In historic move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun worshipers—sue for peace

In what future historians will look back on as a huge watershed event, the P2 Freemasons—worshipers of the Black Sun and creators of both fascism and communism—are suing for peace, White Dragon Society sources say.  This, coming with the removal of the Rothschild family from control of central banks, means the world is about to enter uncharted historical waters.

The P2 Freemasons are proposing that the world “be led by a triumvirate of the sons of the Black Sun, the sons of big Horus, and sons of the Dragon,” according to the proposal conveyed by Vincenzo Mazzara, a cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and the most senior P2 member to contact the WDS.

The “sons of the Black Sun” refers to the P2 Freemasons, who give orders to the Pope and the world’s 1.5 million or so Catholics.  The “sons of big Horus” refers to the eye at the top of the pyramid on the U.S. one-dollar bill, presumably referring to non-P2 Freemasons such as the Scottish Rite and Grand Orient who control much of the English- and French-speaking world.  The “sons of the Dragon” refers to Asian secret societies who control most of East Asia.

At this point, most readers are probably, and rightly so, appalled at the idea of three secret societies colluding in order to continue to rule in secret.  The WDS, of course, wants everything to be open and with full public participation.  Nonetheless, the P2 are powerful;  they told us in advance they were going to fire Pope “Maledict” (Benedict XVI) and they did so.  The P2 also bragged to the WDS that they were the ones responsible for staging the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tsunami and nuclear mass-murder terror incident.  Thus, the fact that they are now suing for peace means they know the dragnet is finally closing in on them.

This move is also intimately related to the announcement that Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George H.W. Scherff (Bush) is dead.  As Pentagon sources put it, “While the G20 was prepping the world for a global currency reset, 41st President Bush Sr. expired on 11/30 because 11+30=41.”  In fact, Bush Sr. died in June, but the announcement was delayed until all the preparations were made to arrest senior Nazionist (Khazarian mafia) underlings like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the sources say.

This is why U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted this famous image on November 27th with the label, “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?”

The answer to that question, Pentagon sources say is that …

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“Although the word Aten is primarily known as the name of a god, originally it only designated the sun disk as a celestial body; as such the word was already used in the Middle Kingdom. But soon afterwards the sun disk was personified and in the early New Kingdom an extra hieroglyph was added to its writing to indicate divinity.

It was king Amenhotep IV (also known as Akhenaten) who went one step further by declaring the Aten to be the only god, at the same time denying the existence of other gods.

The full name of the god (which was adapted a couple of times during the reign of Amenhotep IV) was much longer than just the word Aten. Originally (at the accession of the king) it was “May Re-Harakhte live, who rejoices in the horizon in his name of Shu, who is the Aten”. Later the reference to other gods was deleted from the name.

Early depictions of the god show him as a man with the head of a falcon, wearing a sun disk with uraeus on its head. But very soon afterwards only the sun disk was depicted, having numerous arms (ending in hands) instead of sunbeams. Often these hands hold the sign of life to the nose of the king and queen.”

Watch Fates De Whynot on Youtube, timestamp 1:04:00, as I speak on Aten.

It also has information on a greater threat than any, Aten or The Black Sundisk of Akhenaten, is currently outside our dimension, but, an objective of CERN to open portals, will release Aten from its subdimentional quarantine.

That is the greatest threat we have to this dimensional frame, Aten consumed all the gods of Egypt, as a “Black Hole” portal, which fed Akhenaten, to become the One God, in the dimension, like the archetypal construction of The Duat.

This lead to the destruction of Egypt, the gods were written out of time, by destroying cartouche, texts, hieroglyphs, and statues, forbidding religious practice. This is the most precious thing to the gods, there eternal persistence through memories.

It was naught for Horus, returning from the Void of Aten, that the sun would rise again over egypt, in the light of day; et otherwise, Aten was gone.

Horus rising through the neon red void to face Aten, and, through his Eye of Horus (six senses), and his Uraeus (connection to higher senses), to confront him×1080-2018-08-30-07-08-38-604.png

Aten in SteamVR VRChat online chatroom, using my HTC Vive VR×1080-2018-09-13-18-12-23-552.png

This VR Room shows Aten in 2030 coming back, sucking all life into itself through its crimson rays (arms), black hole sun×1080-2018-09-13-18-11-02-040.png

As you walk down the hall, you see a new falcon, holding two sundisks, as Aten was formed from Ra-Horakhty, a god of Amenhotep II (Akhenaten was Amenhotep IV), which symbolized “Horus of the two horizons”, as such, Horus was the god of the rising and setting sun..×1080-2018-09-13-18-11-11-789.png

On each side are carvings of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, offering souls (coptic jars) to its power, rising and birth, as the horizons were combined into Aten

Resing are two ankhs, to rise with Ra-Horakhty, into Aten, and,, the horizons of east and west, formed Aten in its whole, an absorbed Ra-horakhty, and, therefore, the rebirth the dimension, thus Aten, the sundisk, is the only god, when the catches of the gods were stricken from history, absorbed all and starts thew cycle afresh…×1080-2018-09-13-18-11-25-432.png

“The syncretism is readily apparent in the Great Hymn to the Aten in which Re-Herakhty, Shu and Aten are merged into the creator god.”

The arms of Aten grip the souls of The Gods

“Akhenaten’s religious ideas did not survive his death. His ideas were abandoned in part because of the economic collapse that ensued at the end of his reign. To restore the morale of the nation, Akhenaten’s successor, Tutankhamen, appeased the offended gods whose resentment would have blighted all human enterprise. Temples were cleaned and repaired, new images made, priests appointed, and endowments restored. Akhenaten’s new city was abandoned to the desert sands.”

Frankly, I dont care what happened to the subdimenstional realm of Aten, but, if it returns, opens once again, by any means (astral portals, space wormholes, CERN, colliders, ect), we shall have problems beyond imagination.

Understand, the gods of Egypt overcame this calamity, but, this realm has become strengthened with time, and very much want to change our world here on Earth as we know it, for worse. The Vatican, in particular, are interested in the revival of Aten, as they say, The Black Sun.

I have classified this information as the number one concern for the stability of this realm…

– Elder Dragon Fates De Whynot


Benjamin, Mazzara claims he is no P2/Khazarian member. Now he could be lying as many of them do, on the other hand as they find themselves invincible, why lie?

Care to elaborate on my previous comment?
We have no time for hollywoodian storylines that make people apathic.


Nationalism can defeat Globalism.

The Great Awakening has begun across the globe.

People want their leaders to put the citizens and taxpayers “first”. A Nationalist leader puts his countrymen and country first. A Globalist Leader puts their country and countrymen last and non-citizens “first”.

Democrats are globalists first. They want open borders and better treatment of non-citizens than the American taxpayer. They cry borders are “racist,” which is an illogical argument as borders do not discriminate, borders are to protect the country from invasion and threats.

The real reason Democrats want open borders is Democrat power. We have seen how open border policies have turned red states purple and purple states blue. The Democrat party needs more Democrat voters and the low skilled, uneducated migrants that the Democrats encourage to come into the country will vote for free stuff.

The Democrats are all about free stuff, which is how they harvest their votes every two to four years, by making promises they can’t possibly keep with out bankrupting the country.

We are at a tipping point in world history. The entire world is waking up and realizing that the false siren song of Globalism is truly false.
Protests are erupting across the entire world. The Fake News wants you to believe it is just about “gas taxes”. It’s not. The people are protesting against high taxes and an unsustainable migration policy forced upon them by their Globalist masters.

This weekend, more countries have rejected signing the UN migration pact.

More countries are waking up and following Trump’s lead.

And just in time.


In spite of all the investigations, There is still no evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion, but with a new Democrat Congress, there’s no limit to what they’ll investigate. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.

What in the world really happened at the Bush funeral?



“Human sex is a binary, biologically determined, and immutable trait from conception forward. The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design for the obvious purpose of the reproduction of our species. … Sex is established at conception, declares itself in utero, and is acknowledged at birth.”


414040 intruth Thank you for this first person point of view interview with a Paradise , Ca. fire victim who lost his house , his Chevy Corvette and his Harley Davidson but was more concerned about why he could not get back to take care of his cat. My kind of American, I feel!
His idea that gas mains that flooded the area and homes via over pressure and unblocked check valves has happened before (Mexico & Boston) but power companies have power over all almost like military-, since everyone must assume ( by statute at times) , that they operate for the greater good of all.

As usual, the Utility Companies operate for greater profit and if genocide can be passed off as a simple “mistake in new tech” the perps get off the hook.


“Q” post for Dec 10/18 made me laugh-especially the second picture.
“The world is watching’

Canada Protests on heels of France Uprising VS. GLOBALISM ! MSM FakeNews Silent!
For Deester….GO CANUCKS!!!
















Trump is correct to snub this soy boy Justin.


from this article-quote—–The QFS is considered to be alive with a Quantum Benevolent Intelligence that interacts with each financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance, to ensure that it is; legal, owner-intended, and transparent. If one understands Quantum Physics then one can understand what effect this Quantum Intelligence is doing with each financial transaction that goes through the Quantum Financial System. It cannot be compromised.—–unquote…..


hats off and an interstellar grade thankyou to our brilliant primo pleiadiun computer scientists for delivering this technology…..

the new earths cosmic grade financial operating system…..





Interesting file on the Thule & the Vril people.


miley cyrus-quote—–”If you want everything that I have, then all you have to do is ask Satan for it and you can have it.”You need to stop asking Santa for Christmas presents and praying to Jesus because none of them exist.”Satan is our Lord, and when you let him into your heart and worship him instead of your make-believe God, then you can have it all.”—–unquote…..


did miley or brittany or christina etc really have a choice in what their involved in…..

the kind of criminal manipulations of the humanoids mind and body on the earths surface that has taken place from infancy to child,to adolesecent,to young adult and beyond are massive breeches of the natural laws of the multiverse……

by the way the being satan no longer exists – disentigration via services from the central sun has delivered this as part of the neutralization of the once hyperactive dark force plague on anything of higher lightquotient driven manifestation…..

on the other hand jesus is thriving and continues to be of great service to the light in this liberation process,as are many more ascended masters who are active in this constructs ongoing lightforces theatres of operations…..

victory of the light to light in light be light sacred light…..


Yes Alan. Interestingly this appears to be the righteous anger of the white working classes who shoulder the tax burdens to pay for the excessive uncontrolled immigration, hence no faces of colour amongst the demonstrators. Sure there are the violent infiltraitors & violent acts from younger students.


zanderboy #414049

Vive la revolution! Vive la France!

2018-12-10 7:02 AM

Hi Zander,

Certainly seems to be the country for it! Revolutions that is. I just hope that it isn’t being radicalised too much by Soros paid infilTRAITORS (immigrants).

Whatever the case I am with you all in spirit – Macron needs to go and the average person in the street needs a better life and benefits of being human.

Best regards,


Vive la revolution! Vive la France!



Published on Dec 8, 2018

A pill. A shot. Surgery. Are there alternative and sometimes even better ways to treat the things that ail us than what we’re offered from western medicine? Dr. Roby Mitchell thinks so. He practices what he calls “intelligent design medicine”, and in this interview we reveal a few things that you can do TODAY to begin improving your health, and potentially to even cure what ails you. This is another SGT Report video the FDA doesn’t want you to see.

Roby “Dr. Fitt” Mitchell’s site:


Total Media Blackout! Paris Is Far Worse Than They Will Tell You!

What is Really Happening in France?

Farage on Paris Riots, ‘Disconnected’ Macron: ‘Goodness Knows Where This Ends’


On Friday evening, 07 December 2018, Israeli forces wounded 72 Palestinian civilians, including 11 children, 1 woman and 2 paramedics in the peaceful demonstrations in the eastern Gaza Strip despite the decreasing intensity of the demonstrations there for the sixth week consecutively and absence of most means usually used during the demonstrations since the beginning of the Return and Breaking the Siege March 7 months ago.

How much longer Nuttyyahoo? Our world is full of psychopaths.






Controversial New Japan Immigration Bill to Open Foreign Worker Floodgates


Paradise Lost # 25 ~ How the Houses Were Torched ? Interview with 30-yr. Microwave Engineer
Published on Dec 8, 2018


Bill Gates, Harvard, To Begin Blocking Sun In Spring Of 2019
Jim Satney December 8, 2018

Harvard scientists intend to block out the sun’s rays from earth as a way to defeat climate change. The geoengineering project is an attempt to cool the earth’s overall temperature.

I’m not kidding, this is real.

The name of the project is SCoPEx, or, Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, and it will cost roughly $3 million for initial testing. By “testing,” that’s to say that this is no longer a concept, it’s a real thing.

If you are wondering where all the money for this project is deriving from, look no further than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

And yes, we reported on Harvard’s ambition to throw shade at our sun months ago, but we hoped that somehow rational minds would prevail.

They aren’t prevailing, so all aboard.

Harvard Blocking Sun Concept Uses Balloon
The Harvard scientists will launch a maneuverable balloon into the stratosphere above the United States southwest region. The balloon will then programmatically release calcium carbonate into the stratosphere. The initial test is slated for the spring of 2019 (so yes, within a year).

Scientists are basing the working concept on past volcanic eruptions, namely, the massive eruption of Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991. Pinatubo’s eruption blew 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. As you likely guessed, that sulfur dioxide formed a coating around the earth and caused a universal lowering of the earth’s core temperature (specifically, the earth cooled 0.5 °C as a result of the sulfur dioxide coating).

Climate Change Hysteria Is Propelling Geoengineering
Let’s be honest, evolution based on science isn’t always bad. Pharmaceutical drugs save lives. Doctors inappropriately prescribing and over-prescribing pharmaceutical drugs damage our society (see the antibiotic collapse, the opioid addiction issue, and SSRI medications and Ritalin being linked to mass shootings).

Geoengineering probably has good features, like helping to produce rain for drought-stricken farmers.

But blocking the sun based on a controversial climate change ideology? And yes, see the Paris riots if you don’t think climate change policies are controversial.


CRISIS ACTOR Victoria Munoz Shows up in Paradise

Published on Dec 6, 2018

Good eye @undertaker that’s her, and this just verifies this is an OPERATION.

Seriously – we know its an op. Bringing in a Sandy Hoax actor just adds insult to injury.


I find it very strange that I can not cancel the text when it posted, only 2 min after?

Hi Siggi,

I’ve found that once you post something you cannot delete it and leave a blank. You can delete the text and just note ‘post deleted’ of something similar.


On my count we have just been HAARPED for the 7th time in a week here in Australia. Could have even missed some. God knows what they are cooking up. Last attack resulted in a heatwave, was attacked twice yesterday and we have some heat coming this week again, hopefully not as intense as the last attack which saw our temps up to 41C on Thursday! I have never seen such a sustained series of attacks here before!



From an article in the New York Times, toned down by myself from the extreme right wing views of Mike King of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’:

Something was wrong with the incoming class of toddlers at the Seafarer’s Preschool, in a wooded suburb south of Stockholm. The boys were clamorous and physical. They shouted and hit. The girls held up their arms and whimpered to be picked up.

The group of 1 and 2-year-olds had, in other words, split along traditional gender lines. And at this school, that is not O.K.

By imposing levels of taxation so burdensome on working fathers that 90% of new mothers must return to the work force just to keep food on the table (I believe they can be given a year off work), the neo-liberalists of Sweden are able to kidnap “1 and 2-year-olds” and then re-engineer out of them certain traits that are clearly programmed into their DNA — and that they had already been healthily manifesting.

The state curriculum in the new “diverse” Sweden urges teachers — with no input from parents — to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns” & embrace their role as social engineers.

Their teachers cleared the room of cars and dolls. They put the boys in charge of the play kitchen. They made the girls practice shouting “No!” Then they decided to open a proper investigation, erecting video cameras in the classroom.

They use the scientific division over whether gender differences are rooted in biology or culture as a form of justification for their policy.

It is normal, in many Swedish preschools, for teachers to avoid referring to their students’ gender — instead of “boys and girls,” they say “friends,” or call children by name. Play is organised to prevent children from sorting themselves by gender. A gender-neutral pronoun, “hen,” was introduced in 2012 and was swiftly absorbed into mainstream Swedish culture.

A “gender expert,” monitors both the instructors and the children for gender-neutral purity. Ms. Elis Storesund is on hand to confront classroom dilemmas: When boys in the group for 3-year-olds refused to paint, or dance, and the group threatened to split along gender lines, she was brought in to unpack the problem, tinkering with the activities until she coaxed the boys back to equal participation.

The moment the magnetic pull of nature interferes with the social engineering, the gender commissar is called in, the “problem” is “unpacked,” and the innocent little boys are “coaxed” (coerced) back into something that is not natural.

“When we are drawing,” said Melisa Esteka, 31, one of the teachers, “we see that the girls — they draw a lot — they draw girls with lots of makeup and long eyelashes. It’s very clear that they are girls. We ask, ‘Don’t boys have eyelashes?’ And they say, ‘We know it is not like that in real life.’ — Ms. Esteka looked frustrated. She had set a goal for herself: To stop the children from identifying things as “for girls” or “for boys.”

Swedish children spend much of their early life in government-funded preschools, which offer care at nominal cost for up to 12 hours a day starting at the age of 1, but grants no such assistance to the tiny minority of mothers who stay home to raise their children.

Two schools rolled out what was called a compensatory gender strategy. Boys and girls at the preschools were separated for part of the day and coached in traits associated with the other gender. Boys massaged each other’s feet. Girls were led in barefoot walks in the snow, and told to throw open the window and scream.

According to the article, some of the parents have already complained that their little daughters have suddenly become defiantly mouthy and sassy due to the pre-school exercises.

“Gender neutrality” has a very strategic purpose. To take away manliness is to create an obedient and passive nation that will accept anything and everything without so much as a whimper, let alone a rebellious fight.

My question: How normal is this in Swedish kindergartens? I have asked my Swedish friends.


I completely agree with Tiode and Lakewinds. It would be wonderful to see a tempering in the number of spam/troll/posts left here by “Vermi”. I scroll thru them without reading, but out of 300+ posts as of today, Vermi’s constitute at least 1/3.


siggi #414016

Very nicely stated there my friend. I concur completely.

I have just finished reading Laurence Gardner’s book “The Origin of God” in which he makes a very good point for NOT subscribing to any religion as it is all agenda driven and control hype.

There is NO PROOF of any god in any of our scriptures (especially not in the old or new testament). He has made a thorough study of writings back to the first cunniform which was about 3,000BC. In those days the writers of these books claimed to have spoken to gods or god-like beings (my take it was most likely Annunaki). Then in 1,400 BC the only mention of god (s) is as in dreams or visions – no longer actual face to face. Then between about 500 – 100 BC there is NO history at all.

Basically the Old Testament is just a genealogy and history of the Abrahamic Jews, nothing more. Even the New Testament was written a minimum of 70 AD or 40 years after Jesus’s death. So it all boils down to personal interpretation and in many cases manipulation to ensnare (by fear) the populations into compliance with those who wished to rule. And that is no different today – 2,000 years after Jesus and 6,000 years after Abraham or Adam and Eve (depending on once source info).

The fanatics that follow either Judaism, Islam or Christianity and believe ONLY that the planet is no more than 6,000 years young are really to be pitied for it flies in the face of so much scientific and fact based research that shows how old this planet and its inhabitants really are.



Bush funeral-note falls into Hil’s lap


Lakewinds wrote:

I stand by my comments and complaints. They are honest and reasonable observations, stated with clarity and specificity. Your responses are uniformly vacuous.

And I have to agree with Triode: You ARE spamming this site.
Compared to what Caleb used to consume in the way of bandwidth (and loosh hunting which is clearly what Lakewinds is also doing ) on this blog, it is superfluous.



I stand by my comments and complaints. They are honest and reasonable observations, stated with clarity and specificity. Your responses are uniformly vacuous.

And I have to agree with Triode: You ARE spamming this site.


Lakewinds wrote:
Vermi, I’m not driven by ideology in this issue. I’m not a Hillary fan, and I’ll be very interested to see the Mueller final outcome. That’s it.

Your responses are blatantly institutional, in both style and substance. And, they refer to everything as a “dead issue”, I guess because we’ve talked about this before, and you stonewalled those same issues at that time.
How can pointing out logical fallacies be construed as “stonewalling”?
In that prior conversation, I correctly and reasonably pointed out that you were posting in waves of a dozen or so, at that time. Now, we’re seeing waves of up to 27 posts.
The point here is that Lakewinds was accusing me of being a Russian trollbot, team of trolls or GRU or whatever. All he could do was try to turn the argument around on me and try to trick me into proving I was not one. And refusing to post something negative about Putin has no bearing on it. Many cyber journalist such as Jim Stone, Jeff Rense and other sources frequently post articls from Russian news sources. Are they Russian disinfo agents, too?
And your posts are very well done, I must say. There’s a range of of topics which require a lot of research and preparation time, and they are obviously from different authors. Money is being spent on this work. To what end? There’s no revenue model, so you’re a government operation. And, you fit the profile I’ve been given of GRU disinformation specialists, and their methods of operation.
As role models I use other posters such as Intruth, Deester and Mkddachs, etal. Sorry to disappoint Lakewinds about me being a/or part of a gov’t operation. I am simply connecting with like minds who are predominantly righr leaning in the political spectrum and post accordingly.This is one of the few forums left on the net where right leaning commentary could, up until now, be posted by people without being hassled
You ARE spamming this forum, and your posting frequency is the reason. You hit a minimum of 30 percent of all posts on a running basis, and I’ve seen it as high as the mid forty percent range. It is a rude and abusive attempt to dominate the forum through what amounts to spam.-
Lakewinds is simply creating problems where they don’t exist and trying to make himself look and feel big and important by setting this spamming argument up as a strawman to bash. It’s about the right leaning political content and trying to silence it.
And is it really necessary to post the ENTIRE Jim Stone piece every time he utters something? How about a taste and a link, like everyone else does?
This is what Caleb used to say verbatim, Other posters of Jim Stone on this blog also post his entire articles.
Yes, Caleb would post over a hundred comments a week, too. But that’s when the total message count was 1,500. We are nowhere near that today.
Caleb would also flame people and be TRULY abusive and that is what drove people away in droves. That is why he eventually got the boot. He also snuck back onto the blog by posting as “Mr. Ed” until Triode busted him and gave him the boot permanently after a probationary period to mend his ways. I OTOH have always maintained civility, respected others rights to post (even Lakewinds’ leftist stuff) except when I was attacked—notably by Caleb in the past.


Vermi, you’re making my assertions self-evidently true with your current fusillade, which are clearly designed simply to take up vertical space. Your message count is over 120, and the total message count is 367. Pretty close to a third, just what the boss ordered!



Vermi, I’m not driven by ideology in this issue. I’m not a Hillary fan, and I’ll be very interested to see the Mueller final outcome. That’s it.

Your responses are blatantly institutional, in both style and substance. And, they refer to everything as a “dead issue”, I guess because we’ve talked about this before, and you stonewalled those same issues at that time. In that prior conversation, I correctly and reasonably pointed out that you were posting in waves of a dozen or so, at that time. Now, we’re seeing waves of up to 27 posts.

And your posts are very well done, I must say. There’s a range of of topics which require a lot of research and preparation time, and they are obviously from different authors. Money is being spent on this work. To what end? There’s no revenue model, so you’re a government operation. And, you fit the profile I’ve been given of GRU disinformation specialists, and their methods of operation.

You ARE spamming this forum, and your posting frequency is the reason. You hit a minimum of 30 percent of all posts on a running basis, and I’ve seen it as high as the mid forty percent range. It is a rude and abusive attempt to dominate the forum through what amounts to spam.

And is it really necessary to post the ENTIRE Jim Stone piece every time he utters something? How about a taste and a link, like everyone else does?

Yes, Caleb would post over a hundred comments a week, too. But that’s when the total message count was 1,500. We are nowhere near that today.

Do you hear the people sing? – Les Miserables
EU Superstate Fears Yellow Vest Overthrow
Yellow Vest Protesters Attack EU Parliament Building in Brussels, Belgium (VIDEO)
This world revolution will remove all vestiges of globalism off the face of the earth so that THE PEOPLE can live in peace and prosperity as a world full of beautiful nations with great borders. We know that there are plenty of free energy technologies that are being suppressed so that the elite can keep the people of Earth controlled with their fake, phony fiat petro dollars. We know about your pedophilia, off shore accounts, encryption keys, and dirty deals – from the Queen to the Vatican. You had over 2,000 years to make it work. Now move on. It’s our turn.

What is Really Happening in France?

“The People’s directives” Demands made by the yellow vests in France.

The original source is in French but someone over at r/onguardforthee translated them into English.
•End of the tax hike on fuel.
•Promote the transport of goods by rail.
•Tax on marine fuel oil and kerosene.
•Monthly minimum wage at 1,300 euros net ($1947 CAD per month after taxes).
•Indexing of all wages, pensions and allowances to inflation.
•Nationalization of the fuel for home heating and electricity sectors.
•More progressive income tax (more marginal tax brackets).
•The end of the austerity.
•No withholding tax.
•Restoring the taxes for the ultra-wealthy.
•Same social security system for all workers, including the self-employed.
•The pension system must remain in solidarity and therefore socialized.
•No retirement pension below 1,200 euros ($1797/month CAD).
•Increase of disability allowances.
•Retirement at age 60, and a right to early retirement at 55 for workers who have worked a hard manual labour job.
•Continuation of the Pajemploi help system until the child is 10 years old.
•End of outsourcing of work for French corporations.
•Limit the number of fixed-term contracts for large companies, replaced with more full time employment.
•Maximum salary fixed at 15,000 euros [monthly] ($22469/month, or maximum annual salary of ~$270,000).
•Jobs for the unemployed.
•Any elected representative will be entitled to the median national salary.
•The popular referendum must enter into the Constitution. Creating a readable and effective site, supervised by an independent control body where people can make a proposal for a law. If this bill obtains 700,000 signatures then this bill will have to be discussed, completed and amended by the National Assembly, which will have the obligation, one year to the day after obtaining the 700,000 signatures, to submit it to the vote of all French.
•Return to a seven-year term for the President of the Republic.
•End of presidential allowances for life.
•Proportional voting system.
•Elimination of the Senate.
•Accounting of the protest/blank/none of the above ballots.
•Promote small businesses in villages and town centers. Stop the construction of large commercial areas around the big cities that kill the small business. More free parking in city centers.
•No further privatization of French infrastructure.
•Improved funding for the justice system, the police, the gendarmerie and the army.
•All the money earned by highway tolls will be used for the maintenance of motorways and roads in France and road safety.
•Immediate closure of private trains, post offices, schools and maternity homes.
•Maximum 25 students per class for all ages.
•Large corporations (McDonald’s, Google, Amazon, Carrefour …) pay big [taxes], small businesses (artisans, SMEs) pay small [taxes].
•Protect the French industry to prohibit outsourcing.
•End of the business tax credit. Use this money for the launch of a French hydrogen car industry.
•Eliminate credit card fees for merchants.
•Lower employers’ charges.
•Continue exemption of farm diesel.
•Improve the lives of the elderly, by banning exploitation and making money off the elderly.
•Substantial boosts in mental health fund.
•Prohibition of glyphosate.
•Immediate end to temporary foreign worker programs.
•Plan for improving insulation of housing (help the environment by helping the household).
•Rent control. More low-rent housing (especially for students and precarious workers).
•Treat the root causes of forced migration.
•Fair treatment of asylum seekers . We owe them housing, security, food and education. Work with the UN to have host camps open in many countries around the world, pending the outcome of the asylum application.
•Return of unsuccessful asylum seekers to their country of origin.
•Real integration policy is implemented. Living in France means becoming French (French language course, French history course and civic education course with certification at the end of the course).


Jim Stone

Nothing of substance has come of any release on Trump
The recent releases by Mueller have missed the mark. They did a good job of frying everyone around Trump who forgot to wash a sock 10 years ago but missed the mark with Trump, who ended up being too clean to nail. Much of what was accomplished by Mueller was the result of perjury traps and forcing people to bear false witness, but even with that, they have nothing of substance on Trump. That probably won’t matter if Trump does not take some defensive measures soon. Why he keeps stalling when he could have simply ditched Mueller early on is fodder for break room talk . . . .

It is perfectly clear they want to nail Trump at all costs. They may accomplish a coup one way or another because the system is simply too subverted with fake prosecutors and judges to allow the normal legal processes to put things right. They have worked at accomplishing that for decades just in case this exact scenario happened – someone who was not one of “them” getting into power. They did what it took to prevent their prosecution in such a scenario.

I have a hunch that the actual Russia collusion part of Mueller’s investigation has been delayed because a mole that is still in Trump’s inner circle has handed Mueller Trump’s response and Mueller is now delaying yet again while he works through Trump’s response to again try to set up a perjury trap which Trump has thus far avoided. Mueller did not deliver the goods yesterday as he said he would, – why not? Obviously because he’s either not done framing up a phoney case yet, or he got a copy of what Trump is working on from yet another traitor and is hunting for something within it to hit back with. That’s not how the system is supposed to operate, but . . . . . subversion.

And the MSM is appalling. Rather than a lawyer, Trump has a “legal fixer”. Yep. He’s a “criminal” but they can’t name an offense that is really an offense. The entire media assault is all designed to trigger emotions and turn off people’s brains, they are obviously hoping to get conservatives to turn off their brains and react to unsubstantiated knee jerk B.S. which is a core element of liberalism which would die the moment any rationality actually got applied to anything. So rather than a lawyer, Trump has a “legal fixer”. He’s a criminal. Yep. Sounds really evil.

South of the border, Obrador – who is definitely Trump’s counterpart – might actually be able to get something done. Towards the end of his campaign I was starting to worry because he was slurring his speech, talking slowly, and not hitting talking points. He was probably drugged by someone. But now he’s back to normal, full of fire and wit, moving at a high speed – and he will get things done because he has advantages here.

