Emergency alert: North Koreans warn of Zionist plan to start WWIII in Korea and Crimea

November 27, 2018:  Manchu royal family members called today to warn of a Zionist plot to start World War III by provoking incidents in Korea and Crimea.  “The people behind [French President Emmanuel] Macron are doing this,” the sources say.

So it appears that the Zionists, fearful of imminent mass arrests for crimes against humanity, are attempting a Hail Mary maneuver to start their long-planned artificial end-times war between Gog and Magog, or Russia and China versus the G7.

Asian secret society sources also hinted last week that some sort of military confrontation was “needed in order to stimulate necessary changes.”  It appears the Chinese have been offered control of all of Asia, including Japan, if they go along with this plot.

The Manchus say some sort of Chinese military incursion into North Korea is imminent and will take place simultaneously with a Russian invasion of the Ukraine in order to provoke World War III.

The events in the Ukraine have already started with a military provocation against Russia ordered by the highest levels of the Ukrainian government, as can be seen from multiple news reports.  The Ukrainian government has also declared martial law and started a general mobilization.

This attempt can be prevented by keeping calm and making pinpoint arrests of the government officials and high-level financiers who are seen visibly stoking the flames of war.  Officials who need to be removed as soon as possible include Macron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and any senior Chinese officials who are seen pushing for an invasion of North Korea.

The Russians also need to be allowed to enter the Ukraine and clean up the Nazionist filth there without any Western military intervention.

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4 years ago


Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
4 years ago
Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
4 years ago

Direct Energy Weapon goes for Anna Von Reitz? ?


4 years ago

Thanks! X22 spoke of a crazy December. Here early!

4 years ago

The Zionist Mafia does NOT have enough fuel to light a fart. Not worried about that trash. It will be incinerated shortly. Now, i must prepare for the party of the all time which will commence shortly.

4 years ago

Doubt anything will happen. The whole world is slowly catching on that this was a ploy by Porko to stall elections in Ukraine..

4 years ago

FAANG stats show tech sales down- if Bible sales climbed inversely to that curve the 3-D world I live in will survive and prosper I feel. Ben’s latest revelations indicate this feeling as correct.

May truth, logic and cool heads prevail-tomorrows light always brings hope for a better world if that happens.

mikael könig
mikael könig(@mikael)
4 years ago

no danger att all; that was a very lame try to get a WWIII going

JOHN CLAYDON(@evolveingone)
4 years ago

Simon Parks has posted this today:

” Russia watches Ukraine’s response to rising tensions.
The west will not come to Ukraine’s aid – President Trump and Chancellor Merkel who have both been briefed on the true nature of what’s going on instantly pulled back from condemning Russia and called for calm.

Rogue elements in the British security services really do need to extract themselves from their so called friends who plot against Putin – it won’t end well….

4 years ago

OK—2 new posts since I last checked.

4 years ago

GEE–isn’t today Tuesday? I got busy and forgot to check on the new post yesterday and here I am number 8????

4 years ago

I’m hoping this post is an alert to “powers that be” and/or “powers that can”… not just our little cafe.

and of course… light light L I G H T … from the HIGHEST REALMS available on this dense little planet… What is For The Highest Good of ALL Concerned for all involved.

4 years ago

This is somewhat unexpected yet it puts the recent MSM coverage of the Russia/Ukraine situation into context.

I’m optimistic Trump is in the loop and will take whatever ridiculousness is thrown his direction when it’s announced the US will be minding its own business, allowing Putin/Russia to handle this on their own.

Thank you, Ben, for putting it all out here so people know the greater context of what’s happening.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
4 years ago

Saw “Hunter/Killer” last nite so not surprised whatsoever….David Wilcock style????

4 years ago

If they don’t get to start this….will they be arrested immediately…….or will the can be kicked down the road again?

4 years ago

Oh man, I saw an apocalypse vision in my meditation this morning.
Hopefully, this can be avoided…

4 years ago

Thank you for this important development. Calm? I wonder how our lamestream media will cover this? Idiots.

4 years ago