Looking forward to when all will be revealed

I have been reading your reports for the last few years and I am wondering who you are really working for.  There will be no world government and no world religion.  They are all based on falsehoods anyway.  Religion is no different than governments.  It is all about controlling, lying, thieving, and of course the Luciferian pedophilia.  And your comments about Trump keep going back and forth.  You are for him and then you are against him.  Can’t have it both ways.  And you don’t really know what is going on.

These secret societies all need to be brought down, for good.  No one has the right to think that they have the right to rule the world or everyone on it.  Period.

And another thing that has made me very leery about you is that you are now connected with PFC (Prepare For Change).  Cobra is a fake and a fraud, and he is wanted by the law in his home country.  He is a deceiver and will pay dearly for it.

The day is coming when everyone is going to be revealed and brought down.  That is what I am looking forward to.

Thanks for the feedback.  My writing about Trump going back and forth merely reflects the flipping and flopping of Trump himself.  One day he supports bombing Syria, the next day he says troops should be withdrawn, and a while later he says the U.S. is defeating ISIS in Syria.

As far as secret societies are concerned, some are evil, and some try to do good but need to keep their membership secret so that they are not killed by the evil factions.  It is a war and war has its harsh realities.

As far as Cobra is concerned, his followers support me and spread my news but I am not a member of this group.  Could you please tell me why he is wanted by the law in his home country?

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Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Great responses Ben🎯


It is Satanic Pedophilia, not Luficerian. Satan and Lucifer is completely different.

“Lucifer” literally means Lightbringer, Lightbearer, Bringer of Dawn, Shining One, or Morning Star. The Darkness hijacks the light for occult purposes, such as the so called terrorist group ISIS, completely insulting the Goddess. They take a symbols of Light and use mass media propaganda to entrain people to associate that symbol with darkness, pain and suffering and to suppress Goddess energy. Lucifer (once a symbol of Goddess Venus- Light bearer- morning star, now a symbol of the leader of the dark forces for the unaware).

The original Cobra died about 8 weeks before his wife, or should I say one of his wives as he has a few. His associate has taken his place. Both of these men have been light and dark. They are genetically engineered men bred for the military, they are Splices, ET’s. They are created to kill, and torture and interrogate, and they have advanced technology. They are MJ-12. And Cobra is working for the liberation and ascension of humanity.


Hi, Ben! from Japan,
I totally agree with JM. I am a follower of you for decades, and I am a fan of you. Thanks for your daily efforts to revealing so many important matters for our prosperous future.

However as JM here mentioned, our big question is who is/are behind such changes; You say George Soros has been killed or someones else say he is recently arrested, in anyway his activities looks still acitive even after such events. If he is already killed who would be behind the scene of his presentation in recent Davos conference? Or who is/are behind of body double or clone of Hillery? It suggests that the evils are still behind them even the arrests or deaths of such famous figures like the tails cuts of lizards!
And listening your session with Chodoin-Daikaku in JRP TV, I am afraid you are avoiding the discussion about “New Court” which Chodoin and Mr. Wada insisting they are still active and vital to keep their empire extending their 8 legs of tentacles to every activities on the planet. What do you think about it?
And “the World Government” how is it different from present EU and former Soviet Union dictatorship? We are totally abandoned in such terms. That’s why we need the disclosure of what is going on as Simon Parkes laid stress on in the recent interview with you.
If the World Government is thinking the every ones’ win-win relation, they shoud disclose all the information to us for wake up.

All the best ot you.


Sharon Phillips
Sharon Phillips

I agree that you don’t seem to know what’s going on about Trump of Netanyahu and could like to cancel my subscription.


Cobra make very often Conferences, in different places, different countries, and speaking to thousands of people in those conferences. A very big part of those people a the same people as in older conferences, and many people speaks with cobra in a conversation 1 to 1.. I was at one conference 2 days in mid April 2018 and saw him doing a healing program a little before, and also as a host of the conference, and could recognize him, from pictures of his other homepage.
What should be the problem..?