCPOA nuclear activities as expected, Washington, Israel and their rogue allies would likely use its resumption to escalate hostile actions against the country – risking war potentially able to become a global conflict.

Netanyahu said he’s prepared for “any scenario, even a (military) confrontation” – Trump administration hardliners likely sharing the same view.

Iran’s Islamic Republican Guard Corps chief of staff General Mohammad Hejazi said the IRGC would respond to any Israeli (or US) aggression “at an appropriate time” in an appropriate way.

Unthinkable war with Iran could happen because of US/Israeli rage for regime change in Iran.



Zionism and Africa / Jews and Blacks
May 09, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon

Manhattan 7.5.2018

A talk by Gilad Atzmon

The other day I learned that the British Zionist pressure group Campaign Against Antisemitsm, an organisation that cares about bigotry against one people only, has launched a new short course. They teach their supporters “how to build bridges with natural allies” so they can fight antisemitsm together. Someone should explain to these ultra Zionist campaigners that ‘natural allies’ do not need bridges to be built. Bridges are only required when is a need to span noticeable obstacles.

CAA’s unusual interpretation of the notion of ‘bridge building’ will help us to grasp today’s topic: Zionism and Africa or more precisely Jews and Blacks.

Jews often brag about their contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. According to some Jewish historians, a large amount of the funds for the NAACP came from Jewish sources – some experts estimate as much as 80%. Dr. King himself is regarded by many Zionists as their historic ally. Jewish sources often quote this defence of Zionism attributed to Dr. King. “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!”

Howard Sachar begins his article Jews in the Civil Rights movement, by claiming that “nowhere did Jews identify themselves more forth­rightly with the liberal avant-garde than in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. At the height of the anti-integration effort, in 1957, Rabbi Ira Sanders of Little Rock testified before the Arkansas Senate against pending segregationist bills.”

This would seem a positive moment in Jewish history until we remember that Judaism has sustained ‘segregation bills’ for two millennia. What are kosher dietary rules if not ‘segregation bills?’ I guess that we have all heard the Judaic and the Zionist attitude toward mixed marriage. Even within the Palestinian solidarity movement, many Jews choose to march within segregated racially oriented political cells (JVP, IJAN etc.)

I guess that CAA’s references to ‘bridge building with natural allies’ may help us to grasp the Jewish attitude to the Civil Rights Movement and solidarity movements. From a Jewish perspective the Blacks of the south were, to a certain extent, a ‘natural ally.’

Seemingly, some of the greatest voicws of the Civil Rights Movement were Jews. Sachar writes “Jewish participation in the Civil Rights movement far transcended institutional associations. One black leader in Mississippi es­timated that, in the 1960s, the critical decade of the voter-registration drives, ‘as many as 90 percent of the civil rights lawyers in Mississippi were Jewish.’… They worked around the clock analysing wel­fare standards, the bail system, arrest procedures, justice-of-the-peace rulings.”

Probably among the most famous Civil Rights heroes were the three young voter registration workers, Jewish New Yorkers, Michael Schwerner and An­drew Goodman co worker, and James Chaney a Black man from Mississippi. The three were abducted and mur­dered by Klansmen and local law enforcement officers. This tragic event increased the nation’s awareness of the human crisis in the South.

But I am afraid that this is where the good story ends. Historically the Jewish attitude towards Blacks has been nothing short of a disaster. It is difficult to decide how to enter this colossal minefield.

In Jewish culture the word shvartze (Black, Yiddish) is an offensive term referring to a low being, specifically a Black person (“She’s dating a shvartze. Her grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave”). The reference to shvartze chaya is a direct reference to ‘black beast,’ meaning the lowest of the low. Shvartze chaya is also how Ashkenazi Jews often refer to Arab and Sephardi Jews. I guess that at least culturally some Ashkenazi Jews find it hard to deal with the colour black, especially when it comes on people. It is therefore slightly peculiar to witness white Ashkenazi Jews complain about white supremacy. If they are genuinely interested in combating white exceptionalism, maybe they should first uproot those vile symptoms from their own culture. I guess that kicking the racist ball into the goyim’s court is much easier.

We witness an anomaly — the same people who played a fundamental role in the civil rights movement, are themselves instrumental in an historic racist segregation project. The same people who supported the rights of Black Americans are implicated in deep cultural racism.

In order to grasp the Jewish institutional attitude toward Blacks we will review the ADL’s attitude to the Nation of Islam (NOI) in general and Louis Farrakhan in particular. The ADL claims that Farakhan is one of “America’s Leading Anti-Semite.(s)”

NOI according to the ADL, has “maintained a consistent record of anti-Semitism and racism since its founding in the 1930s.” The ADL’s site states that “under Louis Farrakhan, who has espoused and promoted anti-Semitism and racism throughout his 30-year tenure as NOI leader, the organization has used its programs, institutions, and media to disseminate its message of hate.”

“He (Farakhan) has repeatedly alleged that the Jewish people were responsible for the slave trade as well as the 9/11 attacks, and that they continue to conspire to control the government, the media, Hollywood, and various Black individuals and organiaations.”

The question we want to ask at this stage is whether Farakhan’s criticism targets ‘The Jews’ as a people, race or ethnicity or does he actually target elements and sectors within the Jewish universe? A quick study of Farakhan’s cherry picked quotes provided by the ADL reveals that Farakhan doesn’t really refer to ‘the Jews’ as people. In most cases he refers to segments within the Jewish elite that are indeed politically dominant (AIPAC) and culturally corrosive or at least problematic.

But the question goes further. If the Jews do empathise with Blacks and their suffering why can’t they take a bit of criticism from the likes of Farakhan? If Jews care for the Other, as we are asked to believe, how come all this caring disappears once Farakhan appears on the scene? Unfortunately, the Jewish supporters of Palestine can operate like the ADL in this regard, occasionally acting as a thought police suppressing any reference to Jewishness as the driving force in Jewish history and Israeli criminality in particular.

Maybe the CAA’s peculiar understanding of the notion of bridge building is an accurate description of the Jewish political apparatus. What we see is a search for ‘natural allies’ that serve the Jewish cause rather than a humane empathic course towards peace, harmony and a better world. Jewish New Yorker Philip Weiss expressed this sentiment brilliantly in an interview with me. “I believe all people act out of self-interest. And Jews who define themselves at some level as Jews — like myself for instance — are concerned with a Jewish self-interest. Which in my case is: an end to Zionism.” Weiss supports Palestine because he believes it is good for the Jews. For him the Palestinians are natural allies. Similarly, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, who as a young German Zionist rabbi sought a potential collaboration with Nazi Germany, ended up as a leading Civil Rights figure marching alongside Dr. King supporting human rights. For the late Rabbi Prinz, Dr. King and the civil rights movement were natural allies, they were good for the Jews.

As you surely noticed, I have not mentioned the role of Jews in slavery. This horrendous chapter in human history is not within my field of study.* But I do see, like the rest of you, how the Jewish State treats Black refugees. I do see how Israel locks up Blacks for being Black. I grew up in a country that looked down at people with dark skin. When I left Israel in the 1990s, Ethiopian Jews couldn’t donate blood. Jews are probably split on their attitude to Blacks and this is good. But Jewish culture and politics have a lot of ground to cover before they can be considered ethical, universal or even empathic.

If they want to burn it, you want to read it!


Jim Stone
Here’s a good one from Iranian media

Sadly, this is spot on on ALL points.

This is from FarsNews
Trumps Lies Are Louder Than His Iran Nuclear Exit

I’d like to suggest an alternative headline: “Trump puppets out the lunacy of Nut Yahoo with precision.”
TEHRAN (FNA)- Bonus points if you caught Trump’s lies Tuesday night, May 8, when he announced the United States would exit the Iran nuclear deal – also known as the JCPOA.

Here, we are not holding our breath that President Trump will start re-imposing the NPT-illegal sanctions against Iran. But we are holding him accountable for what he said. Indeed, President Trump’s torrent of misleading statements and flat-out lies will need an army of journalists working 24/7 to set the record straight. To help those who focus, on the resistance front, Iran’s fight against terrorism and extremism in Syria and Iraq, its commitment to the nuclear deal, and other regional and military defense issues, in the following we will call out Trump whenever he distorts the facts about such matters, and we expect to update it regularly.

The quotes that follow are taken from Trump’s May 8, 2018, statement about withdrawing the United States from the nuclear deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany:


President Trump announced that the US will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and is preparing to reinstate all sanctions it had waived as part of the accord.


The decision unravels the signature foreign policy achievement of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, and isolates the United States from its European allies. The US government never lifted its sanctions even after signing the nuclear agreement. Iran has been and still is unable to get LCs from international banks and is yet to have full access to the international SWIFT banking system. American companies are barred from doing business with Iran and the ones that did, like Boeing, are not delivering any passenger plane to Iran.


Iran is the leading state sponsor of terror. It exports dangerous missiles, fuels conflicts across the Middle East, and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.


