Stance on alternative lifestyles

Hi Ben,

I’m a follower of your work with the Dragon families and even administer a group on Facebook dedicated to your weekly updates along with the fight against the cabal.  I have a concern, however.  You appear to be sounding increasingly prejudiced toward the LGBT community (and you have many people who support you from within that community, many of whom are GOOD people.)

So my question is:  are you homophobic?  I have noticed you often speak about people of this community as if we’re a product used to depopulate the world rather than actual Human Beings!  As a note about the mention of “promoting homosexuality,” there is a difference between promoting and actually educating people to lower stigma ALONG with giving people of such equal rights to everyone else.

Also, please stop placing the subject of paedophilia directly after speaking about homosexuality.  It appears a calculated move which anyone with half an education knows paedophilia is in no way related or similar to homosexuality.

I would like to hear your response in these regards/concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Hi D,

First of all, let me say up front, I am not homophobic and furthermore, I have personally had, and enjoyed, same-sex experiences.

My problem is not with the LGTB community and people wanting to live alternative lifestyles.  They deserve to be treated as a normal part of the social spectrum and given the same rights as others.

My problem, in the case of Canada and many other countries, is that alternative lifestyles like polygamy that produce lots of children are criminally punished, while all forms of sex that do not produce children (masturbation, prostitution, homosexuality, etc.) are actively promoted.  Yes, this same Canada whose Prime Minister is actively promoting homosexuality is criminally punishing people who practice polygamy.  This is true in other countries as well.

The other problem is the historical practice of simultaneously promoting and prohibiting homosexuality in organizations like the U.S. military and the Catholic Church.  In the U.S. military, Nazi groups affiliated with the Bush clan, for example, forced people to have homosexual experiences in order to be promoted and then used the threat of exposure of these experiences to blackmail the same people into obedience or else face court-martial.  The U.S. military put an end to this by ending the ban of same-sex love, which was what I recommended they do.

The Catholic Church needs to do the same thing, but so far, they refuse.
In Canada, during the Cold War, there was an interior decorator working in the Department of External Affairs who was suspected of being homosexual by the Security Department.  They worried that he would be blackmailed by the Soviets because of this.  For this reason, they confronted him and asked him if he was homosexual.  He said, “Of course I am.”  Since he was open about it, they decided he could not be blackmailed and so was not a security risk and let him be.

In the UK, former Prime Minister Edward Heath was filmed by the Soviets having sex in a London hotel room with a 14-year-old boy.  He was blackmailed by this and as a result, signed over British sovereignty to the Communist EU.  That was a security risk.

A big issue that still needs to be addressed is the whole issue of older men having sex with teenage boys, a widespread but highly taboo practice.  In many cases, older men use a position of power to sexually abuse young boys.  In other cases, it is completely consensual.  Society needs to openly discuss this and figure out what sort of stance to take on this issue.


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Unites States of America citizens !!! Do you know the history of your country well? Please have a look at this educational blog to see if you have missed this information. Please discern for yourself:

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Very gutsy post Ben!♩

Just for the record my atheist father suggested Jesus was a homosexual when I was 10. Did that make me a homosexual?

No…NeonRevolt recently described an Anon outing an AI bot. Is that bot gay now?? Neon details the satellites going down (& the interesting story of a bot becoming self aware☇)

I am happiest over the years after getting a 16 inch or so bowel movement regularly.

Does that make me a repressed homosexual?

Well, I never thought so…

Thank God St. PETER had a wife! Otherwise Christians would UTTERLY confused about sex?


jeez….first off….the thought of a man sticking his p**** up another man’s a** is what homosexuality boils down to, let’s not beat around the bush per say

Transgender – sorry, but they are not normal, practicing out some weird fantasy denying of their chromosomes…..and don’t start by telling me that ‘it’s possible for a woman to be born into a male body, or vice versa’….if that is the case then you are acknowledging the existence of a spirit or soul prior to the ‘birth’ of the organic body of the human if it were the case….if so then you are acknowledging the existence of life and gender prior to the body being born….any proof of that being the case for those who propose to be trans??…..I didn’t think so….and if it were to be the case then you have to acknowledge the existence of life out with the body, something a trans would not do, as that would be acknowledging the existence of something higher….with higher morals….as in ‘man shall not lie down with man’ as an example

XX or XY….that’s the basics…anything else is just a ‘thought’ or a desire to be the opposite of what one is….which means weakness in liking what one is…or selfishness to be more than one is


Thank you DU, for posing your questions..
And Ben, for you’re clear and informative responses.

AND truthearth 408779 for such a wise response.

And I see this commuity is not of one mind on this issue. Showing me that more inner and outer work is needed.

light fthgac to all w each and every current view.

tail wagg from a little “bi” dog.


And yet you say, “Trudeau has not helped his case by participating in public demonstrations in support of sodomy. ” Abt the Gay Pride Parades? and meanwhile holding that “My problem is not with the LGTB community and people wanting to live alternative lifestyles.” These ‘alternative” lifestyles are JT’s constituents, why would you castigate him for supporting inclusivety? Somehow, according to you, that’s a defense of sodomy. What happened to the Lesbians? They’re not sodomites. And prostitution is a “form of sex?” “That doesn’t produce children???” How’s that possible?