The first advantage is a government system that is not as corrupted as America’s. The “elite” focused on getting America too subverted at too many levels to allow someone like Trump to come in and fix things. Trump would probably be better at that than Obrador if he was not blocked at every level by plants that block his efforts, that said, Obrador is clearly no slouch and Mexico is not so badly subverted. The evil elite in Mexico are probably going down.

Additionally, those who predicted Obrador would cause a migrant flood were wrong, a very short time after Obrador took office the caravan was moved away from the U.S. border and is now in the process of being prosecuted, deported, and at a minimum moved as far away from the U.S. border as possible.

Another advantage Obrador has is that the media in Mexico is not allowed to lie about Obrador the way the American media lies about Trump. There’s nothing in Mexico that is even as bad as FOX. They simply have to tell the truth here. It is still somewhat obvious they want Obrador gone, but it is just a general undertone that is thickly sugar coated with truth. So that makes me chuckle to see. The bottom line is that Obrador is going to be a great president (Trump is probably even greater, simply because he knows so much about managing economics and is not corrupted) but Obrador is also not corrupted and is going to be able to get things done because he’s not operating in a system that has been subverted.

I was not able to “get back” the great original post, but at least that’s a fairly good outline.
The following is a less well done repeat of the above
This is an effort to recover what they wiped out by them cutting the power. It is not as good as the original. I just can’t get it back. I am PISSED.
Nothing of substance has come of any release on Trump
The recent releases by Mueller have missed the mark. They did a good job of frying everyone around Trump who forgot to wash a sock 10 years ago but missed the mark with Trump, who ended up being too clean to nail. Much of what was accomplished by Mueller was the result of perjury traps and forcing people to bear false witness, but even with that, they have nothing of substance on Trump.

It is perfectly clear they want to nail Trump at all costs. Trump had better act soon with whatever he has to counterpunch with or he will be toast, they will get him one way or another because the system is simply too corrupt. And I have a hunch that the actual Russia collusion part of Mueller’s investigation has been delayed because a mole that is still in Trump’s inner circle has handed Mueller Trump’s response and Mueller is now delaying yet again while he works through Trump’s response to again try to set up a perjury trap which Trump has thus far avoided. He did not deliver the goods yesterday as he said he would, – why not?

And the MSM is appalling. Rather than a lawyer, Trump has a “legal fixer”. Yep. It is all designed to trigger emotions and turn off people’s brains, which is a core element of liberalism which would die the moment any rationality actually got applied to anything. So rather than a lawyer, Trump has a “legal fixer”. Yep. Sounds really evil.

South of the border, Obrador – who is definitely Trump’s counterpart – might actually be able to get something done. Towards the end of his campaign I was starting to worry because he was slurring his speech, talking slowly, and not hitting talking points. He was probably drugged by someone. But now he’s back to normal, full of fire and wit, moving at a high speed – and he will get things done because he has advantages here.

The first advantage is a government system that is not as corrupted as America’s. The “elite” focused on getting America too subverted at too many levels to allow someone like Trump to come in and fix things. Trump would probably be better at that than Obrador if he was not blocked at every level by plants that block his efforts, that said, Obrador is clearly no slouch and Mexico is not so badly subverted. The evil elite in Mexico are probably going down.

Additionally, those who predicted Obrador would cause a migrant flood were wrong, a very short time after Obrador took office the caravan was moved away from the U.S. border and is now in the process of being prosecuted, deported, and at a minimum moved as far away from the U.S. border as possible.

Another advantage Obrador has is that the media in Mexico is not allowed to lie about Obrador the way the American media lies about Trump. There’s nothing in Mexico that is even as bad as FOX. They simply have to tell the truth here. It is still somewhat obvious they want Obrador gone, but it is just a general undertone that is thickly sugar coated with truth. So that makes me chuckle to see. The bottom line is that Obrador is going to be a great president (Trump is probably even greater, simply because he knows so much about managing economics and is not corrupted) but Obrador is going to be able to get things done because he’s not operating in a system that has been subverted.

This was not done as well as I’d like it to be, but due to the fact that they already cut the power once, I am going to post.
In addition to the above, it looks like they deleted the airtime right when I got back online. When that happens, a packet of less than 4k can usually still post via this window (that is how I rammed this through).
I had a GREAT report typed up this morning, (too good) and I think they used the smart meter to cut the power right when I went to post. That pisses me off, I am so pressured for time right now that I simply can’t have the really good ones go right in the trash. PISSED OFF. I am going to try to scrape up the main points and at least post something.
The largest oil discovery in world history just happened in Texas.
As of now, before it is fully explored, there are 43 billion known barrels of oil, and this oil is the “good stuff” that makes great gasoline. This is proven out by the fact that along with the 43 billion barrels of oil there are 20 billion additional barrels of propane and butane, and 281 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
Ok, so what does this mean? How much oil is that, really? That’s enough oil to supply 26, 350 gallons of gas for every car in America. At 30 MPG, every car and truck in America could be driven more than 700, 000 miles. Add to that spectacular amounts of butane and propane, and spectacular amounts of natural gas, and it is like an energy Christmas gift to the American people. and the field is not even fully explored yet, that’s just what they found so far


The so-called “New World Order” which the carbon tax is supposed to fund will be dead by then.


This should probably be mentioned: Ebola outbreak in city of 1, 000, 000
There has been an ebola outbreak that made it into a major African city of a million. They are claiming they have 300, 000 doses of a working vaccine but I’d still probably skip the vaccine if I was there because the vaccine could be the cause. It would not be the first time that happened with vaccines . . . . . .

Take a look at this key quote, from a doctor in the Congo:

“I have lived through many outbreaks, but this is the worst one, ” says Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum, director-general of the National Institute for Biomedical Research in Kinshasa. Widespread mistrust of health workers and the risk that the DRC’s upcoming presidential election will spark violent protests could make the Ebola response even more difficult in the weeks to come, he says.”

My response: If such workers did not have a history of sterilizing women and spreading AIDS through vaccines, if they actually have honest intents this time around, the skepticism of the populace would be a lot less, and is ENTIRELY the fault of a corrupted system which knowingly destroys people via vaccination. They sure can’t say they are unaware of what went on.

And so, I’d be a skeptic and if possible, I’d simply hide out if possible, wear protection in public when not possible to hide out, and at all costs not get any vaccines. I’d rather be dead than severely maimed. And there’s no confirmation whatsoever that this ebola outbreak was not caused by a massive vaccine campaign that started in August. It certainly could have been.

See this.

For your Christmas cartoon pleasure, we offer you our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

A Trump wall toy might hold the attention of the kiddies for a while, but not Congress. It has been two years and funding has not been secured to build the wall, which was a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. Obama Care also remains and Hillary isn’t locked up, but maybe those gifts will arrive by next Christmas. At least there is some progress on investigating Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. An orange jumpsuit won’t look out of place on Hillary.

Trump has accomplished some good things over the past two years. Obama’s legacy needs a thorough dismantling. Many on the left claim his administration was scandal free, when in reality it was chalk-full of outrageous wrong-doings. The Deep State legacy news media ignored every single one of them. Don’t believe me? Read “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama,” by Matt Margolis. Get yourself a copy for Christmas. Or buy several copies and hand some out to your left-leaning friends.

Speaking of the legacy media, their fake news abounds now more than ever. They continually get wound up and triggered by Trump. Don’t let those clowns scare you. The drift toward censorship is very disturbing, however.
The Ocasio-Cortez nutcracker is free, but we don’t expect much demand for it. Free things usually have little value and quality. With a little pressure, Cortez and her flimsy philosophies will fall apart.

Before you send me hate mail, bear in mind that Michelle Obama being a ‘tranny’ is a common Internet meme. My book cover variation is meant to prompt a chuckle and that’s all. Yeah, yeah…I know. The sensitive snowflakes are humorless nags due to an overdose of political correctness and they can no longer laugh at themselves or their heroes. Regardless, Obama is thought by many to be our first gay president in addition to being our first black president. (He treated black citizens badly, though). He’s called Michelle ‘Michael’ several times. Buy her book if you must, but you may want to avoid her lunch menu.

Finally, there’s an Eric “Nuke ‘Em!’ Action Figure. The militantly ignorant congressman from California wants to ban our guns and he has even threatened the use of nuclear weapons against American citizens who believe in their Second Amendment. Big government has big firepower and the dangerous Swalwell wants his statist finger on the trigger!

Happy shopping!

—Ben Garrison


Lakewinds wrote:
Vermi has, in fact, been spamming the forum, posting as many as 27 comments in a 30-minute period. This effectively dominates the conversation, and attempts to define and limit the topics discussed here, and to impose a worldview on the Cafe. This has apparently driven off quite a few non like-minded contributors, and probably, paying subscribers. Vermi is obviously an organization, not simply a loquacious individual.
I have dealt with this in an earlier post and Lakewinds is just doing what his role models such as Killery and Mulehead Mueller are doing. Push the Russian interference collusion schtick even though there is nothing of substance to back it. He figures if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
And Vermi ticks all the boxes as a Russian disinfo operation. These GRU units have in recent months been given a much larger budget and increased staffing. This accounts for the big jump in the number of its posts in recent weeks. Instead of a dozen at a time, we now routinely see over 20. I’ve always thought of this as rude and abusive behavior, and wondered about the effect on the Cafe.
Also a dead issure. I challenged and rebutted Lakewinds “evidence” and shown them to be logical fallacies. All he did in response is downvote my responses. As if that would invalidate my rebuttals.
And let’s think: A deluxely staffed and prolific organization that has no revenue model. That’s just one more indication that it’s a state operation. Vermi has never denied that it is a group of people, and when I named it as a specific GRU unit, its first response was to demand the source of my information, not to deny it as laughable. And it refused my simple request to say something, anything, negative about Putin. So, I’m convinced, even if nobody else is.
Lakewinds tone is that of covert hostility. Note how he commits even more logical fallacies by trying to turn the argument on me by demanding that I prove I am not a Russian GRU unit or whatever he calls it. He, as I said before is attempting the legal trickery and violation of the Aristotlean rules of logic of forcing me to prove a negative. I was, and am, asking tor him to prove a positive. All Lakewinds has done is said stuff to the effect of ” I know people who know”. Yeah right….Mueller, Lakewinds ontological comrade spews the same BS about Trump’s so=called collusion with Russia. And the business of injecting Putin into the question was another logical fallacy. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc


We should be aware of our inherent wisdom – remember our creative abilities as source beings.

And that, for truth to reach out to those mind fu…/ fogged by religion – these messengers and witnesses of our true greater potential, has to use religious mask and costumes. Particular equations, phrases and wordings. Show up in a form, that is recognizable to the “worshipper”. All by intention, to give a fair chance to be heard, trusted and believed. Help the trapped to wake up, and become FREE.

That’s yet another reason we never should judge by appearance. Optimal not at all

OH!! What a the above “google i.e gargle it, and spit it out at once..” phrase!!

Freedom just is!
Must never be allowed to be put into a certain way of thinking, way of living, a belief system, a cage…. – It basically means total independence from any sort of religion, group pressure, dogma ideologies forced upon humanity through controlling means.

Eventually you choose! “inalienable” through religion it will never be anyway..
The first step of an awaken mind, is to free oneself from the traps of religions
and seek your free spirit.

What a cruel creation it was to herd us into separate, forever opposing and fighting parts, unknowingly do their bidding. Of the unseen slave masters. Not realize for a moment we’re assisting a darker agenda.

Freedom in general, of all areas of existance is what freedom should mean.

Freedom of speech, freedom from dark interferences and control or anyone else control for that matter.., freedom to evolve and become whoever you like, and express that – that IS the “…inalienable/independant/holy/irreplaceable/precious of all human rights”

But this is only my take!


Continuation of the 2 above posts..

The overall theme in religions is always:
If you’re outside, you’re permanently doomed. This alone should scare the hell out of you….make you scream. (darks already drooling ..)

Thankfully then there are those brave souls who say “I see the BS and can’t believe I’m here to witness it”
You are “safe” my friend, but then again, you always were.

HELP – what to do? Others ask..
Oh oh. here something!
Thank GOD there’s someone to save me from eternal hellish fire.
These creations of division, fights that leads to anger, hostility and wars, produce the needed level fear going through the roof. It leads you even deeper controlled by the activation of your instinct based reptilian brain.

But mercifully so – this strategy rapidly degrade – as we see true it, through the awakened. Millions of the precious young ones these days is born with x ray vision. They are already awaken…

What we perhaps always need to be aware though, is the constant mind control psy-ops going on. Seeding by vague and subtle suggestions. And the plethora of evil trix, to time consuming to mension..

Most relayed through in images, in symbolism, art, music. movies, written text.. . It Sneaks undetected into the sub consciousness, which occupy more than 90 % of the inner landscape.
You’ll never see it coming, before it’s to late…Only if you aware beforehand.

Sadly – Religion, as it was meant to be, IS pure dark magic within it’s own core. It was the darks happy hour. Creating as much doubt and fear as possible, herd you in and prevent you to go down the magical rabbit hole.

But hey – let me try to confuse you a bit more.
Many of the spoken figures in religions, are there to give you a glimpse of who we will become after transition/Ascension.
“They” are just so incredible misrepresented..
It’s quite OK to believe in many things in these religious historical descriptions, without being Religious.imo
Does that makes sense?
a little more…


freedom of religion, the most inalienable/independent/holy/irreplaceable/precious of all human rights”
So – going deeper into it’s meaning, it’s purpose will be reveal………, it’s the ultimate tool dark use to install fear, divide – suck you dry….ehm in their ever so growing neeeed for an energy source as their primary food resource. For them to stay alive, the fiery flame of division, fight, anger, opression, confusion, control…need to burn.

“Saint Constantine’s copycat religion was based upon a myth (The Persian savior god Mithra, crucified 600 B.C. ? 400 B.C.?), which was based on other similar myths, all the way back to Chrishna of India (a mythical god that some claim was “crucified” around 1200 B.C.). There were 16 mythical crucifixions before Christ. The belief in the crucifixion of Gods was prevalent in various oriental or heathen countries long prior to the reported crucifixion of Christ. Of the 16 crucifixions, most were born of a virgin and about half of them on December 25th.”


16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. ******************************************************

When????????? Will the God who loves truth finally get tired of the one who loves and spreads lies??? weary


I find it very strange that I can not cancel the text when it posted, only 2 min after?


Hi vermithrax, we would like to ask you to try to temper the number of comments you are making and keep the discussion on topic. You are kind of spamming the forum. This is not the place to post each and every link you find while surfing the Internet…
Good day, Triode:
My frequency of posts have been packed tight together as I have been traveling and could only post for short periods of time.
Could you please define or enlighten what you mean by” on topic”? The range of topics posted on this group has been quite diverse and often strays from what Benjamin posts from week to week.


Contemplations seen through the eyes of my soulsource connection.
Freedom – freedom – freedom!
Controlled Matrix within matrix of organized religions.
What say our beloved google trans..
Reli-gio(u)s — France
Ensemble de doctrines et de pratiques ayant pour objet les rapports de l’âme humaine avec le sacré.
The teaching of doctrines and practises related to the relationship between the human soul and the holy.
interesting by further split and research it meaning I found out..
Reli – connected
gion – region.

Could it be that religion also was used to control a specific geographic area. As the sole Ruler/king/Emphor/Conquer/Leader then would have a “unite” people that was more easily to dominate and manage.
and btw
Is the military and it’s war ideology a religion of itself?
Think about it!

(What I’m here state is not intended toward any individuals practice of any religion or belief system of any kind. We 3 D individuals are all controlled no matter what we do. I only speak of the “board of directors” and the top management and their hidden agenda of these system in place.
However much truth can be find in most of these AI related systems)

“freedom of religion, the most inalienable/independent/holy/irreplaceable/precious of all human rights”,

or is it?!

“The belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.”

(Suitable definition. There are others)

Anyway – the above statement is a common phrase almost everyone will adhere to and possible agree to at first glance.
And where did I found it?
Google translation……..of course.

John Barbour to release the lost Garrison files.
John Barbour
Published on Dec 6, 2018
Because the CIA has stated flatly, they will not release their JFK files as mandated by congress and requested by the President, we feel forced by the memory of Jim Garrison and John Kennedy to release the lost Garrison files so his case can finally be heard by the court of public opinion.
Hoping and praying John Barbour doesn’t get “Arkancided” before they get released…



Zander … Sorry if I misjudged your degree of adoration. With respect, Trump has clearly demonstrated that, whether the game is long or short, he tends to lose. If not bailed out by the Saudis and/or Russians, this guy would, by his own description, be bankrupt to the tune of $8 billion.

He’s flying the country by the seat of his gut, again by his own description. No brains involved. We’re all passengers in a brand new Boeing 737 Max 8, and he is our pilot. He does not attend briefings or read memos, so when the airplane starts diving towards doom, he has no idea what to do. He doesn’t know about those switches you have to turn off. Because he doesn’t know anything at all.


lakewinds 414004

Readable until you wrote that I obviously adore Trump!
Why would I want to complain to Triode or Ben about you – that’s rather low.

Granted there is another side not looked at by the majority here & I’m not living there so in some respects it is not the same as for you.

Can’t you see he plays the long game? That way he aims to garner support & the moral high ground imo. The implosion continues as the legal net tightens. As for Bolton it must be the Pentagon’s wishes since they had his back for the election. Let’s wait for him to become unpopular by trying to start a war that he or his masters evidently want.

Is it at all possible for the American public to question their military & not be seen as unpatriotic I wonder? Is the question academic since the MSM covers up the truth?


Dismal attendance figures cause Clinton’s to slash ticket prices, use Groupon (should be Gropeon for slick Willie).

Excerpt: Dismal interest in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 13-city speaking tour has caused the price of tickets to plummet from as much as $325 to as little as $5.

“The former president and first lady’s tour opened in a Canadian hockey arena last Tuesday “to an underwhelming crowd and swaths of empty seats,” the Daily Mail reported.

Ticket prices fell shortly before the event, and the cheapest seats could be find on Stubhub for under $5 in U.S. dollars or $6.55 Canadian, the report stated.

More on site.


Gerry Butts is Trudeau’s advisor.



My brief response was in reply to your (at the time) one-sentence comment. You added some more after I had stepped out for a while.

You and others here seem to believe that Trump is, despite his evident flaws, the solution to our nation’s (and perhaps the world’s) problems. Perhaps I’m not seeing the whole picture that you’re seeing, but he presents himself as someone who is extremely beholden to Putin, who is trying to make as much money for himself and his family as possible from his position, has no strongly held moral views, and has no respect for his office and the trappings thereof.

He lies constantly, is bombastic and disrespectful in his relations with allies, and expresses respect only for absolute dictators, whose ranks he would clearly love to join. He has given almost every henhouse in the government a hungry fox to “lead” it, and some of the biggest and most in-your-face crooks we’ve ever seen in government now occupy cabinet positions, when they should actually be in prison. What happened to “only the best people?” And why is he experiencing such staff turnover?

He promised to replace ObamaCare with something that covers everybody and is much better, yet he has no plan except to destroy any notion of universal health care, or even access to affordable health care. He encourages racism and violence, and we see the results in the news every day. He wants to dispense with the “liberal” notion that we shouldn’t be putting drug users in prison for decades.

I could go on, I guess, but what’s the point? You live outside the country, so you may not be concerned about the negative consequences of his words, deeds and policies. You’re not here to be convinced out of your present set of beliefs, and you are one of a number of people here who will not countenance anything less than adoration for this outrageous president.

We will continue to disagree on many topics. PLEASE, complain to Ben and Triode about my snarky refusal to abstain from posting opinions and truthful information that you find inconvenient.

Yes, before Trump many things were bad. Now, they’re worse. And the swamp has gotten much larger.


Zander: #413996: You are sooo right in your diplomacy… Did/have you known anyone in the past in this cafe’ who would continue being an ostrich after knowing/seeing the truth??? Then with their three inch talons disembowel you/your truth in the next post? Be wary, vary, vary, wary! Just saying as the noise just continues…becuz that’s the job!! ✌?out❣️


Leland Roth: Thanks for the educate yourself site, it’s a peachy ?valuable research resource.


samba 414000

‘as our BFCafe knows’ – evidently not all as our fellow poster Lakewinds displays by constantly attacking the only man doing anything about it – even if he is compromised & flawed. Lakewinds sadly cannot understand the Deep State, the swamp, the NWO etc, etc. For someone who should be well informed how can he be so blind? No doubt he supports ex bastions of the State Brennan & Comey, not forgetting wimps like Sessions.

But apparently it’s all a bit of a joke & we misjudge him.

(sorry, feeling ratty today)


Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle.
This is a good straight-talking interview with him, by Jonas E. Alexis, giving an overview of the US predicament of being overwhelmingly occupied by NWO assets, in every area of power and influence. A solution, and a demand from awakened people for a solution to this is desperately needed, as our BFCafe knows.


I don’t mean to over-post, but this just came in email:


Legacy of George HW Bush (from last night’s Coast to Coast AM)

During the first part of the show, investigative journalist and Bush Family expert Russ Baker joined guest host Ian Punnett to reveal what he has uncovered about the life of late president George H.W. Bush. Regarding Bush’s seemingly out-of-nowhere ascendancy to the Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, Baker noted, “He had a pretty thin resume… and he had absolutely nothing to do with intelligence,” which suggests other forces in power behind the scenes wanted Bush in that role.

According to Baker, Bush had been working covertly for the CIA for decades before his post as director, and may even have been under orders in Dallas during JFK’s fateful visit on November 22, 1963.

Baker revealed a curious tie linking Bush to JFK’s assassination from an interview in which the former president and Texas resident claimed he could not remember where he was the day JFK was shot and killed in Dallas. An FBI document from the time indicates he was in Tyler, Texas (about 98 miles from Dallas) at 1:45 PM, Baker reported. Bush had apparently phoned an agent friend in the Houston FBI branch to report he had information on somebody who may have been involved in the assassination.

Baker thinks Bush was creating a paper record to show he was not in Dallas that day. “I’m not saying that [Bush] was necessarily in Dallas at 12:30, but… I found a small notice in the Dallas newspapers from the day before announcing that he was speaking, he was appearing at a small oil men’s gathering at a hotel on the night that Kennedy was coming in,” he said.

And yet, we still weep at this man’s passing. Or, perhaps not.



Zander, everybody misjudges me here. That’s just part of the fun.


Lakewinds, you sound like a civilised human being, now I’m confused.
How can you entertain such foolish visions concerning the majority of people in important gumment posts? I know what you mean about Trump, but don’t agree with most of it at all. It’s like you can’t smell the swamp, let alone the depth of it;(& sure some mud will always stick in politics).



Ouspenksy was a member of the the Theosophical society before he met Gurdjieff, but it was already in decline.

It had been spreading the knowledge from the East concerning chakras, astral & ethereal bodies, breathing, yoga, spiritual exercises while Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way was all about the body considered as a badly running machine, one’s character, work & application.

Ouspensky was a journalist seeking higher truths in the mystery school tradition, where Gurdjieff came from – the Sarmoung Brotherhood (symbolised by the bee, the keeper of secret knowledge as in honey). It was a living tradition of certain cosmic laws, secrets regarding the transformation of man, & predictions for the human race where his task was to ‘open the way’. Fundamentally mankind is asleep & needs to wake up. This can be achieved by realising there is another reality operating side by side & it is more vivid, more informed, & it can lift you out of the one you has been conditioned to.

The Fourth Way one can use as you continue in your everyday life unlike the yogi, the priest or the fakir – the three other ways towards self mastery. Self remembering does not include re-incarnation, as the emphasis for development is to concentrate on this lifetime, & not to put it off with the knowledge that one returns to have another go.

The movements of the Gurdjieff dancing are the alphabet which is a book; it was the way they were able to preserve books of knowledge (Jeanne de Salzmann the choreographer, John G.Bennett both continued this tradition). After the dance you felt different about your body; you became more mentally aware & alert thus leading you closer to a spiritual consciousness.

Bennett spent 18 years with Ouspensky & two years in total with Gurdjieff but says he benefited more from those two years, thus giving some sense of Gurdjieff’s teaching power gained from his mystery school background.

Gurdjieff told Ouspensky that his chief feature was extreme individualism, sometimes called the chief fault or something to be overcome. The chief feature is to discover the main ‘eye’ around which all the others revolve, or are subjugated by.

Gurdjieff might have been a flawed messenger but he gave us so much new that we didn’t know.

Me: There is more information about Gurdjieff in my notes in XX part 2, 410478


wiley711 413898

Mud Flood Philipp Druzhinin on Connecting The Dots with Roxanne & Richard

Did you see this one?



Well, hi Victoria! I’ve never heard of you or seen any of your posts. You are apparently under the impression that my posts fall into the same category as Vermi’s. Or perhaps that I had something to do with Triode’s most reasonable request that Vermi scale back a bit on the volume of his/her/its posts, which regularly comprise thirty to forty-five percent of the weekly comments here. I was glad to see Triode’s request, but I had nothing to do with it.

Vermi has, in fact, been spamming the forum, posting as many as 27 comments in a 30-minute period. This effectively dominates the conversation, and attempts to define and limit the topics discussed here, and to impose a worldview on the Cafe. This has apparently driven off quite a few non like-minded contributors, and probably, paying subscribers. Vermi is obviously an organization, not simply a loquacious individual.

And Vermi ticks all the boxes as a Russian disinfo operation. These GRU units have in recent months been given a much larger budget and increased staffing. This accounts for the big jump in the number of its posts in recent weeks. Instead of a dozen at a time, we now routinely see over 20. I’ve always thought of this as rude and abusive behavior, and wondered about the effect on the Cafe.

And let’s think: A deluxely staffed and prolific organization that has no revenue model. That’s just one more indication that it’s a state operation. Vermi has never denied that it is a group of people, and when I named it as a specific GRU unit, its first response was to demand the source of my information, not to deny it as laughable. And it refused my simple request to say something, anything, negative about Putin. So, I’m convinced, even if nobody else is.

As for my own posts, I don’t approve of Trump, and consider him incompetent and a criminal, and my relatively small number of posts reflect that. I got angry for a bit about the Vermi situation, and increased the frequency of my own comments for a while as something of a protest. But nothing that would constitute abuse of the forum. Did it piss off a few people? Yes! Excellent!

So the short of this is, I’m going to continue my own march, even if just about everybody who would agree with my posts has left the Cafe in disgust. And if Triode tells me I’m out of line, I will honor that, just as I expect Vermi to. If he says that I should GTFO, then I will do that as well. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

You, I assume, live in Canada. As I’ve said before, living outside of the USA makes being a Trump fan as easy as being a fan of a pro wrestler. He does not pose any threat to your health care or retirement system. And his dismantlement of our government poses no obvious hazard to you or yours.

If I lived in Canada or Australia or New Zealand I might be something of a Trump enthusiast as well. If you live outside the American monkey cage, then you can’t get hit with whatever’s being flung. I have the legal right to live in Canada, and that might happen if things get too dicey here. But I’ll still disapprove of Trump, just as most Canadians do now.

You’re welcome!


Canada is effectively screwed – look whose flag is on the Peace Bridge. Trudeau has sold everyone out for a spot on the UN.


Gates Global Dimming Plan Not What You Think

The Fullerton Informer
Streamed live 10 hours ago

Joe says they are priming the atmosphere to get loaded up with bio-aerosols.



“Essentially, shungite transforms artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. In other words, it transforms harmful radiation—not by eliminating it but by changing its properties. This can happen whether the shungite is in direct contact with your body or just nearby.”

Shungite is believed to have the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation. The reason that Shungite is believed to be able to do this is due to the fullerenes inside.


Nebraska principal reportedly bans candy canes, says ‘J shape’ stands for Jesus

An elementary school principal in Nebraska was placed on leave after telling teachers to avoid decorating their classrooms with Christmas-themed ornamentations so as not to offend those who don’t celebrate the holiday.

The principal at Manchester Elementary School, identified by Fox affiliate KPTM as Jennifer Sinclair, sent out a memo earlier this week with guidelines as to what is considered appropriate for classroom decorations and assignments.

Teachers were reportedly told that generic winter-themed items, such as sledding and scarves, and the “Frozen” character Olaf, were acceptable.

Decorations that included Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer, green and red colored items and even candy canes, however, were not acceptable for the elementary school.

The candy canes, according to KETV, were prohibited because Sinclair deemed them to have religious significance. “Historically, the shape is a ‘J’ for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection,” she reportedly wrote. “This would also include different colored candy canes.”


ON THE GROUND in California Directed Energy Weapon PROOF

Published on Dec 7, 2018

Im talking to Jayme from aplanetruth youtube channel, Hes out in California and has spoken face to face to dozens if not hundreds of victims of this attack. And yes this is an attack on America and so many refuse to see it, well Ca. was just first everyone is next.
2018=9 1 1

This is a good one. Lots of stuff I didn’t know – some crazy talk too.


So, How Am I?

By Anna Von Reitz

One week out after the 7.0 Earthquake targeted on me….

First, we are slowly but surely securing the loose ends and beginning to buy replacements for lost and damaged equipment, which thanks to all of you, is made possible by your donations. We thank you all!!!

Second, we are closing in on the United Nations members who have violated their own Treaty agreements by firing upon non-domestic targets.

Third, we are seeking immediate and permanent liquidation of all municipal corporations that engaged in this profoundly destructive, immoral, and unlawful activity. If the intended jolt hadn’t been dissipated, most of the west coast of this continent could have been detached or underwater.

Fourth, I was profoundly saddened to be presented with irrefutable proof of Russell-J:Gould’s involvement in all of this. Nothing in my discussions with Russell ever indicated that violence and self-service were any part of his agenda.

Fifth, hard on the heels of all this, we have begun unearthing the role of the Railroad Barons in promoting the Civil War and the Federal Reserve. These so-called Captains of Industry and their European allies provided the money to buy off the Rump Congress politicians and elements in the pre-Civil War military. This enclave included the Vanderbilts, Hills, Stanfords, Hopkins, Crockers, Huntingtons, Carnegies, Goulds, Winchesters, Rockefellers, and others.

