How do we win?


Read your update and I have one simple question:  how do we win?



We are winning.  These people need lies and secrecy to maintain their system.  By shining the light of truth on them, their system withers and dies.  The fact that people like me are exposing them shows they have lost their power.  Be patient, though, because replacing the system without chaos and bloodshed takes time.


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David Webster
David Webster(@davidwebster)
4 years ago

We win by waking up, realizing there is more to this life then the material things and flesh desires we all embrace. I had my spiritual awakening on March 20th 2016. It automatically changed me into a born again spiritual person. This is the only way to be born again, I am a new person entirely. I used to eat junk food, weighing over 300 pounds. I was a good person but this moment gave me a leg up. I now eat only fresh organic foods, do only positive things and say things that promote peace and harmony. Ignore the… Read more »

4 years ago

We win by working on ourselves, becoming more light. That’s all we have to do. There is no reason to fear in these new energies.