As acknowledged by numerous US administration officials and former or current politicians, the CIA trained and weaponized Al-Qaeda to counter the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The Taliban has been and is still being breastfed by Saudi Arabia. The same is true about ISIL. The terrorist group was created after the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and took large swathes of lands in the Levant with support from Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States. It was only after the intervention of Iran and Russia that the terrorist group lost all its territory. Former Vice-President Joe Biden as well as former Pentagon Intelligence Chief and National Security Advisor Gen. Micheal Flyn both took the United States’ allies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, responsible for the creation of terrorist and extremist groups like ISIL and Al-Nusra Front in the Middle-East.


No action taken by the regime has been more dangerous than its pursuit of nuclear weapons – and the means of delivering them. In fact, the deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and – over time – reach the brink of a nuclear breakout.


As stated by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, “The Iran nuclear deal is not based on trust about Iran’s intentions; rather it is based on tough verification, including measures that allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear program.” The International Atomic Energy Agency also has confirmed that “Iran remains in compliance with its commitments under the landmark nuclear agreement.” The IAEA has already issued ten reports verifying Iran’s full compliance with the agreement.


Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie. Last week, Israel published intelligence documents – long concealed by Iran – conclusively showing the Iranian regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons.


A former chief of Israel’s Mossad spy agency has said the documents revealed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a prime-time televised press conference last week contained no new evidence, and “the nuclear program files do not have a smoking gun.” Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the non-proliferation program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, also says, “The documents that Prime Minister Netanyahu displaced on 30 April did not reveal anything that was already known by the IAEA.”


If I allowed this deal to stand, there would soon be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Not only does the deal fail to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but it also fails to address the regime’s development of ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear warheads.


As maintained by former US Secretary John Kerry: Trump’s claim that the agreement “sunsets,” thus allowing Iran the relatively unfettered ability to proceed with a nuclear weapon, “No, it never sunsets. There’s no sunset in this agreement.” Kerry’s parting words for Donald Trump are: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts.” Director General of the IAEA Yukiya Amano has likewise confirmed Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA, warning that any collapse of the deal would be a great loss: “As of today, I can state that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments…If the JCPOA were to fail, it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism.”


Finally, the deal does nothing to constrain Iran’s destabilizing activities, including its support for terrorism. Since the agreement, Iran’s bloody ambitions have grown only more brazen.

Let the History Begin

In March 2003, when the Bush administration launched its invasion of Iraq, the region, though simmering as ever, looked like this: Libya was stable, ruled by a strongman; Syria was experiencing stability and tranquility under the Assad family; Iraq was not experiencing daily blasts and bloodshed; the Turks and Kurds had an uneasy but functional ceasefire; and Yemen was quiet enough, other than the attack on the USS Cole in 2000. Relations between the US and most of these nations were so warm that Washington was routinely rendering “terrorists” to their dungeons for some outsourced torture.

It’s easy enough to hustle through these unfortunate countries in the region in various states of decay before heading into the heart of the chaos: Libya is a failed state, bleeding mayhem into northern Africa; Egypt failed its Arab Uprising test and relies on the US to support its anti-democratic militarized government; and Yemen is a disastrously failed state, now the scene of a US-backed, Saudi-led war (with a thriving al-Qaeda outfit and a small but growing arm of the ISIL thrown into the bargain).

In light of all this, it’s hardly surprising that no one with a sound mind in Europe or elsewhere is willing to believe Trump’s baseless accusations against Iran. What if the US hadn’t invaded Iraq in 2003? Things would undoubtedly be very different in the Middle East today. The Twitter-in-Chief can stipulate that Iran is a threat and needs to be contained. In reality, the US has few clear goals in the region, but is escalating anyway. Whatever world order Trump may be fighting for in the Middle East, it seems at least an empire or two out of date.

Claim: Syria intercepted 70 percent of Israeli missiles in last night’s attacks

That’s not what I heard from other reports. However, Iranian news is saying it happened, and the lights did stay on. However, I am skeptical. See this.



Many studies’ results cannot be reproduced, scholars warn

MARK MCGREAL – UCLA •MAY 10, 2018 Don’t believe the latest study you read in the headlines, chances are, it could be wrong, according to a new report by the National Association of Scholars that delves into what it calls the “use and abuse of statistics in the sciences.”
The report broke down the issue of irreproducibility, or the problem that a lot of scientific research cannot be reproduced. The report took aim at unverifiable climate science, but also critiqued medical studies, behavioral research and other fields.

The 72-page report took the matter a step further in calling the issue a politicization of science.

“Not all irreproducible research is progressive advocacy; not all progressive advocacy is irreproducible; but the intersection between the two is very large. The intersection between the two is a map of much that is wrong with modern science,” the report states.

Co-authored by David Randall and Christopher Wesler, “The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science: Causes, Consequences, and the Road to Reform” focused on the irreproducibility of recent scientific studies.

It references a study performed by researchers at Amgen in 2012. For this study, researchers tried to reproduce the results of “53 landmark studies in oncology and hematology.” Researchers were only able to replicate the results of six studies.


Jim Stone’s take on McCain the Insane’s confession…
McCain claimed to have been the source of the fake Trump dossier

I seriously doubt he was. I believe he is stepping in now to take the heat off of other people, because he is going to die soon anyway. That way, no one will hang but a man who is practically dead already. I flat out do not believe this but McCain did step up to the plate for the home team, so what else can I say?


Poor McCain, I guess he needs a new motherboard.


jujubean #40311

HILARIOUS……I’m still laughing,


Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.
Researchers can now send secret audio instructions undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

Many people have grown accustomed to talking to their smart devices, asking them to read a text, play a song or set an alarm. But someone else might be secretly talking to them, too.

Over the past two years, researchers in China and the United States have begun demonstrating that they can send hidden commands that are undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Inside university labs, the researchers have been able to secretly activate the artificial intelligence systems on smartphones and smart speakers, making them dial phone numbers or open websites. In the wrong hands, the technology could be used to unlock doors, wire money or buy stuff online — simply with music playing over the radio.

A group of students from University of California, Berkeley and Georgetown University showed in 2016 that they could hide commands in white noise played over loudspeakers and through YouTube videos to get smart devices to turn on airplane mode or open a website.

This month, some of those Berkeley researchers published a research paper that went further, saying they could embed commands directly into recordings of music or spoken text. So while a human listener hears someone talking or an orchestra playing, Amazon’s Echo speaker might hear an instruction to add something to your shopping list.

There’s more at the link. And, I just read also that people are starting to build smart houses powered by Alexa. Isn’t that great?

“Alexa, order two truckloads of potatoes dumped on the lawn. Then, burn down this house.”


Judge dismisses lawsuit against Newtown, CT brought forward by “Scarlett Lewis” (who also played witness “Marilyn Gudsnuk”) and “Lennie/Elizer Posner/P’Osner/Pozner”. This is the second such lawsuit, doubtless paid for by the taxpayer. It was handled by gun control freak, former Newtown lawyer Monte Frank, who is now seeking Lt. Governor position. Lewis was flogging her ridiculous book on the media circuit.

Excerpt: NEWTOWN — A judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town and the school district brought by two families that lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The families’ suit claimed educators failed to follow their own safety protocol when a 20-year-old man shot his way into the locked school.

The judge on Monday sided with Newtown, which argued that educators exercised reasonable discretion in responding to the 2012 slaying of 26 first-graders and educators at Sandy Hook School.

“To say that the faculty and staff of the school were to act in a prescribed manner in responding to an emergency situation would … be illogical and in direct contradiction to the very purpose of governmental immunity: allowing for the exercise of judgment without the fear of second-guessing,” state Superior Court Judge Robin Wilson wrote in a 29-page ruling.

The families plan on appealing.


David Seaman is having a complete breakdown… It’s awesome!

I have been unable to really focus on politics since Uranus past Jupiter. I wonder if David is resisting this trend, as I summarised before over his North Node, and it’s driving him a bit nuts!?:

He is saying all these false Q posts being angry at Q and it is very entertaining (No interest, although I think he made a good bitchute video on it https://www.bitchute.com/video/IjPWuuR16PNb/ ):

Where is Seaman NOW? UB40’s greatest hit. Great song. Why is this relevant? RED. Future proves past. Why do grapes ferment? Coincidence? Z+ (+++)

Trump will withdrawal from the Iran deal. HUNGER GAMES lead actress? Why is this relevant? You have more than you know. Expensive restaurants validate parking; always VALIDATE. Z+

Remember the MOAB?


It’s Official – AG Jeff Sessions in California Presser Divulges He is a Part of the Deep State – He Absolutely Must Go!
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft May 9, 2018

On Monday the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press conference at the San Diego border. During the presser Sessions replied to a question surreptitiously admitting he is part of the Deep State. This is why Congress wants him held in contempt.

This weekend US House representative Devin Nunes dropped a bomb on FOX News as reported by Sara Carter –

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed Sunday that Congress will hold Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt for refusing to turn over classified information the committee has requested, he stated in a phone interview with Fox and Friends.

The Department of Justice also shot back on Sunday, releasing the letter sent to Nunes on May 3, which addressed the classified information Nunes had requested. It appears from the letter Nunes had asked for information on a specific individual, not yet named and considered by DOJ to be a very valuable person for a counterintelligence operation.

