Are you pushing the Cabal agents as good guys?

Hi Ben:

I have followed you for some years now, but have often felt that you are promoting the pinnacle and chief architects of the Cabal as good guys.  Yes, I know you say that you print what you hear and let the reader decide.  But what really concerns me is that you are pushing the Cabal agents as good guys.  I cannot sit back any longer.

You seem to think the satan-worshiping paedophiles known as the British Royal family are working for the side of humanity?  Since when?  They have been at the helm of the cabal since way back.  How many times do “friends of Charles” get outed as rampant paedophiles?  Jimmy Savile being his best friend, then he gets the police to quash investigations into his archbishop paedophile friend.  He was named in the Elm guest house paedophile ring, which was buried by the UK police and hidden under both Nazi Google and EU right-to-be-forgotten laws.  As well as Prince Philip.  Not forgetting Prince Andrew’s close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein getting mentioned in the press here, only for the false flag attack at Charlie Hebdo to happen the next day.  So how are these evil people good, Ben?  The royals seem to get a biannual pay increase which they squander but never help the people.

Now, let’s look at the Vatican and the Pope you love so much.  Francis was involved in child abuse and subsequent coverups in South America.  He personally swore in Lucifer as the God of Christianity in the Vatican’s Serpent Temple.  You keep telling us Francis will eradicate global poverty.  He has been sitting on Satan’s throne for how long now?  Five plus years, and he hasn’t done a thing to end poverty.  Just swear in Lucifer and continue to rape children.

So tell me, Ben, whose side are you on here, as you are championing the evil that’s murdering and raping its way through to the total demise of Gaia and all her inhabitants?

I hope I’m wrong about you, Ben.  But please explain why you promote the vile and despicable as the good guys.

I won’t even mention the P2 Lodge, let alone how you conflict in which side they are on.  As one month you tell it how it is with the P2—they are evil satan-worshipers.  The week after, they are the good guys.

I’m sure many who follow your blog feel the same.  But others blindly accept.

I do not accept the paedophile satan-worshiping royals, Vatican, and whoever else you promote as the good guys, as this is promoting these child-raping, torturing, murdering, and eating parasites as our “liberators.”  To me this is a promotion of the Cabal 2.0 with a reboot, and they can carry on as normal.  Does this not seem the way?

In love and light against the dark,


Years of first-hand reporting have shown me that many people in the secret cabals actually mean well but are locked inside a bad system.  Our goal has always been to save the planet—not to “get the bad guys.”

Of course, some of the satanists are so evil that only the total destruction of their souls is possible.  However, there are many talented and basically good people locked in the system who can be put to work saving the planet after they have appeared in front of a truth and reconciliation committee.

We all want justice, of course, but ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction should be our first priority.


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Benjamin, you said “We all want justice, of course, but ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction should be our first priority.”

But is it not the “bad guys” who are the root cause of poverty and environmental destruction? Get rid of them first and then the positive things like healing, restoration, abundance and care taking can flood in – virtually effortlessly as a natural progression.

Anyone who has in some way restored land from abuse to gardening or wet land or forestation knows what I’m talking about.


Sonia Nordenson

Benjamin, you said “We all want justice, of course, but ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction should be our first priority.”

For me, prior to those two aims should be the ending of pedophilia, cannibalism, and human trafficking. Save the children!


Totally agree with you CD! Benjamin can be very “confusing” at times with his infos!


Leland: You and Anna are So right about ❣️


Well said Ben. Geoenginering the weather caused a 5-year drought in California. Then one month of heavy rain the next year, and not enough rain this past Winter and Spring have all set the stage for DEW fires in California over the past nine months, which i hope I’m not mistaken also caused the 9-11 collapsed buildings.

Thanking for caring.

Fates Whynot

Well said Ben, that’s essentially it, we are born into this planet, not necessarily in the desired lineage.

There are also those who either were deceived or under a previous mindset/paradigm which brought them into their situation.

But, those within these organizations who truly want peace and positivity for this planet, they fight for it, and that’s what counts in the end.

Leland Roth

Perhaps Anna Von Reitz gets it best?

“First, and foremost, I love you all.  All.  Even the Bad Actors. Our Father has purposed that all will be saved and not one left behind.  Remember that.  Not one.
Remember this, too— that love is the most important thing you can give, and I give it freely to each and every one of you reading this today.  ”  

^ ♩


excellent mr benjamin fulford….. bravo….. namaste….. ————————————————————————————————————– the surface population of earth will very capably and effectively process all criminality as the lightforces gain full control sooooon….. the violant traumatic construct we have all been subjected to at various levels in various ways is not all in vain….. we are a very blooded humanoid civilization-very familiar with violence and despair….. lightforces types of the earths surface therefore can and are as cold and callous and lethal as any dark force that exists…. out of necessity many of us are this way to various degrees in various ways….. of course most… Read more »