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4 years ago

Re. interview with Simon Park “representing” the Mantis Thanks Ben for opening the “Portal” to ET’s, living outside 3 d! This is brave done. Few dealing with every day politics would dear to touch it. I salute you in this quest. You will certainly wake up some drowsy ones.. Little doubt, seen from ancient spectacular constructions, cave paintings, sculptures, ancient ruins, scriptures and ET stories, past through generations around the world, that we have a long ongoing history with ET. Not to forget present sightings and encounters in the millions… Are you willing to interview a second person “representing” other… Read more »

4 years ago

Wonderful interview!
I really resonate with your energies together. I hope to see more!

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot(@fatesdewhynot)
4 years ago

Great interview; very enlightening regarding the balance of power on this planet and the necessary actions which must take place to move forward. A wide variety of topics is covered here, which I factually agree with, since my research, conversations and personal experience has led me to believe the same. It will be an interesting future ahead of us as time unfolds and history is made. To fit the pieces of the puzzle together is critical at this time. If I have something personal to say on this world situation, it is this… No matter what our “birthright” or placement… Read more »