A day later on Monday, sleepy and corrupt AG Sessions held a press conference at the US border. During a question and answer period Sessions responded to a query about Congressman’s Devin Nunez’s statements on Sunday.

Sessions responded –

The Department of Justice has written him a letter and to responded appropriate to him. Ah. The request he’s made is one that the intelligence communities and the Department of Justice feels is not grant-able. We explained that we liked, that we’d be willing to talk to him about it before the details about which I’ve written to him can be discussed.


Or Could it be that part of problem seems to be with the new cannabis tax revenue stream in Sonoma Cty as of The first quarter of 2018. As state and federal cannabis taxes bought in only $34 million in the first quarter, instead of the projected $174 million in tax revenue state-wide.

It’s all a matter of perspective…lol.


Brazil, Argentina and Australia Sign Contracts Worth Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to House Displaced U.S. Populace when Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts


by Shepard Ambellas; INTELLIHUB

Contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars presented to at least 4 countries will run from 2014-2024, a 10-year span, in which the Yellowstone supervolcano is expected to erupt, devastating a large portion of the U.S.

According to a recent report, the African National Congress (ANC) recently turned down a $10B a year disaster management plan offered by the United States to house American citizens who may become displaced in the event that the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts.

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

In fact, Praag, a Pakistani publication, recently reported:

It may take up to ten years for pressure in the magma chamber of the super volcano to build. According to Dr. Jean-Philippe Perrillat of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Grenoble, France, “it is the difference in density between the molten magma in the caldera and the surrounding rock big enough for the magma from the chamber to the surface to increase “.

“The effect is the same as the extra buoyancy of a soccer ball under water fill with air, after which it rises to the surface because the surrounding water poet,” said dr. Perrillat. “If the magma volume is large enough, it should go to the surface to rise and explode like a champagne bottle that ontkurk be.”

According to Dr. Sipho Mathetwe, the South African government “sympathy for the American challenge (challenge) to Yellowstone, but we have our own challenges in South Africa. There are 200 million white people in America, and if too many of them to South Africa flights, it is a big problem, even though there is enough housing and infrastructure available. It will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid. South Africa is not for sale.”

However, according to the report, “Brazil, Argentina and Australia” jumped on the bandwagon, accepting the request from Washington.

Shockingly, this all comes at a time when wild animals have been reported to be fleeing the park from seismic vibrations.

(Me: surprised there any wild animals left to flee after rangers have been killing millions of animals off state lands. BLM used the wild horse populations extermination as a smoke screen for what has been really happening.)

It has also been reported that earthquake swarms in the area have become more rampant.


George Webb
Published on May 10, 2018


So George was trying to warn Jason that he was being entrapped. Sure looks like he was.
Better watch those dating apps…..


BREAKING: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIYPnOM-SXs&feature=youtu.be

Beware the new Artemis 5G unit with the logo of an inverted birth canal. A Japanese base station by NTT, is placed in the ground ‘adjusted so as to protect passers by’ – thus highlighting the inherent dangers.
Watch on YouTube: Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves: there is No safe Place, No Where To Go

Leading scientists in 40 countries have agreed this GigaHertz range will damage our bodies, all sentient life. This is a silent weapons system, to sterilise the population where the USA had the lowest fertility rate ever in 2015, down 600,000. Artemis units have heat sinks to dissipate heat from using 1000 watts of power; why do they need so much power? iPads (infertility pads) have already proven harmful after 15 days to rats. Imagine what they are doing to children over longer periods.

Vaccinations with frequencies can activate dormant viruses in humans. We are beginning to understand how everything is connected, in this case in the worst possible way.

Even the Bar Association is underwriting this legislation, leading back to the hand of Rothschild once again.


Twitter Defaults On Lawsuit! | Isaac Green & Natasha Case


Isaac Green (Anti-School)
Published on May 10, 2018


lakewinds #403047

And you’re also sure that bad aliens with advanced technology to harness an electromagnetic energy don’t exist because you haven’t seen them with your own eyes?! Wake up sir. Without knowing it you’re working for the other side.


Well, sometimes.




Project Camelot
Published on May 9, 2018

I talk with psychic, experiencer Sebastien Martin about his investigations into the Secret Space Program, implants and other dimensions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This show was interrupted by Youtube while live broadcasting on my other channel at the end of the 1st hour.
Apparently they did not want us to reveal what we were talking about after the 1 hour time frame. They also interfered with my audio recording device and the audio is not there.

Sebastien has been told by govt insiders that Disclosure will happen in 2020 along with release of free energy.

A psychic told him that in 4.5 years from now, he will be teaching in a facility along with ET’s.


#403127 zanderboy

Yes, Zander, I AM sure that such bad aliens don’t exist as a threat to us. The reason is simple: Because Simon Parkes said it. He’s completely full of shit, no matter what he says.

I do, however, admire your automatic belief in wild and crazy things, as long as they don’t come from credible sources. Mainstream media? Metaphysics? All Fake News. Random assholes with a Youtube video or web site? TRUTH, baby!

“Working for the other side”? Who TF is the other side?


Not just Simon Parkes Lakewinds but many many others including all the bona fide supersoldiers, David Wilcock, David Icke, Andrew Bartzis, Aug Tellez, Dr. Mike Salla, Alfred Labremomt Webre, George Kavassilas, Cobra, Corey Goode, Kerry Cassidy, Miles Johnston to name a few who would push your self limiting perspective to move you out of your comfort zone.

All these people have sizeable numbers of sane people who understand where all this is coming from.

But if you’re not ready for it I can see I’m wasting my time. Oh, ‘who is the other side?’
Well that’s a great question & if you don’t know the answer, you have a ways to go.

You’re probably someone who dismisses the Gnostic texts as nonsense for being non Christian. I certainly can’t broaden your horizons for you, that’s one little thing I’ve learnt, I can only show you the door.


#403131 zanderboy

Those people are not unanimous on any topic, as far as I’ve seen. And while I’m sure there’s stuff going on, there are so many conflicting accounts and predictions that the best thing for me to do is ignore them all. We are constantly targeted with a blizzard of misinformation, some of it designed just to scare us, and other of it to lead us down a wrong path.

Nothing ever happens that was predicted, even with “remote viewing” sources (Ed Dames has been predicting a solar “kill shot” for 20 years or more. Not gonna happen). And there’s nothing I could have done about any of it anyway. Plus, it doesn’t affect me.

Read the Jesus part of the Urantia Book. Read the Michael Newton books that describe the afterlife experiences of 8,000 people. Read some Dolores Cannon, Seth, Michael Teachings, whatever you can find that’s been around for a while.

THAT’s where the only truth that matters is.

BTW, I put “supersoldiers” in the same category as Hillary clones. It’s my “Yet to be Proven, and Wildly Unlikely” classification.


Latest tuchis zetz by Bro’ Nathanael Kapner, planted firmly on the derrière of Macron, Trump’s (and the Zio-tards) French poodle.


The eyes are useless
when the mind is blind.



Stillness in the Storm has collected an in depth series of articles on chemtrails. (I would have transferred the entire quote, but Vermithrax needs to show me how.!🙃)

With an extensive background in solar energy, Dane Wigington initially focused his efforts energy on the geo-engineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying in his area. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and researching into geo-engineering. Today Dane is the lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch.org, investigating all levels of geo-engineering from chemtrails to HAARP.
For more information, visit http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org and http://www.facebook.com/Dane.Wigington.GeoengineeringWatch.org
http://www.wakeworld.com is a writer contributor for WakeUpWorld.

“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind” is a quote by Dane Wigington of geoengineering.com also this article;

Global Weather Modification Programs Causing Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe


Global climate engineering encompasses many different aspects and processes. The consequences of the climate engineering insanity are already unquantifiable and growing by the day. Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those who are not aware of the broader picture.


Justin has brought together all aspects of (global) geoengineering trails on his website. An excellent history. I have not read all, but some contents are best spaced over a few nights.

There is so much proof now, I am finding more and more serious people are easier to approach when looking to the skies. Many of us (re sick with chemtrail lung – physician recognized diagnosis now) (coughing, head stuffy, sor e throats, (strep), and deep chest congestion with sneezing and runny noses). May is not traditional flu season. Daily the Skies are here covered with x’s and with long lines. Air Quality??? Volcanoes activity?
#403123 Onto another subject I wrote earlier “(Me: surprised there any wild animals left to flee after rangers have been killing millions of animals off state lands. BLM used the wild horse populations extermination as a smoke screen for what has been really happening.)

Is this a sensational crap statement? An exaggerated bs bloat? I posted this purposely to explain “discernment”. I have always had great respect and love our Park Rangers, and are know they are not (ridiculous) killers (discernment must be used here), hoping this lie/clue was picked up.

A great Many species of animals have disappeared/died-off of state owned lands? Most definitely The Chemtrails are totally responsible with poisonous toxins falling onto everything/everyone. There are hundreds of animals (numbering into millions) extinct as scientistis agree in last hundred years NOT to be COINCIDENCE

Do you see where this is going??


