Interview with Red Dragon Ambassador & White Dragon Benjamin Fulford

On the GoldFish Report No. 281, Louisa and Co-host Steve interview the spokesperson for the Red Dragon Family, The Ambassador, and the White Dragon Society spokesperson Benjamin Fulford for a discussion about the present economy, financial system, geopolitics, and what some of the obstacles have been to fulfilling the 555 Mission for Humanity that the Ambassador introduced over four years ago.

Benjamin explains a new system is possible and one that can operate parallel to the Belt and Road Initiative.  The Ambassador discusses the remit and surrender progress of the Old Guard and how it has been underway to make way for global economic prosperity and egalitarianism.

Benjamin agrees that the draining of the D.C swamp is where change has to happen first to trickle to other regions in the world.  This interview is packed with wisdom and perspective from behind-the-scenes, insider perspectives who want a better world for all people.  It gives you an insight as to how the real decision-makers of the world think and where they may need to rethink playing God.

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Mack Moore
Mack Moore

All the commentary in this video on a social safety net is moot. It’s just spinning wheels. The hosts and guests are completely unaware of why…and this disappoints me. I tuned in to hear people who know the score, and therefore can help inform my worldview. How do you folks not realize this simple fact about the social safety net concept?…

Once we terminate global economic slavery via fiat banking and speculative investment that skims profits without giving back anything real, that would be the end of exploitation/skimming, and as a result, we would all be wealthy simply by means of our own labor. Imagine that.

All we have to do is terminate exploitation. A social safety net isn’t necessary. Ending exploitation is what’s necessary. That’s really it. That will end artificial scarcity, and we’ll all be rolling in dough afterward, except possibly for the sick and elderly, who would be better served by strong families and personal savings than centralized permanent government entitlement programs.

There is no freedom without responsibility.


Greetings from south western USA.

To begin I would like to say thank you to the Ambassador, Benjamin, Louisa & Steve. MUCH RESPECT.
I sincerely believe that we are indeed going to soon experience a new & free life on earth.
It would be a lie to say i believe its going to be an easy, painless transformation, as much evil is
yet to be purged in order for completion of the mass awaking. That said, it is good to hear
you all addressing the questions that will have to be answered after that final purge.

To one point: It is my humble opinion that the “45% lazy beer drinking, non contributing” portion of humanity will correct itself after awaking to a new reality. I say this because I believe that personality
can create ones reality as well as reality can create ones personality.
As for what will work best for our earth and all of humanity IN this new reality, I would suggest these ideas for your group consideration. is found here

Also the observations of one Leslie Porter:
is found here YouTube & Google+

8 Conventional ways to improve conditions on the ground for the average person:

1. Reduce the cost of living
– Treasury controls money supply and prime interest rate instead of Private Central Banks
– Commercial Banking separated from Public Deposit Banks
– Institute Free Energy Technologies and get off of Hydrocarbon Fuels and associated taxes

2. Increase the Minimum Wage to a Living Wage, and index it to inflation moving forward.

3. Reform Public Education
– Improve K-12 Public School System (Better Training, and Screening of Teachers)
– Better Screening and Selection of School Administrators
– Reformed Pay Structure for Teachers versus Administrators (Better Oversight Mechanisms in General)
– Make University Education at Public Institutions (Community College, and State Universities), free to all who qualify.
– Make Vocational, Trade, and Tech Schools free to the Public through Public Institutions.
– Make Job Training available and free to all dislocated workers or those who want to get off of Public Assistance

4. Strengthen and reform Public Assistance. – Institute Free Universal, and High Quality Heath Care

5. Reform Politics
– Institute Electoral Reform
* Reduce the Length of Campaign Season by Law
* Publicly fund Candidates (no more private Money)
– Automatic Universal ID and Registration (paid for by the State Governments)
– Mandatory Voting, to take place over the course of an entire week ( in which work will be suspended by law)
– Reform Tax Laws
– Reform International Trade Agreements (make trade ubiquitous and fair)
– End Prohibition of Controlled Substances * Decriminalization of Recreational Drugs, especially naturally occurring Psychoactive Plants (Mushrooms, Peyote etc.)

6. Clean up Planet
– Re-mediate pollution in Oceans (like the Pacific Garbage Patch)
– Enforce Zero Tolerance Pollution Laws (no changing of the Physical Chemistry of the Eco
-System with Industrial waste, Heavy Metals etc.)
* Re-mediate Toxic Dumping Grounds, Mines, and Mine-fields
– Use of harmful Pesticides prohibited
– No more Factory Farming (Animals must be Naturally Fed, Free Range, Organically raised and put down)
– No more harmful GMO

7. Job Creation
– Massive World Wide Infrastructure Improvement and Safety Projects
* Refurbish or replace crumbling Infrastructure
* Replace Coal Fired Power Plants with Thorium Fast Breeder Reactors, Wind and Solar Farms etc.
* Build as many Water Desalination Plants as needed to feed all the inhabitants of the Planet
* Build Pipelines and Storage Facilities to Transport and store this Water where it is needed
* Take back the Deserts (for living space, growing more crops, lowering Ocean levels, air cleaning, endangered wildlife habitat restoration etc.)

8. Technology
– Declassify and share Anti-gravity Tech
– Declassify and share Free Energy Tech
– Declassify and share Advanced Medical Tech
* Improve World Mental Health through Nero-Psychiatry ( Functional MRI, Ultrasound etc.)
* Use of Natural cures for Physical and Mental Illnesses, utilize Rain-forest resources, (Iboga, Ayahuasca, Soma, Cannabis etc.)
– Use Advanced Tech to increase Crop yield and food production
– Use Advanced Tech to upgrade Transportation System
– Upgrade Military Technology, Training Techniques, Personnel, Tools, Vehicles, and Weapons (Notice that this is LAST)

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Great interview!


Nice to see your face again on The Goldfish Report. The weary world needs a new face as well. Firing squads an worse may happen ( I fear a Stanley Kubrick movie like re-educating process with a Clockwork Orange type reboot only using neural implant chips now that we may have such techno) but ” in the end the love you take is = to the love you make ” or “let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ depending on who people follow, Beatles , Bible or whoever, revenge only gets all involved dirty with a stain that’s difficult to erase.

Case in point, when dishonorable Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita (potato face was what his own fellow General officers privately called him ) turned his troops loose on Manilla in 1945 to have the greatest orgy of rape , murder of babies, kids , women , old men and everything since the early war days at Nanking while detonating the cities buildings like the Red Cross Shelter after first packing it with refugees, it was just revenge for our troops invading the Philippines and defeating them .
62,278 murdered and tortured civilians and 144 dead American officers later, he did his cowardly ( for a Imperial Japanese officer) surrender (no ritual honor suicide for this critter) , and after a 32 day trial was sentenced to be hung w/o ceremony or decorations in a old sugar cane field some 40 miles South of the city he raped and proudly destroyed, Manila . His execution was carried out 10 weeks after his Dec. 7 ,1945 sentencing.

Tell me Ben, I know the Japanese like ole war gods like Admr. Yamamoto and I sort of respect him too,
But do people in Japan have any nostalgia for Potato Face Yamashita or did he get a “makeover” in Japanese history books? I am a curious fellow and like to be accurate. I guess I wanted to try to say that people just want justice , but w/o the taint of revenge, and those that practice revenge are not remembered kindly by anyone in the end of things.


Wow, Happy Saturday all!