Does this really reflect the current situation?


Several troubling aspects of your latest update.  The first is the idea there is a group working with the European aristocracy (Bilderberg Group) to create regional economic zones is exactly what they have been trying to achieve for the last 20 years with the help of David Rockefeller.  See Daniel Estulin’s book The Bilderberg Group.  As a U.S. citizen, I have no desire to see or live under a system designed by the same people who have destroyed the ecosystem and created the current petrodollar financial system.  The fact that the Europeans have any stake in the discussions leads me to believe this is yet another scam forced on the population.  In short, more subjugation to aristocracy and evil.

The second item of concern is the continual referencing to Trump as the mastermind of the current U.S. situation.  Like the rest of the lawmakers in the U.S., he is also subject to the same Bilderberg influence (via the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations).  Essentially, he is paid opposition to distract the public from the impending financial reset and enforcement of austerity measures to subjugate the population.  There is no dialog or information in the public eye that is reliable or that accurately reflects the current situation.  That is, I don’t believe anything in the mainstream media, as it is controlled by the Bilderbergs.  I also don’t buy a word from the agency.  They have never been on the side of the average American.  If they were on our side, most of the players planning our fate would be dead by now.

I don’t buy into a unified world government run out of Asia.  Neither the communist or socialist models of government work.  I fail to see how supporting more of the same, regardless of the rhetoric and spin around it, will change the planet or liberate society.  I would suggest your sources are dishonest or uninformed.  I don’t see anyone in our government fighting for liberation to hand over the reins of the U.S. to world leadership.  If they do, you can bet there will be a civil war.  I don’t see armed Americans, already angry over the financial collapse of 2008 and continued erosion of civil liberties, standing idle while the country is turned into a European satellite.  Meaning, I don’t think your latest update is reflective of what is actually happening.  If it is, then God help us all.


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Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

I believe i have created confusion with my last posting, so, i am addressing these topics individually…


In terms of the regional economic zones, perhaps, that is the desire of the Bilderbergs, color revolutions of Soros, and the European elite; but, above that, the national sovereignty of countries is respected.

These entities do not hold as much power as they think they do…


I do Not see Trump as a paid opposition, he is indeed part of the masterminding of economic relations between US, China, Russia and North Korea; that much is true. He is stating good economic statistics, because, he wants the inevitable collapse of the economy can then be blamed on the Federal Reserve and the IMF.

He is trying to control the narrative, by manipulating economic statistics, to make the economy look good under himself. This is using the same strategies that have been performed, and statistical analysis which was done, under Obama and other presidents to do so. He is then continually denouncing the FED, getting the general public used to his posturing, such that the collapse of the economy can be blamed on them.

Opposing this is the mainstream media, IMF and other influential circles. They are attempting to place the blame on him because they know that the system coming down, and want to show it collapse under his term as president.

It is very much a battle of psychology, through the narrative presented to the general public, because, the collapse and global reset is inevitable.


I stand by my prior posting regarding reference to an Asian World Government.
Lets just… see what happens there.


Thank You,
– Fates De Whynot

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Very well said!

I very much agree with what is being conveyed here. Those whom are the head of power who speak directly to me, are not even speaking of, or considering, the details of an Asian World Government; which is continually being spoken of by Benjamin. This has been becoming a farfeched farce to those that are actually players and have real world power.

Thank You.