“Not everything is always/ever a “100% true” what we read and write, and, especially, what we are taught.”

*I apologize to anyone using this as examples for “discernment.”

Some words are very powerful mentality and emphatically, and emotion…while reading the negativity breaks the heart.


Ascending to the New Earth – Client QHHT Sessions

1hr 11 minutes, this lovely lady contacts the Higher Self of two people talking about their future & past (now) after the ‘wave’ came, & it’s coming very soon – this year, next year. Both sessions correlate to the coming 5D new Earth, which comes a little later. More crystalline, full of love, vibrant, telepathic, iridescent, where stuff is ‘love manifested’ into being.

Watching this surely advances one’s preparation by making it easier to visualise & bring this new reality into existence for oneself.

Love yourself more, just because of you & your existence & what you are, without the baggage.

So uplifting!


Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir – ‘Lux Aurumque’


from WalterBurien@CAFR1.com

The following very eye opening “official” information was posted at the top of the CAFR1.com front page today. Please share and it is being sent to you FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1

** POSTED: 05/10/18 **

Let’s start off with taking a look at the Big Picture of: “Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth” held.

I have been actively looking for this “Collective” consolidated data for the last 20-years and found it two-days ago.

The following two documents are put out by the Data division of the Federal Reserve.

The 1st link is the category listings of wealth held for years 2011 through 2015. This covers total Federal Pension Funds; Local Government Pension Funds (L; 119. a, b, and c. L120 a, b, and c); Federal and Local total investment wealth held; same for the private sector (L.118.a, b, and c); financial institutions; insurance Companies, Brokerage; Banks, etc. Also included is Worldwide wealth held by all of the above. The categories also cover the “Total Debt” held by all of the above AND who is the investor holding that debt. After digesting the numbers you will see that the private sector; corporations; etc. are primarily in debt to government via government’s investment capital.

When you look at the data, I note two things: 1. the data is in billions of dollars. So when you see a figure such as 6457.23, that is six trillion, 457 billion dollars. 2. After you pull out your calculator and add up the category listings on a specific issue, (I suggest to do this with Federal and Local government pension accounts), the total there is in excess of 16-trillion dollars of wealth held. Now compare that figure with the same for the private sector. Who do you think wins out on that comparison?

Then find and take a look at home and commercial mortgages by investor category. Who is funding the majority as the “investor”? Between Government and all others, who do you think is the primary investor, (L.124 Government Sponsored Enterprises, 6.4 trillion dollars just there) So is it: Government or every one else in that 24-trillion dollar private and commercial mortgage collective market place?

** On one last very important note that you could miss, if not told to you here: When it lists “Private Sector” wealth in all respects, and in all categories, past and present government employees are part of the private sector in those totals shown. So, with the millions of government employees, what percentage of that wealth in fact was accomplished by government funds passed on to government employees compared to everyone else???

The data section starts off with L.100. Here is shows total wealth of “Non Financial” Domestic. For the end of the year of 2015, it shows total wealth at 98.7 trillion dollars and total liabilities at 61.14 trillion dollars.

Also when you see “Liabilities” especially for government Pension funds, keep in mind that is liability “projected out 35 to 45-years. The “Standing wealth” held today is the reality of the situation..

The link for the data, L.100 to L.234 is:


The link for the definitions of the “L.” categories is:


Please share these two links above with all you think would want to know the “Big Picture” of: Government Wealth vs. Everyone else


Health Warning: Read This if You Eat Salmon or Other Fish

Disease and parasites, which would normally exist in relatively low levels in fish scattered around the oceans, can run rampant in densely packed oceanic feedlots. To survive, farmed fish are vaccinated as minnows. Later, they are given antibiotics or pesticides to ward off infection.

Sea lice, in particular, are one of the worst problems. While salmon farmers have discounted concerns that sea lice are also found in the wild, at the first sign of an outbreak, they add pesticides to the feed.

Scientists in the US are far more concerned about two studies: both of which showed farmed salmon accumulate more cancer-causing PCB’s and poisonous dioxins than wild salmon.

Tests on farmed salmon at grocery stores which contains up to twice the fat of wild salmon, has found 16x the PCB’s compared to wild salmon, 4x the levels in commercial beef, and 3.5x the levels found in other seafood. Most of these toxins are stored in the fat of the fish, so guess what you are eating when you eat farmed fish?

Farmed salmon usually has dye added to it to improve the looks of the product. Even with the coloring, it never looks as good as wild salmon. These colorings also come with recently documented cancer-causing agents. These dyes have zero health benefits, and have no other purpose than to fool you, the consumer, into thinking the product is naturual looking and flavorful… Don’t believe it!



EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long Blackout And A Massive Death Toll


Ok so there is another ‘EMP’ report. Why don’t they just shore up the grid like Simon
Parkes reports they are doing in the UK? Get real..


Acid Rain falling over Hawaii – Green leaves falling off trees – LAVA falling


Published on May 10, 2018


belle3 #403138

“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind”

or “In the the land of the blind (Earth), the one eyed man (AI, depicting its shortcomings) is king.


Massive Steam Explosions Expected in Hawaii, Possible Tsunami Threat (603)


Adapt 2030
Published on May 11, 2018

The lava conduit filling the crater with lava at Halemaumau is receding at a steady pace and if it continues it will reach the water table and a steam explosion will occur as in 1924, which sent multi tom boulder miles from the crater and multi pound debris five miles and blanketed the island in ash. This ash will reach the continental USA and Canada. There is a tsunami threat if any part of the slump breaks off and slides in to the Pacific. Break through fissures are continuing is in a straight line which is unusual and geologists are puzzled as Pu’u’ O vent collapses and no more magma emerges from the vent. Be aware the threats are real and this explosion if it takes place will be the biggest in 100 years.


Jim Stone

The results may have lead to policy changes in Mexico

I need to check to see if fluoridated salt is still everywhere, but I did notice that suddenly, non fluoridated salt is everywhere.

A few years ago, Mexico mandated that all salt be fluoridated. This was because not everyone brushes their teeth with tooth paste (many use soap, I learned that trick so thatR17 ;s what I do), but everyone does eat salt. So the way to nail Mexicans with fluoride was to put it in their salt. I seemed to notice over the past few months that fluoridated salt is a lot less prevalent in stores now. This may have changed (I have no confirmation on this because I have not specifically confirmed the current prevalence) but fluoridated salt might be banned in Mexico now because of the following study. I had already bought a 10 year supply of salt specifically labeled as non-fluoridated and Kosher at Sams Club when such salt was technically illegal in Mexico, which is why I have not confirmed if fluoridated salt is gone altogether.
New Study Confirms Fluoride Harms Fetal Brain; Lowers IQ

I originally found this at PR News Wire, However, Newsweek also covered this the same way.
NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2017
The results of the first ever US government funded study of fluoride and IQ have just been published. A team of researchers found a statistically significant association between fluoride exposure in women during pregnancy and a lowering of IQ in their children, reports the Fluoride Action Network.

The study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives by scientists from the University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Harvard, McGill, and the national public health agency of Mexico. It was funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, with over $3 million in grants.

The study was conducted in Mexico City using a long-running cohort of women-infant pairs that have been studied extensively for effects of environmental neurotoxins such as lead and mercury. It found an average loss of 5 to 6 IQ points among children of mothers with urine fluoride levels of 1.5 ug/L compared to those with 0.5 ug/L. For an entire population, such a loss would be expected to halve the number of geniuses in society and double the number of mentally handicapped. For IQ measured at 4 years of age, there was no apparent fluoride exposure threshold below which the effect leveled out.

The mothers in this study had a range of fluoride exposures similar to that found in fluoridating countries like the United States.

According to the lead investigator and professor of environmental health, epidemiology and global health at the University of Toronto, Dr. Howard Hu, the study “also suggests that the pre-natal nervous system may be more sensitive to fluoride compared to that of school-aged children.”

Experts in the field of environmental toxicology have said the results are a huge red flag:

“This is a very well-conducted study, and it raises serious concerns about fluoride supplementation in water. These new insights raise concerns that the prenatal period may be highly vulnerable and may require additional reconsideration,” says Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician who studies potential links between environmental exposures and health problems at New York University Langone Health. (Newsweek, 9/19/17 )

Chris Neurath, research director for FAN agrees, “The loss of IQ is very large, as large as in previous studies from China where fluoride exposure levels were typically higher. The study was meticulously done and controlled for a wide range of potential spurious factors such as lead, mercury, socio-economic status, smoking, alcohol use, and health problems during pregnancy. The study was able to largely rule out confounding by these other factors.”

Proponents of water fluoridation such as the American Dental Association (ADA) have responded to this study with the erroneous claim that the mothers in Mexico had exposures to fluoride higher than found in the USA and other fluoridating countries, and is therefore not applicable. They even make the nonsensical claim that if fluoride in the Mexican mothersR17 ; urine came from a mix of sources that differs from women in the USA that the study would not be applicable. Once the fluoride is in the womenR17 ;s body, it does not make any difference with respect to toxicity where the fluoride originally came from.

