Questions from a military man



I’ve been a follower for a while, and I’m a retired military with a high clearance.  I have a couple of questions.

First, what part of DoD are these folks working in who are discussing the cabal?  I worked in both the agencies and the DoD and never saw any of the things you mention.  I’m curious how they can keep things a secret within the ranks.  Bear in mind that I was privy to a lot of information and had a need to know with some of it but never saw any of this information.

Second, how do we win?  How do we out the MSM and get this information out to the public?


Hi SM:

First of all, there is a lot of confusion with terminology, with people meaning different things.  For example, when they use the word “Illuminati,” for many it is a general catch-all phrase for the tip-top of the elite.  In the real world, there are two groups who call themselves “Illuminati.”  One is the descendants of the Caesars and the ruling bloodlines of Europe.  The other is opposed to bloodline rule and claims to have started the American, French, and Russian Revolutions.  In my work I refer to the latter as Gnostic Illuminati, and the former as P2 Freemasons or British Royal family, depending on which faction of the bloodlines I refer to.  Remember that as a reporter I got this information first-hand by meeting representatives of these groups.

The trick is to follow the money to understand what is going on.  What we are dealing with is a faction among the families that control the privately owned central banks.

For convenience and ease of understanding, I use “Khazarian mafia” as a catch-all phrase for the ruling factions engaged in high-level criminal activity.  You would probably have used phrases like Israel, the Israeli lobby, neo-cons, and oligarchs to describe the same groups.

In any case, the key to removing their power is to remove their control of the Western central banks and the Fortune 500 companies.  These are all controlled by about 700 people.

Concerning the media, the trick is to occupy the corporate headquarters of the six conglomerates who control 90% of the media and arrest their top management and controlling shareholders.  A lot could be accomplished by arresting the Sulzberger family who own The New York Times.  They could and should be charged as being criminally complicit, for example, in the crimes of 9/11.

What you also need to understand is that Donald Trump is controlled opposition who was bailed out by the Rothschild family each time he went bankrupt.  That is why he has failed so far to round up the people involved in 9/11.  This can be confirmed through open sources.


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Ben Dalton

I was in a similar position as SM. As an officer in army intelligence, I interfaced with NSA as part of my job. I had the above top secret clearance too. Just keep in mind that we are told X. We really do not know if we are really doing X or Y unless we are in Operations (G-3). I was in Logistics (G-4) and therefore believed what I was being told but in this case NSA called the shots and we just executed the assignment or supported the execution of that assignment. Compartmentalization is the name of the game–if… Read more »


I believe the cabal are not Human. They have Human bodies, but are from a different soul group and they have a different kind of soul as well. They are about 1 million of these people and the top 5% might be called the cabal. Our souls have empathy for others, and lean toward “Love and Service to Others”. Their souls do not have empathy for others, and lean toward “Service to Self, Controlling and or Manipulating Others” and is why they don’t have any problem doing evil. About 41% of these people claim to be Jewish and is why… Read more »


Trump, Poutine, Salvini : ils veulent casser l’Europe ! #cdanslair 21.08.2018

Trump, Putin, Salvini: they want to break Europe! #cdanslair 21.08.2018


Yanaar Lee

“In the real world, there are two groups who call themselves “Illuminati.” One is the descendants of the Caesars and the ruling bloodlines of Europe. The other is opposed to bloodline rule and claims to have started the American, French, and Russian Revolutions.” Ben Fulford. This is a direct quote, and I am wondering if the gnostic illuminati bloodline includes the fall of the Manchu Dynasty (held together now only by NK), and the fall of Bismarck in Germany. I remember studying somewhere that these five revolutions marked the end of an age and the beginning of the uprising of… Read more »


Joseph Farrell’s News and Views from the Nefarium is a little pinch of spice in my Thursdays. He acts as curator with folks scarfing news articles from all over. He picks the “zingiest” … explains what he sees as their importance…. and then sprinkles in extra zest at the end with what he calls his “High Octane Speculation.”

This week it is about Germany F I N A L L Y giving up on the dollar as base world currency… and spicey followingups about that.

“It’s begun: Germany wants a new financial clearing system independent of American-controlled SWIFT:”

Elliott Reed

Christopher Diedrichs re #408338: True, a 100% download would not be understood by most people. But if the choice becomes either that or total loss, is that acceptable?

Christopher Diederichs

You can´t just drop the Hammer and give the people a 100% freaking cosmic download about all the events that took place and will take place in the near future, it´s just too much. The minority will likely not believe it. But giving em 10% here and another 5% there and build up the story like a tower is probably easier to chew.



Kerry Cassidy inteviewed this former DoD employee this week. He said he had “top security” clearance and early on in the interview he gives examples of how info is both “stove piped” and completely falsified for those with these clearances.

My guest is Ronald Russell Farnham, movie producer, author, former DOD with a top secret clearance for 15 years.”

Elliott Reed

Ben, it follows that Trump is Controlled Opposition, as you say. Also, you have recently written (I am paraphrasing here) “patriots in the military and the ABC agencies” cancelled the Hillary Rigged Election Fix in the 2016 Presidential Election.

If so, is the decision to “Drop the Hammer” and process the 50,000 or so sealed indictments really up to “patriots in the military and the ABC agencies” rather than The President now that The United States is in a Post Constitutional situation?

What, if anything, are the Patriots in the Military and ABC agencies waiting for? Optics?


Make a movie about the truth and get it in front of America on a prime time boob tube show and then put it on ALL channels fer a week and it jus’ may sink in-lol!

W/O a media hi jack – I don’t see sleepy America wakin’ up evah” !