Are these people really dead?

On 2018/10/19, Robert David Steele wrote:

I have gotten several messages like this:

WARNING:  While RDS reports (being quoted widely) of “received information” that both the King of SA and MBS are dead and represented by impostors, the giver of said information, Benjamin Fulford, is notorious for reporting people dead who are still walking around, as with HRC, G. Soros, and John Kerry, who Fulford has said was represented by an impostor when urging Iran to stay in a nuclear deal that 45 invalidated.  Upon Kerry’s notorious reappearances after being “really dead,” Fulford tried to CYA in saying that after being hidden in Antarctica, he looks “10-20 years younger” and thus “renewed.”

The warning is that you should do an update of either outing Fulford as the source of a dead king and prince (as Fulford’s “imposters” news is public) with some language distancing yourself and your reputation from such wild and publicly incredulous fates of SA rulers.  While it’s not too damaging for the faithful to think of multiple possibilities in light of the blackout of truth in J. Khashoggi’s disappearance, imagine what a hit your brand’s reputation will take when these two are walking and meeting with world leaders and officials.

Benjamin Fulford replies:

First of all, for a long time Khazarian agents have been using a tactic against people like me and my murdered colleague Christopher Story.  It involves informing us that people are dead, only to have them appear after we report it.  For example, Christopher Story and I were both repeatedly told that Henry Kissinger was dead or arrested, only to have him appear at a major public event shortly after we reported on this.

For that reason, when I report that a senior CIA source told me John Kerry was dead, I am reporting what the source says.  I was told John Kerry was dead by such a source and after I was informed of that, he vanished from public view for about a year.  The John Kerry we are recently seeing on TV looks a lot younger than the John Kerry we saw in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.  However, it may well be I was told a lie by the CIA source, since these people specialize in deceit.

It is well known that body doubles are a common tactic used at the highest levels of power since time immemorial.  It is also well known now that the technology exists to make realistic videos of people using computer graphics.

For all the above reasons, it is a tricky business to report people as dead.

In the case of Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), what we know is as follows:  There was a shooting incident reported at his palace in April.  Shortly afterward, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to visit him.  The dinner meeting with MBS was delayed and no photograph of the two meeting was issued, even though it is normal protocol for such a picture to be issued or taken by the press.

Since then, MBS vanished from public view for a long time.  Recently a man claimed to be MBS has been appearing, but he definitely looks different.  My best guess is that a body double was created and we had to wait for the plastic surgery to heal before he could be trotted out in public.

Finally, last week a senior Japanese intelligence official told me he personally called MBS’s lawyer, a man always seen with him.  The lawyer told him MBS was shot twice in the head in April and was dead.

Since the death or life of MBS involves the control over trillions of petrodollars, creating the appearance that he is still alive is clearly very important for the petrodollar people.

Time will tell the truth, as it always does.

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Bubba: some of what demonhunters say is true, about the tracking and storm production, probably even the spaceships hovering in the ionosphere as well, but his command of symbolism is faulty and he mixes up lots of ancient material which undercuts the validity of most of he’s saying. While I can relate to his christian slant on what’s happening, I think he would do better to go lightly there because he will lose the atheists and they’re a big group. Trying to make everything that’s happening correlate to the bible is slippery because we all know that that document has… Read more »


Just wondering if you are aware of this Sky Dome Atlantis project:


Spain was favoured by Nazis; think about it, Franco, easy access?


Not to forget Synthetic Automotons and Robotoids……Lol!


We have no idea who’s real anymore. After the revelations of all of Hillary’s doubles, robotic or otherwise during the last election, we can’t trust any photo/video images. We are all aware that incredible technology is available to the parasite cryptocracy to doctor up anyone they wish and that these creatures have no problem assassinating anyone they need to to strengthen their vice grip on world affaires. I don’t agree that time will, however. Time has little to do with anything these days. Remember the Mandela effect? where we jump timelines? Do we still believe this is operative? I recall… Read more »


Leland Roth- Thank you for the link=hot times @ sea in ole U-530’s voyage to Argentina in 1945! I wonder if they may have seen Amrl. Byrd in ’47 when he went there after his sea cruise?


A close friend of mine had lunch w Kerry on a beach in Massachesetts in August. It was a private family event…. just a few folks.
. She talked w him.

She’s not a “rabbit holer”, so I didn’t ask about signs of the man being a double.

From her report.. seemed like “the” guy.

Leland Roth

In a recent interview, Robert David Steele mentioned he believes Hitler survived WW2 and was exfiltrated to Argentina.

Declassified secret FBI files prove Hitler escaped to Argentina in 1945

FBI release: (link:…

Speaking of so called dead people not staying dead?


I read he was killed , perhaps “virused” at Ft. Meade back around 2010, is that info correct?


Ben – that ole cosmic wheel hits again as my surname is Story- tell us more of Christopher’s fate!