Who is negotiating these treaties?

Dear Benjamin,

I have followed your updates for several years now and I must say, today’s post was a complete 180-degree reversal of previous reporting.  I would love to know who these people are that are making these decisions and negotiating these treaties.  The world wants justice and an end to the status quo.  Instead, we are seeing the agenda of the New World Order progressing.

Why is it you are not advocating for humanity?  WTF dude?  You have a direct line to these clowns and yet you go along with the plan like a lemming?  You should be creating a voice for the common man instead of a voice for the criminal cartels.  When did you choose the dark side?


First of all, I report the world as it is, not as I wish it to be.  Right now there is a huge push going on to change the international structures that were built after WWII, and so I am reporting it to my readers.

Second, I have always said I support creating a future planning agency to carry out a massive plan to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and release the hidden technologies in a responsible manner.

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Kheva Bennrubi

Thanks for the Update Benjamin. The common man has a vote/power in consciousness. if we each are willing to address our historical codes of adoption, hidden within each of our shadow selves. Helping more to awaken or to take a lantern within themselves to recode our own vibrational output/contribution to this collective vibration will have the greatest shift toward what is a ideal for all. This video may help you begin the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8JdkfZdhe8 Be at peace with yourselves my Brothers and sisters. I wish you all happiness and success. wHERE I AM, & WHAT I AM doing? See, you… Read more »

Kheva Bennrubi

So, where to begin. You ego self identity wants control. Yet there is another part of you and another part in each person in the collective that wants to collaborate and trust and offer space for the input of others (my neighbor). Is the input to grow a space for more collaboration and input for others (my neighbors) or is the space a deceitful offering for a self-interest / power over? Self status grab. Who can define this it is your own heart that knows. Thus it it up to each individual to awaken to the self and the collective.… Read more »


I think the NWO will be temporary while humaity goes through some major transitions.

Pindar, what ever name you want to use for the peron that owns the planet, is giving it back to the people… it’s just taking a while … to get everything over to the light.

I also support the Future Planning Agency, I think it is a great idea!