According to Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, director of the Fluoride Action Network, “The dental lobby is confirming what we have suspected for some time, they are more interested in protecting the outdated program of water fluoridation, than in protecting the brains of future generations. Supporters of fluoridation have not refuted the key finding of this study that fluoride harms the developing brain.”

My comment: The end conclusion is that the only “safe” level of fluoride is ZERO. No matter how low the levels were they tested, any fluoride at all caused brain damage at the same level as higher levels of fluoride.

Mexico is not a backwards country, it is at present #17 in the world, regardless of what CNN might tell you. Mexico is perfectly capable of hosting a study of this type, especially when funded by the U.S., with the help of the U.S.

It appears the prevalence of fluoridated salt in Mexican stores is diminishing after this study, (I will now specifically check this.) LetR17 ;s see if Mexico goes the whole way, and takes fluoride out of tooth paste. By the way, using soap to brush your teeth is not bad tasting at all. using too much soap tastes bad. If you use the right amount, the soap gets used cleaning your teeth and does not leave a bad “soap” taste. Avoid fluoride. Brush with a clean soap like the original Ivory. I brush with Zote.

Obviously the people running the fluoridation problems know this. And that is precisely why they do it, fluoridation is in fact an act of war. Sabotaged vaccines. Sabotaged baby formula. Fluoride sabotage. Weaken the resistance of the population against tyranny.

They claimed legitimacy and “caring” by getting lead out of everything while they pushed vaccines and fluoride. GUESS WHAT? Lead, even at low levels, gives people a bad temper. The last thing elites want in any population is people with a temper, because anger causes people to take action against oppressors. So they got rid of the lead but you can have all the fluoride you want!


Here are the reasons why the U.S. government does not want Huawei:

1. Comes with bitcoin wallet now
2. Does not adequately comply with NSA @ss rape.

Huawei is the worldR17 ;s second largest maker of cell phones. Maybe IR17 ;ll get one. Bloomberg had the Bitcoin report, SEE THIS.




comment image


Can anyone explain Trump’s madness with Bolton & renouncing the agreement with Iran? Is he a prisoner of the war machine industry? Even buffoon Boris of the UK is not going along with it. Neither is France or Germany. Robert Fisk of the Independent thinks Trump is a conceited nutter along with Nutteryahoo.

Another report:
“America’s clumsy warmongering represents an agenda with massive momentum that has jumped the proverbial tracks and through its mass and speed alone continues traveling forward.”

“John Bolton is basically Adelson’s errand boy, as is Mike Pence. They have been for years, so that is another interesting fact that gets little attention from our politically correct punditocracy, even in the alternative media . . Adelson, for his part, has advocated launching a nuclear weapon against Iran as a negotiating tactic and threatening to nuke Tehran, a city with a population of 8.8 million, if Iran does not completely abandon its nuclear program . . Trump and the GOP are deeply indebted to anti-Iran deal billionaires (Adelson, Marcus & Singer).

Everything designed to confuse & delay & divide.


intruth #403142

Thanks for that link. Good site. I think many of us are aware of the fish farm dangers. That site did have an interesting link for a new Diabetes book. I’m going to try it out and I’ll let people know if I have any success because several in the café struggle with it too.


It took me awhile to buy into the alien idea because it seems too easy, like hopium. But there’s so much evidence for they’re having been here for so long. There are so many historical records of inexplicable upheavals ( I’m currently doing 1177 BC) and too many ancient cultural practices are still around in different forms that you just can’t wish it all away.

Icke has one of the best understandings of it all for me: the theory that everything is frequency waves- either sound or electricity (light) and the “bad” aliens are simply a negative frequency that disrupts our positive one and impedes our progress and natural, loving tendancies. I’m trying to incorporate that understanding into more of what I do and how I deal with people and it is working in that my interactions are better and I’m less anxious and stressed.

Clearly some of these frequencies have taken over people entirely and they seem to enter through tears (like I tore my dress) in the psyche that are a result of deep trauma usually at very young ages which is why pedophilia is so key to this group in preserving their power.

There are good ones as well. I have been warned by them about dangers in the past. Often in dreams but they do use electricity to manifest their presence, think Stranger Things and all the hanging lights. Once you open your eyes, your world really does do a quantum leap.


#403152 jujubean

Juju … You are a dear soul, and that was a thoughtful post, which I appreciate. For the record, I have long believed in aliens and the alien presence on this planet. I have seen physical proof, and am looking forward to full public disclosure, should we be fortunate enough to see that occur.

I have just recently read a fantastic book, by an author, Patrick De Haan, who channels his spirit guides, as well as departed souls and aliens. He occasionally works with Eric Medhus, who is quite adept at bringing such entities to the table for detailed interviews. The book is The Alien Handbook. If you go to his site, you can link to his powerful interviews on various web-based programs as he promotes his book. I believe it to be part of Disclosure

The stance I have taken is against the notion that evil aliens are coming to this planet to victimize humans, kidnapping or killing them. As it turns out, we are protected against any such actions by the good aliens. The book makes this quite clear, as does the simple observation that, if aliens were going to take over, destroy our civilization, and enslave or eat us, this would have taken place a long time ago. What would have stopped them?

As silly as it may seem, there is such a thing as the Prime Directive, a universal prohibition against interference with developing civilizations. It is strictly enforced.

If you take a look at these materials, I think you will come to the same conclusions that I have.


#403150 zanderboy

The answers to your questions may be found here:

President Trump Is Rothschilds’ Puppet- Major Revelations

Jake Morphonios says that Donald Trump is a conman who is using his office to benefit the Rothschild banking family on multiple levels, including the wars in the Middle East that are being used to steal oil from Syria and other countries. Rothschild, Inc. bailed Trump out int he 1980s and he is indebted to them. Trump has deep ties to both organized crime in New Jersey and CIA and Israeli Mossad front companies. Wilbur Ross, a Rothschild agent, is the Director of the US Department of Commerce and is writing much of Trump’s financial policy. This is a bombshell report.

This includes a video link.


Rhonda had a successful surgery yesterday.

She ask me to say – Thank you all so much for the good thoughts and healing energies sent towards her. No doubt she still needs more.
Thanks a lot.


lakewinds #403153

Okay, I misinterpreted the scolding. I don’t think they’re coming here, they ARE here. Unfortunately, while they may be prohibited from literally enslaving us, chains etc, they can infiltrate our souls/psyche and do serious damage. It seems that they are allowed to do what they are doing because they get our tacit cooperation by showing us what’s happening through film. And we don’t object.

Many have complained that they don’t exactly tell us what they’re doing, but I guess their broadcasting approach has been legitimized because they are on a roll. If the good entities were not on board, this world would be very different. Somewhere we’re missing a key component of this program.



I don’t think it’s aliens that are doing that. I’m certainly not an apologist for aliens, but we have plenty of earth entities who are willing and capable of doing what you describe. For some reason, they get off on it.


New Z dump:

Police arrested Austrian violinist outside UK embassy
Why ‘waltzing Matilda’?
UK embassy is an anagram for what?
Does the UK embassy have phones?
Phones rhymes with Jones. (Alex Jones)
Future proves past.
Past proves future.
Bible is a description of our past… Therefore
The Torah is a description of our future?
Are you listening?
Why is this important?
WHY is this important?
Why is Hillary Clinton wearing massive scarves?
To hide her Reptilian neck?
John McCain also implicated.
Lynch any truthers that ask for money in return for the so called “work” they do.
But don’t lynch Jordan Sather.
Lynch Kanye West.
Worship Zorg.
Don’t medicate mischeivous intelligence officials with Zanax.

Z+ (+++++++++++++)


Heart warming, short video.

“Don’t forget to show love.”



I must say roaming around in that last posting of ‘Q’ on Reddit May 11@12:42 is VERY interesting and enlightening….


lakewinds #403154

The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

Sounds like a sound report & most likely helps to explain Trump’s lack of maneuverability in the Middle East.
Trump is now pulling out of the Joint Agreement with Iran where that country has has been verified by IAEA as honouring its commitments, & where Germany, Britain & France are not in support especially since they have been told they have six months to wind down all business dealings with Iran.

BREAKING: Syrian War And The Battle For Golan Heights – Genie Oil & Gas Exposed!

Genii Oil & Gas have been granted rights by Israel for the Golan Heights where there are meant to be vast amounts of oil waiting to be exploited, only discovered in 2015. Genii Oil includes Jacob Rothschild, Murdoch & Cheney on the board.

A lot of the Syrian conflict revolves around who supplies oil & gas to Europe; The West via Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Syria/Turkey & onwards, or Iran/Iraq/Syria/Turkey & onwards.


The West via Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Syria/Turkey & onwards


Some suggest Trump is being guided by naval intelligence & if so he’s playing the dangerous long game, & if he didn’t there would be other high risks in an inherently unstable situation.


Friends, if you notice our last Voice of Z Collective has 2 dislikes on it! If you would friends, note, that I have two dislikes on that comment. And the number that is most similar to the number 2 is… Guess what… Z!!!!

Our intelligence community is pulling overtime to give my fellow patriots hints!