It was all about obtaining millions of acres of land and transportation conduits across America subject to international jurisdiction law, and the use and control of these transportation conduits and elements of infrastructure for unfettered private commercial gain— for which these Vermin were more than willing to sell this country and everyone in it down the drain.

Only Henry Ford and those lost aboard the Titanic remained above the slime pit these industrialists created, and again, gold fever was at the root of it. The California Gold Rush more than any other single thing created the impetus for the vast criminality that created the so-called American Civil War and which has served to preserve and institutionalize that criminality to the present moment.

As for me, I have been through the Refiner’s fires and honed to a hard edge, prepared for my task, armed with the truth, and protected by faithful angels. My body may crumble and I may be killed in this earthly form, but my spirit has summoned forth the trumpet and shall never call retreat.

These corporations, these “legal fictions” — all entities with no natural right to exist, are going down, and the evil men who have used them to perpetuate these crimes against mankind are going with them.

If you are ready to take up the work that must be done, do so.

If you can afford to contribute to our efforts, please make a donation to: Paypal: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

And no matter who you are or how destitute you may be, pray.

Pray to Our Father, our Creator, to rescue us all and lift us up out of this morass of deceit and criminality which has insidiously increased itself and been institutionalized in our midst.


We here in Australia have been chemtrailed heavily this week. Also at least 6 HAARP attacks that I know of, two tonight over Geraldton in WA, 10 minutes apart. The last HAARP attacks caused a heat wave we are just coming out of now. What are they literally cooking up with these latest attacks I wonder?!!!



Re: arrest of Chinese CFO
-another attempt at W W III and/or attempt to discredit agreements???
Headlines With A Voice
6 Dec 2018

Bolton Knew!
During an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition, National Security Advisor John Bolton revealed that he knew in advance that Canadian police were preparing to arrest Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, meaning that Bolton knew that Meng was being taken into custody when he sat down alongside President Trump …


Anna Von Reitz
Friday, December 7, 2018
Arkansas is “Blowing Apart”

………. You all see how this works.

As above, they rationalize a petty theft, and if the employer doesn’t catch it, things just sorta expand from there until over time, you have entire generations of people and networks supporting them, who take criminality and racketeering for granted.

I’ve had judges who appear to be rational men tell me, “But this is the way we do it. This is how we have always done it…..” because during the entire course of their long careers, they’ve been doing it wrong.

Back in the 1980’s we had a real eye-opener related to this in Oklahoma. The FBI did a sting operation and as a result, stumbled onto widespread corruption at both the county and state levels throughout Oklahoma.

They started walking into County Clerk Offices all over Oklahoma and asking the Clerk for “The Kickback Book” and the Clerks all dutifully went and got the book where they recorded all the kickbacks being paid to officials and contractors. They didn’t know any better. That’s the way things were done.

Oklahoma got cleaned up, but Arkansas was still just as bad and the Oklahoma crooks just moved on to Arkansas and set up shop.

And now all of it is blowing “sky high”, with Arkansas politicians and judges and agency heads being indicted, and their ties to both the Clinton and Bush Presidencies coming to light.

Whereas most of the corruption in Oklahoma was of the petty ante kind, the present day crimes in Arkansas are much more sophisticated, more serious, and are international in nature.

They have tie-ins with international crime syndicates in the pharmaceutical, communications and entertainment industries, with international mining conglomerates, with human trafficking organizations including forced prostitution and pedophilia.

In a word, this isn’t Joe and Amos filching a few cans of motor oil out of the shop shed.

This is Big Time crime being exposed in Arkansas and as Arkansas goes down for its part in the blossoming of international crime in America, Nevada is close behind. And then, New Mexico. And then California. And then New York. And then Illinois. And then…..

It will surprise nobody who has been awake the past fifty years that both the Bush and the Clinton Administrations and the CIA and the old DOD and the “Alphabet Soup” Agencies in general, are up to their necks in this. And because half our military and intelligence forces were involved, all this crime was “protected” in the “National Security Interest”.

I would love to ask these men and women — “Which nation’s security were you protecting?”

It surely wasn’t ours.

When you start pulling on one thread of a spider’s web, you quickly find that its all connected, and so as this criminal Empire and the criminals running it are exposed, you may be sure that the thread of this corruption will lead all over the world……/more


A while back, X22Dave stated that D5 stood for 45 = Trump. He seems to be defining it differently… but it still makes sense to me.


Hi lakewinds, we would like to ask you to try to temper the number of comments you are making and keep the discussion on topic. You are kind of spamming the forum. This is not the place to post each and every link you find while surfing the Internet…

signed, us (we)

P.S. us (we = the people who agree with my here assertions who (number of people are, of course, countless and secretly verified, but the proof is, of course, classified for reasons of national security or, wait, did triode mean the Royal We? (when he/she said “we would like to?”))

P.S.S. references: #413976

P.S.S. here. I fixed it for you triode. (no thanks needed! you’re welcome ?)


Very interesting video interview with David Wilcock, new intel regarding the Paradise fire and ET’s, worth a listen.
Thanks to KP ( ) for pointing this one out !

Edge of Wonder video, Part 1:


cobra(excerpt)quote—–Friday, December 7, 2018

Brazil Ascension Conference Report and Situation Update

The weekend of our Ascension conference in Sao Paulo was full of monumental changes for the planet.

It is not a coincidence that just a few hours before the start of the conference, the leader of the unholy four, George Bush Sr. has been put to death:

A mass meditation was immediately issued to ensure his capture by the Light forces to prevent his reincarnation into a new cloned body:

The meditation and the operation of the Light Forces were successful, he was captured by the Light and escorted into the Galactic Central Sun, where he is going through a disintegration process right now.

The energy at the conference itself was amazing, around 400 people created a huge resonance field of Light.

On the second day of the conference, a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before:—–unquote…..


cobra(excerpt)-quote—–This week brings many changes. Since Goddess Vortex activations which were taking place behind the scenes in Paris from November 9th to November 11th, the Yellow Vest liberation movement in France is gaining momentum:

To prevent infiltrators from hijacking the movement and to ensure a peaceful transition, we have issued a peace meditation for Paris on Saturday:

Victory of the Light!—–unquote…..



Corn, you’re making my point. I was suspicious of Q (QAnon, whatever) from the start, because he was never specific and was too cutesy-cryptic to be credible. And nothing he ever “predicted” came true, and certainly none of it is useful as a valid indicator of what’s gonna happen.

More recently, credible and thoughtful people on this very site decided that Q is BS. But let that not be the final word. If you don’t mind, would you please post any information you have observed in which Q predicted something very specific that came true? Anything at all?

Of course Hillary won’t be handcuffed before January 1, 2019. She has a giant New Years Eve party to attend. And the truth is, if she was ever going to be handcuffed and jailed for anything, it would have happened a long time ago. Remember, Congress investigated her for 2 and a half years and came up empty. And Jeff Sessions, of all people, couldn’t find anything to charge her with.

Better we should worry about the maniac who occupies the Oval Office. He’s gonna ruin us all.


413945 Q never said what would happen on Dec 5th, matter of fact Q never said what D5 even meant. Anyone who jumped to conclusions like Hillary would be handcuffed doesn’t read Q. Hillary won’t be handcuffed before January 1st, 2019. I would bet you don’t know why…..


French carbon credits software SOPRO STERIA designed HUDs information and telecom infrastructure (2012-2017), paid for by the U.S. taxpayer

Alert: Cassiopae US Inc, one of SOPRO STERIA GROUP’s (France, Carbon Credits) 100% controlled U.S. subsidiaries, had a 4-yr. $4.9 million GSA contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for “IT and Telecom Strategy and Architecture”, 12/13/2012 – 02/15/2017, Award ID: GS00T13AJC0002.
AXWAY SOFTWARE, FR00110405000. (Nov. 01-2018). Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report., AMF n° 2018DD582300. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers.°-2018DD582300-Reg-Doc-2017-Ann-Fin-Rprt-AMF-pub-Nov-01-2018.pdf

AXWAY, INC. (2006-2015). 81 GSA contracts with DoD, DoI, DHS, NTSB, GSA, Treasury, DOC, DoT, DUNS 839849932. Compiled Dec. 07, 2018 (*.xlsx spreadsheet). USASpending.

AXWAY, INC. (2006-2015). 81 GSA contracts with DoD, DoI, DHS, NTSB, GSA, Treasury, DOC, DoT, DUNS 839849932. Compiled Dec. 07, 2018 (*.xlsx spreadsheet). USASpending.


The Monumental Fall of Babylon ~ What Really Shattered the Empire?


Duterte Tells Philippines: ‘Kill Bishops,’ ‘90% of Priests Are Gay’
Surprised Duterte said this…as to my knowledge gays (or mga bakla in Tagalog) are well accepted in the Philippines.


French Outraged After Video Released of Massive Police Round Up of Anti-Macron HIGH SCHOOL Protesters (VIDEO)


Darkest Disney Park Secrets Revealed!


AIM Patriot Scott says:
Even WIKIPEDIA says he is SES!

“After his tenure at the Department of Justice, Barr spent more than 14 years as a senior corporate executive. At the end of 2008 he retired from Verizon Communications, having served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of GTE Corporation from 1994 until that company merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon. During his corporate tenure, Barr directed a successful litigation campaign by the local telephone industry to achieve deregulation by scuttling a series of FCC rules, personally arguing several cases in the federal courts of appeals and the Supreme Court.[15] Barr currently serves with several corporate boards.[citation needed]”
aaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! Yuck! spew this guy out of my mouth
Hmmmm – maybe this is why …

“Barr was known as a strong defender of Presidential power and wrote advisory opinions justifying the U.S. invasion of Panama and arrest of Manuel Noriega, and a controversial opinion that the F.B.I. could enter onto foreign soil without the consent of the host government to apprehend fugitives wanted by the United States government for terrorism or drug-trafficking.[6]” so he can authorize the capture of deep state people on foreign soil” –
Or perhaps this is the reason …
” 2016 election and Trump administration

Barr believed that then Republican candidate Donald J. Trump’s calls for investigating Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for President, were appropriate. He told The New York Times that “there is nothing inherently wrong about a president calling for an investigation. Although an investigation shouldn’t be launched just because a president wants it, the ultimate question is whether the matter warrants investigation.” In the same Times piece, Barr added that an investigation into the Uranium One controversy was more warranted than looking into whether Trump conspired with Russia: “To the extent it is not pursuing these matters, the department is abdicating its responsibility.”[24] Elsewhere, Barr has commented that “I don’t think all this stuff about throwing [Hillary Clinton] in jail or jumping to the conclusion that she should be prosecuted is appropriate. But I do think that there are things that should be investigated that haven’t been investigated.”[25]“

I know Betsy, a shallow dive from a liberal website – looking forward to Thomas and Micheal’s deep dive on it.

Scott out


Good ones for Deester…
CRISIS ACTOR Victoria Munoz Shows up in Paradise (Video)
California Firestorm Revelations from Robert Otey


US Sen. Mike Rounds introduces new legislation to fully fund border wall

Same Judge Amy Berman Jackson Who Tossed Manafort in Solitary – Allows Mueller to File Manafort Breach Document Under Seal

James Comey Talks to Reporters After Being Interviewed by Congress

James Comey Refuses To Answer Most Critical Questions – Corrupt FBI Lawyers Block Disclosure


“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators

Revealed: Clinton Foundation whistleblowers have been working with FBI and IRS since last year

“Unattainable, and gone forever, is the whole American Republic that had existed for some 200 years after 1776. The people and the habits of heart and mind that had made it possible are no longer a majority. Progressives made America a different nation by rejecting those habits and those traditions. As of today, they would use all their powers to prevent others from living in the manner of the Republic. But, perhaps, after their offensive resistance’s failure, they might be reconciled to govern themselves as they wish in states where they command a majority, while not interfering with other Americans governing themselves in their way in the states where they are a majority.” Our Revolution’s Logic
Former Trump advisor Papadopoulos released from Wisconsin prison


Randy Quaid — Presidential Harassment!


This Banking Scandal Is Awful… Even For Wells Fargo

This week, the bank said a “computer glitch” caused 545 of its customers to lose their homes.

The “glitch,” according to papers the bank filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, caused the bank to incorrectly deny 870 loan modifications (around 60% of which went into foreclosure).

Basically, people asked the bank to change their mortgage to make it more affordable, and requests that should have been approved weren’t… with the process taking months before the borrower got the final “no.”


Trump calls out Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey

Donald Trump: Rex Tillerson ‘Lazy’ and ‘Dumb as a Rock’
SES Plan to Destroy America REVEALED

…and because you heard our audio
Has your mortgage been stolen right under your nose?

you already know about these bank mortgage crimes.


AIM Patriot Lisa writes:

The Paris Climate Agreement is best to be described as signing over full ownership of our planet to global elites. Humans will be forced to pay from cradle to grave for living on planet earth.

CRIMINAL ACT: Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Broke 42 US Code § 1983 By Threatening Donald Trump Jr. with Retaliation Over Snarky Meme


Jim Stone
I listened to the latest Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshop on YouTube this week and he speaks about his past experience of being arrested and being threatened with death during that time in Canada. He said from information gleened from his own investigation that his arrested was ordered by Killery. Keshe fared more fortunate than other scientists though. Just recently a Chinese computer scientist was “suicided” (Arkancided??) while being detained in Canada. Is Canada becoming a place like Begium, etc where this is becoming common? Is this arrest in the US of this Huawei exec connected with what has gone on in Canada with Keshe and other scientists?

Huawei CFO faces 30 years in prison
Let’s see them try it. Let’s just see them try it. TRY IT. China will have nukes parked offshore by the end of the month. Arresting her was a stupid move, jailing her long term is just begging for horrendous consequences.

From what I heard, Trump did not order her arrest, it was done behind his back. And once arrested I am not sure he can just have her released. Maybe he can pardon, if he can, he had damn well better pardon.

6 PM DC time and Mueller released NADA
Just like I said. And if anything does get released later tonight, I’ll be surprised. Here’s a little clarification on an earlier statement:

Mueller has nothing. So he can’t release anything. So the plan is to wait for Dems to find a way to fry Trump once they take the house, and if they succeed, THEN do the release, because if it is meaningless it won’t matter anyway. My bet is that is the plan. Obviously I could still be wrong, but I don’t think anyone should bet against it.


Stock market slides are just the beginning, but still cabal engineered. The battle rages on.

The Film the Israel Lobby Does Not Want You to See

“The Lobby,” the four-part Al-Jazeera documentary that was blocked under heavy Israeli pressure shortly before its release, has been leaked online by the Chicago-based website Electronic Intifada, the French website Orient XXI and the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar.

The series is an inside look over five months by an undercover reporter, armed with a hidden camera, at how the government and intelligence agencies of Israel work with U.S. domestic Jewish groups such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), The Israel Project and StandWithUs to spy on, smear and attack critics, especially American university students who support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. It shows how the Israel lobby uses huge cash donations, often far above the U.S. legal limit, and flies hundreds of members of Congress to Israel for lavish and unpaid vacations at Israeli seaside resorts, bribing the American lawmakers to do Israel’s bidding, including providing military aid such as the $38 billion (over 10 years) that was approved by Congress in 2016. It uncovers Israel’s sleazy character assassination of academics, activists and journalists, its well-funded fake grassroots activism, its manipulation of press coverage, and its ham-fisted attempts to destroy marriages, personal relationships and careers. The film highlights the efforts to discredit liberal Jews and Jewish organizations as tools of radical jihadists, referring, for example, to Jewish Voice for Peace as “Jewish Voice for Hamas” and claiming that many members of the organization are not actually Jewish. Israel recruits black South Africans into an Israeli front group called Stop Stealing My Apartheid, in a desperate effort to counter the reality of the apartheid state that Israel has constructed. The series documents Israel’s repeated and multifaceted interference in the internal affairs of the United States, including elections; efforts to discredit progressive groups such as Black Lives Matter that express sympathy for the Palestinians; and routine employment of Americans to spy on other Americans. Israel’s behavior is unethical and perhaps illegal. But don’t expect anyone in the establishment or either of the two ruling political parties to do anything about it. It is abundantly clear by the end of the series that they have been intimidated, discredited or bought off.

“Imagine if China was doing this, if Iran was doing this, if Russia was doing this?” Ali Abunimah, the author of “The Battle for Justice in Palestine” and co-founder of The Electronic Intifada, says in the film. “There would be uproar. You would have Congress going off to them. You would have hearings.”


Dow tumbles more than 500 points, wipes out gain for the year to cap wild week on Wall Street

Stocks dropped sharply on Friday, concluding what has been a wild week for Wall Street. A weaker-than-expected jobs report and China-U.S. trade tensions sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average lower by 558.72 points to 24,388.95 and erased its gains for the year.

The S&P 500 pulled back 2.3 percent to 2,633.08 and also turned negative for the year. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 3.05 percent to close at 6,969.25. Shares of large-cap tech companies led the way lower. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google-parent Alphabet all traded lower. Apple’s stock also fell 3.6 percent — erasing its gains for the year — after Morgan Stanley cut its price target on the tech giant’s shares, citing weakening iPhone sales.

Many big government advocates want to use climate change as an excuse to raise huge taxes on its citizens. It’s working so well for France. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.


Jim Stone

Drudge is in full on “Trump kill” mode

He’s posting B.S. articles that are framed so inaccurately they thinly avoid lawsuits. Take a look at this!

From MSN, we have this:
BEDMINSTER, N.J. – During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.

Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name.

Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

Now for a shred of truth, (but not enough)

From the Chicago Tribune, covering the same story, we have:
1. She got the job by presenting false identification papers.
2. After she went to the press, she’s not going into work.

GEE, I WONDER WHY NOT? ANSWER: Because she lied to get the job, played that she was legally in the U.S. (what can be done by Trump to stop that) and now that she spoke up she knows she will be in trouble, but she probably got paid a huge sum for talking like this and does not need the job anymore anyway. But Trump hires illegals, and gives them letters of commendation. Yep.

Here is the key quote that kills it all:

“In an interview Thursday evening with The Washington Post from her attorney’s office, Morales said she has not been fired or heard from her employer since the publication of the Times article, in which she said she presented phony identity documents when she was hired at Trump National Golf Club. Morales said she was scheduled to report to work Friday but did not plan to go,
My comment: If she did not plan to go to work, it means she quit. How the * can you fire someone who quit? So she spewed that she worked illegally for five years after presenting false documents, but somehow Trump is at fault for it all and he still has not fired her. But she quit.

Despicable reporting. And Drudge just lapped it up and sh*t it out. ADIOS DRUDGE.

REALITY: All these reports did was confirm Trump is not a racist, because he hired latinos he thought were legal and then officially recognized their good work. The fact that the states made it easy for them to falsify their documents long before Trump was even in politics is NOT TRUMP’S FAULT. What kind of a POS news agency prints this crap, and what kind of disinfo link farm would ever link it? Drudge is little more than a disinfo link farm now, but the sex robot reports are at least probably accurate.

Mueller was supposed to drop the bomb today, but after Trump’s morning tweet stream he won’t

He will likely instead stall until the Dems take over the house and will then milk that to the max, most likely without submitting anything at all, EVER.

He has nothing, and needs deliverance. So he’ll stall and wait and hope. At least that’s what I think will happen. Hopefully he’ll release it today but I seriously doubt he will.

Bitcoin is significantly down

It is now down to $3240. Considering where it was a few years ago, that’s still through the roof but it cannot be denied that the downward slide from near $20, 000 is continuing.

I am only going to say it is a rumor, but it is going around, but it sounds so much like other rumors that, well, whatever. Here it is:
Rumor has it that Trump was successfully running secret investigations in the background and by the end of next week (or so) it is all going to explode. These investigations include the Clinton foundation, Obama, the whole ball of wax, and they were legitimately conducted. And all is merry, . . . . . . . . . . just wait.

So in the off chance (about as likely as a free candy bar in the mail, and that has happened before) it happens, I guess I’ll mention it. But there has been so much crap like this said already I have my doubts.


IBM Closes Jew-Tracking Division After Decades Of Declining Revenue–27lG_xcY–/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/d5ahgmu9shuq5cuvxqdo.jpg

ARMONK, NY—Describing the department as “an inefficient relic of the past the company has outgrown,” IBM announced the closure of its Jew-tracking division Thursday, citing decades of declining revenue. “While the division was a model of demographic research and data harvesting in the 1930s when it represented a formidable percentage of overall profits, Jew-tracking has been a loss-leader for decades now.

We’re forced to put sentiment aside and make the difficult but necessary decision to shut it down,” read an IBM press release in part, clarifying that the branch responsible for tracking the names, whereabouts, and political ideologies of European Jews was nothing more than a legacy division. “We look back on our role providing and managing the database for occupied Europe with satisfaction at a job well done, but with today’s Jews largely self-declaring on social media, we must admit the world has moved on.”

In a related report, Hugo Boss announced that they were discontinuing their 80-year-old line of high-collared, wide-lapeled black overcoats, citing an industry-wide trend away from heavyweight leather outerwear.


California Republican concedes defeat, giving House Democrats their 40th pickup

The biggest “blue wave” since Watergate, although it did seem to happen in slow motion.


A good overview of the latest information about shungite :

Shungite: The Electropollution Solution Special Report by Valerie Burke, MSN

The Shungite offers protection against both ionizing and non-ionizing EMFs..

Evidence for shungite’s water purification ability is certainly compelling…
Its ability to mop up radiation and help cleanse our bodies of free radicals is also impressive, because reducing free radicals brings us a step closer to lowering our risk for cancer, chronic disease, and premature aging.
Shungite is also antibacterial and antiviral, which is important in this age of increasingly resistant superbugs.
Shungite has been used commercially in Russia for water purification since the 1990s, and studies continue worldwide.

Bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino has been conducting experiments on shungite since 2006. In repeated experiments, Martino has been able to measure the effects of shungite—and hundreds of other minerals—on human vital fields.
She has developed a highly reliable, reproducible way to measure these energetic fluctuations.
She has found that shungite, more than any other rock, is able to realign the chakras and optimize the vital field.
Essentially, shungite transforms artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. In other words, it transforms harmful radiation—not by eliminating it but by changing its properties. This can happen whether the shungite is in direct contact with your body or just nearby.


And now, a bit of ridicule from the Liberal Media…

Where were you when Q arrested Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at George Bush’s funeral?

If you’re not a member of the Q-immunity, you might not be aware of just how important yesterday really was. December 5 was the day. D-5 Day. The Coming of the Storm. The Avalanche of Truth. The Great Awakening. The day on which secret agent/hidden avenger/true heart of the Trump White House ‘Q’ brought down Trump’s enemies. Yesterday was the date the Deep State was ripped from its hidey hole and held up to the blinding light of righteous wrath! Right in front of the cameras of the world! Did you see it?

It’s been some months since we checked in on Bastard Son of Pizzagate. Since over that time Hillary Clinton has not been locked up and Donald Trump has inched ever closer to an orange jumpsuit, there might seem to be reasons for the Q faithful to be discouraged. But of course they are not. Because nothing says “Hi, I belong to a crazy cult” quite like the ability to reshape theories to fit any set of data.

Still, Wednesday had to be considered something of a special challenge. Under the hashtags #TheStormIsComing and #D5, Q Anon fanatics have spent weeks rubbing their hands in anticipation of the “greatest day in American history,” the day in which the veil would be removed, and everyone would learn that the Justice Department has been, all along, secretly investigating the pizza-basement-child-sex-traffic-drug-running-Deep-State ways of the Democratic Party. December 5 was supposed to be that day—the day when everyone would learn that Trump was not only right, but that there would barely be enough cells in the country to lock up all the people who needed locking.

Of course Obama and Clinton were givens for the lock-up. And everyone who ever worked at the DNC or the Obama White House or the Clinton White House. Senate Intelligence Committee Democratic leader Mark Warner? Absolutely. Didn’t you read the part where he’s a Democrat? Rod Rosenstein is also headed to jail, but not Robert Mueller because Mueller is secretly part of Team Q. All the paperwork he’s filed? Just cover to throw off the sheeple while Mueller puts “millions” of indictments in place. Of course, Mueller will have to ultimately indict Mueller because of his involvement with Clinton and Uranium One. But he’ll get a presidential pardon from Trump for his yeoman work in “distracting the Deep State and fooling the Fake News.”

Even the fact that George H.W. Bush was being memorialized on D5 didn’t cause an issue. Because, as one of the Q-messages says “what are the mathematical probabilities” that Bush should die and have his funeral on that day, and that Obama, and Clinton, and Carter, and all the rest of the dark heart of the Deep State would be so conveniently collected in one place? Even Bush’s casket, resting in the rotunda of the Capitol building, was seen as forming a “Q” as a “warning to the Deep State.” Clearly, this event was planned.

So, how does the QAnon crowd explain that all the “criminals” seemed to leave the National Cathedral without the benefit of handcuffs? Oh, they have ways.

It continues, should you decide to click the headline.


Las Vegas: Man Left Unable to Speak, Walk, See, Or Even Breathe 36 Hours After Getting a Flu Shot

Shane Morgan got a flu vaccine on November 2nd to protect his baby son from the flu. Less than two days later, he began to lose feeling in his arms and legs and was rushed to the hospital, unable to see, walk, speak or breathe unassisted. He is still in the hospital and has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes as a ‘very rare’ side effect to vaccines. He faces a long recovery and may have permanent damage. He vows he will never take another flu vaccine.

“Very rare,” they say. Not rare enough, I would say. Getting the flu would be a much better outcome.


At 1:02:20 Cliff talks about Aussie winter in July 2020 ‘deadly/fatal winter’ language.
Winters like they’ve never seen before.


Scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test

Scientists have developed a universal cancer test that can detect traces of the disease in a patient’s bloodstream.

The cheap and simple test uses a colour-changing fluid to reveal the presence of malignant cells anywhere in the body and provides results in less than 10 minutes.

While the test is still in development, it draws on a radical new approach to cancer detection that could make routine screening for the disease a simple procedure for doctors.

“A major advantage of this technique is that it is very cheap and extremely simple to do, so it could be adopted in the clinic quite easily,” said Laura Carrascosa, a researcher at the University of Queensland.

The test has a sensitivity of about 90%, meaning it would detect about 90 in 100 cases of cancer. It would serve as an initial check for cancer, with doctors following up positive results with more focused investigations.

More at the link


Modus Operandi

By Anna Von Reitz

A quick overview of some very common diabolical practices and truisms that we all need to know about the common Enemy of Mankind:

1. The Lies are always complex and convoluted and full of verbiage and detail. The Truth is always simple.

Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”. When it comes to any business agreements or legal communications or anything else of that sort, more is truly less.

This is one of the flags that immediately concerned me about PARSE SYNTAX — it is endlessly complex with all sorts of strict punctuation.

2. Whatever the Vermin are doing or trying to pull off themselves, is what they will accuse others of doing. The English saying is: “The pot always calls the kettle black.”

If they are lying, they will accuse their opponents of lying — so “always carefully consider the source”.

3. The Vermin function according to duality — by setting up two “sides” to everything, and then pitting the two sides against each other, while they sit on the sidelines and benefit themselves from the conflict they have created.

For example: the Civil War, the Israeli-Palestinian fight, and the current situation in which the US NAVY (municipal corporation) has attacked Alaska. The Vermin love to fool us into fighting ourselves and hurting each other— and then sanctimoniously blaming us for the conflict they engineered.

4. The Vermin have also adopted the Hegelian Dialectic: they create a problem [like fiat money] and then they come forward with the solution to the problem they created [like gold-backed money] and everybody stupidly thanks them and keeps them in power and lets them profit like bandits from their guile.

5. They will sacrifice small fry and low-hanging fruit to save themselves and draw attention away from their own actions. These distractions have allowed them to get away with horrendous crimes in the past, and we just keep on getting suckered into and distracted by the mini-dramas they create.

I have every reason to expect that there will indeed be a great many arrests of crooks in every state who are guilty of crimes ranging from pedophilia to Medicare Fraud to securities fraud to embezzlement.

As outrageous as all this may be, keep your eyes on the ball. All the kickback scandals you are about to see were only made possible by mismanaged federal programs and far larger federal kickbacks and pay-offs made to Territorial and Municipal States of State as bait to gain control of these organizations and enroll them as franchises of the parent federal corporations.

Remember when Wyoming refused to accept federal education funding grants because they knew that they would lose control of their schools and the curriculum being taught to their children? Same thing all across the board. Buying into the Nanny State means that you give up all your wealth and control and self-determination in exchange for Federal kick-backs. And where does all that “Federal Money” come from, but from your own assets that you have foolishly given to them?

In other words, the source of all this misappropriated money at the local and State of State level is an even bigger “Kickback Program” hosted by the Federal Government. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

6. Most of all, these creatures PRETEND TO BE THEIR ENEMIES. They insinuate themselves and infiltrate all the groups, especially religious groups, they wish to undermine. They have done this to Judaism for Millenia.

For some reason people think that Jesus was being poetic or euphemistic when he called them “the Synagogue of Satan” and they misread the other Bible passages that speak of those “who appear to be Jews, but are not”. This is literal. This is accurate.

They pretend to be Jews, but are anything but. In the same way, they pretend to be Catholic or pretend to be Muslim. Often, they present themselves as being “More Jewish than Jewish” or “More Catholic than the Pope” or among the most passionate followers of Islam—- and it is all a big joke to them.

In fact, the easiest way to catch them out is by recognizing it when they go over the edge hamming it up.

If you are going to effectively combat the wiles and intrigues and poisonous, diabolical wit of these creatures, you must have your own head very firmly screwed on and your observational skills well-honed. Be forewarned and aware of these things I am telling you and don’t let yourselves be tricked into forming “sides” and fighting each other. Look carefully and you will see what I am telling you is so.


Yes, It’s True

By Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Government does not have any life of its own. It functions on Delegated Powers with respect to us, and it has recently lost those Delegated Powers as a result of its own mismanagement.

The Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government are both in bankruptcy and receivership and the Federal Branch of the Federal Government has been moth-balled via fraud, deceit and treachery since 1868.