Meanwhile, you seem to champion polygamy because it produces a lot of children. You say nothing abt it mostly being men marrying multiple child-brides, not women having multiple husbands (which certainly wouldn’t produce as many children, as the women couldn’t have more than one a year, and would no doubt resist over-producing as per the energy involved.

In the UK, at the time of Heath, any MP caught having sex AT ALL, was drubbed out of office. As in this 2009 case….”with a mystery brunette in stockings and suspenders” Horrors! Plus it was illegal to have homosexual sex, as it was here in USA as well, until halfway thru 2003!!! And same-sex marriage allowed only in 2015.

Here’s a nice Government case: Ohio’s Mr Goodman took office on January 4, 2017, and was known for his insistence on what he called “natural marriage”, which is between a man and a woman only. He is currently married to the assistant director of annual anti-abortion rally, “March for Life.”

“Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being ‘caught having sex with man in his office”


Thanks for coming forward about your experiences Ben and addressing the e-mail sent to you. I am gay myself and have discovered from a young age that homophobia is a divide and conquer tactic just like all of the other ones (sexism, racism and so on). Just like you said, it is an experience and people are free to do what they please as long as they are consenting and do not cause harm to anyone.

People who are homophobic, sexist and racist or any other kind of discrimination have a lot of inner work to do on themselves. If you learn to truly love yourself you don’t say those kinds of things (there are some negative comments here which reflect this need for inner work).

By the way, say we make contact with our Galactic brothers and sisters and you find out they have three or four or more genders and they can change them at will or that they have some other custom regarding their physiology or sexuality. What will you do then if you can’t even handle someone experiencing something with the same sex?

Much love all <3

Barbara Petersen
Barbara Petersen

I just subscribed to your newsletter and now I see you have IMO an unnatural desire to have sexual relations with same sex. I am going to cancel subscription. I do not agree with gay lifestyle.

Lots of infos regarding all these “subjects” here…(satanic child sacrifice, pedophilia, transgenderism, and the how and why’s Humanity in general has been “highjacked” to this point of…No return I’m afraid! Yes, contrary to Benjamin Fulford, I am not very optimistic; we have fallen too low! Way too low.


DU; it is unfortunate that many are grouping paedophiles and the LGBT community under one umbrella, but it is the LGBT community that needs to become more vocal about this misconception. While I do agree with pandora who previously stated that early abuse can, and sometimes does, lead to entrenched homosexuality and does, therefore have some connection, it’s important for the LGBT community to go public with a solid condemnation of paedophilia.

It’s a very fragile situation because aspects of paedophilia unfortunately insinuate that homosexuality is a product of sexual trauma and that leads people to dismiss homosexuals as damaged individuals, which they are not. This is why I feel that the LGBT community needs to make more public statements, especially when they have gay members of Congress and other national institutions to take a strong position against the paedophiles who are clearly riding the coattails of all that the LGBT community has achieved.

Their goal is to have paedophilia classified as just another alternative lifestyle as long as the kids agree, ergo a drop in the age of consent to at least 12- and that’s from Ruth Bader Ginsburg!. Your silence supports them and you shouldn’t allow it.

I’d like to see some signs distancing the LGBT community from the paedophiles at some of the parades this year. I’d like to see reps from your community on TV and on the radio- denouncing the paedophile agenda. If you can’t do that, then you are complicit in this psychologically destructive movement and deserved to be lumped in with them.


Oh! And for the heck of it, here is an interesting link from Dr. Roberts.


D.U, you wrote:
“Also, please stop placing the subject of paedophilia directly after speaking about homosexuality. It appears a calculated move which anyone with half an education knows paedophilia is in no way related or similar to homosexuality.”
You should get your information right! The majority of male homosexual HAVE been molested as little boys by older men…So, how can you say that the two are not related? Also, homosexuality IS being promoted in many places where it shouldn’t, and with the accord of governments, in so-called “Western Democracies”, like kindergartens!! Yes, in Europe, US Canada etc…
Why should 3% of the populations in general, dictate to the rest, how to behave, think, and consider those who call themselves LGBTQ??? (Oh, you forgot to mention ALL the other alternate “lifestyles” like, zoophilia, pansexuality etc..etc..) As far as I know, gay people are NOT being persecuted nor discrimated against in Western countries these days, so there is no need demonstrate in the streets for example practically naked or in S&M leather with asses hanging out (during the so-called “gay parades”),in sight of children and whatever else! Whatever you do in your bedroom is nobody’s business, and each individual should keep it in private! No need to teach toddlers how gays or lesbians or heterosexuals for that matter, each other. They’ll have plenty of time to find out for themselves in later years! And, if you need to call me “homophobic” too, that’s fine with me! But it will only prove that you haven’t understood that society has been taken over by a satanic”cult” which interests are not to further our well being, whether gay or not, but to bring our demise. They have inverted everything: good is evil, evil is good, beautiful is ugly, and ugly is beautiful, etc..etc…
Don’t succumb to their nonsense.


Well stated, just like any ideology/ religion / theory when fanatics use it to their advantage, it’s bad for everyone else,

You have the freedom to do what ever you want, as long as that doesn’t impinge on others freedom, freedom is respect