Friends, because some of thou sinner behaviours have disturbed me, I have published a piece to throw light on the dark conspiracy of people that are out to get Z and all who support him… Here it is:



So with the purported contracts for resettlement of USA population to Brazil, Argentina & Australia, in the event of Yellowstone national park magma/ super volcano erupting, and sending the world ( more extreme in northern hemisphere)into a mini ice-age,.

Are they actually worried about Hawaii islands going “Krakatoa”

Because in my thinking on it Yellowstone is a people free zone(& now animals too, sadly) and they have warned the public about it, they have just announced this,” it will erupt within 10 years at most” prediction(plained & orchestrated event)

*a small explanatory note* professor James McCanny(jmcccsi.com)has explained how to reduce or even stop an devastating eruption, by pumping the water out of the aquifer above the Yellowstone mega magma pocket,

during a earthquakes the SOLID ROCK separating the magma & the water in the aquifer, breaks it releases the water, which instantly turns to steam, exspanding to 10+ times it volume, when it reaches the super heated magma.

that is what basicly causes the “explosion” type eruption, all that water hiting magma. Now Hawaii is an island surrounded by what? You guess it, Water and lots of it!!!

Now comes the harsh reality, that its to “difficult” to tell the public, becusr the would have to move the 1.5 million + people who live there, better to just let them all die, and tsunami to take care of the West coast population of at least officially 50 million people( probably really 100 million)just in the USA.

Was the nuclear missile that was stopped from hitting Hawaii meant to trigger this “new” super volcano and bring on the 90% cull the Evil Ones so much wanted, “by hook or by crook” is the old saying by the pirate’s of the Caribbean, or as we know them the banking families.

There is just so many threads of conspiracy to contend with, i think the good guys are so busy behind the smoke screen of public reality, it will be slowly slowly, then the curtain will sudenly open, and everyone will say i allways really knew that anyway, deep down just didn’t want to say!



Day 205.11. Celebrating – We May Have Nosed Out Q



George Webb
Streamed live 11 hours ago


Hey all… someone may have put this up at the time .. if so.. worth re-posting:

The friend who sent it to me is actually going on a trip to Peru with Jerry Wills later this year… maybe will go thru the rock door discussed in the video.
…. littled
“Linda covers a lot of the recent (and not so recent) science pointing to the holographic nature of our little “i” (illusion) we call “reality” here.. I found the whole thing absorbing.

Linda Moulton Howe includes information about Jerry Wills (and his testimonial) on how he fell through a portal in Peru which now appears to
be another universe”:


Published March 29, 2018 but this talk is from the end of 2016


I just saw on facebook a group called ‘Q Anon, follow the white rabbit’ that had 17,310 people! Quite amazing. That many people are having their faith broken! How many will change with the new narrative?

What was going on with Mega Anon as well? She said some things about being ‘converted’ to Q i.e. from photographs that had codes in them. It was surprising now thinking of it that this was not brought up by anyone else! Last posts were in Q’s very weird sort of writing style. Like evangelistic. So I wonder what happened there.


Mueller Trying to Force Trump to Resign, 2211


The Still Report
Published on May 11, 2018

Synopsis: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Mark Levin takes the macro view – the Constitutional view – of what Mueller, Comey and the rest of the crime syndicate is trying to do to the President.


Morely Robbins and the Magnesium / Iron / Copper… Root Cause Protocol
Here is something else that “all y’all” may have already gabbed about … I found it this week and am beginning to sort it out.

Since I’ve been “Mrs SoreBody GrumpPot” most of my adult life… with pulsing inflammation driving the irritability… I am looking at lining myself up with Robbins’ “Stops” and “Starts” to see if it can calm everything in my little “i” down more.

Any Cafe-isatas following this?
If so, how’s it goin’?



Littledog #403173

YOU might find this interesting to infuse your minds and change your DNA, and to rid the body of inflammation. Lol. Not news right.

“YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM HAS A MEMORY” by Christina Sarich (Pharma Sutra)

Your immune system has a memory of illness. This is newly discovered information published in The Scientist. Researchers have found that this “memory” hints at a truism of epigenetic claims: that we can teach our bodies how to recover lost health with “better communication.”

Our DNA can repair itself, without gene editing or other mechanistic means proposed by mad scientists of the modern world. What is required instead, is the release of stagnant emotional energy which communicates perceived threat to your immune system’s cells.

Please Continue to website for it is easily understood and awe-inspiring.

I have saved Morley Robbins to read..and the little “i” of inflammation. 😊



littledogg #403170

Linda Moulton Howe includes information about Jerry Wills (and his testimonial) on how he fell through a portal in Peru which now appears to
be another universe”:


Published March 29, 2018 but this talk is from the end of 2016

So Linda says in this interview that Michael Talbot is an abductee and that the entire book he wrote (Holographic Universe) was downloaded to him telepathically by the ET’s who were abducting him. I’m definitely getting it!


The long and secret info wars against Q and how he stayed alive. You really need to know this and move on.

I promised there would be a follow up to my post about Q1295 Be careful who you are following. Here it is. It’s a long post but if you are a Q follower, this information is worth knowing.

As many among you already know, Dr. Corsi is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dark forces at work trying to divide us and hijack Q’s work and our Movement. I will show you today who these dark forces are and how they are related to Dr. Corsi.


Would be nice if Q is real. I already ditched Corsi.


Just love Bro Nathaniel. I don’t think it’s as much about Oil/Gas as it is about the fall of the dollar from the top currency spot. It seems we’re being isolated economically and the result will not be good.


Happy Mother’s Day to any New Zealanders viewing. (Sunday 13 May).




Essay from Bro’ Nathanael Kapner
Israel is a big fat trip wire for Russia.

Apart from normal international diplomatic and economic relations between Russia and Israel, Israel, for all of Bibsy’s boorish posturing at the Russian VE Day Parade, is still deeply pro-Western, defacto ally of the US, and not of Russia.

Russia sees Israel as a close “Western” ally of the US and the UK.

Relations between Israel and Russia only opened up in 2000 with Putin. During most of the Cold War, Soviet Russia and Israel were completely estranged, although Stalin reluctantly supported the founding of Israel in 1948, and the USSR was pro-Israel for a few years until Stalin turned his attention to wooing Egypt and Syria before he died. Then the Soviets began openly wooing Egypt and Syria, leading up to selling Soviet arms and offering military aid during the 1960s.

Israel then made an even sharper turn to the US.

During the 1950s, the US was more pro-Egypt and Arab, until about 1959-1960, or even after Kennedy’s assassination, when the Israel Lobby (AIPAC which the Kennedys were trying to force registration as a foreign agent) began pushing hard, and all the popular Zionist propaganda stuff out of Hollywood started kicking in, Like Ten Commandments, Exodus, Ben Hur, etc, etc. in Israel’s sudden shift to the US.

Back around when Stalin died, Red Israel dropped its communist-Zionist mask and picked up the face of a social “democracy”. Judeophilic President L B Johnson was the president who fully inaugurated the political power of the Jewish Lobby in US politics. The Johnson White House was thoroughly saturated with Zionist Jews.

Russia does not want any direct conflict with the US, although our warmongers think it would be a peachy idea.

And, since Israel is so bonded to Jewmerica like a second head on the Statue of Liberty, should Russia stumble over US ally Israel in Syria, then Jewmerica would immediately step in to defend “helpless” Israel and retaliate.

Russia knows that Israel is firmly in the Anglo-American Zionist camp, and, along with the Zio-christian/neoliberalcons, dictates their common foreign policy in the Middle East.

Putin also does not want to ruin Russia’s reputation as a steady, reliable, neutral and objective geopolitical player and mediator by doing something directly against Israel; or in a way that the US would perceive as challenging its own great power and authority and trigger a reaction.

It’s still bad enough, and takes hard work to come up with work-arounds for the sanctions that the US imposes on Russia. Not that Russia isn’t ultimately benefitting from it in growing indigenous industries to replace lost ones, the economy and self-reliance, because they are. Last year, Russia became a wheat export superpower — a mere few years ago wheat was being imported from Europe.

Russia and Israel are “partners” but Russia and Syria are “friends.” Patriarch Kirill met with President Assad and intervened for him with Putin.

I’ve never seen Patriarch Kirill meet with any Israeli leader. Although Kirill was at the VE Day Parade, I believe, at least for the memorial ceremonies after the parade, there are zero pictures of any of the hierarchs anywhere close to Bibsy.

Israel-Russian relations only began about 2000 under Putin; if Israel isn’t careful, the next Russian president may not be nearly as gracious to Tel Aviv as Putin is, and put up with Israel’s boorishness.

Economic conditions are gradually worsening inside Israel…and Putin wouldn’t mind if all those Russian Israeli economic migrants decided to migrate back to Russia and reverse the brain drain.

And that’s another diplomatic tender spot — Putin doesn’t want to offend the non-kosher, mostly secular, pork eating Russian Israelis, some of whom are Orthodox Christians, which are also a powerful bloc in Israeli politics.

Russian Israelis identify most strongly as “Russian” and not “Jewish”. No joke. There are Palestinian Christian farmers who raise pigs and process them, so the Russian Israelis can have their pork and sausages.

