How to explain?

Dear Mr. Fulford,

We exchanged mails close to one year ago.  I thought about writing to thank you for your response on 23 July 2017, but imagined you probably receive hundreds of emails, if not thousands, and did not want to be a pest.  Today I write to send a belated thank-you, but most of all, because I would like your opinion about what happens now that President Trump reneged on the Iran deal.  Insanity, madness, perhaps even senility seems to have overtaken world leaders.  Last year I was worried about Palestine.  Today I’m worried about the whole world.  I despair, Mr. Fulford.  The pit in my stomach seems to be filling up with acid.  What is the world coming to?

I thank you again for taking the time to reply and perhaps send a word of encouragement.  I admire you for keeping up the good fight.  I don’t know if I can do the same.

All the best,

Dear A.M.:
The ruling cabal needs fear and hate in order to stay in power.  I assume you are in the United States, where fear and hate propaganda are the most intense.  Please understand that seen from the perspective of the world at large, love is winning.  The situation in Iran will lead to some histrionics for a while, but it will not lead to World War 3.  The good guys are winning, so please relax and enjoy your life.

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Really appreciate your comment, Benjamin, thank you.

Glen Smith
Glen Smith

I believe in Benjamin Fulford. I believe he has a handle on it.


Excellent reply Ben. A short while ago it seemed like WW3 was on our doorstep. Now it appears that scenario is not immanent. You seem to have a better idea than most on current events and i’m sure that we all look forward to your weekly reports on the latest developments. A guiding beacon on stormy seas. Thanks for your dedication and wisdom.


I’m so glad your answer cut to the chase and gave the truth. People just need to get their news from you and others with no ties to the lying fake news media on cable. And why not calm down and use intuition? Love has won. The remaining dramas will just fizzle out.


So far this power shift has not even created a ripple. We in effect have a military coup which is the only way it can unseat the evil power structure that is entrenched worldwide. This is continuing and must culminate with the full sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic which can only conclude with the complete removal of the Federal Reserve and the Democracy that replaced our beloved Republic.

The Constitution is to guarantee the RIGHTS and liberties of the INDIVIDUAL, not the Gov. This includes the often misused endowment of STATES’ RIGHTS. To heck with the states, those rights are really POWERS over the individual.

The war is over who owns us, is it ourselves, the state we live in, the unwieldy Federal Gov, or the Cabal dream of a WORLD GOVERNMENT of control freak communist Satanist Babylonians? I choose to own myself, I don’t even own my family and our dog, neither do you.

Freedom is NOT possible except with full respect for property rights by any and all levels of government. I contend that if you think you own your own home just fail to pay your ad valorem taxes and you will be evicted, resist and you will be shot dead! Sounds like King George to me my fellow serfs. Democracy is the illusion that enslaves us, we substitute crooks and bureaucrats for the monarchs.

Keep it up, Mr. Fulford, you have them on the run and the military will triumph over the currency counterfeiters before it’s put to bed. I expect domestic violence before it’s over. Open season, hot damn!!

Yanaar Lee
Yanaar Lee

I keep wondering if the Knights of Templar have truly joined with the Knights with Malta, and together are headed towards the Vatican bank.


I have been wanting to mention to someone something strange that occurred a few days ago when President Trump had given his speech about pulling out of the Iran deal. I wanted to hear the speech so I went onto my smart TV and opened the FoxNews channel. They had a link for the speech so I clicked on it. I was listening to it for a while and then I realized that Donald Trump’s voice sounded off. His voice seemed lower and the cadence was not his typical style. I could see Donald Trump moving his lips and the words I heard seemed to match, but the voice was wrong. I thought that there was just an issue with the Wi-Fi connection, but that usually effects video rather than audio. As I kept listening, I realized that the voice sounded familiar. It finally dawned on me that the voice sounded exactly like Benjamin Netanyahu. I have heard stories and even seen a YouTube video that demonstrates that technology exists for a person to speak and another person’s face and voice is heard. It was freaky. I did not think on my feet enough to pull out my smartphone and videotape the broadcast. I ended up going out. Hours later when I returned home, I went back to the FoxNews channel app and pulled up the same video. This time, I again saw Donald Trump’s image talking, but it was in his voice. I was wondering if anyone else encountered this phenomenon? I cannot prove it happened since I did not take any video and the currently available video is “normal.” I did find it eerie when I later saw a clip where Benjamin Netanyahu was expressing his approval of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal.


“The good guys are winning, so please relax and enjoy your life.

Love this.


” —-love is winning. ”
Oh darn – I waited to hear you say that Ben.

Absolute no World War 3. I been true to that statement for as long as I’ve been here – and still are……..
Thanks a lot for much needed uplifting views.


And, Thank you AM for having the courage to speak up & voice the concerns of many.
vigorous Tail wagg
🐕 😄