As a result, all branches of the Federal Government have failed and we, the Delegators of all the Delegated Powers, have stepped forward and received them back.

This situation is not hard to understand.

You hire someone to mow the lawn, but “whatever” happens and he can’t do it.

Is this the end of the world for you? Hardly.

You have to find someone else to mow the lawn or do it yourself.

The French-Belgian-Swiss cabal was running the municipal operations of the “Federal Government” via corporations including the FBI, US NAVY, USAF, FEMA, etc., etc., and they naturally thought they were going to just create another new corporation and continue skating, re-assume the service contract and do whatever they liked to their employers.

Instead, we declined their “services” as we were not well-served by them during their tenure. In response, they have thrown what can only be described as a temper tantrum and attacked our soil and our people with both the California Fires and the Big Lake Earthquake in Alaska and their attempt at causing a Tidal Wave.

As a result, they are no longer even in the running to get a service contract from us and we are not accepting their debts. We are calling for the immediate and permanent liquidation of their parent corporations and all their municipal subsidiaries as criminal organizations and criminal-linked organizations.

If they continue any of this crappola using weather weapons or other exotic means of retribution for our business decisions, we shall (1) reflect and return all such strikes directly to sender and (2) raise hell with the United Nations because they are abusing “non-domestic” targets.

We and our States and our People are all non-domestic with respect to THEM.


TheSharpEdge Retweeted
QAnon +++

Dec 5
It looks like Hillary had a secret message in her funeral program – I didn’t see anyone else receive an envelope like this …

These fools have been forced to resort to primitive measures.


TheSharpEdge Retweeted
Gilet Jaune Salisbury

Dec 5
Cern got shut down. This Universe is all electrical. An atom of matter, when drained of it’s positive & negative charges ceases to exist. We exist in particles formed into waves. All of us. All of creation. Cern was destroying the natural energy & matter of our realm.


clif high – BTC Charts Reports Errors Projections Woo-woo

clif high
Streamed live on Dec 5, 2018
Adults only – rough language about reports, history of 2017/2018 language pollution, BTC charts, projections based on current data (Dec 2018), Language issues, Woo-woo


Lengthily, behind the scenes negations designed for an orderly transition might be good, if we survive the mess that has been/is being created. However, as those who profess to be the “good guys” plod along, more and more steps are being taken to destroy what we have left.


UN Intergovernmental Conference On Migration Could End Nation Sovereignty

The UN places all the responsibility on the country of entry and its citizens to “bend over backwards” or “bend over and grab your ankles” for individuals who lack respect for the laws of other nations, the citizens who support the governments in that nation, and the citizens in that nation who are living in poverty and/or are homeless.

DECEMBER 6, 2018

According to the UN site, this intergovernmental conference is being held to adopt the tenets contained in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration.


12-06-2018 Special Report on Androids in Detroit, Michigan (Detroit become Human)

Jessica Arael Marrocco
Published on Dec 6, 2018

At 55:20, Nim (an android) says many androids have left but many are still here and there are more coming They will be running the ‘smart cities’. THEY WERE BROUGHT HERE TO REPLACE US!!!! They work under Mobius and obey it’s directives.

Jessica and Jimi want Nim and Gregory (both androids) to turn on their handlers at Mobius. Gregory was taught the Deep state version of Bush Sr as being a good guy. Jimi told him otherwise. The androids can identify and lock in to databases and research things – this allows them to question info they are being given. Nim feels he and Gregory are in trouble for speaking to Jessica and Jimi. Maybe Andronicus (one of Jessica’s contacts) can help them.

Jimi talks about Rod Rosenstein being related to Himmler in some way – due to similarities in physical appearance. Jessica said it could be but wasn’t familiar with him.

Andronicus was Zeus at one time. Rhodan was Apollo. They are entities Jessica communicates with now.

Jessica said that by making this info public about the androids being used to run the smart cities will help eliminate that timeline/possibility.


wiley711 413898 Gotta link? This one I think
History is a Lie, We’ve Been Set Up

leland roth that was a good read about the take down of Dulce back in ’79, I had only heard about it.


” how does anyone actually do business with Wells Fargo anymore? These people are outright criminals (if you or I committed any of the acts above, we’d be behind bars).
Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge – December 6, 2018

Authored by Simon Black @ SovereignMan

Our old friends at Wells Fargo are involved in yet another banking scandal. And this one is really bad… people wrongfully lost their homes and ended up on the street.

But before I get into the details of this particularly atrocious mishap, let’s have a quick recap of Wells’ “greatest hits.” Continued…

Consider Wells Fargo’s latest scandal…

This week, the bank said a “computer glitch” caused 545 of its customers to lose their homes.

The “glitch,” according to papers the bank filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, caused the bank to incorrectly deny 870 loan modifications (around 60% of which went into foreclosure).

This Banking Scandal Is Awful

Ooops-my bad again…Looks as if I posted before? Which Disappeared and magically appeared posted… Here’s corrected copy…?


Health professionals laud Trump’s efforts to define gender based on scientific facts and not fiction

GAINESVILLE, Florida, December 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Dozens of academics and a coalition of medical, legal and policy organizations representing more than 30,000 health professionals nationwide praised the Trump administration for its efforts to officially uphold the scientific definition of sex on the federal level.

“We applaud the Trump administration’s intention to uphold the scientific definition of sex in federal law and policy, such that girls and women will regain their sex-based legal protections, and the human rights of all will be preserved,” the group said in a December 4 letter.

Citing controversial Obama-era impositions of gender ideology into federal policy, the group stated, “Not only is an expanded definition of sex unscientific, but it has also proven harmful.”

Obama – what a tool.


“how does anyone actually do business with Wells Fargo anymore? These people are outright criminals (if you or I committed any of the acts above, we’d be behind bars).”

Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge – December 6, 2018
Our old friends at Wells Fargo are involved in yet another banking scandal. And this one is really bad… people wrongfully lost their homes and ended up on the street.…%20Even%20For%20Wells%20Fargo%20%7C%20Zero%20Hedge&linknote=


North Carolina Election Thrown Into Chaos As Investigators Target “Vote Harvesting” Scheme


“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators

The CFO of the Clinton Foundation, thinking he was “meeting an old professional acquaintance,” admitted to investigators that the charity had widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest, and that Bill Clinton has been commingling business and personal expenses for a long time, reports The Hill’s John Solomon.

Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel made the admissions to investigators from MDA Analytics LLC – a firm run by “accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators,” who have been probing the Clinton Foundation for some time.

Kessel told MDA “There is no controlling Bill Clinton. He does whatever he wants and runs up incredible expenses with foundation funds, according to MDA’s account of the interview. “Bill Clinton mixes and matches his personal business with that of the foundation. Many people within the foundation have tried to caution him about this but he does not listen, and there really is no talking to him.”

MDA compiled Kessel’s statements, as well as over 6,000 pages of evidence from a whistleblower they had been working with separately, and which they filed secretly over a year ago with the FBI and IRS. MDA has alleged that the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities, and may owe millions in unpaid taxes and penalties.

In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark. And last week, a federal prosecutor suddenly asked for documents from their private investigation.

The memo also claims Kessel confirmed to the private investigators that private lawyers reviewed the foundation’s practices — once in 2008 and the other in 2011 — and each found widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest.

“I have addressed it before and, let me tell you, I know where all the bodies are buried in this place,” the memo alleges Kessel said.

…The 48-page submission, dated Aug. 11, 2017, supports its claims with 95 exhibits, including internal legal reviews that the foundation conducted on itself in 2008 and 2011. -The Hill


Jessica says each president of US is hand selected. She identified an entity that takes over each president – a dark demonic entity – that jumps from one president to the next.
EXCEPT FOR TRUMP. He’s not in the same paradigm. He’s ‘off dimension’ so they can’t kill him.
There is a link between the US and the UK with respect to this dark entity. It wants to manipulate humanity and keep us as slaves.


12-06-2018 Special Report on Androids in Detroit, Michigan (Detroit become Human)

Jessica Arael Marrocco
Published on Dec 6, 2018

Hello everyone, today I have an update about the androids in Detroit, Jimi’s encounter with a space craft, information about Mengele, the Mobius agenda, androids in smart cities and more. Thank you for tuning in!

This s/b interesting…..


CLINTON EMAIL SCANDAL UPDATE: Federal Judge Allows Discovery of Evidence in Clinton Email Usage

Judicial Watch
Published on Dec 6, 2018



What the ??????? We’ve got to keep these off the road.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

For Samba?

“Sometime in the late 1950s, that world-class gossip and occasional historian, John F. Kennedy, told me how, in 1948, Harry S. Truman had been pretty much abandoned by everyone when he came to run for president. Then an American Zionist brought him two million dollars in cash, in a suitcase, aboard his whistle-stop campaign train. ‘That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast.’ As neither Jack nor I was an antisemite (unlike his father and my grandfather) we took this to be just another funny story about Truman and the serene corruption of American politics” Gore Vidal Jewish History, Jewish Religion:

The Weight of Three Thousand Years

 by Professor Israel Shahak


Foreword by Gore Vidal

Elina Cullen
Elina Cullen
I thought you may find this interesting, the last earth quake in Buenos Aires was in the 1800´s,
and now this one for the G20.


Excellent reporting of Israeli lobby tactics in USA: … “If you wander off the reservation and become critical of Israel…the end result is you’re likely to lose your seat in Congress.”


Israel’s International Conspiracy
By Philip Giraldi

“…a familiar pattern, where critics of Israel suddenly find themselves being discredited for something completely unrelated to the Middle East. President George H. W. Bush (the good Bush) suffered a similar come to Jesus moment in 1991 when he went on national television to denounce the pressure tactics of the Israel lobby.
The Israeli government was demanding U.S. Treasury backed loans to construct illegal settlements. President Bush, who was running for reelection and far ahead in the opinion polls, suddenly was confronted by a well-funded and organized opposition raising doubts about him and his record. And President Bush was not reelected, presumably learning along the way that one does not trifle with the Israel Lobby, to be replaced by the enthusiastically Zionist Bill Clinton. “


Recommended read : Looking deeper into the post-presidency of H W Bush,
a unique perspective by Gordon Duff :
Saying Goodbye to a President
“…George H.W. Bush watched as a shadow government was formed in Washington. He didn’t fully understand what was going on until he was buried in his final election campaign, and by that time, it was too late to do anything from within a crippled White House where everyone around him had been compromised…
Bush had one major “foil” in his life, Benjamin Netanyahu. Few understand this, and the smears against Bush 41, that too many of us have wrongly bought into came from the professionals of all time…
Bush died with Netanyahu and Adelson still in power in the US… He would have had it otherwise at any cost.”


413891 Merek

Very interesting video, Merek. Well worth watching, imo, especially for those who are curious about the real history of America and how it has played out in modern times.

Example: George Washington was an employee of the British East India Company when Cornwallis surrendered to him during the Revolutionary War. Said company at one time controlled half of the world’s trade in basic commodities at the time such as cotton, silk, spices, tea and opium. In the terms of surrender, it was agreed that the American government (a corporation) would pay 20% of its profits to the British Crown in perpetuity.


Read the new findings in the updated Fig. 3 and Table 1

UK is the target of this French operation.

SOPRA STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers.°-D-18-0329-Apr-13-2018-Reg-Doc-2017-Annual-Fin-Rprt-AMF-Apr-16-2018.pdf

SOPRA STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Note 17, List of Group Companies, PDF pp. 192-194, Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers. PDF of List of Companies ONLY. XLSX of List of Companies ONLY.


Pulled out some choice quotes from the SOPRO annual report.

Cassiopae US Inc.

Sopro Banking Software

Business Objects
Pitney Bowes
Progress Software
CSC (Hewlett Packard)
Goldman Sachs

Make sure to share these Waymo memes with your circle of influence. We loaded them up in one hyperlink: WAYMO driverless trucks and cars
usher in age of digital tyranny. Such an amazing technology, but in the hands of Eric Schmidt and Hillary Clinton, will bring humans nothing but tyranny.


Is this the headline of the future? Will “red communities” be automatically excluded in fresh food deliveries and medical supplies once Dragonfly and Waymo join forces? Trust us, Trump supporters will not be getting high scores in Eric Schmidt’s Dragonfly program.


Robert Otey, who was featured in this video- Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm
, gives us an update of his return to Concow.

He has uploaded a three part series of his return to Concow, documenting what really happened in contrast to the fake news stories:







Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Lot of NONSENSE imo in Merck’s 413897 post, but certainly a fun read?

My favorite quote from it? Maybe it was the ‘holy ghost’ comment ?

“It did me but in a good way. No OYE, he won’t be the King of Kings. He will come afterwards, possibly a couple of decades afterwards. Pray to the Holy Ghost for proper discernment.”




The article below continues the political drama that is amounting to a BIG FAT ZERO. Until we bring down the entire D. C. house of cards, including the central banks, the Federal Reserve, IRS, and the rogue operations that have infiltrated our country, Hillary and the whole gang will continue to play cat and mouse with us, never being tried for their horrific crimes against America and the world.



Right now this is just wild speculation from two of America’s most notorious FAKE NEWS sites. So chill.

AIM Patriots Chris writes:

This WAYMO launch terrifies me. I feel like this is going to be their way to create a missles out of cars, and it will be very easy to assassinate people with a 30-40k vehicle. So if you are a threat that someone is willing to spend 40k to git rid of, they just send a WAYMO vehicle to ‘glitch’ on a 1 lane highway and hit you in a head on collision.
I don’t know if I am going to be able to drive any more with this fear. I don’t want a WAYMO car on the same road with me. It’s an enormous risk to everyone while the deepstate still lives, while google still lives. I don’t know how else to put it.
How do we fight this? Should we all just give up and die? How do we live in the future, when we find ourselves surrounded by WAYMO vehicles more and more
WAYMO is going to be used for surveillance. Why install expensive cameras, when you have 4-5 cameras in 360 degrees that are provisional, ad hoc and mobile….
WAYMO is going to be used as a dynamic mesh visual and electromagnetic surveillance system
It’s going to be used as an intimidation system (stalking)
It’s going to be used for assassinations (Oops our algorithm failed….only one goof out of ten million so that’s an acceptable loss.)
It’s going to be used for crowdstriking (running over crowds) and domestic terrorism…they will blame this on Pakistani / Chinese / Russian hackers
It’s going to be used for attacking police by driving them into police stations and killing policemen, which will then be used to add more security intrusion apps (backdoors) into our devices….”we need to stop the hackers….which are using your home routers and iphones”
How on Earth do we stop this WAYMO stuff?
They already forcibly and without my consent, put a smart meter on my cabin. I’ve already used 20 layers of aluminum foil stacked and then wrapped. I know it works as a faraday cage and signal blocker because they peeled it back to read the meter! LOL


Anyone ever heard of the Tartarian Empire . Been watching YouTube vids on that and the mudflood. Shit I don’t know what to believe anymore.


cafe aloha, the long post is from Unhived mind but very informative : pass on if this isn’t your interest.

The Payseur French Royal Family in the United States of the Virginia Company
April 11, 2012 uhm One comment

The Payseur Family in the United States is the secret descendants of the French Monarchy.

Daniel Payseur is AKA Crown Prince Louis who was Queen Marie Antoinette’s son.

Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France) was smuggled out of France to North Carolina in the United States after his mother was executed.

The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government documents, such as courthouse records. They have hidden the births of many of their descendants, and have covered over with extreme secrecy most of their monetary holdings.

They have been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power, and use other Satanic families as proxies.

If you search hard enough you can figure it out. I just wanted to give you a hint on what to look for.

It started with Daniel Payseur 1785 – 1860

Then Lewis Cass Payseur or L.C. Payseur 1850 – 1939

That should give you a nice head start.

French monarchy living in America. They wont teach that in the history books!

As Recorded in book 665, Page 20
The following is a list of only one third of the companies which are listed in public records as the assets of
Lewis Cass Payseur which have been assigned to the Lewis Cass Payseur Trust Company Inc.

All of the Companies listed here were each issued, upon formation, fifty thousand (50,000) preferred, or
special “Class “A” Shares, those being the only such shares authorized and issued, which shares represented
the true ownership of the corporation.

L. C. Payseur owned nine tenths of all of the preferred share issued of each of these companies forty five
thousand (45,000) and the rest of the world owns only five thousand (5,000) shares of the issued stock.
Common shares, or “non-voting shares” are the ones, where applicable, which are traded on the stock
exchange, and they do not reflect the ownership as is commonly thought.

Note: Companies listed in the Fortune 500 Magazine of May 5, 1980 are noted by the name of the
Company followed by “(#—)”,

This is not a complete list of the Payseur Assets as this is only one third of his holdings, the estate was filed
in three different locations with different assets listed at each state and county site that it was filed in. In
another attempt to cover up the ownership trail, but you can get an idea of the magnitude of his holding
with this 1/3 list.

Lancaster & Chester Railway Company
Cheraw & Chester Railroad Company
Leased for 99 years to the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company, executed October 3, 1882.
and recorded in the Court of Probate and the County Recorders office of Chester County. South Carolina.
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company, South Carolina Division:
Along with the liens of the “iron rails and cross-ties” of lines under 99 year leases which have been merged
into the Seaboard Air Line Railway Company: some known as:
Catawba Valley Railway Company: Chester County, South Carolina
The Chattanooga. Augusta and Charleston Air Line Railway Co., recorded in Chester County, South Carolina.
The Memphis / Charleston Railroad Company: The Seaboard Air Lines System of Railroads Company, as
recorded in the office of the Probate Judge in and for the County of Dorchester, South Carolina, in Book “S
23” at Page 7, Dated December 9. 1899.
The Port Royal Railroad Company, as recorded with the office of the Probate Judge of Barnwell County,
South Carolina.
The Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad Company, as recorded in the County of Chester, South
Carolina, formerly known as the Wilmington. Charlotte and Rutherfordton Railway Company, as formed in
the City of Lincolnton, North Carolina, by the Payseur family.
Buffalo, Union and Carlisle Railway:- Union. South Carolina
C. and W.C. Railway: Anderson. South Carolina
Atlantic Coast Line Railway Company:- Richland. South Carolina
G. & F. Railway Company: Greenwood, South Carolina
C. N. & L. Railway Company: Newberry, South Carolina
H. and B. Railway Company:- Colleton, South Carolina
C. and L. Railway Company:- Chesterfield, South Carolina
C. M. and C. Railway Company:- Chesterfield, South Carolina
Northwestern South Carolina Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Atlanta and Charlotte Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Ashville and Spartanburg Railway Company:- Spartanburg, South Carolina
Spartanburg, Union and Columbia Railway Company:- Spartanburg. S. C.
Columbia and Greenville Railway Company:- Greenville. South Carolina
Southern Railway Company, South Carolina Division:- Columbia, South Carolina
South Side Railroad Co.:- Connecting Atlanta. Georgia with Washington, D. C.
Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad Company and Alabama Mineral Land Company of New York parent
to the famed Standard Oil now Exxon Oil.
Ashley Branch and Coal Line Railway Company
Georgia. Carolina and Northern Railroad: and its 99 year lease to Seaboard Air Line Railway Company
King’s Mountain Gold Mine and Railroad Company: Companies listed in Real Property Book 1734 Page 62 et.
seq.. Court of Probate, in Alabama
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Nashville and Decatur Railroad
The Great Southern Railroad Line
South and North Alabama Railroad
Mobile and Montgomery Railroad
Georgia Pacific and T. A., Louisville Ky.
Pennsylvania Railroad: See Chart on Penn Central Company, 6.5 Billion Dollar Empire
Mexican Railway:- Mexico City, Mexico
Mexican Central Railway:- Guadalajara, Mexico
New York Central Railroad
Southern Pacific Railroad
Missouri Pacific Railroad
Mobile and Ohio Railroad
Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad Company (the Federal Reserve)
Narrow Gauge, Camden, Lancaster, Charlotte, all in North Carolina
Georgia Pacific Railroad Company (#56)
Pullman Company (builders of Pullman cars for the Railways)
Bank of Lancaster:- Lancaster County. South Carolina
First Bank and Trust Company:-Of Lancaster, South Carolina
The Lancaster Building and Loan Association
The Bank of Heath Springs
The Bank of Charleston
The Bank of Kershaw
Kershaw Mercantile and Banking Company
National Loan and Exchange Bank of Columbia
First National Bank of Camden
National Exchange Bank of Chester
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
New York Trust Company
The Bank of Richmond
National Loan and Exchange Bank of Camden
Raleigh Savings Bank
American Trust and Savings Bank – Birmingham, Al.
Birmingham Trust and Savings Bank – Birmingham, A l .
Chase National Bank
Riggs National Bank
Hanover National Bank – New York
Brandvwine Bank – Maryland
Hamilton National Bank
South Carolina National Bank
Jefferson Savings and Loan Association
Bank of South Carolina
Bank of New York
Bank of Macon, Georgia
Pennsvlvania National Bank
Sandoz Bank
Painsville. Ohio Bank
Cotton Mills

Lancaster Cotton Mills:-Now known as Springs Mills Inc. of Lancaster, S. C …………….. (#319)
The Eureka Cotton Mills
The Springstein Cotton Mills
Dan River Cotton Mills:-Danville, VA
Lorav Cotton Mills
Belton Cotton Mills
The Lancaster Cotton Oil Company
The N. K. Fairbank Company (Cotton Oil). Chicago. III.

Thread and Sewing Machine Companies

Singer Manufacturing Company:-New York
The New Home Sewing Machine Company:-30 Union Sq., New York Household Sewing Machine Company:-
Providence, Rhode Island
Hartford Sewing Machine Company:-Connecticut
Renington Sewing Machine Company
Domestic Sewing Machine Company
Clark’s O.N.T. Cotton Thread Company
Corticelli Silk Thread Company
Pharr and Long Clothiers 42 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N.C.
J.P. Coats Thread Company
Willimantic Thread Company and/or
Willimantic Linen Company
Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Company:-Kenosha, Wisconsin
E.C.Stahn and Company:-Chester, S. C. (Watches, Jewelry and sewing machines)

Electric and Power Companies

Southern Power Company
Duke Power Company
Lancaster Light and Power Company
Potomac Electric Company
General Electric

Gold and Silver Companies

Reed Gold Mine
Gastonia Gold Mine
Gold Hill Mining Company
King’s Mountain Gold Mine (and Railway Company as above)
Clyta Oro Mining Company-Supplied all the gold for the Federal Reserve
Union Silver Company
Lotowana Silver Mining Company

Iron and Steel (and other metals) Companies

Lincoln Iron Company (formerly Lincolnton Tin Mine and Smelter) now Carnegie Steel)
Woodward Iron Company
Ingall’s Steel Company
The Ingalls Iron Works Company of Birmingham. Alabama
Carnegie Steel Company
Aluminum Company of American (ALCOA) …………………………………………………….​………..(#63)

Motor Vehicle Companies

American Motors Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​…………(#109)
General Motors Corporation …………………………………………………….​…………………………………………………….​….. (# 2)
Cadillac Motor Car Company
Carolina Cadillac Company Studebaker Carriages and Wagons Company

Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Company 119 Broadway. New York (From Orrville and Selma, Alabama, allegedly the
parent to all insurance companies )
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Old American Insurance Company:- Kansas City
William’s and Gregory Insurance Company:- Lancaster. S. C.

Tobacco and Related Companies

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company…….. (#39)
George W. Helme and Company (Helme’s Railroad Mill Snuff) Helmetta, N.J.
American Tobacco Company
Regalia De La Francis Cigar Company

Watch Companies

Elgin National Watch Company
National “Elgin” Watch Company
I l l i n o i s “Springfield” Watch Company
American “Waltham” Watch Company
The Centennial (1776-1876) Watch Company
Waterbury Watch Company

Land and Real Estate Companies

Alabama Mineral Land Company of New York
Woodgin Plantation:-Leased to Frisco Railroad
Bondurant Plantation:-Leased to St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad
T. M. Hughes Real Estate Agency:-Lancaster, S. C.

Food and Other Household Goods

Gail Borden, Eagle Brand Milk Company………………………………………………​……………………………… (#73 Borden)
The Genessee Pure Food Company …………………………………………………….​……………………… (#50 General Foods)
Heinzs Pickle Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​. (#139 Heinz 57)
The American Cereal Company………………………………………………​……………………………………. (#176 Quaker Oals)
United Fruit Trading Company:- Linked to Grace Shipping Lines
Armour and Company:-(Formerly Armour Meat Packing Company)
The Lancaster Hardware Company
Mimaugh’s Department Store
Bibb’s Stove and Range Company
Swift and Company
The Woolson Spice Company
Cleveland’s Baking Powder Company
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Company
Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company
King’s Buckwheat Flour Company
Lustro Cleaners Company
Lincolnton Drug Company: Became Rexall Drugs
Fleming Brothers Cologne
New Mown Hay Sachet Colgate and Company. Perfumers of New York
Boll Brothers Manufacturing Company Harrisburg, Pa. (metal beds and bedding)
Tarrant’s Aperient Seltzer Company
Celluloid Eye Glasses Company (Patent #03-13-1877) S.O.M. Company
Steele and Price Manufacturing Company (Yeast, flavoring extracts etc., Chicago, III.)
Brown’s Iron Bitters Company
Richmond Heater Company (wood burning heaters)
Charles W.S. Banks Furniture Company Baltimore, Md
Peloubet and Company, Bloomfield. NJ – Mfr. Standard Brand Organs
Ehvet Magnesia Mfg Company
Boston Rubber Shoe Company
Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Miscellaneous Companies

Colt Firearms
Company……………………………………….. ……………………………………..(#165)
Standard Oil Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​…..#10, #6, and
Corporation …………………………………………………….​…………………………………………………….​……………………..(#1)
B. F. Goodrich
Company………………………………………………​…………………………………………………….​……………… (#112)
Sherwin-Williams Paint
Company …………………………………………………….​……………………………………………. (#251)
The Fort Mill Manufacturing Company
Catawba Fertilizer Company
Lancaster Manufacturing Company
Western Union Telegraph Company
Ashley Phosphate Fertilizer Company
Steamship (British) Manhattan
Lancaster Merchantile Company
Pearl Powder Company
H.S. Robinson and Company
Walter A. Wood Company of New York
Knapp and Company of New York

In order to keep the true ownership hidden from the government and the public all of these companies and
hundreds more were tucked away in parent corporations and companies, almost all of the railroads across the
united states were merged into the new “Southern Railway”, merger of 1906 that J. P. Morgan helped
orchestrate for Payseur.

The Southern Railway, which contained almost all of the railway companies were hidden in one little
insignificant short railway line that was called the “Lancaster and Chester Railway Company”. The family
joke is that they own a little railroad company by the name of the L&C Railway Company and it has a spur
line called Southern Railway, which is obstinately all the railroads. They also own one other important little
railroad, “The Cheraw and Chester Railroad Company”.
The Lancaster and Chester Railway, was owned by a cotton mill by the name of the “Lancaster Cotton
Mill”, which was owned by L.C. Payseur, the name of Lancaster Cotton Mill was changed in the 1930’s to
Springs Mills Inc. but the ownership was still by L.C. Payseurs’. It is very important that you remember
this one little paragraph.

L.C. Payseur also owned “The Bank of Lancaster”, which in recent years has gone on a name changing
tangent the last known names were the (NCNB) North Carolina National Bank then it merged with its self and
became known as NationsBank For a short digression, research discovered that in the 1980’s George Bush
became the chairman of the executive committee of First International Bank of Houston. He also became a
director of Fist International Bank shares. Inc. (“InterFirst”). InterFirst became the largest bank in Texas and was reportedly running speculation all over South America, China and Europe. Later InterFirst merged with
Republic Bank in 1987 to form First Republic Bank, eventually as it appeared all banks in Texas got into a non
sovereign situation if you can believe that.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, with the connivance of the IRS, awarded the assets of First Republic Bank to the North Carolina National Bank in exchange for no
payment whatsoever on the part of NCNB. Why should they have to pay themselves? NationsBank, which is
reputedly a darling of the intelligence community, which is not quite right but makes some sense, being as the
banks and CIA are owned by the railroad.

Payseur also owned “Southern Power Company” which is today known as “Southern Company” and owns the control of all power companies in the united states by law that states that only railroads can manufacture electricity. That is why everyone that comes up with a better and cheaper form of energy and would become a threat to the power company is put out of business. Because the railroad has a monopoly at least until the 99 year leases are up.

Payseur owned “The Lancaster Manufacturing Company”, which controlled the production of all wood products, such as railroad ties, railroad cars, service poles, furniture, paper etc., etc.. This is were the railroad land grants come in with such names as Boise Cascade, Weyerhaeuser, Crown Zellierback. Mead, Regency companies using the railroad land leased to them “only” from Payseur to product trees for wood products.

These companies do not own the land they operate under leases, they do not have the right to sell railroad or timber land that they use. they do not own the land nor the companies.

Mr. Payseur also owned a company by the name of “The Lancaster Cotton Oil”, this company started the
manufacture of fertilizer and other related items.

Leroy Springs was appointed President of all of Mr. Payseurs companies to oversee them, he was also Mr.
Payseurs’ attorney and a trustee for his affairs. He was trusted with all kinds of important documents, affidavits and secrets, as to who the true owners were of these companies.

Remember that it was stated earlier that the northerner’s couldn’t get the southern people to work for them, so Northerners would appoint the old exconfederate officers to run the companies owned by Yankees after the Civil War and all the confiscation’s. That is how Leroy Springs got involved with the Lancaster Cotton Mill, and the other companies. He was a manager not an owner.

Louis XVII of France

Many times the French and English wings have battled for supremacy, but they are still, in the end, two sides of the same coin.

The French Revolution of 1789 was wholly engineered by the Freemasons and their offshoot, the Bavarian Illuminati.

After the ‘revolutionaries’ executed Queen Marie Antoinette, her son, Crown Prince Louis, still a toddler, was placed under house arrest.

Two years later he was smuggled out in a laundry basket by his doctor.

The retarded nephew of the Marquis de Jarjayes was substituted and he died in 1795.

The prince was secretly taken to the Vendee Palace and…later moved to a fortress on the River Rhine.

