Deep State Playbook 101 cites Fulford

Greetings Benjamin,

This open-access book titled Deep State Playbook 101: 101 Ways that Globalists Depopulate and Enslave Humanity recognizes your unparalleled, signature-style, enduring contribution to the field of journalism on pages 45 and 85.

As far as I can gauge, you are the only print media journalist that cuts to the chase and dares to discusses the D-Day Deep State model at the apex.

May this plug bring you 171,717 new paid subscribers!

Deep State Playbook 101

Thanks for the inspiration.


Dr. Jay Jericho

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“NO ONE SAID TAKING OUT A 6,000 YEAR OLD DEATH CULT WOULD BE EASY”* Free charts for *ancient cult of Baal, *q map, * color-coded Great Awakening Map includes secret space program. *others. In my opinion brilliantly helpful.
* By Dylan Louis Monroe

Bless your hearts, R


Thank you for sharing this fascinating ebook! I checked out p. 45 and 85 and will look over the rest. The book Deep State Playbook confirms what Benjamin is talking about.
Here is the pdf. ebook by Dr. Jericho: