White Dragons Wearing Red Shirts?

Hi Benjamin,

Your “CIA source” appears to be feeding you more drivel this week, similar to last week.  To review, last week your source appeared be very confused about whether MBS is dead or is living on a different planet.

The confusion/disinformation is perhaps not surprising, considering that the CIA is well known to have been against the crowning of MBS from the beginning and more in favor of another, more pliable, crown prince.

In any case, this week we have another dead or alive caper.  This time it involves Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, whose helicopter apparently crashed after a football match in Leicester City, England.

Your CIA source reports that the death was faked in the context that “the elite are faking their own deaths in the hopes of evading justice or revenge.”

So according to your source, Vichai was one of the “bad guys.”  In making this claim, your source is essentially taking a position in Thailand’s ongoing political struggle against the King of Thailand and more in favor of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s faction.

“The family name Srivaddhanaprabha was bestowed upon [Vichai’s family] by Thailand’s late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and loosely translates as “light of progressive glory.”  That came after the monarch gave the rare honor of a royal warrant to Vichai.”

Vichai’s company is called “King Power” and holds the concession for duty-free shopping in Thailand, meaning lots of access to airports and import/export facilities.

“[Vichai’s] sudden death comes as state-run Airports of Thailand prepares a tender to award the next concession for the sprawling duty-free stores at Suvarnabhumi, Thailand’s main international airport in the capital Bangkok.  The current concession is due to expire in 2020, and foreign companies such as South Korea’s Lotte Corp. have shown interest in the business.”

Vichai was also engaged in a legal struggle:  “Most recently, a Thai court dismissed a case alleging the Thai government hadn’t received all the fees due from the operation of duty-free concessions.”

The circumstances seem quite suspicious.  Did Vichai really fake his own death, as your CIA source says, or was he assassinated?

Interestingly, both Vichai and Thaksin were owners of football teams in the English Premier League.  Vichai bought underdog team Leicester City and led it to a miraculous league championship in 2016, a feat which has already become one of the greatest upset stories in sports history.  Vichai was well-liked by fans and gave out free beer on his birthday.

Thaksin, on the other hand, bought perennial favorite Manchester City.  But nobody really liked him and the club manager said he “didn’t have a clue” about football.  The team was quickly sold to Abu Dhabi.

Ben, all we can say your “CIA source” once again appears to be playing for the wrong team.

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Glen Smith
Glen Smith

Whether someone is dead or not is not as important to me than are the many things I learn from Bens site. Ben acknowledges his open source information. How much truth is there in the World. The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? [Question Mark and the Mysterians}