He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the monarch at the time of the American War of Independence.

The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore.

King George III gave the prince, now Daniel Payseur, a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina.

When they arrived in America they were given help by the Boddie family, who were related to the British monarchy.

Hmm… seems the Payseur family was defrauded out of it’s assets.

“The Payseur family have now lost control of their empire…The Payseur’s principal trustee, Leroy Springs, died in 1931 and his playboy son, Elliot, took over. He volunteered to upgrade the local County Records filing system and removed the records from the Lancaster courthouse.

When he returned them, hundreds of Payseur land deeds had been reassigned to Elliot Springs, a Rothschild relative. [Likewise, recent AP stories reported on how hundreds of courthouses were burned down to destroy southern blacks’ deeds so that local landowners or corporations could steal their land.-JS] It seems obvious that he was told exactly what to do to stop the Payseur daughters from inheriting the empire.

In the early 1950s, Anne, the daughter of Elliot Springs, married a New Jersey organised crime figure called Hugh Close and Close was appointed chairman of all the Payseur companies stolen by Elliot Springs. Close’s daughter, Mrs. Crandall Close Bowles, became a director of the Carolina Federal Reserve Bank. A battle continues for control of the former Payseur holdings, but at the moment it appears they are controlled by the Rothschilds.”

It appears the Payseur fortune is now contained in a Corporation called GAALT industries.

Check their history as taken from their web site…

GAALT® Industries

Our History

GAALT® Industries is a new name for a very old family business in communication, energy, and
transportation established in North America in 1620 A.D., and in the present State of Alabama in 1750.
Alabama was permitted to become a State in 1819 contingent upon the continuation of this family
business under the treaties and contracts executed by Benjamin Franklin for the United States of North
America on February 6, 1778.

In 1998, GAALT Industries celebrates its 220th birthday in the United States and its 378th birthday on
the North American Continent.

Before the name was changed, Louis Charles Bourbon Capet, King Louis XVI, with Benjamin Franklin
and others executed certain contracts and treaties for the purpose to establish our communication and
transportation business in and as a part of the United States of North America on February 6, 1778
through the technology of that time period, namely flat and keel boats. Over the years since 1778 our
communication and transportation business has expanded by the addition of developed technologies to
include but not limited to the following:

* After the development of the railroad in 1769, it was brought to the United States under our leadership
for our business. Rapid railway deployment starting about 1820;
* 1848 the addition of The Washington and New Orleans Telegraph Company to our business of
advanced wire communications;
* 1912 the addition of radio-telegraph led our business into World War I for ship-to-shore radio
systems and the first known aircraft-to-ground radio system on earth. In 1919 we designed,
manufactured and operated the first known radio station in China;
* October 20, 1920 we received our International Radio Manufacturing License, 14 years before the
establishment of the Federal Communications Act that created the Federal Communications Commission
typically referred to as the FCC;
* During World War II we developed a close-knit radio communication system for command and
control of top security for the President of the United States of America that many years later and
following a change of radio frequencies for use by the general public is now known as cellular
* 1949 we were issued the first known patent on earth for the telephone answering machine;
* 1951 we received the first patent known for the push-button-dial telephone and the telephone
auto-dial equipment;
* Satellite Echo deployed our electronic communications and was the first satellite deployed by the
United States of America;
* First in manned space flight communications for the United States of America, to include the
communications control circuits used for the famous “MOON WALK”.

Gain Adjusting Audio Leveling Terminator (GAALT) was developed for the strategic communications
for the President of the United States of America to serve as a Common Systems Approach (CSA)
Satellite Communications of North America to connect and combine the Presidential Train, Presidential
Yacht, Air Force One, Orbital Satellites and the telephone in one system.

Carolina Emergency Services and Security Company is the amalgamation of the heritage from ancestors
of the same blood-line commencing with William Brewster of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 and from
Louis Charles Bourbon Capet from February 6, 1778 to organize and finance the American
Revolutionary War for the benefit of the United States of North America and for the blood-line family as
detailed in the premise.

In 1865 this family business was in both Lancaster, South Carolina to build a cotton mill that became the
largest cotton mill business on Earth, and to organize Birmingham, Alabama for the manufacturing of
railroad equipment and railway cars for the transportation of cotton back to Lancaster, South Carolina,
under the terms of the 37th United States Congress, Acts of treason against the so-called Confederate
States of America. In 1872 its headquarters were established in both Lancaster and in Birmingham
where they remain today in any and all businesses permitted under the provisions of the premise from the
beginning of the United States. It specializes in para-legal research and development of old and new
corporations from the beginning of the United States and for Tomorrow, and leasing the assets of same
to others, generally under 1, 5, 49, 99, and 999 – year leases for the betterment of man kind.

Several Common Systems Approach Companies were organized in 1968 under the Telephone
Interconnect Act, 1968 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Street Act, Espionage Act, and the 1861
37th United States Congress, Acts of Treason, to form an amalgamated technology group for the
betterment of the United States of America and for the advancement of mankind through
communications, including:

* International Telecommunication Systems,Incorporated was chartered in 1974 to operate anywhere
on Earth,
* CSA-Satellite Communications of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1980 to operate
anywhere on Earth, and specializes in logistics;
* TranSatCom of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth
with selected GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act;
* Solar Electric Corporation was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth with selected
GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Wheeler-Rayburn Anti-Trust Act;
These corporations are referred to as the CSA-Group Corporations to provide a common systems
approach for advanced communications.

TranSatCom (Transportable Satellite Communications) of North America was organized as a parallel
operating company in 1968 under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act to provide
the radio path circuits for GAALT Electronic Control Devices for Internal National Defense and other
applications. TranSatCom provides all types of radio equipment and technical services anywhere.

Research on the 48 FAMILIES.. of Virginia Company

One of the secret corporations that is comprised of the Secret OLIGARCHY is the Virginia Company..

In October 1781.. when the Earl of Cornwallis(Capitulated) to the British East India Co EMPLOYEE George Washington.. the name of the Virginia Co. was renamed.. the New Secret Corp was now called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION AND BODY POLITIC..

The Terms of the Capitulation was that the SECRET CORPORATION.. would continue in EXISTENCE>>> FOREVER!.. the arrangement that the King(or Q) of England would continue to receive 20 percent of the the revenues from the Virginia Co.. as per the old Charter of 1607 again.. FOREVER!

the Payseur family signed a contract with Benjamin Franklin in 1785 to handle all of the communication and transportation in the Secret Corporation again FOREVER..

the Crown Prince of France.. ( Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet) was made manager of the United States Corporation in 1805.. At that time the Crown Prince was 20 years old.. He had been in hiding in the City of London since both his parents were beheaded during the French Revolution in 1793

His father Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet(LOUIS16th) AND HIS MOTHER Were of the PURE DRAGON RACE BLOODLINES.& LOUIS= CHARLEMAGNE bloodline ( MARIE ANTOINETTE VON HAPSBURG bloodline- ie Queen Elizabeth 2 today.. )

The Payseur family lost control of the Virginia Company in 1933 when the Company had to file for bankruptcy. All of the Executive orders issues by Roosevelt disenfranchised Louis Cass Payseur family from the Corporation in 1933..

At that time it was taken over by Colonel LEROY SPRINGS.. the founder of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN FACTORY(as most of you know by NOW.. the HAARPE BROTHERS and their LIZARD CONSTITUENTS.. use the electronic geometries from HAARPE to MIND CONTROL US.. and one of the best ways.. is our SPRING MADE RESONANCE MATTRESSES.). reminds me of the CIRCLES FOUND around major areas like PINE RIDGE.. or any CITY.. ie COUNTRY.. to passify the people.. with FREQUENCIES … currently .. IRAN btw..

anyway.. the founder of the Springmade Bed Linen Factory in Lancaster South Caroline.. LEROY SPRINGS.. Colonel Spring’s granddaughter is the MAIN PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE CORPORATION AND WAS HEAD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.. HER name is CRANDALL CLOSE BOWLES( RING ANOTHER BELL ? Prince Charle’s wife from HELL? ).. i don’t know if CRANDALL is still alive today.. but she was on the board of the Federal Reserve bank of Charlotte North Carolina and was CEO of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN COMPANY..

the Federal Reserve Bank evolved out of the North Carolina GOLD COMPANY chartered in 1899 in Charlotte North Carolina. The First National Bank of Charlotte was the bank that MADE THE SECRET GOLD BULLION PAYMENTS to the Queen of England for 190 years..

at any rate the Federal Reserve Bank of Charlotte North Carolina makes the SECRET ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERS to the CITY OF LONDON today.. This is the 20% of the TAX REVENUES that will FOREVER go back to the CROWN OF ENGLAND via the original contracts with the Virginia COMPANY..

In 1607.. KING JAMES.. ( A VAMPIRE with PORPHYRITIC DISEASE) already knew that there were going to be 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES in N. AMERICA..) remember also the GATEWAY TO THE SUN IN PERU had 48 glyhps around the major figure.. Queztacoatle.. the Snakeruler )

anyway, KING JAMES knew this because it was he who chartered the Virginia CO.. and he knew in 1607 that there were going to be 48 STATES.. because there were 48 MEROVINGIAN FAMILIES who signed on to the Virgina CO Charter.( SO WHERE ARE THESE SIGNATURES TODAY>> HELD SECRETLY!>).

Each MEROVINGIAN FAMILY was to have its very own STATE as its KINGDOM..

There were some Secret Trusts executed with the POPE OF ROME also.

Such as the STATES OF MARY_LAND(MERY_LAND)…. and i do believe that is why they to this day also keep the UCBO trusts so secretive for the FEW.. OLIGARCHICAL MONARCH CONTROL AND RULE OF ASSETS> which is why these trusts are not found in the ordinary LAW SCHOOLS.. except.. CORNELL

List of Lewis Cass Payseur’s three daughters and the current head of each one of his daughter’s families

Iola Madelyn Payseur – Donald Croom Beatty Jr

Pearl Mignon Payseur – James Edward Poore III

Una Payseur – John F Boswell

The three families (each one owns 1/3 of the Payseur dynasty)

Is that you DQ? lol Maybe not but you are definitely on the right track. Daniel Payseur was definitely not the Lost Dauphin, Louis-Charles, Prince Royal of France, son of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Illuminati and Freemasons had Louis-Charles’ parents beheaded. So Daniel Payseur being an Illuminati was definitely not the Lost Dauphin.

Also those that took the Dauphin from the Temple prison would not have taken him to the Vendee Castle for security because at the time the Vendee was under a scorched earth policy by French revolutionary forces, you know the Reign of Terror. The thousands of men, women and children of the Vendee are recognized by many as heroes and martyrs of the French Revolution. The massacre of the Vendee is recognized by historians as the first modern genocide.

I suppose there is a possibility that Payseur took part in the theft of some of the Bourbon fortunes and spirited it to South Carolina though. You got to hand it to you guys for tracing the demonic Illuminati families and their holdings. Yes, very interesting.

Regarding the quest for the Lost Dauphin and his progeny you may want to watch this short video. I got to warn you though, it may give you the shivers. It did me but in a good way. No OYE, he won’t be the King of Kings. He will come afterwards, possibly a couple of decades afterwards. Pray to the Holy Ghost for proper discernment.
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Lou Cifer
April 12, 2012 at 11:20 pm

The rest of that book “Pandora’s Box” by Alex Christopher is very good too, not just the information about the Payseur fortune! Definitely worth a read!

Tech’s ‘FAANG’ stocks have lost more than $1 trillion and counting from highs amid tech rout

The five “FAANG” stocks have collectively lost more than $1 trillion in value from recent highs.

The FAANG stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google-parent Alphabet — all fell to begin Tuesday trading.CNBC

The stock market bear is hungry. His fangs are out, but the stock market has a fang, too. FANG consists of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Goog—all of which have made fantastic gains during the current bull run. These stocks are bloated pigs, but the bear continues to be thwarted.

Since its tragic inception in 1913, the Federal Reserve has made sure we got plenty of war and bubbles, including more recently the Internet Bubble, the Housing Bubble and now we have the current bull market. Some are calling it ‘the greatest bubble ever.’
When will the bull market collapse? Some say this year, but we’ve heard that every year since the last drop. The doom and gloomers continue to get it wrong. People such as Martin Armstrong, who is predicting the market will double again from here, continues to get it right. The technicals show weaker pullbacks and smaller gains on lower volume. The signs point to a blowoff top and that is attracting a lot of short interest, but many traders have already shorted the market and individual stocks again and again, only to get burned over and over again. The bear remains very hungry.

-Ben Garrison


cobra-quote—–On the other hand, the Cabal is realizing more and more that they will lose, and they do not take defeat lightly. They have recently used Directed Energy Weapons in California to burn masses of people alive:


jon rappoport-quote—–The classroom, at best, has taken on the appearance of a fact-memorization factory; and we should express grave doubts about the relevance and truth of many of those facts.

A society filled with people who float in the drift of non-logic is a society that declines.

Ideologies that deny individual freedom and independence are welcomed with open arms.

When education becomes so degraded that young students are no longer taught to reason clearly, private citizens have the obligation rebuild that system so the great contribution to Western civilization—logic—is reinstated in its rightful place.

Logic, the key by which true political discourse, science, and law were, in fact, originally developed, must be unearthed.—–unquote…..


Cafe Aloha , War drummer exposes the Paysuer family who own it all, we always wondered who gave the Rockefeller and Rothschild their marching orders a Fine old Satanic family dependents of Louis seventeen, the American Paysuer family of 3 bloodlines.
who own the “United States of America” and the Fed .


Deester 413858

oh ya deester that un migration pact is super greaseball zionazi weirdo new world order draconian luciferian doctrine absolutely…..

the dark force software programs in human avatars can sign all the documents they want,they will be deemed null and void and play no role anylonger in this solar systems business of the day…..

and then we can ship all these illegal contracts.agreements,laws etc….encapsilated with their orchestrators,as they travel back to the dracos to be greeted by their angry and hungry ancestors…..hahahahaha…..I digress of course…..

real death when sent to the central sun is just that….

adieu toujours pour quelque des minion diable…..

After deadly riots, France has scraped it’s “Carbon Tax”. Many leftists are calling for a Carbon tax here in the U.S. but say little as to how that will ultimately lower CO2s. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.


UPDATE: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 451 points, bringing its two-day losses to more than 1,000 points. The S&P 500 fell 1.5 percent while the Nasdaq Composite plunged nearly 2 percent. CNBC

The stock market has been on the decline lately.

Trump claimed credit for the big gains over the past two years. Now he’s blaming The Federal Reserve for the downtrend. In reality, the president deserves neither credit nor blame for what the stock market has been doing. The Fed deserves some of the blame because of their rate hikes. They may also be trying to collapse the market so that Trump gets stuck with a bad economic reputation, thus causing him to lose in 2020. The Fed’s ‘plunge protection’ team no longer seems to be quickly stepping in to prop things up. Trump’s real economic achievements may help balance things out, but that remains to be seen.

The stock market flew up for ten years because of low interest rates and there was no other place investors could go and make good returns. The markets were also helped by many big companies conducting stock buy backs. But now the stock market seems to be in balloon territory. Some of the valuations bordered on the ridiculous. Tesla, for example. Its pot smoking CEO was forced to step down for a while for making claims he could not back up. Amazon briefly reached $2,000 per share. Who can afford such a thing? Certainly not millennials. Nearly one third of them have been forced to move back in with their parents. Many have college degrees funded by massive debt. They can’t buy homes, let alone invest in the stock market. In fact, the majority Americans can’t afford to dabble in the stock market. Many are also deep in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Massive debt is choking the entire system.

The billionaire elite control most of the stocks. Access to super computers helped guarantee their wins, but even they have been cashing out. George Soros, for example. Insiders always know when to bail.

Many didn’t expect Bitcoin to collapse like it did this year, but it did. I understand that many are desperate to escape the debt dollar monopoly enjoyed by the central bankers, but Bitcoin isn’t real money because it’s not easily transferable. Its value fluctuates greatly day to day. You can’t easily buy groceries or fill up the gas tank using bitcoin. Gold and silver used to be the purest form of money and it still is according to our Constitution, but before it can be used it also must be converted into debt dollars. Silver in particular should have done what Bitcoin did. That is, make a giant run because of all the debt dollars that have been printed out of thin air, but precious metals are rigged and controlled by that same central banker paper.

We could still see some large bounces in the stock market. Bitcoin has already rocketed up nicely from fresh lows. Such bounces won’t last. They never do in bear markets. It’s time to recognize the bear and beware. There could be a lot more downside in store.

—Ben Garrison


Jim Stone
Correction to the Huawei report: The CFO of Huawei is a woman, not a man

My bad there, I don’t know Chinese names)

SORCHA: (grain of salt here

Sorcha has claimed that “rumor is circulating the Kremlin” about the downing of a U.S. F-18 and C-130 during a refueling mission. The claim: China nailed them with lasers after the arrest of the CEO of Huawei. Now, whether or not that is true, one thing is definitely true: China’s going to be MAJORLY PISSED about that, we have not seen the end of this. See my original report down the page (I had this up within an hour of the arrest, ) it is a VERY BIG deal that absolutely will explode if he is not quickly released – with apologies –
The DOW drop is B.S.

Tired of this B.S.

I never report this crap because it is SUCH B.S. Here’s why:
The “ENORMOUS” crash has thus far totaled 2, 523 points off of the Dow’s all time high of 26, 951 only equals a 9.36 percent drop from the massive highs it was pushed to earlier this year. And those highs were an absolutely freakish anomaly. Let’s compare this with historical averages. Today’s numbers are so huge that “large drops” are nothing at all.

If this drop happened in 1991, it would have equaled a loss of 85 percent of the market. But today’s numbers are so inflated that the total loss since the decline began equaled less than 10 percent. How about a more recent comparison?

The tech crash saw the markets lose 78 percent of their value. Guess what? We got through it, and the average joe did not even notice.

CONCLUSION: I seriously care less about the recent drop, or any future drop, even a MASSIVE drop – I would care less about that than an ingrown hair on a sewer rat’s ass because it means NOTHING, other than the likes of Soros and people who control the media and paradigm taking a hit – Let’s be serious here – if it all crashes to hell the most affected will be those who are:
1. Censoring internet content and sidelining conservatives.

2. Pushing the mantra of hatred and division – (George Soros).

3. Spying on everything and harvesting your data, to be used against you or stolen outright.

4. Pushing tainted vaccines and destroying future generations with them.

5. Pushing GMO’s and poisoning the food supply

6. Moving American assets abroad and wrecking America’s future economic prospects.

7. Pushing the gay and trans agenda, and all other forms of depravity including child killings and molestation.

BOTTOM LINE: Sure, a few normal people might be impacted by a huge drop in their retirement accounts as their SCAMMING A-HOLE portfolio managers shift everything they had from the stocks that did not drop to the ones that lost (they do that crap, seriously, you do not want to be part of a market based “retirement plan” because they definitely screw the little guy) but if they did not do that retirement plans would be largely unaffected by a huge crash –
BOTTOM LINE: The BIG LOSERS will be those who are using their profits from a small section of a “Bane steroid pumped” stock market to screw society over, I’d welcome an apocalyptic crash so Soros and Suckerberg could then kiss the world’s *ss.

BRING IT ON BABY, BRING IT ON! Unfortunately, if it has fallen less than 10 percent from an all time high that was fantastically high we probably won’t get enough of it.

Update to the update below:

There’s not a lot in the news about this this morning, and I had to check to see if I got punked. I did not get punked, (I was ahead of the curve by about 10 hours with this) and by now, I’d expect others to have exploded this story into the mainstream. So far, that has not happened.
Perhaps he got arrested for bad behavior not related to Huawei?


I have a suspicion the CFO of Huawei was arrested to keep Trump occupied with ANYTHING AT ALL other than proceeding with disclosure, indictments, and arrests. This is extremely likely to absolutely EXPLODE.

This is a very big smokin deal folks

Huawei is a highly prized sparkling gem of China, and is the world’s #1 phone maker. It is an amazing company. Today, because Huawei violated the sanctions Trump put on Iran, Wanzhou Meng – CFO of Huawei, was jailed in Canada and may be extradited to the U.S. This is the stuff wars are made of, everyone in China knows who she is and she is considered a national hero. It was a VERY BAD MOVE TO ARREST HER.
Let’s hope to GOD someone gains 1/8th ounce of sense and releases her IMMEDIATELY, this one is not a game folks, the Chinese are not going to take this sitting on their hands.

This arrest was STUPID. Why did anyone need to make trouble with something as petty as what cell phone Iranians can have? Is that worth risking a world war over? Already markets have plunged with this news, DISGUSTING.


Another Independent Voice Silenced Proves This Hellish Dystopian Nightmare Is Leading Us Straight Into ‘The Belly Of The Beast“









What is a globalist turd?” you ask. Somewhere between a 6 and 7 on the Bristol Stool Chart. We know about bowels and educated our truth community about bowel health in this nifty flier:








When the French people are literally building a concrete filled, cinder block wall so nobody can get in, or out of government facilities…you should realize you’ve pushed people too far… Source

…maybe an idea for our own Department of Justice if it doesn’t start doing its job of prosecuting DC criminals!






A world leader, supermodel, mass murderer, tranny, rapist, Satan’s daughter, and peanut farmer walk into a funeral…….


intruth 413862

Good! But I read they will still demonstrate on Saturday – & quite right.
The fascist government should be brought DOWN!

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Anna Von Reitz responds to some of her more idiotic critics on being THE TARGET recently during Big Lake’s ‘earthquake’?

“AnnaDecember 6, 2018 at 10:16 AM
You can all look up the epicenter of the quake for yourselves — a block and a half from my house in Big Lake— and NOT on any fault line.

Yes, we have had Earthquakes in the area before, but none accompanied by a “Green Beam” from the local Air Force Base.

THEY want me to shut up and not tell you your own history and facts about your own government because they want to keep their hooks in us and enjoy our labor and access to our resources for free for another hundred years.

And whatever else happens, that is NOT going to happen.

As for the gold I have heard so much bullshit about gold and its purported “value” I could throw up. THINK people! It’s just a lump of relatively useless metal!!!!

Wake up!!! Wake up!!!! Hear the birds sing because all the gold in the Philippines is not worth a single bird — yet millions have been killed over it and lived miserable lives because of it.

If I had my way it would all be loaded up and jettisoned into deep space so nobody would have anything to fight over or lie about any more.

We have good records for the American good transfers to the Philippines that we know took place and that is what I am going by. There is plenty of other gold in Asia that Asians are welcome to keep and have control of.

We want ours returned by the Trustees and made available first to underwrite our currency and pay our debts and only after that do we consider philanthropy and give away projects.

As Fiduciary I have to act according to the Prudent Man Standard and a Prudent Man keeps control of his own assets, uses honest money standards, and pays his own bills.

After that comes investment and projects.

Anyone who has a brain knows this is true and has no cause to argue with me about it.

Each country in the world should be making its own preparations to wean off the illegal Funny Money and go back to Businesd as Usual at least so far as our dealings with the Pacific Rim are concerned.

Europe is so deeply entrenched in the paper system and “securities trading” it may take another generation to pull them out of their own muck.

Many millions of people died over gold and all that gold cannot bring a single one of them back to life.

You all think about that and you will know what is truly valuable and how stupid and blind we have been.

Observing that, let’s not be fooled by any of this ridiculous idolatry again. I don’t carve little statues and bow down and worship them and I am not going to mint any coins and bow down and worship them, either.

All of this is ugly, stupid, simple-minded idolatry and it desperately needs to end in order for this planet and its people to have peace and make progress. ”


Evidence that Directed Energy Weapons were used in Canadian wildfires. Video shows photos that look just like the results of the Santa Rosa and Paradise fires.


Florida Gov. Scott’s fight with election chief Brenda Snipes heats up, as replacement installed

The election may be decided, but the fight between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and ousted Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes appears to have only just begun.

In the latest chapter of the ongoing saga, Peter Antonacci was sworn in on Monday to replace Snipes after Scott suspended her last week for “misfeasance, incompetence, neglect of duty” following a month of harsh criticism over Snipes’ mistakes during a recount of three statewide races in November. In one of those races, Scott – whose term in the governor’s house ends in January – defeated incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

While Snipes has made no public statements about Antonacci taking over her job for the final two years of her term, she does not appear to be going down without a fight.

Snipes had originally said she was resigning from her elected post as of January 4, but after Scott suspended her last Friday, she rescinded her resignation and said she has no plans to step down.

OMG, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



Victory: Macron Permanently Cancels Planned Fuel Tax Hike After Yellow Vest Protests

French President Emmanuel Macron Has Given In To The Initial Demands Of The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) Movement And Permanently Cancelled The Proposed Increase Tax On Fuel After A Negative Reaction To A Six-month Deferment.



The mental health component of the Sandy Hook farce played even stronger than gun control. Note the description of the exercise from this December 12, 2012. This names names. Time to hold these people’s feet to the fire to turn up “higher ups” names, and/or ship them to Gitmo.

More mental health links outlined.

Excerpt: Let’s begin with an article from an obscure digital source from Oregon, the Bend Bulletin, titled “A Deeper Christmas in Sandy Hook.” The focus is on one of the conga line children, whose mother, Catherine Galda, has family ties to Bend. In the article, Mrs. Galda describes her experience after hearing about the lockdown at the school. After parking her car, she allegedly ran to the firehouse by foot where she met up with her daughter an hour later. …

We’re told that Catherine Galda is a career psychotherapist married to husband James Galda, a plumber (not of the Watergate variety). It’s an odd juxtaposition, but that’s not what caught our attention.

Got resiliency? Mrs. Galda interested us because of her involvement in the Recovery and Resiliency* Team in Newtown. Her LinkedIn profile is impressive, listing credentials as a psychotherapist and social worker.

After 12-14-12, the Department of Justice bestowed $7 million on the town for the purpose of “recovery care” for Newtown residents. Some 800 families are said to have received counseling under the multi-million-dollar federal funding, according to this article.

The same article describes what happened after the money dried up in 2016: Newtown assembled its own local team of mental health professionals(.)

More on site.


A discussion of the HPV vaccine and its trail of destruction, from last night’s Coast to Coast AM:

In the first hour, NYU School of Law faculty member, Mary Holland, along with attorney Kim Mack Rosenberg outlined controversies with the HPV vaccine. Called Gardasil in the US, it was introduced in 2006 as a way to prevent certain types of cancer associated with the HPV virus.

Since then, the vaccine has brought in around $2.5 billion in annual sales to the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Glaxo. But serious injuries were happening even in the critical trials (which were done without placebos), said Holland and “it’s never yet, 12 years out…been proven to prevent a case of cervical or other cancer.”

Holland reported that Merck has deprived individuals of informed consent because they have not been open about the real risks and injuries, which have, in addition to the US, shown up in countries as far-flung as Japan, Australia, Colombia, and India. The vaccine is given in a series of doses, and symptoms such as infection, heart palpitations, and digestive issues, may arise after one or two administrations, she cautioned.

France Driscoll
France Driscoll

Thank you, as always. What do you make of the following analysis:
God Bless You, Benjamin Fulford. I pray for you daily.


Going to sign the UN migration pact in four days – I used to feel bad for the US, but now I grieve the loss of Canada.



Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Saga of the Philippine Gold

By Anna Von Reitz

What happened is that “The United States of America, Incorporated” was preparing to go bankrupt circa 1907, and using our money as investment capital, they bought the land mass of the Philippine Islands from Spain. We have all the paperwork on that. So, then, the U.S. Army which was made responsible for the safe-keeping of our money as of 1863, began preparing a place to stash gold (that should have been in Fort Knox) in the Philippines — bear in mind that this is all gold belonging to the American States and People.

They were hiding it to keep Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Scottish corporation dba “The United States of America, Inc.” (wink, wink) from trying to seize upon it, which is good, but since this was all very secret and hush-hush for obvious reasons, it also meant that fewer and fewer people knew what happened to our gold and that also meant that the temptations for fraud and theft proliferated.

One of the first acts of the 73rd Congress in 1934 was to establish a “totally independent government” for the Philippines. They did that so that the Philippine Government (which they still de facto controlled because of the land ownership already in place) could act as Trustee over our gold reserves stored over there and our gold would again be protected from claims from Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Roman Catholic Delaware corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Inc.

Everything that has happened since, the Japanese discovery and looting of the horde in WWII, the role of the Marcos regime—all that involvement of the Philippines in monitoring and holding and guarding our gold stems directly from the fact that “we” bought the land mass of the Philippines from Spain and the U.S. Army used locations in the Philippines to store our gold.

So, yes, we know that the American States’ gold is cashiered in the Philippines and has been for over a hundred years. And yes, it is provably ours.

As for it supposed to be used for “philanthropic” purposes, nobody with authority to decide that has ever weighed in on the matter. The U.S. Army can’t do it without our consent and the Government of the Philippines can’t either, because they are merely trustees and we did not appoint any Committee of 300, any Tri-Lateral Commission, or any Bilderburgers to mess with it, either.

The gold needs to be returned to The United States of America [Unincorporated] first and foremost for the needs of the States and People to underwrite our own gold-backed currency and to pay off any actual debts that we may owe. After that, we can talk about philanthropic purposes for our own people and the rest of the world.

Americans are generous and practical people. We want to see everyone safe, fat, and happy— or as the Bible put it, each with their own vineyard and fig tree and abundant peace. Now that the odious Doctrines of Destiny, Discovery, and Scarcity have been overturned and the Saturnine Brotherhood has been removed from power, there is really no reason that we can’t all have abundance and peace.

That is certainly what I wish for and what all right-thinking people want. Please let our friends in the Philippines know that the actual, factual American Government is still alive and kicking, a bit battered around the ears and kept in the dark by those who owed us better service, but still here, still functioning, still populating this country and still standing as sovereign States of the Union Federation.

We would very much like to meet with them and sort this whole Mess out at the earliest opportunity, because it just delays things and makes everything more difficult when the actual Powerholders are not at the table. Thank you for helping to get this message out.


