Hello, Ben:

Having read all of Peter Duesberg’s book called Invention of the AIDS Virus, based on his reputation as a Nobel Prize-winning microbiologist and participant on the first teams to investigate the cause of AIDS, I have little doubt that there is no such thing as HIV. There may be something that has been given to the Africans, but not HIV.

In his book, Duesberg deals thoroughly with the fraud of African AIDS, wherein eager young epidemiologists had been trained to reconstruct reality with engineered data-recording forms which allowed them to assign virtually all diseases previously known to be the diseases of poverty and to systematically and fraudulently allocate these same diseases to be counted statistically as “AIDS-related xyz.”  As the South African president at that time said, “If we are so devastated by AIDS, why aren’t my coffin-makers busier?”

Indeed, it appears that “African AIDS” was simply another lie. Yes, people there are dying—of the same old things, only renamed. I strongly recommend Professor Duesberg’s book;  it’s 700 pages of brilliant reasoning.


A close friend of mine died of AIDS/HIV and she got it from an injection given to her at a clinic in Africa.  Also, I was once contacted by a doctor who thought he was giving 2,000 homosexual men a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis and they all died of AIDS.  It is real, and no attempt to whitewash this will work.


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Hi Ben! I’ve read many books, seen all the documentaries, and talked with people positive to the test, and other having symptoms… I am completely agreeing with PC. The equation HIV=AIDS is not true… The Aids dissidents as they are called, is a group of 600 (maybe much more now) scientists who clearly show that
“Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology.” In other words, nobody ever showed it on a microscope… In 1983, in the first experiment by Luc Montagnier with a immune-deficient patient blood, a colleague of him added the blood of a newborn baby!!… I got the confirmation by Luc himself in person in a private talk… They made a very blurry photo of which no conclusion could ever honestly be drawed… It is a long story after that… With Louis Gallo in US, famous for previous false virus claims at the time, reusing the same blood sample and telling the whole world with the Health Minister that they found the cause of AIDS… A myth is born… Luc Montagnier, having won so much fame and money with the virus theory, cannot publicly tell the truth even if he would like to, but he says that they are many natural ways to heal from it… In the film House of Numbers you can see him… Regarding the test, anticorpses GP120 and P24 are tested in the blood. The 100pc threshold is completely arbitrary and different in different countries and areas of the world… It should be known that it has been documented that they are more than 70 reasons to be tested positive with Elisa or Western Blot… Of which some illnesses, some medications, nutritional deficiencies, some food habits, pregnancy, vaccinations, etc.
Your friend got something in Africa obviously (what did she receive at the first place?) but this something is not HIV… Out of the medications given to “HIV positive” persons, AZT is the worst, it is highly toxic, destroys immunity quickly and killed millions… Very useful to have the medication provoking the illness itself (and death ultimately)…
At the beginning, AIDS was called Gay Related Syndrome, because it was exclusively in this community (and in drug-addicted people too) that symptoms could be found… Especially in the people with a damn lot of different partners, in New York, Los Angeles…
In reality sodomy can slowly destroy immunity for the receiver, especially if biological fluid of the partner is going into the blood repeatedly… And if partners change all the time it is even worst… And poppers is very harmful for the immune system and was widely used… Cocain and heroin destroy immunity too… And antibiotics and other drugs used commonly as well…
As for the Hepatitis vaccine story, it has clearly be a weapon at the time… So many stories of people ill or handicapped or worst after having received this Hepatitis B vaccine, especially in the 80’s… I’ve met so many in Paris actually…
And I know it was always recommended to gay people too…

Regarding sodomy, let it be clear, even if I am heterosexual, I respect others sexual choices and orientations… I am stating maybe some underknown facts here…


Karen Tokarse
Karen Tokarse

This is why Big Pharma tried to silence MMS. Here’s the documentary of how the Red Cross lied about the miracles MMS had on HIV, AIDS, Malaria, etc. http://www.quantumleap.is/


Ben, my friend a scientist was working in a prestigious London hospital lab screening the WHO smallpox vaccines prior to distribution, she found HIV in the vaccines and reported it but nothing was ever done.