Saviour of the World?

Hi Benjamin,

The info about the DaVinci painting came from me, as I have been in contact with the “CIA source” in your report who claims that MBS was “taken out.”  However, the information was twisted to fit an alternate narrative.

My actual point was that MBS is probably not as bad as this globally orchestrated smear campaign is making him out to be.  And he may still be alive, even if he was forced into hiding after purging many nefarious elements from his regime.

The point is that he is apparently the owner of the most expensive and most spiritually powerful painting in the world, a long-lost DaVinci called “Saviour of the World” showing Jesus holding a sphere (being).  The pertinent question is why would a Muslim leader spend half a billion dollars on an esoteric painting of Jesus?  At the very least it says something about his character.  As we know, the Father is not always the same as the Son.

MBS turned 33 years old on August 31st, which is interesting in the context of the global media “crucifixion” which appears to be ongoing.

I had a discussion with the “CIA source” and various quotes from him are pasted below.

“The real MBS is in seclusion.  He has several doubles.  We both know this.  Just as Trump has a double/clone.  This has been confirmed by someone right at the top.”

“He is alive but cannot be reached.  So for all intents and purposes, he is dead.  It is very complicated.”

“I will ask you a question:  Are you aware of jump rooms?  That is all I can say now.”

So according to the “CIA source,” MBS has either been “taken out,” is “in seclusion,” or has “jumped” to Mars or elsewhere.  Or maybe all three:  taken out into seclusion on Mars?

Alternatively, the CIA source is so full of shit that he cannot keep his stories straight and used my information about the painting because it sounded good and fit into a predetermined narrative.

I note your response to another recent letter to the editor doubting the death of MBS:

“First of all, for a long time Khazarian agents have been using a tactic against people like me and my murdered colleague Christopher Story.  It involves informing us that people are dead, only to have them appear after we report it ….  For that reason, when I report that a senior CIA source told me John Kerry was dead, I am reporting what the source says ….  However, it may well be I was told a lie by the CIA source, since these people specialize in deceit.”

Well, now we have the CIA on record as flip-flopping around on their claim that MBS was “taken out.”  My suggestion is to be very careful about publishing important information from such questionable sources.  As you note in your article, “Time will tell the truth, as it always does.”

Will MBS rise from the dead?

Benjamin Fulford replies:

First of all, I know the CIA sends disinformation, but they have also sent me important scoops that turned out to be true as well.  Still, readers need to take anything from a “CIA source” with a grain of salt.

As far as MBS being dead is concerned, I did not get that from the CIA;  I got this directly from a high-level Japanese intelligence source who contacted MBS’s lawyer.  The lawyer told him MBS had been shot twice in the head in April and was dead.  The Japanese contacted him because according to this Japanese source, Masayoshi Son’s Saudi money has been frozen.

Furthermore, MBS disappeared from public view after a shooting at his palace in April.  He also failed to show up for a meeting in Saudi Arabia with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo immediately afterwards.  Recently they have trotted out an MBS lookalike, but I suggest you compare the recent one with the old one and let your own eyes and mind tell you if they are the same or not.  I have heard a lot of talk about clones being used, but I prefer to use Occam’s Razor and assume they use either computer graphics or body doubles who have had plastic surgery.

Huge money is at stake here, so pretending he is alive is literally linked to the control of trillions of dollars.

Also, I agree that in his own way, MBS was trying to do good, but the first rule if you want to avoid assassination is to not make any enemies.  He made a lot of enemies.

At this level of power, the fog of disinformation is heavy, murder is a common tool, and so are body doubles.  It is very difficult stuff to report on, and as soon as I get something wrong, I issue a correction.

Speaking about which, I recently was contacted by two sources who say they have seen Bill Gates in person.  However, since they contacted me only by digital means, I cannot be sure they are telling the truth.  If Gates ever has any public appearance due in Tokyo, I will go myself to see.

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