Day Six Disaster Update

By Anna Von Reitz

I will make this short and sweet.

Everything is returning to normal. We have, all together as a group, sustained about $40,000.00 worth of damage and various physical injuries that are not life-threatening and on the way to healing. We continue to need donations to make everyone whole and continue our current operations.

The “weird tsunami” has petered out and downgraded over the course of the night from a fifty foot wall of water to a twenty foot “high storm surge” which may cause some damage to the docks and similar facilities, but doesn’t pose any very great danger to life or hard to replace or repair infrastructure.

We have chucked the family china and crystal into the dustbins and shuffled large amounts of “broken everything” out to the curb. It’s odd looking at the empty shelves and cupboards and facing Christmas Dinner using paper plates.

So much for GHW’s “kinder and gentler” world— a world in which everything would be taken from the Americans, even our Good Names and our national borders.

Next time you hear the awful statistics about families and lives decimated by the Opium Drug Epidemic, you know who to thank.

I am still acting as Pay Mistress. My PayPal is: Donations can also be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President

Published on Jul 12, 2018
The question comes in a lot here, why is Trump actually president? Is it a step back? Forward? Good? bad? Joe Martino goes deep on how Trump’s presidency reflects collective consciousness and what it is truly asking us to reflect on and do.

A short 18 minutes Video hosted by: Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution.


A sculpture submitted by the Satanic Temple is on display at the Illinois Statehouse alongside a Christmas tree and a Nativity scene.

Entitled “Snaketivity”, the display depicts a snake wrapped around a woman’s hand as she holds an apple. On the side of the sculpture is the logo of the Satanic Temple – the head of Baphomet inside an inverted pentagram – and the words “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift”.

Me: Actually it is a little more tricky in my estimation; for me the serpent done good but it all gets co-opted & manipulated – we need only look at the Roman church through the centuries.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Thanks In Truth for this below post…Reposting for jujubean ?

“The IMF, which has functioned as “The U.S. Department of the Treasury” since 1946, owes us $190 Trillion USD, which it can’t pay.

This is essentially because the Federal Reserve didn’t pay anyone for anything for almost a hundred years, just operated on I.O.U.s and at the end of the day, declared bankruptcy and skipped town.

The IMF let them get away with this behavior because they thought that, hey, the Americans have been asleep for 150 years— what’s the chances of them ever waking up again?

The IMF “collected the debt” and smiled, thinking that at the end of the day, the Priority Creditors (the good old US of A) would never show up and never claim back its assets.

At that point, all our wealth and assets and everything that is owed to us would become fair game for the Secondary Creditors — as “abandoned assets”—-and, “abandoned debts”.

They were thinking of most of that $190T as a credit for them, and that they could shuffle off another round of debt for our weary shoulders to bear as “U.S. Citizens” — but now, it turns out to be their debt instead. Oh, my!

On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes. Three days grace time….December 2, December 3, December 4….. and on December 5, it becomes official. The Municipal Treasury is defunct. And now the Territorial Treasury, too, goes the way of the Dodo.

Conveniently, most of the “U.S. Government” will be shut down on December 5th, for the funeral of GHW Bush.” Anna Von Reitz a few days ago?


And thanks for ZanderSoul for this gem☇ “Because the officers in charge were seen as heros by many of the political right-wing that took control in Washington in 1981, most were protected by the changing political elite. Many of those who had either openly backed the alien cause, or had profited from it in one way or another, were forced to pull back from their position for nearly ten years. Only WHEN GEORGE BUSH SR. BECAME PRESIDENT WERE THE ALIENS ABLE TO RETURN, and then only in much smaller numbers.”

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Fake News “Blue Checkmark” Flunkies Trying Desperately to Discredit Q
5 Dec 2018 – 2:27:27 PM
The ‘blue checkmark’ FAKE NEWS Twitter personalities are out in full-force today attempting to push another FALSE narrative that arrests were supposed to occur today.
Controlled Narrative?
How much attention does “Q” receive from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA?
Why are they working so hard to try and discredit something they label as a “FAKE CONSPIRACY.”
People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Sorry to disappoint u jujubean….Maybe Flakewinds can help u??

My answer stands & was quite succinct ??

U apparently don’t understand US CORPORATION consciousness very well, either if u think their debt is ours?


….ends with ‘we are heading into the transition’ X22 report (14:39 min) explains the hows and whys of the current financial confusion. Dec 4.
It would appear that there is a plan in place.
This Is The Icing On The Cake


hm-mmm! I’m thinking that maybe…..just maybe… there may be more things happening than we are supposed/indoctrinated to know!!
–picked off of ‘Q’ drop for today.

Another top FBI official who helped oversee the Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations is retiring, as the last traces of the bureau’s embattled leadership team that once stood under Barack Obama’s presidency disappear.………


Afghanistan: “The graveyard of Empires!”
or “Where empires go to die!”


All the presidents since Kennedy have been compromised. Some were just hostages, most were making fortune turning the other. The amount of bombing since Kennedy ( from Vietnam, through Kosovo, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc.) has killed millions. They’re all war criminals, but they serve their bloodthirsty masters and so nothing will happen to them.

Trump won’t arrest anyone on Dec 5, which is almost over here on the east coast. I’ve long said that he has had very disturbing associates over the years and I don’t think these were just casual acquaintances. His connections to Jeff Epstein are downright frightening. Thanks Lakewinds for reminding us of his Labor Department secretary’s connections to Epstein as well. It’s not good and definitely supports the theory that Trump is a Trojan horse. Added to that is Trump’s statement that he doesn’t care about the deficit. This has been clear from his tax plan. Does he know something we don’t, or is he really that reckless, OR IS THAT WHAT HE IS HERE TO DO?

There have been a few strong positive this week: Bush 41 finally dead, Rand Paul demanding an end to secret CIA briefings and, more important, calling for an end to aid for Israel (epic that one- no one says that out loud and lives), a lawsuit in the UK which challenged the government to prove that they had studies showing that 5G was not harmful ( the government couldn’t and the towers came down), and RFK Jr’s court win against the vaccine companies. The plaintiff in that case was awarded $75 million and a class action lawsuit is in the works.

Lots of reports of baiting the Bear in Ukraine. Hope the Russians can neutralize it.
Leland, your comment was too cryptic for me. I understand reincarnation, illusion, the transmigration of souls, and all of that. Are you implying that the clones are holograms? I basically asked if they were actually humans modified to look like Hillary, or are they like the robots of Westworld, which is what I suspect since most of the sci-fi tech is revealed as reality in the end.


wow this is great!
(Anti-vaccine Italien Gov. sacks entire healt expert board – at 7 min on forward..
Solar Storms / Legal Mushrooms / Anti-Vax Italy / UFO Sightings / Air Force Lasers

Tel Aviv Diary: For Netanyahu, Anything but a Happy Hanukk

Hmm…maybe I should repost my Christmas carol parody, “Bibi the Zio-tard Assclown”? (sung to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”)

Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters…

Dear leftists in Hollywood intent on pushing incessant gayness, even when unnecessary and irrelevant,

Today it seems Hollywood’s primary mission, especially television, is to shove gayness into wherever it may fit. It’s getting tired. Namely because it’s being pushed by a tiny minority of militant gay activists in the gay community. I want to make this crystal clear. I’m not suggesting ALL gays are pushing for all gay characters in all TV shows or movies. I contend like with most issues in our political climate, the “Gay Agenda” in TV is being shoved by a fraction of a percent of the gay population. Their members of the Gaystapo. Small in numbers, shrill in voice. As stated before, the Gaystapo, and now the Hollywood Gay Agenda Pushers DO NOT represent millions of gay people who just want to live their lives in peace. Okay? Okay.

The thing is, there seems to be a gay storyline in every modern TV show out there. The one and only modern show I can think of without any uber-gay plot line? Breaking Bad. I’ve watched the show three times. Didn’t see any gayness. But every other show I’ve seen? Somehow it always manages to slip in.
Am I saying gays should have no representation in television or movies? Of course not. But Hollywood knows it can shape pop culture and perceptions. Which is exactly what it is doing by portraying a disproportionate amount of characters as LGBTQAIP (silent F). Contrary to what you push on TV, homosexuals make up about 3.4 percent of the population, but make up 14 percent of films released in 2014. Yet they still complain about being under-represented. How the gayness is depicted I’ll address later, but the result of vastly over-representing the gay population has led to the conclusion you aimed to draw. Most Americans believe the gay population is much greater than 3.4 percent. Americans believe the gay population is 23 percent or more, as shown in recent Gallup polling:
That’s quite a jump. Or maybe I should say to you, “Mission accomplished.”

Here’s the deal, though, Hollywood. I like to be entertained. I enjoy movies. I love a good television show. In fact I recently discovered Orphan Black. Guess what? Two gay main characters, a few minor gay characters who casually hook up with the main gay characters; one minor transgender character. Looking at the numbers above, that’s a huge over-represenation. So over the top that Liberace himself would deem it excessive.

That’s one of my biggest beefs with this gayness. I’m not averse to inserting ideas into stories. I’m not opposed to having a gay character. But to continually push additional gayness with such overabundance gets distracting from the story. WE GET IT!
It’s getting worse: straight character appropriation. It’s happening. Yes, there’s now a movement in the left, which I’m sure will reach y’all in Hollywood, to make existing heterosexual characters into homosexual ones. A writer in Vanity Fair lamented that Captain America was not gay with Bucky. Why? Because apparently men can no longer be just friends. You militant Hollywood Gay Agenda Pushers seek to turn healthy male friendships into closeted gayness. As if all people are secretly gay, they just need to meet the right person to be gay with. Then and only then, can they truly blossom into a gay butterfly, in all their gayness.

It’s even been suggested that James Bond should be gay. James Bond. Gay. Think about that for a second. James Bond is a serial womanizer. He loves the ladies. The ladies love him. But we’re living in a culture where people feel comfortable suggesting a character like James Bond should be gay without being laughed at.
Now picture two men…

But in trying to appropriate straight characters, what the social-engineering left is attempting is to redefine what it means to be masculine and feminine. James Bond, a heterosexual hero of men, turned gay? Captain Freaking America turned gay?

That’s so… gay.

Why make an existing straight character into a gay one? I see it as more than just a way to push gayness. It’s also seeking to destroy traditional masculinity. Men love women. Women love men.

Have we reached a time in our culture where being straight is scandalous, where insisting we’re not sexually fluid will be seen as backwards hate speech?

Maybe I’m paranoid, but it seems we’re getting close, especially in how gay characters are portrayed: healthy, loving, never abusive toward each other. Even though physical abuse in homosexual relationships is sky high. Particularly among Lesbians. No, no, you Hollywood social engineers are intent on portraying GAY as HEALTHY. Which is doing a great disservice to the rampant domestic violence in the gay community.

So a favor, please. Can we go back to just being entertained? Can’t we cut it out with the man on man love, displayed graphically? I know even suggesting such a thing makes me a hateful homophobe, but wouldn’t it be lovely if you folks in the entertainment industry could focus on you know… entertaining us?

Kennedy: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Doesn’t Have a Working Knowledge of Basic Economics’
Dem socialist makes faulty claim about Pentagon spending.

an addendum post to the one I posted yesterday about Ocasio’s latest rock-stupid rant.

Trump’s Plan To Crush CNN
Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest Zio-tard tuchis zetzer vid…


Books US Politics
Camille Paglia: ‘Hillary wants Trump to win again’
The author and academic discusses 2020, Trump and Jordan Peterson

Is humanity losing its sense of humor?

As a bumptious adolescent in upstate New York, I stumbled on a British collection of Oscar Wilde’s epigrams in a secondhand bookstore. It was an electrifying revelation, a text that I studied like the bible. What bold, scathing wit, cutting through the sentimental fog of those still rigidly conformist early 1960s, when good girls were expected to simper and defer.

But I never fully understood Wilde’s caustic satire of Victorian philanthropists and humanitarians until the present sludgy tide of political correctness began flooding government, education, and media over the past two decades. Wilde saw the insufferable arrogance and preening sanctimony in his era’s self-appointed guardians of morality.

We’re back to the hypocrisy sweepstakes, where gestures of virtue are as formalized as kabuki. Humor has been assassinated. An off word at work or school will get you booted to the gallows. This is the graveyard of liberalism, whose once noble ideals have turned spectral and vampiric.


Final part of the report:

“After the cleanup, the communities devastated by the Camp fire will have other distinct challenges.

Ultimately, city and state officials said any rebuilding effort should seriously consider modernizing Paradise’s infrastructure — specifically its sewer system.

The city has the dubious honor of being the largest municipality west of the Mississippi River to have no sewer system. Instead, its residents and business district off its main road — Skyway — rely on between 11,000 and 12,000 septic systems that are prone to failure, according to a city website dedicated to the issue.

Unfortunately for crews tasked with scraping the topsoil then removing debris, those systems sit in shallow basalt soil resting on hardened bedrock, said Clint Snyder, assistant executive officer for the Central Valley Water Board.

If they scrape too deep into the volcanic earth, equipment could compromise the septic system — which would spoil the location for future use in many cases, he said. Finding a new septic leach field that is far from a domestic drinking well to avoid contamination would be difficult, he said.

“Our biggest concern would be anything that impedes those folks getting into [their] homes as soon as possible.”

The town mayor said last week that an old study to add sewers to the business district should be updated and considered, and Snyder said state grants could help continue that work in the residential areas.

“This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Ghilarducci said. “Paradise is going to have to come together with Butte County and figure out what it wants to look like in the future.”

Frank Mansell, a spokesman with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said transitional housing for fire victims could be something like a mobile home or a travel trailer, and then perhaps eventually to direct housing, such as an apartment, where victims can set down roots while their houses are being rebuilt. Officials, however, caution against fire victims seeking to set up trailers on properties that still contain toxic ash.

It’s possible that FEMA will set up a site to house trailers, such as was done after the wine country fires last year, where 100 travel trailers were placed at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa. FEMA officials would then work with disaster victims on a recovery plan for a permanent housing solution, Mansell said.”-
Love and blessings to them all!


Part 4

“We’re going to dwarf Santa Rosa,” Ghilarducci said, recalling the wine country fires of 2017.

“That cleanup effort last fall led to more than 2 million tons of toxic debris removed from 6,000 properties in seven California counties: Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Butte, Yuba and Nevada, said Eric Lamoureux of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. A single property can hold more than 100 tons of debris.

Lamoureux said the county, state and federal governments could jump-start the process of removing toxic ash and other debris, and could do so at no cost to the owner. (Officials can later seek reimbursement from a property owner’s insurance company to defray some of the costs.)

Typically, about 80% of property owners give the government permission to conduct the cleanup operations, with the rest opting to do it themselves.

The first task will be removing hazardous materials. In a rural, working-class setting like Paradise and the towns above it, where residents lived in tree-lined mobile-home parks and affordable single-family homes built in the 1960s and ’70s, the debris is loaded with asbestos, Ghilarducci said.

There will be propane, pesticides, paint and other toxic substances that have to be specially wrapped, “like a big burrito,” then carried away, he said.

The same issue that stymied evacuations the day of the Camp fire — limited roads in and out of town — could also slow the cleanup effort as a caravan of heavy-duty haulers, excavators and bulldozers are motored into and out of the area.

And where to put it all is still a moving target.

Officials said they had found at least one landfill in the region that could take some of the debris, but they declined to identify it. Others will have to be found, and that could include out-of-state locations.

Experts are considering landfills that run along rail lines connected to Butte County to speed up the process. Once the cleanup begins, it could be eight or nine months before residents can break ground on rebuilding their homes, Ghilarducci said.

The job “is a heavy lift,” he said.

Once the hazardous materials removal process is complete, residents will be allowed to return to their property to gather any personal belongings and keepsakes, officials said. They can opt to find their own way to remove the nontoxic debris left behind or sign a “right of entry” and have state workers remove it for them”


The situation report from her husband:
Part 3

Butte County faces massive cleanup after Camp fire: ‘It is a historic, almost biblical disaster’

NOV 22, 2018 | 3:25 PM


“A statue of a bear remains in front of a restaurant that was destroyed by the Camp fire. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

The fire cleanup facing Butte County’s mountain towns is monumental in size but probably won’t start for weeks.

With 83 residents confirmed dead and hundreds more unaccounted for in the communities of Concow, Magalia and Paradise, officials said they needed to first complete one of the largest search and recovery efforts in modern memory before crews and heavy equipment can move into the rubble to begin their work.

“We have so many souls unaccounted for; I believe that this search for remains is going to go on for a long time. Could be weeks,” said state Sen. Jim Nielsen, a Republican who represents Paradise and has toured the destruction.

Officials say there are discussions underway to adopt a piecemeal approach that would begin cleaning up in areas that have been searched and leave other spots alone until that has happened. But narrow roads clogged with utility vehicles, law enforcement cruisers and fire trucks moving to and from the fire line pose safety concerns. Thus far, authorities have opted to wait.

But when the cleanup does begin, it will be the largest such effort ever undertaken by state officials. Paradise, which held more than 26,000 residents, was at least 90% destroyed, said Mark Ghilarducci, director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

“It is a historic, almost biblical disaster,” Nielsen said. “Old Testament stuff.”

More than 18,000 structures were destroyed in the Camp fire, nearly”


Part 2
“I want to tell a little bit about what my eyes saw the day of the fire.

When we pulled out car out on to the road after seeing the flames around us what I noticed most was the amount of Volunteers and Firemen and Policemen who had formed together in less than one hour after this huge fire flamed from one thousand acres into thirty thousand in one hour and into onehundred housand acres before the day was over.

There were hundreds of these Volunteers running up ad down the roads of Paradise. And there are hundreds of these little roads. There were ten policemen on each corner. There were volunteer teen agers running up and down the roads searching for people. There were trees on fire falling every where. There was fire on both sides of us as we drove down the hill. No one knew if the fire would get to their cars before we got out.

And not one car that was driving was hit by the fire because of all of those fire men on foot with their hoses and the fire trucks and the volunteers. And of course Joe and I were sending our protective light out to all on the mountain.

Those who were burned were in their homes still and a few on the way to their cars from their home. Many were still in their homes not even knowing there was a fire.

And that is where we would had been if it wasn’t for our friend Pam Cox who had called me the night before telling me to check to see if our power was turned off, and then told me the next morning to get in our car and leave as fast as we can. It was Pam who saved our lives. We would had not known what was going on until it was way too late. When we called the police department they told us that they were not evacuating our area. Pam, who lived a block away told us that everyone was evacuating and that we needed to leave FAST.

Everyone has a story. Pam was sent to me to make sure that we were safe.

It is amazing that only 80 people did not have someone to tell them early enough. Out of all of those people, I think that is the miracle.

And God told me that he took good care of those people. He said they were unconscious before the fire came and they are in heaven now.

​(The last was good to hear, despite it all​)


Here’s a few recent letters from Angela Barret/Crystalay/Mary!

Some of us has shared her spiritual journey/ Ascension dossiers in this blog many times over the years.
She lived in California, Paradise when the fires breaked out and barely escaped……..Please read the dramatic story.
3 – 5 parter or so, also includes her husband well written situation report of the “disaster” area, and the massive building process which now lays ahead for all these poor souls/residents.
Part 1
” Our entire city set on fire yesterday. Our house and town is gone now. 70,000 acres burnt. We moved into a hotel.”
From Nov the 10th

HISTORIC BIBLICAL DISASTER- Mary Magdalene’s City called PARADISE, burns to Ashes
(Came in my inbox yesterday)

“The fire that blocked the ascension of the Cosmic Twins has been given this title by government officials

“It is a historic, almost biblical disaster,” Nielsen said. “Old Testament stuff.”

The federal inspectors who talked with me said he has been working on these disaastors for

twenty years and he has never seen anything like this one. This fire actually wiped out the DNA of Mary Magdalene from my home. There is no trace of me left. And I was supposed to ascend the next morning.

I am still having a hard time focusing on my ascension because there is such a big mess to clean up that I feel guilty leaving the burden with my family.

These reports keep using the wrong numbers,as news reporters often do. The fire was much much larger than 27,000 homes. The fire covered twenty or thirty cities of 157,000 acres. The reports keep focusing on one tiny little part of the fire. There were at least 40000 homes effected by the fire.

There were about 80 found burned and 27 still missing. I see this as a Biblical Miracle.

The amount of people hidden away up in those little remote areas all over the lower Sierra Nevada mountains was actually uncountable. I don’t think most of them were registered in the population. These are the people who wanted to be out and away from population counts. These were the ones hidden in the mountain tops​”



Wednesday, December 5, 2018
“To Live, and Not Die”

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a friend who has for many years struggled to build a functional, practical Utopian community grid— to find ways for people to trade without usury, to live without pollution, to have local control, to have clean food and water, to contribute to the rest of the world — all the things that have to happen if our race is to endure upon the Earth.

Today, he called to tell me about all the support he has found for his efforts and the progress he has made. It was a little like talking to John Galt. He is building his “Gulch”, but it is a hideaway meant for all humanity. A little phrase he used caught my attention: “To Live, and Not Die”.

Our Creator has urged us to make a choice and to choose life, to live and not die. That choice is clearly set before each one of us, and in front of us all, but we don’t think about it much.

Do we choose life and take the actions necessary to preserve life, or do we choose death for ourselves and our planet?

Peace is necessary for life — our lives and other’s lives, too.

We have by the Grace of the True Lord of Heaven been given marvelous technological superiority, overwhelming power and protection. But this was given to us so that we can freely choose life. And peace. It was given to us because our hearts and minds are open books and He knows that we will faithfully prefer and choose life for this planet and everyone on it.

It is only with great sadness that we announce that any further deployment of weapons of war against American soil by any party will result in the full force of their intended strike being reflected directly back at them.

In other words, while we will not take aggressive action to harm anyone ourselves, any action against us or our country will result in the strike being literally returned to the senders— reflected right back at them.

In this way, those who choose war and death will be destroyed with pinpoint accuracy and will receive back exactly what they chose.

It has been confirmed that yes, the strike on Big Lake, Alaska, that resulted in the 7.0 earthquake, was done by the US NAVY and USAF acting under the instructions of Russell-J:Gould and other complicit former Americans pretending to be “White Hats” and instead being set up as scapegoats.

No actual White Hat attacks his own soil and his own people.

And it is apparent that Russell has been hired to in his words, “perform” these functions for the French-Belgian-Swiss cabal.

For some months, Russell has been facing financial dire straits and no doubt that that circumstance and promises of quick political power seduced him and others into these acts of violence and has left them open to charges of treason.

As all my readers know, I started my life as a mathematician. So when David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould showed up claiming that they had “discovered” (actually re-discovered the old Parthian grammar) the “mathematical interface” with language and grammar, it intrigued me.

Being a mathematician I didn’t bother to study the grammar which is merely the supposed result of the mathematics. I studied the mathematics and found it to be deeply flawed.

In other words, the whole reason we are being sold on using PARSE — that it is “mathematically correct” —- is wrong, and provably so, without breaking much of a sweat.

This, then, undercuts the entire supposed validity and “correctness” of PARSE and also, together with the fact that PARSE is not the official language of this country, destroys all claims that the Constitutions are void because they didn’t follow PARSE SYNTAX.

I meant to discuss this finding with Russell at a later date and to further explore the idea of improving communication using mathematical principles—which isn’t a bad idea. Now it appears we won’t have the opportunity to sit down over a friendly cup of coffee and do that.

It’s important for everyone to understand that the “Federal Government” operates entirely under “delegated power” with respect to us and has no power of its own. It’s simply a subcontractor obligated to provide the enumerated services expressed as “Powers”. Period.

It is also a matter of international law that our States, not any “State of State”, holds the actual power.

As a result, nothing that has happened to any of the Federal, Territorial, or Municipal Branches can affect us, beyond obligating us to either: (a) hire new subcontractors or (b) do the work ourselves.

No corporation or individual acting as a franchisee or originator of a corporation can claim to own our flag, our Post Office, or much of anything else that ultimately belongs to a sovereign state. Such a premise would argue that corporations created by men are “equal to or greater than” the people creating those corporations.

By Maxim of Law, the creation is never greater than the creator.

Whatever he might say about the importance of what happened in 1999, Russell-J:Gould is in the same basic position as Keith Livingway with respect to his claims to “own” the Title IV Flag and other property. Unless he returns all claim of ownership back to the States and People, he is, like Livingway, simply a later pirate in possession of stolen goods.

Livingway claims to “own” The United States of America because he went to a Naval Yard Sale and bought an original copy of The Articles of Confederation, and similar assertions, but what he in fact acquired was the detritus of a bankrupted Scottish Corporation that had infringed on our copyrights and was in possession of our property via fraud.

Russell-J:Gould is claiming to “own” the Title IV Flag defined by another usurping foreign corporation, the Roman Catholic version doing business as “the United States of America”, which was bankrupted in 1933 and came out of bankruptcy in 1999, when Russell, like Livingway, came forward and claimed it. However, just like Livingway, he is in possession of our stolen property.

First pirate: the Scottish “ringer” doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated” – property picked up out of bankruptcy by Keith Livingway.

Second pirate, the Roman Catholic Delaware corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Incorporated – property –including the Title IV Flag used by that corporation, picked up by Russell-J:Gould.

Same schtick, same logic, same circumstance.

In both cases, these men are in receipt of stolen property belonging to The United States of America [Unincorporated], our States, and our People.
When I talked to Russell last year he seemed to clearly comprehend the necessity of returning the so-called Title IV Flag and all other property rightfully belonging to this country to its lawful government.

Apparently, he (a) lied through his teeth or (b) never actually and clearly understood the facts and the law.

In any event, if he has in fact collaborated with the French-Belgian-Swiss Cabal and fired weapons against American soil and caused millions of dollars-worth of damage to Alaska and its people, he must be considered a traitor and a violent traitor, too, together with all the men with him. They are responsible for the death of two innocent Alaskans.

I very much suspect that they have all been set up as Fall Guys as part of a US ARMY PsyOp and I am grieved for them and for us all. “To Live, and Not Die”



In the #MeToo era, any remote suggestion of men “taking advantage” of innocent young women must be wiped away from history. “Baby, its Cold Outside,” a classic Christmas song for over 50 years, must be banned from the airwaves! It doesn’t matter that 94% of the radio stations listeners said no to the ban, the radio station caved to the 6% that voted the Christmas song is inappropriate. Outraged feminists and Beta males that make up the 6% can dictate to the majority what they can and cannot listen to at Christmas?

It is a cold and lonely Christmas when the #Metooers are huddled near the space heater with their six cats, drinking wine and eating the pizza for one meal as the resentment against men festers inside them.

If they can’t have fun, then no one deserves to have fun.

Stop in the name of the Fun Police!

Rudolph you are “problematic”, the Fun Police pronounced about “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” the favorite Christmas show of millions of children around the world. Seems Rudolph’s dad was bullying him and Donner was a racist bigot against “red-nosed” reindeer. Presumably this fell in the same category as atrocities committed against Native Americans. Who knew?

No Justice! No Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Charlie Brown and the whole gang (including that bigot Snoopy) were accused of racism against the only black child in the “hood” when he was seated across the table from the gang. The Fun Police claimed this was blatant racism when actually he got the best seat in the house. Where’s Black Lives Matter when you need them?

How Dare You! You are NOT Inclusive!

The Fun Police gave the “Victoria Secret” show, featuring beautiful women dressed as angels in skimpy outfits, an “outrage” citation. You are NOT Inclusive! Where are the trans gender women/ men/them/ they/it/whatever? Where are the Lesbians? Where are the plus, plus size models? They need representation too!

It comes down to this. Will you continue to let a small minority of nagging scolds ruin your holidays and relationships? Who made them the moral authority in this country and why do companies listen to them and cave in? Because they are LOUD and persistent and the media rewards this behavior because it’s great for clicks and ratings!

America needs to stop rewarding the Fun Police and start mocking them and laughing at their absurd accusations!

We can start now.


We remember how awful the mainstream media treated George H.W Bush back in the day, but now that he has passed away they’re speaking extremely fondly of him. Go figure. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.


From Ben’s report
“Things are definitely heating up and we can expect a lot more as the battle to free humanity rages towards victory and freedom from Babylonian debt slavery and towards a golden new age.”
Thanks Ben!



hats off to big jimmy boots rothstein for standing up and giving the house of humanity a name…..


The United States military did all it was asked during more than 17 years of warfare in Afghanistan. It raided, it bombed, it built, it surged, it advised, it…everything. Still, none of that was sufficient. Enough Afghans either support the Taliban or hate the occupation, and managed, through assorted conventional and unconventional operations, to fight on the ground. And “on the ground” is all that really matters. This war may well have been ill-advised and unwinnable from the start.

There’s no shame in defeat. But there is shame, and perfidy, in avoiding or covering up the truth. It’s what the whole military-political establishment did after Vietnam, and, I fear, it’s what they’re doing again.

Me: Alexander the Great had problems, the British were defeated, so were the Russians.


The earth vibration/low earthquake activity continues. Maybe the magnetic pole reversal? Just a thought.


ADDITIONAL NOTES from Kerry Cassidy’s interviews with Cap’t. Mark Richards:

He tells us the Raptors are now working with us against the Draco Reptilians & the Greys & the Reptoids (snake-like), (& the Trogs) since 1954. However a group of Raptors disagreed & work with the Nazis at New Berlin in the Antarctic.

The war in the Middle East is about guarding stargates with Raptors help — the numerous stargates in the Zagros Mts. are shifting constantly floating up and down…making guarding them more and more difficult.

Iran — we have been battling them since 1979 (up until then they were “fine”) but since then taken over by Reptoids and “Jinn”. Their Imams are being deceived and turned against us by Reptoids.

The Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadians & Canonians (dog headed hominids from Sirius) are our loyal allies at this time. They took out a Draco moon recently, & are attacking them in the Orion constellation.

