Operation Royal Secret

Mr. Fulford,

It has been some time.  Since we last spoke I have been promoted from Sergeant to Knight in OSMTJ*.  I left the U.S. jurisdiction and joined through Belgium, and I am a founding member of the new OSMTJ England.  I am now Special Envoy of the Prior and given the green light to do what must be done.  So I need all this to be published in a data dump and specifically refer to Operation Royal Secret.

This is a two-pronged approach.  I’ve been in constant contact with Vincenzo Mazzara for the last two years.  We agree to Jubilee.  You will state that Black and Blue Dragon assets are slated to be moved, worth trillions of dollars.  Then we follow up moving Golden Guns, which are on call to China for $250 trillion each.  This is how we will fund the Jubilee and back the excavation of the gold at your site.

Mazzara wants a meeting to be held with Trump in Barcelona to unfreeze the gold from the accounts from Reagan and Andropov.  Putin agreed through his head of security at the G Summit, per what Vincenzo stated to me.  As I showed you last time, this went to the highest levels of U.S. government, so we want Trump to see this so he will agree to the Barcelona Summit.

Also, we would want to move to unfreeze Ian Fleming’s gold in the British Virgin Islands.  Also be advised and state that all 36 Ur-Lodges are on notice with the coming Jubilee.

This Operation becomes tandem with the Priory of Sion and OSMTJ at this point.  We are clearing house.

This link is Serpent Rouge, which will be an operational unit in conjunction with the Knights Templar Militia, which both fall under the Priory.  There is also an inner order whose name I cannot disclose at this time.  It is just like Serpent Rouge, but is already filled with operators operating operationally.  These groups will go after all factions who have worked against the interest of the people.

I am awaiting dispensation to run a Commandery of the Knights Templar Militia.  I’ve done my first round of recruiting and I’m a part of the unnamed inner operational order.

After all that, you will state that Vincenzo Mazzara also contacted me about retrieving the Ark of the Covenant.  That’s what Marcos was also doing in the Philippines, not just gold.  P2 was trying to recover it from a cave.  Vincenzo states that the Vatican knows where it is.  So after the Golden Guns is when I’d go for the Ark, but you can end with the Vatican.

I’m asking for your help.  I need all this published and put the Serpent Rouge link in and everything.

Andrew Heim
Special Envoy, OSMTJ England
Prieure de Sion Ordre de la Rose Croix Veritas
Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis

* OSMTJ:  The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (Latin:  Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, OSMTH)

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Per Jesper Glen Oliver

That serpent rogue video is a recruitment video.. which will be among the groups who…..”will go after all factions who have worked against the interest of the people.”

I advise they ARE “the groups who” “have worked against the interest of the people.”.

It’s a shame how well propaganda works. Myself and one thousand shitty Chinese knife gangsters agree.


That serpent rogue video is a recruitment video.. which will be among the groups who…..”will go after all factions who have worked against the interest of the people.” Interesting. I hope they build an army big enough to destroy/arrest/kill the crooked mass murderer elites.

Jonathan Freeman

This just drives me to continue to pray that G*d’s will be done. Anyone with a Globalist agenda ..sporting the all seeing eye in their logo cannot have the interest of anyone or anything but power in mind. I pray for a day with the love of power is cast down by the power of love in the form of Meshiach! #maranatha

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot


Fates Whynot
Per Jesper Glen Oliver

In fact this dude is like right there talking about the crap these western freaks are directly involved in so there’s your paramilitary arm of the Homo-pedo nutters in Switzerland who themselves are indoctrinated tools. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpdw_mI5bA-7X6eNNvMsTkg Same symbol the blue with the three pointed thing, same symbol on their website. http://www.prieure-de-sion.com So there you go. I for one dislike these indoctrinated fools and we could probably have the law and military pick them up outside of Swissyland for looking like terrorists involved with child traffiking which flouts United Nations people smuggling conventions. That means Chinese Blue-helmets! Exactly like the Chinese… Read more »

Per Jesper Glen Oliver

As an assessment their youtube video seems rather paramilitary, as per their tactical style video they seem to like the quick arms knife fighting thing they do. I’m not sure about them, it appeals to my type of foolhardy sloth, they do offer the evasive thing as a course segment like how bodyguards do things. What I know of Chinese criminal gangs they will continue knife fighting until they’re messed right up, slashing wildly. It states their thing was shut down in 1993, and restarted since. I feel like I want to join it but then there’s the idea they… Read more »

Fates Whynot

~News Now: US warns Philippines on China, says treaty obligations ‘clear, real’~

“Beijing has build massive structures on reefs claimed by the Philippines in the waterway, where $5 trillion worth of trade passes annually. The construction proceeded despite Manila’s win before a United Nation’s-backed arbitration court. “




Hi Beachbum, I think this is their website and Grand Master:

Talking of Prophecy … Ben said in a previous article that the 3rd Temple of Jerusalem is being built… which is part of a prohphecy being fulfilled.

Fates Whynot
Karen Tokarse

You will NEVER retrieve the REAL Ark of the Covenant. You may get the COPY that was given to the Queen of Sheba by Solomon (copy believed to be located in Ethiopia), but not the REAL AOC. Ron Wyatt (humble, God-fearing man [GOD as in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob]) was divinely led to discover the REAL AOC in Jerusalem. After discovery he told the Israeli Ministry of Antiquities where it was found and they sent in TWELVE Rabbis to retrieve it. All 12 DIED before they could reach it in the cave. The MOA had to get… Read more »


If you google Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis its Leo Zagamis deal, he’s Grand Master. Now didn’t Ben say a while back Leo told him he had been to child sacrifices or the like and Ben gave the impression he didn’t like him?. I have always thought the Templars would seek revenge for De Molay, and it is well prophecised we have the last Pope. Fun reading Ben each week, comments?


nephre: ?


Sounds hokey enough to be real.

Fates Whynot

Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV, son of Ferdinand E Marcos, of the Philippines.

United Nations ECOSOC:

Alpha Omega and the Wealth of Nations:

Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme:

Quantum Ethereum Blockchain Crypto Digital Currency Decentralized Autonomous Governance:

A Warning…


Very interesting…..