+Brother Nathanael Kapner @


Another one from Bro’ Nathanael Kapner
A Choice For The World
By Brother Nathanael Kapner @

PUNDITS ACROSS THE SPECTRUM are advising Europe and other nations—in light of Trump’s nixing of the nuke deal—to “go their own way” and no longer “tag along” with America.

This is all well and good and sounds like good advice…but doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

The heart of the issue must begin with the question, “Who rules America? The presidency? Congress? Some ambiguous ‘Deep State?’

“Love of money,” it is written, “is the root of all evil.”

And no one loves money more than politicians and influential government operatives, like CIA agents, and Israeli moles who have infiltrated and embedded themselves into the CIA, namely, Mossad operatives.

Who has the money? JEWS. The top of the money chain is the FED that can print money out of thin air and send it to whoever they please WITHOUT any accountability or record of where it goes. That’s real power…AND, the biggest scam in the history of man.

Besides the FED, Jews in America own practically everything, including the armaments industries via Jewish Wall Street underwriting their stocks.

The solution then is NOT that Europe should “go its own way,” but to STOP the Jews from running the world into the ground for the sake of Jewish interests and their beloved genocidal faux state of Israel.

The 1000 year reign of the Byzantine Roman Empire (which the Jews block from being taught in our schools and higher realms of academia) succeeded in remaining a millenial power by forbiding Jews to:

Enter into finance and banking
Enter into teaching
Enter into the military
Enter into imperial government and civil office.

This is the ONLY way that Europe or any nation can “go its own way.”

America is on its way to total collapse. It may take time, but the Jew-wise nations like Russia and China see this very clearly. They are positioning themselves to fill the vacuum.

Stopping Jewish Power is a long war. “Patience and time,” said General Kutuzov when fighting the waning power of France in its invasion of Russia, “are my weapons.”

That same “patience and time” is being employed by Russia today. For when Jews rule a country, like America, its ruin is inevitable.

+Brother Nathanael @



Jewish Progressives Slam Starbucks For Caving To ‘Homophobe-Admiring’ Women’s March Leaders
Photo of Peter Hasson
Peter Hasson
8:44 PM 05/01/2018

Zio-tards plans backfiring on them….

Starbucks caved to “homophobe-admiring activists” by demoting the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights organization, from leading anti-bias training sessions, Jewish progressive group Zioness claimed Tuesday.

Starbucks originally tapped ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to help lead the training sessions after two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia, Pa., Starbucks. Other groups including the NAACP were also asked to help lead the training sessions, which will occur May 29.

Starbucks demoted Greenblatt from leading the sessions after Women’s March leaders Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour called for a boycott of Starbucks over the ADL leader’s inclusion. The Jewish group confirmed to Politico on Monday they will no longer have a role in drafting the curriculum for Starbucks’ anti-bias sessions.

Greenblatt had previously criticized Mallory and Sarsour in February for supporting Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious racist and anti-Semite.

“What a painful irony that, in their attempt to combat racial stereotyping, Starbucks has given in to purveyors of other hatreds,” Zioness said in a statement released on Tuesday. “Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour have no authority lecturing anyone — especially one of America’s largest and most influential corporations — on bigotry.”

“Their longstanding adoration of Louis Farrakhan (who has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an unabashed anti-Semite and who preaches hate against the LGBTQ community) should disqualify them from directing any national discourse on discrimination,” the Zioness statement continued.

“As inclusive progressives committed to civil rights and social justice for all people, we are alarmed that the decision-making of a corporate and community leader like Starbucks could be influenced by homophobe-admiring activists who traffic in the worst kinds of anti-Semitic imagery.”


Jim Stone
Hungarian prime minister Orban has delivered for his nation what Americans hoped for from Trump. READ IT AND WISH.

“The era of liberal democracy has come to an end. It is unsuitable to protect human dignity, inadmissible to give freedom, cannot guarantee physical security, and can no longer maintain Christian culture.

Hungary has built a twenty-first century Christian democracy that guarantees human dignity, freedom and security, as well as protects the traditional family model. We are Christian Democrats and we want Christian Democracy.”

Orban said he would not acquiesce to EU-imposed migrant quotas, warning that mass migration “can lead to the deaths of nations” as he vowed to defend the interests of the Hungarian people and safeguard Christian values.

“Today, thousands of paid activists, bureaucrats and politicians are working in Brussels to classify migration as a fundamental human right. That is why they want to take away the right to decide who we accept and who not”

He urged the European Union to “return to the grounds of reality,” saying that the EU should abandon the “delusional nightmares” of a United States of Europe and instead be “an alliance of free nations.”

“My government will be the government of free Hungarians and sovereign Hungarians,” Orban said.

My comment: I really wish Trump had stood up and said this. Many were hoping he would. I found this at RT, but it is posted everywhere EXCEPT THE AMERICAN MSM, gee . . . . I wonder why!



Peter King: DOJ and FBI “Put One Over” On President Trump – Nunes and Gowdy Never Saw Documents…
Posted on May 11, 2018 by sundance

Interesting new developments in the growing story of the FBI and DOJ conducting a surveillance operation against candidate Trump in 2016, to include the use of an FBI and CIA informant.

Contrary to previous reporting, representative Peter King (R-NY) reveals that yesterday Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy were not allowed to see the originating documents during their visit with the DOJ and FBI officials. Representative Trey Gowdy (U-DC) reluctantly admitted moments ago, the statement by Peter King was true.

The DOJ refused to allow Nunes & Gowdy access to the “EC” (electronic communication) document that initiated the FBI counterintelligence operation. Instead, Nunes and Gowdy were given an opaque description of the EC process; and told to come back next week if they wanted to talk more.

Additionally, Peter King reveals the DOJ and FBI are manipulating President Trump, and tricking him to believe declassifying information would endanger sources. WATCH:



A Lib-tard sewers herself on the House floor with her own PC-tardness….

Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!
May 11, 2018
By Victor Skinner

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear any talk about making America great, especially if it’s coming from a straight white man.

Waters went off the rails at a recent House debate when Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly had the audacity to suggest the country needed to shift focus from what divides to what unites.

Yesterday, on the House floor, RM @RepMaxineWaters had #notonesecond for Republican efforts to undermine anti-discrimination policies. Watch ⬇ pic.twitter.com/n36Gh2Msbg

— Financial Svcs Dems (@FSCDems) May 9, 2018

“We are trying to make sure we are making America great every day in every way and the best way to do that is to stop stalking about discrimination and start talking about the nation,” Kelly said Tuesday, directing his comments to Waters. “We’re coming together as a people, in spite of what you say.”

Committee chairman Tom McClintock reminded lawmakers to direct comments to him, rather than each other, before yielding to “the gentlelady from California.” Waters ignored his request and immediately attacked Kelly, pointing to her special double victim status as a black woman.

“Mr. Kelly, please do not leave. Because I want you to know that I am more offended as an African American woman than you will ever be. And this business about making America great again, it is your president that’s dividing this country,” she said.

“And don’t talk to me about the fact that we don’t understand … that’s the attitude that’s been given toward women time and time again.”

Kelly attempted to chime in, but Waters refused to yield for a response. McClintock reminded Waters to direct her remarks to him, and she ignored the request a second time.

“I respect the chair, but don’t stop me in the middle when you didn’t stop him in the middle, and so I shall continue,” Waters said, turning back to Kelly. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that and think that somehow women don’t understand what goes on on the floor of automobile dealers.”

McClintock again requested that Waters respect the rules, which sent the 79-year-old politician into a tirade about Trump.

“I don’t appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination,” Waters shouted. “I resent that and I resent the remark about making America great again.

“He’s down here making a speech for this dishonorable president of the United States of America. Having said that, I reserve the balance of my time. And no, I do not yield, not one second to you,” she yelled at Kelly.

She added an echo for dramatic effect.

“Not one second,” she shouted. “Not one second to you.”

The hearing centered on Obama-era anti-discrimination regulations for auto lenders, which Republicans and some Democrats voted to reverse. The measure, which was previously approved by the Senate, is now awaiting Trump’s signature, The Hill reports.


“The Trump administration has ordered the end of TPS for over 300,000 immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has so far ordered the end of TPS benefits to all but about 7,000 people from four countries, nearly booting the entire TPS population.”



comment image


comment image


Is Facebook Rolling Out a One World Currency?

If FaceFook can’t be trusted with our privacy, how in eff can we trust them with our money??



JW Exposes Comey-Mueller Coordination

MAY 11, 2018
Text Size

Justice May Provide Redacted Portions of Rosenstein Mueller “Scope” Memo
FBI Advised Comey to Consult with Mueller’s Office Prior to Testifying
Judicial Watch Scores New Victory for 76-Year-Old Veteran


Jim Stone

This soon to be banned 10 second video is PRICELESS
A man pulls a gun on a group of women and tries to steal something. One of the women pulls a gun out of her purse and pops him good. He’s still moving but probably a goner. INSTANT STREET JUSTICE, and absolute proof an armed population is a good thing.