The Solar Warden (Space Fleet) has changed it’s name. (Saw it but now can’t find it)

The Gaseous creatures (look like a greyish cloud) defend us & come from Saturn & Jupiter & can deal with AI by using local star energy to de-atomise incoming AI spaceships. AI needs no element to exist as it can become pure energy in a good sense. Negative AI can be nano or silicon or other materials or organic in order to manipulate our world for example. There are huge portals on Saturn & Jupiter guarded by the gaseous beings & allowed to be used by our space programs.

All sides work with Greys when it suits them.

Many bizarre magnetic anomalies in Crimea attracting Russian attention. The Russians have some new bases in the Urals attracting US attention.

The Chinese are aligned with a race of hairy humanoids / & Zetas… He knows of three other races interacting with the Chinese.

There are at least two main meeting places on Earth today for interstellar races… one in Britain and one in Chile. The one in Chile is often attacked by Earthquake weapons from the Reptiles.

Negative or trading aliens covert not our minerals (they can get those elsewhere) but luxury goods, things of beauty, antiques, coloured diamonds & of course our genetic codes.

Originally there were two aligned sphinxes with lion heads at Giza. There are cities under the Sinai desert. There is a big Egyptian/Irish historical connection. New Grange in Ireland is a stargate that is taken over by the military or otherwise the big corporations would.

NASA is a public enterprise & as such has constrictions. Private corporations & the military have taken over the space program.

Carl Sagan’s Voyager is a dangerous gamble that could lead the wrong aliens to discover our planet in the opinion of Mark Richard’s father.


Zagros Mts. Report by Jo Ann Richards

Part 6 Final
Roy Dutton discovered that mother ship’s routes were fixed in space & such routes had more to do with gravity and the natural forces of the universe than arbitrary thoughts of needs of any ET. If one tracked such routes, a number of other historic points (Stonehenge for instance) became quite clear as well – such as the fact that humans had used them in the past and that most of the more stable gates were often right under a major flyway or intersection of flyways.

The Dill report in 1939 would open a number of eyes and minds among the Western elite to the alien threat.

From the end of World War II to 1979, the United States had been able to manage the Zagros gates, through the friendly aid of the governments in the area, while the Soviets covered the ones in the mountains of Georgia and Central Asia. All of this would change with the revolution in Iran that tossed out the Shah and forced Americans to “close” all of its facilities in the region. This sudden pullout caused a loss of control that allowed an enemy alien group to attempt to take several major bases in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan (causing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) and in the Zagros chain (leading to a war between Iraq and Iran for ten years to cover the military action needed to control alien forces).

The ultra-rich industrial owners who had become filthy rich on the back of the effort to protect the planet realised their power could be absolute if they worked as ‘overseers’ for one of the more powerful alien governments.

The Kurds were not the only people of the area to be fighting for a land that was hardly their own. From old Mesopotamia to the Caucasus Mountains, they were perhaps the most interesting to this topic, but the people of Armenia and Georgia had suffered at the attentions of strange alien monsters as well. The big difference in the early years of the 21 century would be that the Kurds had gained control over six of the known gates in the Zagros Mountains, while fighting the alien as a proxy para-military army for those trying to keep the NWO from letting the enemy of humanity get out of control.

The Armenians had no such control or mission, and the Georgians had found themselves caught between the former human superpowers in a struggle for control of the one surviving gate in the Caucasus Mountains.

In Iraq in 1920, when Britain made clean its intention to rule without taking Arab and Kurdish intentions into account thanks to Gertrude Bell & others, the groups rebelled. Britain ruthlessly repressed them, sending the Royal Air Force to undertake history’s first mass air bombardment of civilians.

As the Americans did later, the British staged an election – actually a referendum, the model for subsequent electoral frauds in the Arab world – in which 96 percent of voters ostensibly accepted Britain’s plan for them. Thus was Prince Faisal, son of Hussein of Mecca, crowned King of Iraq. To the 10,000 dead in 1920, Britain added thousands more, quelling Arab and Kurdish revolts from the 1920s through the ’40s. In 1958, a year after Britain withdrew its last RAF base from Habbaniya, near Baghdad (and hid the entrances to all of the known gates in the mountains), a revolution overthrew the monarchy it had imposed.

The American invasion and occupation, in the early years of the 21st century, have led to the death of so many Iraqis that the best research to date calculates the number at a minimum of 392,979 and a maximum of 942, 636. No one knows how many more will ‘vanish’ or die before the United States retreats of how many will be killed after the last American base shuts down. Thus do empires meddle, cut and run.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

intruth 413818

“The controllers at craptube took down Deb Tavares’ video “Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed’ from 2/28/2018. It had 857,487 views – probably double that! Waaayyy too much truth there.”
I think that was the video I just listened to in the past week or so. She (in February) actually mentioned where in California would be the next set of fires……..I’m pretty sure she actually mentioned Paradise.



intruth 413806


May it be so!!
Thank you for this!!

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Flakewinds still want$ u to believe US CORPORATION’S debt is its slaves debt?

“TOM VALENTINE: Now. Eustace. You have money and the Piano reserve and these guys behind it. And then there’s schools, with your new book on the “Education for Slavery”. Then the law and judges, and I believe that was in “The Rape of Justice”.

MULLINS: Yeah, “The Rape of Justice”. Each one is a separate, monopoly study. I became interested in monopolies through the Piano reserve system. And I realized that because they now had the power to print money, since 1913, they were printing the money and taking over other areas. So that’s why you now have the medical monopoly, the American Medical Association, the medical trust. You have the legal monopoly, which controls the courts of the United States. And when you go into court, you are at their mercy because they can do whatever they wish. [CN — See, for example, “Defrauding America” by Rodney Stich.]

VALENTINE: Yep. And you’ve got the school monopoly.

MULLINS: And the education monopoly! And they found “that” was the most important one of all, because, by training the children to accept these other monopolies [and] never question authority. [CN — Also, the media monopoly, e.g. “The Media Monopoly” by Ben Bagdikian.] Don’t forget, the 14th amendment said, “It’s illegal to challenge the national debt!”

TOM VALENTINE: Is that right!? The 14th amendment actually makes that statement? I gotta read that again.

EUSTACE MULLINS: Oh yes. It says that it’s a violation to question the validity of the national debt! In other words, you say, Tom Valentine says, “Well, they create this money out of nothing!” Well you’ve just committed a violation of the 14th amendment by saying that!”


Attention QAnon followers: It’s “D5”. Is it going to happen?

Believers in QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller are actually working together to uncover a global pedophile ring, are very excited by some of the developments they’re seeing at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

As the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer reports, many QAnon believers have marked December 5th as the day when Trump will begin conducting mass arrests of his political foes, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

While QAnon fans have marked December 5th — or “D5,” as they call it — on their calendars for days now, so far Trump has not slapped handcuffs on any of his enemies.

Nonetheless, notes Sommer, one eagle-eyed QAnon believer discovered that one of the buses taking people to Bush’s funeral on Wednesday had a “5” and a “D” plastered on its front window, which supposedly indicates that the president’s declaration of martial law is imminent.

“QAnon believers are convinced everyone on the bus will be arrested in Trump’s purge,” writes Sommer.


deester 413817

“Not happy with flooding victim countries with young male illegals, they are targeting individual cities in Morocco at the same time they are pushing the UN Migrant country-ruining crap”

“mayors of Los Angeles, Amman, Milan, Kampala, Athens, Bristol, Freetown, and Montreal.”
And 6 of those cities are are on the list of (Agenda 21/2030) resilient cities
Ugly ugly criminal and nonhumanitarian intentions in all this.



One thing that’s interesting about the passing of Bush 41 is the unanimity of the outside-the-mainstream right (like the Cafe) and the outside-the-mainstream left. The mainstream media, including Fox, are effusive in their praise for this man, without a hint of negativity.

An example from the left ( is this:×739.jpg
I Will Not Speak Kindly of the Dead. Bush Was Detestable.

…Today, as we prepare to bury the nation’s 41st president, George H.W. Bush, the American press corps is carrying on this tradition, eulogizing him primarily by celebrating his polite demeanor and his successful self-representation of civility.

Yes, the 41st president presented as a nicer person than the 45th, or his son, the 43rd. But for the people whose countries or lives were destroyed by his violent actions, he’ll always be a monster. Sanitizing his story amounts to historical revisionism. Below are just eight of the many reasons why, beneath the civility, George H.W. Bush was a detestable president…

This reminds me of a line from the famous sixties comedian “Brother” Dave Gardner:

“You shouldn’t say anything about the dead unless it’s good. He’s dead. Good.”


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Before Anyone Misunderstands or Misinterprets….
By Anna Von Reitz

My support for Russell-J:Gould to someday become President of a restored Federal Government does not imply lack of support for our current President or lack of sympathy for his very substantial burden.

We, as a country, have a lot of homework to do, and at the same time, bear many responsibilities with regard to the rest of the world. This makes this an extremely challenging time in history.

Let’s begin with what I mean by a “restored” Federal Government and what the Federal Government is supposed to be.

There are supposed to be three branches of the Federal Government, and those branches are not “executive, legislative, and judicial” like you were taught in public school.

Those branches are supposed to be Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.

Nobody taught you that because the “Federal” part of the “Federal Government” has been usurped upon since 1868.

Our system is supposed to have States that hold the supreme power in international jurisdiction overall — and those States then delegate a portion of their empowerment in the international jurisdiction of the sea to the Federal Government which is supposed to operate Federal States of States.

Alabama is supposed to be operating a Federal State of State called “The State of Alabama”, but that Federal State of State was never reconstructed after the Civil War.

Instead, the Territorial Branch of the Federal Government usurped the position of the Federal Government and substituted Territorial States of State instead.

Instead of “The State of Alabama” they began operating as the Territorial “State of Alabama” and nobody but the lawyers were the wiser.

So, in order for our Federal Government as a whole to ever function as it should, those original Federal States of States have to be restored and in some cases, created for the first time ever.

Now a lot of people have asked me about this situation and wanted to know– What’s a Territorial State?

The key thing to know about Territorial States is that they are allowed to exist on a temporary basis by the Northwest Ordinance, which is one of the Four Organic Laws at the foundations of our government.

The problem is that these Territorial States have been in existence and usurping upon the responsibilities and empowerments of the intended Federal Branch of the Federal Government for 150 years.

Not exactly “temporary” even in the life span of a nation.

As new states were added to the Union, a Territorial State would be formed and organized into counties and populated and geographic boundaries would be surveyed and established and roads and post offices and bridges and other very basic infrastructure would be constructed.

Then, when enough people had “populated” the new State, its Statehood would be declared and voted upon and confirmed by the people living there, and then also confirmed by the Congress. The new State is then enrolled as a State of the Federal Union and entitled to operate a Federal State of State, too.

At that point, the Territorial State is supposed to recede and operate in the background, to serve its other designated and delegated functions.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work, with the Territorial State functioning as a temporary and purely transitional political entity on the way to full Statehood.

Since 1868, however, that simple “temporary” duty has been used as a means to bypass and usurp upon both the actual States and the Federal States of States.

(1) So, we have called the actual States to Assemble: Maine, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin…..and all those Jural Assemblies are forming….

(2) And this is the prelude to restoring: The State of Maine, The State of Florida, The State of Ohio, The State of Wisconsin….

(3) And that in turn is the prelude to convening a Continental Congress of eligible Fiduciary Deputies from each of the States to officially enroll all the other States that have been formed since 1860: Wyoming, Utah, Nevada….

(4) Which is the prelude to creating for the first time ever: the Federal States of: The State of Wyoming, The State of Utah, The State of Nevada…..

(5) All of which is the prelude to forming a new Confederacy of Federal States of States to do the functions delegated to our Federal Government.

This is a lot of work and education to be done, with many fearful obstacles and opportunities to run off track or be commandeered or otherwise interfered with, but it is nonetheless what is required to restore our government as it was meant to be, and that is the First Step toward decisions about changing that government.

It has to be restored and then reformed, in that order, to make the whole transition both lawful and legal.

In the meantime, everyone has been running about like the proverbial headless chickens thinking that there would be no government in place and nobody in charge and no way to control the situation once the Territorial and Municipal Corporations were bankrupted.

That is not true.

The actual, factual States of the Union remain, and they are the Principals that delegated the powers to the Federal Government and its Branches in the first place.

We have acknowledged and accepted the return of the Delegated Powers due to the incapacity in bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government and also due to the moth-balled status of the Federal Branch of the Federal Government.

As the original Delegators, our States and our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated], are able to function and exercise our own powers quite apart from any “Federal Government” or branch thereof.

We have invited Mr. Trump to step out of the Hot Seat, so to speak, and have bonded the actual Public Office of The President of The United States of America for him, if he should choose to step down from the lesser offices and administer the “Federal Government” via trusted subordinates.


The controllers at craptube took down Deb Tavares’ video “Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed’ from 2/28/2018. It had 857,487 views – probably double that! Waaayyy too much truth there.


Not happy with flooding victim countries with young male illegals, they are targeting individual cities in Morocco at the same time they are pushing the UN Migrant country-ruining crap. I am shocked that Montreal, already a “sanctuary city” would go along with this, considering how protective they are of their French Canadian culture. They have asked the Federal Government for tax dollars to offset the costs of these illegals.

Excerpt: On the eve of the historic Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration, mayors from around the world will gather in Marrakesh on Dec. 8 to launch the Mayors Migration Council. Cities have played a leading role in responding to the refugee and migration challenges of recent years, pioneering practical solutions for both welcoming and integrating newcomers. The Council will help cities share these experiences to shape and inform international policy debates on migration.

“Today, more than ever, cities are ground zero for major global challenges — and mayors are on the front lines of finding workable solutions to everything from migration to climate change to economic development,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “When refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants enter our cities, we do the hard work of integrating them into our communities and workforce. With the Mayors Migration Council, Los Angeles and our partners will be able to bring our experiences to the table, share best practices, and help inform smarter policies worldwide.”

The Council will be represented in Marrakesh by members of its Leadership Board, which includes the mayors of Los Angeles, Amman, Milan, Kampala, Athens, Bristol, Freetown, and Montreal. The launch will take place during the fifth Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development, where representatives from over 70 cities will debate and endorse a mayoral declaration that will be delivered to the UN conference.

More on site.


Trump Reportedly Shrugs Off Potential Debt Crisis: ‘I Won’t Be Here’ When It Happens

A new report suggests that Donald Trump isn’t really interested in doing something about the national debt — one reason being that he doesn’t think it’ll be his problem to solve.

The Daily Beast spoke to a number of White House officials who say the president doesn’t seem bothered by the deficit even as it rises to approximately $21 trillion. One official provided an anecdote from 2017 when Trump was shown data suggesting a spike for the national debt in the foreseeable future, but he said he’ll be out of office before the matter ever becomes unsustainable.

From the article:

The friction came to a head in early 2017 when senior officials offered Trump charts and graphics laying out the numbers and showing a “hockey stick” spike in the national debt in the not-too-distant future. In response, Trump noted that the data suggested the debt would reach a critical mass only after his possible second term in office.

“Yeah, but I won’t be here,” the president bluntly said, according to a source who was in the room when Trump made this comment during discussions on the debt.

The Beast also spoke to a Trump official who said the president “doesn’t really care” about resolving the debt, and would prefer sticking with his message of “jobs and growth, whatever that means.”


Sarah Ruth Ashcraft
34m34 minutes ago

More Sarah Ruth Ashcraft Retweeted The Hill

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? “Candy”??? Harvested CSF passed around at a funeral because other lines have been cut. #HangryHangryHivites

WATCH: George W Bush appears to slip candy to Michelle Obama at father’s funeral


Trump’s Labor Chief Alexander Acosta Loses Chance at AG Appointment over Weak Prosecution of Sex Abuser Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was accused by more than 40 victims of being coerced into a sex ring when they were underage girls, and he faced life in prison for his crimes, but he only served 13 months in jail in 2008. The federal prosecutor who made the ‘sweetheart’ deal for his release was Alexander Acosta. President Trump, who has known Epstein for many years, appointed Acosta as the US Secretary of Labor, which oversees human trafficking.

Click the delightfully blue headline for the complete story and a video.


Australia Set to Spy on WhatsApp Messages With Encryption Law

Australia is set to give its police and intelligence agencies the power to access encrypted messages on platforms such as WhatsApp, becoming the latest country to face down privacy concerns in the name of public safety.

Amid protests from companies such as Facebook Inc. and Google, the government and main opposition struck a deal on Tuesday that should see the legislation passed by parliament this week. Under the proposed powers, technology companies could be forced to help decrypt communications on popular messaging apps, or even build new functionality to help police access data.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the legislation is needed to help foil terrorist attacks and organized crime. Critics say it is flawed and could undermine security across the Internet, jeopardizing activities from online voting to market trading and data storage.



This Aplanetruth guy says there is a first person acct of seeing children being torched riding on a school bus….OMG.


Paradise Lost # 20 ~ @ 50,000 Murdered !!!…A Matter of Genocide; Copy and Share
Published on Dec 4, 2018

watching this now…


The Saker & Catherine Austin Fitts | Quarterly Interview

Talk of USSA/Russian war possibility.


ALERT: Mini Ice Age confirmed? Iceland’s glaciers grow for first time in decades

Ice Age Farmer
Published on Dec 4, 2018

Icelandic glaciers are growing for the first time in 30 years. Record colds, record snows, record crop failures, and increasing glaciation: all portend the end not just of the Global Warming hoax, but potentially of our way of life. Prepare now.


Jim Stone a few minutes ago:

A few days ago a mystery oscillation hit the entire globe. NOW SEE THIS TODAY
It seems odd that such an enormous disturbance is occurring simultaneously all over the globe again. Someone is probably testing a new tech.

All sensors in all regions of the globe are doing this. People cannot feel it, likely because the oscillations are happening too slowly to perceive but equipment can pick it up. The oscillations are enormous and are happening everywhere now.

This is totally unprecedented, the entire earth is “breathing” or whatever you want to call it. If you hit this after it all stops (and the charts are therefore flat, ) there are plenty of screen captures I’ll post later, what is happening today is far more serious than the event that happened a few days ago, this one is far far more powerful.


Europe is unraveling before our eyes. Something big is happening and the media is hiding it. The European people are awakening. The #TrumpEffect is sweeping Europe. Crowds in the UK, France & Germany have been seen chanting “We Want Trump.” #Nationalism


BFC check out this twitter thread:

22h22 hours ago
Let’s entertain some of these anon theories for a moment, shall we?

Is it possible that the satellite that Q team knocked out on 11.11.18 was connected to CERN? Perhaps a satellite such as this?


22h22 hours ago
More TheSharpEdge Retweeted Melissa_Strategic ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
So many questions… What satellite? What new tech? And how did this event “unify” people?

One thing’s for certain, this “shot heard round the world” rung the planet like a bell… perhaps even like the bell from the movie White Squall.

Hmm. Interesting.
Melissa_Strategic ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Ding Ding Goes the Bell! ? Just figured out the 11.11 seismic wave event, WOW! The white hats took out sat, forced on black hat tech, RANG EARTH like a bell (scalar fields) in waves of 17! Oh my! Then @POTUS tweets “Scott Free” (White Squall Ref.) Its the #JFK BELL!!! #WWG1WGA

Melissa_Strategic ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Follow Follow @Melis_Strategic
The best way I can describe scalar fields, is by vector. Scaling up & down with fixed points. The earth can become a scalar field. Is that what happened on 11.11.18 when a new technology was “turned on” briefly, & a 17 min interval wave rang around the earth like a bell? #WWG1WGA

23h23 hours ago
On December 2nd, Q post 2527 confirmed the strange seismic event that occurred on 11.11.18, stating

Think WAVES.
Define ‘unified’
SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?
[Controlled] moment activated? [17]

23h23 hours ago
) The WW seismic activity on 11.11.18, was emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte – a tiny island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Africa. A closer look at this island reveals an interesting triangular shaped underwater anomaly.

23h23 hours ago
Here’s a theory…

Was THEP from CERN used in conjunction with a satellite to suppress our DNA & mental awareness as well as to agitate mankind in order to create disharmony among us?

Did white hats take this capability offline and therefore usher in a mass Great Awakening?

23h23 hours ago
It happens CERN is closing for maintenance. Perfect cover.

“At the end of the year, CERN’s accelerators will be shut down for a major two-year upgrade programme that will result in a renovated accelerator complex using more intense beams and higher energy”×314


Military Report Warns EMP Poses Direct Threat To United States

Published on Dec 4, 2018

A new report from the United States Air Force Air University warns of an electromagnetic pulse type attack that poses a direct threat to the “United States, democracy, and the world order,” and says the U.S. is unprepared for one should it happen.

They say within 1 year of the EMP there would be 90% loss of life between the nuclear plant meltdowns and other events.


Day Five Disaster Update — Incoming

By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have “mysterious” 35-40 foot waves come at us from a non-descript focus point in the Pacific. No volcano. No earthquake. Just 35-40 foot waves out of the clear blue.

This isn’t enough to get to us, because we are on high ground — but is enough to play havoc with the Port of Anchorage and possibly a lot of other port facilities in South Central Alaska, making it very difficult to supply Alaska with the food and other supplies needed by a population of more than half a million people.

Absent the waves and whatever destruction they cause (I am assuming the same source — US NAVY again.) we are back on our feet. Fuels are being re-supplied, messes chucked in dustbins, broken dishes and shelves and doorposts hauled away, food replenished.

Your contributions are allowing us to replace urgent losses and resettle people and functions and get on the road again and I do thank everyone who is tugging at the oars. We couldn’t do this without you. As Q says– Where we go one, we go all.

Other than getting the furnace re-wired we haven’t had time yet to deal with other material losses. It has all been clean up and repair and restock.

And now we are waiting for “the Mother of All Bore Tides” —- a series of “mysterious” breakers, 35 to 40 feet tall, three times larger than any normal high tide or storm breakers to hit the Knik Inlet and Anchorage Port, which could also take out the Anchorage railroad terminal for good measure and knock out railroad and highway bridges.

People are evacuating from low lying offices and facilities, but the only official warnings are coming from one radio station that is blaring it and alternate news sources.

This is NOT– repeat NOT— any normal after-an-earthquake tsunami. This is an “anomalous” ridge of water out in the Pacific that just appeared out of nowhere and which was not triggered by any normal seismic event or volcanic activity.

The profile of this onrushing wall of water is again consistent with the use of ULF and ELF Resonance Weapons operated by the US NAVY. So the idiots in Belgium are still trying to attack us and still trying to save their B.E.A.S.T. system long after any Prudent Man would know that the jig is up.

It’s just destruction for the sake of destruction now. Spite vented on innocent people by criminals. Their “beautiful wickedness” is melting, melting…. and they will have to start all over again with some other schtick.


Zagros Mts. Report by Jo Ann Richards

Part 5

As the centuries passed, the raptor worlds fell into economic and political hard times themselves. Radiation poisoning from the star that their main colony had settled near made reproduction harder, and the entire species started having survival issues. There was also the problem of food. The raptors needed live food – they needed to hunt and catch their prey, and feel it struggle as they ate it alive.
Humans solved all of their problems.

As the meeting continued, Dill realized that the raptor had been looking for a way to meet and communicate with members of the Nazi regime. They had been allowed to live, and were being treated as diplomats, because the raptors – or at least this political branch of the raptors – wanted to make a deal with the Nazis. They saw the Nazis as their best chance of a human ally that would help them continue – and enlarge – their culling of the human species, taking alien adductions to a new level of brutal efficiency. Sadly, the results of their partnership would become all too well organized over the next few years, and would outlast the Nazi government.

The Kur Gate was closed down by British & American forces in 1945.

One of the most important bits of information that Dill would return with was that there were many other spots around the planet where natural gates either formed on their own, or could be generated with relative ease. Once the planet’s tectonics were better understood, these locations showed a natural logic to their placement; but in 1939 all Dill could do was try to memorize as many as he could from his all-too-brief glimpse of some sort of three-dimensional map display of the planet.

At the time he noted dozens of small ‘yellow’ marking lights in the American Southwest, with several larger ‘golden’ lights in northern Mexico and Nevada. There were also a number of ‘red’ lights in California that he would later come to understand were gates that had ‘closed’ in the last century (the large gate in Marin, for example, had closed in 1906).

Europe’s gates were almost all red, although there were two in the Alps, six in Yugoslavia, and three in England that were still yellow. There were some in the mountains of South America, Canada, Tibet, and in China, Australia, and Antarctica. There were also a few in the Mountains of the Moon in Africa, and at locations in South Africa that Dill couldn’t quickly identify. The majority of the still-active lights seemed to be in a north-south line in the middle of the Atlantic, but the greatest number on land were clearly in a snaking line in the mountains from the Black Sea, south through the Zagros chain, then across the south of Iran, back northeast between Afghanistan and Pakistan, then east into Tibet. From what Dill remembered there were hundreds of yellow and red dots in that area, with golden ones at Kur, two in Afghanistan, and one in northwestern China, and one not far from that in the Soviet Union.

The Kur Gate, one in Antarctica, and a few spread over the Hindu Kush between Afghanistan and Pakistan, were the only ones marked with the same claw-like crest that their host wore on a golden armband on his left arm. This would prove to be very important, when the OSS learned that the Raptors backing the Nazis were only one small political faction of a much larger empire – where other factions had less desire to degrade humans to being a commodity, and more need for open inter-species communications.

It would also be learned later that each use of a gate showed up as an energy spike that was easily spotted by anybody watching for such events. The more secretive one desired to be, the less gate use one could risk. Another problem was that once a gate was open, a more powerful wormhole could displace the one in use, and an enemy could suddenly make their undesired entry through your portal – that was why most gate enclosures were well defended.


The scheme is called “global dimming,” and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that “chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to “save” us all from global warming.

“Stratospheric aerosol injection” now the new name for chemtrails / geoengineering

The global dimming scheme is, of course, based on spraying chemtrails into the upper atmosphere using thousands of high-altitude flights that release pollution to dim the sun. The very idea of “chemtrails” has, until now, been mocked by the media and the science establishment, who have for years claimed the very idea of chemtrails is a lunatic conspiracy theory. So they’ve changed the name to “stratospheric aerosol injection,” and they now have a science paper that outlines all the costs involved.

The overall goal of the geoengineering program is to inject 5 million tons of SO2 (sulfur dioxide, otherwise known as “smog”) into the atmosphere.


Leland Roth#413797
Fall Guys

By Anna Von Reitz

What needs to happen is for President Trump to talk to me and the members of our trust association— because we know who the Bank Trustees are and we know who the private trustees are and we can bring it all together to make a legal pay off possible. And it can happen fast.

Finally a solution!

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

“Send in the Clones” Jujubean?

Awhile back Benjamin mentioned about clone factories being destroyed in various underground worldwide bases shortly after Trump went after them?

What do I believe/know? This is a physical plane of illusions/delusions to trap the eternal part of u – Soul – in the lower realities of delightful, horrendous & inbetween types of experiences life after life.

That sort of information was once in the Christian Bible Jujubean???


Hm-mm and after thought re my Anna Von Reitx article ….’Q has mentioned D5 and Dec 5 a number of times -esp in Nov..


Hey Leland – came to post Anna Von Reitz and you have just posted another good one of hers. ….Great stuff! What a lady!
Anna Vnn Reitz

What Is Important About December 5th?

…..Let’s begin with a few facts: the Ancient Religion that the bankers follow is not Judaism. We call it Satanism in the modern day, but Satan is another name for earlier anti-deities of the male gender,
and what it all comes down to is that these people worship duality and use sex as a sacrament.
As a result, there is a male and a female, a positive and a negative, to everything they do– and they actually believe that if things get out of balance things will fall apart into utter chaos and destruction.
This is also the root of their fascination with accounting and accounting ledgers and
keeping everything balanced at all times.
But what happens when everything becomes incredibly unbalanced?
Then we have a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the men who have created the Mess wanted to bring about utter chaos and destruction.
If they can’t rule the world, they want to destroy it.
The IMF, which has functioned as “The U.S. Department of the Treasury” since 1946, owes us $190
Trillion USD, which it can’t pay.
This is essentially because the Federal Reserve didn’t pay anyone for anything for almost a hundred years, just operated on I.O.U.s and at the end of the day, declared bankruptcy and skipped town.
The IMF let them get away with this behavior because they thought that, hey,
the Americans have been asleep for 150 years— what’s the chances of them ever waking up again?
The IMF “collected the debt” and smiled, thinking that at the end of the day, the Priority Creditors (the good old US of A) would never show up and never claim back its assets.
At that point, all our wealth and assets and everything that is owed to us would become fair game forthe Secondary Creditors — as “abandoned assets”—-and, “abandoned debts”.
They were thinking of most of that $190T as a credit for them, and that they could shuffle off another round of debt for our weary shoulders to bear as “U.S. Citizens” — but now, it turns out to be their debt instead.
Oh, my!
On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes.
Three days grace time….December 2, December
3, December 4….. and on December 5, it becomes official.
The Municipal Treasury is defunct.
now the Territorial Treasury, too, goes the way of the Dodo.
Conveniently, most of the “U.S. Government” will be shut down on December 5th, for the funeral of
GHW Bush.
And the only government left standing is The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Fall Guys

By Anna Von Reitz

The banks use bank trustees as “fall guys” and “flak jackets” and “insulation”. They appoint bank trustees to run interference and take the heat, while keeping the bank at arm’s length from transactions and decisions made about trust assets kept on deposit with the banks. Via their relationship (that of an employer) with the Bank Trustees, the bank keeps de facto control of everything, while shuffling off the liability.

The bank President can stand there with a straight face and say, “Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn’t know anything about Mr. Greene’s dealings with the XRYT Trust. That was, uh, his responsibility.”

So when it came to shuffling off responsibility for all the Special Deposit Accounts, aka, “Off-Ledger Accounts”, containing actual physical assets belonging to private trusts, foundations, and individuals, the bankers followed the dictates of their Ancient Religion and the logic of their modern Fall Guy system by appointing a Female Bank Trustee to do the Negative Function of blocking accounts and transactions, and a Male Bank Trustee to do the Positive Function of opening and disbursing these accounts.

Both Bank Trustees are Fall Guys.

