Cobra is NOT “Wanted by the Law”

This article has come to my attention:

It contains a false statement that I am wanted by the law in my home country.  That statement is NOT true and is actually slander.

I am NOT wanted by the law, neither in my country nor anywhere else.

Please add a correction to that article ASAP.

Victory of the Light,

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4 years ago

When a person commits sander, their actions expose their character. Healing is needed.

As for Cobra being an ET. Millions believe that benevolent star seeds are here on earth assisting with liberation.

We should be thanking any and all benevolent beings, regardless of where they are from, for assisting with the liberation of our planet.

Thank you Cobra!

Glen Smith
Glen Smith(@shaker33)
4 years ago

I saw two videos by True News saying insiders are claiming Pres Trump has made a deal with The Bush Faction to remove them from Legal Jeopardy and preserve their reputation using Attorney General Barr as an enforcer of the agreement. Please tell me this is not true..I do not believe Trump could draw a friendly crowd if it is true even if a Jubulee was processed to calm the Patriots..Remember Prescott Bush his get out of jail free card to keep his family out of U.S. Government.

4 years ago

That’s true Cobra, glad you cleared that up because you don’t really have a home country, you’re an E.T.
Victory of the Light