Greg Hunter with David Janta explains the Iran Deal


“Dave Janda, host of the popular radio show called “Operation Freedom,” says the Iran nuclear deal (also known as the JCPOA) is an unsigned scam with huge implications of “treason and fraud.” Janda says, besides the public not being told it was never signed by Iran, they were also lied to about the enormous amounts of cash brought to Iran on pallets. It’s way more than the $1 billion or so the Obama Administration admitted to giving the number one state sponsor of terror. Janda, who has high ranking sources in Intel, politics and law enforcement, explains, “Everybody got a piece of this. My contacts say when this happens, the cash gets lighter. (Meaning, everybody gets a cut of the money.) I spoke to my contacts about the cash part of this and, according to my contacts behind the curtain about this stuff, they say it’s more than the $1.5 billion that folks have been speaking about, significantly more. My contacts are also convinced that some of that cash was filtered back to Obama, the Clinton Foundation, John Kerry himself, but not through him, through accounts through his wife Teresa. The money also went to (George) Soros and to European leaders. You can understand why Angele Merkel came jetting over to talk to Trump on the Iranian deal and why Macron came over. . . . Some of this money was laundered through the banking syndicate, which the Rothschilds are huge players.”……more


trudy #403192

Wow, is this really so? Then two sides of the same coin, both Israhell+ & Iran sponsoring terror in true Hegelian fashion. How long will this take to unravel & become understood for a wider audience I wonder? Gives another perspective to Russia’s role as well. This could be the smoking gun folks, but I’ve thought that before now.


Belle #403173

THANKS for the reference about

““YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM HAS A MEMORY” by Christina Sarich (Pharma Sutra)”
Love the site name: “pharma sutra” 😉


For clearing the stuck (“trapped”) emotions: The Emotion Code is a “FAB” tool

I have now been using it w me, some personal “pals” and most of my clients for over a month and am beginning to see some delightul moments of “un-stuck” ness.

Go to: TheHealersLibrary.com
and Download the Free Emotion Code Starters Kit.


Belle #403173

Also.. thank you Belle for bringing me back to this grrreat site:
a tres kool aggregator site.

This article SAYs it in the title:

tail wagg all … esp to those of you doing all that mothering
(like my single friend down the street who mothers e v e r y dog.. cat and 2-footed in the neighborhood via her curiosity and loving kindness.. I’m off to sneak a little Mothers Day card of thanks to her.. )
……how about you? who’re you sneaking a card to?


comment image


comment image



…and don’t think it is only happening in America. Your country, too, has its own fleecing mechanisms to feed the greedy banksters and transnationalists. Identify them. Marginalize them. Laser strike them with weapons of truth.


Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn on Deep State stonewalling the release of Russia probe documents: “Nunes is going to win this fight … The Justice Department is a creation of Congress. If Congress wanted to, they could abolish it.” pic.twitter.com/1fH94TKM28

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) May 12, 2018

Here’s a tool just for the job.
comment image?w=1960

comment image


Obama’s Spy Within The Trump Campaign ID’d By Internet Sleuths!



Mueller’s Credibility TANKS After Major Mishap In #RussiaGate Hoax





Dave Janda – Global Criminal Syndicate Stripping Us of our Freedoms and Money

Trump’s business model is to create leverage by being in so much debt that the banks cannot afford to let him go down & let him drag themselves down as well. Sometimes one has to do business with people one doesn’t like; this does not mean he is in bed with these people (think the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis). The video made is a good one (zanderboy #403163 re.lakewinds #403154) but the inferences made about Trump’s dependency on those guys is not correct if you look at Trump’s track record against the cabal.

According to Janda, Trump builds solid towers; he is not in the construction business just for a buck, but considers legacy as important.


I have been continually adding to a file on Trump’s positive actions since inauguration.
Maybe I should post it soon.


Alan: Living in the future, lol, AND Belated



From Jim Stone, an item which for some reason has not been previously posted here:

Russia Insider: The Donald is done

Sadly, this is spot on. I had my hopes up high, not so much anymore. See this:

“The Donald’s action to ash-can the Iranian nuclear deal marks the War Party’s complete and baleful triumph. There is now nothing much left of America First.
Trump’s reckless, unwarranted and utterly irrational action will pull Washington ever deeper into an incendiary middle eastern vortex of political and religious conflict that has absolutely nothing to do with the safety and security of the America people.

To the contrary, picking a fight with Tehran is an exercise in unprovoked Imperial aggression. The Iranian regime has no means to attack American militarily and has never threatened to do so. Nor has it invaded any other country in the region where it was not invited by a sovereign government host.

Even Iran’s minor skirmishes with American forces in recent years have been owing to the happenstance of Washington’s far-flung imperial ventures.

For example, Washington destroyed Saddam’s Sunni/secular government in Iraq and installed a Shiite regime in Baghdad, thereby leaving the Sunni lands of western Iraq in chaos. Only then did Baghdad invite their shiite co-religionists from Iran to help excise the scourge of ISIS that formed from the remnants of Saddam’s army and government.

Likewise, Washington and its allies sent thousands of jihadist warriors and billions of aid and supplies into Syria to topple its dully elected government. Only then did the Alawite (Shiite) Assad regime invite help from its confessional compatriots in Tehran.

And you can’t find any more ludicrous example of the cat calling the kettle black than the Donald’s claim that Iran is a terrorist state because it is aligned with the Shiite population of Lebanon represented by Hezbollah.

For crying out loud. The War Party pretends Washington has turned much of the middle east into rubble and barbarism in order to spread democracy — whether they wanted it or not, and whether they were ready for it or not.

But Lebanon is a serviceable democracy and last weekend Hezbollah and its allies — including certain Sunni factions — won an overwhelming election victory. They now control a clear majority in its legislature, where Hezbollah will have the power to name a new Prime Minister (a Sunni) and Speaker of the Parliament (a Shiite) — both of whom will be pledged to work with the country’s Christian president.

My comment: Things are really looking disappointing with “The Donald.”

Jim Stone – an honest man.


Jim Stone on Iran

I check Jim’s site everyday and I like what he says most of the time; however, this time on his take (as expressed in the article that he linked) on Iran, I disagree with his take on Iran.

Trump’s move on Iran was a brillant move on many levels.

That goddamn TRAITOR, Obummer, had illegally and unlawfully set up a massive conduit of money to go through Iran to do multiple things — money laundering, drug-running, nuke weapons making, funding ISIS-based terrorism, amongst many, many evils that were planned to be inflicted upon our planet.

It was the Deep State, acting through Obummer, doing this horrid Iran deal.

But thanks to Trump, to MbS and the Gulf Cooperation Council, stunning changes are happening in the Middle East (“M.E.”), much of which we haven’t even heard about.

The Mullahs in Iran are about to fall, so that bodes well for all of us in the world.

I can go on and on, but I just don’t have the time. I’m busy puttering about at my landlord’s place, doing things outside.

But if you want to learn more about the M.E., just look up @ThomasWictor in Twitter and read his amazing tweet threads that will give you a great deal of detail about what’s happening in the M.E..

We are on the verge if serious, massive breakouts of peace in the world.

Get ready! 😉


Mozart – MbS?


#403208 zander

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud known colloquially as MBS

What’s great about this is that he fulfills the Nostradamic “Mabus” prophecy, a crucial element in his descriptions of the Apocalypse to come.

Exciting times, eh?


An “Audible Gasp” Was Heard When The Chicago Fed Unveiled Its “Solution” To The Pension Problem

An audible gasp went out in the breakout room I was in at last month’s pension event cosponsored by The Civic Federation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. That was when a speaker from the Chicago Fed proposed levying, across the state and in addition to current property taxes, a special property assessment they estimate would be about 1% of actual property value each year for 30 years.

Evidently, that wasn’t reality-shock enough. This week the Chicago Fed published that proposal formally. It’s linked here.

It surely ranks among the most blatantly inhumane and foolish ideas we’ve seen yet.

This proposed tax would only address the five state pensions. What about the other 650-plus pensions in Illinois, particularly those for overlapping jurisdictions in Chicago which are grossly underfunded? The Fed was asked that at last month’s seminar and they, without explanation, said they didn’t bother to cover that.


How about adjusting the pensions back to reality (not popular for sure) because they were based on pie in the sky assumptions to begin with. This proposal seems to be where arrogance and stupidity intersect.


Child Sex Trafficking Tribunal Hearing (Intro)

Sarah Westall
Published on May 13, 2018

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice held their first large scale hearing in London with witnesses from all levels of government and society to share their experiences with child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, and other crimes against humanity. This video shares with viewers a preview of what was covered and share by witnesses. This is an historic event to stop the horrific abuses to children and humanity. The video also shares the plans for the upcoming hearings scheduled this July in the United States.

Here’s a link to the video on bitchute:
Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/himohA


Conspiracy Theory? Politicians and Corporations Admit to Paying Actors to Show Fake Support




Heshmat Alavi is a dude whom I follow on Twitter. He reports from inside the M.E. with VERY good and accurate reports.

His report supports my post about Iran.

And one person voted a neg vote on that, really?

Ok, you got something better than what I’ve put out?

Come on, dude, spit it out.