Neither Kim Goguen nor her male counterpart have any stake in the assets they administer, per se. Both are very frustrated and both would like to see the assets deployed to do good in the world and get things back on track.
But the fact is that without the participation and consent of the actual private trustees who were appointed by the Donors of these trusts, the Bank Trustees are very limited in what they can legally do.

They are stuck in what is — in effect — an interlocking trust directorate, needing to work with each other and with the private trustees to release the assets properly and legally.

Say that you are President of a corporation that is bankrupt and trying to avoid liquidation.

Say that you have friends and supporters who are trustees of private trust funds more than capable and willing to bail you out, but they can’t help because there is a Bank Trustee in the way who won’t work with them to release the funds….

Or, from the other side, say that there is a Bank Trustee who understands the crucial need to bail out the President and his corporation, but can’t do it legally without the consent of the private trustees and he doesn’t know who the private trustees are….

Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

If the President accepts the money from either Bank Trustee without the consent of the actual private trustee, he is the accomplice to a crime of major proportions. He can then be prosecuted as a criminal or blackmailed, whichever suits the bank.

Meanwhile, the banks that created the whole circumstance stand back fat and happy, and blame everything on the Bank Trustees.

What needs to happen is for President Trump to talk to me and the members of our trust association— because we know who the Bank Trustees are and we know who the private trustees are and we can bring it all together to make a legal pay off possible. And it can happen fast.

The banks use Fall Guys like this, using the same basic script, throughout their operations— including when they use the military and the police services as commercial mercenaries acting under color of law.

Think of LaVoy Finicum’s ambush and murder by the “FBI, Inc.” and the grossly ignorant “Sheriffs” of “State of State” county franchise corporations? Those same FBI Agents and County Sheriffs are the Fall Guys, already lined up to take the blame for their corporate bosses, who, when the time comes, will say:

“Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn’t know anything about Mr. Greene’s actions. That was, uh, his responsibility.”

It was ultimately ordered by the banks, just like the earthquake strike on Big Lake, Alaska, but they insulated themselves from liability through several layers of Fall Guys.

The US NAVY and USAF are on the hook for the Big Lake attack, but they have their own Fall Guys lined up to take the blame: clueless American White Hats supposedly operating under the direction of our friend, Russell-J:Gould.

Talk about trying to get many birds with one stone?

Take out Anna and Jim and blame Russell for it.

This is the way these Fakirs operate.

Fortunately for all concerned, they failed and their lies and malice are self-evident. And they can’t stand there and tell us:

“Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn’t know anything about Mr. Greene’s actions. That was, uh, his responsibility.”


Benjamin, care to share proof? This is -as far as I follow you- the second time that you overexaggerate your/WDS’ involvement or even lie? First time I know of you did with your “CIA source” that in actuality was a character called ZAP/Poof. You copied verbatim his online message which could easily back then be traced. ZAP is an entity that is not advocating an active attitude towards people, but like you and other alternative media are advocating apathy/patience in a Messianic way, you/WDS will solve it for all of humanity… not so true.

This time you claim P2 has contacted you/WDS for a peace plea? are you sure?
Your problem is that Mazzara, really P2 or not, has spoken about excommunicating the Pope, talking about a G3 (Black Sun, Horus, Dragon) or G6 (+ Albion, Thor and another one) in videos from few months ago: (claiming he was the one getting rid of the Pope) and (G3/G6/Global governance) .

I don’t think Mazzara contacted you at all, and if he did then WDS is not important at all as he contacted you/WDS 2 months later after the video.

You seem to either fake and/or reverse engineer existing “news” data points into your own storyline without any proof into a “logical” story.

In this age of mis/disinformation, please show proof you are the real deal. Thank you.


Leland Roth#413687
Thanks for the NESARA link. Still doesn’t explain how you just wipe out debt by blaming it on the Fed.

I liked your piece about clones. So you believe the clones are humanoid life forms from alien tech? There was a question a while back about whether they were mechanical or not? Do they use real humans to make them? It’s all so fascinating and I do believe it is done. The number of clones that we out and about during Hillary’s campaign was impressive, half a dozen or more and some weren’t very good which is why you know it’s real.

Gitmo is overstaffed doesn’t make sense. You can send extra staff anywhere you want. Gitmo is over populated as in “too many prisoners”, makes a lot more sense and is a good reason to start tribunals or whatever.


Thoughts on the new gas pipeline coming out of Israel to supply Europe? Wonder where the gas is really coming from.

We know China is a mess. The government pretends it controls everything, but it doesn’t. There’s poverty, drug abuse, crime, and more. God knows it’s an environmental catastrophe, but don’t forget that’s why they’e able to make Iphones and computers there, because the toxic metals used in those machines are allowed to pollute the land and groundwater in a way that they can’t do it legally here. And that’s why our tech recycling goes to China, because they don’t care if their people get cancer leeching out toxic metals from computer components over open flames in open spaces. But we’ll never give up our cellphones and the technocracy won’t let us.


Worth watching: A brand new interview with Bob Lazar was just released. About an hour, quite interesting.


TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse


What CNN Promoted & Everybody Missed About the Bush Funeral!!]


Before and after Sharia Law: A cautionary tale
Translated: We have been looking forward to this day for many years! It was in 2009 that DF for the first time made a proposal to ban burkas in Denmark. And now it’s a reality: From today it’s illegal to carry burka or niqab in public space. Finally, it is now forbidden to go with burka and niqab in Denmark


Denmark Banishes All Criminal Aliens to Remote Island — Democrats in US Give Them Sanctuary (Video)

$21 TRILLION of Pentagon financial transactions “could not be traced, documented, or explained.”

$21T in Pentagon accounting errors. Medicare for All costs ~$32T.

That means 66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon.

And that’s before our premiums.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 2, 2018


China’s theft of intellectual property is small potatoes compared to the outright theft of intellectual property, patents, and trade secrets by the US Patent Office and the SERCO team.

We need to make all American innovators whole for their patent losses stolen or confiscated by the U.S. government, starting with Leader Technologies whose trade secrets were stolen from AIM Patriot Michael McKibben and then weaponized against every citizen on the planet.
John Bolton: US may ban imports from China that rely on stolen intellectual property


The Globalist Mask is OFF and the People Are Rising VIDEO
They Flooded Europe Now They Want America


Grassley Questions Horowitz About FBI Raid on Whistleblower
Grassley Accuses Fusion GPS Founder Of Giving ‘Extremely Misleading’ Testimony


In blow to political correctness, Italy wants crucifixes and nativity scenes in all classrooms
Amid what Italian media is describing as “open war” on school nativity scenes, Italy’s Education Ministry has slapped back, granting approval to installing crucifixes and reinstating nativity scenes in the nation’s classrooms.

“The crucifix is for me the symbol of our history, our culture, our traditions,” said Education Minister Marco Bussetti, speaking to the Federation of Catholic Schools’ annual congress in Rome. “I don’t see how it can cause any irritation in our school rooms, on the contrary it may help kids to reflect on our history.”

mdaush posts:

“The yellow vests are not leftists. They are only one step further than the Tea Party or the Deplorables.
What do you expect to happen here if the Deep State subverts Trump and the will of the People?
The yellow vests will come out and we will march….and march….and march….Until they resign or suicide themselves. Because, for sure, we don’t want this to turn into a Civil war.
This quest for freedom, this unquenchable thirst for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America is not attainable through the election process as we know it today. It has been stolen, subverted and turned into a Brave New World of voting corruption. The yellow vests in Europe are foreshadowing what happens here if the Deep State does not take defeat with total surrender. Why do you think all those republicans decided not to run in the mid-terms? It wasn’t because they wanted to become lobbyists. It was because their choice was resign or be outed, prosecuted, jailed, or hung. Trump hasn’t made Gitmo five times larger for nothing!”
Anti-Macron Protests Spread, Ambulance Workers Join Rebellion


Last week, an unprecedented European policy panel on censorship and fake news skewered Lord Richard Beecroft Allan—Facebook’s UK director of public policy—when he appeared for a hearing but Mark Elliot Zuckerberg did not.

Nothing about Facebook’s conduct that day made sense.

Just weeks earlier, Facebook had announced that Sir Nick Clegg, the former British deputy prime minister, ha

British cyber lords take control of FB’s collapse
British cyber lords squelch free speech at FB

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION

| DEC. 04, 2018 | PDF |
Full story.


Um…the link with Bush Sr keeling over has a Saturday Night Live skit recreation at the end. Was that intentional?

Kind of reduces the credibility of the X Files source’s claims. (Link you used:


Sex robot conference featuring Steve Bannon implodes as he loses multiple Montana speaking gigs

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon was supposed to headline a sex robot conference — and has lost multiple speaking gigs since it was announced.

The Montana Kaimin, a student newspaper at the University of Montana, reported Tuesday that the Athenian Parrhesia Free Speech Forum, a debate event Bannon was supposed to participate in, was cancelled after a growing outcry from the UM community.

It was, as the Kaimin noted, the third of his appearances that has been cancelled since news broke that he was to be a keynote speaker at the Fourth Annual Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.

The sex robot conference itself was cancelled alongside the 15th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, the Missoula Current reported.


from the bloggers section…..

cobra-quote—–Cobra – December.01.2018 at 4:13 PM – Thanks everybody for successful

meditation. George Bush Sr was captured by the Light Forces and is now facing

consequences of his past actions. In a few days, off he goes to the Central Sun—–unquote…..


for a small segment of the ranks of the dark forces,real death is the sentence…..

a most tragic and negative result of when darkness expands into hyperactive levels in a given construct theatre of operations…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


French president Emmanuel Macron is not a very popular man in Paris these days. He represents the globalist bankers more than France, and he’s been running their game plan.

Macron put in place a ‘fuel tax,’ which is in actuality a carbon tax. Such a tax is instrumental in the further fleecing of the sheep by the EU globalists. People are supposed to be shamed into happily paying such a tax in order to ‘save the environment. Maybe Macron thought people would be eager to further fill the coffers of big banks and corporations in order to make this happen. Otherwise, he would have been cleverer about it by lying and saying it was to help the French people in general.

The French are already over-taxed. Workers there must shoulder the burden of their own quasi-socialist, immigrant-packed country. Those who drive to work are now forced to pay more for their already ridiculously high-priced fuel. Those who drive for a living are forced to pay a lot more. Macron’s fuel tax may be the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back. It has sparked huge, fire-filled protests in Paris. Macron’s response? He dug in his French heels and denounced the protestors. He’s not listening to citizens who are sick of being turned into slaves for his globalism. His lack of sympathy has made things worse for himself. Now there are tens of thousands more ‘gilets jaunes,’ or yellow vests talking about revolution. They’re ready to remove Macron’s head from his globalist body. The French have been known to take their contemptuous masters down by violent means on occasion.

Macron’s tax to fight ‘climate change’ is based on fraud. Besides, the globalist bankers could easily fund such a thing themselves if they wanted to. They have trillions of dollars and Euros at their disposal, but that’s not what this is really about. What it’s really about is bringing globalism completely out in the open. Macron recently stated, “Nationalism is the exact opposite of patriotism.” He implied that nationalism was immoral and a ‘betrayal’ of patriotism. The EU wants to erase borders and even come up with a European army.

Macron is a Rothschild man. What is he and his central banker globalist buddies really up to? Well, no good as usual. They’re playing on people’s sense of egalitarianism. You don’t want to help others? Mon Dieu! You are immoral! We must help every single person in the world no matter where they are from. We must bring them here and feed, house, and educate them all for free! If you disagree, you’re a bad human being!

Macon and the elite want an end to nationalism. Instead, they want a socialist utopia, guided by wise masters—themselves. They want make ’their’ world into a garden that they can exclusively enjoy, while crowding the rabble into cities where they can be brainwashed and eventually destroyed—for the good of the ‘planet.’

There’s nothing wrong with nationalism. People have a right to keep what they earn through hard work. They have a right to feed and help their own families first and their neighbors and country after that. They don’t want to send taxes to faceless, gray bureaucrats in Brussels, where it’s distributed to mafia-like cronies and more politicians sent out to promote more globalism and more taxes. People are fed up. They don’t want to be slave to globalist bankers!

Pee-EU, Macron. You stink!

—Ben Garrison

President Trump continues to win, this time by breaking down the huge china trade barrier and opening the auto trade, and agriculture. Also, some major headway with Intel property theft and forced tech transfer. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.


more –
Sh_ria is here, in the USA, as MN becomes increasingly Islamist. An Iranian ex-Muslim Christian Pastor was arrested for sharing his faith testimony in the Mall of the Americas:…

This link was taken down after I posted it. 2 muslim women complained about this guy having a personal conversation with 2 other women about his conversion from muslim to christian.
The police came and arrested him. WHAT THE HELL? In a Minneapolis mall!

Intolerance is the law of the day now.

Here’s an updated link:
Here is his story:
In an interview with PJ Media, Parsa recapped the story.

“On Saturday, August 25, I was speaking at a church. After the church service, one of the elders and his 14-year-old son offered to show me the biggest mall in North America,” he explained.

“We went to the mall, randomly ran into some Somalis, we had a random conversation. They asked me where I’m from,” Parsa said. “I told them, and the conversation led to whether I was a Muslim or not. I replied, ‘I used to be but I’m a Christian now.’ They asked me, ‘Why did you change?'”

While he was giving his testimony, “another woman who was not part fo the conversation went and complained to the security. The guard came, he said, ‘You can’t solicit here.’ I told them we were not soliciting. He just said, ‘Bye,’ and walked away.”

After Parsa, the pastor, and his son grabbed some coffee, “three guards were waiting for me and said, ‘You must leave now.’ I asked why. They said, ‘You’re soliciting.’ I said, ‘No, we are not.’ I was explaining to them that I’m from out of state, I’m here as a guest, I’m here to see the mall.”

“That’s when they grabbed my coffee, handcuffed me, and took me to the underground mall jail,” he recalled. “They patted me down, handcuffed me to a metal chair that was bolted to the ground. They refused to give me water, refused to let me go to the restroom except right before the police came. When I was taken to jail after 3 hours, I was hungry and thirsty.”

Megyn Kelly‘s staff will lose jobs as she collects $30 million severance check after blackface comments: report

Megyn Kelly’s staff will be let go as the disgraced anchor collects an expected $30 million settlement following her firing for defending the practice of wearing blackface.

Well, my theory was correct: You can take the Megyn out of the Fox, but you can’t take the Fox out of the Megyn.


GITMO: 100 DEPLOYED! WW3 FFs Alert: R_ssia, Iran, Adm. Stearney Murder? #GITMO

You Are Free TV
Published on Dec 3, 2018

Comments from video –
12/03: Today Q assures us that Treason is priority #1 and that Gitmo is receiving 100 troops for a 400 day deployment! However, the am-BUSH of HgwB’s lying (that’s for sure!) in wait in the Capitol will postpone the Huber Dec. 5th Congressional hearings. Meanwhile, the Banksters with Israel’s help were diverted from executing an FF to start war with Iran and Admiral Stearney, commander of the US Naval Forces in Bahrain, appears to have been murdered attempting to either prevent the event or…? All of this while Theresa May and the British Royals pay Poryshenko/The Ukraine to face off with Russia in an attempt to create a WW3 nuclear FF that NATO would be “forced” to become involved with.

George HW B_sh’s Cardiologist was murdered while riding his bike outside of the Houston Texas Medical Center on July 21, 2018:

Prescott Bush involvement in Coup against Roosevelt:….

The intentionality of GhwB being ritualistically buried in Houston, TX, a city away from the murder of JFK:

Jeffrey Epstein Civil trial to begin tomorrow, December 4:

The FF’s being planned to create WW3 and the m_rder of Admiral Stearney:

Robert David Steele comments on the Admiral’s death:
“ROBERT STEELE: I am told he was murdered by Bahreini security services at the request of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) element attached to the fifth fleet. I have no direct knowledge. My source tells me he was murdered because he explicitly opposed the planned false flag attack in collaboration with the Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vassal.”
You can read more at:

Sh_ria is here, in the USA, as MN becomes increasingly Islamist. An Iranian ex-Muslim Christian Pastor was arrested for sharing his faith testimony in the Mall of the Americas:


Parting Shot From “Poppy” Bush and Threats from the Treasury

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a friend in MI6 — a man I have known more than forty years. He is a loyal Brit, despite being aware of the many failings of his government. We have a grumpy fondness for each other– trade bad puns, commiserate, and observe the world on a purely social basis.

He got in contact with me this morning and unequivocally stated that the “strike” on Big Lake was a “parting shot” in honor of “Poppy Bush” —George Herbert Walker Bush, who was “executed” that same day by lethal injection “for his part” in 911 and many, many other crimes.

If so, that would be consistent with reports coming in from American Intelligence sources, too: “The strike on Big Lake was a coordinated strike carried out by the US NAVY and allowed by the USAF, both operating under the UN CORP. Their default to creditors should be final December 5, this coming Wednesday.”
So, a parting shot from them, too.

My old Brit friend and I had a good laugh about all the reporters fondly gushing about GHW Bush and calling him “Poppy” right in the press, without a clue that this nickname refers to his kingpin status in the opium drug trade and isn’t just a fond family substitute for “darling Papa”.
The wannabe Communists fall right in line and support the Fascists. The Fascists never make the same mistake. That is, the Communists regularly mistake Fascists for Communists, but the Fascists never make the same mistake and support Communists.

Please remember that George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted by the Queen for his service — to whom and what can only be inferred.

Please also remember that the United States Navy has always been under the control of the British Monarchs, and that the municipal US NAVY has been under the control of their UN CORP counterparts in Switzerland and Luxembourg, some of the nastiest and most sanctimonious Fascists on Earth.
When you go to the U.S. Patent Office and begin sorting through the mess they left there, everyone will see how often the US NAVY shows up as the offender registering false patents and trademarks and trade names, and how they have then used those patents, trademarks, and trade names to pull horrendous fraud schemes and make false commercial claims against entire countries.

You will also see how Serco, the British multi-national corporation operating as Paymaster for the British Territorial Government, allowed all this malfeasance by the US NAVY.

They and their predecessors allowed the continuance of the fraudulent banking system, too. Buried deep in the Mess at the Patent Office you will find eight principle patents controlled by multi-national banks — which are all actually operating as securities investment firms.

Each bank controls a patent and one step or part of the overall system.

So it was all based on “mutually assured destruction”— none of the rats could rat on the others, or the whole thing would collapse. Deutsche Bank, being the loser in WWII, got stuck holding all the “derivatives” being spun off the securitization of living people and the copyrighting of their names and the patenting of their DNA.

The Vatican Bank was underwriting and allowing all this under its ancient canon laws pertaining to vacant commonwealth properties “Bono Vacantia” and “Bastardy Funds” and property of “missing persons” and intestate estates in probate.

Everybody got a share of the kickbacks, including the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government run by the “US CONGRESS”.
And they then shared out the wealth coming off this monstrous scheme by offering more kickbacks to the Territorial and Municipal “state of state” organizations as bait to get them to incorporate as franchises owned and operated by the parent British and Municipal corporations in DC.

I have reason to believe that you will see a lot of arrests of prominent people in all fifty states who have been siphoning and cheating in every way possible — Medicare Fraud and bribing of judges and prosecutors and misapplication of “General Improvement Funds” and all sorts of relatively minor ($500,000 to $3,000,000) offenses.

But what I want you to keep your eye on is the far, far greater Kickback Scheme that the “federal government” employed via LBJ’s “Block Grants” and similar ploys to influence and take over the organizations functioning “as” your State Governments.

And all the “Local Government Councils” promoted and funded by David Rockefeller as part of the final drive to take over and own and control everything in sight, including the water you drink and the air you breathe.

That is the real problem, and while the small fish are being sacrificed, be sure that the Big Ones don’t get away unnoticed.

I received a call from the “U.S. Treasury Department” today — bearing in mind that the actual United States hasn’t had a Treasury since 1924 — and the Agent told one of the lawyers working with us that “they would destroy him and his business and his family” if he continued to help.

The “U.S. Treasury Department” is in fact the IMF, which has been running the show since 1946.

And the IMF owes us $190 Trillion that they can’t pay back.

My reply to the “U.S. Treasury”?
Make peace with your brother on your way to court.

Don’t make nasty threats.

Repeat –
He got in contact with me this morning and unequivocally stated that the “strike” on Big Lake was a “parting shot” in honor of “Poppy Bush” —George Herbert Walker Bush, who was “executed” that same day by lethal injection “for his part” in 911 and many, many other crimes.

Real GHWB or a clone? Who knows what to believe – it appears he is gone now.


Disaster Update Day Four

By Anna Von Reitz

The mopping up and evaluation continues apace.

The gas company got to the Anchorage office yesterday we got the gas turned back on, only to discover that the furnace had suffered a fried electrical relay and was inoperable despite having gas. Okay, so…. several hours later, we managed to get our furnace expert to replace that and voila! One expensive and unexpected repair later, we have gas heat and hot water!

This is a cause for much celebrating, because the promised ice storm hit last night and both the woodpiles and the pathways to and from are like ice skating rinks this morning.

Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley (where I normally live) schools are closed for the week with no set date for reopening.

The U.S. Mail Service is limping along as best it can, with many problems— some locations closed, some storage and routing stations out of commission and others overloaded. The Christmas rush was just starting for them, too, so mail is backed up.

The Big Lake Post Office is closed for repairs with no stated date for reopening, so suggest that all mail and donations be re-routed to our Anchorage location:

Anna Maria Riezinger
1336 Staubbach Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Fed Ex and UPS are also limping along as best they can.

Some bank and credit union locations are open and others not, but the computer systems linking them and the ATMs are functioning, so, its still possible to get credit and cash transfers through to members in our group who live in outlying areas.

The only businesses open in Big Lake, according to my son, are one liquor store and one gas station — the gas station that installed its own emergency generators at my prompting some years ago.

This would be a good point for everyone to make with their local gas station businesses. The cost of a generator and extra gas storage tank is pretty minimal compared to losing pumping capacity during an emergency and during the clean up thereafter.

The food store in Big Lake remains closed along with other mini-mall and separate location businesses with no stated date for reopening. Thankfully, one of the Three Bears grocery stores 3.5 miles from us is rumored to have reopened, so at least people can get the basics: food and gas to get there.

Our own toll has increased a bit.

One of our members has been having heart palpitations since the earthquake, went to the hospital, and is now facing bypass surgery. All the excitement pushed him over the edge. It also destroyed his “other” job that was keeping him and his family afloat–he was working construction and the building he was working on was only halfway up. It collapsed during the quake and the owners have called it a day for now. So, he is facing heart surgery and unemployment, both at once. To top it off, I just got word that his wife took a fall (thanks to the ice storm)and is in an ambulance on her way to the hospital — feared broken hip and ribs from fall off an ice covered second story porch.

One of our members was away on a business trip when all this happened and his house lost heat long enough for pipes to burst. The gas got turned back on this morning and we got control of the water, but the carpeting is soaked and ruined and all has to be removed to prevent more damage to the subfloor and basement.

An attached car port collapsed on Saturday as a result of aftershocks and continued shifting of the earth—and crushed a car which was the only transportation for a family of four. We have arranged a loaner and jacked up the car port roof on new supports and hope that their disaster insurance will pay off the car loss. No word on that yet.

Otherwise, we continue to dig out and do what we can to moderate the suffering. Thanks to our remote location it is hard to get help even to Anchorage.

Thank goodness that we had a “Prepper” mindset long before this and had prepared by having multiple means and fuels to keep houses heated and had plenty of food set aside, clean water provided for, and were able to get through this (and get others through this) in fairly good shape.

If a primary system failed we had two back-ups ready to go in most locations. We dropped back into 19th century mode, got out our hand-cranked egg beaters and sailed on.

Damn those Tin Hats, eh?

The truly disturbing part is to consider — how many people in America are prepared to do the same?

What if the Vermin had succeeded in their plan to “unzip” the West Coast fault zone?

California? Oregon? Washington State? Are you all paying attention?

They also meant to cause a tsunami that would have wiped out most of Hawaii and caused extension damage to Japan, coastal China, Russia, New Zealand….Australia…. ?

Are you folks prepared? Do you know who to turn to and where to go? Have you got your food and water and heat plans well-established? Reviewed your First Aid? Have your medicine chest and wound supplies and disinfectants and drugs topped off?

How about hand-cranked and/or solar powered radios? Plenty of extra batteries and storage containers? Blankets including “Space blankets”?

Provisions for domestic animals and pets? Extra gasoline? Lots of garbage bags including the big contractor garbage bags? Alternative stoves, grills, etc., so you can heat water and cook your food?

Nobody in our society likes to think about death and disaster, but we need to.
There are elements out there in the world now that are crazier than bat-shit, and you’d better believe it. And you had also better believe that “the government” is in no shape or mindset to help you, either.

When the Miller’s Reach Wildfire took out most of our little town in 1996, FEMA didn’t show up for three weeks. And when they did, it was only to go around with flip-charts and “assess damages”.

Be aware that when something like this happens, you are going to be on your own, except for the help of local police and firefighters and friends and neighbors and family near and far.

When the fire hit, the Salvation Army showed up and dug in for the duration. The Mormons and the Mennonites came. Catholic Social Services arrived and the Baptists did what they could. And that was it, folks.

More than 400 buildings destroyed in a town with a year round population of 2500, and no grand action by FEMA or the National Guard or any of these other high-paid “government” organizations was taken.

Ground zero for this earthquake was centered a block and a half from my home in Big Lake, Alaska. Big Lake is not on a fault zone. We saw the “Green Beam”. We know who did this.

And if “friendlies” had not intervened, most of South Central Alaska would now be entombed as a glorious monument to GHW Bush, and earthquakes and volcano cores and tsunamis would have taken out millions of people throughout the Pacific Rim.

Think about that. That’s how insane and petty and warped these people really are, and that is how stupid and irresponsible and reckless and self-serving some parts of the military command structure can be.

Best stop caring about what the clueless neighbors think and start preparing.
Better safe than sorry.

The thoroughly modern neighbors will show up on your doorstep looking very sheepish indeed, if and when the axes fall on your neighborhood.

They will remember laughing at you and you will remember them laughing at you, and then it will be up to you whether or not you take them in, and whether or not you included enough supplies to share when you were scurrying around like the Country Mouse and foregoing your vacation cruises because you had the foresight to spend your money on “other things”.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Why Can’t President Trump Stop This?
By Anna Von Reitz

The short answer— (1) Mr. Trump is presently an employee of the Queen who is illegally continuing to exercise our own Delegated Power against us, even after her own actions have invalidated any claim she has to do so; (2) the US NAVY which planned and directed the attack has always been under the control of British affiliates and collaborators in Switzerland and Belgium — so now you begin to see how this connects– the British have con…trol of Mr. Trump and the British protect their MUNICIPAL collaborators; (3) the USAF that allowed the attack is also under control of the Swiss-Belgain affiliates, so same story there, though Trump could remove the recently appointed Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Commander for his part in this inglorious affair.

In a sane world, employees who attack their employers are considered criminals and are arrested as such. We are waiting to see if the world is sane or not.

The rest of the answer that as “President” of the United States Mr. Trump is just a corporate CEO running two big bankruptcies.

To my knowledge, he has never accepted our offer to step into his Public and Bonded Office as The President of The United States of America — for whatever reasons.

As President of the United States, he is a “Level 18 Administrator” — there are ten (10) higher levels in the “International Government” which has crept in and claimed to be “Majestic”, while in fact being unauthorized and criminal.

As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America and the unincorporated World Trust, I am a Level 28 Principal and 1:1:1 Administrator.

I am lawfully entitled to settle all this nonsense. If the usurpers can be persuaded to step aside and let me do my job, we can all get through this with a minimum of harm and a great deal of good being done.

Until they do, they will continue to run amok and cause trouble because they are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to understand the situation they are in. Think: two year-olds with hammers.

We will continue to take their “hammers” away from them and muffle their blows and ride herd and thwart them every step of the way until they wind down like two year-olds at the end of a busy day.
Our point isn’t to hurt them. Our point is to take the hammer(s) away and prevent them from doing more damage.


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

News For Knotheads
By Anna Von Reitz

Now the rumor is circulating that “White Hats” were responsible for the attack on Big Lake, apparently yet another rumor started by Kent Dunn.

Lets make this very, very clear— anyone who attacks American soil is not a White Hat. They are traitors guilty of treason against this country and its people.

Anyone stupid enough to mistake me and my work as that of a cabal agent can’t read “the fruits” and tell what kind of tree I am. And hasn’t bothered to read my book, Disclosure 101, either.

If you are too clueless to tell the difference between an apple and a fig, I suppose it is possible to think that GHW was a good guy, and not understand why he was nicknamed after his favorite plant– the poppy.

There is a long history of Americans being misled by con artists and it would not surprise me if some dull blades have been co-opted and misled to attack their own soil and their own people.

If there are such Americans involved, they are being set up to be the Fall Guys and they need to high tail it.

I have it on very good authority that the attack was by the US NAVY and was allowed by the USAF, which means it was orchestrated by the Uber-Cabal operating out of Switzerland and Belgium.

Not some ignorant wannabe White Hats.

Please note: all actual White Hats have sense enough to recognize it when they are being co-opted and also know better than to attack their own country.


Justin Trudeau demonized male construction workers, drawing rebukes. Since he thinks women entrepreneurs make better choices, why doesn’t he quit and let a woman take over?

Excerpt: While in Argentina, Justin Trudeau did some more disgusting virtue-signalling.

He was talking about ‘gender budgets’ when he started to demonize construction workers.

He implied that having “male construction workers” in a “rural areas” had “social impacts.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough where Trudeau was going with his sexist rhetoric, he later said “women entrepreneurs make better choices.”

More on site.

WATCH: Trudeau takes 37 tries to hammer in nail – no wonder he is down on male construction workers.


Oh, NO! Founder of dating site for “Trump fans only” threatens to sue any liberals who attempt to join×430.jpg

Righter, a new dating website for Trump supporters who feel they’ve been regularly rejected by prospective mates for their political views, is now threatening to sue any Trump critics who try to join.

In an intervi