More about the Rosicrucian Order & Red Cross workers

Dear Benjamin,

First of all, thank you so much for all of your reporting and the risks you have taken to share this information.  It is greatly appreciated.

I wanted to speak to the recent post from Maya when she asked about the protection that she said David Wilcock said the Red Cross workers have.  I follow a lot of his stuff too, and what he was referring to was this.

He was asked how he and others could remain safe when they are whistleblowers or sharing information that many groups don’t want made public.  He was talking about karma and how if you have the right intentions in your heart and are truly in Service to Others with no nefarious plans and don’t hurt others, that you are “karmically protected.”  He said, kind of flippantly, “You know, like Red Cross workers.”

They are there to help those in need and are protected from harm,” as in, the enemy doesn’t seek out and kill the Red Cross workers in most cases.  I agree that the Red Cross is a horrible front for a moneymaking, laundering, controlling arm of something that is really not there with a philanthropic and humanitarian mission.

I just wanted to send along that clarification in case you probably didn’t get what she was asking there, unless you heard him make that reference years ago.

I think we’d all be better off to quit trying to become a part of some religious or spiritual group that all seem to have ties back to before we can remember and on which we have no historical facts.

I think our current religions are just facades for worship of creatures people called gods but are no more than technologically advanced beings that have been manipulating humans through control mechanisms for centuries.  Most large worship centers are built on preexisting ancient temples and power sources.  Since energy is neutral, it can be used for good or evil.

These “wiser” sources have forced their “religion” on people via fear and violence since as far back as we can find in our current history.  The Christian churches are just on top (as an example) and through the words said and hymns continue the rituals of worship for a false set of god(s) that we most likely would never worship given the truth of what is behind it.  Jesus is being used, as are so many other enlightened beings’ stories, for their benefit.

Anyway, not to ramble on.  Just my 2 cents.

Thank you again for all you do and are doing to advance our knowledge and great awakening of the TRUTH.


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Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Very well said, there are forces as such, through history, called Archons, or the modern day Lords, such as in the Bible. They attempt, through your chain of thought, to derail it, and change your emotional vibration. As Archons, they are connected and dictated by Yaldabaoth which is The Demiurge, which was the initial inhabitant of this realm, thinking that there was no other god before him.

Protect your Forethought (Logos) from their derailing of your chain of thought. There is also the ability for your guides to Speak (Rhema) through you, utilizing your knowledgebase. This is placing and tethering a Forethought to the Afterthought and Chain of Thought. As such, your guides, higher self, and other gods can do this as well, if you welcome them

– Fates