Rothschild at WJC Gala on 11.07.18


Hello Benjamin:

Someone I know received an invitation to the World Jewish Congress awards dinner on November 7th in New York City.  It’s at The Pierre on 5th Avenue (see attachment).

Rothschild at WJC Gala 11.07.18

Lord Jacob Rothschild will be accepting an award.  Maybe someone you know would like to go?  Share this invitation.  There must be a few people that would like to see him and his family up close.

If the people appearing at this gala wish to honor the Jewish people, they can start by returning the gold they stole from Asia or by financing a future planning agency to carry out a massive plan to fix up this deeply troubled planet of ours.

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richard berube

I tought that this guy was dead, it seem to me that the reality is different of what we are told, may be some explaination on this will be appreciate, Tks RB

richard berube

I tought that this Jacob Rothschild was dead…..seem to me that what we are told is different that the reality, i tought he was dead???RB